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  1. CI_SeaWolf

    Cool knifes? I have a fetish. Post em up!

    That is a piece of history!
  2. CI_SeaWolf

    Cool knifes? I have a fetish. Post em up!

    Good picture except for my foot! The Case knives are very pretty, most are purchases from road trips over the years.
  3. CI_SeaWolf

    Cool knifes? I have a fetish. Post em up!

    Some Case Knives
  4. CI_SeaWolf

    Cool knifes? I have a fetish. Post em up!

    Perfect for that big bird!
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    Cool knifes? I have a fetish. Post em up!

    Classic Remington
  6. CI_SeaWolf

    Cool knifes? I have a fetish. Post em up!

    Ruana, hand made in MT
  7. CI_SeaWolf

    Cool knifes? I have a fetish. Post em up!

  8. CI_SeaWolf

    Cool knifes? I have a fetish. Post em up!

    Simichrome or Flitz will help. Good carbon steel there!
  9. CI_SeaWolf

    Cool knifes? I have a fetish. Post em up!

    That old steel is really nice, you can tell those blades got plenty of work!
  10. CI_SeaWolf

    Cool knifes? I have a fetish. Post em up!

    Helle Eggen
  11. CI_SeaWolf

    Cool knifes? I have a fetish. Post em up!

    Randall model 14
  12. CI_SeaWolf

    Cool knifes? I have a fetish. Post em up!

    Grandad’s hunting knife
  13. CI_SeaWolf

    Bring beer on the boat or buy?

    Shows what I know….lots of day boats but not a lot of LR experience
  14. CI_SeaWolf

    Bring beer on the boat or buy?

    I don’t think they will let you bring beer on the boat…..
  15. CI_SeaWolf

    boat size tips

    Here’s a story…. A buddy of mine bought a 21’ Alumiweld back in the 90’s. He had 3 people on the boat and was trolling around the Coronado Islands…. They hooked up on a tuna, we’re scrambling to land the fish when a large wave came over the cut out stern and swamped the boat, next wave turned...
  16. CI_SeaWolf

    New Penn Torque 15XNLD2S

  17. CI_SeaWolf

    New Penn Torque 15XNLD2S

    How much 50 does it hold?
  18. CI_SeaWolf

    Unbelievable barn find in OC today

    vintage tin....
  19. CI_SeaWolf

    Owner mosquito vrs baitholders

    amazon has gulp sandworms
  20. CI_SeaWolf

    Owner mosquito vrs baitholders

    check your pm's
  21. CI_SeaWolf

    Owner mosquito vrs baitholders

    For Perch, I use 6lb test, # 4-#6 mosquito hooks and 2" sandworms in camo, red, and new penny. Usually cut the 6" worms into 2" pieces if I cant find the 2" ones
  22. CI_SeaWolf

    Owner mosquito vrs baitholders

    Also, I just pin them through, instead of threading the bait on. Haven't had too many problems.
  23. CI_SeaWolf

    Owner mosquito vrs baitholders

    Owner mosquito hooks do not have the barbs on the shank of the hook. I like the mosquito hooks because they stay sharp, and are light so the sandworm can swim albeit a tiny bit. They also don't seem to rust as fast.
  24. CI_SeaWolf

    Should be a metric pitch...... look in the metric stainless bolt section

    Should be a metric pitch...... look in the metric stainless bolt section
  25. CI_SeaWolf

    83# Yellowtail on the Star

  26. CI_SeaWolf

    Question for the old, old heads…

    Back in the day, at Gull Island, off the back side of Santa Cruz Island. We put the jigs out after dropping anchor, three nice home guard yellows later, we had to go home… other boats in area doing same thing got WSB, and halibut too.
  27. CI_SeaWolf

    Gear Rental for 2.5 BFT Trip?

