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    Sad story

    That is tough, RIP
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    Downrigger weight styles

    I tried that style once and after bashing bottom a bit it started to flutter, and for a while the flutter action seemed to actually help, and then one more bottom contact and it quit producing. I think if you're not contacting the bottom they can work but I like the cannonball with a fin style...
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    What's a good toe kick height/depth for a cockpit?

    Here's an old picture that includes the toe kicks on my boat, you can see it best on the starboard side, made of starboard. Let me know of any specific pictures you want. They are super helpful shrimping/crabbing where you are leaning out.
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    What's a good toe kick height/depth for a cockpit?

    Just measured the ones on my parker and they are 2" and I wish they were at least 2.25-2.5" I personally like them to not be too tight and require very little effort to get in or out and I have to really wedge them in with one of my pairs of boots (I have Xtratuffs and also no brand cheapos and...
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    Smoked Salmon Prep

    I do both skin on and off. Skin on will retain moisture a bit better but skin off get's a bit more smoke and flavor. Recently I've been doing all skin on in a wet brine and then taking the skin off and scraping that fishy gray crap off before freezing.
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    Be Carefull in Wilipa Bay!

    Looks like they're going clamming, what's the problem?
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    Razors, friday/saturday........

    I wish clams didn't make me shit my brains out
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    Just fun

    This just makes me wonder what the hell you were doing when you found this video...
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    Hey mark, not that you need any additional assurance but at 22k you'll be fine with triple 300's. My boat, as weighed on scales, has been over 8000lbs and still can hit 5700 rpm with a SWS II 17p. Now, the caveat is, that is on flat calm water in the sound. The main thing I have gleaned on all...
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    MA9 crabbing?

    Damn, BD is getting soft, this is a terrible first post and no one is ripping into him. Maybe because he's Rick Steed?
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    42' defiance?

    You really have a way with words...
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    Why Bother With a Tow Vehicle?

    I've seen someone doing this on purpose with a smokercraft they were taking to their cabin. I would have thought it's better to hire one of the landing crafty to drop it off, but hey, they made it work on their own.
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    I have found that on the GMG to maintain the lower 150 degree smoke temp it helps to clean out the burner area of ashes first and also clean off the temp probe. It was within 10 degrees on a 4 hour smoke I did. It's also important to have it level and the heat deflector thing set correctly
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    You're overthinking it for sure. When I am freespooling bait I keep my thumb just slightly on the spool, occasionally I will also pull/feed extra line with my free hand to minimize resistance on the anchovy.
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    Are you only taking about casting?
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    WTB: Mule Tape/Crab Line

    Allen, look at the CWC Blue Steel rope, way better than the tape and cheaper/stronger than leaded crab line I have two rolls of this:
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    Open tuna seat on Friday October 11th

    Patrick is so proud of his shit he doesn't even flush! Ask me how I know!
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    Logging in

    No problems on my faplet.
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    Small boat builder recommendations?

    I'm not saying you're a pan handler, you've been offered a lot, up to you if you accepted. But, given your renderings, I'm starting to think you're trolling on the internet...
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    Small boat builder recommendations?

    You must have some great credentials to get $100k+ mechanical engineering offers. Just a thought, maybe work a few years, save your fortune, then you can have some capital to invest in your endeavors. I'd recommend when people offer you stuff, mention those offers you've turned down so people...
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    Small boat builder recommendations?

    So you're an engineer, professional sport fisherman, thermodynamics expert, house remodeler, boat designer, with no money, not even enough for gas, but looking to throw money at a new design with a small shop? I'm not sure who you are but it sounds like you've got it all figured out.
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    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina

    Careful stating that, I'm pretty sure that's not legal technically speaking. I don't generally keep pinks, but sometimes if I do they get freezer burned and are no longer fit for consumption so they get turned into halibut, shrimp, and crab. Just saying...
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    A little piece of bloodline...

    Do you mind sharing the type of trap you used? I want to duplicate your results!
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    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina

    Damn dude, you never wondered why all the other boats fishing solo had one rod out? Nice job on all those fish you posted, what a stud solo fishing.
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    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina

    You don't need to convince us, your boat your rules! I operate my boat differently, if we catch 3 fish, I usually will give two or all three to the other person, I fish plenty. I've also got plenty of people to fish with if I'm not wanting to fish solo. Congrats on the pink and coho!
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    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina

    I'll let you get first dibs on fish, but only if I get to decide how much gas I want to pay for! Good luck!
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    Seattle to LA and back

    So let me get this straight, you are trying to make a career out of fishing but you doubt anyone would watch your youtube channel? Good luck man!
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    Tuna bleeding done wrong

    To me it looks like those fish we're cut after they died. Also for reference, the lateral artery cut (behind the pectoral fin) is the approved way to bleed fish exported to japan for sashimi. The Japanese are at another level when it comes o fish pickiness.
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    Mayhem WFO Tuna

    My favorite part on the radio other than Mike sharing the spot: Someone at the bait stop: "Hey, boat trolling, You just trolled through boiling fish" Guy trolling through: "Yeah but I didn't hook anything"
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    SlapShot’s Saturday tuna run

    I heard you had Vinnie the tickler on slapshot today.
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    MA-11 King

    Wow broadcasting a honey hole you haven't even found yet, that a new one! You must not be following along with the crap the Canadians are dealing with.
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    New official world record Redbanded rockfish

    No need to long arm a world record fish! Congrats on the record
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    OH FOR PETE'S SAKE............(keeping it family friendly)

    Welcome to I/O ownership! Get used to pulling your outdrive. After 3 years of owning one I'm never going back, ever.
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    Netflix - The Last Breath

    Thanks for the recommendation @wdlfbio
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    Netflix - The Last Breath

    What's it about?
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    The only lure that fishes worst than a tomic tubby is a tomic classic, certainly don't try the classics!!
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    Neah Bay Chinook Closure: No Problem

    Why not post a pic of the big fish? Let's see the hog!
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    WTC results 2019

    What the fuck, looks good to me!
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    2nd fish on SlapShot was a marlin

    Who tied that knot?! I've always wondered what it would be like to hook one!
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    Surprsing at CQ

    Did that one with the tail slash get tickled by the kicker?
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    Area 9/10 Opener

    No idea, they just kind of appeared during a break in trolling. I have seem some fish puke recently though
  42. ledbed6b

    Area 9/10 Opener

    Had a relaxing day on the water, started at Mid Channel, couldn't take it, went elsewhere...
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    Fg vs Alberto knot for braid to fluro??

    Modified albright all day everyday, never had any issues slipping for any of the fishing I've done. All you need is two hands and a bit of spit...
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    Place to crash at Westport

    Don't stay in the parking lot near the bathroom. Officer Hamburglar will find you and you'll end up in the westport police blotter
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    USA/Canada Swiftsure border?

    Maybe your haven't seen what's going on in Canada lately? I like to retain fish over 12lbs. Bottom line: recreational fisherman are getting shafted both sides of the border.
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    For those who enjoy and Edge of Craftsmanship

    So where can I buy one? I looked and seemed sold out everywhere. I'm a big fan of nice knives
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    Ocean Chinook

    No Chinook retention above 80cm. Supposedly to make sure enough Fraser fish make it through the rockslide.
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    Neah Bay for newbies

    Sounds like someone caught their vag in their zipper....
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    Need some knowledge.........

    People are missing the obvious, mount them both up! If you cant's afford a nice new kicker then have a kicker for your kicker. I say this mostly joking, but I had a boat blow an outdrive (get ready for that by the way, not a matter of if...) anyway it was the middle of coho season and my boat...
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    Interesting Launching Technique - Crab Opener

    One of my favorite past times on the crab opener is to watch the boat launch. It was pretty low drama this year when I was there. Lot's of yelling at wives, lots of boats not working, but didn't see anyone fall in, no fights, and everyone appeared sober. Here was the highlight from the hour or...
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    GW Shark or Salmon Shark

    Last year I saw a shark like that in the sound, after some googling figured it was probably a salmon shark.
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    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Awesome! Port Townsend is my home away from home, looks like I'll need to make the long trek from boat haven to visit. Only problem is that your slip is just a little too far to be stumbling distance from the Pourhouse!
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    Defiance 220ex repower

    Something is wrong, look at the boat test with the same motor that you had already posted Post your RPM and GPS speed throughout the rpm range just like the attached one for the 200 and we can solve this.
  54. ledbed6b

    Boat Buying Advice 195 Tiderunner w/ 115 Yammie 2-Stroke

    Glad I could help! From what I saw, and what I know about these boats, this one was definitely a major project, far from being a turn-key sound ready boat. Good call walking away!
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    Hood Canal shrimping possession question

    They will give you a ticket if they are not frozen. If they are frozen they will still hassle you but show them the regs that cleary say it's okay.
  56. ledbed6b

    WDFW files to remove sea lions from Columbia River

    Copper frangible or non-lead shotgun rounds would work well. I just so happen to have both if anyone needs to borrow any when they get a tag.
  57. ledbed6b

    Tuna (live bait) rod recommendation

    Calstar or Seeker 270-H 8ft rods paired with avet MXJs, done and done. Seriously, I'm 5 years in on mine, they have seen some shit
  58. ledbed6b

    Swinomish crabbing 8-1

    They do what they want, when they want, no need to post anything online, and no point in trying to figure out what they are doing. One spot over-fished? Time to move south, rinse and repeat until they stuff their wallets
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    Looking to borrow a Diawa electric reel cord

    I'll be in town around 4:15-4:30 AM, which one of Darrel's boats?
  60. ledbed6b

    Spotter aircraft this season???

    I've been offshore 50-100 miles and as low as 1000ft for work. you can definitely see tuna out there. I think drones are a much better option. Way cheaper than pilots.
  61. ledbed6b

    Looking to borrow a Diawa electric reel cord

    I probably won't be rolling into town until early Thursday morning, but I can drop it off somewhere or drop it onto to whatever boat she's going out on.
  62. ledbed6b

    Looking to borrow a Diawa electric reel cord

    I've got an extra cord I can bring. I'm assuming you use Scotty plugs?
  63. ledbed6b

    Crab open dates wtf

    They didn't announce the summer crab season until June 8th last year. Gotta wait to make sure the tribes get enough before opening it up for us.
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    Enertia Eco's on heavy alum monohull w/ F300s?

    Seems to me like CW should figure that out for you initially at least. The Yamahas come with props I believe, the dealers can also get access to try different props. Get your baseline numbers from those, learn the boat and decide where to go next. If you do need more stem lift or holeshot then...
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    Has anyone seen this pic?

    CA Side = Canadian Side up here, not California, he's alluding to the fact that people often think you can keep these and bring them back from CA (Canada) which you can't
  66. ledbed6b

    Squalicum Harbor Boat launch parking?

    One of the best launches, but can get very very busy this particular weekend. I hit it a couple years ago memorial day weekend and it was getting pretty full by Friday mid afternoon. Overall it seems to very weather dependent this time of year I'd say.
  67. ledbed6b

    Best Jump Start Power Pack

    NOCO GB 150, it's a beast, bit expensive but worth it. I keep it on the boat, got to start a big as diesel with it last year
  68. ledbed6b

    Elliott Bay Shrimp

    I'm just going to come out and say it, the person who fixes all the quotes in this thread is the real MVP, I have no idea who is saying what!
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    Who’s the prop guru? Need lower planing speed.

    You adjust the permatrim via the motor trim therefore you have the ability to adjust the nose down or up. If your boat is already bow heavy there's no need to add one but if your boat is ass heavy it helps, and doesn't negatively impact performance in following sees provided you trim the motor...
  70. ledbed6b

    Who’s the prop guru? Need lower planing speed.

    Okay, now that I have a keyboard I can write a bit more of detailed post. For my boat, which is known to be ass heavy, I did 3 things to reduce my planing speed. First I added a permatrim, this dropped my planing speed by around 3-4mph. Now my boat is a single vs twins so I'd expect you may see...
  71. ledbed6b

    Who’s the prop guru? Need lower planing speed.

    Bigger trim tabs, permatrims, 4 blade props, all will help lower planing speed. I write a more detailed post tomorrow
  72. ledbed6b

    Let the shit show begin!

    Seemed like a lot less pressure than past years. There was a dinghy that flipped from a "rogue" wave around 10:30 near Edmonds. Two people pulled out of the water. I past them earlier in the day, green canoe, 10ft west marine dinghy they were barely holding on even in flat calm water. I did...
  73. ledbed6b

    Halibut fisherman numbers on first two days?

    What a crock of shit, how many people fished Sunday? Lots of boats had few or no halibut on Thursday. Meanwhile the puget sound quota will never be reached because it gets pillaged before the recreational fishery has a chance to fish. Gotta love the WDFW, the new license fee should include...
  74. ledbed6b

    Rent or borrow a trailer to swap outdrive

    If this was after May 15th I'd be able to loan you mine.
  75. ledbed6b

    Trailer brakes help needed

    You definitely should go with an EOH actuator.
  76. ledbed6b

    Bait and Switch P/S Tribes

    "co-managers" So explain to me again why CCA is the enemy? It seems to me that maybe our overlords, oops I mean co-managers, may not actually care about recreational fishing.
  77. ledbed6b

    Mutiny bay Halibut

    The real men, like the ones that need to ask this "web site" if there's a boat launch in Edmonds, or if they should fish in mutiny bay?
  78. ledbed6b

    Mutiny bay Halibut

    He must be a SRKW
  79. ledbed6b

    North of Falcon Updates

    Here's what I want to see, the previous and current quotas for recreational, tribal, and commercial fisheries for these areas. Did we all take an equivalent hit? Where can I find that info? I have a feeling those numbers will paint a picture that suggests there may be a certain group taking it...
  80. ledbed6b

    North of Falcon Updates

    The forecasted returns looked better for the sound overall. So why do we need to cut quotas and opportunities? I ask this as a serious question. And I'm glad there are steps being taken, but, as Carl Nyman put it, I can't help but feel that the recreational fishing community is getting played.
  81. ledbed6b

    North of Falcon Updates

    Wow, fuck this state, it won't be long until there's no sportfishing left. Canada is getting fucked too. It won't be long until this state realized it shot itself in the dick.
  82. ledbed6b

    North of Falcon Updates

    Sounds like the ocean is getting a decent break considering, and the sound is getting fucked. I love the fishery management in this state.
  83. ledbed6b

    North of Falcon Updates

    How long of a delay for MA9?
  84. ledbed6b

    Mutiny bay Halibut

    Man this forum is getting soft, didn't know we were in a safe space.
  85. ledbed6b

    ***** RIP *******

    As long as I get two chicken burritos out of the deal there will always be IPA for you. I still miss the bacon chalupa from 2008. Damn I love taco bell
  86. ledbed6b

    Went Fishing PV last week

    John, most of the time I feel like you are just shooting posts out for the hell of it to be a smart ass, which is totally fine, this is the Internet after all, but this was a great post. Thanks for the solid review! PS. don't want this to be to touchy feely so :finger: douche
  87. ledbed6b

    Save yourself a halibut day...

