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  1. WaterDawg

    Casting rod

    Looking for a Shimano Teramar 8' heavy casting rod or equivalent of another quality brand for 20-40 or 30-60 lb line. Text Kevin at 949-533-5360 Thanks
  2. WaterDawg

    PCP airgun pump

    Bought this Benjamin pump with my airgun a few years ago. At some point it needed a new O ring or something and I tried to repair it but couldn't get it back together correctly. Now I use bottled air and will give the pump to anyone who wants to fix it or use it for parts. Text me at 949 533...
  3. WaterDawg

    1,000 ft of rope

    New 3/8" polypropylene rope. 1000 foot bulk spool. Perfect for hoop nets and other stuff. $50. Call or text me 949 533 5360 Kevin South OC
  4. WaterDawg

    Seal deterrent - paint ball

    WGP Paintball marker/gun and two 12 oz tanks (one tank is full, one empty). Several years old but hardly used and works fine. Non-lethal way to deter marauding sea lions. $110 for all three components. That's less than half price new. Location is south OC. Text or call me at 949 533 5360 Kevin
  5. WaterDawg

    Trailer hitch & extension mirrors

    1 1/4" hitch with 1 7/8" ball. Two suction cup mirror extensions. FREE. Location is south OC. Text me at 949 533 5360 Kevin Kevin
  6. WaterDawg

    Black Friday - it was a great deal. Local LB report.

    Took out the Whaler Allison Christine with my brother and dad on Black Friday. Weather and seas were amazing, couldn't ask for better. Fished local LB/LA area wrecks and reefs with live squid and artificials, finding steady action pretty much all day, with one wide open flurry of 3-5 lb...
  7. WaterDawg

    Quail report 10/15

    Me and my buddy John went to the IV for the quail opener. Hopes weren't too high with the continued drought but we went and hit several spots which have held some birds in the past. First spot no signs of bird life. Second spot we could hear birds calling from an extremely dense patch of...
  8. WaterDawg

    If it hops, it drops 9/2

    After shooting doves in the IV on opening day, my buddies slept in at the motel on Friday morning and didn't want to go out again early, so I decided to mix it up a little. Headed out alone, found a good brush line next to an alphalpha field and it was fur ball city. Pretty fun and my crock pot...
  9. WaterDawg

    WON bird blast

    Did anyone else read Western Outdoor News last week? Page 1 story the writer sitting next to a pile of "feral pigeons" in El Centro. His guide was the guy running the largest hunt club down there. WON has a DFW rep on their editorial staff so I'm assuming we can legally shoot pigeons "aka...
  10. WaterDawg

    7/29 It was 111 degrees, so I went hunting

    Had a job in Palm Springs so I brought my guns with me thinking I might have time to run down to the IV and shoot at something. Driving down Hwy 111 I looked at my temp guage and it was 111 degrees outside, so I figured that's too much of a coincidence and must be some sort of sign that I...
  11. WaterDawg

    Braved the cold, treacherous winter seas for its bounty 2/10

    The title is referring to the guys on last night's Deadliest Catch re-run. But last night I took my Pop out for lobstering in the LB/LA Harbor area. It was 80 degrees when we launched and I was in shorts all night. Complete glass conditions, although a 5-knot breeze later on did force me to...
  12. WaterDawg

    More IV Dove but choked on the chicken 12.19

    Quite a few mourning dove still in the IV. Had a good shoot today and also got a bunch of ECDS. Perfect hunting weather about 40 first thing then 65 in the afternoon. Saw a pheasant cross the road and go in a ditch. I put on a stalk and he came up the other side of the ditch. I was just...
  13. WaterDawg

    Bait tube stock

    Made some lobster bait tubes recently from a 10' piece of PVC and have eight 6" pieces left over if anyone wants them. Already cut to size. Kevin 949-533-5360 South OC
  14. WaterDawg

    11/28 LA area lobster report

    Went hooping locally last night in the Whaler with bro' Dennis. Conditions were great, little wind, strong incoming tide, and surprisingly no sea lions in the spot we fished. Had the hoops in the water right at dark. Bait was frozen sardines and macks kept from fishing trips. First set...
  15. WaterDawg

    11/25 2nd season dove IV report

    I don't usually travel so far from the OC for work, but I intentionally took a job in the low desert so I would have an excuse to run down to the IV. I didn't hunt at all during the first season and didn't know what to expect. Checked out a new area (new to me) in the north end of the Valley...
  16. WaterDawg

    Fished and Hooped 11/7 Mediocre results

    Launched at the QM on Saturday around 1.30 PM. Bought some macks from San Pedro bait co then headed to the north Shoe area. Wanted to look for yellowtail but it was windy and snotty, uncomfortable in the 17' Allison Christine (Whaler Montauk) so chose not to drive and search. Instead, we...
  17. WaterDawg

