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    Fishing Feast! 11-08-21

    Looks Yummy Cory.
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    Offshore Tanner to Guadalupe

    Great trip! Congrats!
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    Offshore Liberty 2 Day (9/12 - 9/14)

    Congrats on your triple digit fish, and thanks for a good report. KPN
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    Offshore Revenge on BFT

    Great job catching your limit Mike. Congrats! KPN
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    Inshore Newport bluefin

    Nice catch! Congrats!
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    Inshore FREEDOM - 7/27

    That was a good trip! Thanks for the report.
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    Offshore Popper Yellowfin Tuna

    Good to see you are killing the Tuna again Corey. KPN
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    Offshore My best season in 65 years

    Glad to see you back into fishing Corey. Hope all is well on your side. KPN.
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    Offshore 6/22 Report BFT Limits

    Great job :appl:
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    Offshore 6/19/21 371 BFT

    Congrats on your first Blue Fin :appl:
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    Offshore First time tuna fishing - Quality limit - June 12

    Congrats on your first Tuna trip, and PB. KPN
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    Offshore Shake down trip successful

    Nice boat KID! Are you going to use your boat for shark fishing? KPN.
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    Diamond Valley & Skinner

    Marty, I you want to catch Striper. Go to lake Pyramid now. They are starting to boil. We caught them on the troll, and the bait bite is very good. I don't know where you live, but its kind of far for you to trailer the boat up here. I have been getting them in the last few weeks. KPN.
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    Offshore Veterans day (Full speed YFT)

    Let squeeze in once more, so Corey & I will buddy boat with you. Great job Cody .
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    Offshore Limits of Yellowfin and Yellowtail off a Kelp Patty

    Glad you made it back safely Corey. The sickness keep me home for the weekend. Great job on the catch! KPN.
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    Hi Tom. My name is Khanh. experience angler. I have my own gear. Will share expense, and...

    Hi Tom. My name is Khanh. experience angler. I have my own gear. Will share expense, and whatever needs on the boat. Let me know on your future trips. (818)687-2022 Thank you, Khanh
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    Offshore Big Girls 9/13

    Congrats on the catches guys
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    Offshore Breaking Tuna (video)

    Very nice video Corey .
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    For Sale: REDUCED PENN INTERNATIONAL 50 SW II I bought pre-own last Feb. Spool with 330yd 130lbs braid, and 100yd of 100lbs top shot, just couple weeks ago. Never fish yet. Reel has a scratch on the side, patch with silver paint (in pictures). Asking $275.00. Buyer pay shipping. Can meet up at...
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    Offshore Bluefin Tuna Heart Break ( Video )

    You will get em next time Corey
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    Offshore Pacific Voyager 6/1 to 6/3

    Thank you for a very nice and detail report. What color of Colt sniper in 120-gram works best, Do you know? Thank you!
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    Offshore “The Year of the Cow”

    WOW! That's a trip of a life time. Great write up Jonathan. I need to go with your guys one day. KPN.
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    Offshore 1.5 Colonet, New Lo-An

    :-):p They said about couple weeks. If you bring Robert. Make sure he hooks the bait right :rofl:. No belly hook :rofl: KPN
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    Offshore 1.5 Colonet, New Lo-An

    Hey Justin, It was nice to meet you, and Robert on that trip. I got 2 and hand off two to my bro. He landed one of them. He is a newbie. The New Lo-An is a good boat. Good Captain, deck hand, and foods. It was my first time on the boat, and wont be my last. KPN.
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    Offshore 1.5 Colonet, New Lo-An

    It hit the Gold Halco. I reel that one in. KPN.
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    Offshore Better Grade Yellowfin - 9/29

    Great catch, report and pictures Jonathan. Good to see Kenny out fishing again. KPN.
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    I have a brand new Lexa 400HSL-P (left hand). Let me know if you want it. $160 shipped or $150 pick up in Torrance, or San Fernando Valleys.
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    Offshore Limits of Nice Dorado and Yellowtail and Heartbreak (video)

    Despite the heartbreak. It's a nice trip & fishes Corey. KPN
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    Grand daughters first fishing trip 7/20

    Glad to hear you feel better Corey. Good job on taking your grand daughter fishing. Khanh,
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    Offshore 6/24 Finally on the meat 302 area

    Its a catch of a life time. Congrats guys!
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    White Seabass chewing

    Nice catch. Congrats!
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    Rpt.-Sat.-06-24-17 Ginormous Catalina Tails!