    Welcome to Bloodydecks! sorry there is some pent up frustration here about who knows what?
  28. CI_SeaWolf

    Question for the old, old heads…

    Even plain, have caught tons of fish on just plain ones….
  29. CI_SeaWolf

    Question for the old, old heads…

    White Tady 45 heavy, with the red S on the top, treble hook with a squid or two pinned on. Other old school was a 3/4 oz lead head with a squid pinned on, no swimbait or scampi…. Caught everything from Calicos, to Black Sea Bass on that.
  30. CI_SeaWolf

    Custom Cosmo 8 Ft CSR Graphite Rod & Daiwa Sealine X-30SHA, excellent condition

    You can’t go wrong with a rod wrapped by Mr. Hong!
  31. CI_SeaWolf

    Need Advice/Help Surf Casting in Maui October 2021

    sounds like a nice rig! Glad you got out there and tried. Those Ulua are really a prize!
  32. CI_SeaWolf

    What store sells used reels

    I am actually looking for a P 229 myself…. Maybe somebody has one they would like to get rid of.
  33. CI_SeaWolf

    Aftermarket or oversized base plates

    After some research, Strike master has some. They are available at Charkbait. I went with a company called Sea Halt. They are actually machining them to my specifications. I will post a picture or two when I get them .
  34. CI_SeaWolf


    Really nice build, like the wiring diagrams too. Mind if I use them for reference.
  35. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Pacific Queen on 11-1

    Blue line guy…. Don’t be that guy! On my recent 2.5 day, there was a guy with blue braid that was tangled/slack/in the way ….. hmmm maybe it is a trend!
  36. CI_SeaWolf

    Sleep Apnea.......CPAP machine

    I’ve been using mine for a while now, used it on a few boats back before my break in offshore fishing, now almost 10 years later, brought it with me on a 2.5 day trip. Great idea to bring a long extension cord, was sure glad I had one on my trip. Some machines do offer a battery powered...
  37. CI_SeaWolf

    surf fishing in baja sur?

    Try some GT Ice Cream lures….. they have 3 different shapes.
  38. CI_SeaWolf

    Smallest Charlie Brown Circle Hook for Cow Fishing?

    I ordered some from Trophy Tackle, very quick shipping!
  39. CI_SeaWolf

    Shimano Saragosa & Phenix Axis Set Up

    Good Deal there!
  40. CI_SeaWolf

    1995 GMC TOPKICK

    Pretty clean, too bad not usable in CA.
  41. CI_SeaWolf

    1.5 day tuna trip gear help

    Those 2 rigs would be fine, rent a heavy rig at the landing.
  42. CI_SeaWolf

    Rv Trailer covers?

    Check out National Covers…. They have various sizes, and pretty good prices.
  43. CI_SeaWolf

    Custom Rainshadow Rcjb90xh 40-80lb 7’6”

    Beautiful rod! It would go well with a Fathom 40nld2 with 80lb braid, 60 lb topshot
  44. CI_SeaWolf

    Possible vids of your favorite surface irons

    are they equipped with a ring? If so, tie directly to that, don’t use a clip or snap swivel.
  45. CI_SeaWolf

    Anyone buy from "Reel Power handles"?

    Just from the pictures, it looks like there should be a set screw that comes into the spindle from the top of the reel handle. Probably metric, a good hardware store might have a properly pitched stainless screw.
  46. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore trolling gear

    If I were closer…. Those spreader bars and lures look good
  47. CI_SeaWolf

    Mammoth Lakes Basin end of October

    Hi Matt, you can drive to Convict Lake, about 15 minutes from Mammoth, The June Lake loop is only about 30-45 minutes away.
  48. CI_SeaWolf

    Ruger #3

    You might want to look at a lever action…. Marlin 1894 would be a good choice but they are getting expensive. Rossi/Puma model 92 might be a good choice , they make them in 24”, 20”, and 16” barrels
  49. CI_SeaWolf

    23 foot salt water slip in Long Beach CA - newbie question

    Bottom paint will definitely help with growth, but you will still need regular cleaning. Make sure all your metal is bonded and your zinc anodes are in good shape.
  50. CI_SeaWolf

