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  1. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Boating out of Ocean Shores?

    Lots of experience here. On a 14ft no problem. Ramp is steep, and falls off at the end. Where the wall ends at the ramp the ramp ends too! DONT go any further! Otherwise just go at mid to high water, and you will be fine. Channel wraps from boat ramp to exit pretty close to rock wall so...
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    Saltwater No pix but it happened at WP

    Sounds like thresher shark to me for sure. Good eating too! Cool story!
  3. Thatsbait

    Wa permits

    Second deer Foster Creek muzzleloader for me, took 7 points for a doe. Put my son in for 11 different hunts, he drew blanks.
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    Drew Early Archery E Side Over 65

    Are they bull tags or cow?
  5. Thatsbait

    Fine tuning an Accurate 500N SPJ

    I have multiple Accurates. It will smooth out. I have been drooling over that reel. I’m using a 500 Tern on my SPR, on the 8ft Temple Reef. Both rod and reel are a work of art. Feels really good in my hands.
  6. Thatsbait

    Middle Grounds bait question for grouper/snapper

    I would take a sabiki rig, hopefully you can catch some kind of bait. Pin fish are good, I believe you can buy them there at the dock. $9 a dozen.
  7. Thatsbait

    Yes, they are still for sale. I’m currently in FL fishing. I will be home middle of April if...

    Yes, they are still for sale. I’m currently in FL fishing. I will be home middle of April if someone wants to come look at them.
  8. Thatsbait

    1106 Scotty Downriggers Pair (matching)

    Still in the garage ready to go! TTT
  9. Thatsbait

    Temple Reef Innovate 80MH

    I just bought that rod from Charkbait. $349 with free shipping, it’s the new 2021 white model. I looked all over, only place with free shipping as far as I could tell. I used one of these rods on my last 3 day trip out of Key West on the Yankee Capt. This rod is bad ass!
  10. Thatsbait

    1106 Scotty Downriggers Pair (matching)

    I bought these brand new from John’s Sporting Goods in Everett. Fished two seasons and then sold my boat. I had every intention of installing them on my new boat, but have decided I’m only fishing long range trips out of state. Pair of Scotty 1106 extendable booms. Each rigger is fully...
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    Accurate BV2-500NL-SPJ

    Can you tell me what charter or boat this is? I want to go too!
  12. Thatsbait

    Westport Charter Recommendations - April Bottomfishing

    Slammer! Dude slays bottom fish!
  13. Thatsbait

    Free Manual Penn Downriggers

    Don’t need them or want them, but very generous of you! I could see them on a small skiff fishing Rufus Woods!
  14. Thatsbait

    Reel ID needed

    Yes! I got 2, 19lb fish on back to back drops! Then 9 grouper in a row. Slow pitch jigs slay on the Yankee Capt! I’m going again in April!
  15. Thatsbait

    Reel ID needed

    I’m guessing you set this up! Thanks!
  16. Thatsbait

    Reel ID needed

    Yes, I know it’s a great picture! I borrowed this rod/reel combo, and I can not for the life of me remember what kind of reel this is! I know it has an aftermarket handle on it. I’m setting up a Slow Pitch combo and wanted to duplicate this one!
  17. Thatsbait

    Yankee captain trips

    I am very familiar with boat and how it’s goes. Once you get off the boat, get in line at the fish cutting table. They charge $5.00 per fish no matter the size. Once that is done put fish in zip-lock bag. They sell ice boat side. $5.00 for a big bucket. They sell soft side coolers at...
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    Season started off with a bang !!

    Been wondering if they had popped up yet! I will be out after Labor Day. Last year I could of filled a pick-up truck full. Hoping it’s just as good this year to.
  19. Thatsbait

    Big Ass Smoker——FREE

    8 rack smoker. Two compartment, top has 8 racks. Bottom is for heat element. I ran two hot plates with a cast iron skillet. Makes really nice smoked salmon. Easy to run 20 to 80 lb fish loads. Has a side port for a small fan that I used to help dry. Four wheels on the bottom so it rolls...
  20. Thatsbait

    Freshwater Longview

    Nice work with your boy! I love it, making the next generation!
  21. Thatsbait

    LUND / Aluminum boats - your opinion??

    I had a 1998 16ft lund with the wheel on the starboard side. Had a live well and two 6gal fuel tanks. Had a 50hp on the back. One of the best boats I ever owned. Crossed the Westport bar many times. Wish I still had it.
  22. Thatsbait

    Accurate Need a slow pitch rod for my new Valiant BV2-500N

    I have no advice on this, but I setting up the same thing to fish the Yankee Capt. I have been looking at the Okuma Hawaiian jigging rod heavy version. $199. But there are plenty of options.
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    Question for you defiance owners I’m a newbie

    Wierd, my Defiance does not have that switch? What year is the boat?
  24. Thatsbait

    Deep water lines West Port Washington

    I would go 60, thinner and 60 is plenty strong. Cuts through the water better, and does not scope out as much during the drift.
  25. Thatsbait

    Deep water lines West Port Washington

    Take your 4/0 it's fine. Use specta its fine to. A pipe jig will work, if you are lucky he will stop in 250 and fish for sand dabs for bait. I'm guessing you not not fish any deeper than 450ft.
  26. Thatsbait

    2013 F20 LEA Yamaha outboard (132 hours)

    I just bought one of these in the PNW. That's a good price!
  27. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Little underwater action

    Just wondering how deep you were? I always thought they were a really deep water species.
  28. Thatsbait

    WTB. 15-20 HP four stroke tiller motor

    Motor located, and purchased!
  29. Thatsbait

    WTB. 15-20 HP four stroke tiller motor

    PM's replied. And thanks, but no thanks on the two stroke!
  30. Thatsbait

    WTB. 15-20 HP four stroke tiller motor

    I recently bought at 12ft Livingston. Fixed the gel coat up, and now I just need a motor. Looking for a 15-20 HP regular shaft motor. Must be tiller, and would prefer electric start. 2008 or newer. Cash in hand for a nice motor!
  31. Thatsbait

