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    No Receipt at Bait Barge Again

    especially when you told the guy you do not want a receipt
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    Red Crab Hookup Baits

    They are expensive and the skirts are NOT replaceable. That makes them too expensive for rockfish, IMHO. OTOH, if you want sheephead, use the orange ones with their shrimp scent
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    Red Crab Hookup Baits

    Touted by whom/
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    New Wahoo Trolling Lure

    So, this is a copy, not original specs? Wow ... expensive
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    My how the coin kings have fallen. OTOH, totally predictable.... just like tulips.
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    New Wahoo Trolling Lure

    I think the hooker intruder is made from the original blank/specs. I could be wrong, but I hope not cause I paid a bunch for one of them.
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    Kingfisher Charters Report 06/18-06/20

    Sounds like you cannot bring much home except rockfish.
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    Where to Buy Raptor at Summer 10% Sale w/ Spectra (not in CA)

    SCOTUS just passed universal state sales tax. Oh well.
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    Pacific Dawn halibut

    looks about 20 lb give or take
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    Hook Up Baits?

    Expensive non replaceable skirts.
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    Reel Case (Okuma Nomad Reel Bag vs Shimano Bhaltair Reel Bag) recommendations

    If you can find one, the large Bhaltair. They are very deep, so they hold more than reels. I have two and love them. You put reels, wind ons, fluoro spools, reel screwdrivers etc
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    For Sale 8 reel Shimano reel bag

    Wanting pic and model no is flake? Just post for all to know.q
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    Chris Webber Breathes a Little Sigh of Relief

    Why do folks assume basketball players are smart. Most of them are ganngbanger druggies.
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    San Nicolas island 5/12/18

    Vermillion means red, so you got red reds?
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    Bodega Bay recommendations

    In my experience, Bodega Bay rockfish are smaller than other places. But you see some beautiful scenery and fish really shallow.
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    Question about fish cleaning on Sporties

    If the processors will not meet a none or one and a half day trip, you can always go the processors pob. Good thing about processors is they cut better and vacuum pack.
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    I hope you all like Chinese food

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    Alligator Gar Of A Lifetime 227 pounds - ft The Fish Whisper

    Not only that, they eat Asian carp.
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    40 LB reel opions

    Hands down Talica 12 II.
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    The Broken (fishing) Marrage.

    First thing I do when I get on a sporty is ask the deckie what has been working. Seems stupid not to do that.
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    Best beginning LR trip?

    Minimum 5, better 7. Part of the lr experience is leaving everything behind. It takes you a couple of days just to get to that point.
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    Pacific Voyager and Mirage Charters

    Are mirage trips rockfish or “bass Bonita” type? Any plans for San Nick?
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    Knots for sinker on a double-dropper rig

    Also, fish can twist off the hook. Swivel stops all of that. I use prepared gangions with circle hook shrimpflies. I go for simplicity. Tie braid to top swivel, snap sinker on bottom. KISS
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    Knots for sinker on a double-dropper rig

    I use a swivel with a clip, so you can easily change weights as conditions demand.
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    WTB Looking for Avet JX Raptor

    When I buy used, which I don’t do anymore, I replace the line S
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    Talica 8 for WSB and Yellowtail?

    Have you tried the SX raptor?
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    For Sale Ninja by Sumo belt

    Still available........come and get it
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    SOLD Shlopniks

    Any pics of 2xl
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    Rockfishing Question

    When it comes to gangions, I prefer those with circlehook shrimpflies.
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    Rockfishing Question

    I do not like using a shrimpfly above a jig. If you get a smaller rockfish on the fly, it can ruin the action of the jig. Likewise, I do not put bait on my jig .... small fish will attack it. Fish bait or jig, but do not combine. Also, big baits do equal bigger fish.
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    IFGA Banning All Spinning Gear from Record contention Jan 2019

    Spinners are better for some applications.
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    3/30 Amigo overnight fish report

    What did you catch the sheepshead on?
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    Why do they call WSB biscuits?

    just curious
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    The War is back on

    What is an STR
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    Where do you purchase your fishing gear for the salt?

    How about the iron to tie on it?
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    Custom Fishing Leather Work by Needle Crook (Jed)

    I do not believe they are taking any new orders.
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    Philippines Saltwater fishing. What tackle should i bring?

    Stoked on fishing did a couple of shows fishing nearby islands, including kayak. Check them out because they did a good job on showing what 5hey were throwing
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    I am looking for a medium spinning set up ..... like for tossing dines at a paddy with schoolie sized yt or dorado, even an occasional yft. Recommendations that you have on sale? Thanks
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    Aftermarket Tiburon Reel Clamps

    Yes, XL is for 20a.
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    How did you last get Spooled?

    I bought a Talica II 10, took it to Eric’s tackle and he spooled it with braid for mr.
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    Homeless defacing Seal beach river jetty

    Jobs. Pretty simple.
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    good morning to all, what are your thoughts

    I like the JC knot. So quick and easy
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    Homeless defacing Seal beach river jetty

    Of course, that makes the water there just a big toilet.
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    What's been working at St. Nic.?

    Sliding glow sinker with live squid on aki twist. You fish shallower there so you can get by with lighter tackle. Remember the whitefish and sheephead. Fun, pull good and great tablefare.
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    Cosmo tech ct801tg-7

    Does anyone know the line rating for this rod?
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    Fly fishing the California Coast

    Are you near Ventura? Guy out of Erics does fly guiding and teaching.
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    Phenix Rods??? I was told there made in China?

    Z How much is UC paying you?
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    Phenix Rods??? I was told there made in China?

    Well, it may be a fact that they are made in the USA, but whether or not they are better is an opinion.
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    Phenix Rods??? I was told there made in China?

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion. Does not make it a fact. I fish Phenix, rainshadow and seeker. I just like them, but I would not claim they are better than other brands.
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    Phenix Rods??? I was told there made in China?

    Do you suppose a Chinese man or woman would know it is they’re and not their?
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    I got yo-yo problems...

    Agree ... which jig are you using. There are jigs specifically made for that task.
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    Lingcod and rockfish migration

    They go shallower in late winter early spring to spawn.
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    Hawaii lodging ideas.

    We prefer high class tall hotels with good views to condos. While on vacation, we don’t want to cook or clean.
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    Avet reel setup?

    I just ask the deckhand to set it for me. Easy peasy.
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    Ventura Sport Fishing Question

    I too prefer jigs. However, there are times when they do not work, and bait is the only ticket in town. I will do what I have to do to catch freezer fare. Be prepared
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    Ventura Sport Fishing Question

    Get some two hook gangion s with circle hooks. Come early and go to Eric’s tackle. He will set you up. Bring level wind reels with braid.
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    Fred Hall day one thoughts

    I go at 1:30 and walk right in. Easy peasy.
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    Fred Hall day one thoughts

    Seems to me there was a good crowd. And we had that gunman standoff right around the corner for some excitement.
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    Fred Hall day one thoughts

    I had a pretty good time. Went to a bunch of seminars. Went to Bob Sands and got some JRI and Calvo jigs. Went to hookup baits and got some of those. They are expensive, and I think it is a shame they do not sell replacement tubes. Maybe I can find a suitable tube to use with the heads...
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    Is my vacuum sealer the reason why my fish tastes "fishy"?

    Thaw fish quickly in rt water. Wash fillets, wrap in 3-4layers of paper towels, after three hours, cook fillets. Also, to get a good seal, freeze fillets before you vacuum pack them
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    Best lunch site by Fred Hall Long Beach?

    What would you say if we limit it to easy walking distance ?
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    For Sale Ninja by Sumo belt

    I said I would trade it for a six pack of Guinness ale.
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    For Sale Avet LX 6/3 Silver (reel bag reel) Reduced / $290 Sold

    That corrosion on the spool is gonna scare a lot of folks
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    No responses 3/7-3/21

    Does that mean you will be on the Amazon fishing?
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    I ask again ..... are you going to lower the price. Folks are gonna go to FH and get a good deal a free line. Just sayin
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    guide recommendations for rail rods?

    If you are in Ventura area, go to Erics Tackle. Or, go to FH Long Beach rod building seminars.
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    Wyoming bikini

    We used to call it “fur pie.”
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    Calcutta Reel repair at Fred Hall Long Beach?

    Can I bring a tranx 500 to do maintenance?
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    Shimano Flat Fall Red Color?

    Maybe that is why most rockfish are red .... they cannot be seen.
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    For Sale Ninja by Sumo belt

    Let’s say a six pack or two of Guinness.
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    For Sale Ninja by Sumo belt

    Ninja fighting belt by sumo. Pick up in Oxnard.
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    Calcutta Reel repair at Fred Hall Long Beach?

    The shimano table/techs are more for maintenance than repair. I doubt they carry many parts. If you have the parts, they may help you install them.
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    Avet or Talica

    I started with Accurates. Sold them and replaced with raptors. The Accurates fought fish better, but the Avets cast better, so I caught more fish. Replaced Avets with talicas. Cast and fight ... best of both. JMHO
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    Avet or Talica

    Talica’s have much bigger (better) gears.
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    Batson Enterprises at Fred Hall Long Beach

    I heard Doc Ski will be hangin at your booth. The last rod he built for me was a rain shadow. I will definitely be stopping by.
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    SOLD Unicorn BNIB Trinidad 16DC

    I dunno ..... look at how fast my last reels sold. Thing is, I try to give fellow fishermen a good deal.
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    SOLD Unicorn BNIB Trinidad 16DC

    Seems to me, if you post on bd, you best be prepared for smack.
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    New to CA. Would appreciate some advice

    You are close enough to shoot up to the Fred Hall show. Go to the seminars ....everything from surf fishing, kayak fishing to in shore to long range. Then go visit the tackle booths. You can learn everything you desire.
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    Cost of fish fileting

    It is usually .50/fish. What boat?
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    Accommodations at Catalina island

    Hotel Metropole with on street second floor suite. You are in the middle of the bay with a straight out to the ocean view.
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    Get a level wind reel. Braid coming up from 300 feet all day will eat your thumb up.
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    Swivel also keeps fish from spinning off
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    Are you gonna lower the price?
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    Best lunch site by Fred Hall Long Beach?

    Johnny Rockets on Pine. Good burgers.
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    Kayak Ling and Rockfish spots in Central California? Check out kayak seminar for central coast
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    Kayak Ling and Rockfish spots in Central California?
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    I use the old style level wind Calcutta 700’s. That is for jig and plastics. 65lb braid to swivel to three feet of 40lb mono to jig. They are bullet proof and easy to maintain Penn 340 GTI level wind for gangion. 65lb braid to gangion to 16 oz sinker or whatever is needed to get down quick...
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    Question for Bantam 1

    Email shimano tech support. They will have techs at Fred Hall too, and they can do hands on help with reel work.
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    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2018 15 day Intrepid Report

    Put a thin spike thru the brain = instant death.
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    Queen Charlotte Safaris

    I have seen that, but I would like to know what regular pay for play folks think.
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    For Sale Phenix Axis 780xh

    What is its rating?
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    Queen Charlotte Safaris

    anyone fished with them? How do they treat you. Is there anything for non-fisherpersons to do for 2 or 3 days?
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    Tac25 rod help

    I use. A seeker 700 X3
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    Puerto Vallarta on the Apollo Feb 17 2018!!

    I see mike is still running around barefooted.
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    What does bump mean in the classified section.

