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  1. OnoEric

    How is Grady White 216 in Santa Cruz chop/snot?

    Not quite the same, since my boat is a foot shorter, and this was south of Point Conception, but it is a Sea-V2. We got stuck out in a small craft advisory once, 8-10 foot seas at 8 seconds and 20-25 knots of wind. The boat handled it quite well. We never felt unsafe, even though we were...
  2. OnoEric

    BD Freezes

    No issues here. My guess is one of the ad servers is broken.
  3. OnoEric

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    The difference between the Cabo design and other designs, from what I can tell, is in the Cabo, the notch is wide, low to the water line, and there’s no real splash well. In my Grady, the notch is narrower, higher above the waterline, and has a good splash well. We will occasionally take a wave...
  4. OnoEric

    Antena location

    If you use the rule of thumb to keep the antennas at least a half wavelength away from each other, for the VHF marine band, that translates to about 38 inches apart. I would guess they were mounted on opposite corners of the roof to keep them as separated as possible, which is the best solution...
  5. OnoEric

    Help Needed On A Bogus CA Fish Violation

    Yep, my take is DFW cut them a break because it appears they were over limits due to ignorance of the regulations rather than intentionally poaching. The first 5 fish each were legal. You’re allowed to keep 5 YT of any size. So DFW confiscated everything over their legal limit.
  6. OnoEric

    Help Needed On A Bogus CA Fish Violation

    Did you fill out your declaration for a 2 day fishing trip to allow you to keep 2 day limits? Sounds like DFW was upholding CA regulations.
  7. OnoEric

    Help Needed On A Bogus CA Fish Violation

    Ten fish each? Mexican limits are 5 fish each. US limits are 5 fish under 24” fork length and 10 fish total. You say they were small. If they were all shorter than 24 inches, you were 5 fish each over limits. Sounds like you got off pretty cheap.
  8. OnoEric

    Installing a thru hull. Help

    What Jim said. “Just above the waterline” will quickly become “just below the waterline” if your boat is taking on water, and then you’re screwed. Get that thru-hull for the outflow up high and use smooth walled hose to get maximum output.
  9. OnoEric

    Did you hear that?

    Not very far south at all. More west than south, but well within 1 day range. Almost in US waters.
  10. OnoEric

    Did you hear that?

    Pacifica. They came back from a 1.75 day Wednesday. They fished Tuesday before the storm.
  11. OnoEric

    365 Day Fishing license

    Whether it's good for the calendar year or 365 days from the date of purchase, I buy exactly 1 fishing license per year. Makes no difference to me. If they change it to 365 days from date of purchase, the state may decide the license has greater value and raise the price... I don't want that.
  12. OnoEric

    Skipjack 262 VS Parker 2320

    Grady doesn't have any pilothouse styles. Closest would be a walk-around cuddy. Gulfstream is 23 feet with a wide 9'3" beam Offshore is 24 feet Sailfish is 25 feet or 27 feet, depending on the model year.
  13. OnoEric

    Limits at the Butterfly 11/16

    That doesn’t suck! Nice work. I love that yellowfin are hanging out in 64.7° water. Do they think they’re albacore?? LOL I hope this is the new normal!
  14. OnoEric

    Dreamer has been stolen

    I will help him out. The Dreamer was stolen out of its slip at Long Beach Sportfishing today.
  15. OnoEric

    Deal or No Deal?

    Do the math... If you're planning on going on 29 3/4 day trips, or 40 half day trips from now until June, then you'll break even. Anything less and you're losing money.
  16. OnoEric

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    Thanks for posting this. Glad everyone made it back safely. Good reminder for everyone. Things can go south very quickly out there. Something I was told one time... even if you don't have a sea anchor (which isn't a bad thing to add to the on board supplies), drop the regular anchor, even if...
  17. OnoEric

    Dana Point halibut 11-10-19

    Nice! Glad you got one. Good to meet you too. I’m the guy who was putting away the Grady White.
  18. OnoEric

    Two Speed Star Drag Reel

    The guys on Alan Tani's website can do anything...
  19. OnoEric

    Big yellow fin off Catalina

    I know that feeling too well... Same deal for me back in 1994, except we were out of Ensenada near the 238. 4.5 hours on a stock Penn 113HLW with 40 lb. mono. Estimated 250 lb YFT. Had it to the boat just too deep for the gaff. One more circle and we were going to stick it. But the line bumped...
  20. OnoEric

    Grande or Liberty? Didnt do too well on our own boat 10/20

    Do you know what became of the Van Tuna? Its Wikipedia page said it became a research vessel for Occidental College, then Cal State Long Beach, before being sold to some people in the sportfishing industry in San Diego in 2008.
  21. OnoEric

    Grande or Liberty? Didnt do too well on our own boat 10/20

    I’ve fished them both this year. Both work hard, great crews, and take care of fish properly. Bled, spiked, and into the RSW. I’d go with whichever boat was lighter on reservations.
  22. OnoEric

    Mr Wong

    You shoot my guy!
  23. OnoEric

    10/13... it could've been epic... but...

    It's the Sea Lion Zombie Apocolypse...
  24. OnoEric

    10-12 Liberty in on the action!!

    It was a great day. I was a total mess, though. Hooked 9 fish to get 3 on the boat. I got sawed off on my first fish in the middle of a big cluster on the stern. It only took me 5 more busted off fish to figure out my line was toast, probably from the mess I got into right at the beginning. At...
  25. OnoEric


    Plan B looks like it worked out just fine. Nice job!
  26. OnoEric

    10-12 Liberty in on the action!!

    Nice fishing with you, Erik! That’s my head behind you. LOL
  27. OnoEric

    Acceleration Issue

    Since your Sharpie marks aren’t lined up anymore, your prop hub is definitely spun. The hub can slip in high load situations, like getting up on plane, but stop slipping once the load is less on it after you finally make it up on plane. If you keep running like that, eventually it will slip all...
  28. OnoEric

    10/3 – Missed Brunch but Made Happy Hour – WFO

    Nice work! Skippies may not be the most desirable tuna, but they are sure cool looking when all lit up.
  29. OnoEric

    Shimano TLD20 missing strike button. Any problems?

    Reel works fine without the stop button. But if you want to fix it, the spring and the button you would need to replace it are still available for purchase on the Shimano website for about $3 plus shipping. The C-clip that holds it together is no longer available from Shimano, but can probably...
  30. OnoEric

    Penn Fathom - star or lever for SoCal offshore? First setup.

    Ahh, if you’re private boating, which is mostly what I do, it’s easier to get away with lighter line since there’s fewer obstacles to deal with and you can go chase a fish if needed. My go to on my boat is always the 20 lb rig to start. Get bit first, then worry about fighting the fish.
  31. OnoEric

    Grande 9/21

    Great boat and great crew. They will make sure your son gets to pull on a fish.
  32. OnoEric

    Penn Fathom - star or lever for SoCal offshore? First setup.

    I personally own 17 conventional saltwater reels (because one can never have too much fishing equipment), only 2 are lever drags, and only 1 of those is a 2 speed. I can count the number of times I’ve shifted that reel into low gear on zero hands. If you’re going on a sport boat with a single...
  33. OnoEric

    Useing lighter line than reel recommends?

    Also put that reel on a rod with a soft enough tip to be able to cast a 4 inch sardine. This year it’s all been about getting a good cast out away from the boat in the corner they’re throwing chum.
  34. OnoEric


    Along those lines... “airplanes took aim...” No, New York Times, airplanes do not have the ability to take aim. The effing terrorists flying them took aim at buildings with unarmed, innocent people. Quit trying to cover up what happened...
  35. OnoEric

    Sunday 9/1 Full Day on the Pacific Queen

    There was quite a bit of 2nd row casting, but overall it was a decent group of anglers. Very few fish lost to tangles and the crew was right on top of everything.
  36. OnoEric

    Sunday 9/1 Full Day on the Pacific Queen

    Nice fishing with you and nice job on the BFTs! My buddy and I were on that trip too. Took me a while to get going and find a bait that would swim. But if it swam, it was an instant bite. I did see 1 fish hooked on a small Colt Sniper, but the hook pulled less than a minute into the fight.
  37. OnoEric

    Are these worms?

    I see white ice crystals and red blood vessels. I don't see worms.
  38. OnoEric

    Mission Belle FAIL!!!!!!

    That's cool. I get the commentary on what he's seeing and doing, and most boats I've been on will do that since it's beneficial to the passengers and fish counts to know, for example, "there's bigger bluefin hanging out underneath the yellowfin in 60-120 feet, so some of you should try flat...
  39. OnoEric

    Mission Belle FAIL!!!!!!

    Did the captain actually tell you he was going to the 302, then tell you he was going back to the fleet on the 9, then tell you what sportboat that was out in the distance also looking for fish? I've never been on a sportboat where the captain tells you where he's going. I think in most cases...
  40. OnoEric

    Equipment Check for Full Day on the Grande

    These are mostly 15 lb yellowfin. You’d be good with a Penn Squidder and a Calstar 196-8. As stated above, get yourself some 15 and 20 lb fluoro and small #2 and #4 hooks. Even the slightly larger bluefin are only biting the light line.
  41. OnoEric

    Sat...tough day..

    And he hates Parkers and Billy K. LOL
  42. OnoEric

    Drain Plug How much water?

    What boat do you have? If your boat has a self-bailing cockpit, you shouldn’t have *any* water in the bilge. If there is water in the bilge, something is leaking and you will need to track down the source of that leak. Check all thru-hulls, hoses, pumps, etc. if your boat does not have a...
  43. OnoEric

    Tuna in range from San Pedro?

    There are 2 Tbirds... the original Thunderbird out of Newport is now in SD and renamed “T-Bird.” The new Thunderbird still runs out of Newport with the same crew as the old boat.
  44. OnoEric

    Us "skiff" guys owe a big thanks to the Jig Strike

    Thanks for sharing your story and that everyone made it our relatively unscathed. Things can go south fast and you kept your wits to get everyone off safe. Good luck with the insurance companies. I hope they are able to make you whole again.
  45. OnoEric

    Can a Seeker G-270-7' handle YFT or BFT?

    For me, the 270-7 doesn't quite have enough backbone. I like fishing an 870-7 for 20 lb. The 870 has just a bit more pulling power. A 270H would be fine, but the regular 270 is a bit light.
  46. OnoEric

    Us "skiff" guys owe a big thanks to the Jig Strike

    I saw a report on Facebook that said the hull cracked and there was no way for the USCG diver to patch it up to prevent water intrusion after trying for about 30 minutes. Obviously this is 2nd hand information. That happened to the previous owner of my Grady White. The hull delaminated and...
  47. OnoEric

    Us "skiff" guys owe a big thanks to the Jig Strike

    Sporties and PBers may yell and scream at each other for paddy poaching, cutting through chum slicks, or fishing too close to each other. But when lives are on the line, we're all humans and one big family doing the things we love doing... spending time on the water, pulling on fish, and...
  48. OnoEric

    Grande YFT / BFT 8.13.19

    Nice sharing a rail with you, @stuman. I was on that trip with you. I asked deckhand Tyler if the little boats bothered him that close, and he said it wasn't a big deal. Much more annoying at the islands when they get within bait throwing distance. EDIT: haha, just noticed, you were standing...
  49. OnoEric

    Longfin Tackle disappointment

    The art of talking to people on the phone has been lost. This is a common conversation at my office. Me: Employee, did you talk to the customer? Employee: They haven't responded to my email. Me: See that thing on your desk right there, that's called a telephone. Did you try calling the...
  50. OnoEric

    Boat ads: hours vrs years

    I agree with you. I'd much rather buy a 10 year old boat with 1000 hours on it than one with 200. I'm much more confident in a motor that's used regularly than one that sits 10-11 months out of the year... But judging by the boats in the storage yard around me, more than 50% of them still have...
  51. OnoEric

    For Sale Padres vs Dodgers 8/2

    Why do you need to park twice? 4 people can’t fit in 1 car?
  52. OnoEric


    Was there Sunday. Parking wasn't really an issue, but the aisles are tight quarters, mostly because people are using the back-in spaces as head-in spaces and leaving their trailers sticking a few feet into the travel lane on each side. I have no idea how those people who went head-in with their...
  53. OnoEric

    Kill em' all big and small

    One of my favorite days ever was in August 1992 we were in a wide open YFT bite all by ourselves out of Ensenada with 8 blue sharks all about 7-8 feet long hanging out under the boat waiting for a free meal. We lost a bunch of fish to the sharks, but we would usually get the front half of the...
  54. OnoEric

    What is your Catalina YT set up?

    Once they are in the rocks, you're done, no matter what line you're using. Got to stop them before they get there. Don't be afraid to fish heavier drag. The 1/3 rule is because when your spool gets low on line, the drag increases due to smaller diameter spool and drag on the line in the water...
  55. OnoEric

    what to look for in a VHF antenna?

    Have you ruled out sources of electrical noise coming from other items like radar, alternator, etc.? Make sure your radio power and ground connections are clean and good?
  56. OnoEric

    Braid capacity of 113H Special Senator

    Standard width 113H should take about 750 yards of 65 lb braid or 650 yards of 80 lb braid with room for a short top shot.
  57. OnoEric

    Boat launchers need this

    I’ve done the same thing with a 2x4 cut to the right length to wedge between the brake pedal and seat. Cheaper than $30. Also doubles as a wheel block.
  58. OnoEric

    Vintage? Seeker question

    Could it be a 195-6? Honey colored blank? The S means it’s a spinning rod. Value will depend a lot on its condition, anywhere from $40-$80 is my guess. There’s not a ton of demand for a 15lb class 6’ spinning rod. Pictures would help.
  59. OnoEric

    40’ Bertram on the Rocks at Cat 6/15/19

    I’m with you on this, especially in small boats. I can make small adjustments and steer through the chop for a smoother ride, which is something an auto-pilot can’t do.
  60. OnoEric

    We're Markin'

    It looks like those marks are 4500+ meters deep. That must be the bottom.
  61. OnoEric

    Fathom SD "back pedal"

    It's inherent to all star drag reels of any manufacturer. Any time there is a load on the pinion gear, it becomes difficult to shift out of gear. The larger the load, the harder it becomes.
  62. OnoEric

    Penn Fathom Setup.

    But I get 50+ lbs with free spool, 21 lbs at strike. My complaint is I would prefer less drag at sunset, not more. I don't ever push the lever past Full.
  63. OnoEric

    Penn Fathom Setup.

    I’ve got it. My drag curve is actually a little too steep. I had to mess with it brand new out of the box to get it useable. Right now I’ve got 15 lbs at strike, 25 at full and 50+ at sunset (it bottoms out my 50 lb scale). So somewhere in there is 40 lbs, and I have full free spool. I can...
  64. OnoEric

    How to safely get rid of old fishing hooks?

    I just throw them in the trash. If you’re worried about it, grind or file the point dull, then it’s just a piece of metal that will rust away in a landfill.
  65. OnoEric

    For Sale Sabre Jigstick

    Those old yellow S-glass Sabre blanks were awesome. Super lightweight and strong.
  66. OnoEric

    Fathom Star Drag...loose lever

    Steve, that doesn’t sound right. Star drag reels are always shifted into gear with drag applied. I can see the opposite causing a problem, if the lever is forced *out* of gear when there is a load on the pinion gear preventing the yoke from pulling it away from the spool like there would be if...
  67. OnoEric

    Tip for the month of June

    Agree with you on this. One time we rolled up on a paddy that was loaded with yellowtail, but they wouldn’t eat a thing. After about 45 minutes of trying, we started mashing up dead sardines and tossing them out. We watched yellowtail swim up to the mashed bait and not eat it. But then one did...
  68. OnoEric

    Who is fishing San Clemente? Is it OC or LA landings only?

    Thunderbird out of Newport.
  69. OnoEric

    Which VHF Channel?

    “You shoot my guy!”
  70. OnoEric

  71. OnoEric

    OOPS.. DFG says go to court May 9, 2010

    Looks like it was 24” in 2010
  72. OnoEric

    OOPS.. DFG says go to court May 9, 2010

    This is a 9 year old post. What was the limit in 2010?
  73. OnoEric

    SOLD Newell S 229

    If albacore and anchovies ever show up again and you decide to keep it, you'll have the ultimate reel for that fishery! :-)
  74. OnoEric

    SOLD Newell S 229

    Haha, I think you've got it priced about right now. But I'm also a Newell fan, and would definitely pay more for the P and G series than the newer stuff. More demand right now for the heavier gear with all the big bluefin around. I've already got 3 G229's now, so the last thing I need is...
  75. OnoEric

    SOLD Newell S 229

    Not true. Photos look like it has the big bearing caps on both sides that they switched back to in the newer S-Series. Essentially the same as the no-letter series. GLWS
  76. OnoEric

    365 DAY, YEAR FROM PURCHASE LICENSE....Lets get this done!!

    Bingo. And I can tell you in my professional experience selling test equipment to almost all state governments, California is unique (to put it nicely) in how it functions.
  77. OnoEric

    365 DAY, YEAR FROM PURCHASE LICENSE....Lets get this done!!

    How can I argue with that? I just want to be able to roll up on a kelp paddy within 40 miles of the coast and not be swarmed by a dozen other boats. Do I really want more people fishing? LOL
  78. OnoEric

    365 DAY, YEAR FROM PURCHASE LICENSE....Lets get this done!!

    I just think if we are going to fight for something, be fighting for things that will actually lower the prices of fishing licenses and get more people to buy them... pro-rate them and make the proceeds go directly to the DFW like they used to, not the general fund. Much higher risk than...
  79. OnoEric

    365 DAY, YEAR FROM PURCHASE LICENSE....Lets get this done!!

    Mike, you’re missing the point. It will most likely raise the price of an annual license because it will have higher perceived value, and like Carl points out, managing the system would be more complicated so overhead costs go up. Going to a 12 month system will most likely hurt most of us, not...
  80. OnoEric

    365 DAY, YEAR FROM PURCHASE LICENSE....Lets get this done!!

    Yep, so why do I care if my license is valid or not during times I don’t or can’t fish? Changing to a 12-month license doesn’t open up rock cod or get rid of MLPA’s. Pro-rated calendar year licenses and/or 100% of the proceeds going directly to the DFG (or DFW as their more politically correct...
  81. OnoEric

    365 DAY, YEAR FROM PURCHASE LICENSE....Lets get this done!!

    What do those people who are going on their first fishing trip in July end up doing then? Cancel their trip once they figure out the cost of an annual license? Buy a single day license? Is there data on this or just speculation? California has always had calendar year licenses. There weren’t...
  82. OnoEric

    365 DAY, YEAR FROM PURCHASE LICENSE....Lets get this done!!

    I’m kind of this train of thought. It makes zero difference to me whether the license is 12 months or calendar year. I’m going to buy exactly 1 license a year either way, so my annual cost for my license is the same with either option. If it were to change, I’d actually prefer a pro-rated...
  83. OnoEric

    Can Newells fish a higher line rating?