    Saltwater LingCod help westport

    Run north, pretty easy to find some structure. There are some close spots around 6 miles, they are pretty small, and the # are closely guarded. Start looking around 10-12 miles north of the north jetty, 100-115 ft. When you see a big spot of suspended fish, those will be rock fish. Just drop...
  32. Thatsbait

    Question about fishing line

    Depends on target species? And are the fish line shy? 80 to 60, or 80 to 50 is perfect if they will bite that class line. I really like Yozuri pink, but there are a lot of good floro lines, and lots of different prices to go along with it. And I really dislike Vanish, think it's made by...
  33. Thatsbait

    FG Knot: Lessons Learned

    Good to know. On multiday trips I replace my top shots daily. Thanks for the info.
  34. Thatsbait

    FG Knot: Lessons Learned

    I do 12 wraps, but have done more. I'm guessing you cant "overwrap"? Any thoughts on that?
  35. Thatsbait

    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    I was wondering where my reel was last night. Saw this thread and know Penn is not going to deliver. Pretty disappointing, as I was going to take that reel and put it on a slow pitch rod. Doubtful I will buy from Penn ever again.
  36. Thatsbait

    Soft Steel Leader/Topshot Sale!!!

    I got my shipment today. I like the feel of it. I tied up a few F/G knots and loaded fresh 80lb topshots on my electrics for my upcoming deep drop trip out of key west! Seems really soft. I'm going to try the 100 and 130 on my terminal tackle.
  37. Thatsbait

    XTRA TUFF Comfort for long days? For my pops

    I wear the shit out of my extra tuffs. Worn a bunch of pairs out. As I get older (44), I find they get a bit heavy by the end of the day, especially standing at the rail all day fishing. I even put gel soles in them. Overall great boots, and good traction. 8 to 10 hours a day for an older...
  38. Thatsbait

    Soft Steel Leader/Topshot Sale!!!

    I got some to, 80, 100, 150. Why not at that price!
  39. Thatsbait

    Missouri Breaks Mule deer hunt/Gumbo mud bog

    Cool story, nice bucks!
  40. Thatsbait

    2 Penn International 30's (inexpensive)

    If that fall through I will take them both.
  41. Thatsbait

    Soft Steel Leader/Topshot Sale!!!

    I have zero experience with this brand line. Should I buy some, seems like a great deal. Or stick with Izor, or P-line.
  42. Thatsbait

    Sealine 40ha

    Mine cast a jig a mile!
  43. Thatsbait

    PENN Fathom SD 25n, 30 and 40 on sale $110

    I have been wanting a smaller star drag for slow pitch jigging. Got the 25N...Thanks for the heads up!
  44. Thatsbait

    Cyber Monday Deal

    I called them later in the day, and they gave my 50% over the phone.
  45. Thatsbait

    Cyber Monday Deal

    What a deal. Ordered 5 sets. Thanks!
  46. Thatsbait

    Accurate 197 Single Speed

    Does it have a clamp.
  47. Thatsbait

    Black Friday deals?

    I'm looking for a cooler, yeti style. If anybody has a link!
  48. Thatsbait

    Halibut gear thoughts

    I figure less than 250 ft I hand crank as I dont use pipe jigs in shallow water. Over that I run Diawia 1000 with 80lb hollow core braid. I mounted them on bent butt rods with a swivel tip. I jig until I hook up....rod goes into rod holder. I let the gear do its work, unless the fish over...
  49. Thatsbait

    28 Scout ABACO $37,500

    Damn, that looks like a screaming deal. Good luck with the sale!
  50. Thatsbait

    Still growing golden!

    My boy likes to eat them too, as long as they are over a nice steak!
  51. Thatsbait


    Pit Boss 700, love mine! Got mine for $250 at Costal Farm in Marysville on a door buster. But I have seen than around $325. Really a nice piece of equipment. Use it 3 to 4 times a week. Plus the hopper holds a full 20lb bag of pellets.
  52. Thatsbait

    Still growing golden!

    Went up to the hills. Parked the truck at the locked gate. My son and I then rode 2 1/2 miles on the bikes. Walked 1.48 miles in some heavy timber with a mossy bottom. Got to love the tracker on OnX app! Harvested somewhere between 20-30lb in two hours. We had a blast. Most of them were in...
  53. Thatsbait

    DIY Solo Public Land Buck

    Nice work.
  54. Thatsbait

    Muzzleloader Advice

    TMZ are good rounds. I have killed both Elk, and deer with them. My T/C shoots a 3in pattern at 100 yards with open sites.
  55. Thatsbait

    Solo buck down.

    I like them whole at home hanging in the barn. Nice clean meat! I could bone out, but prefer em whole!
  56. Thatsbait

    Solo buck down.

    Had the multi-season tag this year. Hunted the muzzle season for three days with my buddy in his truck camper. Saw many nice bucks! But I could not seal the deal. Pulled the trigger on a really nice 3x4, three times. First was a clean miss, second my gun fucked up, and it was like shooting...
  57. Thatsbait

    Penn International II 20T reel 2-speeded by Cal, is it sellable?

    I would buy it and use it to troll for Albacore up here!
  58. Thatsbait

    Metaloid 5N

    I put a tiny bit of electrical tape on the bottom of the spool, then load the spectra right on top of that nice and tight, then to a top shot. Will not slip guaranteed!
  59. Thatsbait

    2015 Amato 21 Foot Center Console

    Nice rig! I would buy this if I lived closer!
  60. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Fish ID needed!

    Thinking about retirement! Save now, spend later!
  61. Thatsbait

    Fishing Albacore in Washington or Oregon.

    No surprise there. He runs a good boat. Try calling, his wife usually answers the phone and get on the stand by list.
  62. Thatsbait

    Fishing Albacore in Washington or Oregon.

    Miss Magoo out of Westport if you want a big boat. Better check schedule online. Might be sold out. Plenty of fast boats to. I would go with Tailwalker charters. He has his shit together.
  63. Thatsbait

    Offshore PB BFT Sunday August 4

    If you said it weight 10lb, I would believe you, if you said it weight 115lb lb I would believe you. Really nice fish, very jealous! Nice work!!!
  64. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Fish ID needed!

