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    Longer handle for Penn Fathom 40NLDHS?

    Good luck with it. Hope it works out for you. Daiwa makes a single speed, high gear ratio (ipt) lever drag that is the BEST reel I have ever found for wahoo bombs. The trick is finding one. Easy to turn and a lot of torque. Mind blown..! I much prefer fishing the surface iron for them, or...
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    Longer handle for Penn Fathom 40NLDHS?

    Have you tried that 7:1 reel before..? I had the same idea for yoyo yellowtail and wahoo. Made 1 trip with it and used for about 4 drops. Too hard to crank and very tiring to try and use. Sold it upon return. Much better alternatives. That reel was made for east coast sailfish guys for live...
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    Flat fall set up

    9/0 for 250 and 7/0 I believe on the smaller...
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    250 g FF and 9/0 7691...

    250 g FF and 9/0 7691...
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    Why do people hate on skipjack?

    There are huge differences in Skipjack though they all tend to get lumped together. The oceanic variety is good while the black skipjack is very dark and no bueno. Just depends on the variety you happen to be catching...
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    What to leave home?

    Take it all. I would, especially on a 10 day. Nobody said you have to rig all of them up at once. I normally leave the stuff not needed bundled up (And on the upper deck) until I do need it then it gets rigged up and used. So for example you go from the ridge to the Lupe. You can put up all your...
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    Jawbone Jigsticks

    I might be interested in the 11 foot blank...
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    Okuma Tesoro 12 Star Drag vs. other reels for jig rods ?

    I have fished the Tesoro reels since they first came out. Up to 12x (10's and 12's) of them for all my surface iron needs. Very well built reel that will serve you without issues. Wahoo, yellowtail, grouper, bonito, Bluefin, yellowfin, skipjack have all been hooked and landed on them with no...
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    Ideas for custom jig stick

    If you have facebook or Instagram you can see my new 10E on the Webspinner Rods (Jim Trelikes) various social media platforms. Themed of VENOM.... I will say prepare yourself for sticker shock on the blank price...
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    Handle for penn torque 25N

    Kens Custom reels has a tiburon style handle for them that might tickle your fancy..
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    10 jig limit; what would you take?

    I take more than 10 on a half day boat. Come on man..!!!
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    Casting Braid

    80# Berkeley Pro Spec is my preferred brand for throwing the iron. I use it on all my long rod setups (10+)
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    San Diego Lobster Charters

    Alicia is another popular boat for lobster fishing..
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    Point Loma vs. Alicia?

    Ping will take good care of your group on the Alicia...
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    Rod for 40 lb

    A heavy 40#/light 50# is the 80 Tilefish. My main 40# stick is a UC 80 HP. Beautiful stick...
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    BOLA in the Spring Time

    April tends to be windy and more unpredictable as far as weather goes...
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    I have 6x 10's and 6x 12's I use for surface iron fishing (I have a lot of jig sticks..). Cast great, good drags. Landed 100+ yt, yft, bft , wahoo, black skipjack. jack crevalle, broomtail grouper and a host of other fish all on the same reel since they first came out. No issues at all. My go to...
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    American Angler 6-Day report

    Nicely done sir..!!! AA is the BEST imho...
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    2021 Deer camp

    D16 and A22. Plus still have my OTC AZ tag....
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    Tesoro 10 and 12...uses...

    10 and 12 are the same. Cannot remember on the 5.
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    Tesoro 10 and 12...uses...

    10 and 12 are my go to surface iron reels. The 5 I use for b.... fishing (I cannot even bring myself to say the word...) :)
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    30lb UC rod recommendation

    Tilefish JR.
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    Not a Z but I use my inReach to talk to Ray when he is down at Hurricane bank. Amazing technology these days. So the Z should be very similar.
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    Vac + Chamber Sealers

    We use the VacMaster VP210 on our trips to Mexico. Pricey but well worth the final product that we get. Fish come home in pristine condition.
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    Favorite 10’ jigstick

    UC US100 Monster
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    Bahia de los Angeles

    Pedro at Cangrejos Sportfishing. You can look them up on Instagram. We fish there every year for a week at a time. Great accomdations, meals and the capt and boats are top notch.!
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    HXJ Raptor for BFT

    I would say it does not have enough line capacity.... BUT If you do decide to use it, spool it with 65# Pro Spec or MaxQ so you can get some of your capacity back. If memory serves mine holds about 400-425 yds of 65# Pro Spec.
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    Favorite brand of fluorocarbon line?

    Yeah, been looking at that. Thanks for your input... !
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    Favorite brand of fluorocarbon line?

    I know you right..!!! :)
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    Furthest you've fished on 1-3 day trip

    San Martin (When we could fish it..) on a 3 day aboard the AA. All surface iron fish for me and my homies..!! Great trip.
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    Memorial US80 Tilefish for Denise

    Amazing as always Jimbo..!!
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    Favorite brand of fluorocarbon line?

    I will never use yozuri pink again. Ever. I have had it break many times, always the same, right in the middle of the leader. I don't know how you guys are using this with success. Maybe you are not using a lot of drag, or longer leaders than I but had 60#, 80# and 100# break on me at the...
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    Offshore Kite fish question

    I would not have even attempted to take the kite fish if I had already caught 4. Pay it forward bro...
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    Need advise , opinions, experiense

    The double dog is superior imho. Built in redundancy. If one were to malfunction the still works and you still have anti reverse and can fish. If the ARB goes bad there is no anti reverse, period. I have heard numerous stories of the ARB bearings going bad and you have a reel you cant fish till...
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    BOLA Yellows Everywhere

    It was good to meet you guys.
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    American Angler haul 4/22

    Congrats for all the hard work Ray and the crew put in..!
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    60# UC rod

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    Surface Iron Casting Tips

    I would also offer the suggestion that you may not be loading the rod properly. If you are overrunning the spool right away that leads me to believe that you are having a hard time loading the rod. Hard to say without seeing you cast but I have taught a lot of people to cast surface irons and...
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    which is the best ultrathin braid? maxcuatro? J9? others?

    I think the best feeling/casting is the Berkely Pro Spec. I used to use the MaxQ until I found the Pro Spec. It is all I use now. And I am a braid to short leader type of guy so all my outfits are setup that way.
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    Surface Iron - all spectra

    Straight braid to mono leader of 3-4'. I have fished this way for years. All I fish. Do not like casting mono. Can feel it stretch as I load up the road. Yuck. Use 80# or 100# Pro Spec. Dream to cast. 95% of the time or better if I have a backlash it was because I did not load the rod properly...
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    What CnC irons do you use

    They are called Murder Weapons. Ray Summer (Owner/Operator of Vendetta/Voodoo Sportfishing) took some of his best swimming jigs and then had them copied utilizing CNC machines with machine shop owner Joe Odneal. You can see them/find them on fb. They are fast swimming jigs. I believe they are...
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    What CnC irons do you use

    OCT is tried and true. MW are newer but are gonna be well sought after in my opinion. These are the 2 I use.
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    BOLA fishing in my own boat first timer questions

    End of May is usually one of the best surface irons bites all year. We typically don't fish bait at all in BoLA and if the fishing is really good we are on our way back in limited out when the other boats who are catching bait to use are just showing up. The first few hours can be magical. Those...
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    TACKLE TALK LIVE: the 5 "Don't Leave The Dock Without Them" combos

    That is indeed good news Steve. Much appreciated.
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    What NEW reel/rod models would you like to see from PENN?

    Black Torque star drags would make me convert my whole fleet of jig sticks over as well as all my other star drag reel applications.... Some suggestions on upgrades: Maybe slim them down a bit (Overall diameter of housing) AND utilize a base plate/reel foot that is screwed on to the frame...
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    TACKLE TALK LIVE: the 5 "Don't Leave The Dock Without Them" combos

    Yeah, Steve is a pretty cool cat, I have always enjoyed fishing with him. I like to give him a hard time, he takes my good natured ribbing well but he is truly a stand up guy. Can't say that about a lot of people these days... Unrelated question: If I get the the Fathom II 25NSDP and the gear...
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    FS: Okuma Komodo 364P

    Pending Sale. Wow, that was a new record in fast..!!
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    FS: Okuma Komodo 364P

    Mint condition Komodo 364P for sale. $140. Reel comes filled with power pro, box and power handle. Traded a fellow BD'er for the reel and never used it. Could pass for new. Gonna use the money to fund another project. Message me here or 619-933-2979 for faster response. Prefer local pickup...
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    Sold thanks BD - Tes 3

    I KNEW you weren't man enough for that reel..!!! :)
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    Tesoro 5S question

    I use berkeley pro spec. Leader can be 20-30# and length is about 4 ft. Mostly 25# leader of flouro or mono depending on bait and species sought after..
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    I have to say Steve is a stand up guy and he has my respect.....Even IF he fishes 25# at the island knowing he ain't gonna land 'em..!!! :)
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    Okuma Tesoro High Speed Star Drag Fishing Reel- TSR-12S

    If you are coming up from a levelwind reel and that is all you have used they are both gonna be better casters than your ability to use them. Physics dictates that you can only cast a reel so far and I would say distance is equivalent in both reels. I have 12 Tesoros and have not had a problem...
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    Yes, yes they sure do. Only reason mine is a 7' 6" is because they had not come out with the 8 ft version yet. But when I had my roommate on the AA get his, I made sure he got the 8 ft version. Wrapped by Jim Trelikes and pics were probably posted here on BD..
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    You sure you didn't get a Tilefish JR..? That is a 30# blank...
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    Normally I use my US80HP as my 40# stick but at the Lupe you need the extra backbone of a step heavier at the "End game" to get them in quickly. Therefore I use my normal 50# stick (Tilefish) as my 40# there and use my US80HP as my 30# stick. Being the tax man is usually present it is required...
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    The endless surface iron debate; z-bar vs everything else

    You should sponsor the Penn 8 day next month. I will make sure they get used..
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    Cavio Irons

    There are differences to each but I would start day in and day out with the 5x and adjust from there based on what the day brings, and more importantly, the attitude of the fish.
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    Anyone throw small jigs?

    Caivo 2.2 and the soon to be released OCT-4 will all serve you well when the fish are keyed in on smaller jigs.....
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    shears to cut braid?

    Wiss Shears
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    Surface iron discussion

    I stand by my original statement. Seen more than a few Tranx reels blow up. Why not just use a Trini..?
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    Surface iron discussion

    Another vote for the brother. Levelwinds are for bass fishing.
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    Well nobody knows more about being gay than you...!!! :)
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    What Fluoro do you use?

    I break the YoZuri pink so I stopped using it. Blackwater then Seaguar. Hopefully the new Aftco stuff is good.
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    Ugh, your opinion doesn't count. You don't even fish jigs. Those Caivos are probably collecting dust or being used as paper weights. AND, levelwinds are for bass fishing ya GOOGAN...!!! :)
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    Looking for captain to fish bola

    Pedro with Cangrejos Sportfishing. he is on facebook and Instagram. Tell him Memo sent you.
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    Wahoo tends to be more parabolic than the Del Mar. I have and love both but they are different animals imho. So just depends on if you want a slower action (Wahoo) or a faster action (Del Mar). Depends on your style and what you are throwing.
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    UC Del Mar with a Tesoro 12s. Straight 80# Pro Spec braid to 4' mono leader. Getting a Tern this weekend so standby. Hopefully it lives up to the hype. If not, fire sale on BD... :)
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    Comments on which Tern for me

    If you wanna throw the surface iron and yoyo with it, get the 500. I am picking mine up next week. I will see how I like it then after some real world experience with it...
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    Shop Closing

    Eric has not worked there for some time now. Nathan is the store manager.
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    Old treble hooks

    They will be fine. Open up, install on rings and close. They will not open up on you.
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    Share a boat at BOLA

    Most boats I believe are in the $350 per day range.
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    CX76 Raptor for Brian

    B-E-A-utiful Jimbo..!!
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    Hx raptor rod

    It would not be a problem..
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    Rubber Handles on a Tern..??

    Perfect, thanks.
  75. Baller

    Rubber Handles on a Tern..??

    Hi guys, Will the B-5736 handle fit on this reel? I am assuming it will but want to confirm.. Thanks.! Bill
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    Hx raptor rod

    If you can swing it, this would be ideal. Then you can look at the Raptor or Centaur as your heavy outfit with a 16 or 20 size reel, pick your fav reel co here. Then you are covered. If only one then maybe the Raptor as a compromise.
  77. Baller

    Hx raptor rod

    I use 22# of drag for 60# and 28# for 80#. Just how I fish them. The CP70HP handles it no problem. Numerous yft over 100# on this rod. I will say it is easier for a heavier rod to fish lighter than vice versa. And the CP70HP and a Centaur are 2 very different animals. With 60# you are more apt...
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    Favorite crew photos

    I will play.. Ray driving the boat - June 2018 Me and Ray - Oct 2018 - Penn 8 day Justin and I - Oct 2018 - Penn 8 day Brad and my buddy Al Yee aka the "Silent Assassin" - July 2018 - Coolidge 6 day (?) My buddy Chris and Rocco - Oct 2018 - Penn 8 day My buddy Mike with Ray and Jake - June...
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    Cavio Irons

    Just tie it on and go. No need to worry about it. been fishing MANY jigs this way for years. It is not a problem.
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    Tern 500x - Black Only

    Hello BD'es..!! Looking for a Tern 500x in BLACK ONLY. Needs to be mint, no scratches and/or other cosmetic flaws. Don't need line on it, will be fully filling with braid for surface iron fishing. PM me here or test me at 619-933-2979 Thanks..!!!
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    Help...I'm becoming a jigstick whore...

    I don't go to the grocery store without a jig stick... 12 and counting...
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    Hx raptor rod

    Also look at the CP70HP and 80HP. that is what I use for 60#. I also have a tweener CX80 Raptor with my 3 speed Raptor that is between the HP and the Centaur.. My .02
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    Any local SD custom hunting rifle builders?

    .260 It will be my main gun for here is SoCal. Should compliment my 25.06, .270 and 30.06 very nicely.
  84. Baller

    Maximum Carnage

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner..!!
  85. Baller

    Seeker CJB80H for David

    LOVING that butt wrap..!!! #WINNING
  86. Baller

    Any local SD custom hunting rifle builders?

    Had the gun already, just not in the caliber I wanted. Tikka actions are very popular to build off they are super strong, smooth and shooters right from the factory. Wanted to get the gun on the lighter side as the hills keep getting steeper as I get older...
  87. Baller

    Any local SD custom hunting rifle builders?