    Yep, and I disagree with you. A Newell 332 is the same size as a Penn 99 Albacore Special, which was designed for live bait fishing albacore on O/N boats.
  84. OnoEric

    Can Newells fish a higher line rating?

    Huh? All the things that make it a great iron chucking reel make it a great live bait reel... especially the graphite spool versions... low-inertia spool that spins like a top makes it very easy for the bait to pull line and look natural swimming. Designed at a time when anchovies, which can't...
  85. OnoEric

    Pacific Queen goes legendary!!!

    Nice grade yellowtail too.
  86. OnoEric

    2-Meter Radios - Who has one?

    The 502 might be too new. I bought an M56 off eBay for really cheap to modify. I know it was also possible up through at least the M127's, but after that, things changed and it may require a computer and firmware update to the radio.
  87. OnoEric

    2-Meter Radios - Who has one?

    No I have an unlocked VHF with microphone disabled so it's impossible to transmit to get channels 29-59 and 91-119 that don't exist on the standard VHF. If you've got an old Icom radio, it's really easy to do. Just open it up and flip a switch. But if you've already got a 2-meter radio, you...
  88. OnoEric

    2-Meter Radios - Who has one?

    Yep, I had an unlocked VHF. It's illegal to transmit on the added frequencies without the proper FCC license, but listening is not illegal. Sportboats shared some decent information on those frequencies, but then 9 or 10 years ago, some genius starting posting reports from the "secret channel"...
  89. OnoEric

    Albacore 2019

    July 8, 2007, 11:50am just south of the 181 in US waters, according to the EXIF data on these :-)
  90. OnoEric

    What size fish can I fish on fathom 40n and Sabre 30-80lb

    That’s a solid 60 lb reel paired with a 60 lb rod. If it’s what you’ve got, fish it. It should be good for 100 lb fish. Bigger fish are doable if you’re lucky and can use the boat to plane the fish up. I once fought an estimated 250 lb bigeye on a stock Penn 113HLW with the drag buttoned down as...
  91. OnoEric

    Wtb Newell bearing cap

    Cortez Conversions.
  92. OnoEric

    Albacore 2019

    The last time I saw these things... I was catching these things... August 2014... no albacore then...
  93. OnoEric

    It's still my go-to after all these years?

    My red label Newell G229-5 paired with a yellow Sabre Californian CA8660C. Got that rig brand new in 1984 when I was 10 years old and it’s caught everything from calicos to bluefin. I still use it today.
  94. OnoEric

    Axle cotter/nut off, but tire/hub and axle washer won't come off.

    That bearing buddy looks like it had the stupid rubber dust cap on it. I discovered the hard way that all that thing does is trap water on the inside. The rubber caps now go straight in the trash.
  95. OnoEric

    The New California Boaters Card (Mandatory)

    Yep, you're right. Any idiot can go rent a boat or jet ski without any knowledge of navigational rules. They don't need a card. This is nothing but a money grab, and we'll all still be dodging idiot jet skiers who cut in front of us and stop.
  96. OnoEric

    Problems at the pump

    Sickcat nailed it. The only thing I would add is the fuel tank vent might be clogged as well. If that was the case, loosening the gas fill cap would relieve the vacuum and get you running again. Easy thing to check if it’s happening. I remember when I was a kid, my dad’s old Skippy had an...
  97. OnoEric

    FREE Boat Buying Scam

    The one where the IRS calls you to tell you the police are on their way to arrest you for taxes past due unless you drive to Walmart and immediately pay over the phone using Walmart gift cards is my favorite.
  98. OnoEric

    Senator 4/0 for yo-yo Or search around for a used set. I found a set of 4:1 gears from a Pro Gear 454 that worked in my narrow 113H for $30. Alan Tani's website is a great resource. You may ask there if anyone has a gear set they're willing to part...
  99. OnoEric

    Senator 4/0 for yo-yo

    If you put in a 4:1 gear set, you’d have a true Yellowtail Special. That’s a reel designed exactly to be a 40 lb yo-yo reel. Add some Cal’s grease to your drag stack if you’ve got a 5-stack with HT-100 carbon fiber washers, or consider upgrading to a 7-stack. I’ve got a Newelled YTS and get 21...
  100. OnoEric

    Anyone familiar with Socalreels?

    Chinese made. Might want to read this from Mark at Charkbait.
  101. OnoEric

    tyrnos 30 2 speed acceptable for large BFT?

    Since you’ve got the TLD30 already, you could swap out the frame for an aluminum one from Willfish or Tiburon. That would make the TLD plenty strong enough.
  102. OnoEric

    How to find a kelp paddy with a drone?

    Just parasail behind your boat. Get a couple hundred feet in the air with some gyros and you’ll be like your own spotter plane. :rofl:
  103. OnoEric

    WTB Surface iron set ups

    For small boat iron throwing, I use a Calstar 270-8H with a Newell 332. I wouldn't want to throw jigs at 80 lb tuna with that, but it handles everything else around here well. You can find a used 270-8H for $125-$150. Find a Newell 332 for about $150, or if you want something newer, a Penn...
  104. OnoEric

    I'm Bitter DP 03.16.19

    Maybe that was the real reason they went from being free to costing 25 cents per minute of water a few years ago... keep the hobos from having free showers... The inside wash rack made it really nice avoiding the clusterfuck at the main wash rack while it lasted. With every plan I've seen...
  105. OnoEric

    I'm Bitter DP 03.16.19

    I don't think so, unless the hobos are climbing over the razor wire fence into the storage area at night, or swimming up to the guest docks and getting in that way.
  106. OnoEric

    I'm Bitter DP 03.16.19

    The wash rack I was referring to was inside the storage area over by the jet ski rental place for tenant use only. That one is the one that drained directly into the harbor. Circled in orange in the lower right corner.
  107. OnoEric

    I'm Bitter DP 03.16.19

    When I asked in the office why the inside wash racks were taken out, they told me they got dinged when inspected because those racks didn’t have a sewer drain. They were draining directly into the harbor, which is a big no no. Not sure if I totally believe that or not, but that’s what they said.
  108. OnoEric

    I'm Bitter DP 03.16.19

    I was there today doing boat projects. There are 5 or 6 more wash racks along the curb to the left of the entrance/exit driveway looking at it from the ramp. Also saw a few cars drive right over the delineators to get into the other section of the lot. New wash down area is the area I marked...
  109. OnoEric

    Refinery fire in Carson

    Right on queue...
  110. OnoEric

    Deck boots?

    Only when wahoo fishing. :rofl:
  111. OnoEric

    Mexico Annouces 22 Vaquita Remain

    In related news...
  112. OnoEric

    Suggestion for 2nd Setup

    I’d probably go with a Penn Fathom 40NLD2 on a Calstar 700H. Fill the reel with 80 lb braid and top shot it with 40, 50, or 60 lb mono or fluoro, depending on the trip. It can be your 40 lb bait rig or flat fall/yo-yo rig. Save the jig stick for your 3rd setup.
  113. OnoEric

    Inverter question.

    This video shows exactly what you're seeing.
  114. OnoEric

    Inverter question.

    Inverters come in two different versions. The good ones output AC power as a "pure sine wave." This is what electronics are designed to run on and will be the most efficient. The lower cost inverters are "modified sine wave" (read: square wave). These won't power AC electronics efficiently, and...
  115. OnoEric


    My two cents... going too heavy is never an issue, unless the cable is too stiff to make the bends it needs to get to where it needs to go or you're limited on funds for the project. I always think of the non-ideal situation where the batteries might be a little weak... The less the voltage...
  116. OnoEric

    Newell G338F 50#braid capacity ?

    Unless my calculator is wrong, it will hold about 900 yards of 50 lb braid. Assuming 50 lb braid is the same diameter as 12 lb mono. Depending on how long you want your top shot to be, I’d probably fill the spool about 1/3rd the way with mono or Dacron, then put the 500M spool of braid, then...
  117. OnoEric

    Which headlight bulbs.

    All us old people need more light to see than young people, even with 20/20 vision. I work in the roadway safety industry, and one of the slides in a presentation I give shows that the amount light you need to be able to see an object doubles every 13 years starting at age 20. So a 46 year old...
  118. OnoEric

    Penn 320 GTI - Can't get right side open

    The only things I could think of is the spool shaft is either stuck inside the bearing or the pinion gear. But then the entire spool should come out of the frame with the side plate unless the spool shaft is also stuck in the left side bearing. There’s not a whole lot else that could make it...
  119. OnoEric

    YT South West of the 267

    Yep, the NOAA chart printed in 1975 has it marked as 267 fathoms. In 1976, it’s marked as 279, but they added a couple other soundings that are shallower, and it’s been that way ever since. 1975 Chart 1976 chart 2017 chart
  120. OnoEric

    Dana Point Harbor - Embarcadero Marina Renovation has started

    From what has been made public, it looks like the Dana Point Harbor Advisory Board and the Dana Point Boaters Association are representing the boaters decently well. Below are links to a couple letters dated last October from the DPHAB to the County addressing a few concerns. If there are other...
  121. OnoEric

    Dana Point Harbor - Embarcadero Marina Renovation has started

    Construction looks like it’s supposed to start February 2021. They are giving themselves 20 months (which started 11/1/18) to get through all the approval processes and pull permits. The schedule is here: I really hope...
  122. OnoEric

    Does Turners sell Mexican fishing License?

    Might want to read this one. Sounds like no one is selling annual licenses, including the Mexican government.
  123. OnoEric

    Dana Point Harbor - Embarcadero Marina Renovation has started

    This is the October 2018 plan I’m looking at. There are some changes from the 2014 plan posted above.
  124. OnoEric

    Dana Point Harbor - Embarcadero Marina Renovation has started

    When it’s done, I don’t think it will be too much different than it is now. The parking layout isn’t great as is, and there are no pull through spots, though people make them pull through all the time by parking across the lines. The day use parking lot is just moving to where the dry storage is...
  125. OnoEric

    Dana Point Harbor - Embarcadero Marina Renovation has started

    The problem is during the construction. Once completed, day users shouldn’t have an issue finding a parking spot. The plans I’ve seen have 346 parking spots for truck/trailer rigs. 37 of those are 10’x50’ and 309 of them are 10’x40’. The layout doesn’t have any pull-thru spots... they all...
  126. OnoEric

    Dana Point Harbor - Embarcadero Marina Renovation has started

    Nice to see they still don't know. I think it's more likely, they don't care. I've been asking that question to them for at least 5 years, and they never know. What I suspect is they expect the trailer boaters to leave, because who's going to pay for rack storage and trailer storage in...
  127. OnoEric

    Fathom 40N 2-spd - No Freespool or No Drag

    My FTH40NLD2 when new had a super steep drag curve. With the help of @tunanorth and Tony Dubeck from Penn ([email protected]), I discovered that my reel actually came with the “Belleville distance washers” (item 154B on the schematic) for the FTH15NLD2. Tony sent me out the correct...
  128. OnoEric

    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    I’d just skip the dykes, tie one of these on, go up to the bow, cast it down past the stern corner and crank like hell. That’ll take care of the entire side of the boat, so you’ll have a clear path to your fish.
  129. OnoEric

    Bonita Survival Rate

    I've always wondered that. Doesn't matter what size it is, it seems like you drop them in the bait tank, they spaz out, and 30 seconds later they're dead like they had a heart attack. I don't think it's water flow since it happens so quickly. The only way I know to keep them alive is in a tuna tube.
  130. OnoEric

    Live baitwell pump help

    Also could have grass or other debris wrapped around the impeller shaft. If it blew a fuse, that's a sign that the pump stopped spinning and drew too much current.
  131. OnoEric

    FREE SkipJack 20 Open in San Diego***SOLD

    Awesome deal! That 1-piece front windshield puts it as a mid-1970's hull. Skipjack only did that for a couple years. Most all original Skipjack 20's will have 2-piece or 3-piece front windshields. That boat is the twin to the boat my dad had when I was a kid, which was a 1975 hull, right down...
  132. OnoEric

    Fathom 40 NLD2 Calsheets Blueprint

    I changed out the flat shims #154B. The reel came with 2 that were 0.3mm thick (which are actually the shims used on the 15NLD2, so that was evidence my reel was bench tested in production) and I replaced the 2 with a single 0.5mm thick shim.
  133. OnoEric

    Fathom 40 NLD2 Calsheets Blueprint

    When I first got my FTH40NLD2, my drag curve was super steep. Max drag before losing free spool was 15# at strike, 30# at full, and I bottomed out my 50# scale at sunset. After talking to the Penn customer service guys, they sent me some different spool shaft washers. I still get 15# at strike...
  134. OnoEric

    Issue with Fathom 25nld2 drag adjustment

    The preset knob is supposed to have detents and click as you turn it. The knob on my 40nld2 clicks about 30 times per 360° rotation. Does yours do that? If not, something definitely wrong.
  135. OnoEric

    Dana Point Bonito - Questions

    Most of the bonito have been closer to Oceanside the past few days. When trolling nearshore, keep watching around you to see what’s floating in the water. If there is a lot of grass and other crap, I keep the trollers short, maybe 30-40 feet back, and check them for grass often. Keeping them...
  136. OnoEric

    Dana Point Bonito - Questions

    Anything shiny. Bonito love the bling. Blue and chrome is a good go to color for me, whether it be Yo-Zuri Hydro-mags, Tady A2’s or Colt Snipers.
  137. OnoEric

    La Jolla seal assault.

    I hate those things. Worse than sea lions sometimes.
  138. OnoEric


    Fixed it for you, Billy! :D
  139. OnoEric

    9/23 Dana Point local

    Haha. You got that right. Don’t need the BD police after me. Besides, it makes it look like this when it’s cut. :D
  140. OnoEric

    Newell T reel.

    Ain't that the truth... but that's what makes them so much fun.
  141. OnoEric

    9/23 Dana Point local

    Yep, treat them like you should any pelagic game fish, and they are great. I always pop a gill before they are even unhooked and let them bleed out in the livewell. Once the water turns clear again, gut, gill and get them iced down on the boat, then filet at home, making sure to get all the...
  142. OnoEric

    9/23 Dana Point local

    All troll fish. Skipped the bait barge today.
  143. OnoEric

    9/23 Dana Point local

    Stayed local today with my daughter and dad. Pretty much wide open medium-large bonito in 180 feet of water between the barber poles and Monarch Beach. 180 feet was the ticket for some reason. Doubles and triples were the norm while staying away from the fleet trolling Yo-Zuris. Caught limits...
  144. OnoEric

    GW Overnighter 20 vs Skipjack 20 Open

    The boat I grew up with was my dad's 1975 Skipjack 20. The boat we have now is a 1995 Grady White 208, but it's the SeaV2 hull, so I can't really help you there. What I can say is that the Skipjack was a great fishing platform. The was a ton of room on deck, especially with the original...
  145. OnoEric

    25 Miles Out of Oceanside Report 6am-3pm

    That’s ok. I’m a dorado beater too. Is there a dorado beaters anonymous? LOL Thanks for the report!
  146. OnoEric

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    This x100. My first ever local dorado (well actually my first many) came in 1990 off a paddy that started with a couple boats and turned into 30+ boats drifting almost 5 miles away from where we started in about 4 hours. There were so many boats with almost everyone chumming, we pulled the fish...
  147. OnoEric

    Slow trolled macs or Rapalas and why? 3 2 1 GO!

    That's not been my experience, but it probably depends a lot on the size of the Rapala. The smaller ones work just fine at 2-3 knots. Slow trolled just outside the kelp line on the front side of Catalina has produced yellowtail, calicos, bonito, and barracuda for me.
  148. OnoEric

    Dodos, 8-19-18

    Nice work, Billy. Magical days to share with the kids!
  149. OnoEric

    Restore My Faith In Humanity? Helping the Carly Rose 7-28-18

    Mike, interesting you should say this. 14 years ago, I was out with my buddy somewhere near the 238 and 295 high spots fishing albacore when his new Optimax decided to Optibomb on us. We were dead in the water, 70 miles from Point Loma and 50 miles from Ensenada. Our first call on the radio on...
  150. OnoEric

    8 hour tour 43 then back to Oceanside 7/31

    This ^^^ My first ever offshore trip, we rolled up on a paddy that was absolutely loaded with yellowtail, but they wouldn't touch a thing. We kept doing pass after pass on that paddy. After about a hour waiting out that paddy, we started chunking sardines. We watched the yellowtail swim right...
  151. OnoEric

    302 on Thunderbird

    Not the 302 highspot... 302 lbs of a bluefin.
  152. OnoEric

    50# jig reel

    You're not limited to 13 lbs with 40 lb test. That's just the rule of thumb setting to cover you for when you have a lot of line out. Drag pressure is set with a full spool, but that drag pressure increases as more line is let out and the effective spool diameter decreases. If you set it to 13...
  153. OnoEric

    Do you shut off the engine while off shore?

