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    Did you hear that?

    Say it ain't so...
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    Garmin 7610sxv troubles.

    Sent you a PM
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    Garmin 7610sxv troubles.

    The next easiest troubleshoot is to plug in a reliable transducer and power it up. If MFD is not recognizing the transducer then my guess will be the MFD connector being bad. If it recognize the transducer, the B744 wiring or plug is bad. Other option is to plug the B744 to another MFD unit...
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    Garmin 7610sxv troubles.

    I had a B744 thru-hull with my 7610xsv. Replaced it with a GT-51 thru-hull in the same spot. Had the hole resized and was worth the investment for the Chirp technology and the down and side vu.
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    Garmin 7610sxv troubles.

    Is the sonar mode set on "Standby?" Press the power button for 1 to 2 seconds and a drop down menu will appear on the right side of the screen. Sonar "Sleep Mode" is near the bottom of the menu. If that doesn't work, inspect the transducer connector on the MFD for bent pins in the connector...
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    Channel Islands 11/23

    Any fish porn? How big was the whitefish? Is that a four hour run from Cisco to San Miguel? Appreciate for the report.
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    Suzuki outboard problems/questions

    Many possibilities and without knowing more history about the motor and pass issues or services, hard to diagnose over the internet. Are you mechanically inclined to troubleshoot and make repairs? This is what I would look at first. Inspect the white wire coming from the engine and connecting...
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    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    Travis, Thanks for the reply. Do you know the details on those boats that went down?
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    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    WOW! That was informative.
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    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    Out of curiosity, does anyone know how many Cabo 216's built from 1985 to 1990 (before the Cabo by Marlin era 1991-1995) have been documented being sunk? Did they all sink due to the same issues? We're modifications done to these boats that may have compromised the balance of the boat? Such as...
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    Trying to move down south?

    The average median cost of a home in 2019: Los Angeles is about $670K Orange County is about $726K San Diego County is about $592K To get into a better school district, maybe look into a condo or townhouse in a more desirable neighborhood. But you would still need to factor HOA dues if you go...
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    Old Man and the Sea fishing, we'll sort of!

    No apologies needed, we're good. I've never caught a swordfish nor have I ever cared to target them. Not my thing but I've heard to catch one is a significant achievement.
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    Old Man and the Sea fishing, we'll sort of!

    Spearo4Life Dude, take it're taking my reply out of context. How many anglers do you know can match his story in hooking up a swordfish that quickly and boating it solo on a small skiff? I'm applauding the OP for his success so chill out. No need to be so jumpy on a Sunday morning.
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    Old Man and the Sea fishing, we'll sort of!

    You either got lucky or you did your homework prior to heading out. I'll assume the latter... Congratulations for the outstanding accomplishment!
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    Trying to move down south?

    Buying or renting?
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    For Sale Misc boat stuff

    Thanks for the info. Was hoping it was stainless steel.
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    For Sale Misc boat stuff

    Do you have the model number for the Kodiak Rotors?
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    For Sale Cabo 216 trailer + boat project

    Trayscool I was interested in the latches and hinges for the anchor locker door. More interest in the cabin hatch but oh well. So no worries about the hardware.
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    For Sale Cabo 216 trailer + boat project

    Glad to hear it's only property damage and nobody got hurt. Good thing you have insurance to cover your loss. If you do decide to part it out, I'l be interested in the cabin hatch and some hardware for the hatches.
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    Dreamer Stolen

    I'm assuming if AIS was turned on, should find the boat's location quickly.
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    Radio/Antenna, Handheld Radio and Radar

    benrd81, Which Pacific Aerials antenna are you using?
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    FREE San Diego Tackle Traders Got Hit Again.

    Take note on the individual at the metal rack scooping up the boxes. That perp has long brown hair with a wavy ponytail. Check your CCTV recording on the hard drive if an individual matching that profile has entered the store in the past two months.
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    Radio/Antenna, Handheld Radio and Radar

    Is that a sunroof hatch in the T-Top? That is probably one of the best looking T-tops I have seen. Storage compartments galore.
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    WTB Transom Saver

    I have one that only mounts to a roller on the trailer. Not able to mount to a bracket to the trailer. It's in good condition and I have a new rubber V support.
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    Radio/Antenna, Handheld Radio and Radar

    Get a VHF with AIS. AIS Receive Only can be shared with your VHF antenna or buy a AIS/VHF antenna. I were in the market for this set-up, I would consider a ICOM M506 Class D with a Shakespeare 5225-XT-AIS/VHF antenna and install a PA Hailer to the system to yell at idiots running over your chum...
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    Another be safe thread

    Glad to hear he's safe and you being smart to react intelligently and swiftly to prevent further issues.
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    Clamp on Extended Fishing Rod holder - 316 Stainless

    Any more of the standard 3/4"-1" rod holders? I need two more.
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    I have the same five scuppers on the transom. The larger scuppers are for the livewells. Drain hole are always plugged inside the livewell. Need to unplug and run the boat until it drains completely and plug them back up or it might be very difficult to put the boat back on the trailer. I use a...
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    Super Cow 11/1/9

    That's a beast.......congrats!
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    First Boat Project-1987 Cabo 216

    Looks like OEM quality. I didn't recognize the location. I guess the non split bench came with a slightly taller enclosure.
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    First Boat Project-1987 Cabo 216

    Where will the storage bin reside?
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    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    One of a kind for sure, thanks for the update.
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    Tell me this isn't true Travis. Glad everyone was rescued and is safe.
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    SOLD brand new samsung galaxy s9

    Unlocked? 128GB?
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    I considered installing the splash boards at the rear of the transom like in the photos above. Wasn't sure how sturdy it would be with only two supporting edges. After many "what if "situations roaming through my head, I decided to install the design I came up with. I figured it if I need to...
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    I've had several scary incidents with water flooding over the livewells and flooding the deck and also filling both fish holds. First time was near the 150 oil rigs area while drifting in 2' - 3' mixed swells at 8 seconds. Swells were building rapidly and a few 4' swells were mixed in. Without...
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    Rosa trip report - Saturday 10/12

    Thanks for the report.
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    J-Dee, Californian and Bo-j Lures. Story Please.

    I have a few of those Bo-J still in the original package. Has a good kick to them.
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    FREE The Willard Company Antique Piano

    Free Free Free Free Free Free
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    Bait oside

    Yes, bait receiver is to the left of the launch ramp. Just a short distance away from the launch ramp on the left side.
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    Mark with Marks Plastics in Corona can make that lid.
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    Acceleration Issue

    Get the prop taken care of first before more troubleshooting. Prop needs to get serviced or just replace it with a reliable one. Take it out again and see if it fixes your issues.
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    10/3 – Missed Brunch but Made Happy Hour – WFO

    That Dorado will make some tasty Mahi burgers. How much bait did you bring with you?
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    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Mark made a road trip just to make templates for you? Now that's outstanding customer service. He made my windshield and a few other pieces about 9 years ago and it's still in very good condition.
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    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Mark made a road trip just to make templates for you? Now that's outstanding customer service. He made my windshield and a few other pieces about 9 years ago and it's still in very good condition.
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    SCI 9/28 - PB BFT x2

    Water looks bumpy. Congrats on your catch of the day.
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    FREE The Willard Company Antique Piano

    The Willard Company piano circa 1902 to 1903 but not certain. In my opinion it's in good condition but needs a tune up. I will not deliver nor load it in your truck. Piano located in the San Gabriel Valley PM me if you have questions.
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    I found this inside a Yellowfin?

    I think that is the gall bladder filled with green bile.
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    For Sale Bowflex Adjustable Dumbells

    Up to 90 pounds? How much just for the dumbbells?
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    Affordable EPIRB?

    Call Satellite Phone Store in San Diego (Shelter Island) . They may be able to help you out.
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    My 2014 Honda 225 won’t pee

    Once I drop the motor down at the launch ramp and turn on the engine, it pees instantly. I've had the boat sit for over two months and it pees within 3 seconds once the motor starts up.
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    My 2014 Honda 225 won’t pee

    Mike_I My lower unit from front to back of Permatrim requires minimum 35 inches of clearance. My trash bin is the same size as yours so no luck for me.
  54. SeaHawk IV

    My 2014 Honda 225 won’t pee

    Since 2009, I've only flush the motor with the dual connection method. Doesn't matter if I'm at the launch ramp or not. I've tried water pressure from 40PSI up to 75PSI. It's been troublefree and effective for 10 years so I'm just going to leave it alone and not look for a fix. I've...
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    My 2014 Honda 225 won’t pee

    Mike_I I totally agree with you, it just doesn't seem right. What other choice do I have? I've followed Suzuki's owners manual to silicone the lower unit mating edge when reinstalling to the mid section. Done everything possible according to OEM spec's for install. I only use OEM parts and I do...
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    Affordable EPIRB?

    A few years ago the Coast Guard Auxillary had a mini festival at Redondo Beach marina. They were collecting expired flares and allowed you to test them under their supervision. They said it's not uncommon for flares to not ignite with the provided starter on the cap. We had some aerial flares...
  57. SeaHawk IV

    My 2014 Honda 225 won’t pee

    BillyL I can relate to your frustration regarding this matter. I reached out to a tech support rep at Suzuki Corp in Brea, CA regarding my outboard not passing water through the telltale within a reasonable amount of time. They were not helpful whatsoever even though my motor had 50 hours. Just...
  58. SeaHawk IV

    My 2014 Honda 225 won’t pee

    I have a Suzuki 175 4 stroke with the same flushing issue. Telltale had very low pressure when running only on the muffs since motor was new. At 100 hours the water pump/impeller kit was serviced with OEM parts. After the service, telltale wouldn't pee. Let motor run up to a minute and a half...
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    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    Please post a update with your Cannon base situation.
  60. SeaHawk IV

    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    What's the cost for the Cannon adapter base? Have a photo of the adapter?
  61. SeaHawk IV

    Jig ID

    I have a dark blue with white on the back side. I'll check tomorrow if the name is still on it. I recall having this jig since the late 80's. Worked good for barracudas.
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    Affordable EPIRB?

    Orion Floating Locator SOS Beacon Flare Gun with 12 extra expired aerial flares Hand Flares and 8 extra expired flares Distress flag Whistle with safety mirror Glow Sticks Portable Air Horn ACR Manually activated strobe light attached to exterior of the ditch bag Portable VHF Radio always fully...
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    What would you change about fishing charters?

    I would not accept gratuity but that's me if I was in the service business. Here in Southern Cal, fishing has become a very expensive lifestyle. So many can't afford to fish on a sportboat let alone on a 6 pack charter trip. But relieving them of the thought to pony up extra scratch at the end...
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    San Clemente

    Spectacular! :appl:
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    302 bft Sept 4

    Very nice, thanks for the report!
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    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    What is your guess on the final weight of the roof and house?
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    Marlin Mid Catalina Channel this AM

    Lake Pacific was good to you. Congrats and thanks for the video.
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    Catalina Private Boater Report for 8/21 Yellowtail!

    Thanks for excellent report. Keep them coming.
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    For Sale Miscellaneous Rods Cheap

    I sent him a PM on Monday and no response from this seller. He's been logged on to BD since and replying to other post but ignoring this post. Good deal but I'm out...
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    Capsized Parker

    Sad to hear, hope it's not so.
  71. SeaHawk IV

    Weather/swell/wind forecast for wind and swell (Up to 10 days of info but you need to monitor it prior to departure since the weather is always changing. Navigate on the map with your cursor to the zone you plan to travel for wind, swell duration, small craft advisories, etc (only up to two...
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    New official world record Redbanded rockfish

    Congrats for the record rockfish. Find anything interesting in the stomach?
  73. SeaHawk IV

    The morning after a hot tuna bite

    That was entertaining....
  74. SeaHawk IV

    All six Kodiak stainless brake rotors grooved after one trip...why?

    I have one axle with UFP stainless rotors and the other axle with UFP Zinc Plated. All four calipers are using the same organic brake pads. Since new, the Zinc Plated rotors have worn away smoothly but the Stainless Rotors have deep grooves on both sides. It's been at least four years (3000+...
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    Does this sound normal to you? (Yamaha lower unit)

    That doesn't sound normal to me either.
  76. SeaHawk IV

    A day of Loss - 1 Kite Rod, 1 Kite Reel, 1 Gigantic Bluefin Tuna

    What a bummer. At least you got 2 hours of adrenaline rush.
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    For Sale Parker 2320 DVSC $29,900

    Is the hull currently registered and up to date in California? Don't see any Hull I.D numbers.
  78. SeaHawk IV

    Looking for a good Canvas Guy

    I may have recently used that same canvas guy for a very simple repair. His repair job was expensive in my opinion. Not sure about his pricing for other stuff. But I'll probably use his services again, very nice guy.
  79. SeaHawk IV

    Repairs to boat needed in los angeles

    1. Pick your foam product 2. Scrub area with a nylon brush as best as possible with clean water and soap. Remove grease and grime as best as you can. Be careful when doing this. Those fiberglass fibers can poke you and get under your fingernails. Super painful! 3a. Make a plastic template...
  80. SeaHawk IV

    Repairs to boat needed in los angeles

    If you want to do a simple, cost effective band-aid fix, spray marine grade expanding foam. Put a plastic backing on one side and spray a very small amount on the other side and let it expand. You don't want to mess with it after it's sprayed. The curing process will form a smooth skin as a top...
  81. SeaHawk IV

    Repairs to boat needed in los angeles

    Post some photos of your issues. Just need to fiberglass the 1" holes?
  82. SeaHawk IV

    SOLD Daiwa Saltist 30T with tiburon clamp 160$

    I lost that same reel couple weeks ago. One of my favorite reels.
  83. SeaHawk IV


    Was a incident report number even assigned to this investigation? OP never mentioned it. I hope they got the suspect's horsepower at the least for future reference.
  84. SeaHawk IV


    Maybe the security guard is conspiring with the thieves ..just say'n. If your're in doubt, check it out. Just sounds strange a security guard doesn't have access to a marina that he/she is authorized to patrol. Does management not trust him with keys to access the entire marina he's responsible...
  85. SeaHawk IV


    Check the propeller if it has spun.
  86. SeaHawk IV


    I hope the Santee officer gave you a incident report number for reference.
  87. SeaHawk IV


    Penal Code 496a Receiving Stolen Property Buy, Sell, Receive, Conceal or withhold from owner any property that he/she owns. If under $950 or less in value; Misdemeanor. If greater in value; Felony Hope the owner gets his gear back.
  88. SeaHawk IV

    Ancor Marine Wire - where to buy?

