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  1. yft1979

    Oside 10/6/19

    Posting a report for a buddy who fished oside on the 6th. Started seeing life about 7 to 10 miles off carlsbad around noon time. Breaking fish / puddlers from the canyon down to solana beach. Hooked a good fish on a chrome tady 45 while on some puddlers . 1.5 hour fight 92lb bft on deck...
  2. yft1979


    Talked to Aaron of the Shogun about this spot quite a few years ago. Said Ted Dunn used to commercial fish the spot in the past. Very soft bottom, nothing but skipjack ever caught.
  3. yft1979

    Rods and Blanks

    Thanks Rob!
  4. yft1979

    Rods and Blanks

    Rainshadow Iswb904 swimbait rod. 12-25 - 1/2-2 oz - 7'6". Custom wrapped fished a couple of times. Fuji SIC guides. Great condition, only used a couple times. $100 end
  5. yft1979

    Pelagic Ray report - 4/15, Dana Point

    Nice! Haven't seen one locally since the mid 90s
  6. yft1979

    Rockfish - Caught on Camera

    Amazing videos. Love seeing all the life down there!
  7. yft1979

    Decal Making

    Have had good luck with the K-Sun pearlabel 270 for printing name decals. Got a great deal on the printer off ebay. Lrtgroup also sells the printer. Gold or silver on clear works well.
  8. yft1979

    Rainshadow ISWB945 swim bait rod

    Rainshadow swim bait rod for a friend. Fuji blnag guides. Purple fuji metallic on the guides. Purple/silver/black Throop wrap.
  9. yft1979

    rainshadow iswb945 custom wrapped NEW

    Never fished rainshadow iswb945 swimbait rod. 7'10". 15-30# 2-6oz lures. $190
  10. yft1979

    8ooL I took extreme pleasure in building

    When I saw the thread title I was thinking it would be something like this. Did not dissapoint!
  11. yft1979

    Tranx reel rod combo

    869xh hybrid ftw!
  12. yft1979

    Damnit....we lost a good one :(

    RIP Brent:(
  13. yft1979

    ATD, MAKAIRA, Rainshadow swimbait, FOR SALE

    50 is still available. Pm sent
  14. yft1979

    ATD, MAKAIRA, Rainshadow swimbait, FOR SALE

    Rod is 7'6". Murrieta/Temecula area
  15. yft1979

    A Set of Abs

    Those are beautiful Bill!
  16. yft1979

    Rainshadow Swimbait Blanks

    Yep, bought a few!
  17. yft1979

    ATD, MAKAIRA, Rainshadow swimbait, FOR SALE

    For sale. ATD 30 topless, freespool sleeved. Excellent working condition. A little boat rash. SOLD Makaira 50 topless. Only used a couple trips. SOLD Rainshadow swimbait rod. iswb904 10-20lb, fuji SIC guides, used once near new. $160
  18. yft1979

    Rod for Tranx

    Like mine on phenix 869xh hybrid
  19. yft1979

    1998 Kencraft 220Wa 23ft

    Boat is still available. pm sent
  20. yft1979

    1998 Kencraft 220Wa 23ft

    Sorry, forgot price:indabutt:
  21. yft1979

    1998 Kencraft 220Wa 23ft

    SOLD 1998 Kencraft 220WA 23ft 2011 Evinrude Etec 250 315 hours (approx.) 30 gallon center mounted bait tank 2nd 10 gallon bait tank Outriggers Electric anchor winch Swim/Dive ladder Porta potty Standard GX1280s transceiver New Garmin 526s GPS New Furuno 1623 radar Furuno FCV 600L...
  22. yft1979

    10/3 oside Blue

    It's my dad's boat. He picked it up a couple months ago. Quickest hookup I can remember for pretty much anything...
  23. yft1979

    OH No, No Ono!

    Good stuff J!
  24. yft1979

    10/3 S/SW of 209 Dorado and more on patty

    Lots of clueless idiots. Had a pull very close yesterday and drop lines in while we were on a marlin. Thought he was gonna run our fish over at one point when it was on the surface. Annoying. Thanks for the report.
  25. yft1979

    Blue Marlin 10/3/15

    Awesome creatures! Thanks for posting.
  26. yft1979

    Dana Point Wahoo! 10/3

    Nice, we wanted one of those today too. Wasn't meant to be though.
  27. yft1979

    10/3 oside Blue

    Launched oside today about 3ish. Made some maks at the pier area for all you wanted. Started heading toward the 209 stopped just before grey light and rigged up our gear. Dropped in the jigs and no more then 5 mins the port side outrigger with a 14" marlin jig is screaming out line. Clear...
  28. yft1979

    Fished the Oceanside anglers tournament HAD A BLAST!

    Same area for us. 20 tuna and 1 dodo. Left em biting at 11.
  29. yft1979

    What is the best way to setup line on a surface iron rod and reel?

    Ive fished straight 80lb hollow on conventional jig rods for years with zero issues...
  30. yft1979

    Crimp or knot

    Knots on anything up to 150 here. Crimps after.
  31. yft1979

    What kind of fish is this?

    Thats awesome!
  32. yft1979

    PHD-760H....What is optimal rating for this rod/blank ?

    Have one and its a good 40lb blank.
  33. yft1979

    La Jolla Yellow

    Damn J, nice score!
  34. yft1979

    Colonet 1/25 & 1/26

    Sick report Ali! Those are some tasty looking reds
  35. yft1979

    What size rings for doing my own brazing?

    Yep, I use the 12 dollar home depot micro butane torch. Have welded thousands of rings and have only had to replace the torch once.
  36. yft1979

    What size rings for doing my own brazing?

    Have used rosco rings, but didnt like the sizes and wire thicknesses they offered. So I make my own. I use either stainless tig wire or ss spring wire depending on what wire diameter I am looking for.
  37. yft1979

    pics from January Intrepid trip

    Awesome pics! thank you for sharing
  38. yft1979

    270 Slug

    Yep, they love spannies. Nice fish!
  39. yft1979

    How Many Boats can fish the Hurricane or Clarion at once?

    I've seen 4 or 5 at the bank. All catching.
  40. yft1979

    BP Brewing COC Report

    Looks like a good time. Would like to try an swba event some day!
  41. yft1979

    Guides for phenix BD hybrid

    I have an 869xh hybrid and the fuji sic mnsg guides work well.
  42. yft1979

    Shimano Tranx HG for Yo-Yo Iron?

    Tranx hg rocks for both surface iron and yoyo!
  43. yft1979

    New years trip on the shogun (a few pictures)

    Killer report, sorry about the treble:eek:
  44. yft1979

    Rapala X raps

    Not sure if the body is any different, but I always switch the hooks out to owner stinger trebles. They work nicely
  45. yft1979

    Snow tonight in San Clemente?

    The drive south thru temecula was very strange this morning:D
  46. yft1979

    Snow tonight in San Clemente?

    Snow in murrieta!
  47. yft1979

    Buddies new pb zebra

    Nice spotty!
  48. yft1979

    Wahoo Newbie Dream Trip: RRIII Dec. 13-23, 2014

    Congrats on the great trip. That is an amazing score on hoos!
  49. yft1979

    The Fisherman

    Sorry for your loss.
  50. yft1979

    Peacocking the Amazon

    Looks like a blast! Awesome pics
  51. yft1979

    Kids Dec 23rd Yellows at Box Canyon

    Those are gonna be some great memories! Congrats!!!!
  52. yft1979

    Purple and neon green. Fancy build.

    That rod is amazing. I need to learn how to do that!
  53. yft1979

    Cousins Isw 859xf America theme

    Good looking wraps!
  54. yft1979

    Yellowtail and Wahoo jig stick

    I like the hybrid 869xh. Great all around stick. I use it for surface iron to yoyo jigging. Works well for yt and wahoo too!
  55. yft1979

    Opinions: rail rod rear grip

    Soft hypalon for my sensitive armpits!:D
  56. yft1979

    My next couple weeks

    That would take me a couple of years, lol !
  57. yft1979


    The iswb line are great rods. Really like rainshadow.
  58. yft1979

    Love this picture! Not sure why! Looks fake actually! :)

    It's a weeehooooo! Cool pic
  59. yft1979

    Wahoo Video - Alijos Rocks aboard the Excel

    Awesome vid. Skin fishing is a good time!
  60. yft1979

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    That is an awesome pic!
  61. yft1979

    CONDOR 12/10 Cortez fun time ripper last dance

    Crazy! Awesome report like usual!
  62. yft1979

    December to remember

    Crazy December congrats!
  63. yft1979

    Let see you best yellowtail

    My biggest 42lbs on a jig @ alijos bank. 75lber from alijos rocks. Caught by a buddy on our return trip home from hb.
  64. yft1979

    Finally on the water again

    Good looking vessel there. Congrats
  65. yft1979

    22' Seaway Pilothouse

    Cool looking boat. glws!
  66. yft1979


    Some good bass fishin there! Thanks for posting
  67. yft1979

    Avet LX Raptor or Okuma MK15 SEa for my 60lb rig ?

    Cant go wrong with either reel. I do like the maks though!
  68. yft1979

    2014 Epic Summer

    Cool video, I enjoyed it. Hopefully more of the same next year.
  69. yft1979

    Dec 5th Cortes Bank WFO

    Awesome, season is still going!
  70. yft1979

    Cheap swimbait blanks?

    Not sure of any cheaper rods, but both the 945 and 946 are fantastic swimbait rods. The 945 is my fav.
  71. yft1979

    Another PHD838

    Sick rod Wiseguy!
  72. yft1979

    Conflict At Clarion

    Those night Jacks are a good time!
  73. yft1979

    Marlin 6 miles out of Mission Bay

    Wow, nice fish
  74. yft1979

    My first cow!!!!!

