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  1. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore 09/19 Oceanside Wahoo

    In I dont see it being an issue with all the other pictures that will be around. I won't be raising a snowflake like the mass around here. I miss old bd.
  2. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore 09/19 Oceanside Wahoo

    Wow... Now I remember why I've taken a step back from this place. To some of you, thanks for reminding me of a once in a life time moment. I guess none of you guys have pictures around your place, talk about past catches or really even have a fucking life. Yep the one giving you guys the finger...
  3. socalwhiteboy

    Calstar 6455 30-50#

    Custom Calstar 6455 30-50# wrapped by taniguchi. All rollers, eva with aftco reel seat and gimbal. Fun rod just not needed for how I fish. 220 or best offer picked up local in sfv.
  4. socalwhiteboy

    HALIBUT CLASSIC suffers huge loss with tragic death!

    Sorry for your loss mike!
  5. socalwhiteboy

    14' Livingston center console

    Removed off 14' Livingston. Structure is strong and solid. Could use touch up or a whole new fresh coat of paint. Everything seen included. 40" tall 19" wide 19 3/4" deep. 200$ obo picked up. SFV AREA.
  6. socalwhiteboy

    12 gal Moller gas tank

    12 gal moller gas tank. Very little use just been sitting a season. Drain/flush and good to go. 55 obo picked up. SFV AREA.
  7. socalwhiteboy

    Perris 9/19

    Good to see him sticking fattys still! Is he getting into the big swimbait game now?
  8. socalwhiteboy

    Perris 9/19

    Nice fish! What did she eat?
  9. socalwhiteboy

    Lost gear at marina Del Ray boat launch

    I actually sat at the mdr launch ramp from 230 to just before 8. Trailer issue. I had to keep an eye on my boat that was sitting in the water all afternoon. They only suspicious persons were the transients using the dock as a repair facility/work area when he backed it up shallow to pull the...
  10. socalwhiteboy

    Funny hookup bait pictures

    If you have Instagram look up @Anti-HookupBaits.
  11. socalwhiteboy

    Need steps to get from trailer to bow
  12. socalwhiteboy

    Huddleston swimbait set up recommendations

    Dobyns, irod, diawa, okuma, etc all make a "swimbait" rod within your price range. Spool up a 300/400 size reel with 20lb mono and start chucking. you will figure out what you need out of a rod for that style really fast. I throw my hudds on 3 different rods and my fishing partner has 4 or 5. It...
  13. socalwhiteboy

    The 14 Mile Bank, 10 Hook Gangions and Grandpa….

    Sorry for your loss, sounds like a great man. I'd do anything to fish with my dad 1 more time.
  14. socalwhiteboy

    What kind of shrimp/prawn is this?

    Sandbass I've been catching in the SMB this year have been coughing them up just about every fish.
  15. socalwhiteboy

    Yellowtail, calicos and a lady

    Insane story. Glad you were there to help, perfect timing. My dad was the guy you gave all the fresh dead to. Thanks again, you have alot of good karma coming your way.
  16. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore First local super cow bluefin

    Congrats, been following your season. you deserve it!
  17. socalwhiteboy

    The ice breaker!

    Nice fish! What lake?
  18. socalwhiteboy

    Looking for the bass out of Long Beach

    If you can get live squid/ bait it's been WFO at the kelp from fermin to rocky. Mixed grade of fish but fun for the kiddo.
  19. socalwhiteboy

    MDR Boating DUI

    They were really cool last year, they pulled up and asked a couple questions, no beer or anything around so it was quick. Amazed I took my skiff to cat from mdr and did it sober! Be safe out there this weekend guys it should be interesting.
  20. socalwhiteboy

    SMB Memorial Day Bass and Lings

    You always kill it out there, nice day.
  21. socalwhiteboy


    Can you pm me or post pics. Thanks.
  22. socalwhiteboy

    Need auto body shop referral

    Being in the field, go to a place that specializes in euro cars. Dealer would be the best choice.
  23. socalwhiteboy

    Ochoco 5-10

    That's a nice one!
  24. socalwhiteboy

    Cool survival story

    Thank you for what you and your fellow coasties do for all of us. Glad they made it out okay. Hell of a story.
  25. socalwhiteboy

    Free Shimano Tackle Bag

    Done, good luck!
  26. socalwhiteboy

    SCI Run

    Right on boys!
  27. socalwhiteboy

    Those were the days! I thought they'd never end!

    Another great read here!
  28. socalwhiteboy

    Help a dad help his daughter.......

    Done good luck to her.
  29. socalwhiteboy

    My new ride

  30. socalwhiteboy

    Diamond valley 2/20

    Right on, nice fish. Good to hear there starting to chew.
  31. socalwhiteboy

    Rpt.-WFO Local Bass'n!

