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    Unseasonably slow bugging in Long Beach?

    Take me, I can probably help improve your results...

    Lone Pine Lake via Whitney Portal

    Very beautiful rainbow trout!

    Cleaning reels

    After a trip once you have given it a little bit of tlc make sure to back your drags off. Doing this will help prolong the life of them.

    Best 30 sized and under reels for Cow Tuna...period

    Mak 20 sea, nuff said.

    Okuma PCH 9ft Rods

    Mine is a 9 foot extra heavy 30-60 stick. It has a reel seat and I really like the action on it. It's a great jig stick.

    Okuma PCH 9ft Rods

    Yes I do. It's my yellowtail rod and I accidentally hooked into a 65 pound bluefin and it held up just fine.

    Max Drag Komodo Reel

    Ok,I understand. If you want to address this issue call them they have the best customer service in the industry.

    Max Drag Komodo Reel


    Okuma PCH 9ft Rods

    No better 9 foot stick for the price.
  10. CDRPLG

    Metaloid 12II Problem

    Unfortunately I am not. I had to leave Okuma because of some personal family issues that were far more important than work. Try contacting [email protected] or [email protected] those guys are top notch. They will help you getting the problem resolved. Okuma has the best...
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    Max Drag Komodo Reel

    I haven't caught any really big fish on my komodo 463, but, I made short work of a 80 pound black sea bass on mine and the drags were smooth as silk. I had my drags set at 13 pounds. Never really tried to max out the drags though as I view the drag pressure like rpm's on your vehicle. You don't...
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    OKUMA SCT Musky Rod?

    The rod would pair up with the 450 nicely and definitely easy for transporting/storing. It's a musky rod though and it wasn't designed for saltwater fishing. I would look at the sct inshore rod or the pch rod, I think those are better options
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    Cedros "A" new jigging rod for BFT and YFT

    I agree with most everyone who commented on your post. You can't find a better stick for the price and it will be perfect for the applications that you want to use it for.
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    MAK 8 SEa spool line post

    Yup,looks normal to me.
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    Thoughts on Okuma Andros?

    Had a buddy catch some 200 pound and up grade yellowfin on the 12 sized reel and he said it worked just fine. Not my personal experience but I trust the source.
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    SCT-C-701XH Paired with penn fthm30ld2 for 40#?

    Both great rods.I can't really say that one is better than the other. That's a tough choice...
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    SCT-C-701XH Paired with penn fthm30ld2 for 40#?

    I think the model number you are looking at would be a perfect match for the applications you would be using it for. The SCT series boat rods are really nice and very versatile.
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    20# Class Reel

    Okuma Metaloid 5 II speed. Holds 300 yards of 50 lb spectra. 17 pounds of drag in strike and 23 in full. Caught a lot of smaller grade bluefin on those reels.
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    $200 Okuma Credit to Spend, Need some advice

    There are bad reviews on every product ever made. The best product review is your own. I personally have caught a ton of yellowtail with mine. Got it all loaded up with 50 pound spectra and a few feet of whatever pound top shot I need. I give the reel 2 thumbs up, plus the price and customer...
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    $200 Okuma Credit to Spend, Need some advice

    I think any Okuma product you decide to replace your fishing rod with should be just fine. Make sure when using the replacement that it is used for its intended purpose.
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    Metaloid gear slipping

    Are there screws in the posts of your handle side plate securing the pawls in place?
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    opinions on Metaloid 12ii

    The main difference between the Andros and Metaloid reels is the dual force drag. The Andros has that system and the Metaloid does not. The other differences are mostly cosmetics on the outside of the reel. Both reels are a great choice, save the money and buy the Metaloid. It's a great reel for...
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    Komodo level wind damaging spectra?

    I have spooled up dozens of reels with different brands of spectra. I use a tool to guide it onto the spool and apply a lot of pressure when doing so. There is usually some residue built up on the tool I use after spooling up the reels. This residue or dust like in your case is the wax coating...
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    Local shop that carries Mak16 parts near LB

    You're welcome, no problem.
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    Local shop that carries Mak16 parts near LB

    Hello, Send me a pm with your mailing information and the part # from the schematic for the spring and i will send you some. Thanks
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    Hump Day something that used to be on here LOTS

    Agghh... Some material worth looking at...
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    Go to for lings

    They like the redfish and mackerel down here...
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    Makaira 30K Spinning Prototype Question

    You're welcome.
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    Makaira 30K Spinning Prototype Question

    You're welcome, no problem.Unfortunately we will not service it either. If one of the old original parts was to fail we have no way of replacing the part as we do not have them in stock. Thank you for reaching out to us to check on this.
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    Makaira 30K Spinning Prototype Question

    Hey there Lou. Thank you for your interest in the Okuma fishing product line. I just wanted to respond and let you know that yes, you are correct. The prototype reels are not covered under any warranty due to the fact that it was never intended to be sold. It was only designed for testing...
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    Metaliod 12 II - Ratings

    I fish 80# spectra with 50 & 60 # mono leader on mine and it fishes just fine.
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    Smoke YT Need Help

    For future reference.... 1 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup salt. Salt water fish fillets already have enough salty flavor to them. I had to learn this the hard way also...
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    Metaloid drag cams

    The Metaloid reels that were manufactured several years ago had a cam with a very steep drag curve. The reels that are being manufactured today have a more gradual drag curve. It is possible to order a drag cam from today's inventory and install it on an older generation Metaloid if you prefer...
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    Metaloid drag cams

    Call 1-800-GO OKUMA and press 1 for customer service.
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    Andros reel clamps too big.