    Well we caught a shit load of them....all big! I appreciate all the good info. I do believe they are a pike minnow, not a peamouth, as they had huge mouths. I was lipping them like a bass. Got a bunch of really nice smallmouth bass to just using a worm off the end of the dock while we worked...
  65. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Fish ID needed!

    Yes, here is a bigger one!
  66. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Fish ID needed!

    Someone tell me what this is? Caught in Lake Chelan off a dock with a worm. Sucker, chub, whitefish? Looked all over the net, and I'm still not sure?
  67. Thatsbait

    24 Foot Custom pilot house

    13 hours and 18 mins, 834 miles. A bit to far. To bad, I like the lay out. Good luck with the sale.
  68. Thatsbait

    24 Foot Custom pilot house

    Where is this boat located?
  69. Thatsbait


    Nice post! I love those huge lings. Nice work, and beautiful pictures!
  70. Thatsbait

    For those who enjoy and Edge of Craftsmanship

    I have a pro-tech. Been carrying it for 5 years or so. Auto blade and its fast. In my line of work I need a fast knife. Love mine!
  71. Thatsbait

    Looking for a ride Kauia

    I will be on Kauai from July 14-20. Looking to go fishing. I have extensive experience offshore. I'm 43, in-shape non-smoker. Never been seasick a day in my life. I can run a boat, or set a spread, or leader and gaff a fish without any instructions. I have gas, bait, and beer money!! Darryl
  72. Thatsbait

    Parker 05 21ft.SE far for me. Otherwise I would be very interested. Been looking for this exact boat! Thanks for the response.
  73. Thatsbait

    Parker 05 21ft.SE

    Where is SFV? .....San Fanscio valley?
  74. Thatsbait

    How to crimp Berkley 7 strand sleeve

    Thanks for that! Pretty good info!
  75. Thatsbait

    NEW - Fishing On The Banana River

    I grew up on that river, right by Ron-Jons. Get the cast net first! By a cheap one to start. You are going to RIP it to pieces. All the rocks and trash tear them up. I like the small finger mullet, about 3inchs.
  76. Thatsbait

    NEW - Fishing On The Banana River

    Get a 5 to 6ft cast net first thing. Bait problem solved. Get a medium priced rod at Wal-Mart, 7ft with 15lb test. Couple slip bobbers, to stay away from the catfish, and fish your ass off.
  77. Thatsbait

    Ice Machine! Manitowoc Series 250. $400.00

    Small commercial ice machine. Easily makes 250 lb a day. I have it set up to be hook to a garden hose. Just hook it up, plug in to 120 volts. Instant ice!. Water cooled, I have a small garden hose plumbed to ice hopper, and compressor so its drains into the yard. You can watch it run at my...
  78. Thatsbait

    Happy Customer(Boat shipping)

    Seems like a good deal at $1.00 a mile. I'm in the market to ship from FL to WA. Thanks for the info! I will definitely be giving him a call once I seal the deal on my new ride!
  79. Thatsbait

    Who knew Long Beach LingCod had Balls?? 5/25/19

    I cook lingcod heads pretty regularly to make fish stock. I drain and the skin, bones and junk with a tea strainer and dump it all out then make chowder with the broth. I'm positive what you have there is the eyes that have been cooked and turned solid. They are not like the ear bones in a...
  80. Thatsbait

    23' center console 4stroke price drop

    Where is this boat located?
  81. Thatsbait

    Saltwater LaPush opener/report

    Yep, Saturday was perfect, we did not even back troll, until about 12, even then we just kicked it in and out of gear once in a while to keep the lines vertical. I keep a pretty close eye on the Cape Elizabeth Bouy. That's what dictates if we run or not!
  82. Thatsbait

    Saltwater LaPush opener/report

    Fished the opener on Thursday. We ran south and everyone else ran north. Had a spot in mind. Good water ran 20+knots the entire way. Got to the spot with two other boats, lingcod fishing pretty much off the hook. Struggled to get any halibut as the lings were so thick. Usually this spot...
  83. Thatsbait

    Phenix Rod 10 day on the Excel

    I went on an 8 day with Ryan. He brought a shit load of rods. I just switched my reels out.
  84. Thatsbait

    Multi season tags

    Only deer for me.
  85. Thatsbait

    One salmon fishing lure...

    We do a lot of salmon fishing in WA. If I had to pick one it would be a green splatter back squid, with a 5/0, and 4/0 hook which are snelled in-line. Green and white flasher. Pretty much standard up here. Put a little strip of salted herring on the top hook.
  86. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Swordfish?

    That sailfish is vastly different than a sword.
  87. Thatsbait

    5 blade?

    I ran a four blade on my yami 150. Boat loved that prop. Good hole shot, plane at low rpms. 23-24 knots at 3800 rpm, but motor would not get above 5000 rpm at WOT. I always wondered if that much prop was "too much". I never ever run the boat at WOT except during test run on prop. I heard...
  88. Thatsbait

    Maui surf fishin

    I have fished Hawaii extensively, and never once had an issue with a local. They usually took me under their wing and showed my how to long cast a big ass weight when slide baiting. Anyway, take a nice 3000 to 4000 size reel with you, buy a rod there. Light line 10-12, you want to make long...
  89. Thatsbait

    Cocoa Beach Florida

    Good to know. Too bad about the Double O. Caught some nice gags on that boat.
  90. Thatsbait

    Cocoa Beach Florida

    I have fished on the Orlando princess....dont fish the 1/2....absolutely a waste of time. They just cant get out far enough out. The "full" day is better. They typically fish 90ft of water for snapper. No live well, so I take my own. Try and get a corner stern spot. 50lb spectra, to a...
  91. Thatsbait

    The Much Awaited Radon 20 Outboard

    Was there a price tag?
  92. Thatsbait

    Cocoa Beach Florida

    Yep, grew up in FL, joined Navy, then off to Hawaii, the southern CA. Got out of Navy moved to WA. Wish I had moved back to FL.
  93. Thatsbait

    Cocoa Beach Florida

    I grew up there. Good fishing inshore on the Bananna river, but all my spots got high rises on them now. And Port Canaveral now has little shore fishing opportunities since the cruise ships load and off load there. Get in your car and drive down to Sebastian inlet. Fishing is so good down...
  94. Thatsbait

    14 Mile Bank Rockfish

    I fishing it back in the day! Nothing but salmon groupers anyway. Dont waste your time.
  95. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Swordfish?