    X2 on
  89. SeaHawk IV

    Affordable EPIRB?

    ACR Rescue Link+ is the model I have. Just got the battery replaced in San Diego by a authorized service dealer for $80. Battery life is scheduled to be replaced every 5 years.
  90. SeaHawk IV

    My son’s 1st ever Marlin and it’s local

    Forever memories right there. Thanks for the report.
  91. SeaHawk IV

    SOLD A 270H 8’ SEEKER

    I just lost one to the ocean floor last week. That was one of my favorite rods. GLWS
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    Nados, Yellos, beached boat and an IMPORTANT LESSON

    A few has mentioned "Pull the Drain Plug" and drive off to drain the water. I've done that on my aluminum but how do you do that on larger boats with a threaded brass plug? The only way for me to access the drain plug is to jump in the drink and calmly loosen the plug with a plug key. I have...
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    santa cruz island butts

    Channel Islands sea condition can get wicked pretty quick. Good call on taking the safer path back. I would have done the same. What would you guess the wave period and height on the way back?
  94. SeaHawk IV

    To the Striper dive boat at the nados... 7/25

    I had a idiot do the same to me while I was on anchor. Can't fix stupid..they're everywhere.
  95. SeaHawk IV

    Catalina 7/21 Capsized skiff, Large Dorsal Fin Sighting and Lost a rod

    After looking at various photos of sharks and dolphins, the Short Fin Mako's dorsal looks the closest to what I recall.
  96. SeaHawk IV

    Catalina 7/21 Capsized skiff, Large Dorsal Fin Sighting and Lost a rod

    Definitely wasn't a Mola Mola. Seen plenty of those. This species was about 60 feet away from the island. Lost rod at the kelp line at Catalina Island backside.
  97. SeaHawk IV

    Catalina 7/21 Capsized skiff, Large Dorsal Fin Sighting and Lost a rod

    Left Davies at 5:30AM. Skipped Nacho's and headed to the West End corner looking for macks. No luck. Spot a large dorsal fin about 40 feet from us finning the surface. Dorsal was about 10" to 12" tall and lite primer gray in color. The base was not much smaller. Shaped like a fin on a surboard...
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    7/19 catalina

    Thanks for the report.
  99. SeaHawk IV

    For Sale Bait tank and dip net

    Selling it or giving it away for free? Post up a asking price
  100. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Your work is impressive. Did you replace the four livewell and deck scuppers in the splashwell?
  101. SeaHawk IV

    My Friends Grandfathers Boat

    Sort of looks like a 1980's Blackman Albacore
  102. SeaHawk IV

    Need info for SBI this weekend

    Pay attention to your cartography. Look out for boiler rocks and shallow reefs. The shallow reefs should show as a hazard on your nav map if it's up to date. If I recall correctly, there's a long sneaker shallow reef at the north west point (to the left of the yellow circle above) as you can see...
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    Epic solo half day 7/8

    Excellent report. Congrats on a successful day.
  104. SeaHawk IV

    San Clemente advice 1st time

    Good idea to have a PLB or a EPIRB with you. I prefer the PLB ResQLink+ so it can be with me when hiking, biking and off the beaten path adventures.
  105. SeaHawk IV

    Can you prospect lobster?

    I'm saying NO to prospecting for bugs during the closed season. But you could target crabs with a measuring device and stick to that story if you get stopped by the warden.
  106. SeaHawk IV

    Noob seeking boat advice

    What does this mean and why? "Also look for a boat with a gunwale height that is above your knees but not too high." Also, whats considered a deep vee vs a flatter one? Explanation of deadrise As for the gunwale height, it's the...
  107. SeaHawk IV

    Noob seeking boat advice

    Owning a boat can get expensive depending on how you maintain your boat and trailer. There's a saying, B.O.A.T. = Bust Out Another Thousand $ My ball park estimate of annual boat ownership for a older 21' CC Walkaround fiberglass boat with a 175HP 4 Stroke Outboard. BOATUS Tow Service $180...
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    Pacific Dawn 5/24-25

    Your Father's Day present came early. Congrats on a memorable day of fishing with your kid.
  109. SeaHawk IV

    Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    That's some serious commitment.....failure was not an option on this trip. Hope your next BFT trip will have more high fives and fist bumping without all that drama.
  110. SeaHawk IV

    PQ 6/1...Viva la Colt Sniper!!

    Thanks for the excellent report.
  111. SeaHawk IV

    San Miguel Report

    Nice batch of reds.
  112. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Is this a '85/'86 year hull?
  113. SeaHawk IV

    Just a quick "what are these ?"

    Where did you find them? I didn't see any last season.
  114. SeaHawk IV

    4/30 Local Yellow Bite

    You did good, thanks for the report.
  115. SeaHawk IV

    Pacific Queen - 1.5 day - 4/28-4/30 - Sunset Showdown

    The fish god didn't want that tuna to live another day. Amazing luck for you but not so much for that fish! Congrats!
  116. SeaHawk IV

    4/27 Oil rigs

    Sounds like a fun day with your kid. Hope you have a outstanding fishing season.
  117. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Which model and year Cabo are you referring to? If you have a '88 to '89 Cabo 216, the anchor locker drain tube (black) feeds into the 3" center drain at the fuel bilge divider wall that's right underneath the cabin door. Two flex tubes feeds into the center drain. The cabin flex drain (white)...
  118. SeaHawk IV

    Rpt.-04-19-19 A 1.5 day Relentless Bluefin Tuna Slam!

    Another impressive report. Thanks for the fish porn and good read.
  119. SeaHawk IV

    I Found a Mobile guy for custom enclosures (San Pedro, MDR, LB)

    Where does all the work get done? In his work truck on location or takes measurements and returns to your boat for fitment?
  120. SeaHawk IV

    I Found a Mobile guy for custom enclosures (San Pedro, MDR, LB)

    That's a great deal for quality materials. The gull wings looks promising for keeping you dry on those windy days. Thanks for sharing the info.
  121. SeaHawk IV

    Where to install transom mounted transducer on my boat

    My transom layout is almost identical to your transom. Even if the transducer bracket fits between all those obstacles, you will have a lot of dirty water from either the prop wash, trim tabs or whatever else near or in front of it. If you want to maximize the effectiveness of the GT51 for...
  122. SeaHawk IV

    Where to install transom mounted transducer on my boat

    Install the GT51-TH thru hull model.
  123. SeaHawk IV

    SOLD 2004 Fleetwood Travel Trailer

    Is the truck still for sale?
  124. SeaHawk IV

    Reseal seastar hydraulic steering. Alamitos bay marina.

    I serviced my single outboard SeaStar 5345 seal glands late last year. First, I would recommend you carefully inspect the piston rod for nicks and or pitting from corrosion before tearing it apart. Use a mirror to inspect the backside of the piston. If the piston rod has issues that is not...
  125. SeaHawk IV

    Found oil on floor .What do you think

    Thumbs up for Boathouse for locating the issue. How much did this repair cost if you don't mind sharing.
  126. SeaHawk IV

    South Shores boat launch parking area for homeless parking

    South Shores parking will turn into a real life WaterWorld but without Kevin Costner.
  127. SeaHawk IV

    Retirement move to socal

    San Diego launch ramps/parking (south of Oceanside) are free. Oceanside has wonky parking hours that may require a day and a night parking permit depending on your departure and return time. Oceanside parking permit and live bait is also higher in cost compared to Dana Point and Mission Bay...
  128. SeaHawk IV

    Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

    I'm a very slow learner. You might have to demontrate each task several times while I watch sitting in my truck with the heater running.
  129. SeaHawk IV

    Local YT

    Fishing with your dad is better than any personal best fish but when you do land a big one, that's icing on the cake. Congrats to both of you for a excellent day of fishing and thanks for sharing your report.
  130. SeaHawk IV

    Fred Hall Shows - SD or LB

    LB is my pick.
  131. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo 216 Re-fit

    Capt. JB Do you still have access to the fuel sender unit with the existing deck plate? Which model Moeller fuel tank did you install?
  132. SeaHawk IV

    1/29/2019 at IZOR's

    Thanks for the report. What's Nacho charging for a half scoop of squid?
  133. SeaHawk IV

    Is it me?

    Invite Lal with you to show you how he gets it done.
  134. SeaHawk IV

    Garmin's new 8610xsv, 8612xsv are now out.

    I don't fish Looking for a chirp sonar with side and down scan like the GT51 but with better performance in deeper water up to 800'. Basically a big brother to the same housing design as the GT51TH is what I'm hoping for.
  135. SeaHawk IV

    Garmin's new 8610xsv, 8612xsv are now out.

    Great performing transducer. No complaints for what it's rated for. Just looking for other options such as a high wide chirp sonar in that same GT51 configuration.
  136. SeaHawk IV

    Garmin's new 8610xsv, 8612xsv are now out.

    Any new transducers to replace the GT51-TH?
  137. SeaHawk IV

    FREE Suzuki engine maintenance parts

    I'm not in line for these items. MikeyLikesIt; Thanks for the offer.
  138. SeaHawk IV

    FREE Suzuki engine maintenance parts

    Wish I was closer to you, generous offer. BTW, that oil filter and zincs also fits a DF175.
  139. SeaHawk IV

    Garage Door Builders/Installers...???

    I sub out WestCoast Garage doors for my jobs. They do great work and reasonable cost. They are not cheap (nor overpriced) because they do quality work and are a legit licensed contractor.
  140. SeaHawk IV

    Opinions on Garmin GT51M-TM ( transom mount ) ?

    I didn't use the flaring block since I had a flat spot. Not sure if you have that option. There was a flaring block before with a B744. I was lucky that it didn't get in the way of the trailer but I think it made the boat track a bit oddly.
  141. SeaHawk IV

    Opinions on Garmin GT51M-TM ( transom mount ) ?

    I have a 7610xsv with the first generation GT51 Thru-Hull ducer. Should be the same quality as the transom mount model. I think the GT51 is more than sufficient for our local waters. You can spend a ton of cash for better quality transducers but this is heaps better than the B744 that I had...
  142. SeaHawk IV

    2015 Mercury 4st mystery

    What is the horsepower?
  143. SeaHawk IV

    WTB: butt cap for ulua 9’3” old school 1999

    Can anyone confirm if the #33 or #36 would fit in a oversized rod holder (2" i.d.)? I have the same rod and the butt cap on mine is too wide to fit into a standard size rod holder.
  144. SeaHawk IV

    January rockfish - 1/4/19

    Grumpy looking cods. How much weight did you use to reach that depth?
  145. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo 216 Re-fit

    Outstanding remodeling on your Cabo. Everything gleams like it just rolled out of the factory floor. I see one ball valve for the livewells. What feeds into the port side ball valve? I didn't see a water hose bib on the port side above the deck drain. The Honda 150 has very impressive fuel...
  146. SeaHawk IV

    Tide Calender notebook source?
  147. SeaHawk IV

    Thermostat ??

    60 is what I went with.
  148. SeaHawk IV

    Local island action 12/23

    Looks like a great day on the water and a tasty feast to wrap up the day.
  149. SeaHawk IV

    Has anyone installed Sea Dek on there boat with good results?

    I bought the red rubber grease mats from Sam's Club (3' x 3') for about $25 a few years ago. Doesn't leave any markings on the deck and the nipples on the bottom are still intact. It's heavy and no issues with it moving around when towing the boat...
  150. SeaHawk IV

    Need Help with Garmin xHD18 and GPS Map720

    Any error codes? Garmin Error Codes: Code - Description Notes 0 ------ Antenna rotation error Antenna has stopped rotating or is rotating at the wrong speed. 1...
  151. SeaHawk IV

    Has anyone installed Sea Dek on there boat with good results?

    Does the material come in a variety of thickness?
  152. SeaHawk IV

    Has anyone installed Sea Dek on there boat with good results?

