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  1. Fishbones

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    Looks like it’s for sale in Mexico
  2. Fishbones

    What's everybody's favorite fishing skiff?

    20’ boat down to a 18’ boat?... why
  3. Fishbones

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    You made it to 2020....
  4. Fishbones

    Fiberglass supply in or near SD?

    If you need epoxy don’t waste your money on West Systems. Aero Marine products in the Mira Mar area is a lot cheaper
  5. Fishbones

    Davis Bahia Outboard Conversion

    Good luck with the project
  6. Fishbones

    Chris Craft 30 (33) pilothouse build

    Ok, that makes sense. Didn’t realize you had it beveled already
  7. Fishbones

    For Sale 85 wellcraft 248 sportsman 07 250 Evinrude

    One of the best riding 25ers out there, loved mine.. Glws
  8. Fishbones

    Chris Craft 30 (33) pilothouse build

    Maybe an optical illusion... how thick is the glass on the bottom of the hull? Looks like 1/4” at the most...
  9. Fishbones

    28’ Skipjack outboard conversion

    Able to do some more sanding first thing... then shot some epoxy primer on her... normally I would be drilling for the bracket before finish coat but the bracket is so far behind schedule (Ordered August 25) that I may have to cancel it and order another one from another manufacturer. The area...
  10. Fishbones

    Installing a thru hull. Help

    Don’t forget the 5200
  11. Fishbones

    Found goop on spark plug threads during replacement

    Looks like the brown gasket / thread sealer from OMC
  12. Fishbones

    28’ Skipjack outboard conversion

    Probably end up with a small Genset in there
  13. Fishbones

    28’ Skipjack outboard conversion

    A little light sanding tomorrow morning, then I will spray some epoxy primer when it warms up around noon
  14. Fishbones

    28’ Skipjack outboard conversion

    Actually the twin outboards weigh less than the power plant I pulled out ( Big block 454, TR outdrive and transmission) Plus the extra floatation provided by the bracket should compensate for the engines being farther back. I’m pretty sure the aft end of the boat will sit a little higher if not...
  15. Fishbones

    For Sale Brand new porta potty

    Time to plumb in a real one now?
  16. Fishbones

    28’ Skipjack outboard conversion

    Got all 43 dowels epoxied in last week, came by this morning to concave the area around them. Tip for you guys: Always put a little piece of glass over the dowels, don’t just put fairing compound or micro balloons over them. Sooner or later Halos ( semi to full circles)will appear because of...
  17. Fishbones

    For Sale 1980 Skipjack 24 w/trailer

    You must mean a push rod, not a connecting rod? Could be as simple as a valve lash adjustment
  18. Fishbones

    28’ Skipjack outboard conversion

    I’m using hardwood dowels, a bunch of them... trim tab holes and swimstep holes
  19. Fishbones

    28’ Skipjack outboard conversion

    Was able to sneak away for a little while and do some grinding and fairing this morning..
  20. Fishbones

    Stringari 20 “ A Clean-up”

    Looks like termites with all the ball bearings everywhere
  21. Fishbones

    Is this the M/V Passport?

    Looks like it is
  22. Fishbones

    Is this the M/V Passport?

    Looks like she broke free
  23. Fishbones

    Older boat transom max weight

    Just bring three 5 gallon buckets and fill them up out there
  24. Fishbones

    Cabo216 Safety Concers

    Sinking thread is here:
  25. Fishbones

    Older boat transom max weight

    I’m sure you know that a 4 stroke motor of the same horse power of a two stroke is going to weigh more, if it’s a major concern put an E-Tec on it
  26. Fishbones

    Cabo216 Safety Concers

    We did it ourselves... We bought the Armstrong bracket off E-Bay a few years ago to put on his Larson project for $500.00. Bought two 3’ hydraulic hoses and bulkhead fittings for $200.00. Two longer control cables and...
  27. Fishbones

    Cabo216 Safety Concers

    If you guys really love your 216 , for less than 2 grand you can fully enclose your transom and add a bracket. When my son picked his 216 up one of the first things we discussed was a full transom addition.
  28. Fishbones

    SOLD Please delete Thank You

    Bump for Gary
  29. Fishbones

    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    Times have changed... it wasn’t to long ago that Striper and Bayliner boats got bashed... Now it’s Parker and Skipjacks......
  30. Fishbones

    28’ Skipjack outboard conversion

    Got the outside of the plug glassed in before the rains is to drill out and epoxy some dowels where the old swimstep brackets and trim tabs were
  31. Fishbones

    Skipjack 262 VS Parker 2320

    Could turn into a cluster fuck with people counter pointing his opinions
  32. Fishbones

    28’ Skipjack outboard conversion

    Used the grinder to roughen the area up for thickened epoxy this morning, got a good pull on the plug. Grinding and glassing the outside on Monday
  33. Fishbones

    Skipjack 262 VS Parker 2320

    26’ Skipjack has 8’6” beam, the 25’ has an 8’ beam
  34. Fishbones

    28’ Skipjack outboard conversion

    After completing my son’s Cabo 216 makeover it’s time to get started on the Skipjack. Pressure washed the bilge and did some investigating on the transom, I noticed some soft wood around the two lower holes of the transom plate. Cut in to it to see how bad it was, glad to say it was only about 1...
  35. Fishbones

    For Sale Cabo 216 trailer + boat project

    I believe the buy back price was $2,300
  36. Fishbones

    In need of outdoor storage for 25 ft deck boat for the low low price

    KOA storage in Chula Vista has a wash area/ dump station, pay vacuum, free air and 24 hr security. I pay $95 for a 10’x30’ spot and $120 for a 12’ x 40’ spot
  37. Fishbones

    Dash ideas?

    I can control my bait pump output with that, thanks
  38. Fishbones

    Steering wheel re-centering on 2004 Boston Whaler 130

    Depends if the shaft is splined or keyed
  39. Fishbones

    Dash ideas?

    I found these, I can free up the port side dash now
  40. Fishbones

    Skipjack 262 VS Parker 2320

    You probably need to work something out with boat owners and go for a ride on each one. One mans luxury might be overkill for another....
  41. Fishbones

    For Sale Bait tank from Blackman 26 Billfisher for sale

    Original Blackman tanks are 60 gallons
  42. Fishbones

    Dash ideas?

    Maybe some stacked switches to make more room?
  43. Fishbones

    Suzuki 200 4 stroke vs. Yamaha 200 4stroke?

    Loved my Zuke 200, Suzuki’s spin a larger diameter prop which you can feel in the stopping power when put in reverse
  44. Fishbones

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    That is why I have filled in the transom on two of my son’s notched transom boats.... water is very heavy, especially when it’s on the wrong side of the hull
  45. Fishbones

    For Sale Project boat

    Did a member buy it or a Craigslister?
  46. Fishbones

    Suzuki DT75 or Johnson E60

    A lot easier to find parts for an old Johnson than an old Suzuki
  47. Fishbones

    For Sale Minn Kota 36volt trolling motor

    For parts or repair.. Minn Kota Maxxum 36 volt 54” shaft. Never in saltwater. It runs but the speed control smokes. Use for parts or maybe an easy fix $50.00
  48. Fishbones

    Skipjack question

    Not mine, might be worth checking out
  49. Fishbones

    Skipjack question

    Two 80 gallon tanks under the deck and a 90 gallon bow tank
  50. Fishbones

    Costco Fuel Fill Up

    What kind of boat back then?
  51. Fishbones

    For Sale deuce & half

    I wonder if this affects you since you are over the 26000lb limit Good old California at it again
  52. Fishbones

    The New Battle Wagon (Custom Skippy)

    Time for an outboard conversion....
  53. Fishbones

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Maybe lights? Or did you remove the fittings?
  54. Fishbones

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Anymore info Travis?
  55. Fishbones

    Transom Cracks (pictures) is this okay?

    Send it... just keep an eye on things
  56. Fishbones

    Transom Cracks (pictures) is this okay?

    Raise the motor up and then lower it by bumping the down switch rapidly, watch the transom for any flex.
  57. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Replaced the original cudycon windows today and wired up all the lights
  58. Fishbones

    For Sale Bedryder Truck Bed Seats

    I think I would have the chick in the cab with me... Bump
  59. Fishbones

    For Sale Skippy parts

    Building your own pilothouse?
  60. Fishbones

    Cabo Boat Owners

    All the more reason I did a full transom conversion on my son’s 216
  61. Fishbones

    Outdrive trim/tilt pump

    Electric/ hydraulic trailer brakes too. Never heard anything about an outdrive
  62. Fishbones

    1989 Larson 225DC

    Glad you solved it... 15” is not enough pitch
  63. Fishbones

    Adding tower

    X2 Tom at Pacific Yacht Towers does excellent work. He has done a T-Top and a full tower on 2 of my boats
  64. Fishbones

    Adding tower

    Towerfab is a different Tom
  65. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Got the windows installed today, will be replacing the cabin windows shortly.... Still need to wire up the flood lights and horn...
  66. Fishbones

    For Sale FORD F-250 DIESEL 2008

    How much does South Dakota charge for registration?
  67. Fishbones

    First Boat Project-1987 Cabo 216

    Removing the baitwell will not gain you access
  68. Fishbones

    1989 Larson 225DC

    Does the plate under the flywheel (advances timing) move when you move the throttle? Could be a tach problem, how does the motor sound compared to the first time you took it out rpm wise?
  69. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Using the ones in back for now, going to glass in a tank into the console sometime next spring .... something like this
  70. Fishbones

    1989 Larson 225DC

    You’ll get exhaust blow out and cause severe prop slippage if left open... Some props have holes on the front of the hub to cause slippage for faster acceleration.. mostly Bass Boats
  71. Fishbones

    1989 Larson 225DC

    Prop needs to be against the thrust washer
  72. Fishbones

    Buying cheap boats...