    Congrats, Nice fish!
  75. yft1979

    Thanksgiving Tuna - 11/26

    Wow, what an amazing year. Your report was incredible. Yellowfin in November
  76. yft1979

    Conflict At Clarion

    Very good read Joe!
  77. yft1979

    "Raider" Wahoo Jigs

    Spanyid raiders are good. I believe they are the originals. Also like to upgrade all mine to 7691s or owner jobus. Learn how to braze, makes upgrading cheap and easy.
  78. yft1979

    Dana Point 11.25.14

    Thanks for the report Joe
  79. yft1979

    What type fluorocarbon do you prefer for 100 and 130?

    Have had good luck with the pink yozuri. Hard to beat the Fred hall show price too.
  80. yft1979

    Throwing plastic w/ straight spectra???

    2-3 feet. No knot inside the guides whIle casting. I think spectra casts better then mono..
  81. yft1979

    2000 PROLINE 25 WALK / 5.7L 300hp Crusader

    Nice boat. Good luck selling
  82. yft1979

    G Urushi

    Very nice Jim!
  83. yft1979

    Incredible Fisherman !!!!

    Awesome vid!
  84. yft1979

    2 BFT Chewing....."2.5 Day Report 6.15.2017"

    Good one Joe, enjoyed the read!
  85. yft1979

    skipjack outboard conversion performance question

    Thats a nice score!
  86. yft1979

    Tanner bank

    Awesome info Bud. Would like to try that out sometime!
  87. yft1979

    10 day Intrepid Nov 2-12 report

    Interesting read..
  88. yft1979

    American Angler 8-Day 11/2 - 11/10 Report

    Looking forward to some pics!
  89. yft1979

    Coronado islands 11-9-14

    Nice job on the yt and bonies!
  90. yft1979

    Chargers vs Chefs...

    Go Chargers!
  91. yft1979

    Prime Time Wahoo and Dodo Mayhem

    Damn J congrats, thats awesome!
  92. yft1979

    ONO you Didn't!

    Killer report dude!
  93. yft1979

    f/s roda and reels

    Sorry, no trades
  94. yft1979

    f/s roda and reels

    For sale avet ex pro30/2 narrow. $280 Avet sds=SOLD Custom calstar 770h with fuji hbsg sic guides and tip with alps real seat and gimble butt=$170 Factory black steel g6470h= sold custom full length super seeker 6463xxxh =sold custom full length 2x4,=SOLD custom by the late pbod full length...
  95. yft1979

    Rod for Shimano Tranx PG?

    Phenix hybrid 869xh! Awesome combo
  96. yft1979

    2014 SOA 6 day report year 2

    Cool report Jason, Nice sandbass!
  97. yft1979

    not a report but one is coming

    Nice, have fun out there!
  98. yft1979

    Tranx or Lexa for light jigs

    Love my tranx hg, paired with a phenix hybrid 869xh. Hard to find something that casts better. Can make many more casts with this outfit vs my old ulua-jx6/3 without tiring.
  99. yft1979


    no uni/uni! youtube rp knot
  100. yft1979

    Cedros on the Shogun

    Yeah those fish trap jigs break easy. Thanks for the report!
  101. yft1979

    Rpt.-2.5 day Condor 08-04-14 Tuna Destruction!

    Saw one of those probably 18 years ago off oside. I didn't know they were uncommon. Interesting! Awesome report Cory!
  102. yft1979

    Daiwa Luna 253 & Accurate Fury 400

    I've worn out a couple lunas, good while they were working.
  103. yft1979

    Triple Reels by Omoto

    Nice, think I am going to try one out!
  104. yft1979

    07/25 off Oside

    Beautiful fish!
  105. yft1979

    7/20 @ 43

    Nice fishes!
  106. yft1979

    Strange Catches on Long Range Trips

    182804 Some pompano Dorado from hb. Good bait. Small pieces of sardine on a tiny hook work well to catch them if you have a small school swimming around the boat. 182800 Weird pelagic octopus
  107. yft1979

    Strange Catches on Long Range Trips

    Yep, flying squid. Always see strange things out there!
  108. yft1979

    my 50exw did it again!

    That's awesome! Nice fish!
  109. yft1979

    Questions from a Hoo Nube

    On jigs, I like to run 80lb fluoro doubled up to the jig. Have Landed fish with one of the legs holding on.
  110. yft1979

    Calstar Grafighter 700xh for Wahoo

    I use the 600n, works great
  111. yft1979

    Spectra Adhesive

    "When you say "insert fluorocarbon into spectra", I am assuming you are using a splicing needle for it. Am I correct?" Needles are not needed at all. Just sand the tip of the fluorocarbon into a bullet shape. The only type of needle you might need is a reverse latch hook needle to make spliced...
  112. yft1979

    Need Help/advice with second jig stick.....

    Really like my Phenix phd869xh, 8"6". Matched with a tranx. Casts a 7x a mile. No use for my ulua anymore...
  113. yft1979

    40lb line class go to set up recommendations

    I'd definitely opt for the 700mh over the 700m for 40 lb all day long.
  114. yft1979

    Royal Polaris Trip report - Big trip 1

    Great recap Jeff, thanks for sharing!
  115. yft1979

    Loop to Loop; Shoop Shoop Hula Hoop?

    Mainly refers to using pre made short top shots with hollow line. Top shot is secured with either a serve or nail knot etc. There are spliced end loops at the end of the main line and top shot then connected with a cars pawl, I use two turns. G
  116. yft1979

    Okuma Makaira 20 SEA WOW!!!!!!

    I agrees. Love both of mine.
  117. yft1979

    Sick drone footage of our boat

    That was awesome!
  118. yft1979


    Scrambled egg and birdsh*t have always done me well!
  119. yft1979

    42 Inch Halibut.....From the Beach! 4/7

  120. yft1979

    Bye Bye Yee

    Hurray!!!!!!!!:gaygroup:!!!! Lets hope he has a good time in the
  121. yft1979

    Excel on the way to Clipperton

    Awesome, looking forward to the reports.. Have a couple friends going next month on the RP.
  122. yft1979

    Help: Ways to rig a Yummy Flyer?

    Not sure if you want to try, but last year on the Shogun Cole rigged up a dead flyer with it wings pinned open. And then rubber banded a small balloon onto its back. Not a big round balloon, just a small skinny one where the fish will not be able to see it from underneath. We were able to...
  123. yft1979

    Lexa 400 questions (updated)

    Put the wood to 6-7 yellows last year at alijos 25-35# with the tranx in one morning on our return trip from hb. Awesome reel!
  124. yft1979

    Favorite 100lb reel?

    atd 30, or mak 20!
  125. yft1979

    The Super Official Chargers Playoff Thread...

    Charger fan checking in!
  126. yft1979

    Note in Bottle Launched on LR Trip, Found

    Amazing how that bottle traveled more than 11 miles per day to reach Saipan. Which is roughly 5300 nm from the coast of Baja... How awesome is that!
  127. yft1979

    Note in Bottle Launched on LR Trip, Found

    Wow, Saipan.. That's awesome. Will definitely be looking for the details on that!
  128. yft1979

    Question on circle hooks...

    Braze with silver solder. Not gonna hurt them. If you look at the 7691dt's they are brazed shut..
  129. yft1979

    Lady Angler with a super cow.

    Not bad at all! Nice fish
  130. yft1979

    Accurate/Red Rooster Trip

    Thanks for the good read Sir!
  131. yft1979

    Monster Yellowtail on the Vagabond!!

    Beautiful fish, that why I like to fish Alijos. First bait could be a 10 lber, next can be a 75...
  132. yft1979

    Maximus 3.5 day trip (2 of 5)

    Terrific report as usual. Looks like a blast!
  133. yft1979

    American Angler 10 day fish report Nov 3-13

    Nice report Jerry! Congrats on the 100lber
  134. yft1979

    Excel on Big Fish @ Clarion

    Its 865 nm straight shot.
  135. yft1979

    Excel on Big Fish @ Clarion

    Excel is a fast boat and they could even get in an extra morning at clarion and still make it home on time. Clarion is 80 less miles to sd then hurricane is.
  136. yft1979

    Will at the bank at 12:30

    Looking forward to the report, hopefully the wifi keeps on doing what its doing!
  137. yft1979

    LR videos to get you pumped for your trip

    Nice videos, gets the blood pumping..
  138. yft1979

    Tyson, well deserved WIN!

    Thats awesome, congrats to tyson.
  139. yft1979

    Poor little fellers went and got themselves dead

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes in my book...
  140. yft1979

    Merritt "Bent Rods" 10-Day EXCEL Charter

    Looking forward to updates, have a good trip!
  141. yft1979


    Dayummmm, I quite possibly might be a bit jealous...!!!
  142. yft1979

    Rpt-10-28-13-Once upon a 10 day Long Range Trip aboard the Royal Polaris!

    Excellent report Tunaslam! Looked like a good time.
  143. yft1979

    AR Buffer Tube

    The threads on a commercial spec tube are the same as a milspec tube. The only fitting issues you need to worry about are with the butt stock. If it isnt screwing into the lower receiver then the threads are messed up on either your buffer tube or the lower.
  144. yft1979

    Intrepid Catchy Tackle brief report

    20 cows in 3 days, not too shabby. Thanks for the brief report!
  145. yft1979

    Swim bait rod??

    Single wrap, double foot guides on all mine. No issues
  146. yft1979

    RR3 - 8 Day Seaguar sponsored Oct 11-19, 2013

    Awesome report! Way to go on the skin fish!
  147. yft1979

    Intrepid - The cows are swarming...

    Wow, amazing trip for sure! - - - Updated - - - Wow, amazing trip for sure!
  148. yft1979

    Intrepid report - moo

    Sounds like a killer trip, way to go David!
  149. yft1979

    100+ WAHOO.... in one day !!