    I used to shut down when drifting on kelp paddies. But then one time the starter bendix gear got jammed and wouldn’t pop up to engage the flywheel. Somehow, we were able to wrap a dock line around the flywheel and pull start a 175 hp Yamaha... we fished the rest of the day with the motor...
  154. OnoEric


    Tom, at least from my interpretation, the law states "when it is operating in the navigable waters of the United States," unless I'm totally misinterpreting the law. Title 33 CFR Part 164. The AIS is specifically described in Part 164.46. The applicability of the law is described in Part 164.01
  155. OnoEric


    I know they do. And if they are 65 feet or less, they aren't required to have one or turn it on. That eliminates a significant portion of the fleet. I've been using AIS since before the fed implemented the requirements 2 years ago. Almost 100% of the fleet turns it off in Mexican waters, and...
  156. OnoEric


    Of course. But most of them keep it on while in US waters, definitely not by choice. So the rules must be more lax south of the border. Soon, there will be a premium on 64.9 foot sport boats. LOL
  157. OnoEric


    There must be something about the border, though. Much of the overnight and short range fleet will keep it on in US waters, even out at the butterfly or Cortez bank, but turn it off when they are in Mexican waters.
  158. OnoEric


    This is true, but it’s a USCG requirement, which is why it’s on until they hit the Mexican border, then it gets turned off. It’s why, if you’ve looked recently, you’ll see the cluster of sport boats around the 43, but won’t see any around the 302. US waters and Mexican waters.
  159. OnoEric


    Only required to be on in US waters. As soon as they hit the border, it goes off, at least to the internet apps.
  160. OnoEric

    LAX Long Term Parking

    I always park at Airport Center Express in the parking structure. I also use this website and pre-pay 10% to reserve the spot: Then just print the receipt and give it to the attendant when you leave. Rates are usually cheaper when you do it this way.
  161. OnoEric


    I still have a couple yellow Sabres wrapped in brown and orange from the early 80’s that I still use. Bought from Johnny’s in Pasadena. My go to rod is still the CA8660C, which I’ve used to land everything from calicos to bluefin. It’s the rod in my profile photo. I still like the feel of the...
  162. OnoEric

    Do you have a Landing net on your boat? It’s the law for everyone who is fishing!

    I've had a landing net on board, but the only time it was ever used was in 1991 when we stopped on a kelp paddy that turned into a 4 hour plunker bite on dorado and the gaff was left at home for some reason. We got pretty adept at netting dorado... That was when I learned that if everyone does...
  163. OnoEric

    Yo-yo's for the surface?

    One of my best surface irons is an old scrambled egg Salas Christy 2 that I've had for 30 years. It's not really a true surface iron, but it works as one and has won me a few jackpots on 3/4 day Coronado Island boats over the years. I will be sad the day it breaks or I lose it.
  164. OnoEric

    Battery Recommendation

    I have a pair of Group 27's on my Grady 208. Contrary to what plj46 posted above me, I've had good luck with the Costco Interstate batteries. I've gotten 6-7 years out of them both times I've bought them. But, probably similar to you, most of their use is with the engine running. I don't spend a...
  165. OnoEric

    Detachable Fishing Rod Extension

    Hmm, first post... from Singapore... same place the Kickstarter campaign is from... with hyperlinks to the product in the post. Please try harder to hide your spam next time.
  166. OnoEric

    ?? 12 volt system

    Brand new and fluctuating makes me lean more towards voltage problems, but it would typically fluctuate only if there was a bad connection moving around. The first thing I would do is connect the leads coming out of the pump directly to the fuses, no switches... to see if the pump...
  167. OnoEric

    ?? 12 volt system

    Is the Rule 1100 pump new? Fluctuating impeller speed on those Rule pumps usually mean they are about to crap out. Is it fluctuating while running it dry, or is it pushing water?
  168. OnoEric

    For Sale $300 Penn fathom 40nld2

    There are other deals out there, just got to look for them. EDIT: Don't want to totally crap on this guy's listing, so I pulled the attachment.
  169. OnoEric

    Boiler Rocks Salt Creek

    That’s my old stomping grounds as a little kid. My dad got me started fishing off the rocks on the point at the north end of Monarch Beach. Lots of opaleye on frozen peas and the occasional fat calico casting out to the backside of one of the boiler rocks using mussels for bait. That’s how this...
  170. OnoEric

    Passport required

    Bummer... Bribe a family member to drive it down to you?
  171. OnoEric

    Passport required

    Spend $30, get a passport card, and keep it in your wallet with your DL and CC's. That way you never forget it. I don't think a boat would allow a photo of the passport. That's not going to fly with the Mexican authorities if they choose to board and check.
  172. OnoEric

    Easy Gas Near Dana Point

    That Chevron on the corner of PCH and DPH Drive will be tough with a 28 foot boat without either the truck sticking out into the street, or the truck blocking access to all pumps for all vehicles. There is only 1 lane of pumps accessible to boats without having to make tight turns. The easiest...
  173. OnoEric

    Cowling Needs Paint Job

    Yamaha sells touch up paint for outboards in spray cans under the Yamalube brand name, if you want to go the cheap DIY route.
  174. OnoEric

    Trip cancelled due to bad weather (Thunderbird)?

    Weather is crappy: PZZ676-182230- Outer waters from Santa Cruz Island to San Clemente Island to 60 NM offshore including San Nicolas and Santa Barbara Islands- 901 AM PDT Wed Apr 18 2018 SMALL CRAFT ADVISORY IN EFFECT THROUGH LATE...
  175. OnoEric

    What makes a good radio

    A good quality antenna. Your Icom is already a high quality radio. But it’s only as good as the antenna.
  176. OnoEric


    I wasn’t arguing anything. Just sharing that many Yamaha techs, I, and others, have been using the hose attachment port to run the motor for years with no ill effects. I even stated that there is no reason to if you don’t want to. So the guy who ran his motor on the flush port shouldn’t sweat it...
  177. OnoEric


    The MSDS for Salt Away lists it as sulfamic acid, which is used to dissolve lime scale and rust. I’ve never used it, either, and never seen any salt build-up. Water does a pretty good job of dissolving salt on its own. But, I suspect Salt Away would do a pretty good job at keeping water jackets...
  178. OnoEric


    Ok. Pliability has more to do with age than anything else, which is why I change them out every 100-150 hours. That’s been 1-2 years of my useage lately. Once the impeller blades take a set, and don’t spring out when they pass the input port, the pump is less efficient. But sitting stationary...
  179. OnoEric


    Like I said, I’ve been doing exactly that for 20 years and every time I change the impeller after 100-150 hours, there is hardly any wear on it. I am not concerned about idling the motor on the flush attachment. The manual doesn’t say “do not run the motor on the attachment.” It just says flush...
  180. OnoEric


    Here’s another.
  181. OnoEric


    I’ve unknowingly been putting super awesome impellers in my Yamaha too. I’ve been running the engine on the flush port just like you do for years. Every time I change the impeller, I wonder why I’m doing it because the one I pull out looks almost brand new. I don’t see any ill effects from...
  182. OnoEric

    First Time Buyer Gun Shy - Need Advice

    Motor appears to be an OMC Sea Drive. Parts for that motor will be next to impossible to find. IMO, for $5500 there are much better deals out there.
  183. OnoEric

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    What I’ve learned from this thread is that if I ever buy a high dollar item from anyone I can’t meet face to face, I will pay the PayPal transaction fee (which would have been $10 in this transaction) and not use the Friends & Family option so I can file a dispute with PayPal so they will...
  184. OnoEric

    Newell 332....better for for 30# or 40#

    Both of my G series with metal clickers and metal shift knob are 3-stacks. They are vintage 1985 and 1986. One is a red label and the other is black label. Not sure exactly when the G-series started being produced, so maybe earlier models still had the 4-stack.
  185. OnoEric

    Newell 332....better for for 30# or 40#

    Newell gear sleeves were bronze, I believe. Much stronger than the brass used by Penn, so IMO a stainless steel sleeve is not really necessary. The shops producing the SS ones now are adding teeth to the ratchet to smooth out the anti-reverse. I use my 332 with 30 lb mono and greased carbon...
  186. OnoEric

    Fish ID

    Yep, rock wrasse. Used to catch those things near the coast guard dock in Newport bay when I was a kid. Small hook and mussel for bait. Cool looking fish.
  187. OnoEric

    Oxidized Fiberglass restoration- Final seal question

    I'd go with Woody Wax for the non-skid. It's not cheap stuff, but it's good.
  188. OnoEric

    What are these used for???

    Yep, I have a couple of the top 2 (without the skirt) that I've had for probably 30 years, a blue and white and a black and red, but there isn't a lot of paint left on either. G.C. Lures. They still work to kill the 'cudas.
  189. OnoEric

    Oceanside cow yellowfin

    A number of years ago, 22 of them, actually, in 1995, I hooked a cow yellowfin locally (near the 238) on a Zuker zucchini broom tail. Fought it for 4.5 hours on a 113HLW and Calstar WC665H-C with 50 lb mono. Popped the leader on the swimstep after the gaff pulled since we didn’t have a gaff with...
  190. OnoEric

    Fish ID?

  191. OnoEric

    Ass holes on the 209 on a whaler on july 6 2017

    Haha! WhatsApp. I get asked for that all the time by overseas customers. They get really confused when I tell them I don't have one and give them my Skype name instead.
  192. OnoEric

    Charkbait Great Service

    I first met Mark back when Charkbait and internet fishing was first getting started about 20 years ago. You're not going to find a nicer, more honest guy than Mark.
  193. OnoEric

    Fishing Coranados

    You can get them online too.
  194. OnoEric

    Fishing Coranados

    Yes, yes, and yes.
  195. OnoEric

    Is the Shelter Island Boat Launch Open or Not?

    Video a few weeks old, but this is pretty much what it's been since June.
  196. OnoEric


    Chuck, there are many things messed up about CalTrans, but your information about 4" and 6" stripes is not true. Most states switched over to 6" being standard many years ago because human drivers see them better. CalTrans has just been slow to keep up with new standards because they have...
  197. OnoEric

    TLD 20 Capabilities/Limits?

    You could spool it with 80lb spectra with a top shop of 40-50 lb mono, if you want the capacity. It's a solid 40-50 lb class reel, but not more than that. I've got one that I have spooled with 40lb mono. A couple years ago I hooked a 70 lb bluefin on it, and got it to the boat in about 15...
  198. OnoEric

    Newell P229 Issue

    My first guess is the Belleville washer in the drag stack has flattened out. I've had a couple of them do that after many years. Do you have a 3-stack or a 4-stack drag? First step would be to take a close look at the drag stack assembly and make sure everything is there and seated right. It's...
  199. OnoEric

    Dorado 7/23

    Excellent work! We worked the same area as you today with the same beat up red sardines from Dana, but couldn't find the right paddy. We were metering tuna 250-400 feet deep all day in the dirty, 77 degree water. Some fairly large schools and some much smaller. Porpoise were everywhere.
  200. OnoEric

    Pelican eating a pigeon

    I saw that happen live once. Was in London at Hyde Park. Evidently it's what they eat. Happens all the time. Good stuff.
  201. OnoEric

    What are you towing with?

    I tow a Grady White 208 with my F150 with the 3.7L V6 (naturally aspirated, not the Ecoboost). It tows it with relative ease, and it's also my daily driver. It's 5 years old and got 91k miles on it already. I've got no issues with it. It's been a great truck.
  202. OnoEric

    snap ties

    Is this what you mean?
  203. OnoEric

    Best all around 1/2 day reel

    I like your style, Jim!
  204. OnoEric

    No reverse

    Awesome! Easy fixes are the best!
  205. OnoEric

    The best fish you ever caught while fishing for something else

    I had a similar thing happen once, except it was a yellowfin tuna that turned into a 6 foot blue shark. You got the better deal.
  206. OnoEric

    Can this handle bigger grade tuna?

    About 25 years ago, I fought an estimated 200-250lb bigeye for about 4.5 hours on a stock 113HLW before my gaff man botched the job and it sawed off the leader on the swim step. With upgraded drags, it's a capable reel for the cost, though that fish kicked my butt. I had the fish beat though...
  207. OnoEric

    The best fish you ever caught while fishing for something else

    110 lb sailfish on straight 20 lb mono while fishing dorado in Loreto. 15 lb yellowtail while throwing light surface iron with my bass rod at foaming bonies in front of Pebbly Beach at Catalina.
  208. OnoEric

    Stoked On Fishing....Whats Going on?

    No Pacifico's for them. Only the good stuff... Modelo's :-)
  209. OnoEric

    Fathoms which size and Model??!

    That chart is odd. I've never seen those ratings before. My Seeker 870 says 15 (20) 40 on it, my Seeker Black Classic 970 says 15 (25) 40. My Calstar WC 670C says 20-50 and my Calstar WC665HC says 30-80, which matches up with what hucklongfin wrote. FWIW, my 870 is my 20lb rod, my 970 is my...
  210. OnoEric

    Boats no longer exemp from new fuel taxes...

    That's exactly what it's for, since she drives an EV and realizes it's not fair she doesn't pay any taxes. I'm not down with it because she wanted it to be too invasive... the last thing we all need is to start getting speeding tickets in the mail because the tracker indicated you were traveling...
  211. OnoEric

    No reverse

    The idle adjusting part I don't remember well enough. It's been 25 years since I've had to do it. But as I recall, there is an idle adjustment screw on the carburetor. There should also be an adjustment on the throttle cable. But, if your motor is having a hard time idling at 700 RPM, your...
  212. OnoEric

    Newell G229-F worth?

    In good shape, all original, $125-$175.
  213. OnoEric

    No reverse

    Here is the shift cable that comes through the intermediate housing. This is the switch that is inside the throttle lever at the helm. That's basically your entire...
  214. OnoEric

    No reverse

    Yep, it's normal. It would do it in reverse too, if that part was working. There is no easing it into gear. As soon as the shifter switch connects, the shift solenoid instantly pops the drive into gear. It's important with electric shifts to keep the engine idle low (650-700 RPM) to avoid...
  215. OnoEric

    No reverse

    OMC electric shift. There will be a black cable coming through the intermediate housing on the port side with a green wire and a blue wire. Green = Go (forward). Blue = Back (reverse). Putting 12 volts on one of the wires will shift it into forward or reverse. There are breakout connectors a...
  216. OnoEric

    What's the ideal hook setup for flatfall jigs?

    Post #34 and then there is a discussion about circle hooks starting with post #46 in that thread. Personally, I think a circle hook connected to the jig is going to change the way the circle hook was intended to be used. If the fish has inhaled the jig and you're pulling it out of its mouth...
  217. OnoEric

    What's the ideal hook setup for flatfall jigs?
  218. OnoEric

    Boats no longer exemp from new fuel taxes...

    Unfortunately one of her proposals to replace the gas tax was to put a tracking device in every vehicle and charge people per mile driven. I'm less of a fan of that proposal than I am of a gas tax. I just want them to use they money collected for an intended purpose to actually be used for that...
  219. OnoEric

    Boats no longer exemp from new fuel taxes...

    We already pay 29.7 cents per gallon in state excise tax for gasoline and 16 cents for road diesel, plus sales tax. Of that, only about 6 cents of the gasoline tax and 3 cents of the diesel tax goes back to maintaining roadway infrastructure. There is zero reason to add more gas taxes. They...
  220. OnoEric

    Boats no longer exemp from new fuel taxes...

    Everyone who can should sign this petition. KFI 640 and KOGO 600 are working to collect enough signatures to recall the state senators who voted in favor of the gas tax. Phase 1 – End Super-Majority: Recall from office State...
  221. OnoEric

    Saw some albies at the butterfly 05/29 -05/30

    Probably the same albacore from Cedros Island I used to catch incidentally while throwing surface iron at deep water rockfish...
  222. OnoEric

    Bayliner trophy w/ Force outboard

    For $5000, you will have to search for a bit, but you can get yourself a decent boat that is ready to fish, but could use some upgrades as you go along. I'm thinking of the older Sea-Ray hulls from the 1970's with an I/O would be tun-key in that price range. I know you said center consoles, but...
  223. OnoEric

    700m rating

    I use my 700m with 30lb. The 700h is a better 40lb rod, but the 700m will be ok with 40, I think. A 670 is also a 30lb bait rod with slower action than the 700m. A 670h is more of a 40lb rod, IMO.
  224. OnoEric

    Bayliner trophy w/ Force outboard

    I think you have very smart friends. What's your budget? I think you'd be better off getting an older, quality built hull that may or may not need some work done to it to make it a Catalina-ready boat.
  225. OnoEric

    TLD 15/30s upgrade

    I've got the same reel with same upgrades, except the handle, which I should do. I can tell you with greased Carbontex drag washers it's super smooth at 20 lbs. of drag. And since it's a star drag, there is no handle binding at high drag settings. I don't fish it with that much drag, though...
  226. OnoEric

    New addition...Skip Jack 20

    This is the boat I grew up fishing. My dad had a 1975 version when I was a kid. The hull is built like a tank, and will take more abuse than you will, but as stated, it can get a little wet when quartering uphill into the chop. The boat will lean into the wind. But you've got trim tabs that will...
  227. OnoEric

    Pelagic Ray report - 4/15, Dana Point

    I caught one of those things last year throwing an iron into a school of jumping bluefin. It was pretty ticked off at me when I lifted it out of the water, whipping it's tail around like crazy. Good sign for this year, I hope.
  228. OnoEric

    ID this motor

    Judging by the location of the distributor, it's a small block Chevy. Probably a 350, is my guess. Someone else is probably better at IDing it than I am, though...
  229. OnoEric

    Giving paddy #'s over the radio.

    As stated, codes, secret channels, or 2-meter radios are the best way if you've planned ahead with your buddy. Another method I've used is to ask the guy I'm calling in what *his* numbers are. Then I give him a bearing and distance to me. That method isn't foolproof, but it makes the other...
  230. OnoEric

    Best all around 1/2 day reel

    Yeah, I wasn't exactly sure what he meant... Spinning reels have a level wind mechanism too, and those are probably the easiest to cast the farthest. I just didn't want the OP to think that a Penn 209 was going to cast farther than a Penn 500, both of which are still made by Penn, and would be...
  231. OnoEric

    Best all around 1/2 day reel

    Ahh, understood... I know those as baitcasters... terminology :-)
  232. OnoEric

    Best all around 1/2 day reel

    I'm confused by this statement. All other things being equal, a conventional reel is going to cast farther than a level wind. When casting, the only thing the level wind does is create drag on the line going out. Level wind: Conventional:
  233. OnoEric

    Dana Point Tuesday 2.28.17

    I had my flare gun with expired flares stolen out of my boat (the perp left the un-expired flares) a couple years ago, and my boat is just on the other side of the fence from yours. Maybe she's now got a complete set... The best parts were the perp couldn't bother to untie the strap holding the...
  234. OnoEric

    Swimbaits for Yellowtail, Tuna & Dorado...?