    John and the boys at Fine Firearms are building me up a custom rig right now as we speak based off of a Tikka action with a Proof Research barrel and McMillen stock. They are a wealth of knowledge. Stop in and have a chat with them. They have many different custom actions, triggers and barrel...
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    Marauders, Mauauders, Marauders

    I want the used, chewed up ones.. will send a PM.
  89. Baller

    Looking for a Talica 8II

    Yikes man, sorry to hear that...
  90. Baller

    Isla Guadalupe '19

    Fingers crossed my 8 day in October on the AA makes it to the Lupe without any unforeseen mechanical failures or Hurricanes that has derailed me from getting there the last 2 years..!!
  91. Baller

    Looking for a Talica 8II

    Oh sh*t, that sucks man..!! I freaking hate thieves...
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    Seeker White Tiger 7X for David

    That there is one sexy stick..!!
  93. Baller

    Looking for a Talica 8II

    Needing that low gear for the rockfish are we..??!!! #friendsdontletfriendsrockfish :)
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    Offshore AZTEC - Overnight 6/15

    Excellent report, well done...
  95. Baller

    Isla Guadalupe '19

    AA has permits in hand..
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    Fathom 15LD2 to Cal?

    Let us know the outcome after you get it back..
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    Coronados 6/12

    Timely report for my trip on Saturday..!! Thank you.
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    Cavio Irons

    He named the new jigs after his kids. The 4x, 5x, 6x and 7x all have different names. You probably have the 3.2 Jigs (Marble mint - first pic) Second pick is the newer model jigs. Third pic is a well used 2.2 with about 15 yellowtail caught on it. Hope that info helps..
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    What The Tady???

    Yes, that is right. And you will need to figure out the characteristics that make each mold "Swim". I have settled on about 3 I like and know what makes them boogie...
  100. Baller

    Cavio Irons

    They are. I have killed COUNTLESS yellowtail on them. Trust me when I say they are good. Caivo, OCT, JRI, Tady, Salas, all tools one should have in the toolbox. No 1 jig is the best 100% of the time. Different tools for different jobs. It is up to you to figure out when and where to use each. :)
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    LA Bay 6/3-6/7 --- Short Report

    Some pics added for the blood lust... :)
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    What The Tady???

    Tady has like 7 different molds for their 45's. It is a 45, albeit a different mold.
  103. Baller

    Cavio Irons

    The 6x works great when the fish are on bigger baits. The 5x and the 3.2 are hard to beat. Use the 2.2 if at the Coronados. Jimmy makes some heavies that work well too.
  104. Baller

    Bigger handle for 40NLD2

    The Tiburon handle assembly is the way to go. I tried the others that you drill out and they ALL loosen up, usually when you are on a fish. No good.
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    LA Bay 6/3-6/7 --- Short Report

    Hmm, me thinks I am smelling a "Sponsored" trip here... :)
  106. Baller

    Tesoro gear ratio

    Not to my knowledge.
  107. Baller

    LA Bay 6/3-6/7 --- Short Report

    Nope, we only fish 3 to a panga and not enough people hooked up in that photo to be us..!!! Ha ha haa..
  108. Baller

    LA Bay 6/3-6/7 --- Short Report

    We saw you guys and that was the same bird schools on both Th and Fri. Epic fishing..
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    LA Bay 6/3-6/7 --- Short Report

    Afternoon fellow BDer's, Short report for last weeks fishing last week in BoLA... First part of the week was a little slow due to the green water and the fish had been hammered by the fleet hitting right out front for days on end. So the fish scattered and when we found the biomass it was...
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    Amazing per usual Jimbo..!!!
  111. Baller

    So, I’m going fishing

    I would quit fishing before I stopped riding the AA. It is the skippers and crew that drew me to, and more importantly, keep me coming back to the boat. Everyone has their favs and this is mine. it is not the actual boat as there are larger, more comfortable boats in the fleet for sure. So we...
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    So, I’m going fishing

    They got into a good little snap on the yellows to 45# or so on the yoyo yesterday... A little birdie told me..
  113. Baller

    PENN 2019 1.5 day aboard New Lo-An departs August 11

    I recognize "Gordo" anywhere..!!!
  114. Baller

    So, I’m going fishing

    The 2 day boat ride each way would be worth the shot at a 40# plus yellowtail any day of the week and twice on Sunday..!!
  115. Baller

    So, I’m going fishing

    Go get 'em Steve.!!! I bet you guys get some big ass tails over at the Rocks..
  116. Baller

    Offshore Top shot or not

    I am entirely on the other side of the spectrum from most of you guys. I run all spectra to short leader (4-6 ft) on everything I fish, bait or jigs, especially the surface iron. Don't like the feel of the stretch in the mono at all. The trick is knowing how to fight the fish, smooth and...
  117. Baller

    OCT Lures

    They are indeed in the works...
  118. Baller

    Juggernaut Invictus

    Lovin this one... We should have the two Titans face off... his Juggernaut vs my Hulk..!! :)
  119. Baller

    Mission Belle/Coronados 5/15

    Yeah, I get it but much like hitting in baseball, you gotta learn to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Most of the bows are gonna be cramped with people that wanna throw the iron but you work with them and make your cast, then slid over and let the next guy do his, etc. It's the only...
  120. Baller

    Mission Belle/Coronados 5/15

    You gotta sacrifice some of the bait fish catch in order to figure out the surface iron game Doc...only way your skill set will improve on that. That is a great boat and Capt. I used to fish it all the time in my youth when it was out of Seaforth...
  121. Baller

    Re-rigging yo yo and surface iron

    Don't do it.
  122. Baller

    the countdown has begun for bola trip

    Good luck and give a report back. We will be a week behind you guys (6/2 - 6/8) fishing with Pedro and Cangrejos Sportfishing.
  123. Baller

    Tesoro experience?

    The 5 I would primarily rely on as a live bait reel. 20-30# is its wheelhouse imho. Sure you could do some light jig stuff like crocodile and what not but not serious surface iron stuff. The 10 and 12 are some serious jig reels. I use them mainly as my surface iron reels but also use for...
  124. Baller

    Tesoro experience?

    Different class of reels. But I do have numerous bft from 50-60# on the 5s using 25#. If that isn't a testament to its fishability I wouldn't know what would be.
  125. Baller

    Tesoro experience?

    I also have the 10s and 12s. Loaded with 80# Pro Spec for jig slinging. 10 holds approx. 350# and add another 90 or so for the 12. Great reels. Caught everything from yellowtail to tuna to wahoo on them. Got a 60# bft on 25# using the 5 last season. Never skipped a beat.
  126. Baller

    4/23 - The Liberty

    I heard the flies were BAD..!
  127. Baller

    Problem with Avet MXJ Raptor

    1. Make sure the reel is properly filled. 2. Educate that winding thumb
  128. Baller

    Saltiga vs Tesoro

    Cannot go wrong with either reel. I use the Tesoro and my buddy uses the Saltiga. So we have switched and used each others' reels for fun. Best is to go and hold them and see what one fits you the best. For me it was the Tesoro since I was blessed with the thumb length of a 7 year old girl. Both...
  129. Baller

    Brand New Fishdoggary 5oz. Krocks.

    You cannot catch a yellowtail or a wahoo on these..!!! ;) Those look really good.!
  130. Baller

    Best hunting rifle/caliber

    The one YOU can shoot well is the one you want. Nobody should make that call for you. With the great selection of bullets that are out now, there are a number of rounds that will work well. Most will want to talk about the sexy new calibers but the venerable 30.06, .270 and similar will all do...
  131. Baller

    Mak for 60#

    Yep. 15T will be the bees knees...
  132. Baller

    Airbrushing jigs

    Appreciate it..!!
  133. Baller

    Airbrushing jigs

    I too have been wanting to get into painting my own since I modify them and all that anyways...will be harder to see once repainted..!! Care to share pics of your equipment and such? Jigs look very good by the way, the garlic bag gives it a scale look..
  134. Baller

    Bahia de Los Angeles Captian

    Pedro with Cangrejos Sportfishing. He is on Instagram. I know his season was getting full.
  135. Baller

    Wahoo Bombs.....Which do you prefer?

    :gaygroup: Group hug everyone..!!! :)
  136. Baller

    Wahoo Bombs.....Which do you prefer?

    Valid point..
  137. Baller

    Favorite feature of individual boats you ride...

    Simple. The Captains and crew of the AA....
  138. Baller

    Wahoo Bombs.....Which do you prefer?

    I never wire any of my bombs and would argue that floro gets bit better than even that Not2 Kinky wire. My .02 anyway Friggin wahoo... :)
  139. Baller

    Wahoo Bombs.....Which do you prefer?

    Yeah, that is a good idea and a valid possibility. Only issue is if you lose the bomb it makes it hurt that much more..!!! :)
  140. Baller

    Wahoo Bombs.....Which do you prefer?

    I am just the opposite, I do not wire anything. The way I figure it, I have spent atleast $3k on the trip, if not more, so what is another couple hundred bucks to make sure the odds are in my favor to get bit? First rule of catching is you gotta get the bite, atleast that is what I always tell...
  141. Baller

    Wahoo Bombs.....Which do you prefer?

    You have to just in case. I have lost $275 (My best calculation) worth of gear to them toothy bastards in one day.. I have a love/hate relationship with those fish..
  142. Baller

    Wahoo Bombs.....Which do you prefer?

    Nice work.. Wish I could get my Jobu's on there..
  143. Baller

    Favorite feature of your favorite equipment?

    Not gear but my favorite thing is to hear the motors fire up on the boat knowing we are about to depart on another long range adventure..
  144. Baller


    I have all of them. PM me if you want details.
  145. Baller

    Which low gear ratio star drag?

    In addition to the above, the Tern has the 4.7:1 gears. A winner.
  146. Baller

    New name and owners for the Dominator

    That is the best news I have heard all day..!!! I am happy for him. If memory serves, that boat has some good sized bunks in it. I look forward to fishing it with him...
  147. Baller

    What's your favorite Wahoo Bomb Rod?

    I wanna say it is the 35 or 40 single speed lever drag. I was shockingly surprised that a reel that has that many ipt had that much torque to it. It is my buddies reel and we went 3 fish for 4 casts using it. Only reason it was not 4-4 was the deckhand was not ready with the gaff and I had it...
  148. Baller

    Netflix fishing shows?

    I met one of the Captains from Battle Fish Saturday at the FHS. Seemed like a cool cat. We had a good conversation.
  149. Baller


    I didn't see the same thing...
  150. Baller

    What's your favorite Wahoo Bomb Rod?

    UC Tilefish with an HXJ Raptor with 80# Berkeley Prospec braid. If I wanted a dedicated bomb reel it would probably be a Daiwa Saltiga hyperspeed.
  151. Baller

    Rainshadow RCJB86H

    Bad ASS..!!! That spiral wrap is one of the best I have ever seen..!!! I'm pissed its not on a rod for me..!!! Bah ha haaa...!!
  152. Baller

    FHS, what are you looking to purchase?

    So it looks like the Torques will be sold in Silver..?
  153. Baller

    Tern or Tesoro

    Pick the one you like the best. They are all good and all can be made better with servicing and bearings and bearing oils, etc. They are all only get you "X" amount of distance. your skill will get more or less than others so pick the one you can cast all day, day after day and learn to use it...
  154. Baller

    Tern or Tesoro

    I have 12 of the Okumas that I have had for the past couple of years. Use them mainly as my surface iron reels but have used the little 5's for bait fishing catching Bluefin to 60# with them using 25#. If that isn't a testament, I dont know what is. Thus far they have worked flawlessly on...
  155. Baller

    Batson Raffle Rods for 2019 LB FHS

    Whoa, stop the press..!! Showstoppers..!! These are fire..!! Always on the cutting edge Jimbo..! Sure hope I win of these bad boys during the show. I have a minty fresh gold torque that would look awesome on top of one of these sticks. Whoever wins these are gonna be h-h-appy..!
  156. Baller

    Okuma Tesoro 12 clamp nut failure

    I don't use the hardware supplied. If you are using a cork puppy, you can use a ss screw of the appropriate length. Most of my jig sticks take a 20mm length. Some up to 25mm. It screws right into the reel seat base. The thread pitch you want is a 5mm x .8 I also use a lock ring. Never an issue...
  157. Baller

    Insane Wahoo on JRI Surface Iron

    Exactly why I use braid..especially for surface iron wahoo. And heavy drags.
  158. Baller

    Fish 3 times the line test

    75# bft on 15#. 2 hr 45 min of an ass kicking. Surfmaster 100 newelled out on a noodle rod.. Ugh.. Fishing for 15# yellowfin. Go figure. And.. 275# blue marlin on 40# old man and the sea style.. in my 16 ft skiff by myself. Fish died in battle. Another 2 plus hr fight. Donated to a local...
  159. Baller

    Insane Wahoo on JRI Surface Iron

    Hence the Jobu's. Super sharp n sticky..
  160. Baller

    Insane Wahoo on JRI Surface Iron

    Recommend Owner Jobu 7/0 hooks...
  161. Baller

    SD place to buy reloading supplies

    If you follow them on social media and/or email they send out a weekly add that includes a "Powder report" of what they have in house... All really good guys. I don't go anywhere else.
  162. Baller

    AA Lures Invader

    I bought some of those and I could never get them to track right. They swung wildy back and forth and then would spin. Tried everything I could think of to get it to work. Frustrating. But mine were not the largest ones they made, but the next size down.
  163. Baller

    Cork puppy reel clamp sizing? UC

    If it only has 1-2 layer of cork a 25 mm should work. If more than 2 layers of cork then it may need the 28. On most of my UC jig sticks they take the 28 but have 2 layers of cork plus shrink over that. Plus they are 9 and 10 footers so they are probably thicker in the butt end. Call UC and see...
  164. Baller

    Super Seeker SS-CJBF80H

    Sweet Jesus..!!
  165. Baller

    Avet 14 day, who’s with me?

    Nice skinny Steve..!!!
  166. Baller

    UC Tilefish 40# vs 50# Recommendation

    I have 2x Tilefish and I fish them at 17-18# of drag on 50#. Full spool of 80# Pro Spec braid and the 50# leader. Yellowtail yoyo, wahoo bombs and bft/yft bait on 50# (For fish up to 120ish) is how I use it. If you are only using 13# od drag you are not getting full capabilities of the rod imo...
  167. Baller

    Processing question

    Figure a $1 per pound and how much you wanna eat/spend.? Give the rest away or practice catch and release. Most of my 8 day trip it is a $400-600 processing fee after I have given away fish before processing. Depends on how much I need/want to pay for. You can give away fish on the boat, after...
  168. Baller

    extra efforts re wahoo?

    Ba ha haaa...!!!!
  169. Baller

    extra efforts re wahoo?

    You calling me AGGRESSIVE..??!! :)
  170. Baller

    FHS, what are you looking to purchase?