    That is a huge number of hoo for 1 day. I wonder how many were hooked to land 100... Im jealous!
  150. yft1979

    Report 2-1/2 Day on Pacific Star

    Excellent info, gonna pack some iron for sure!
  151. yft1979

    150 lb BFT on the Excel today

    That fishes big brother is on my to do list... Congrats nice fish!
  152. yft1979


    How I used to fish a lot out of Oceanside... Skip the receiver bait and stop on an offshore paddy and load up on mini macks. Ive noticed the smaller sizes of sabiki fly typically worked the best.
  153. yft1979

    Spectra backing

    All depends on reel size, on reels with limited capacity I use 40lb backing with zero worries about it.
  154. yft1979

    Drone for Tuna/Kelp paddy Locating

    Funny, Ive been thinking about this idea for a LONG time!
  155. yft1979

    late report Vagabond July 14th - 17th

    Badass report Darren! Need to get me some..
  156. yft1979

    80% lower anodizing ?

    Maybe look into cerakote gun coating. Very tough finish and multiple colors to choose from. If going the anodizing route id go type 3 hard anodize.
  157. yft1979

    another big mako 6/11/13

    Nice fish! Wtg on the release!
  158. yft1979

    Oh Lord! (aka - RR3 June Heat)

    Fantastic trip report Laurens. Tough fishing down below seems to be norm lately.
  159. yft1979

    Intrepid Loftus Martin Short Report

    Sorry to hear about the slow fishing. Always next time!
  160. yft1979

    shogun/accu 15 day

    Looking good Lance! Need to catch me a yellow like that!
  161. yft1979

    8 or 10 dayer?? Differences

    Fished a 10 day 4 or 5 years ago in nov/dec. The rocks were dead so we made an inside route south. We caught tuna or yellowtail 8 out of the 10 days. Fished the lower banks for 2.5 days and even caught some cow size fish. Fun trip!
  162. yft1979

    What rod would you pair with a Tranx for surface iron?

    I'm using a phenix hybrid 869xh on mine. Cast a2z's nicely on my last trip. Casting the tranx is effortless!
  163. yft1979

    BX2-500 vs 600N: Line Capacity - in reality, not specs online

    This is incorrect, the 600n hold quite a bit more as it is the same width as the 500. Much taller though
  164. yft1979


    If they are disassembled they are legal as a rebuild kit...
  165. yft1979

    Completed my first build

    Damn, that's a nice AR15 pistol! Dianne Feinstein will not agree with me!
  166. yft1979

    'anyone know how the bait situation looks?

    Just got off the shogun and we had some of the best bait I have seen in years.
  167. yft1979

    best hookup for JB 130# & 200#

    You guys stole my idea, I was gonna try and corner the market at $10 each. Buy 5 and get the 6th free...
  168. yft1979

    shogun/accu 15 day

    Another interesting story.. Ken, Jack and I were up late one night fishing at the bank. The occasional small flier would make its way onto the deck. We were just soaking some baits, our rods were in the trolling straps waiting for a bite. When all of a sudden a wave rolls by the boat and...
  169. yft1979

    shogun/accu 15 day

    Jacks 287. I believe it at a salami and was close to spooling him. Backup was at the ready...
  170. yft1979

    shogun/accu 15 day

    Nice fishing with you Jack! You definitely put your time in at the rail and were rewarded. I think there is a reason they say to fish heavy line and big hooks in the dark. Thanks for the beer too:hali_olutta: Till next time...
  171. yft1979

    Royal Polaris Trip Report 4-13

    Awesome report Jeff! You guys timed it perfectly!
  172. yft1979

    shogun/accu 15 day

    Ken also picked off a nice tuna on that bird school. Sippin some cold ones as the latitude decreased. First view of Clarion Some killer giant turkey sammiches Couple of island residents. Timed that perfectly Ken's daughters with a little graffiti on Dad's jig. Unfortunately...
  173. yft1979

    shogun/accu 15 day

    Not only wearing boots, but his precious little toes were also wrapped in flex wrap for more protection:rofl:
  174. yft1979

    shogun/accu 15 day

    Getting a bite on bait at the hb was a tough task. I tried everything. Chunck, flyline dine, sinker dine, flyline puffer, puffer on a sinker. Balloon rig with dine/cocinero/puffer. Skipjack, small yellowfin, green mackerel. Caught some strange mackerel that was mixed with the rainbow...
  175. yft1979

    Procedure for Clarion camp check-in?

    Check in was quick for us. About an hour.
  176. yft1979

    shogun/accu 15 day

    Gary G. I knew it was gonna be close as they like to tape a bit lightly.
  177. yft1979

    shogun/accu 15 day

    Shogun/accurate 4/19-5/04 15 day report. Loading up on bait at the Receiver. Lance showing off his tackle assortment. He was very generous making kite leaders for anyone that needed one. Aaron and Cole giving us a seminar on our way down. Sunrise on our approach to clarion...
  178. yft1979

    Tackle question

    :eek: damn, would like to see that one too...
  179. yft1979

    Intrepid May 11 L&M trip..15 day

    Just for an fyi, Clarion is about 70nm closer to San Diego then Hb. So about 7 hours less travel time. Alijos is also directly in the path of a straight shot from Point loma-Clarion.
  180. yft1979

    A Sight To See!

    Awesome pics, eagles are badddasssss
  181. yft1979

    The Tranx

    Picked one up to try out on hoo next week. 15 days on the shogun! Tranx/phenix 869xh is gonna be a killer combo!
  182. yft1979

    8 cows and 1 Super on the RP First Morning

    Save a couple for me too, I leave in 6 days!!!
  183. yft1979

    9' or 8' iron stick ?? Pros & cons

    Use a 10' plus ulua nowadays. But for years fished a calstar 6480 8' 30-60 glass rod. A good jig slinger can get plenty of distance with an 8' stick. All in the technique...
  184. yft1979

    Jay Cook - You the man bro!

    Those is Noiiiiice!
  185. yft1979

    Wicked Tuna and Spectra

    Think Ive seen the same thing on river monsters. Type of rod would change. Go from a ringed rod to a roller or something like that.:shithappens:
  186. yft1979

    AR Lowers from J&D

    I think every company has a little bit of that going on right now. I have an 80% on order from ares and got a lead time of
  187. yft1979

    Crazy Question

    I think Bruce is going to have some dedicated fly trips down to mag bay on the fortune this year!
  188. yft1979

    AR Lowers from J&D

    Have one, very nice. They machine lowers for dozens of other companies too...
  189. yft1979


    Cool video Bruce. Makes we want to get back into fly fishing!
  190. yft1979

    Hey Kurt your state

    Heard this clip earlier... Makes me laugh every time.
  191. yft1979

    Blank recs for 40# and 50# rigs for Wahoo

    Finishing up my phenix hybrid 869xh build. Will let you know how it works out for surface iron later this month on the 15 shogun trip. Think it will work nicely for Wahoo on the iron. Will be matched with a tranx hg.
  192. yft1979

    Old Revo inshore part exchange

    Mine is on the brink, need to do this upgrade soon. Have 2 toro 50s too that I need to do...
  193. yft1979

    JoeBoboutfitters review

    Same here, have had good luck with joebobs
  194. yft1979

    L.J. yellow

    Always fun on the iron! Nice fish
  195. yft1979

    Avet sds and daiwa ld20 2spd

    sorry reel is sold, and its more of a 30lb reel.
  196. yft1979

    Wahoo on an Avet SX

    x2, will be using an sx later this month with this technique...
  197. yft1979

    Only Blues

    Nice, blues are always fun to C&R!
  198. yft1979

    indy. 16 dayer - on water report.

    Good luck out there Min. Keep us posted on the fishing!
  199. yft1979

    Help selecting a hollow core line

    I keep hearing about smaller reels lacking i n capacity... Well I just finished up loading my new 20se with 800 yds of 100lb jb hollow. I say go with jb.
  200. yft1979

    80% lower build

    Have one on order, gonna machine it myself. No paper work is a plus.
  201. yft1979

    Room-mate from Hell - again....

    Stories like this scare me from going solo...
  202. yft1979


    4x mustad demons in 6/0 and 7/0. Perfect for dines.
  203. yft1979

    help, losing my memory

    yuppppp. Tarbaby color
  204. yft1979

    New Makaira 20

    850 yds... not bad at all
  205. yft1979

    yellowfin tuna on the point loma?

    And a bunch of albamacore!
  206. yft1979

    catalina new pb calico

    That's huge! Congrats
  207. yft1979

    the shad bite at Vail

    Good stuff Tommie, do you have to have a membership to fish there?
  208. yft1979

    Mak 20 or 30

    Not a fan of wide reels
  209. yft1979

    Mak 20 or 30

    I say go against the grain and get a 20. Taking 3 next month...
  210. yft1979

    The Good The Bad And The Ugly (Part two)

    Amazing job on Angel Eyes!
  211. yft1979

    Clarion starting to produce again

    Exciting news, 4 Fridays from today I am loading up for 15....
  212. yft1979

    Help on final blank decisions :)

    x2, excellent rods.
  213. yft1979


    Good lookin stick Wiseguy! like the colors
  214. yft1979

    50# reel

    Id opt 2 speed. 5 day to the lupe has a possibility of 100+ yellowfin. Try the classified board for a near new 2 speed. Plenty in your price range. Id stay away from the tld 2 speed, unless you want to modify it?
  215. yft1979

    30lb YellowTail!!!!!!!! Go fishing!!!!

    Nice! 40 and 50 lb for sure. Don't want to be messing around with these fish with 20...
  216. yft1979


    Oh it will, spring is gooooood for hoo!
  217. yft1979

    Swimbaits don't work

    damn that's a hog!
  218. yft1979

    Best guides for braided line?

    Ive never broken nor cracked a sic ringed guide. Most of my guides are fuji...
  219. yft1979

    Clipperton fly fishing

    Video is awesome Bruce. Nice bfts!
  220. yft1979

    AK-47's Spawning FULL SPEED!!!!

    Badass vid! Crazy finding an AK like that.
  221. yft1979

    Best guides for braided line?