    The Yamaha maintenance chart says to inspect/replace every 300hrs. I'm guessing it has a little more than 250hrs on it or there was a part defect based on the ones I've changed. Great catch! Losing time on the water, plus having to clean little rubber chunks out of your cooling system would suck.
  88. ledbed6b

    Save yourself a halibut day...

    How many hours are on that impeller?
  89. ledbed6b

    Not sure I want to fish around gators.

    Gonna need the gator glock!
  90. ledbed6b

    SRKW in SoCal

    Shit, better shut down any salmon fishery down there. Funny how this isn't getting all the news coverage the other stories have received.
  91. ledbed6b

    New boat logo ideas

    I'm thinking Celine Dion (in her prime) naked wrapped in a Canadian flag. Maybe a fish somewhere too.
  92. ledbed6b

    Portable tank vent

    I used the 3 gallon red plastic tank that came with my T9.9 kicker.
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    I remember that flask... until I blacked out! I don't think I ever ran in to your dad outside of the lead pours but he seemed like a great guy. I'd suggest every who can make it to the pour take a pull in memory.
  94. ledbed6b

    This isn't good...

    Wow this is the first time I have agreed with you on something!
  95. ledbed6b

    Octane rating at WP dock

    The 4.2l F250 doesn't spec 89 octane, they make full power on 87. The F300 does spec 89, but makes ~287 on 87 octane
  96. ledbed6b

    When you realize your ISP/TV provider doesn't have the Superbowl on

    You know what my favorite thing about Tom Brady is? I can look at pictures of his wife naked on the internet. Fuck the patriots!
  97. ledbed6b

    What the ?

    I think what you're getting at is that this truck doesn't identify as a dually and prefers singular pronouns.
  98. ledbed6b

    Something odd about this article...

    My favorite quote in this article: "“It took about one minute to see this pattern,” said Ruggerone. “When we looked at the birth data, that fell into place as well.” Maybe he should have taken another minute to look at the data
  99. ledbed6b

    Something odd about this article...

    Congratulations you both are now more qualified than these fine members of the scientific community.
  100. ledbed6b

    Something odd about this article... So these so called scientists have it backwards, the pinks show up in odd years, where fewer orcas seem to die, yet their theory is the pinks are hurting the salmon on even years. "They suspect that the...
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    Worst boat names

    Well compared the the title to the name sea whiz is mild:
  102. ledbed6b

    What a Prick

    So what was the cop supposed to do? I'm confused as to why what he did was wrong? Was he supposed to shoot it? Club it? While people are 10ft away filming... Was he supposed to ignore the call? The news headlines and viral video of a cop clubbing a "baby seal" would be much worse for the...
  103. ledbed6b

    Jump box recommendations

    Noco gb 150 is a beast
  104. ledbed6b

    Marine Batteries - What Brand and Where to Buy?

    Thanks for all of the replies! For what it's worth, I went with the Deka wet cell batteries. Huge thanks to Paul for the BD hookup. I like AGM's, and had one in my last boat with no issues but decided to stick with wet cells in the boat mostly for the price differences but also the weight...
  105. ledbed6b

    In-board boat goes boom during re-fuel

    Holy shit, that is scary, wonder how so much fuel was aerated. Must have been a big leak, or filling the bilge and not the fuel tank. Crazy
  106. ledbed6b

    Marine Batteries - What Brand and Where to Buy?

    I wasn't willing to pay what they were asking, plus several of the batteries they had were really old I'll shoot you a PM with a couple questions, as far as why AGM, well my current batteries (Deka 27m6 wet cells) have been weeping/leaking acid. Not much but enough to cause a few headaches. If...
  107. ledbed6b

    Marine Batteries - What Brand and Where to Buy?

    I need 2 group 27 batteries, preferably AGMs. Any recommendation on where to buy some? I was looking at the Deka Intimidator AGMs but haven't seen any in the limited places I've looked.
  108. ledbed6b

    Anyone tow “heavy” with a Suburban?

    Of course stuff was worn out, it was a 1999 chevy being driven in 2014. The comparison for wheel base for me was driving the same 1999 era extended cab 2500 that was way less unstable. Either way got rid of that POS and got something a bit better
  109. ledbed6b

    Anyone tow “heavy” with a Suburban?

    I had a 99 2500, 7.4l, never again. The narrow wheel base and sloppy steering made every tow a white knuckle experience.
  110. ledbed6b

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    incognito mode and remember to close your browser
  111. ledbed6b

    Diesel heat

    Make sure you buy a marine rated muffler if you want to quiet your exhaust. The small one the kit comes with is for external mounting on a car. If I recall the project was pretty straightforward, but feel free to bug me if you have any questions. Also for the record, I think below the rubrail...
  112. ledbed6b

    Diesel heat

    On my boat I put the heater and fuel tank behind the seat on the port side because I also put my autopilot on the starboard side. It's cramped but I was able to get the appropriate separation distances with the use of some heat shielding.
  113. ledbed6b

    Diesel heat

    I've got an espar d2 in my boat, plenty of heat. I bought a regular kit, then bought the marine through Hull and muffler separately. Look at You can buy the heater and marine parts you need for under $1100 Also they had cheap 2 day shipping from the UK
  114. ledbed6b

    BOLO Stolen Downriggers

    Wow, those sure seem to match mine, I tried to follow up but apparently they have long since sold. I've sent the ad to the officer I've been working with, I doubt there is anything he can do but maybe it well help the next person. Thanks for keeping an eye out!
  115. ledbed6b

    BOLO Stolen Downriggers

    Hell no! Haven't heard anything, don't have much hope I'll ever see them again
  116. ledbed6b

    BOLO Stolen Downriggers

    That's a good idea, I'm going to do that with my new downriggers!
  117. ledbed6b

    BOLO Stolen Downriggers

    So this is a short story, some fuckwads stole my downriggers, the port of Everett apparently also got rid of most of their security shifts so be warned anyone that has moorage there. Happened within a week and a half of Thursday. Now I need to figure out if an insurance claim is worth it...
  118. ledbed6b

    Let’s name RTB’s new boat for him

    Aluminum Falcon
  119. ledbed6b

    BOLO Stolen Downriggers

    Everett marina, 2 2106s with 600+ ft of green power pro I'll post more details later
  120. ledbed6b


    This thread sounds like a good way to end up with no fishing. If you think complaining about how many wild fish die in search of hatchery fish is going to open it up then you don't understand the illogical politics of this state. Keep complaining, you won't get to fish for anything, problem...
  121. ledbed6b

    2019 area 7 chinook fishery

    Can you post a link to any references?
  122. ledbed6b

    Zufish Tuna run 9/15

    "#notacharter" - that's some good shit right there, love the reference! Well done
  123. ledbed6b

    Everett derby lodging

    I think you'd be fine over in the parking lot to the east of the west marine. The parking rows to the south (closest to the navy base) are all visitor parking. I live 25 minutes south of the marina so not particularity close but you'd be welcome to park in front of my house for the night if you...
  124. ledbed6b

    fishing Coho without the downriggers ??

    There were boiling schools of dogfish on possession a couple mornings ago, it was freaky looking. I was going as fast as 4mph and still hooking them
  125. ledbed6b

    MA 7 Salmon Bank...

    You might want to get a filet knife, the chainsaw is probably all covered in salmon now.
  126. ledbed6b

    Lost Yamaha t8 cowling anyone have an extra

    I don't do damage to motor cowls, just gelcoat, and besides I like to use gaffs, not pipe jigs.
  127. ledbed6b


    Actually I think he's saying if there are 30 guys chasing the hot chick it may be best to get after one of the fat friends all by herself away from the crowd to get some.
  128. ledbed6b

    Washdown pump replacement

    I did add a bigger breaker, which was painless, the wiring itself is big enough for the load. Either way the stock was is weak and you'll see an improvement!
  129. ledbed6b

    Washdown pump replacement

    I'd say go to the jabsco hotshot. Way better than 4gpm. I think it's the same screw pattern even Let know if/when you want the crimper.
  130. ledbed6b

    Washdown pump replacement

    I've got one you can borrow
  131. ledbed6b

    Washdown pump replacement

    Sounds like Steve pointed you in the right direction. I'd recommend the crimp type, I've got the crimp tool if you need to borrow it. Also the same pump is $145 at Hodges marine
  132. ledbed6b

    Washdown pump replacement

    It took me maybe 30 minutes to replace. The flow and pressure are great, no prostate problems with the jabsco hotshot. Make sure to get the correct deutsch connectors for installing the new one
  133. ledbed6b

    Washdown pump replacement

    Jabsco hotshot, 6.0gpm, 70psi, works pretty well
  134. ledbed6b

    CR tuna run and coho weekend

    Those are some fine coho! Maybe they're attracted by bearded men!
  135. ledbed6b


    I would go Garmin over simrad everyday. In my experience the navico companies like simrad and lowrance are just not up to par. I've been fairly happy with raymarine and have liked the Garmin systems I've used.
  136. ledbed6b

    Brad’s Super Baits and Coho

    Why don't you just try it and report back?
  137. ledbed6b

    Parker 2310 Walkaround For Sale

    Damn Kamen, when's the going away party? That's a steal of a deal but you forgot to tell everyone you are keeping the motor and electronics!! Seriously though lets have a going away party
  138. ledbed6b

    Smoking Fourstroke Kicker - Should I buy?

    Not worth it! Don't do it
  139. ledbed6b

    Paint my Yamaha?

    You could always do a high end rattle can job on it. It would be noticeable but a big improvement. Moeller makes a perfect match
  140. ledbed6b

    Sons salmon

    I'll be out fishing this afternoon, I'll text you details later today.
  141. ledbed6b

    Rebuild begins

    Smaller motors does not mean better fuel economy in many boat applications
  142. ledbed6b

    Too Close

    I think it's safe to say you currently don't have any form of AIS receiver. I would recommended any decent AIS VHF networked via NMEA 0183. If you are at all handy with small wiring projects it's pretty easy. if you aren't feel free to bug me for help. Given your electronics I don't think adding...
  143. ledbed6b

    Too Close

    I'm confused you say you are getting AIS from your GPS but I'm pretty sure you either need a dedicated AIS receiver or a VHF with one. GPS alone doesn't contain AIS info as far as I know. Also AIS displays the boat and potential collision areas like this on the E125 at least, is this what you...
  144. ledbed6b

    Trouble with trim tabs

    After dealing with this on my old boat, I'd recommend switching to a different brand. You either have a bad solenoid, bad internal wiring, or a gremlin. I kept throwing parts at mine only to have more things fail. After the final autopsy I found internal corrosion that was probably the real...
  145. ledbed6b

    Newbie looking to get some shrimp but don't know where to go.

    You may not know how to shrimp, but your troll game is on point!
  146. ledbed6b

    Alcohol into Canada

    A six pack of black Butte Porter was 17.99 CAD. That same beer is $8.99 here.
  147. ledbed6b

    Puget Sound King Opener

    Wow it's like the area 9 lesson hasn't been learned. Now let's all brag about the fish we find in area 10 and get it shutdown in 7 days
  148. ledbed6b

    I'll have mine on the rocks, please

    At least he's got his life jacket on
  149. ledbed6b

    Took home some $

    Couldn't have gone to a better angler, good job Kevin!
  150. ledbed6b

    Scotty HP downrigger opinions.

    Do you have 600ft of wire?
  151. ledbed6b

    New sonar

    Sounds like someone is getting ready for some bass fishing
  152. ledbed6b

    Scotty HP downrigger opinions.

    Modified Albright has been working well for me
  153. ledbed6b

    Cost effective Yami oil changes?

    On the F300 yamaha, the specs say synthetic, I've heard of a few people having issues switching to non-synthetic. But on topic.... for me I buy my oil and filters from sim yamaha online, cheaper than anything local and it's supporting a great company. It takes any guess work out and the extra...
  154. ledbed6b

    How desperate are you for crab ??

    When I had more free time on my hands I used to bring a folding chair and a cooler of beer to watch the ramp festivities of the crab opener. Shilshole was the best, Everett is a close second. I've seen guys forget to tie off and have to swim after their boat, a dude get in a fistfight with his...
  155. ledbed6b

    2007 - 23 ft Wooldridge Super Sport Offshore

    I'm not in sales but I'm pretty sure that's not the best way to start a sales pitch! You're posting in an old classifieds section, if you want to whine about PAIN-t (that's a nod to you @goatram ) on an aluminum boat it's probably better to do in the regular section in your own thread.
  156. ledbed6b

    God Bless America......

    Damn dude, I knew you were an asshole, and a wanna be smart guy, but now you're a social justice warrior too? WTF Also both definitions of American are in the dictionary so at this point, you are arguing with a dictionary, which, quite frankly doesn't surprise me! : an American Indian of...
  157. ledbed6b

    Anyone interested in 19lb DR balls

    I'd be in for 2, also some 15s for a decent price
  158. ledbed6b

    Thru hull - 5200 still the way to go?

    You'll get different opinions on 5200 vs 4200, either way they make a fast drying version, also it can finish curing in the water
  159. ledbed6b

    New Cutwater 302

    Fuck yeah! Congrats man, that's one hell of an upgrade.
  160. ledbed6b

    Close call today...

    There's a lot of striker fired solutions to the problem you described
  161. ledbed6b

    HMMM...Looking like kicker thieves

    I dunno... doesn't seem very tweaker-esque to me. It looks like a Van with business information on the side, dude is wearing what looks like may be a company polo, doesn't go over to the motors, and he's way to fat to be a tweaker. I think you are paranoid, but better safe than sorry for sure
  162. ledbed6b

    A little morning wood for you guys.

    Better known as the blue waffles
  163. ledbed6b

    Tarpon- not Washington!!!

    Well done! A larger model tarpon like that is definitely on my bucket list!
  164. ledbed6b

    Does this mean it's over in Area 2?