    It means the price is too high.
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    Storing plastics

    So, put similar thing in a baggie, and throw all the baggies in a Plano box.
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    Cattle Rustlers

    Those would have made tasty lunch sandwiches
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    Storing plastics

    i am not a big plastics guy, but I am starting to get into them for rockfishing. I recall years ago, if I put a bunch of plastics together, they would tend to melt together, and their colors would mix. How do you guys store modern plastics. Do they still melt together and have the colors mix...
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    Best meal on a LR boat

    The good the bad and the ugly.
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    Best meal on a LR boat

    S Went on the old Q, and meals were either fish and rice or chicken and rice. That was just before the downfall.
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    I think we have a problem!!

    This is a joke?....
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    Whatever happened to the VW diesel scandal??

    VW diesels are great. They tried to screw the California dems and give their customers more power and better mileage, but those wise guys in Sacramento said no way. Oh well.
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    Preferred/ Recommended Fillet Knives?

    Whichever one the deckies are using when they cut my fish.
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    I see the Excel left on the fourth for a sixteen dayer, yet they have not updated their report since they left. I wonder wassup.
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    WTB Shimano Bhaltair fishing reel bag

    It would probably be real expensive to ship.
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    Albackore reel bag

    What are the dimensions please.
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    WTB Shimano Bhaltair fishing reel bag

    Those are great bags, the best IMO. Just go to the store and buy one. Get the large, because it is very deep and can handle large trolling reels.
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    Spectra for surface iron

    How do you protect your thumb when casting spectra?
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    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    I believe that is what I said. “It was the deposit .... so 3% of a deposit would probably be $30 or $40 ..... Still, I would want it back.”
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    Spectra for surface iron

    Spectra birds nests are the pits.
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    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    Read the op. It was his deposit.
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    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    It was the deposit .... so 3% of a deposit would probably be $30 or $40 ..... Still, I would want it back.
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    Trip scheduled changed - what are my rights?

    No, this is business ... it has nothing to do with fishing.
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    Pacific Star Sportfishing License Suspended

    And, if you bought a ticket, fished on that boat without knowing you were in an mpa or fishing deeper than allowed or that the boat was over limits, you lose your fish if the boat is boarded.
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    For Sale Price Drop to $340.00..Delete Spectra..Cal Sheets Modified Penn 16S

    Does that have to be serviced by Cal, or will Penn do the service even though it has been modified?
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    Rat Problem...22 or BB...???

    Rat traps. Most come out at night when you are sleeping.
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    Yeah, well the 87 drop was about 25% of the value of the djia. This is a correction, long overdue. Soon will be the buying opportunity.
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    Catalina Vacation-Hotel - Fishing

    Hotel Metropole. You can get a balcony room on the second floor, over the street and overlooking the bay. Steve’s Steakhouse is good .... you will most likely need resos.
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    Boat name for my new Mako

  120. W

    Albackore reel bag

    Fits on their back pack? I think that is the lunch box you are referring to.
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    First big game reel, why not an Avet?

    Not really. There are plenty of opposite opinions.
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    First big game reel, why not an Avet?

    Turner’s seems to always have Avet blems at the Fred Hall Show, but you need to go Wed. early to get best choice.
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    Tac 10 2 for 30 lb

    is a Talica 10 2 a good 30lb bait reel for Mexican waters.
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    Emotional Support Animals

    When are the majority going to stop being inconvenienced by a small minority? Seriously, how much tax money has been spent putting those yellow bumpy thingys on all of our street corners? Moreover, I am tired of passing up all of those empty handicap parking spaces to have to park far away in...
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    What a drop.
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    Best meal on a LR boat

    Sad to say, my last trip on the Q we ate chicken or fish. Same on the last day. No turkey, no prime rib.
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    I am in. Pats 31 Eagles 27
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    East Coast Question For West Coast Anglers

    We do it on sportsboats with 20-30 anglers. You do it on boats the follow the hooked fish.
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    Small Bait caster advice needed

    Fred hall Long Beach. Check em all out.
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    5 Day Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!!! Save Up to 80%!!

    I buy stuff from them every Xmas on discount and have never had a wait. But I can understand how they could sell out of reels ... esp. on the west coast where we get 20% + 9% sales tax off and free shipping. That is a big chunk of change. They have always communicated well with me, but your...
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    The big X is in them at Hurricane

    It is common to catch really small lings on jigs that are bigger than they are. Same with rockfish, calicos etc.
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    CA really needs to make it easier

    You assume, incorrectly I believe, that they want you to ever be able to catch ANY fish at all.
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    Churchill's Jokes and Barbs - Lets post the good ones and elevate sarcasm

    “Churchill was in the lavatory in the House of Commons and his secretary knocked on the door and said: Excuse me Prime Minister, but the Lord Privy Seal wishes to speak to you. After a pause Churchill replied: Tell His Lordship: I'm sealed on The Privy and can only deal with one shit at a time”
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    JRI Custom Lures Vagabond 2.5 Day (Late Report)

    Actually, we did not have much fishing time for a 2 1/2 dayer, so you needed 4 hooks to make hay while you could.
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    Dual purpose reel

    A Has it got the speed for yoyo?
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    Avet SXJ Raptor for sale

    if you go to the store, buy an SXJ Raptor and take it out of the box, it will be in the same condition as this one. No trades .... I am thinning the herd. Filled with 50lb power pro. $300 OBO picked up in Ventura area. I also have a used immaculate silver SX raptor, loaded with 65 pp, also...
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    Dual purpose reel

    which reel would be good for hoo bombs/raiders and also yoyo. 2 speed or single speed?
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    What would be your recommended spinning rod for throwing hoo bombs.
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    Big Tuna at the Rocks

    A few years back, I was at the rocks on the Q. We anchored up and never moved. It was the weirdest thing I ever saw. Early mornings, the dodos came thru. After breakfast, if you fished the stern, you caught yft. If you fished the bow, you caught hoos.
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    TORQUE VS SALTIGA (star drag)

    Saltiga drags are smooth as butter. I love Saltiga.
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    The big X is in them at Hurricane

    Epic Fishing at The Hurricane Bank Reported by: Justin Fleck Date: January 22, 2018 FISHING REPORT Excellent fishing here at the Bank. SO MANY High quality fish almost everything is over #130. 17 Cows so far with to many 180 and 190's to list. Mark Dorton is the hot stick as of now with 4...
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    Blah, blah, blah. No Edelman, no Gronk, 12 stitches on Brady’s throwing hand, and yet they beat Jax. Who will beat them and their experience?
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    Shimano Trinidad 40N with upgrades

    I thought $350 was too much.
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    Is the Long Beach Fred Hall Show worth the wait for deals?

    Who do you get reel covers from.
  145. W

    HX Raptor Lugs removal

    You will have a small open space on one of them.
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    Is the Long Beach Fred Hall Show worth the wait for deals?

    I find that the best deals are on peripherals ... jigs, hooks, plastics, line etc. Turner’s usually has good deals on blem Avets. Take cash ... owner operators give better deals for green.
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    Brady's hand. Opinions please

    I am more concerned about Gronk’s head.
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    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    Actually, reading page one of this thread, the seller did not go silent. It appears he immediately offered fifty bucks, or a full refund plus shipping. Seems to me that would have solved the problem. I am guessing that the problem was caused by the buyer getting a new butt section of his own...
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    Holy crap

    Well, it just amazes me that folks would catch 200 of them, no matter how good they taste. FWIW, I love Sally’s sand dabs at Lure Fish House.
  150. W

    Holy crap

    Boat Trip Type Anglers Catch Gentleman 3/4 Day Trip 44 anglers 8800 Sanddab
  151. W

    JRI Custom Lures 2.75 on the Vagabond January 12-15

    Yes, it was a good trip in spite of a one day boat cruise. Like you said, bft being bft. We had a great bunch of guys and the crew was outstanding.
  152. W

    New Lo-An on the bluefin in January!

    Just got off the JRI jigs Colonet trip. We spent all day Sat cruising for bft. Never saw a single one. Never got my line wet.
  153. W

    Factory or Custom rods

    I like custom rods ....all the same color and have my name on them. Easier to keep tabs on.
  154. W

    Shit Hole

    Extinction? God but you guys are funny. Health and the good for (sic) all? A growing economy and more jobs will go a long way to take care of that. The EPA has long been out of control, to the detriment of states and individuals. Which fish spawn in ANWAR? I would not call the obliteration...
  155. W

    Shit Hole

    He is not doing anything we all do not do. It is refreshing to have a non politician running things. Like I said, I judge actions and not words. Obama said all the right words, but there was no truth in them, and his actions were disasterous. Easy decision for me.
  156. W

    Shit Hole

    I will take action over words any day. Trump has turned the country around, and I like the direction we are going. Maybe Pelosi thinks that higher wages, more benefits and a thousand dollar bonus are “pathetic crumbs” .....but I think the beneficiaries think otherwise. But then, Pelosi is...
  157. W

    Shit Hole

    Seriously? Treat the pot bellied rocket boy with respect? Treat ISIS, Assad and the Taliban with respect. Sheesh. Haiti IS a shithole.
  158. W

    Shit Hole

    I am guessing that a whole lot of folks would use the same word to describe those countries. Why do so many folks want to leave them? And why is it that we are expected to welcome them here, and subsidize their living expenses with our earnings. Look at how Canada, Australia and, oh yeah...
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    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    You know, this stuff happens here .... one seller was selling an Avet raptor “as new” I mentioned how could he call it new, it has scratches? His answer “... when you buy it, it’ll be new to you.” If I buy something and it is not as advertised, I just want my money back. The seller offered...
  160. W

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    The problem with your solution is that the seller will lose money. He has offered a full refund plus shipping. The buyer can return the butt to Daiwa for a full refund. No one loses. Easy peasy.
  161. W

    WTS New with tags Daiwa Saltiga Dendoh G deep drop rod-BUYER BEWARE- CCHRIS-FRAUD ALERT

    I do do not get it. Send it back for a full refund. Matter closed. Maybe he screwed up on the listing, but offering a full refund plus shipping makes it right.
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    JRI Custom Lures 2.75 on the Vagabond January 12-15

    Ok .... gear is packed 20/30. SX Raptor 40/50. Talica 12 60. Talica 16 80. Talica 25 Yoyo. JX Raptor and Tranx 500hg Gangion Penn 340 lw Rf jig. Calcutta 700 lw Crips .... eight rigs for two days. A shit load of jigs and lead and hooks
  163. W

    JRI Custom Lures 2.75 on the Vagabond January 12-15

    You can make it for same day service.
  164. W

    How many of you are fishing your SX Raptors as a 40# setup?

    SX raptor works fine with 40lb.
  165. W

    JRI Custom Lures 2.75 on the Vagabond January 12-15

    W If you want 5star, make a reservation with them. You can do it online.
  166. W

    JRI Custom Lures 2.75 on the Vagabond January 12-15

    I made a reso with 5star. They will be there, but I believe they will be at the top, and they do not pick up at the boat. At least that is the impression I got.
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    JRI Custom Lures 2.75 on the Vagabond January 12-15

    Not sure about sinkers and rubber Bands?
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    Time for a YT regulation change?

    Perhaps if he had said “some” people. My point was many folks ..... who are good fishermen.... only go a couple of times a year, and they actually target wsb or yellows. It is smug when you lump everyone who fishes less than you do into one group who does not fish well.
  169. W

    JRI Custom Lures 2.75 on the Vagabond January 12-15

    I have added SX raptor for 20/30 Talica 12II FOR 40 and Talica 16II for dropper loop, 60 bait and flat fall glows
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    Time for a YT regulation change?

