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    Offshore Kite fish question

    I’ll post a brief report but mainly would like opinions on the handling of the kite rod on this particular trip. Left the docks on this recent day and a half trip and we were fishing by midnight. I’m not going to mention the boat name because while I’m not happy about the handling of the kite...
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    Top shot question

    I’m going out on a 1.5 day trip after tuna next week and would like opinions on top shot size. I have a HXW raptor with 100 lb braid and 100 ft 80 lb mono. Also LX raptor with 80 lb braid and 100 ft 60 lb mono. Keeping in mind how big the tuna have been, my question is should I up the top shot...
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    3.5 day boat choice

    Trying to decide between the Top Gun 80, Ranger 85 and Excalibur for a 3.5 mid October trip. Any insight would be appreciated!