    But silicon carbide look cool!!!!
  222. yft1979

    US Senate proposed ban DOA

    Not to worry, Clownifornia will just pass what the feds can't...
  223. yft1979

    Killed the yellows at the Nados 3-17-13

    Damnnnn, U guys whacked um... Way to go!
  224. yft1979

    Yellow & Orange

    Your grip work is fantastic! And so is everything else!
  225. yft1979

    Knot for spectra to spectra

    Yep, uni/uni works good in spectra/spectra. Dont like it at all spectra/mono or fluoro...
  226. yft1979

    Shogun 15 day in May

    Midnight Dloop yellow bite @ the bank!
  227. yft1979

    Rapala X-Rap Mag 30, 20, 15s

    Bring them and try them. Just make sure they mind their own business running in the spread. Wahoo will hit them.
  228. yft1979

    Wahoo on 7-day late July?

    Slight chance, hoo can be had at alijos in July. W.ill the trip make it too the rocks? That's another story..
  229. yft1979

    Rainshadow ISWB 946 Rod

    Awesome line of swimbait rods!
  230. yft1979

    Shogun 15 day in May

    See you in April!:hali_olutta:
  231. yft1979

    Rainbow Runners

    Ive heard there are a couple types of AJ's, 1=shitty eating, the other=excellent?
  232. yft1979

    Rapala X-Rap Mag 30, 20, 15s

    Buddy had one connected to his leg... connected to a small yft...
  233. yft1979

    Rainbow Runners

    THis is what I meant, when targeting big yellowfin and wahoo not so desired. Any other time I'm fishing I am all in!
  234. yft1979


    Paulus has the toro tamer tests up today.
  235. yft1979

    Meet Jenny

  236. yft1979

    Rapala X-Rap Mag 30, 20, 15s

    The small size kicks ass for albies and small yft out of san diego. Always troll with them on private boats.
  237. yft1979

    Rainbow Runners

    Junk fish on a long range boat. Lots of them @ hurricane bank.
  238. yft1979

    Windon top shot jig

    Its used to hold a leader of mono or fluoro that has been inserted into hollow spectra. Then secured with a serve or knail knot.
  239. yft1979

    Mak 20SEaII for 130#?

    I will have 1 rigged with 130 and 1 with 100 in April. Both loaded with 700 yds of 100jb spliced to a short section of 130 jb. No prob at all with 130...
  240. yft1979

    Shogun 15 day in May

    No I meant smaller. Shogun does cruise 1/4-1/2 knot slower then the bigger boats.
  241. yft1979

    Shogun 15 day in May

    Shogun handles rough weather just fine. For longer trips they convert the port side fish hold to another couple hundred scoop live well.
  242. yft1979

    Shogun 15 day in May

    We will have at least 7 full days of fishing on this trip. I was on the shoguns last trip to the hb. We left sd @ 9am on a Friday and arrived at hb @ 10am tues. The Indy arrived 2 hrs earlier then us. We fished 5 full days on a 13 day. The shogun cruises near the same speed as the smaller...
  243. yft1979


    I use a beiter Winder profi. They are da bomb.
  244. yft1979


    Im partial to a full length xxxh super seeker. Excellent stick!
  245. yft1979

    JOAB or Yo-Zuri Bonita to Troll for Wahoo?

    Ive tried on two or three occassions dragging a pink one and have not been hit on any of the tries. The trips were kinda slow on the wahoo side though. Will try it out again next month on the shogun!
  246. yft1979

    Knots for spectra to mono and spectra to swivel

    uni-uni spectra to mono/fluoro= no bueno. Many many failures. This is like a 60% knot
  247. yft1979

    Knots for spectra to mono and spectra to swivel

    learn the "tony pena" knot. Skip the swivel. Youtube has vids...
  248. yft1979

    Sabiki bait catchers

    Good looking salami flies Jeff. Gonna have to try some of those out.
  249. yft1979

    Rod recommendation for Tranx HG

    Bought a phenix hybrid 869xh blank for that very reel. Will try it out in april on my 15 day...
  250. yft1979

    Take Joe's advice...

    thats fantastic!
  251. yft1979

    The Day it Rained at Bikini Island 1946

    Same here, grandfather was a pretty high up in the Navy and was part of Nuclear testing in the pacific. Very interesting stories!
  252. yft1979

    reel for 900m

    Comes in handy if you are skipping a jig at alijos and hook a big yellowfin. And the whole star drags cast way better then lever drags is bs imo. Ive used plenty of both and see little difference.
  253. yft1979

    The Good The Bad And The Ugly (Part 1)

    One of my favorite movies... Even better weave!
  254. yft1979

    Watch out for the Customs Agents

    Damn J sounds no bueno... Hopefully the dude had the decency to offer you a smoke after he fondled ur junk 3x:rofl:
  255. yft1979

    Basking Sharks seen again off Socal

    Awesome, would like to see one. Will be on the lookout
  256. yft1979

    Adding text to photos

    Thats a fantastic shark weave Steve!
  257. yft1979

    reel for 900m

    A jx6/3 is a very good surface iron reel. Magging it definitely helps in the casting department and can be done on the cheep. I used to use a 533 but never liked how bulky it was.
  258. yft1979

    Adding text to photos

    You can also upload the photos here and do the same thing!
  259. yft1979

    Clipperton, nonfishing related events.

    Cool stuff Spike! My bucket list fo sho
  260. yft1979

    AR style sights - preferences

    Aimpoint pro, battery will last over a year.
  261. yft1979

    Anyone Use This Top Shot Manuf? Opinions?

    My money is on this, and is why I serve my topshots as tight as my serving tool allows!
  262. yft1979

    A2Bling Jig

    I WANT ONE! That's Purdy! Are your regular a2z tribute jigs available? Have a 15 day in April I'd like to try one out on.
  263. yft1979

    SKB Box

    I have the 7100 with the jig area cut out to accept 2 extra Plano boxes. Rod tubes are a must.
  264. yft1979

    Let's talk uppers

    How to: 300 blk brass out of 556 cases.
  265. yft1979

    Let's talk uppers

    300 blackout stacks side by side just like 556. Ammo is expensive, but readily available online. Will fire sub or supersonic depending on the load. 762x39 will need its own bolt, barrel, mags.
  266. yft1979

    Let's talk uppers

    What about a 300 blackout? All you need is a 300 barrel. Same mags as 556, Same bolt. On par with the 7.62x39 ballistically. Can use a cut down 556 case for reloading. Dont have, but is on my short list. cool video G
  267. yft1979

    Batson 822.5

    Those grips are AWESOME! beautiful work!
  268. yft1979


    Try the robduilding forum, I think Scold is up in that area?
  269. yft1979

    Windon top shot jig

    Welcome Mike, glad you like Garrett
  270. yft1979

    Trips you have booked for the 2013-2014 season

    Shogun 4/19 15 day Accu trip.
  271. yft1979

    Calico Spinner

    Nice again Wiseguy, your two toned grips are sweet!
  272. yft1979

    American Angler gets another Super

    Big fish can be had down below all year long, but the long range fleet doesn't fish these areas between june and oct much... hurricane season.
  273. yft1979

    Cow reel service

    x2, much easier than people think...
  274. yft1979

    Cow reel service

    Kens in Oside will do them all!
  275. yft1979

    Splicing question. Topshots

    Just measured some and it is 1.2 mm 150#=1.43 200#=1.53 100#=.99 80#=0.9 Izor sizes
  276. yft1979

    Kens Custom Reels 14 day on the A.A. Who's going?

    Nice, what a way to start a trip!
  277. yft1979

    Windon top shot jig

    Stainless steel top shot jig for making custom windon leaders. Measures 17" long and 7.75" tall. Breaks down for travelling $55
  278. yft1979

    Splicing question. Topshots

    80# into 130, try a dual wall topshot.
  279. yft1979

    Introducing the Saltydawg SD 70XXH

    Cool blank BIll!
  280. yft1979

    Excel Jan 6 - 21st...

    Nice pictures! Where was the sailfish caught at?
  281. yft1979

    Scales with barbed wire twist

    Those are SICK Bill!
  282. yft1979

    Ammo buying gone wild

    Same thing happened last time too... 1,000,000 rnds in an hour from aim. Crazyness.
  283. yft1979

    "New-ed" up Sabre

    Nice rewrap Dan the bass man! My dad has an old chocolate colored sabre asking for a rewrap!.. Also recently tried out Jims hypalon install method too, it kicks ass of course!
  284. yft1979

    Grouper World Record is Official Now

    Beauty! Congrats on the record!
  285. yft1979

    A Week in PV Maximus Style (Pic Heavy)

    THat looks like a beeeitchin time! Thanks for the report Erika. U rock!
  286. yft1979

    JIGNPOP 9/15 days trip on the Excel is around the corner

    Nice Pargo! Dont see those too often off sd boats.
  287. yft1979

    Hollow braid vs. solid - advice?

    x2, Tony Pena knot here for anything under 50. Will tye a uni/uni when in a hurry, but they definitely are not nearly as strong... Have lost many fish using this method. Everyone says you need a needle to insert mono/fluoro into hollow, but this is not the case... Ive made hundreds of wind...
  288. yft1979

    Homer Simpson/Duff Beer Progression pics.

    Id consider that top TOP shelf! Need to learn how to weave...
  289. yft1979

    3M Heatshrink vs Coldshink foregrip cover

    I hear the cold shrink is much more durable. I have toasted some hot shrink in one trip on a heavy rail rod. Havent tried the cold shrink though...
  290. yft1979

    Indy 15 day Seeker Rods

    Some good pictures there! Quite a few familiar faces in them. Thanks!
  291. yft1979

    One good deed deserves another....

    That is top shelf right there! The sparkle thread is nice!
  292. yft1979

    Tigers and marbles headed north

    That green is BRIGHT! I like. Nice builds
  293. yft1979

    Wife pregnant need some prayers.

