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    Raise Your Hand If You Thought I Was Dead.....LOL

    So who thought I was dead? "The rumors of my demise are unfounded" Doc Holiday
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    Garmin GPS Serial Cable, DVI Cables, IPOD MultiMedia Cable,Serial and Firewire Cables

    4- DVI Cables (Digital Video) for Plasma or LCD TV's $5.00 Each 1 Serial Cable $5.00 1- 10' Firewire Printer Cable or Media High Speed Transfer 2- 6' Firewire Printer Cable or Media High Speed Transfer 1- 4' Firewire Printer Cable or Media High Speed Transfer $5.00 Each 1...
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    Reliable 60"x33" Offshore Kil Bag $80.00

    Reliable Offshore Kill Bag 33"x60" Zipper works great, no tears, drain plug Will hold 8 20# bags of ice and keep them cold ALL DAY. Just add salt water to make a slush and you have an RSW on your boat to keep your tuna cold all day till you cut fish. First $80.00 bucks takes it...
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    Heading south Saturday 9/4

    I like that highway of good water down in the 295/Double 220/1010 triangle. Good water, nice chloro. The Dos Locos will be making the run on Saturday. Some PB'ers smacked it good there yesterday along with some 1 1/2 day boats. Terns are gonna be my best friend...... Lets get it on!!!
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    Pictures Tell A Thousand Words: My 5 Year Olds' First Fishing Trip On The Dos Locos

    Perfect day with my son in the big bay for all you wanted Lizard Fish which might as well of been Marlin to my 5 year old son Connor. This was his first trip aboard the Dos Locos to fish and was the capper to a perfect weekend. Last nights Bobby Flay style BBQ with my son. Asian Teriyaki...
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    In the hospital again...MRSA Part Deux

    As many of my friends on here know, I've been battling MRSA (Methecilan Resistant Staphlococal Aureus) since October 2008 since contracting it from a douchebag I was arresting. Well here I sit back in the hospital yet again. Kaiser is making there profit off me for sure. To all my fellow LEO...
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    7/24/2010 Bird Schools, Fun with Dad, Pig Sandras & Roast Beef

    Bird Schools, Fun with Dad, Pig Sandras & Roast Beef Pictures tell the story best. Great day with my dad (as many of you know we almost lost him last year). HUGE bird schools, PIG Sandras, excellent jigstick fishing... Conditions: H2O Temp/Conds: 64.3/Green Weather: nice conditions...
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    Marinco Guest Charger 2611A and Battery Questions

    I installed one of these on the Dos Locos yesterday and after reading pretty much everything in print I could on it, I still have some questions. I run a two independent 12v battery system on the Dos, one deep cycle and one cranking, both are wet cell batteries and both connect to one Guest...
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    9# or 12# Fluke or Danforth Style Anchor

    Still looking for a 9# or 12# Fluke or Danforth Style Anchor. Contact via PM, thanks I need one ASAP.
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    Danforth Anchor/rode/chain

    I'm looking for anyone with a Danforth anchor with rode/chain for sale for a 21' Parker. Also looking for anyone with an anchor roller/bow roller for sale. PM if you have these items for sale.
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    Who's down for an SCI run?

    Considering a trip 4/24-4/25 spending the night on the pick in Pyramid. I checked SCI Area Usage Schedule and there are no closure scheduled. Anyone interested in linking up and buddy boating over there?
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    Day at the Docks, Sunday 4/18

    Alright, who's going and what do you plan on buying? I know that Jason and Ali plan on having a Bloodydecks and Fish Dope booth. Sounds like a good place to get the Dope if you missed out at Fred Hall.
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    Trailer Maintenance

    Thought I'd throw this up as a reminder to those of you getting ready for the Pelagics to check your boat trailers. Make sure you check each wheel bearing, bearing buddies/caps, tire pressure, spring condition, winch ratchets, etc to make sure everything is in good working order. A little...
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    The Masters

    Tiger teed it up at 10:42 A.M. with a Driver on the 445 yard par 4 and just ripped it right down the middle long as hell. He's playing with Kutcher and Choi so it should be interesting to see what they shoot with all the added scrutiny. Kutcher and Choi's tee shots weren't even in the same...
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    Winch for Pacific Trailer

    Anyone have a winch for a Pacific Trailer for sale? Need one asap.
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    GO BLUE DEVILS!!!! Daddy's back kids............
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    Any Pacific Crest Trail Hikers Out There?

    My oldest daughter and I are getting ready to do a long segment hike on the Pacific Crest Trail. We will be planning on doing roughly a 100 mile segment hike. We are both physically fit and experienced in the outdoors. We're looking at doing the ultralight backpacking type of segment hike...
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    Avet Reels and Calstar Jig Stick

    I have the following Avet Reels for Sale. Condition is mentioned under each reel, CASH ONLY-I need the duckets bad guys. No Trades. Pick-up local or meet halfway in San Diego only, no shipping. CALL CHRIS 619-666-9348 FIRST COME FIRST SERVED PM'S GET PRIORITY IN THE ORDER THEY WERE RECEIVED...
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    What a bunch of bullshit..........

    I deleted my report. Bunch of kooks, I swear. You new guys want to log onto BD get the numbers and zoom right to the spot and commence to filling your kill bag. What happened to looking for your own sign and signal? What happened to actually putting your time in with turns on the prop...
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    Please Help Agent Robert Rosas' Family

    An account has been set up for Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas family. As most of you know, my brother in green, a United States Border Patrol Agent, by the name of Robert Rosas was murdered last thursday, July 23rd. He was ambushed while working on Shockey Truck Trail and the border. They...
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    A brother in green murdered, US Border Patrol Agent shot and killed

    Please pray for the wife, 2 year old son and 11 month old daughter of Border Patrol Agent Robert Rosas from the Campo Border Patrol station. He was murdered in cold blood last night and the hunt is on for his killers.... Border Patrol Agent Robert Wimer Rosas United States...
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    FishDope Down?

    Tryed logging on and got to the URL that says "You are being redirected to the Members Area" etc.... and then asked to log in again. Can't seem to get further than this. Is the site down or an upgrade in progress?
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    My Vacation: 8 Day Red Rooster III 6/18/09-6/26/09

    The Thom Hultgen Memorial 8 Day rides again... Great trip with great people. The pre-trip festivities started with a BBQ the night of the 17th at my casa. The usual suspects were in attendance, Cuda, Corb, Fishstalker, Wreckinball, Gspot, etc... Had ribeyes, crown, and bushmills, followed by...
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    Paging Mr. Unreel, Behdad pick me up....

    The PE48 Flatback tank you hooked me up with from Pacific Edge performed flawlessly. I had a scoop and a half in it and only lost six or seven chovies all day in a tank of mixed dines/chove. I had a new Rule 800 running as well instead of my Bait Sentry 800. I'm an extremely satisfied...
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    Going on a killing spree 5/24

    Team Dos Locos will be out on 5/24 taking a look inside and out for the jurel. We'll be up on 68/72 and giving FishDope whatever dope we find out. FishDope subscribers should look at today's dope, it's definately on. If you don't have FD you should get it.
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    What did your kid get for Easter?

    Mine scored his first fishing rod in his basket....
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    Who wants a campsite at San Elijo State Beach for 4/12-4/17, I got one for you....

    Here's the dealio- I have an extra campsite at San Elijo State Beach for 4/12-4/17. This is a non-hookup, inland site for the second week of spring break. We fucked up and got three sites when we only needed two. This site cost me $132.50 but I'll give it to yah for 80.00 bucks. Normally...
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    Does anyone have a generator I can borrow?

    Does anyone have a semi-quiet generator I can borrow for a week of surf camping at San Elijo? I'd be willing to trade a tuna trip on the Dos Locos free of charge for allowing me to borrow your generator for a week. Let me know, thanks in advance.
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    Anyone recommend a good appliance guy in San Diego?

    My fridge is fucking up, need to get a good repair guy over here today that won't break the bank. Anyone recommend a good one here in San Diego?
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    New Bait Tank and Seats for the Dos Locos

    Well I finally got tired of the seating arrangement and bait capacity on my Parker, the Dos Locos. The first order of business was to call Behdad at Pacific Edge and order up the new tank, a PE40FB in Parker color. Next I found two Parker ladder back helm seats and then bought a couple of Todd...
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    Great customer service at Pacific Edge

    Just wanted to drop a note and publicly recognize the outstanding customer service I received from Behdad (BD Member Unreel) at Pacific Edge Tackle in Huntington Beach. I needed a new bait tank for the Dos Locos and finally decided to buy one new. Behdad took the time to send me pics via...
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    Spa Repair Needed

    I need someone to replace an in-line heater on my Caldera Spa. Anyone have a hookup in the San Diego area for Spa Repair? Thanks.
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    Good one from the DSC on KGB this A.M.