    You guys always have an amazing story to tell, great day right there. Right on!
  32. socalwhiteboy

    SD Bay 1-23

    Right on man congrats!
  33. socalwhiteboy

    A NEW column for you guys!

    What an amazing article, thank you for taking the time to write it. Would love to hear more! Grew up listening to my dad's stories from the bay, alot of familar names and boats.
  34. socalwhiteboy

    Spotty Session 1-13-2016

    Looks like a good time, nice fishies!
  35. socalwhiteboy

    11lb bass flippin (central florida)

    That's a slug, nice one!
  36. socalwhiteboy

    Shimano tackle bag with Huge lot of big hammers, Warbaits and beast hooks $100

    I don't give a shit why your selling your gear. Hopefully your getting out of the game, less people like you the better. I'm not butt hurt about loosing the deal, it just amazes me people don't stand for there word anymore. You named the price shipped I didnt. If you weren't good with the deal...
  37. socalwhiteboy

    Shimano tackle bag with Huge lot of big hammers, Warbaits and beast hooks $100

    Don't waste your time with this guy. Agrees to a price and waiting for me to send funds after work. All of a sudden his roommate wants it. What a joke.
  38. socalwhiteboy

    SMB 12/13 - Big Swells and Big Bass

    Nice bass out of the bay!
  39. socalwhiteboy

    Weekend Warriors- engine hours?

    2014 honda bf50. First splash Oct 14 2014. Today it has 451.4 hours. Not a single problem, changed oil at intervals needed. I was shooting for 500 first year, lil short :frehya2:. Yea I work 45+ hours a week and spend all my free time on the water.
  40. socalwhiteboy


    1. Juvenile corrections officer 2. Largemouth bass fishing 3.10.5 bass 4. Yes
  41. socalwhiteboy

    Fishing Survey for New Lure Design

    Done, good luck on your project!
  42. socalwhiteboy

    Hey RandyV!!!

    Make sure to pull the plug this time.
  43. socalwhiteboy

    Delete please.

    Happy Thanksgiving guys!
  44. socalwhiteboy

    Happy Thanksgiving to ALL.....

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you guys!
  45. socalwhiteboy

    Dana Monday 11-23

    Sounds like a fun day on the pond!
  46. socalwhiteboy

    Eating out (restaruant) for Thanksgiving...... suggestions??

    Mike I'm out of your area for suggestions but I want to wish you and your girls a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope this year will be one to remember.
  47. socalwhiteboy

    Liquidating my Business

    Please pm me the models/prices of the carts/box.
  48. socalwhiteboy

    So who all is in the SoCal WAHOO club?

    That's to all the people talking shit. Yea were still full of it after getting one in socal :finger:
  49. socalwhiteboy

    Liquidating my Business

    Carts or tool boxes available?
  50. socalwhiteboy

    back side of catalina

    Good times, can't beat that! David runs a solid operation, one of the few sporties I would fish.
  51. socalwhiteboy

    Braid to fluro connection? From the bass guys?

    I anchored my dad's 33' egg harbor mulitple times this weekend, swinging and pulling it around. 65lb power uni to uni with 40lb izorline. Confidence in the knot outweighs what some guy on the Internet says. If I don't trust it, it will haunt me till I break off.
  52. socalwhiteboy

    Breaking trailer bearings left n right.. Help!

    Are you preloading your bearings or tightening them down and good?
  53. socalwhiteboy

    Condolences to Mikey Likes It

    Condolences for you and your family, Mike. Hang in there and remember the great times you shared.
  54. socalwhiteboy

    Seal gets an e-ticket

    I was waiting for another one to come snatch it in the air!
  55. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore 49.7 lbs OF PURE US WATERS STOKE!!!!!

    Mike you just made my day! I'm 0-5 this week on my vacation. You just put a lil more hope in me for my last day. Congrats dude you deserve every bit of this, you earned it.
  56. socalwhiteboy

    my dad needs your help

    Congrats to your pops! He deserves it. Enjoy every bit.
  57. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore Oceanside 9/29 and bad bait

    I've bought probably 40 scoops this year and haven't received a reciept once. Mdr, pedro/lb down to oc. Maybe that's the norm in sd. If mission bay is the ticket, good luck. At one point or another all barges have had chovies lately. Bring a light rod and learn to fish them. The fish will eat...
  58. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore Oceanside 9/29 and bad bait

    Unless it changed from a week ago, posted was 50 a scoop. Maybe his info is useless to you Mike but the barge guys at oc have always given me solid intel.
  59. socalwhiteboy

    my dad needs your help

    Let's help win this guys!
  60. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore Oceanside 9/29 and bad bait