    Prayers for you, hope all goes well!
  294. yft1979

    JIGNPOP 9/15 days trip on the Excel is around the corner

    Thats a beautiful looking morning right there!
  295. yft1979

    tree huggers

    Congrats to you!
  296. yft1979

    Assassination Attempt

    Read it was a hoax. Not a firearm, but a pepper spray gun.
  297. yft1979

    Rasta Tiger

    THat tiger is clean! Well done!
  298. yft1979

    bassin in the big bay

    x3 on not touching them, my dads thumb learned that lesson. haha
  299. yft1979

    15 day Excel/JigNpop.. Let the Adventure Begin

    Good luck Jamie, eagerly awaiting updates!
  300. yft1979

    Excel Jan 6 - 21st...

    Nice thanks for the report! Three more months...
  301. yft1979

    Indy is on Fuego!

    Incredible fishing!!! 01-19-2013 - Today was one of those days that every long range fisherman dreams of. 81 tuna and 20 wahoo was the tally for the day, 14 cows in the butch along with another handful that may make the mark. The rest of the fish are all in the 140 to 198 range. Everything...
  302. yft1979

    Holy crap, I leave tomorrow!!

    Safe travels, it is very addicting...
  303. yft1979

    Need gun dork help

    Looks good Nate! What happened to the jd lower?
  304. yft1979

    Factory Bass rod - customised.

    Thats a sweet looking tiger!
  305. yft1979

    Calstar 800L with a different blue...

    Great as always Jim. I like the blue turkshead.
  306. yft1979

    X shrink wrap

    I started out using dual sided tape, but have since moved to no adhesive at all. No problems so far.
  307. yft1979

    My halibut rods

    Nice looking rods! What size halibut do you get in Norway?
  308. yft1979

    700mh rebuild

    Originally built this rod 3 or 4 years ago and since then it had aquired quit bit of boat rash. Since its the offseason for me why not rewrap? So I did! Stripped it down, sanded it, and put a couple coats of cpxtra on the blank. Some shrink tube over the grips and a new wrap job...
  309. yft1979

    Forget about Lance and Teo, here's real inspiration

    Thats an awesome story, thanks for posting Debi!
  310. yft1979

    Phenix Elixir Trout Rod

    The purple goes good with that darker cork. Nice build Wiseguy
  311. yft1979

    New Standup Rod with AFTCO Rollers

    Nice green rod! Big fan of green myself
  312. yft1979

    Epic Fishing

    Wahoo fishing is usually HOT this time of year at hb and the buffer zone!
  313. yft1979

    live on cnn

    Yeah, maybe start with the AG?:shithappens:
  314. yft1979


    That pigment looks sweet! Bubbles piss me off!
  315. yft1979

    This one....

    Never nice build Bill.
  316. yft1979

    Accurate 30T vs. Okuma MAK20IISEA

    Okuma definitely has a winner with the special edition models as they took Alan Tani's advice and are now packing the non spool bearings completely with grease. They are also deshielding the spool bearings and using a light oil to improve freespool straight from the factory. Ever since I have...
  317. yft1979


    three A threads base wrap, burnish a bit. 1 coat of finish. Two top threads 1 "C" and 1 sac "D" opposite direction and then a top coat of finish.
  318. yft1979

    New Year in PV

    Nice fish Dennis!
  319. yft1979

    Confused X-wrap

    Possibly could have used a size too big on the xrap. I use the smallest size I can that will fit over the grips.
  320. yft1979

    Epic Fishing

    Never know, always up and down. Just have to go and find out. WHat trip are you on in april? Im on the shogun
  321. yft1979

    Accurate 30T vs. Okuma MAK20IISEA

    Have both and fish both. Like them equally. The mak being $400 cheaper definitely helped my purchasing decision when I added another reel to my arsenal...
  322. yft1979

    Opinion. Avet or Mak?

    Mak 20 vs avet 30= Mak all day long. Lighter spool better and gearing. The avet 30 low gear is a bit high imho.
  323. yft1979

    Phenix Black Diamond PHD760XH

    cool orangy tiger, I like. Need to do an orange themed rod for a friend.
  324. yft1979

    how do you wash spectra?

    Though its a bit of work, I wash all my spectra with the swifty spool then wind it loosely onto an old reel that I no longer use and then wind from there onto the intended reel using the drag of the unused reel to tension the line. Packs it nicely, but does take a bit of time...
  325. yft1979

    how do you wash spectra?

    Makes no difference with solid or hollow, they both collect salt water... I use the swifty spool to wash.
  326. yft1979


    That is a cool pic Blaine!
  327. yft1979

    Tarpon Fly Rod

  328. yft1979

    What is your favorite braided line?

    jb for the win!
  329. yft1979

    Elk Vigil in CO

  330. yft1979


    x3 A mak 20SEA holds 700+ yds of jb100 has 55lbs drag @ max drag. IPC @ 15" low gear. Atd 30 holds 700+ yds of jb100. Could not find the drag capabilities, but know it is plenty. IPC @ 14" low gear. Sds 50 holds 700 yds 130spectra, 55lbs at full drag. IPC @ 15" low gear. Weighs over...
  331. yft1979

    Ruger made it easy

    done dunner
  332. yft1979

    Manning gets $96 million

  333. yft1979

    XL trip update

    It can be found on Google earth labeled shimada seamount. Look 190 or so miles south West of clarion. More West then south. Really neat to see what it looks likes!
  334. yft1979

    XL trip update

    Nice, good timing again for the xl!
  335. yft1979

    Build #3

    That thing looks fantastic!
  336. yft1979

    Pheinx Jigger

    I really like your fish wraps!
  337. yft1979

    Phenix UMBX blue and gold

  338. yft1979

    Phenix PSW 760ML

    The red/black shrink tube looks good! Nice build Wiseguy
  339. yft1979

    Cow Town Fishing

    I concur!
  340. yft1979

    Shogun 5day 12/26-31 quick report

    Sounds like a good time! Get to see what the new crew has to offer in april!
  341. yft1979

    Reel seat and grip epoxy

    Interesting, might have to try that out when I run out! Thanks for the heads up
  342. yft1979

    Fluorocarbon burn test

    I prefer the taste test myself
  343. yft1979

    Calstar 700h

  344. yft1979

    Avet question

    step away from the wide!
  345. yft1979

    Red Rooster III 12/8-12/18

    Glad you had a good time! Its addicting isn't it!
  346. yft1979

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    No kidding about those sickles Jeff, those are HUGE!
  347. yft1979

    Royal Polaris 5 day 12/26-12/31

    Good stuff! Thanks for the report
  348. yft1979

    My new arms...

    Very nice safe! I like a lot. Gonna be in the market eventually.
  349. yft1979

    Best Cow Reel

    For sardines its a toss up between the atd30 and mak20. Have both and fish both.
  350. yft1979

    Charkbait Toro Tamer Spectra

    Very interest to see what the actual breaking strength of the toro tamer 80# is. Not much bigger in diameter then the jb100 and if it tests near the same 110-120 it would be a very good deal...
  351. yft1979

    Calstar 7465M

    Would you be interested in a trade for some custom reel balancing?
  352. yft1979

    Interested in your comments

    Good one Steve!
  353. yft1979

    my new setup

    Nice, I really like my alps chuck!
  354. yft1979

    Long Range photos, lets see them

    lunch kite baits pb 42# yt pompano dorado/kite baits no wire bait caught hoo 4x getting a bend Blanket octopus per Holi E Mackeral dad and I
  355. yft1979


    Well blow me down!
  356. yft1979

    Bullard Pigments.......1st teaser

    Nice Jim! Need to learn your wizardry
  357. yft1979

    Glow Iron at the lower banks?

    They definitely act strange once hooked. Couple times I thought I was picked up by a 20 lber, ended up gaining a 100+ lbs.
  358. yft1979

    bolt carrier for an ar

    Bcg's have been scarce lately. Best bet is try ebay. Or try the equipment exchange on
  359. yft1979

    AR Lower, complete or stripped

    Ares armor oceanside. Not sure if they have any in stock, but you can do the machining there for $65
  360. yft1979


    I use a self magged jx6/3 with a composite ulua. I opted for the jx over the 533 which I sold. I like a bit smaller reel for surface iron. Loaded with straight spectra and a 3' top shot.
  361. yft1979

    Glow Iron at the lower banks?

    Was thinking the same, but we didn't see very many sharks for the entire trip. And lots of tuna were being hooked at the time on jigs?
  362. yft1979

    Glow Iron at the lower banks?

    I got chewed off last year at hurricane.
  363. yft1979

    Communists are pretty funny

    And as alvways, have nice day!
  364. yft1979

    Phenix Recon 796H

    No experience with the phenix, but can recommend the rainshadow swimbait blanks. With the 945 being my favorite.
  365. yft1979

    Merry Christmas to all

    Merry Christmas!
  366. yft1979

    G-Urushi with the blues

    Very nice!
  367. yft1979

    Yote down

    Nice yote! I keep reading that you cant hunt with that type of rifle... strange
  368. yft1979

    Have a Merry everyone

    Merry Christmas Capt. Richie!
  369. yft1979

    Communists are pretty funny

    Adam Lanza broke a hundred laws the day he went on his shooting spree. Many of you think we need to pass more laws or the right law. And once we do we will stop the next adam Lanza and it will be utopia... Well carry on and keep chasing those rainbows and unicorns.
  370. yft1979

    Ar magazines?

    Yup, its insane
  371. yft1979

    San Clemente Island Calicos **Video**

    Awesome Video! Clemente kicks ass!
  372. yft1979

    Netflix movie favorites list

    Tucker and Dale vs Evil is fanstastic!
  373. yft1979

    New IGFA YFT Record

    Wahoodad tried It with Didnt gain any traction though. Wish it had...
  374. yft1979

    Anothe Phenix....

    Nice marble job Jim. Your sticks rock!
  375. yft1979

    Best 2spd Reel for your $$$

    They are all very good
  376. yft1979

    Can I grope a mackerel?

    Yep, long range boats toss out macks if they hit the deck...
  377. yft1979

    Glow Iron at the lower banks?