    Hello Sir, Give me a call at (909) 218-3520 and I can help you out with the situation you have run into. My office hours are Monday thru Friday from 7:30 am until 4:00 pm.
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    Where can I buy the okuma musky 8'6

    You can purchase them directly through Okuma off of their website. Just look up
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    Okuma metaloid 5ii

    Hi John, It's Eddie Meyer from Okuma. I am sorry to hear that your reel is not performing correctly. When you can I would like you to contact me on my direct line so that we can get this fixed for you. I look forward to hearing from you so that we can help you out with this. Contact information...
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    Way to go Ron!!!!
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    Okuma Makaira Service?

    Glad you finally received it. The shipping thing was a pain, but I am happy to see that you got them.
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    Okuma Makaira Service?

    Hello, I believe I helped you out last week. Thank you for stopping by. We will contact you on the phone and let you know when the service is complete.
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    Okuma CS

  42. CDRPLG

    Makaira Saltwater spinning rod. no luck locating

    You can order one directly through Okuma.
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    Malaria rod

    I would look at the SCT Inshore series. Those rods have a reel seat.
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    Take a look at the SCT inshore series. There is an eight and a half foot model and an eight foot rod in extra heave action.
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    Okuma left handed models

    The metalloid reels are the only lever drag reel we offer in the left handed version/model.
  46. CDRPLG

    Okuma left handed models

    What type of reel or style of reel are you looking into?
  47. CDRPLG

    Andros 16ii No Freespool?

    Call Eddie. (909) 218-3520
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    Glad I Bought Okuma Fishing Reels

    YES, this is true Sherri is the bomb!
  49. CDRPLG

    Glad I Bought Okuma Fishing Reels

    The Iron is South of the 60 Freeway on Archibald. It's right there when you get off the Freeway.
  50. CDRPLG

    Glad I Bought Okuma Fishing Reels

    Thank you Sir!
  51. CDRPLG

    Glad I Bought Okuma Fishing Reels

    YYYYEEEEEHHHHHHAAAAAAWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good work Mike!!!!! The Iron is where it's at! Thanks for the shout out Larry it was a pleasure working with you.
  52. CDRPLG

    Looking for Okuma Makaira 10ii SEa factory Reel Clamp

    Yeah, just give Eddie or Mike a call. You can reach Eddie at (909) 218-3520 or Mike at (909) 467-6654
  53. CDRPLG

    Metaloid question

    The noise you hear is the anti reverse pawls riding on the ratchet gear. The reel does not have an AR bearing in it. It has the old tried and true dog & ratchet system for the anti reverse. The pawls need to move freely to engage and disengage depending on which way the handle is turning. If you...
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    Okuma Cedros Jigging Rod Question

    Hey there! It would be wiser if feel to use 25 or 30 lb mono with this stick, however, it would be just fine with 40. I have used one of these rods a couple times and it will be able to handle 40 lb mono.
  55. CDRPLG

    Great Customer Service - Round 2

    You're welcome. It was our pleasure working with you.
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    Another Awesome Okuma Customer Service Experience

    I would call and get issued a repair ticket # first, you can reach Eddie at (909) 218-3520 or Mike Farley at (909) 467-6654
  57. CDRPLG

    Another Awesome Okuma Customer Service Experience

    Hey Guys! I just wanted to say thank you for all the kind words and shout outs! I am glad that I get to work with all of you and our reels. I can't however, take all of the credit for all of these situations. I wouldn't be able to get any of this done without the CRAZY GOOD, quick and skilled...
  58. CDRPLG

    Okuma Travel Rod

    The rods have a feature called the European Spigot design. They aren't supposed to slide all the way down at the connecting point. The rubber grommet helps cover up the gap or exposed section.
  59. CDRPLG

    New 400 size Komod9

    The level I remember the Level wind staying engaged when the reel was in freespool and running back and forth along the worm shaft.
  60. CDRPLG

    New 400 size Komod9

    Don't quote me on this but I asked one of the reps at the Fred Hall show and they said 269.99
  61. CDRPLG

    Metaloid spooling and performance

    The metaloid II speed reel you have is a perfect reel for a 50 lb set up. The newer reels should already have the secondary drag cam installed in them, you should be fine.
  62. CDRPLG

    Any Feedback on Citrix 364PA?