    Make sure the man overboard clip is in place. Make sure shifter is in neutral. Spark Fuel Compression
  73. Fishbones

    SOLD 1995 Lazy Daze 26 1/2 RV

    I think it’s pre V10 Triton... maybe a 460 Nice rig either way
  74. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Mounted the vhf antenna, horns and deck lights. Still need to wire them up.Had to check rod storage too... We decided to take her out on a shakedown cruise today even though we don’t have the windows yet
  75. Fishbones

    1989 Larson 225DC

    You are correct, I would shoot for 5500 with your normal load onboard
  76. Fishbones

    1989 Larson 225DC

    That 225 should be able to turn 15 or possibly a 17 pitch with no problem. Are you sure the carbs are fully opening up at wot?
  77. Fishbones

    Pilot house cost estimate

    Just finished building a small pilothouse out of Divinycell on my son’s Cabo216.
  78. Fishbones

    Pilot house cost estimate

    Okoume ply looks like it weighs 25lb a cubic foot Divinycell weighs 5 lb a cubic foot
  79. Fishbones

    Pilot house cost estimate

    Spend the extra money and use a foam core.... so much lighter than plywood
  80. Fishbones

    Post lobster catch processing...

    Bait tank with a wet saltwater towel over them
  81. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Got the rigging done and fired the motor up for a second, electronics tomorrow along with misc extras...
  82. Fishbones

    For Sale 82 24’ Skipjack Open, Super Clean

    It’s been a loooong 10 days.....;-)
  83. Fishbones

    Inboard to outboard conversion questions.

    Looks like Tom ( Towerfab)has done it here in So Cal
  84. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Transom is painted, moved the boat in to the sun to help kick it off. Will finish rigging the motor tomorrow along with a bunch of little miscellaneous things....
  85. Fishbones

    For Sale Parker pilothouse stainless handrails

    A little short for what I need, thank you for replying
  86. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Block sanded the transom today and applied another touch up skim coat. Mounted the vertical grab rails that Rip Lipper made for us, hoping to shoot primer and finish coat tomorrow. Trying to finish 99 percent of this project up by Friday, windows are scheduled to be done next Thursday ...
  87. Fishbones

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Here is the hose from inside the cabin, the whole area is filled with foam. You might want to take care of it so you don’t saturate the foam. Not sure how to access the hose at the fitting
  88. Fishbones

    For Sale 15 hp mercury 4 stroke

    Just have Mikey lose some weight so you don’t have to get a bigger motor
  89. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    He had a job in Dana Point and Oceanside and decided to come to Chula Vista to make the templates so there would be no mistakes.
  90. Fishbones

    Pilothouse I/O Conversion

    Cool boat.. you should post it in the Check out my boat forums
  91. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Had Mark from Mark’ Plastics stop by and make templates for the windows, and set the rear support legs back in place..
  92. Fishbones

    Who is losing their boat?.....

    At least he got the good half
  93. Fishbones

    Who is losing their boat?.....

    FB account has been closed... she was taking a lot of heat over it
  94. Fishbones

    Who is losing their boat?.....

    Someone might get a good deal on it
  95. Fishbones

    Who is losing their boat?.....

    Another one bites the dust...
  96. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Took a rear hatch down to Pro-Line so they could color match the two part polyurethane paint, went with a semi gloss to try and match the sheen of the hull. They labeled the color as “Sink White”... Im hoping they mean kitchen sink white and not Submarine like white.... Sprayed the house and the...
  97. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    It is a little tall, but didn’t want to bump our heads on the overhang on the front deck
  98. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    6’ at the forward deck and 6’ 9” at the helm
  99. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Final coat of primer on the house, first coat on the transom. Finish coat will be sprayed Wednesday ....
  100. Fishbones

    First Boat Project-1987 Cabo 216

    Doesn’t look like an original tank to me, that one might possibly have a larger capacity than the factory tank. We decided to go with Moeller 80 gallon tank for three reasons: 1. Repowered with a much more efficient outboard than the two strokes from the 80’s 2. No corrosion problems 3. Much...
  101. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    No Travis, painting the house and part of the console ( down to the detail line below the windows) and the transom on both sides
  102. Fishbones

    Cabo Boat Owners

    You got one of the good ones... 1987
  103. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Killed some time waiting for the primer to set up..... went ahead and bolted the motor on...
  104. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Was able to shoot the house and head unit box today with epoxy primer...
  105. Fishbones

    1989 Larson 225DC

    Looks to me like you need to raise the motor to the next set of holes, this would increase your rpms a little also
  106. Fishbones

    Where to buy fiberglass mat

    Rev Chem Costa Mesa
  107. Fishbones

    WTB Seats for skipjack
  108. Fishbones

    Maybe a stupid question but....

    Since this is in Boating Discussions and not Truck Discussions, I’m going to say your outboard motor does not
  109. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    House and bracket mounted....
  110. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Mounted the rear roof support with rod holders.... (Thanks Lip Ripper for fabricating it)
  111. Fishbones

    1984 28ft SKIPJACK resto

    You’re back...
  112. Fishbones

    For Sale 28' Skipjack Diesel Pilothouse 25k

    Looks to be a single engine and outdrive
  113. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Cheated on the inside... instead of spending hours sanding we decided to just use some truck bed liner in a can...
  114. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Glassing the pod for the dash mounted head unit, spot putty and some 220 sanding. Trying to get the house mounted tomorrow.....
  115. Fishbones

    WTB Sea star steering ram for outboard

    Need to know the brand of outboard
  116. Fishbones

    WTB Seats for skipjack

    Barrel or bench?
  117. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 - 266 boat color

    If I had your money...
  118. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 - 266 boat color

    Anyone use paint to do some touch up work? Wondering what brand has the closest color to match the existing gel coat. I know I’ll probably have to color match myself but thought I might get lucky.. Thanks Rich
  119. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Travis wants to dash mount his 12” head unit so I had to make a pod out of foam to mount it in.. Glued up the foam pieces and will glass it tomorrow to get into phase with the rest of the glass work...
  120. Fishbones

    Boat "Trailer" storage?

    The one in Chula Vista by 805 and the 54
  121. Fishbones

    Boat "Trailer" storage?

    I pay $105.00 for a 40’x12’ spot at KOA.. doesn’t matter if I store my 39’ Toyhauler or my boat... same price
  122. Fishbones

    WTB Pilot house console

    Not mine
  123. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Drilled and pre fit the bracket this morning... ..... after I did some more sanding
  124. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    No Idea... that’s my son’s gig
  125. Fishbones

    For Sale 1.5 day Voucher for the Cheif

    This could get interesting....
  126. Fishbones

    For Sale Bennett trim tabs

    How wide are they?
  127. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Stripped down.....
  128. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    It’s 40” wide
  129. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Sure is easier taking them apart than putting them back together...
  130. Fishbones

    28' ugly duckling

    I would use layers of 1708 laid up 90 degrees from each other
  131. Fishbones

    For Sale 1.5 day Voucher for the Cheif

    Trips might be on hold for a while...
  132. Fishbones

    WTB 175-200 hp 25 inch shaft

    Budget? 2 stroke 4 stroke?
  133. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Well it’s time to strip down the Larson center console... the motor and bracket along with the controls and electronics will be mounted on the Cabo... the Offshore 45 bait tank and leaning post will be for sale shortly as a combo... the hull and the Pacific trailer will also be available.....
  134. Fishbones

    WTB Garage doors anyone?

    Might try the BD Hook ups forum Travis
  135. Fishbones

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    You have a 25’ Flybridge.. the 26’ flybridge is wider
  136. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    More sanding and glassed in the tube this morning... got sidetracked replacing a couple of pumps in Travis’s Bassboat ...
  137. Fishbones

    WTB Trailer for a Skipjack 28 Flybridge

    Do yourself a favor and pass on it... you will be way ahead in the long run...
  138. Fishbones

    WTB Trailer for a Skipjack 28 Flybridge

    I hope you didn’t bite off more than you can chew... does the boat have twin engines in it? What make outdrives?
  139. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    More sanding and filling.....
  140. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Had to figure out a way to get the control cables and engine harness to the transom.. Almost impossible to go around the outside of the bait tanks because of the foam, besides that would locate the cables on the outside corner of the transom.. didn’t want to run them through the bait tanks...
  141. Fishbones

    WTB Trailer for a Skipjack 28 Flybridge

    Most 28’ Skippys are on triple axel trailers, I have seen a couple on tandem axle trailer but they were heavy duty with 8 lug wheels. Mine is on a triple.
  142. Fishbones

    WTB Trailer for a Skipjack 28 Flybridge

    This is a painted one
  143. Fishbones

    Name this boat please!