    Nice catch and report Cory !
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    Offshore Tanner bank 11/18

    Nice report and nice catch Ton. Congrats!!!! Don't worry about the haters. May be they cant catch a nice tuna like your. You just ignore them.
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    Offshore Dead squid and BFT! 11/19

    Great report. Congrats on a successful trip.
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    Offshore Out of oceanside

    Nice job to take your Dad fishing man. Great catch and report.
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    Offshore Limits of Tuna. Wfo. 10-23-16

    Another outstanding trip Billy. You're good!
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    Hooping Catalina 2 day permit 10/21-10/22 too easy

    Thank you Leonard, Ali & Brad for the info.
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    Hooping Catalina 2 day permit 10/21-10/22 too easy

    May I ask where did you get a two days permit? A link should be really appreciated. Thanks.
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    Offshore New boat - 1st tuna of the year 10/23

    Congrats on your new boat and first tuna.
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    10/20 Catalina Full Speed Lobster

    Congrats on the bugs!
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    Offshore Toronado Wed 10/19 b

    Great report & tips. Congrats on your catch!
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    10-15-Lobstering so easy a 3,6,and 8 year old can do it!Also,found net.

    Great job to get kids hook on fishing dad!
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    Offshore CONDOR 9/22 Yellowfin wuppin on 20lb rocker!!

    Good job Ron, and thanks for the report/info!
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    Offshore Pacific Queen 9/21

    Great report, and thanks for the info.
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    Offshore 9-16 Point Loma 3/4 YFT

    You're a good son to take your dad fishing. I wish my dad around, so I can him fishing.
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    Offshore 9/12

    Good job on the solo trip. And happy birthday.
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    Offshore Liberty 3/4 (9-9)

    Good job on the catch!
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    Offshore ToadsToadsOnly Strikes again this time the whole crew was bent

    Great job and report again Johnathan! I'm jealous.
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    Offshore Fishing with the Ski's

    WOW! Nice catch and limit guys!
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    Offshore 9/5 SCI BFT Report

    Kudos to you to landed 2 nice BFT, when you sea sick. Great job guys!
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    Offshore SCI bluefin on Sauerfish charter

    Good job on the catch! Congrats!
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    Offshore 3 Day Fishing Report on the Searcher 80+ lb BFT

    Thanks for a details report, and congrats on your catch.
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    Offshore SCI Friday

    WOW! That is a nice fish! Congrats Gent.
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    Offshore YFT EVERYWHERE!!!!

    Nice job guys!
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    Offshore Toronado 8/30/16

    Small fish better than no fish. Good for you. Congrats!
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    Offshore SCI YFT/BFT 8/28-8/29

    Nice catch guys. Congrats!
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    Offshore Oceanside 95 - BEST DAY EVER--LIMITS OF TOAD BFT!

    Congrats on an epic trip. It was very secret spot. Lol.
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    Offshore Epic Tuna fishing on the big bertram.

    Nice catch guys, and great read. Thanks for the report!
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    Catalina 8/28

    Great catch. Thanks for the report.
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    Catalina Aug/28 Yellow

    Nice catch guys. Congrats!
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    Offshore Rpt.-08-25-16 at the 43, 162 BFT, 60+ YFT plus Panama

    Congrats on the catch and the trip of your life time Cory.
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    Offshore Bluefin at 43 (08/25)

    Congrats on your PB!
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    Offshore 43 Tuna 082616

    Nice catch. Congrats!!!
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    Offshore CONDOR 8/23 Big Tuna Trainwreck at the 43

    Great report! Thanks for the info Ron.
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    Offshore Nice Yellowfin @ the 43!!!

    Nice catch. Congrats!
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    Offshore Condor 2.5 Day 8/19-8/22

    Congrats on your PB. I love the Condor.
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    Offshore Bluefin tuna and big spearfish???

    Nice catch and thanks for the info.
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    Offshore Bluefin Everywhere!!! Wide Open

    Congrats on the catch, and thanks for the same day report.
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    Offshore fish on north 9

    Nice catch guys!
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    Offshore Oceanside 7/22. Big Bluefin

    Ming. Congrats of a fish of your life time my friend. Great story. I just dream of a fish that big. LOL. KPN.
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    Offshore Oceanside bft 7/14

    Great job man!
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    Offshore WE KICKED BLUE FINN ASS 7-14-16

    Congrats on the catch guys. Best catch so far!!!!
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    Offshore Oceanside bft 7/14

    Nice catch and report. Congrats!
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    Great job to take your Mom out fishing. I wish I can take my Mom out.....
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    Offshore BFT Limits on the Pac Queen - 7/11

    Thank for the tips & report.
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    Offshore Pig Bluefin ToadsToadsonly style

    Nice fish & nice write up Jonathan! Congrats!
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    Catalina Island July 4th

    Good job Nhan. Nice YT.
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    Catalina Island July 4th

    That is a Asian Pomelo.
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    Bonefish San Diego Bay 4-26 ( Video )

    Nice work on those bone fish Corey. I still remember couple years ago :). KPN.
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    Offshore Dana 9/11/15

    Thank you Bob!
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    Offshore Dana 9/11/15

    Thank you Ming, We just got lucky that day. LOL. Khanh
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    Offshore Dana 9/11/15

    Thanks Wils! Long time to hear from you since you move up north. We are busy to pick at them and totally forget about the popper. LOL. Khanh,
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    Offshore Rpt.-Sun.-09-13-15 Tuna and Do Do!