    Wow, I can't even begin to understand their math, are they saying 600 people fished on Friday? From what I could see there was only a handful of small boats and the big charters that actually fished last Friday.
  165. ledbed6b

    Defiance Delivery Day

    Let me know if you need advice wiring up your puller if you get the Discovery Bay one.
  166. ledbed6b

    Need help- Oil tar shit on boat

    If I recall, barkeepers friend has a mild abrasive in it, you'll need to now compound and/or polish the area you were working on. Next time you fish near the Exxon Valdez try the collinite fiberglass cleaner, it's like magic for taking stuff off.
  167. ledbed6b

    Smoked Sablefish recipe?

    I'm smoking some today, if it's any good I'll post to recipe
  168. ledbed6b

    Fun stuff!

    so who's the offending BD member from the original post? I have a hard time picturing any of our well known guys from Gig Harbor trying to run illegal charters.
  169. ledbed6b

    BD brother needs help

    Anyone who reads this and is considering becoming a living donor, I've been through the process, hit me up if you have any questions.
  170. ledbed6b

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Where to start with this one…. First off so sorry to hear about this, kidneys can be total assholes sometimes. In mid 2015 my younger brother, who was only 26 years old at the time had sudden acute renal failure. Basically he went from normal kidney function to zero kidney function over a...
  171. ledbed6b

    Westport, hali thks weekend?

    I don't know why anyone would go to Westport when la push will be fishable, everyone should go to lapush, there's no halibut in Westport!
  172. ledbed6b

    fun job

    Send him a PM if you're interested!
  173. ledbed6b

    fun job

    PM sent :finger:
  174. ledbed6b

    Defiance Delivery Day

    Is there such a thing as lemon law for boats? If so maybe look into that... I'll say that at this point if I were in your shoes I'd be demanding a loaner boat
  175. ledbed6b

    Anyone want to buy a 28 Throphy?

    Was this the boat that sent out the call "I got ropes under my boat!" I heard some of the drama unfold if it was, there was a lot of confusion as to where the boat was and what was going on.
  176. ledbed6b

    Defiance Delivery Day

    I can't even imagine having to deal with that BS. My boat has had only one "issue" since I bought it which was a loose lug on a blue seas bus bar which took 30 second to fix and looked to be an issue from blue seas not the install done by parker. If you decide to get rid of it take a good look...
  177. ledbed6b

    Good luck to all y’all!

    Damn dude, this explains so much about all the shit you post, your just trippin balls all the time
  178. ledbed6b

    Fishing Canadian water? See link and info

    Wait...... you made friends?
  179. ledbed6b

    Humble thyself

    There's so much crap in your threads that this doesn't even register! Keep up the posts though, you're knocking them out of the park
  180. ledbed6b

    Going Green!

    Not sure if you are joking but wormwood hasn't been in absinthe in a very long time, it's not legal in the US or Europe. In fact the only time I have tried the real stuff with wormwood it was quite a pain to find, bought it off a gypsy in czech republic.
  181. ledbed6b

    Fishing Canadian water? See link and info

    Some people just don't get it
  182. ledbed6b

    Humble thyself

    Not sure what point you are trying to make, but if you don't think that what gets posted here has a broader impact than just the forum members you are wrong. I used to think like you, post it all up, it's not going to hurt, I was wrong. I have seen the direct impacts. Sounds like someone needs...
  183. ledbed6b

    Three McKay shrimp pots, rigged and ready to go with harness

    Why do you need 4? Or is that your ocd too? No odd numbers?
  184. ledbed6b

    Big Balling The Shrimp

    Shrimping was slow for a lot of people in browns bay, saw several boats pulling up 10-20 per pot
  185. ledbed6b

    4 is enough...halibut annual bag limit.

    It's obvious that you are missing the point. It's your style of "logic" that got us here in the first place. In a perfect world maybe it could work, but we are in a political mine field surrounded by better funded advocacy groups. We give an inch, they will take a mile, and then shove it right...
  186. ledbed6b

    Who had a bad day on the 405 ?

    A sad but very useful pic. It's a terrible situation but I hope we can all learn some details about the incident. It's always a good idea to try and capture the lessons learned by others.
  187. ledbed6b

    Who had a bad day on the 405 ?

    Can anyone tell what kind of boat that is?
  188. ledbed6b

    4 is enough...halibut annual bag limit.

    Well all the people who wanted this BS got their way. We'll see how it works out for them. When sport fishing has been destroyed the state may finally realize how much money it brings. The charter fleet, commercial fleet and tribes combined can't hold a candle to the money that sport fishing...
  189. ledbed6b

    Permatrim or Not?

    If you ever make it to the Everett area I'll gladly take you out on my boat and show you how the permatrim works and what they provide
  190. ledbed6b

    Permatrim or Not?

    On my boat it lowered the planing speed by about 5 knots
  191. ledbed6b

    Permatrim or Not?

    The permatrim just improves the effectiveness of your normal engine based trim, it adds lift to the stern. It lowers your plane speed and it gives you the ability to trim your boat from washing the anchor to running way nose high. Parkers are ass heavy when loaded, this makes the boat a tank. I...
  192. ledbed6b

    Permatrim or Not?

    Do it, with the permatrim it gives you the trim better in both directions. I can get my nose way high for draining the bilge
  193. ledbed6b

    This isn't good...

    That's 100% port Townsend, commercial area, just a stone's throw from the CG boat if I see the pictures right. Hopefully everything works out for the Kaiser roll.
  194. ledbed6b

    Barbless hooks for Hali?

    Hmm I like anything that has a "gape constraint" maybe I should try those hooks out.
  195. ledbed6b

    Raymarine connector/cable

    I'll check my stash of extra connectors, I may have one
  196. ledbed6b

    Barbless hooks for Hali?

    Rather than hoping, stop advertising
  197. ledbed6b

    Barbless hooks for Hali?

    Keep talking about it and you won't need your Canadian set anymore
  198. ledbed6b

    Aluminum weird patterns

    Fixed it for you
  199. ledbed6b

    New Pot Puller
  200. ledbed6b

    New Pot Puller

    The discovery bay puller has been great for me so far
  201. ledbed6b

    Defiance Delivery Day

    Nice, that's awesome getting 3 generations on a new boat for the sea trial! My advice would be to get a permatrim and get your prop dialed in right off the bat, from the people know with 220's they sure seem to make a difference.
  202. ledbed6b

    Diawa Tanacom 1000 (2ea)

    You can get these new online for $450, sometimes $400, just as an FYI, GLWS either way
  203. ledbed6b

    Not Fishing: Does anyone here fab table legs/benches?

    I will not bring anymore kegs to Friday harbor, I don't want to take away from your business!
  204. ledbed6b

    Electrical Help Please?

    Okay, I'll try to see if I can help. The way I did mine was to use a big disconnect under the gunnel, like on of these: Make sure you get the correct size for your gauge wire. Then I ran a set of leads to a 100amp breaker, at least i think it was 100amp, I can check later. So it goes...
  205. ledbed6b

    After a couple of years away...

    And chocobilly while we're at it
  206. ledbed6b

    Need one of these please

    That's an awful small opening for a glory hole, just sayin....
  207. ledbed6b

    Adulting Sucks

    Doesn't sound like adulting is sucking that much for you, talk about first world problems
  208. ledbed6b

    Aluminum Corrosion Help

    Interesting choice of words
  209. ledbed6b

    Tuff Trailers/Vault Bearing System

    I have a 2014 tuff trailer, my only issue was with how they put together the electric splices for the EOH stuff and the 7pin plug. My advice would be to inspect any wiring closely after getting the trailer. The wiring issues would have been easy to fix in the beginning but I didn't check so it...
  210. ledbed6b

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    Thanks for all the beer shout outs! Hopefully I'll be pouring beers again in Westport soon. Not for halibut season though there's no halibut out of Westport, or lings for that matter
  211. ledbed6b

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    it's still half full so only need 70 gallons, I'm sure glad I don't have to fill your boat! You're only 53 posts in and asking for hard earned specific coords, you definitely aren't a big part of this site, even with that being said I'd still gladly pour you a beer though.
  212. ledbed6b

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    Can I have $300? I don't want to pay to fill my tank. It'd be easier if you paid for it.
  213. ledbed6b

    Who had trouble at the launch ramp in Ilwaco?

    Newish dodge dually and it doesn't have a working parking brake? Makes sense I guess
  214. ledbed6b

    My Shoes

    Damn you sure got me there, I should have thought about that!
  215. ledbed6b

    My Shoes

    I knew you have been bored on the forum lately Swede, I've got your back dawg
  216. ledbed6b

    My Shoes

    Hmmm a math lesson, let me think about this a bit.... I'll give you two lessons First Lesson: affording more with a loan Boat 1 $15000, 20 years old Boat 2 $30000, 10 years old Boat 1 may need a repower, new wiring, structural repairs, new trailer, new electronics, Boat 2 may need a new trailer...
  217. ledbed6b

    My Shoes

    I paid cash for my first 4 boats, and lost most of it reselling them, on my current boat I took a loan out. Best boat buying decision I ever made. I was sinking more money in to working on and repairing the old boats I had before than I ever did on interest on the boat loan I have for mine...
  218. ledbed6b

    Which ACR unit?

    I zip tied mine too my inflatable. I want mine to be ready to go.
  219. ledbed6b

    Which ACR unit?

    They are $234, including a whistle, at Hodges marine, free shipping, no sales tax
  220. ledbed6b

    My Shoes

    This was where I was a few years ago, much better outlook for the seasons back then though. I decided to go all in and I don't regret it at all. I think there will be plenty of opportunities to use a boat in the future, just not as much for fishing.
  221. ledbed6b

    Next time, crew better bring enough beer and snacks for the capt

    Did you guys see the blood he left behind at the 30 second mark! Bloody decks! What a dumbass
  222. ledbed6b

    Rule Cartridge Bait Pump inserts

    I use the rule ones, I have a lot of hours on mine but it's not plumbed to a bait tank. No issues so far, I have the 1100gph tournament series.
  223. ledbed6b

    Installing a davit puller

    Here are some pics of my setup. The bottom part is just screwed into the floor. On Parkers this is not an issue because there is wood so I just made sure it was sealed well. I'm not sure how that works on a defiance. For the upper mount I used some 1/4" thick stainless and made a bracket that...
  224. ledbed6b

    Installing a davit puller

    I'll snap some pictures for you in a bit. Good choice on the puller, mine has been awesome.
  225. ledbed6b

    New trailer

    That shows how little you know sucka! I use the shit out of my boat when I am not working
  226. ledbed6b

    New trailer

    Two things I would recommend, First replace the strap on the winch with a heavier duty one, if it's the same one I had it was way under rated, it actually ended up snapping pulling my boat up the launch, thankfully the safety chain did it's job. Two, check your electrical connectors on the...
  227. ledbed6b

    Is this Craigslist??

    You're a true saint
  228. ledbed6b

    2015 Parker 2320 for sale

    Dang! I just saw your project thread, it was fun talking with Damon and helping you guys out. I didn't even know there was a Parker sub forum on BD. It's too bad you have to sell, someone is getting a good deal given the price of buying a new one. GLWS!
  229. ledbed6b

    Been waiting on a Daiwa Tanacom electric reel deal?

    It's not rocket appliances to hook a halibut or ling deep out on the ocean, it's not any more sporting to use a manual reel. Also maybe think about the fact that when you give a fish the elevator ride to the surface with an electric, you can send the small ones back with much less stress and...
  230. ledbed6b

    Stand up paddle board mounting ideas

    if you have any fabrication skills it would be easy to adapt an automotive mount for your hard top.
  231. ledbed6b

    Shop recommendations

    There's several ways to do this, all of them are pretty easy. On my last boat I built a gantry/frame out of lumber, $90 worth of wood is way cheaper than any shop will do it. I've done an F250 using garage rafters and some extra re-enforcing, no issues that way, it was as easy as it gets. I've...
  232. ledbed6b

    Been waiting on a Daiwa Tanacom electric reel deal?

    In other words you have no idea what you're talking about. I've done the manual thing for years, not anymore, I'm all electric now yes I'm lazy, but I'm also smart, and I like to have fun. Moving on up.
  233. ledbed6b

    Owner Cutting Point vs Mustad Ultrapoint for Salmon?

    I started using the trokar hooks last year, it made a noticeable difference for me.
  234. ledbed6b

    Been waiting on a Daiwa Tanacom electric reel deal?

    Whats the price after the 20% off for the tanacoms?
  235. ledbed6b

    Found an awesome Halibut Charter

    Apparently that dude also owns or used to own a party bus business Sketchy dude that Brad fella
  236. ledbed6b

    Keg to Crabcooker conversion

    what a waste of a keg!
  237. ledbed6b

    Tuna Charter

    Make sure everyone agrees on the bait rules for the tournament though... Too soon?
  238. ledbed6b

    Does the Yamaha T9.9 have power tilt problems?

    I currently have a 2014, before that I had a 2012 I sold with the previous boat. No issues with either
  239. ledbed6b

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    Something tells me if he did show up there he'd end up taking a dirt nap. Get yourself some Mr fish
  240. ledbed6b

    Friday Harbor Classic - who's fishing?

    All I can say is.. fuck hiccups
  241. ledbed6b

    6 Robbles

    The Everett one is by far the worst place I've had to deal with in terms of customer service. Similar shit happened to me, guy I bought the parts from said I could return it if it wasn't the right thing, tried to return it, managers said no way no how. I went to the one in tukwila to try and...
  242. ledbed6b

    Yamaha corrosion

    If POE means Everett they only have that rule if you aren't within your slip length. If you are 32' LOA with your motors up they are happy to sell you a 32' slip and let you keep them tilted up. I know this because I have been there the last 3 seasons
  243. ledbed6b

    Parker 2320 or North River 2500 OS?

    I bought my boat new. I was also looking at the 25 NR. The price difference was over $50k. It was a no brainer for me. Parkers are tough and if you set them up right (perma trim, bigger tabs) they are absolute tanks for their size. I personally like the glass boat better in this size range. Any...
  244. ledbed6b

    Swapping out bait pump

    I vote for deutsch connectors as well, it's what my boat came with from the factory.
  245. ledbed6b

    Aluminum Trailer Engineering Help Please

    I have an 8500lb rated aluminum I beam Tuff trailer I'll get some measurements from and post. Mine has very little flex, and my boat weighs about the same as yours, more when loaded for a drinking weekend
  246. ledbed6b

    TUNA Gear Upgrade Needed ??