    When the decking material becomes worn out, is the adhesive on the deck easily removed if want we want to go back to gelcoat?
  153. SeaHawk IV

    Santa Rosa Rockfishing

    Time for beer batter cod tacos. Thanks for the report.
  154. SeaHawk IV

    Boat Windows/Mark Plastics
  155. SeaHawk IV

    Merc xr2 problem

    Not possible to steer at all RPM? That doesn't sound like a spun prop. But your description of a high RPM and no acceleration sounds like a classic case of a bad spun prop. Remove the prop and look at the center hub. If you have a traditional prop with a rubber hub, inspect the rubber piece...
  156. SeaHawk IV

    That Guy Strikes Again

    Tis the season to be a Good samaritan :Smoke_Emoticon:
  157. SeaHawk IV

    Shrimp Flies for rock fish

    Yes No Circle Red/Yellow 5/0 to 7/0
  158. SeaHawk IV

    Boat Windows/Mark Plastics

    Thumbs up to Mark....super cool guy and does great work.
  159. SeaHawk IV

    BOAT BUGS - what are they?

    Looks like a type of water bug.
  160. SeaHawk IV

    SOLD AC Delco Brake Booster

  161. SeaHawk IV

    Squid crowder netting source?

    Give Mark a call and see if he can help you out.
  162. SeaHawk IV

    Side scan, do you use it?

    Garmin GT51-Tru Hull transducer Great for finding bait in shallow water or fishing in water less than 18 fathoms. Side Scanning deeper than 25 fathoms doesn't show deteails that well on my set-up. Using the SideScan also makes it easier to locate small structures and confirming if it's to the...
  163. SeaHawk IV

    Long Beach harbor overnight trailer parking?

    I leave the livewell pump on and set the alarm for low battery voltage @ 11.8v. If the battery starts running low, I keep the pump off and run it periodically for about 10 minutes. A single group 31 AGM with VHF, mooring LED light and 10" MFD (brightness turned down) turned on can run for about...
  164. SeaHawk IV

    Garmin's new G3 card will have Navionics integration

    Any idea on the cost for the G3 for Southern Cal/Mexico?
  165. SeaHawk IV

    SOLD Screen Printing (All-In-One) Price Drop

    Bump, lowered price to $625.00
  166. SeaHawk IV

    Shark attack in Encinitas

    Terrible news...good thing there were many people around to assist immediately.
  167. SeaHawk IV

    SOLD AC Delco Brake Booster

  168. SeaHawk IV

    SOLD AC Delco Brake Booster

  169. SeaHawk IV

    SOLD Screen Printing (All-In-One) Price Drop

  170. SeaHawk IV

    Garmin or Simrad GPS/Chartplotters which one to purchase?

    I have a Garmin 7610xsv with the GT51-Thru Hull transducer. Current electronics was upgraded with Garmin because I was too cheap to replace the Garmin radar that was already existing and current from my previous equipment. The cartography layout is pretty good but I prefer the color schemes of...
  171. SeaHawk IV

    SOLD I need an a 8` antenna with a bracket and cable

    Money well spent especially for safety equipment.
  172. SeaHawk IV

    9/15 Tuna run that turned into a rescue operation

    Buddy boating paid off for both of you. Good karma coming your way and glad to hear everybody is safe and uninjured.
  173. SeaHawk IV

    SOLD I need an a 8` antenna with a bracket and cable

    I would suggest to look into a new antenna if you don't come across a reliable used one. Westmarine sells a Shakespeare 8300 antenna (6db) for about $80 with a 3 year warranty.
  174. SeaHawk IV

    Trailer Bearing Q&A???

    Post a pic of the spindle's condition. Are you just replacing the bearings alone or did you also replace the bearing race? Did you replace the bearing seal that goes on the back side of the hub? The last item is to check the wheel bearing grease caps. If they pop off on their own...
  175. SeaHawk IV

    Yamaha OX66 mechanic in Long Beach

    So Cal Ocean Sports and Marine Repair 10 Marina Dr Seal Beach, CA 90740 562) 430-4812 Down the street from Captains Locker and WestMarine.
  176. SeaHawk IV

    For Sale Parker 2310 loaded price dropped 48k

    What is the year of the hull, motor and trailer?
  177. SeaHawk IV

    Paddy Poaching - DP

    Sounds like a feel good movie from Hallmark Channel.
  178. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Skydance, I'm pretty sure it was a Perko transom LED light that is now discontinued. Otherwise, the SeaDog is pretty much the same design and I think the screw holes are the same as the OEM.
  179. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Cuddycon

    Anytime Skydance. Your install looks great.
  180. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Cuddycon

    IMCO installed aluminum fuel pick ups on my tank. I would replace them with aluminum fittings.I think the fuel pick up tubes are sold seperately. The top hole is for half tank and the aft hole is for full tank. I'm surprised IMCO didn't include the fuel pick up fittings. I used 3M 4200 to...
  181. SeaHawk IV

    Great White on paddy at 14 Mile Bank 8/23

    Incredible of the best GW vids I've seen for our local water.
  182. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Cuddycon

    I've used the same fuel surge protector as in your photo above. Honestly, I still had fuel burb out during fuel up and it was installed in the correct direction and in a vertical orientation. Maybe I had a bad unit. The P style vent fitting is design to keep water from flowing down the vent...
  183. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Cuddycon

    I had my spacers custom cut and purchased from Mark's Plastics in Corona, CA. He manifactured the OEM windshields and guage covers. Inquire with a local 369 E Harrison St Ste G, Corona, CA 92879 Phone: (951) 735-7705 plastic supplier in your area.You can use fiberglass strips or thick rubber...
  184. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Cuddycon

    Removing the fuel hose was probably more laborous than removing the fuel tank. Looks like your fuel hose was dated 1986. I went with PVC spacers because 5200 would adhere without any issues. I scuffed up the surface on the PVC prior to applying the sealant. Fiberglass spacers would also work...
  185. SeaHawk IV

    Public Fish Cleaning Station in Channel Islands Harbor or Ventura Harbor?

    I don't recall seeing any fish cleaning stations at those launch ramp. I don't think any of the launch ramps from Santa Barbara to San Diego has fish cleaning stations. We mostly clean all the fish at home or on the boat.
  186. SeaHawk IV


    That's a well behaved tuna. Likes belly rubs too.
  187. SeaHawk IV

    For Sale Garage Sale...good/used boat stuff

    Tuesday 9:30 to 10:30 will work for me. Let me know where you want to meet up.
  188. SeaHawk IV

    For Sale Garage Sale...good/used boat stuff

    Are you in Ceritos tommorow (Monday) between 9:30AM to 10:30AM ? I'll be heading out from the Monrovia area.
  189. SeaHawk IV

    Had our chances...

    That's a nice one. Congrats!
  190. SeaHawk IV

    Driveway from hell. Pls help!!

    Offer a constant supply of fish to your neighbor to use some of his land.
  191. SeaHawk IV

    Generator mechanic

    What type of generator? Portable, construction, gas, diesel, etc?
  192. SeaHawk IV

    WTB Gregor or Bayrunner 18'

    5 minutes of searching and found these two boats in northern Cal. bayrunner/6626595827.html
  193. SeaHawk IV

    Driveway from hell. Pls help!!

    As already suggested by a few other replies, I would add 2" x 6" boards to get the extra clearance. If you buy the true 2" x 6" from a lumber yard, ask for trellis grade lumber in smooth or rough cut. Those are true 2" x 6" measurements. The typical pine boards at your Home Depot / Lowes type...
  194. SeaHawk IV

    FREE Bayrunner 16 Thanks For The Help Guys

    Great set up, now go kill some fish.
  195. SeaHawk IV

    Size outboard for 18ft aluminum?

    Sample for a Gregor 14' Hull. Look for the maximum capacity plate on the boat's interior. The manufacture will specify the max H.P. ratiing for that brand and model hull. But I would say 50 HP 2 stroke or a 60 HP 4 stroke is decent for a 18 footer aluminum hull. That should get you WOT to...
  196. SeaHawk IV

    Dorado on the ridge

    Nice fish and thabks for the report! Was the prop having problems from a previous trip or did you hit something?
  197. SeaHawk IV

    Gregor Seahawk 1980' vs Bayrunner 1980'

    I had a 1989 Seahawk IV 18 footer. I was impressed with the dryness and handling of the hull design. Took that boat to the Channel Islands, over 50 trips to Catalina Island back side and other places in between. Needs a hydrofoil to keep the bow down a little and helps with faster planning. Load...
  198. SeaHawk IV

    Gregor Seahawk 1980' vs Bayrunner 1980'

    Your profile states you have a Gregor Seahawk IV. Which year and length hull do you have?
  199. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Cuddycon

    Was the drain installed from the factory?
  200. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Cuddycon

    That's too funny. I also found a cloth rag stuffed in the drain pipe as well. Thought it was a mistake, guess not. I contemplated on sealing the aft end of the main drain. Decided not to do it because I was not able to pass two 3/4" pipes through the aft side of the drain hole. When you hose...
  201. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Cuddycon

    Honestly, I've never used the second pickup. I've used 80 gallon on a day trip and never felt I was running low. If you decide on having one pick up, you can remove the 3 way valve and mounting bracket and save money on extra hose, hose clamps and a ball valve. If I were to do this again...
  202. SeaHawk IV

    Elly/Ellen Oil Rigs to Avalon Knoll to Cat front side

    Hey Travis! After all these years fishing at Catalina, I rarely fish the front side. So I was a bit lost where to fish since the island was plugged with many boats on all the known spots. I just wanted to get away from others and not have guys holding their rods staring everyone down if they...
  203. SeaHawk IV

    Morrow Bay 8/4/18

    Good stuff!
  204. SeaHawk IV

    Elly/Ellen Oil Rigs to Avalon Knoll to Cat front side

    Finally had a chance to take the boat out this year to hunt for pelagics. Got on the water around 7AM. Loaded a half scoop of uncured dines from Nacho's ($30). Made about 20 macks at the wall. Water temp started out at 68 degrees at Long Beach and rose to 72 at the oil rigs. Lots of scattered...
  205. SeaHawk IV

    need help with a tach problem

    Do you have a Suzuki outboard? If yes, it's telling you your motor has about 400 hours. Not sure if other brand motors do this.
  206. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Cuddycon

    Skydance, I did not drill new holes in the stringer. I replaced the bolts with the same size bolts but a bit longer (only for the foward screws). The rear screw holes are under the deck and I was not able to get a drill and bit to fit. So the rear bolts were replaced with the same size in...
  207. SeaHawk IV

    SOLD 2004 Parker 2310 yamaha 225 out riggers and more

    What is the overall length from trailer tongue to back of motor?
  208. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Cuddycon

    Skydance, I just noticed your 1987 216 doesn't have the center drain pipe in the fuel bilge. Also don't see the foward divider below the steering wheel where the anchor drain line is located. Did you remove them or just didn't exist or is that still the original foam not removed?
  209. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Cuddycon

    Since you have the center console removed, its a good time to relace the drain fittings at the coolers and the helm niche area under the storage bench. Mine were cracked and leaking water on the old tank. I changed the plumbing and made it more to my liking. The two black drain hoses on the...
  210. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Cuddycon

    This was an important repair. Glad I was curious enough to dig out the foam. I discovered soft wood at the divider base area. I drilled a few 1/4" holes to identify the location of damage and made needed repairs prior to sealing the bilge compartment. The holes were filled with solid wood dowels...
  211. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Cuddycon

    IMCO, San Dimas CA 105 Gallon 0.125 Gauge 3/4" Plastic Push End Scuppers (cut to required length) Bilge Plugs added to other side of wall accessable from bilge hatch. Removed when boat is being washed. Entire fuel bilge was carefully examined for weak fiberglass. Applied two coats of...
  212. SeaHawk IV

    Deleting and Adding pictues??

    How is this done? Can't seem to find a simple way in deleting photos from the albums.
  213. SeaHawk IV

    New to Ocean and Looking at boats

    If you have this terrible feeling about the Ficht motors now, good luck when your're ready to sell the boat with those same motors.
  214. SeaHawk IV

    Trailer Lights Mystery (To Me)

    Sounds like the ground wire is not getting enought electrical current or a bad connection somehwere. Maybe a broken or corroded wire somewhere between the lights and plug. Run a temporary ground wire on the floor to the closest light and see if it powers up the light. When you cut the wires...
  215. SeaHawk IV

    SOLD Malibu Stealth - 12

    That's a crazy deal. This won't last long.
  216. SeaHawk IV

    my half day 7/29/2018 fish report @ LJ

    Better luck next time. Thanks for the report.
  217. SeaHawk IV

    Rpt.-07-26-18 Cat. The 3 B's and a Tail!

    Landing the 30ish pound YT on 20# line takes skills and patience. Good for them in getting it done. You guys will get your share of fun with the yellowtails soon. Did you guys spot any whales on your way back to the federal wall?
  218. SeaHawk IV

    Rpt.-07-26-18 Cat. The 3 B's and a Tail!