    This. Sometimes it is the only jig that gets bit. Other times, if we get bit on the short jigs, it gets bit long after we've stopped as it sinks out. I've always used the purple ones offshore.
  235. OnoEric

    Will the Albies come

    There's a lot of stuff online about research done on albacore migration patterns. Most of it concludes that we don't know why some years they show up here and other years they don't show up. But, we have observed that the patterns are cyclical... For example...
  236. OnoEric

    Newell 440-5 freespool question

    It could be a number of things that could be remedied by a good tear down and cleaning. It's possible the bearings are gummed up and need to be cleaned out or replaced, or the pinion gear might be sticking on the spool shaft, to name a couple of possible causes off the top of my head. Does the...
  237. OnoEric

    Newell ID ??

    It looks like a bit of a Frankenstein reel. Looks like a P-Series with a Blackie handle. Either a P440 or P533, hard for me to tell in the photos, but I'm sure someone else will be able to tell. You'd have to open it up to figure out the gear ratio. There were a couple different options for that.
  238. OnoEric

    Your first fish; your favorite fish to catch; your favorite fish to eat; favorite shellfish to eat

    1. Giant kelpfish off the Dana Point jetty 2. Yellowtail on the surface iron. 3. Yellowtail sashimi 4. I don't do shellfish much, but chocolate clams diced up with tomato, onion, cilantro, and jalepeño, put back in the shell, wrapped in foil and baked on the barbecue is pretty darn good.
  239. OnoEric

    (Dumb) Newell S229-5 Questions

    If you've got the version of the S-series that has metal bearing caps, you don't even have to pull the sideplates off, just unscrew the bearing caps. But, sometimes getting the bearing out of the cap is a royal PITA. If you got the version with a plastic bearing cap, you'll have to pull apart...
  240. OnoEric

    (Dumb) Newell S229-5 Questions

    Yes, 200/300/400 series all use the same sized drags. For the OP, make sure the bearing cap on left side plate is not cranked all the way down. I always set mine just at the point where the side-to-side slop in the spool goes away. You don't want to put any side load on the bearings. If the cap...
  241. OnoEric

    BD formate change??

    I've got the same problem as Mike. On my computer it looks fine, but on my phone, it used to scale the width of the page to the same size as the phone. But now it does not, so I either have to scroll back and forth to read, or zoom out so I need a microscope to read the text.
  242. OnoEric

    Looking to Purchase Euros

    I always get Euros at the ATM at the airport when I land in Europe. That's usually the best exchange rate. My backup is I have a couple hundred US dollars that I can exchange at a much worse rate at an exchange place if I need to. But if you want to play safe and go with some, your bank will...
  243. OnoEric

    Bias ply vs Radial trailer tires?

    Someone once told me if I wore out the tread before the sidewalls, get radials. If the sidewalls wore out before the tread was gone, get bias-ply. Since it seems you do relatively short distance trailering, bias-ply are probably fine for you.
  244. OnoEric

    Registering a 26 foot panga from Mexico in CA.?

    A 26 foot Skipjack flybridge isn't even 5 tons. Its dry weight is less than 4 tons, so I'm pretty sure your panga is not close to 5 tons. But regardless, read this: A documented vessel is one that is registered by the Federal Government through the U. S. Coast Guard, rather than titled and...
  245. OnoEric

    Caught Some Tuna 10/7 DP

    Nice grade! Way to get it done. As stated, the 267 is marked as 279 on your chart unless you're using a 30 year old paper chart where it is marked as 267.
  246. OnoEric

    Coronados 10/7 on the San Diego

    Each one of those bones had a gill cut and were thrown into the RSW immediately. The meat quality is incredible. Will make some great bonito ceviche and poke. Not quite as good as yellowtail, but it's good stuff when properly handled like it was.
  247. OnoEric

    Coronados 10/7 on the San Diego

    After my dismal season of looking at fish with an uncanny ability of not hooking them, I jumped on the San Diego with Captain Ryan and crew of Shon, Matt, and Cruz. Top notch crew. I can't say enough about them. This is the best run boat I've been on. Best fishing yesterday was at North Island...
  248. OnoEric

    Rpt.-09-28-16 The 302 and 371 Tuna bite.

    I'm going to throw this thing at them next time I'm in the middle of tuna blowing up on noseeums.
  249. OnoEric

    9/24 9-182-181

    I caught one of those pelagic rays earlier this year. Threw a jig right into the middle of foaming bluefin and got bit instantly... I was excited for about 5 seconds until I dragged that thing back to the boat.
  250. OnoEric

    181-289-312-209 Sunday 9/25

    Launched out of Dana Point with a bit of a late start. Great scoop of 5-6 inch sardines that lasted us all day. Didn't have a single dead one in the tank all day. Bee-lined it to the 181 area at 26 knots and arrived about 8:30 to find a couple of sport boats and a bunch of other boats milling...
  251. OnoEric

    the San Diego 3/4 Day

    If you follow their Instagram feed, they'll report everything... good and bad, and usually will tell you why... Like this one from a couple weeks ago. I appreciate that style reporting and the timeliness of it. Other boats and landings will post stuff like "Look, we caught fish 3 days ago. Come...
  252. OnoEric

    Hit a mola mola.

    I've hit a couple over the years cruising at 22-24 knots, and the lower unit of my outboard has the scars to prove it. Luckily no serious damage other than a little less paint on it.
  253. OnoEric

    Phone reception at SCI

    Here are some VHF basics:
  254. OnoEric

    Phone reception at SCI

    Call BoatUS on Ch 16. If you make contact with them and it's non-emergency (i.e. not life-threatening), they'll have you switch to a working channel (usually they pick 78A) to get all your information. If you can't raise BoatUS on the radio, you should be able to raise the Coast Guard in Ch 16...
  255. OnoEric

    Phone reception at SCI

    Do you have Vessel Assist (Tow Boat US) or Sea Tow? Neither the Navy nor the Coast Guard is going to come get you if you break down unless your life is in danger. If you needed a tow back in, you're looking at around $2000-$3000 for the tow without a membership to a towing service. IMO, if you...
  256. OnoEric

    Anyone happen to have one of these? (Bennett trim tab joystick)

    I actually did talk to Tabman yesterday. He told me they stopped making that controller 15 years ago, so he's got nothing left... I must have gotten one of the last joystick controllers they ever made, since I installed these tabs 15 or 16 years ago...
  257. OnoEric

    Anyone happen to have one of these? (Bennett trim tab joystick)

    They want $50. But to be honest, if I have to pay that much, I'll just bite the bullet and put the rocker switches in. I was just hoping for a cheap temporary fix to get me through the season so I don't have to waste a day when I could be fishing...
  258. OnoEric

    Anyone happen to have one of these? (Bennett trim tab joystick)

    Thanks. I've checked eBay, but nothing there right now. Only found a couple people on Craigslist on the east coast selling them right now,but I don't trust Craigslist... too many flakes to do a non-face-to-face transaction.
  259. OnoEric

    Anyone happen to have one of these? (Bennett trim tab joystick)

    Had my Bennett trim tab joystick controller snap off on me yesterday trying to get the tabs adjusted to pound into the afternoon slop. Made for an annoying ride home without being able to trim the boat out properly. Bennett stopped making them a number of years ago and the replacement controller...
  260. OnoEric

    Utter BS!!!!!! Venting

    Cronyism at its finest... FDA could fix this tomorrow if they approved an alternative to the EpiPen. But the EpiPen patented, and the FDA says everything else is too inferior to approve. In the meantime, we all get screwed.
  261. OnoEric

    Shimano gripe!

    I finally learned... On my reels that like to have flying parts, I open it up inside a clear plastic bag so at least I can find the shit when it goes flying. Spent too much of my life searching for Penn 4/0 dog springs... Funny thing is, my cheap Shimano TLD Star drags are almost as easy as my...
  262. OnoEric

    Frozen BFT Going Bad

    Yellowfin will do the same thing. The brown is from oxidizing, even when vacuum sealed. There's probably nothing wrong with it. The brown part will be a very thin layer on the surface, about 1/16th inch thick. I usually slice off the brown part and cook like normal. Rinsing with fresh water...
  263. OnoEric


    10 total YT, but only 5 can be less than 24". So essentially the limit is 5 on small YT.
  264. OnoEric

    Ridiculous tuna at 2.5 miles off Cbad 7/17

    Insane amount of life out there right now. I was out Sunday north of you and we had bluefin crashing in all directions for 6-7 miles. I just wished they ate hooked baits as much as they like jumping out of the water!
  265. OnoEric

    7/17 267-209-312 report

    It was probably your post last year that I remembered when I saw this thing. Evidently,it's a specific type of stingray that lives offshore most of the time. The ocean always has something new to throw at you when you...
  266. OnoEric

    7/17 267-209-312 report

    Short version: very boat shy bluefin over a very large area from just inside the 267 to just above the 312, and in towards the beach. Water was semi-greenish to dirty green, but it didn't seem to matter. There were tuna in both. Dirty water was 72, less greenish water was 70-71. We didn't get...
  267. OnoEric

    Real Slow (as in slow slow)

    Hopefully just new server setup/configuration issues that will get resolved as it gets dialed in.
  268. OnoEric

    Real Slow (as in slow slow)

    Brutal. What happened? There is an unknown connection issue between CloudFlare and the origin web server. As a result, the web page can not be displayed. What can I do? If you are a visitor of this website: Please try again in a few minutes. If you are the owner of this website: There is an...
  269. OnoEric

    Manic BFT Monday

    This is awesome. Guy catches a big bluefin and a few nice 'tails, and all anyone wants to talk about are his big bones. LOL Great report on an epic day!
  270. OnoEric

    Google Maps - Avalon

    It wasn't a good day for a lot of people... See the photo in the article.
  271. OnoEric

    Desperately Seeking Newell clamp screw

    If you can't find one, the schematic says it's an 8-32 Fillister head screw, 3/4". McMaster-Carr has them in all sorts of sizes...
  272. OnoEric

    End of Sports Chalet

    Exactly. I swung by the store by my house this morning just to see what fishing gear they had on sale. Even their 10% off everything must go prices were still more expensive than I can get the stuff online.
  273. OnoEric

    8' surface iron stick

    I'm kinda old school, Jerry, but I have my 332 attached to a Calstar 270-8H. I can chuck surface iron pretty far with that setup...
  274. OnoEric

    Sardine Population Continues to Collapse

    It's all in the way you present it. If you want to be an alarmist, your headline is "Sardine population continues to collapse." If you want to be more pragmatic, your headline is "Sardine population continues on the downturn of its cycle."
  275. OnoEric

    Best rod for 20lb setup

    I'm a fan of the 870 for 20 lb. I like the action on glass blanks better on light gear than the graphite composite blanks, but the regular 270-7 doesn't quite have enough backbone for pulling on larger fish, IMO. The 270H-8 also works, but I prefer 7 foot rods for bait sticks. A Calstar WC870C...
  276. OnoEric

    F&G - fishing without a license:

    YMMV. My buddy forgot his license once time... We got stopped by F&G... Wrote him up... He went to court, showed the judge his license... judge looked at it, saw the date it was purchased was before the infraction date and threw the case out. My buddy had to pay $15 for "court fees" and that was it.
  277. OnoEric

    Opah for Christmas

    Pelly's in Carlsbad has had some from time to time. Any time I see it at a fish market, I am buying some.
  278. OnoEric

    Need help on Penn 525 mag

    x3 on the bearings. As a first guess, you've tightened the bearing cap down too tight. Back it off just to the point when you can feel a very slight side-to-side play in the spool when it's in free spool and you grab the spool and move it sideways to see if things smooth out...
  279. OnoEric

    Newell Reels

    Killer price for a couple of G-series. I'd be all over them if I didn't already own 3. GLWS!
  280. OnoEric

    6/0 Penn (sold)

    The frame is stamped as a P60 frame for a Penn 114. That looks like a 6/0 reel.
  281. OnoEric

    What thew hell was THAT!?!?!!!

    I saw the same thing as you, Joe. Driving on the 15 freeway in Rancho Bernardo. It was heading south to north. Bright orange light with a trail of orange sparkles before it was gone. It didn't match the description of what everyone saw and it didn't look like any of the photos I've seen. Also...
  282. OnoEric

    Almost spooled

    Any of the above methods will work including a few wraps of a mono backing.
  283. OnoEric

    Not a great day, but a cool one especially for mid-October. Tackle thieves!

    Hey, if you're going to have tackle stolen, much better that it's stolen by skinny, toothy things with fins rather than skinny, toothless tweakers with arms and legs... Thanks for the report!
  284. OnoEric

    What species does the el nino bring to our waters?

    I remember catching needlefish off the domes during the last big El Niño.
  285. OnoEric

    14 mile bank killer kelp 10/6

    Evidently that's a popular thing to do... I saw someone else doing the same thing earlier this season...
  286. OnoEric

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    I hear ya! Damn expensive hobby we have! I'm not looking forward to a few trailer projects this winter myself. Trailers are my least favorite thing about boating! I currently don't have working brakes, and I need to pull all the bunks off to get rid of all the rust on the upright pieces and...
  287. OnoEric

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    Nice work saving the day with some fish again. You are hardcore! But why do you keep blowing up bearings? Are your spindles pitted/galled/dinged up so you're not getting a good seal? New axles and spindles aren't that expensive and not all that complicated to replace, especially if you can find...
  288. OnoEric

    10/3 S/SW of 209 Dorado and more on patty

    Wut u tlakin abt Chick-Fil-A English? Wut dat? :D
  289. OnoEric

    Go to 25lb rig for yellows ?

    Ha! I'm kind of partial to my G229 with Sabre 8660C, but that's my 20 lb rig... I also have a G229 on a Seeker Extreme 870 and another G229 on a Calstar 195. One can never have enough Newell 229's... :D
  290. OnoEric

    Go to 25lb rig for yellows ?

    Yo Jeff. Does that 25 lb rig work for yellowfin tuna too, or is there a different setup for that? What about for bluefin? Dorado? Need to make sure I'm equipped with the correct 25 lb rig for everything!
  291. OnoEric

    Blood Moon Bait Blues

    Overall sounds like a good day! Glad you survived the o'dark-thirty encounter with the bait boat. Nice effort and thanks for the report! "White boat with blue top off my bow... you catch anything off this paddy yet?"
  292. OnoEric

    Dana Point, 9-21 - 9-25 wrap up with LARGE heartbreak at the end....

    You're gonna get one sooner than later, Billy. Great effort! Thanks for the 289 report too. I had been wondering if anything was going on out that way...
  293. OnoEric

    Dana Point 9.23.15

    I believe you, Joe... But those might be yellowtail trout... a very close cousin to the yellowtail tuna....
  294. OnoEric

    Dana Point 9.23.15

    Very serious... they are almost extinct! :rofl::rofl:
  295. OnoEric


    Joe, I was wondering if you could help me out... How far is the 14 Mile Bank from Dana Point? What knot should I use to tie my spectra to fluorocarbon? How long should my fluorocarbon be? What color should my spectra be? What knot should I use to tie my hook to my fluoro? Does pink PowerBait...
  296. OnoEric

    Breaking in the new gaff!

    I posted the rules I could find referring to free-gaffing (or "snagging" as it's called in the regs) earlier in this thread. In inland water (i.e. freshwater), it's basically illegal to free-gaff anything. In the ocean, I could only find references to it being illegal to free gaff striped bass...
  297. OnoEric

    Breaking in the new gaff!

    Shooting it with a speargun while in the water = perfectly legal Shooting it with a speargun while on shore, on a dock, or on a boat = illegal. That's the difference. Whether anyone thinks it's a stupid law or not, that's the way the law is written in CA.
  298. OnoEric

    dp wahoo, leaving at 3

    Hope you've got better hooks on your marauders this time! Good luck, wish I could join you.
  299. OnoEric

    Breaking in the new gaff!

    But "C" only applies to inland waters, not the ocean.
  300. OnoEric

    Breaking in the new gaff!

    In inland waters, it's definitely not. See below. But for ocean fishing, it only appears to be illegal for striped bass and sturgeon. ( Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong. Chapter 2. Statewide Regulations for Fishing...
  301. OnoEric

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    Jeff, I feel you. We were out Sunday too and had the exact same day as you. My daughter did get to catch her first ever yellowtail, which she was excited about, but I had to tell her we are letting it go so that next year you can catch it when it weighs 20 pounds. I put the boat away at the end...
  302. OnoEric

    Limit fishing on Yt. ""Who did it"""???? PATHETIC!!!

    The problem is "That Guy" will probably kill the newborns anyway, then throw them in the trash once he finds out they won't be accepted for processing... In 1997 during the last big El Niño, I remember seeing guys on paddies fishing with sabikis and loading up the kill bags with the babies. The...
  303. OnoEric

    Size of tuna (YFT & BFT)

    5-15 lbers.
  304. OnoEric

    9/12 Dana Point 267 big YFT & endless skippies

    Probably trying it again on Sunday. Will you be out there?
  305. OnoEric

    Extinction of the yellowtail tuna

    Damn it... first the yellowtail tuna, now the yellowcore tuna... :rofl: I might be willing to take these people half way seriously, if they knew what the hell they were talking about...
  306. OnoEric

    Helena Wahoo 9/17?

    A very convenient tsunami set that up.
  307. OnoEric

    Leaving Tonight at 3:00 am

    Dana Wharf just posted that the bait barge is closed today.
  308. OnoEric

    Leaving Tonight at 3:00 am

  309. OnoEric

    Leaving Tonight at 3:00 am

    We could get a repeat, or we could get nothing. Offshore is the safe haven. I'd definitely consider being outside if my boat was in the water. I thought it was funny the harbor patrol was yelling at the guy that his wake might cause damage. Yeah, the tsunami might too, maybe...
  310. OnoEric

    Heads Up. Chile Earthquake.