    I have done day time sword fishing in FL. I would recommend against using a rockfish for bait. I would use a very large squid, 3-4lbs, with a 20/0 hook. Leader needs to be at least 20 ft long. You dont want your spectra rubbing on the fish, which will lead to a failure at some point. Nothing...
  96. Thatsbait

    Tanacom 750

    I run the 1000 spooled with Toro tamer 80lb spectra. I drop in 1100 to 1400 no problem. Never catch shit that deep, but we always try. Looking for a prehistoric ling!
  97. Thatsbait

    They almost don't exist???

    Even my 22' has a 106 gal tank!
  98. Thatsbait

    They almost don't exist???

    There is a 25 on Seattle CL today. $52k. No affiliation.
  99. Thatsbait

    They almost don't exist???

    There was been a few for sale in the Seattle area. I have been on one for a tuna trip off the coast of Washington. Thing pounded so hard we knocked the non-skid off the deck. Owner sold it due to the pounding. Never in my life have I seen a boat hit the water so hard. I'm a Defiance fan...
  100. Thatsbait

    Defiance Admiral 220 EX for sale

    I just sold mine last month. Loved it! Just to slow for me. Great 20knot boat. Had the Yamaha 150 on the back. Moving up to a cat with twins.
  101. Thatsbait

    Offshore Liberty 1.5 day; fished 11/20/18

    What does one of these trips cost? Just wondering as we dont get this type of trip in WA state.
  102. Thatsbait

    Mushroom Thread

    Is it still a good time to hunt chanterelles. Or is it to cold. I wanted to go this weekend and give it a shot.
  103. Thatsbait

    Fried Chicken & Marlin

    Wow! Nice work. Enjoyed that. Looks really good!
  104. Thatsbait

    Big Ass Smoker!

    Holds a shit load of fish. Nine racks on top, bottom I run two hot plates. Hole in side to run small fan. Smoke stack in back. Plywood, then styrofoam, then wood lined, on wheels, stainless steel hardware. Depending on load, I can maintain 110 to 140 degrees all day long. I only use this...
  105. Thatsbait

    2007 22' Defiance $39,000

    This boat is a beautiful ride, and in perfect condition. SOLD! I hope the new owner loves her like I did!
  106. Thatsbait

    For sale- Shimano Calcutta 250/Fenwick Eagle GT

    Gold Shimano Calcutta 250. Few very minor scratches. Fenwick Eagle GT 8'6" Medium Heavy Rated 10-25 lb test. Rod is brand new with tags, and plastic around handle. Has line, and I think it has spectra backing. $175 takes the combo. Local pick up in Lake Steven's only.
  107. Thatsbait

    2007 22' Defiance $39,000

    Price drop $36,000.
  108. Thatsbait

    2007 22' Defiance $39,000

    Price drop to $37,500 for a BD member. Morning bump.
  109. Thatsbait

    2007 22' Defiance $39,000

    This boat is in excellent condition, many extras which I did not list! Bump!
  110. Thatsbait

    2007 22' Defiance $39,000

    Really want to buy a cat, this needs to go!
  111. Thatsbait

    2007 22' Defiance Pilot House $39,000

    2007 22’ Defiance Admiral $39,000 Powdered by Yamaha four stroke 150HP with 885 hours with stainless steel prop. High Thrust 8HP Yamaha kicker motor on hydraulic lift. Fully Networked Garmin electronics package to include: 10 inch in-dash screen Radar, with chart plotter overlay 50/200 KW...
  112. Thatsbait

    2007 22' Defiance $39,000

    2007 22’ Defiance Admiral $37,500 Powdered by Yamaha four stroke 150HP with 885 hours with stainless steel prop. High Thrust 8HP Yamaha kicker motor on hydraulic lift. Fully Networked Garmin electronics package to include: 10 inch in-dash screen. Plotter is loaded with all my spots...
  113. Thatsbait

    Feds Determine West Coast Salmon Fisheries a Disaster

    Like gill netting. Makes sense!
  114. Thatsbait

    World Cat 266sf

    Wow, I want this so bad! Im going to list my Defiance soon as elk season is over! Hopefully mine sells quickly so I can buy this!
  115. Thatsbait

    Annual trip produced

    Nice deer! Looking for an elk myself starting the 19th.
  116. Thatsbait

    Tagged out the on VAFB G11

    You took those to the butcher?
  117. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Tuna this Sunday 9/16

    South, way way south! We ran 87 miles a couple weeks ago to get to fish. Got about 45, variety of sizes. 9lb to 31lb.
  118. Thatsbait

    Parker 2110 Walkaround

    Got a 2007 22' Defiance im getting ready to sell. 150 hp 4 stroke, and 8 hp 4 stoke Yamaha on the back. I think 850 hours. Nearly perfect! radar, 10in color Garmin. Triple downriggers. Dual axle trailer. 40k
  119. Thatsbait

    Little bit of a Craigslist Nightmare... Asking for a little advice please.

    I had a Marlin a few years ago. But it was a walk around, with a 350 inboard/outboard. I loved that boat. Nice ride, nice layout. I have always wanted to find another one and convert to outboards. I believe they were made in Oregon, Coos Bay I believe. Take yours Clean it up, rewire, put...
  120. Thatsbait

    Saltwater My Daughter sets New Record!

    I had it under control.
  121. Thatsbait

    Saltwater My Daughter sets New Record!

    WDFW asked if they could have it for some kind of research, so i let them take it!
  122. Thatsbait

    Saltwater My Daughter sets New Record!