    Offshore 10/24 DP Informational report only. No entertainment value

    Fished out of DP yesterday. Live bait choice was straight sardines or chovies and sardines mixed. Caught some macks by the red buoy. Trolled for hoo toward the 267 with a purple and black marauder a Dorado Zuker and a mackerel X-Rap. From the 267 we trolled to the Domes. Then back and forth...
  18. WaterDawg

    Reels: Daiwa & Shimano ONLY ONE LEFT

    Used and in good condition. All need new line. Calcutta 250 - $60 SOLD Calcutta 400 - $85 SOLD SL 30SH - $85 Kevin [email protected] 949-533-5360 South Orange County
  19. WaterDawg

    Reels: Cacutta 250 & 400, Daiwa 30 SLH

    Used and in good condition. All need new line. Calcutta 250 - $60 Calcutta 400 - $85 SL 30SH - $85 Kevin [email protected] 949-533-5360 South Orange County
  20. WaterDawg

    Reels: Calcutta 250 & 400, and Diawa SL 30SH

    Used and in good condition. All need new line. Calcutta 250 - $60 Calcutta 400 - $850 SL 30SH - $85 Kevin [email protected] 949-533-5360 South Orange County
  21. WaterDawg

    Offshore 10/3 tuna hunt 277 area

    Fished with my bro' Dennis and nephew Jared today on the 17' Whaler Allison Christine. Launched out of DP, bought scoop of 4-5" chovies. Caught some macks on the way out and headed to the 14 mile bank in sloppy but not insurmountable conditions. Found paddies and micro yellowtail on the 14...
  22. WaterDawg

    9' Cal Star Jig Stick w/Newell S332-5

    Want to sell this set-up, 9' Cal Star glass Jig Stick (20-40 lb) w/Newell S332-5. Great condition, less than 10 years old, not very many miles on the reel. Rod butt cap is missing (still stuck in the rod holder of a boat somewhere haha) should be easily replaceable. $110 Kevin 949-533-5360...
  23. WaterDawg

    WANTED medium sized lever drag

    Need medium sized lever drag reel for light trolling - say 30 to 40 lb mono or 65 lb braid. It will be a back-up rig so looking for something used and inexpensive. Send details and price info to [email protected] Or call me at 949-533-5360 Orange County
  24. WaterDawg

    9/28 2nd hand 150 Marlin report no broken gates

    My Pop fished today with a friend on his 23' CC. While fishing for yellows at the 150 they hooked a marlin on a sardine. Fought for 25 minutes on straight 30 lb mono. It broke off 10 yards from the boat. They were so stoked, estimated it to be 100 to 120 lbs. No other fish caught, they said...
  25. WaterDawg

    Offshore 9/20 14 mi, 267, 277 trek

    Went tuna hunting yesterday on Jugular, Morris's 26' Skipjack docked in Huntington Harbor. Had good sardines from Nacho's with a mixture of small, medium and large models, and plenty of small/medium macks mixed-in. Went to the 14 mile bank and found some great paddies loaded with 2-5 lb...
  26. WaterDawg

    9/1 Quick San Jac Afternoon fizzle Report

    Couldn't get to the IV this year for the opener, bummed. Was working in Riverside today so I ran over the hill to San Jacinto for the last couple hours of daylight. Talked to a guy at the permit hut who said it was good in the morning, and he was back for the afternoon hunt. Went to the...
  27. WaterDawg

    First Rule Violation Report 7/23

    Took the 17' Whaler out of Dana Point yesterday Thursday 7/23 with my nephew Jared. Most boats headed straight south so we decided to go west a little and avoid the crowd. Found jumping tuna about 4 miles out, so stopped on them but they sunk out so we moved on. Found a small kelp about 100...
  28. WaterDawg

    Oceanside 7/3

    Took the 17' Whaler, launched Oceanside Harbor this morning 7/3. Headed toward the 209 and stopped on a paddy about 5 miles out. No one home so we were about to bail but then saw terns working and coming in our direction so we sat tight. They stopped at the paddy and fish began crashing, so...
  29. WaterDawg

    Last chance lobster and a diver in the harbor

    Decided to hoop LB on closing night. Current was bass ackwards from normal and that seemed to shut them down. Ended up with only 3, although one was a six pounder. Did have some wide-open calico fishing between pulls, caught lots of fish to two pounds and got freight trained and broken off...
  30. WaterDawg