    Condition and type of bait is always a gamble. Ask first what they have then make the choice. I usually let them know what i want after the first pass to see the condition. It's 50 a scoop in oceanside. If you got two scoops for 80 he actually gave you a deal. Do you expect him to walk inside ...
  61. socalwhiteboy


    Keep at it. If one thing isn't working, try something else. If there keyed in on a certain color fish it. If your getting short bites downsize in the same color. Try different retrieves and presentations until you find what they want. Don't stick with only swim bait on a leadhead. Try creature...
  62. socalwhiteboy

    WTB Torpedo Sinkers in bulk

    Tony pm me I have 4, 6 and 8. Lmk what you need and I'll get a count on what I have.
  63. socalwhiteboy

    Win A Free Pair Of Sunglasses-Costa

    I'm in.
  64. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore It's good to be king

    Sweet dude Congrats!
  65. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore A skinny that wasn't so...

    Wow that's a pig, congrats.
  66. socalwhiteboy

    wahoo tri-fecta 9/26

    Incredible guys! Congrats!
  67. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore Dana Wahoo 9-22-2015

    Right on dude congrats!
  68. socalwhiteboy


    Ours hit just before 3:00pm. Sun was hot at that point.
  69. socalwhiteboy

    Wahoo trolling.....PB vs Sportboat.....

    2nd-3rd prop wash 30-40feet back. Had both corners short with halcos, yellowfin and purple. Center long with cedar plug. Hit yellowfin halco going 9-9.5. I run the plugs and rapalas a little closer than some. I like them in the disturbance of the prop and my boat doesn't kick much white water up...
  70. socalwhiteboy

    Orange County Wahoo

    Congrats guys, enjoy it and go get another!
  71. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore 9/19 Wahoo

    Taking pops was the ticket, congrats on a fish of a lifetime!
  72. socalwhiteboy

    Father & Daughter Double Wahoo at the 14!

    Congrats, that's so awesome!
  73. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore 09/19 Oceanside Wahoo

    Thanks you guys! I'm still stoked. Can't believe it all finally payed off. I will never forget my first wahoo. Catching it with my dad was even better. It ate a yellowfin halco at the 2nd prop wash at around 9-9.5. Go call your dad and go pull some plugs, there out there guys! Going to be an...
  74. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore 09/19 Oceanside Wahoo

    Launched at Oceanside at around 6:30, hit the receiver and cleared the breakwall. Pointed it towards the 209, no paddy's or anything until couple miles shy of the high spot. Fished with the fleet for a while, fished a few paddy's, trolled, not much going on. Only real life was 5 sea turtles over...
  75. socalwhiteboy

    my dad needs your help

    Done, good luck to pops! I'll try and keep doing it and spread the word!
  76. socalwhiteboy

    time to start over looking for tackle

    Pm me, depending on your style of fishing I might be able to toss you some tackle.
  77. socalwhiteboy

    Life is short...make it count

    Go give it hell tomorrow brotha. He'll be riding there with you. Wish we all went out like that, RIP Brian.
  78. socalwhiteboy

    Saltwater Couldn't come up with a good title for this tuna trip

    Hell of a way to send him off, congrats on a great trip. He's smiling ear to ear, he knows he raised a good guy. I'm glad you and your family got the answers and relief you needed, now kill some more for him!
  79. socalwhiteboy

    $ 2.40 Fuel at Jankovich San Pedro!

    I'll still take 3.39 for 87 and average 9.5mpg all day long :cool: glad we're fueled for the weekend:jig:
  80. socalwhiteboy


    That's awesome! The smiles say it all. He's hooked for life.
  81. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore In Memory Of My Brother

    This made my eyes leak. RIP to your brother, may his lines be tight. Hope you guys can get through the tough times and look at the good, he is.
  82. socalwhiteboy

    Dad update - bad

    This has been on my mind all day and just now I'm able to post. I'm very sorry for your loss, I can't even begin to imagine what your dealing with. Everyone that met him and your portrayal of him show how great of a man he was, and the great man he raised. May his lines be tight, his seas calm...
  83. socalwhiteboy

    1988 Mariner 40hp for parts $400 or trade for bait tank

    Motors gone. Enjoy your new toy Catalin, hope you can get use out of it.
  84. socalwhiteboy

    San Diego ¾ day 7/27

    That was awesome to watch. She's a natural. Kudos to you pops you raised a killer!
  85. socalwhiteboy

    Multiple Lightning Bolts Ventura Pier

    Hahah go Google "lightning off ventura pier". Both the lightning pic and biggestT's avatar are on the same images page.
  86. socalwhiteboy

    Trailer problems - Bear Trailer saves the day

    Will add them to the list. Thanks, always good to hear positive things about local shops.
  87. socalwhiteboy

    Alittle Thing That Happened at West Marine

    That's the complete opposite of my interaction at the marina del rey store. I brought in a fuel fitting and was standing there stumped which one I needed. 4 looked right. The employee walked up and without hesitation started opening up box's to get the right one. I've never had a problem there.
  88. socalwhiteboy

    Finally Did It!!!!