    That's dedication right there..!!!
  171. Baller

    FHS, what are you looking to purchase?

    Come see me at the Bob Sands Booth Sat and Sun..
  172. Baller

    Viper and Centaur for Don

    Great choice of rods.!! The wrapper himself is petty ok too...!
  173. Baller

    Fred Hall Shows - SD or LB

    Long Beach is the show to go to if only going to one. All the LR boats will be there and don't do the Del Mar show which is much smaller.
  174. Baller

    Tern gear ratios

    I got to cast a 500 with the 4.7:1 gear ratio at the Bay Bass seminar recently. It was put on my US 90 Monster. I will say this.. I have not been a huge fan of the Accurate reels, historically. Great reels, just not to my particular liking. BUT, the Tern is legit. Loved the lower gear ratio. I...
  175. Baller

    Reel Quiver for Late Spring 8-day

    It usually is yoyo/dropper loop/flyline yellowtail and school size tuna down on the ridge and/or Alijos. Chance for wahoo but you cant count on that. Might also fish grouper and perhaps some bft at the beginning or end of trip. That should give you an idea of what to bring. If Brian is...
  176. Baller

    BNIB MXJ Raptor - Gunmetal

    You need this in your life..!!! :)
  177. Baller

    New Wahoo Reel

    And the reason I use the 80# Pro Spec is I got over 400 yds on the spool so it keeps my IPT near maximum. That counts in the wahoo game.
  178. Baller

    New Wahoo Reel

    My HXJ Raptor is setup with Berkley Pro Spec 80# (Same as most 65# diameter wise) to a short (4') 50# mono leader. Button down that drag to 20-22# and reel the skinnies right in to the boat. Many sub 10 second fish with biters right by the boat... It is a great reel for that application btw.
  179. Baller

    BNIB MXJ Raptor - Gunmetal

    Hello BD, Clearing more room for new hunting gear needed. Backup reel not needed so I am offering it up to you guys. As title states I have a new MXJ Raptor for sale. Spooled with new 65# braid but never fished or used other than spooling the reel. Includes all mounting hardware and box as you...
  180. Baller

    New Okuma Cortez 5, 10 and 12 **SOLD**

    All reels SOLD..!! thanks guys, hope you catch the biggest fish of your lives on them. :)
  181. Baller

    New Okuma Cortez 5, 10 and 12 **SOLD**

    Pending sale on the last 5...
  182. Baller

    Reel Service Needed

    I second Ken and Wes at Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside.
  183. Baller

    San Diego Bay Bass Tournament and seminar

    I will be working in the OCT jigs booth if anyone wants to stop by and talk surface iron/jig fishing...
  184. Baller

    New Okuma Cortez 5, 10 and 12 **SOLD**

    1x Cortez 5 SOLD..!!! Blue braid Cortez 5 still available...
  185. Baller

    New Okuma Cortez 5, 10 and 12 **SOLD**

    Added Cortez 10 - buyer backed out on me.
  186. Baller

    Avet 14 day, who’s with me?

    Amen to that..!!
  187. Baller

    Avet 14 day, who’s with me?

    Glenn Bummer is one of the coolest guys EVER..!! And Martha is such a sweetheart.. Just love them folks.
  188. Baller

    Any Word On The Makaira 15T?

    I would hold out for the Mak personally... especially since you already have the whole set.
  189. Baller

    Any Word On The Makaira 15T?

    It will do either well. Be a good Lupe flyline reel...
  190. Baller

    New Okuma Cortez 5, 10 and 12 **SOLD**

    Hello BD, Selling 3 new Okuma reels. I was going to use these as backups for my Tesoro series but I have enough of those now that these are not needed. Going use the money to fund some new hunting gear I need. Here is what I have: 2x Okuma Cortez 5 - Spooled with braid and Tiburon Handle added...
  191. Baller

    Tilefish for Mike...

    Nice Jimbo..!!!
  192. Baller

    Tady 4/0 Light

    I have heavies biut no lights. I will take 'em if you can find 'em..
  193. Baller

    Tady 4/0 Light

    Just like a week or two..
  194. Baller

    Tady 4/0 Light

    Hello fellow BD'ers, Anyone have the above jig I can borrow (Not fish or keep) so I can get some weights and dims off of? Working on a project. Lemme know via DM if you can help me out. Located in SD. Thanks..! Bill
  195. Baller

    Uc jigstick question

    Go pull on both the Del Mar and the Wahoo and see what one you like the best. Both are great sticks (I own 10 UC jig sticks) and both would get the job done nicely. What may be my preference may not be yours depending on casting style , setup and experience level. All of them fill a need and...
  196. Baller

    United Composites 50-60 rod

    The CP70HP is so good I have 2 of them.
  197. Baller

    Shimano Saragossa 10000

    I'm sure you prefer your right hand for A LOT of things..!!! :) Merry Xmas buddy...
  198. Baller

    Wahoo Bombs.....Which do you prefer?

    I like the direct tie like Jimmy Bombs or the new JRI direct tie. Not as much of a fan of the line through. Whole lot of different issues with those. Also, the smaller diameter bullet type head is easier to reel through the water with much less effort than the big bulbous headed wahoo bombs. And...
  199. Baller

    CNC Jigs

    Alrighty. I asked because I use Caivo jigs a lot and get them all the time. But since you don't need any...... :)
  200. Baller

    CNC Jigs

    You need some Caivo jigs there Steve..???
  201. Baller

    Jig Bag for Irons

    Especially when your good buddy picks 'em up for you..!!! :)
  202. Baller

    Hxj Raptor recommendation

    80# Pro Spec. It's all I use. Strong and gives you more capacity.
  203. Baller

    United Composites CE900 Del Mar Ironman

    You are correct sir..!!! :)
  204. Baller

    Installing Spectra on reel question?

    I have heard 12-15 lbs but I am sure Basil will be a wealth of information on this topic..
  205. Baller

    Wahoo bomb colors

    Green dorado, or something similar, is always my go to color..
  206. Baller

    Not bad for D16.......except for 17 miles and the heat

    Nicely done, Congrats..!!!
  207. Baller

    Super Cow Bluefin

    I saw it, what a toad..!!!
  208. Baller

    Surface iron retrieve rate

    Different jigs "Kick" at different speeds. You have to know your jigs and what the fish want on any given day. Sometimes the fast wind is king, such as when the fish are up and actively chasing bait and aggressive. Other times it is a super slow retrieve that gets bit. It is your job as the...
  209. Baller

    Pac bay and CUI blanks

    If you haven't already try calling Squidco.
  210. Baller

    Tesoro 5S question

    I would 2nd your opinion on an "N" version for 15-20# work. Load it with 50# Pro Spec. Man o man..!!
  211. Baller

    Bluefin Techniques and Observations (what worked, what didn’t )

    Anyone have any legit success with wiring up some assist hooks or HD live bait style hooks? Theoretically it should work especially at night or early morning when you cant see.
  212. Baller

    Tesoro 5S question

    Sounds about right with the Toro Tamer braid. That stuff is fat for its breaking strength.
  213. Baller

    GloJRI8 or PL68 squid conversion??

    I think those dumb ass bft will hit it. After seeing a so-called "Chandelier Flat Fall" rig get bit on my 8 day, I cannot even say anything sounds or looks dumb anymore. If I did, I got proven wrong every time..!! Now I just shut up. The "Chandy Flat" rig had the sardines baited up on the assist...
  214. Baller

    Mxj setup questions

    Use Berkeley Pro Spec in 65#. You will have PLENTY of braid. Used mine for bft up to 60# without any issues on my recent 8 day.
  215. Baller

    Questions about the American Angler

    Don't let that deter you from riding this great boat..!!! My 1st and only choice.
  216. Baller

    Tesoro 5S question

    Yes, the line was put on at Charkbait. They were amazed at what the reel held also. Thus far, those are the best fish to date. Previously had some yellows to about 12-15# on it without issue. One even got towed over a mile before it got boated. Very impressed with the reels performance. I knew...
  217. Baller

    Tesoro 5S question

    I have a 50# and 55# bft on my 5s from my 8 day on the AA recently. I believe the reel makes about 15# of drag. It holds like 500 yds of 50# izor. Hope it helps...
  218. Baller

    Fall Pig Hunt

    Well done sir..!!
  219. Baller

    What angle are you working on?

    Finally doc, stepping up to be a MAN..!!!! :)
  220. Baller

    Offshore SCI Bluefin on the flatfall

    You definitely CRUSHED it on the flat fall Chris..!!! Was a pleasure to watch... That jig is looking GOOD now..!!! :)
  221. Baller

    PENN 8-day American Angler trip 10/8 to 10/16 report

    We made the best of the situation in my opinion. The Bluefin were there and it was the typical plunker bite but if you worked hard at it you got bites. The yellowtail fishing was very good and the grade was excellent. I enjoyed catching them on the surface iron..!! Met some really cool people on...
  222. Baller

    Roll Call: Penn 8 Day on the AA

    I curse you Sergio..!!! Hoping they are wrong and it doesn't turn back towards land..
  223. Baller

    Seeker 6465XH for Steve

  224. Baller

    SXJ deckhand clamp

    Only SXJ Raptors have clamps..
  225. Baller

    Having fun without killing much.

    That is way cool...
  226. Baller

    Pair of Deuces on the Angler

  227. Baller

    Your favorite 5 boats for 6-8 day range

    1. American Angler 2-5 See #1 above Leave Monday on an 8 day adventure...
  228. Baller

    Best surface iron for Wahoo

    It will vary from day to day and I have even seen it vary from one hour to the next. Also, it is gonna depend on how much pressure they have had on them.
  229. Baller

    Offshore Great tuna trip and a half on The San Diego 9/24 and 9/25...

    Nice to read something positive like this on social media..!!! Congrats all around...
  230. Baller

    Stills of Mike Pritchard Rainshadow 80M

    Yeah, what Jim said..!! :)
  231. Baller

    Tropical Storm Rosa

    Crap.! I leave on the 8th...
  232. Baller

    What reels do you guys have on your raptors

    I have a HX 3 speed Raptor on my 8' Raptor..
  233. Baller

    Salty Crew T Shirt

    One of my all time favorite fishing shorts were a pair of "Duck Dynasty" board shorts I got a Walmart on closeout for $3....!! May they RIP... Love me some close out board shorts as they live a short life fishing anyway. NOT gonna pay $40-50 for board shorts to get blood and slim all over them.
  234. Baller

    10ft. Jig Stick what would you recommend?

    I use my Del Mar's for the heavier style jigs like the JRI 4, Caivo 6x and 7x and even the Salas 5x and 7x. To me those jigs tend to over power other sticks but this seems to be the sweet spot for that blank, atleast imho. You can get great distance with minimal effort throughout the UC lineup...
  235. Baller

    Jim Trelikes weave.

    The Master Rod Crafter is immortalized..!!! :) Very well done. Jim will be pleased. He told me about this last week when I picked up my latest two rods from him.
  236. Baller

    One Cool Tuna!

    Jeff is a solid dude and his jigs are great..!!
  237. Baller

    10ft. Jig Stick what would you recommend?

    Then look at the CE series. The Monster and the Wahoo. Both have moderate taper to them. The US will have a faster taper that you will probably not like. I am a go fast and fire type of guy not so much the long methodical caster, hence why I prefer the faster taper rods. I use all braid to...
  238. Baller

    10ft. Jig Stick what would you recommend?

    United Composites all day long.. What jigs are you throwing? That would help determine what you should use. The best all around stick imho is the US100 Monster. I like it so much I have 2 of them. It will cast everything. Also, what kind of caster are you? Ok? Average? A composite tip like the...
  239. Baller

    30/40 # mono help

    Izor only... Super strong and doesn't break.
  240. Baller

    Melton's Tackle 10 Day - Indy

    Don't tangle everyone when you drop down for ROCKFISH..!!! :)
  241. Baller

    Swimming jig does not swim well

    Some final thoughts: Never buy your jigs from a shop that will not let you pick them out yourself. Just getting handed one the odds of a good one are low. Every cast jig will have differences in them. It is those differences that make a jig bad, good, better or best. That is your job to figure...
  242. Baller

    How Many Lures Are Enough?

    Whatever it takes..!! Depends on species sought and location. Multiple species requires more/different jigs. So, it could be 3 dozen on a half day trip to 200 plus on a 8-10 day. All depends but the bottom line is WHATEVER IT TAKES to think I can get the job done..!!! :) Some call that...
  243. Baller

    Swimming jig does not swim well

    Some you can and some you cannot. No substitute for experience here. It usually starts with the jig you picked. Every jig make and model has a different set of specific characteristics I am looking for. If they do not have them, I do not buy it. Period. Some of us have spent years to know/figure...
  244. Baller

    Colorado was good to us!

    Nicely done sir..!! Congrats...
  245. Baller

    Roll Call: Penn 8 Day on the AA

    Challenge ACCEPTED..!!! :)
  246. Baller

    Roll Call: Penn 8 Day on the AA

    That would make two of us brotha..!!! Looking forward to sharing the rail with ya.
  247. Baller

    Better way to organize jigs and poppers?

    Sure, same as FL. Just a different badge. Then it is "Exclusive"..! :)
  248. Baller

    Roll Call: Penn 8 Day on the AA

    Any BD members on here on this trip besides me and Lukester..??
  249. Baller

    Better way to organize jigs and poppers?

    Looks like the exact same bag FL sells. I bet the same company is private labeling for everyone. All have the removable Velcro nameplate and same colors even. Easy to make the custom nameplates for each shop that buys enough.
  250. Baller

    Better way to organize jigs and poppers?

    Fisherman Landing has the best jig bag I have seen so far. It is almost exactly like the old Shimano large box. I have 4 of them now to go along with my 2 Shimano bags. With most surface irons you can fit 4 per tube and even more on 6x Jr size jigs or smaller surface irons like JRI 1, Tady C, etc..
  251. Baller

    CX76 Centaur Joker

    I guess it depends on ones "Perspective"..!!
  252. Baller

    US100 Monster Deadpool "X-Force"

    Deadpool about to go bendo in 3 weeks..!!!
  253. Baller

    CX76 Centaur Joker

    You must have missed Dr Doom, Darth Vader and Imperial Stormtrooper rods?? :)
  254. Baller

    The American Angler Captains

    For reference for anyone interested...
  255. Baller

    New saltiga or Tesoro

    I am up to 12 Tesoros now and I can tell you they are indeed good reels..!!! Have caught wahoo, yellows, yellowfin tuna on them all on the surface iron. Just got 2 5s and they appear jut as good. Recently caught 3 yellows on bait (Ugh, I hate bait fishing..). Smooth and powerful. Fished them...
  256. Baller

    Anyone own the new Avet HX 5/3 Raptor?