    Should have a vessel ID number on the back right corner... should tell you the make and year of the boat
  144. Fishbones

    Name this boat please!

    Looks like 28’ Skipjack
  145. Fishbones

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Cabo 256 for sale
  146. Fishbones

    WTB Looking for a Cabo 216 or 226 Cuddycon

    How about a Cabo 256?
  147. Fishbones

    Radar dome repair??

    Make an offer and pick it up in Costa Mesa?
  148. Fishbones

    Radar dome repair??

    Might try EBay for parts
  149. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Hottest day of the year to sand.....
  150. Fishbones

    For Sale Deck storage box from invader 183

    I meant the swing away back rest
  151. Fishbones

    Saturated flotation foam.

    Another option instead of tearing out the whole deck is leave an 1 1/2” lip on the outside edges and on top of the stringers and bulkheads. Tear out the saturated foam and replace it with 2 part water proof foam. Then resheet over the whole thing with Marine ply that has been glassed or at least...
  152. Fishbones

    Saturated flotation foam.

    Start cutting up the deck.. chances are things are starting to rot underneath
  153. Fishbones

    28’ Skipjack outboard conversion

    The swimstep will be notched on the ends to accommodate the uneven transom. I ordered the bracket with no finish on it so I can modify it it myself
  154. Fishbones

    TRADE Salt away

    Lizard fish
  155. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    I would guess 60-70 lbs
  156. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Time to skim coat with micro balloons today.... not looking forward to all the sanding on Friday...
  157. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Tabbing the roof to the house today..
  158. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Mated the two pieces together with some resin and cabosil, I will glass the two parts in the morning
  159. Fishbones

    For Sale Skipjack 24 emblems

    I think they are to fragile to ship
  160. Fishbones

    1989 Larson 225DC

    She looks good
  161. Fishbones

    WTB Looking for a Cabo 216 or 226 Cuddycon
  162. Fishbones

    For Sale Skipjack 24 emblems

    Used $20.00 each or $30.00 for the pair
  163. Fishbones

    For Sale 24' Skipjack flybridge for sale

    Marine Power are great power plants. Nice Skippy
  164. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    ........ more glassing...... this time the roof panel
  165. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Threw the house up onto the console to make sure it fits, then set the roof on the so I can shape the front of the house to match the camber of the roof. Took some measurements for the rear supports so we can have Pete fabricate them along with adding rocket launchers...
  166. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Cutting and grinding away anything that doesn’t look like a pilothouse this morning
  167. Fishbones

    Prop shaft noise

    Sounds like your shift linkage might be off a little... not completely in gear. Some Yamahas do experience prop shaft noise but that’s usually under a load
  168. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Laminated two sheets of 3/4” foam with a camber built in.. not only does this let water run off it also makes it very strong. Tomorrow I will cut the shape of the roof out and start laying glass on the top..
  169. Fishbones

    28’ Skipjack outboard conversion

    Pulling everything out of the bilge area and starting over with new wiring to the helm, new fuel lines and control cables. Need to do some degreasing before glassing in a couple of knee braces from the transom to stringers for some extra support while waiting for the bracket to be made
  170. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Laid up the inside with 1708 and mat... tomorrow we will sandwich pieces to fabricate the roof panel
  171. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Back to the Cabo after pulling the power train out of my Skipjack... removed the inner framing and prepping to glass the inside now. I will run a bead of cabosil to create a radius in the inside corners, this will make glassing a lot easier.
  172. Fishbones

    Looking for a Marine Exhaust Fabricator !!

    Not even sure if this is what you are looking for,
  173. Fishbones

    28’ Skipjack outboard conversion

    There was, he hasn’t been on here with an update... not sure he finished the project
  174. Fishbones

    28’ Skipjack outboard conversion

    Was able to remove the transom plate and gimbal housing this morning...
  175. Fishbones

    28’ Skipjack outboard conversion

    I have never been a fan of I/O boats so with the recent failure of the transmission and just your typical pain in the ass to work in a hole it’s time to do a conversion. Pulled the motor today thanks to my friend Pete (Lip Ripper) for the use of his forklift, the motor is on its way to its new...
  176. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    All 3 sides are glassed.. time to pull the framing out and glass the inside....
  177. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Sealed up the rest of the foam this morning with resin and started laying some mat and then the 1708 glass
  178. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Rounded the corners and filled in some voids with cabosil. Laid up a layer of mat then some 1708 followed by another layer of mat. Will glass the front and other side tomorrow
  179. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Back to the fun stuff...cut out foam pieces for the front and sides along with bracing up the templates. Attached the foam to the frame by back screwing into the foam with short drywall screws, then took the sander to bevel the front edge of the side pieces so the front pieces will fit tight...
  180. Fishbones

    Here we go again.........

    Great potential
  181. Fishbones

    Trailer Bunk Wood in San Diego

    Just use Doug Fur and count on replacing them every 5-6 years
  182. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Just a bunch of boring stuff going on now. We added another rigging tube down the starboard side just for the engine cables, harness and hydraulic steering lines. All new marine wires running down the port side, washdown pump mounted in the center storage area to keep it dry...
  183. Fishbones

    Yamaha outboard shifting problem

    Push the clutch in farther..... lube up the pivot points on the shift linkage
  184. Fishbones

    For Sale Cabo 216 rear railing

    Rear grab rail off a Cabo 216 might fit other Cabos. Approximately 77 3/4” wide at mounts. 8” above gunnel and top of rail would be 32” from the deck $75.00
  185. Fishbones

    For Sale Cabo 216 T-top structure

    Make offer before I chop it up
  186. Fishbones

    For Sale 26' Skipjack Factory Pilot House Volvo Penta Diesel.

    Are the props back on it? I read what you did over the weekend... good karma your way
  187. Fishbones

    Taking over on Amato Rebuild 23

    Please straighten out the port hole window in the door... it’s crooked
  188. Fishbones

    For Sale Teak swim step

    81” x 21.5”
  189. Fishbones

    How did you pick your boat name and why?

    SOUTHWESTERN South West is the direction I normally fish
  190. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Micro balloons and some sanding
  191. Fishbones

    For Sale Teak swim step

    I’ll have to get them Monday
  192. Fishbones

    For Sale Marine Power 454

    Complete running engine, brand new starter, enclosed cooling system. Risers just replaced. 900 hrs on motor $1000.00
  193. Fishbones

    For Sale Mercruiser TR outdrive

    This is Mercruiser’s commercial outdrive, no water inlet and uses a separate transmission. Just resealed 2 years ago. Prop not included $1000.00
  194. Fishbones

    For Sale Teak swim step

    Fits 28’ Skipjack.. should fit the 25’ Skipjack also. Both models have recessed transom unlike the 24’s. Could be modified to fit other boats. Comes with brackets $150.00
  195. Fishbones

    For Sale Stainless prop for Bravo 2

    Fits Bravo 2 and TR outdrives by Mercruiser Great condition,cheapest one I found on line was $450.00 17 3/4” D 21” Pitch $200.00 firm
  196. Fishbones

    WTB Fiberglass & Resin

    Polyester will work if you do all the lay up at one time, polyester will not bond as well to each other once it has cured. Vinylester would be your next choice followed by the best (Epoxy) Micro balloons are a powdery substance you mix into the resin to a stiff whip cream. You then apply it like...
  197. Fishbones

    WTB Fiberglass & Resin

    Revchem in Costa Mesa or Fiberlay in San Diego I would use 1708 glass on the inside and outside, then lay some 1.5oz mat on the outside only. You need to radius the corners to get the glass to lay down. You will also need some micro balloons to skim coat everything before you sand smooth. 1...
  198. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    A little skim coat of epoxy and cabosil, next will be a coat of micro balloons
  199. Fishbones

    For Sale Freshwater cooling system

    Almost drove to Parhump to pick that up
  200. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Beveled the new piece along with the existing transom and glassed in place... a little sanding tomorrow morning and then a skim coat of micro balloons....
  201. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Haven’t got to that yet, the motorwell will now become a place to bleed fish before going on ice
  202. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Trimmed off all the excess glass and lightly sanded everything to knock off the stingers, did a dry prefit and then mixed up some epoxy with cabosil to make a thick paste. Coated the edges and set it in place. Tomorrow I will make a 6” wide double bevel at the joint and glass in some strips to...
  203. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Built up to 2 1/4” to match existing transom
  204. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Building up layers of mat and 1708....
  205. Fishbones

    Thru Hull Plug or patch ?

    Most boats are laid up with polyester in a timely manner where all layers are built up while the resin still in a liquid stage. Once cured, epoxy (1st choice) then vinylester are the recommended adhesives for repairs. I’m not saying it’s going to fail ( it probably won’t) but just know using the...
  206. Fishbones

    Thru Hull Plug or patch ?