    The tsunami advisory was just extended to California. Tsunami advisory issued for Calif. coast
  311. OnoEric

    Extinction of the yellowtail tuna

    Makes me wonder if the blufinito has become extinct as well...
  312. OnoEric

    Does rain effect offshore fishing?

    Only at high tide...
  313. OnoEric

    Extinction of the yellowtail tuna

    They are real... no joke. The Guardian tells us so... You can read the fear mongering article here...
  314. OnoEric

    Outboard to boat ratio

    The USCG is part of the Federal Government. They adhere to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). The CFR pertaining to horsepower on a boat is 33 CFR 183.53, which I posted above. The USCG must adhere to that, otherwise they would be violating their own CFR's. If there is an "on the water"...
  315. OnoEric

    Outboard to boat ratio

    I think you need to re-read the page. First, it's the text for 33 CFR 183.53, which is exactly what the USCG uses to calculate horsepower ratings. Second, a Skipjack 20 is greater than 13 feet, therefore paragraph (a) applies, in which case the formula calculates out to be 230 HP for a...
  316. OnoEric

    Dana point 9/14/15

    Very strange... You'd think with 75°+ water and a bazillion monster sized paddies all loaded up with micro yellowtailed tunas, aka dodo snacks, there should be some dorado around...
  317. OnoEric

    Lower back pain after a day out boating/fishing

    Hard to know about the shoes unless you went with some custom orthopedics, but those aren't cheap. Especially since you've tried different shoes with no change in results. Good info on the hamstring stretching. I know I have tight hamstrings and I never stretch, so that might help me too...
  318. OnoEric

    Lower back pain after a day out boating/fishing

    I feel it more if I go barefoot in my boat, but if I keep my flip flops on, I tend to have less lower back pain the following day. I've thought about putting an anti-fatigue mat at the helm, since I usually stand to drive. I learned from many years of standing all day at trade shows for my job...
  319. OnoEric

    Outboard to boat ratio

    Try Length (in feet) x transom width (in feet) x 2 - 90 20.42 x 7.83 x 2 - 90 = 229.8 HP So a Skipjack 20 would be rated at 230 HP. That seems about right. The exact details are here: The transom height and steering type also come into factor.
  320. OnoEric

    9/12 Dana Point 267 big YFT & endless skippies

    Thanks for the replies, guys. I added a bit more to the report now that I'm finally starting to get over it...
  321. OnoEric

    Going out dana point sun 14th

    No worries. What I meant was 33°12' N latitude, 117°47' W longitude. That should be about 15 or 16 miles on about a 190 degree heading out of Dana. For a free tool, check out You can move the red fish around the map and it will show the GPS coordinates. If you click on 'Dana...
  322. OnoEric

    Going out dana point sun 14th

    12 over 47 and west of there was where we got all our fish all by ourselves yesterday.
  323. OnoEric

    Parasites in Skipjack

    I'm not saying people don't get parasites from raw fish. What I'm saying is that particular larval tapeworm found in skipjack won't be one of them. I still don't knowingly eat them. I slice all raw fish thin enough so I can look through it to make sure I don't see any parasites.
  324. OnoEric

    Parasites in Skipjack

    That particular larval tapeworm will not survive in humans. That's what was told to me by a scientist at Scripps Institution of Oceanography who studies that stuff. That doesn't mean all worms can't be harmful. In general parasites that live in saltwater fish are not as harmful to humans as ones...
  325. OnoEric

    Parasites in Skipjack

    You ever eaten a halibut? Those things are full of worms. Got to gut halibut quickly after they die otherwise the worms migrate all throughout the meat.
  326. OnoEric

    South of 267 YFT Sat 9/12

    Nice work. We were in the same area weeding through the skippies to get to the yellowfin too. The YFT we got was good sized. We shut off the radio early because of all the nonsense. "Stay away from the crowd." Best advice there is!
  327. OnoEric

    Parasites in Skipjack

    They are pretty common in skipjack for some reason. Every skipjack I've ever cut up has them in the belly meat. They are larval tapeworms, but I've been told they are unable to attach in humans. I just cut out the belly meat and toss it. Then slice up the rest of the meat thin enough so I can...
  328. OnoEric

    Troll bite

    What worked for us was a rubber skirted zucchini Zuker and a green/yellow Zuker feather. Both were 6" sized.
  329. OnoEric

    Troll bite

    Trolled Zukers yesterday around the 267 for a bunch of skipjack and a big yellowfin.
  330. OnoEric

    Boat US or Vessel Assist Towing Question

    We got towed in from the 238 into Ensenada in my buddy's boat by Vessel Assist about 10 years ago. It took him 8 hours to get down to us, but he did it and towed us in at 10 knots. We got to the launch ramp at Marina Coral at 2am. We offered to get him a hotel room, but he declined, turned right...
  331. OnoEric

    Skipjack Tuna Good Eating?

    They are known as Aku in Hawaii. If you get them bled and iced quickly, they make great poke and sashimi. I think cooking them ruins them, and if they are left in a gunny sack without being bled, they will turn to bloody mush suitable for feeding to your cat. Do a search online for aku recipes...
  332. OnoEric

    9/12 Dana Point 267 big YFT & endless skippies

    Yep he took one of the kelp stalks and tied it off to a cleat. The stalk was long enough so the paddy stayed about 10 feet off his stern. The perfect porta-paddy. We didn't bother to stop on that one. :D
  333. OnoEric

    9/12 Dana Point 267 big YFT & endless skippies

    At least he acknowledged you and apologized. Most of the time they don't. When I have my 11 year old on board, the radio stays on channel 16. It really is pathetic. Guys with the IQ of a bowling ball.
  334. OnoEric

    9/12 Dana Point 267 big YFT & endless skippies

    The first couple of paddies we stopped on in the morning, we did set up chunk lines for about an hour each. We had leftover sardines from the last trip we chunked and we chummed the chovies. There were solid marks at 250 feet, but we couldn't get anything to come up. It was actually Tunaslam's...
  335. OnoEric

    9/12 Dana Point 267 big YFT & endless skippies

    Just got off the water. Dana Point had great 5-6" anchovies. They were totally worthless for us. All our fish were jig strikes. Green and yellow feather and Zucchini Zuker were the hot jigs We worked away from the fleet mostly south of the high spot. Trolling random patterns chasing terns...
  336. OnoEric

    Dana Point Down Day

    I think it was the "guys never learn..." comment, implying the OP didn't catch fish because he didn't know what he was doing. Even though there were a lot of guys who know what they're doing out there yesterday having tough days.
  337. OnoEric

    Dana Point Down Day

    Tough luck. That's been the way the season has been out of Dana this year. Really good if you are in the right place at the right time, but tough pickings if you're not. It's worth taking the time to make macs if all the receiver has is chovies. If nothing else, the macs can be chunked up and...
  338. OnoEric

    Christmas Bluefin?

    In 1997 I caught Mexican limits of YFT within 50 miles of the point the Sunday before Thanksgiving. We had seared ahi with our turkey. In 1998, I caught a bluefin on the 60 mile bank the Sunday before Thanksgiving. We had bluefin sashimi with our turkey. 2015 is looking very similar to 1997...
  339. OnoEric

    Where to make bait in Dana point ?

    It's right out in front of the harbor mouth. In fact, they've extended the 5mph no wake zone all the way out to it.
  340. OnoEric

    WTF growing out of a tuna?

    Anchor worm.
  341. OnoEric

    Bait Tank

    My 2 cents... the light bulb on my bait tank burned out 11 years ago and I never bothered to change it. The bait never seems to care. But, even though this is just a stupid light bulb for your bait tank, you should figure out how it's wired and where those wires are. While you're at it, figure...
  342. OnoEric

    9/8/2015 YFT out of Dana

    279 = 267, about 10 miles out of Dana
  343. OnoEric

    9/8/2015 YFT out of Dana

    I don't know if the hammerheads swim with the tuna or the tuna swim with the hammerheads, but more often than not, if you find the hammerhead, you will find the tuna, just like with the ponies... Nice work!
  344. OnoEric

    Duoprop Performance In Kelp

    Cutting through the kelp to save 5 minutes is not going to make this guy happy...
  345. OnoEric

    New San Diego offshore fish farm

    According to the article, it's the Hubbs penned yellowtail that are the parent fish for creating the pens offshore. So maybe someone figured out a way to make it more profitable? I just hope this doesn't mean our live bait supply goes away...
  346. OnoEric

    New San Diego offshore fish farm

    I didn't see this posted anywhere else. Sorry if it's a repost. Insane if this ends up happening.
  347. OnoEric

    What make a Yellow Tail a "Home Gaurd"

    Homeguard has essentially come to mean any large yellowtail caught near inshore structure.
  348. OnoEric

    Blue Marlin @ the 238

    Where's Bad Dog when you need him??
  349. OnoEric

    The soothing light at the end of the tunnel

    Yep... been there, done that earlier this season. At least you attempted to have the right gear, unlike me... Sounds like a good day nonetheless.
  350. OnoEric

    8/30/15 Dana Point 267-277-14

    The solution, after talking with the mechanic, was to make sure Vessel Assist was paid up, run some Salt-Away through the motor, then go run it. I had suspected we had just sucked something up that restricted water flow through the block for a while until it finally blew through, and the...
  351. OnoEric

    8/30/15 Dana Point 267-277-14

    Nope, that wasn't us. Our jig strike was on the zucchini broomtail. We heard the skippy on the cedar plug call on the radio too, and all the calls about puddling, non-biting tuna.
  352. OnoEric

    8/30/15 Dana Point 267-277-14

    This was my first attempt at poke. Aku is popular in Hawaii, so I thought I'd give it a try. I ate some as sashimi with wasabi mayo last night, so there is hope for the poke. :-)
  353. OnoEric

    8/30/15 Dana Point 267-277-14

    No worries, Billy! I'm used to the newbies out there. I thought about giving you a shout out on the radio, but we never ran into anything worthwhile. Looks like you had a good day yourself!
  354. OnoEric

    8/30/15 Dana Point 267-277-14

    From this: To this, in 24 hours:
  355. OnoEric

    8/30/15 Dana Point 267-277-14

    Like a dog guarding its food... :-) Like I've said before, I don't mind sharing paddies, and I don't care if you ask to be invited in or not (though getting on the radio and asking is appreciated). Just go slow, go upswell and drift past the paddy. Do not do what these guys did. I didn't...
  356. OnoEric

    8/30/15 Dana Point 267-277-14

    "That guy" is right... If there were 10 boats fishing 1 paddy, I rarely stick around... but 3 boats and at least 4 paddies? I thought people would be able to figure out how to make that work!
  357. OnoEric

    8/30/15 Dana Point 267-277-14

    Yeah, it was much calmer to the inside. Out close to the 277, you could tell the wind was blowing hard down the backside of Catalina. Heard guys on the radio complaining about how windy it was.
  358. OnoEric

    8/30/15 Dana Point 267-277-14

    Short summary: Water temps 72.4 to 77.8, mixed up seas, windy out near the 277, skippies (the fish), clueless guys in a Skippy (the boat), a rat, and obnoxious cormorants. Longer report: This trip was mainly a shakedown sea trial just to make sure our engine overheating problems were resolved...
  359. OnoEric

    Dana Point 267 - 209 8/28/15

    Nice work again, Jeff. The skippies were thick out there again yesterday. There may have been yellowfin around where we were too, but we couldn't get past the skippies. Or the damn cormorants that kept swimming and getting tangled in our lines...
  360. OnoEric

    Asshat - Douchenozzle Award - Green Bouy 8/28/2015..

    Dude's got an Easy Up canopy over his cockpit and no rods. But he has a bait bag hanging on the transom, so it makes sense he'd drive circles around the fishing grounds...
  361. OnoEric

    Having money doesn't dictate someone knows how to fish

    In addition, dorado seem to be attracted to the sound of the motors, even high pressure direct inject 2-strokes (moreso than carb'ed 2-strokes), since their exhaust has a deeper rumble as opposed to the more whiny old school 2-strokes. Many times when I slide up on a paddy, I'll have dorado...
  362. OnoEric


    You might be right. Please, everyone go home and stop fishing. Football season is starting anyway. You've got better things to do.
  363. OnoEric

    Just an FYI... High Radiation 1 mile out @ Del Mar...

    Just for reference, a banana has about 15 Bq of radiation in it, so now the ocean has about half a banana every cubic meter worth of radiation if they're measuring it at about 8 Bq/m3. Think about that next time someone brings a banana on board and you chuck it over the side to avoid the bad...
  364. OnoEric

    DP 267 8/23-8/24

    I can tell you that I have seen fish every single offshore trip I've taken this year. Puddlers, jumpers, free swimmers, you name it, but I've come home wearing the stripe more often than not this year. I've been fishing offshore here since 1985 and this season is just an oddball one for me...
  365. OnoEric

    Sunday 8/23 5 mi inside of the 209

    Yeah, I looked at that thing up close too. It looked like it was a steel cable inside a plastic sheath where the membrane had been pulled apart. I've caught a lot of dorado with those things growing out of them, but never one that large. Freaky looking things...
  366. OnoEric

    DP 267 8/23-8/24

    I feel your pain, man! My last two trips I've hooked 2 target fish and farmed both... one was a tuna that spooled me and the other was a tiny dorito that spit my bait before getting the hook in its mouth. To add insult to injury, we had engine problems offshore yesterday. I had to give up and go...
  367. OnoEric

    Sunday 8/23 5 mi inside of the 209

    Jeff, after you showed me that thing, I looked it up... and since you lost your opportunity at $10, I think that was an anchor worm called a pennella filosa. Check out the photos in this post. Does this look like what you had...
  368. OnoEric

    Tuna ID

    In the spreader bar pic, you can see the outline on the side of the fish of the recessed area where the pec fin will lay flush. The point of the V that outline makes is forward of the 2nd dorsal fin. YFT pectoral fins go all the way back even with the 2nd dorsal fin, so I'm going with it being a...
  369. OnoEric

    8/23 offshore from Dana Point

    Thanks Jeff. Story of my season, so far. At least things look like we've got a ways to go until this offshore season is done, so there is still time. Being half way crippled on the water yesterday took a bit of the joy out of it, but we made the best of it. I was reminded why I never want to...
  370. OnoEric

    8/23 offshore from Dana Point

    Thanks Billy. Yep, that was me. You guys found the right paddy in the exact area where we were going before having to abort. I knew we had to get down below the 209 to the inside about 10 off the beach to get into the right zone, and you confirmed that. Nice work!
  371. OnoEric

    8/23 offshore from Dana Point

    Don't know what the overheat problem was. My guess is we sucked something up that restricted water flow for a while. Either that or the temp sensor isn't working right. It ran just fine for our 30 minute run home from the domes, so maybe the problem fixed itself. Still, I need to pull the temp...
  372. OnoEric

    8/23 offshore from Dana Point

    short summary: I suck at fishing, but am good at farming, and the boat broke. Other than that, we did catch fish, just not the kind we wanted, and it was a great day. Longer report: Took my dad out for his birthday yesterday. He's always been the good luck charm on his birthday every summer...
  373. OnoEric

    Sunday 8/23 5 mi inside of the 209

    Billy, nice chatting with you at the ramp (I think that was you). I have the Grady that had to troll all day long due to engine overheat issues. Obviously you had a better day than me. Nice work!
  374. OnoEric

    Dana - 08.20.2015 + Hammerhead

    We had a hammerhead circle our boat for over an hour last year. It showed up a little while after we had finished bleeding out a bunch of tuna in the livewell. I know that's what had to have attracted it to us because it kept ramming the boat at the overflow drain thru-hull. It then tried to...
  375. OnoEric

    Dana - 08.20.2015 + Hammerhead

    Hammerheads are awesome. Thanks for the timely report!
  376. OnoEric

    newell rebuild

    Newell 200 and 300 series have the same sized drags. The problem with the 220 is capacity. You'd have to fill it with spectra, otherwise you'd probably be able to cast out the entire spool if you filled it with 40 lb mono. Or you wanted to throw surface iron on 20 lb mono, but that doesn't make...
  377. OnoEric

    Dodos on the Slide! 8-16-15

    Nice work avoiding those pesky tunas! You're on a roll this season. I enjoy watching the guys who show up late, back their stern into the paddy, and stare at it totally oblivious to the dodos jumping 20 yards off their bow. Always gives me a good chuckle.
  378. OnoEric

    8/2 Spooled on the 267

    Thanks guys for the BD therapy! I'm ready to get back out there and try it again, but I will be leaving the 20lb at home so as not to tempt me... ;)
  379. OnoEric

    For sale: 1995 Grady White 209 Escape (Price Drop 1/26/16)

    Roughly: 2600 lbs for the hull 500 lbs for the motor 500 lbs of fuel 80 lbs of water for the shower, if it has that option ~1000 lbs for the trailer ~200 lbs of misc gear So you're looking at somewhere right around 5000 lbs. I've got a 208 which is the cuddy version of the same hull. I pull it...
  380. OnoEric

    267 to the 209....decent day! 8-2-15

    Nice work as usual, Jeff. You had a better day than me in the same area!
  381. OnoEric

    8/2 Spooled on the 267

    Thanks guys. I learned my lesson the hard way, especially since that was our only shot at them. When you bring 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, and 80 lb rigs, you always throw out the lightest one, right? Maybe that puts me in the running for the Dumbass of the Year award. LOL Things were pretty much dead...
  382. OnoEric

    8/2 Spooled on the 267

    If we had a double on molas, I'd be even more super bummed. I read somewhere they taste like lobster. :rofl:
  383. OnoEric

    8/2 Spooled on the 267

    Yeah, I looked up their counts fully preparing to be kicking myself in the head thinking they probably had limits off of my paddy. Their counts gave me a good chuckle at least.
  384. OnoEric

    8/2 Spooled on the 267

    Old habits die hard with me, I guess. Of course I spent the rest of the day fishing 30, but never got bit again. That does not help my mentality. LOL
  385. OnoEric

    8/2 Spooled on the 267

    Well, my dad and I brought a knife to a gunfight and I'm super bummed about it. Decent bait of mostly horse sardines and Spanish macs with a few mini greenbacks thrown in and no crowds at Dana Point this morning. The plan was to get out 10-15 miles and find our own paddy. So we took a line a bit...
  386. OnoEric

    Black Pearl sport fishing??

