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    What’s the deal with Guadalupe…

    Thats one of the lobster pangeros. They usually drop by to get tuna guts for the traps.
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    La Bocana Questions

    I would make sure you email ahead of your trip and let them know you want to fish, number of people and what days. A call a few days before just to confirm everything is also a good idea as the email people sometimes drop the ball letting the on the ground people know. Letting them know ahead...
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    Magbay Overnight trip?

    I think Mag Bay Outfitters offers an overnight option on their Aguila boat, not 100% certain. Otherwise your other option is to get on a long range boat going out of San Diego to fish Alijos rocks/The ridge.
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    Is the Penn 8xnsd a spj reel or not?

    The BV-500N (single and 2 speed) and the BV-300 come in SPJ variants. No clicker, no reel clamp and a bigger handle. Otherwise the same as the non-SPJ variants.
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    Which reel?

    I would say the 8xnsd. You can fake some extra retrieve by lifting the rod as you wind. Much better to not have to worry about leveling the line or running out of drag.
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    Fish for the freezer?

    About the only fish I've had bad luck with freezing is Sierra Mackerel. All others assuming you have them properly vac sealed hold up great in the freezer.
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    Canning Tuna

    You can still buy something similar I believe. You just have to the cooperativa store in Punta Abreojos or La Bocana just south of Guerrero Negro. They also typically have it in the cooperativa grocery store in town. Usually yellowtail, white bonito, abalone or snail. I'm sure the ship it...
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    Quandary: what am I going to do with all the fish I catch?

    The damage to taste/texture done to fish by freezing is usually way overblown. Get the 5mil bag and keep it hard frozen and its good for a year+, 6 months if you have a super sensitive palate. Make sure to take care defrosting it too. Even more true if you are talking about fish like tuna or...
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    Excel Guadalupe island trips. December- 2 trips scheduled

    Snagged one of the last slots for the trip leaving the 14th, should be fun!
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    Where Are the Tuna?

    While that could be true, that gives the Mexican people/authorities way too much of an out. All the boats going to the gordo banks/areas within reach of the average sportsfisher are going to be either in the exclusive economic zone of Mexico (200 miles) or directly in Mexican waters (12 miles)...
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    Where Are the Tuna?

    Besides changing weather patterns, the other big issue are the tuna seiners that sit just along the coast when the tuna start moving in. They hang out just in radio range of the sports fishing fleet, listen in all day long and then swoop in and net any schools footballs or bigger. There was a...
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    Lodging recommendations in San Carlos, Sonora

    Its been a few years, but I've stayed in the Sea of Cortez beach club and it was pretty good. Potential for large/loud families to be there on the weekend though.
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    Anyone Fish CSL Lately?

    Anyone know if costco in cabo is letting in more than one person per card atm?
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    East Cape in early August?

    Personally, it can be hit or miss. It will be very hot and very humid, and in the last few years it seems to be getting too hot. Water temps get very high and bait gets scarce, it seems to be hitting highs that would normally be considered a bad el nino year every year now. There can be some...
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    Anyone use East Cape Smokehouse recently?

    Was just down in December, didn't catch anything but ate there a few times and fish was going in and out the whole time. Anything I've ever had done there has been great. Don't remember the prices off the top of my head, think it was 2-3 bucks a pound for fresh pack and somewhere near double...
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    Fishing estero at La Bocana

    If you are having problems getting people on the phone you could contact Les and Blanca from the B&B, they should be able to help.
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    Where have all the cowboys gone? Mag Bay 8/9-8/12

    Looks like the trip that Fisherman's life has been putting up on youtube. First two days are on, got to wait a week for the last :D
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    La Bocana info

    For the most up to date info I would check with Blanca and Les at either BajaBlanca on bajanomad or They have a BnB, there are also cabins on the beach run by the cooperative and there another hotel in town that is/has been built. The...
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    Proving a negative is exceptionally difficult. I doubt that anybody has any data showing what % of the decline is due to factor X. We do know for a fact that gill nets kill dolphins. We do know for a fact that gill nets destroy fish populations. We do know for a fact that the San Felipe area...
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    You realize that totoabas were reduced to there current almost non-existent levels due to horrific over fishing for their swim baldders in the 1940s to the 70s right? Literally thousands of tons a year just thrown to the birds until there was nothing left. Harvesting totoabas for their...
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    Los Cabos Charter Boat Classic Tournament 2016