    I bet you won't be going to the lower banks!
  378. yft1979

    Clay is gay bass rod

    Sweet green stick Bill!
  379. yft1979

    Old School Calstar 865XH

    Excellent work Jim, your olive branches are fantastic!
  380. yft1979


    That JTDS looks GOOOOOD!
  381. yft1979

    Ar magazines?

    I like pmags too, just make sure if you get some 10/20 or 10/30 pmags that they only hold 10.
  382. yft1979

    Last minute shopper

    Killer job on the grips.
  383. yft1979

    Intrepid Larry Brown 14 Day: 12/4-12/18 Report

    fantastic report, I enjoyed reading it! Any chunk fishing work?
  384. yft1979

    AR Lower, complete or stripped

    Damn a couple months ago the PSA stripped lowers were like 80 bucks at Turners. Have a couple uppers waiting for a mate!
  385. yft1979

    Rail Rod for 50 size reel

    FULL length 6463xxxh here
  386. yft1979

    Trippy Tiger

    Beautiful Throop wrap bill! Big fan of tigers myself
  387. yft1979

    Golden Eagle tries snatching small child

    Saw this on another site... crazy!
  388. yft1979

    Need a little info about Makira 20SEa and 30SEa

    I have the standard 20 and an se. Havent fished the se yet, but I am getting the standard upgraded because I like the bigger handle. I wanted to just upgrade the handle, but It was going to cost exactly the same as the upgrade kit. So I decided to send it in. The se models also holds a...
  389. yft1979

    The wahoo wrap

    Beauty! Diggin the skin wrap
  390. yft1979

    Phenix M1's

    Nice sticks wiseguy! Me likey. Need to try out some cork
  391. yft1979

    Sign this pro gun petition

    You talk like the assault rifle ban will be the end all be all fix to the nations problems. Did It stop Columbine? Would it have stopped the Virginia tech shootings? Would It have stopped Gabby Giffords from being shot? Maybe instead of trying to limit second amendment rights, why not...
  392. yft1979

    80% lower??

    Will probably be paying them a visit soon...
  393. yft1979

    Sign this pro gun petition

  394. yft1979

    Sign this pro gun petition

    The Bath School disaster is the name given to three bombings in Bath Township, Michigan, on May 18, 1927, which killed 38 elementary school children, two teachers, and four other adults; at least 58 people were injured. The perpetrator killed his wife first, and later committed suicide in his...
  395. yft1979

    How the hell?

    Threads were probably messed up. You need to run a tap thru the hole to retap it.
  396. yft1979

    Cow Blanks

    For "on the cheap" how about an old E glass baja boomer blank rated 60-130. Sorry gave an old price found in a search. They are now $80
  397. yft1979

    Mighty Maroons

    Clean work Pedro!
  398. yft1979

    Alps guides

    I wrapped a ss xxxh with those pacbay titanuim turbos for my dad a few years ago. No issues so far.
  399. yft1979

    Jungle Camo

    Nice looking stick Bill, very jungly.
  400. yft1979

    Makaira 30IISE

    X2. 2x4 over the 1x3 all day long fishing big fish.
  401. yft1979

    For those who use 30 size or smaller reels for cow....

    Makaira 20 loaded with 100jb has near the same capacity as most non wide 50s loaded with 130. Sometimes they just can't be stopped. If the reel mentioned was indeed a standard Avet 30 vs the wide then it is more like a narrow. Much lower capacity reel.
  402. yft1979

    Calstar GF700L

    That is fantastic Mr. Zombie
  403. yft1979

    Maximus Style

    Nice report Kil. Need to get down there soon!
  404. yft1979

    Identify this Ecuadorian fish!

    Maybe trigger. There are many different types of them.
  405. yft1979

    Worlds Biggest Yellowfin Tuna 445lbs

    Remember reading somewhere that most of the 200+ are actually males.
  406. yft1979

    T/C Dimension

    That definitely looks interesting. Found a price somewhere that said $649 for the rifle, and under 1000 when you add an addition barrel/bolt/mags.
  407. yft1979

    I joined the club...

    I really like the 700mh for 40. 765l for 50
  408. yft1979

    Some of my latest builds

    Those look good Josh!
  409. yft1979

    cow rod

    Any more details on the type of reels that failed and what the failures were?
  410. yft1979

    cow rod

    Yep, my 3x and 4x came out between 6'9" and 6'10" after I wrapped them.
  411. yft1979

    cow rod

    Yes.. Donna, what is your plan for the new combo? Would help narrow down choices in rods.
  412. yft1979

    cow rod

    WoW, so your saying a super seeker 6463xxxxh cant handle 30+ lbs of drag? :eyepoppin Guess I didn't get that memo...
  413. yft1979

    cow rod

    I would opt for a 3x or 4x full length super seeker vs the 2x4. I like the 2x4 but more of a 100lb rod to me. Fishing a 2x4 on a 50 wide kinda defeats the purpose of having a light tip.
  414. yft1979

    Aging Gracefully in Long Range

    Glad you had a good time Jamie, good read!
  415. yft1979

    Blue spectra

    x2, not sure about blue but some colors are much more difficult to see in low light levels. I stick to white
  416. yft1979

    Split Personality

    That thing is clean! ... I think I need to learn how to paint
  417. yft1979

    Worlds Biggest Yellowfin Tuna 445lbs

    Thats cool! I like it,.
  418. yft1979

    Worlds Biggest Yellowfin Tuna 445lbs

    February 7th 2000, while Enrico Capozzi was fishing in Port Stephens Australia, he and his team of professionals successfully hooked, and landed this 735 lb (333.5 kgs) Black Marlin on 6 lb test line. Four days prior to that on February 3, 2000 Enrico landed a Black Marlin on 2 lb test which...
  419. yft1979

    Mr. T Shark

    Ten minutes with the lines in the water crazy! Nice T
  420. yft1979

    Worlds Biggest Yellowfin Tuna 445lbs

    Typical of the news to have bad info. Lol
  421. yft1979

    Worlds Biggest Yellowfin Tuna 445lbs

    I did not catch it, but that is the weight
  422. yft1979

    Worlds Biggest Yellowfin Tuna 445lbs

    Title says it!
  423. yft1979

    Rainshadow CB80H

  424. yft1979

    3 Calstar 196-6' kids x-mas sticks!

    Those are some nice christmas gifts Jim!
  425. yft1979

    Another Tiger lover......

    That is sweet, love the eva inlays in the cork.
  426. yft1979

    Old School with a new twist

    Good looking build there!
  427. yft1979

    Excel ETA

    Im gonna be there, want to check that fish out!
  428. yft1979

    wind on topshot jig

    Stainless steel top shot jig for making custom windon leaders. Measures 16" long and 6.5" tall. Breaks down for travelling. sold
  429. yft1979


    Another great looking jig Jerry!
  430. yft1979


    good stuff Bill!
  431. yft1979

    surf fishing cabo at night?

    Full speed puffer fish off the east cape when I tried it:rofl:
  432. yft1979

    The Royal Episode 13

  433. yft1979

    Okuma Makaira 30SE

    I just payed $19 shipping an sds ups insured to norcal. $30 bucks aint that much...
  434. yft1979

    Throwing BIG swimbait tips!!!!!!

    Check out the rainshadow swimbait blanks. 945 and 946 are fantastic sticks.
  435. yft1979

    Happy Birthday........Spike

    Happy Bday!
  436. yft1979

    500 Lb. Yellow Fin Tuna

    MV santa rosa mentioned some BIG ones that he has seen from his past days as a commercial fisherman. 5+
  437. yft1979

    Using wind-ons, should spool up with solid?

    The twisting doesnt bother me. You will get ALOT winding pl68s at hurricane. Hollow only for me. Like being able to add or cut out bad areas seamlessly.
  438. yft1979

    410 YFT on EXCEL

    crazy! What a catch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess were not gonna read a report where the boat is moving to Clarion to settle the Jackpot!
  439. yft1979

    Bob Costas

    So by Bob Costas' argument, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman should be alive today?
  440. yft1979

    Team Chessypoof got a 320# SuperCow???

    Buffer zone @ Clarion
  441. yft1979

    Best Jig Stick Seeker SJ90F

    Now that is clean!
  442. yft1979


    I take 2 spools of 100lb and 2 spools of 130 fluoro. I use the pink yo zuri lately. They are 30 meter spools. I also bring some spools of 100,130,150,200 blue izor. Bring a top shot jig and a bowstring server and make all the topshots you need on the 4 days travel south. Will be plenty of...
  443. yft1979

    16 day Excel nov 23-dec 8 log

    Junk or Chunk? Sounds like an epic trip for sure!
  444. yft1979

    Rod lathe

    I cannot corfirm nor deny!
  445. yft1979

    Rod lathe

  446. yft1979

    Reel Seat/ cow rod???

    I have used that reel seat on quite a few cow rods and they work great.
  447. yft1979

    Rod lathe

    Already working on the blueprints for my own hadron collider:rofl:
  448. yft1979

    Shogun Dec 26-31st roll call.....

    Will be fishing with them in april!
  449. yft1979

    State of Calif. Fire Prevention Fee

    The reason we dont want to pay for prisons is because it costs close to 60k per year per prisoner. Other states do it for 1/3 the cost, this state is FUCKED
  450. yft1979

    RIP Raul Martinez (Nochinges63)

    RIP fellow fisherman
  451. yft1979

    Catch Mackerel Lazy Man Style

    I do this, but with a small swimbait or crockodile. Works nicely!
  452. yft1979

    Where to buy 223/5.56 bulk?