    Fishing with colostomy bag

    As we get older, our health can change. I do think that it can be done, but you need to start out slowly. I admire you for wanting to try instead of just giving up. For us that don’t have that to deal with, count your blessings, and try to understand that even though we have setbacks, we...
  51. CI_SeaWolf

    21' Gregor Seahawk IV

    Nice Boat! GLWTS
  52. CI_SeaWolf

    ultralight casting rig for trout

    I use Kokanee rods for trolling for trout. I think they might be too slow in action for casting swim baits. You might want to look at light action spinning blanks. As far as baitcasters, it will be tough to get a good cast with such a light bait. There was a Calcutta 50 that was pretty...
  53. CI_SeaWolf

    Ruger #3

    Put a post on Rugerforum Classifieds….. someone there might have one to sell.
  54. CI_SeaWolf

    When the weather turns bad, the browns come out to play. Bring some 6 lb outfits!

    When the weather turns bad, the browns come out to play. Bring some 6 lb outfits!
  55. CI_SeaWolf

    Restaurants with docks

    Courtesy dock at Ventura Harbor, close to several restaurants including Brophy Bros. , Andrea’s, others
  56. CI_SeaWolf

    Mammoth Lakes Basin end of October

    Supposed to be windy tomorrow, but crisp and cool the rest of the time…. Should be a good trip.
  57. CI_SeaWolf

    Preowned Rods and Reels

    Caveat emptor... let the buyer beware. True, there is a supply shortage right now. Once in a while, there will be a good deal in the classifieds here. I look a few times a day. Just set your budget and stick with it. If you don't like the price, don't buy it.
  58. CI_SeaWolf

    Guadalupe Report

    probably because it stretches a bit more than flouro.
  59. CI_SeaWolf

    Your first fishing memory

    Around 1964, my great uncle had a 16’ runabout. Uncle Charlie, Dad and me fishing with mini marshmallows in Big Bear Lake for trout. Still remember sneaking a couple of those stale marshmallows and playing with the net. Charlie and Dad also took my cousin out, and hooked him in the nose. I...
  60. CI_SeaWolf

    WTB Rod for VISX 16

    Either a UC 7’6” Viper or a Seeker OSP 1x3 7’3”. I have the Seeker.
  61. CI_SeaWolf

    Aftermarket or oversized base plates

    Hi, recently purchased a Penn16VISX, and Fathom 40NLD2. They both barely were able to fit on my rods with the factory supplied base plates and screws. 1 rod was a Seeker OSP 1x3 with ALPS reel seat, (that was the 16 VISX). And the other was a Seeker 6465 XH with an anodized Pac Bay reel...
  62. CI_SeaWolf

    Aztec 3 Day

    As far as flat fall jigs, try to find some knife and flat fall in 350- 500 gm range also, good colors are Blue/ Pink, Red Crab, and Glow
  63. CI_SeaWolf

    Aztec 3 Day

    You definately have the heavier end of the spectrum covered. I would probably not bring your heaviest, and bring a 30, and 25 lb outfit. On my 2.5 day last week, we went south for dorado, then up to the Tanner. Small models of tuna and dorado hit the light line, also take hooks 4-1/0. I...
  64. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Post trip report charter on Pacifica 2.5 day 10/5-10/8

    Tired and happy, back from my first trip in like 10 years. A friend hooked me up with a spot on a 2.5 day charter on the Pacifica 10/5-10/8. Boarded and loaded nice cured sardines and left Mission Bay about 10 pm on the 5th. Ran south to Mexican waters to a productive paddy for the first...
  65. CI_SeaWolf

    Az Rifle Elk

    Nice animal! How did that .300 WSM work?
  66. CI_SeaWolf

    Mammoth Lakes Basin end of October

    1/6th oz on the bouyants, up to 1/4 oz on the Kastmasters so you can cast far. Bring some warm clothes!
  67. CI_SeaWolf

    Mammoth Lakes Basin end of October

    Hi, first off, congrats on the baby! I fish late season every year. I think the standard Red/Gold Thomas Bouyants, Gold Kastmasters, and CD 5- CD-7 rapalas in Gold, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Silver are good bets. Some Tasmanian Devils would also be good. Creeks will be very low as...
  68. CI_SeaWolf