    I have been fishing out of Greys Harbor for years and I almost always take my son (9) and daughter (10) with me on our many trips into the ocean. This year we have been working on a different angle, being salmon is only a 5 day a week thing. That leaves me Friday and Saturday open to fish...
  123. Thatsbait

    Seigler Reels

    I have three, bought them down in FL. Really nice, wish the lever drag had a stopper like Accurate. Easy to push the drag really high by accident. Really nice power handles, fit the hand perfect.
  124. Thatsbait

    Special Hunt results are up

  125. Thatsbait

    Special Hunt results are up

    Nooksack Quality Elk for me, took 8 points.
  126. Thatsbait

    Pipe jig hook location

    I make mine look like this. Very effective.
  127. Thatsbait

    Waianae - June 7, 2018 “Birthday Run”

    Thank you for your reports! I enjoy reading them from 3000 miles away. I retire in 10 years and we are moving to Kauai. Lived on Oahu for 5 years and miss paradise every day! Can wait to get back!
  128. Thatsbait

    Westport, hali thks weekend?

    I fished out of West Port on Friday. Brutal conditions. Ended up on some close rockpiles. Limits of bass and small lings. 9oz jigs in 125ftw, back trolling and still scoped way the hell out. Would of been impossible to get gear down deep.
  129. Thatsbait

    Thoughts on Seigler reels

    I have two large game. Almost as nice as Accurate. I like Accurate lever drag more, but they are still really good. Great drag, nice handles.
  130. Thatsbait

    Westport, hali thks weekend?

    My team is down, Fri, Sat and Sunday.
  131. Thatsbait

    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    So about 35k for boat and the haul from the east coast. Seams like a great deal! Im quite jealous! I want to upgrade my Defiance to a Parker. Beautiful boat!
  132. Thatsbait

    4 Shrimp Pots fully equipped and ready to dunk

    Good price, costco has them in smokey point. $129, so these are a steal!
  133. Thatsbait

    Ling and Current question

    Ocean or Puget Sound?
  134. Thatsbait

    Learning from my stupidity...if you want

    And i thought I was the only person who had kicker problems. Starter seized up, salt in carb. Seems like im always screwing wjth mine!
  135. Thatsbait

    BULK Deal on Leadheads!

    Try Kman. His are killer.
  136. Thatsbait

    Most stable 25 foot and under boat

    I have a 22' Defiance. Does pretty good. Might not be the fastest, but powers thru snotty water better than a lot of other boats.
  137. Thatsbait

    clamming advice

    Salty down there!
  138. Thatsbait

    clamming advice

    Try Double bluff, hit beach go to right. Dig in rocks. All u can eat.
  139. Thatsbait

    Jury is still out

    I had those on my last boat, never ever again. Pain in the ass. Scottys all way around now!
  140. Thatsbait

    Saltwater West Port bottom fish again....limits!

    Did some chores for the wife for most of the morning. Told her, "we going to take a quick look at the jetty". NOAH report was 7ft at 10 secs. But wind was at 5 knots. Blasted across the bar at 22 knots just to peek at the outside and never came off the throttle. Lazy mid-size bump on the...
  141. Thatsbait

    Need Help with Charter recommendations

    Live bait on West side is very good.
  142. Thatsbait

    Saltwater West Port is Wide Open!

    We have been out all week killin crabs. No grass in the harbor making it real easy.
  143. Thatsbait

    Looking for a Electric reel for bottom fishing.

    I have a pair of Dawia Tanacon 1000 also, on bent butt deep drop rods. Use them on Halibut days. Really nice reels. Time and back savers. Hold about 800 yards of 80lb braid. We jig until hooked up, put reel in gear and rod goes into gunnel rod holder. Hands off until the last 10 ft, then...
  144. Thatsbait

    Saltwater West Port is Wide Open!

    Cleared Ocean Shores at 1100 due to low water. Had my buddy, his daughter, and my two babies on board. Ran out in flat calm slick water to some hard bottom spots about six miles from the tip of the jetty. Bass were stacked up like cord wood. Fish every drop. Really good bite on my homemade...
  145. Thatsbait

    Saltwater West Port bottom fish....Limits!

    Let out of Ocean Shores about 1030 as we were waiting for enough water to clear the harbor. Went to some hard bottom about five miles out and found it absolutely loaded with seabass. There was another boat on the same spot and they were done with bass and looking for lings. First drop my son...
  146. Thatsbait


    I have this same boat, same power plants. That's low hours, and its looks in perfect shape. Should go quick, especially with that nice electronic set up. Mine has been very good to me. Good luck with sale.
  147. Thatsbait

    When It's On It's Really On!

    Ok, thanks.
  148. Thatsbait

    When It's On It's Really On!

    Whats a bean? A sandbass?
  149. Thatsbait

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    Try this spot!
  150. Thatsbait

    Painting jigs

    One, two, three, four, eight, 10, 12 and 16. Im just painting the head, as these are the type where I add a plastic body, and pound them into the rocks. So the cheap paint works great. I really like red, but their "yellow" is more like puke color!
  151. Thatsbait

    Hollow Core for deep bottom jigging?

    I fish deep water pretty often in the PNW. I have been running white 80lb Toro Tamer on a pair of Dawia electrics. 550-1100 ft deep. I see no need to splice. I tie on a large glow bead, with 500lb swivel, the short piece of 100lb leader, dropper loop with a big hook, under that a large jig...
  152. Thatsbait

    Painting jigs

    I found power coat at Harbor freight for 6.99 of 16oz. Get one of the cheap ass heat guns and get to work. Mine come out really nice.
  153. Thatsbait

    Lingcod and rockfish migration

    I fished Westport same weekend, very slow for us to.
  154. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Westport Bottom fish opener

    Launched out of Ocean Shores during high water Saturday morning to a stiff wind. Fished both north and south jettys and submerged jetty for one ling, and three bass. Lost a shit load of swimbaits due the wind and current Fished Sunday morning, not even a bite. Water temp a brisk 45 degrees...
  155. Thatsbait

    Shore fishing in Maui

    Use a sliding sinker, then a small bead, swiver, long leader the hook, with grub or strip. Simple!
  156. Thatsbait

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    I have a cabin in Ocean Shores. We love it! 100 yards from beach, marina is an issue!
  157. Thatsbait

    Taco Outriggers for sale

    If this falls through, i will take them.
  158. Thatsbait

    Shore fishing in Maui

    I have seen this question asked many time. I lived in Hawaii for 5 years and did extensive shore fishing. Slide bait, and whipping. Slide bait is an art and yoy have to be able to cast pretty much the entire spool to be in the fishy area. I don't recommend it for tourists. Now on the other...
  159. Thatsbait

    Been waiting on a Daiwa Tanacom electric reel deal?

