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  1. Thatsbait

    1106 Scotty Downriggers Pair (matching)

    I bought these brand new from John’s Sporting Goods in Everett. Fished two seasons and then sold my boat. I had every intention of installing them on my new boat, but have decided I’m only fishing long range trips out of state. Pair of Scotty 1106 extendable booms. Each rigger is fully...
  2. Thatsbait

    Reel ID needed

    Yes, I know it’s a great picture! I borrowed this rod/reel combo, and I can not for the life of me remember what kind of reel this is! I know it has an aftermarket handle on it. I’m setting up a Slow Pitch combo and wanted to duplicate this one!
  3. Thatsbait

    Big Ass Smoker——FREE

    8 rack smoker. Two compartment, top has 8 racks. Bottom is for heat element. I ran two hot plates with a cast iron skillet. Makes really nice smoked salmon. Easy to run 20 to 80 lb fish loads. Has a side port for a small fan that I used to help dry. Four wheels on the bottom so it rolls...
  4. Thatsbait

    WTB. 15-20 HP four stroke tiller motor

    I recently bought at 12ft Livingston. Fixed the gel coat up, and now I just need a motor. Looking for a 15-20 HP regular shaft motor. Must be tiller, and would prefer electric start. 2008 or newer. Cash in hand for a nice motor!
  5. Thatsbait

    Still growing golden!

    Went up to the hills. Parked the truck at the locked gate. My son and I then rode 2 1/2 miles on the bikes. Walked 1.48 miles in some heavy timber with a mossy bottom. Got to love the tracker on OnX app! Harvested somewhere between 20-30lb in two hours. We had a blast. Most of them were in...
  6. Thatsbait

    Solo buck down.

    Had the multi-season tag this year. Hunted the muzzle season for three days with my buddy in his truck camper. Saw many nice bucks! But I could not seal the deal. Pulled the trigger on a really nice 3x4, three times. First was a clean miss, second my gun fucked up, and it was like shooting...
  7. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Fish ID needed!

    Someone tell me what this is? Caught in Lake Chelan off a dock with a worm. Sucker, chub, whitefish? Looked all over the net, and I'm still not sure?
  8. Thatsbait

    Looking for a ride Kauia

    I will be on Kauai from July 14-20. Looking to go fishing. I have extensive experience offshore. I'm 43, in-shape non-smoker. Never been seasick a day in my life. I can run a boat, or set a spread, or leader and gaff a fish without any instructions. I have gas, bait, and beer money!! Darryl
  9. Thatsbait

    Ice Machine! Manitowoc Series 250. $400.00

    Small commercial ice machine. Easily makes 250 lb a day. I have it set up to be hook to a garden hose. Just hook it up, plug in to 120 volts. Instant ice!. Water cooled, I have a small garden hose plumbed to ice hopper, and compressor so its drains into the yard. You can watch it run at my...
  10. Thatsbait

    Saltwater LaPush opener/report

    Fished the opener on Thursday. We ran south and everyone else ran north. Had a spot in mind. Good water ran 20+knots the entire way. Got to the spot with two other boats, lingcod fishing pretty much off the hook. Struggled to get any halibut as the lings were so thick. Usually this spot...
  11. Thatsbait

    Big Ass Smoker!

    Holds a shit load of fish. Nine racks on top, bottom I run two hot plates. Hole in side to run small fan. Smoke stack in back. Plywood, then styrofoam, then wood lined, on wheels, stainless steel hardware. Depending on load, I can maintain 110 to 140 degrees all day long. I only use this...
  12. Thatsbait

    For sale- Shimano Calcutta 250/Fenwick Eagle GT

    Gold Shimano Calcutta 250. Few very minor scratches. Fenwick Eagle GT 8'6" Medium Heavy Rated 10-25 lb test. Rod is brand new with tags, and plastic around handle. Has line, and I think it has spectra backing. $175 takes the combo. Local pick up in Lake Steven's only.
  13. Thatsbait