    That will catch any albacore we have in Washington. Use quality braid, leader and hooks and you should be totally fine
  247. ledbed6b

    In Case Your Fishing Canada

    This is incorrect based on multiple discussions I have had with US customs. The public website and pamphlets still have the rules from 2009 where you did not need to check in if fishing only. However the official policy was updated such that you did need to check in with customs upon re-entry...
  248. ledbed6b

    In Case Your Fishing Canada

    So does this change the US requirement to check in when re-entering the US even on day trips? It seems like regardless of whether Canada changed the rules the US has made it clear that you always need to check in whether you made land or not.
  249. ledbed6b

    DQ'd @ the 2017 WTC

    There was shit bait all week, one pen was great, other pen was shit. Over several days out of 8 scoops of bait we had there was probably only one scoop of good bait peanut buttered throughout.
  250. ledbed6b

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    Remember this is the person who said they had a "new honda outboard" in the ad for their boat when it was in fact a 2012 with a new power head, not really 100% on the ethics front.... Gotta love middle aged man drama on the internet
  251. ledbed6b

    WDFW facebook page today... WTF???

    Dude quit while your behind, why keep digging?
  252. ledbed6b

    Having engine trouble

    I know you are all knowing so I will leave it with this.... He can use your post as his defense with the insurance company if something happens or pay an extra few bucks and do it right
  253. ledbed6b

    Gulf islands:

    PM me your halibut, crab, shrimp, salmon, ling and san juan salmon spots and I'll PM you what I have learned in canada!
  254. ledbed6b

    Having engine trouble

    You are absolutely 100% wrong on so many levels, Allen, or any future viewer of this thread please do not listen to any of this advice. Don't take my word for it:
  255. ledbed6b

    WTC pre-party

    I'll be there, might bring a keg to contribute, that is if there are any left by Thursday!
  256. ledbed6b

    Having engine trouble

    Good call, I should have made that more clear since summit is mostly a car place. As I said use a marine pertronix, also those prices are for marine specific distributors
  257. ledbed6b

    Having engine trouble

    I would go with a pertronix marine one from summit, or if you want to spring for a bit more the MSD marine ones are very nice.You're looking at $200-$250 shipped for the pertronix and $300-500 for the MSD
  258. ledbed6b

    Having engine trouble

    Having owned used outboards, used I/Os, brand new outboards and brand new I/Os I have to disagree. I've heard many people say they'll never go back to an I/O, including myself, but I have never heard of someone swearing off of outboards all together. Now, more to the point, Allen, get a new...
  259. ledbed6b

    Having engine trouble

    do you have a shift interrupt circuit like the mercruisers have? I had issues with that on my old boat. Also check your ground, check your choke, check your coil, check your kill switch. Sounds electrical to me
  260. ledbed6b

    Shark bit salmon?

  261. ledbed6b

    Crab pot thieves....

    I have a couple stories First, crabbing out of shilshole several years ago half of my pots vanished in a 4 hour time period on a mild tide soak. I couldn't figure out where they went so I assumed the worst. At the boat launch I saw a guy pull his boat and noticed he had one of my crab floats...
  262. ledbed6b

    Fire @ Port of Everett

    Damn, scary shit, I keep my boat in the everett marina. I used to have my boat on the same dock that had the fire. I saw the everett PD boat two docks down from me doing a fire drill a couple weeks ago, looks like it paid off as the damage was much less than it could have been.
  263. ledbed6b

    Sea trial fail

    As she put her thumb up your pooper?
  264. ledbed6b

    It's almost time...

    But if only we knew who built your boat....
  265. ledbed6b

    Anyone fishing Saturday ?

    Slow fishing, guys pulling their boat next to us blanked on halibut. They definitely should open it up for another day......
  266. ledbed6b

    There on the way!!!

    Newport is a long way away from westport, but I wish them well! Last year we would have had halbacore out of westport!
  267. ledbed6b

    There on the way!!!

    We're at least 3 weeks out, probably 5 weeks before it gets good. Let's hope for some favorable winds and currents
  268. ledbed6b

    Made in Washington USA Coolers

    I have a small orca cooler, it's pretty Damn impressive what it can do. Just another made in the USA option
  269. ledbed6b

    Puget Sound Boat Ramps North of Everett?

    I've left my truck and trailer at Everett several times for 2+ day trips, it's never been an issue except for all of the seagull shit. It's ~41 miles from leaving the no wake zone in Everett to the bridge at deception
  270. ledbed6b

    Multi-day crab trip

    There are some serious reading comprehension issues gong on here. The guy said he was going to crab one day, overnight on his boat and pull it out of the water the next day without doing any more crabbing. Seems like he just wanted to know if he can keep those crab alive, not double up on...
  271. ledbed6b

    Multi-day crab trip

    Can you point to a specific violation? If you close the doors, either with zip ties or cotton, you still have rot cord for the escape ring. Here is all I found: CRAB GEAR: The minimum mesh size for crab pots is 1½", and all pots must have two 4¼" minimum inside diameter escape rings in the...
  272. ledbed6b

    Multi-day crab trip

    I'm assuming you are referring to keeping the crab in a cage over night as against the regs?
  273. ledbed6b

    2017/2018 Washington Regs are out

    Am I reading it right that westport is already open for salmon: SALMON - AREA 2 Open through Sept. 4, 2017 CHINOOK - min. size 24". COHO - min. size 16". Other SALMON species - no min. size. Daily limit 2 (combined). Only 1 CHINOOK may be retained. Release wild COHO. Season may close earlier if...
  274. ledbed6b

    Yamaha YES Warranty

    I'm going to double check my insurance policy I have via anchor marine, if I have mechanical breakdown coverage I'll probably elect to not pay for the warranty. I'll take that money and put it aside and see if I made the right call 3 years from now. That is unless Andy at SIM Yamaha can get...
  275. ledbed6b

    Yamaha YES Warranty

    As far as I understand the YES policy is from yamaha directly, but maybe I'm wrong there. One thing I struggle with is what would my normal anchor marine insurance policy cover and where would it not cover $2300 worth of failure. If a lower unit is a write off for some mechanical reason, is...
  276. ledbed6b

    Yamaha YES Warranty

    There are around 380 hours on it, I maintain the motor very well, and it's only not been flushed after use a few times This is why I was struggling with the decision, I will never get an extended warranty on a vehicle ever again, I never made the money back in repairs on any of the vehicles I...
  277. ledbed6b

    Yamaha YES Warranty

    Is it worth it? I have 1 month before my factory warranty expires on my F300, I'm leaning towards not spending $2300 to get the YES warranty. Any thoughts on the matter?
  278. ledbed6b

    Mercury rev 4 15 pitch

    The rev 4 17 pitch is the perfect prop for the 3.3, the gearing change on the 4.2 through a wrench in the works and requires lower pitched props
  279. ledbed6b

    Have you seen Marcus?

    Officer hamburglar of the WPPD will still catch you, that is unless you can faster than he can waddle
  280. ledbed6b

    (Early) Tuna Temp Map, May 22 - 24

    It's way to early to start this, it's hard enough waiting without these reminders! Can't wait for July
  281. ledbed6b

    Small Boat Check

    I am spoiled to be able to fish on bigger boats but I think Garbage dump can work, that's an awful small boat if the forecast is just a bit off though. I'd also be concerned without a kicker and with so little fuel. My advice, having been in your shoes, try and boat hoe it up for the few days...
  282. ledbed6b

    Self-Inflating vests? Yes or no? What exact ones if yes

    I always wear my auto inflate when offshore, I also have a knife on my grundens. I'll wear it in the cabin or on the deck, but I'm rarely in the cabin. I also have an epirb on my inflatable. When I fish by myself anywhere I also keep a portable vhf with dsc clipped to it as well
  283. ledbed6b

    Nuts to butts

    well done, great photos!
  284. ledbed6b

    Rookie Halibut Chaser

    Woah everyone, enough of this weather talk, here's a hint that will help you fit in around here, don't ever talk about the weather! Now if you were to mention the "tides" aren't looking so good...... that's a different story
  285. ledbed6b


    It's been too long, can't wait!
  286. ledbed6b


    I'll be in westport Thursday through Saturday, I'm only bringing two kegs, maybe three... I'm staying is some hotel or something I forget where, I'm sure you guys will find me though. If you see some dude in sweat pants hauling around a wagon full of kegs, it's either me, or pat stole my kegs.
  287. ledbed6b

    Non-diesel trucks

    I have a 2015 f150, it has zero issues towing my boat. Fully loaded my boat and trailer combo are at least 9500lbs, you know the boat is back there but it's very stable and pulls and stops well. The tundras aren't near the truck that the f150s are for towing and fuel mileage
  288. ledbed6b

    Shrimp bait

    Shrimp bait is an art, but location is more important. One of the spots I shrimp has a 50ft window, if you miss it you'll get a third as many as if you hit it
  289. ledbed6b

    Safe t puller

    I don't do anything with mine, I put the basket or trash can below it and watch it do work. At most I have to guide the first couple coils then its hands free. I had the Brutus hands free kit before my current puller, the discovery bay one is even more hands free
  290. ledbed6b

    Safe t puller

    The discovery bay power hauler, as hands free as it gets. Best puller I've ever used
  291. ledbed6b

    Adding another boat for Thursday thru Sunday!

    Put a big side door on it so I can roll my keg cart on it.
  292. ledbed6b

    Considering new electronics...

    Avoid lowrance, go raymarine or Garmin. Both are proven quality products for what you will be doing
  293. ledbed6b

    Time for a Pot Puller

    Discovery Bay pot puller, I have owned an Ace, it was okay for crab pots. The warranty service was great but it just couldn't cut it. I shrimp a bit differently than most, as I run really heavy pots often. It works great, pulls like a beast, it's really quiet, and it is hands free once it...
  294. ledbed6b

    Diesel heater

    The heater brand is espar, which is a reputable heater brand from Germany. I have fished on two boats with espars and no one seemed to have any issues with them. I then found that website and the prices were unbeatable. I have just one season on mine so far and it's been great
  295. ledbed6b

    Diesel heater

    First: Introduce yourself on here since this is your first post Second: I would go with this kit: and include the easy start controller And then buy the additional marine components sure marine in Ballard. (double walled...
  296. ledbed6b

    My boat's bottom is getting the spa treatment

    Nice, no one does it better. I wonder when I should get in for my recoat of bottom paint, I better get on the waitlist
  297. ledbed6b

    Trigonometry quiz

    Yes 13" is correct
  298. ledbed6b

    Time to Think Shrimp. March 9 Zack Miller PSA Sno-King. Win a $1200 puller

    Ha that spot wasn't free though... you just haven't paid for it yet. Besides everyone knows the best spot for shrimp is in MA9
  299. ledbed6b

    Rebuild begins

    On the subject of lights, I have two forward facing LED light bars on my boat. One is under the bow pulpit and one is on top under my radar. I use both but for two different things. When I come into an unknown marina at night I will use my upper light when finding my slip, it throws a ton...
  300. ledbed6b

    Help Name the Lumacat...

    Salmon canyon Tuna tunnel
  301. ledbed6b

    Help Name the Lumacat...

    Thunder thighs
  302. ledbed6b

    The new boys learn fast

    There are some things I will never say, this is one of them....
  303. ledbed6b

    Another BD'r gets his NR balls removed.

    Tony, is that a stainless bolt? May want to swap it out for an AL one if it is.
  304. ledbed6b

    Electrical Connectors

    Buy deutsch connectors, supply your own tinned marine wire, sleep well knowing it's done right
  305. ledbed6b

    A Seawolf is born 33'X 10.6" build thread

    Don't worry, I got that covered.....
  306. ledbed6b

    A Seawolf is born 33'X 10.6" build thread

    I'm curious what kind of arrangement you have that allows you to be hands on with the build. Are you actually there welding and prepping? If so how do you get any kind of sweat equity towards the final boat cost? Very cool project, makes me want to go weld some aluminum with the new tank of...
  307. ledbed6b

    New ride... project w/ repower - Poll QUESTION?

    Damn you're right! So it's $480 per 100 hours
  308. ledbed6b

    New ride... project w/ repower - Poll QUESTION?

    Comparing an etec 200 to 250 is like me comparing a f225 to an f300, sure they are the same block but it's not an apples to apples comparison. I do my own maintenance so it's cheap, every 100 hours I spend $160-200 on maintenance depending on whether or not a I replace the impeller. If I were...
  309. ledbed6b

    New ride... project w/ repower - Poll QUESTION?

    So you have 1800 hrs on a 250hp etec on your arima? That thing must haul ass
  310. ledbed6b

    New ride... project w/ repower - Poll QUESTION?

    Comparing a 90-150hp Etec to a 300hp yamaha is not apples to apples
  311. ledbed6b

    New ride... project w/ repower - Poll QUESTION?

    I have a '14 yamaha F300, it's been a great motor, that's my vote. I have had a terrible time with lowrance, I like raymarine and garmin stuff
  312. ledbed6b

    24ft trailer needed to rent for a few days

    I would offer to pull your boat Howard but it's too big for my little truck
  313. ledbed6b

    24ft trailer needed to rent for a few days

    If I'm doing a guy a favor by lending him a trailer, I would hope he's playing by the rules. I would hate to be caught up in the shitshow if an accident happens and the truck wasn't legally allowed to be towing said trailer. What he does with his own truck and trailer is on him. If he needs...
  314. ledbed6b

    24ft trailer needed to rent for a few days

    I had a Bayliner 2459, it was 5700 lbs with fuel but no other crap on board, there's now way that boat would ever get below 5300, my guess is that the other people are right you looking at a dry weight.
  315. ledbed6b

    Help me blow tens of thousands on a new boat (maybe an oceanpro 22'?)