    Epoxy or Vinylester?
  207. Fishbones

    Toed trailer tire

    Could be a bent axle... they usually have a little positive camber built into them....looks like you have negative camber
  208. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Cut out 3/4” marine ply to fill in the transom. Primed the bare ply with diluted epoxy to help seal up the grain before rolling out some mat. Then skimmed everything with epoxy and cabosil mix to laminate the two pieces together. Clamped and screwed while it sets up. I will remove the screws...
  209. Fishbones

    anyone use a O2 sensor to adjust their carb on a I/O?

    Vacuum gauge helps also
  210. Fishbones

    21 crystaliner rebuild.

    You won’t win any races with a 115, but at least it’s not a deep V hull. It should plane a lot easier than if it was.... bracket mount?
  211. Fishbones

    Your experience with Fishdope

    Just because there are no other boats around doesn’t mean there are no fish around, you need to learn to read the temp breaks and know what the current is doing for inshore fishing. Maybe just watch the local 1/2 day counts for inshore reports. FD is great this time of year for offshore action...
  212. Fishbones

    Pacifica runs aground in Mission Beach

    Did they go in the yard for any kind of damage check? They must have bent something...
  213. Fishbones

    Trailer issue

    There is a proper combination on lengths of leaf springs, equalizer bars ( straight ones or the inverted V shaped ones) and spring straps that attach the springs to the equalizer bar. You need to measure the centers of the four hard points on your frame to determine which combination works. Some...
  214. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Old motor is finally off...
  215. Fishbones

    WTB Alpha 1 gen 1
  216. Fishbones

    Searching for custom bow rail shop
  217. Fishbones

    How to setup and connect NEMA 2000

    They have changed the colors of connectors over the years, but made adapters to connect all NMEA 2000 products together
  218. Fishbones

    Cabo 226 Helm Recommendations

    3 screws remove the plate holding the seal in place
  219. Fishbones

    Trailer issue

    Equalizers will not sit level if the trailer is not level.. is the tongue high or low when hitched up to your truck?
  220. Fishbones

    Noob seeking boat advice

    I would suggest to join a boat club membership and take a couple different boats out. A lot cheaper than buying a boat and finding out you or your wife get sea sick or not enjoying the water that much. Another option is to ask boat owners if they need an extra person to split costs of a fishing...
  221. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Sitting on her new cradle...
  222. Fishbones

    Trailer parking Shelter island

    You can not leave the trailer unless it’s hooked up to a vehicle at any of the launch ramps in San Diego. It’s a $57.00 ticket, trust me I know
  223. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Epoxy primer coat and bottom paint.... now we can finally work on the topside....
  224. Fishbones

    FREE 6 lug Galvanized rims

    Going in the dumpster Monday
  225. Fishbones

    For Sale Johnson 200hp outboard

    Ok... $100.00... come get this thing off the boat! Has a stainless prop on it too....
  226. Fishbones

    84 wellcraft nova starter

    9/16 is what I use on my 454
  227. Fishbones

    Skipjack 28 props?

    Lots of info here on Skipjack boats
  228. Fishbones

    WTB 8.75 - 16.5 rims 6 lug galvanized

    I think he is going a different route now.....
  229. Fishbones

    Any Ford parts managers in here?

    Warranty issues if I’m in Wyoming?
  230. Fishbones

    Trailer Bunks / Side Guides

    I’ve seen trailers use it instead of carpet, but screwed down to the 2x6 bunk. I’m thinking most trailer support brackets are spaced to far apart for the plastic to span without sagging
  231. Fishbones

    Any Ford parts managers in here?

    I prefer to have a Ford warranty good at any dealership. Will be traveling in my 5th wheel trailer and want s piece of mind
  232. Fishbones

    Any Ford parts managers in here?

    Looking for a 5R110 transmission for a 2005 F-350 4x4 diesel dually
  233. Fishbones

    WTB Armstrong floatation bracket

    Already have the engines
  234. Fishbones

    FREE 6 lug Galvanized rims

    2 used 15” 6 lug rims, make good spares for Baja
  235. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    If you decide to go with the Moeller tank you will have to move the rear bulkhead back approximately 12” and cut the cross member out to be able to get the tank to fit. I cut the cross member on a wedge shape so it will naturally help lock back in. I’ll glass in a couple of marine plywood strips...
  236. Fishbones

    WTB Armstrong floatation bracket

    Either a Yamaha 150 four stroke or a Mercury 225 Optimax
  237. Fishbones

    Cabo Boat Owners

    You can see it towards the front center of the tank. Ours had a 6” deck plate right above it
  238. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Travis it’s a Moeller 80 gallon tank, with the fuel efficiency of the newer outboards compared to the 1980’s two stroke it should have the same range without the extra weight of 25 gallons of the stock tank. Besides, I’ll take the 28’ boat if I want to go farther
  239. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    I could not tell how many layers of glass they used or what type. That particular area was 7/16” thick, with my combined layups on the inside and outside are over 1” thick.., I would rather be overkill than have a catastrophic failure in the hull
  240. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    New tank is here...
  241. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Ready for some epoxy primer. Since the boat will be slipped from spring to fall we decided to go ahead and put bottom paint on her again
  242. Fishbones

    WTB Question: Used boat with NO title. What is the process?

    Registered letter to last owner, bring boat to dmv for verification, pay all late fees. Very time consuming
  243. Fishbones

    WTB Fly Bridge Bench Seat

    Get a hold of Lip Ripper (Pete) he can make one for you
  244. Fishbones

    WTB Un-used porta potty

    Really Mark?... You’ll be so much happier with a flushing head... you have done some great work on that boat, why skimp on the head.
  245. Fishbones

    Thru hull cooling - yay or nay?

    My Mercruiser TR is designed that way, doesn’t have any way to pick up water from the drive. I have a crank mounted raw water pump that supplies water to the heat exchanger. I have a valve with a T to shut off the thru hull supply, yet can still hook up a hose on the transom mounted hose bib to...
  246. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Another 3 layers of 1708, now its time to do some fairing
  247. Fishbones

    For Sale Johnson 200hp outboard

    Really?.... no one needs parts for there’s Bump
  248. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    A little cabosil and 4 layers of 1708 glass, four more layers to go after this sets up. Gravity is not your friend with this kind of work...
  249. Fishbones

    Older Grady’s white

    OMC Seadrives are hard to find parts for the tilt and trim, the rest of the parts are interchangeable with the equivalent horsepower of a Johnson/ Evinrude outboard
  250. Fishbones

    SOLD 2 Sheds

    Does free include crane service too? Lol
  251. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Laid up 9 layers of some 24oz combo mat on the inside so I would have a base to lay up layers of 1708 on the outside tomorrow. I shaped a piece of foam to use as a rough mold to shape the inside glass. Put the boat up on stands to get under it easier and to pull four thru hull transducers out of...
  252. Fishbones

    Trailer equalizer????

    That’s pretty typical, you could replace the shackle straps with some that are a little shorter. They come in different lengths, you can see the very last one on my trailer is just like what yours is doing...
  253. Fishbones

    WTB Navionics Mini SD card

    Left you a message Copper
  254. Fishbones

    WTB Navionics Mini SD card

    C-map will work as well
  255. Fishbones

    WTB Navionics Mini SD card

    Looking for a Micro SD card for Southern California/ Mexico Thanks
  256. Fishbones

    Best way to fix my dash

    You can mask off the areas to be done and go with a darker color to highlight light the dash. Any plastic product is not going to match anyways... you asked the best way... not the easiest way... I’m sure it will look fine either way
  257. Fishbones

    Best way to fix my dash

    Glass and gel coat
  258. Fishbones

    Low Speed no Power

    Hope he got it fixed.... it’s only been 4 years since it happened....
  259. Fishbones

    For Sale Johnson 200hp outboard

    Bump with lower price
  260. Fishbones

    0ld time aluminum boat w/no drain plug in transom

    Motors were rated at the crankshaft back then, now measured at the prop
  261. Fishbones

    WTB Wtb rod rack for hard top

    Get a hold of Lip Ripper, he can Custom build one for you. Chula Vista area
  262. Fishbones

    WTB Armstrong floatation bracket

    12-13 degree transom..
  263. Fishbones

    For Sale Old school yoyo reel

    Does it come with a trailer? How many hours?
  264. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Custom built, 28’ Hull with 24’ flybridge mated to it. I added the house awhile back, has a flush deck with no doghouse over the engine
  265. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    I don’t believe this is the one, doesn’t show any evidence of being capsized in the past.
  266. Fishbones

    For Sale Furuno sounder 600l $100

    Great units... I still use mine
  267. Fishbones

    SOLD Big damn fake rock -all gone

    Create a floating island offshore
  268. Fishbones

    Mystery through hull in Radon project

    My Mercruiser TR outdrive does not pick up water from the outdrive. I have a water pick up under the hull... what kind of outdrive do you have?
  269. Fishbones

    New Fishing boat owner...thoughts hiring a Capt for a day?