    Maybe I do not fish as often as I would like .... for any number of reasons. But no, I did not take it as an “indictment” of my fishing prowess. Rather, I took it as an indication of the posters smug asinine conceit. There are a lot of really good fisherfolks who have well rounded lives and...
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    Fishing for Rockfish in Mexican Waters After Jan 1?

    so the limits are higher here than Mexico? Interesting
  172. W

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    It depends upon wether you target them or not, and when you fish.
  173. W

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    It is stupid to think that all, or even most, folks who go once or twice a year are rent rodders or newbies.
  174. W

    1.5 day on the Chief

    Were there any sheepshead and whitefish at Colonet? Were you using finbait or squid strips for the rockfish?
  175. W

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    What about the rest of the folks on the boat? I suspect that if a captain tried to enforce artificially low limits, he would lose business.
  176. W

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    You mean make a sandwich with them........
  177. W

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    And you surmise this from what?
  178. W

    Fishing for Rockfish in Mexican Waters After Jan 1?

    So, if I do a two 1/2 day trip to Colonet, what is my total limit of yt and rockfish?
  179. W

    Do you want more oil rigs off coast?

    Ummmmm, “all time low?” You better fire your broker.
  180. W

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    Seems folks who get to fish a lot are ok with smaller daily limits. But, what about those who get to fish once or twice a year.
  181. W

    Talica line class advice

    T10-30 T12-40 T16-60 T20-80 At least, that is what I do. Now, using short topshots, each one can go up or down one line class
  182. W

    Gearing up for Colonet

    This may be a stupid question, but for a two day trip, do you put your reels on your rods at home. Seems like the would not be enough daylight to setup on the boat.
  183. W

    Boy this looks like fun

    I wonder if filleting is $0.50 / fish
  184. W

    Boy this looks like fun

    Gentleman 3/4 Day Trip 37 anglers 3000 Sanddab
  185. W

    Tarter sauce ideas ?

    I add a dash of horseradish
  186. W

    JRI Jigs

    Are you gearing up for bft on the upcoming trip?
  187. W


    Yes, but what are they?
  188. W


    What are trophy points?
  189. W


    It is called a pyramid scheme. Or, the greater fool theory.
  190. W

    Favorite Rock Fish Level Wind Reel?

    To be honest, I use two reels. Calcutta 700 for jigs and penn 340 for gangion.
  191. W

    WTB TranX 500HG Clamp

    Tiburon .... Any tackle shop.
  192. W

    Alaska/Canada dream trip suggestions

    Crackerjack multi day trip from Seward
  193. W

    Any Charters for Long rod Iron Chuckers in 2018 ?

    I saw that video. They ran into big bft at the end and only had their long rods. Great fishermen overmatched. But they had the skills to drag out the fights.
  194. W

    Why has Shimano not pushed slow jigging here in USA?

    This always amazes me when I see videos of places like those Cedros island fishing places. The fish sit in the sun all day and come of the boats hard as boards. Cannot be good tablefare.
  195. W

    Looks like the big X is on them

    Capt Justin checked in from the Excel as they are down at Hurricane Banks and started fishing yesterday, we had good fishing but not wide open. We pretty much had at least one hooked all day, our fish ranged from 50 lbs to 250 lbs with 4 cows. They were 244, 227, 215 and 211 with many in the 150...
  196. W

    AA report

    I have a recurring dream that I realize on the second day out that I forgot my reels.
  197. W

    Rockfishing Deep. How to make it more productive and easier.

    I use red/white b52 and a red zman tail. Guess it looks like a red crab.
  198. W

    Gearing up for Colonet

    S What do you consider “big gear?” I have the Talica20 on Phenix 700 3X
  199. W

    Gearing up for Colonet

    With less than two weeks to go, I thought I should start my preparations for Colonet on the Vagabond, since everyone knows that getting your gear ready is half the fun. Thought I would start with my reels. Calcutta 700 level wind for rockfish jigging. Penn 340 for gangion. Tranx 500hg for...
  200. W

    Wish list fish.

    A cowcod
  201. W

    Favorite Rock Fish Level Wind Reel?

    Ss Depends .... when you are in lingcod territory, jigs all the way. When you are in snapper areas, gangion are best. Unless, of course, it is shallow, then plastics
  202. W

    Favorite Rock Fish Level Wind Reel?

    Reeling up rockfish is a social event. You reel slow and steady and bs with the guys standing next to you at the rail.
  203. W

    Favorite Rock Fish Level Wind Reel?

    Because winding 400 ft of braid under pressure all day long will hurt your thumb.
  204. W

    Favorite Rock Fish Level Wind Reel?

    You can check out my old Calcutta’s. One cool thing is shimano has free maintenance seminars at FH Show. I take my 700s and they help me do the maintenance. Save a few bucks.
  205. W

    Favorite Rock Fish Level Wind Reel?

    Calcutta 700 .... yes ... I am taking two of them on the JRI Colonet trip.
  206. W

    Favorite Rock Fish Level Wind Reel?

    The old style Calcutta 700. Not the one with the lever, but the one with the push button, so that just turning the handle engages the gear. Simple, bulletproof, a breeze to maintain.
  207. W

    Returning My 10' Surf Rod To Daiwa!

    My experience is that if something is defective, it will break immediately. Same with electronics.
  208. W

    Reel Dilemma - Avet SX Raptor.. or move up to JX?

    That is what the jxr is for.
  209. W

    Shimano Bhaltair Reel Bag - Medium

    These are great bags/ I have three of them. Mine are large, but the materials and workmanship are the same. GLWS
  210. W

    New rail rod foregrip ideas

    Why noe contact saltydawg ....he might sell them.
  211. W

    Reel Dilemma - Avet SX Raptor.. or move up to JX?

    I use SX raptor for 30lb. But it is my back up 40lb, and I have never had a problem with it. Even caught a jackpot yft and I never felt i was undergunned. I am not a fan of regular Avets, but I am a huge fan of Raptors. JMO, but they cast better than Accurates and give you much better bang...
  212. W

    What to use under reel for deckhand rod...

    Take the rod AND reel and reel clamp screws..
  213. W

    Lightly used hxj raptor for sale

    No, later in the year. I have a fall 10 scheduled. If my health holds up, I will sell after that trip. If it does not hold up, I will sell when I cancel that trip.
  214. W

    Lightly used hxj raptor for sale

    I may have a shitload of tackle for sale later in the year.
  215. W

    Trout fishing

    S They used to stock the San Gabriel River up in Azusa Canyon.
  216. W

    what will you in the new year.

    A new roof from Fred Brandt.
  217. W

    Desalting Smoked Fish

    Well, don’t keep us in suspense ... how was it solved.
  218. W

    To Kill A Ling...

    I read an interesting article on predators. It said the bigger the predator, the bigger they prey had to be, because large predators cannot afford to expend their energy for a small reward. Hence, big baits, big fish.
  219. W

    JX Raptor question

    PHD 809 xh
  220. W

    2.5 Colonet trip

    Do you have glow sliding sinkers?
  221. W

    Glow sliding sinkers

    where do you find/buy glow sliding sinkers?
  222. W

    To Kill A Ling...

    Ling cod are mean, voracious junk yard dogs. If you put something in front of them they will eat it.
  223. W

    New Shimano reels for 2018?

    Probay go to FH
  224. W

    To Kill A Ling...

    I use the orange/silver ahi assault jigs. They go straight to the bottom, and catch lings
  225. W


    Well, you can if it is a Roth IRA.
  226. W

    2.5 Colonet trip

    I have a couple of old calcutta 700 level winds for rock fishing, jx raptor and tranx 500 for yoyo or surface jig, tac 12II for bait and tac 25II for dropper loop and any BFT that may show up.
  227. W


    Or did you take 1 1/2 Coins when they were at 20K, and now your coins are worth about 15K Simple pyramid
  228. W


    Down 50% now.
  229. W

    2.5 Colonet trip

    So, if we leave at 7pm, what time do we get to board?
  230. W


    Uh oh ....down 25% in one day.
  231. W

    Local tuna reel 20-40lb

    SX Raptor. Love mine.
  232. W

    2.5 Colonet trip

    I have a feeling that this trip is going to be a blast. Ok to bring vino for dinner and scotch for afternoons..... in quantities to share of course
  233. W

    2.5 Colonet trip

    So, Yoyo Rockcod jig setup Rockcod gangion setup 40 lb bait 80 lb bait, in case bft Lots of sinkers 12-32 oz How about my Ed’s jigs...I bought a ton of them from mikeylikesit at FH show
  234. W

    2.5 Colonet trip

    I am on the JRI January trip. I am curious about Colonet ... never been there .... are the yellows and rockfish in the same areas, or do you go for rockfish, and then other areas for yellows. I know these are dumb questions, but I am retired and have lots of time on my hands. How deep do they...
  235. W

    Homer Fishing Charters/Fish Homer or Seward?

    Crackerjack does multi day trips out of Seward. You can get monster lings, yelloweye and Halibut. You go to areas that have very low pressure, and in Alaska that means reallllllllllllllllllly low pressure. I think you can do light tackle fishing with them and really have a ball.
  236. W

    Best day(s) for Fred Hall Long Beach

    Maybe we could have a BD forum lunch. It would be fun to put faces to web monikers
  237. W

    2.5 Colonet trip

    This will be my first 2.5 day trip. I guess that means two days of fishing. It is Colonet, so I assume yellowtail and rockfish. How much tackle do I need for a trip like this? Yoyo rig, surface bait rig, rock cod jig stick, dropper loop-gangion rig. What else. What is January weather like...
  238. W

    Does Vagabond have wi fi

    I enjoy emailing home news and pictures in the evening.
  239. W

    50-60 lb rod suggestions

    If you are not in a huge hurry, Fred hall is in March. You can pull on everything mentioned, and anything new.
  240. W

    Does Vagabond have wi fi

    just curious
  241. W

    Please help with Christmas present

    Talica2. 20
  242. W

    Best day(s) for Fred Hall Long Beach

    What day, I would enjoy meeting you. You have given me lots of Internet fishing advice
  243. W

    JRI Custom Lures 2.75 on the Vagabond January 12-15

    How many fishermen will be there? Also, how is fish cutting handled. Do they use the processors or cut them on the boat. Thanks
  244. W

    Rpt.-12-19-17 SCI Lings, Reds, Coppers w/Pic's.

    Nice pictures. What color Jax did you use ... orange/copper? Did you put bait on your shrimpfly.
  245. W

    Best day(s) for Fred Hall Long Beach

    No...... they repeat the seminars throughout the show. A couple of days before it starts you can print out a schedule
  246. W

    Go Patriots!!!!

    A number of officials look at the replay .... incomplete pass. Sorry, you lose.
  247. W

    Best day(s) for Fred Hall Long Beach

    I go Wed and thurs. stay at hotel overnight. Around six pm the crowd gets unbearable, so I am back in my room by then.
  248. W

    SoCal sheepshead....

    One of the best eating fish.
  249. W

    Go Patriots!!!!

    Well, the Patriots won. Guess the refs agree with me. Since he was catching and not running, what happens DOES matter.t
  250. W

    SoCal sheepshead....

    Sliding sinker, ahi twist and whole squid. Also, hop on a boat that goes to San Nick.
  251. W

    Theives on a party boat

    Once I went fishing out of the old Pt Hueneme landing. Got my stuff together and went to get my sack o’ fish. There was no sack with my number on it. I was bummed. So, I made the long walk up the walkway to the parking lot and lo and behold there was fish and game. They were talking to four...
  252. W

    Lightly used hxj raptor for sale

    SOLD. Thanks Nathan, nice meeting you.
  253. W

    Lightly used hxj raptor for sale

    It is like pay it forward.
  254. W

    Go Patriots!!!!