    Man, how'd I miss this thread! I'm biased but I would have to say Parker 2320. I have mine set up for fishing and cruising. I spent over 30 nights on my boat last year. When I bought my boat in 2014 it was only $5000 more than a comparably loaded 22' defiance which is a much smaller boat. A...
  316. ledbed6b

    Sails and ales boat show

    I'll be there as well, showing up around 5 or so
  317. ledbed6b

    Power Tech Shout out

    Charlie I'm glad you found it now, but I think this may be a this a ploy by Brian to get my power tech prop since it gets better gas mileage than his. Seriously though I'm a bit nervous about mine. Charlie could you send me your prop pictures? I want to know what I am looking for on mine.
  318. ledbed6b

    Stainless Question

    Most stainless hardware is from china, harbor marine is no different if I recall correctly. Just check the head of the bolt most are stamped THE which is a Chinese company. That being said the grade of stainless should be 304 or better.
  319. ledbed6b

    Diesel heater

    Just one more thought, I added a espar d2 to my boat. I have a much smaller cabin but it can easily keep the boat at 75 when it's 20 degrees out. It's a very high quality unit and can be had with full marine hardware for around $1200. I did a ton of research and found a hell of a source for...
  320. ledbed6b

    Washington Tuna Classic | THE BEGINNING

    I started tuna fishing on charters in 2009, went to a lead pour at Vance's place not long after and met a lot of people I am good friends with today. I whored around on several BD'ers boats until I got the opportunity to fish with Brian @QwikSticks, most expensive decision of my life. I am a...
  321. ledbed6b

    Washington Tuna Classic | THE BEGINNING

    Damn dude, you need a life coach!
  322. ledbed6b

    San Juan water taxi

    I'll give you a ride if I can get a mouflon, have boat and bow, will travel
  323. ledbed6b

    seahawks vs lions squares

    You're team is only as good as your last season, and, if I recall right, Broncos already ended their season.
  324. ledbed6b

    seahawks vs lions squares

    I'll be there
  325. ledbed6b

    Boat Porn (Catamaran)

    Well now that Steve's buying a round at pourhouse maybe I should bring a parker for comparison! I'll bet that the ride on the back deck in a beanbag is great on all of the boats!
  326. ledbed6b

    Hopefully this was one of you

    Troll post? The private boat was definitely making a wake prior to impact....
  327. ledbed6b

    Thinking of moving the boat to the salt

    Howard I've had moorage at Shilshole, Edmonds, and Everett Everett: Cheaper than the other two, good location for crabbing, some beer and food nearby after working on the boat The closer to the river that more wind and current there is, Everett is almost always windy in the summer on...
  328. ledbed6b

    Friday Harbor Salmon Classic

    Miles looked like he was shooting a porn scene on the boat with that camera. Nice work guys
  329. ledbed6b

    Replacing Propeller shaft water seals Honda Bf150

    Steve, I hate to say it but the only fix is to repower, I'm thinking twin f250s or f300s will do the trick.
  330. ledbed6b

    Double check your licensing needs.

    Thanks for the heads up, I often end up needing some kind of re-print or catch card around that time. Although my salmon card this year is just about empty
  331. ledbed6b

    Great White or Salmon Shark?

    Can't tell what type of shark it is, looks like it was filmed with a potato
  332. ledbed6b

    Lessons learned in tuna town

    I did find it odd that you decided to wear yoga pants to tuna town, but then again I knew you were from Kali so assumed that was normal for you
  333. ledbed6b

    Karavan Trailer workmanship issue

    I can fix it for you too
  334. ledbed6b

    Poll....Who got drunk dialed by Vance and 2 Tap this morning

    This is a prime example of why I set my phone to silent before going to sleep.
  335. ledbed6b

    Poll....Who got drunk dialed by Vance and 2 Tap this morning

    Ha I was wondering why I had a missed call from Pat at 3AM
  336. ledbed6b

    Lots of nets

    Flying over the sound lately there has been a lot of boats with nets. Saw at least 7 today in a relatively small area. It sure is depressing to see all the nets day after day with what sport fisherman have been dealing with.
  337. ledbed6b

    I'm starting to worry

    Ha, if I had a dollar for every time you got in my van I'd be able to replace all the candy you ate and pay for the puppy rental
  338. ledbed6b

    Monday TUNA Quest

    Completely unrelated, go Chargers!
  339. ledbed6b

    The perfect PNW boat..........

    Parker 2320, I spend 20-30 nights a year on my boat without issue. It's built like a brick shithouse and can take much more weather than I'm willing too. They are great boats for the sound, great for the ocean on any days I care to fish and they have earned their reputation of being well made...
  340. ledbed6b

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    That's a great idea, and very innovative, I wish all boat manufacturers were striving to better themselves. On the other hand why threaten to sue someone for criticism?
  341. ledbed6b

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    I prefer to hit em with the hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine myself
  342. ledbed6b

    Getting Ready for Freezing Temps

    All of that is great if you don't use the boat in the winter. If you're using it heaters are your best bet
  343. ledbed6b

    BD Threads Disappearing

    like some paid advertisers.....
  344. ledbed6b

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    So when are we going to get to sea trial one of these boats? As far as I know we still don't have an BD member reviews
  345. ledbed6b

    Petition - Bring back Howard

    Howard was always willing to go the extra mile to help fellow BDers out. I vote he returns. How much does it costs to get a paid advertiser spot? I'll contribute to sponsor Howard to come back. Also, are threats via PM okay? Seems like that should violate some rules
  346. ledbed6b

    Seattle, football city USA

    Let me try this code... how about 43-8
  347. ledbed6b

    Getting Ready for Freezing Temps

    You must have a heater to be sure you won't run into issues. I use dry wave air dryers, the produce some heat and seem to work well. On my old boat I had freezing issues and blew the end caps off my heat exchanger. I also had water crack the powersteering cooler which lead to a very frantic...
  348. ledbed6b

    tuna run on saturday the 1st

    Good luck, I don't think there's ever been a yellowfin in wa
  349. ledbed6b

    How to update the Raymarine firmware in your electronics - 3 easy steps

    Fuck yeah, that's how I roll. The beer in the glass is a 2014 Russian imperial stout good for keeping me warm
  350. ledbed6b

    Feedback on GMC Sierra 2500HD

    They must be towing some awfully light boats
  351. ledbed6b

    Visited the Quenn today

    Did the open silvers up to retain natives?
  352. ledbed6b

    Brand New Trailer and a Problem Already!

    I'll bet a beer that getting the correct plug setup fixes the issue. No need to troubleshoot issues that aren't there
  353. ledbed6b

    Brand New Trailer and a Problem Already!

    The 5th pin goes to the reverse light. So it sounds like user error if you only have a 4pin.
  354. ledbed6b


    They are out there, and it's very impressive to see a fish that big doing crazy aerobatics
  355. ledbed6b

    Road Trip for Tuna

    I wish I had enough tuna for all those guys! And yes we do need to fish together again. We'll have to get steve on that this winter
  356. ledbed6b

    Road Trip for Tuna

    Next time just stop by my place, I'll give you some tuna. It sucks you had to deal with that
  357. ledbed6b

    Somebody hit Miss Eliza

    Damn John that sucks!
  358. ledbed6b

    WP bait on 9/14

    a 32 gallon can do 2 scoops if a 42 gallon can do 3, which it can, I'd bet if you get more water flow you'd be fine.
  359. ledbed6b

    Hewescraft goes down at La Push

    Grundens gage deck knife. It clips on to any one of the vertical straps on your rubber bibs. I keep one on that's only for emergencies. I also have a morakniv on a belt for normal knifely duties
  360. ledbed6b

    Thursday 9/15 roll call

    I see what you did there.....
  361. ledbed6b

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    So we can kill this thread now?
  362. ledbed6b

    If This Proves to be True, I'm a FORMER Seahawks Fan

    Wow you guys are getting worked up before anything has happened: But former Green Beret and one-time Seahawks long-snapper Nate Boyer later tweeted that he had spoken with the Seahawks players about their plans and wrote, "what the team will do is a powerful sign of unification + respect for the...
  363. ledbed6b

    33 lb White King in MA7

    Man this almost makes me want to try salmon fishing again
  364. ledbed6b

    Tuna Poke Excellent recipe

    That was awesome
  365. ledbed6b

    Tuna blood stains

    Blood stains aren't usually the issue It's the yellowed dried up tuna fat that is impossible to clean
  366. ledbed6b

    Hammered a Washington Yellowtail today!!!

    Now you need to aim big and get a striped marlin
  367. ledbed6b

    Wallas Heater trouble.

    Don't do this, at least not if your pump is like mine. The pump creates a seal when closed so adding pressure won't help. I tried to gravity prime mine to no avail and then I learned how the pump worked. Benjamin, this might be some kind of new urban dictionary term though....
  368. ledbed6b

    Lowrance MFD Updates Beware.

    I was all lowrance on my last boat.... never again. The customer service with raymarine has been amazing compared to the lowrance support.
  369. ledbed6b

    Wallas Heater trouble.

    if it's like the espar you just need to keep cycling it until the fuel makes it back to the heater. It takes a while due to the small volume of consumption for the heater.
  370. ledbed6b

    WP bait

    $50 a scoop is what I have always seen it at. Unless you have a westport business license and an account, then it's cheaper. Also you can try and negotiate but it's not worth the time
  371. ledbed6b

    Who will be out Saturday?

    I'm doing another all nighter so I'll see you jokers tomorrow. I was talking about two tap, but it's good to know your back, I'll save you a solo cup for the keg.
  372. ledbed6b

    Trailer Drum Brakes

    What's the tow vehicle? Does that thing even need brakes?
  373. ledbed6b

    Who will be out Saturday?

    Did pat have his debit card?
  374. ledbed6b

    Who will be out Saturday?

    stop talking about the weather, remember what happened to the last weatherman?
  375. ledbed6b

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    So when's the xtaero tuna boat going to be built?
  376. ledbed6b

    Found this for a client today

    What's a kali trad?
  377. ledbed6b

    Fooooootball Contest here on BD

    Well when you end up playing Pam newton in the superbowl you can win, but when you face a real team....
  378. ledbed6b

    Found this for a client today

    Ha, that's what I always say about you two! You guys need to embrace the dark side
  379. ledbed6b

    Found this for a client today

    Well done, it's all that beer we had last night, built up some good fish juju
  380. ledbed6b

    Stinger Bar/hitch extension

    Hey anytime a rusty hitch can be passed around a group of frinds is a good time! I hope it works, if not I'll weld more rusty metal to it
  381. ledbed6b

    North Olympic Peninsula help with Raymarine radar issue

    I had an issue with mine, it was some very light salt buildup where the cable connects to the radar.
  382. ledbed6b

    Stinger Bar/hitch extension

    I'm going to give Benjamin the old rusty hitch....
  383. ledbed6b

    Stinger Bar/hitch extension

    What size ball is it? I have a 2 inch I can just make a mount for. I think I have all the steel I need. I'll call you after work
  384. ledbed6b

    Stinger Bar/hitch extension

    Do you just need it temporarily? If so I can weld you one
  385. ledbed6b

    Really......... there are still plenty of Tuna in Westport

    Another way to look at it is that the boat only gets plugged or sets records when I go......
  386. ledbed6b

    Really......... there are still plenty of Tuna in Westport

    Damn feels like the middle of winter around here, this is what happens when tuna fishing is slow
  387. ledbed6b

    1976 SeaRay 240 SRV Hardtop aka Mr. Happy :-)

    He better not, at least not the one where I always anchor up next to him at....
  388. ledbed6b

    WTborrow scotty mount puller

    Ace totally rebuilt mine for free, bad motor, switch and they replaced the pulley
  389. ledbed6b

    Defiance 250 admiral

    It sounds like it a 2012 motor whit a bunch of warranty work done, not a new 250
  390. ledbed6b

    WTF is it

    That's because you were passed out at the cabin!
  391. ledbed6b

    Trailer parts local??

    if you can't find one I can fix that one for you
  392. ledbed6b

    a big thanks to the bd brotherhood

    Haha that's the way b it should be, we'll all need to fish again soon
  393. ledbed6b

    a big thanks to the bd brotherhood

    The brotherhood was strong this weekend, always good to see it in action.
  394. ledbed6b

    1976 SeaRay 240 SRV Hardtop aka Mr. Happy :-)

    Knowing the two of you, I think you'll need a brewer to complete your crew. Here's my application: I suck at salmon fishing, I don't suck at beer brewing Can I have the job?
  395. ledbed6b

    WTF is it

    Ha that's a drop in the bucket of debauchery that happened that night
  396. ledbed6b

    Not Pissin' on Muffs yamaha 250

    I think the yamaha manual says flush for 20-30 minutes for the flush attachment to fully flush the motor. How long were you flushing when you were getting salt buildup?
  397. ledbed6b

    WTC - Hearing only crickets!

    It might as well be winter for tuna fisherman, at least in the winter we have summer to look forward to
  398. ledbed6b

    1976 SeaRay 240 SRV Hardtop aka Mr. Happy :-)

    Damn, that's a steal for that boat!
  399. ledbed6b

    Anybody got a crew spot open for WTC?

    Good call Abroham Lincoln
  400. ledbed6b

    Westport Tuna Reports?

    You're boat must be getting pretty bad gas mileage, either that or you are rocking a lot of reserves
  401. ledbed6b

    Westport Tuna Reports?

    good think parker's have big gas tanks, and good think I have a nice been bag, just means a longer nap
  402. ledbed6b

    Westport Tuna Reports?

    that's like 70-80 miles isn't it? Damn ocean currents!
  403. ledbed6b

    Heading Out of Port Townsend Friday

    Visit the pourhouse near boat haven, get some mexican food from the place across the street while drinking great beers. then when you are hungover the next day go to the blue moose for breakfast.
  404. ledbed6b

    Tuna canning

    I do some with adoba chipotles, it's pretty damn awesome. Makes a killer dip with cream cheese
  405. ledbed6b


    Are you back from the east coast?
  406. ledbed6b

    Kolonoscopy...Kali Style

    Not to disrespect Dr. Fong but this might need a specialist, paging emzbuddy
  407. ledbed6b


    I should have a mobile 4 tap beer cart so get ready to do some drinking
  408. ledbed6b


    Myself and the rest of chuka's crew will be down there the whole week before. I'm sure good times will ensue
  409. ledbed6b

    Scopalamine, Scopace, Sea Sickness, Pukers

    I'm so glad I don't get seasick, seems like a lot of work
  410. ledbed6b

    Epic bait stop

    So when's the booze cruise tuna trup? I'll supply the beer
  411. ledbed6b

    WTB 1 Ton tow rig.

    I'm going to suggest posting some pics of that beast of a boat!
  412. ledbed6b

    WTB 1 Ton tow rig.