    Depends on what pound test and the braid manufacturer you use. They are all different diameters so you will get different amounts. Also, it depends on how much pressure they put on it while spooling. Using a hand with a glove is not necessarily enough. Plus, most shops tend to put it on in high...
  257. Baller

    The American Angler Captains

    Lori is the greatest Ambassador to Sportfishing that I know of...
  258. Baller

    The American Angler Captains

    You are in GREAT hands with Brian and Ray Ray... I'm on the Penn 8 day with Ray at the helm.
  259. Baller

    Stuff I've learned

    W-R-O-N-G...!!!! It's a vacation for ALL OF US...!!! :)
  260. Baller

    What rod length you using to yoyo with?

    8 ft UC Tilefish for me with either an HXJ Raptor or JX Raptor. I have 2 of them. Best I have ever used.
  261. Baller

    Halco for Wahoo

    Not a bad idea...
  262. Baller

    Halco for Wahoo

    You can also try heavy fluoro if the fish are pressured. Have seen that take fish on the troll when nothing else would. Be mindful that those are not hardy lures. Have seen a single wahoo destroy them first time they are bit. So you might get only few fish before they get torn up or bitten in half.
  263. Baller

    Wahoo basic questions

    The other thing I will add to Phillip's post above is that the wahoo slash wildly at the surface iron as opposed to the raider or bomb which has very little movement in comparison. Watching them miss the jig and slash at it is one of the coolest things you can see on the water imo. You can tell...
  264. Baller

    United Composites UC 70LXF

    That's a beaut Jimbo..!!!
  265. Baller

    Ideal arsenal for a seven day to the lupe.

    Jealousy rears its ugly head...!!!! :)
  266. Baller

    Ideal arsenal for a seven day to the lupe.

    BINGO..!!! :)
  267. Baller

    Ideal arsenal for a seven day to the lupe.

    Nothing worthwhile is easy...!!! I salute him and all my fellow jig slingers out there grinding it out. One of the reasons I do not like to fish bait, bait fishing is easier than jig fishing. Once you get the bug of jig fishing it is hard to go back. Obviously there are exceptions and certain...
  268. Baller

    Yellow JRI Surface Iron at Bob Sands Tackle

    Yep. Will sell far more now that they are in the yellowtail colors...
  269. Baller

    Yellow JRI Surface Iron at Bob Sands Tackle

    Yeah, it is called a JRI 2
  270. Baller

    New Braided line finger protection.

    Give us a report when you get it and test it out. Looks theory.
  271. Baller

    Pound for pound

    I bet a 300# pacific green back mackerel would pull pretty damn hard.
  272. Baller

    San Diego Shops that carry bulk Pro spec?

    ECBT and Dana landing. I know I get it at ECBT. Been filling my jig reels there. Same owners so I assume Dana would have it too.
  273. Baller

    Setting up HXW 5/2 Raptor for the big boys

    You can't really break 100 so why not add the capacity.? I wouldn't even entertain the idea of 130 on there unless it was step spliced say they last 100 yds or so. Still, I would opt to put straight 100# to the brim.
  274. Baller

    9' Jig Stick Advice

    Go look at the following (All UC): CE 900 Monster CE 900 Wahoo CE 900 Del Mar Pick the action you like the best and go throw the jig. In my humble opinion there is nothing better than UC rods... Maximum distance with minimal effort. I own 10 UC jig sticks,
  275. Baller

    2 Rings on Surface Iron

    Tie it on as Jimmy directed and retrieve fast enough to get an erratic kick. You will thank me later.
  276. Baller

    BOLA August August 3-4 HOT!

    Pedros' Super Panga is 30 ft. Real nice fishing platform. Great people at Cangrejos Sportfishing. You get to see the custom bamboo gaffs I made him..??
  277. Baller

    United Composites CX80 Raptor "Daredevil"

    Um, interventions are for QUITTERS..! :)
  278. Baller

    Cork Puppy in Sizes 25mm, 28mm and 31mm

    Some thins like this I would buy new. only like $24 each. Not expensive.
  279. Baller

    New star drag

    They did post a response I saw on an Instagram feed that say they expect to start delivering within 3 months after a bunch of vendors starting inquiring. Standing by to stand by..
  280. Baller

    wahoo fly?

    On the Shogun last year down on the Ridge me and my buddy Phil were casting surface irons for wahoo while everyone else was fishing bombs, Raiders or bait. Frank LoPreste is on the upper deck and yells down to us "Wahoo at 10 o'clock - 70 yds"! I fire off a cast. Frank yells down "Perfect...
  281. Baller

    JRI Jigs -The Breakdown

    There is no one "Best" for anything. It is all about what YOU can cast well. As a general guideline I recommend the following: Lighter jigs up to 45 size: CE1000 monster Heavier 45 and up - US 100 Monster, CE 1000 Del Mar The 7, 3 and Stinger fall under the "Up to 45 size". The 4 would be the...
  282. Baller

    Help me with FG knot please

    I will get him a whole case. My FG sucks and I need the help..!!! :)
  283. Baller

    Ideal arsenal for a seven day to the lupe.

    I have been accused of worse..!!! :)
  284. Baller

    Ideal arsenal for a seven day to the lupe.

    Dude, I don't even go to the grocery store without a jig stick..!!! Never know when or where a hot jig bite may break out..!!!! :)
  285. Baller

    Tesoro or Tern?

    Tesoro gets my vote. I have 5x 10's and 4x 12's for whatever that is worth to anyone. Just added 2x 5's to the mix. Love these reels. Have wahoo to yellowfin on them. Great reel for the money. Predominantly fishing the surface iron. The 5's are on bait sticks. Steve, you little instigator you..!!!
  286. Baller

    New Okuma Tesoro star drag reel

    The 5 is a nice little reel. I have 2x of them now. Every bit as good as their big brothers. Got some pretty good drag as displayed on my recent 3 day... If you were on it you saw.
  287. Baller

    New star drag

    I think it is funny how everyone is losing their MINDS over Avet and Accurate coming out with star drags. They gotta have all the specs and pricing and release dates NOW or they are gonna lose their shit. How did you guys ever get along before..?? I remember a time when they didn't have any...
  288. Baller

    Recent Cedros Fish Report

    Good luck on your trip..!!! :)
  289. Baller

    Recent Cedros Fish Report

    Just teasing you....
  290. Baller

    Looks Like The Angler Is Going To Guadalupe On A,Five Day

    We were teasing Ray on the last 3 day one night at dinner after chasing school upon school of Bluefin that he was not really seeing anything and to take the electronics off "DEMO MODE".. Was hilarious...
  291. Baller

    Recent Cedros Fish Report

    You are a jig guy now..??!!! :)When did I miss this..??!!
  292. Baller

    Avet MXJ Raptor in Silver

    Hello All, Like title states, I have an Avet MXJ Raptor in Silver for sale. Reel is in excellent condition with some minor scratches by gear box. Comes with a full spool of 65# Tuf Line XP braid. Also have clamp and box. I have more reels than I need in this size so hence the sale. Reel is...
  293. Baller

    United composites CE 900 monster OR United composites CE 90 monster for throwing surface iron?

    Those Reef Donkeys are just a different animal. Probably nothing you could have done different to change the outcome. That is why they are my favorite fish without a doubt..!!! I lost 2 fish total down in BoLA this year much the same as you did. Big, bad ass fish I just couldn't stop. One had a...
  294. Baller

    United composites CE 900 monster OR United composites CE 90 monster for throwing surface iron?

    To further the above, it is a reaction bite so it is not finesse fishing. You get too light on the jig and then you start losing them quickly. 30# is very unforgiving. You can snap them off easily, etc. I lost 2x larger grade fish on 50# on my last 3 day, not because I did anything wrong but...
  295. Baller

    United composites CE 900 monster OR United composites CE 90 monster for throwing surface iron?

    40 would be the minimum I would ever throw a surface iron with. More often I am 50 or 60#. Only 40# with the smaller jigs. You can load the US90 with 40# but will have a tough time with 30#.
  296. Baller

    Any Word On The Makaira 15T?

    It could happen. I was told July for the Tesoro 5 and what do you know, I got both mine before my 3 day last month. Already caught yellowtail on them...
  297. Baller

    Who still sells the J pot?

    Ba ha haaa..!! That sounds like him. That is where I got my last J-Pot.
  298. Baller

    Who still sells the J pot?

    I believe the SD Charkbait has them on the rack. Call Eric.
  299. Baller

    United Composites Jig Stick

    Charkbait. Go see Eric. Tell him I sent you. Sometimes in stock, sometimes not. Can get it ordered for you if need be.
  300. Baller

    United Composites blank for 25-30lb

    Tilefish Jr is the 30# setup. Can fish a light 40# US 80 HL is the 25# (Although you saw a lot of people disagree with my opinion on this one as they considered it a 30#..) This can fish 30# if need be. Just switch out my leader. Go pull on both and decide for yourself. Don't let us intenret...
  301. Baller

    United Composites blank for 25-30lb

    You will like it. I have 2 of them...BEFORE the 8 foot version came out dang it..!!
  302. Baller

    United Composites blank for 25-30lb

    US 80HL - I towed a 12# yellowtail over a mile last week when the Capt thought it was a bonito on my 3 day with a Tesoro 5 and 25# Blackwater. Everything held and still had enough balls to surf that bad boy in. If that won't convince someone I do not know what would. Fishes 30# just as...
  303. Baller

    Okuma Tesoro Line Capacities

    I get 350 yds of 80# Pro Spec on my 10. Add about 90 more for the 12. For what it is worth. It should be similar for most 65# braid.
  304. Baller

    Surface Iron Rod Shoot-out..!! UC vs. Calstar

    I don't. You can, but I don't and do not lose many fish. I typically run 15-17# of drag with that outfit. Phillip is the same way on his gear. Our styles are exactly the same. The key, in my opinion, is to be smooth. Breath through your nose, be calm and steady. Know your species so you can know...
  305. Baller

    Underway in the dark off Point Loma

    With all the tuna pens at the islands right now there is a ton of rope just floating in/around south island. Dangerous enough during the daytime but especially troubling at night. I would not fish with the guy, he sounds like he will eventually hurt himself as well as possibly others.. Fishing...
  306. Baller

    Surface Iron Rod Shoot-out..!! UC vs. Calstar

    I fish straight 80# Pro Spec on my Tesoro 10 to a 4 foot 50# Izor mono leader.
  307. Baller

    Surface Iron Rod Shoot-out..!! UC vs. Calstar

    Yes, I would second the opinion on the Monsters, especially the CE series of Monsters for the lighter jigs. The composite tips are lighter than the US series which will make loading of the rod a little easier on the average angler. In my case, I like to use my CE1000 Monster for Tady C's, JRI...
  308. Baller

    Brand new Boston kite

    I will take it. PM sent.
  309. Baller

    Offshore AA 3-Day Report - 6/21/-6/24

    We anchored for the night and fished around the 43 with a bazillion other boats, both Sportfishing and private. Whole fleet is there. No secret where the fish are, they just won't bite..
  310. Baller

    Offshore AA 3-Day Report - 6/21/-6/24

    Those Bluefin rolled on a JRI 3 in the purple anchovy color. I let the crew on the boat pick it out and they said purples had been the best at getting bit. So probably anything on the medium to smaller side in purple should get you in the game...
  311. Baller

    Offshore AA 3-Day Report - 6/21/-6/24

    I know the guys were hoping to get that permit to go there on your 5 day. Were supposed to get the permit this week (Hoping). Fingers crossed for you man..!!!
  312. Baller

    Offshore AA 3-Day Report - 6/21/-6/24

    Hi Guys, Got off the Angler on my annual 3 day trip. Wow, what a fun time as always..!! An amazing crew all the way around. Always limits of FUN on that boat. Ray drove the bus with Brad, Justin, Rocco and Austin on deck while Josh and Action kept us fed well in the galley. SHORT REPORT...
  313. Baller

    Any word on the release date for the Tesoro 5s??

    Yep, Charkbait has them. Shout out to the SD shop, Eric and the boys..!!!
  314. Baller

    Best meals for 8-10 days

    I believe I was on that trip. That meal was outstanding,,,!!!
  315. Baller

    Mossberg terminates contract with Dick's Sporting Goods

    I boycott Dicks Sporting Goods. Will not buy anything there any more.
  316. Baller

    Iron jig ring size

    Nominal quality control I would say. I have seen the same as you many times. Even goes so far as the same jig I have seen that had a 4/0, 5/0 or 3/0 hook on it. Not good. As a general rule I use 14 gauge on surface irons and 12 gauge on yoyo. Sometimes I will play with the gauge if I am trying...
  317. Baller


    Of United Composites..?? Officially 25. Unofficially, .....more...
  318. Baller


    Hawkeye takes aim at those stubborn Bluefin next week..
  319. Baller

    Best Raider Jig Color

    Besides FAST the other best tip I could give you would be to bend the hook so that the tip is pointing towards the shank at about a 15-20 angle instead of parallel with the shank. Those salmon hooks that come on them have a tendency to bend out and your wahoo swims away free once you do get a...
  320. Baller

    2018 draw results

    D16 and preference points..
  321. Baller

    Spinning Reel and Rod (Catalina and San Clemente Islands use)

    Ugh... I am going to have to un-friend you..!!! :)
  322. Baller

    Penn 50VSX w/Tiburon Handle $400

    ie, no rockfish ALIVE needs that much reel...!!! :)
  323. Baller

    Any word on the release date for the Tesoro 5s??

    I am sure they will debut at iCast (July 10-13th)and then release...,.but then again we have all heard that before..
  324. Baller

    Calstar WC 6480 30-60

    He doesn't fish, just collects shit... :)
  325. Baller

    Double Trouble Rig

    I would use 200# mono. They are not line shy with the two baits just barely skimming the surface. Very visual explosive strikes. Both Anglers Choice and Basil sell the special swivel that lets you make the leade out of one piece of mono/fluoro with a double barrel crimp.
  326. Baller

    United Composites US80MH "Deathstroke"

    Who Cares, it is one BAD ASS stick no matter how you slice it..!! I better represent well so I do the rod and shirt justice..!!! :)
  327. Baller

    Tesoro vs Trinidad

    On point as always Steve..!! See you on the AA 8 day. Look forward to fishing with you.
  328. Baller

    Tesoro vs Trinidad

    Yep, 65#. Similar in diameter to other companies 50#.
  329. Baller

    Tesoro vs Trinidad

    I don't remember off hand what the abs numbers were but it is very strong and the numbers were good. It is the solid braid I use and I am a 33% drag setting kinda guy.
  330. Baller

    Avet JX 6/3 G2 Blue

    Sent text on MXJ Raptor
  331. Baller

    Tesoro vs Trinidad

    I get 350# of 80# Pro Spec on the 10 so that should be similar to most companies standard 65#. To the top full.
  332. Baller

    Pac 619 surface iron?