    Yeah, but that is after you secured the ball and made a “football move.” Jesse did neither of those.
  255. W

    Go Patriots!!!!

    This was the third time I saw Ben try that fake spike play. Guess NE saw it too. The first two times it worked. I guess he went to the well one too many times. As for the touchdown that wasn’t, Steeler fans would have loved the rule if the shoe was on the other foot.
  256. W

    Anyone Slow Pitch Jigging? Do tell your experience.

    My understanding is that in true slow pitch jigging, you do not lift the rod tip to impart motion to the jig, as you do. Instead, you reel down on the line which bends the rod tip downward, and then the rod tip snaps back up and down which makes the jig go up and down. No more lifting the tip...
  257. W

    Lightly used hxj raptor for sale

    silver, immaculate and serviced annually. 80 lb powerpro, 50 lb xxx topshot $275.00 picked up in Oxnard/Ventura area.
  258. W

    Avet HXJ Raptor (silver)-SOLD

    I agree .... esp. on used equipment. When done in person there are no miscommunications.
  259. W

    Shogun version of RP knot?

    I saw Collins demonstrate the knot. He claims any more than five turns does not improve the strength of the knot. YOMV
  260. W

    Go Army

    Great game. I feel sorry for the middie who missed the last second field goal.
  261. W


    I predict that more folks will lose more money on bitcoin than will make money. It is a simple pyramid scheme.
  262. W

    SOLD Like new Phenix black diamond 809 xhj SOLD

    deckhand/reel seat. Pics would be nice.
  263. W

    So I guess Global Warming is Officially Political?

    Given the fact that california used to be covered by glaciers, we have to assume that global warming has happened before, followed by global cooling, many, many times.
  264. W

    So I guess Global Warming is Officially Political?

    "Discussion closed." Hmmmm, isn't that the liberal position?
  265. W

    Stills from the last build of 2017 time to go fishing.

    Wow. Like fine wine, you get better with age.
  266. W


    Our kids, grandson and their pets are our guests ... had to evacuate their house. We are in the Oxnard flatlands and safety.
  267. W

    Wtb shimano Bhaltair large reel bag

    Those are simply the best reel bags.
  268. W

    JX Raptor question

    I have mine on a PhD 809xh .... yoyo, hoo bombs.
  269. W

    Sheepheads and some rockfish at Channel Islands 11/25/17

    Best way to cook sheephead is to steam them. 1. Steam and cool meat. Mix with mayo, celery and dill pickle relish. Make sandwiches. 2. Steam fillets, cut into chunks, mix with Alfredo sauce and serve over noodles.
  270. W

    Reel bag

    I like these the best ... large size is very deep, so big reels fit. And 20% off now.
  271. W

    What Rod with Andros 5n for Sheepshead

    One of the best tasting fish around. It lives on shellfish, hence the teeth, and if you steam it, it tastes like crab or lobster. It lives around kelp and rocks, gets to between 20-30 lbs and they are tackle busters.
  272. W

    What Rod with Andros 5n for Sheepshead

    East coast sheep head, or west coast?
  273. W

    bitcoin/ cyber currency

    Every man’s ceiling is another man’s floor. if You are working for wages, you are not wealthy.
  274. W

    Aloha Spirit... Ling Cod special.

    What was #17 caught on?
  275. W

    Morro Bay Hotel and fishing recommendations ?

    Go to Cayucos (5miles north of Morro Bay) Stay at On the Beach hotel, eat at The Cass House. You pull into Cayucos, you feel like it is 1950. On the Beach is, well, on the Beach next to the pier ... good pier fishing.
  276. W

    Go to for lings

    I always use a swivel twixt my braid and mono, and I wind slow and steady ..... none of that pumping the rod crap .... and I have no problems.
  277. W

    Should 16 day trips take a day on the bluefin grounds?

    I think it would depend on the fishing down south. No bueno to leave fish to find fish. Besides, if I had some nice yft, I would rather spend time looking for dorado, wahoo and yt than to go look for more tuna, even if it is bft.
  278. W

    Go to for lings

    So the weight of a 30lb ling will break 40lb line? Interesting. I would buy a different brand of line.
  279. W

    Go to for lings

    We cannot fish deep enough to get the “monsters” anymore. And, if we could, 30-40 lb would be a monster. I use 30/40 test leader and have never broken off from weight of fish.
  280. W

    Lynch is a dickhead

    So, Marshawn takes a knee for our national anthem, but stands for the Mexican anthem. Why doesn’t he just stay down there and see how free they are.
  281. W

    29 people on a 65 foot boat should not be called limited load

    If you do not give details, it is a lame, useless, waste of time post.
  282. W


    The Lakers suck. In line for another high draft pick.
  283. W


    Only 20 available, 2 per customer.. I saw the lineup last year. You will have to be in line 3 hours early.
  284. W

    Boat trailer parking on public streets

    I agree, you broke the law. Not cute or funny.
  285. W

    Will they Bench Ball?

    The Lakers suck.
  286. W

    Online Sales Tax WA State

    And what recourse does Washington have against out of state sellers? I am thinking doodley squat.
  287. W

    Any body know where Baja Fish Gear went?

    I believe the employees left and started their own store nearby. Cannot for the life of e recall the name.
  288. W

    Andros 12II for yoyo

    W Surface or yo-yo
  289. W

    Go to for lings

    Your last sentence says it all. Use a jig or bait ... if it gets in a ling’s face he will eat it.
  290. W

    Best way to make a low-cost jig box?

    That plastic doesn’t look real sturdy to me.
  291. W

    Channel Islands- how much bait for 2-3 guys?

    This time of year, just get some frozen squid .... rockfish rule.
  292. W

    Go to for lings

    Ahi assault in orange, copper, silver. Works good on reds too Ahi assault in mackerel is good for lings, but for some reason it is a magnet for boccacios.
  293. W

    Best way to make a low-cost jig box?
  294. W

    Best way to make a low-cost jig box?
  295. W

    Best Rod and Reel combo for 80lb & 100lb

    I use a Phenix PhD 700 3X and Talica 25 II with 50 handle
  296. W

    Best way to make a low-cost jig box?

    What I use is ammo box and clear pvc tubes. I do rows of three so I can configure the box as needed ... can put in some sinkers, etc I spray paint glow orange ... easy to find in tackle rack, and less likely to “walk” off the boat unnoticed. Holds a ton of jigs, easy to clean and lasts forever.
  297. W

    New to me Wahoo reel choice

    Seems a revolution in wahoo reels has been going on ... from hxj raptor, Jx raptor to tranx 500 and spinning setups. Problem is, that means going from two speed reels to single speeds.
  298. W

    Montana pics

    There are some fine roasts, steaks and jerky.
  299. W

    Circle hooks on jigs

    Unless the jig goes between the hook and the corner of the mouth. I use a metal ring. Wonder why the stock hooks are at the back instead of the front ..... oh yeah, it falls horizontal instead of vertical.
  300. W

    Circle hooks on jigs

    Mo betta just circle on back, no hook on front.
  301. W

    hunting urban coyotes

    I live on a golf course in Oxnard. The yotes come down the Santa Clara riverbed, onto the golf course and into the backyards. You build in rural areas, you get the fauna that lives there. We get tons of rabbits too, which probably explains the yotes. You learn to live with them. Also, a...
  302. W

    Can you tie a dropper loop type knot in braided line???

    Why would you want to do that? Seems to me the only time you use a dropper loop is for bottom fishing, in which case you want a breakaway piece of fluoro or mono.
  303. W

    Dorado Fish and Chips?

    Take the dodo fillets, dredge in flour, then to egg wash, then to 50/50 mix of shredded coconut and panko. Sauté in oil until golden brown. Serve with sweet and sour sauce.
  304. W

    Mirage? or Pacific dawn?

    Both are good. I would consider Pacific dawn first.
  305. W

    Pac Voyager 5 1/2 day (late report)

    Any pics of the white fish and goats?
  306. W


    Read about tulips.
  307. W

    Eldorado and Mirage info

    The Mirage or the Pacific Dawn. You will limit on quality rockfish and have a shot at yt and halibut. Both are very Angler friendly boats. I think they generally carry smaller loads than the boats down south.
  308. W

    Catchy Tackle 15 day on the Intrepid.

    What brand marauder? Can you post a picture of it.
  309. W

    Gas tax....

    Unfortunately, the CA population has shifted from producers to takers. Sadly, the democrats will do everything possible to make sure it remains that way. We have gone from being the Golden State to becoming the state that laid the golden egg, and the democrats are doing their best to kill the...
  310. W

    Best Star Drag Reel for Launching Diamond jigs and Swim baits

    Yes, but long casts are not a priority like with surface jigs. You just need to cast minimally up drift. To me, the old style Calcutta 700 is the best swrf reel there is. Esp. because a simple turn of the handle engages the gear which helps when bit on the jig, and the level wind is a must...
  311. W

    Best Star Drag Reel for Launching Diamond jigs and Swim baits

    If you are fishing for rockfish, why do you care about casting? Get an older Calcutta 700 level wind.
  312. W

    the trump has pissed off MX over WTO labeling.

    Is a doner something like a donut?
  313. W

    Best Raptor for yo-yo: HX or HXJ?

    Only problem with hxj is it is a fairly big reel. Using it all day is a chore. I am swapping mine out for a tranx 500 hg. Also the level wind will save work
  314. W

    Hooping on an open party boat

    Try to find complete episode
  315. W

    Trip to San Diego

    Are you saying that the Vagabond has no parking spaces for those renting a room?
  316. W

    Has anyone purchased a high end saltwater reel thru Walmart mail order?