    Oil Spill

    Dilution is the solution for pollution
  69. CI_SeaWolf

    Cow BFT on PENN 16VISX

    Nice Job! I am going to try mine out this week.
  70. CI_SeaWolf

    Need Advice/Help - flying in for a long range trip

    Btw, I have spent some time in Durango and love it there!
  71. CI_SeaWolf

    Need Advice/Help - flying in for a long range trip

    I think it will work out better for you. I have had rods damaged by the Airlines/TSA and it is no fun seeing an open rod tube in the baggage dept... good luck and have a safe drive!
  72. CI_SeaWolf

    Advice on travel rods?

    Most boats in Hawaii have their own gear. Different style fishing there, the boat keeps the majority of the fish.
  73. CI_SeaWolf

    Tuna: rank 'em for catching and for cooking

    Category 1: Yellowfin, nothing like a wide open schoolie bite or a nice fish down at 'Lupe Bluefin, frustrating sometimes but spirited fight, put Bigeye in same category Albacore, good fish to catch, on private boats, leave one hanging to bring in more... Category 2: Albacore: can dry if...
  74. CI_SeaWolf

    Time to rig? Pre-trip schedule

    I have been out of the offshore scene for quite a few years…. Getting squared away for a 2.5 day next week has me going through a lot of gear and spending some money….
  75. CI_SeaWolf

    FS: Makaira 16 Gunmetal

    someone is going to get a good deal!
  76. CI_SeaWolf

    Got a rod I need help with information on , all you g-loomis guys chime in please

    I have an LCI salmon rod somewhere. It is pre G Loomis. Mine dates from around 1985 or so. I wouldn't think you would be looking at more than $ 150 for it.
  77. CI_SeaWolf

    FS: Makaira 16 Gunmetal

    So, what is the price?
  78. CI_SeaWolf

    Is this right gear for bft and yellowtails?

    Coltsnipers, Chrome/ blue and Chrome Tadys........
  79. CI_SeaWolf

    Is this right gear for bft and yellowtails?

    I would leave the Rapala at home....
  80. CI_SeaWolf

    Pacific Air Show HB

    might be a fun day to go down to the launch ramp and watch the spectacle.......yikes!
  81. CI_SeaWolf

    I’m sure I’m on a LR boat at 2am

    Hope your recovery is going well. I had to have go under yesterday, when I was in the OR, the doctor told me to get ready to go to sleep. I could only think of my upcoming 2.5 day trip next week. Funny how those things hit us.
  82. CI_SeaWolf

    Seeker ESM7650 (SSR7650 blank)

    beautiful wrap! GLWTS
  83. CI_SeaWolf

    Fishing the outer islands and banks out of Oxnard or thereabouts

    Used to fish the back side of Santa Cruz with 10-14 oz of lead, 50 lb leader, 4/0 hook, #2 trapper treble hook on live sardines… worked like a champ….had a 4/0 with 50 lb Dacron……..
  84. CI_SeaWolf

    Sport boat Legacy

    The old China Clipper…… I believe
  85. CI_SeaWolf

    5-8 day gear recommendation

    Probably the 40 lb set up
  86. CI_SeaWolf

    Smitty's Soft Pad

    I have one of those.... I like it..... I think I will try fishing next week without the big plate/ bucket and see how it goes....
  87. CI_SeaWolf

    Shimano Saragosa 14000

    Would you sell 1 for $250?
  88. CI_SeaWolf

    Should I bring my bucket harness?