    I have fished them before. Will only discuss over private PM.
  333. Baller

    UC Rod 60#

  334. Baller

    United Composites US80MH "Deathstroke"

    Thanks..!! I think so too..
  335. Baller

    Tesoro vs Trinidad

    About 350 yds of Izor. Add another 80-90 for Pro Spec.
  336. Baller

    BOLA report 5-15

    3 wakeups for me and MuyMacho74
  337. Baller

    Sharp edges on cork puppy

    I have 14 or so of the new ones and don't know of the sharp edges you speak of. Got them on all of my jig sticks and bait sticks. Have not cut myself yet.
  338. Baller

    Why Star Drags?

    Lever drag reels cast just fine for surface irons...
  339. Baller

    Offshore Heads Up San Diego Theives

    I love a story that has a happy ending.
  340. Baller

    FG reigns over loop to loop?

    There is a time and place for all. FG knot has made nothing obsolete. John TFT has it correct, the best knot is useless if you do not tie it well.
  341. Baller

    tuna cord under too.

    All my UC rods that are DH style (10x jig sticks and 3x bait sticks) have cork puppies on them. With 25, 28 and 31 mm openings, one of those will fit and work very well. Short of a reel seat, no better way that I know of to secure them. And I am a heavy drag guy.. My .02
  342. Baller

    BEST KNOTS!! For 50lb mono/fluro

    FG or RP for braid to mono/fluoro Fish n Fool for terminal (uni that goes through eye twice)
  343. Baller

    Reportese Bahia de Los Angeles

    Flaco atrapado veintecinco jurel ayer el la superficie. Espero que eso te ayude Sorry my Spanish is not that good..
  344. Baller

    Newell 322 and 220

    Back on this kick again..???
  345. Baller

    Are reel clamps necessary with Alps reel seats

    I have a clamp on ALL my setups...
  346. Baller

    Physical Training Ideas

    Depends... (Get it??!! I am so clever...)
  347. Baller

    Physical Training Ideas

    Ba ha haaa..!!! I laughed so hard 2 or 3 drops of pee came out..!!!
  348. Baller

    60# 1.5 Day trip

    I would agree with that. It seems to be the 130-170# or so class of fish, yellowfin included, that are just more unpredictable and squirrely. The bigger variety, in both, not as much. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule but generally speaking not as squirrely. Those little buttholes..
  349. Baller

    60# 1.5 Day trip

    50# is not heavy. nether is 60# either really but you can sure pull a lot hard on 60 than 50. Couple of years ago the 60# was standard at the Lupe and a good angler can land 100-130# class yellowfin tuna relatively easily. Bluefin do not pull as hard imo. So 60# would be minimum and 80# better...
  350. Baller

    Who knows member "Justin Cardenas" - selling Accurate Valiants?

    He is a good kid but young. He got a good life lesson through this.
  351. Baller

    60# 1.5 Day trip

    An HX Raptor can cover you from 60-80# provided you fill it fully with braid (80# approx 500 yds) and change out your leaders provided the rod you use can handle up to 80#. At 60# your drag will be around 20# and 80# would be around the 27# range, both at strike. A click or two or three from...
  352. Baller

    How to solder solid rings

    Cover the joint with the black flux. Overlap 1/16 to 1/8". I usually hold the flame where the blue ends and the yellow begins on the ring. Seems to keep from ultra heating the ring. Heat it until it starts to turn clear. At that point I start to tap the solder on the joint. You will feel it...
  353. Baller

    recommendation for sunglasses for a guy with a large head!

    Look into Liquid Eyewear Gaskets. They have multiple nose pieces for a wide or narrow nose bridge. They are also of one piece aluminum construction without hinges so you can bend out or in to fit as required. Best sunglasses I have ever had. Can be ordered in multiple colors and lens combos. As...
  354. Baller

    CE1000 Del Mar makeover.....

    Jimbo put me in "Time out" after that one..!!! Ba ha ha haaa..!!
  355. Baller

    What trips are you on this year?

    Currently: 1.5 on the Tomahawk 5/18 BoLA 5/27 (For a week - Not a sportie trip but oh so good..!!)) 3 day on the Angler in June 8 day on the Angler in October Will fill in with full day and some overnight trips here and there...
  356. Baller

    3 for Doug

    Clean and classy, as per usual..
  357. Baller

    How to solder solid rings

    Top one..
  358. Baller

    How to solder solid rings

    I use the Harris Stay-Silv black brazing flux and The Harris Safety Silv 56% 1/16" braze wire. You have the vice so easy peezy. Get the rings from The Ring Lordo or Rosco. I get them from the Ring Lord.
  359. Baller

    Iron what size??!

    I always start with a full size jig and only switch to a smaller one if the bite dictates it. Small jigs will get you small fish many times. Certain areas smaller jigs are want the fish want. Example: Earlier this season the small yoyo such as JRI 6, Salas 6x Jr sized jigs were best at the...
  360. Baller

    Any Word On The Makaira 15T?

    Looks nice. Width shot??
  361. Baller

    Good and bad things about the okuma tersoro reels

    If you like narrow reels, you will like the 10. If not the 12 may serve you better. It just depends on what you like? I use all braid. My 10 holds 360 yds of 80# Pro Spec on it which is plenty. The 12 about 90 yds more. If you are a mono topshot guy you might want to look at the 12 for its...
  362. Baller

    How much line a 150# bluefin will take for the first run

    The HX Raptor will hold plenty of line for that class fish imo. I would bump up the drag to atleast 20-25# though. Length of run will depend on a lot of factors, drag poundage being one of them. Where they are hooked and how they are hooked are two other variables that you cannot control but can...
  363. Baller

    Good and bad things about the okuma tersoro reels

    I have caught wahoo, yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, skipjack, bonito and barracuda all on the same reel. Have fished them hard since last October. My primary use for them has been for surface iron fishing on my UC jig sticks. I fish heavy braid and high drags. They cast a mile and the ergonomics...
  364. Baller

    Good and bad things about the okuma tersoro reels

    I have 8 of them. I wrote a post awhile back called "Tesoro real world experience" I think it was.? Nothing but high praises. What do you want to know?
  365. Baller

    Makaira 16 Vs 20

    You can have a standard Mak upgraded to SEA specs if you want gold. so don't let that stop you. You can find them used. I got a smokin deal a few years back on a non SEA model on here. I believe it is $50 or $70 for them to upgrade in the service department to the SEA specs. My .02
  366. Baller

    BTG90J Mag for Anthony

    One slick fish killing machine..!!
  367. Baller

    OCT Jigs?

    Same company, improved on the Z-bar by being slightly wider and heavier, but same key action. My fav Z-bar has taken many, many fish...
  368. Baller

    Makaira 16 Vs 20

    Yes, get the SEA upgrade. Better fly line and larger handle, etc. If only doing up to 7 day a 16 would all you would really need imo...
  369. Baller

    Avet SX on deckhand rod (corkpuppy or trigger grip seat)?

    Seems like you got the answers you needed?
  370. Baller

    Avet SX on deckhand rod (corkpuppy or trigger grip seat)?

    Cork puppy will be the best bet if it fits around your rod.? Depending on your model they have 25, 28 and 31 mm. I use it all on all my deckhand rods (All UC though) and fish anywhere from 15-20# of drag on my jig sticks and they are rock solid and do not move...
  371. Baller

    OCT Jigs?

    Everything seems ok. I am surprised and not sure what to say. Being CNC machined they are all alike. Try contacting Jeff at OCT and see what he says.
  372. Baller

    Fathom 40N // 40nld 2

    No you would not. Tried it and couldn't turn the handle when bit. Hell, couldn't hardly turn the handle reeling in the yoyo iron. Sold it after 1 trip. Experiment over.
  373. Baller

    Best okuma reel for my 9ft pch rod

    I get 360 yds of 80# Pro Spec on the 10s to the brim. Add about 80-90 yds more for the 12. In JB, I get 360 yds of 80# on the 12s For comparisons sake.
  374. Baller

    Tesoro clamp

    Been fishing my Tesoro reels since last year (October). Happy to report they are as good as the day I bought them. 4 wahoo to their credit and numerous yellowtail, yellowfin tuna, skipjack, barracuda and bonito coming by way of the jig and the long rod. I have nothing but high praise for their...
  375. Baller

    Best okuma reel for my 9ft pch rod

    Compromise would be the Tesoro 10. It can fish live bait just fine..
  376. Baller

    OCT Jigs?

    What gear are you using and what retrieve speed? I have yet to ever see a bad one. My guess is something else is off so you are not seeing the results you expect.
  377. Baller

    Best Knot for Braid to Floro or Mono?

    Roger, then maybe I am further along then I thought. Thanks for the tip...
  378. Baller

    Best Knot for Braid to Floro or Mono?

    Chris, you use the Rizzuto finish on yours? I am attempting to get this down and have no problem with the wrapping but it is the sinching up at the end that is giving me fits. Always seem to get the little kink in the knot...
  379. Baller

    Vintage Wahoo Jig?

    Don't give away all the secrets buddy..!!! :)
  380. Baller

    3 Rod Set.....80 Raptor, 76 Centaur, and a Tilefish

    Man, 3 at ONCE..??!!! :)
  381. Baller

    Vintage Wahoo Jig?

    Use it. Many times when nothing else works those will still catch..!! I should add that I still use them today when the bite is tough. Plus, I would bend that hook in so that it has a 15 degree or so angle back towards the shank. Those hooks work much better that way.
  382. Baller

    OCT Jigs?

    Those were from DATD right? I think we talked a fair bit...
  383. Baller

    Black ops

    I would tend to agree. I don't think of the Maks as a jig reel, more as the ultimate bait reel. They were definitely missing the Baja Special sized reel. Especially for things like the Lupe fishery, etc.
  384. Baller

    On a positive note!

    Sounds like you got a friend for life brotha..!!! The very essence of what the long range experience often turns into...
  385. Baller

    Seeker OSP rail rods

    The CX80 Raptor has more bottom end than a 76 Raptor. I would consider it a "Stealth" 80# setup. I intend on using mine with an HX Raptor 3 speed that has been blueprinted by Rocky. For the "Picky" 80# bite. The Centaur has more guts to it, plain and simple. That rod has a Mak 16 for a more...
  386. Baller

    On a positive note!

    This is the greatest example, to me, of what long range fishing is all about..!! Could not have stated it any better..
  387. Baller

    Seeker OSP rail rods

    CX76 Centaur for a true 80# class UC rod imho
  388. Baller

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    Nice..!! make sure those crimpers are in good working order.! good to see ya yesterday and looking forward to our trip later this year.
  389. Baller

    BOLA next two weeks

    Fishing, lodging and dinners are included with our package deal.
  390. Baller

    What ever happened to the "Hooker Intruder" reproduction lures?

    Make sure the wire is good so we can share it during our trip..!! I will get on a different trolling rotation....BUDDY..! :)
  391. Baller

    BOLA next two weeks

    Pedro has bungalos at Congejos. It is part of our package deal. I am there with Phillip and AlYee.
  392. Baller

    Any Word On The Makaira 15T?

    Even after that post and this post, N-A-D-A...
  393. Baller

    Olive Branch Nightmare.....

    That is just FILTHY...!!!
  394. Baller

    Kicking Tires - Talica 8ii + Talica 10ii

    And once again you are WRONG..!!! :)
  395. Baller

    Rockfish Circle Hook and line types/setups, etc?

    For the record it was all reds and a big 'ol Sheepshead..!! You goin to DATD..??
  396. Baller

    Rockfish Circle Hook and line types/setups, etc?

    You SHUT YOUR MOUTH when you're talking to me..!!! :)
  397. Baller

    preferred sleeping position

    I generally prefer feet towards bow but not too bad other way around. I hate crossways as it makes it hard for me to sleep when I am rocking back and forth. Always makes me feel like I am going to fall out of the bunk.
  398. Baller

    Captain America CX76 Viper

    How about a compromise..?? Was thinking something like this. Can get one for every superhero though that will get expensive..
  399. Baller

    Black ops

    I saw that as well. Hopefully taller and bridges the gap between the 10 and 16 in height and width? Anyone with info please share with the class...
  400. Baller

    Reel for Jig Stick

    I am partial to the new Tesoro star drag reels from Okuma. I have both the 10s and 12s and love them.
  401. Baller

    Your desired improvement to your favorite boats?

    Seakeepers. Make her nice and steady...
  402. Baller

    Rod Rating Rant

    I have been saying for years that rods should be rated by drag pounds rather than line ratings. My 20# of drag I use on a HX Raptor equals a 60# class rod while for others that same rod would be an 80# class rod. Too late now though as I doubt the fishing industry is going to change.
  403. Baller

    Captain America CX76 Viper

    Thank you, I think the same thing..!! :)
  404. Baller

    Red Jigs???

    Wahoo hit red marauders, why not a red surface iron.? The Caivo jigs work very well for the wahoo. Show 'em something they don't see all the time.. I also have pink and purple surface irons for the 'Hoo. When they are not pressured, the wild colors work very well. When pressured, the natural...
  405. Baller

    Spectra for surface iron

    It seems like I miss bites when the fish bump the jig when they are not really committing to eating the jig. When they are on the bite nothing stops them. But years ago Bruce Smith had made that comment in an article he wrote and years later I would have to agree. Probably the stretch in the...
  406. Baller

    Overnighter for Rookie 1st Timer

    Get some Bonine for her and make sure she has the time of her life if you want her to come back. Tipping the crew guy at sign in with a $20 telling them to make sure she gets looked over and taken care of will go a long way as well. Other than that. rockfish are usual good as they bite readily...
  407. Baller

    Spectra for surface iron

    I am 180 degrees out from most of you. Braid to a short leader is all I use on all my surface iron rods/reels. Don't like fishing mono with jigs, don't like the stretch. No problems with distance or many backlashes. 80# braid comes off the spool very similar to 40# mono, except braid likes to be...
  408. Baller

    Best state room on the AA?