    Fri 1/23 quick buggies

    Tide looked perfect so we hooped the Long Beach area last night. Perfect conditions, glassy at first then a little wind later, pretty warm and pleasant. Got 5 keepers in the first set of ten nets, and nine more in the second set and we were done - limits for two. Kicker was a 5 pounder. I...
  31. WaterDawg

    12/21 Sunday nite buggin

    Took my pop lobster fishing last night, only his second time pulling hoops. Hooped the Long Beach area from 5 pm until about 10:30. The crawl started out kinda slow, but we were getting lots of shorts and a few keepers. It started to pick up around 9 pm, and we finished with double limits and...
  32. WaterDawg

    Friday chew on the shoe

    Fished the Horseshoe on Friday 11/7. Hot weather and lake conditions for most of the day. Caught macks before heading out, and all fish were caught on same. Ended up with 10 yellows for the three of us. Cheap scale said the largest was 25 lbs. They looked and felt larger. Lots of boats out...
  33. WaterDawg

    What's the deal with Pigeons?

    I was in the IV for the dove opener, and there was a handout in the hotel lobby with a map of the DFW fields and a summary of regulations. It said it is illegal to shoot rock doves (pigeons), ground doves, and Inca doves. I can't find anything in the regulations about shooting pigeons/rock...
  34. WaterDawg

    150 Yard Rule

    A buddy of mine was cited by a DFW warden in the IV on the dove opener for shooting in a field within 150 yards of a metal warehouse building that is part of a grain/seed plant. He told me the ticket cites section 3004 which says: 3004. (a) It is unlawful for any person, other than the owner...
  35. WaterDawg

    Mid-June Dove Report

    Wanted to use our shotguns so my nephew and I went down to the IV to see if we could find some ECDs to shoot at. Checked some of our usual September spots in the morning and they were pretty dry so we spent the first half of the day looking at feed lots and trying to find birds. Several lots...
  36. WaterDawg

    Any spring ECD concentration in the IV?

    Now that we can hunt ECDs year-round, does anyone know if there is a huntable concentration of the birds in the IV during the spring? I would make the 3 hour drive for some fun May shooting if I thought I would find enough birds to make it worthwhile. Anyone hunt there lately, or have any...
  37. WaterDawg

    Need help from you predator killers

    I hunt a small area in the CNF where I see tons of yotes and bobcats, mostly while I'm driving into the area, but I can't get them to come to my calls after I walk into the area and get set up. The hunting area is small, with dense brush, the animal has to brought into about 50 yards in order...
  38. WaterDawg

    Looking for Robert

    Bobcat season is almost over and my tag is still in my wallet. I am new to this. Do you predator hunters do anything differently to lure in Bobcats vs. Coyotes? Is the technique any different? Do you go to different areas with different habitat? Any help would be mucho appreciated. I hunt...
  39. WaterDawg

    Almost Gave Up

    Tides looked good so my bro' and I did some local lobstering last Saturday night. Started stuffing bait cages on the way out of the harbor and realized the macks I bought from John's in Dana Point were much smaller than usual. Tails were sticking through the bait cages - not good. Went to...
  40. WaterDawg

    Live Bait in the OC?

    Anyone know where I can get some live minnows or shiners in the OC? Next closest would be north San Diego County. Thanks! Kevin
  41. WaterDawg

    Nassau recommendation

    Me and the fam will be at the Atlantis in June, and I would like to go fishing. Need a recommendation for a trip. I want to avoid a tourist trap and instead am looking for more of a real fishing experience. Species targeted is not as important as the quality of the trip. I will be the only...
  42. WaterDawg

    Old Dog learns New Trick

    Just getting into hunting and shot my first dove at age 47. Well better late than never. Nephew and I didn't want to shoot anyone or committ any other party fouls so we avoided the Imperial Valley crowds and went to the Barstow area where he have seen some doves while rabbit hunting. We didn't...
  43. WaterDawg

    Need Maui Recommendation

    In Maui for a few days and need a recommendation for a half-day trip. I have all of the brochures from the hotel, but who would the locals use if they really wanted to catch fish instead of be sold mai tais and touristy crap for 4 hours?Wasn't impressed with Stat me Up last time I came. Bottom...
  44. WaterDawg

    Shot Thumper

    Went rabbit hunting in the desert despite 104 degree temperature. Insane you say? I've been called worse. Anyway, my nephew Jared and I went out to an area near Barstow with .22s and shotguns. Started hunting at about 5 PM, still 100 degrees. But, within 20 minutes or so, Jared has three...
  45. WaterDawg

    Rabbit hunting

    Took my nephew to the Imperial valley where I was told there is good rabbit hunting. We had our .22s with us and got there just after sun-up. Hunted along the East Highline canal and only saw a couple of rabbits, couldn't get a shot off. As it became dark in the afternoon we saw a few more...