    NOT cheaper than dirt. The last few gun shows ive been to wasnt any cheaper than can be found online.
  453. yft1979

    Congratulations Randy

    Nice read, Congrats Randy!
  454. yft1979

    16 day Excel nov 23-dec 8 log

    Thanks for the report Aaron, love fishing the hbank!
  455. yft1979

    Calstar 610 w/mermaid wrap

    Nice, I see a nipple
  456. yft1979

    TG day trips arrive today

    11-27-2012 - jeff called in on the sat. phone tonight to report good fishing on yellowfin tuna on the first day of the trip. Most tuna are in the 130 to 180 pound range along with (6) fish over the 200 pound mark. Weather is nice as well, the e-mail is not working in the lower zone so Jeff will...
  457. yft1979

    a few pics of some recent rods!!

    BEA utiful! Need to learn how to do clean finish work like that!
  458. yft1979

    Rod lathe

    Speaking of Clemens, what do you all think of my Clemens/Renzetti inspired home built(work built actually) rod lathe! Had a bunch of old v-track laying around that I turned into my bed sections. Made 12' of bedding. Machined everything except the alps chuck. Works much better then my last...
  459. yft1979

    16 day Excel nov 23-dec 8 log

    Hope Aaron gives us a report of the fishing this evening!
  460. yft1979

    TG day trips arrive today

    Now if that isn't a hell of a way to start out a trip, I dont know what is!
  461. yft1979

    TG day trips arrive today

    Star already has a supercow today!
  462. yft1979

    TG day trips arrive today

    Should be good, im surprised they are still getting hoo at alijos!
  463. yft1979

    Seeker ULUA clarification

    There have been many different ulua blanks out there, if its the s glass its rated 30-40. Some models of the 10' models are rated for up 60lb. Like the ss 93h-10 or the cex 10' ulua.
  464. yft1979


    Yep, I know a few who only use soft steel... Pink yo zuri for me, no problems so far and good prices.
  465. yft1979

    Sig Sauer SIGM400 Enhanced Carbine Rifle

    Not sure If sig will ship the rifle here, but the m400 should be able to be made california compliant. I dont see it on the list of banned clownifornia assault rifles. So adding the bullet button should make it legal. Now you just need to find one...
  466. yft1979

    Turners $100 off black friday coupon.

    Just picked up a makaira 20 se at turners for 503 otd. Also had a $40 gift card so it was an even sweeter deal! Just an fyi to anyone interested? Make sure to print the coupon.
  467. yft1979

    Short Cow Leaders and Fuel Surcharge Question?

    I have fished my leaders down to 4 feet without skipping a beat. Usually start at 15'.
  468. yft1979

    Clarion produces Cows...

    Congratulations, nice fish!
  469. yft1979

    june 8 day fishing trip

    Yt for sure, good possibility of yft at the rocks up to a hundy. Possible albacore and bluefin. Have caught all these species on June shogun 8 day trips.
  470. yft1979

    ATD-30T Spectra Question.

    Have about 700 yards of hollow on mine.
  471. yft1979

    What team? Loyal fans only.

  472. yft1979

    GET SUM! Red Rooster Accurate Trip Nov 8-21

    Good shit Nick! Cant wait to get back to Clarion myself... april
  473. yft1979


    Jb 100# =.433 mm dia guide choice 100#=.530 mm dia gonna lose a bit of capacity with the guide choice vs jb
  474. yft1979

    Clarion produces Cows...

    Definitely getting pumped here! Im on one of the "day after april 18 2013 trips":rofl:
  475. yft1979

    tiger trick?

    Nice and easy! I like
  476. yft1979

    Power Wrappers

    I have the alps Chuck on my home made wrapper, its nice!
  477. yft1979

    A Pair of Converts

    Definitely looks better then my marbling attempts!
  478. yft1979

    Alan Tani Would Be Proud

    Accurates are simple, go for it!
  479. yft1979

    Need gun dork help

    Just buy a black one and paint it! For a good AR at a decent price watch palmetto state armory for their daily deals. Last week they had a stock m4 for 699.
  480. yft1979


    According to basil yes. Just go 100
  481. yft1979

    Charger Viper

    Nice Bill, hopefully it fishes better then Rivers does throwing passes. Bill Moore might start hooking more passengers then he does fish:rofl:
  482. yft1979

    No name bass stick

    Thanks for the link Wiseguy, ill have to try that out.
  483. yft1979

    His and Hers

    Cool lookin hoo!
  484. yft1979

    Heat Shrink Tubing

    I use an alcohal torch to shrink the grips
  485. yft1979

    Topless Tigers

    Stuff looks pretty good. Sylvia gave me a spool of that variegated thread. Will have to try that out!
  486. yft1979

    No name bass stick

    Yeah its the bullard sapphire metallic.
  487. yft1979

    No name bass stick

    Not sure what kind of blank this is. It was cheap. Feels like a decent 8-15lb bass stick. Bullard inca gold, bullard blue and black tiger.
  488. yft1979

    Calstar 700MH

    Kick ass marbling on a kick ass rod!
  489. yft1979

    Power Pro

    Most of the top brands are manufactured in the same facility...
  490. yft1979

    Rpt-Wed-11-14-12 Lings, Reds and Coppers.

    Thats a kickass rockfish day right there! Thanks for the report Cory
  491. yft1979

    Another batch for the Maximus

    Awesome as usual Bill!
  492. yft1979

    Teramar Rebuild

    Piece of cake! Much easier than other rods that I have stripped
  493. yft1979

    Teramar Rebuild

    Here is an old shimano teramar that was well fished. Cork was destroyed and many guides were broken. Turned the rear grip into a split and my buddy was pleased with the final results.
  494. yft1979

    Murder in Downey

    Sick death stick Wiseguy
  495. yft1979

    Shogun 7-Day - Boat Review

    Thanks for the report Beth. April trip should be good! Cant wait.
  496. yft1979

    Knot's for 100lb + topshot

    I see many people picked the double sd knot. Yes it is the strongest knot, but it is also the largest. Are people actually fishing this knot or just picking the strongest? I rarely witness people using or tying that knot on my trips?
  497. yft1979

    Good wahoo combo?

    765l or ml. No need for a long stick when casting raider/bombs.
  498. yft1979

    one for me, less is more

    Thats a cool looking shtick!
  499. yft1979

    Nail Knots

    What do you mean by splices? Dual wall leaders only work with doing loop to loop connections. Wont work with an inline splice. I take a 7-8' piece of 130 or 200 spectra depending on what leader material I am using pull half of it into itself leaving a small loop. Make sure the end of the...
  500. yft1979

    Nail Knots

    I also do all my wind ons like this, works great!
  501. yft1979

    Tres' Abyss

    Lookin good Bill
  502. yft1979

    "Cloning" a Seeker......

    Thanks for the info Jim!
  503. yft1979

    Nail Knots

    I was not aware there was a debate to whether the nail knot w/nub was a secure connection? I thought all the evidence has shown that the nail knot was as good as any other connection. And has been proven by many long range veterans. Why add crimps to that? Purdy sure the only debates going...
  504. yft1979

    Yo-Zuri Fluorocarbon

    Yep pink yo zuri for me. Fished it exclusively last year with zero probs. Been picking it up at the Fred hall shows $60 for 3 30m spools of 100/130. Will try some of the power carbon in april
  505. yft1979

    "Cloning" a Seeker......

    What actually makes a marlincaster? Always read about them, but have no idea.
  506. yft1979

    Nail Knots

    Again why waste time with crimps when you are already tying a nub. Just add a couple more nails on top of the nub and be done. This is already proven to be 100% and you won't have crimps going thru your guides.
  507. yft1979

    Yo-Zuri Fluorocarbon

    . Quite a bit cheaper
  508. yft1979

    What kind of crab is this?

    Agree with the above posts, always see them hanging out on top of the kelp while fishing Calicos
  509. yft1979

    Nail Knots

    I insert 2.5-3 feet. I serve all my connections though
  510. yft1979

    Tackle Tray

    This is the 7200? Correct Jim?
  511. yft1979

    Tackle Tray

    Opened mine up enough to where it now holds 6 of the standard size plano boxes. 2 in the jig area and 4 in the standard area. Put a 1.5" tall block underneath to get the desired height I liked. Box is the 7100 size
  512. yft1979


    Any more then 2 or 3 can be mayhem. Especially with folks fishing balloons and fly lined baits all getting tangled.
  513. yft1979

    7.62X39 vs 5.56 upper????

    Even plinking can build up a lot of heat in an AR platform with semi auto fire. Chrome lining not only helps dissipate heat it is great at preventing corrosion in a cmv barrel. Stainless barrels are a whole different scenario. Just becuase you arent repelling an advancing vc unit, you may...
  514. yft1979

    7.62X39 vs 5.56 upper????

    I think barrel wear will matter most with what the barrel is made out of, and if it is chrome lined or not. 20000+ rounds can be expected with a good chrome barrel before you start losing accuracy. I have no experience with the 762x39 but it will be easier to find quality magazines for 556...
  515. yft1979

    Spirit of Adventure with 200 wahoo

    Thats a good score of hoo!
  516. yft1979

    353# cow on AA

  517. yft1979


    THey are used often on the kite. Dont know about trolling wahoo
  518. yft1979

    Fishybuzz super cow!

    Looks like it might be on the proto Mak 16 too!
  519. yft1979

    Must have item

    anti "THAT GUY" lotion
  520. yft1979

    Turnin' and burnin'

    Nice looking sticks!
  521. yft1979

    Happy Halloween everyone

    Wow u went to town Scott! Nice decorations
  522. yft1979

    Red Rooster III (Oct 31st-Nov 8th)

    Ur gonna have a good time!
  523. yft1979

    jiggin skippys for bait

    I use jigs like this style. Megabaits or jigs like it with a single hook. 3.5 oz is a good all around size
  524. yft1979

    Good ol' E-Glass 6460XH & 970 Calstars......

    Really dig your spiral olive branches! Need to try that someday!
  525. yft1979

    HI'S Tackle 10 day on the RP

    Nice! The potato kicks out big fish!
  526. yft1979

    Fly Back??