    I am guessing they replaced the broken part..
  317. W

    Changing Salas 6X trebles or making it a Single hook

    So, a question comes to mind. How heavy of a split ring do you need? Say you expect to catch 100-150 lb bft. Does the split ring need to be rated at least 150, or can you use lighter because the drag is not 150? What rings would you use to put a hook on a flat fall glow for bft.
  318. W

    Changing Salas 6X trebles or making it a Single hook

    So, I am guessing using split rings is a no-no? Seems some of the split rings are rated quite highly.
  319. W

    Greedy SOBs

    I guess if you want to fish you pay the piper. Just like the Mexican permits ....., same price, but no Cedros and extra for Lupe. It is the trend.
  320. W

    shimano flatfall hooks

    I would have to surmise that all those hooks screwed up the falling motion.
  321. W

    shimano flatfall hooks

    I, too, would appreciate info on the size of the split ring. Also, circle or J hook.
  322. W

    rock fishing

    Yes, when the boat is rocking side to side.
  323. W

    rock fishing

    I like a longer rod, because we often have fast drifts up here. I jig fish the bow of the sports boats, and I can toss the jig way ahead of the drift with the longer rod. By the time my jig reaches the bottom, it is straight up and down from the boat. It also provides a shock absorber, as I...
  324. W

    10/7 Big Bluefin on Flat Fall @ SCI

    So, my question is, if you want to put on a single hook using a split ring, how strong does th split ring have to be? Say you are aiming for 150lb bluefin, do you need a 150 lb rated split ring? How hard can a bft pull. Or, do you use a split ring rated just above your top drag setting? Just...
  325. W

    50# / 60# Live Bait Reel

    A I use 65lb braid for 50lb mono topshot. Plenty of line.
  326. W

    Avet Purple Raptors

    I see scratches ... new?
  327. W

    10/7 Big Bluefin on Flat Fall @ SCI

    What split ring? What type of 9/0 hook?
  328. W

    10/7 Big Bluefin on Flat Fall @ SCI

    Did you change the hooks too, or just the braid? You mentioned changing to a single hook. I wonder if anyone has changed to a single circle hook?
  329. W

    Waffle ball
  330. W

    50# / 60# Live Bait Reel

    Talica 16II
  331. W

    Excel "Phenix" 10 day Trip Report

    What template and where did you get it?
  332. W

    Guadalupe Night Fishing

    If they anchor in the right places, dropperloop fishing for big badass yt is the norm. Big hooks, big baits, heavvvvvvvvy line, buttoned down drags. And you will still lose a bunch of them to the rocks.
  333. W

    San Diego Bay Sheephead

    I agree, that is a huge female.
  334. W

    Five Star Fish Processing

    I think drew said that person with the bft put it in his freezer. Odds of reshipping without destroying fish is pretty slim.
  335. W

    AVET bearings JX 2 speed

    They are in the valley ... just drop off and pick up.
  336. W

    Five Star Fish Processing

    Are you intimating the bluefin was sold by five star? I hope that is not what you are doing.
  337. W

    Five Star Fish Processing

    He said they shipped it to him. The problem is it sounds like they shipped him the wrong order, AND less fish than he caught and paid for. It also sounds like, according to the op, five star is not going to fix the mix up. I find it easy to believe an order can get mixed up ..... ship happens...
  338. W

    Five Star Fish Processing

    Yep ... your receipt will list fish type and weight .... that is how they charge you.
  339. W

    Five Star Fish Processing

    He sad his group caught 700 pounds.
  340. W


    Fk the NFL.
  341. W


    You can buy online free shipping, no tax and full warranty.
  342. W

    donkey? is it the right term

    Dropperloop? Yoyo? Bait?
  343. W

    First overnight on the Mirage, what tackle should I bring?

    Possibly, but the Mirage goes outer islands, and there ain't a lot of yt there..... unless they go to SB island.
  344. W

    Decent size Yellowfin

    Five star won't even accept them under ten pounds.
  345. W

    WTB Avet HX Raptor

    I have an hxj raptor in great condition loaded with 80'lb spectra.
  346. W


    What is the cutoff betwix a genuine counteroffer and a lowball offer?
  347. W

    New solid wood jig box - holds 45 yoyo or surface jigs vertically

    He has it posted in a few sections. Obviously a sales pitch.
  348. W

    New solid wood jig box - holds 45 yoyo or surface jigs vertically

    Beautiful ..... however, the handle needs padding, imho. Also, I would worry about the jigs banging together and chipping. But, beautiful craftsmanship.
  349. W

    First overnight on the Mirage, what tackle should I bring?

    You will be fishing for rockfish ..... most likely. Get a few 2 hook gangions yellow shrimpflies with circle hooks. Get a few jax jigs or ahi assassin jigs orange copper jax, orange silver ahi ..... 12 oz models. Some torpedo sinkers 12, 16 and a couple 24 oz. stiff rod and a...
  350. W

    Recent weave

    Incredible. Maybe do one of those sea snakes
  351. W


    I remember when five St. Louis Rams players ran on the field with their hands up in the air, "hands up, don't shoot" to protest shooting of Brown. Only problem, turns out Brown did not put his hands up. The players were protesting something that never happened. Oh yeah, they were not...
  352. W


    Well, they also got a lot of folks here talking about it.
  353. W

    Wtb albakore backbpack

    Pick up in Oxnard only. But then, the price is right .... I will trade it for a six pack of Guiness stout....
  354. W


    "Pre madonna" Now that is funny.
  355. W

    Wtb albakore backbpack

    No plastic trays, no lunch box Pick up in Oxnard
  356. W

    Flat Fall Mod

    Can anyone recommend a good split ring pliers? Thanks
  357. W

    Heavy fluoro

    which brand fluoro makes the best over 100lb stuff.
  358. W

    Best eating----- Calico Bass or Lingcod?

    Love lingcod. It has been so long, I don't remember what calico tastes like. I do remember they taste good.
  359. W

    Montana 6by wilderness bull

    You are going to be eating elk all winter and summer.
  360. W

    Big Bear Lake shore based

    I think they shorefish near the dam, but I am not sure.
  361. W

    Relentless 2 Day 9/18-20

    What hook ... type and size .... did you use on the sniper? Thanks
  362. W

    WTB HXW either raptor, or single

    Are you at all interested in a hxj raptor in excellent condition?
  363. W

    Get out of Jury Duty...?

    I thought the lawyers asked the questions?
  364. W

    Tell me something, where did the Pusuit get 64 YFT today?

    Read the thread "pursuit went long."
  365. W

    Fluorocarbon neoprene covers?

    This is what I use ... the leader comes out thru the little black grommet on the bottom.
  366. W

    6xJr for wahoo?

    So, how far do you cast your jig for wahoo? Do you cast as far as you can like a surface jig, or just out away from the boat and then let it sink? I read about one famous cook (Jorge?) who basically just let his jig drop straight down.
  367. W

    Fluorocarbon neoprene covers?

    What exactly are you referring to?
  368. W

    Advice on terminal tackle for Guadalupe

    Why? Is it more abrasion resistant?
  369. W

    RP knot failure

    I use it and it works really well. Are you wetting the line?
  370. W

    Advice on terminal tackle for Guadalupe

    Which is preferred for dropper-loop fishing .... fluoro or mono?
  371. W

    Tranx 500...FAIL!!!

    That sort of sounds like a design flaw.
  372. W

    Mustang 9-15-17 Never Give Up

    Good service for customers.
  373. W

    Izor / 150 really stoned

    What language is that? Did you learn that in California public school system?
  374. W

    Beef brisket deal

    I love Costco meats.
  375. W

    Beef brisket deal

    Be careful. A lot of S&F beef is select. Not prime or choice, but the lower grade select. Tough shit to chew.
  376. W

    Going to upgrade reels... any opinions?

    You will find that, generally speaking, folks here are loyal to a particular brand. All modern reels are very good. Very, very good. Likewise, all have their pros and cons. Do your own research. Go and fondle the different brands, do internet searches and make up your mind
  377. W

    Travel Insurance

    I have had very good experiences with Allianz. Would not use anything else.
  378. W

    Aztec 2 day 9/7-9/8 Phenix charter

    I guess what I am saying is using the Asian moniker was not germane to the report. A group of guys would have been sufficient.
  379. W

    Aztec 2 day 9/7-9/8 Phenix charter

    The thing is, by using the Asian stamp, you are tending to say it is asians who do these sorts of thing. Otherwise, why say asians? I mean, it must have relevancy in your mind.
  380. W

    What makes a " good Wahoo set up"?

    But, the Tranx has level wind.
  381. W

    What makes a " good Wahoo set up"?

    So, regular 80 lb power pro, or 80 lb. maxcuatro?
  382. W


    Where are the pictures of the pre trip bar girls?
  383. W

    Aztec 2 day 9/7-9/8 Phenix charter

    If they got away with blocking the exits and moving tackle boxes, shame on the crew.
  384. W

    What makes a " good Wahoo set up"?

    If I am going to use it for hoos, is 80 lb spectra more better?
  385. W

    Half day boat in Monterey? Next week Then go to Phil's for cioppino (sp?)........ beat out Bobby Flay on throw down.
  386. W

    slow pitch jigging for cod

    Sounds like a lot of work. But, if it produces.
  387. W

    What makes a " good Wahoo set up"?

    What line do you use and what top shot?
  388. W

    Rocky Mountain High

    Does Colorado have a temp. Driving thru fishing license?
  389. W

    Shimano Calcutta 700TE

    Get one of the older 700s. They are cheaper and better. The older ones are easier to maintain, and you engage the gear by just turning the handle, you don't have to fool with a lever. Especially nice if you are deep jigging for rockfish.
  390. W

    Latest build complete

    Love the devil dog. You are still the king.
  391. W

    slow pitch jigging for cod

    "What is slow pitch jigging? Just curious.
  392. W

    How to Custom Rig Glow Assualt Jigs for BFT

    Do you sell rigged jigs on line? Link
  393. W

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    Well, if you made the same bet on Conor, you would lose your money.
  394. W

    Chief trip report 8/21-22

    With them breaking in your wake, did you put out trollers?
  395. W

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    Well, yeah ... look at the odds.
  396. W

    MAYWEATHER vs McGREGOR It's Almost Time!!!

    Mayweather in a dq. Conor will get frustrated and tackle him. Fight to Mayweather.
  397. W

    Deckhand or Pin Head?

    Depends on the Dr.
  398. W

    Great trip on the Mirage

    Yes ... it is a class operation. My go to rockfish boat. But then, I have fished it ever since Bob Levy bought it and ran it. Back in the old days,when we could fish deep and catch cowcod, it was a star.
  399. W

    Recommendations for pier fishing?

    For pier ... use stability rig next to piling for live bait.
  400. W

    Deck Hand Rods

    Deckhand rods are also lighter ... for all day use.
  401. W

    50lb iron reel. Saltiga 40 vs Trinidad 20a

    Seems like a lot of folks here complain about daiwa service. Though I love my saltiga 30 (older model) and have never had a service problem.
  402. W

    What makes a " good Wahoo set up"?

    My weapon of choice is an avet hxj raptor on a Phenix bdh 809xh
  403. W

    Monster Black Sea Bass at BoLA

    I had some smoked bsb once. It was goooooooooooooood.
  404. W

    Phenix Black Diamond Hybrid - PHD-809XH for trade or sale

    Great hoo or yoyo stick. I have two of them.
  405. W

    Monster Black Sea Bass at BoLA

    Yeah, and we need to throw all cow cods back. Right. Anyone who fishes around the Channel Islands knows there are juvenile bsb up the ying yang. Something is producing them. With the snowflakes it seems to be all or nothing. Now, we seem to be headed more towards nothing.
  406. W

    tackle bag ideas
  407. W

    Jig box in American black walnut for Jessie Lugo

    Really nice. Don't know that I am a fan of the wooden handle. Are there separators, or will the hanging jigs bang against each other?
  408. W

    Sold! please delete

    That's capitalism. Buy low, sell high. They are cheap copies, but hey, you get what you paid for.
  409. W

    Dodo recipes???

    Dredge fillets in flour, then beaten eggs then 50/50 mixture of shredded coconut and panko, or, crushed macadamia nuts and panko. Sauté in butter until golden brown. Serve with sweet and sour sauce.
  410. W

    Best 60# Reel

    Tac 16 II
  411. W

    Fishing inside bodega bay

    Be aware of the tides. They can be pretty radical.
  412. W

    mono or fluoro for dropper loop

    Say, 80lb dropper loop for grouper or yt. Is mono good, or is it better to use fluoro? If mono, what brand ... I don't know good brand for heavier stuff. Thanks
  413. W

    Preferred rigging of Wahoo Bombs

    So, with 100-130 fluoro, what knot would one use tying straight to bomb?
  414. W


    I am still using my calcuttas from 15 years ago. No problems. service them once a year.
  415. W

    Preferred rigging of Wahoo Bombs

    Do you crimp or tie? How long of a leader. Do you use a swivel to tie your line to?
  416. W

    My wife is looking for a NON-fishing boat for snorkeling and swimming with dolphins

    On most of the islands, you just snorkel from shore. That's where all of the life is.
  417. W


    I like Tacs. I have five of them.
  418. W

    Surf fishing guides for NorCal/CenCal?