    I dont even take my rods out of the rod holder. I have caught enough fish to know dragging fish up from 600-950 ft is really not that much fun. Just work! I like to fill the cooler quickly!
  160. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Ocean Shores surf perch.

    I have tried shrimp. Pain in ass, fall off so easy. I have found clams and squid both work well.
  161. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Ocean Shores surf perch.

    Been bored out of my mind! All boat maitence is done, all rods fixed, refreshed all my tackle. Im ready for the bottom fish opener! I have been fishing surf perch all winter long, both in the surf and off Damon Point. Very easy fishing, jusy two hooks above a 3oz sinker. Razor clams for...
  162. Thatsbait

    Westport-Ocean Shores Ferry

    There are only a handful of us who keep our boats at Ocean Shores. My cabin is only one mile from the marina, so I tolerate the marnia so I dont have to tow around. Its fine during high water, but a disaster on low water. Many mornings my boat is sitting waiting for enough water to clear the...
  163. Thatsbait

    Parker 2120 SC and Sea Trail Wanted

    Check WA craigslist. Not affiliated in any way.
  164. Thatsbait

    6 Pack Near Coastal capt license?

    I have my 100 ton. Pretty easy. Most peoples issue is logging the hours.
  165. Thatsbait

    Looking for a couple of West Coast boats

    Im in! 22ft Defiance with Yamahas on the back. Fish hard all season long out of Westport . Tuna, salmon and bottom fish all season long.
  166. Thatsbait

    Texas fishing... too easy

    Solid work, im very jealous!
  167. Thatsbait

    Check This Out

    I have seen this boat on the water offshore out of Lapush. Absolutely beautiful ride.
  168. Thatsbait

    Parker 2320 or North River 2500 OS?

    I have a Defiance ans have riden in a few Parkers. Both pound! Go with the bigger boat!
  169. Thatsbait

    Veterans - Sound Off....

    NAVY...Submarine service. Back to back tours on fast boats in the western pacific doing some secret shit!
  170. Thatsbait

    Muzzleloader recommendations

    I have been ML WA for the last 11 years. 209 is NOT legal here. #11 or musket cap only, no scopes. Cap must be exposed to the element's. Season is short, but always about 2 weeks before modern. First crack at the local bucks besides archery guys. Not much pressure from ML guys, but...
  171. Thatsbait

    Cast net for anchovies in Santa Cruz

    Wont work in deep water at All. I have tried numerous times in Grays Harbor throwing on tonnage of a anchovies. I even bought a fast sinking net, zero success. I some times find them in shallow water, 8 ft or less and have loaded up. BUT they all die very quickly and most get gilled in the...
  172. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Ocean Shores/Copalis/Oyhut info request

    There is public parking on marine blvd, just 25 yards or so west of the marina. U will see all the cars along the street. Quick walk to the bay.
  173. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Ocean Shores/Copalis/Oyhut info request

    Just go to any beach access, as u can drive right on the beach!
  174. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Ocean Shores/Copalis/Oyhut info request

    There is clamming in the bay, but its almost a cockles. Tons of them, i personally dont care for them. Easy to suck sand shrimp out of their holes too. Just need a shrimp gun. North jetty can be fished, but not as easily as the south jetty. Small grubs will catch bass. Some lings there to...
  175. Thatsbait

    If you could bottom fish anywhere in FL in August, where would it be?

    Summer bottom fishing can be a little slow, but Ocean obsession out of Port Canaveral is good. Also Yankee Captain out of key West. That really is the way to go!
  176. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Ilwaco Salmon

    Nice fish cleaning area! Where is that?
  177. Thatsbait

    Herring in Westport

    Just go buy 30 worth of live anchovies and cure them. Be enough for the whole year!
  178. Thatsbait

    Saltwater White king

    Those little accurate reels are a work if art. Nice fish!
  179. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Westport July 1-2 opener

    Fished on the south beach opening morning for nothing! Wife finally said take me home! Drop her and daughter off at the dock and ran to the north beach. 30seconds in and rigger pops, my son to the wood to him, kept moving north and got a second just south of the casino. Day two, started...
  180. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Westport bottom and salmon report.

    Ramp is open. Nasty drop off at the end. Only use it at high water.
  181. Thatsbait

    Westport roll call this weekend

    Me and my boy for sure!
  182. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Westport taco trip.

    Left Ocean Shores at noon on the flood tide. Ran out to 100ft and found the bass stacked up. Pretty much an instant fish every drop. No lings today. Back in the harbor by 330, with limits of bass. Water clean, saw one commercial boat working salmon.
  183. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Westport bottom and salmon report.

    No, Ocean Shores Marina is the same. Needs to be dredged. Cant leave or get in at low water. Carefull timing is a must. I can get in and out at 1.5 ft.
  184. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Westport bottom and salmon report.

    Ran out of Ocean Shores today as soon as we had enough water to leave the harbor, around 1045 due the the huge tide this morning. Crossed a flat bar and ran to a 5 mile 100ft seabass hole. Fish stacked up like cord wood on the meter. Fished 2 1/2 oz lead heads and swimbaits. First drop get...
  185. Thatsbait

    advice on running two downriggers

    I have three, and its a pain on the ass. 95% of time i only fish two. When i fish my third i keep it shallow 30ft or less. Wind, tide, and deckhand all come into play. Ru a shallow planner in the propwash, just as effective.
  186. Thatsbait

    Seigler Reels

    I have three, all large game. Love em, but wish they were two speed! Smooth, and lotssss of drag if needed.
  187. Thatsbait

    Excel update! June 3

    Left San Diego on June 1 on 8 day. Got 600 scoops of nice bait. In-route lower ridge, should be there around lunch time June 3rd. Weather flat calm. Stopped on a few schools of blue fin on the way down for nothing. Hopefully fish are chewing down here, wish us luck!
  188. Thatsbait

    Washington muzzleloader

    T/C Black Diamond extended range. They are tack drivers for sure. Mine has taken many deer and elk. Pretty easy to find on
  189. Thatsbait

    What's the best way to remove yellowing from being stored in water

    Starbright gel hull cleaner. Walmart about $10. It will make the hull look brand new. My boat sits in the mud on a minus tide, pull it every 30 days. I use this product all the time. Works perfect!
  190. Thatsbait

    San Diego Long Range Trip......Excel!