    I heard a good one on the DSC this morning: How do you know your girlfriend is getting fat? She now fits in your wifes clothes............ That shit had me laughing out loud in my car this's fucking wrong, but funny just the same...
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    Going Fishing 12/27/08

    Hitting the bay in the Parker with Kruzcan in about an hour. Good tidal swing from a 6 high to a -2 low, almost an 8 foot swing. Should be pretty good.
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    San Diego Open Bay Bass Tourney-Who's In?

    Got the call from Dwayne tonight, me and Kruzcan are in on the Dos Locos. Who else?
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    Thank You BloodyDecks

    Before going up to spend the day with my Dad I wanted to say thank you to GardenMartha and the blood donors from BloodyDecks. Martha arranged this morning for the BloodyDecks account at the San Diego Blood Bank to donate 10 Pints of blood to my dad. Thank you very much!! If you have...
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    My Dad, he needs your blood.

    So listen, before I type this little missive, let me just apologize to South Bend and warn him, that even though he knows my Dad and met him at Fred Hall, you may not want to read this........ So anyway.... MY DAD NEEDS YOUR HELP Many of you know my Dad and have fished with him, so...
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    7 days in the hospital MRSA-it can kill you

    I just got out of the hospital for this shit and here is my sorry story: M.R.S.A.-methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus I just finished seven days in the hospital fighting this stuff and I am finally at home. I have a central line catheter(PICC line with a 50CM length painful...
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    Attention licensed contractors: work needed on my new pad

    We're in escrow on a bank owned property and at the close of escrow I'm going to be having some work done on the house. The target time frame for starting this work is the end of November. All work paid for in CASH, no contractor liens etc. I prefer a licensed contractor to perform the work...
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    Is this a good deal?

    I'm not a real estate guy and I don't know a lot about it so your opinion's interest me. What do you think? Approximately 2300 sq feet Over 300K but less than 350K 5.875% on a 30 yr. fixed no slab/termite issues not a beater but rather a paint and landscape house
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    Offshore The Chili Pepper is a YFT virgin no mo'

    Enjoyed a day of tuna fishing on my buddy Tom's new Sea Pro 23.5' WA, the Chili Pepper. Gassed up/baited up and gone by 0600. Good times with good people. Tom's first YFT on his boat, congrats buddy. Also fished with Mark and Conrad on this trip. Find the ponies, find the YFT. Ours...
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    Offshore 8/16 Hidden Bank/S. of 371/425

    Zack's First Dorado My son wanted to go fishing and actually got out of bed at 3:10A.M. and was dressed and waiting for me when I got up. How's that for motivation? This was Zachary's first trip offshore, and between me, Grandpa, and my bro Mark, we had this kid catching fish all day. Zack...
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    Bustin' Down The Door

    Any BD surfers going to see this tommorow? Landmark Theater La Jolla Village 7:20 P.M. Shaun Tomson, Rabbit Bartholomew, Mark Richards, Pete Townend, competitive surfing history from 78-83 from the aussie invasion of Hawaii and world championships. If you grew up surfing in the 70's this...
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    Launch Ramp Etiquette

    Last night while recovering the boat at SI there were just too many kooks and dipshits with attitudes. To the asshole with the lifted truck and his HIGH BEAMS on while launching the skippy with the pilot house-you are an idiot dude. To the guy who thinks that the middle of the ramp is the...
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    YT Shootout Report for Team Dos Locos

    Thank you Maggie for the Pic! First off, I'd like to say THANK YOU to Jason, Ali, Cory, Vince, and all the volunteers at BD who hosted a fantastic tourney that was well run and has definately raised the bar on how to run a fishing tourney. The sign-in was painless and trouble free, the...
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    We had a nice tourney........

    Hope it was as nice for your team too.... Some pretty big fish were caught outside yesterday. See you guys at the banquet.
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    Dos Locos going hunting 6/15

    Three generations will be on the Dos Locos for a Fathers Day trip. We'll be travelling to points south in search of the yellow kind on 6/15. Monitoring 72 and 16.
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    Chain Link Fence Installer Needed

    I need a 20' section of chain link fence installed with a gate. This is for a dog run. Anyone here do chain link fence? Please PM.
  52. Dos Locos

    The things that make you go hmmmm?

    Search Warrants Unsealed In Alleged Road Rage Case Watch Video Last Updated: 04-14-08 at 2:39PM SAN DIEGO -- (AP) - Newly unsealed search warrants show a woman tested positive for marijuana and alcohol the night she and her 8-year-old son were shot by an off-duty San Diego police...
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    Need some advice for Santee Lakes

    Ok here's the deal, next weekend is a big day for me. I get the priveledge of taking my 3 1/2 year old fishing for the very first time. His mom and her team are participating in the Relay For Life 4/19-4/20 at Santee Lakes. We will be camping with them and fishing while they run the relay...
  54. Dos Locos

    Attention all Baseball Coaches...... are no longer high school athletes........ and neither am I.......... Was hitting infield to my 13-15 year old Juniors players, hear a pop, I go down in a heap. Two orthopedic appointments later, a fancy hinged gigantic skeletor looking knee brace, and a pair of crutches and...
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    The Dos Locos will be out from MB and points north to LJ. We'll be monitoring 16 and 72.
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    Ho Needed 3/30-3/31 SCI/CAT Trip

    Needed: 1 Ho for overnight skiff trip to SCI/CAT on a Parker 2100SE Must be willing to: Split Gas Cost, bait cost, food cost, and help clean the boat after the trip, be flexible-we may fish SCI or we may fish CAT dependant upon which dope is better, willing to bang in sick to work on monday...
  57. Dos Locos

    Questions about Dana Point

    Is overnight parking allowed in the parking lot adjacent to the boat launch? Is there a fee for launching? Is the parking lot relatively safe? Does anyone know if the bait barge operated by California Bait Co or EB (can't remember which) has squid?
  58. Dos Locos

    Getting the candy

    We are launching out of O'Side on early sunday morning on 3/30 for our trip to SCI. Is there a place to get squish on the way to SCI or do we need to detour to Cat and then over to SCI?
  59. Dos Locos

    Anyone down for an SCI Trip

    Me and Mark are making the annual overnight trip to SCI on 3/30 to 3/31. Plan is ghosts in the a.m. on the candy and YT on the iron in the afternoon. BBQ and Beers in Pyramid Cove in the evening. Who else is down?
  60. Dos Locos

    2008 Fred Hall LB: what deals did you find?

    I observed the annual tradition of making the migration to Long Beach for the 2008 Fred Hall Show yesterday. Here are the deals that I found: 1 BD Albacore Shirt + 1 Flexfit BD Hat $30.00 for both (BD Booth) 2 Promar Bait Nets $7.98 each (Turners Booth) 1 Gold metal Promar 6' Gaff $31.00...
  61. Dos Locos

    My Packers are going to crush the Giants

    Nice game against Dallas. The snow awaits you where my Packers will destroy you.
  62. Dos Locos

    Noahs Tackle Online Store

    I tried to shop online for a new Avet this morning at Noahs Online Store but to no avail. Everytime I clicked on the link to enter the store it took me to BD swag. Does Noahs still have an online store?
  63. Dos Locos

    Merry Derelict Xmas

    Merry Xmas to the DC...... I got my present early from Nathan and his wife..... New granddaugher Alyssa Ann
  64. Dos Locos

    Anyone need an Angler for the San Diego Open Bay Bass Tourny?

    I'm looking for a spot on a team. I can provide the boat if you have the entry. PM me if you have a spot.
  65. Dos Locos

    Any BD'ers in Charleston, S.C.?

    I'll be there from 12/12 to 12/20
  66. Dos Locos

    SDBay 11/25/07

    Water Temp: 58.9 Clarity: Dirty Weather: Sunny Tide: over a six foot transition from high to low, fished the transition period Fish: short butts/skates/occasional sandie/spottie Baits: Trix Spin Bombs, FT's in Ghost Shrimp, Dines on Sliding rigs Anglers: Dos Locos, Kruzcan, JimB Overall...
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    Make a caption for this pic.... Part Deux

    Make a caption for this pic..
  68. Dos Locos

    How did you carve your pumpkin?

