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  1. gerryjig

    Swordfish rig.....killer deal

    still available
  2. gerryjig

    Brand New Toyota Tundra 18"wheels and Michelin tires

    gerryjig submitted a new listing: Brand New Toyota Tundra 18"wheels and Michelin tires - Brand New Toyota Tundra 18"wheels and Michelin tires Learn more about this listing...
  3. Brand New Toyota Tundra 18"wheels and Michelin tires

    Southern California Brand New Toyota Tundra 18"wheels and Michelin tires

    Brand new factory Tundra wheels with Michelin P275 65R 18 tires
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    Swordfish rig.....killer deal

    gerryjig submitted a new listing: Swordfish rig.....killer deal - Swordfish rig.....killer deal Learn more about this listing...
  5. Swordfish rig.....killer deal

    Southern California Swordfish rig.....killer deal

    Like new Penn 70 VS 10/10 with 900 plus yards of 130lb braid on a custom Daiwa Saltiga 6'6" rod with swivel tip that has a custom Winthrop Adjust-a-Butt done by Meltons Tackle. Used only 1x.......... Worth over $1600 will take $1k. No price haggle
  6. gerryjig

    Motorguide Digital Tour TM

    Like new Motorguide Digital Tour 82 / 24v / 45in Freshwater Got a new Tour Pro GPS / Sounder Model and selling this one for cheap. Works absolutely prefect looks new. Needs a new pull cord, Can be used in the salt also First $300 cash firm
  7. gerryjig

    2020 Mercury Verado 250

    This motor is available as first buyer couldn't wait. New motor ordered and should be here within a couple weeks
  8. gerryjig

    2020 Mercury Verado 250

    possibly yes, I will know by later today if I don't receive deposit soon
  9. gerryjig

    2020 Mercury Verado 250

    This motor is tentatively sold. Any persons serious about buying can sit on a list in order of response / conversation with me about committment. If this deal fallls through, then #2 gets it etc
  10. gerryjig

    2020 Mercury Verado 250

    Not sure ....either the same or a standard 200 4-stroke to see how it performs with this Robalo 226 hull. I am looking to possibly get the 150 Pro XS for my 181 Champ
  11. gerryjig

    2020 Mercury Verado 250

    I run charters and have my deal with Mercury. The 2016 250 Verado I had prior had over 3600 hours on it and it ran perfect with another 1.5 years of extended warranty on it. I do all my own maintenance from top to bottom. I think I might go with a lower HP motor to see how they perform....we'll...
  12. gerryjig

    2020 Mercury Verado 250

    am waiting to hear back from Mercury so I don't have an exact time or date
  13. gerryjig

    2020 Mercury Verado 250

    Available soon!......I am selling my 2020 Verado DTS 250 with 906 hours on it for $13,800 with 2 years warranty still in effect and possibility for purchaser to buy extended warranty at my price. 25 inch shaft, no prop, no wire harness no gage. I do have a working DTS throttle assembly ($700...
  14. gerryjig

    2 Penn 16 2-Speeds

    $300 each or both for $ lowball offers Mechanically > 9/10 Cosmetic 8/9 Both with J-Braid and Flouro Topshot/Leader....ready to fish
  15. gerryjig

    22ft still available?

    22ft still available?
  16. gerryjig

    2016 Mercury Verado 250

    SOLD........Used with lots of hours but meticulously maintained Mercury Verado 250 DTS outboard with a 25 inch shaft. No controls or prop. I already replaced this motor with a brand new one. This motor runs absolutely perfect and still has a warranty until Feb 2021. Serious only, this motor new...
  17. gerryjig

    Tatula SV's / CT's / HD's

    Daiwa Tatulas all are 10 mechanical / 9.5-10 Cosmetic 4 > 8:1.1 SV's RH > $110 each ...all sold 1 > 7:3.1 SV RH > $110.....sold 1 > SV 105H RH > $125.......sold 2 > 8:1.1 CT's RH > $90 each.....both pending 1 > HD 200 6:3.1 > $80 1 > HD 200 7:3.1 > $80......sold Interested in multiples or the...
  18. gerryjig

    Crankbait rigging

    I use a floating crankbait and retrieve with a rip and kill. If I hang I can easily pop it out as the bait floats up and back. When you "sweep" the bait into kelp, you just stop and pop it out.....if it continues through the kelp.....keep it going. Suspending cranks are not the best for this...
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    Offshore topless Tuna 1/2 dayer on the 9.... 9/09

    10 years later! Epic post and must be some kind of record no?......
  20. gerryjig

    fill it and burn it........

    fill it and burn it........
  21. gerryjig

    ......soon >2016 Mercury Verado 250

    I will be replacing my perfectly running Mercury 250 Verado in a few months. This motor has been meticulously maintained. Oil changes every 80-100 hours along with all the other maintenance needed to keep this motor running like new. Extended warranty expires in Feb 2021 and will transfer to new...
  22. gerryjig

    NIB Motorguide Xi5 Pinpoint Trolling motor

    Hey guys, I accidentally ordered a freshwater model instead of the saltwater model. This trolling motor is a 24v 60in shaft 80lb thrust model. # 940800240 and retails for $1,649.99. I am selling it for $1,000, it has all the paperwork etc. I use this exact one in the saltwater model on my 23ft...
  23. gerryjig

    Phenix 909, Daiwa SV 105, like new BG 50, other stuff reduced!

    Prices cut....last chance, otherwise I'm keeping it!
  24. gerryjig

    Phenix 909, Daiwa SV 105, like new BG 50, other stuff reduced!

    I fish San V once or twice per week right now.....
  25. gerryjig

    Phenix 909, Daiwa SV 105, like new BG 50, other stuff reduced!

    Phenix Black Diamond 909H like new with reel seat $ $150 Trini 30 Gold 9/10 $190 SOLD 9ft Anglers Center blank custom wrapped fiberglass jigstick $100 SOLD Daiwa BG 50 used 3x like new $140 (spooled with 40lb Pink Ande mono) now $125 Shimano TLD 10 lever drag (hard to find) $90 now $75...
  26. gerryjig

    Come and get them.....Phenix Black Diamond 909 and reels

    Phenix 909H 20-50 great shape hardly used > New $320, selling for $200 Trini 30 Gold havent used since serviced > $225 TLD 10 (hard to find) works perfect serviced and not used $100 TLD 15 works perfect serviced and not used > $75 Both TLD's > $150 2- Team DaiwaX 6:3.1 freshwater
  27. gerryjig

    Rods for sale

    Jan 14th, Shelter Island to run a tournament
  28. gerryjig

    Rods for sale

    Seeker BCBW 809 8ft 20-30lb (older model hard to find) > $75 Shimano Crucial re-wrap and older blank hard to find > $75 If you are serious and interested in any of this I can send pics Cousins rods sold
  29. gerryjig

    Reels for sale

    Shimano TLD 15 Great condition works perfect > $75 Shimano TLD 10 (hard to find) works perfect > $100 Daiwa Saltist 20 levelwind works perfect > $75 Shimano Trinidad 30 works perfect > $250
  30. gerryjig

