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    WTB Shimano Tallus Rods

    Yes I’m in East county, what were you looking to get for it? Thanks Jonny I just pmd you my number!
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    WTB Shimano Tallus Rods

    No, I am still looking. Do you have one?
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    WTB Shimano Tallus Rods

    Anyone?? 👀
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    WTB Shimano Tallus Rods

    Tatted 1 submitted a new listing: WTB Shimano Tallus Rods - WTB Shimano Tallus Rods Learn more about this listing...
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    Southern California WTB Shimano Tallus Rods

    Looking for a couple shimano Tallus casting rods, models TLC70HBBL & TLC80HBBL Thanks, Jonny
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    Furuno System

    Interested call me 619-929-4701 Jonny
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    WTT/WTB 14-16 ft skiff or 15-25hp tiller outboard

    Price? Year of motor? Leaks? Hours? Trailer included? Pics of motor?
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    2001 Pro Logic(Triumph) 17 foot side console($3700)

    Can you tell me what size outboard this rig is rated for? Also what was previously on it? Thanks, Jonny
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    14' Welded Aluminum w/25 hp merc

    Any leaks? Does it have a trailer? 15 hours total on the motor? Any idea what the fees are to get current?? Thanks, Jonny
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    2003 15' Gregor Alluminum w/25 hp mercury 4 stroke side console

    Sent you a few messages regarding this skiff.
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    Check your messages bro!

    Check your messages bro!
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    1999 Tracker Pro V16 $3400

    This is exactly what I was looking for. If anyone has something comparable for sale please let me know. I was a little too late for this one.
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    1999 Tracker Pro V16 $3400

    If it falls through let me know its what I'm looking for. Sent you a PM awhile ago. Thanks, Jonny