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  1. RGrycki

    NC Trout 4/16

    This was my first trout fishing trip since I moved back to North carolina. There was a break in the weather and so I decided to go down to the Horsepasture river. After a 2 mile hike and Several nice looking holes I had nothing, not even a rise. I was finally able to pull this nice brownie out...
  2. RGrycki

    Arizona Ammo Dump

    Do you think some of the whackos in the gov't are any better than the people you are speaking of? Who has the right to differentiate? The people MUST maintain the power to regulate the government. Or else you get, well, marine protected areas is one example.
  3. RGrycki

    Oahu Reccomendations

    Check out Magic charters. they have decent prices and very nice gear/boat. They want to fish the big stuff but, they have 50# s/u gear available and a harness. You actually want to fish on the boat magic. If they try to get you on some old boat w/ no A/C say Hell No! it is not worth the cheap...
  4. RGrycki

    whats the most exotic place you have fished?

    Guam, went on some charter with this guy and some fat kid, caught Dorado, wahoo, Dogtooth, triggerfish, and some monster that could not be stopped on 50# and full drag.
  5. RGrycki

    Need a Pac Bay Rod Wrapper?

    what if I have a 9 or ten foot rod to wrap? can i extend the "8' sectioned aluminum base"?
  6. RGrycki

    What's up???

    yeah it was better the old way. ya gotta click on one of the forum names then when you go to that forum, go up to the top and go to BD forums disclaimer
  7. RGrycki

    Don't go offshore to fill the freezer.....

    Dude you must be able to read my mind. I just wanted to see what that 125gr. would do. It turned the vitals into a coagulated mush/soup and caused the diaphram to rupture. I couldn't find the bullet and it didn't pass through so I think it just evaporated. I am now taking a 180 Gr soft point...
  8. RGrycki

    Don't go offshore to fill the freezer.....

    Go Hunting. When it rains it pours. After hunting for 6 years to no avail I get two bucks on two opening days . A spike for opening bow, and this 120# fork for the rifle opener. Gun: Tikka (sako) whitetail hunter 30-06 Optics: 50mm 1" 4-12X Swift Bullet:125 Gr sierra hollow point @ 3200FPS...
  9. RGrycki

    back from local deer hunting

    Good job dude. I had something similar happen to me a couple days ago. but it was nearly dark and she just walked right out on the logging road in front of me as I was walking out. She just stood there and stared at my flashlight while I decided not to shoot her. It was right at the edge of...
  10. RGrycki


    I think its time for a hunting section. how does "Bloody Trucks" sound?
  11. RGrycki


    Sign me up for one, XL. Pm me w/ payment details. (I live in South Carolina)
  12. RGrycki

    30 pound rod

    700M. I use a 700ML for 25#. After I got it the rest of my tuna Bait sticks collected dust.
  13. RGrycki

    What's your occupation?

    student, former navy nuke,engineering
  14. RGrycki

    First Deer

    when I was field dressing it, it was one of the first things I did, I thought it was necessary to get the lungs and stuff out and I didn't want to reach my hand up in the cavity with the bleeder blade MIA somewhere in there. turns out I had to reach up in there anyways and it worked fine. first...
  15. RGrycki

    First Deer

    Cutting the windpipe out. What draw weight do you use?
  16. RGrycki

    First Deer

    Oh yeah, Orca, good luck with the rain and the fish, but you forgot to mention the liberals, illegal immigration, Real estate prices, parking lots @ the islands, and traffic............. good luck with those too.
  17. RGrycki

    First Deer

    Here's the pic. I'm still stoked. The bow is a PSE thunderbolt w/65# draw weight. arrow was carbon express and broadhead was a deadhead slicer w/ bleeder blade. arrow stuck in the deer and rattled around for awhile.
  18. RGrycki

    First Deer

    I arrowed my first deer (spike) yesterday (9/15) opening day of bowseason here in Union SC. After hunting this same plot of public land for six years with no luck ( whenever I could take leave and fly home) I was surprised as hell when he just walked out within bow range about an hour after...
  19. RGrycki

    Portagee Shopping Trip

    Hah, thats a good one! She wanted to make fun of pollocks for being stupid and didn't even spell it correctly. Here's one for ya : What is Black, blue, red, and lies squirming on the ground? The last person to tell a pollock joke! :FU:
  20. RGrycki


    When going with the epoxy I highly recommend the LS supreme. Just finished a rod with it and..... It's awesome! No bubbles, tack free in no-shit 6 hours, but still gave a good 30-45 min working time. Doesn't run or drip either. My butt wrap looks like it is sheathed in glass. If using metallic...
  21. RGrycki