    NIB Reliable Catch Bag

    brand new in bag 30x60 > $225
  31. gerryjig

    Trolling motor for sale

    Motorguide Great White Digital 82lb thrust, 24v, foot control, 48in shaft > $200
  32. gerryjig

    Freshwater rods and reels for sale

    Thanks guys.....great prices on that stuff....enjoy!! I will have some other stuff up for sale soon.....
  33. gerryjig

    Freshwater rods and reels for sale

    Thanks guys.....great prices on that stuff....enjoy!! I will have some other stuff up for sale soon.....
  34. gerryjig

    Freshwater rods and reels for sale

    stuff is selling, after tomorrow I will reduce whats left but not by much, thanks again!
  35. gerryjig

    Freshwater rods and reels for sale

    I will be calling back according to who responded first to certain items, thanks!
  36. gerryjig

    Freshwater rods and reels for sale

    Brand new with tag still on and in plastic > Cousins GMB 653 baitcasting rod 6'6" 10-17lb, $162 retail > $75.....sold Old school really hard to find Shimano Crucial CU 6'6" HA 12-25 re-wrap (forgot to include in pic)> $65....available G Loomis IMX MBR 843 7' MH 10-17 near new > $130....sold G...
  37. gerryjig


  38. gerryjig

    Maylasian Shimanos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    have fished Shimanos for eons while being sponsored by Daiwa, Shimano takes great care of me too. Everybody makes great stuff but FINALLY Daiwa came out with something GREAT for inshore. The Pluton had no capacity, a small handle, it was too round and too expensive. Have also fished the Luna 253...
  39. gerryjig

    Trini 30, 300 DSV, Luna 253, TDX freshwater reels, new 9/10wt fly set up

    Trini 30 mech 10 / cos 9.......$240 300 Curado DSV mech 10 / cos 9.5....$140....SOLD TD Luna 253 mech 10 / cos 9.5....$130....SOLD TDX 103 HVA mech 9 / cos 8.....$45 TDX 103 HiA mech 9 / cos 8.5....$45 3 older Shimano 100 chronarchs mech 10's / cos 9.5's.....$90 each Allen 9/10wt Flyreel with...
  40. gerryjig

    Maylasian Shimanos !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    have been selling most of my reels to get the new reel by far especially for the price......once you fish them it's hard to go back to anything else
  41. gerryjig

    Shimano TE 400

  42. gerryjig

    First SBS tournament for 2013 season in Newport tomorrow!

    First event of the 2013 SBS season is tomorrow the 17th! Newport Harbor......tournament hours are noon to 8 p.m. Check in will be from 9-11 a.m. sharp. Tons of raffle give aways along with a great NO MEMBERSHIP, free basic entry into the Championship if you qualify, you will fish for a 2013...
  43. gerryjig

    Older Chronarchs

    Prices reduced! all 4 for $375
  44. gerryjig

    Curado 300 e,ej or Abu Revo inshore

  45. gerryjig

    Older Chronarchs

    Prices reduced! White ones $100 each Super Free $120 All mech 10, some scratches as you can see...rods not included
  46. gerryjig

    Lexa 300 not compatible with Phenix Recon

    good heads up. How do you like those new Daiwa's?.....I started with 1 and now have 3 and plan to get more, I too have one on a Seeker Inshore and love it! Great reel with that 7:1 and still has lots of power when cranking on of the best out right now
  47. gerryjig

    2012 SBS schedule change

    Due to schedule conflicts, the SBS has changed 2 of the event dates. Feb 9th SD Bay in the Bay Region has been changed to the week prior....making the new date the 2nd of February. Also, the July 13th Mission Bay Calico only event has been changed to the week prior, making the new date...
  48. gerryjig

    SBS Inshore Open!

    unfortunately, not enough as the teams I contacted agreed that this was a good call
  49. gerryjig

    2012 SBS Schedule

    Right on!....the Bay Region will be great!
  50. gerryjig

    2012 SBS Schedule

    Guys the payback is 80% basic and 100% option with NO MEMBERSHIP and a FREE no basic entry into the Championship to fish for a motor valued at $10K, and if participation is up (which it will be) the motor givin away will be worth more than that!
  51. gerryjig

    2012 SBS Schedule

    The SBS has had it's schedule out before the SWBA, they scheduled 2 events on top of the SBS, I have no control over that.....usually, tournament directors somewhat work together but not in this case. Sorry for that. Remember, there is a "Flex" region where you can qualify by fishing mixed up...
  52. gerryjig

    SBS Inshore Open!

    Due to a lack of participation and other reasons, the Inshore Open has been canceled, with respect to those wanting to show up and fish, we apologize for the inconvenience. The SBS's main focus is the regular season starting in just 3 weeks. Once again sorry for the call but this decision is for...
  53. gerryjig

    Fly fishing reels and rods and all things fly...

    Have an Allen 9W reel and an Echo 9/10 rod.....used 1x.....949-275-6013
  54. gerryjig

    Braid for LMB?

    Samurai......any and all braid is no good in the rocks....weeds ok, not rocks
  55. gerryjig

    Newell 454-F, Trini 30, TLD 10, Fly setup and other stuff

    PRICES REDUCED!!..... TE 300 Cos. 9.5 Mech. 9.5 > $190.00 Newell Graphite 454-F Cos. 9.5 Mech. 9 > $130.00 .......SOLD Trini 30 Cos. 9 Mech. 9.5 > $250.00 9' Anglers Center Custom Glass Jigstick > $90.00 (perfect with Trini 30) Shimano TLD 10 Cos. 9 > Mech. 10 > $150.00 Old but near...
  56. gerryjig

    Hi Gear Ratios. . .

    Those new Daiwa Lexa reels still maintain cranking power even though they are 7:1 to 1. Not sure how they did it but it's unreal! My favorite reel by far!
  57. gerryjig

    New RevoToro 50 or Inshore?

    just dropped the price to $150.......New in Box
  58. gerryjig

    reels and rod for sale

    Yeah, good chatting with you! to hear you fish with your dad, mine used to fish alot but has slowed way down. Hope to see you again
  59. gerryjig

    reels and rod for sale

    added pics.....300E
  60. gerryjig

    New RevoToro 50 or Inshore?

    I have a New In Box Toro 50 for sale for $175, both handles never used, also a perfect 9.9/10 Curado 300E for $125 check the classifieds here on BD's like buying a Toro 50 and getting a 300 for free
  61. gerryjig

    reels and rod for sale

    reduced to sell......
  62. gerryjig

    reels and rod for sale

    Prices reduced! Last time.... NIB Revo Toro 50 with both handles > went from $200 to $ $150 Like new Shimano Curado E mech/10 cos/9.9 just serviced > $125.......sold New with $169 tag.....Phenix Cranking rod, all glass 7-9 Moderate 8-17lb > $75 Gerry 949-275-6013
  63. gerryjig

    FLW BEST in the WEST

    super pumped for you guys!....get'em at the Nationals!
  64. gerryjig

    Reebs Cedros Trip - Stoked on Fishing

    rad Calico boiler!:hali_olutta:
  65. gerryjig

    Reebs Lures Labor Day Sale

    great price on a killer spinnerbait that won't rust out after a day of throwing......super good components = durable and they flat out catch fish!
  66. gerryjig