    We get into Halloween around here. Lets see your carved pumpkins and Halloween decorations. Blues Clues Thomas the Tank Engine House non-lit House lit up
  69. Dos Locos

    My Yankees are getting spanked

    Congrats to the Tribe and Sabathia for that game turning strike out of Posada with the bases juiced. Good baseball played by the Tribe for sure.
  70. Dos Locos

    Questions about Catalina

    So I'm putting together a weekend romantic getaway to Catalina for my wife and I and I need a little help with some details. Where's the best place to stay? Are there any package deals worth checking out? What is there to do that the average wife will like? Is there a shuttle from Long...
  71. Dos Locos

    Thank you Corb

    Thanks for the board corbski. Delivery service too!! I cant wait to surf it tonight bro. Unreal how clean that board is.
  72. Dos Locos

    BD Surf

    Who's up for a morning session tommorow? I'll be hitting it early tommorow, 7ish on the north side of Scripps Pier or whereever anyone wants to meet.
  73. Dos Locos

    Help me buy my new board

    Ok gents, selfish self promotion here; BUY MY SHIT IN THE CLASSIFIEDS SO I CAN GET MY NEW BOARD LOL LOL New, never fished Super Seeker ULUA, green blank, factory wrapped, deckhand grip $225.00 Used 8.5/10 Tiburon SST 20 $400.00 Used 9/10 Daiwa Luna 253 $180.00 Thank you.....
  74. Dos Locos

    Surfing: The rejuvenation of my soul

    I just spent the last three complete days surfing Beacons, Pipes, Swami's, and So. Carlsbad and it was a total rejuvenation of my soul. I grew up surfing windnsea, hospitals, etc... but over the last six or seven years, life has gotten the better of me. Aggroness, and a plethora of other...
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    Offshore 8/4 Filled the Coolers

    Left SI at 5am with Fishstaler and Popa_Pescarul on the Dos Locos. Ran west of where we were last week and had off color 67.5 water. Turned around and headed due east for several miles when Charles spots the one-stop shopping paddy at 9/35. Several casualties but when all was said and done we...
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    Burying a brother in green today.....

    It's 0430 and I'm up, showered/shaved, drinking my first cup of coffee for the day. It's a routine I've been doing for years. But instead of putting on my uniform, I'm putting on a black suit and tie today. It's a routine that Eric Cabral, a young Border Patrol Agent who died in the line of...
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    8/4 Going Killing

    Sat 8/4 It's killing time Fishstalker and Popa_Pescarul are coming along as an accomplices...... We might go fishing too......
  78. Dos Locos

    Offshore 7/28 Albies and a pissed off wife

    Pissed the wife off and went's getting to be a regular thing. Mark and I rolled into SI last night around 8PM, fished off the rocks, ate carne asada, and drank beer. Crashed out, up at 3AM, pops meet us at the dock and off we went. Shitty bait at the receiver, but that's the...
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    Pelagic hunting 7/28

    The Dos Locos will be running on 7/28 from SI, may need 1 more
  80. Dos Locos

    My Version: 6/22/2007 to 6/30/2007 Thom Hultgen Memorial 8 Day

    Thanks Jason for letting me back on BD, thought my 1st post back should be a fish report so here you go: 2007 Thom Hultgen Memorial 8-Day Trip Dates: 6/22/2007 to 6/30/2007 Boat: Royal Star, Capt. Randy Toussaint at the helm This was the second time that I have had the privilege of...
  81. Dos Locos

    Thanks Jason

    For letting me back on BD. I'm too sick to fish today, cancelled my trip with Fishstaker and my Dad. I never thought it'd be possible to be too sick to fish. Mike Peterson-thanks for getting me linked back up with Curt about that tire.
  82. Dos Locos

    ATIHC Team Dos Locos 11/25/2006

    Here's the Report for First off, nice job to Mike Petersen, his wife, and sister in law for their hard work on the tourney. Usual host of characters at the line up before the tourney: Stan on the Surf Doc: Ryan and his Pops on the Grey Ticket: Was good seeing guys I...
  83. Dos Locos

    Staph Infections are bad..........

    So here I am, two days after getting the cactus thorn surgically removed from my right thigh. When they removed it, they cultured the wound and told me to come back in two days (today) for a dressing change and told me that it would be all healed up in 7 to 10 days....... Well that shit is...
  84. Dos Locos

    So I have a question......

    I got a cholla cactus thorn in my leg the other night, last thursday actually, while chasing our geographically challenged friends to the south through Potrero. I've had many cholla thorns stuck in my legs over the years but this one is fucked up to say the least. BTW, how fucked is it when...
  85. Dos Locos

    OJ "The Worst Human Being Ever" Simpson.....

    Can you believe that this douchebag is going to write a book called "If I did it, this is how I would've done it" ????? He is also going to sit for an interview on Fox..... Unreal?????? I love what Jim Rome called him.... "The Worst Human Being Ever" Pretty damn fitting.... Even...
  86. Dos Locos

    11/5 Flatty Search Report

    Launched at 0515 with Kruzcan aboard the Dos Locos. Headed out to the spot where we got a 21" fish to go. That would turn out to be all for the day. Water varied between 59.4 and 61-9 with a 3-4 rolling swell at about a 12 second interval with gusts of wind up to around 10knts. This made for...
  87. Dos Locos

    What a bag of shit....fucking hypocrit

    Watch this video. I love how during all of his responses to the reporter's questions, his eyes go up and to the left. Looking up and to the left while answering a question is indicative of lying or being deceptive. The symbolism of looking up and left while responding to a question means that...
  88. Dos Locos

    Say a prayer please, the US Border Patrol lost another one

    Say a prayer please for the family of a fallen Border Patrol Agent. He lost his life yesterday in the line of duty when the vehicle he was driving struck a cow on the Tohono Odom Indian Reservation in Ajo, Arizona. He suffered massive injuries and died at the scene. I won't post his name here...
  89. Dos Locos

    11/4 Inshore Flatty Search

    Launching out of Dana Landing at 0500 on the Dos Locos with Kruzcan in search of the flat kind. We'll be ignoring everyone on 72.
  90. Dos Locos

    10/29 Butts

    Myself, Spyderdude, Kruzcan and JimB launched from Dana this morning at 7 a.m. with the intention of doing some prefishing for the ATIHC. We headed out of the jetty into a flat sea with water in the 63.9-64.5 range with no wind and a 1' swell. Headed north to the area we wanted to work for non...
  91. Dos Locos

    BD sighting at Boater's World

    This a.m. a blue volkswagon beetle at Boater's World off of Rosecrans with a red YFT BD sticker in the back window. Who are you? Also yesterday in LAKESIDDDDDDDEEEEE a small white pickup truck at the Doctor's office?
  92. Dos Locos

    Time to pound sand

    Kruzcan, JimB, Spyderdude and myself will be out pounding sand on Sunday 10/29 in preparation for the ATIHC. We'll be ignoring everyone on 72.
  93. Dos Locos

    Missing: 1 Finger, a pen, and a razor blade....

    How many guys can say that their best friend cut their finger off? Funny thing happened at the MAW banquet today. As Kruzcan (Mark) and I were pulling into the SI parking lot we saw Hanna. So being a good BD'er, I thought it would be a good idea to place a little love note on Curt's...
  94. Dos Locos

    Monday Night Football---Oggi's in Santee

    Me and Kruzcan are gonna be watching the game and having a few at Oggi's in Santee. Any BD'ers that wanna stop by are welcome. Go Steelers!!
  95. Dos Locos

    Windshield Repair?

    Anyone know a reliable/cheap windshield repair place?
  96. Dos Locos

    What a torn Biceps Tendon looks like

    So as some of you know, I had a little accident at work a couple of months ago and tore my biceps tendon, glenoid labrum, and a bunch of other shit in my shoulder. Well I had surgery last week and the doc was kind enough to take some pics of the injury and the repair. The bottom pic on...
  97. Dos Locos

    Thanks Ron

    Thanks Ron for the hospitality, fun times with good friends. Added bonus seeing your Faiders eat a dick as well. Now my Packers can have some company in the Zero Zone.........
  98. Dos Locos

    Time for a party!!

    JESSICA'S TURNING 13!!!!!! Where: La Jolla Shores, South of Main Lifeguard Tower at firerings look for the white EZ-up Sunshade and BD shirts When: Saturday, August 26th 3PM to ?? Why: It's my daughter Jessicas 13th Birthday Party Bring your own beer...
  99. Dos Locos

    Offshore 7/19 Zachs first offshore fishing trip

    Did the loop, 302-371-425 Water 70.2-72.4 19/16 lots of YT in 71.2 water, Zach got his first YT, pops got one too, kept 3 let the rest go. Zach hooks a dodo and zingpowed at the gaff, turned the paddy over to Mo Betta who got 1 dodo also. Fun day, good times with my kid and dad. The...
  100. Dos Locos

    Fishing 7/19

    Taking Zachary and my pops out on weds. Heading north and west, 43-182, etc looking for dodo and yt 72/69
  101. Dos Locos

    Royal Star 8 Day.......We're Back.