    Iron and chickens

    Dude, last year I had some good luck with a Tady 45 in turquoise. Just go to the upwind side of the boat and fish it like you would for yellowtail. It keeps you away from the crowd and it is freakin awesome to see the tunas explode on your iron on the surface.
  22. RGrycki

    20 test reel

    Daiwa sealine X 30SHV all I can say is 60# BFT 2 hrs. 20# line and casts like a dream. Oh yeah and if you team it up with a Calstar 800XLH you can cast an anchovy a mile and still battle those local tuna and YT.
  23. RGrycki

    Guide wraps

    I started out this 7' spinning rod for my buddy with a blue chevron decorative wrap. I am out of Ideas for a guide wrap. I want it to look cool but not be too hard. I tried the color fade like in the picture, but I had problems doing it with the guide. I will not be doing an underwrap and I...
  24. RGrycki

    Mission Belle 4/29

    The feather I had was silver and white mylar, the other feathers were red & white.
  25. RGrycki

    Mission Belle 4/29

    Went out on the Mission Belle today. Started off the morning with victory at sea conditions, wasn't looking good. Arrived @ pukey and started metering around for fish. A couple of guys put out some feathers and instant bendo! While we drift to try for some bait fish I tie on one of those mylar...
  26. RGrycki

    SD Bay shore fishin' Whackfest 4/25

    Fishing on base again , started off of the beach with hopes of halibut. No joy here but a few short strikes. It was still awesome to be out all alone (except for my buddy) on a clear night with the waves crashing the shore. \We then head over to the rocks and start casting plasticks for nothing...
  27. RGrycki

    SD Bay Night Bassin! 4/20

    Fished on base again last night. Started out casing plastics from the beach which resulted in a couple spotted bass and a 22" halibut that put up a good fight. Then moved on to the rocks where I spent the next couple of hours getting about 15-20 sand bass. Hot color last night was an MC...
  28. RGrycki

    Cattle Boat 4/18

    WTG on the fish?: I love that boat. JD is way cool, and I always have fun when I go.
  29. RGrycki

    Friday Night Bassin'

    I went out to "the spot" (somewhere from shore in SD bay)after a long day of work and decided to give it a try after a long time not fishing there. It resulted in almost a fish a cast. The big sandies were on the chew big time and I ended up with several 3-5 pounders too numerous to count. The...
  30. RGrycki

    Offshore March Albacore 3/19

    The sea Adventure was good. Not the very best crew I have ever fished with, but better than most. I liked the skipper and I think he was the reason that the boat scored more Albacore than the other overnight boats. I would ride that boat again if given a choice.
  31. RGrycki

    Offshore March Albacore 3/19

    Mot's Sr. I got back about a month ago, this was my first real trip since then. I can't really get into rockfishing. John: BTW the name's Rob;)
  32. RGrycki

    Offshore March Albacore 3/19

    I heard all the reports of Albacore and decided I had to go, the only problem was I had to work friday. I took a shot in the dark and asked my boss if I could have the day off , and he said yes! It was too late to bum for a ride so I went on the sea adventure out of H&M . We got out to the 295...
  33. RGrycki


    TRY THIS:6-2-----0-5-57--0-1------------------------------------------------------------------6-2---1---bbbb1---0--------------------------------------------------------------------7-7-6-6-0---6-6-1------------------------------------------------------------------
  34. RGrycki

    Oahu 5 Feb

    Just let me know when! I got a month off, starting yesterday. I still gotta stand duty, every fifth day.
  35. RGrycki

    Oahu 5 Feb

    Thanks for the offer Pete! That sounds awesome. I've heard the fishing/scenery etc. is much better than Oahu there. I am stationed on the USS Portsmouth (SSN-707).We wer doing totally independent ops and thats about all I can say about that. We just got back wednesday. That was the longest 6...
  36. RGrycki

    Oahu 5 Feb

    It has been a LOOOOOOOONG 6 months. It is great to be back in San Diego Now. Nice shirt
  37. RGrycki

    Oahu 5 Feb

    Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky at morning, sailor take warning.
  38. RGrycki

    Oahu 5 Feb

    Me with a nice one.
  39. RGrycki

    Oahu 5 Feb

    We stopped off in Hawaii for for our last port of WESPAC. With only Two days in, we decided that we had to go fishing. I booked a charter with the "Tsubasa". I asked them for stand up gear and they said they had it. When I arrived I realized that it wasn't stand up gear as it was Penn 80W's w/...
  40. RGrycki

    Guam Report.

    We get back in mid February and I'm chompin' at the bit.
  41. RGrycki

    Guam Report.

    Beautiful Guam sunset:
  42. RGrycki

    Guam Report.

    On that stop I was throwing a wahoo bomb and the captain was looking at me pretty funny until I got slammed. It came unbuttoned though and we decided to finish out the day fishing the reef with jigs, for all the dogtooth tuna you wanted. Not much size, but I did get hammered hard on one drop and...
  43. RGrycki

    Guam Report.