    Its not advised as a cow trip. This is mid-range fishing. Fishing will be for bluefin, yellowfin, yellow tail, maybe wahoo at the rocks. Most fish will be smaller, 25-50lbs. Those reports you are seeing are from local boats too. Not long range trips. The Excel is on the lower ridge and...
  191. Thatsbait

    San Diego Long Range Trip......Excel!

    Trip is rapidly approaching. Im fully geared up. All my stuff is packed. New line, new spectra. Running florocabon from 30-60 on all my rods. My stoked! Hoping for big blue fin!
  192. Thatsbait

    Surf fishing in the Huntington Beach area?

    I used to catch some pretty nice corvina on Seal beach. Sight cast them with a sand flea.
  193. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Day #3 Westport No butts.

    Left Ocean Shores harbor right at 0515. Crossed the bar at max ebb. Shitty crossing, but we did not take any water over the top. Its was my sons 8th bday, and I always take him fishing on his bday. Been going with me since he was 6 months old. Now all he wants to do is fish. Wife says be...
  194. Thatsbait

    Westport Halibut Thursday????

    We going to.
  195. Thatsbait

    Saltwater So this happened

    Nice fish! Really really nice!
  196. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Westport Butts, and Giant Lings

    We just grab the pipe jig, they right around 50oz. I dont want the fish beating them on the deck. Makes a nice handle. If we releasing, I take the gaff and use it as a giant dehooker, just like salmon. Works out pretty good.
  197. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Day#2, Big butts, lings, and bass!

    Second day of Halibut opener. I was watching the weather pretty closely as I thought it would be unfishable. Got a call from a buddy at 430 who was crossing the bar, and said "its rough". We took our time and wend down to the boat and rigged gear. Decieded to take a quick look. Easy bar...
  198. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Westport Butts, and Giant Lings

    Left the Ocean Shores Marina at 0530 and sailed across the bar. My first # was at 36 miles. Flat water and we hauled ass the entire way. Get to the spot and about 8 charters all working area. Wide open bite in small butts. Most drops we caught two at a time. Water right around 875 ft...
  199. Thatsbait

    Yamaha 150/Defiance 220 EX question

    I have the same boat, same year, same motor. I run a aluminium 15 degree three bladed prop. WOT probably around 5300-5500. Very rarely do that as conditions never work out. I cruise at 4300-4500 and get right around 22-25 knots. I had a 13 degree and i had no top end, so switched over to...
  200. Thatsbait

    Ling cod fishing from land???

    South jetty at Westport. I fish it from a boat, but i have watched lot of guy catch them from the rocks. A live bait under a slip bobber. Take a long handled net. Lots a small bass there to.
  201. Thatsbait


    Boats moored in Ocean Shores, until September!!
  202. Thatsbait

    Saltwater FL day 2

    Somebody taught this kid how to fish! 7 years old and just kills them! Windy and rainy most of the day. Try to hit the salt tomorrow!
  203. Thatsbait

    Saltwater FL day one

    Spring Break for us and the kids. Hit the local lake for about 20 of these in an hour or so. Only 13 days left!!
  204. Thatsbait

    12/0 Treble Hooks

    Johns in Everett has them also if you happen to come up north. He also has rings too.
  205. Thatsbait

    Swimbait Lead Heads I ordered from this guy who is down in Southern California. Nice jigs at a nice price. Thought I would pass his info on. Please don't contact me as I have nothing to do with any of his ordering. He is a nice guy and...
  206. Thatsbait

    FS Kman Special Leadheads and Swimbaits!

    Got my gear today, everything is really nice. Kurt was one top of my order. Stand up guy, and nice products. Thanks Kurt!
  207. Thatsbait

    Live bait rods

    I agree, and I like the fact that the reel can be set anywhere on the handle for your casting style. Aftermarket clamps are also avaliable, as this is commonly done in southern California. But the Avet clamps work perfectly as our fish are 30lb or less.
  208. Thatsbait

    Live bait rods

    Avets, Accurate, or Truth. All offer a nice bang for your buck. I own all the above. Avets are plenty of reel for around here. The small game Truth reels and nice two. Lifetime warranty to. $100 rods are just that. Pretty easy to drop a 100 on a rod and still have a shitty rod. But...
  209. Thatsbait

    Kona today

    I have also chartered this boat. I told him I only want to fish for Marlin. Only caught tuna. Not bad for $400 for a full day. Captain has a few small mannerisms about the boat, but I can tolerate that.
  210. Thatsbait

    Manaitowoc Ice Machine

    Has this sold?
  211. Thatsbait

    Better then hitting a log

    Tiger for sure. Caught plenty, that's a small one.
  212. Thatsbait

    frozen fish learnings

    If you want perfect salmon, right after you kill them gill and gut. DO NOT take the dark meat out of the belly yet. Cut the salmon right behind the gills toward the back bone but do not cut off head. You will see the main artery, take your saltwater hose and stick the end into your incision...
  213. Thatsbait

    frozen fish learnings

    I might just try a salt water bath next time! Looks like the season is going to be short. Off to California for a long range trip to make me fell better!
  214. Thatsbait

    frozen fish learnings

    I have had zero issues using fresh water to clean my fish. When I get home I take a bag of ice and make anew ice slurry and soak my whitefish for an hour or so. Makes the meat pure white. I dry and seal in Cabelas bags. Last 1 year minimum.
  215. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Copalis Razors.