    There is a guide at Eric's Tackle in Ventura who does surf fishing. His speciality is fly fishing the surf.
  419. W


    Did you bleach it?
  420. W

    7/22/17 Grande

    I think he was saying he wished he had been better prepared for the small bait.
  421. W


    Has anyone used these? Are they better than regular cedar plugs?
  422. W

    makaira 50 vs talica 50

    Ummmm ..... meaning?
  423. W

    2 1/2 COW and a record breaking 285lbs BFT!

    Rail rodded fish do not break record.
  424. W


    does the tranx 500hg come with a reel clamp?
  425. W


    What test spectra on the 500 hg for wahoo?
  426. W


    Hg or Pg? Why?
  427. W

    Photobucket needs replacement

    photobucket just screwed me. Removed years of pictures from posts and locked me out from recovering my pics. What is a good replacement hosting site .... free of course cause I am cheap.
  428. W

    Excel 8 Day, July 8th -16th quick recap

    One last one...... color and weight? Thanks. I am on the Excel a little later and want to be prepared.
  429. W

    Excel 8 Day, July 8th -16th quick recap

    How did you fish the coltsniper.
  430. W


    Avet hxj raptor. Phenix bdh 809xh
  431. W

    And You Thought you Were Just Fishing

    Ever seen a video of a pack of wolves eating an elk they downed? It ain't dead and they are chowing down. Fish swallow other fish whole and alive.
  432. W

    Cedros closure.

    Follow the $$$$$$
  433. W

    Ass holes on the 209 on a whaler on july 6 2017

    Product of public schools.
  434. W

    Cedros closure.

    I believe you can assume operations like Cedros Adventures are the ones who got it closed. Money musta crossed some palms.
  435. W

    Dreamer trip that wasn't

    Small claims Court for expenses.
  436. W

    Excel 5-day.

    Anyone know final counts for this trip?
  437. W

    Why is 65# braid the go to?

    Because I want it to be stronger than the monotopshot.
  438. W

    Flat Fall Mod

    Cannot use those in Cali .... two hook max.
  439. W

    Flat Fall Mod

    Aren't those at the wrong end of the jig?
  440. W

    A Sight To Behold

    I wonder if the Cedros closure will mean more LR time will be spent grouper fishing.
  441. W

    Pros and cons of registering?

    Like you did?
  442. W

    RP update - wahoo at the Rocks

    Amberjack and grouper at the rocks? That is a new one for me.
  443. W

    Rod Warranty Experience Question

    Count your blessings. Had it been a custom job, you also would have had to pay for the rewrap.
  444. W

    Is this a record Seabass on Pole and Line ?

    Where does the name "biscuit" come from?
  445. W

    Excel and 5 star

    You need to learn how to read for comprehension. I referenced a prior post .... even put it in quotes. In direct reference to that post I said "everyone who used" ... not uses, but used. So, if you go back and read the quote, you will see he said everyone who USED the processors did not push...
  446. W

    Excel and 5 star

    "Wrong again." That is one of the most asinine statements I have ever seen. You asked me where I got the idea .... I told you. It was a quote from another poster. I know where I got the idea.
  447. W

    Excel and 5 star

    I got the idea from an earlier post. Seems EVERYONE who used the service agrees with me. "On one of my recent trips where a majority of people use the fishermans processing option...the remaining people that didn't use this service did all the off loading....the FP people literally sat on the...
  448. W

    Excel and 5 star

    Wiping down a sink ain't what I am referring too .... but then, you already knew that.
  449. W

    Excel and 5 star

    You are not getting my drift. I think as time goes by the old time honored ceremony of piling up fish by the parking lot will go away. I think that this new service will become universal, and maybe one or two folks won't use it. But I doubt if everyone will hang around to push and pile their...
  450. W

    Limits for two on sculpin

    You might want to consider clipping those spikes before you put them in the fish well. One poke can ruin a trip real quick.
  451. W

    Excel and 5 star

    Agreed. But I don't think it is really a disagreement. I think we just have different perceptions of what the future holds. I think that with more and more competition for fishermen's dollars, the landings will do more and more to improve the experience for us. I think it won't be long...
  452. W

    Excel and 5 star

    Blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada ...... It is NOW being used by more boats and from more processors. Get up to date and post something relevant. Look at the title of this thread ......Excel and 5 star. Sheesh
  453. W

    Excel and 5 star

    Wils .... I believe you are mixing your metaphors. Favors abound, both given and accepted. I still bring wine, scotch and jerky. And as you know, pizza for fellow fisher persons and crew on local trips. I bring at least a case of energy drinks for the crew, and I would guess I tip as well or...
  454. W

    Excel and 5 star

    My, my, my ....looks like "everyone else" is not getting the job done... from an earlier post on this thread ... "On one of my recent trips where a majority of people use the fishermans processing option...the remaining people that didn't use this service did all the off loading." Like I said...
  455. W

    Excel and 5 star

    I guess you have not read all the threads on this subject. The whole subject is predicated upon possible future actions based upon the fact that five star is now going to service Excel. Assumptions about past actions are probably unwarranted and incorrect. But then, that is just another...
  456. W

    Excel and 5 star

    Actually, snowflakes are those who expect others to do their work because they cannot afford to have it done for them. As in, pay for my college because I cannot afford it, pay for my healthcare because I cannot afford it and carry my fish because I cannot afford dockside service. So, back...
  457. W

    Excel and 5 star

    When a discussion/debate devolves to one side relying on name-calling and personally berating folks on the other side (asshole, dickhead, slacker etc.) it is easily understandable why they would hesitate to post. It does not mean they are wrong ....... it just means they are unwilling to put...
  458. W

    Excel and 5 star

    That is quite an assumption on your part that "everyone else" is getting the job done. There have been a couple of threads on this topic, and I think that at least half of the folks believe that one of the benefits of paying for dockside pickup is not having to push carts/sort fish. Seems like...
  459. W

    Excel and 5 star

    Of course it does. That is one of the big reasons for using them. JMHO
  460. W

    October seeker/Malibu Tackle Excel 10 day

    Anyone else going on this trip? Any idea where we will be fishing? My first ten dayer.
  461. W

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    Actually, I have always liked the filet o fish, large fries and vanilla shake. To me, it ia really good. Oh yeah, gotta dip the fries in the shake stead of ketchup.
  462. W

    Stickbaits for yt and tuna

    what are go to stickbaits for yt, yft and bft? Thanks
  463. W

    Shimano butterfly flat fall jigs

    Seems the white glow are the favs. I tested knock offs vs shimano. The did not glow as brightly or as long as the shimano. Also, shimano back side has great shine, the knockoffs have dull silver paint. You get what you pay for. I would be suspect of knockoff hooks.
  464. W

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    Mama's Fish House Maui.
  465. W

    Why was the Excel at SCI?

    Is Colonett closed?
  466. W

    Anybody on the Mirage Today?

    Looks like they did it again.
  467. W

    Galley Grub

    "Want to wow a crowd? make a big bowl of fresh homemade salsa and guacamole, with good homemade fresh tortilla chips." Only problem is, there's always jokers who come in with filthy, bloody hands, who refuse to use the tongs, and want to double dip in the sauce.
  468. W

    Galley Grub

    But remember not everyone can eat spicy, so include a mild version.
  469. W

    Anybody on the Mirage Today?

    Hey Wils .... how are you doing up north?
  470. W

    Anybody on the Mirage Today?

    2-3 Hours in morning for wsb, then 2-3 hours for rockfish limits. Easy peasey.
  471. W

    Xtratuf boots quality nowadays

    What brand of inserts do you guys use?
  472. W

    6/13 - 6/18 2017 Alan Tani SOA Charter to Guadalupe

    Maybe the taxmen have followed the fish to somewhere else.
  473. W

    Hoo bomb rigging

    Actually, I am asking how short can I use. I want as short as possible without having the swivel or braid spook the hoos.
  474. W

    The Sand Bass are on the chew. 6-15-2017

    I used to kill the sandies on a bomber with a slab of mackerel. Unfortunately, the sandies do not seem to visit Ventura much anymore.
  475. W

    Which Avet should I purchase?

    SX Raptor will do for 20-60 lb fish. HXJ raptor for bigger stuff, including hoo bombs, yoyo and surface iron. Get two reels and you are set.
  476. W

    Stoked On Fishing....Whats Going on?

    So, after reading this thread, I thought I would give Stoked a try once again this am. I watched for five minutes .... a friggin travel show. Sailing, kite surfing etc. I guess they get a free trip for advertising where they stay. Enough.
  477. W

    Hoo bomb rigging

    A different question. I will be trying heavy fluoro leaders instead of wire on my bombs and raiders. I find that I need shorter leaders on my spinning outfit as opposed to conventional. Say I am going to use 130 lb fluoro on a raider. How short of a leader can I use and not spook the hoos.
  478. W

    Best restaurant fish meal ever

    Andreas fish and chips, ventura. Spencer MacKenzies seafood burrito, Ventura also. Lures fish house, raw oysters.
  479. W

    Recommendations: Morro Bay in September

    Stay in Cayucos. You will love it. It is like being back in 1950. If you want a fine meal, dine at the Cass House. Great pier fishing.
  480. W

    All purpose spinning rod

    Do you also get the black hole blanks? I would probably want one wrapped to match my other rods. Thanks.
  481. W

    Black hole challenger bank 7'6" mh or 8'h

    What is the line rating for the challenger 801h?
  482. W

    All purpose spinning rod

    Well, I am going to have to do a road trip from Oxnard to the valley.
  483. W

    All purpose spinning rod

    Jamie Ok. The reason I was asking about the challenger is because it is one piece, which I like. I don't know that pulling on yt and yft on a 8'6" rod wouldn't totally whip my ass. Steve
  484. W

    All purpose spinning rod

    So, I am fairly new to saltwater spinning. I want to see if I can use one set up for popping, surface jigs, Raiders and bombs for hook and maybe even live bait. I have the Daiwa Saltiga Expedition 8000 reel, and I have a Seeker gts 80h spinning rod. Will that do, or would I be served better...
  485. W

    Worms in Fish

    I am guessing they came from the fingernails
  486. W

    Walleye in lake Samamish and gill nets in Lake WA and Sammish

    someone released some lake trout into Yellowstone Lake .... screwed up the whole ecosystem
  487. W

    Tady Lures Seminar @ Turner’s Outdoorsman

    Are they going to do it at other Turners .... like Oxnard?
  488. W

    goliath grouper with 8'6" Black Hole Cape Cod 86 Nano rod

    I thought you could not take those out of water.
  489. W

    How long before we see a mothership operation for Cedros?

    Like that has anything to do with it.
  490. W

    Flat Fall Jig Rigging

    What would be the proper tuna hook? What size? Thanks
  491. W

    How long before we see a mothership operation for Cedros?

    They already have it. Cedros Adventures .... the "mothership" is landlocked.
  492. W

    Flat Fall Jig Rigging

    So, I see there are open eye siwash hooks available. I assume you swap them out and close the eye with some pliers. Is this type of eye strong enough for tuna, or will it tend to open under pressure. What size/brand would you use to put on flat falls etc. thanks.
  493. W

    The best fish you ever caught while fishing for something else

    Reeling up a rockcod caught on a jig, it suddenly got real heavy. 225 lb mako.
  494. W

    what is a good 8' rod for Stellas 14k & 18k for throwing poppers

    Would this rod also be good for throwing surface iron and maybe hoo bombs?
  495. W

    Deals on xtratuf boots

    anyone having good deals on xtratuf?
  496. W

    Foamers Everywhere - Triple Digit Fish

    What poppers were you using, if I may ask?
  497. W

    Not Cool shutting down that thread.....