    Bermuda boys go to BOLA

    What a great place and a great trip! Used to spend lots of time there down at Docs place.....your trip story is making me miss it bigtime!:hali_olutta:
  67. gerryjig

    DVL report

    Nice.....miss DVL and them green bass....won the last W.O.N. tourney I fished there some time ago. Nice ride, but I gotta say, it doesn't and never will run like a Champ! WTG on Getting them!
  68. gerryjig

    2013 Saltwater Bass Series schedule

    The 2013 SBS schedule is up! Check out the payouts too.....the SBS pays the best % back and has the biggest year end prize around. Once again, no "membership" and a no entry into the Championship if you qualify! Two different regions, Spotties only in the Bay region with Calicos, Sandies and...
  69. gerryjig

    Fishing Mission

    So cool to get your guy on them! Sounds like good fishing and an even funner time!:hali_olutta:
  70. gerryjig

    Cedros June 22-25 Reebs Lures Trip

    Nice shirt Nic!....and Shea can't fish!....he's the camera guy! ;) Looks like a RAD trip for sure, wish I was there along with the many! :hali_olutta:
  71. gerryjig

    2012 Saltwater Bass Series regular season wrap up

    March 17th Mission Bay This event took place in the best Spotted Bay Bass arena there is. Despite terrible weather with rain and 30-50mph winds, teams headed out and found great fishing! When it was said and done, Eugene Roberts and Doug Bury won the event with a solid 8.64 bag and a tournament...
  72. gerryjig

    Saltwater Bass Series AOY

    Just want all to know what went down at the last SBS Long Beach Night event on the 23rd. Kyle Keating and Erik Carmack won the event with an impressive 29.73lbs.....right behind them was Mike Lane and Scott Pethtel with 29.63lbs.....yes, .10 shy! Mike and Scott finished the year with the most...
  73. gerryjig

    SBS Long Beach Night Event June 23rd

    just a bump to the top!
  74. gerryjig

    SBS Long Beach Night Event June 23rd

    June 23rd will be the last regular season SBS event! As always, there will be some great raffle product and great payouts for the teams participating. Seeker Rods will be given away to Big Bass and first out of the money along with $25 gift certificates for ANY Seeker Rod purchased at any...
  75. gerryjig

    May 26th SBS Mission Bay night event

    count on lot's of product to be given / raffled out at this event......being 2.a.m. I will get that stuff out quick and on to the awards....then a fresh cup of coffee with homemade cookies and you will be on your way!
  76. gerryjig

    Jerkbaits for spotties

    slayed them in MB and SD bay on the LC pointer 78 and 100 in ghost minnow on a high tide over the shallow eel grass, when they want it deeper, then the LC Bevy Shad works great. Mostly a grind and kill retrieve, gotten them on an erratic retrieve but grind and kill is best.
  77. gerryjig

    May 26th SBS Mission Bay night event

    .....You have a surprise coming on the 26th birthday guy! Looks like a good turnout is forming up! See you then....
  78. gerryjig

    Best ultra smooth braid?

    ........Samurai first then the Suffix 832 for me.....I have the 832 on a lighter rod and it's been good!
  79. gerryjig

    Best ultra smooth braid?

    .....x2, once you fish it you won't fish anything else
  80. gerryjig

    May 26th SBS Mission Bay night event

    Bump.....all the info is on the website..... ....this will be the funnest event of the SBS season! Get your entries in early to get into the Lucky Craft hardbait pack raffle worth $200!
  81. gerryjig

    May 26th SBS Mission Bay night event

    Event hours are 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.. Check-in 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Dana Landing. Spotties only with a 5 fish, 13 inch length requirement. This will be a really fun tournament, great raffles and the best payout around! All the info needed is on the site at and or visit us...
  82. gerryjig

    Steady Calico fishing

    some quality there!...Nice!
  83. gerryjig

    SBS Two Harbors Catalina one day event

    The 5th of May will be the 3rd Saltwater Bass Series event at Catalina. All the info needed is on the website . If you want to stay a night or two, the camping cabins have been reserved for this SBS event. Call the Banning House and ask for Kate, she will hook you up...
  84. gerryjig

    Satwater Bass Series, Long Beach results

    Great day of fishing for many that participated in the 2nd SBS event! John Beerling won with an impressive 26.05 lbs! The next SBS event will be at Two Harbors, Catalina May 5th. Here is a link to the Long Beach results page. There is also lot's of info on other upcoming events.....hope to see...
  85. gerryjig

    When is he next Bay Bass Tourny in SD??

    Saltwater Bass Series, May 26th.....Dana Landing in Mission Bay.....night tournament for spotties only! best payouts of any saltwater tournament and paying 1 in 3
  86. gerryjig

    Lobster bait question......

    as my post indicated, I did not get the opportunity to get out as much as I needed to for a "controlled experiment"....but with what we did gather......along with some other single answers that I asked for and so kindly got (thanks guys!) we can kinda fudge things up a bit ya...
  87. gerryjig

    Lobster bait question......

    With the season being done, my stepson is doing a science project on "Which foods do Spiny Lobster prefer the most"?.....with a single answer from anyone willing to respond, we are looking for as much "data" as possible to put up a grid / scale on the prefered food or bait to go along with all...
  88. gerryjig

    Mc Swimbaits?

    b-reel......the most weedless of baits are those that have a "pull-point" at the very tip or nose of the owner sledhead on MC's new split-tail is super weedless as the point of pull is on the extreme tip or nose of the jighead. A Gulp Jerkshad is good too but way more expensive...
  89. gerryjig

    First SBS event.....

    is this Saturday the 17th at Dana Landing in Mission Bay. You guys that have been on the fence, this is your chance to get involved with a series that pays back 1 in 3 when the normal payback is 1 in 5 making the SBS your best chance to cut a check and recover your entries and expenses. If you...
  90. gerryjig

    Teenager SW Bass Tourny in the works

    Alex and all the CSULB bass crew.....It was great to meet and talk with you guys at Fred Hall. I am willing and able to help out in whatever way long as I'm not doing something else on the schedule I'm in. Let's get something together after a look at the already scheduled events...
  91. gerryjig

    Fish Report 1/4/12

    nice report, all of it to the point with no unneccessary b.s. always fun anytime of year!
  92. gerryjig

    Saltwater Bass Series 2012 has the 2012 schedule and other info you may need. A few changes were made to accomodate the majority, hope to see many!
  93. gerryjig

    Long Beach breakwall help

    been fishing it both morning and night. Calicos are stacked in 40 ft. on the outside during daylight and tighter to the wall after dark, taking a couple guys out tomorrow (Wed).....hit me up, I am more than willing to share my stuff.
  94. gerryjig

    Saltwater Bass Series 2012

    Been working on a new tournament series for 2012. Any small manufacturers wanting to get involved to get their product out are welcome at NO COST. The SBS is not a greed based money making machine. It's inception is to bring together anglers and manufacturers with no middle man while providing a...
  95. gerryjig

    Got a 10lber at the Wallbanger!

    Yep....tough fishing as the bite has been happening later. I too got a 10 plus Cabby last year...kicked my ass for a few seconds!, thought I had a good one then came up all pec fins!....awesome Cabby! Good job on a tough night!....we got ya too with 7 plus for 8th place! time! ; )
  96. gerryjig

    Spots for tots tournament!