    Easy, easy limits. No wind, no waves. Wonderful shows. Not many people out at all. All clams extra large. No pics, we all know what they look like. Tonight should be more of the same. Darryl INTERDICTOR Team Captain
  216. Thatsbait

    Keep going back

    What are the chances of going to Rocks? That's is something I really want to do. And I want to catch a grouper!
  217. Thatsbait

    Keep going back

    I'm on the Excel June 1st. This will be my first 8 day. Driving down from Seattle on May 30th. Really looking forward to getting out of the rain!
  218. Thatsbait

    San Diego Long Range Trip......Excel!

    I'm scheduled to go on a 8 day long range trip from June 1-9, on the Excel out of San Diego. I'm going to drive down about 1 1/2 days before. Any interest from anybody to go on the trip. The trip runs $2400.00. The boat will supply 6 rental rods if it's your first time on the boat. All...
  219. Thatsbait

    PENN "2017" 8-Day trip aboard the Shogun; June 10-18, 2017

    Is Penn going to supply rods and reels to use? I'm thinking about coming down from WA state and don't own any of the real heavy rod/reels?
  220. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Monday king report

    Nice fish! Hoping to go this weekend, but weather forecast sucks.
  221. Thatsbait

    Lamiglas and Diawa trolling combo

    I will take that! I will send you a text.
  222. Thatsbait

    WTB/WTT: 100 QT marine cooler.

    Costco has the 165 qt with the small lid inside the big lid for 99$. Thing is huge. I have a 165 and 120. I find the 165 just a bit to big.
  223. Thatsbait

    Saltwater MA9 Report

    Really nice! We trying for tuna on Saturday.
  224. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Day 2 Westport 9 to 5

    Bouy showing 1.9 knots, 3 feet at 16 sec. Go get them!
  225. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Westport 7/2-3

    Glad you found some fish. We fished on the 4th, not even a bite all day.
  226. Thatsbait

    La Push first timer

    Skip the traps. We usually run North up to the closure and fish deep, 250-350 of wire out.
  227. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Day two, Area 2!

    We were back at it again. Due to the late tide we could not leave Ocean Shores marina until 9 am. We went out to about 225 ft and put the gear down. An hour later the deep line finally get hit about 205 of wire out. 14lb Fish in the box. I am hearing lots of Radio Fish. I put both lines at...
  228. Thatsbait

    Saltwater King opener Area 2!

    Deep I had there wire between 165 and 225 ft.
  229. Thatsbait

    Saltwater King opener Area 2!

    Yep, Rampage was right on my starting spot. We trolled right by you. I went back thru that area after he left and he was fishing a huge pile of bait. Best one I saw all day. Did you guys catch and fish there?
  230. Thatsbait

    Saltwater King opener Area 2!

    Did not leave the dock until 9 or so. Ran straight out to found a charter right on my #. Put the gear down and port rigger goes off. Nice 18lb or so into the box. Stay in the area and pick off another about an hour later. Grab a few lings off a rock pile for tacos and call it. Back at...
  231. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Westport Opens Deep Water Lings

    It opened June 15. There is a second line of # in the regs. It's right around the 55 fathom line. Some places just a little shallower and some places around 60 fathoms.
  232. Thatsbait

    On the hunt...

    I will be down south around the Windmills on Friday morning in 50 ft water. Interdictor on Ch 68.
  233. Thatsbait

    WANTED -- Older 4-stroke 9.9 -15 HP

    I have an older 6HP Honda that's sitting in my garage. Took it off my last boat and was going it put it on my new boat for a kicker, but the new boat already had one installed. Needs a gas tank and hose. Ran good when I took it off.
  234. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Easy limits! Area #2

    The marina is a pain in the ass! On a minus tide the boats sit in the mud. Can't get in or out unless the tide is at least 1.5 feet. But it's very quite, good water pressure. The gate to the dock locks, and there is a nice fish cutting table. And it's only one mile from my place so I deal...
  235. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Easy limits! Area #2

    Wife said be careful what you create. I think im and doing a damn fine job. Took both of my babies and left Ocean Shores marina on the morning high tide. Fished the local area. Morning outgoing tide was productive. Wind picked up after the tide charges, then started howling within the hour...
  236. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Father's Days Lings

    Just me and the boy, Good water Sunday morning Area 2! Found a few biters. Boy has the fever bad!! Loves his lings.
  237. Thatsbait

    Live bait is available!!!

    Just got off the phone with Patty, in West Port. She told me they started selling live bait yesterday (05-25).
  238. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Lapush opener

    Took my baby boy and the crew! Good weather, good times! Came home loaded, everyone took home 70lbs of vacuum sealed white meat. I put my new deep drop electrics, on bent butts to good use. Really is a huge time saver, and they are relentless on the fish. The reel have no problem bringing...
  239. Thatsbait

    Ocean Shores Boat Launch

    No I just figured I would use yours.:D Tom told me I could use the Morning Stars old slip when I needed, and he would move his boat over a little bit. I will have my boat down for the rest of the season as of next week. See you there!
  240. Thatsbait

    Ocean Shores Boat Launch

    The ramp is quite steep, and where the wall ends so does the ramp. Only use this ramp during high water. The marina is quite challenging, during a low tide it's VERY shallow. During a minus tide, it's mud! Plenty of old stumps to, but during high water it's fine. It takes at least a 1.5...
  241. Thatsbait

    Washington lingcod and rockfish (from a small boat)

    I have fished greys harbor extensively from a small boat, as Chucky said "Florida boy". You can P.M. me for details. Lots of fish on those jettys. Just a matter of doing it right. I was in the Military for almost 10 years, and it paid of big time when I got out. I now have a great job and...
  242. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Neah Bay Opener

    Fresh tacos!
  243. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Neah Bay Opener

    Good weather on Saturday. Started at the high spot just outside. About 10 boats out there. One nice ling about 18lbs, the rest were about 10lbs. Pitched em back. Hand full of misilanous Rockfish. Two flat ones somewhere around 60 each. Got bored yarding on halibut and left. Went inside...
  244. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Ocean Shores Surf Perch

    Hit the ocean beach this weekend. Great weather and a small swell. Fished the incoming tide. Two hook rig with a strip of squid and a 3oz triangle weight. Caught these three red tailed surf perch in about 20 mins, then my waders filled with water so the fun was over. I could of easily...