    I knew right away with the title what you did! Congrats a ton brotha, I know you've been chasing her for a long time. I could only imagine the feeling when it tipped 10!
  89. socalwhiteboy

    SCI Run 7/12

    Right on, hell of a way to spend your bday. Happy bday Mike. Matt your guys sea dek looks amazing, great work.
  90. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore its never ok to lauch iron at another boat.

    I had the indian 30 ft off my stbd side in a yellow bite at the shoe. He kept telling the jig throwers to stop throwing at the skiff. Finally after some regular named "Chris" got one pretty close he barked at him and said fine you guys don't want to listen well leave. When we pulled up he said...
  91. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore its never ok to lauch iron at another boat.

    I gotcha blackfish, mostly to others. More times than not when it gets brought up people always say grab the jig and cut it off. I've seen jigs tossed into other boats and thankfully haven't seen a person be caught. ^^^see idiot above for example :p:
  92. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore its never ok to lauch iron at another boat.

    Take a picture then call cg and report it. I'm in a small skiff and wouldn't put up with it for a sec. A lot can happen with a hook inside a boat attached to a rod in a different boat. Imagine you grabbed the line and he thought he was bit, your hand or whatever having a hook set into wouldn't...
  93. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore its never ok to lauch iron at another boat.

    Quick poke with a lit cig would of ended that really fast.
  94. socalwhiteboy

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    Wow. Great weekend for the fail force. Glad I left early and they didn't wake me making bait, amazing guys they are. Great catch, horrible handling of the fish on all parts. Was the vision of the fish worth the pic? I mean it kinda looks like your advertising the rod more than your catch, could...
  95. socalwhiteboy


    I'm very sorry to hear this, hopefully he had a smile on his face and went at ease. He is with his gal now, nothing more he wanted. Keep the family strong and your head up.
  96. socalwhiteboy

    33 lb Bluefin from Kayak

    Wow congrats man.
  97. socalwhiteboy

    Calico Bass Report

    Congrats, that's a toad!
  98. socalwhiteboy


    Damn I just left SS at 5. I will be back in the morning. I'll take a moment for her and the great guy she raised. Hope your girls are okay, I'll go crack a cold one in a few for her! Go enjoy your night, remember the good times!
  99. socalwhiteboy


    Wow, my eyes are all teared up man. I'm so sorry for your loss, keep your head up and try and think of the good times. It will all work out. We're all here for you brotha. Hugging both as soon as I can.
  100. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore A day to remember! Hat trick.

    Wow your having a insane season so far, love the posts. Congrats!
  101. socalwhiteboy

    Vessel assit if you don't have it ????????????

    Glad your back safe!
  102. socalwhiteboy

    Patch Monkey stuff with my friend - Catalina

    Right on bro. Been a toss up if I want to patch monkey it up or be a offshore pro this weekend. Time to break out the plastics. Good mix up from the offshore frustration.
  103. socalwhiteboy

    LA cattle boats

    With how packed some of these LA boats have been lately, cattle boats putting it kind of nicely. Still a fun show to watch the first couple stops till the deckys go off.
  104. socalwhiteboy

    Redondo Sportfishing

    The capt of the Indian david and his deckhand are hands down a first class operation. Stand up guys. Multiple run ins with them from rocky, to the 150, at cat and short banks. Last weekend crossing the channel we saw a spot of birds come up, we both were in sight of them. We made it there first...
  105. socalwhiteboy

    Kelp Trick Weedless Hooks

    Funny you say that matt. The fish I got in the pic above was at big rock boilers. About 10 mins after a lady on her balcony was waving her hands hysterically and yelling our direction. Between casts I waved at her and that just enraged her. She kept pointing at the rock and the houses telling us...
  106. socalwhiteboy

    SWBA Catalina Kicker Fish

    Awesome video!
  107. socalwhiteboy

    Castaic lower

    Time on the water is key, spend as much time as you are able and can put up with. Thanks but I'm far from an expert, just fish a lot up there and figured maybe I could help ya out. I dont post many reports, I fish to much. We do have the I pilot minn kota 55lb thrust. Its underpowered for the...
  108. socalwhiteboy

    Castaic lower

    Ive been fishing it since they filled it back up on my skiff. I've been struggling down there also. Have managed some here or there but can't put any sort of pattern together. Thrown everything in the box lately. Gotten some on split shot worms (browns, purples and greens), t rigged baits, drop...
  109. socalwhiteboy

    Big Chichen

    Right on! Congrats to both of you, Happy birthday!
  110. socalwhiteboy

    Bait Barge Tipping

    Your not a jackass, you noticed a problem or situation and asked the appropriate questions. You sir have it better off than most! Slay um next scoop!
  111. socalwhiteboy

    Bait Barge Tipping

    The prices for bait depends on the harbor/operation. Yes all they are doing is scooping bait into your tank but in my opinion, making sure they are taken care of will make sure you get taken care of in return. I usually tip an amount so they don't need to give me change back, keep the line...
  112. socalwhiteboy

    Paddle board Calico bass Fishing - Baja

    Awesome video bro. The smiles and expressions show the good time you had. Quality fish right there!
  113. socalwhiteboy

    Funny Video-Guy Can't Hold His Tuna

    Good laugh on a slow morning. Wouldnt want to be that close to the hooks with it shaking around!
  114. socalwhiteboy

    Striped Bass Rampage Broke The Magic 50 Pound Mark Twice

    Wow is all I can say. The pics tell the story for themselves. Congrats!
  115. socalwhiteboy

    mission belle 150404

    Funny all the hate on the size, all the rats n fillets I gave away last year people prefered the rats o_O Forget the haters brotha, most of them haven't seen water in to long.
  116. socalwhiteboy

    Mercury specific tool needed and or mechanic - Tool Bearing Carrier Retainer Wrench

    If you plan on doing this atleast once more or atleast keeping it for a while (might not fix problem) I would suggest just buying the tool to have around.
  117. socalwhiteboy

    LED Trailer lights

    You guys are lucky, my lights only last a couple months before some jack off in the parking lot hits them.
  118. socalwhiteboy

    Pond hoppin

    Nice fish bro, couple piggys.
  119. socalwhiteboy

    Lb inner harbor 3-13-15

    Good sesh! Right on!
  120. socalwhiteboy

    Another yum testament.

    Sluggo spotty bro. Do you have better luck with the color variety or all same color? I've tried both. I've been running 4 bay smelt and 1 red flake in the center. They seem to like to red one more haha.
  121. socalwhiteboy

    Dana 3-10-15

    Right on dude, good sesh!
  122. socalwhiteboy

    3-4-15 After show special

    Sounds like a fun day! Nice fishy dude!
  123. socalwhiteboy

    Psycho Clown.

    Don't know him or think I've met him but I paintballed with ICP guys for years. Good stand up guys, have fun and party hard like the rest of us, just do it in funny and interesting clothing. That life style isn't for most. Hope his lines are tight and still rockin the clown gig, RIP.
  124. socalwhiteboy


    That's not a good thing, needs to be reliable all season long. Hopefully the motorguide treats you guys right. Can't wait to hear your opinion on them, been looking at those also.
  125. socalwhiteboy


    Congrats on a fun and safe tourney. You guys have been killin it, its gonna pay off for ya guys soon! Bummer about the tm, what happened?
  126. socalwhiteboy

    Rpt-Sat.-01-31-15 Healthy Sandies at Izors Reef!

    Your reports are always a good read, keep them coming. The pictures make it even better. Keep having a blast!
  127. socalwhiteboy

    2/1 Got two! Barely...

    I guess if I see a float tube out there this weekend ill give him a ride back in then. :rofl:
  128. socalwhiteboy

    2/1 Got two! Barely...

    If the "secret spot" was the 150 then we saw your battle. Red lund with a honda. We got outta your way when the furbag went ape shit. Fun time watching you guys fuck with it, determined! Right after you got out of range i just said to my dad we should of taped it for them, this will be on bd...
  129. socalwhiteboy

    Bass plastic

    Pm me ill take it.
  130. socalwhiteboy

    Is a 25HP Honda 4 stroke underpowered for a 17ft JM Marine West Coaster?

    I have a 16 ft lund with a 50 Honda hanging off the ass. Tops out at around 33 and has all the power needed with 3 guys and gear. Any weather or circumstance the powerband is excellent. Great gas mileage also. Old motor was a 40 and under certain circumstances wouldn't enough power for our uses...
  131. socalwhiteboy

    Fun MB Report 1/26/15

    Goodluck next weekend guys!
  132. socalwhiteboy

    Rpt.-Wed.-01-28-15 Limits++ of Calico and Sand Bass!

    Glad your starting to feel better, take care. Good day on the water will calm it for a while. Nice sesh.
  133. socalwhiteboy

    The Newbie's first yellowtail!

    Great read and congrats on your first, addicting to say the least. Bondrvr kudos to you for helping him out, sounds like a good day all around. Take him up on that offer, fishing from a pb is a different game, you'll love it.
  134. socalwhiteboy

    Don't be stupid

    Don't mind jig strike he's been hitting the bottle a bit hard this weekend.
  135. socalwhiteboy

    Probably not the correct forum, but...

    Really sorry to hear about all this. Stay strong and keep your head up, my best to you, your loved ones and momma dixie. Hope she can find some comfort and happiness despite the pain. Good luck bud were all here for ya.
  136. socalwhiteboy

    Burton SuperFly Snowboard and Freestyle Boots

    Pm me I might be interested.
  137. socalwhiteboy


    Don't over look the inside. Spend enough time to travel one end to other, look for signs of life, bait, birds, boils etc. Both of those were caught near the flag pole back to back casts on the inside.
  138. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna on the Cortez Bank-January 17th, 2015

    I've heard the baby yt taste the best? Wonder how the baby bf rank? Congrats on a fun trip, get um while ya I can.
  139. socalwhiteboy

    Santa Monica Bay

    Go spend time in the bay, only way to learn it. Youll develop shallow mid and deep stones or spots that can or will produce at different times. I have over 50 spots in my gps just from this past year and some I will fish anytime, some only at night or depending in current/water characteristics...
  140. socalwhiteboy

    BP Brewing COC Report

    Good job guys! It will all pay off!
  141. socalwhiteboy

    Trade in time

    X2 on the revo toro 50.
  142. socalwhiteboy

    Vibes, thoughts, prayers........

    Best wishes to you and your parents. May they find comfort and peace!
  143. socalwhiteboy

    Sunday @ Cat

    Sick picture and nice sluggo! Goodluck and catch some more fattys!
  144. socalwhiteboy

    The Fisherman

    Thank you for sharing, its really had me thinking the last two days. May your old man rest in peace and may his lines always be tight. Im at home with your relationship with him, my dads my best friend and fishing buddy. When I was born he took me fishing and now I take him. Well complete the...
  145. socalwhiteboy

    FS: Mustang Survival Inflatable PFD

    Are both pink? I'm interested. Pm me.
  146. socalwhiteboy

    12 Days of Christmas Give Aways-Day 3

    Told him if his grades didn't improve I was taking him fishing.
  147. socalwhiteboy

    12 Days of Christmas Give-Away-Day 2

    Slug lmb caught in august for bass contest. Hell of a fight on 6lb and a dock piling.
  148. socalwhiteboy

    WANTED: Old but usable fishing gear

    I'm going through all my tackle and gear today, let me see what I have tucked away and I will post up on here. Rods, reels, tackle, etc. Good thing your doing here man! Kudos.
  149. socalwhiteboy

    12 Days of Christmas Give-Away-DAY 1

    Wonder how lifted his truck is...
  150. socalwhiteboy


    Thats a good one, your friend needs better electronics. Shallowest is roughly 330 ft.
  151. socalwhiteboy

    chinese made craftsman tools : (

    I turn a wrench for a living. Craftsman is the middle of the road for tools. They get the job done and are covered under warranty. Use them till they break and swap it out, rinse and repeat. I have a "made in china" craftsman ratchet I was given when I started out, its still running hard and...
  152. socalwhiteboy

    Monster Cabezon out of Channel Islands

    Beautiful fish, biggest I've seen. Congrats to your boy.
  153. socalwhiteboy

    Win a PENN SSV-10500! Contest Ends November 11th

    Action tackle, sport chalet, dicks. We need a better selection in the sfv.
  154. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore what a season

    Awesome slide show! Great pics and even better memories!
  155. socalwhiteboy

    Prayers please ... My son's grandpa passed this morning

    Wish your lil man the best from all of us. Glad he was able to be part of his life and a good role model, things he will pass on to his kids and there's. I lost my grandma earlier this year and it was devastating. Keep him busy and doing things he enjoys, the memories will keep him going. Glad...
  156. socalwhiteboy

    Honda or Yamaha

    Ah ya learn something new everyday, I had no idea the smaller models had carbs. That clears up a lot of confusion. Thanks mike.
  157. socalwhiteboy

    Honda or Yamaha

    Honda all the way. Just repowered my 16' lund with a bf 50. Just have a little over 30 hours. Excellent motor and warranty. Figure out the weight limit and go from there. Give eric at specialty marine in oxnard a call he will get you all dialed. Btw my new 2014 honda bf50 is fuel injected so I...
  158. socalwhiteboy

    salt and fresh water gear for sale

    Ill take it if it falls through. Pm me
  159. socalwhiteboy

    Prayers for the surfer who died today

    Rip man. Hopefully went quick and painless doing what he loved.
  160. socalwhiteboy

    New PB Largmouth

    Little pond big fish haha. Congrats dude. If your ever up near castaic or wanna get some wall time in down at mdr shoot me a pm
  161. socalwhiteboy

    New PB Largmouth

    Right on dude nice fishy! Were ya catch that piggy at?
  162. socalwhiteboy

    Help.... Gas Caddy

    No problem, glad you got it solved.
  163. socalwhiteboy

    Offshore First Yellowtail. First Yellowfin. First Dorado. My boy got a trifecta!!!

    From a sons point of view, great job pops kudos on your end. I remember my first albie n ghost and if its anything like that he's super stoked! Wait till monday after school, everyone will have heard about it. Right on!
  164. socalwhiteboy

    Help.... Gas Caddy

    Try harbor frieght. My buddy got a 40 gal siphon tank there for less than 100 bucks and it works great. Fill up and removal of gas is easy. Wish I was closer to help, got one at the shop.
  165. socalwhiteboy

    FS/FT Daiwa Lexa Bass Reels Brand NEW

    Okay good I'm glad your up and running. Saw the post last week before we left for the weekend an saw it again and figured it was worth a shot. Just hate people being carless if I can help out. Good luck on the yak, fishing is great everywere right now.
  166. socalwhiteboy

    FS/FT Daiwa Lexa Bass Reels Brand NEW

    Pm me regarding your car, maybe we can work something out to get her running.
  167. socalwhiteboy

    SEPTEMBER BASS CONTEST- Spotted Bay Bass- Throw up a PEACE sign-Presented by Okuma

    Hopefully this weekend we will be posting up a chunkster!
  168. socalwhiteboy

    SBS Island Inshore 9/6

    Congrats, those are some piggys. Love the boat, perfect setup for that style fishing. Keep it up, you guys will get rewarded hard for your efforts!
  169. socalwhiteboy

    AUGUST BASS CONTEST-Largemouth Bass-Throw up OKAY sign!-Presented by Okuma

    Thats a nice fish, even more from shore and on a swimbait good job noah, bring a tape next time! Noah and I were really the only two people to catch any largies in august? I guess since the tuna are around that's the case. We need more participation guys comon! Hopefully sept will be better...
  170. socalwhiteboy

    Annoying popup

    I switched my phone over to desktop view and it posted it at the bottom of the page instead of in the middle of were ever you scroll. Kinda annoying having it follow you around haha.
  171. socalwhiteboy

    stolen tailgate

    From tailgates, trim panel pieces, catalytic converters, hub caps, rims, bumpers, wheel well covers to antennas your not safe. Being in the automotive field you see a lot of these cases. Insure your car for everything and anything. I feel your pain, they got my vans fog light panel. 279 for a...
  172. socalwhiteboy

    AUGUST BASS CONTEST-Largemouth Bass-Throw up OKAY sign!-Presented by Okuma

    Sorry about all the picture bd is interesting on a phone. Will edit once at a computer.
  173. socalwhiteboy

    AUGUST BASS CONTEST-Largemouth Bass-Throw up OKAY sign!-Presented by Okuma

    Caught this little piggy thursday august 14th 2014 at the Castaic lagoon around 930ish. She hit a texas rigged yum 8 inch curly tail worm in black with blue flake, 2/0 gama ewg and 3/16 bullet sinker on 6lb ande. The kicker was I caught it on an okuma tarvos spinning rod, 30 bucks at sport...
  174. socalwhiteboy

    Aug sign for LMB?

    Caught this little piggy thursday august 14th 2014 at the Castaic lagoon around 930ish. She hit a texas rigged yum 8 inch curly tail worm in black with blue flake, 2/0 gama ewg and 3/16 bullet sinker on 6lb ande. The kicker was I caught it on an okuma tarvos spinning rod, 30 bucks at sport...
  175. socalwhiteboy

    I did not think this would happen again.

    This is one of the best threads I have read in a while. Its awesome you got to experience that again. Being able to fish with my pops 3-4 times a week I couldn't imagine not fishing with my best bud. The pics show the great time! Congrats and thanks, nice to be reminded about the important things!
  176. socalwhiteboy

    Oceanside bait

    Go get um mikey! Good bait, flat seas and fat toonas, good luck!
  177. socalwhiteboy

    A Year Supply of Bait

    I'm going to need some bigger nightcrawler hooks. Fish would be afraid of that thing!
  178. socalwhiteboy

    Striper on glide bait

    Damn nice fish and even nicer plugs. Congrats on making them and them working! Were you pull those piggys from? Pm me if you maybe want to sell some.
  179. socalwhiteboy

    Catalina Rats and finally something cool on the way back to MDR

    Congrats again. Talked to you at the guest slips listening to the concert, smaller 16ft red skiff. Looked a lot bigger in person, haha. Glad to see the bay coming alive. It was nice talking to ya an metting fellow bders, hope to see you out there again.
  180. socalwhiteboy

    Spineless Cousinstackle!

    What does having won jackpot or a limit of fish have to do with replacing YOUR rod that HE broke? Make him buy anything? He broke it and should be man enough to replace it and get you lunch without you bringing anything up about it. No your completely wrong, I don't work my ass off so my friends...
  181. socalwhiteboy

    Spineless Cousinstackle!

    Has your buddy showed any interest in replacing the rod? Since the warranty isnt going to be honored through cousins, he would be my next person in line to replace it. Personally none of my friends would let it get to posting a bad rep about a good company, it would of been handled already.
  182. socalwhiteboy

    SMB Bass and Lightning, Scary Shit!

    Weather can and will change in a heartbeat, both good and bad. Checking out that stone added 2 mins to our arrival, we would of still be outside the breakwall when it occured. I was watching the storm pass cat, hit the channel and then pass over PV. I saw 13 lightning bolts in that hourish span...
  183. socalwhiteboy

    Did some 4 x 4, broke something....

    Whoa, super fast responses. Hopefully you can get it resolved. Just driving home from the lake everyone jumped in to help, good to see. :cheers:
  184. socalwhiteboy

    Did some 4 x 4, broke something....

    Jack up the front end. Check side to side, up and down play and if you come up empty try a pry bar or something similar underneath the wheel for any movement, shifting or unnecassary play. With the right motion of the suspension you should be able to recreate your clunk to find the problem. If...
  185. socalwhiteboy

    SMB Bass and Lightning, Scary Shit!

    He slammed the jig like he owned it. Didnt even swim once he was hooked. Super stoked on the midget though, first for me. Your grandparents have an awesome back yard :p
  186. socalwhiteboy

    Castaic low and getting lower but still biting.

    I kept telling him I didn't think that's were we park, he insisted he's done this a time or two. We have always trusted him on water, land that's another story. A 50? Its rated for 75:rolleyes:
  187. socalwhiteboy

    My first Bloody Decks salute. . oops

    Funny this came up today.Almost saluted a honda with a small freebie one this morning on my way to work, Thought twice this time. Figured the lady driving wouldn't of been thrilled with the kid in the back. Never thought about the larger stickers as a true member compared to the smaller ones...
  188. socalwhiteboy

    FC and spectra

    Ill take the power pro if avaliable. Pm me. I'm in san fernando also. Near csun
  189. socalwhiteboy

    New jigstick reel.

    Thanks for the recommendations so far guys. Im looking up an researching them all. my main reels ive fished are jigmasters, newells and calcuttas. A lot of these new reels and designs/features really intrigue me. Im really liking the live spindel feature of the penn torque and fathoms. Lets see...
  190. socalwhiteboy

    New jigstick reel.

    It is a 70-80s era one. It is original and uncut, it has cork tape grip. Thanks for your input I will take a look at those. yea I love those rods,they're a blast to fish.
  191. socalwhiteboy

    New jigstick reel.

    Hey guys I will be getting a new jigstick this weekend and was looking at my options as far as reels go. The rod will be a 10 ft sabre 540. It will mainly be for jigs. I will be fishing 30#-50# mono on it. Hopefully I will broaden my horizon with some of your opionons and can get this figured...
  192. socalwhiteboy

    Green/Black Hard Baits 130MM

    Pm me ill take them for 10 shipped
  193. socalwhiteboy

    Randon: Power Pro, Hollow Ace, Mono, Hybrid Flouracarbon

    Pm me about the 3000 yards of 12lb if it is still available.
  194. socalwhiteboy

    Were are the fish?

    yea i hope this tuna season does produce some quality fish and yea i caught alot of nice fish on the swim bait last year....any1 have any nice spots from MDR to malibu
  195. socalwhiteboy

    Were are the fish?

    We had on rod with a pyramid sinker and 4/0 hook with fresh squid trying to catch my buddy a leopard. Fished a small swim bait for a while and my dad was fishing the SC.. ONly got a couple crabs though.
  196. socalwhiteboy

    Were are the fish?

    comon guys help me out! lol tailsurfer....nice reply =O
  197. socalwhiteboy

    Were are the fish?

    Fished dockwieler past 2 weekends and no fish. Any1 have any hot spots were they are biting? Any help would be greatful, Our spot just isnt picking up yet. -P.s we practice C/r and wont leak your "special spot" to anyone.