    Great read and catch Cory. Thanks for the report.
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    Offshore Dana 9/11/15

    Thanks Cory!
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    Offshore Dana 9/11/15

    Thanks Corey. I love to pull on some of the real fighter fishes. LOL.
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    Offshore Dana 9/11/15

    Thank you guys. Go get em. KPN.
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    Offshore Dana 9/11/15

    Double post.
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    Offshore Dana 9/11/15

    I got an invited to fish with my friend Norm on his boat yesterday 9/11. We got small chovies at the receiver, and half of them die by 8 am. We did make some mack outside the harbor, kept some live and some in the bucket for chum. We head to a spot recommended by my other friend Ming, ( Thank...
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    Offshore 9/9 Dana point WFO

    Great job again Ming. KPN.
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    Offshore Yellowfin Tuna Bloody Yellowfin Tuna

    Great job out there Corey.
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    Offshore Rpt.-09-03-15 The Ducky Roars Again!

    Good catching Cory & Lal :appl:. KPN.
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    Offshore El Nino Fishing Video Report - Tuna and Dodos

    Very nice video footage Ming. KPN.
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    Offshore 8-21 Yellowfin Tuna Fishing with Kevin and Chad Gross (video)

    Nice video and report as usual Corey. KPN.
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    Offshore Maiden Voyage Ranger 2510

    Way to break ins the new boat guys. KPN.
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    Offshore WFO SW of the N9

    Great fishing guys.
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    Offshore Oceanside 8/19 WFO

    Good job Ming. KPN.
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    Offshore One Stop Shop Tuna 8-18

    Great trip guys. Congrats!!!
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    Offshore 8-16 Oceanside

    Nice job to take your pop and uncle fishing. I wish my Pop is still with me.
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    Offshore No Blue Fin but....

    Nice catch guys!
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    Offshore 8/15 Report 15mi off La Jolla

    Nice catch! Congrats to pop cherry on your new boat. KPN.
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    Offshore Yellowfin Tuna Double Hook Up Double Release (video)

    Nice released Corey! I want to see the new boat in actions. LOL! KPN.
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    Offshore Prowler, 8-12-15 - 8-14-15, 1.5 Day

    Thanks for a details report.
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    Offshore Local Tuna Fish

    Nice catch guys!
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    Offshore Maiden Voyage (video)

    Congrats Corey. I know you will blood that boat soon :D. KPN.
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    Offshore Oceanside plus 10.

    Nice job guys. Kudo to the kid :appl:.
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    Pro Gear Reels for sale.

    The 251 is SOLD!!! Thanks Andy.
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    Offshore Yellowfin Tuna Grand Dad Style III 8/7 (video)

    Good job out there again Corey!!! KPN.
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    Pro Gear Reels for sale.

    Due to me recent surgery on my left shoulder. I can not use the right hand reel anymore. So. My lost is your gain. Pro Gear Reel Star Drag 251 Gold, very good condition, rarely use. $140.00 Pro Gear Reel Star Drag 541 Gold, very good condition, rarely use. $160.00 If you buy both...
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    Offshore 277 pay off 8/2

    Nice catch guys!!!
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    Offshore Tuna Bloody Tuna 7-17 ( video )

    Corey, It was nice of you to take Bob tuna fishing for the Tuna to put the hurt on him LOL. I was out there on a friend boat south of the "Domes" and out from the fleet. We could not find many of them out there. I end up catching a almost 40 lbs YFT, and my friend caught a BFT about the same...
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    Offshore Ate Shix at the 209 today 9/5/14

    Hi Louis, I fished on Norm's boat with another friend. It was so frustrating to see all the YFT boiling all around the boat all morning, but only 3 committed. It was another slow day. KPN.
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    Offshore Limits Yellowfin,Dorado,Yellowtail and Skipjack Solo ( Video )

    Corey, Please check your PM box and your email. Khanh
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    Offshore Yellowfin, Tern Birds and Bloody Decks ( Video )

    You did it again Corey! :appl:. KPN.
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    Offshore Bluefin and Yellowfin 7 -28 at the 209 (video)

    Hey Corey, That's a nice video. I'm still remember until today ;). Khanh
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    Offshore Bluefin and Yellowfin 7 -28 at the 209 (video)

    Good job out there Corey. Call me when you have a chance. Khanh