    2007 22' Defiance Pilot House $39,000

    2007 22’ Defiance Admiral $39,000 Powdered by Yamaha four stroke 150HP with 885 hours with stainless steel prop. High Thrust 8HP Yamaha kicker motor on hydraulic lift. Fully Networked Garmin electronics package to include: 10 inch in-dash screen Radar, with chart plotter overlay 50/200 KW...
  14. Thatsbait

    2007 22' Defiance $39,000

    2007 22’ Defiance Admiral $37,500 Powdered by Yamaha four stroke 150HP with 885 hours with stainless steel prop. High Thrust 8HP Yamaha kicker motor on hydraulic lift. Fully Networked Garmin electronics package to include: 10 inch in-dash screen. Plotter is loaded with all my spots...
  15. Thatsbait

    Saltwater My Daughter sets New Record!

    I have been fishing out of Greys Harbor for years and I almost always take my son (9) and daughter (10) with me on our many trips into the ocean. This year we have been working on a different angle, being salmon is only a 5 day a week thing. That leaves me Friday and Saturday open to fish...
  16. Thatsbait

    Saltwater West Port bottom fish again....limits!

    Did some chores for the wife for most of the morning. Told her, "we going to take a quick look at the jetty". NOAH report was 7ft at 10 secs. But wind was at 5 knots. Blasted across the bar at 22 knots just to peek at the outside and never came off the throttle. Lazy mid-size bump on the...
  17. Thatsbait

    Saltwater West Port is Wide Open!

    Cleared Ocean Shores at 1100 due to low water. Had my buddy, his daughter, and my two babies on board. Ran out in flat calm slick water to some hard bottom spots about six miles from the tip of the jetty. Bass were stacked up like cord wood. Fish every drop. Really good bite on my homemade...
  18. Thatsbait

    Saltwater West Port bottom fish....Limits!

    Let out of Ocean Shores about 1030 as we were waiting for enough water to clear the harbor. Went to some hard bottom about five miles out and found it absolutely loaded with seabass. There was another boat on the same spot and they were done with bass and looking for lings. First drop my son...
  19. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Westport Bottom fish opener

    Launched out of Ocean Shores during high water Saturday morning to a stiff wind. Fished both north and south jettys and submerged jetty for one ling, and three bass. Lost a shit load of swimbaits due the wind and current Fished Sunday morning, not even a bite. Water temp a brisk 45 degrees...
  20. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Ocean Shores surf perch.

    Been bored out of my mind! All boat maitence is done, all rods fixed, refreshed all my tackle. Im ready for the bottom fish opener! I have been fishing surf perch all winter long, both in the surf and off Damon Point. Very easy fishing, jusy two hooks above a 3oz sinker. Razor clams for...
  21. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Westport July 1-2 opener

    Fished on the south beach opening morning for nothing! Wife finally said take me home! Drop her and daughter off at the dock and ran to the north beach. 30seconds in and rigger pops, my son to the wood to him, kept moving north and got a second just south of the casino. Day two, started...
  22. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Westport taco trip.

    Left Ocean Shores at noon on the flood tide. Ran out to 100ft and found the bass stacked up. Pretty much an instant fish every drop. No lings today. Back in the harbor by 330, with limits of bass. Water clean, saw one commercial boat working salmon.
  23. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Westport bottom and salmon report.

    Ran out of Ocean Shores today as soon as we had enough water to leave the harbor, around 1045 due the the huge tide this morning. Crossed a flat bar and ran to a 5 mile 100ft seabass hole. Fish stacked up like cord wood on the meter. Fished 2 1/2 oz lead heads and swimbaits. First drop get...
  24. Thatsbait

    Excel update! June 3

    Left San Diego on June 1 on 8 day. Got 600 scoops of nice bait. In-route lower ridge, should be there around lunch time June 3rd. Weather flat calm. Stopped on a few schools of blue fin on the way down for nothing. Hopefully fish are chewing down here, wish us luck!
  25. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Day #3 Westport No butts.

    Left Ocean Shores harbor right at 0515. Crossed the bar at max ebb. Shitty crossing, but we did not take any water over the top. Its was my sons 8th bday, and I always take him fishing on his bday. Been going with me since he was 6 months old. Now all he wants to do is fish. Wife says be...
  26. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Day#2, Big butts, lings, and bass!