    Hey Cory! I saw you at the launch ramp on your return. You pulled up in front of us and let Lal and his friend off at the dock. Apologize for my lack of salutation. Your weather report was spot on. I thought my temp sensor was way off when I had temp readings around 66 to 67 degrees by the 150...
  219. SeaHawk IV

    Struck oil today on the sea adventure 80

    Can I have a fillet of that escolar? I need to polish my boat.
  220. SeaHawk IV

    Catalina 7-14

    This sport is getting more expensive every year. 10% increase here, 20% more there and you might get less product too. This could also be a reason why FG&W is seeing a decrease in sales of fishing licenses every year. I get it that it's a supply and demand and convenience thing but just...
  221. SeaHawk IV

    Garmin 7612 XSV - Help w/Chart Map

    My chart appears without the memory card in the MFD.
  222. SeaHawk IV

    SOLD 2004 Tiderunner 195 SOLD

    This should sell fast.
  223. SeaHawk IV

    Do the new Lucanus Flat Fall Jigs work on the West Coast

    I delteted my reply. I was thinking about the older style lucanus jig.
  224. SeaHawk IV

    Report 7-12 9/302/226/Corner/182

    Excellent report, congrats getting them to bite.
  225. SeaHawk IV

    Insurance, boat

    Who do you have your insurance with? BoatUS How far will they go to tow? 100 Miles In Mexican waters? Yes but I think it's only about 25 Miles south of the border. Not sure since I don't fish in MX water with my boat. Have you filed a claim? No If you don't have any claims, each year the...
  226. SeaHawk IV

    Need Whale Watching Info!

    Will be launching out of Long Beach. Anybody have info on recent whale sightings. Will either travel up the Palos Verdes coast line or out to the San Pedro mid channel if that's where they have been seen lately. Thanks!
  227. SeaHawk IV

    No Receipt at Bait Barge Again

    Anybody know if they accept EBT?
  228. SeaHawk IV

    GROUP BUY Wireless Kill Switch Motor Shutdown....Who's Interested!?>

    Placed order yesterday. Easy, straight forward and fast. Thank you Mike for making this happen.
  229. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo 256 - In Need of a Boat Cover! Google search is your frend and free to use. I have no affiliation to the company above and have never used their products. Hope this helps.
  230. SeaHawk IV

    SOLD NIB Lowrance and Simrad products

    Interested in the Lowrance HDS2 Touch.
  231. SeaHawk IV

    How to clean your bait tank

    I flush it with fresh water only and leave the lid and ball valves open for at least two days to air dry.
  232. SeaHawk IV

    6/23 Late report 3/4 day Phenix out of Avila Beach

    Pt. Sal is awesome for shallow cod fishing. Thanks for the report.
  233. SeaHawk IV

    Cattle Boat Burger

    Pay up or starve. But I think it's expensive for simple food. Hopefully the higher price for food will give the crew a raise in pay.
  234. SeaHawk IV

    Cruz 6/20

    OP might be referring to the report below.
  235. SeaHawk IV

    For Sale Hatch

    Sent you a PM
  236. SeaHawk IV

    Best knot for braid to braid

    Which style knot does your friend use for his set up?
  237. SeaHawk IV

    Throttle stuck

    Sounds like the shift cable is binding in the housing. Personally, I would replace the shift cables instead of trying to lube it for a long term fix. The lubricant can attract grim and cause it to bind again. I had a similiar issue and replaced it with Seastar Xtreme Cable Controls. Don't want...
  238. SeaHawk IV

    Do you have a Landing net on your boat? It’s the law for everyone who is fishing! 28.65(d) No gaff hook shall be used to take or assist in landing any finfish shorter than the minimum size limit. For the purpose of this section a gaff hook is any hook with or without a handle used to assist in...
  239. SeaHawk IV

    Jumbo Croaker Meets Wham 6/13

    What a surprise catch of the day. Congrats on your new personal best.
  240. SeaHawk IV

    Catalina report 6/11 to 6/13 – From Barny to Bad Ass and Back Again

    Appreciate the detailed report. Good to hear the kelp beds are filling in.
  241. SeaHawk IV

    SOLD Boone Kill Bag & Ladder

    Does the ladder collapse to a shorter length?
  242. SeaHawk IV

    Replacement windshield options?

    Mark's Plastics in Corona is an option. He made a couple windshields and other items for me and was a quick turn around.
  243. SeaHawk IV

    Need steps to get from trailer to bow

    I moved my spare trailer wheel mount closer to the winch and use the top of the tire and winch as a step. I also leave the tailgate down so it's safer to quickly step on and off the trailer instead of stepping on the bumper. Mounting the tire flat below the winch would also give you a step...
  244. SeaHawk IV

    eBay auction not as advertised - negotiate or return?

    Open up the reels and inspect the guts. If it looks barely used, not modified and reel is fully functional like new, keep them. Even though you keep the reels, you can still rate the buyer and leave a note about your experience.
  245. SeaHawk IV

    Kill bag VS. cooler

    No boat, stick with a hard cooler like others mentioned above. I use a 165 quart cooler for all fish that fits. Also keep a fish bag folded up as a back up for bigger fish when targeting bigger Yellowtails, Tunas, etc. But I avoid putting Rockfish in the fish bag because they can poke holes...
  246. SeaHawk IV

    WTB Looking for a fishing boat for my dad CALIFORNIA

    Sounds like a very generous gift for your dad. But a few things to take in consideration. Does he have a vehicle that is capable in towing the boat of choice? Does he have experience in operating a boat? Most importantly, does he really want to be a boat owner. Owning a boat can be costly for...
  247. SeaHawk IV

    Generator needed this weekend

    Home Depot rents them in their Tool Rental Center. Fast in and out.
  248. SeaHawk IV

    Weather for cinco de mayo?

    That WX website has loads of good info. Thanks for posting it.
  249. SeaHawk IV


    Good times!
  250. SeaHawk IV

    Liberty 3/4 offshore report. Bluefin!!!!!!

    Thanks for the report with the added fish porn.
  251. SeaHawk IV

    Dana Point Harbor Patrol

    This incident was about two seasons ago. That same year, saw several 12" Dorados breaking water at the launch ramp. But I still frequent this launch ramp because the drive from L.A. is not bad and the washdown location can't be more convenient. Miss the days when the water was free.
  252. SeaHawk IV

    Dana Point Harbor Patrol

    I hope with the remodel, they can do something about the drastic water surge at the launch ramp. That ramp is probably the worst place to launch in my opinion in Southern Cal. Not enough breakwall protection from the Pacific Ocean since it's a short distance to the outside. One time we had the...
  253. SeaHawk IV

    Dana Point Harbor Patrol

    Also secure the trash bins and trash containers. Increase lighting where bums are known to be at night and hobo proof all bench areas so they can't sleep comfortably. That would help a lot. I see the bums looking for recyclables and maybe a snack at the launch ramp all the time. It's a one stop...
  254. SeaHawk IV

    1st Trip to Channel Islands=Limits

    Congrats on your new boat. That's a nice grade ling.
  255. SeaHawk IV

    Boat Capsizing

    That was hard to watch. Hope they made it to safety.
  256. SeaHawk IV

    SOLD AC Delco Brake Booster

    Lowered Price to $40 or less
  257. SeaHawk IV

    FHS Simrad Buy - Installer MDR Give them a call....
  258. SeaHawk IV

    SOLD AC Delco Brake Booster

    Trade or give me an offer.....
  259. SeaHawk IV

    Coupon for the 2018 LB Fred Hall Show

  260. SeaHawk IV

    Coupon for the 2018 LB Fred Hall Show

  261. SeaHawk IV

    For Sale Pelaj Snapper Insulated Bag

    Dimension is about 29" x 49"
  262. SeaHawk IV

    For Sale Pelaj Snapper Insulated Bag

    $125 Insulated fish bag was never used and in clean condition inside and out without any tears. The outside has very minor discoloration from going in and out of my cabin. I've had this bag for several seasons as a back-up bag but never needed it. That's why I'm selling it. I don't catch enough...
  263. SeaHawk IV

    SOLD AC Delco Brake Booster

  264. SeaHawk IV

    Anyone know a good boat repair place San Gabriel valley area / inland empire

    Performance Fiberglass Repair 714 871-3264 511 W. Imperial Hwy. La Habra They have done two repairs for my boat. First repair he had my boat finished the next day. Second repair, he promised the boat back the same day and made it happen. Ask for John, he's the owner...
  265. SeaHawk IV

    Found Trailer License Plate HH 1/30

    Drop it off at your local police department and let them handle it.
  266. SeaHawk IV

    New Outboard engines. Are these prices legit.....

    Contact page indicates Joe King is the Manager located in Hong Kong, China. I did a quick search on MOCO Marine Trade and came up with the links below. Keep searching as it appears this company is a scam.
  267. SeaHawk IV

    what's in season?? Closed Jan 1 to end of February are all rock fish species, lingcod, cabazon and sheephead. Better study the regulations and measure your kept fish with a reliable measuring device as the warden may not give you a break for claiming...
  268. SeaHawk IV

    12/30 new boat break-in @ Horseshoe- big ling and rockfish

    Great report! Congrats for landing quality fish with your daughter. The Triton will be a fun boat fishing at Catalina Island.
  269. SeaHawk IV

    fuel filter problem.....

    I had the same problem with the plastic bowl, I removed it and couldn't screw it back in place. This happened a few months before Racor posted the warning. I replaced the plastic bowl with the metal bowl and installed a compatible filter for the metal bowl.
  270. SeaHawk IV

    New Grady-White 208 Hardtop w/ Tuna Tower! PYT

    Where do you step to get up to the mini tuna tower?
  271. SeaHawk IV

    Do you smell that!?! 12/3/17

    Definitely more fun hooking up on a private boat. Congrats and thanks for the report.
  272. SeaHawk IV

    Smooth Seas at San Miguel Island before Turkey Day

    19 Inch Olive Bass. Found crabs in several of the cods stomach. Most had empty stomachs.
  273. SeaHawk IV

    Can't post pics on Central Calif Fish Report but no problem on How to Use The Forums

    Just tried posting pics in Southern Cal inshore and islands Forum and still no luck. Message on bottom left corner stating waiting for to repsond while queuing with 0% upload.
  274. SeaHawk IV

    Can't post pics on Central Calif Fish Report but no problem on How to Use The Forums

    Uploading picks to "How to Use The Forums" was fast. Can't upload pics to Central California Fish Report. Upload pics stays at 0% until a error message occurs. Same pic in both forums with pixels at 650 wide. What is going on, am i doing something wrong?
  275. SeaHawk IV

    How to add pictures in posts

    Test...... I can upload and post picks here but can't create a post in Central California Fish Report. What's the problem? Fixed....Thanks!
  276. SeaHawk IV

    Smooth Seas at San Miguel Island before Turkey Day

    Now that Thanksgiving Day is over, here's a late report from Tuesday 11/21. Smooth seas, no wind and a slight to no current all day. Couldn't ask for a better day making a run to San Miguel Island. Didn't have any numbers at the island so just relied on the topography and sonar to find the...
  277. SeaHawk IV

    Garmin maps

    I haven't used quickdraw yet. Do you have any screenshots in the LB area or local islands?
  278. SeaHawk IV

    Garmin maps

    Mine does the same. Garmin tech support replaced my MFD, gave me a transom mount transducer to compare to my GT51-TH, many photos sent of screen shots showing the discrepancies and so forth. Last communication they told me to contact their mapping dept and they told me to contact Garmin tech...
  279. SeaHawk IV

    Garmin maps

    What's wrong with it?
  280. SeaHawk IV

    Catalina lobster and fish ID help

    Another vote for Petrole sole. BTW, Rock Sole has teeth so not all flatfish have a smooth mouth.
  281. SeaHawk IV

    Looking for a Kill bag

    Approximately what dimension?
  282. SeaHawk IV

    Coho and Chinook With the Girls

    Thanks for sharing the awesome video. Keep them coming. The outcrops reminds me of Deep Cove but that was over ten years ago. Did a half day of paddling out there. I've been to Coquitlam many times to visit family but never thought about fishing out of Port Moody.
  283. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Boat Owners

    I replaced the original Perkos with the rubber cap to CE Smith 80 Series Heavy Duty flush mount rod holders. The bottom of the rod holder is casted with 1/2" female threads. I installed a PVC plug with a generous amount of 5200 sealant. Running a drain tube was also an option but you would...
  284. SeaHawk IV

    What is the best brand of Trailer Bunk Carpet?

    Follow up by hammering down the staples for a deeper grab. Also double nut the bolts to prevent loosening.
  285. SeaHawk IV

    What is the best brand of Trailer Bunk Carpet?

    I use the gray color outdoor carpet from Home Depot. I have them cut the width I need for the bunks. I get about 5+ seasons out of them.
  286. SeaHawk IV

    Propeller rehubbing shop recommendation or I've used both shops but personally like Wilmington Propeller for rehubbing. Used them for Yamaha and Suzuki SS props. Hill Marine is good but a bit further of a drive for me.
  287. SeaHawk IV

    A minute later would have been a minute too late

    Thank goodness for the successful rescue due to your assistance but these guys need to get their priorities straight. Personally, I would not have tied their boat to my boat. If I did, I would have an extra guy on board with a sharp serrated knife at the ready to cut the line if that boat...
  288. SeaHawk IV

    Propeller nut torque?!

    I've tried the Rev4 on my DF175. It made a loud clunking sound when shifted into gear. Didn't even try taking it out on for a test run. Switched back to a Suzuki 3 bladed prop to a smaller diameter. I think the Rev4 is too heavy for the DF175 but that's my guess. 100# of torque on the prop nut...
  289. SeaHawk IV

    Catalina 8-19 Report

    Sounds similar to my day of fishing the back side near the V's. Had a mix of bonitos, barracudas, calicos, yellowtails and junk fish. All calicos were exactly 14" and released. Bonitos were about 5 pounds, yellowtails were 8 pounds and smaller. These fish were not line shy. The rod with 60# mono...
  290. SeaHawk IV

    08/19 Catalina Yellows

    I fished the backside yesterday and the YT were much smaller. Glad you found the bigger grade fish. Congrats!
  291. SeaHawk IV

    Does anyone know if Garmin G2 coastal blue charts show mlpas?