    Bd can be held liable for things posted here. Nuff said.
  498. W

    Stoked On Fishing....Whats Going on?

    I guess it is all just a matter of personal taste. I still turn it on, but I switch it off more often than not.
  499. W

    Japanese Tackle Porn

    Good looking stuff. Those lobsters might be good red crab imitators.
  500. W

    Cuda Time

    They are starting to bite up here in Oxnard too.
  501. W

    Excel and 5 star

    So "fair share" is you don't have to unload their fish, but they have to unload yours. I call that freeloading by you.
  502. W

    Stoked On Fishing....Whats Going on?

    Ummmmmm.....this is a fishing website.
  503. W

    Excel and 5 star

    Do a search...this was just hashed out on a long thread. If I am "that guy" I have a lot of company. A lot.
  504. W

    Jigs painted in Red Crab

    Was that the surface jig or yoyo?
  505. W

    Stoked On Fishing....Whats Going on?

    Tired of guys saying "son" when they are freshwater fishing. Don't care for Roland Martin, don't care for guys imitating him.
  506. W

    Stoked On Fishing....Whats Going on?

    Could not disagree more. There are a lot of good things on TV. Thank god for remotes.
  507. W

    Stoked On Fishing....Whats Going on?

    Tired of hearing guys laugh like little girls, tired of hearing "dude" , tired of a sound engineer who cannot remove the loud wind noise, tired of shows becoming commercials and tired of reruns. I miss Jose .... good show and he gave tutorials on tackle and methods.
  508. W

    Excel and 5 star

    Right thing in your mind. Does not mean it is right in everyone's minds. It is a personal decision.
  509. W

    Excel and 5 star

    That would be like saying those who do not pay any taxes should get free food, housing, education and healthcare from those who do work and pay taxes. Oh, wait .....
  510. W

    Excel and 5 star

    Seems to me that is one of the benefits of using 5 star. No pushing. What advantage to using five star if you have to push carts for those who do not?
  511. W

    ASSHOLE ALERT M&M Custom rods

    Yeah, but it sounds like Monte is no longer there.
  512. W

    Red crab jig?

    Too light for yoyo.
  513. W

    Excel and 5 star

    For sure I want to use that service this fall. I am going on the Seeker 10 dayer. Just curious, do they check fish tags one at a time as they are unloading the boat?
  514. W

    Excel and 5 star

    Do you mean they will unload your fish from boat? That would be great.
  515. W

    Mlpas have they created better fishing?

    I remember when the same folks removed the wolves from Yellowstone. Baskets of good but misguided intentions. Terrible results.
  516. W

    JRI jigs contact

    Take it where you bought it. Easy peasey.
  517. W

    Mlpas have they created better fishing?

    I will let you know when they let us catch cowcods again. IOW, we will never know.
  518. W

    Lauren Parker – The Next BD Fishing Chick

    Love the bd salute on the second picture .....
  519. W

    Cedros Shutdown

    You think those outfitters worked with the mexicans to get the island closed to LR
  520. W

    San Diego Long Range Trip......Excel!

    I am going on a ten dayer in Oct on the Excel. First time on that boat, and I am looking foreword to it. Previously, seven day is my longest thrips this will be new to me. I guess more opportunities to fish for different species.
  521. W

    New in box Shimano Trinidad 20a $425

    Pics of reel? Box ain't too sexy.
  522. W

    AVET customer service?

    Now that is funny.
  523. W

    AVET customer service?

    Have you considered it is a bait and switch from your dealer. Maybe there really was not one more. Anyhow, your beef is with your dealer. He is your go between. I do not blame Scott for blowing you off.
  524. W

    If you could target 1 exotic...

    Halibut, Tim Berg, AK., with maybe some lingers on the side.
  525. W

    AVET customer service?

    I see your point. If i ordered a Ford, I would sure call Detroit to check on its status rather than the dealer I ordered it from. Did it ever occur to you that Avet does not have personnel to handle your requests, which is why they have dealers. Or are you saying because you have five Avets...
  526. W

    Here are our our TV filming / fishing charters for June, come join us.

    $250 for 3 or 4 hours of fishing Long Beach? Wow. Great deal.
  527. W

    Ideal rod for tossing heavy jigs/bombs for wahoo

    Phd 809xh I use mine for yoyo and hoo bombs
  528. W

    Sebile Vibrato Slow Fall Jig

    Seems to me when a fish bites, the jig will pivot in the middle and the free hook will rub against the line, possibly tangling it or cutting it. I notice that video is seven years old. I think if they were any good, we would have been using them already.
  529. W

    Excel 5 day June 15

    Go to the Excel website, they will tell you what gear you need to bring.
  530. W

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    The question seems to be whether or not the boat went out with the problem already in existence.
  531. W

    Carcass Disposal?

    That what dumpsters at the HUD projects are for. I pay for them, I might as well use them.
  532. W

    Risky Business

    "The chance of landing a fish that does not bite is nil." That about says it all.
  533. W

    6 days @ the Lupe....less than 24 hours more like it! The REEL truth!

    I rode the Q many time and was never told that. Never saw a problem with the downstairs head either.
  534. W

    Shogun Guadalupe 6-day May 6th 2017

    Sounds like the boat needs some dry dock time.
  535. W

    What size/color flatfalls are working for the bluefin?

    Katy Perry color works too, esp on Colt Snipers.
  536. W

    Excel Bluefin

    If it is not a flat fall, what is it?
  537. W

    Why aren't these fish moving up the line?

    Temps down south are cold. Bft can handle that better than yft. We shall see.
  538. W

    Kudos to Turners

    Just went to a seminar at Turner's here in Oxnard. The folks from Searcher came and gave a seminar on 3-7 day trips. They also gave a tutorial on knots. They gave out raffle prizes, including a $250 certificate for a fishing trip. Turner's also gave out raffle prizes, including a Phoenix...
  539. W

    Free Fishing Derby at MacArthur Park in Los Angeles

    Be sure to take the cake out of the rain ......
  540. W


    Depending upon how much travel time you anticipate, a collapsable camp chair. I try to bring something for the crew, like a case of monster energy drinks.
  541. W

    Reels in mint condition, soon available.

    Used is a pretty non-ambiguous word. Why the big lead in? Put up a price and see what you get.
  542. W

    Reels in mint condition, soon available.

    "Top dollar". "Used equipment". Those are not synonymous. Used, old equipment is not really desirable.
  543. W

    Avet LX 6/3 MC Raptor paired up Phenix Axis HAX 909 HJ?

    Yeah, I would put 65 solid braid on a jx, and I would get the raptor model.
  544. W

    "New condition Raptor"

    Link to original for sale posting would be helpful. Gotta protect your fellow members.
  545. W

    Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

    Color, model, size, cost, condition......
  546. W

    Looking for a Perch spot near Huntington

    Bolsa Chica , in between Golden West and Seal Beach..... miles of sand and parking. Much less crowded than around Main Street. That is where Albakore used to host the surf fishing contests.
  547. W

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    Most of the trips I have been on, the cash just gets dropped in the jar without counting. So, they don't really know who gives how much. I tend to tip well, so I give them a check so they know what I gave. That being said, I think these guys are such professionals that everyone, regardless of...
  548. W

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    Use the search function.
  549. W

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    Problem with your logic is that some boats and processors are already doing it.
  550. W

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    "Can" "want to" and "need to" are different things. The fact that some of the boats and processors tout not having to move fish as a selling point shows that there are folks who do not want to push carts or sort fish. Besides, I have to believe that a fish that goes straight from the rsw hold...
  551. W

    Talica 20ii questions

    The arm is only about 1/4inch longer. Will that really affect the gears?
  552. W

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    Can you translate that into English?
  553. W

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    Gee, does that guy have wings and a halo too?
  554. W

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    The other members of the team are free to use fishermans too. Gimme a break.
  555. W

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    Why would you do that? Isn't NOT doing that the whole point of using fishermen's?
  556. W

    Recommendation for a 2 Speed Reel

    What weight topshot?
  557. W

    Sebile Knot versus John Collins vs ???? Fluoro / Mono to braid ?

    Don't know about gluing a self tightening knot.
  558. W

    Boccaccio: Trash Fish or Not?

    As I said .... depends on where you catch them. Caveat emptor.
  559. W

    Sebile Knot versus John Collins vs ???? Fluoro / Mono to braid ?

    I use the Collins knot. Fast, easy, small profile and not a single failure yet.
  560. W

    Boccaccio: Trash Fish or Not?

    Worms depend on where you catch them. Shallower sandy bottom areas have worms. Catch them at the outer islands in deeper cold water and you will see no worms and you would be hard pressed to tell them from vermillions in a blind taste test. I have seen this done.
  561. W

    Tying the Circle Hook

    No one in so cal snells circle hooks.
  562. W

    Tribal Clam digging

    so, they are paying us back for overrunning their lands.
  563. W

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    Well said Jamie. I would think some enterprising processors would do their damndest to provide this type of service. Those types of options should be presented to the anglers, rather than have the anglers have to search them out. Pushing carts and dragging fish is the last thing I want to do...
  564. W

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    Seems to me the processors might want to get involved. All things being equal on the actual processing, I would certainly lean towards using one which off loaded my fish for me. Business wise, it is a no brainer. Of course, piling the fish up for onlookers is a tradition.
  565. W

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    I understand that some boats work with certain processors and unload your fish for you. Not sure which ones, though.
  566. W


    Actually, it is a matter of reeling up 300-600 feet of braid over and over and over again. It is so much easier with a level wind. I must have missed it .... did the OP specify Penn?
  567. W

    Best White Sea Bass Lures...?

    I noticed a lot of white jigs with a red "s" painted on them. What's with that?
  568. W

    Anyone tried emulating pelagic crab?
  569. W

    Anyone tried emulating pelagic crab?

    I use the white bomber jig with red stripes, and I add a red curly tail. It kills vermillion rockfish.
  570. W

    I Hate to Do It, but.....

    The current episode of Stoked on Fishing is a tuna trip on the top gun 80
  571. W

    Dockside breakfast Mitches

    How are the crab cakes? Mostly crab or mostly filler. It does look good.
  572. W

    Sustainability of Calico Bass Fishing

    This reminds me of the fresh water bass c&r debate. I think a lot of that comes from tournament fisherfolks. They want more and bigger fish available for their contests. Fine. But don't expect the occasional recreational angler to get excited about your hobby.
  573. W

    Sustainability of Calico Bass Fishing

    Some folks only get to fish once or twice a year. If they go on a sportboat, and it pulls up to a calico spot, I have zero problem with them keeping some, even a limit, of calicos. They are very tasty.
  574. W

    All new gear

    Shimano, Accurate, Avet with Phenix and Seeker
  575. W

    Roller rods obsolete now??

    Have them swapped out. Not a big deal.
  576. W

    Catalina Island Report 4/5 on Pursuit

    Please tell me 75 people was a typo.
  577. W

    Tax Return Fraud

    I get that call all the time. They always claim they are from Microsoft, and they have an Indian accent. I listen and play along, and once they think they have me hooked, I say gee, I have an Apple Mac, so why would Microsoft say I have a virus in windows? Silence
  578. W

    Phenix Double Duty Rod Suggestion...?