    Damn, what's the scoop on the boat??
  413. ledbed6b

    Buttload of Tunas out there 7/20

    Nice job travis, hopefully I can put the hurt on some tuners this weekend
  414. ledbed6b

    WANTED -- Older 4-stroke 9.9 -15 HP

    I guess what I was getting at is the fact that you don't need to have yamaha cables, any shift cables of the correct length will work with a bit of fabrication. The water pump assembly would be the hardest but I think you should be able to find one. I'm assuming you are on a tight budget for...
  415. ledbed6b

    Life gave you lemons?

    Damn you beat me to it!
  416. ledbed6b

    WANTED -- Older 4-stroke 9.9 -15 HP

    All of that should be fixable with the right tools
  417. ledbed6b

    Looking for a slip, or two, in WP weekend of 7/23-24

    Wow..... just wow. Some people get it some don't
  418. ledbed6b

    Yet another boat build.. 31X9'6 NR Walkaround

    The 20 hour service and 100 hour for that matter are super easy, not sure what you're plans are but I'd recommend doing it yourself. Make sure you romp on them a bit in the beginning to seat the rings, seems like a lot of people have had the "making oil" issue if they baby them in the first 20 hours
  419. ledbed6b


    I can provide beer.... lots of it. I'll be supplying 4 or 5 taps hopefully around WTC time... think of it as a mobile taproom.
  420. ledbed6b

    Some TailWalker swag in PV Mexico

    You can leave your face blurred but we'll need the blur removed from your friends. To confirm it wasn't marlin mikey
  421. ledbed6b

    Selling my WTC spot

    Hey everyone has to make a living, thanks for helping her out by visiting.
  422. ledbed6b

    Area 9 Showing Some Love

    Well done, I think by current internet weights that's a 30lb fish.
  423. ledbed6b

    Got to hear this!

    This one of those videos that circulates but is totally fake. It's basically made to trick old guys..... cough ducker cough In the comment is points to the actual full transcript of the speech, located here...
  424. ledbed6b

    Possible 2015 200 HP Yami issue??

    You guys are over thinking this. It's most likely not from the lower unit, the fill hole is well below where it's coming from. So that leaves either engine oil or a glob of grease.It sure doesn't look like an oil leak, and it really looks like check the oil if it's not low, keep...
  425. ledbed6b

    Possible 2015 200 HP Yami issue??

    I've had some unfortunate experience with leaking lower unit fluid. It didn't look like that at all. Clean it, if it comes back you have an issue, if not it was some left over grease
  426. ledbed6b

    For safety's sake

    Haha @two tap Because just had some wrist surgery
  427. ledbed6b

    ebay bait tanks...?

    I knew the Gatekeeper would have to chime in, well said John
  428. ledbed6b

    Life gave you lemons?

    Wow this is eerily familiar...... My first tow vehicle toyota tacoma, did fine for my 16ft bayliner and 17ft tiderunner, but then I ended up getting a 19ft glasply which was too much for the tacoma. Then I upgraded to a 1 ton suburban, then I decided I could tow a much bigger boat, then I got...
  429. ledbed6b

    Life gave you lemons?

    with $40k I'd look at the 21 or 23ft parkers, you might be able to an find an older one in that price range
  430. ledbed6b

    ebay bait tanks...?

    Wow this guy is awesome. He's very defensive of his anchovy facts. I spent like 30 seconds trying to answer this but your damn signature.... tits
  431. ledbed6b

    ebay bait tanks...?

    Sorry you got your panties in a bunch. This forum requires thick skin, you should know that since you've been lurking for 2 years. I'm sorry I wasn't inspired by your first ever bd post saying that anchovies need current to breathe. Oh and lighten up Francis
  432. ledbed6b

    ebay bait tanks...?

    Nice, you'll fit right in around here!
  433. ledbed6b

    ebay bait tanks...?

    Wow, way to resurrect a two year old thread to tell us how anchovies breathe.
  434. ledbed6b

    Possible 2015 200 HP Yami issue??

    Almost looks like you had a big goober of grease there and it was spread back. I'd clean it and see what happens
  435. ledbed6b

    Selling my WTC spot

    Nothing but the best
  436. ledbed6b

    Selling my WTC spot

    funny post... but you know you can't leave the team. Don't forget the "tryout" video you and Brian made before he offered you a spot, you don't want that getting out. This might jog your memory.....
  437. ledbed6b

    Westport Info?

    Fuck officer hamburglar, that guy was a dick
  438. ledbed6b

    Raymarine sonar screenshots!

    Question for the raymarine experts. I have a CP370 with a b164 xdcr, every now and then it will get stuck thinking it's in 13ft of water and won't try to find bottom again until I cycle the frequency (50khz to 200khz or back) or restart it. It happens often enough that it's a pain in the ass. I...
  439. ledbed6b

    23 DV parker 225 yami

    You nailed it. It can work but you'll always want more. That's why I went with a 300
  440. ledbed6b

    23 DV parker 225 yami

    Does he still owe you for that piss funnel you sold him?
  441. ledbed6b

    Newcomer to West Coast

    Dude...... wtf? A La Croix can? I'm starting to question some of your life choices. Where's the hop nosh?
  442. ledbed6b

    23 DV parker 225 yami

    It can work, just a matter of propping it correctly, the 250 is better, 300 is best. The 25's with 225's are generally the modified V. All the 23's are deep V and need more HP.
  443. ledbed6b

    Honda Outboards Fix

    My only question is how is this not under warranty? Or did you just not want to waste the time?
  444. ledbed6b

    Xtaero Boats New XT28DV w/ 9'6" beam

    Question for you travis, is there water on the deck with back under water like that? That load looks to be close-ish to a beginning of the day tuna load. That's a shit load of clams!
  445. ledbed6b

    Anybody running the Cummins QSC 8.3, 550 hp diesel or know anyone who is?

    I worked for a truss company in Oregon, it was always a pain trying to remember the rules for Washington when delivering here. I do remember it was very strict and the wsp did enforce these rules. There were different rules for many roadway types. You just about need a lawyer to decipher it all
  446. ledbed6b

    Anybody running the Cummins QSC 8.3, 550 hp diesel or know anyone who is?

    I don't think such a boat exists. For one you have this to deal with: Washington Pilot Car / Escort Vehicle is Required: 2 Lane Highways: Over 11′ wide requires 2 pilot cars
  447. ledbed6b

    Tuna virgin here. Keeping fish overnight?

    And they are even colder the next day
  448. ledbed6b

    Xtaero Boats New XT28DV w/ 9'6" beam

    I'm still waiting to get out on one. He has offered but has anyone been able to go out yet? I'd love to put his 24 side by side with my parker and see how they compare. I have a suggestion for Travis, mount a bait tank in one of those and let's go see how it does on a tuna trip. That's the...
  449. ledbed6b

    Xtaero Boats New XT28DV w/ 9'6" beam

    I'm just glad my 23' parker is now a 26' parker, I actually like the way he measures!
  450. ledbed6b

    Firefighters please....

    I nominate this post for backpedaler of the year award
  451. ledbed6b

    He doesn't like being called Benjamin

    Nice job travis and benjy. Sounds like it was a long day
  452. ledbed6b

    Newcomer to West Coast

    Glad I could help
  453. ledbed6b

    Newcomer to West Coast

    Here's my test: Do you like good beer? Are you gluten free by choice? Are you a cheap ass? Do you get butt hurt easily? Are you an annoying drunk? Do you know what a blue waffle is? If you pass this test I might take you crabbing
  454. ledbed6b


    Good times, I wish someone would have got a picture of the chum spread Anferny produced. That's what drew the fish up from the depths
  455. ledbed6b

    Need a Bruthas Help

    I was thinking I would take a walk on the beach, maybe get some saltwater taffy.
  456. ledbed6b

    Need a Bruthas Help

    If you can drop it off at my house I could do it
  457. ledbed6b


    The parkers have been selling like hot cakes out here. Nice work Steve!
  458. ledbed6b

    Shot this, need a recipe

    Fuck yeah, good job, now you got to get one with your bow!
  459. ledbed6b


    Holy fuck how many times is this going to get posted
  460. ledbed6b

    Deeeeeeep water crab?

    I don't remember but I do remember there were some big ass crabs in there
  461. ledbed6b

    Deeeeeeep water crab?

    I once pulled up a derelict crab pot with my shrimp gear, it must have been at least 280ft deep. It was loaded with cannibal crab.
  462. ledbed6b

    Oil change question

    It is under the shroud. The shop manual has both procedures, in fact there are a couple procedures that recommend using the drain plug rather than the extractor.
  463. ledbed6b

    Oil change question

    They definitely have drain plugs
  464. ledbed6b

    Wanted Crab bait

    In a few weeks I should be able to hook you up with some tuna scraps
  465. ledbed6b

    Oil change question

    The yamaha official service manual has the process for both extracting the oil and draining it, I doubt Suzukis are that much different for "settling" things out.
  466. ledbed6b

    WTF is this?

    Yep, squat lobster. I found lots of those in the saanich inlet in canada
  467. ledbed6b

    Oil change question

    Pump it out and don't mess with removing the plugs
  468. ledbed6b

    Summer trip to wa

    Holy fuck, I have no idea what the fuck this guy was jabbering on about, it's almost like goatram and drunk mojo combined and made a forum posting app
  469. ledbed6b

    Xtaero Boat - Video - XT24DV Customer Review Interview

    Yeah fuck Heineken, you're welcome to stop by for a beer any time, I've only got 9 beers on tap and 4 in bottles right now though so selection is a little low
  470. ledbed6b

    So this happened yesterday

    I'm guessing 140's because of the weight difference between the 150's?
  471. ledbed6b

    Tuna were caught out of Oregon

    This kind of thread is worse than a boner after a strip club
  472. ledbed6b

    Catch of the day SW Corner

    green power pro and a b2? I didn't fish there this year but I'll still guess
  473. ledbed6b

    Xtaero Boat - Video - XT24DV Customer Review Interview

    I'll say it again, get some BD'ers on that boat in normal conditions and we'll give an honest review. I'm not sure what that guy's deal was but he sure was a character.
  474. ledbed6b

    Xtaero Boat - Video - XT24DV Customer Review Interview

    You're right, the trophy boat brand had done really well representing themselves!
  475. ledbed6b

    No slip but sweet new rod transport

    This may be the first time I've consisted breaking into a vehicle since high school. I'm bringing my plasma cutter to westport this year
  476. ledbed6b

    Need pot puller help

    When I was using anchors I ran crimped 150lb big game mono to my anchor. I lost one but I was very glad it broke when it did. Just food for thought
  477. ledbed6b

    Need pot puller help

    I'll explain why I rely on heavier pots and not an anchor. First off I have about 6 pots, 2, 50lbs, and 4 ranging from 30-10. When I shrimp area 9 i just use any 4 pots, there's not much current and it's a non issue. When I shrimp in the straits I have found that with a lighter pot and an...
  478. ledbed6b

    Need pot puller help

    Good choice on the puller! I'll be up there Friday and I can pull it for you if it's still there. Send me a PM with details
  479. ledbed6b

    Need pot puller help

    No what's that?
  480. ledbed6b

    Need access to Press Brake

    Oxy acetylene with a rose bud tip and a good steel table would do in a pinch
  481. ledbed6b

    Local boat decal makers

    That makes so much sense, I like the way you think
  482. ledbed6b

    Local boat decal makers

    Why does it look like Patrick is making an o face in that picture? ?
  483. ledbed6b

    The build: 28' 1980 Slickcraft Tiara

    I'd go with the smaller wheel, big wheels are for sailboats
  484. ledbed6b

    Victoria Fishing

    there's no fish in canada, and you aren't going to get any help with a post like that
  485. ledbed6b

    Need pot puller help

    50lbs is a lot, but there is a reason they are that heavy, it may be overkill but I do pretty well with them so I'm going to keep doing it
  486. ledbed6b

    Local boat decal makers

    That's easy, Benjamin N on here is your guy.
  487. ledbed6b

    Here is your chance

    Maybe it was too close to the piss funnel?
  488. ledbed6b

    Adult Game Night

    This is right up my alley, may I recommend a blue waffle card, maybe an Albanian weedwacker, or an Alabama hot pocket?
  489. ledbed6b

    Hali Weekend Forecast

    Well said. The WTC last year was another time when a lot of people pulled the plug due to weather. Know your boat, know your limits, maintain your equipment and do what you think is right
  490. ledbed6b

    Need pot puller help

    power hauler My pots are around 50lbs, this thing pulls them with ease. I have tried several on my boat and others and this is by far my favorite.
  491. ledbed6b

    It just needed a little TLC

    Wow, that looks badass, I'll drink a beer for you since that must have taken a lot of hard work.
  492. ledbed6b

    Canadian Salmon

    Steve nailed it, this is exactly what I have heard from multiple CBP officers and the guy that gave me my I-68
  493. ledbed6b

    knife sharpener

    I think he specializes in under water cooking
  494. ledbed6b

    knife sharpener

    Learn how to use a stone and steel, I can get my knives very very sharp pretty quickly and the edge lasts much longer
  495. ledbed6b

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    You doing any sea trials out of everett this weekend?
  496. ledbed6b

    What are the odds for a lucky SOB?

    If he's that lucky why not go after all the OIL tags? Good luck but my money is on him not drawing a quality deer tag his first year
  497. ledbed6b

    2007 ETec 250 power head swap

    The 4.2l Yamaha F250's spec 87 octane, and the F300 runs just fine on 87 I've been told
  498. ledbed6b

    BD Salute and Shrimping

    Yeah my boat is in a slip at everett, good times, I saw your boat from a ways off and I figured there was a good chance it was someone from the board. I saw your graphics so figured I'd give you the salute. We'll have to meet of up for a beer sometime. By the way those are some sweet graphics...
  499. ledbed6b

    BD Salute and Shrimping

    Haha that was me with the salute! You did look very confused. Those parkers even look good towing.
  500. ledbed6b

    Canadian Salmon

    I-68 takes less than an hour, call ahead at any of the issuing locations to make an appointment
  501. ledbed6b

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    Aren't you striving for the best with your boats? I would say a well installed thru hull would be the only thing that would meet that mantra. Also I have no problem with my through hull up to 40ish mph so speed is no excuse.
  502. ledbed6b

    Canadian Salmon

    The Canadians won't know what hit them
  503. ledbed6b

    Port Townsend Beers

    I'll be in pt for the next couple days, anyone want to meet up for beers?
  504. ledbed6b


    This sounds like a gay man seeking man add
  505. ledbed6b

    What makes a good seat whore/crew member?