    G2 HD shows the MLPA zones.
  292. SeaHawk IV

    The Skunk is off!!! Dorado in my backyard.

    Failure was not an option. WTG on your perseverance.
  293. SeaHawk IV

    8/6 out of MB

    Probably a pretty fun fight for that size dorado. Thanks for the report.
  294. SeaHawk IV

    Largest boat with davis Cortez style pilot house?

    Farallon 2800 Walkaround
  295. SeaHawk IV

    number 26 is an idiot

    Don't throw me under the bus for my statement above. I was simply expressing my thoughts with laughter and have zero knowledge about commercial licensed fisherman's rules and regulations. I'm not a commercial licensed angler nor do I condone the activity that occurred. Bad karma will catch up to...
  296. SeaHawk IV

    Dorado 8/3

    I was at the 14 yesterday and water was green. Saw several paddies as well but all empty. We didn't troll, just paddy hopping. Saw a sea turtle and a few mola molas and no pelagics. Congrats on the dodo and thanks for the report.
  297. SeaHawk IV

    number 26 is an idiot

    Maybe the angler has a commercial fishing license to sell but boatless. Just say'n.... Either way, kinda hilarious though.
  298. SeaHawk IV

    Best phone app for texting from out to sea

    WhatsApp I was able to send and accept text about three miles west past the 279 heading toward the 209.
  299. SeaHawk IV

    Kodiak Bait Tank Retailer Give Mark Wisch a call and see if he has one of his poly tanks that might interest you.
  300. SeaHawk IV

    First time fishing on a kite Saturday

    That's one heck of a long journey and a day you won't forget. Congrats on your success!
  301. SeaHawk IV

    Great Conditions, But No Fish.

    We went on Sat the 22nd. Similar report as yours. We also covered the 269 and 312 and skipped the 277. Water was blue at the 269 and changed to a dirty green all the way 6 miles west of the 289 and beyond. Lots of life, terns, many dolphin schools and even saw a group of Risso Dolphins. Lost...
  302. SeaHawk IV

    7/25 Long Beach Fishing Report

    Sounds like a busy day of catching for your clients.
  303. SeaHawk IV

    Paddy Hop 267

    Thanks for the report. FYI, I hooked a Hammerhead Shark last Saturday outside of the 209 that was about 50' back from the paddy. It was facing down current of the paddy waiting for an opportunity. It was about 8' and hungry. I lobbed a mack and it immediately took the bait. So be on the look...
  304. SeaHawk IV

    Help needed please. Fuel tank cleaning service.

    Give these guys a call. I think they still provide tank cleaning service.
  305. SeaHawk IV

    Dorado 7/23

    That's a nice one. Congrats and thanks for the report.
  306. SeaHawk IV

    Yummy Bites 7/22

    Outstanding day! All the stars lined up for you guys. We tried to find the tunas further north but it wasn't our turn. How's the new outboard working out for you? What's your max range?
  307. SeaHawk IV

    WTB 20-22 Ft CC is in Anaheim. I have no affiliations with them but been there a few times.
  308. SeaHawk IV

    06 Zuke 175--anything I should look out for?

    If you plan to install a Engine Interface Cable for engine data, you may have issues getting accurate engine data to your NEMA2000 device(s). Finding a EIC cable is not easy and getting it programmed to match your motor year may be another issue. If you have access to a Lowrance HDS device, then...
  309. SeaHawk IV

    MDO 7/2/17

    Cool Video! Caught my first sea trout back in the early 90's out there.
  310. SeaHawk IV

    9th inning stretch

    Awesome reward from the fish gods. Congrats!
  311. SeaHawk IV

    Prop problem

    Start with inspecting the prop of it's spun. With then motor off, put it in gear. Grab the blades and see if you can spin it with as much power as you can apply within reason. Look at the rubber hub if there's any sign of twistin!g, tearing or torn rubber flakes.. Last inspection is to remove...
  312. SeaHawk IV

    Sat 6/3 @43/182 Ghost Town

    Cool report! Did you meter any huge bait balls or red crabs? Last season was incredible.
  313. SeaHawk IV

    Helium - where to buy South OC

    Look up a Party City that is close to you. Or a Michael's.
  314. SeaHawk IV

    182 - Bluefin 102lb. (5.28.17)

    Your deck looks like you 187 that tuna. Awesome report and congrats.
  315. SeaHawk IV

    Imperial Beach 5/20

    Awesome report, congrats to guys.
  316. SeaHawk IV

    Navigating Through Kelp Patties

    Spearbodj, That's very sound advice. I have utmost respect for everybody on the water, especially for divers and kayakers. I agree a boat zipping close by a diver in the water at any speed can create a dangerous situation. At the same time, responsible divers should do their part in keeping...
  317. SeaHawk IV

    Navigating Through Kelp Patties

    I don't fish the kelp beds that often but when I do, this is how I do it but not fail proof. I pick a spot outside of the kelp beds edge or find a clear path to a kelp bed where I want to fish. Before entering into the spot, I drift for a bit way outside of the kelp line to see which direction...
  318. SeaHawk IV

    265/70R/16 Tires for sale only 500 miles.

    LT's or P rated?
  319. SeaHawk IV

    POWER PRO Spectra line capacity reels

    I just spooled 500yds of 80# Power Pro MaxCuatro on a Shimano Tyrnos 16II. Had space for about 80 feet of 60# Big Game mono.
  320. SeaHawk IV

    Rods and Reels for Sale

    I'm not first in line. Some one beat me to it one minute before me. So I'm second in line. Good deal for whomever gets the Saltiga. Just an FYI.
  321. SeaHawk IV

    Marine battery recommendations

    Generally speaking, Flooded Batteries (water in cell type) needs refilling periodically. Can seep acid, does not like long periods of vibration and does not like it to be run down which can damage the battery from holding a full charge. Flooded batteries should be kept charged more frequently to...
  322. SeaHawk IV

    Rods and Reels for Sale

    Any terminal tackle or misc. fishing stuff for sale?
  323. SeaHawk IV

    Rods and Reels for Sale

    Might want to check out the Shimano Terez Waxwing as well.
  324. SeaHawk IV

    Rods and Reels for Sale

    I'll take the Satliga.
  325. SeaHawk IV

    Marine battery recommendations

    Depends on your budget. Interstate Flooded Deep Cycle is cost effective but requires maintenance. The AGM's are more expensive but are equally dependable with no maintenance. LifeLine makes premium AGM batteries but pricey. Or go to Costco (Interstate Battery) or Sam's Club (Might be Duracell)...
  326. SeaHawk IV

    Wsb and lots of them

    Nice job Eric, well deserved! I know you spend a lot time on the water to be able to post successful days like this. Congrats to you and your GF.
  327. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Cuddycon 216-Long Shot

    That was fast. Is the boat staying in Northern Cal?
  328. SeaHawk IV

    Anyone else having trouble opening General Fishing Tackle Classified Ads?

    I rarely view the General Fishing Tackle Classified section but for the past few days, the page does not seem to open correctly. Only opens to a black screen. All the other classified sections works fine. Experiencing this problem with Chrome and FireFox. Anyone else experiencing the same issue?
  329. SeaHawk IV

    425 - 5/5

    What was the water temp at the 425? Your radome appears to be angled really low for calm conditions. Is it just an optical illusion in that first photo?
  330. SeaHawk IV

    Catalina Croaker ! 5-4-17

    That's suitable for bragging rights. Congrats!
  331. SeaHawk IV

    Shot the WX gap to start my 2017 Rock fish season

    Nice Lings but your pilot house looks way better.
  332. SeaHawk IV

    15 hp lower unit help

    I'm not familiar with Mariner outboards but the rubber seal (#30) and guide hose (#34) doesn't look like typical water pump set-ups. Should be standing straight up like in the diagram photo below so guide hose can easily connect when lower unit is remounted...
  333. SeaHawk IV

    How does my oil look?

    How does the oil smell? Does it have a strong bitter burnt smell? To me, it looks like your lower unit is sealed from water intrusion but maybe past due for an oil change. My Suzuki outboard recommends fresh oil every 50 hours for saltwater and 100 hours for freshwater. I replace mine every 100...
  334. SeaHawk IV

    Garmin & BlueChart G2 vs. G2 Vision

    Blue Chart G2VisionHD: Auto Guidance Depth Range Shading Mariners Eye View FishEye View High Resolution Satellite Imagery Ariel Photography If you have auto pilot, I think the VisionHD is most beneficial. If you don't, it's still beneficial when setting up routes which aids in avoiding running...
  335. SeaHawk IV

    La Jolla Yellows

    Where's the fish porn?
  336. SeaHawk IV

    Trailer Issue

    In my opinion, I would replace with a welded bow stop mount and a sturdier winch post base. I'm not a fan of those bolt-on bow stop brackets for that reason. Imagine if you did some hard braking downhill with your current set up.
  337. SeaHawk IV

    Garmin 7607 waypoint question

    Call Garmin customer service and have the Garmin unit ready so they can talk you through the process. Curious, when in the Navigation screen, does the boat icon appear to be the location where you are currently at? As for the map position format, I have mine set as hddd'mm.mmmm I'm not at my...
  338. SeaHawk IV

    Engine help please

    I had a similar problem with a 1992 Yami 50HP 2 stroke. Mechanic discovered it had an intake issue causing it to cough and not gain past 2500 RPM. He replaced the reeds and voila, ran like new. Check out and look up your motor, year, HP and model. Select "Intake" on the menu. Click on...
  339. SeaHawk IV

    Rpt.-04-06-17 Catalina Bound uturn to Izor's!

    You'll get the Yellowtails next time. Thanks for the report.
  340. SeaHawk IV

    Spring Break 3/4 Day TUNA Trip on the San Diego 3/29

    Excellent report, thanks for the good read and congrats on your early 2017 tuna.
  341. SeaHawk IV

    Garmin Vision is charts, anyone have them?

    Majority of those low price Garmin Vision cards are copies, not New original memory cards.. Therefore, you don't get one free update.
  342. SeaHawk IV

    New trailer tires

    That's a great price for load range D tires.
  343. SeaHawk IV

    Best Galvanized Paint

    I've used Pettit Rustlok Steel Primer as a final coat on my trailer. Works great but stinks really bad.
  344. SeaHawk IV

    What transducer is this?

    I had a B744v removed and replaced it with a Garmin GT51 thru hull. Filled in the hole with some minor glass work and that was it. If you could fit a 1000 watt transducer in that same spot, I would drill a bigger hole for the new transducer. Save money on gel coat and fiberglass repair.
  345. SeaHawk IV

    What transducer is this?

    Looks like a Airmar B744V with the spare speed paddle wheel next to it.
  346. SeaHawk IV

    Best Coverage Area on the Water? ATT vs Verizon vs T-Mobile

    I currently have AT&T wireless but contemplating on switching to T-Mobile for a cheaper service plan with two lines. In the past, T-Mobile has been known to have iffy coverage in rural areas and the overall coverage was not that great compared to AT&T and Verizon. Overall, Verizon has been known...
  347. SeaHawk IV

    I A C Component on Suzuki DF 175

    Rooney, what is the part number for the Idle Control Component? What is the year of your motor? Have you ever noticed a deep whistling or howling sound from your motor at idle? I get that sound every so often. Not sure what's causing it but motor runs fine other than that noise.
  348. SeaHawk IV

    New trailer tires

    Maxxis 8008 ST is what I use on a tandem axle boat trailer. No issues and all four tires have even wear.
  349. SeaHawk IV

    FishFinder Recommendation please.

    Gil, Which chirp transducer for the screen shots above? My GT51 -TH doesn't give me those results at those depths.
  350. SeaHawk IV

    Garmin G2 Vision Map Card North and South California $100.00

    Post up some pics of the Vision cards. Are they in the original unopened OEM package? Does it qualify for a one time free update from Garmin? If these are legit cards, I'm interested in the VUSO21r g2 vision HD. What is the company name and do you have a company website?
  351. SeaHawk IV

    Anyone have this book laying around "In The Gray"?

    Stop by his tackle shop, buy it online or see Mark at Fred Hall Show for the book.
  352. SeaHawk IV

    First Boat...Help Please

    Do some internet surfing on the Triumph or any other brand you are considering. Not steering you away from purchasing the Triumph but they currently don't manufacture boats bigger than 19'. Makes you wonder why?
  353. SeaHawk IV

    Recommendation on places to make new windshield Highly recommend Mark. He's a great guy and does excellent work.
  354. SeaHawk IV

    Boat Tenting Cost

    Are you guys tenting for preventative maintenance or see termites and/or damage?
  355. SeaHawk IV

    Registering With No Title

    Make sure the trailer VIN is legible and in plain view for inspection. If you can't find a VIN on the trailer,you better do some homework to get a VIN permanently attached prior to making an appointment. If you have a PTI tag on the license plate, the tags still needs to be up to date with the...
  356. SeaHawk IV

    Radar repair needed

    Give Alcom Marine a call, they're in Costa Mesa. Maritime communications in Marina Del Rey 310 821-4958 Long Beach Marine Electronics 562 594-8888 These guys are really nice to work with. Seaside Marine Electronics 949-675-7866
  357. SeaHawk IV

    Stay away from Rule pumps

    I.had a Rule bait pump fail after the second.trip. Impeller got damaged. Replacement pump quit after four months. But also had them last for several years. I also use a Piranha bait pump and had one fail before the season was over. I've noticed the Piranha bait pump to be more reliable and...
  358. SeaHawk IV

    Pre- work solo strike 1/10/17

    Very encouraging pic. Thanks for the report.
  359. SeaHawk IV

    Any suggestions for a brand name on new led deck flood lights?