    Just follow a sportboat like 60 percent of the people do... then look for boats on paddies like the other 30 percent of people do.... Time on the water is the best teacher
  270. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Mocked up a pilothouse with Luan plywood to use as templates for the foam core... may do some modifications the longer we look at it....
  271. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Not using a windshield, going half cab pilothouse
  272. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    86, production number 29
  273. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Emptied the bilge area and pulled out all the wiring, hydraulic steering hoses and engine cables. Removed the old Yamaha ignition switch and binnacle... time for a good cleaning...
  274. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    Off with the tower and windshield...
  275. Fishbones

    Cabo 216 rebuild/ retrofit

    My son Travis picked up a project boat knowing that we didn’t care about the motor or trailer condition( going to repower and already have a newer Pacific trailer to put under her) She had some serious damage to the hull from running into something in her past. First thing we did is pull the...
  276. Fishbones


    9 years old....
  277. Fishbones

    Fuel Tank repair in Long Beach

    He doesn’t even own the boat anymore.... Post is nine years old...
  278. Fishbones

    For Sale Johnson 200hp outboard

    Make. Johnson Yr. 2000 Hp.200 Parts motor, low compression on number 5 cylinder. Motor is not locked up.This is a carbed motor, not Ficht. $100.00 for the whole thing SOLD
  279. Fishbones

    New boat Hull failure

    Remind the company that social media can tarnish a companies image... not to mention new threads on all boating web sites of a potential problem with their hull
  280. Fishbones

    Thru hull plumbing question

    I hope after nine years he would have figured it out....
  281. Fishbones

    14' Sears Aluminum Overhaul

    I would coat all the raw wood with at least some polyester resin...
  282. Fishbones

    For Sale Cabo 216 T-top structure

    My son bought a fixer...... doing a pilothouse on it
  283. Fishbones

    For Sale Cabo 216 T-top structure

    Should fit a couple different models of the Cabo boats... needs new canvas. No electronics box( POS anyways) or radar dome. $500.00 obo
  284. Fishbones

    "Lets Talk Hook Up" Radio Show Dead?

    Everyone wants something for free......
  285. Fishbones

    For Sale Trailer tires and wheels.

    Might want to mention bolt pattern.. 6 lug?
  286. Fishbones

    17ft BAJA BAYRUNNER FOR SALE price reduced

    Not sure if it’s for sale... but it has a four stroke on it now.. I just drove by it this morning
  287. Fishbones

    My latest pilothouse build

    I have about $9.50 into it.....
  288. Fishbones

    Steering wheel help

    Probably the cable where it goes through the tilt tube on the engine
  289. Fishbones

    Yamaha 150 fuel filter

    There is a special tool but it is not needed., ethanol will make the gasket swell up. You may have to remove the whole unit and put it in the freezer to break it loose
  290. Fishbones

    Yamaha 150 fuel filter

    I’m assuming you lifted the the tab?
  291. Fishbones

    For Sale 24’ OSY CC REDUCED to sell fast $17k OBO

    I saw this boat in the Home Depot parking lot last Saturday... it’s a tank ....Nice Rig
  292. Fishbones

    Bow rail loose

    You will still have problems later on if you just use a stainless wood screw... really should use a machine screw with a nylox nut
  293. Fishbones

    Cabo Boat Owners

    That is Bad Ass Josh
  294. Fishbones

    Cabo Boat Owners

    When are you going to post pictures of your pilothouse?
  295. Fishbones

    RIP Mike (Sluester)

    ..... you will be missed
  296. Fishbones

    I'm Being Internet Blackmailed

    I know what you did for a Klondike Bar....
  297. Fishbones

    WTB Swim step for 24 ft skipjack

    I believe the 25’ and 28’ Skippy’s have an indentation on the transom
  298. Fishbones

    The Commander ???

    They crushed it....
  299. Fishbones

    1989 Larson 225DC

    1” can make a huge difference.. we raised my sons engine one hole higher to get a little more top end out of hit. We ended up with bad cavitation during gradual turns, had to drop it back down.
  300. Fishbones

    1989 Larson 225DC

    Probably not an issue
  301. Fishbones

    1989 Larson 225DC

    You are correct... 1” for every 12” The drawing is a little off though.... typically the top of the floatation bracket would be level... I’ve done 2 floatation bracket conversions... one of them was an I/O conversion and the other was putting in a closed transom on my sons 20’ Larson
  302. Fishbones

    any update on the Prowler vs. Attessa IV collision?

    Still in the yard semi covered up.....
  303. Fishbones

    FREE Generator!!

    Runs like a top..... Thanks Rob
  304. Fishbones

    For Sale Polished Stainless Strap Hinges

    Those are T- Hinges Mark
  305. Fishbones

    Need a transome filled in on 24 skipjack fb

    Pretty sure he is talking about the old OMC Stringer drive, they had a huge transom cut and used a rubber boot
  306. Fishbones

    Biggest littlest most seaworthy CC

    18’ Invader
  307. Fishbones

    Is this a email scam?

    It’s legit.... I just got my money last week
  308. Fishbones

    Tax lien on boat for unsecured property tax??!!

    That’s the advantage of owning an older boat.... no taxes on mine
  309. Fishbones

    Do you have a 17 or 18' Invader

    I know Steve ( Bottom Line) has an 18’ Invader
  310. Fishbones

    2003 Honda 90 Outboard

    You can always lower your price.... it’s tough to try and raise it during negotiations Mid range size 4 stroke motors are very desirable
  311. Fishbones

    2003 Honda 90 Outboard

  312. Fishbones

    Anybody in SD work on OMC stringer drives

    This is money. I had one on my old volvo 4cyl in our blackman. Super easy to change the impeller too. This should bolt right up to my OMC flywheel pulley pretty easy right? Should be a standard chevy thing?[/QUOTE It bolts to the front of the crank pulley (Harmonic Balancer) , has a number of...
  313. Fishbones

    Anybody in SD work on OMC stringer drives

    Travis, my Mercruiser TR outdrive does not have water intake on it. Instead it uses a crank mounted pump drawing water from a thru hull fitting. 1” inlet and outlet, you could reduce the outlet to fit your needs...
  314. Fishbones

    Gay sex adds?

    I gotta stop opening those links Saluki sends me......
  315. Fishbones

    Gay sex adds?

    Yet I can’t have my Rainbow Girl Avatar anymore... makes no sense
  316. Fishbones

    For Sale 26' Skipjack Factory Pilot House Volvo Penta Diesel.

    Grant made them ( The gentleman that is selling the 26’ Skipjack)
  317. Fishbones

    For Sale 26' Skipjack Factory Pilot House Volvo Penta Diesel.

    Grant made a great product... you’ll never go back to an open flybridge after having one...
  318. Fishbones

    WTB Prestolite trim pump ( Mercruiser

    Looking for the old style pump with the metal reservoir. I know I can find them on the auction sites.... looking to find one in the next day or two... don’t want to wait for shipping.... a couple of samples of what I’m looking for... Thanks Rich
  319. Fishbones

    SOLD Bait Tank 65 Gallons with cutting board

    Here is a link to the boat...
  320. Fishbones

    SOLD Bait Tank 65 Gallons with cutting board

    It’s a great tank, been very happy with it. I had it originally in my 25’ Wellcraft, I kept the tank when I sold the boat to put in my 28’ Skippy.
  321. Fishbones

    SOLD Bait Tank 65 Gallons with cutting board

    Blackman made the tank... I love mine...
  322. Fishbones

    6.7L Ford Diesel - Tow Vehicle

    Fuel pump failure can lead to a big dollar repair... do a search
  323. Fishbones

    Boat cover manufacturers in San Diego

    I used Stark Mfg in Chula Vista years ago for a Custom cover on my center console with a T-top
  324. Fishbones

    WTB Skipjack Open 24 Windows
  325. Fishbones

    U5ed Outboards

    Try Shad Burk
  326. Fishbones

    What is the center console worth

    The Evinrude Ficht motors is what bankrupt OMC... major issues with the 150-225hp range... 115hp were not as prone to the problems... If the ficht motors had over 500hrs chances are you got a decent one... most blew up with under 300 hrs
  327. Fishbones

    Skipjack outdrive

    OMC uses a large cut out in the transom, you would have to plug the hole and start over to use another outdrive. Volvo did make a kit to convert OMC to theirs but they are few and far between to find one now
  328. Fishbones

    WA Pilothouse build

    Glass over foam
  329. Fishbones

    WA Pilothouse build

    My two cents...... don’t use plywood Looking forward to your progress
  330. Fishbones

    Show your boat name-logo

    Named after the area I fish
  331. Fishbones

    WTB 8’ Ford Superduty Bed

    Just the bed
  332. Fishbones

    WTB 8’ Ford Superduty Bed

    Looking for a 99-08 Ford Superduty long bed in decent shape. ( Just the box) Thanks
  333. Fishbones

    "Broken" Outboard Steering

    The teeth on the gear might be worn down enough to slip over the coil gear on the cable or the coil gear might have detached from the steering cable
  334. Fishbones

    Search is Finally Over! Meet My New Fishing Machine!

    Have any more pictures of the conversion?
  335. Fishbones

    Where to do outboard maintenance (diy)

    There are some mobile service mechanics that do service in the parking lots of boat ramps... I don’t see why you couldn’t do the same
  336. Fishbones

    Windless now controls

    Lewmar makes a foot operated switch
  337. Fishbones

    Any updates on the Prowler ?