    Hi, I am going on a 2.5 day trip next week on the Pacifica. I have a new rail rod set up for 100 lb, and regular style rod 80/ 60 top that I will fish flat fall and sinker rigs…. New to the whole rail style fishing thing. I have a braid bucket harness and don’t know whether I should bring it...
  89. CI_SeaWolf

    United Composites Centaur 76 and Penn 16VISX Silver

    I bought another rod off of the seller, good guy and gear is in great shape! GLWTS!
  90. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore Welcome to cow town 9-23,24,25th

    Nice going! Thank goodness for good weather for you.
  91. CI_SeaWolf

    fishworks outerwater series long pants

    Also found Fishworks Long pants..... size 36, in Tan good condition $ 25.00 And, Fishworks Deckhand Shorts, size 36, in Navy, good condition $ 20.00
  92. CI_SeaWolf

    Gunmetal Makaira 16 SEA & 7' UC Centuar

    That was a smokin deal!
  93. CI_SeaWolf

    Super Seeker 670

    Between your tackle boxes, and the rods you build, what works of art!
  94. CI_SeaWolf

    What happened to SC Surf Fishing?

    It was a sad thing for me to see it close down. I have been around since the old Allcoast sportfishing days. I have shared a rail with a few guys from there. The perch bite was ok this last year, kind of wonder what it will be like this winter.
  95. CI_SeaWolf

    Southern California fishworks outerwater series long pants

    I have a pair of lightly used Fishworks Outerwater series long pants in Navy blue. The tag says 36, but they were tight on me back when I was a 36. More like a 34 35 waist. I would like $ 40.00 for them.
  96. CI_SeaWolf

    fishworks outerwater series long pants

    CI_SeaWolf submitted a new listing: fishworks outerwater series long pants - fishworks outerwater series long pants Learn more about this listing...
  97. CI_SeaWolf

    Need Advice/Help Surf Casting in Maui October 2021

    Another rod to look at for the medium stuff would be the 9’ travel St. Croix. Not bad to carry and fishes ok. I have one of those
  98. CI_SeaWolf

    Need Advice/Help Surf Casting in Maui October 2021

    Hey Will, good luck on your trip over there. Most of your better surf rods are going to be pricey, especially if GT are the target. I like the Tiralejo surf rods by Shimano. I also fish a Tsunami, but hope it would hold up if a monster gets hooked. Saragossa reels are probably one of the...
  99. CI_SeaWolf

    Enough Backbone for Gunnison Browns?

    Scott Radian 5 wt.
  100. CI_SeaWolf

    Enough Backbone for Gunnison Browns?

    Nice! They are a good tussle on a 5 wt. What size tippet?
  101. CI_SeaWolf

    Free Ugly Stick 10’ Surf Casting Rod

    I wish it were closer…..i
  102. CI_SeaWolf

    Advance reservations required for fish processing

    Would you do that for a 2.5 day trip too?
  103. CI_SeaWolf

    Red Seeker 7X WTS Skull Fire

    Too pretty to fish…. You are an artist!
  104. CI_SeaWolf

    Ocean Whitefish (Blanco in Mex)

    Have seen a couple that big back in the 80’s out at Santa Cruz Island… ”bottom yellowtail”. Was on the a boat and a fellow angler had one of those bend the spool shaft on a penn squidder…..
  105. CI_SeaWolf

    A Quick Trip to SoCo

    God's country there. My wife and I had our anniversary fly fishing on the San Juan in NM there a few years ago. Western CO is beautiful.
  106. CI_SeaWolf


    I have been away from the offshore fishing at San Diego for a few years. It seems like some of the old school technology is really dead now. So, in the late 2000’s - early 2010’s the technology was a mix of straight mono on reels, braid with longer top shots of mono/ florocarbon, and straight...
  107. CI_SeaWolf

    Anybody out there fishing a 196-8' or a BR80 or a lami 228?

    Still have my 220 graphast for chovies. I will be bringing my 8’ Shikari out next month on a 2 day…. More of a 25 lb stick, got a 37# bluefin on it a few years back
  108. CI_SeaWolf


    Hi, I have been using some inexpensive cabelas breathable waders for a few years now…. Always a chance that a bigger wave can splash you or knock you down so a wading belt is a must…. I like my chest waders because I can clip my keys to one of the suspenders and put them in the zippered pocket...
  109. CI_SeaWolf

    Covered Footwear "Tabis" For Shoreline Anglers!