    IMHO she is the greatest Ambassador to Sportfishing..!!
  409. Baller

    Alternative Hook Rigging for Surface Irons

    I think the 9/0 on the flatfalls will probably be ok. And I have a few irons that I have put assist hooks on. I am kind of on the fence about it. In my opinion, it will be better for Calicos and such around the kelp. But I am still experimenting...
  410. Baller

    Alternative Hook Rigging for Surface Irons

    I like the 7/0 far better. It has plenty of bite for tuna and wahoo. Some of the bigger irons it is ok (The 8/0) but you start adding weight and length to the hook and end of jig. Swimming them has shown me a definite difference in those 2 sizes on most jigs in my testing.
  411. Baller

    Alternative Hook Rigging for Surface Irons

    Tried those once. KILLED the action on the jig. If I were to try again I would try a smaller size. These days, unless strictly fishing wahoo or big tuna, I stick to the VMC 4x hooks, plenty strong and cheap enough. If using the SST's, you will need to play with sizing until you find the biggest...
  412. Baller

    Alternative Hook Rigging for Surface Irons

    While good in theory, I just don't see it working all that well. By the time you open that split ring far enough to get on an iron I would be worried it wont be closed all the way. Murphy's Law. Had that happen with Krocodiles and flatfalls. The hook come off my split ring on a Krocodile that...
  413. Baller

    Alternative Hook Rigging for Surface Irons

    Not a good idea. Learn to braze. It is cheap and easy. When playing with hooks and/or ring sizes, you can close the solid ring and you can cast the jig to see if the action is how you like it before brazing it. You can try different hooks, orientations of the hook and anything else on the hook...
  414. Baller

    Surface Iron rod.

    United Composites. If you like 9 footers try the US90 Monster or the CE900 Del Mar If 10 footers, try US100 Monster or CE1000 Monster or CE1000 Del Mar They have many so go pull on all of them to see what you like with what you want to throw jig wise...
  415. Baller

    Which UC rod for all around 50lb test?

    I use the Tilefish for 50#. If you like a more parabolic action rod then give the Predator a pull.
  416. Baller

    why penn

    Dana Landing had them in stock as of this am.
  417. Baller

    Excel - June 21-24 Roll Call and what to expect!

    Hard to say right now where or what you could fish for. I am also on a 3-day that exact same timeframe, just on a different boat. Last year we fished Clemente for 3 days, was the only game in town. Year before was yellowtail at San Martin. This year could be Bluefin, or perhaps yellowtail at...
  418. Baller

    The CE1000 Monster is better for 45 and smaller size jigs while the Del Mar is better for 45 and...

    The CE1000 Monster is better for 45 and smaller size jigs while the Del Mar is better for 45 and up size jigs. The Monster has a lighter tip and not as much bottom end.
  419. Baller

    Question concernng a Tesoro 12s

    If you have concerns call Okuma, talk to them and ask your question.
  420. Baller

    Phenix PHD 700X3H for Brian

    Lookin GOOOOOD Jimbo..!! That tiger is on FI-YAA..!!!
  421. Baller

    Getting spooled? throw it in with a back up rod!

    Anchovy. Get it right..!!! :)
  422. Baller

    Getting spooled? throw it in with a back up rod!

    I don't think you need 600 yards for rockfish..!!! :)
  423. Baller

    Phenix Abyss 1009 vs UC Monster 1000

    UC is my preference. It is all I fish. Never felt a Phenix I liked personally. Do not like the action or the way they load. CE1000 Monster for the 45 on down jig and the US 100 Monster for a jig stick that will do it all. My .02
  424. Baller

    How did you last get Spooled?

    I believe it was 1983 when all the little yellowfin were on the 9. All small so I had my super cool at the time Penn Surfmaster 100 all newelled out on a noodle 8 foot stick fishing 12# mono fishing anchovies. It was one stop shopping back at that time. Well I hooked an estimated 80# tuna that I...
  425. Baller


    I would use the CX80 Raptor with the 12 and the 16 on the Centaur. On my personal rods I am using a HX3 Raptor on the CX80 Raptor and a Mak 16 on the Centaur. Viper would be better suited with a Mak 20 or the Penn 20VISX imho. My .02.
  426. Baller


    What, like 1 or 2..??? Quitter..!!!
  427. Baller

    Painting jigs

    Just remember that if you paint the flat part a dark color you will have a hard time seeing it in the water. And that means you will have a hard time making sure the retrieve rate you are bringing it in is the right one for the kick and the wiggle... Food for thought..
  428. Baller

    Tip of Hook Pointing Up or Down

    I rig mine the same way Chris does his. Same as in pic. I use 7691 and Owner Jobu in 7/0 and 8/0.
  429. Baller

    Flourocarbon for YFT at Guadalupe

    Yes, that is pretty standard practice for the Lupe. Never measured the diameters. Couldn't now even if I wanted to as all the Yozuri is gone. Didn't bust off 1 fish with the Blackwater so I am a believer in it.
  430. Baller

    Tesoro10 line info

    Oh boy..
  431. Baller

    Tesoro10 line info

    Very, very similar to a Trini 16
  432. Baller

    Flourocarbon for YFT at Guadalupe

    I must be the only guy on the planet that has a bad taste in his mouth about the Yozuri HD Fluoro..? Broke off 8x fish using the 60# and 80# 2 years ago at the Lupe. Now I won't touch it. To be a fair test I bought 3 spools of each, all from different vendors. All the leaders were tied with the...
  433. Baller

    United Composites US80H-L "Spider-Man"

    Shhh, don't tell Jim but I bought 2 more blanks over the weekend. UC though so it is ok..! :)
  434. Baller

    Okuma Tesoro 5s?

    I was told MAYBE summer, more likely Fall.
  435. Baller

    OCT Jigs?

    Mint, Yellow and the Blue are my favs... The Black is the sleeper BUT if you are new to jig fishing it will be tough on you as it is hard to see reeling it in.
  436. Baller

    OCT Jigs?

    Anyone who knows me knows that I fish jigs a lot. OCT jigs are one of my staples that are always tied on...
  437. Baller

    JRI Jigs -The Breakdown

    How did you get in my garage you good looking SOB..??!!! :) I see we are sportig the safety cone colors again this year...
  438. Baller

    Okuma Tesoro High Speed Star Drag Fishing Reel- TSR-12S

    Does it as well as any star drag reel I have ever come across. I was exceptionally pleased with the torque given its high gear ratio when using it for surface iron wahoo with the drag set stupid tight. I don't think you will be disappointed.
  439. Baller

    Hx 3 Speed - Rethinking a 80/100 lb sardine reel

    Blueprinted reel, upgraded bearings and thrust washer added. I had the magnets pulled out for better free spool. Major upgrade to an already very capable reel.
  440. Baller

    UC CP70XH

    It is a blast Steve. I typically run about 20-22# of drag on mine.
  441. Baller

    Tesoro 5s

    Not according to what Okuma told me. Not released until Fall, debuting at iCast.
  442. Baller

    UC CP70XH

  443. Baller

    Hx 3 Speed - Rethinking a 80/100 lb sardine reel

    Love my Rocky tuned 3 speed...!!! Mine is going on a CX80 Raptor for the pick bite too, but could end up on the Centaur as well. I also added the power handle for a little better grip for the big feeesh,,,
  444. Baller

    Rainshadow Judge JDGLB810ML

    Crazy BAD ASS..!!
  445. Baller

    Comment on Okuma Andros 12SII

    I would not fish the 12 for 60# for a lot of reasons. Much better 40-50# class reel. The 40N would be a better suited reel for 60# class. Use the 12 for the bombs and 40-50# class stuff.
  446. Baller

    Okuma Fred Hall Specials

    Oh sure, what about the guys like me that already have 6 Tesoros..!!! I was ready to buy 2 T5's there but I guess I have to wait until the Fall. :)
  447. Baller

    JRI Jigs -The Breakdown

    It's a winner for sure. been wanting those in yellowtail colors for a long time now. Modern day A2Z jig for us that have been slinging the iron for a long time and know how good they are..
  448. Baller

    JRI Jigs -The Breakdown

  449. Baller

    JRI Jigs -The Breakdown

    I just need to know what pocket these are in in "Our" tackle box..!!! :) Hopefully there is no bowl of chili in the way.... (Inside joke almost nobody will understand..)
  450. Baller

    Purple "White Tiger" Seeker Ulua

    Gorgeous..!! Love that Tiger...
  451. Baller

    Are there Sailfish/Marlins in BOLA?

    Not so much Sailfish but yes, they can and do catch Marlin there. We baited one last year in August. I would not go there expecting to catch one, almost always a by catch from travelling to and from Smith Island.
  452. Baller

    Plier Sheath

    SOLD to Dave..!!
  453. Baller

    Phenix rods and Trini A reels, Andros, and Lexa

    I hear the Lexa 300 and M1 are good for catching rockfish in skilled hands but that's it. Can you elaborate on that...?? :)
  454. Baller

    Is the Mak 16 SEa enough for a 7 day trip?

    Is your Andros 12 a standard or the "S" version.? If standard, you might want to get a faster retrieve rate reel for the wahoo for bombs and Raiders. The standard speed one is not great for bombing the Hoo, it is better suited for bait fishing. My .02
  455. Baller

    UC Rod for live bait 40#

    If fighting stand up the added length will punish you more for sure, however using the rail makes it a mute point.
  456. Baller

    CX76 Centaur for Robert Jones

    B-E-A-UTIFUL Jimbo..!!!
  457. Baller

    UC Rod for live bait 40#

    CP70 or 80HP - 60# Centaur - 80# That is what I use. Others will have other options. I like fast taper rods.
  458. Baller

    Joyous News in Our House

  459. Baller

    Avet Handle knobs new and old style

    I will take the 2x new style handles. Will make spares for my current setups. PM me the PayPal info and I will get you paid?
  460. Baller

    New Makaira Sea 30 and Penn International VSW 30 - PRICE DROP

    Why ya selling them? PG coming out with new stuff you need..?? :)
  461. Baller

    Xtratuff insoles?

  462. Baller

    Okuma Tesoro High Speed Star Drag Fishing Reel- TSR-12S

    Typo on my part for sure. Correct. But 4" per turn difference is still a significant enough difference to me to declare it an advantage especially in the wahoo game where speed is king. If talking yellows, not as big a difference but them 'hoo love the speed.
  463. Baller

    Okuma Tesoro High Speed Star Drag Fishing Reel- TSR-12S

    I use mine primarily for surface iron fishing but can and do get used for yoyo/bombs as well. Mine carry 350 yds of Izor 80# or about 450 of 80# Pro Spec. They are butter smooth and the drags are very repeatable. I landed wahoo, yellowtail, yellowfin and skipjack tuna last Fall down on the...
  464. Baller

    Okuma Tesoro High Speed Star Drag Fishing Reel- TSR-12S

    I have 4 of them, what you want to know..??
  465. Baller

    HXW raptor vs HXW raptor 3 speed?

    I would consider it (HXW Raptor) a "Finesse" 100# reel, especially after sending it to Dave Rocchi for a tune up. For when you need to flyline a little better than a bigger class 100# reel to get a bite in tough conditions. My .02
  466. Baller

    Plier Sheath

    **BUMP for plier sheath**
  467. Baller

    FS: BNIB Torque 40NLD2

    And Torque is SOLD..!!!
  468. Baller

    FS: BNIB Torque 40NLD2

    Sorry for the late reply (Was on a multi-day trip). I appreciate the offer but I just can't fit the green in with any of my stuff..!! Dang it.!!
  469. Baller

    Plier Sheath

    Sent you a PM
  470. Baller

    Off Road Location Close to San Diego

    Bear Valley is close and easy right off the 8.
  471. Baller

    FS: BNIB Torque 40NLD2

    ***Friday BUMP***
  472. Baller

    Plier Sheath

    Braid is SOLD. Plier sheath is only thing that is left...
  473. Baller

    Shogun 8 day Questions

    Agree with Lake above IF the conditions are there. I have been there in June and it was a barren desert as the conditions were no bueno. That early is certainly a gamble.
  474. Baller

    UC Composites rods for Tuna

    Or an HX 2 or 3 speed Raptor modified by Rocky..!! That is what I have and use..
  475. Baller

    Plier Sheath

    Gear Set - SOLD Everything else still up for grabs..
  476. Baller

    Tesoro 5s

  477. Baller

    Plier Sheath

    Pending Sales on Sheath and Gear Set.
  478. Baller

    FS: BNIB Torque 40NLD2

    ***MONDAY BUMP***
  479. Baller

    Plier Sheath

    Sounds good..
  480. Baller

    Plier Sheath

    Hello All, I have a few misc items below for sale that are sitting around and not being used. Need to fisn them a new forever home..!: 2x spools Xtreme braid - 65# 328 yds each spool - ***SOLD*** 1x Leather Sheath (2 pockets plus spike slot) - $30 TYD 1x Pen Torque Star Drag 5.4:1 Gear...
  481. Baller

    17' Bayrunner....OffShore Capability??

    I have had mine out over 60 miles offshore here and over 100 miles off Mexico in the PV area... (Tres Marias Island) Very capable boats. Just need to pay attention to the weather reports and use common sense.
  482. Baller

    FS: BNIB Torque 40NLD2

    ***TGIF BUMP***
  483. Baller

    Honest, realistic, pricing feedback for a new.....

    I have many, many Avet reels and love them. However, the only ones I use are the Raptors. You will deter many people with trying to sell a dedicated surface iron reel using a lever drag imho. Most just will not understand it and think they cannot get distance with a lever drag reel casting the...
  484. Baller

    Tuesday 2/27

    Or with Taro on the Liberty...
  485. Baller

    Tesoro 5s

    And now I am caught with my pants down. Might have to get a Cortez 5 while I wait so I got something to fish 20-25# on..
  486. Baller

    Tesoro 5s

    Just got word it will be debuted at iCast if all goes well so an introduction next Fall. Bummed..
  487. Baller

    Tesoro 5s

    Yep, Looking for a 20-25# reel for my new UC rod Jim is building.
  488. Baller

    Tesoro 5s

    Will any vendors have these for sale come Fred hall time..?
  489. Baller

    FS: BNIB Torque 40NLD2

    You guys are killing me..
  490. Baller

    FS: 2 Pro Gear V30 - Black ***SOLD***

    Sale pending on last 2 reels...
  491. Baller

    FS: BNIB Torque 40NLD2

    Baa Ha Haaaa....!!
  492. Baller

    80-100lb setup for up to 5 day trips

    Another thing guys are doing nowadays that come from out of town is to have your gear stored here. There are a few people that are doing it now, very reasonable as well. Then it wouldn't matter as much. Not sure if that is an option for you or not but thought I would mention it. It is a pain to...
  493. Baller

    50 vs 30 size

    I would do the 50..
  494. Baller

    80-100lb setup for up to 5 day trips

    Remember, it is the Magician and not the wand that is the most important part..!! Any of the reels mentioned will get the job done and done well. It is YOU that makes or breaks the deal. Do you have the right jig tied on? Did you fish it correctly for the conditions or fish's preference that...
  495. Baller

    80-100lb setup for up to 5 day trips

    Maks are GREAT reels, I own a bunch of them. I use them for bait fishing for my main big tuna gear from 80# and up. The lower gearing works wonderful for the bigger fish. But a Mak 16 for 50-60# is way overkill. The Andros 16 would be better in that application. The HX Raptor is a wonderful reel...
  496. Baller

    80-100lb setup for up to 5 day trips

    I cannot speak for the Accurate camp as I do not fish their reels. Only negative I have heard is that they tend to b me more maintenance intensive than other brand reels. BUT, any reel is only as good as the care it is given so take that for what it is worth. Many people "Pooh pooh" Avet reels...
  497. Baller

    80-100lb setup for up to 5 day trips

    100% Agreed. Kind of confusing in that the title states 80-100# and then later he is asking for a rod to match but talks about 50-80#, mostly 60#. Sooo, which is it..??!! :) HX Raptor would still be my pick. Only I would fill it will solid braid..
  498. Baller

    80-100lb setup for up to 5 day trips

    It was not mentioned if you are fishing only bait or bait and jigs with said reel? If you want a true "Double duty" reel that will fish BOTH bait and jigs, such as yoyo for yellowtail, the HX Raptor wins my vote. Will handle almost anything that swims you are bound to encounter in a trip of that...
  499. Baller

    FS: BNIB Torque 40NLD2

    Thanks for the offer but not a Shimano guy.
  500. Baller

    Offshore 1.5 Colonet, New Lo-An

    Nicely done..!!! Adam is a fishy dude...
  501. Baller

    Building first surface and yo-yo iron arsenal - what to buy?