    They are 3rd in line... after the Pacific Quest and Commander
  338. Fishbones

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    “Im sitting here right now, and the tide is pretty high, and for those guys with boats pushing the 28-30' or more, it still looks like things will often get real tight in there on busy days.” I would always launch in line with the opening during low tide.... I’ll just carry on the same routine.....
  339. Fishbones


    Nmea 2000 is interchangeable..., you may need some adapter cables if you have the older type ( blue/ red/ black ) cables
  340. Fishbones

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    We shall see.....
  341. Fishbones

    engine compartment tie down

    How about some Jeep hood latches...
  342. Fishbones

    Other hobbies besides fishing??

    RC airplanes since 6 years old... I’m 56 now....
  343. Fishbones

    For Sale Please delete , im beating a dead horse lol

    Everyone is into the side by sides now Gary....
  344. Fishbones

    1987 Invader 182 Center Console Fishing Boat 17' - What's this worth?

    No they are not.... it’s just that no one pays attention to you Steve..... lol
  345. Fishbones

    1987 Invader 182 Center Console Fishing Boat 17' - What's this worth?

    If you think the boat is an 89... the last two numbers of the ID should say 89
  346. Fishbones

    1987 Invader 182 Center Console Fishing Boat 17' - What's this worth?

    Looks like the tank under the deck might be shot... hence the two portable tanks..... One of those boats with a running Mercury outboard sold for $1,500 back in April because of the tank issue
  347. Fishbones


    If it gets to rough out, you can always go out on a Defiance Guadeloupe 29’ boat....... Oh wait... never mind
  348. Fishbones

    The 3500 BD Deal - Wrap Up

    So..... how much did this $3,500 boat cost in the end? :-)
  349. Fishbones

    SOLD 16.5 foot mirrocraft aluminum with Mercury 40 four stroke

    Glad to see my little old boat is still around....
  350. Fishbones

    Boat accident...hope everyone is ok

    Injured person has died....
  351. Fishbones

    WTB looking for tuna tower

    Pacific Yacht Towers fabricated my tower on a 1985 Sportsman 248 I owned a few years ago... matter of fact my boat is on their website. Pictures on the site were before I did the outboard conversion....
  352. Fishbones

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Did you finish the project yet?
  353. Fishbones

    San Diego T Top Fabricators??

    It’s hard to beat the quality of a PYT
  354. Fishbones

    For Sale 1991 Honda Accord

    4 cylinder, automatic trans. A/C works great. No power windows or door locks. Good cheap reliable transportation for that teenage driver. A little road rash on front fender. Helping a friend sell this car that her granddaughter drove, Has an aftermarket am/fm/cd player. Tags good until March...
  355. Fishbones

    Serpentine belt system

    Just run a single belt, that’s the way mine is set up even though all the pulleys have double grooves
  356. Fishbones

    What size kicker?

    Most 9.9 hp and 15hp are the same motor .... that being said .. I had a 15 on my 20’ center console back in the day
  357. Fishbones

    New, to me, money pit!! 94 Hydra Sports 2000cc

    Need to take the boat and trailer to DMV to get verified along with paying taxes on them... been there done that
  358. Fishbones

    New to me 1988 15' Gregor

    X2 on the grab bar .... something to grab on to while walking around the boat
  359. Fishbones

    newb ocean fisher

    That would be great for the bay and kelp... unfortunately saltwater will take its toll on the hardware and trolling motor.. you can prolong the corrosion by washing it very well after use. Painted trailer is going to get attacked also.... I have an 18’ Sylvan that is similar to that boat and...
  360. Fishbones

    Cabo Boat Owners

    Picked up this 86 Cabo 216 for my son today off of Craigslist... another father/ son boat project
  361. Fishbones

    Skipjack 24 flybridge project

    What parts are you taking off of it?
  362. Fishbones

    Quicksilver Diamond Al prop CHEAP!

    I’m sure he still has it after 8 years....
  363. Fishbones

    Brass Fuel Nipples - Any local sources?

    I would replace the part.... you do not want a fire on a boat..... just saying
  364. Fishbones

    Installing Rails

    No lock washers required... 4200 or 5200 would work well on the base and screw holes
  365. Fishbones

    The New Battle Wagon (Custom Skippy)

    What a huge difference in comfort now...
  366. Fishbones

    What are we doing with the SkipJacks???

    Freeze for lobster bait
  367. Fishbones

    Thunderbird up for sale.

    At least they didn’t try and sink it.....
  368. Fishbones

    SOLD Twin Outboard Bracket

    You are correct.., Every 1/4”= 1 degree of transom angle. I was able to use a 13 degree Armstrong bracket when I did my Wellcraft Sportsman outboard conversion
  369. Fishbones

    Never thought I'd whine about fish being too big.

    You can always fish Otay Lakes...
  370. Fishbones

    Pacific Quest is on the rocks

    She’s gone......
  371. Fishbones

    Pacific Quest is on the rocks

    Tide is out
  372. Fishbones

    Pacific Quest is on the rocks

    Up the coast
  373. Fishbones

    WTB $5k for 1st timers set up in San Diego mid August

    Beg, borrow or steal another grand.....
  374. Fishbones

    the time has come....

    New motor... be on the water in a week or two
  375. Fishbones


    Have you tried EBay?
  376. Fishbones

    24' well craft. How much horsepower?

    Shad is practically giving that bracket away...
  377. Fishbones

    24' well craft. How much horsepower?

    Don’t forget the added cost of a bracket to mount your new engine and to do any glass work.
  378. Fishbones

    24' well craft. How much horsepower?

    I had a 1984 Wellcraft Sportsman with a hardtop and tower that had a 200hp Yamaha two stroke on it originally. Performance was decent considering that there are very few days you can haul ass offshore. I replaced the Yamaha with a Suzuki 200hp four stroke and the performance improved. I got a...
  379. Fishbones

    The New Battle Wagon (Custom Skippy)

    Time to update this thread with some newer pictures
  380. Fishbones

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    Finally done... made new side panels to incorporate the pilothouse. Everything is wired up and ready to go
  381. Fishbones

    Bait tank Rod Holders

    I’m a cheap Bastard.. welded some tubing to a plate.. 1/4 20 stainless bolts and nuts into the tank
  382. Fishbones

    3500 BD Deal... continued

    Interesting winch post and bow roller setup
  383. Fishbones

    Skipjack 24 Open Upgrade

    It’s always nice to know which wire goes to what if you have an issue out at sea
  384. Fishbones

    Where is the good fiberglass repair guy?

    Mark (Pescaloco) at Monsoon Yacht Service (619)405-2176
  385. Fishbones

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    You are correct... many people have asked him to lay up a few houses but he refuses to do so
  386. Fishbones

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    Finally got back to working on the boat again... Radar,antennas and rod holders mounted, along with the interior panels in the ceiling...
  387. Fishbones

    6/12 Adrift on the west end of Cat with a dead battery

    Buy a handheld next time with a removable antenna... then buy the adapter that allows you to use your vhf antenna by disconnecting it from your main radio
  388. Fishbones

    Water dripping from speedo hose ?

    Speedo hose comes from the lower unit. Water pressure should come from the block or water jacket. Just cap the hose Mark
  389. Fishbones

    FREE Stainless BBQ

    He says bring a friend Mike...... you don’t have any.....
  390. Fishbones

    Cummins QSB380 Install

    Congrats Mark.., I know you have been waiting a long time for this day since you brought the empty hull home. I imagine your wife and neighbors are happy as well too.... Have you named her yet?
  391. Fishbones

    Swingback cooler seat install help

    You might have to rip some strips of Starboard or Azek and scribe it to the contour of the deck. Then mount the cooler on top of it
  392. Fishbones

    WTB Skipjack 24 wind screen

    Skipjack- has new ones for sale.....
  393. Fishbones

    Center console windscreen This is how I made my sons windscreen
  394. Fishbones

    For Sale RIO Leader Wallets

    Brand new never used $30.00 for all five Pick up only in Santee
  395. Fishbones

    FREE Skipjack Wind screen

    Ended up at the dump....
  396. Fishbones

    seating options for skipjack flybridge

    I had a friend of mine make this for my custom made 28’ Skippy with a 24’ flybridge mated to the hull. Center part is removable.... rod holders are a complete waste now that I added the pilothouse
  397. Fishbones

    For Sale 1944 Indian Scout model 741

    Didn’t you buy that bike brand new in 44 when you were 25 years old?
  398. Fishbones

    Yamaha F50 max RPM question

    Make sure your linkage is set up right to open the throttle body completely
  399. Fishbones

    Yamaha F50 max RPM question

    Mark, I know you just put that motor on. Make sure it is not mounted to low first.....
  400. Fishbones

    75 HP Mercury 2 Stroke 2002 ELPTO

    You can check compression without the fuel pump... doesn’t matter about a vacuum leak
  401. Fishbones

    First Time Buyer Gun Shy - Need Advice

    Run Forest Run....
  402. Fishbones

    For Sale Johnson Props

    Stainless one is SOLD
  403. Fishbones

    For Sale Beach Launch Clamp on wheels

    Clamp on transom wheels $10.00 Pick up in Chula Vista 619 342-5669
  404. Fishbones