    Now it's Aron's turn. We manage to get hime a do-do after trolling past a pretty nice sized bird school:
  44. RGrycki

    Guam Report.

    After that we continue trolling past the other FAD's. We see a single Tern flying over the water acting funny, and I ask the captain If he thought the bird might be on a fish. He said no, and about 10 seconds later the stinger flatline pops and the reel is screaming. I just look over at him and...
  45. RGrycki

    Guam Report.

    Myself and two of my buddies chartered a 6-pack outta Apra harbor sometime in october, I can't remember the exact date as it was so long ago, this is the first time I have been able to use the internet since leaving for deployment in August. Anyways, I called this guy up at 10pm the night before...
  46. RGrycki

    Offshore 8-10 tuna letdown

    went on the Grande today and immediately we had a stop in the morning down south that led to 30 + fish. after that it was very scratchy. went north for a few more fish, overall very scratchy after the first stop. D220 and north is probabally a better spot now. sorry no #'s This will probabally...
  47. RGrycki


    I will be going on wespac next week and one of the ports we will be hitting is Guam. Does anyone have advice for fishing there. Any info would be appreciated. such as tackle I will need for from shore or boat. locations, contacts, good boats, etc. Thanks, Rob.
  48. RGrycki


    Did anyone see the sportboat counts for today? It looks like the fishing has opened up again. Both for Tuna and local. Is the 238/295 area still producing or did they get their tuna elsewhere? I have got to go fishing, it has been 3 weeks with two weeks of that on a hellish underway 20 leagues...
  49. RGrycki

    7/15 371 albies and more

    With how close to land the Albacore were to la soledad last weekend there might just be some around the 101/439/9 Mile.....If the water isn't too hot. Watch the SST's. 10 miles to albacore.... that would be fun!
  50. RGrycki

    albies on the 425

    WTG chuck on the local inshore Albie. Man wasn't the water beautiful today? It looks like the albies are following that warm water band up along the inshore banks. Only a matter of days till the 302 and the 9 Mile goes off!
  51. RGrycki

    Offshore 7/12 Banda Bank Albacore explosion!

    Went fishing today with Harmonica John, and John 2 from that other board. Headed to Miss Yoly's #'s on Flat glass lake pacific, oh yeah , did I mention it was calm? Got to the spot and found other boats working the area but to no avail. We then hear of fish being caught 30 miles to the...
  52. RGrycki

    Anyone need crew this weekend? (7-12,13)

    If you need a boat ho sat. or sun. give me a call. I have duty all day thur. but I will respond to your messages when I hear them. I am itchin' for some private boater tuna. I got $ and mex License, and will help clean boat, truck, fish, etc. 858 495 3235 or cell...858 722 7763
  53. RGrycki

    damned clouds, damned SST's, damned tuna....ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say there are fish at hte Mushroom and Cortez banks.:D
  54. RGrycki

    Offshore Albies at 40 miles ! - 390 & Hidden Bank

    They said it was at a 185 degree heading. That would make it just north of the Upper 500.
  55. RGrycki

    6-14 calico whackfest

    Went out on a half day on the FIII again. Very crowded boat but the calicos didn't seem to care. Fished the PL kelp for lots of Big calico's. Sardines thrown way back into the weeds was the ticket. Here's some pictures:
  56. RGrycki

    BIG Halibut

    Check out this monster that the Mission belle caught yesterday!
  57. RGrycki

    Offshore 6-7 tuna!!!

    Way to go on the chickens Todd. I'm glad to hear they went off in the evening for ya. After 3 PM it was totally dead for us. What Line size did you get the baitfish on? They only wanted to chew 20# or less for us.
  58. RGrycki

    Offshore Albies 6-7

    Went out on a 1.5 day on the Holiday because the 2.5 day was cancelled. we went out to the dumper to fish with the rest of the fleet. got a few jig strikes early in the morning mostly singles or doubles and maybe 1 or 2 bait fish. weather was snotty. In the afternoon the sun came out a little...
  59. RGrycki

    6-5 Coronado YT

    Went on a 3/4 day on the malihini and Finally got my first YT of the season! It was on Iron too! The fish were all spread out from the bullring to the smokestacks and we were chasing the breezing fish. Not the large schools of fish and birds I've seen in summers past, just small ones that...
  60. RGrycki

    6-5 yellowtail and/or boat ho

    Does anyone need a crew to go catch some yellers thurs? If not I will be going on the mission belle if anyone wants to join me. Let me know. Cell # is 858 722 7763
  61. RGrycki

    Pl kelp Calico's and Logs 6-3

    I was on the FIII. This 10 day vacation is definitely the ticket! I am going to fish every fricking day of it. Can't wait till my 2.5 day this weekend!
  62. RGrycki

    Pl kelp Calico's and Logs 6-3

    Fished another .5 day and went to the PL kelp for wfo calico's and some Log barracuda. Ended up with the Jackpot again. It is the coolest thing to look down in the water and see hundreds of calico's chasing the bait around the kelp fronds. The water was a beautiful blue too. I wish this june...
  63. RGrycki

    PL Kelp Calico's!