    .......a Crappie basket works killer....stringers are bogus and can hurt or kill your catch
  97. gerryjig

    Team Baylor Placed 2nd in Collegiate Bass Tournament

    Nice!.....sounded like a killer time! Almost got them, so close!, with the couple you lost, it "could have" been yours! I always say, "it's so hard to win 1st"......too many variables, the other guys good or bad luck if you want to call it that crossed with your good or bad and everything...
  98. gerryjig

    How to Get Sponsored? doesn't matter what anybody thinks we are all the same here, .....right?
  99. gerryjig

    Maximum Angler 11.11.11

    .......yes sir! Besides Yuma, where you been bro?.......was gonna do Yuma with her and fish the backwaters for a few days over Thanksgiving........going to Cat instead.....Bassin and Bugs!
  100. gerryjig

    Maximum Angler 11.11.11

    Fun hanging with the gang at M.A.......brought my wife Maria who will be assisting me along with others to run the new Saltwater Bass Series for 2012. Always good seeing everybody.....really charged for 2012!
  101. gerryjig

    Poll: Slots or no slots for SW Bass

    Yep, perfectly said.:hali_olutta:
  102. gerryjig

    Poll: Slots or no slots for SW Bass

    Notice how there's 11 Calico's in that pic! One is mine and so is the Halibut!.........notice also how I'm squatting behind my catch.......Hey Al, was that the day we slayed them on the spinnerbaits with a "trailer"?'s what's for dinner!
  103. gerryjig

    Poll: Slots or no slots for SW Bass

    shine the slots......DFG wants stuff in black and white.........just cut the limit to 5 instead of 10, I like to eat my bass fresh anyway and won't freeze any......right Mossback?
  104. gerryjig

    Castaic Stripers

    the view from low behind the calves overlooking the front deck in HD is just awesome! Triple on the first foamer is what striper fishing is all about up old stomping grounds! Hey Bob where are ya? Sorry about not caring about the bigger ones below G but just getting bit in...
  105. gerryjig

    Power Pro Super Slick

    ..........well yes, I am but 85% of my gear is other than Daiwa......gotta have someone get me in the Fred Hall show free right?:rofl: I have tried all the other braid and nothing compares......and Al are you flyfishing with that Samurai?....all that false casting will lead to little knots in...
  106. gerryjig

    Power Pro Super Slick

    just what baybassboy says.....but it's good to keep an open mind, once you use any smooth braid you will never go back to the coarse stuff. Daiwa Samurai has been a winner in my book since it came out......and it was the first to come out with the super smooth 8 strand braid, super...
  107. gerryjig


    Awesome Mikey! and yes ...........SD IS RAD!!!!!!
  108. gerryjig

    Let's Have a Party There's a Full Moon in the Sky

    ah man you let the uni-sauce secret out! havent fished the tube in years, looked like a fun sesh!
  109. gerryjig

    SWBA Round 2 preview...

    cool read! I was re-living it! know, "what was I doing when he was doing"?
  110. gerryjig


    the guy is more dedicated than ANYBODY at catching trophy bass. I see him every weekend I'm up there fishing either the lagoon or mainlake, he's parked in the same parking spot and fishing the same baits / areas EVERY DAY! His commitment is psychotic! That is Bad Ass!
  111. gerryjig

    Wild & True

    Love fishing off the meter, ALL of the most mental ways to tax your nut! Great pics and nice bass! Been fishing Castaic / Pyramid every weekend for not the best bites, yours looked much better!
  112. gerryjig


    Revenge now makes a HD Deep Runner 1.25oz Blade......Heavy Duty wire makes all the difference. I've broken quite a few of the thinner standard wire baits before the HD came more broken baits and lots and lots of bites. Buy yourself extra skirts.they are cheap and make your bait...
  113. gerryjig

    Offshore Swordfish Report

    hey keith..........are you fucking done yet? go the fuck away already, have I not asked you before? go back to alltoast where you came from and chased me away at one time long long ago, you are beginning to chase people away here now are a fucking joke :finger::rofl::rofl: btw...
  114. gerryjig

    I am NOT satisfied.

    Evan, BEAVER is what flew out of your livewell at the SB tourney! Except that one was "minus" a said above.....don't ever let your balls drop, Calico's to you, should be the only game in town. Beaver can be completely complicating.....just focus on the bass my friend........just...
  115. gerryjig

    PURSUIT 8/29

    captain of that boat is the biggest dick I've ever come across. was fishing the west end of cat one day while fishing for bonito for lobster bait after we fished the calicos. had another private boater maybe 40 yds. away and the captain HAD to drive between us instead of going around. NEVER...
  116. gerryjig

    Offshore Daiwa 3 Day on the First String 7-25 / 28

    Been some time since I've last posted. Was stoked to get the call to be the Daiwa open party rep. Got to the landing with Outdoor writer Jim Neimeic and waited to load up. Sold out load and couldn't wait to raffle off some cool product. Grand prize was a Saltist 2-speed and a Saltiga G...
  117. gerryjig

    Offshore OFF Shore

    oh great, I thought you only posted on All-Toast. You are the reason I never post my info there's been what, 4 years? Sure hope you don't call out bullshit on people here that KNOW WHAT THEY ACTUALLY SEE. In my eyes, your a kook and although you have tons of on the water...
  118. gerryjig

    have Trini's and TE's want a Saltiga 15 or 20

    I have a perfect 400 TE, a perfect mechanical minor rash Trini 14 and a Trini 30 the same that I will trade / $ / not for a Saltiga 15 or 20. I will sacrafice a bit whatever way to make it work........Gerry 949-275-6013
  119. gerryjig

    Offshore Tagged albacore travels 14,582 miles in 380 days

    F'N RAD! Thanks for the info!.....shit I need a bigger boat!
  120. gerryjig

    Scent of a Woman. . .

    fished Irvine lake a few days ago and caught about 30 fish on jigs. Around 12:30 the fish started shortbiting bigtime.....went looking for the Hotsauce and only found the UNI BUTTER....put it on after missing 6 straight fish and instant connections after using the Butter.....IT DOES WORK!
  121. gerryjig

    Welcome Aboard. Spectra Sportfishing / Long Beach Squid Report

    holy shit! what a nice boat.......could only dream of owning or running something like that!!! SWEET!!!
  122. gerryjig

    Jig Heads, Bullet wieghts, Shakey heads Painted VS. Unpainted

    brown, black or just an old unpainted one......don't like the new shiny unpainted ones though.......gotta "cure" them in a box by having them rattle around a bit before they darken up. Truly though, it's all mental and a completely personal preference.
  123. gerryjig


    lucky for Matt and Scott as your fast boat offered them more time to fish as they caught a 6 plus with 20 minutes to go giving them a better first day weight. Traveling conditions were really really good.....just that the waves were pumping!....had some close calls fishing the inside stuff...
  124. gerryjig

    12ft. Porta-Boat

    older one does not leak a drop......bench seats and transom with hardware $200
  125. gerryjig