    You guys are over thinking this shit
  506. ledbed6b

    The build: 28' 1980 Slickcraft Tiara

    I'm going to throw this out there but I really think that wiring setup is going to fail not long after you start getting the boat salty. Cheap automotive (maybe harbor freight?) wiring connectors have no place on a boat. If you are going to do it like that with a terminal get the adhesive heat...
  507. ledbed6b

    Halibut area for little kids

    I'm not trying to be a super dick but you have to get that you just did in one post what you were complaining about. Thick skin is important here. I'd gladly buy you a beer anytime
  508. ledbed6b

    Halibut area for little kids

    You're an idiot, in the same post you get on about not sharing stuff, then you blab about how good it is somewhere else.
  509. ledbed6b

    My Favorite 'butt Hole

    I'm not sure how experienced you are with fishing the straits but it's very different than offshore. Find some good looking contours and give it a go. It's not rocket science and sometimes there's fish, sometimes there's not
  510. ledbed6b

    Mutha Chucka

    Damn that's badass, someday when I'm old like you guys I'll get to do that. It sure sounded like you guys were having fun. Also I like the gyno chair you guys were rocking.
  511. ledbed6b

    My Favorite 'butt Hole

    He's within the rules, reread that section if you think he's not.
  512. ledbed6b

    My Favorite 'butt Hole

    Yeah I have heard that spot is good.... good seeing you out there!
  513. ledbed6b

    SoCal angler fishing your way!

    Damn Travis, how am I going to stock up on organs when you're giving the heads up. We'll have to get a group together so everyone feels safe. Wonder if Pat's in
  514. ledbed6b

    SoCal angler fishing your way!

    I'll be up in Everett but if I'm around and crab is open I'll take you
  515. ledbed6b

    Go fund us

    Begging for money like a trio of french canadians, I wouldn't expect anything less! Have fun bitches
  516. ledbed6b

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    Air compressor, no need to buy an inflator or adapter:
  517. ledbed6b

    It just needed a little TLC

    I have to ask, but when all is said and done will you have saved any money versus buying a new one or lightly used? When I was looking I came to the conclusion that either way I'd be in the boat almost the same.
  518. ledbed6b

    fish processing

    Patrick and Brian nailed it
  519. ledbed6b

    auto pilot question

    What kind of wind and waves are we talking about? My auto pilot has not had any issues like you're mentioning. My auto pilot also works well maintaining heading even with no speed over ground
  520. ledbed6b

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    Mine have shipped, should be at the store by next Wednesday.
  521. ledbed6b

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    Haha this is to good to be true, but if it does come through, I ordered 8 of them
  522. ledbed6b

    Canada Derby – 2016 Vancouver, BC – 5th Annual Chinook Classic 20 & 21 August 2016

    I personally think a catch and release derby is kind of BS, it should be called a fish molestation derby. Hopefully the pictures on their webpage aren't from "catch and release" fish. I can't imagine enough weigh in boats to make it safe for the fish. Keeping a fish in a net for 5-10 minutes...
  523. ledbed6b

    Canada Derby – 2016 Vancouver, BC – 5th Annual Chinook Classic 20 & 21 August 2016

    I thought for sure you were joking but then I saw it was a catch and release derby. I'm so confused
  524. ledbed6b

    2016 Puget Sound Shrimp Seasons

    There are spots in MA6 that can be shrimped easily but the majority of the areas I know have small current windows that need to be hit just right or you are waiting until the next tide or are losing gear. If you aren't sure how to rig a pot follow Steve's advice.
  525. ledbed6b

    2016 Puget Sound Shrimp Seasons

    Well MA10 has 1 so consider yourself lucky
  526. ledbed6b

    2016 Puget Sound Shrimp Seasons

    There's no shrimp in area 6, definitely don't want to try it anywhere there
  527. ledbed6b

    Flasher?? Blown transmission? ?

    So you're saying flasher is having tranny troubles....
  528. ledbed6b


    Ohhh I got one, he's named after the famous maneuver known as the hot Carl. If you don't know what a hot Carl is Google it
  529. ledbed6b

    macerator vs diaphragm pump for fish box?

    You wouldn't have to shorten the wires with deutsch connectors I have the crimper for these and use them a lot, it's also nice...
  530. ledbed6b

    macerator vs diaphragm pump for fish box?

    Random question... why do your wiring up like that rather than waterproof connectors like the deutsch connectors?
  531. ledbed6b

    Test hit complete

    Nope, no need for that, no tuna this year either
  532. ledbed6b

    macerator vs diaphragm pump for fish box?

    I'm glad I don't have to deal with pumps
  533. ledbed6b

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    I'm a skeptic but I will gladly go for a ride on your boat. I've spent a lot of time on a 23ft Parker in all kinds of nasty weather with all kinds of boat loadings. I'd be glad to take my boat out, then go out on your boat back to back out of everett to really compare. I think the claims you are...
  534. ledbed6b

    Putting Some Light on the Subject

    Here's my contribution. I utilized existing rail bolts so as not to drill new holes, if it doesn't work well I can take the whole thing off with only one small hole to patch. I got the cheap light off of amazon and I am going to mount two more smaller ones at 45deg angle If I need a bit more light.
  535. ledbed6b

    Stimulate the economy

    I second the autopilot, the Garmin has a really nice guide to feature for auto routing it works well in the islands.
  536. ledbed6b

    Stimulate the economy

    You can pull start the yamaha 9.9 if the battery is dead, you have to take the cover off and wrap a rope around the flywheel but it's not hard, I have done it before to see if it works and it fired right up. I have a raymarine radar and went with the 18"hd vs the 24" hd and haven't felt like I...
  537. ledbed6b

    Data behind WDFW closure

    I would like to think they state puts more though into this than looking at one graph. I know nothing about fish migration so I don't go look at charts and make assumptions. If you have issues with what is going on get involved rather than armchair quarterback their decisions. Why don't you get...
  538. ledbed6b

    Suspension Seats

    I have a seaspension in my boat, I destroyed the lowest disk in my back a few years ago so it was one of the first options I chose. It works really well, it's not as nice as the really nice air ride setups but it's a huge improvement compared to other seats on the boat. I often forget the whole...
  539. ledbed6b

    Front panel replacement

    If you want it to look really good don't use cardboard, make a template out of MDF and then use a router to cut your panel out of aluminum or starboard. You'll get a precise professional product for much cheaper
  540. ledbed6b

    How many of you jokers lost power?

    Lost power around 2:30, heard about 6 transformers explode so I think it will be out a while. Damn wind
  541. ledbed6b

    Sirius bottom paint

    Bob did my boat and I couldn't be happier, I'll be bringing it back to him when it's time for a tune up.
  542. ledbed6b


    Jerry brown is very good stuff, doesn't cost much more than power pro but it's much better. I have also tried cheap stuff, never again.... it was garbage.
  543. ledbed6b

    I pulled the trigger…

    Gonna go Bill Dance on those little bastards
  544. ledbed6b

    I pulled the trigger…

    I should have written that the invite was extended and accepted, definitely remember. It'll be fun, my boat will probably be in it's slip in Everett, maybe go take it out and catch some bait for the upcoming halibut and shrimp.
  545. ledbed6b

    I pulled the trigger…

    Oh yeah, the invite has been extended I'm always down to help spend someone elses money rigging their boat. I have done quite a but with mine but there's always something to add. I'm not sure how much going to 15 or 25hp would help on these boats. The extra charging amps would be nice but the...
  546. ledbed6b

    I pulled the trigger…

    Congrats! The 2320's are a great platform for around here, and the changes they made for 2016 are subtle but definite improvements. The 300 is the way to go you'll love that motor. And go with the T9.9 you definitely have to keep them matching
  547. ledbed6b

    Peninsula Lead Melt

    Damn that looks way safer and way more sober than the lead pours I usually go to
  548. ledbed6b

    Xtaero Boats - Build Thread (Long Cabin Alaska Boat)

    Start your own thread then!
  549. ledbed6b

    Ocean Salmon Forecast meet today

    Sand dabs for soldiers
  550. ledbed6b

    Finicky Butt

    Nice job! I can't wait to go get some CA halibut.
  551. ledbed6b

    Landscaper needed

    I think this was really just a post to show off your property! I have some old cars we can scatter around the place to make it look less fancy
  552. ledbed6b

    Raymarine Shoutout

    That's good to hear. I also heard there's going to be a particular parker I should check out at the Tacoma Boat show....
  553. ledbed6b

    WDFW calculations for MA6

    I like the tone here you guys have nailed it. Rather than saying don't report any shakers or encourage people lie to the fish checker I think it's important to encourage people to move, change gear, and not be douche bags when they are encountering shakers and the point you guys have made are...
  554. ledbed6b

    Looking for a Boat?

    That's a good looking boat should sell really quick in this used boat market.
  555. ledbed6b

    Raymarine Shoutout

    Yeah that was the problem it had a hell of a time tracking bottom sometimes with the cp300. Should be good to go now. And thanks, I should be able to captain my boat by mid march, you should come for the shakedown and booze cruise. Mr Fancy pants! I can't wait to see all that gear in action...
  556. ledbed6b

    Raymarine Shoutout

    The CP370 is not CHIRP its normal 50/200khz. I have a 1kw B164 transducer that is non chirp. I'm really hoping the CP370 is an improvement and from everything I have heard it should be
  557. ledbed6b

    Raymarine Shoutout

    Too late for that, damn kidneys. We do have a lot of fish to kill this year.... and shrimp, and crab, and brain cells
  558. ledbed6b

    Raymarine Shoutout

    I can't wait to get back on the water. Just need to make it to mid March!
  559. ledbed6b

    Raymarine Shoutout

    On my last boat I had all lowrance electronics. I had so many issues with the product, the customer service, tech support, everything, so with the new boat in 2014 I went all raymarine. I had a couple minor issues with the raymarine stuff, all of which were taken care of easily, and the...
  560. ledbed6b

    Defiance boat

    Well hopefully it all works out for you
  561. ledbed6b

    Defiance boat

    We'll see how long this thread lasts... What kind of issues did you have?
  562. ledbed6b

    Trailer Brake Help

    My only comment is you should definitely make the jump to electric over hydraulic brakes. I love mine
  563. ledbed6b

    Tin Boat ????

    Don't forget filling voids with ping pong balls!
  564. ledbed6b

    Just have to vent

    But it's so much warmer...... it's not gay if it's to prevent hypothermia right??
  565. ledbed6b

    Open Seats - Westport rockfish this Wednesday

    I would be very curious to see how the boat does. I would have jumped on this if I wasn't recently separated from an organ.
  566. ledbed6b

    Soaked up some rays

    wow, that was a fuck up, well better us catching you than the federales
  567. ledbed6b

    Soaked up some rays

    I'm guessing there was some pics from last year accidentally mixed in otherwise it's not on the up and up
  568. ledbed6b

    Great white shark Ocean Shores

    4 years ago on a charter we saw a great white, at least the captain and deck hands said it was. All I know is that is was huge and school disappeared right when the shark showed up.
  569. ledbed6b

    Not Your Father's Oldsmobile - New North River Build

    I hope someday I can do a custom build like this. Very very impressive and the attention to details is apparent in both the planning and the building. Now... I think a couple of 627 outboards would look better on the back but that diesel setup is going to be badass!
  570. ledbed6b

    Boat Show Report

    So you are saying excessive spatter, ground off burn throughs, fissures, pin holes, pockets, partially ground off welds are for structure. Here's the thing, the stack of dimes look is not what I am talking about, I get you can have many different weld appearances that can be strong. And on the...
  571. ledbed6b

    47 days smoke free!

    I just did the math I have 180 gallons of beer ready for the year. I'll bring a bunch into Canada this year when I hit up the hali
  572. ledbed6b

    Boat Show Report

    So why did the boat show boat have so many welds that didn't look like that? I crawled around under the boat for a good amount of time and saw a lot of welds I'd be having repaired before payment. Also I saw lots of gouges, weld spatter, tool marks, and general abuse on the exterior that would...
  573. ledbed6b

    47 days smoke free!

    Jesus, seems like we have the bd support group thread now. I haven't had a drink in 21 days and it blows and its against my will. Can't wait for my first beer when the docs clears me to drink!
  574. ledbed6b

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    On the topic of factory location, I have never needed anything fixed on my parker so the fact that the factory is on the other side of the country is a non issue. Also the dealer for Washington has a very good group of guys working for him, so if you did need a repair you basically need to take...
  575. ledbed6b

    Topshots and braid

    I use 30lb pink ande I have never had any issues. I use 50lb or 60lb jerry brown braid and connect the two with a modified Albright knot. I really like this combo so I keep using it.
  576. ledbed6b

    Twin etec 200 hos

    You been drinking the koolaid? If you're going to repower I'm thinking a couple 400 hp black outboards would look better than the rainbow transformer motors
  577. ledbed6b

    Repower for Reelaxation

    Definitely replace the gimbal bearing, it's easy and cheap
  578. ledbed6b

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a Defiance 250

    I'm biased but I would definitely recommend looking at a Parker. Bring a tape measure and look at the weight of the two boats. Stomp around on the deck, knock on the hull. Talk to people that have fished on both of them, two tap Pat should be able to help in that regard. I did extensive...
  579. ledbed6b

    Boat Show Report

    I'd gladly trade a little mpg for good build quality and a solid ride. A Parker 2320 with 50 gallons of fuel and Yamaha f300 can get 2.9 mpg on flat water. Fuel burn numbers without weights, weather, tide are basically useless.
  580. ledbed6b

    How bout them Broncos.......