    BD represented big time. Just got home from the boat. We'll be posting up a detailed report with a lot of the over 450 pics we took. BD represented with the first wahoo to be taken this season down at the Rocks and the biggest hoo to be taken down at the Rocks this season. Pics of all the...
  102. Dos Locos

    Zach's Tournament of Champions Game Schedule

    Since a few showed some interest in following Zach's games, here's the first one. It's this weekend out in Jamul Game #1 District 41 Tournament of Champions Lakeside National Padres vs. Singing Hills When: Saturday June 17, 2006 (Tommorow) Time: 5 P.M. Where: Jamul...
  103. Dos Locos

    And now batting for the Lakeside National Majors Allstar Team..............

    playing Right Field and pitching in relief........ #1........ ZACHARY HALE !!!!!!! Big congratulations to my son Zachary who in his first year of Majors after being called up early from the minor division, made the Allstar team!!! As a member of the Majors Allstar Team, Zach will be...
  104. Dos Locos

    I need your help for a very worthwhile cause

    The El Cajon Border Patrol Station Welfare & Recreation Association is looking for local businesses to be part of the El Cajon Station Memorial Golf Classic. This year’s golf tournament will raise money for a scholarship fund in the memory of two of our agents whom died in the line of...
  105. Dos Locos

    This is what I had for breakfast today.....

    From this yesterday: To this mornings breakfast:
  106. Dos Locos

    Offshore 6/5 BFT and YT at 24/31

    Started the day at the 43 and headed southbound. Ran the 66.8 degree break south to the 302 and down into the 371 for YT and then....... Nice troll BFT on the bloody mac rapala CD14 at 24/31 in 66.5 water: Kruzcan scored too: A little catfood to bloody the deck as well...
  107. Dos Locos

    Just another day at the office.......

    Good times for sure....... We're going to Disneyland: Maybe if I pretend to sleep, he won't see me: Anyone got any rolling papers:
  108. Dos Locos

    302/371 Monday 6/5

    Too many whiny little bitches like CALCOdoucebag around here so fuck it I'm going fishing. Dos Locos and crew will be departing Dana Landing at 6ish for the 302/371. It's rat killing time.
  109. Dos Locos

  110. Dos Locos

    5/16 DoubleZ gets the Triple ZZZZZZZZZZ

    Met Dayle at 6am and Lowell at the Dana Landing Ramp for a day of thresher fishing. After yesterday's 7 hours on the water for no love, we were bound and determined to get our shark. We planned our hunt for the North end of the 9 mile bank, but I must admit it was hard to work our plan after...
  111. Dos Locos

    5/15 Thresher DENIED

    Worked from south edge LJ canyon/wx buoy north to Carlsbad powerplant for two knockdowns but nothing sticking. Water was 61.8-62.7 all day. Best area for knockdowns was north edge of LJ canyon in the 600' line. Hitting the sack now, going back in the morning to get my shark.
  112. Dos Locos

    Funny ass shit right here........
  113. Dos Locos

    Post your favorite pic of a freakish sporting accident........

    For you baseball fans......... Hidecki Matsui's cool ass broken arm last night:
  114. Dos Locos

    5/4 425 and points southwest

    Az. Monkey, Jesse, and myself are departing SI 5am thursday for the 425 and points southwest in search of tails on paddys.
  115. Dos Locos

    4/30 Fisherman III w/Zachary

    Had a couple of free passes for the FIII half day so I scooped up Zach and we hit it for the afternoon ride. Zach had a blast, caught some nice browns and reds on a steady pick off of IB pipe. Saw Stan fishing the bay on the way out, Zach threw him a proper salute and we were off. Zach was...
  116. Dos Locos

    Post up all you quitters!!!

    I'm 9 days without cigs and diggin it. I am completely amazed at how easy this has been. No patches, nico gum, welbutrin, or any of that shit. I guess it's amazing what the proper motivation will do. So lets hear it from all the homies on BD who have quit smoking or are currently in the process...
  117. Dos Locos

    I need a mortgage banker

    OK, I got my realtor, and a damn good one at that. Now I need a mortgage banker to help get the snaps to buy my pad. If you are a mortgage banker, give me a call we need to talk. Chris XXX-XXX-XXXX
  118. Dos Locos

    For the BDer's going on the Thom Hultgen Memorial 8 Day.....

    I was thinking that it would be cool to get together over sushi or maybe a Butcher Shop run to go over tackle, techniques, and shit like that. To a LR newb like myself, the information exchange would be invaluable. How is everyone for like May 12th around 7PM or so at ONAMI's? Post up if you...
  119. Dos Locos


    The kids got the hook up today......... can't wait till the sugar high hits..... The books were a big hint to the girls, hopefully they read better than they listen... Connor's Basket Zach's Basket Roxy's Basket Jessica's Basket
  120. Dos Locos

    Only in Lakeside......... cows break INTO your backyard......... Just another day in LAKESIDDDDDDEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
  121. Dos Locos

    8 Day Terminal Tackle Suggestions Por Favor

    Ok, so I am going on my first 8 day in June on the Royal Star. I'm pretty solid on which setups I'm taking so now it's the little things I need to know. What size, types of hooks/swivels? Types/sizes/colors of Jigs/bombs? How much and what sizes of lead? What other terminal tackle would you...
  122. Dos Locos

    The Rumors of my Demise are untrue......I'm alive

    Ok bitches, stop the auction selling my boat and truck.....I'm still breathing.... Just got home a couple of hours ago from Kaiser where I have had the worlds biggest WAKEUP CALL. I suffered a small cardiac "episode" (heartattack still scares me) on weds night after an arrest (details of...
  123. Dos Locos

    4/15 South and West

    Making the run south and west to the good water. Crew is Kruzcan, StandupTangler, and me. Leaving SI at 4 a.m. Saturday morning. Jaydog and crew will be running with us.
  124. Dos Locos

    4/2 thru 4/9 Surf Fishing/Camping at San Elijo

    I'll be up at San Elijo State Beach camping and surf fishing for the next 8 days. Gonna give the Gulp! sand crabs a shot. If anyone wants to fish or pop in for a beer up there, drop me a line XXX-XXX-XXXX. Later
  125. Dos Locos

    Offshore SCI 04/01/2006

    Had a nice trip to SCI with the BD Crew today. I was gonna launch out of Dana Point last night around midnight, but after getting calls from Jason and Bill Havens telling me the swell had knocked down, we lanched the Dos Locos out of MB at around 7PM with me, Kruzcan and his friend Jay. We...
  126. Dos Locos

    Dear Bitches..........

    To all you whiny little bitches....... You are seriously fucking up this messageboard with your whiny ass, look at me, I'm so funny, fucking threadjacking posts. You all deserve gay porn in your inboxes and to have your avatars switched to "man cub" and NAMBLA posters. Stop with all...
  127. Dos Locos

    UFC on Spike right now.......

    Holy motherfucking god, Tito Ortiz just put a monsterous fucking ass whooping on this unknown cat within the first 30 seconds of round one. I'm talking a serious, bust your melon open, body slamming, knock out punch whoopass.............fuckin excellent!!!!!!!! God I love this UFC shit.
  128. Dos Locos

    Weather for SCI Trip

    So if the weather on thurs/fri is at all like what it is calling for on Tues/Wed, the Dos Locos will be out. I have no desire to do 60-70 miles head on into a 4-6 foot west swell crossed with a 3 foot wind swell. I'll make the call on Thursday. There are too many good days to risk it on a...
  129. Dos Locos

    George Mason ........ puts down UCONN

    Never been a fan of George Mason, and to be honest, I'd never heard of this team. But since my boys choked, I'm kind of ambivalent about who wins the tourney. That is until I watched GMU take out UCONN today in overtime. Fantastic play by a group of kids who nobody even thought would get an...
  130. Dos Locos

    O'Side Boat Ramp and Bait?