    Black diamond hybrid 809xh.
  579. W

    Unboxing a new SKB tackle storage box

    Check your rods and make sure the butt caps are not too big for the rocket launchers
  580. W

    Catch Fish and the Panays Arrive

    Filipino girl .... don't you mean filipina?
  581. W

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    Ummmm, you counted the $80'bucks for the trip twice ......
  582. W

    Cayucos beach

    We love Cayucos. It is like stepping back into 1950. You can get a great dinner at The Cass House. Did you try the pier?
  583. W

    San Fran 1/2 day trip?

    Try "The New Huck Finn." I believe Emoryville.
  584. W

    Saltwater spinning gear

    Remember, spinning reels have no rail rods. It is all on you.
  585. W

    Saltwater spinning gear

    Go talk to Jamie at Bob Sands. If you are serious, it will be well worth your drive and time.
  586. W

    For sale Albackore items

    "cooler" is part of the bag. Should be sold together. That is why the bag has velcro on top.
  587. W

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    The tip is 100% up to the tipper. Period.
  588. W

    Question on tribute

    how crowded is 28 on the Tribute for 3 1/2 days? I am not familiar with this boat. Thanks
  589. W

    Fishing spots from Port San Luis.

    Go n some of the local sportiest with hand held gps
  590. W

    Bait&Tackle shop robbery

    I think the shop owner should get the truck
  591. W

    There Here....

    There here? Where? Here or there?
  592. W

    Channel Islands Fishing and camping

    Or, just take it easy and stay in a beachfront hotel. You don't have to clean the toilets or wash the sheets after your trip.
  593. W

    Which Boat for a 10 day? Excel or Royal Polaris

    This year may be my last trip. So, I want a nice grouper or two. I think I have all othe bases covered.
  594. W

    Channel Islands Fishing and camping

    You can "camp" with trailer on a number of beaches in Ventura and north. Problem is, you park on an asphalt service road and that is the campground. I have friends who use this place, and they speak highly of it. Reservations need to be made pretty far in advance...
  595. W

    Unboxing a new SKB tackle storage box

    I like the idea of the double albacore box. Why did you put the wood below the box? You do not feel that removing that piece hurt the box structurally?
  596. W

    DIY Jig Box
  597. W

    Unboxing a new SKB tackle storage box

    I would suggest using the box as it comes. Then, if wanted, you can personalize to your own needs and tastes. Remember, excessive mods will ruin resale value. Anyhow, I like mine totally stock.
  598. W

    Rpt- 2 day trip on the Chief ending 03-26-17.

    Probably to some first timers, those were big fish.
  599. W

    Unboxing a new SKB tackle storage box

    So, you lost the jig storage?
  600. W

    Stock shimano clamp vs tiburon

    I like the strike masters.
  601. W

    Phoenix Black Diamond 909xh (haven't found its niche) Suggestions

    Jx raptor for yoyo Hxj raptor for hoo bombs/jigs I have two of them and that is how I use them.
  602. W

    Things I am glad for today

    I am pissed that I still cannot take money out of my IRA because of IRMAA. I am also pissed that my SS COLA actually resulted in me getting less money, rather than more. A pox on all politicians.
  603. W

    Colt Sniper/ Megabait for surface YT ?

    How much of a bend? Picture?
  604. W

    Calstar BT 90J

    Are you saying that the UC has more backbone when pulling on fish?
  605. W

    Calstar BT 90J

    Jamie, how is the backbone on those rods?
  606. W

    Calstar BT 90J

    what do you all think of the Calstar BT 90J for surface iron for 7-10 day trips ... paired with Trini 20A.
  607. W

    Newbie on a 14 day AA - what to bring?

    Non-fishing stuff. A case of monster drinks for the crew. A case of red/white wine to SHARE at dinner. Some jerky to pass around during slow fishing times. A bottle of good scotch to share on a travel night. In other words, stuff to help you become one of the guys.
  608. W

    Fishermans Processing or Five Star jerky?

    So, you come back from a trip. You have yft, yt, hoo and mahi .... which is best smoked, which is best jerky?
  609. W

    Toronado and crew does not disappoint! Fish report

    I was the second person to board the biscuit once on a charter .... went down to get a bunk, and every bunk had a paper plate on it saying reserved. I ended up with a top level (way up) bunk. Never went back.
  610. W

    NEW Released Accurate BV500 Reel Sweepstakes

    So, who won?
  611. W

    Wild Boar Hunting at Bear Bridge Ranch

    Looks like the trout pond at Fred Hall.
  612. W

    Worms in Fish

  613. W

    SKB Rocket launchers - Help Please

    I use those. They are very well built, and you can get them pretty much as fancy or as plain as you like. Not affiliated, but I do use them.
  614. W

    WTS Pennn 70VS

    Dang .... that is a big chunk 'o bling.
  615. W

    Where to fish in Bangkok

    Boom boom or yum yum ??? Just make sure they do not have an Adam's apple
  616. W

    Best all around 1/2 day reel

    Level wind is great when you go for rockfish with braid.
  617. W


    I use the red and white one with an added red curly tail for rockfish ..... reds love them. I think they look like red crabs. But in all honesty, I think Hernandez is a part owner of the company, so of course he recommends them.
  618. W

    Do fish know what they are smelling?

    I know color matters. Sometimes I use the ahi assault in Mack pattern ... I will get Boccaccio while everyone else is getting reds. I switch to Orange assault and I start getting straight reds.
  619. W


    Jerry .... still waiting for my free jig ..... Steve
  620. W

    Anyone got a large skb tackle box for sale?

    They are small in diameter, unless you use deckhand grips. They do not lift the box off the deck. I use these ..... bigger and longer Hope the link works .... and you can get them in any colour or plain.
  621. W

    Do fish know what they are smelling?

    Suppose I use a red-orange Lucanus jig trying to fool a rockfish into thinking it is a red crab. Now, if I tip it with a strip of squid, will the rockfish then know it is not a red crab? Or, do I need to get some "crab scent" to spray on it?
  622. W

    Wtb Avet JX raptor

    Well, he is quoting $470 for a new NON-blem raptor. Irrelevant price point for a blem.
  623. W

    Wtb Avet JX raptor

    Was that a Turners blems plus free line?
  624. W

    Anyone got a large skb tackle box for sale?

    And Brad is a good guy to boot. But no matter where you buy that box, get replacement rocket launchers.
  625. W

    Overnight on the Amigo 3/4

    Those Cribbs jigs look just like Ed's jigs. They do work
  626. W

    Seriously, how?

    And don't forget the Obamacare IRMAA tax. It works like this. You work and save to your 401K all your adult life. You know that SS is just meant to be supplemental income to your retirement savings, but you paid into it and Medicare all of your working life, so you earned it, right? Well...
  627. W

    Guadalupe in mid November, thoughts, what to expect. Worth it?

    Seems to me that the Lupe was pretty mich off limits for awhile, and when the first boats went back, it was lights out fishing. It seems that the fishing has slowly, and predictably, slowed down. At the same time the presence of sharks has, again predictably, increased. Maybe the place should...
  628. W

    Starting to Build Saltwater Tackle Box

    A Well, I didn't say take them out of the sleeves before you put them in the box ......
  629. W

    Starting to Build Saltwater Tackle Box

    I would get a tackle backpack type bag that holds maybe 3 or 4 plano boxes. Get some extra boxes. That way you can use the same bag for different types of fishing just by switching out the boxes. One box for hooks, one for plastics and smaller lead heads, one for deep jigs and heavier sinkers...
  630. W

    Fred Hall show Long Beach March 1-5, 2017

    Well, I was at the show most all day. I had some reels worked on by Ken's Custom Reels .... top notch and fairly priced. Bought a bunch of jigs at Bob Sands ... a bunch of JRI surface jigs, hooicides and Caivos. Went to some interesting seminars, and bought a bunch of plastics and lead heads...
  631. W

    NEW Released Accurate BV500 Reel Sweepstakes

    I am entered
  632. W

    SMB Lings and Bass 2/25

    I think lings are good no matter the color. All turn white when cooked.
  633. W

    Penn int'l 30S II for trolling

    So, I will use it. I have 130lb braid to 100lb mono to trolling jig. I will take it to Ken's at FH show to make sure drags are up to the task.
  634. W

    Fred Hall Roll Call

    Really? I am sorry to hear that .... on the other hand, I don't really need any more reels ...... not that that has ever stopped me in the past.
  635. W

    Fred Hall Roll Call

    I get good deals at BFG, but I take cash, and talk to owner.
  636. W

    Which would be more rail room

    Well, I am also interested in tackle storage, rod storage, etc. I expect both food and crew to be top notch on both boats. I know they are great on the AA .... I assume the same is true for the Excel.
  637. W

    Which would be more rail room

    Seems like we have gotten away from the topic.
  638. W

    "Best" Small Lever Drag Reel?

    SXJ Raptor.
  639. W

    Mexico Island Closers

    You know ... I have seen a lot of tv shows on fishing at cedros adventures etc. when they show the yt coming to the dock after being in the sun all day on a panga.. stiff as metal girders .... I always wonder about taking fish home for tablefare.
  640. W

    A modified Avet Screwdriver

    In view of all this crap, why doesn't Avet just make a user friendly screw tool to work with their reel clamps?
  641. W

    Upgrading to ten day

    If I have learned one thing .... fishing, like weather, is rarely like last year. Best to be prepared for rain or shine. Besides, we will troll, and 80 lb can dropperloop at night. Or, maybe for grouper.
  642. W

    Upgrading to ten day

    Yes, I am looking foreword to it. Will my 8 day tackle be good? I will have 2 80 lb rigs (Talica 20 and 25 two speeds). I will also have my trolling rig ... Penn int'l 30s II ... with 130 braid and 100 lb top shot for a 100 lb rig in a pinch. So, will that be heavy enough. Is a 30s II...
  643. W

    Moving to Big Island - Which Side?

    Hilo is wet, Kona is dry. You want rain or sun?
  644. W

    JRI Stinger jig

    What is the difference in those three models? Size, weight, action ......? If you wanted to just get 3 or 4 Jri surface jigs for 8-10 day trips, what would you get?
  645. W

    Which would be more rail room

    I have noticed that the food has "gone down" over the last decade on the boats I have been on. Not saying down in quality, just down in variety. Lots more fish and chicken. Less steaks and roasts. But then, in the "new economy" operations need to save money to make a profit. I would rather...
  646. W

    JRI Stinger jig

    Which is his best swimming surface jig? Does anyone know if they will be selling some at FH show?
  647. W

    Which would be more rail room

    Well, the boats I have gone on have been smaller, but enjoyable. But I thought it would be nice to "go big" one time, you know, where everyone eats at the same time instead of shifts,etc. Just for a change. I have heard good things about the Excel. Also, since it is a few days longer than I...
  648. W

    Which would be more rail room

    Excel with 26 anglers or AA with 23 anglers?
  649. W


    Usually, it is a bunch of willing teachers and NOT competition.
  650. W

    Upgrading to ten day

    I am on the seeker trip after your trip. I will be watching close to see how you do. If you have wifi, maybe you can pm me on any tackle I need to bring.
  651. W

    Upgrading to ten day

    It will be in October on the Excel
  652. W

    Upgrading to ten day

    i have done seven and eight day trips. This year I signed up for a ten dayer. Is it the same as 7-8 dayer, just longer, or will we do something different?