    The only thing I know about the Black Pearl was last year when a handful of boats were all stopped on a plunger bite of YFT, the Black Pearl came through trolling figure 8's and S-turns around all the stopped boats. He did an excellent job screwing up everyone's chum slicks. I have no idea who...
  387. OnoEric

    Anyone fished the 43?

    Uh... 43 fathoms? Is that a trick question? :frehya2:
  388. OnoEric

    Good rod wrapper near Temecula

    x2. I've got one of Tim's rods. He does beautiful work.
  389. OnoEric

    Dana point fishing 7/25

    Just pulled into the harbor with the same story. What a difference a day makes.
  390. OnoEric

    Brought a Knife to a gun fight

    I can empathize with you, Lal. We lost an estimated 200+ lb yellowfin/bigeye fishing out of Ensenada after 4.5 hours right at gaff almost 20 years ago. The leader nicked the corner of the swimstep and ping... gone... Maybe one day I'll get another chance to pull on one that big locally. You'll...
  391. OnoEric

    Tuna Breakdown Dana Point 7/22/15

    Nice work, gentlemen! Fishing weekdays is nice! Joe, just something to file away for future use... One time when we were offshore, I successfully pull-started my Yamaha by wrapping a dock line around the flywheel and yanking when the starter bendix gear wouldn't engage the flywheel. Might be...
  392. OnoEric

    big bluefin.

    Nice work finding the fish and avoiding this nonsense... My dad was out with a friend working the same zone and I was giving them weather updates all day. They tried to outrun a squall, but got stuck in it and almost took a direct lightning hit.
  393. OnoEric

    its never ok to lauch iron at another boat.

    If everyone does it right, no problems. I fished a paddy once where we were the first boat. Four hours later, there were at least 30 boats. Since everyone was chumming, we didn't even have to reset on the paddy after a while. The fish stuck with the boats and we drifted 4+ miles from the...
  394. OnoEric

    7/18 fish off of carlsbad.

    Black stingray? That's awesome. Could it have been a manta ray? It is El Niño...
  395. OnoEric

    I wonder how the offshore weather is today?

    Yeah, me too. Not worth it today and probably tomorrow too.
  396. OnoEric

    I wonder how the offshore weather is today?

    Just got a call from my dad who was out with a buddy. They tried to outrun a squall back up to Dana Point but caught up in it. Pouring rain and they almost got struck by lightning. It hit so close on the water, the thunder about blew out their eardrums. No fish either. Lots of meter marks down...
  397. OnoEric


    GoPros are awesome. Had this guy swimming around us for a while last year.
  398. OnoEric

    Bait pump questions

    I always back flow our Rule bait pump with freshwater when we pull the boat out. It's worked so far. I think I'm on year 8 or 9 for this cartridge, though it's about done. It started to make a few squealing noises a couple weeks ago. The removable cartridges make the swap outs easy.
  399. OnoEric

    33 24.700 117 38.500 June 22 2015

    Nice looking lizardfish you got, Joe!
  400. OnoEric

    Bluefin on the iron

    Nice job, Jim! You did better than most out there. What time of the day did you get it?
  401. OnoEric

    Father's Day Oside to 267 and in....

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like you had the identical day we had in the same general area. I literally bounced jigs off of bluefin too...
  402. OnoEric

    on the water Dana Point offshore report 6-21

    Ha! I actually thought about that yesterday. Then I thought it would probably suck trying to fight a 100 lb bluefin on the long rod when it would be impossible to turn its head. I did still did have hope I could snag one. I've pulled in small yellowfin that have been snagged in their sides by...
  403. OnoEric

    on the water Dana Point offshore report 6-21

    Sorry to hear that, Mike. Losses like that are always tough. I still remember a few of the tough losses my teams had when I was 9 and 10 years. Now I get to re-live it with my kids. I'm getting the idea it's just as emotional for the parents as it is for the kids, and maybe even more so... I...
  404. OnoEric

    on the water Dana Point offshore report 6-21

    Well we tried. The only puddlers and jumpers we saw were in the blue 67+ degree water. Most of the deep marks were also in the blue water. There were a few deep marks in the green 64.5 degree water with lots of terns around dipping and diving about 5 miles from Dana Point, but whatever we had...
  405. OnoEric

    on the water Dana Point offshore report 6-21

    Yep. All day long. Yo-yo jigs and We put a torpedo sinker on a live sardine to get it down too. One of those days for us...
  406. OnoEric

    on the water Dana Point offshore report 6-21

    Weather is great. A bit of a coastal eddy. Wind out of the southeast at about 5 knots. Really nice out here. Lots of meter marks down at 200 feet over large areas. We're about 7.7 miles out of Dana now and in no mans land. The green water extends 8-9 miles out.
  407. OnoEric

    on the water Dana Point offshore report 6-21

    Ok, ok, y'all have convinced me. In the grand scheme of things, chucking iron off the heads of bluefin that won't bite isn't all that bad. That paddy was dry. Now just chasing terns above the ponies. But we are into green water here. Need to go find the blue stuff again.
  408. OnoEric

    on the water Dana Point offshore report 6-21

    We're about 8 miles off the domes right now and I am tired of throwing iron and bait right into the middle of jumping bluefin. I hate these things. Best spot was 33 14 / 117 45. Big fish stayed up for about 10 minutes. I literally hit them a couple time with my surface iron. Just pulling up to...
  409. OnoEric

    Whats this look like to you??

    I'm gonna say it's a juvenile bonito, or possibly a midshipman or corvina.
  410. OnoEric

    173# Bluefin 5 miles out of Dana

    This is killing me. Time to start trolling at the barber poles, and I can't splash the boat for at least another 11 days... :zelfmoord
  411. OnoEric

    US passport required to go to Coronado islands

    Yep, that works. Last time I had to get my passport renewed, I spent $30 to get a passport card too. I keep it in my wallet right behind my drivers license. Works for land and sea travel into Mexico and Canada, but not airplanes. EDIT: My passport card has a completely different number that...
  412. OnoEric

    Dana Point Tuna

    Awesome! Of course this starts happening when I'm tied up for the next 3 weeks...
  413. OnoEric

    The sea lions are laughing

    The last line of the article pretty much sums up how well this one will work. "At worst, Buzzard says the fake orca will be an amusing distraction for the humans." Yep, pretty much...
  414. OnoEric

    Skipjack 20' open add more fuel tanks?

    This is a 24' FB, but it might give you some ideas...
  415. OnoEric

    Bait Tank Overnight

    Not sure if this is what you were saying, since it's a little unclear. Two 225 Ah, 6 volt batteries wired in series will give you 225 Ah at 12 volts. Effectively, each battery will provide 112.5 Ah, but your total capacity remains 225 Ah. Identical batteries wired in series have additive...
  416. OnoEric

    Fishing Radio Channel

    Not as funny as the "You shoot my guy" guy... That guy was comedy.
  417. OnoEric

    New fillet regulations for tuna may pass!!

    If you fish in Mexican waters, you can't fillet your fish at all while on the water. It's been that way as long as I can remember. I got used to just gutting and gilling on board and filleting when I get home. That way I don't have to worry about all the ridiculous fillet rules.
  418. OnoEric

    Which do you prefer?

    I have a Seeker Extreme 870 which is my primary 20 lb bait rig. I have a Calstar 270-8H which I use to throw surface iron on 30 lb. As stated above, lifting power is about the same. Both rods work for everything from calicos to schoolie tuna. Though you'll feel undergunned fighting a 30 lb...
  419. OnoEric

    I'm still excited!!!

    That's awesome! Nice tanker. Congrats! Did it eat the squid or the sardine?
  420. OnoEric

    WTB: Pink rod unknow make

    Turners had pink Seekers in their booth.
  421. OnoEric

    f/s newell 338

    Reel man can correct me if I'm wrong, but the first runs on the S-series had a plastic bearing cap on the left side plate and no access to the bearing on the right side plate from the outside. Also, it had threaded rods that went through both side plates through the cross bars. This reel for...
  422. OnoEric

    Newell 322-5 braid capacity

    Not quite the same, but I've got a 332 I have spooled with 30 lb mono that I use mainly for chucking surface iron. The 322 with a long top shot should be a great reel for throwing jigs.
  423. OnoEric

    Newell 322-5 braid capacity

    Looks like you can get about 70 yards of 30lb mono and about 60 yards of 40lb mono on top of 300 lbs of 50lb PP. Here's the calculator I use: All you need to know are the diameter specs of the line you're using (which are on the website for...
  424. OnoEric

    Newell 322-5 braid capacity

    No problem. You can get about 380 yards of 65 lb PP on it. Another option is to put 300 yards of 50 lb PP with a long top shot of 25 or 30 lb mono.
  425. OnoEric

    Newell 322-5 braid capacity

    You should be able to get close to 500 yards of 50lb PP on it.
  426. OnoEric

    So Cal trolling dead bait....

    The few times I've fished out of Loreto, the panga skippers would have us troll dead sardines rigged with a trap hook at 6-7 knots so they'd skip along the surface. Dorado would be all over them, so I'd expect that method would work for dorado locally too, but not sure about other species...
  427. OnoEric

    Newell G229F

    Sent you a PM.
  428. OnoEric

    Feds to halt Sardine catch.Just saw this. Is this going to screw us for bait?

    Doubtful. It will just make them troll their tuna feathers through the birds and in circles around the kelp paddies....
  429. OnoEric

    What gear to use on yellowtail and bonito

    OK... :smoking33: Sailfish, eh?
  430. OnoEric

    What gear to use on yellowtail and bonito

    Dude, I am fired up to go catch a sailfish on a 3/4 day!
  431. OnoEric

    Feds to halt Sardine catch.Just saw this. Is this going to screw us for bait?

    Here's an old article discussing the sardine-anchovy cycles on the west coast. Very informative, and indicates the cycles are mostly natural. I caught as many tuna on anchovies last year as I did on sardines. It might be time to...
  432. OnoEric

    Bluefin Tuna In US Waters-Video

    The best part about the video, other than BFT within 1 day range in April, is it shows the proper technique on how to slide in on breaking fish... upswell at idle and drift down on them. None of this 20 knots through the middle of the birds and then wonder where they all went nonsense. Everyone...
  433. OnoEric

    Grady-White CC Boat Purchase

    x2. I'd get the transom looked at and taken care of quickly before it turns into a major problem. Everything else on that survey looks fairly minor and typical for a boat of its age. It's a fairly common problem for the OEM fuel sending units to crap out on that vintage Grady. I had to install a...
  434. OnoEric

    Legend ??

    I was on an overnight charter last summer on the boat. Don't know where you'll be going on an overnighter in April. Coronados maybe? I've got nothing bad to say about the boat. The crew worked hard to get everyone on fish, including hooking and handing to a few of the guys on their first...
  435. OnoEric

    How many pounds of preset drag on your tuna trolling rods

    John, I will have to disagree with you. Most all of my fishing is done using my old Newell G229 with 20 lb test. I've always set my drag by feel, but recently I picked up a scale so I was curious as to what my "set by feel" setting was. Consistently I set it between 6 and 7 lbs. With 6-7 lbs of...
  436. OnoEric

    Blown anti reverse in a new Boss 600 DPX2 Dawg!!!

    Like Chad said above. Give Accurate a call. It's a piece of machinery built by humans. Shit happens. Sometimes things break that shouldn't break. I'd be upset too. But it's all about how the company supports their product. They should take care of you.
  437. OnoEric

    Rockfish - Caught on video

    Those are amazing videos! I'd love to see what your sled setup looks like, if you don't mind sharing.
  438. OnoEric

    Go to rod for local

    A Calstar 270-8H or Seeker 270H-8 is a pretty versatile rod for almost anything local. But my personal go to setup is the one I've been using for 30 years... a old Sabre Californian CA8660C with a Newell G229-5. That setup has caught me easily a thousand fish from calicos to bluefin. When in...
  439. OnoEric

    Rod & Reel Liquidation Sale **************************

    Read this stickied post at the top of the forum. The one that's titled "Read Before Posting" which you did not.
  440. OnoEric

    looks like a killer deal!!

    Looks like a sweet setup, but 2 things I notice. The hull is the original Skippy style, so it's about 45 years old. Also, the bottom paint is really high up on the stern which makes me think that boat sits ass heavy with all the extra weight on it.
  441. OnoEric

    Did she go too low?
  442. OnoEric

    GoPro Camera Pole

    I use a telescoping boat hook I got for free and the GoPro handlebar mount. Works great and is sturdy. My avatar photo was taken from that setup.
  443. OnoEric

    Horizon off San Diego tonight 1/15/15

    SCI from Carlsbad. The water tower on the island is visible.
  444. OnoEric

    Can any of you math dudes figure this out....

    It only works for the year 2014... For 2015 you need to add 1765... but, let's call the last digit of your phone number X. So what the instructions say is: (2X+5)*50 + 1764 - birth year = 100X + 250 + 1764 - birth year = 100X + 2014 - birth year So obviously 2014 minus the year you were born...
  445. OnoEric

    Thumb Off The Spool!!!

    Old school... Pflueger leather thumb pad...
  446. OnoEric

    Thumb Off The Spool!!!

    Once the reel is in gear and the fish is hooked and peeling line, assuming your drags have been set properly, you want your thumb off the spool so you don't accidentally put too much drag pressure with your thumb and break off your fish. Set your drags properly and let the reel do the work.
  447. OnoEric

    Embarcadero Marina Rats

    I threw them away. There were all sorts of brown, yellow, green, and red unidentifiable goo along with piles of turds mixed in the glue traps, so I didn't want to touch them. The rat was probably stuck there for a few days before it died.
  448. OnoEric

    Seeker Black Classic question

    Cool, thanks for the info, guys. Sounds like the red ones were standard a few years back.
  449. OnoEric

    Seeker Black Classic question

    The husband of one of my neighbors passed away a few years ago and she was cleaning out her garage of all his old fishing gear a couple weeks ago. She knew I fished, so she asked me if there was anything I wanted. Christmas came early for me! One of the rods I ended up with is a Seeker Black...
  450. OnoEric

    Embarcadero Marina Rats

    They're back. This guy though he'd take a look inside the boat... We were prepared... He tried to chew his leg off to escape. Between glue traps and spring traps, anything (or anyone) who tries to get into the boat about now will not be happy about it... :rofl:
  451. OnoEric

    Whale Fuckin' with US at Coronado Canyon on 11/16

    Here's the story. I get spooked every time whales are around now. Had a humpback whale breach in our spread while trolling for albacore a long time ago. Actually landed on a couple of jigs but luckily didn't get hooked. You made the right...
  452. OnoEric

    General Question's on Servicing on reels is a good place for Newell schematics and parts. I've ordered a few parts from there and always received fast service.
  453. OnoEric

    'Wicked Tuna' TV stars save sinking boat near Gloucester

    No film crews. Just 2 guys in 58 degree water with 10-12 foot seas in the dark. Extremely lucky those guys are both alive and relatively unhurt.
  454. OnoEric

    Ye Olde "Fake Bird-School" trick....

    Ha! I did that to myself one time... We were in Ensenada getting ready to head offshore early in the morning, so we picked up some doughnuts for breakfast.... Fast forward to the morning, we're offshore trolling and I pull out the doughnuts, take 1 bite, and it was the most disgusting doughnut...
  455. OnoEric

    Embarcadero Marina Rats

    We had a problem last year. They got in the boat, chewed a hole in the bait net and shit everywhere. We set a few traps at all the access points under the cover and caught a couple over the next few days. The boat in the spot next to ours had been abandoned and became rat infested. Said boat was...
  456. OnoEric


    Dodos love the chunk. You can also try trolling the dead deans. First time I ever went fishing in Loreto targeting dorado, our panga captain would snap the neck of our perfectly good sardines we spent a bunch of time making and we'd fast troll them so they'd skip along the surface. Dodos were...
  457. OnoEric

    New Lame-Anne

    Damn it, Joe... That last line made me spend the last 10 minutes drying all the water I just spit out over my keyboard. LOL
  458. OnoEric

    newell and penn Reel advice.

    Not a bad idea. Just make sure your mono topshot is long enough so you don't have the knot passing through the guides when casting a jig.
  459. OnoEric

    newell and penn Reel advice.

    I agree with fishcrazy. Put the 220 on the 270 and spool with 20#. Put the 525 on the jig stick and spool with 25#
  460. OnoEric

    Poll: How would you rate El Nino far.....

    I agree, next year should be even better, if things take their normal historical track. This El Niño started out earlier this year looking like it was going to be strong, but backed off quite a bit. That was surprising to a few people who study this stuff. But it appears to be picking up steam...
  461. OnoEric

    Poll: How would you rate El Nino far.....

    This year has been similar to 1998 and can only pass 1983 if 60 lb albacore and 200 lb bigeye show up on the 14 mile bank sometime soon...
  462. OnoEric

    San Diego - How far does your VHF Broadcast? Can you reach SD from the 371?

    Line of sight is actually very short... line of sight distance between 2 boats talking with antennas both 50 feet above sea level is only about 20 miles. But, VHF signals will bend around the curvature of the earth slightly from tropospheric scatter and tropospheric refraction. In some cases...
  463. OnoEric

    Go Pro Recommendations

    That's only because the user of the phone can't figure out to turn the phone sideways so it records 16x9 format like your TV instead of 9x16 which is just annoying.
  464. OnoEric

    9/22 inside the 209

    The Helena rolled up on us about that close or closer on Saturday. They were within casting distance. I didn't care too much, though I did comment that if we pulled up on them like that, we'd be getting yelled at. They pulled up down swell of us and started chumming and we were going to be in...
  465. OnoEric

    9/20 209-267 Tuna, hammerheads, and one proud dad

    Thanks Jeff. I ended up having to shut ours off too with my daughter on board and the idiots on the radio, including the one lady that kept ranting about some Megan's Law guy... ugh.
  466. OnoEric

    209 Paddy Tuna - 9-22-14

    Thanks for the report, Jeff! I tried calling you a couple times on the radio, but sounds like you were busy. We were on a productive paddy near the 209 most of the day. Dana got some anchovies about 5am in the receiver which actually were in very good shape. We had very few die on us in the...
  467. OnoEric

    9/20 209-267 Tuna, hammerheads, and one proud dad

    Thanks guys. This was a big step up for her from calicos and mackerel! Now she's way ahead of me. I didn't catch my first yellowfin until I was 17. I added the raw video of the hammerhead to the original post.
  468. OnoEric

    impeccable form

    I watched a lot of people put their stern to the paddy and cast into it today while free swimming dorado would be jumping 20 feet off their bow. I even saw a boat drive between a guy and his hooked dorado so they literally had to grab his line and lift it over their heads. But this one wins.
  469. OnoEric

    9/20 209-267 Tuna, hammerheads, and one proud dad

    EDIT: Shark video added The goal today was to get my daughter her first tuna. And that she did. She made her dad proud pulling on those fish. At this point, you all know the deal. Great chovies, sardines, and macs from the Dana Point receiver. Find the kelp, find the fish. Tuna ate everything...
  470. OnoEric

    Warm water tuna + parastes = sashimi??????

    You can eat those larval tapeworms. I'll cut that part out and eat the rest.:)
  471. OnoEric

    Warm water tuna + parastes = sashimi??????

    I've seen those in the belly meat of every skipjack I've ever cut open. They are parasites and I was assured by a fisheries scientist at SIO that they cannot attach to a human digestive tract. But I couldn't make myself take his word for it... I can't knowingly eat a parasite like that, cooked...
  472. OnoEric

    Limit on little YT

    I've heard molas taste like lobster... you should report about keeping them... :D
  473. OnoEric

    9/16 - 277 Late start and scratched up a few

    I think skippies are very much like bonito. If you bleed them and get them on ice immediately, they are great when raw or in ceviche. But if they aren't well cared for, they quickly become cat food...
  474. OnoEric

    9/16 - 277 Late start and scratched up a few

    I did consider it. They do make great sushi, IMO. But they were small, maybe 4-5 lbs, and I've got enough fish in the freezer already!
  475. OnoEric

    9/16 - 277 Late start and scratched up a few

    Most definitely! Going to try to get my daughter on some of these fish. She's never caught anything larger than a 10 inch calico... not counting the shovelnose she caught...
  476. OnoEric

    Limit on little YT

    To Wils point, the CA limits on YT used 10 fish of any size. 1997 was a similar year to this one where every paddy was loaded up with juvenile yellows. I witnessed boats with 3 or 4 guys taking limits of 10-12 inch YT's on Sabiki rigs. The next season, YT limits were changed to only 5 fish could...
  477. OnoEric

    9/16- Good day at 277!

    3 generations... that's awesome! You guys have been killing it. Glad you're able to get your son in on it too! Nice work!
  478. OnoEric

    9/16 - 277 Late start and scratched up a few

    EDIT: Date is wrong in the title.. should be 9/17... Due to some traffic issues, we didn't leave Dana Point this morning until 9:30. Got a great scoop of sardines with the final pass on some very nice 5-7 inch anchovies. The plan was to set a course a little below the 277 and then work our way...
  479. OnoEric

    277 fishin & Triple hook up marlin??? west of the south 9??

    Get out early and find the paddy... that's the key. Nice work! I heard that same call on the triple marlin hookup. Last month when I was on an overnight on the Legend, we had a double marlin jig strike on the tuna feathers and had 2 other marlin hookups on kelp paddies... Definitely a lot of...
  480. OnoEric

    Rpt.-09-17-14 Tuna and a Do Do at the 277!

    Nice work, gentlemen! We were a little bit to the north and inside of you for more scratchy results with a solo YFT and too many skippies. I hadn't had a bumpy wet ride home like that for a while...
  481. OnoEric

    Plastic Marlin Fin Location

    Just don't let an Encinitas Lifeguard find one... LOL
  482. OnoEric

    Epic Tuna Fishing on the 277!!!! 9-6-14

    Epic. You'll be talking about this day for a long time with your buds! Nice work, Jeff. I hope this holds out a few more weeks as I can't get back out for a while.
  483. OnoEric

    Almost got skunked @ 14 / 267 / 209 on 9/4/14

    Thanks for the report. I appreciate these types every bit as much, if not more than, the WFO ones.
  484. OnoEric

    Fishdope Spotter Plane pics 9-5-2014

    Awesome pics! Bottom one looks like Elvis. The 2nd one from the bottom look like a few marlin... Top one dodos.
  485. OnoEric

    Good Plunker @ 33/50 9.3.14

    Excellent! Seems like the same deal but slightly better results than what we had last Saturday not too far from there. Chunking and chumming but all our bites were on long soaks. Seems like there's always a tanker or freighter set up on that spot. We got kicked off a paddy by its pilot boat...
  486. OnoEric

    Good Plunker @ 33/50 9.3.14

    Nice work, Joe. You were due! But, 26/41... plunker bite at Doheny? LOL
  487. OnoEric

    9/1/14 Dana pt BLEW

    Nice thread jack! You should have run out of bait a 2nd time, gone back in to get more, and then run back out again. You would have been able to catch 100-120 lbers. To the OP... Tough day. At least you were able to salvage the day with some hamachi! Thanks for the report!
  488. OnoEric

    Will the Guy Who "Borrowed" My Gaff From Dana Point Please

    Sucks to hear. I had my flare gun and sleeping bag borrowed one time at Dana. Those were the only 2 items left on the boat other than the PFD's. They were also nice enough to test to make sure my fire extinguisher worked inside the cuddy cabin. It did, and laid about a quarter inch thick layer...
  489. OnoEric

    Wide open YFT

    Welcome! That's how it's done. 3.5 hour drifts are awesome.
  490. OnoEric

    Tuna time on the 267 - 8/30

    Nice work, Jeff! All these great paddies out there and the only one we found with fish on it was this little scrap of kelp just west of the 267, hardly a paddy, and it was loaded with dorado that charged the boat.
  491. OnoEric

    Thank you coast guard

    Good ending to a very scary situation. Glad you're all home safe. Not quite as dire, but I remember when we broke down around the 238/295 area out of radio range with Vessel Assist. The half hour check-ins we established with the USCG after they were able to relay our location to VA were very...
  492. OnoEric

    8/30/14 - 267 / 277 / 209 YFT, Dorado, but no Wahoo

    Thanks guys. The paddy with the dorado was just a tiny thing. We saw 1 bird fluttering so we went over to investigate. Actually saw the dorado before seeing the paddy. Even a few of those velellas that were floating by while we were on the plunger bite were holding 1 inch long bait. Here's the...
  493. OnoEric

    8/30/14 - 267 / 277 / 209 YFT, Dorado, but no Wahoo

    I got invited out on a friend's boat yesterday. Fished the area around the 267 out towards the 277 and 209. It was a slow pick on the YFT... real long soaks. We couldn't find the mother-load that wanted to play stupid. It was one of those days where we would see the birds crashing in the...
  494. OnoEric

    All Day Trip Report on the Black Pearl - 8/30/14

    You guys rolled up on us twice. First time you were 12 miles from Dana Point. 2nd time you were 19 miles. I've never seen a sportboat captain do what yours did... He trolled figure 8's around a bunch of private boats stopped fishing a plunker bite. Usually it's the other way around and the PBers...
  495. OnoEric

    Lost and Found

    If anyone is missing a Krocodile jig, there is a pelican wearing one as an earring in Dana Point. ;-)
  496. OnoEric

    YFT 182 area 8/21

    Nice fish! Funny, 3 weeks ago we ran into the fish at 46/44, so they haven't moved much... :D
  497. OnoEric

    Oceanside 95 – August 17, 2014 – Overnight for a few Yellowfin

    Thanks for the great report! I saw you guys out there from the deck of the Legend fishing the same area.
  498. OnoEric

    Legend 8/17

    Late post... Between work and other stuff, I just spent the better part of 5 hours yesterday and today cutting and vacuum sealing fish. I was fortunate enough to be invited on an overnight charter on the Legend fishing Sunday 8/17, which I couldn't pass up. I fished with a great group of guys...
  499. OnoEric

    DP-209-181-182 YFT Sunday 8/3

    Thanks guys. We were hoping to find something closer to home, but given the recent reports, were prepared to go long. Unfortunately the fish we found were not as willing to bite as some other boats found. We had to work hard to get them to go, but better than finding none.
  500. OnoEric

    8/2 Stupid YFT fishing and rant Stupid Viking driver .....

    Same thing, different day for us on Sunday. We were working the birds for over an hour with a couple other boats when a guy in a yacht trolls his marlin jigs through at about 12 knots. Instantly the birds were gone and everything shut down. The only good part about it was the other boats bugged...
  501. OnoEric

    DP-209-181-182 YFT Sunday 8/3

    Launched from Dana Point. Tuna under the birds between the 181 and 182. Get out in front of them and chum like crazy. They liked the anchovies today. Straight 20 lb mono. Stay away from the fleet. Tuna stayed up for over an hour until the geniuses decided to troll right through the birds. Water...
  502. OnoEric

    longitude latitude

    If you've got a smart phone or tablet with a GPS, there are a few fairly inexpensive chart plotting apps you can download. Good luck and have fun. When I was a kid, my dad didn't have a fish finder or GPS (or LORAN-C) either and we went offshore quite a bit. Caught lots of fish too.
  503. OnoEric

    Calibrating your temp

    Be aware, the published specs on that infrared thermometer are: - Accuracy: 32F to 1022F: +/- 1.5% or +/- 2.7 degrees F, whichever is greater (0C to 550 C: +/- 1.5 degrees C) - Repeatability: +/- 1% or +/- 1.8 degrees F (+/- 1 degree C) So for 70.0 degree water will read anywhere between 67.3...
  504. OnoEric

    Oceanside 7/13

    If I was going tomorrow, I'd launch out of San Diego and work the north 9 out to the 182 if you don't have your Mexican paperwork in order. Otherwise I'd run outside of the Coronados towards the 302 if you want to keep it within 20 miles. The fishing up north hasn't really settled in yet. There...
  505. OnoEric

    Oceanside 7/13

    Not much wind. A bit of a ground swell out of the west and south. Wasn't bad at all. I was able to run 26-27 knots all day unless I was heading directly into the swell. Then had to slow down to about 20 knots.
  506. OnoEric

    Oceanside 7/13

    Yep... Don't feel too bad. I spent the entire day in that 10-15 mile zone and all I could find were the larger model "new BFT," as you say. They were everywhere. I was hoping eventually they'd turn into something better. Couldn't find a kelp paddy to save my life. Only saw 3 all day and they...
  507. OnoEric


    Looks like a great day on the water. I grew up fishing some of those boiler rocks from shore. There are some really big bass in there for sure! Thanks for the report! Three Arch Bay is in the Dana Point SMCA, which allows for, amongst other things, recreational hook and line fishing for all...
  508. OnoEric

    Anyone concerned about Fukushima out there?

    IBAFT, your argument is not very concise, which makes it difficult to discuss. Posting Google searches as support for your argument is not useful. You may not be aware, Google customizes searches for each individual based on browser history, past searches, IP address, and any details they have...
  509. OnoEric

    Radiation and our fishing...Fukashima- any news?
  510. OnoEric

    radioactive tuna

    :appl: This might be as close as you get... "This study shows that the committed effective dose received by humans based on a year’s average consumption of contaminated PBFT from the Fukushima accident is comparable to, or less...
  511. OnoEric

    The Tuna still around - Oct. 7/8 - 2013

    The sound of the spray hitting the water mimics the sound of baitfish boiling... nice tuna attractor.
  512. OnoEric


    Those two fish actually ended up being big bluefin also.
  513. OnoEric

    Dana Point, 209 and 181

    Good work, Jeff. Nice to see at least a few fish in Dana Point! All season it's like the fish hit a wall at the border and are finally starting to break through. I hope they stick around a couple more weeks.
  514. OnoEric

    quick report 277 209 181 182 and a bit south 9-20-13

    Thanks for the report, Mike. You covered some ground and at least you came home with dinner! Head south... Seems like I've heard that every week all season...
  515. OnoEric

    Mexican-American YT not far from DP.

    Nice work! Way to stick it out. It only takes that one paddy to make your day! Thanks for the report.
  516. OnoEric

    1st post

    It's different, but good info there. More info than a lot of the photo reports. Thanks for the post!
  517. OnoEric

    Catalina boat From the NOAA website: "There is no precise definition of a small craft. Any vessel that may be adversely affected by Small Craft Advisory criteria should be considered a small craft. Other considerations include the experience of the vessel operator...
  518. OnoEric


    Mike, I tried sending you a PM, but your PM's are full.
  519. OnoEric

    Something New??

    I once bought a spool of Izorline that had a similar knot in the middle too. I've not bought a spool of Izorline since.
  520. OnoEric

    BFT and YFT biting this morning!

    <tbody> Condor 3 Day Limited Load Fri 08-30-2013 1:00 PM Mon 09-02-2013 7:00 AM 24 $750 SOLD OUT All inclusive. Labor Day special! </tbody>
  521. OnoEric

    YELLOWFIN! Late report.

    Think positive, bro! I've caught both YFT and BFT within 60 miles of Point Loma the week before Thanksgiving in years past... you never know... (but El Niños help!)
  522. OnoEric

    YELLOWFIN! Late report.

    October 3, 2009, 289 spot... Here's hoping we have another late season. But they've got to get through that major upwelling which extends from the Coronados to the 295... and the one around the Lower 500...
  523. OnoEric

    anyone notice any of those tuna glowing?

    Before anyone goes apeshit, just be aware that 1 banana has about 20 times more radiation in it than an an 8 ounce serving of BFT. This is the source paper for all the hysteria: Maybe the good news about all the sensationalism is the...
  524. OnoEric

    Distracted Driver Rant

    Here's an article about that study.
  525. OnoEric

    Coronado islands freezer special 8-24-13

    32 45'55.11 / 117 12'10.56 :rofl:
  526. OnoEric

    your fishing gear ,medical devices,and write offs perhaps

    Is The Blaze right wing enough? It says the same thing Snopes says... Why Was a 2.3% ?Medical Excise Tax? Showing Up on Receipts from Sporting Goods Giant Cabela?s? | Damn it, I hate politics... especially on a fishing website...
  527. OnoEric

    your fishing gear ,medical devices,and write offs perhaps Medical Device Excise Tax
  528. OnoEric

    $$$$ Time Warner Bundle ?

    If it's too much effort to switch, call up TWC and tell them what you want. Same thing happened with me. Bill was $100, then went up to $150. I called them and got a new package for $110 that had more channels than I had before, the sports package, and 3 months of free HBO. I had to call to...
  529. OnoEric

    209 181, and 182.... 8-3-13

    Sounds exactly like our day covering the same areas. Thanks for the report.
  530. OnoEric

    Beware of halibut carcass girl

    If there is a political agenda involved (there is), it doesn't really matter what you do. To an anti-fishing person, no halibut carcasses = there are no fish to catch, therefore must close fishing to let the fish recover; lots of big halibut carcasses = need to protect the breeders therefore...
  531. OnoEric

    fish id??

    Some kind of wrasse.
  532. OnoEric

    Connector Question

    VHF radio antenna connectors are usually PL2598. GPS antenna connectors are not so standard. Sometimes they are BNC, but could also be TNC, SMA, SMB
  533. OnoEric

    This damn carburator!

    Travis, I should clarify that if you try the switch bypass test, you only need to jumper 1 wire (either forward or reverse) to the +12 volt side of the battery. Leave the other side open hanging free. DO NOT ground it to the battery.
  534. OnoEric

    This damn carburator!

    Assuming you've got the same throttle controls we did, I think this is what you'd need: OMC Stringer - Switch - Electric Shift Outdrive
  535. OnoEric

    This damn carburator!

    That's exactly what ours did too. We'd put it into gear and there would be a delay before it engaged. Sometimes it would go in, pop out, then go back in real quick. After a few times doing that, it eventually just quit engaging at all. I'd run that test bypassing the switch to verify and see if...
  536. OnoEric

    This damn carburator!

    If that's the case, there's a quick test you can do. Coming through the intermediate housing on the port side somewhere will be a black 2-wire cable. The cable gets fat where it comes through the housing to create a water tight seal, but at the end where it's spliced into the cable from the...
  537. OnoEric

    This damn carburator!

    What RPM does it idle at? There's no shift interrupt circuit on those old OMC electric shifts. They just get jammed into gear, so you want to get the lowest RPM possible and not have it stall out. On my dad's old Skippy he had when I was a kid (same setup, but 1974 version), that RPM happened to...
  538. OnoEric

    Beware of halibut carcass girl

    I have no desire to help her with her research, but she's not much of a player in the MLPA. This article illustrates our main problem and the BS that is the MLPA. California Legislators kill fracking moratorium under oil industry pressure : Indybay From the article:
  539. OnoEric

    Beware of halibut carcass girl

    I Googled her and got her CV. Fisheries and Conservation Lab » Cheryl L. Barnes Looks like she and the research paper are legit... how her research is used by people with a political agenda is unknown.
  540. OnoEric

    Zone Offense 9.27.12

    Nice Joe! I can't make it out again until Sunday... I know the zone to which you speak... Hope you left some for me!
  541. OnoEric

    Keyboard breatholizer?

    Well, if you really want to know.... yes... :rofl:
  542. OnoEric

    Best worst day this season!

    I've gotten in the habit of hitting the MOB button each time we reset, just because it's the simplest thing to do on my GPS. But it still occasionally takes a while to find it if we've had a long drift...
  543. OnoEric

    Afternoon Dodos

    Nice work again, Jenn and Jonathan! Squid looks to be the key. A few weeks ago I counted 12 mini sardines and 3 squid in the stomach of one. Looks like they're more interested in squid now...
  544. OnoEric

    Best worst day this season!