    Second day of Halibut opener. I was watching the weather pretty closely as I thought it would be unfishable. Got a call from a buddy at 430 who was crossing the bar, and said "its rough". We took our time and wend down to the boat and rigged gear. Decieded to take a quick look. Easy bar...
  27. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Westport Butts, and Giant Lings

    Left the Ocean Shores Marina at 0530 and sailed across the bar. My first # was at 36 miles. Flat water and we hauled ass the entire way. Get to the spot and about 8 charters all working area. Wide open bite in small butts. Most drops we caught two at a time. Water right around 875 ft...
  28. Thatsbait

    Saltwater FL day 2

    Somebody taught this kid how to fish! 7 years old and just kills them! Windy and rainy most of the day. Try to hit the salt tomorrow!
  29. Thatsbait

    Saltwater FL day one

    Spring Break for us and the kids. Hit the local lake for about 20 of these in an hour or so. Only 13 days left!!
  30. Thatsbait

    Swimbait Lead Heads I ordered from this guy who is down in Southern California. Nice jigs at a nice price. Thought I would pass his info on. Please don't contact me as I have nothing to do with any of his ordering. He is a nice guy and...
  31. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Copalis Razors.

    Easy, easy limits. No wind, no waves. Wonderful shows. Not many people out at all. All clams extra large. No pics, we all know what they look like. Tonight should be more of the same. Darryl INTERDICTOR Team Captain
  32. Thatsbait

    San Diego Long Range Trip......Excel!

    I'm scheduled to go on a 8 day long range trip from June 1-9, on the Excel out of San Diego. I'm going to drive down about 1 1/2 days before. Any interest from anybody to go on the trip. The trip runs $2400.00. The boat will supply 6 rental rods if it's your first time on the boat. All...
  33. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Day two, Area 2!

    We were back at it again. Due to the late tide we could not leave Ocean Shores marina until 9 am. We went out to about 225 ft and put the gear down. An hour later the deep line finally get hit about 205 of wire out. 14lb Fish in the box. I am hearing lots of Radio Fish. I put both lines at...
  34. Thatsbait

    Saltwater King opener Area 2!

    Did not leave the dock until 9 or so. Ran straight out to found a charter right on my #. Put the gear down and port rigger goes off. Nice 18lb or so into the box. Stay in the area and pick off another about an hour later. Grab a few lings off a rock pile for tacos and call it. Back at...
  35. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Easy limits! Area #2

    Wife said be careful what you create. I think im and doing a damn fine job. Took both of my babies and left Ocean Shores marina on the morning high tide. Fished the local area. Morning outgoing tide was productive. Wind picked up after the tide charges, then started howling within the hour...
  36. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Father's Days Lings

    Just me and the boy, Good water Sunday morning Area 2! Found a few biters. Boy has the fever bad!! Loves his lings.
  37. Thatsbait

    Live bait is available!!!

    Just got off the phone with Patty, in West Port. She told me they started selling live bait yesterday (05-25).
  38. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Lapush opener

    Took my baby boy and the crew! Good weather, good times! Came home loaded, everyone took home 70lbs of vacuum sealed white meat. I put my new deep drop electrics, on bent butts to good use. Really is a huge time saver, and they are relentless on the fish. The reel have no problem bringing...
  39. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Neah Bay Opener

    Good weather on Saturday. Started at the high spot just outside. About 10 boats out there. One nice ling about 18lbs, the rest were about 10lbs. Pitched em back. Hand full of misilanous Rockfish. Two flat ones somewhere around 60 each. Got bored yarding on halibut and left. Went inside...
  40. Thatsbait

    Saltwater Ocean Shores Surf Perch

    Hit the ocean beach this weekend. Great weather and a small swell. Fished the incoming tide. Two hook rig with a strip of squid and a 3oz triangle weight. Caught these three red tailed surf perch in about 20 mins, then my waders filled with water so the fun was over. I could of easily...