    Saltiga 30T, Calstars and other stuff 4 sale

    don't have or want PayPal (don't trust the internet) and quick cash in hand is best.......just sold the 30T for $250 and the Baja Special is spoken for.....sorry, don't be bitter your not so close to come and get it.
  126. gerryjig

    Saltiga 30T, Calstars and other stuff 4 sale

    met up with a guy to sell the 30T........looked at a perfect reel then said "it wasn't what I was looking for".....DUH! don't waste my or your time, tell ya what, first $250 cash and you pick-up gets the Saltiga 30T. prices reduced on everything I have listed.
  127. gerryjig

    Saltiga 30T, Calstars and other stuff 4 sale

    I can send bigger pics if interested via pm......... bump
  128. gerryjig

    Saltiga 30T, Calstars and other stuff 4 sale

    light/fast action, 10-20lb. test I can send a bigger pic if you want via pm
  129. gerryjig

    Saltiga 30T, Calstars and other stuff 4 sale

    Brand new Calstar Grafighter 600XL 10-25 bait rod with $240 price tag on it with warranty tag too - $100 was $150 never used custom wrapped blk/purp 6ft. 10-25 Calstar fiberglass rod - $70 was $100 brand new custom wrapped blk blank blu/white wrapped 7ft rod - $60 was $90 brand new custom...
  130. gerryjig

    Thirty equals death

    happy belated b-day and "Sherry" fucking X-Mas to I guy I don't even know.......yet. Carcass you are, let's fish sometime and when we do keep your pecker on the other side of the boat weirdo.......
  131. gerryjig

    Offshore One is Better than NONE

    was out there late today as well @ 59/52.O-side bait closes at 11,we got there at 11:45.Off we go with no bait, hooked 2 on the megabaits and landed one the same size you got. Saw Ratical out there also, plowed right by me a couple of times and almost swamped me! Got on the porps @ 16 miles too...
  132. gerryjig

    Offshore quality YF still here...........

    Still no sack............:finger: haha......LOLLOL it's all good!, got me a sack, it just hangs more to the left!!
  133. gerryjig

    Offshore quality YF still here...........

    Of coarse I expected this thread to get shit upon.......sharing someone elses (he charters trips) first hand info to the masses worries me about getting shit upon! use it or don't, I'm out!
  134. gerryjig

    Offshore quality YF still here...........

    hope I don't catch shit for this!!!
  135. gerryjig

    Offshore quality YF still here...........

    heard first hand that 25-40lb YF are still around, somewhere between the 289 and 277 (yes that's a big area but due to respect, no numbers). Friend of a friend got into them today after 1p.m. After putting 9 on the deck, he was cool enough to call in other boats (Amigo showed up too) and fish...
  136. gerryjig

    Offshore Three-Oh-Two and a hair inside 9-29

    got them yesterday on porps, no troll fish all bait under the terns with a couple of open water puddler fish. Fished from 8-1 then fished bass for not much. Water was 70-71 and nice till noon then the breeze came up a little but not too bad. They are still there, just gotta work a little more...
  137. gerryjig

    Offshore 267/209/277, Dana Dodes 9-15......Sams back!

    After hearing of YF in the shipping lanes up this way and usually a later season area for YF, I fished close to home yesterday with Gary and Sam. Got off to a late start with the best bait of the season from Dana Point. Plan was to do the 267 / 209 / 277 loop in hopes of finding paddies and or...
  138. gerryjig

    Offshore Monster light line YFT outside Coronados 9-7

    I kinda assumed this would come a not so great (sorry Gary :) ) photo was taken of it's liver ( I believe the parts needed to determine are almost cut out of the lower part of the photo, the smooth non-striated part.......YF right?)
  139. gerryjig

    Offshore Monster light line YFT outside Coronados 9-7

    that thing was some sort of was kinda hard and felt like it was dead...??? THANKS for all the cool words guys! Man that thing steaked out really nice, I didn't have a heavier scale and wanted to fillet it on the boat to get it right on ice........debated on bringing it...
  140. gerryjig

    Offshore Monster light line YFT outside Coronados 9-7

    started the day with not so great bait that slowly died as the day went. Ran down to the Hidden and didn't do too well as I am hearing to how well everyone else was doing.....shit! After a while my buddy Gary gets one on the swimbait on the Then I hear my other buddy Rick...
  141. gerryjig

    Offshore Yellowtail Bonanza

    frickin awesome! nothing better than to watch the faces of kids pulling on hard pulling fish! CLASSIC!...just as much fun fishing and catching "through" them! Great job getting the future Gens lined up!
  142. gerryjig

    Offshore 182 YFT 8-20

    You are right, I leave ALL of the skin keeps better, check out my pic above.
  143. gerryjig

    Offshore 182 YFT 8-20

    sssoooo important! I never freeze tuna, my friends and neighbors love me! this is what you do... upgraded trebles, 1/2 and 3/4oz, blk/slvr, blu/slvr..... look at the rod on the pic above! whatcha see? yes, on the MC slug and Pearl simbaits!
  144. gerryjig

    Offshore 182 YFT 8-20

    ok, dropped everything after hearing of WFO YF on Wednesday. Launched out of Mission Bay and decided to cast at them when they were boiling under the shine the bait and put that $ in my pocket. Head between the 302 and 182 and ended up finding the right area 2-7mi SE of the 182 (big...
  145. gerryjig

    Offshore You could go 75 miles or?? A little less! 8-21

    great job! my favorite Tuna for sure.
  146. gerryjig


    There are some other sources saying the fish are in the 25 to 45 class.
  147. gerryjig

    Offshore Dana Dodos 7-29

    nope that's Gary not me in the pic and those are his lucky bloodstained Tuna pants from last year ya Carcass!
  148. gerryjig

    Offshore Dana Dodos 7-29

    this post is a REPORT, you got one to post? didn't think so and yes you are a dumbass! go and :ashamed: yourself guy
  149. gerryjig

    Offshore Dana Dodos 7-29

    watching the water in SD for today, I decided to fish close to home with Gary and Sam. Water was 72-74 and clean blue around the 267. Found quite a few kelps SE of the highspot with 1 in 4 holding YT seen. All nicer grade fish, Sam lost a toad after a long fight then redeemed with a...
  150. gerryjig

    Offshore 302-230-371 7-20 run

    yep good call on the SeaRok's, River to Sea makes them, they are Tungston and they do have a great finish, most people don't know what they are though, so small "megabaits" is a good general description to advise on. Like I said and you'll agree, getting the bait "in" the boil is key. and yes...
  151. gerryjig

    Offshore 302-230-371 7-20 run

    I used silver / black but I don't really think color is the issue......getting a bait in the boiler was the deal, small boat stealth is the only way. There were a couple of sportfishers trying to get on them but when they got within 50-75yds, the fish would drop and split. I patiently let the...
  152. gerryjig

    Offshore 302-230-371 7-20 run

    Ay Duane, Sam wanted to go but not until I get dialed in....gotta make sure "the mood" is right! She'll be out there soon for sure!
  153. gerryjig

    Offshore 302-230-371 7-20 run

    First run offshore this season for me. Headed out to some FD #'s somewhere in the middle of the "triangle". On the way out we find a few paddies holding YT and Dodes, put 4 Dodes on the boat and one YT.....farmed a few more. Decided to look around for those crashing fish, didn't find them at...
  154. gerryjig


    x2 for sure! After last year I'd take a season 1/2 as good and be happy! Can't wait...........
  155. gerryjig