    I have two Lumitec Caprera LED lights for the rear deck and one for the bow area. These are very bright and low profile compared to 55w halogens. A year later I installed four Cree LED lights that look like knock offs of the Caprera...
  360. SeaHawk IV

    Garmin 94sv

    I have a Garmin 7610 and the mapping is way off on several high spots. Off by 200' or more on several spots that should read 90'. Garmin customer service has been very helpful but the issue is still not resolved since discovering it in April. If you plan to use the Garmin in Mexico, the mapping...
  361. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Boat Owners

    localboy59, Congrats on your 216.
  362. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Just saw your post. It has crossed my mind to eliminate the battery compartment and open the sides to allow bait to flow through to each livewell. But I quickly disregarded that thought. I believe it would cause injury to the finbait when the boat is under way. Bait fish naturally mill in a...
  363. SeaHawk IV

    Painting a non-galvanized trailer with epoxy

    Pettit Rustlok Steel Primer works very well. Just need to properly prepare the surface and this primer will adhere for a long time. I've painted my trailer with this product 5+ years ago and it still looks new and holding up extremely well. Just make sure it's used in a well ventilated area...
  364. SeaHawk IV

    Garmin or Simrad?

    I upgraded to a Garmin 7610 only because I kept the existing Garmin radar to save money. I'm not thrilled with the Garmin cartography and Navionics is not an option. The Garmin is super easy to use but has some design flaws that is annoying. Such as not having a Retun button/tab to the previous...
  365. SeaHawk IV

    Misc. boat stuff

    Sent you a PM on chain and antenna.
  366. SeaHawk IV

    Terrible Day... Fiberglass Advice needed

    I highly recommend Performance Fiberglass in La Habra. Used them twice and will always use them.
  367. SeaHawk IV

    9/21 Fun day up in Channel Islands

    Nice grade Yellowtails. Is that your Cabo? How's the custom pilot house coming along?
  368. SeaHawk IV

    Need some help with the bait tank

    What Kid Creole said above. Another problem with that tank design as you had mentioned, it's tall and quite narrow. Wider diameter would be ideal with the same water volume. With that said, less than a half scoop of smaller fin bait should be fine. I would avoid putting fin bait that's bigger...
  369. SeaHawk IV

    9-16 Point Loma 3/4 YFT

    Good Times! Thanks for sharing your day.
  370. SeaHawk IV

    Need Help ASAP Troubleshooting a Chest Freezer

    I have a Frigidaire Chest Freezer (Model number FFC13C3AW0) that is not cooling correctly. I opened the freezer last week on Sunday night and have not touched it since yesterday. So yesterday afternoon, I discovered all my bait on top was defrosting and the side walls did not have any frost on...
  371. SeaHawk IV

    Propeller repair

    I've used Hill Marine in Santa Ana and they did a great job on my prop.
  372. SeaHawk IV

    Miscellaneous Boat Stuff For Sale.

    Updated list... Buy it all for $90 or make me a offer.
  373. SeaHawk IV

    Miscellaneous Boat Stuff For Sale.

    VHF and Flo torque sold.
  374. SeaHawk IV

    Miscellaneous Boat Stuff For Sale.

    Miscellaneous items for sale. You can pay by Paypal as a gift or you pay the 3.5% fee. $70 for everything remaining and free shipping. Otherwise you pay for shipping cost. 1. Rule-Mate Bilge Pump 500GPH Missing bottom bracket $10 2. SeaChoice 3-Way Fuel Valve 1/4" x 1/4" x 1/4" NIP (new) $16...
  375. SeaHawk IV

    Catalina 8/25

    I was fishing the east end today by the rock quarry to the front side and the sea lions were relentless. Saw many 3 to 4 pound yellows boiling between 3:30PM and 5 PM. Didn't see anyone hang a fish but metered a lot of small YT.
  376. SeaHawk IV

    FS: 1989 Radoncraft Bahia 16

    That's an awesome deal for a fully loaded skiff. Rarely see these Radoncraft Bahia 16's for sale. I'll pass the info to a friend that is looking for a skiff like this one. He wants a heavy boat for easy towing up and down the coast to the lakes, fish the local islands and hooping for lobster...
  377. SeaHawk IV

    Port Hardy Vancouver Island BC Rerport/ Pics

    Always enjoyed reading your reports. You're lucky to be living up in B.C. Awesome pics of the killer whales.
  378. SeaHawk IV

    SMB BEAST 8-15

    That's the biggest YT I've seen this season. Congrats!
  379. SeaHawk IV

    WTB Salt Away Mixer unit

    Westmarine stocks them.
  380. Imagejpeg_0


  381. IMG_2747


  382. IMG_2710


  383. 2013 May 2 Horseshoe Kelp

    2013 May 2 Horseshoe Kelp

  384. 2013 Sept 21 Dorados At Upper 9

    2013 Sept 21 Dorados At Upper 9

  385. IMG_2710


  386. IMG_2707


  387. IMG_2700


  388. Imagejpeg_0


  389. IMG_2747


  390. IMG_3001


  391. IMG_2773


  392. IMG_2802


  393. IMG_2801


  394. SeaHawk IV

    What do you think about Fishdope? is it worth it?

    $169.00 / 12 months = $14.08 a month / 30 days = $00.46 a day. Everyday I dumpster dive my local park for 10 bottles and/or cans to redeem the 5 cents CRV tax for each beverage container. This helps me pay for a annual FD membership. So in-actuality, FD membership is free for me. LOL
  395. SeaHawk IV


    I have one, PM me.
  396. SeaHawk IV

    Finally connected

    You guys connected with the right kind and to top it off, your own wrapped rod. Awesome report!
  397. SeaHawk IV

    2004 Parker center console

    How much are you asking?
  398. SeaHawk IV

    horseshoe kelp or 150

    Just fish both...
  399. SeaHawk IV

    7/30 209 9th time is the charm

    Nice job young man. I guess there's hope for me since I'm 0 for 7 on the tunas this season.
  400. SeaHawk IV

    I need my Seastar bled.. help

    I use the exact bleeding method as aquachico but use WestMarine brand of Hydraulic Steering Fluid($19.99 a bottle). Takes about 20 minutes.
  401. SeaHawk IV

    Big eye tuna?

    Send me 5 pounds of meat and I'll make my decision.
  402. SeaHawk IV

    6th trip for BFT and no love

    I'm 0/7.... I feel your frustration.
  403. SeaHawk IV

    Repowering Soon - Advice Wanted

    I have a Suzuki DF175 on a 216. It's rated for minimum 87 octane but Suzuki suggest 91 octane (Research Method.) I've only used 91 octane in addition with Starbrite StarTron and motor just purrs. So quite, you forget it's running. After 600+ hours, prop is spotless of carbon deposits. Regular...
  404. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Boat Owners

    I believe they are the 18" x 9" Bennett Trim Tabs. It's been a very reliable system. This system came on the boat but I had to make some modifications. I highly suggest to keep all electrical components mounted inside the cabin behind the helm station to stay dry. After relocating the electronic...
  405. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Modifying livewell for healthier bait. I've noticed the bait on the port side livewell was getting more beat up than the starboard side.Since I don't use the bait basket, I cut it to the same level as the main opening and sealed the opening with 1/2" Starboard. Before Cutting with a...
  406. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Transom Splash Guard After many hours of contemplating what's the best solution to keep the boat deck drier, this was my solution and it has been one of the best improvements for this boat in many ways. My goal was to have a utilitarian design. These were the design templates that I thought...
  407. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Fuel Tank Replacement OEM Tank made by IMCO, San Dimas, CA 105 Gallons @ 1/4" thick Propping on 4" x 4" lumber for storage while tank replacement in progress. No need to remove from boat. All Foam Removed Applied three coats of fiberglass resin. Applied three coats of Interlux Bilgekote...
  408. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Here's a few things I've done to the 216 CuddyCon over the years. Perko LED Fits perfectly at Aft Bench Westmarine 10" Stainless Steel Hatch Spring installed on all Fish Box Hatches Cabin Hatch Spring Hasp For Battery Box Lid To Prevent Bouncing and Security When Boat is Unattended at...
  409. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Boat Owners

    The only problem I have with the fish box hatches are several high spot areas mating with the gel coat surface when closed. I didn't want to sand the lip of the hatch so adding the EPDM door seal has helped a lot.
  410. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo Boat Owners

    I used a white color EPDM weather door seal on the mating surface to soften the blow when the hatch door gets dropped and also to prevent them from bouncing. I installed it on all the hatch doors except for the anchor locker and cabin hatch. The best size was the was 1/8" H x 5/16"W. It does a...
  411. SeaHawk IV

    Whats the best channel for up to date fishing while out on the waters

    If you have kids with you or you don't care to hear vulgar language, 72 can be bothersome. 68 is the other channel many communicate on as well.
  412. SeaHawk IV

    Max Height of towing rig on the street

    Street trees are another concern. My set -up is about 11'-6" and sometimes brushes against the bottom of the tree canopies.
  413. SeaHawk IV

    Ella Mae gets her BFT @ the 43

    Persistence and using your knowledge paid off. Awesome report and Congrats to your success.
  414. SeaHawk IV


    Frat boy might have been acting like a tool but in doing so, he may have kept everyone calm including himself. So please don't judge them so quickly even though it seemed like a comedy show. At least these guys knew how to survive and was prepared with an EPRIB and knew how to use it properly...
  415. SeaHawk IV

    Fishing the 182 and inside - 7-2

    Excellent report....congrats to your bud.
  416. SeaHawk IV

    WTB Reliable kill bag

    I wanted it but glad you picked it up. Perfect timing for you.
  417. SeaHawk IV

    One the craziest days ever. Monday 6/27 report

    Very good info right there. I've never targeted a swordy. Now I'll be better prepared. Sharing is caring, thanks bro!
  418. SeaHawk IV

    One the craziest days ever. Monday 6/27 report

    You guys were in the right place at the right time. Hopefully you'll get the next one. BTW, when you mentioned, "The fish ate a mac that I cut the tail off or and brained with the hook.?" What do you mean by brained with the hook?"
  419. SeaHawk IV

    Bo-J Lures

    I still have a few new in original packaging. It swims with a lazy kick. I'll give them a try for yellowtail this season.
  420. SeaHawk IV

    WTB Reliable kill bag

    Here's one for sale.
  421. SeaHawk IV

    What Are The White Markings On The Bait Ball?

    I was thinking the same thing but never seen that painted from a traditional sonar image.
  422. SeaHawk IV

    What Are The White Markings On The Bait Ball?

    I had the depth range set at 220 to 300 feet with a fast scroll speed while cruising at various speeds. This was a few days ago outside of the 209 during the early morning hours. I returned to this spot later in the day and still found huge bait balls with these white markings on them. Around...
  423. SeaHawk IV

    WTB: Big Halco Roosta Poppers

    Try Westmarine and Turners Outdoors in El Cajon. I just picked up the 195 at Turners but up in L.A.
  424. SeaHawk IV

    Crowley Lake incident and warning to boaters, Saturday 4 June

    That store is a hidden gem. The breakfast burritos are awesome as well as the daily pre-made meals in the fridge. The made to order pizza is also very good. They also have free Wi-Fi. You really need to pay attention the weather report before going out on the lake or fishing on land in the...
  425. SeaHawk IV

    Drowning Death Fishing Off Catalina Today

    Sorry to hear about the tragic loss.
  426. SeaHawk IV

    Anacapa 5/28

    That's a big boy for sure. Those boats were stacked up pretty tight behind you. Was it like that all day?
  427. SeaHawk IV

    5/29 BFT

    You guys did good finding the right kind.
  428. SeaHawk IV

    WTB line spooler. HD 140

    Call your local Sport Chalet if they still have the line spooling machines for sale. I don't recall the brand they have but it looks similar to the Triangle HD140. I saw one at the Arcadia store for $500. A newer looking one at the Glendora store for $700.
  429. SeaHawk IV

    Catalina 05-22-16

    You guys did good. What time did the wind pick up?
  430. SeaHawk IV

    Large LOT of mono line and some braid and fluoro

    That's a good deal. This will get sold quick.
  431. SeaHawk IV

    WTS: Plastic 35 gal bait tank

    Can you post a pic of the interior?
  432. SeaHawk IV

    Alot of Boat Accessories for Sale

    How much for the steering wheel knob?
  433. SeaHawk IV

    How big are the Catalina YT being caught now?

    Nice grade bass. We saw a bunch a few weeks ago on the surface. A few mid teens but mostly smaller grade like what gunnyslinger said above.
  434. SeaHawk IV

    5/14/16 Inside the 60 mile bank

    Thanks for the info. At least you made an effort.
  435. SeaHawk IV

    Heading to Catalina for the first time

    Learn how to use the VHF radio. Especially understanding the RED button is for CH16 for hailing an emergency broadcast. Use Ch72 or Ch68 to chat with others. Go to US Coast Guard website and look up all the necessary safety equipment that needs to be on the boat for inspection. Make sure you...
  436. SeaHawk IV

    Free to good home

    Nice gift for sure.
  437. SeaHawk IV

    Catalina Sunday May 1st

    Thanks for the run down....sounds like our day of fishing a couple of weeks ago.
  438. SeaHawk IV

    Best fishfinder??