    4 days ride home sucks! (3 from cabo).
  527. yft1979

    rod and reel

    I'd opt for an atd 12 on the 770xh and put a 30 on a 770xxh. I'd skip the 770h, bottoms out easily in my opinion.
  528. yft1979

    Red Rooster gets 30 Cows

    Sounds like an awesome trip! 30 cows ain't bad at all
  529. yft1979

    erwin knot illustration

    Same here, my go to knot the last few years on 100lb and up. Zero failures.
  530. yft1979

    jiggin skippys for bait

    12/0 7691, Shoulder hooked. Small black Skippy was the ticked last year vs the bigger purple colored ones.
  531. yft1979

    And with this I bid you adeau

    Have fun in pv!
  532. yft1979

    New Rod

    thats purdy!
  533. yft1979

    first super!!!

  534. yft1979

    jiggin skippys for bait

    small megabaits worked well last year at the bank
  535. yft1979

    411 on SQUID BAIT BOAT

    So strange that its always the first post?
  536. yft1979

    Calstar "750"H

    Shweeet looking stick!
  537. yft1979

    Amercian Angler on Cows 10/23/12

    Wow, awesome day for the AA!
  538. yft1979

    RRIII Six Day Report 9-22 to 9-28

    Awesome read, thanks for the killer trip replay.
  539. yft1979

    hollow spectra quality/strength

    2.5-3 foot max inserted for me. I also double the spectra then serve. Dual walled topshots. They dont come apart.
  540. yft1979

    1986 sunbird CC

    Bumpity bump
  541. yft1979

    Cool! Leaving on Friday on the RP

    Stop bragging about having a hurricane named after you:2gunsfiring_v1:
  542. yft1979

    10 Day Itinerary - if you were Captain?

    Head straight for Clarion, stop at Alijos on the way south for 4 hours to break up the ride. Fish the buffer zone for 2 days. Head north and stop at an cedros/benitos on the way home. If they are still open?
  543. yft1979

    Cool! Leaving on Friday on the RP

    Damn, might get a bit bumpy
  544. yft1979

    Ed Z's article in todays SD U/T

    Probably going the way of the first no hunt AND fish state in the union:Dynamite:
  545. yft1979


    Looks like the HB is biting!
  546. yft1979

    1986 sunbird CC

  547. yft1979

    Farrah's "Butt" Stick

    Another fan of the purple here!
  548. yft1979

    Rail Dawgs headed south to the Maximus

    Good luck out there, saw that you were signed up on the charter list.:hali_olutta:
  549. yft1979

    What happened to this place?

  550. yft1979

    Rethinking Wahoo Rig

    Hollow casts just fine if you know what you are doing. Straight 60 hollow or 65 solid with 4' fluoro for me.
  551. yft1979

    Gopro video from last Friday at the hidden

    Cool vid, crazy gaff shot on that dodo!
  552. yft1979


    Nice, I was wondering if they were gonna split the difference between the 15 and 20!
  553. yft1979

    Holy crap

    Talk to Mary Nichols (dumb B) and CARB for the answers you seek...
  554. yft1979

    Setup for 5-8 Long Range trip

    The 500n holds about the same amount of line as the 400. 400 will hold about 500 yds of 50 jb stacked to the rim.
  555. yft1979

    Setup for 5-8 Long Range trip

    On the cheap, id get a used jx 2 speed. People have mentioned the 700m, and the 700h. Id split that and go 700mh. Perfect combo for 15lb yellows to 100lb yft @ rocas alijos!
  556. yft1979

    2 ready for the tube

  557. yft1979

    Super Seeker 6463XXXH

    Muy bueno! Full length?
  558. yft1979

    code boats

    Pick any boat you want, all boats are good and will catch fish if they are biting.
  559. yft1979

    polymer complete lowers for AR's

    They should connect to a standard upper no problem. But I don't think I'd use one though. If you are looking to save money wait for blem lowers to show up online. Palmetto state just had some for 59 bucks. Add a cheap lpk and stock kit to it and you can be in a complete lower for 160 or so.
  560. yft1979

    Rods-How many is too many?

    I second this. Always make room for a bass rod. Fun to mess around with, and sometimes come in handy like last year at hurricane bank...
  561. yft1979

    First Four Piece for me

    Cool spinning fly rod Wiseguy!
  562. yft1979

    Fishermen vs. Surfers/paddle boarders

    I dont know how many times Ive walked a half mile+ down a beach to get away from everybody. And ten minutes later a moron surfer paddles out 10 feet away. wtf
  563. yft1979

    Anyone Ever Modify an SKB Large box to handle a Deep tray?

    Thanks for the idea Jim! That whole space has just been a waste lately as all my jigs became paintless. So I took everything out. Gonna cut that area out asap
  564. yft1979

    welder for small items

    Kurt. If bottom line doesn't doesn't come thru, I can hook you up.
  565. yft1979

    Best Season for Catching Big Yellowtail at the Rocks

    Been to alijos twice and we have had good fishing on yellows to mid forties both trips in the spring time.
  566. yft1979

    Super seeker 2x4

    I've fished all of the above with mine including the chunk and yoyoing pl68s!
  567. yft1979

    BX2-30 for Trolling??

    I had 700 yds of 100lb hollow spectra on my bx230 while I had it. Those old newels prob don't even have 250 yards on them. Lol
  568. yft1979

    BX2-30 for Trolling??

    Plenty good enough! The Shogun's boat trolling rods are old newells. And they drag marauders all over hurricane bank with them.
  569. yft1979

    Which boats don't offer loaner gear?

    Yep, talking to a couple from colorado who rented all their tackle from the landing my last trip. They paid and arm and a leg and then some. Gear wasn't in the best working condition either. 2 speed mechanism not working properly, smoked drags.
  570. yft1979

    3 over 400#

    It's Hennifer Lopez!
  571. yft1979

    Return to PEI - Sept 3 thru 7

    Awesome pics, need try some day! Is that a safety line attached? In case someone can't handle that measly 80 lbs of drag at full lol.. Reread it... Yep safety line. Awesome!
  572. yft1979

    Yellowfin eat Grasshopper's

    Baby flier, saw a bunch my last trip out.
  573. yft1979

    427-pound Yellowfin Tuna in Baja

  574. yft1979

    SKB 7000's on Ebay

    Something fishy going on there?
  575. yft1979

    Casting Bullets

    Think id stay away from the car battery lead for casting. Pretty sure the plates in a battery are a metal alloy and not pure lead.
  576. yft1979

    oside 267 277

    Thanks for the report, we had el skunko on sat out of oside also. Bait is actually a butterfish.
  577. yft1979

    The Magic Paddy

    WOW, indeed!
  578. yft1979

    Odd sighting on the D3

    This dude was about a hundred miles north of alijos when he showed up.
  579. yft1979

    Shimano Tranx Review

    The tranx is def on my short list. Thanks for the in depth review. Think I will start looking for a phenix blank to wrap up for it!
  580. yft1979

    What's the weather like in cow town around our cold months?

    It was kinda cold down at the hbank two years ago at the end of nov. Warmed up though as we moved to Clarion.
  581. yft1979

    ALPS MD4000

    Nvmd found it.
  582. yft1979

    Cudakillas Raiders get their asses whipped tonight thread...

    Ovahhhhh, stick a fork in the faiders. First place chargers!
  583. yft1979

    Cudakillas Raiders get their asses whipped tonight thread...

    Haters gonna hate. Love when they pan to the sad raider fans in the crowd! Go Chargers!
  584. yft1979

    Phenix Recon C715

  585. yft1979

    Picked up a new toy

    458 winmag WOW!
  586. yft1979


  587. yft1979

    Hopkin's Jig

    7 dollar mini butane torch from home depot works great for brazing rings.
  588. yft1979

    AllStar BAT845 micro spiral bass rod

    Sick rod, dig the green trim!
  589. yft1979

    Herrrre tiger, tiger, tiger..........

    Amazing what just a little different lighting does to a pic. Looks good!
  590. yft1979

    Trips are good if I get home.

    A buddy of mines grandfather was booked to go on that trip and had to cancel at the last minute...
  591. yft1979

    Suprise on the 14

    Awesome.... Would like to join that club someday!
  592. yft1979

    Braid Color?

    Yup, some colors are hard to see in low light.
  593. yft1979

    Ruger 10/22 Takedown

    Turners has them in their weekly ad. 299 I think
  594. yft1979

    Avoid for fishing in puerto vallarta

    Cant believe the price on pangas down there. But hey If that what the market commands who am I to say anything. Sorry U had a bad time Aaron
  595. yft1979

    my latest incarnation of my m-4

    Ummm, can I have? Badass!
  596. yft1979

    302 area

    Good stuff!
  597. yft1979

    EL NINO brings a Diamond Stingray to Newport Harbor, 8/28

    Nice stingray! Caught a strange oval shaped ray one time years ago. Have no idea what kind it was, but it was good size.
  598. yft1979

    Bull Dorado Kill

    Cool Vid! That was a nice school of dumb dumbs
  599. yft1979


    Most of the time, had good yft/yt bite off turtle bay a few years ago.
  600. yft1979

    DVL report

    Nice sled!
  601. yft1979

    Late report 08/24 New Lo An

    Buddy invited me to fish this trip, but declined as I am trying to save some cash at the moment. Kinda wish I would have went lol!
  602. yft1979


    Badass Jason, I guess I should have gone huh?
  603. yft1979

    Nados and Canyon report 8-24-12

    Thanks for the report Frank! Better than skunk!
  604. yft1979

    Chargers vs Spikes team

    Go Chargers!
  605. yft1979

    14 day trip cow reels

    Id opt for the mak 20. Have one, goooood reel. or the atd 30. Have one too!
  606. yft1979


    03, 04, the years seem to just all blend together:rofl: It was an awesome day!
  607. yft1979


    Not that short, medium size?
  608. yft1979


    We never weighed it. But it was at least a hundy. Caught on the day of the MAW too. Wish we had entered!
  609. yft1979


    Caught in 03 on my dads boat by my buddy! 25 lb test no less:2gunsfiring_v1: