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  1. jacksrbetter

    2 available 10/20- 10 21

    2 anglers looking to chase the tuna we are boat owners but boat is being rebuilt so we need to get out. We have all gear and skills Jack 760 643-7685
  2. jacksrbetter

    Need fishing fix

    I'm looking to get out for tuna sat or Sunday 13,14. Iam a boat owner motors being rebuilt . I have all the skill and gear if u have open spot let me know JACK (760) 643-7685
  3. jacksrbetter

    2 available 9-1 or 2

    We are boat owners motor being rebuilt. Really need to get out its killing me seeing all the posts . Have kite and yummy flyer all gear we need and experience Jack 760-643-7685 also available on labor day.
  4. jacksrbetter

    Need 2

    Need 2 for sci hit me up text Jack 760-643-7685
  5. jacksrbetter

    Kite info.

    I was out Sunday and I seen boats flying kite that had tails on them and they were flying high and steady can someone please tell me the make and where to get one.
  6. jacksrbetter

    Need 2 for Sunday

    Need 2 for Sunday 7/16 out of oside chase down the tuna call for details Jack. 760 654-7685
  7. jacksrbetter

    local Socal pig...

    My son and i stayed in close power plant porpoise birds bait ball all u can ask for. left Oside with half scoop out by 6am target Halibut. set up stinger rig good hits but no go. Then about 9am inshore okuma rod with Avet mc cast reel 20# Andi line goes off screaming o crap bat ray 20m later...
  8. jacksrbetter

    halibut fishing

    any takers for Sunday halibut fishing and trashers
  9. jacksrbetter

    short notice for cat.

    need one for catalina leaving out of Dana. Jack 760-643-7685
  10. jacksrbetter

    Need 1 more for Sunday 13th

    Need 1 more for Sunday 13th. been on these tunas for 2 weeks in a roll got them on the troll and coltsniper . 3 times a charm . hit me up Jack 760-643-7658
  11. jacksrbetter

    Sunday 13th yft

    If I can get a crew together for Sunday 13th out of oside for the 209 277 area am going out . the yft are still out there i got some last week and the week before . if interested let me know could be the chance lets get some. Jack 760-643-7685
  12. jacksrbetter

    thanksgiving yellow fin turkey

    Out of oside Saturday national weather called or 2-3 swells 13sec. apart 10mpr winds. Not to many boats out get out of harbor and not that bad get out 5 miles out and flat cruising at 25 mph nice. head to the 209 get to fishing grounds and start trolling next to cargo ship 10m later...
  13. jacksrbetter

    need 2 for Saturday 29th

    need to for Saturday 29th got to get some of those YFT. hit me up Jack 760-643-7685
  14. jacksrbetter

    Need 2 Friday 21st.

    Need 2 for Friday 21st. go after those yft
  15. jacksrbetter

    need 2 for Saturday 15th

    need to for Saturday 15th going after those yft hit me up if interested Jack 760-643-7685.
  16. jacksrbetter

    Need a fix

    Looking for ride sunday 19th or next week for Blue Fin Tuna Yellow Fin Tuna , have gear cash,labor. Need ride their and back
  17. jacksrbetter

    2 boat hoe's with gas money looking to fish out of san diego sunday 9-27

    2 boat ho's me and my son both with gas money are looking to get out on a privet boat sunday 9-27 will pay gas will scrub boat and anyother help... please message me if anyone wants to take us out and get a full payed trip