    If you have a pilot screw on a core bit, drill the holes and install it yourself. It appears the trailer is not interfering with drilling the holes. Super easy task. Plug and play connection to the MFD. The Garmin GT51 is a 12 pin connection so make sure your display has that option. I have a...
  439. SeaHawk IV

    Best fishfinder??

    Rusty Rod: Personally, I would keep the existing thru hull transducer with a separate sonar screen. I like to track the ocean contour as deep as possible to know when I'm approaching a high spot and be able to see drop offs. On my boat, cruising over 23 MPH with the GT51, I loose bottom around...
  440. SeaHawk IV

    Best fishfinder??

    It's a Cabo 216.
  441. SeaHawk IV

    Radon Project in Bakersfield Parking Lot

    Probably not the one you saw but found this 22' RadonCraft cuddycabin that's a beater which needs a lot of TLC.
  442. SeaHawk IV

    Best fishfinder??

    If you have 0 to 5 degrees on your center keel with no dirty water from forward of the transducer location, you only need one GT-51m thru hull transducer. If you have more than 5 degrees for mounting location, then you will need two for down-vu and side scan to work properly. Just like the above...
  443. SeaHawk IV

    WTB: UPDATE, WA under 24' with 4 stroke outboard power

    What specs are you looking for in a Cabo 216?
  444. SeaHawk IV

    Best fishfinder??

    Is your budget of $2000 for fishfinder only? To get the best imaging is to select the best transducer your fishfinder can accommodate. I would look into a chirp system. PM Gil (Semperfi fishing). He's a wealth of knowledge.
  445. SeaHawk IV

    Long Beach to Catalina Buddy Boat

    Curios, what type of boat are you traveling in and what is your cruising speed? I may make a run to Cat for a day trip departing about 5AM.
  446. SeaHawk IV

    Oxnard fishing conditions

    As of today, forecast Thursday night at Santa Rosa Front side gap to San Miguel as NNW25kt winds with 8' to 10' swells. Santa Rosa and Santa Cruz gap about the same with swells at 6' - 8'. Also a chance of showers.
  447. SeaHawk IV

    Eastern Sierra's 4/19 & 20

    I've been jonesing to get back up there for some trout action. Thanks for the write up.
  448. SeaHawk IV

    making mac @ night

    I've caught them many times at night but in Santa Monica Bay and Long Beach area. Once we found the bait ball, we drifted on top of them. We used a sabiki tipped with squid. Didn't use a light but used chovy and or dines for chum.
  449. SeaHawk IV

    New Custom pilot house

    What an awesome transformation. Keep them pics coming.
  450. SeaHawk IV

    New Custom pilot house

    More details on the build. Did you design it or the builder? How much weight does that add? Any particular reason why you didn't go with fiberglass?
  451. SeaHawk IV

    Lost and Found at Catalina 4/17

    oniedab You could PM me or maybe you can start a new post in the electronics section. But in a nutshell, I have a Garmin set-up with a Garmin GT51m-TH mounted on the center keel. I'm still tweaking with the manual controls to get the image that I want. The images are crystal clear with great...
  452. SeaHawk IV

    Lost and Found at Catalina 4/17

    I agree with you. I hate swimming and I gave up scuba because I'm afraid of sharks. This was my first time in the ocean in probably 20 years. In hindsight, it was probably the most ideal situation for me to have practice in doing this line clearing in the ocean. Had a boater watching me in...
  453. SeaHawk IV

    Lost and Found at Catalina 4/17

    jginsandiego I had nothing but braid behind that thrust washer. Probably double that amount. That thrust washer is not easy to remove without banging hard on it. I used my wooded bat and beat the crap out of it unit the bat was splintered. Luckily I removed the thrust washer a few days prior...
  454. SeaHawk IV

    Lost and Found at Catalina 4/17

    I don't think this was the case in my situation. Line was a 65# braid that looked fairly new with 100' of 40# topshot. The bronze hook and egg sinker was clean and shiny it was recently there. I've never witnessed anyone strip braid off their reel into the ocean on purpose but with mono, it was...
  455. SeaHawk IV

    Lost and Found at Catalina 4/17

    Hey Tim, it's been awhile. Shoot me a PM next time you want to head out.
  456. SeaHawk IV

    New Custom pilot house

    Hey Eric, I remember seeing those wahoo' s. You killed it that day. Congrats on your new ride.
  457. SeaHawk IV

    Just got my boat - now what?

    Use for your marine weather forecast. Click on the map for your desired routes to your fishing spots. You will get the wind speed, direction of wind, swell height and duration, warnings for small craft advisories, etc. is great for swell direction and height and wind...
  458. SeaHawk IV

    LA report horse shoe to the 105 19april2016

    You almost missed your ride. Was it smooth out today? Thanks for the report.
  459. SeaHawk IV


    Thanks for the purchase.
  460. SeaHawk IV

    Lost and Found at Catalina 4/17

    Thanks for the reminder. I'm going to drain the LU this weekend. Should be okay but you never know. Prop hub didn't get spun so I'm grateful for that.
  461. SeaHawk IV

    Lost and Found at Catalina 4/17

    Line was floating above a high spot on the outer edge. Closest boat around was more than 1000' down current. Current was going south and I was northwest of everyone with nobody close to me. I always respect other boaters space whether their line(s) in the water or not. I don't run over chum...
  462. SeaHawk IV

    Lost and Found at Catalina 4/17

    LOL One hook coming your way.
  463. SeaHawk IV

    Lost and Found at Catalina 4/17

    I have a wetsuit laying around from my scuba days. It's going in the boat now.
  464. SeaHawk IV

    Lost and Found at Catalina 4/17

    I keep several PVC rain gear pants, jackets, shirts,bath towels, wet gear, etc. just in case for others but never thought I would be the one needing them. Looking back, one stupid mistake I made was not wearing a life vest while in the water. It didn't dawn on me but I did get the extension...
  465. SeaHawk IV

    Lost and Found at Catalina 4/17

    Found about 300+ yards of blue braid with 100' of mono/fluoro and 3/0 bronze hook and 3/4oz egg sinker. PM me so I can return it to the rightful owner. Whose the jackass that doesn't know how to set their drag or attend their gear when trolling at Farnsworth. Get a clue dude! You ruined my...
  466. SeaHawk IV

    Racor Fuel/Water Separator S3221UL

    Price lowered again to $10.
  467. SeaHawk IV

    Went looking on 04/17

    Thanks for the report.
  468. SeaHawk IV

    Are the BD Members photo galleries gone??

    Mine is missing as well. Never mind, got mine working.
  469. SeaHawk IV

    Prop service

    If you're in Orange County, I highly recommend Hill Marine.
  470. SeaHawk IV

    Kodiak pro flow 32 bait tank

    Sent you a PM yesterday.
  471. SeaHawk IV

    Shurflo excellent customer service

    I just had the same experience two weeks ago with Shurflo. Five star customer service.
  472. SeaHawk IV

    1917-1918 CA Commercial Market Fishing License

    Well preserved document. Very cool to see some local fishing history.
  473. SeaHawk IV

    Help me find a piece of hardware

    If you can use something like this, you can find it at any major store that sells baby car seats. It's a car seat locking clip for the seat belt. Probably about $6.00 each.
  474. SeaHawk IV


  475. SeaHawk IV


  476. SeaHawk IV


    Sent PM's Update: Only Two Rod Holders Available.
  477. SeaHawk IV


  478. SeaHawk IV

    Large Float Markers

    $30 each or $50 for both. Prefer local pick-up or you pay for shipping and handling. Used to mark dive spots, water sport activities, fishing spots, etc. 16"H x 8"W Float with black cord has 150' of cord with a snap swivel. Float with white cord has 200' of cord with a snap swivel.
  479. SeaHawk IV

    Racor Fuel/Water Separator S3221UL

    $10.00 (lowered price) Bought the wrong model filter that came with the bottom bowl. Filter never used or installed. Comes with top and bottom gaskets.
  480. SeaHawk IV

    Racor TUL vs regular

    Racor at the Modesto, CA division handles all the Marine Filters. Here's the telephone number 209 521-7860.
  481. SeaHawk IV

    Racor TUL vs regular

    Racor rep told me the T stands for 10 Micron and UL is UL Listed. The bottom threads should be interchangeable between the metal and plastic bowl. I would verify with the gasket diameter on top with your original filter. Check out page 79
  482. SeaHawk IV

    Where to get swell/wind info?

    I like for wind and swell. Especially the animate option.
  483. SeaHawk IV


    Sale Pending...
  484. SeaHawk IV

    San Diego Seaforth 3/4 day boat, Bluefin

    crazy cajun Thanks for the 411.
  485. SeaHawk IV

    FREE: Dual Axel trailer

    That's a killer deal. Even if it was for scrap metal.
  486. SeaHawk IV


    I'm in LA. I might head down to Mission Bay to fish on Monday or another day next week.
  487. SeaHawk IV


  488. SeaHawk IV


    Price lowered to $30.00. Or make me an offer.
  489. SeaHawk IV


    Price lowered to $90 for the pair. Come get them!
  490. SeaHawk IV

    Fuel Gauge Not Accurate

    I replaced mine with a WEMA Fuel Sender. It's been in use for about four years and still reading pretty good. Same concept as Moeller Reed Switch Sender. Either brand should solve your problem.
  491. SeaHawk IV


  492. SeaHawk IV


    I don't think it's compatible with a hynautic ram set-up.
  493. SeaHawk IV


    I don't think it's compatible with a hynautic ram set-up.
  494. SeaHawk IV


  495. SeaHawk IV

    Looking for tiburon clamps

    i bought a set from Squidco at Fred Hall Show. Give their shop a call.
  496. SeaHawk IV


    Ditto that above...
  497. SeaHawk IV

    Suzuki service in Long Beach

    I've taken my Suzuki to So Cal Ocean Sports in Seal Beach. They are down the street from WestMarine and Captains Locker.!service
  498. SeaHawk IV

    1998 Parker 2520 pilothouse !!!Very Clean!!!! Reduced 34900

    What is the LOA from trailer hitch to back of motor?
  499. SeaHawk IV

    Pilothouse Build Window Help

    Marks Plastic has been around for a very long time. He does great work.
  500. SeaHawk IV

    Anyone running Suzuki 175s

    I start with flushing water in the hose port first to prime the system and allow water to flow out of the pee hole. Then turn on water for the muffs and let that flow. After water starts flowing out of all orifices on the lower unit, the engine gets started. Immediately the hose port connection...
  501. SeaHawk IV

    Anyone running Suzuki 175s

    Have a 2007 Suzuki DF175 on a 21' CC with about 500 hours. No issues whatsoever. Perform my own oil changes and no metal shavings in motor oil or lower unit oil. Oil filter replaced every oil change. Never needed to add oil before the 100 hour oil change. Service is performed every 100 hours...
  502. SeaHawk IV

    Last Minute Cod Run To San Miguel Dec 27

    It's possible it could have been a biscuit but the head shakes felt like a pissed off ling. I did pin on a whole squid with a long dropper loop so it's possible. Breaking down anywhere is always a concern but I do my best to keep the boat and motor in good shape and carry a PLB on board.. We...
  503. SeaHawk IV

    Last Minute Cod Run To San Miguel Dec 27

    It's possible it could have been a biscuit but the head shakes felt like a pissed off ling. I did pin on a whole squid with a long dropper loop so it's possible. Breaking down anywhere is always a concern but I do my best to keep the boat and motor in good shape and carry a PLB on board.. We...
  504. SeaHawk IV

    Last Minute Cod Run To San Miguel Dec 27

    It's possible it could have been a biscuit but the head shakes felt like a pissed off ling. I did pin on a whole squid with a long dropper loop so it's possible. Breaking down anywhere is always a concern but I do my best to keep the boat and motor in good shape and carry a PLB on board.. We...
  505. SeaHawk IV

    Last Minute Cod Run To San Miguel Dec 27

    2 hours each way sounds like a far distance. Could be worst like trolling for 10 hours for wahoo and striking out. I just think of it as a sightseeing trip while enjoying mother natures creation. We did see a Orca outside of the harbor, that was cool. Also a pod of small mola mola at the island...
  506. SeaHawk IV

    Last Minute Cod Run To San Miguel Dec 27

    Launched out of Santa Barbara at 7:45AM Headed toward San Miguel Island Ambient temp was upper 40's Small chop on the crossing with light to no wind. Arrived to our location 2 hours later. Motored around looking for fish since I didn't have any coordinates to work with. Found our small honey...
  507. SeaHawk IV

    Lots o'Lings 12-29-15

    Your honey holes consistently produces quality lings. Thanks for the report.
  508. SeaHawk IV

    WTB Boat Cover for Cabo 216

    I had a cover made in a two piece for easy install and removal for my 216. Zippers installed across the center helm aft bench for easy access to the storage compartment or to climb in without removing the cover. A separate cover for the T-Top and a separate piece for the outboard. Made with...
  509. SeaHawk IV

    Is it me? Yes, it must be me....