    Mexico has a Value Added Tax, they don't care where you are from each transaction is taxed. Typically when you do your taxes in whatever country you reside in you can deduct the taxes you paid to Mexico from what you would owe your home country for the income.
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    East Cape checks in with a little bit of this and that

    You don't have to use steel, but you will lose a lot of lures without it. Bite rate will usually be a lot better with mono direct to the lure, just don't use a swivel of you will lose some good hookups to other sierras taking that out.
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    tanking a external gas tank into mexico

    Yes, last summer one of our group was pulled into secondary, made to pay tax on the fuel and a few hundred in fines for it.
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    My brother has one similar to that and got pulled into secondary with it last summer. Had to pay 16% tax on the fuel and a few hundred bucks in fines. I would expect them to start locking down on those even more now.
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    Rancho Leonero here We come

    Some of the bottom fishing in the area can be pretty good all year round. If you are interested don't be afraid to tell your captain that you are good to go for some bottom fish if the top water isn't biting good. A lot of the time they will just default to trolling all day because its usually...
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    Just think that they are patrolling a tiny portion of the sea of cortez. A portion that is known to be under enforcement. It makes you a bit sick thinking about how much is being done to areas with no enforcement at all.
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    Surf Fishing Rancho Leonero

    There is usually very little surf on the sea of cortez. If you want to go for bigger rooster fish heavier gear is a good idea but its more to make the fight easier than to get the lure out there.
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    San Diego to Rancho Leonaro advice

    Don't forget about San Ignacio. Its a pretty reasonable drive from rancho if you want to make the drive in one day (11 hrs or so i think?) and is very beautiful. One of the best missions in Baja and a nice small friendly town. We usually stay at Rice&Beans with our dogs. Though I'm not sure...
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    baja norte

    Just finished a drive through there, still lots of rough dirt road. Drainage culverts look to be about 75% complete, good progress on the base layer in some sections. Lots of blasting yet to be done and a few mountains left to move. They do however seem to have an good level of man power and...
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    Final Thoughts On Another Unmerorable Season at East Cape

    I've never personally reported them to PROFEPA (in fact its been years since I've even heard of PROFEPA doing any enforcement down there) but I know that some have or at least used to. Unfortunately I'm only able to spend a short time down there each summer and haven't gotten very involved with...
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    Final Thoughts On Another Unmerorable Season at East Cape

    Commercial fishing is still very much happening in the East Cape. Of course its not on the same scale as mainland Mexico but it is there. There is at least one family that will camp out on the beach a night or two a week running gill nets out from the shore. I've seen a panga stuffed to the...
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    Dorado From Mexico Declared by NOAA an At-Risk Species

    Totuava is the best example (inb4 but but but it was the Japanese.) Most species of grouper also come to mind. Marlin were on their way there until it became common place to practice catch and release with them. However just reef fish in general have been severely depleted. I've fished...
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    Dorado From Mexico Declared by NOAA an At-Risk Species

    Are you implying that humanity has never fished/hunted/over-pressured something to extinction/near-extinction before? If so that is blindingly ignorant. Your average Mexican fisherman knows that fishing for dorado is illegal and that there are significant consequences to be faced if/when they...
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    Just another day in paradise..... called fishing in Cabo SanLucas

    Big yellow fins should be upwards of 35%, sometimes nearing 40%.
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    Dorado From Mexico Declared by NOAA an At-Risk Species

    Why are you so upset that the US is moving to no longer support illegal COMMERCIAL fishing of Mexican Dorado? Sports fisherman will still be allowed to travel to Mexico, catch Dorado and bring their catch back to the US. Sure, the Dorado will probably continue to be caught and sold instead to...
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    Kayak fishing for dorado?

    Chunk squid or whole calamari sized squid works good. Dorado love it and you don't have to worry about it going soft. Rigging it so it doesn't spin can be a bit of challenge though.