    To add to the above look at the Caivo jigs. The 3.2 and 2.2. Go to Fred Hall Long Beach. He has some amazing deals and you can get a few very cheap. Do not let the price fool you, these are fish killers.
  502. Baller

    FS: 2 Pro Gear V30 - Black ***SOLD***

    *** Monday after Superbowl BUMP ***
  503. Baller

    FS: BNIB Torque 40NLD2

    **Monday after Superbowl BUMP **
  504. Baller

    FS: 2 Pro Gear V30 - Black ***SOLD***

    Silver V30 - SOLD 2X Black V30 left..
  505. Baller

    FS: BNIB Torque 40NLD2

    It was 80# solid and took 430 yds.
  506. Baller

    FS: BNIB Torque 40NLD2

    Close, need more than a half spool..
  507. Baller

    Anybody Fished the Apollo

    Hard to get on so if you have the opportunity you better GO..!!
  508. Baller

    FS: 2 Pro Gear V30 - Black ***SOLD***

    The 3 reels in the pic..
  509. Baller


    Im in Pats 42 Eagles 24
  510. Baller

    Best meal on a LR boat

    One of my all time favs was the smoked tuna dip/spread Greg put on bagels with a slice of tomato on the AA. Unbelievable..
  511. Baller

    FS: 2 Pro Gear V30 - Black ***SOLD***

    Thanks for the kind words..! Hope you get some whoppers with them.
  512. Baller

    HXW raptor vs HXW raptor 3 speed?

    Never mind, I didn't realize David was Rocky...!!
  513. Baller

    HXW raptor vs HXW raptor 3 speed?

    What did that entail? Thrust bearing and various bearing upgrades?
  514. Baller

    Tesoro 12 Reel Clamp?

    Or, step up your game and get in the UC's..!!! :)
  515. Baller

    Tesoro 12 Reel Clamp?

    I should also note that I do not use any of the stock, supplied hardware. The reel foot hold is a 5mm x .8.. thread pitch if memory serves. Get the correct length and you should be able to screw it directly into the reel foot. Provided, like stated above, it is wide enough to go over the Ulua's...
  516. Baller

    Thoughts on these UC blanks for solid 50lb set up?

    If you like more parabolic type rods, then you will like the ones you mentioned plus the Predator. If you like faster taper rods, like me, then the Tilefish would be more up your alley. I would recommend going and pulling on all those and see what one YOU like the best. That will be the key in...
  517. Baller

    Tesoro 12 Reel Clamp?

    I have 4x of them now. All on UC rods with cork puppies. 25 or 28mm depending on blank and layers of cork with shrink wrap over. You will run into and/or have problems with almost any reel on an Ulua. They are so damm fat in the butt..!! Might have to see if any of the aftermarket Tiburon clamps...
  518. Baller

    FS: BNIB Torque 40NLD2

    Noted. Nobody else has claimed it so who knows..
  519. Baller

    FS: BNIB Torque 40NLD2

    Hi Guys, Selling this BNIB Penn Torque. $480 Includes box, clamp, etc. Local to San Diego but willing to ship for an additional $15. PayPal as friends/family or cash works as well. If interested, PM me or text me at 619-933-2979. Thanks for looking...!!
  520. Baller

    FS: 2 Pro Gear V30 - Black ***SOLD***

    PG V50 and V30 in black - SOLD
  521. Baller

    FS: 2 Pro Gear V30 - Black ***SOLD***

    Pending sale on Silver V52..
  522. Baller

    FS: 2 Pro Gear V30 - Black ***SOLD***

    Then ya better jump on this.! I doubt you find a better price...
  523. Baller

    FS: 2 Pro Gear V30 - Black ***SOLD***

    Blue V52 and V22 are SOLD..!!
  524. Baller

    FS: 2 Pro Gear V30 - Black ***SOLD***

    Pending Sales/Deals on Fathom, Blue V22 and V52..
  525. Baller

    FS: 2 Pro Gear V30 - Black ***SOLD***

    Hello All, And then there were 2... Last 2 V30's that is. Looking for a new forever home for them. I Have: Pro Gear V30 - 2x Black - $100 each (No box but includes reel cover - 1x black V30 is new, never fished) Local pickup (SD area) would be great but will to ship for and additional...
  526. Baller

    AVET JX vs LX

    HX and HXJ Raptor are 17" in low gear (Per reel mfg website). Believe me when I tell you there is a big difference in those two reels in low gear. I only fish the Raptors.
  527. Baller

    AVET JX vs LX

    I definitely agree it is the more versatile reel. BUT, I do not like the JX if you get into a fish with any size. The 3:1 low gear is not ideal for trying to move a large stubborn fish. HXJ at 2:1 is much better for that. Would LOVE for Avet to make a 3 speed JX Raptor..!!! That would solve my...
  528. Baller

    AVET JX vs LX

    Nailed it 100%..!!! (But I do use 2x HXJ Raptors as my primary yoyo and bomb outfits on UC Tilefish. 1 thing I do is to use Berkeley Pro Spec braid in 65# which adds considerably to the capacity which keeps my inches per crank near maximum and gives me piece of mind if a bigger model yft grabs...
  529. Baller

    AVET JX vs LX

    You buy the handle separate although it may vary slightly in color due to a different ano lot than when the reel was made. I usually upgrade my handles to the next size up reel for enhanced torque.
  530. Baller

    blue makaira 20sea low gear

  531. Baller

    blue makaira 20sea low gear

    You can get the those updated to SEa specs for very little money.
  532. Baller

    Fishermans Landing Parking ?

    :frehya2: Need the extra man to lug around all the ROCKFISH you catch..??!!! Baaa haaaa...!!!!
  533. Baller

    Thinking about getting 600 size reel

    Are you using for bait or jigs? I am assuming jigs since you mentioned IPC.? Some food for thought: The JX is the narrower version of your LX. Awesome all around reel. The HX is the step up in size. Another awesome reel. No need for the 3 speed unless you are targeting fish over 100#. Personally...
  534. Baller

    HX Raptor Lugs removal

    It is easy. Even comes with the allen wrench you need. I would recommend getting one started and then flip the reel upside down. It will make getting the second screw started much easier as the lug will fall down (Gravity) with the reel right side up. When upside down you can use thumb to hold...
  535. Baller

    Calstar Jigstick-Mint

    How much for the cell phone charging cable..?? $5
  536. Baller

    Fall Trip Opinions

    Looks you and I and Robert will be smashing those fish..!! :)
  537. Baller

    Abet hxj raptor

    Its an 8 footer but I have 2x HXJ Raptors both an a UC Tilefish. Wouldn't change a thing..
  538. Baller

    Fall Trip Opinions

    Let us know which trip you get on..!!
  539. Baller

    Good 30/40 pound star drag reel for baitfishing/iron?

    You knew I put the Saltigas in there for you right??!! :)
  540. Baller

    Fall Trip Opinions

    Maybe. When they were hand lining the kite rod fish wicked tuna style as you were whipped..! :) Good times indeed.!
  541. Baller

    Fall Trip Opinions

    Not if you are fishing 50# again Doc. Remember, I have some pics of you in action..!! :)
  542. Baller

    Good 30/40 pound star drag reel for baitfishing/iron?

    If you have a favorite mfg by all means use them. Lots of quality reels out there. Some suggestions: Okuma Tesoro 10s/12s Penn Torque / Fathom Shimano Trinidad A 16/20 Daiwa Saltiga
  543. Baller

    Fall Trip Opinions

    I'm on the Oct 8th, 8 day trip. I guarantee it will be a good time..!! 1. It's the AA. 2. I will be there. End of story..!!! (Plus the moon looks really good for the Lupe..)
  544. Baller

    WTB Avet mxj in red or black raptor (not the mxl)

    And what are you up to sir..??!!
  545. Baller

    Tesoro vs Trinidad

    It is imho. I have it filled to the brim with 80# spectra. Perfect surface iron outfit in my opinion. In fact, I have 2 of them..
  546. Baller

    Tesoro vs Trinidad

    I would put a 12 s on it. That is how I have mine setup. I prefer these to the Trinis, just personal choice. I don't think the Trinis are worth $500.
  547. Baller

    JRI Custom Lures 2.75 on the Vagabond January 12-15

    Peanut Butter and Jealous.! I will be down to see my buddy Phillip off and finally meet Jason..
  548. Baller

    PENN "2018" 8-day trip aboard American Angler, October 8-16, 2018

    Awesome..!!! It will be good to fish with you. It will sit atop "Wolverine".
  549. Baller

    JRI Custom Lures 2.75 on the Vagabond January 12-15

    I wouldn't take any jigs, it is a JRI sponsored trip..!!
  550. Baller

    JRI Custom Lures 2.75 on the Vagabond January 12-15

    Sinker rigs for tuna... Allows you to tie a torpedo sinker on the line that does not dangle and tangle everyone's lines. Very popular for tuna fishing. The crew can show you how to rig. Very easy.
  551. Baller

    JRI Custom Lures 2.75 on the Vagabond January 12-15

    Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it, I always say. Write that down..!!! :)
  552. Baller

    Any Charters for Long rod Iron Chuckers in 2018 ?

    It is a good one. I just pulled on one recently and I will be adding it to my arsenal this year.
  553. Baller

    Fathom 25 vs 30 for 50 lbs setup - bait and jigging

    If you like the narrow, you put Berkeley Pro Spec 65# on it and it will increase your capacity. The only thing I would worry about is my ipt (Inches per turn) for the yoyo game. If you are in deep water the 25 may have some capacity issues unless you compensate for that. Other than that, both...
  554. Baller

    power handles for Penn Torques and Fathoms

    Kens Custom Reels in Oceanside had some Tiburon handles on their Torques. Looked really nice. Look 'em up and give them a call.
  555. Baller

    RCE 700H double duty as yo-yo jig rig?

    It will be fine.
  556. Baller

    Tesoro 12S

    I have 80# braid on mine, but I use mine for surface iron fishing. Izor takes 350 yds to the top and Pro Spec adds another 80 yds.
  557. Baller

    Any Charters for Long rod Iron Chuckers in 2018 ?

    I see the rods hanging up overhead. Did you have a hard time finding a stud in your garage..??!! :)
  558. Baller

    JRI Jigs

    I cant believe nobody mentioned the STINGER for the surface iron. For those in the know, you know it gets bit. The sleeper among the group... The 66 when heavy current or deep. The Stinger for when they want a slower retrieve. The 6 for shallower water or when they want a smaller bait.
  559. Baller

    Your top 8 long range boat picks

    This sums up the operation perfectly. Wait till you fish with Brian. He is so fun..!! But I will go into battle with any of them a the helm..
  560. Baller

    Jet Head Wahoo Bombs!!!!

    Nice. Will get bit for sure..
  561. Baller

    Please help with Christmas present

    You have already narrowed down your selection to 3 excellent choices. Pick the one you like best. Don't let all us internet trolls make your decision for you as it may not be the best one for YOU.
  562. Baller

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    I do not have first hand knowledge but since the ipt and max drag are different I am betting an altogether smaller size.
  563. Baller

    Avet jx or lx raptor

    JX is narrow frame and LX is wide frame. Same gear ratios and same drag specs.
  564. Baller

    United Composites 25# bait rod

    Appreciate the kind words. I give recommendations on what works for me. Others have differing opinions and that is a good thing. I am over 20 rods now on the UC's. If you follow the used equipment you can see I am selling off my remaining Calstars to be solely planted in the UC camp. For the...
  565. Baller

    Lakeside Bait and Tackle Liquidation......

    It is depressing. Went yesterday. Sucks.
  566. Baller

    50-60 lb rod suggestions

    UC CP70HP or CP 80HP
  567. Baller

    A-22 Buck

    Well done, indeed..!!
  568. Baller

    Offshore Blue Fin every where !!

    I always "Swim" my sardines back to the boat. I have caught just about every pelagic fish I can think of that way. Very effective tool in the tool box..!!
  569. Baller

    Modified Avet Raptor line at Cal's

    Very solid info here. Thank you! Have heard about this guy but had no info. Once again BD provides...
  570. Baller

    YOYO Blank Recommendation

    United Composites Tilefish. Anything less would be uncivilized..!!!
  571. Baller


    I see I shamed you into selling the Tranx..!!! Lol, teasn...
  572. Baller


    September can be a real sketchy time to go to the island. Some years it can be good and some years can be very bad. Better have additional gear to cover in case your trip does not make it there or leaves for other areas in case the bite is off...
  573. Baller

    Avet HXJ Raptor (silver)-SOLD

    I told my buddy Robert about this..
  574. Baller

    I just ordered VISX 16

    Another vote for the UC CX76 Centaur.
  575. Baller

    Saltiga 40 2 speed

    Not sure how much it holds but my buddy Phillip uses the 80# Berkeley Pro Spec on his 40's and it holds quite a bit if I am not mistaken. You could Pm him. MuyMacho74 here on BD.
  576. Baller

    Saltiga 40 2 speed

    80# braid is good. Solid 60# class reel. Others may push it harder..
  577. Baller

    Just got home from hospital

    Welcome back. Your knowledge and insight has been missed.
  578. Baller

    Reel for a UC Tilefish?