    Ok someone give me the skinny on launching from O'side. Is the ramp decent, will the tweeker take my fucking car? Is there an Ebros up there or some other type of bait operation and if so are they 24hrs? Lemme know, trying to figure out if I want to launch out of O'side or MB for the SCI...
  131. Dos Locos

    Props to LSU

    They played excellent. Duke played like shit. Turnovers by Duke and the outstanding play of Thomas from LSU put the nails in the coffin of Duke. They shut JJ Redick down plain and simple. Arguably the worst game I have ever seen Duke play, get on the bus-go back to Cameron-hang your...
  132. Dos Locos

    SCI Spots

    With the upcoming BD trip to SCI, I have been doing a little research concerning the techniques and spots around the east end of SCI. Here's what I've come up with so far. Blue/White Iron a few cranks off the bottom deadsticked in the rod holder, a couple mantle hooked squid on the white lead...
  133. Dos Locos

    Changing the Oil on a Yamaha 150 4 stroke

    OK, so I have a few stupid questions and I'm looking from some answers from the BD brotherhood. Can someone tell me the process for changing the oil (idiot proof preferred), as well as the amount of oil that this engine requires when changing out the old oil with the new. Thanks
  134. Dos Locos

    FHDM Show Sat 3/18

    Baseball got cancelled, took the kid and headed up to DM. Here are some pics... Total Losers, except my kid of course.... Banman and Pops JewBaca and The Palestinian Stan got his girlfriend a present... BD'ers representin' at the show... Skeeter fishing game...
  135. Dos Locos

    First Game in the Majors.....

    Yesterday was opening day for the Lakeside National Padres. My son Zachary started his first game in the Majors and he's stoked!! The Padres kicked butt over the D-Backs 12-3 and I promised him I'd tell you schmuks all about it. This is a kid that is so stoked on Baseball that he slept with...
  136. Dos Locos

    Need a favor....

    Me the wife and kiddos are going up to San Elijo State Beach 4/2-4/8 in our travel trailer. Usually we get a hookup site but they were all taken this time. The generator we have took a shit and money to replace it just isn't there. Is there anyone here that has a fairly quiet generator that...
  137. Dos Locos

    Two more pieces of shit.......

    Read the article below. This is fucking disgusting. Brings to total 4 corrupt agents in SD an Imperial counties in the past year. I hope they fucking rot in the slammer. The sad part is their families will have to suffer the emotional and financial impacts of their selfish decisions...
  138. Dos Locos

    So S.U.A., you gonna post up that photo or what?????

    WTF George, you gonna post up "the photo" from the show or what you homo? Ali- you should never dare a redneck from Lakeside bro.......... It was funny to see that dude running down the aisle with the crumpled up BD sticker in his hand.... "That's not funny you guys.........real...
  139. Dos Locos

    Woke up this A.M. and this is what I saw.......

    The neighbor comes out and says "I think I cut out too many of the roots during my last yard project...haha haha" Ya think dumbass? Looks like he's gonna be building a new fence.........
  140. Dos Locos

    2/25 Rockpile, Islands

    Ran with Orca and SealSkinner today on the Dos Locos. Nice and flat going down in virtually no swell. Got on the highspot at the Rockpile and found fleas size starry's and whitefish. Water was 54.7-55.0, current was downhill and fairly fast. Various spots around the pile produced similar...
  141. Dos Locos

    Coronado Islands/Rockpile 2/25

    Alright, lets try this again and see if the "Fishing Addict" can avoid thread-jacking me again.... Sealskinner, CudaKiller, and myself are heading south on the Dos Locos out of SI at 6AM on 2/25 to the Coronado Islands, Rockpile, SKR, etc.... Gonna be very interesting to say the...
  142. Dos Locos

    SD Bay 2/18

    Hit the bay with my dad and Zachary today for a shakedown/fishing trip in the Bay. Wind was up but the rain stopped long enough for us to enjoy some time on the bay, water was 59 degrees or so all day. Lots of spotties, lizard fish, and short butts. Fished mostly south of the bridge in the...
  143. Dos Locos

    FishTrap Lures

    A few weeks back I wrote an e-mail to Barry Brightenberg from FishTrap lures expaining that I had purchased some plastics from Angler's Edge that had split at the color seam. He called me on my cell phone and explained that they had a bad batch that came out and said that he would replace the...
  144. Dos Locos

    The Dos Locos Gets A Major Electronics Upgrade

    Thanks to a "Secret Squirrel" who want's to remain anonymous, the Dos Locos underwent a MAJOR electronics overhaul today. Here's a partial list of what was done; 1. Shurflo Pro Blaster Washdown with Heavy Duty Grade Marine on/off switch and flush mount stainless hose bib. All fittings were...
  145. Dos Locos

    New Graphics for the Dos Locos

    Just got back from Ali's (Gato Gordo) shop. I can't say enough about how awesome a job his crew did on the new graphics for the Dos Locos. Ali and his guys have a lot of talent for this stuff. From the way that Ali took my idea blended it with some of his ideas, mocked it up in Adobe, and...
  146. Dos Locos

    Accurate Framed Penn 99 and 90J

    Just finished putting together my Penn 99 with Accurate parts and matched it up with a Calstar 90J. Anyone else use this combo for throwing the plug?
  147. Dos Locos

    WTB electronics box

    Ok gentlemen, I don't want to pay 300-400 bucks for another new electronics box. So, does anyone have one they'd be willing to sell?
  148. Dos Locos

    UFC PPV is ROCKING!!!!!!!!!!!

    These prelim fights have been excellent. Mir gets TKO'ed with a killer punch that opened his eye up like a sieve. then......... VERA from San Diego, knocks out this dude with a kick to the head in the first minute or two..........fuckin awesome!!!! This UFC shit rocks..........
  149. Dos Locos

    Excellent Warranty Service From Lenco Trim Taps

    So I had a problem with the rocker tactile switch for the tabs on my boat that quit working. After talking with some BD'ers and troubleshooting it, I discovered that the switch had water invasion that caused it to stop working. I called Lenco and after explaining the problem to the guy, he...
  150. Dos Locos

    Happy Birthday Tsuriya

    I'm only a day late bro. Happy Birthday Ron, hope it was a good one dude!! :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl: :finger: :finger: :appl: :appl: :appl: :appl:
  151. Dos Locos

    Happy Birthday to my son..... 1 y/o today

    Many of you remember the birth of my son a year ago. So I thought I'd put a little before and after pics up.... First Sonogram: His actual Birthday 1/29/2005 And Today, 1 year old 1/29/2006: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONNOR EVAN BUSH 1 YEAR OLD TODAY
  152. Dos Locos

    Problem with Lenco 12X12 NS Edge Trim Tap Actuator

    Ok, so I've troubleshot a problem with my Lenco Tabs, these are the mechanical non hydraulic 12x12 NS Edge Tabs. I have good operation on the port tab and no operation on the starboard tab. I have checked and replaced the 20amp fuse at the fuse terminal and verified that the ground/power wires...
  153. Dos Locos

    SD Bay 1/15

    Got a call from pops at like 7am this morning to go fishing. He calls up and says, "It's only rain, lets go". We had originally cancelled this trip last night as we had planned to go to the rockpile and pukey for some ling and yoyo Yt action and it didn't sound to fun in a 5-8' swell and small...
  154. Dos Locos

    PARENTS: It's 12:25 AM-Who's Still up?

    Ok Mom's and Dad's, it's 12:25 AM, who's still up playing Santa? We are, x5-good times only to be woken up by the miscreants in about 5 hours all the while yelling "Santa came, daddy Santa came!!!!!" I love this part of Christmas
  155. Dos Locos

    Wassup Now Bitches.........

    I'm the motherfuckin king of all vCASH............ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
  156. Dos Locos

    Any BD RVers here....need some advice

    Ok so here's the dealio.... two of my kids, two of the neighbor kids and one other kid were all playing at my house on Saturday night. Apparently they threw about 20 lemons from my backyard accross the street and put about 10 dings in the side of this dude's Travel Trailer. My question is...
  157. Dos Locos

    LJ, a parking lot???????

    I just heard Rob from Sundance Marine on the radio during the Let's Talk Hookup show. He said they were on the boat right now fishing in LJ and they counted 91 other pb'ers with the NSF, San Diego, Pt. Loma, all out in the canyon with an entire fleet of yaks to go with it. Glad I'm not out in...
  158. Dos Locos

    So you're the bad guy, now what would you do if......

    So after my day today, I have a question. Well actually I have several questions but that's another story. So say you're the bad guy and you've been pulled over, as the officer approaches you begin to reach for something under the seat.............the officer says, "Show me your hands....yet...
  159. Dos Locos

    Any dentists on BD? I got a question.......

