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    Frozen flyers

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    Custom Spinning rod

    Anglers Center custom spinning rod 7’6” medium action 7‘6“ Aftco Reel seat 135.00
  4. castalot

    Furuno package

    All taken of 31 Cabo 400$
  5. castalot

    Furno radar

    Furno radar with plotters and auto pilot 400
  6. castalot

    Ugly stick

  7. castalot

    1992 tiara pursuit 21.5 express fisherman

    V6 4.3 duo prop freshwater cooled 15k Trailrite trailer
  8. castalot

    Okuma z80s

    Great shape ! no line
  9. castalot

    Pomponette fighting chair

    Good shape comes with two bases and canvas cover 2000 obo
  10. castalot

    Deck fighting chairs

    With covers . pads are in great shape 125 each ! They can be used as helm chairs comfortable. Sold
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    For sale sentry pumps

  12. castalot

    Moeller bait tank

  13. castalot

    Used 2 scoop Bait tank

    24x27 tall 2 scoop
  14. castalot

    New flat falls

    350grm and 250 gen super glows 15 and 10 each
  15. castalot

    Have boat

  16. castalot

    International 70vs

    I two available 9s out of 10s yacht maintained 450 each two speeds
  17. castalot

    Penn II international 50tw

    good condition reel covers two available 250 each
  18. castalot

    Penn international 50T

    Great condition 250.00
  19. castalot

    Garmin gps492

    All cables internal map needs external antenna 50.00
  20. castalot

    C-MAP chip

    mazatlan to point conception NA-8727.09 50.00
  21. castalot

    need garmin data card

    my gpsmap 492 needs software upgrade. thanks
  22. castalot

    Standard horizon sx1300

    Brand new 110
  23. castalot

    stop posting Foamer Numbers

    The net boats are going[starting ]to wrap them up . Duh it was only time they would move in ? start a text conversation and stop sharing the Dope<>
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    WTB Lowrance fish finder/plotter

    Thanks need better one
  25. castalot

    lowrance lms 525c

    FOR SALE 150.00 with mounting bracket and cover
  26. castalot

    Sportboat Stainless kill box

    2x3.5 x3 approx 75.00 has drain and wheels that can be removed
  27. castalot

    western pride adult and junior ticket vouchers

    western pride adult and junior ticket vouchers i have two sets that I won at balboa angling club 60.00 each Thread by: castalot, Friday at 8:13 AM, 0 replies, in forum: General Fishing Crap
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    where are the BIG tunas?

    looking to get the 100plus tuna last I heard was the 43 any real comment would be Great.
  29. castalot

    why are there so many one uppers

    I see a great post and some other goon trying to one up it by saying arent you over your limit... how could you sliding into dana from the 209 Know it alls take what you want and leave the rest. these are fish reports.........
  30. castalot

    WTB lowrance LGC-2000 gps antenna For NMEA 2000 network

    Im in Huntington beach. pm me Thanks
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    Newport to Dana

    first off.... Newport bait barges bait {dines} that they give pb SUCKS large. It was not what the sport boats get? Headed out and they started rolling. made the best of it on 3 or 4 patties 1 snap off brand new 40lb flouro second bummer........lots of porpise and birds 4 miles off south laguna...
  32. castalot

    2 PENN 50 s gold internationals

    great shape make me an offer pics also to come
  33. castalot

    what ch is dana point bait on?

    Thanks or Phone #
  34. castalot

    Where is the freedom and tbird fishing

    there fish counts on yellowfin are or 100
  35. castalot

    rock cod trip on Pacific star leaves sunday 9-10 pm

    125.00 longbeach returns monday eve pm me
  36. castalot

    CHARTER on t hePacific Star

    Leaves Sunday April 21 9pmReturns Mon 22nd 8 pm This a great overnight with limited load 125.00pp Included is breakfast. and great cod fishing Fish cleaning 1.00 per fish Please call Joe for more info @ 714 768-9597 Pay pal accepted
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  38. castalot

    Okama reel bluefin rod 7ft

    blf 844 10-25lb Okuma Convector Levelwind Trolling Reel 45.00
  39. castalot

    Fin nor

  40. castalot


  41. castalot

    Bait net

  42. castalot

    Tag Stick - Fish Tagging Stick - AFTCO

    6ft great shape gold 25.00
  43. castalot

    ARCH for 21.5 pursuit

    SS or alum will consider any new quotes
  44. castalot

    Rock cod special

    Truline rod 6 6 with penn 114h red and plate 115.00
  45. castalot

    Penn 6/0 114h

    Great shape 60.00
  46. castalot


    Where can I make some smelt from the shore ? Or purshase fresh dead:waglleybooty:
  47. castalot

    lead/solder pot melter

    75.00 also have lots of lead extra?
  48. castalot

    little chief smoker

    Brand new never used still in orignal box 30.00
  49. castalot


    American Beauty up to 700 degrees comes with 5lbs of lead $40.00 HB
  50. castalot

    Ugly stick

    BWC 1120 5'6" Action H 15-25 lb sigma Great condition 30.00
  51. castalot


    6' power 3/8 1 oz lure 10-25lb 35.00
  52. castalot

    Lowrance LGC-3000 Marine GPS Module

    want to buy gps antenna dome with red connector for LMS 525 or other lowrance Lowrance LGC-3000 Marine GPS Module TOM 714 651 7141
  53. castalot

    Stearn lifejackets

    adult small adult x large 5.00 each HB
  54. castalot

    rod/gaff holders

    These are plastic with gimble @ 20.00 both the picture is upsidedown HB
  55. castalot

    truline rods

    These are 2 piece rods all rollers and are factory wrapped great condtion Great stater trollers 60.00 each obo call 714 651-7141 HB
  56. castalot

    Fin nor #6

    This reel has been stored and is in good condition 180.00 HB call 714 651 -7141
  57. castalot

    Penn 6/0

    Two black 6/0 trollers great condition 50.00 each obo call 714 651 7141
  58. castalot

    New precision bait net

    8x18 never used 30.00 no tax 714 651 7141
  59. castalot

    Briz from Beamount first YT

    This is my buddy Briz with his first tail 30lbs backside Catalina Liive sguid did the trick.. Batman was there too .... great weather and lots of nice patties.Thanks goes the the Carnage
  60. castalot

    old school thresher outfit

    2 Penn 6/0 with truline two piece rods all rollers 75.00 each outfit I have two outfits leave a phone #
  61. castalot

    Percision bait net

    8x18 Never used brand new HB 30.00
  62. castalot

    fin nor #6

    Great shape let go for 180.00
  63. castalot

    Fin Nor #6

    Great shape 180.00
  64. castalot

    Kelp patty holding

    From Newport to Dana 5-10 nice patties will be full of YT when the water changes color and temp 5 miles green 60 temp
  65. castalot

    Bonehead on 8lb

    Was all you wanted outside of LB red/white was the color of the day.And 1 short bug:finger:
  66. castalot

    Newport to Dana Point

    Fishing 71 degree water from Newport to Dana with 10 or so dry kelps found Mr Billy and could of rode him but tried baiting him for 40 min instead. Had one mack in the mix of some bad sardines form NB..What a heart thumper.This was a good ending to a flat calm day.
  67. castalot

    1992 volvo penta V6 4.3

    Does anyone have same engine? close in yr need to resolve idle issue.Would app any help or suggestions.