    How did you guys do?. I thought that boat looked familiar.
  64. RGrycki

    PL Kelp Calico's!

    Went out for a .5 day on the FIII and we got into A nice bunch of Calico's in the kelp just north of green tanks. Had a Blast today . Find the blue water and the right current, they are biting good!!
  65. RGrycki

    5/10 YT limits outside the Pile

    Awesome! You always kill 'em Jim. I knew I should have gone today. Damn!
  66. RGrycki

    My theory on alcohol

    You know in the wild how the lions and cheetahs always weed out the sick old and dying antelope and wildebeasts? And Alcohol kills brain cells? Well, it is just killing off the old sick and dying brain cells. So the more I drink, the smarter I get!chugging chugging beerbang beerbang
  67. RGrycki

    First Limit

    Wildcat Jim gets my vote he seems to always slay 'em!
  68. RGrycki

    Girls gone wild!

    Shellback here also. Bet none of ya have crossed 300 ft under the equator!
  69. RGrycki

    Lj5-6, Doh!

    This will be my third rod. There has been alot of blood sweat and tears in that wrap.Literally. See all those threads off to the side, that's because I had to completely strip the blank like 3 times cuz I fucked it up after hours of work, it made me cry. If I wqas selling it the bill would be...
  70. RGrycki

    Cabo or Loreto, June

    Just got my leave approved for ten days in early june. I need some advice on what to do for a baja trip. I have a military income and need something not that expensive maybe like five days or so. Should I go to Loreto? East Cape? what are some good, reliable, english speaking outfits? Should I...
  71. RGrycki

    Lj5-6, Doh!

    The rod I am working on:
  72. RGrycki

    Lj5-6, Doh!

    coming one month this will be a YT hotel
  73. RGrycki

    Lj5-6, Doh!

    here is what it looked like going out
  74. RGrycki

    Lj5-6, Doh!

    Double DOH! Normally I am stuck to this board every waking moment that I am not fishing or working but monday night I had to get ready for the trip and I worked on my Rod so I didn't think to check the board. I was set on going to La Jolla. Had I read the report of wfo YT the plans would have...
  75. RGrycki


    Ha! I've got you all beat! I have an idiot for a boss, don't get paid shit, work 80+ hours a week, and I can't quit. Very bad day today. Got to work at 4am and didn't get off 'til 9pm, plus I gotta go back to work tomorrow (sat) at 7 and don't get to come home until 8 am Sunday. That's not the...
  76. RGrycki

    Day at the Docks 2003

    A get together is definitely in order. Had a great time down there and got to meet some great fisherpeople (Branman, srfdoc, Shelly and Jason). It was great meeting you guys. I hung out with Steve (Grateful Dad) most of the day.We headed out and fished mission bay after the event for nothing but...
  77. RGrycki

    Bloody fish pictures

  78. RGrycki

    Bloody fish pictures

    Here's some good ones:
  79. RGrycki

    view from the end of the street

    Here's a cool sunrise @ the 371:
  80. RGrycki

    4-24 subbase bassin!

    The area that I fished was off the rocks by the north pier. Some of the bay maps show an old wreck right in that little pocket and the bass get thick there. Seems like they bite alot better at night, and, in the summertime I catch BIG calicos, barracuda and an occassional WSB in that very spot...
  81. RGrycki

    4-24 subbase bassin!

    This one pulled drag.
  82. RGrycki

    4-24 subbase bassin!

    A nice sculpin.
  83. RGrycki

    4-24 subbase bassin!

    more sandy
  84. RGrycki

    4-24 subbase bassin!

    Fished the Subbase tonight between 9 and 11. Caught too many sandies to count, a big scorpion and some smaller calicos. They were caught from shore in about 15-25 feet, near dropoffs. They hit small 3" plastics on a 3/8 oz. lead head. best colors were black and clear flake black and purple w/...
  85. RGrycki

    Day at the Docks List

    I'll be there at 10, probabally stay until the FIII leaves, and go fishing with them. see y'all there.
  86. RGrycki

    Phone Girl For the rest of you

    Whats goin' on? I used to be able to see this pic, now I can't see anymore pics, anywhere! can someone help? thanks
  87. RGrycki

    Who's Going To DOD

    I will be there too. Hope to meet a bunch of bloody Boaters there!chugging chugging chugging