    So my upper left molar ruptured while I was out to the desert on my "extended holiday" and I was unable to get it treated. The long and short of it is that this morning I had to have that molar pulled. Now there's a big ole honkin hole where the molar used to be. So my question is...
  160. Dos Locos

    Well Fuck Me Runnin.....I got a virus, HELP needed

    One of the kids clicked on a link contained in a SPAM e-mail. The link installed a trojan called WinFixer 2005. I am using Spybot S/D and Mcafee and can't seem to get this shit fixed. Someone help my dumbass...........
  161. Dos Locos

    11/20 Dandy Bottom Critters in LJ

    Picked up pops at 8am unannounced, drug him out of bed and made him go fish. Hit LJ with squid for limits o' bottom fish. Reds, Starry's, Barber Pole, Smelly's, etc... Any pile of stones in over 180' holding tons of "dandy bottom critters". Back on the trailer at 3 pm and off to watch my...
  162. Dos Locos

    Fuck 9/19

    11 y/o son caught lots of turdrollers in sdbay Trini 20 w/cal drag plate upgrade and calstar 800xl in bay near bouy 19 144 quart marine cooler near college ave and 8 eastbound Saw Jay(Produceman), talked to No Limits and Dirty Stella----you are all still gay. Fuck I hate this sport
  163. Dos Locos

    Ali and Jason

    Kept getting the "Server is too busy right now" error when I tried to log on... Sucked not having BD for a few days Thanks to Osama and The Jap, they've apparently fixed it. :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:
  164. Dos Locos

    So if you are a parent of teenagers, preteens or kids that use the internet, then you need to check this out. This website is a group of citizens who pose as kids on the internet chat rooms to trap pedophiles and turn them into police. They currently have taken like 30 pedophiles and internet...
  165. Dos Locos

    Konerco in the 7th

    WOW, that friggin dude can hit. That ball got out of town in a hurry. Nice Grand Slam for the ChiSox in the 7th. Shitty call on that "hit by a pitch" dealio though..........
  166. Dos Locos


    Did you know that you can actually get drunk off of Listerine.......... Good Times........ :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  167. Dos Locos

    Fishing Sat 9/10 going west

    The Dos Locos will be heading west Saturday morning. Myself and FishStalker will be trying to put my friend Mikey and his Dad on some fish. Plan is once we get to the clean water, drag the big jigs around for the carp while searching for bushes holding fish.
  168. Dos Locos

    I need a TN20 and a TOR16 or 20

    and I'm willing to trade a 10/10 mechanincally and 9.8/10 cosmetically Accurate 665 HXM for them. How bout it, anyone down for this trade? Chris XXX-XXX-XXXX
  169. Dos Locos

    Need one ASAP for tommorow 9/2

    Going paddy hopping tommorow, need 1 ASAP. call if you can go, XXX-XXX-XXXX usual drill applies. thanks, chris
  170. Dos Locos

    Offshore 8/19 N9-182-181 Marlin Hunt

    Got on the water at 0630 after a brief "battle" with a bait pump on my brand new boat. Got what turned out to be an excellent scoop of swimmers from EB and made tracks to LJ to make some mack. Got a dozen or so good pieces of mack off of a bird school at Bird Rock and made tracks to the 182...
  171. Dos Locos

    Need 2 for Marlin hunt on Friday 9/19 Notch/9M Bank/181/182

    Ok, my pops just cancelled on our inagural marlin hunt for THIS FRIDAY 8/19 so I need some crew. The plan is to meet at SI at 0530, make some macks in the bouy line and then cruise out the Nine Mile Bank and up into the 182 perhaps the 43 spot if necessary. The usual drill applies...
  172. Dos Locos

    Questions about Marlin Techniques

    So with some marlin having been spotted and some caught off of the 182/181 area as well as the Nados, I have a few questions. What are the different types of marlin lures? Which ones and/or colors work the best? Do you have to use heavy gear (60-80#) or is it feasable to use 40-50#...
  173. Dos Locos

    This is some funny shit

    Way down in Kosovo.......
  174. Dos Locos

    The Dos Locos came home today

    So I picked up the Dos Locos today and brought her home from Sundance Marine to God's country out in Lakeside. It's hard to believe that she's mine. All the neighbors came out to check it out, it was very very cool. Pops and I will be launching from Dana in the morning to take her on her...
  175. Dos Locos

    Electronics Boxes

    A couple of months ago there was some dude that had the TODD electronics boxes for sale or maybe it was another manufacturer. You still out there dude? If so post up, I need one.
  176. Dos Locos

    We named the new Parker today.

    Pops and I named the new Parker today, she will be the: DOS LOCOS Pretty fitting if you ask me. Then we were off to West Marine for 400 bucks in Coastie shit. As if the check we had to write for the boat today wasn't big enough. I know, I know, stop whining you pussy.........blah blah...
  177. Dos Locos

    SportinWood gets a kickass new boat but needs some help

    So my pops and I bought a new boat today at Sundance Marine. We've been looking for a long time. Ever since we bought the SportinWood from Jason a couple of years ago (Thank you Jason for the great deal back then), we've gotten addicted to going offshore. Thats not good when you have an...
  178. Dos Locos

    The Kinder/Gentler Bloodydecks?

    Bloodydecks is a kickass website for the following reasons: 1.Kick ass real time fishing reports 2.The friends you make on the water and on here. 3.Kick ass real time fishing reports 4.Kick ass real time fishing reports 5.Kick ass real time fishing reports. Need I say more...
  179. Dos Locos

    Looking to join a MAW Tourney Team

    I'm looking for a boat to ho on for the Make A Wish Tournament coming up. Had tentative arrangements to fish another boat but it doesn't appear to be working out. Hook a brother up, know the drill, have references etc.....
  180. Dos Locos

    Hey's some friendly advice

    Having kids is like a kick in the nuts followed by winning the lottery; I have a 20, 12, 11, 10 and 6 months old kids and when Mike and Tinfish say that they grow up too fast, believe him, they do. The only time I get to see the 20 year old is when he runs out of food at his place or his...
  181. Dos Locos

    Where'd my Halibut report from yesterday go?

    Where did my Halibut report from yesterday go? Bueller, anyone?????
  182. Dos Locos

    7/8 GreenTanks, PL Kelp, SD Bay, etc.....

    Heading out at 3PM with Mark on the Kruz Can for an evening session tonight. Probably hit up GreenTanks, PL Kelp, SD Bay..etc....will post up a report and pics later.
  183. Dos Locos

    Need some help with River/Havasu Campsites

    Wife and I are gonna take a trip next month and we're considering 1 of 3 campsite/resorts; Lake Havasu Resort, North Shore Resort and Emerald Cove Resort. My question is, has anyone ever stayed at these or know anything about them? i.e.: proximity to the river, Laughlin, etc...
  184. Dos Locos

    Hey Dads.........did you get anything cool for Fathers Day?

    Happy Father's Day to all the dads on the board. Hope your day is going good. I got a cool present from the family for Father's Day: it's got A/C, 3 way referigerator, heater, dinette, couch, queen size bed, double bed, dinette and couch make two more twin beds, leveling...
  185. Dos Locos

    So you play basketball? How bout posting up on this....... Brought to you by SaltyDawg, inspite of his computer difficulties....
  186. Dos Locos

    They're just misunderstood youth....... right?

    Just misunderstood young americans....
  187. Dos Locos

    Pics from surgery

    too messed up right now to provide details, here are the pics........ hows that for a hardcore quick report, out of surgery 2 hours ago...
  188. Dos Locos

    It's that time boys and girls.........

    Those of you who know me, know I've been waiting to have something done for about 4 weeks now. I've had no food and water since midnight, it's at 8:30 AM. Wish me luck
  189. Dos Locos

    Big Brother is watching.............

    A public service announcement.......... I had an interesting experience this morning at work regarding my involvement with BloodyDecks. Many topics were discussed and I will not elaborate on them. But I will say this, when you work where I work, one apparently doesn't have a right to a...
  190. Dos Locos

    Car Question????????

    I have a '99 Ford Explorer XLT with keyless entry. This morning, I think the door latch mechanism inside the door broke. I can't open it from the outside or the inside. The lock button on the door doesn't go up or down either but the door handles do move they just won't open the door. Does...
  191. Dos Locos

    Family day out in Lakeside and Connor's first swim

    Redneck style in Lakeside..........Baby Connors first swim and goofin off with the family in our new "redneck" pool.......... We had a blast today, my favorite kind of afternoon. BBQ, family, beer, good friends, almost as much fun as a wide open tuna bite.... just kiddin!!!! Me, Connor...
  192. Dos Locos

    EVERYONE GIVE A BD WELCOME to a new member from LAKESIDE....... ILOVE2FISH

    Hey everyone give a big BLOODYDECKS welcome to a friend of mine Gary... his screen name is ILOVE2FISH. Gary's a good guy and now a first time boat owner. He just recently bought a 20' Bayliner walkaround and has already properly outfitted it with help from SPANISHMACK at
  193. Dos Locos

    It's official, my shoulder's fucked........