    LOL Good Karma came back to you.
  510. SeaHawk IV


    How is the GT15m ring installed? Is it glued in place with 3m 5200? Would this be a good match with a GT51 to have better sonar reading in 100 feet and less?
  511. SeaHawk IV


    I'm in for one unit for a Suzuki Outboard. How much for an extra sensor?
  512. SeaHawk IV


    When will this order get submitted? Is this ready for immediate shipping?
  513. SeaHawk IV

    bait tank $130

    Can you post a photo of the bottom and interior?
  514. SeaHawk IV

    Need recommendation for wheel bearing mechanic

    West Coast Trailers in Huntington Beach. Ask for Wayne. The last time I was there, he only accept cash or check.
  515. SeaHawk IV

    Slim pickings on the Yellows but they are still here in Nov

    You better bring your wife more often if you want to catch YT's. Her intuition or skills has been proven on this trip. Congrats!
  516. SeaHawk IV

    Big Lingcod Vancouver Island

    That's a big one to be excited about. Thanks for the report. What's the RF limit per day up there?
  517. SeaHawk IV

    FOR SALE: 1991 Cabo Cuddy Con

    I still have mine and yes, a 1/2 Ton truck should tow it with ease. Trucks with drum brakes on the rear axle may take a beating on hard braking and descending steep grades. Did you buy a Cabo 216? I'm guessing my boat and trailer loaded with 105 gallons of fuel, 150 pounds of ice, 16 rods...
  518. SeaHawk IV

    Breaking trailer bearings left n right.. Help!

    I experienced the exact problem for three years with my dual axle trailer. I didn't mind replacing the bearings and races twice a year since it's a simple service. Then one day, the bearing failed and fused itself onto the axle and I was stuck on the side of the road. I replaced both axles and...
  519. SeaHawk IV

    10/31, STRIKE, Swing and a Miss for a HOOO!

    Happened to us as well on a Rapala XRAP 30. Bit over the front treble hook and ran for a few seconds. Spit the lure before removing rod from holder. I feel your pain bro.....
  520. SeaHawk IV

    10/27 Wahoo near the 14

    Thanks for the report.
  521. SeaHawk IV

    Cabo 216216

    Is your hull a 1986? Does the VHF cause interference with compass? Nice to get a 12" screen in there.
  522. SeaHawk IV

    Dana Point Wahoo & Marlin

    Awesome day for you. Congrats!
  523. SeaHawk IV

    FS: Penn Squall 12 Reel & Penn Legion Rod

    Super easy guy to buy from. All rods and reels are in immaculate condition.
  524. SeaHawk IV

    Need a good glass shop/person in OC

    Call Steve, he's in O.C. 714 425 9788 40Grit screen name on BD. He's a good guy and prices are reasonable.
  525. SeaHawk IV

    Police recover stolen boat

    Good to hear you got it back. Don't see any fishing rods. Wonder what was on the thieves agenda? I bet their tow vehicle is also stolen too.
  526. SeaHawk IV

    Very Clean Marauders!

    I was out in MB as well working the upper nine. Heard radio chatter of wahoo being caught around 4 to 6 miles out of the channel sporadically throughout the day.
  527. SeaHawk IV

    Anyone else having breaking problems with izor xxx ?

    Maybe it's your technique in tying the reverse dropper loop. Possibly cinching the knot together too fast creating too much friction even though you wet the line. Have someone tie the same knot with the same line and see if it's still breaking the same way.
  528. SeaHawk IV

    Epic Day - Bull Dorado and Wahoo off the Rigs! 10/17/15

    Excellent report. Congrats on a outstanding day of local fishing.
  529. SeaHawk IV

    Outdoor Pool Shower Unit (Commercial Grade)

    Trade for 2 speed reel and rod combo of similar value?
  530. SeaHawk IV

    Fishdope discount code

    Anybody know if there is a current discount code available for Fishdope?
  531. SeaHawk IV

    FS: Penn Squall 12 Reel & Penn Legion Rod

    I'll take the Penn Spinfisher combo. Left a message on your cellphone.
  532. SeaHawk IV

    Trinidad 40 narrow

    Only those with BD annual membership can see the price.
  533. SeaHawk IV

    Big bug and some

    Looks like a good batch of bugs. If I may suggest, next time try a frozen gallon or smaller water bottle along with a wet towel soaked in saltwater. This will keep the lobsters alive longer and save you money on buying ice.
  534. SeaHawk IV

    10/3- dodo, yft and wahoo outside 209

    Looks like a very successful day. What pound wire leader did the wahoo chew through?
  535. SeaHawk IV

    Dana Point Wahoo! 10/3

    Luck was on your side today. Congrats for the cool pelagic.
  536. SeaHawk IV

    This whoo is for you dad! Hell yeah!

    Well deserved after all the boat drama you went through recently. Good karma came back in a exotic way. Pun intended! :-) Cheers to Pops! :cheers:
  537. SeaHawk IV


    Next in line for Marauders.
  538. SeaHawk IV

    Sinus Congestion Everytime I Go Offshore

    Using one of those fabric gator head gear band things has helped me. I cover my mouth and nose only when traveling more than a mile. Only experience it when the ambient temperature is cold and dehydrated on hot days. Been helpful for me. Hope you find a remedy soon.
  539. SeaHawk IV

    Wahoo 9 mile

    Sounds like a lot of excitement. What rod set up were you using?
  540. SeaHawk IV

    Oside 9/24

    Thanks for the report. How did the bait hold up? Was it only dines?
  541. SeaHawk IV

    Another great day with my buddy Joe

    Congrats Tony! Nice to have a change of pace to tug on something other than a pelagic species. You've been doing well this season.
  542. SeaHawk IV

    do do play on a slow day oside 9/13/2015

    I've been looking for those. Congrats on a good day.
  543. SeaHawk IV

    HH or LB??

    I like Davies but HH is just as good. I launched out of there on Saturday. There is only one spigot for wash down. The rest are broken. The water pressure is about 5psi so you won't be able to flush your motor. A week prior the water pressure was over 80psi. If you don't wash down then never...
  544. SeaHawk IV

    Good tuna fishing on the 267!!! 9-12-15

    Very nice job out there. It was tough fishing on Friday. Especially with 3" chovies.
  545. SeaHawk IV

    9/9 Dana point WFO

    We leave the cut chunks on ice in the cooler so it stays firm. We grab what we need for chunking and repeat.
  546. SeaHawk IV

    Killer whales off Domes today

    I would trade a day of fishing to hang out with killer whales in the wild. Thanks for the pics.
  547. SeaHawk IV

    Williamson Tuna Feather 4 Piece Kit (New)

    Brand new rigged feathers in original unopened package. $20.00 Each Pack (Four Feathers per pack) Or $70 for all four Packs Melton use to sell these but are no longer in stock.
  548. SeaHawk IV

    Boat Trailer Jacks

    I use a Fulton 2500 lbs, Square Tube Fixed Mount. It's been on the trailer for about 5 years and still trouble free.
  549. SeaHawk IV

    best cleaning chemical for removing dry tuna blood

    I've used Oxi Clean with a brush. Worked well for me.
  550. SeaHawk IV

    Dana point or Oceanside Launch Ramps Question.

    Oceanside restrooms are always open in parking lot by wash down. I'm not sure if Dana has restrooms available 24/7. Not what you're inquiring about but good to know.
  551. SeaHawk IV


    When out of the harbor, use channel 27 for a radio check (provided by Sea Tow.) Sea Tow will reply with your transmitted message. This service is available at most marinas in Southern Cal. Ch 72 or ch9 is commonly used as well. Just don't use ch16 for radio checks. If you don't hear a reply on...
  552. SeaHawk IV

    Hammerhead eats a tuna and Yamaha

    Wow! Hammerheads don't mess around.
  553. SeaHawk IV

    2008 Klamath 19 Bayrunner Aluminum Center Console

    Congrats! Didn't know you were selling. Hope you get the Parker you're looking for.
  554. SeaHawk IV


    When do you plan to place the order?
  555. SeaHawk IV

    Auto PFD

    I also carry a regular PFD just in case the auto inflate accidentally gets discharged, actually used or malfunctions.
  556. SeaHawk IV

    Looking for a skipjack

    I have a friend selling his 1979 24' Skippy Flybridge with a rebuild GM 350 and rebuilt OMC Outdrive. Also comes with a trailer. I think he's asking $5500.00. Boat is located in Pasadena, CA. PM me if you are interested.
  557. SeaHawk IV

    Trailer drum needed- In or around OC....on a Saturday...ideas?

    Pacific Trailers in Chino. Not my choice because of my many bad experiences with them but they should have what you're looking for and are close to you. I warn you to triple check what you are buying before leaving. I've gotten wrong parts and manufacture defects from them in the past. I'll...
  558. SeaHawk IV

    as the title says...ripped

    Hey Brian! I have two group 31 Sears Platinum AGM batteries and I only charge them overnight during winter season when boat is used. I've gone two months many times without charging them. One of my batteries is going on 5 years and still holding a full charge. Just an idea so you don't have to...
  559. SeaHawk IV

    Delayed Santa Rosa Report + Idea

    Nice crime scene on deck.
  560. SeaHawk IV

    15 Miles West Of Mission Bay 7/18/2015

    Tuna fishing in the middle of July, wearing rain jackets and nailing them with lighting at a distance...gotta love this epic season.
  561. SeaHawk IV

    Need Opinion on Garmin GT51 Transducer

    I'm contemplating on installing a Garmin GT51 on the center flat keel just to get the Garmin 7610 working but really want a 1K Chirp transducer. I have a B744v with a faring block but replacing it with the B765 is way too big for the 21' CC. The B765 is a perfect replacement for the existing...
  562. SeaHawk IV

    Which knot Cedar Plug?

    I have a few that has a double crimp. This plug has a knot so just wanted to keep it the same. It's my lucky charm of all the cedar plugs.
  563. SeaHawk IV

    Which knot Cedar Plug?

    Which knot is used for tying the hook so the knot and/or tag end won't catch inside the cedar plug? It looks like a snell knot that was used when packaged. I tried the palomar, improved clinch and uni knot. Uni knot was the best of the three but knot was still a little bulky. So which one is...
  564. SeaHawk IV

    Trailer tires

  565. SeaHawk IV

    Questions About Launching Solo?

    X2 as Arima-Bob with some minor difference. 1. In the parking lot while loading up all the gear, I secure the dock ropes to the bow and stern cleats and tie the the two ends together with a simple knot. 2. Then I hang the ropes on the bow rail rod holders and gunnel so it does not catch on...
  566. SeaHawk IV

    Trailer repair needed asap stuck in oceanside

    Got the same feedback from BoatUS as well on my 21' CC. One of the bearings had a melt down and welded itself to the spindle. My max height was 11'4" and they said they couldn't help. I was lucky enough to strap the axle to the frame and tow it 45 miles on surface street. Hope everything works...
  567. SeaHawk IV

    Kill switch,key fob?

    I was snooping around Raymarine's website and did not find a similar system as the Autotether. Can you post a link to the Raymarine's system. Thanks
  568. SeaHawk IV

    Outdoor Pool Shower Unit (Commercial Grade)

    $950.00 New is over $2000.00 Have a new stainless steel and Chrome/Brass outdoor pool shower unit for sale. Never installed or assembled and still in the original box. This is made by "The Pool Shower" but other companies share the same or similar design. It is plumbed for hot and cold water...
  569. SeaHawk IV

    216 Cabo Cuddycon for sale- San Diego

    So who's the proud owner of this 216?
  570. SeaHawk IV


    Condolences to you and family.
  571. SeaHawk IV


    I think the frame is the same as the Speedmaster IV. I could call Shimano and verify.
  572. SeaHawk IV

    We're gonna need a bigger cooler

    Nice grade for sure. Congrats!
  573. SeaHawk IV

    A day to remember! Hat trick.

    You guys smashed it good, especially calling it quits by 11:30. Excellent report and keep them coming.
  574. SeaHawk IV

    accurate handles

    Which models are they for?
  575. SeaHawk IV


  576. SeaHawk IV

    brothers first tuna 9 mile bank

    Nice job finding them and putting one on deck.
  577. SeaHawk IV

    216 Cabo Cuddycon for sale- San Diego

    That's a generous asking price for a highly sought after boat. This will sell fast.
  578. SeaHawk IV

    6-25 Dodo's save the day

    Can't wait for fresh Mahi burgers.
  579. SeaHawk IV

    bluefin 5 miles off pt. loma

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like you're off to a good start for your vacation.
  580. SeaHawk IV

    Rods FS - Reels added -Seeker, Calstar & Sabre **New Prices**

    I'll take 1, 2, 5 and 6 by tonight or tomorrow morning.
  581. SeaHawk IV

    Can anyone explain the extra boat taxes in California

    Please provide a comment why I'm embarrassing myself with my first two points.
  582. SeaHawk IV

    Mobile Mechanic For Electrical

    I purposely don't have a fuse on my bilge pump but trace the brown wire to the battery or power source for a possible fuse holder. Simple test.... 1. From the bilge pump, trace the brown and black wires from pump to location of connection and look for broken connections. 2. Inspect for nicks...
  583. SeaHawk IV

    you buy the gas and bait tuesday AM

    At least you are up front and honest about what to expect.
  584. SeaHawk IV

    Looking for a new boat Give them a call, they might have what you want.