    The CP70/80HP are 60# rods, atleast that is how I use mine (And I own both 7 and 8 ft versions). Use HX Raptors (2 and 3 speeds) on them. The Tilefish is a 50# stick. The Predator is also a 60# stick but it is more parabolic and I did not like it (Personal preference). So I went with the CP...
  579. Baller

    Reel for a UC Tilefish?

    For what it is worth, I fish my Tilefish with BAIT and 50# with a JX Raptor... Now if Avet would just listen to me and make that reel in a 3 speed that would be the bomb..!!!
  580. Baller

    Reel for a UC Tilefish?

    Of the 2 you have I would use the Penn Torque 30. Mostly because I am not a fan of the Mak 15. Too wide for me but others like it. The Torque would b more than enough for 50# for the Lupe.
  581. Baller

    Calstar 770h question

    IMHO the standard 770H is a 60# rod. It can do 80# but it is not optimal for that. If you want to fish 80# consistently I would recommend a 770XH...
  582. Baller

    HXW raptor vs HXW raptor 3 speed?

    3 speed. You wont realize how good it is until you get one..
  583. Baller

    Reel for a UC Tilefish?

    What is your brand preference..?? Lost of great choices: Avet JX Raptor Okuma Andros 12 Mak 10 Penn Torque/Fathom 30 Just a few to think about...
  584. Baller

    Arizona elk success

    They'll eat like a giant 6x6...!!!! :)
  585. Baller

    reel confused

    Pro Spec is the cats meow. Only issue to date with it is sometimes it is prone to wind knots when tossing the iron. If you are diligent to cut the leader off and drag behind the boat to unwind then that negates the issue.
  586. Baller

    Shogun Guadalupe 12/1-12/7

    Nice report and better read. Wished my earlier trip had made it there... Glad to hear that Luke gave the iron a try.
  587. Baller

    reel confused

    Whaaaat..??!! Your a Shimano guy. How do you not know what you need? You have been there more times than almost everyone else. Come on man...
  588. Baller

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    In my opinion, that was not what the reel was intended for. If I were doing that, such as dropper loop fishing, I would have a lever drag, 2 speed reel. More drag and lower gears for keeping their heads turned towards you. But if a star drag is what you like or use maybe it will not work for...
  589. Baller


    Yes sir, normally I do one a month or so. Thinking HARD about the second trip..
  590. Baller

    Glad it worked out for you. Now you will never have to worry about crushing your blank or reel...

    Glad it worked out for you. Now you will never have to worry about crushing your blank or reel slippage again..!!!
  591. Baller


    The PQ has her schedule up for January already. First trip is sold out. They will mainly concentrate on the yellowtail and fill in for rockfish when the yellow bite dies off, usually mid day.
  592. Baller

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    Agree 100% with you John. It has been a pleasure fishing mine. At around 20# of drag for surface iron wahoo, I cannot imagine needing more than that for any surface iron game. Certainly not for yellowtail. And if I was chasing the bft tuna or anything that was really big (yft at the Lupe on the...
  593. Baller

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    Use a cork puppy and get the appropriate length 5mm x .8 bolt and that screws directly into the reel seat foot and you are done. I did that on all my jig sticks.
  594. Baller

    Who rebuild their own reels? Or do you send them off to a pro?

    Ken's Custom Reels in Oceanside. They know all the tricks and if you want your reel to frees pool the absolute best or whatever your issue may be they can make it happen and/or fix it.
  595. Baller

    JX Raptor question

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: How would you know??!! You can't get bit on 60#...!!!!
  596. Baller

    UC 7 foot rods

    Outstanding explanation..!!
  597. Baller

    Personal question, tackle boxes

    SKB. I own all of them and use the one I feel is best sized and/or capacity according to trip length and multitude of species sought. Sure they lack personality and are cookie cutter and not over attractive but to me the wooden boxes are way to expensive and what happens when your baby gets...
  598. Baller

    Makaira 10SEA advice

    Smart. I use an Avet HX Raptor (Both 2 and 3 speeds) on my CP70HP for 60#. Just about a perfect combo in my opinion.
  599. Baller

    JX Raptor question

    My only issue with fishing heavier than 50# with it is the gearing. At 3:1 in low it can be difficult to move heavier fish with the relatively small spool diameter and 3:1 gear. Now if Avet would make the JX Raptor in 3 speed we would alleviate much of that problem. :)
  600. Baller

    Mak 16 sea rod advice

    UC CX76 Centaur - Can fish both line classes.
  601. Baller

    Pig hunting 11/26-11/27

    Atta boy..!!! Well done sir..
  602. Baller

    Uc Gusa tilefish with 50 lb

    That is the only way I fish it. Works great. And I don't lose many fish.
  603. Baller

    Uc Gusa tilefish with 50 lb

    Will not regret it...
  604. Baller

    Makaira 10SEA advice

    Not enough capacity to effectively fish 60#. Seen a few guys at the Lupe get spooled trying to do 60# with its limited line capacity. 50# max and even at that I would not fish it. Not enough capacity for me.
  605. Baller

    JX Raptor question

    Depends on if you wanna use it at 40 or 50#. I would use it on a Tilefish. You can use for yoyo and/or bait as a 50# or 40# if need be but better at 50# imho.
  606. Baller

    Uc Gusa tilefish with 50 lb

    I have used it to 20# of drag. Handles 50# and the normal (17#) drag setting no problem. And I have 2 of them for 50#...
  607. Baller

    WTB Sato crimp pliers.

    I might have an extra one, let me look..
  608. Baller

    Corkpuppy or longer studs?

    Phillip and I run pretty heavy drags (Up to 20# or so) and have had ZERO slippage using the cork puppies. Got kinda pricey getting 7 to cover my current lineup but well worth it..!!!
  609. Baller

    Corkpuppy or longer studs?

    You just might correct sir..!!! :)
  610. Baller

    Corkpuppy or longer studs?

    The guy who showed you the light must be one heck of a guy..!!! :)
  611. Baller

    Great Words of Advice- The Scratch Bite.

    Very sound advice...
  612. Baller

    Reels that don’t but SHOULD exist

    I would LOVE a JX Raptor 3 speed. Would be great for 50# bait applications. The low gear would be a game changer if the tuna at the Lupe turn finicky and you have to drop down to get bit. Or any application where you need a 50# in a small. lightweight yet powerful reel. Can still double as one...
  613. Baller

    Need a Reel for UC CE 80 Monster

    Both are great reels and would serve you well. I have them both and love them all..!!
  614. Baller

    Need a simple upgrade for stock flat falls

    I also use Jobu or 7691. 7/0 for 160-200g 8/0 for 250g That's how I rig 'em..
  615. Baller

    Need a Reel for UC CE 80 Monster

    Right or wrong, I call 'em like I see 'em Doc..!!! :)
  616. Baller

    Need a Reel for UC CE 80 Monster

    I guess I will go against the popular opinion here and say I hate the Tranx, All of them. For the life of me I cannot understand why people like them? Perhaps they cannot cast a real reel? I don't know. They sure are popular but I think they are gay as hell. Learn to cast people..!! If you like...
  617. Baller

    Andros 12II for yoyo

    "Speed" - It is the faster version made specifically to fish jigs. The standard 12 isn't really a great yoyo reel as the ipt isn't the best. At 4.7:1 and 35.4 ipt it is not fast. The "S" version is 6.4:1 and 48.4 ipt for comparison. Doesn't mean you cant use it, just not optimal. You will need...
  618. Baller

    Okuma Tesoro 10S - Real World Test

    Probably will not find too much info since very few people have them in the real world yet. Still no issues with mine. Love it.
  619. Baller

    Andros 12nsiia 65lb Braid Capacity?

    Should be..!!! :)
  620. Baller

    Those 3/0 circle hooks

    If you try and use heavy gear with lots of drag on smaller/lighter hooks they will all bend or break. Especially if you are using the lighter wire hooks and not the heavy gauge. Need to scale back drag to accommodate small/lighter wire hook or you will have trouble no doubts about it.
  621. Baller

    Andros 12nsiia 65lb Braid Capacity?

    Try Berkeley Pro Spec 65#. like MaxQ but I like it a lot better.
  622. Baller

    New to me Wahoo reel choice

    I have the Tesoro 10 and used it for surface iron wahoo. It is an extrememly awesome reel. Am going to buy more (12's) in the future. Great cranking power even given the high retrieve rate. Used at 20# of drag. Obviously the star drag will be easier to turn in a days fishing than the lever drag...
  623. Baller

    New pro gear reels?

    It is very similar in size to a Baja Special..
  624. Baller

    Change out hooks on iron for long range?

    Leave trebles for surface iron yellows. Everything else use a 7691dt or something along those lines for wahoo. Recommend a 6/0 to 7/0. Make damn sure they are sharp. You should note the action of he jigs prior to changing out to make sure you do not make them worse. See the post about surface...
  625. Baller

    New pro gear reels?

    I could be wrong but I believe they are finishing up the Yellowtail Special and then on to the lever drag. been testing the YS for a bit now. Excellent reel.
  626. Baller

    American Angler off the water report

    Nicely done sir..!!! Love me some AA boys...!!!
  627. Baller

    Shogun Guadalupe

    Agree with Chris above. Message Steve Carson on here and let him know you are coming and find out what you can use.
  628. Baller

    Shogun Guadalupe

    True but they will ask you use theirs. Already setup and no fuss. Keep your gear for something more important. Most of the time the Kite has been reserved for the people that have not been getting the tuna on their own. Helps everyone keep their morale up. I have yet to get on a Kite rotation there.
  629. Baller

    Shogun Guadalupe

    Yes they fly the kite at the Lupe. Use their boat gear for that. Simple.
  630. Baller

    Tilefish Jr

    I have the Tilefish Jr. Best at 30#. Can fish 40# IF you only set your drag at 25% of breaking strength. If you are the type that fishes heavy drag, like me, it is pushing it capabilities. At that rate better off with the above recommendation or a US 76/80 HP. My .02 your mileage may vary
  631. Baller

    Okuma Tesoro 10S - Real World Test

    No, the 10 is almost identical to the 16, the 12 will be the size of the 20.
  632. Baller

    What are the odds?

    My son once caught 4 fish on a 2 hook dropper loop rig. One on each hook and 2 fish swam into and got stuck in the dropper loops. Was very weird and me and the deckhands and the skipper all had a good laugh out of it.
  633. Baller

    Best World Series, ever.

    A great series, not the way I wanted it to end, but a great series non the less. I place the blame on Roberts for mis-managing the bullpen as well as his position players. Baseball, the greatest war game ever invented..!!
  634. Baller

    Local YFT 10/29/17

    I CAUGHT a porpoise once on a black/purple/lime green feather. Hooked right in the mouth. They fight well. An hour and a half later I removed the hook and it swam away seemingly no worse for the wear. One of the strangest things I have seen out on the water.
  635. Baller

    Guadalupe Island yellowfin on International 12VISX

    Nice. Now you have 60-100# covered. Good luck on your trip..!!
  636. Baller

    Catchy Tackle 15 day on the Intrepid.

    Good read, thanks for sharing the info and story...
  637. Baller

    Guadalupe Island yellowfin on International 12VISX

    Different class reels. Your Torque is a fantastic 60# class reel. Not really an 80# class reel. The 12visx is a great 80# class reel with the guts to handle the higher drag pressure and the bigger fish your Torque was not intended for.
  638. Baller

    Let the Listing Begin

    Amazon has some..
  639. Baller

    Truline 6x, 36

    Nice looking set there Moon...
  640. Baller

    Le Dangle de Spangle?

    I like your style Chris...! Nice to see people have a lot of attention to detail...
  641. Baller

    Changing out yo yo irons

    Stick with the trebles.. 9626PS - 4x 8527PS - 6x Most common sizes are 4/0 and 3/0. I braze a lot of jigs and these are my go to trebles. As Chris stated above they lay "True" on the jig.
  642. Baller

    Changing out yo yo irons

    VMC makes 6x trebles that are great. Have not bent one yet. Owner Jobu or 7691 for singles and the ST-66 trebles are the strongest I know of.
  643. Baller

    Best Raptor for yo-yo: HX or HXJ?

    Do it...!!!
  644. Baller

    Insane Wahoo on JRI Surface Iron

    I could be wrong but I believe they, or people affiliated with them, popularized using the uni instead of the overhand knot (ala Tony Pena Knot) as the stopper so they changed the name with the slight variation. Atleast that is my understanding of it. Could be totally off the mark but that is...
  645. Baller

    Insane Wahoo on JRI Surface Iron

    I still cant tie a Bob Sands worth a $hit..!!! Guess that will have to be my offseason quest to add to my tool chest... :)
  646. Baller

    Insane Wahoo on JRI Surface Iron

    Those crazy ass wahoo will make you pull your hair out at times. Its all about risk vs reward with them imho. Do you want bites or do you not want to keep your "Stuff"..?? On last years trip I had it all, wire, heavy fluoro and doubled mono, the whole kit. I went something like 4 for 40. Had...
  647. Baller

    Insane Wahoo on JRI Surface Iron

    50# mono
  648. Baller

    Insane Wahoo on JRI Surface Iron

    After watching wahoo attack and eat both the surface iron and bombs they attack and bite each very differently...
  649. Baller

    Insane Wahoo on JRI Surface Iron

    What was really cool for me was I gave Al, aka the "Silent Assassin" his JRI 2 that was aptly named by me... Thanks for the stroll down memory lane MuyMacho74..!! Cant wait to toss the jigs with you again..!
  650. Baller

    Spectra to spectra knot?

    If you are on a sporty and you are in a tangle the crew is gonna splice your line and you are at the mercy of what they can tie in a hurry. Most of the time it will be a uni to uni. Its that simple. Have had it done multiple times and never had an issue fishing it until I could get back and...
  651. Baller

    Spectra to spectra knot?

    Steve, the online boards here are no place for logical thinking..!!! :)
  652. Baller

    Seeker OSP 2x4

    Another beauty. Totally diggn the new decals Jimbo..!!!
  653. Baller


    I'm Peanut Butter n Jealous...!!! Have a great time...
  654. Baller

    Yankees & Dodgers World Series?

    They beat the stuffing outta those poor Cubbies...!! Definitely looking very STOUT.
  655. Baller

    Okuma Tesoro 10S - Real World Test

    I believe it was 350 yds of Pro Spec 65#. I will double check but I believe the base is screwed on but from the top down, not from under the bottom of the seat up (If that makes sense..??)
  656. Baller

    What is working for the wahoo, please?

    I do think certain colors work better at certain times but nothing beats FAST...!!
  657. Baller

    Yankees & Dodgers World Series?

    100% agree.