    Saw the orthopedist today and its official, my shoulder's fucked up and there's surgery and P/T on the horizon over the next 10 months or so. The good news: I can still fish The Bad News: Torn Labrum, rotator cuff, with a Hill-Sachs deformity to the Humerous head. Gonna be surgery in...
  194. Dos Locos

    Ever had a railroad spike driven into your body?

    That's about what the dealio was for me yesterday. Went to the Ortho guy and he had scheduled an MRI for me. I'm thinking no big deal, painless and loud but no big deal. Well that was not to be the case. Apparently with rotator cuff and joint capsule injuries to the shoulder, they need...
  195. Dos Locos

    Questions about Shoulder Injuries

    Ok so I hammered the shit out of my shoulder at work the other night. The primary assessment from my Orthopedist is dislocated shoulder, torn labrum, possible torn rotator cuff, and anterior joint capsule rupture. I have an MRI scheduled for Friday so I'll find out more. The symtoms are of...
  196. Dos Locos

    Okuma Reels-need your opinion

    I've been looking at this reel as a possible new addition to my arsenal. It will be my first 2 speed reel. What do you guys think? Okuma TG30II Titus Gold 3.8:1(H) 1.7:1(L) Holds 350 of 50# or a shit load more with spectra backing. What do you guys think is a fair price for this reel? Its...
  197. Dos Locos

    San Diego Bay 4/13 with some Stoked Out of Towners

    So I'm all about the banker's hours and so are my Brother In Law Josh and his son Kalebh from Salt Lake City, Utah along with my daughter Jessica who was playing hooky from school with Dad's permission. Therefore 11am came and we were on the water. No need for bait, we'd be fishing plastics...
  198. Dos Locos

    Rut Row Raggy......Wildcats are giving the Illini a game

    Holy takemeoutofmymourningovertheDukeloss Batman....... Illini are having some D issues...... Perhaps you'll be fishing soon Brandon.
  199. Dos Locos

    Caught some fish on 3/26 with the little guy

    He caught some fish: And caught some more fish: Pops drank beer: These two chuckleheads caught feeeeesssssssshhhhhh tooo0000: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
  200. Dos Locos

    Duke v. MSU

    Lemme be the first to say this, win or lose, DUKE is sucking ass tonight. I'll be surprised if they win. 20 turnovers and a lack of scoring do NOT equal a championship team. Lets hope the second half goes better. It ain't lookin good to say the least for my devils.......
  201. Dos Locos

    Illini game over?

    What are the Illini gonna do without their best scorer Luther Head? Do you really think they can beat Arizona w/o him? Stick a fork in em, game over. Duke all the way..........
  202. Dos Locos

    Got treated like shit at Aros Trailer today.......

    Some of you may remember awhile back when I staunchly defended Aros Trailer against all naysayers. Well today was another story. I went in to purchase a hub/seal/bearings/bearing buddies. The guy was a rude individual right from the get go. Had I not REALLY needed the items I would've...
  203. Dos Locos

    3/18 Squidward at LJ and T Sharks.......

    Headed out with Mark (Bait Tank). Startedoff shitty due to a shot wheel bearing, but all was good, I had an extra hub with bearings already packed. Mark gave me a hand with the bearing change out and we were on our way. We launched out of SI and made our way around the point to LJ to make...
  204. Dos Locos

    High Swell for the Butt Tourney

    SAT WIND SW 10 TO 15 KT. WIND WAVES 2 FT. SWELL W 5 TO 8 FT. Dan- How bout moving the checkin and launch to SI, then we wont have to deal with breaking surf in the Mission Bay Channel?????
  205. Dos Locos

    The Brackets for the NCAA Tourney are out for the NCAA Tourney are out Here are my pics for the final four: ILLINOIS(Chicago Bracket) vs. WAKE FOREST(Albequerque Bracket) ILLINOIS wins U CONN(Syracuse Bracket) vs. DUKE (Austin Bracket) DUKE wins FINAL GAME FOR CHAMPIONSHIP: ILLINOIS vs. DUKE...
  206. Dos Locos

    Duke playing in their EIGHTH ACC title game in a row

    Tune to ESPN now to watch DUKE play in their EIGHTH ACC Titile Game IN A ROW. I'm sorry Illini who??????????????? How many title games in a row have they played in??????????? Kansas who???????????? Better Sport the Blue fellas...........DUKE is killin'em again.........
  207. Dos Locos

    A first for my one month old.......

    Here is Connor, lifting his head up for the very first time. Pretty cool pic so I thought I'd share. A mere 2-3 yrs and he'll be fishing........
  208. Dos Locos

    SD Bay shakedown/sandbass run 3/5

    Well I got the Sportin' Wood back from the engine doctor yesterday. She was in for a rebuild on the motor which as it turns out, came out great. Launched during bankers hours at 11am with my son Zachary. The NOAA said large swells and 10-20kts of wind, we didn't find any of that. We ran...
  209. Dos Locos

    More Reasons why DUKE is the GREATEST college basketball team.........EVER

    Just thought I'd drop you an update on the Greatest college basketball team EVER.... Duke is down against Wake 44-42 at half then now with 7:30 to in 2nd half: Score is 85-68 Duke over Wake JJ Reddick has 33 points for Duke and need I mention that he is the greatest 3 point shooter...
  210. Dos Locos

    NEWS FLASH: Snoop Dogg plays hoops at Illinois

    So... Whats up with number 11 at illinois? I didn't know that the Big 10 was allowing Thug Ball....... That guy is throwing more elbows than a Viejas blackjack dealer on meth. EDIT:comon Brandon, least you can do is bite. Maybe you're busy giving prayerful thanks to your demented...
  211. Dos Locos

    I'd Like to Introduce the Newest Bloody Decks Member- Connor "SportinWood" Bush!!!!

    Well it was a long anticipated and certainly event filled last few days of my wife Heather's, pregnancy. The doctor's at Kaiser induced labor on Friday, January 28th, 2005 at 11:30 A.M. Heather labored throughout the day, toughing it out and not calling for the dope (epidural) until about 7 PM...
  212. Dos Locos

    3/4 Rockfishing on 1/1/2005 w/Nine Finnish Family members

    Ok guys/gals, wish me luck. I'll be fishing with nine Finnish relatives on 1/1/2005 on a party boat 3/4 day to Mexican Waters. Yikes!! Oh did I mention that a few don't speak english? Oh Oh.........and they want to use my gear rather than pay 13.00 bucks to rent? Good times you say...
  213. Dos Locos

    Thanks to Shelly and Mr. Limpet

    I almost forgot to write a thank you to Shelly and Mr. Limpet for the quality rod that was given away at the Holiday Party. The craftsmanship is outstanding and the wrap job is very cool red/black BD colors. Thank you both very much.
  214. Dos Locos

    Electronics Upgrade for the Sportin'Wood

    Just finished installing my new Furuno 4100TM and an Icom302 VHF w/DSC. The worst part was drilling into the transom to mount the transducer but it worked out well and reads accurately. Here are some pics........ Electronics Box: Icom302 VHF w/DSC Transducer placement...
  215. Dos Locos

    Where to put Furuno 4100TM Transducer?

    Ok guys, I need some help here. I'm not sure where to put the transducer for my Furuno 4100TM fishfinder. I have attached some pics of the back of my boat and would appreciate some help. Transom: Starboard??? Mid???? Port??? Any suggestions would be...
  216. Dos Locos

    Need Auto Body Work Done Cheap

    I am car sitting a '99 Toyota for my best friend who is in Afghanistan right now. He had a minor accident just before departing. There is a bent hood, needs a new front bumper, new headlight and some paint (car is white). After work is done, the car is getting sold. Who knows someone in the...
  217. Dos Locos

    SD Bay 11/12

    Headed off with Mark(BaitTank) on his boat the "Kruz-Can" to explore the back bay today. I'd gone and bought some ghost shrimp colored FishTraps and darter heads to possibly try for some Bonefish on the flats. We threw'em on jumping fish in the flats south of J Street Marina for nada 'cept on...
  218. Dos Locos

    Goin' for the Bonefish in SD backbay 11/12

    Mark (Bait Tank) and I will be out on his skiff tommorow in the SD back bay trrying for some of the bonefish that haunt back there. We'll post a report and pics when we get back.
  219. Dos Locos

    10/1 Islandia Twilight Trip w/son&dad

    Decided to take a last minute twilight trip with my dad and my 9 y/o son. Got to Islandia and hopped a ride on the Dolphin with about 7 other people. I was looking forward to letting someone else do the driving/fish cleaning/etc... Made our way to LJ Kelp in time to see the sunset and...
  220. Dos Locos