    Nice work on the fish! Sure seems like the paddy should have been in the spaghetti somewhere... That's crazy... LOL
  545. OnoEric

    EaT Mor Doh Doh....Dana 9.22.12

    Nice work, Joe! Congrats on the PB 'but!
  546. OnoEric

    Dana dodos...4 kept 13 released....7 others 9.18.12

    Awesome... 3 hours... endless fish... all by yourself... no divers... no Einstein's parking on the paddy... ahhh, weekdays! Nice work!
  547. OnoEric

    Dana Point to Mexico and back

    Pig albies! Way to go long and get it done!
  548. OnoEric

    The Magic Paddy

    Doesn't get any better than that! Excellent work. I like the colors on the striped one... last 2 photos.
  549. OnoEric

    9-15 GPS died no 1010

    GPS doesn't work in airplane mode.
  550. OnoEric

    9-15 GPS died no 1010

    It does, but the stupid iPhone won't let you turn the GPS on unless the phone is on. So you need a way to plug it in otherwise your battery is done in about 45 minutes from searching for a signal.
  551. OnoEric

    How much should you tip Vessel Assist ?

    Last time when we were towed in (in 2004 on a friend's boat) to Marina Coral from the 295 the VA captain refused any tips. Wouldn't take cash, wouldn't take an albacore... He told us our membership pays for everything. It was about midnight when we got in and he headed his way back to SD...
  552. OnoEric

    Onside to the 209/267 and in

    Good effort! Thanks for the report. Hoping we get 1 more push before the season is done north of the border.
  553. OnoEric

    9-15 GPS died no 1010

    Good work salvaging the day with the tail! Great advice on the "course home" notes and backup GPS. I learned how to navigate offshore as a kid pre-GPS and my dad didn't have a LORAN in his boat for a few years. To this day, I still wear a watch and make mental notes of time, heading, and...
  554. OnoEric

    iPhone app

    It already exists... Download Tapatalk from the App Store.
  555. OnoEric

    dorado bait

    Also a trick I learned from a panga guy in Loreto. He would take a perfectly good live sardine, snap its neck and fast troll it dead so it would skip along the surface. Dorado would be all over that. Works up here too. A couple weeks ago I was out and I had a dorado explode on a sardine I...
  556. OnoEric

    2 Marlin 3 Dorado 9.10.12

    Wow! Nice work! Later afternoon grease with jumping fish... it doesn't get any better than that!
  557. OnoEric

    Dana Point to (near) the 181 9/7/12

    Excellent report, thanks! Glad to hear you got one and saw a whole bunch more. They're still in the same general area they've been the last few weeks. Hopefully they'll be back on the bite soon!
  558. OnoEric

    9/7 209 & All Around

    Thanks for the report! Damn seagulls... stupid things...
  559. OnoEric

    14 - 267 9/6

    You put in the effort. Looks like things are hit and miss up north... hope we get another push before the season is done!
  560. OnoEric

    Dana Dodos and Yellows 9/6

    Good work, guys! Nice when boats work together to fish a paddy!
  561. OnoEric

    Pig Albacores

    Converted from decimal degrees to degrees, minutes he was at 31°45', 121°30'
  562. OnoEric

    9/2 Offshore Dodo's and Yellows. Wide open!

    Wow, very nice! You definitely made the right call. The Newport boat charged the paddy we were on. They went 0-1 on hookups while the private boats they pulled up on kept hooking and landing.
  563. OnoEric

    9/2 267 - 209 Dorado

    LOL. The divers didn't bother me all that much. One of them was just out sightseeing. She didn't have a speargun. The other joined later from another boat with a gun, but he looked very new to the sport. They both spent their time on the surface within 20 feet of the paddy. What got me...
  564. OnoEric

    9/2 267 - 209 Dorado

    You're good. :rofl: When we left the paddy, there were still jumpers everywhere. There were a lot of fish on that paddy, but I think the boat pressure and a couple of divers in the water made them a little skiddish after a while. The first few passes when there were only 3 boats on it had...
  565. OnoEric

    9/2 267 - 209 Dorado

    Ha! Yeah, that's what happens when a dodo falls off the gaff before it's in the kill box... :rofl:
  566. OnoEric

    Dana Point turned off

    We had 70+ degrees between the 267 and 209 today (62 degrees on the beach). The paddies are still there and loaded, if you find the right one. The wind seemed to back off a bit today for most of the day. Still a little lump, but very fishable. Things still look good.
  567. OnoEric

    9/2 267 - 209 Dorado

    2nd paddy we found today was the right one about 3 or 4 miles below the 267. Never left it for the rest of the day. Water temp outside Dana Point Harbor was 62 degrees, but warmed up fairly quickly. It was 68 about 4 miles off the beach and was 70.4 where we found the paddy. Instant...
  568. OnoEric

    Anyone ever had this happen?

    Simple Green will bleach out the dyes in colored anodizing if the surface was not sealed properly (during the anodizing process), or has been worn down a bit. You may have only returned the anodizing to its natural clear state.
  569. OnoEric

    Constitution at Dana Wharf
  570. OnoEric

    Heads Up DP 5 MPH Zone Change

    I was out a couple weeks ago and there was another 5 mph buoy out a little bit further. Confused me for a minute when I went past the one that's always been there and saw another one out beyond it.
  571. OnoEric

    '89 Grady White *PRICE REDUCTION*

    Good luck with the sale, Gary. I know you've got that boat dialed in perfect with lots of good upgrades to it too. What are you moving up to?
  572. OnoEric

    Boat upkeep=FUN

    The fake wood trim is probably Duratrim. Grady White used that for quite a while. A product called Penetrol does a pretty good job of restoring the luster of it, if you're not up to replacing it all. For the rub rails, I've used Starbrite Vinyl cleaner applying with a soft scrub brush...
  573. OnoEric

    windows 7 questions

    If you're ok running a hacked, pirated version of Windows 7, then it's a permanent fix. If you want a legitimate software license, then it's not a solution. Gary, you could probably get away with buying a $79 Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade, since you still have your Vista disks. Unless there...
  574. OnoEric

    Video Of Whale off of Virginia Beach

    Very cool, Brian. That whale put on quite a show! I think that was a humpback whale, though. The fluke and flippers look like a humpback, not a fin back.
  575. OnoEric

    Gas around Dana Point Harbor?

    If it's worth driving 2 miles to save 15 or 20 cents / gallon, there is another Chevron on PCH just before Crown Valley Parkway on the right side when heading north in the Gelson's shopping center. Go past the main entrance at the signal and turn into the driveway. Easy to pull through and...
  576. OnoEric

    online GPS Charts

    I find this one useful.
  577. OnoEric

    45' fishing boat "Osprey" sinks....... all 8 on board rescued.

    Glad everyone is safe. I was listening to that live on the VHF from the Barn Kelp. The skipper of the Osprey was in great communications with the Coast Guard and remained very calm during the whole ordeal. Hats off to him for keeping his passengers safe and getting the all rescued!
  578. OnoEric

    smart phone GPS/fishing apps

    I use GPS Essentials (, Marine Weather by Bluefin ( NutiCharts...
  579. OnoEric

    A couple of of YT

    Those parasites look like anchor worms, Pennella Filosa. Fairly common on offshore pelagic species. EDIT: Link
  580. OnoEric

    Flowscan GHP for 175 Yamaha

    For what it's worth, my Grady White 208 with 175 Yamaha SWS (carbed), according to the Yamaha fuel management system burns the following: 3600 RPM, 19 knots, 8 GPH 4000 RPM, 22 knots, 9 GPH 4200 RPM, 24 knots, 10 GPH 4400 RPM, 27 knots, 11 GPH 5000 RPM, 30 knots, 16 GPH
  581. OnoEric

    New LCD Television Questions !

    Just FYI, the Sony flat panels are manufactured by either Samsung or Sharp, though both companies make special versions solely for Sony and Sony uses their own electronics to drive them. Sony does not manufacture any LCD panels. I just got back from the IMID Display show in Korea. Very cool...
  582. OnoEric

    Google Earth Waypoints for local fishing locations

    Here you go. Attached...
  583. OnoEric

    43, san sal knoll, 230,371,425, islands

    For what it's worth, watching the SST and chlorophyll charts, that good water where the fleet found the fish around the Hidden Bank a couple weeks ago moved up over the 302 then up by the 43 and was between the 43 and the 289 when the Spectra got their fish. That same water has now moved a...
  584. OnoEric

    Is this True???

    I only know what I read on the internet. :rofl: SFR screws up the counts quite often. Bluefin and Bocaccio both start with B, so close enough.
  585. OnoEric

    Is this True???

    Bocaccio... <table> <tbody><tr><td style="width: 20%; text-align: left;" class="forumheader2 ui-widget-header">Wed Sep 22 2010, 06:22PM </td> <td style="width: 8%; text-align: center;" class="forumheader2 ui-widget-header">3/4 day</td> <td style="width: 7%; text-align: center;"...
  586. OnoEric

    YF on the 9?

  587. OnoEric

    Woman angler hooked up to swordfish 9/17 - any updates?

    Amazing that they got it. Handing off the rod after 15 hours is completely acceptable in my book. Great work by Ms. Gillette and the entire crew!
  588. OnoEric

    Woman angler hooked up to swordfish 9/17 - any updates?

    It was posted she landed it this morning on JD's site.
  589. OnoEric

    ProTackle Presents - Show Me Your Sunset

    From my back yard. One of my favorites, though it was hard to choose...
  590. OnoEric

    Hidden bank fatty tunas

    Nice work, guys! I could be wrong, but that first fish looks like a bluefin to me...
  591. OnoEric

    BROKE DOWN Stranded & Wont shift into gear

    If it's an OMC stringer drive electric shift, I can almost guarantee you it's the electronic shifter switch that's broken in the shifter control at the helm. That happened twice on my dad's old Skippy. It's a 15 minute fix if you can find the part. PM me if you want more details.
  592. OnoEric

    Mayday Mayday Big SHARK, USCG

    I heard the whole thing. That's pretty much the whole story. He said he was right next to the buoy at Dana Point. He was the boat with the American flag on it, couldn't miss him. He had a giant shark and needed someone, anyone, to come help him land the shark. He did not call out a Mayday...
  593. OnoEric

    Wow another Earth Quake Poway

    3 big jolts in Carlsbad
  594. OnoEric

    boat starts pulling to Starboard for no reason

    Do you have any thru-hulls? Our Grady did the exact same thing you described occasionally. It ended up being the thru-hull transducer would occasionally get some turbulence or cavitation behind it and would cast a shadow on the starboard side of the prop causing the boat to pull hard to...
  595. OnoEric

    What boat does the OC sheriff use?

    This one is the Farallon This one is the Seaway
  596. OnoEric

    What boat does the OC sheriff use?

    The white boats are Farallons, I believe
  597. OnoEric

    SEEKER American Series Rods

    Very interested in the A270. Any pics? Can pick up tomorrow.
  598. OnoEric

    Toyota in deep shit again

    The difference being that in your testing, your car's computer is functioning properly. Now if your car's computer gets hosed somehow and ignores the fact that you're shifting into neutral or taking your foot off the accelerator, that's a different test than you just ran. Think of it this...
  599. OnoEric

    Download speed issues??????

    I may be wrong, but I think you're downloading at 300 kilobytes per second (not bits). There are 8 bits per byte, so you're actual download speed is 2.4 megabits per second, which is close to your connection speed. EDIT: A link that talks computer geek language...
  600. OnoEric

    funding MLPA

    It's still there. Link in the first post got messed up somehow. Parks tax would shortchange conservationists -
  601. OnoEric

    Did you puss out! I DID! Post your Speech Here!

    I hate being the spelling police, but I'm making an exception since it's important not to misspell words in official letters and emails. Letters and emails with misspelled words just make it that much easier for the reader to toss it in the trash. The word "loose" is the opposite of tight. The...
  602. OnoEric

    One is Better than NONE

    Nice job Matty and Jimbo!
  603. OnoEric

    289 YFT 10/03/09

    Eh, it was 22 after being bled.... maybe it had 3 pounds of blood in it and it was 25... :)
  604. OnoEric

    289 YFT 10/03/09

    Thanks Joe. Our plan was to head over the top of the 289 and work our way towards SCI based on your report from the previous day, but we never made it. I appreciated your same day report.
  605. OnoEric

    289 YFT 10/03/09

    Quick report. Got to the party a little bit late. Worked away from the fleet chasing porpoise and stayed with the terns. 1 22 lb YFT on the naked cedar at 11:30. Tons of life 3-4 miles north of the high spot. Risso dolphins, common dolphins, pilot whales, and breaching humpback whales come...
  606. OnoEric

    This Just In YFT @ SCI

    Thanks Joe. Timely information. I'm out the door heading that way now.
  607. OnoEric

    Paddy Hooping gone bad...

    The guy must have been too busy videotaping to drive his boat...
  608. OnoEric

    Radio Fish 9-25 PM Bite

    skiddish fish. Just need to be in the right place, right time. They've been in the same area for a couple weeks, but have been mostly show and no go. Typical late season YF for up here... I may try tomorrow.
  609. OnoEric

    Find the bait! 9/23/09

    Nice work! I'll take that over a 10 lb YF any day.
  610. OnoEric

    Watching NFL games online?

    ATDHE.Net - Watch Free Live Sports TV
  611. OnoEric

    Man Overboard

    Saw this on another board. Just a reminder to be careful out there.... and never take a leak over the side while underway! This could have had a much different ending. Check out the video and read the story below. Dr. Julie Ball - Extreme SportFishing
  612. OnoEric

    No Love For Bloody Decks On Channel 72

    Worst thing the FCC ever did was eliminate the radio license requirement for a marine VHF.
  613. OnoEric

    DP to the 181

    You went out, caught fish, and made it back safe. Sounds like a good day to me :D Glad to hear there are fish a bit closer to home. Hopefully all your boat problems are minor and you're back in business soon. Thanks for the report!
  614. OnoEric

    Late report 9/4 and a ?

    A number of years ago when I was working at SIO, I caught a yellowfin that had the same looking parasites in its belly meat. I took it to one of the biologists and was told they were some kind of larval tapeworms. I was told they were safe to eat since they would be unable to attach anywhere...
  615. OnoEric

    Yellowtail Bonanza

    Excellent job Jeff! It doesn't get much better than that.
  616. OnoEric

    DP to the 43 9/1/2009

    Nice job Matt! Glad you got into them!
  617. OnoEric

    Unsecured marine property tax?? Are you FIN kidding me??

    You ever seen that Penn & Teller show "Bullshit!" on Showtime? Some guy in the state of Florida got thrown in jail because his lawn died. They did a whole show on the "Lawn Police" in Florida. Showtime: Penn & Teller: Bullshit! Season 7 Episode 8: Watch Penn & Teller: Bullshit! Episode Recap...
  618. OnoEric

    8-26-2009 - Small boat, crappy seas, no mexican license, nice dodo's

    That's what the pangueros in Loreto do trolling for dorado. They take perfectly good live sardines, break their necks to kill them (first time the panguero did that I was wondering why we just spent an hour making live bait if he was just going to kill them), and trap hook them. The dead...
  619. OnoEric


    Thanks Bob. We may be going long out of DP on Saturday. I'm still hoping things start to happen a little bit closer though.
  620. OnoEric

    I can't believe this shit!

    x2 (or 2 million) I'm probably paranoid about this stuff, but with stories like this, I don't care.
  621. OnoEric

    SUN. 8-23 302/ KIDNEY BANK

    That is cool. You can see their pectoral fins all lit up electric blue!
  622. OnoEric


    That's now 45 homeruns in 7 games, including the regionals, after 7 more today... No doubters too. Awesome!
  623. OnoEric

    Where's Arnold gonna get the dough?

    Sure, I'll try to come up with something.
  624. OnoEric

    Where's Arnold gonna get the dough?

    You want to know how to get this issue known to the broader masses? Find every workers' union out there and tell them that the state is going to implement this $30 million program at the expense of their funding. The teachers' union, firefighter's union, nurses' union, etc etc. Tell every one...
  625. OnoEric

    Dana local banks

    Thanks. Sounds like the exact same thing we did last week. One of these days the local banks will turn on...
  626. OnoEric


    Nice! Except for the WNBA part...
  627. OnoEric


    Did it work? I missed everything... I use that site to watch Laker road games that are only on KCAL 9, which I don't get in Carlsbad. Worked well to watch the NBA Finals when I was in Istanbul too.
  628. OnoEric


    ATDHE.Net - Watch Free Live Sports TV
  629. OnoEric

    solo to 43 for full box of yellowtail and a hitchhiking mako

    That's the funniest post I've read in a long time! Thank you, Randall! I can't stop laughing.
  630. OnoEric

    267 DODO - 8/1 and Gripe with Newport Bait

    For the guys that complain about bait quality, there are a couple things you can do: a. Before you buy bait, ask the guys on the dock how the quality is. They'll usually tell you. Then you can make a decision on what you want to do. b. If you plan on buying a full scoop, but you've been...
  631. OnoEric

    7/31/2009 Dana Pt-Offshore Almost

    Our boat was vandalized inside the lot their a few years ago. Thieves were looking for electronics, and ripped off about a dozen other boats that night. We didn't have any electronics on board, so they only took a flare gun and a sleeping bag. In the process, they gouged the gelcoat with the...
  632. OnoEric

    7/31/2009 Dana Pt-Offshore Almost

    If you've got one of those Perko gas fills that vents underneath the cap, they sell an insert that goes underneath the existing cap. This is the fill we have on our Grady. Figure 0525 below... Edit: Direct webpage link to it...
  633. OnoEric

    7/31/2009 Dana Pt-Offshore Almost

    There's supposed to be a security guard patrolling the lot at night too.
  634. OnoEric

    7/31/2009 Dana Pt-Offshore Almost

    Sorry to hear about that Matt. Stuff like that seems to happen in Embarcadero a bit too often. A lock and a label on the cap that says "Holding Tank" would make the lowlifes think twice. Glad VA came through for you. Were you in the storage area or in the main lot when the fuel got siphoned?