    Offshore first SKUNK....OH the year

    first zero yesterday between the 209 and 277......makes you really appreciate the good days. Found the right stuff but the YF were at 50ft. and would not come up. Stayed on them for 6 hours for lack of effort, just a no-go. Water was greenish-blue and 67.5-69.5, a little washy...
  156. gerryjig

    Offshore The OC Report 9.16.08

    good fishing or not....any report with details is a GREAT report......thanks, heading out Thursday.
  157. gerryjig

    Offshore YFT on the fly...finally 9/10

    now that is awesome! Great job, must have tooled ya pretty good on your set-up. I'd love to give that a try.....I've had many instances this year for it.....possibly troll-ripping it on the porpi or something. Do you cast on those? What way works for you on those YF? Gotta get me a nice fly...
  158. gerryjig

    Offshore Slammed the YFT on the 182 9/9/2008

    Nice work guys......I think you used to fish the freshwater tourneys no?.....does Kenny Gwynn ring a bell? I think I've come across you guys in ABA and Maybe W.O.N tourneys.....tell me it aint so!
  159. gerryjig

    Offshore topless Tuna 1/2 dayer on the 9.... 9/09

    oh yeah, I think "Scott-Free" got a show today too!
  160. gerryjig

    Offshore topless Tuna 1/2 dayer on the 9.... 9/09

    cleared the point at noon for some afternoon YF with some friends. The porps have been moving NW from the outside edge of the 9 at noon or so every time I'm out....guessed right again and got on them while they were puddling around for nada for 45 minutes or so......then for the afternoon...
  161. gerryjig

    Offshore All day YFT....226 to the 182

    started just above and just outside the 226 this morning on a porpi school with just one other boat approaching too. Pulled in front and instant doubles.....the other boat stayed put and held his own while chumming as I kept with the porpi. When we did pull up and brail a few pieces they would...
  162. gerryjig

    Offshore YFT slayfest with an OC hottie 8-21

    fished the 277 for great YFT fishing. Went 8 for 13 (yeah farmed quite a few today) on bait and Rapalas just below the 277. Got out there late with 4 in the boat, small fleet was pounding the porpoise and not too good of a bite at first....until we left them to find our own stuff and started on...
  163. gerryjig

    Offshore More YFT with kids 1st @371 8-16

    fished today with my younger guy Nick, he's caught pretty much everything but YFT.....well today was his day. Got great bait out of PL / Shelter, very few died. plan was to split the 302 371 and run down towards and maybe out from the 371. One paddy on the way out for nada....continued and when...
  164. gerryjig

    Offshore best Monday yet....WFO YFT, YT and Dodo's @ 182

    wasn't going to post unless I had something great to post about with all the good fishing going on. Decided to fish above the rest of the pack today with all the weekend pressure down below at the 302, 371. Made the right choice.....first cast on a paddy with bait = 20lb. YT nice! ...proceed...
  165. gerryjig

    Offshore 8/2 302/371 YT

    oh yeah, why wouldn't I jump in even if guys were fishing?.....I wouldn't want to be the only solid object in the water to break-off a good fish hooked by somebody on a boat AND / OR.....I wouldn't want to get tangled in a line and get dragged down before and even if I could cut it off.....
  166. gerryjig

    Offshore 8/2 302/371 YT

    I am a true R&R guy, but when I'm on a "dive" trip.....I find my own paddies to jump in on, and right now there are plenty of those. As far as jumping in on a "fished" paddy.....only with the ok of the guys fishing it, and even then, it's not too cool, I still wouldn't jump in. I was out there...
  167. gerryjig

    Offshore Dana Dodo's 7-31

    those small jigs are River2Sea, and yes, 80-85% of all the local paddy bait IS small Spanish Macs!, both Dodo's had some in them and when I'm in the water, there's zillions!
  168. gerryjig

    Offshore Dana Dodo's 7-31

    launched out of DP a bit late. Ran down and out towards the 10-12 line off the Domes. Water was great, blue and 68-70 throughout the day. Didn't bring any bait today but I think the Dodo's will start biting bait soon, more on that in a minute. Was hoping for some chances on YFT and maybe jump in...
  169. gerryjig

    Offshore 7-24.... YFT 3 for 4 O-side

    figured it out today. Got caught up in the 5 south closure and didn't get to the ramp until 7:15. ran out and found numerous paddies with nothing, trolled the porpoise for nada even with the light line /small lures. 13 miles out, got into the open water YFT under the birds.....only way to get...
  170. gerryjig

    Offshore 7-17 great weather and saw lot's of YFT around 269

    to me and the years I've spent fishing porpoise for YFT, there rarely are tuna on the "playfull" holeheads....the ones you want to focus on are the ones that seem to have a traveling "objective" and could care less about the boat and any "fun". I will say that when you pressure the porpi, they...
  171. gerryjig

    Offshore 7-17 great weather and saw lot's of YFT around 269

    decided to stay local and look for the YFT on the porpoise again. Left Dana Pt. around 9a.m. and headed straight for the 269 area to start. Saw a large pod of the right stuff with birds on them a couple miles inside and above the highspot. Trolled a bunch of stuff and watched the YF crashing...
  172. gerryjig

    Offshore Sword Fish and Tuna, near 209

    beautiful!!! nice try on the sword, next time!
  173. gerryjig

    Offshore O-side to 209 for YFT on the Porpi !!

    no prob on the finder, it was set on "auto depth" and I was primarily interested in the temp, not the depth at the time I took the pic. I did go to a manual depth setting afterwards to look for fish from 0-100ft. ALSO on the fish I.D. The livers on both YFT that day were not of the BF type. Very...
  174. gerryjig

    Spectra to flourocarbon leadeder? Good idea fro offshore?

    I'm with Markus on this one.....Blackwater makes the best stuff period. The 12x and 16x braid makes the ultimate "knotless" connection with the Blackwater Flouro Shockleader. Not the cheapest but by far the best.
  175. gerryjig

    Offshore O-side to 209 for YFT on the Porpi !!

    sure would like to know EXACTLY what they are now after reading all the responses. The first pic shows healthy fins, especially the close / second caught fish, my pic of the fin itself (first caught fish, that didn't really thrash on the deck at all) shows to be pretty worn. These fish were from...
  176. gerryjig

    Offshore O-side to 209 for YFT on the Porpi !!

    this was 07-03-08 I forgot a date......
  177. gerryjig

    Offshore O-side to 209 for YFT on the Porpi !!

    Long: got to O-side at hurry as we were supposed to spear on the paddy's. Got out to the 209 at noon to glassy conditions. Saw quite a few paddies all with great bait with nobody home. My buddy Gary sees a pod of porpi with birds on them and we run over there as another sportfisher...
  178. gerryjig

    Offshore 302,182 sun. albies &yellowfin

    dude, your pants are ruined..........way cool in OUR water!
  179. gerryjig

    Offshore The Seiners are here!

    This shit has been going on's never been any different than what is happening now. Geez, every year this topic HAS to come up. Not to piss directly upon anybody but everybody has to deal with it. This shit will never stop so why worry about it, we're lucky enough to still be...
  180. gerryjig

    Offshore avg fuel burn running to 302/ 371

    Suzuki 70hp 4-stroke on a 18ft. C/C......6mpg plus, so you can figure it out. I burn maybe 22 gals the whole 12hr. day in all conditions. Though there is no comfort whatsoever, it's about time the small boat guys can reep!....besides it's about getting out there and catching.....period!
  181. gerryjig

    Offshore First BFT Blood!!! Monday 6-16

    Fished with my buddy Gary (pictured)YES!, after paying major Tuna dues last eason by zigging when I should have been zagging....this year started great! then ran inside to fish Calico's..... What an awsome day! Water was 62 where the BF was caught.....way behind the boat on a...
  182. gerryjig

    got me a SPOT

    this thing is for when you have NO radio or cell reception....duh
  183. gerryjig

    got me a SPOT

    this is the first of it's kind so what unit or equipment do you use after you've taken the tests?
  184. gerryjig

    got me a SPOT

    satellite messenger. Any of you guys frequenting far and away places either solo or not, should have one. Works just like an E-Perb (sp?) on a vessel, but SPOT uses 2 satellites.....the extra one to send messages (so goes the annual $99 subscription). Your designated family / friends can have...
  185. gerryjig

    We be buggin..11-29 w/pix

    nice to see you gettin plenty of use with the new skiff! ....just wait till the end of lobbie season and you'll get to pick some of the "gum" off the females underbody!....EEww! Nice eats there :beerbang:
  186. gerryjig

    Offshore 10-22 9 mile for nada....

    Nat. Cedars, small pink or blk/purp jets, Rapalas of different sizes, colors and styles, swimbaits you name it. Did hear of ONE GUY that had 4 in the box.....nobody else had any either....definately an "off" day.
  187. gerryjig

    Offshore 10-22 9 mile for nada....

    got out to the lower 9 at greylight....trolled all the stuff that's been getting them for nothing......trolled further south and west (below and inside the 302) for nothing . wind came up outside the Coronados with 4ft. rollers, but was nice and laid down at the 9....WTF? trolled back to the...
  188. gerryjig

    Offshore 9-25 302 / 371 / 425 loop, islands too.......

    for dick. Ran a total of 98 miles for 2-3 paddies with nada......didn't even see a private boat after the 302....kinda weird. Great conditions all day, saw schools of Sauries and the water was 65-67 and nice color. Salvaged the skunk with some calico's at the islands and a couple spotties in SD...
  189. gerryjig

    Offshore 371 area........

    Wanted a shot at some YFT as I haven't even seen one on the deck this year. Ran across the lower 9 with some pretty good life out there but nothing worth stopping on. Kept running looking for birds / paddies / mammals. 45 minutes into it, I see no paddies, as I get closer to the 371 the area is...
  190. gerryjig

    good fishing at the islands......

    fished the Nados yesterday for great weather and YT fishing. Lots of areas had fish, tight and inside the N. Island, south inside edge of the gap (NE end of S. isle) and the outside of the bottom end of the S. Island. Anchoring was the deal and Dinos and Iron were getting bit. When getting fish...
  191. gerryjig

    Excellent bait today

    got 3 scoops yesterday and gave them a $20 tip ($110.00) for the worst bait I've ever gotten there.......that's a first though, normally it's the best bait on the time I guess!
  192. gerryjig

    Offshore late 7-24 Albus report with hot troll minnow pics

    I troll these baits around 5 knts, the're pretty much tuned out of the box but after a few fish they may need a little adjusting.
  193. gerryjig

    Offshore late 7-24 Albus report with hot troll minnow pics

    fished in my skiff yesterday from 2:30 until 7:30pm and boated 5 out of 7 hookups, 3 on bait and 4 on the troll (broke 2 off on the troll with one being a completely blistering run that I tried to slow down and didn't....."ping" -gone).....all fish were caught within or within view of the fleet...
  194. gerryjig

    Offshore albies 7-21 kissing Old #7

    got to take the big boat out yesterday and boated 11 fish from 20-25lbs. first stop was on some puddlers within the sport / private fleet in mex waters this was a quad to start after a heavy brail of mix bait all hooked on the dines, 3 boated then picked for 30 minutes for a few more hooked...
  195. gerryjig

    Offshore bad for us good for you....7-13

    ran to the Nados first on the way to the 425, for YT and bass and got the latter, no YT. Water was cold (63) on the way but warmed to 68 inside the bottom end of S. Island.....ran towards the 425 and stopped 4 miles shy to start trolling up the line towards the our asses handed to...
  196. gerryjig

    Offshore multiple banks for the Albies 7-9

    coin toss on wether to run to the 182 or find my own fish......on my own I go. Ran from PL to the on a small Rapala way back, water was 66.5 there, couple meter marks but pretty quiet at the time. Ran down to the 371 next for nothing, water was 65 and semi-lifeless. almost ran to the...
  197. gerryjig


    if it werent for the end of commercial netting for Halibut, there would be no's just about as good as I've seen it. You can purchase a commercial rod and reel permit, but you would need other licenses to fullfil your commercial activities / responsibilities. Guys have been...
  198. gerryjig


    don't be paranoid, that stuff has been going on for quite some time now. With the regs in tact, all will continue to be well. I've worked some commercial (lobster, crab and live fish) and have been a sporty for my entire life.........just keep on fishin 'em all is good!
  199. gerryjig

    BKR #'s?......

  200. gerryjig

    BKR #'s?......

    that seems to be it......thanks man
  201. gerryjig

    BKR #'s?......

    heading out of MDR tomorrow and looking to fish the BKR area, anybody have general #'s to get me in the area?.....I know it's about 1/3 the size of the horseshoe kelp so specific "spots" arent needed......thanks!
  202. gerryjig

    Rockpile to LB in 3 days....

    fished the pile Thurs with 1000 an averge fish on the Iron right off the bow some YT blood and a nice released Calico for my buddy...
  203. gerryjig


    ended up getting 9 BFT between 15 and 20lbs. at the Nados one season 3 or 4 years ago, they moved the pens out of the red tide zone and I guess a couple opened up and out the BFT went. Just like someone else said.......YT and BFT on the same spots!...EEEEEeHHHHaaaa! :drunk
  204. gerryjig

    Offshore Late 9-20 YFT report and secret bait to share....

    feeling compelled to share a little secret after reading c-goats post....I fished the SE 182 area and got on the porpi and boated 8 YFT before a barage of boats pushed the porpi down and out and gone for good. I was trolling the smallest magnum(steel lipped) Rapala in blk / silver on 20lb...
  205. gerryjig

    Offshore FLOOD GATES OPEN?

    great news, at this point, any size YFT is good to me.....enough YT / Dodo paddy fishing. I'm not complaining as this year has been epic compared to last. Bring on the baby footballs! Death_To_
  206. gerryjig

    Offshore Yep.....Dana again, 7-27

    Karlow, to get a bit more away from "the pack", I'd launch out of O-side....remember that most of the people that live above Dana (eg H.B., Long Beach, or even further) will launch from Dana and not from their home harbor above to run down in the boat. If I were going tomorrow, I'd do O-side...
  207. gerryjig

    Offshore Yep.....Dana again, 7-27

    got off to a later than normal start and had to wait in the bait line for 45 minutes. Busiest Thursday I've seen as there were so many boats heading out of DP. Got off the beaten path by charging down the beach for a bit then swung outside. 5.5 out we find a really nice paddy with lot's of...
  208. gerryjig

    DP 7-25, 3 boat "buddy"......bad idea, but good fishing

    Esi, always good to be able to pass fresh info around. Yeah, I owned that tin boat for 13 years, I only split the Port and Starboard bow sides a couple feet each way back when........I think it may go one more repair.....otherwise it's the end of the old "brown boat" , I must say, that little...
  209. gerryjig

    DP 7-25, 3 boat "buddy"......bad idea, but good fishing

    the 2 good paddies were 7 or 8 miles below the 267, the whole area from Dana to O-side outside of 12 and out to 20 miles has good stuff to find. I launch from either Dana or O-side. Sardines today, but I hear the macs are better.....wouldn't you know that we couldn't find any bait to make on...
  210. gerryjig

    DP 7-25, 3 boat "buddy"......bad idea, but good fishing

    headed out of DP today with a couple other friends boats to get some YT and Dodo's. Plan was to spread out within sight and find / share as many paddies as possible. First paddy we get a few YT between 3 boats. 2nd paddy had lot's of YT and a nice school of Dodo's around. Ended up getting 3...
  211. gerryjig

    7-20 YT and Dodo's.....O-side / Domes area

    Ran out of O-side with my 10 year old son and a dive buddy for some fishin and shootin. Ended up boating one 15lb. YT and a 17lb. Dodo. Must have come across 25 paddies, even though the Dodo came at 12 miles, most were in the 18 - 20 mile zone off Pendleton. Blew some shots and had quite a few...
  212. gerryjig

    Offshore 5 year old sons first YT pics and vid

    Wow!.....very very cool! :appl: props to you for spending the time "showin him the ropes"! It took me a few years to get my two guys (10 and 12) dialed in......we're just about heading down to the Midriff for their 3rd year catching YT.....I just love seeing them get worked! :rofl: ....the first...
  213. gerryjig

    Malahini Friday 6/9

    You oughtta see them chicks slingen the Iron!
  214. gerryjig

    Bass rod rock cod

    closes the end of this month?.....correct me if wrong,but I thought it was the end of the year?.....I'd really like to do that one....any special areas to get those fish?....
  215. gerryjig

    Offshore Shitty day LJ 9-21

    fished from dark to dark for one small Calico and 1 YT lost to the kelp by my buddy on the iron. Highlight of the day was the seal that kept biting our baits off behind the head.....until I asshooked a bait and tossed it out for a YT (yeah).....I'm on!....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ about 150yds later I...
  216. gerryjig

    LJ not good today.....9-15

    P.S. by the 1/2 day a.m. and p.m. counts, it looks like the fish bit better in the afternoon.
  217. gerryjig

    LJ not good today.....9-15

    conditions were great...water cleaned up a hair....nice downhill current...67 degrees and a little bump at noon. The YT didn't want to play....perhaps too much boat traffic? :food-smil time!
  218. gerryjig

    LJ not good today.....9-15

    got one small YT with no boilers seen whatsoever....tons of boats too! Got the little guy on the iron, the Spanish macs were way too big. Surf should be good tomorrow....takin a break from fishing.
  219. gerryjig

    good YT at LJ 9-13

    fished the W and NW edge of the area for 9 hookups and 4 boated fish, most were small 6 - 7 lbers (bounced a couple off coming over the rail), but a couple were much bigger, I'd say 25 - 30 lb fish that just flat out kicked our asses....40lb. on a 9 ft. Jigstick, lost my favorite jig too. We got...
  220. gerryjig

    Coronado's 8-19

    Took my younger son and a buddy to see if we could get the YT. I'll make it short, pretty much the same as "Full Tilts" report, but we did get on a nice Calico bite and one nice eater Ling.....I wonder if vince's bait was from the dudes that were handing out cards ......located east of the SI...
  221. gerryjig

    Offshore Long Boat Ride -Dana pt.

    Am heading out tomorrow.....where?....I'm not sure, but your report helps in the overall decision......thanks! I'm bringing the long iron too, just in case they don't bite ;)
  222. gerryjig

    Anyone over here tuff enough ..

    Sounds great to me.....could be a good trial for my 9 year old year he's my SWBA partner. This year myself and a buddy (team Killa) finished in 9th overall and qualified for the SWBA Top Ten Finale! These are some of the funnest low didge tourneys out there and this one sounds like a...
  223. gerryjig


    Wow, that does suck big-time.......what, did they think you snuck in by throwing your boat over the fence and hopping over????....what a bunch of B.S........regardless, I would have made sure my parking ticket was easily viewable and would have not listened to the "not-completely-there" /...
  224. gerryjig

    Anybody know what's going on at H.B. flats?

    The fleet is straight off of Magnolia / Newland in HB......the whole Armada!...go get' em!
  225. gerryjig

    Fishing the Nados Friday 8/12

    I'm heading down from MV Thurs. and will post a report after.....where in MV are you?.....I live right next to the lake
  226. gerryjig

    Offshore More on the Condor 7-11

    Great boat and crew....I used to be a Prowler client but after atrip on scott's boat.....the Condor is awesome! Glad to see anice sea in the backgroung.
  227. gerryjig

    Fished the Shoe latley?????

    fished it the other day(Sat) looking for fresh hoop-bait. A few party boats looking on the edge of the shoe....probably targeting Bass and Bonies....water was nice with all the Macs and Bonies you wanted....meter while trolling and you'll find them...or them you!
  228. gerryjig

    Coronado's 9-7 YT, BFT, YFT...awesome!

    N. end of the S. Island on the inside and the S. End of the S. Island too. I'm sure they're at the Middle Grounds as they seem to like the current off the ends and in the gaps....couple on bait and one lost on iron. Been getting one almost every trip.....kinda cool :).....maybe I'm just lucky!
  229. gerryjig

    Coronado's 9-7 YT, BFT, YFT...awesome!

    Got to the islands at 6 or so with good bait from E-bro's. Slow fishing (nada) until 9 then decided to run a little outside of the S. Kelp towards the 425 for a try at YFT. Less than 10 minutes into it and 3.5 miles west of the S.Kelp, zzzzzzz..... 10lb. YFT on the standard 6in. wood Cedar...
  230. gerryjig

    Coronado's 8-24

    Got to SI at 5:30 and got great bait from E-bro's. Got to the south gap (just N. of S.Island) and started slow-trolling the Sardines....2min. later, Hookup!....18-20lb. Bluefin! Yeah Baby! Continued to the S. Kelp where the YT were biting pretty good on the outside edge. Damn DOGS!....I have...
  231. gerryjig

    DANA POINT july 27

    Hey guys, I have a buddy who just fished the Aliso peir /pipe and they had a 60lb. plus WSB come unbuttoned after a 15 minute fight on the swimbait. Slow-trolling a mac at greylight there would be a good bet.....or do the same at San Mateo for the YT.....go get'em!