    Hey Kevin, The Citrix 350 size reel you have should free spool just like the Komodo 350 does. They use the same bearings. I checked with Okuma and they have those bearings in stock. I would give Eddie a call at (909) 218-3520 and he should be able to help you get your reel working properly again.
  63. CDRPLG

    Cortez Rod Clamp

    Send Eddie an email at [email protected] and he will help you out with getting a clamp assembly.
  64. CDRPLG

    Another Awesome Okuma Customer Service Experience

    Try calling him direct. His # is (909) 218-3520 and he's there Monday thru Friday from 7:30 am till 4:00 pm Pacific standard time.
  65. CDRPLG

    Dana Point Bugs

    Yes, recipe please?
  66. CDRPLG

    Andros Jigging Rd ???

    This can be very confusing. The spec in the catalog is for spectra. The spec on the rod is for monofilament. They are both actually correct there is just nothing stating which type of line they are referring to.
  67. CDRPLG

    2016 special color for MAK's?

    I don't believe there are any new colors in the line up. I do know though that the silver edition will be introduced into the line up in the 10 size and up for good, not just a few runs of them a year.
  68. CDRPLG

    Okuma Metaloid setting drag

    Hey there! I would try sending Eddie an email and ask him about the drag cam. Try [email protected]
  69. CDRPLG

    Metaloid goes boom

    Hey Rex, I believe there is a new side plate that you can have installed. The new side plate has screws that fasten the dogs to the post that they sit on. Give Eddie a call at (909) 923-2828 ext. 180 and he should be able to take care of this for you.
  70. CDRPLG

    Offshore 11/29/15 YFT on the SAN DIEGO

    Great report and way to get the little lady on the Tunies!!!
  71. CDRPLG

    New 400 size Komod9

    Thanks for the heads up Bennett!
  72. CDRPLG

    Makaira Handle

    (909) 923-2828 EXT. 180 FOR EDDIE EXT. 181 FOR MIKE
  73. CDRPLG


    Yeah, the Okuma MK-C-801XH would be a pretty good choice. For the price(154.99) it can't be beat.
  74. CDRPLG

    Okuma Metaloid setting drag

    Yes, the cams came in and are now in stock. Call in at (909) 923-2828 ext. # 180 for Eddie or 181 for Michael.
  75. CDRPLG

    plz i need the correct (top tips ) for Cruz Popping Rod

    I apologize for the trouble you had trying to open the link. Try to give customer service a call at (909) 923-2828 ext. # 1 Monday thru Friday from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm Pacific standard time.
  76. CDRPLG

    plz i need the correct (top tips ) for Cruz Popping Rod

    Here is a link for international agents so you can find help closer to home to help cut back on shipping costs:
  77. CDRPLG

    Okuma Parts / Customer Service

    What is your phone # ?
  78. CDRPLG

    Okuma Metaloid Single and Two Speed Reels

    The two speed Metaloid 5 does not have an AR bearing in it. You will notice a little bit of play in the handle until the pawls come into contact with the ratchet. This is completely normal and all of them do that.
  79. CDRPLG

    Great Okuma service

    That's the way we like it over here! It was a pleasure doing business with you two Gentlemen.
  80. CDRPLG

    Hippo Grip/SEa 50 reel clamp

    909-218-3520 ask for Eddie.
  81. CDRPLG

    Tuna Trolling Tips ( lure suggestions)

  82. CDRPLG down?

    Hey guy's, sorry for the trouble you are having with the website. If you're getting an error message or unable to log in message can you take a screen shot of it and send it to the email listed below? Thank you in advance. [email protected]
  83. CDRPLG

    Bahia Solano, Colombia

    I guess you don't always need 15lb on a long soak...
  84. CDRPLG

    which cedros jigging rod?

    CJ-C-601H, that's what I'm using. Works perfect for me!
  85. CDRPLG

    which cedros jigging rod?

    The Cedros jigging rods come in a spinning model and a casting model. What type of reel would you want to pair the rod up with?
  86. CDRPLG

    Gearing On Upcoming Andros 12II???

    Also, one thing I like to add about these new Andros reels is the drags on them. The A-12IIa and the A-12SIIa will both have 27lbs max drag @ strike and 34lbs max drag @ full. The A-16IIa will have 34lbs max drag @ strike and 48lbs max drag @ full. I know this discussion is in regards to the...
  87. CDRPLG

    Why wait till Lobster season?

    Stick it, bleed it, ice it... I like alot of different kinds of fish seared... Bonita must be my favorite.
  88. CDRPLG

    Okuma Metaloid Single and Two Speed Reels

    I have fished both the Metaloid 5s and 5II quite alot over the past year and I must say that I am very impressed with the performance of these reels. I have caught big Lingcod, White Seabass, and 100's of yellowtail with them and have never once had an issue or problem with them. I also caught a...
  89. CDRPLG

    okuma raw ii

    I've never fished big fish with them but I have caught tons of Calico Bass, Bonita, and even a small yellowtail on the 30 sized reel and it performs flawlessly. I'm sure the larger sized RAw II 's would be the same.
  90. CDRPLG

    Any one ever fished the lake off goldenwest in huntington

    Carp, carp, and lot's of carp... I lived out that way not very long ago... Fish behind the Stater Brothers in the wash. Catch the crawdads in the rocks toss um out in the deeper holes... Big catfish, I would not eat them though...
  91. CDRPLG

    Bluegill hybrid? What is it.

    Red ear/Green sunfish.