    Those look pretty nice! I spent a week surf fishing on Hawaii following my friend. I was wearing regular neoprene tabi’s. My feet and arches were thrashed from walking on lava and trying to get traction on the slippery rocks. It took a couple months for the soreness to go away. I found some...
  110. CI_SeaWolf

    Legal .410 in calif.?

    H&R topper or NEF pardner
  111. CI_SeaWolf

    Legal .410 in calif.?

    Good luck finding lead free shells for .410
  112. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore 9/10 425 371

    If I had that critter come up in my spread...... "I think I need a bigger boat!"
  113. CI_SeaWolf

    Help diagnose Battery wiring issue

    Good morning, I think the first thing to do is check the voltage at the battery using a VOM. A fully charged battery should read approximately 13.5 volts DC. It can fry the diodes on an alternator if the loads are switched during operation of the charging system. Check the temperature...
  114. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore MY BEST DORADO TRICK EVER... Whats Yours?

    Back in the day, I caught small Dorado trolling Black/ Silver magnum Rapalas….. must have been an El Niño year… Santa Monica Bay!
  115. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore WAtch out !

    To the OP, I think that you are getting the picture. It is fishing, not catching. Even a great boat and crew have a tough day once in a while. These guys and gals are out there every day on short sleep and have to deal with all kinds of people. Think of this as a “teachable moment”. Most of...
  116. CI_SeaWolf

    Inshore Izors, again. 8/30

    Love the pics of the bass thumb, brings back many memories!
  117. CI_SeaWolf

    .270 or 7mm Mag?

    For a youngster, even 30-06 will be a lot of gun. I think that a .308 loaded with 165‘s is probably the best bet. That being said, elk are tough critters, a shot through the shoulder is needed to put them down.
  118. CI_SeaWolf

    Surf perch fishing rod suggestions

    Lots of good advice here, for perch up in Ventura county, I use an Okuma Celilo medium light 7’6” rod rated 4-10lb. I use that rod primarily for Carolina rigs, with the heaviest egg sinker being 3/4 oz. I fish a 2500 size reel with 6lb mono on my Carolina rig with # 6 owner mosquito hooks...
  119. CI_SeaWolf

    Offshore 8/19 -22 Vagabond: That's gotta hurt

    You Sir, can tell a story! I hope that your friend feels better, should be a good scar. No scars, no stories!
  120. CI_SeaWolf

    Need Advice/Help Surf Casting in Maui October 2021

    Leader suggestions: I dont' go much lighter than 12 lb flourocarbon for most stuff over there, even the little wrasses and reef fish have very formidable choppers. Medium light rig will use 30, larger rigs use heavier leader. For plugs for Uluas, we use 100 lb leader as the big guys will look...
  121. CI_SeaWolf

    Need Advice/Help Surf Casting in Maui October 2021

    I would second getting a guide….. bait fishing for Uluas requires specialized gear for “slide bait fishing”. Also local knowledge of the fishy places on the island will give you more opportunity. The hiking to fishing spots can be very tricky, you can buy Tabis (fishing shoes) on the island...
  122. CI_SeaWolf

    Need Advice/Help Surf Casting in Maui October 2021

    Hawaiian surf fishing is cool, I use light tackle for small reef fish (8-12 lb.). Longer rods like steelhead rods are better and give you a chance to cast farther. Kastmasters are very popular as well as small poppers and rubber grubs. The locals call it whipping. For bigger fish like...
  123. CI_SeaWolf

    Phenix and Seeker rods FS

    please check your conversations
  124. CI_SeaWolf

    Knot for local tuna

    Grizz, I have had my best luck with: Flyline, 2-40 lb Trilene knot Yo Yo and Surface Jig, SD Jam knot Coltsniper Jig, SD Jam knot, if you do change rings, use Owner Hyper wire Mono to flouro , uni to uni, Braid to mono (20-50 lb) Seguar or double surgeon Heavy Braid to Heavy Mono, FG knot...