    FREE Vented Gas Cans

    5 Gallon cans with replacement nozzles and vent cap kits Pick up in Chula Vista 619 342-5669
  405. Fishbones

    For Sale Whirlpool Stacked washer /dryer

    full size, gas dryer... ugly but works great... still hooked up for testing $100 bucks 619 342-5669
  406. Fishbones

    For Sale Sea Star hydraulic steering ram

    worked well when removed from motor for repower $20 Pick up in Chula Vista 619 342-5669
  407. Fishbones

    For Sale Manual Jack Plate

    Look up the model number for horsepower rating... $20.00 Pick up in Chula Vista 619 342-5669
  408. Fishbones

    For Sale Stainless Prop Rapture

    14.25x19 right hand prop... universal hub kit not included $25.00 Pick up in Chula Vista 619 342-5669
  409. Fishbones

    FREE Battery Boxes 2

    2 group 24 boxes and lids Pick up in Chula Vista 619 342-5669
  410. Fishbones

    For Sale Johnson Props

    Fits V6 lower units and some OMC outdrives Stainless 15x15 counter rotation $20 Aluminum 15x15.5 right hand $15 Pick up in Chula Vista 619 342-5669
  411. Fishbones

    FREE Suzuki DF60/70

    lower unit seal kit Pick up in Chula Vista 619 342-5669
  412. Fishbones

    FREE Skipjack Wind screen

    fits 24’ flybridge Pick up in Chula Vista 619 342-5669
  413. Fishbones

    For Sale T-bag

    Like new... just dusty from being in the garage $30.00 cash Pick up only 619 342-5669 Rich
  414. Fishbones

    San Diego lead pour

    I like to watch 16d nails float on top of lead.... I’m easily entertained...
  415. Fishbones

    FREE Free leaf blower

    Picture added
  416. Fishbones

    05 Yamaha F225 knocking sound

    Sounds like the infamous Yamaha prop knock.... Do a search on it
  417. Fishbones

    For Sale 1981 Skipjack pilothouse

    The pilothouse addition is the best thing you can ad to the flybridge model. For those that think it is a lot of extra weight up there, you’re wrong. I just added one to mine and it might weigh 100lbs Good luck with the sale
  418. Fishbones

    24' Skipjack FB ideas

    Haha, Adding the pilothouse did make the rod holders useless on the back of the bench.... Rod holders are in the works for the roof now....
  419. Fishbones

    24' Skipjack FB ideas

    Mine is a 28’ hull with a 24 flybridge on her..... had a friend make me a bench seat with a removable Center section. The best modification was installing the pilothouse I found on Craigslist
  420. Fishbones

    DMV Registration

    Paid online as soon as I got the notice.... tags within a week
  421. Fishbones

    Hello new boater with first boat

    Who cares about the boat...... time to post pictures of the wife...
  422. Fishbones

    Acquiring a sixpack certification

    My son got his 100 ton license when he was 20 years old..... if that Knuckle Head can do it you should be able to get a 6 pack ticket with ease
  423. Fishbones

    Are anodes that important?

  424. Fishbones

    Converting skipjack 28 to outboards

    You beat me to it..... what size engines are you running?
  425. Fishbones

    I hear good things....

    That was my old boat before Mikey bought it. He sold it a little while back
  426. Fishbones

    WTB Cabo 216 Cuddy Con or Parker 1801

    18 Parker’s are wet boats....
  427. Fishbones

    Gotta love it

  428. Fishbones

    What’s the theory behind this?....

    Not the first time I have seen this...
  429. Fishbones

    corroded bolts

    Use a six point socket not a 12 point
  430. Fishbones

    Yamaha outboard lift eye adapter

    Lower the jack on your trailer. Trim the motor all the way down and put some blocks under the skeg. Raise the jack until the skeg touches the blocks, then remove the two bolts that go through the holes of the motor ( not the slotted ones) next loosen the bolts in the slots and raise the front of...
  431. Fishbones

    great deal on ace line hauler ends today!!!

    They might end up being illegal next season though
  432. Fishbones

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    A two month extension has been granted..... completion date is now May 31st 2018
  433. Fishbones

    WTB 60hp Four Stroke Outboard

    Stay away from the Suzuki DF 60/70hp four strokes. That includes Evinrude/ Johnson 60/70hp 4 strokes( They were made by Suzuki)
  434. Fishbones

    10 year evinrude warranty... mighty tempting

    I would make sure that the warranty is covered by Evinrude for the full 10 years. Suzuki had a 3+3 (6 years total) warranty promotion, turns out an outside insurance company covered the last 3 years and would deny most of the warranty claims
  435. Fishbones

    Propeller service

    The problem I had with Eddie a few years ago was he was more interested in building Sandcars than fixing my prop.... 3 weeks is unexceptable
  436. Fishbones

    Propeller service
  437. Fishbones

    Black Friday

    West Marine has some good deals on inflatable life vests
  438. Fishbones

    Boat trailer parking on public streets

    Why didn’t you just leave it in your driveway...
  439. Fishbones

    Be Careful Out There

    That’s about to change:
  440. Fishbones

    Trim tabs.

    Sounds like a prop seal leaking gear oil, can be an easy fix depending on what outdrive you have
  441. Fishbones

    Be Careful Out There

    Port to Port, they just needed more clearance between them.....
  442. Fishbones

    New bait tank on my center console

    How big is your boat? That’s another 600lbs + on it
  443. Fishbones

    FV San Diego out of Seaforth

    Top 3/4 day boat in the fleet
  444. Fishbones

    Turkey day trip ideas

    Try calling Capt. Clowers at 1800 FISH Tell him Rich from Southwestern Sportfishing sent you
  445. Fishbones

    Turkey day trip ideas

    What kind of fishing are you looking to do?
  446. Fishbones

    Another Blackman joins the fleet.

    Your own private Navy now
  447. Fishbones

    Fishgrappler’s skipjack restoration

    Here is a Stringer outdrive without the boot
  448. Fishbones

    Fishgrappler’s skipjack restoration

    I would use epoxy everywhere.., don’t buy it at West Marine though... to expensive
  449. Fishbones

    Fishgrappler’s skipjack restoration

    You will want to use Vinylester or epoxy to do the repairs... poly is very weak for adhesion
  450. Fishbones

    Fishgrappler’s skipjack restoration

    The OMC outdrive were called Stringers because they did not mount to the transom, just a big hole with a rubber boot. I think someone redid the outside of the transom and just put a plate on the inside
  451. Fishbones

    Fishgrappler’s skipjack restoration

    Looks like it had an old OMC outdrive at one time
  452. Fishbones

    Trailer Service?

    Maybe Henry’s trailer service, he’s mobile
  453. Fishbones

    24' Hawaiian Mosquito rebuild

    Outstanding,,, love the color
  454. Fishbones

    Suzuki outboard service recomendations

    If you are mechanically inclined I would do the service yourself, not a whole lot of Suzuki service centers compared to Yamaha around here
  455. Fishbones

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    How do you like the outboard conversion?
  456. Fishbones

    What's up with the San Diego- 250 YFT again

    Their offshore season is over
  457. Fishbones

    Bolt broke off inside the water jacket housing

    Drill it out and install a Helicoil
  458. Fishbones

    Brand New Calcutta 812 XFA Value?

    I pay extra for virgins......
  459. Fishbones

    Over rated tow weight?

    If you hurt someone while towing, their lawyer will tear you apart for being over your rated towing capacity. There are several forums discussing this issue with 3 axle Toyhaulers being towed with 3/4 ton trucks.
  460. Fishbones

    What's up with the San Diego- 250 YFT again

    Their magic 3 paddies tore apart yesterday
  461. Fishbones

    What's up with the San Diego- 250 YFT again

    Just like the old days...
  462. Fishbones

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Water in the motor....exhaust manifold leak?
  463. Fishbones

    what size pump for bait tank?