    Fuck cam Newton, I don't give two shits about the broncos but I'm pulling for them this time
  581. ledbed6b

    Boat Show Report

    I think a lot of people came away with the same impression of the boat pictured above. I think the competition is steep in the alloy market good luck is all I can say
  582. ledbed6b

    Upgrade my Penns

    Go with the MXJs I use mine for everything, salmon, halibut, tuna, they aren't much bigger than an SX but are much more versatile in my opinion
  583. ledbed6b

    2016 Defiance Guadalupe/Raymarine/Honda flagship boat build

    Is there going to be any additional support on that table that comes off the bait tank? I noticed it flexed a bit, and I wasn't sure if that table was on your other boats. I could see one of your hefty customers leaning on that in rough seas and putting a significant force on it. I really liked...
  584. ledbed6b

    Olympic Outboard Conversion

    I think a 250 is a great choice, that or a 300.... Very good looking project
  585. ledbed6b

    WTC Smack talking thread

    It's okay Mark, the team I'm on is going to beat you again this year, maybe you'll crack the 30lb mark this time! It's not the size of your boat, it's how you use it. How's that, a little better?
  586. ledbed6b

    Anybody got a source for free tickets to the Boat show

    you mean the tweaker bait? I keep that well hidden
  587. ledbed6b

    Anybody got a source for free tickets to the Boat show

    I'll donate to the cause, stop by my house I have some change you can have and some scrap steel you can recycle
  588. ledbed6b

    WTC Smack talking thread

    Oh I get what he was hinting at.... I don't think that password worked for him last year. I also like how the winning boat was a trophy..... go team defiance!
  589. ledbed6b

    WTC Smack talking thread

    How many tuna did you get at the WTC last year? I'm pretty sure that password of yours ain't working too well
  590. ledbed6b

    new prop help If I remember right the US distribution is from the same folks as simyamaha, which is another great company. These things really work, drilling the holes is painful mentally but it's easy to do. I drilled mine with only 7 hours on the motor and have zero regrets...
  591. ledbed6b

    new prop help

    Add a permatrim first, they really work and are cheap compared to a new prop
  592. ledbed6b

    new prop help

    3.3l or 4.2l 250? I have a 2320 with a 4.2l F300 and I am running an OFS4 15p prop. I wish they hadn't changed the gearing on the newer yamis. Also I would recommend the permatrim and bigger tabs, makes a world of difference on my boat
  593. ledbed6b

    Free Upright Freezer

    If Steve doesn't take it I might be interested
  594. ledbed6b

    Big Salmon Moorage

    Thanks guys, now I just need to figure out if I can male these dates work out. I sure hope so.
  595. ledbed6b

    Rough Water WTC

    I was getting ready to give the fish I was holding a Turkish tornado
  596. ledbed6b

    Rough Water WTC

    Yep nailed it. Thanks for loaning me the human sized trashbag. Fun times all around, a couple of beers, taco bell, and a nice siesta. The ride felt like it took about 15 minutes for me
  597. ledbed6b

    Putting Some Light on the Subject

    This is exactly what I'm planning to add on my boat. I played around with some lights up there and it worked great for spotting crab pots. Still was nearly impossible to see logs but I'm thinking a bigger light than what I was trying will work better
  598. ledbed6b

    changing from an inboard to an outboard with a bracket

    you'd be better off to sell your boat and buy one that already has a bracket. Unless you are bored, have an aluminum fab shop, and lots of time it's not worth it
  599. ledbed6b

    ((CONCLUSION)) **UP DATED**Boat trailer towing/tracking poorly

    Who gives a shit what it was, the whole point of a new truck is not having to worry about that crap. Sorry to hear Tom, I'm sure they'll get everything figured out
  600. ledbed6b

    ((CONCLUSION)) **UP DATED**Boat trailer towing/tracking poorly

    Not to shit on your parade John but in the quote originally he was referring to the F-150 need a WD hitch, which technically it does for that load. F-350 is good to go as is
  601. ledbed6b

    ((CONCLUSION)) **UP DATED**Boat trailer towing/tracking poorly

    Just as a data point, I have only towed my boat once with my new truck 2015 F150 max tow, and it did great no issues at all. Boat/Trailer was 8300 lbs on the scale, I didn't bother to figure out tongue weight. There was no tracking issues at all, it had plenty of power, trailer brake controller...
  602. ledbed6b

    In the intial "bigger boat" looking phases - pros/cons outdrives?

    I have owned 2 I/O boats and 3 with outboards OBs. I will also throw my hat in the "I will never own an I/O again" category. Seriously I never will ever again under any circumstances, I absolutely hate I/Os
  603. ledbed6b


    Anyone try this around the mukilteo or everett area? I have a giant led spreader bar on a downrigger mount I've been wanting to try.
  604. ledbed6b

    Pot Puller

    You're going to love the power hauler powertrain on your puller, I have used the shit out of mine this season and it's been a tank
  605. ledbed6b

    Hydraulic or Electric Trim Tabs?

    Lenco actuators and switches, Bennett blades, best of both worlds.
  606. ledbed6b

    Which 250hp outboard?

    The 4.2l f300 I have is awesome, no complaints after 160 hours. The 3.3l and 4.2l are similar in a lot of ways but I love the fly by wire. I like the verados too
  607. ledbed6b

    New Washington boat builder

    I wish them well but not my thing. They look well built but not really setup for cruising or fishing. Also their cabin model comes with and IB/OB diesel which is something I will never buy
  608. ledbed6b

    San Juan's By Boat

    look for the photo luminescent algae at night, it's especially fun to piss off a dock and watch the light show. Or run a wash down hose, it looks like a green flamethrower. Do a close drive by of speiden island all the weird ass African animals are cool and there are tons of them. It's kind of...
  609. ledbed6b

    Smoked Jalpinnose

    Badass jallepenos.... but budlight? I'll have to counter with a post on how to brew beer
  610. ledbed6b

    Well fuck...... Updated

    Damn Patrick that sucks. Hopefully Yamaha takes good care of you. Very good call keeping a spare
  611. ledbed6b

    Oven Canning Tuna

    Well in about 3 minutes of reading according to several official publications from universities this is what I have found: "Meat, wild game, poultry and fish are low-acid foods and must be processed in a pressure canner for the full time specified to destroy food-poisoning bacteria such as C...
  612. ledbed6b

    Oven Canning Tuna

    Do some research there is a big difference between canning fruits and fish Just by one of the presto pressure canners, they work great and they are only $80
  613. ledbed6b


    And partnering with a charter captain that has multiple boats out daily! :gaygroup: Just giving you shit since I was on team deal with it coming in at #4, everything was looking good until Herb showed up and took a 150lb shit on our parade Those shots of the water are awesome! they really...
  614. ledbed6b

    After hours auction...

    Not sure yet, it all depends if I can go tuna fishing. if Quickstiks is going I'll be there Also does anyone else remember meeting this guy at the knotty pine 4/breakingbad/images/8/8b/MikeS5.jpg
  615. ledbed6b

    After hours auction...

    Ha that was a good time from what I remember.... which isn't much. I met a bunch of people, drank a bunch of beer, and didn't have to deal with the Westport PD this year so it was a great success
  616. ledbed6b

    Westport Grocery Store

    well shit, looks like I will not have to pack as much food now when I stay down there for more than a couple days.
  617. ledbed6b

    Facebooking and Fishing don't mix!

    damn, not sure if that will buff out....
  618. ledbed6b

    Double Check Your Hotel Reservation

    Good thing I sleep in my truck, all I have to worry about is losing my keys overboard..... again
  619. ledbed6b

    New boat

    Damn, how about "face only a mother could love"
  620. ledbed6b

    New boat

    Yeah how about this for a name "pics or it didn't happen"
  621. ledbed6b

    Changing spark plugs???

    The manual says to inspect them nor necessarily replace them. I'm at 160 hours. They looked brand new at 100 hours. I bought a set just in case and I'll probably swap them at 200 hours. How's the boat treating you?
  622. ledbed6b

    Great story

    Steve's hand writing is getting much better!
  623. ledbed6b

    Hewescraft Ocean Pro 220

    Damn Idaho Dave, what are you upgrading to?
  624. ledbed6b

    Wanted: 8-2 coonstripe shrimp

    I have also been trying, and I am using the right gear. I have not had any luck in 8-2 or area 9 last year. I have basically given up on them and just been loading up on spot prawns those spots are classified though
  625. ledbed6b

    WTC smack talking thread

    Shit Patrick I bet that thing has a kegerator, I can always supply a few kegs for a good cause.... Like me getting on that boat for instance
  626. ledbed6b

    Sharked on a Bait stop.

    Damn, don't reveal the secret, now everyone will try and catch them. I think I shall name it the orange waffle
  627. ledbed6b

    Sharked on a Bait stop.

    I know a solution
  628. ledbed6b


    Hmmmmm wonder who that was.....
  629. ledbed6b

    Landing net for tuna...update

    I get why you would do this for commercial fishing but damn half the fun of tuna fishing is gaffing them. Hell I think I'm going to go the opposite direction and start trying to harpoon them
  630. ledbed6b

    New Westport Brewery

    I can barely keep up with my own demand, I can't imagine the hassle of running my own commercial brewery. That being said, if someone wants to give me a couple million I'd give it a shot as head brewer.
  631. ledbed6b

    Yamaha 20 hour service

    you could do the 20hr in a parking lot, no need to tow it back, I have an oil sucker, the lower unit pump, and manual for a f300, the 20hr checklist is the same. It is super easy to do. I think mine took 30 minutes and I didn't know what I was doing. Get a 100hr kit from sim yamaha
  632. ledbed6b

    Really sucks

    Yeah no shit, even hitting plugs trolling at 4mph. Damn dbagfish
  633. ledbed6b

    Processing tuna catch?

    nah I'm joking they are great bait, use the heads for crab and the blood lines for shrimp, but don't shrimp near me, I don't want any competition
  634. ledbed6b

    Processing tuna catch?

    Just pay the deck hands to cark them, save the heads if you want to for crab bait, they don't work very well though. Tuna freezes well but cans better, it's a very versatile fish
  635. ledbed6b


    Badass! I wish I could have been there! I knew Steve would get his tuna cherry popped this season and here it is still July and he's already got a trip in. It was one hell of a party at Lapush this year, I had to have two tap swing by my house and pick up a backup keg, which was also finished...
  636. ledbed6b

    This guy went tuna fishing!

    Nice! Welcome to the dark side
  637. ledbed6b

    cloudy gas

    I have first hand experience with this and you'd be surprised how much water can get in. Fortunately I run non ethanol fuel and it sperated out. If it was ethanol fuel it most certainly will cloud up and mix
  638. ledbed6b

    Bob's Boat Spa: another satisfied customer

    hey wait a sec, I recognize that one glass boat! I might as well give my one year review here. Bob did my bottom paint a bit less than a year a go, it's holding up great. Of all the things I have spent my money on boat related, the work Bob does has got to be the best bang for the buck...
  639. ledbed6b

    area 9 kings help

    I don't know where I'm going yet but I know it will probably be a shit show. I should put out all my shrimp floats and play bumper boats
  640. ledbed6b

    Neah Bay Fuel Octane Rating Concern...

    Running octane boost has way more risk than running 87 octane, both my engine and Patrick's engine spec 89 octane, and if your engine is a 200 yamaha and you have the recalled ecm you will be fine.
  641. ledbed6b

    Five guys ONE cabin!

    I think I need to sleep for about 5 days after that trip. Yes it was Saturday, yes I road in a bean back and managed to soak every layer of clothing even wearing a full set of grundens and rubber gloves. Oh and benjamin,, aka the beej, you going to post the peoples elbow video? The truck...
  642. ledbed6b

    EZ Pull Pots

    I went from ladner to mckay octagons, which are similar to the ez-pull. Hands down the mckay out fishes both the real ladners and the kufa knock off ones. I weight mine to 60 lbs and have done really well. Best pot this year was 340 in one after an hour soak
  643. ledbed6b

    Westport Spot Prawns

    600-800' of rope 60-80lb pots and a bigger pot puller is my guess on what it would take
  644. ledbed6b

    Two Tap has a serious case of the Crabs

    Oh shit, Pat may have spread those on my boat as well, he made need to see a doctor
  645. ledbed6b

    To good not to share

    you guys know that was fake right?
  646. ledbed6b

    windlass recommendation

    I agree with Steve. I have an anchor ready to deploy in an emergency at all times but if I plan on doing anchoring especially for halibut I will bring a more easy to use setup. The setup I have on board all the time also works for the random shallow water anchoring I do sometimes like on...
  647. ledbed6b

    Tuna Catch Map, Round I

    Can you use white outlined in black?
  648. ledbed6b

    Tuna Catch Map, Round I

    Damn change the font color. Right now it's like where's Waldo on steroids
  649. ledbed6b

    sunfish and jelly's

    Since it's breakfast time again you may be in the mood for a Havana omelette, or for sweeter tastes maybe a jelly donut.
  650. ledbed6b

    sunfish and jelly's

    Well if it's lunch he's after than I would recommend an Alabama hot pocket
  651. ledbed6b

    sunfish and jelly's

    I think marlin Mike is more of a Boston pancake guy
  652. ledbed6b

    sunfish and jelly's

    I have never seen something so eager to eat blue waffles
  653. ledbed6b

    road trip???

    not this year but in the future......
  654. ledbed6b


    If anyone saw that frozen old ass tuna and started making plans they may need some glasses. Then if they watched the video and still believed it they are really damn slow. This was just a joke and it was pretty funny to me. Especially how worked up some people got. How is this kind of joke...
  655. ledbed6b

    Pray for Goatram

    Damn John that looks painful. Here's to a speedy recovery :hali_olutta:
  656. ledbed6b

    Wa hunt draw results out

    Also not selected
  657. ledbed6b

    Well the deal is done and the boat is mine.

    Nice! Can't wait to meet you in Westport this year Oh and I'd vote for master gator for your boat name
  658. ledbed6b

    Custom Trailer Recomendations?

    I have a tuff trailer. I like it alot but it was not cheap. I financed it though so J.C. probably doesn't approve. If you want any details just pm me
  659. ledbed6b

    Registration renewal

    Definitely deductible
  660. ledbed6b

    Rebuilding an inboard

    For 2800 you can get a brand new long block
  661. ledbed6b

    Registration renewal

    Shit I wished that was the rate boats lost value. Oh well first world problems I guess
  662. ledbed6b

    Rebuilding an inboard

    It sounds like a crankshaft bearing to me
  663. ledbed6b

    Team Offshore Northwest has chrome hit the deck

    I would never turn that down, but Vance has never had a single one of my beers...... In fact I think I saw him drink water once before choosing beer. Sounds like there was good times had by all
  664. ledbed6b

    Rebuilding an inboard

    I think reman or new is the way to go. I bought a new motor from these guys ( and it worked out well. Who did you buy that motor from?
  665. ledbed6b

    Rebuilding an inboard

    oh, I think you are confused, you bought a 5.7l diesel!
  666. ledbed6b

    Rebuilding an inboard

    Depending on what route you go it may be best to try and rebuild it yourself. At least find the issue. A brand new long block is not that much, paying a shop to rebuild an old engine might cost nearly as much. I'm assuming this is for a marine application?
  667. ledbed6b

    Rebuilding an inboard

    What kind of engine?