    Border Patrol Agents missing after boat capsizes

    Gentlemen- Those of us in the Border Patrol Family ask for your thoughts and prayers as we pray for the safe return of these Agents to their families. Talk has already shifted from rescue to recovery but we still hold out hope that they will be found alive. Thank you for your thoughts and...
  221. Dos Locos

    Offshore 9/10 302/S.9mile/Nados

    Picked up Steve at the ramp at SI at 5:30am and got a killer, well cured scoop of dinos from the bros and off we went to the 302. Hit the numbers at around 6:30 and saw lots of porpoise working so we put the trollers in, a b/p jet and mean joe green. Trolled in water that varied from 71.6 to...
  222. Dos Locos

    9/10 S.9/302/Islands

    The SportinWood will be out and about on Friday 9/10. Departing SI at 5:30am and doing the South 9 / 302 / Islands loop.
  223. Dos Locos

    19 weeks and 21 to go

    Well gentlemen, it seems as though we have a future tuna fisherman on the way. After a scare on some genetic testing, we got a positive for Down's Syndrome on the AFP test, we have now learned that all is good and the baby is healthy......and.......its going to be A BOY. My wife went in for...
  224. Dos Locos

    Offshore 302, Nados, S. 9 Mile Bank 8/14

    Met Bait Tank (Mark) at my pad at 0430 and headed to SI. On the water by 5:15 got a healthy 1/2 scoop from the bros and headed for the SKR. Made the SKR by 6:00ish and began slow trolling. Bass fisherman Mark, gets picked up right away and its a skipjack wannabe bonita. We decide to to...
  225. Dos Locos

    Las Islas de los coronados 8/14

    The SportinWood will be out at the islands on Saturday 8/14 leaving SI at 0430 with me and Mark (Bait Tank) for crew. We'll hopefully be getting Marks stinky skunk of his back on the hamachi for the year. As usual we'll be monitoring 16,69,72.
  226. Dos Locos

    8/1 PL/LJ Kelp Yellows/Barries/Checkerboards

    Took my pops out on the wood today. Started off at 8am (Surfdoc banker's hours) with a nice scoop from the bros in Dana. Headed out to the parking lot just off of OB pier for much love from the slimers and checkerboards. Got tired of that crap and went in search of something that pulled...
  227. Dos Locos

    Closed Hydraulic Steering System

    When I was out fishing last sunday, I encountered a problem with my steering. It would steer to starboard with no problems, but when I attempted to steer to port, the boat would hardly steer if at all. So rather than spending big bucks taking it somewhere to get looked at, I called Misuse, the...
  228. Dos Locos

    Coronados/Middle Grounds 7/25

    The Sportin Wood will be out and about at the middle grounds, South Kelp area with my pop and my son Zach for crew. We'll be monitoring 71.
  229. Dos Locos

    Some funny shit...

    Date night... substitute Lakeside for Wyoming if so desired...and/or Hemet
  230. Dos Locos

    This sure raised my eyebrows!!!!!

    So some of you may have wondered..."Gee, where is that BPFED asshole these days?" Some of you may have asked yourselves..."Self, is he still pissed about that Pig thing?" Most of you probaly said this..."Fuck that dickhead, so what if he isn't posting right now." Well I have a good...
  231. Dos Locos

    Offshore 6/5 425, 371, No love from the chickens

    Got a PM from Orca the night before last looking for crew. So being the HO that I am, I didn't hesitate and even got him another guy to come along as well. We meet at SI on Sat at 5am, launched and got a scoop of strong dinos from the bros. We headed south towards the 425 and dropped in about...
  232. Dos Locos

    Barrett 5/30

    Here goes a shitty Barrett report- We sucked/it sucked, I had two bass at Barrett, Vince had 10 when we left, the other two dudes in the boat with me had 1 each. We sucked, the fishing sucked, all the fish were like 3/4 of a pound. Barrett can blow me. Tried Senkos, ratltraps...
  233. Dos Locos

    SDBAY 5/21 Smacked da Butts...AGAIN...

    Fished inshore today since there was no way I was gonna go south through a 5' swell and 20 knots of wind. Worked the usual haunts around the bay with my pops. Ran into Stan and Vince out there also. Had a small issue with my bait pump so some bait rolled. But Stan and Vince threw me the...
  234. Dos Locos

    5/21 Rockpile/425/Islands

    The Sportin Wood will be making a run manana to the RP/425/Islands area in search of the rats. Cya on 72.
  235. Dos Locos

    6 P's for the Sportin' Wood

    6P's Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance After all of these reports of vessels sinking/capsizing, I did a once over on all my fittings, through-hulls,etc. Here's what I did: 1. Replaced and double clamped hoses leading from through-hull to blaster washdown pump and bait-tank...
  236. Dos Locos

    Smackin da Butts on SDBAY 5/15

    Decided to make it a kid day and go fishing with my son Zachary. Zach has a tendency to get a little green so we confined it to the bay with my buddy Mark (Bait Tank) and his daughter Ashley. We hit the water at about 9:00 A.M. and off to EB Bros for a hearty 1/2 scoop of 5" dinos and...
  237. Dos Locos

    The beheading video

    In the infamous words of Dennis Miller... Now I don't mean to go on a rant here but... I was originally against the war in Iraq for several reasons which I wont go into here. I can honestly say that after watching this video I wish we could slaughter them all. I am pissed, not just...
  238. Dos Locos

    San Diego Bay 4/30

    I wasn't gonna fish today but a weird thing happened. You see I woke up and the wife immediately started in on me. I guess the kids had her wound up pretty good. So they went to school and the wife left to go do something, and here I sat at 10am on a perfectly sunny clear and warm day. I had...
  239. Dos Locos

    SD Bay with my pops 4/28

    Got a chance to fish with my pop today. We had a blast. Everytime I fish with my dad it takes me back to a time when life was simpler-no work, no bills, just school and playing with friends. We've been fishing together now for going on four decades and I can honestly say that I thoroughly...
  240. Dos Locos

    San Diego Bay 4/22

    Headed out to San Diego Bay for some fishing this morning. Got on the water at about 10:30 a.m. just in time to fish the incoming tide. Water temp was hovering right at about 63 or so. There was good water movement so I hit some of my usual haunts for all you could want Sand Bass and...
  241. Dos Locos

    4/14 Lj

    Got on the water at about 0930 and headed toward the Ruby E and Yukon wrecks off of Mission Beach. No takers on the dines there so headed to LJ where I trolled around and chased birds for 1 mac and a hooked and lost bone. Decided to drop the hook in 85 ft of water off of the hotels for 1...
  242. Dos Locos

    Looking for a ride

    Looking for a ride Thurs 4/15, Fri 4/16, or Sat 4/17. Can cut fish, drive boat, bring beer, KFC, etc...know the rules no probs splitting gas/bait etc., own a boat myself just lack the range. PM or cell XXX-XXX-XXXX. Thanks
  243. Dos Locos

    Ditch Bag Contents

    I'm looking for some advise regarding ditch bag contents. Any input would be appreciated. I fish inshore and offshore to 40 miles.
  244. Dos Locos

    Whistler Bouy/SD Bay 3/27

    I met up with Mark(Bait Tank), and my dad and launched out of SI this a.m. at about 6 a.m. Water in the bay was beautiful on the way to E.B. Bros where we picked up a very large scoop of dines (tiping in the past has worked and now they remember my boat and hook me up) and headed out to the...
  245. Dos Locos

    Desperate Ho Available

    Don't need any notice, just enough time to drive myself from Lakeside to the launch ramp. Can scrub, fillet, bring the food/beer etc, GOTTA GET IN ON THIS BITE. Looking to ho friday 3/19 for 3/20. Cell is 666-9348
  246. Dos Locos

    3/5 LJ Kelp/PL Kelp/SD Bay..comedy of errors

    Ok so have you ever had one of those days where everything sorta went wrong? Well read on and I promise that you'll feel better about however your day went once you hear about mine. 0530: up and out of bed, convinced it's gonna be a great day on the water, load up the truck, hook up the...
  247. Dos Locos

    2/14 LJ Kelp and PL Green Tanks

    Took pop out on the Sportin Wood under new ownership today. Started off the day working the nw corner of the LJ Kelp. Using dines' on the dropper loop we were able to get into an interesting sand shark bite. We nabbed 3 of those in the 3-4' range and released'em. They were fun to pull on. We...
  248. Dos Locos

    SD Bay 1/16

    Well I launched from S.I. at about 0615 and headed towards the Harbor Drive bridge to try my hand at some spotties. The tide was moving and the water looked good so I tied on a 4" chartruse/white fishtrap and went to work around the pilings of the bridge. After 45 minutes, I had hooked and...