    I use an 850gph on my 60 gallon Blackman tank and have no bait issues at all, remember your water flow will increase while you are underway depending on your speed
  464. Fishbones

    Our Beloved and Free SI Launch Ramp Makeover Photos

    They pay port fees since it is a commercial business, just like charter boats do.... It’s all about the dollar...
  465. Fishbones

    Grady White Offshore 24_ 225 Yamaha 4 Stroke $12,500

    Well? What happened? Did it sell?
  466. Fishbones

    Skipjack 28 "Paddy Hopper II" gets a new fuel tank

    David hasn’t been on here since 2011
  467. Fishbones

    Floor mat

    Take your pocket knife to Costco and cut one open...........;-)
  468. Fishbones

    SOLD: For Sale: 1989 Suzuki LT500 - QuadZilla

    I had a 1990 LT 500 one of the best Duning quads ever made. Like riding on your EZ Boy recliner... Good luck with the sale
  469. Fishbones

    Sea Sport / Osprey purchase

    At least make sure they have enclosed cooling systems ( Heat exchanger)
  470. Fishbones

    Fishgrappler’s skipjack restoration

    Fender washers on one side and 3/8” aluminum angle for mounts
  471. Fishbones


    That’s just Gil Marlin trying to gather up some more beer money....
  472. Fishbones

    Fishgrappler’s skipjack restoration

    My motor mount plates are made of aluminum....I think you are correct about over compensating for the rotten stringer with all the angle iron
  473. Fishbones

    Fishgrappler’s skipjack restoration

    Any updates?
  474. Fishbones

    BD show me your SkipJack boat thread

    Looks to be a 28' flybridge, you would probably have more money invested into it than its worth... here's one ready to go...
  475. Fishbones

    6 Pack Charter Recommendation for San Diego

    On your Parker?
  476. Fishbones

    Fishgrappler’s skipjack restoration

    Laminated Veneer Lumber... very strong material in the building trades
  477. Fishbones

    Fishgrappler’s skipjack restoration

    Maybe replace it with a piece of LVL
  478. Fishbones

    fiberglass bait tanks

    Marine Exchange on Shelter Island
  479. Fishbones

    Seaswirl Stripper Wanted

    You can't swing a dead cat around here without finding a Striper for sale.....
  480. Fishbones


    Battery life is around 7 years, 15-26 miles on a charge
  481. Fishbones


    $1,400.00 for a pair of batteries. Each Segway takes two. $2,800.00 to get both up and running. 5-6k each for new Segways
  482. Fishbones


    Have two Segways ( I series) that need new batteries, $300 worth of extras included. Minor scuffing here and there $500.00 for the pair
  483. Fishbones

    Cleats, SS Antenna Mount, And Lees Rodholder

    Mike wants to know how much they weigh also......,,. ;-)
  484. Fishbones

    Newbie, still?

  485. Fishbones

    Front windshield help
  486. Fishbones

    Transom repair question

    Here is a link to when we replaced my sons Larson transom
  487. Fishbones

    Transom repair question

    Replace the whole transom, lots of videos on how to do it. Is the boat worth the effort?
  488. Fishbones

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    Took her out for a little Bay cruise... minus one window
  489. Fishbones

    1984 28' Skipjack Pilothouse "Koa Honu"

    So sorry to hear this John....
  490. Fishbones

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    One of the front windows in today.... unfortunately broke the glass on the other one..... 5-7 working days for a replacement tempered glass with radius corners and two holes for the latches. $100.29
  491. Fishbones

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    On the list of things to do Mike. Mount VHF and 2 meter antennas, radar dome, spreader light and rod holders. May even mount a solar panel up there
  492. Fishbones

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    Weighs about 100lbs Gary, the windows weigh more than the house does.
  493. Fishbones

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    Starboard side done today....
  494. Fishbones

    Snotty Ocean ... is it just me?

    It's called weather..... gotta pick your days
  495. Fishbones

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    Installed the headliner and the port side vinyl so I could install the window today. Tomorrow I will do the starboard side and by Thursday I hope to have the front done.
  496. Fishbones

    24 ft fishing boat with pilothouse

    Update? Where's the boat now?
  497. Fishbones

    FS: Lewmar Profish 1000

    Thanks Kenny, nice meeting you
  498. Fishbones

    What are these birds doing here?!

    Happens often during slight and severe Santa Ana winds
  499. Fishbones

    KEEP AN EYE OUT: Stolen & recovered boat, stolen fishing gear / Dana @ Mission Bay

    You may want to check the Chula Vista Marine swap meet next Saturday at the Marina
  500. Fishbones


    So what did I miss?
  501. Fishbones


    Stay away from anything with an OMC outdrive.
  502. Fishbones

    Skipjack Radar Arch

    .....still waiting...
  503. Fishbones

    2008 Boston Whaler

    She's been a member since 2015...... just been lurking
  504. Fishbones

    Skip Jack 24FB part out

    Why not sell it as a complete boat?
  505. Fishbones

    Swap-out outdrive 75 skipjack 20ft open.

    My mom died in 2013, you never met my "Old Lady" and you are assuming I am Chinese? You really are a piece of Shit......
  506. Fishbones

    Swap-out outdrive 75 skipjack 20ft open.

    You're a Fucking little Cunt.....
  507. Fishbones

    Swap-out outdrive 75 skipjack 20ft open.

    We are trying to tell you not to waste your fucking money by putting whip cream on dog shit. Go ahead and put that crap together and fun it..... just make sure your Vessel Assist is paid up. Maybe try another forum where they will blow sunshine up your ass with your choice of equipment... Good Luck
  508. Fishbones

    Deck Repair References... San Diego !

    Mark (Pescaloco) @ Monsoon Yacht Services
  509. Fishbones

    My new 300HP Verado must live in saltwater. Is it really that bad?

    It will look like your trim tab and transducer........ not to mention electrolysis....
  510. Fishbones

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    Final coat today
  511. Fishbones

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    First coat sprayed on this morning...
  512. Fishbones

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    All sanded and ready for paint this weekend.... decided to glass in some strips to create a channel for antenna coax, radar cables and deck light wiring. It will have removable panels for accessing everything, I will recover the inside with some marine carpet....
  513. Fishbones

    9.9 Mariner outboard SOLD

    Those were made by Yamaha, so you know how good those motors are....
  514. Fishbones

    Wtb outboard
  515. Fishbones

    Dual axel trailer- alignment job

    Make sure all your springs are the same length from eye to eye. If you have a spring that has less arch than the others it will cause the axle to not run parallel with each other. I do get a lot of tire scrub on my triple axle trailer
  516. Fishbones

    Couple Parkers -Probably Cheap!

    We will all pay for this in the long run with our insurance rates.,,,,,
  517. Fishbones

    New lobster regs

    I'm going to put Steve's ID on all my gear just in case I do something wrong......
  518. Fishbones

    Rest in Peace BDer "Afry" Arnie Fry

    ...... that sucks....
  519. Fishbones

    WTB skipjack 262 diesel

    Isn't Mikey looking for one?
  520. Fishbones

    WTB skipjack 262 diesel
  521. Fishbones

    Their back!

  522. Fishbones

    Kid on a jet ski rams fisherman

    That's why you never poach someone's fishing spot..,
  523. Fishbones

    SkipJack Diesel Parts.

    I bought the pilothouse off this boat, he says the motor runs and is willing to start it for a serious buyer
  524. Fishbones

    WTB Electric Hoop Puller

    You might want to wait on that... rumor has it that DFW is going to ban electric pullers unless you can prove that you are handicapped.
  525. Fishbones

    Shout out to "PASSPORT" Sportfishing rescue mission.

    Shortly to me is just leaving the dock or clearing the jetties..... not 10 miles off Point Loma....
  526. Fishbones

    Wtb nmea 2000 extension

    They came in Blue, Red and Black
  527. Fishbones

    Wtb nmea 2000 extension

    What color connectors?
  528. Fishbones

    Bait tank location for a 29" Grady White Chesapeake?

    After looking at your pictures I would say you should look at modifying your original one. That would be a lot of waisted space if you put a separate tank on deck.
  529. Fishbones

    Bait tank location for a 29" Grady White Chesapeake?

    60 gallon tank on the deck of my 28' Skipjack
  530. Fishbones

    Which boats for back to back 1day trips this week?

    Producer has been on the mid grade Bluefin all week
  531. Fishbones

    Time to try for dorado - location hints

    Just look for boats like 95 percent of the people do nowadays....,,
  532. Fishbones

    WTB Jack Plate

    I have a non adjustable one for $50.00
  533. Fishbones

    WTB Tachometer for OB

    What make outboard?
  534. Fishbones

    inquiry for you salts out there.

    A few years ago Del Mar to Encinitas was the hot spot close to the beach.... you never know where they could show up
  535. Fishbones

    Custom bridge...

    Must be East County....
  536. Fishbones

    Help with stuck bolts on my outboard

    Did you get them out Deb?
  537. Fishbones

    Follow the sport boats?

    Your title is misleading, northwest corner off La Jolla is where you will find the sporties
  538. Fishbones

    Come to the Best Fishing Party in Town Saturday the 26th of August

    Ali has a thread started....
  539. Fishbones

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    Yes and yes Mark
  540. Fishbones

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    It has the wipers, but I do like the idea of washers
  541. Fishbones

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    Pulled the windows and wiring today
  542. Fishbones

    In the House (Pilothouse)

    Picked up a Sea and Ski Marine pilothouse off of Craigslist yesterday 2 miles from my home. Going to strip the paint off of it and do some rewiring before mounting it. Not to many of these around on flybridges, got lucky to find someone parting one out. Last picture is the boat that was...
  543. Fishbones

    Where to purchase newer/used outboards

    You might try this Mark
  544. Fishbones

    They Dropped a Little

    A good plotter, compass and VHF radio are must if you're going to play in the big pond
  545. Fishbones

    SD bay

    Bridge area is always productive with plastics or bait
  546. Fishbones

    Places to stay San Diego

    The Dana on Mission Bay is right next to the launch ramp
  547. Fishbones

    Taxes and out of state boat purchases

    Pay the difference in taxes and will have to take it to DMV to get verified.
  548. Fishbones

    1993 Chevy Suburban K2500 (4x4) Tow vehicle

    Says 4x4 in the title.....
  549. Fishbones

    Advise about dealing with insurance for a boat claim.

    Was the offer just for the hull and trailer?
  550. Fishbones

    Trailer Fenders

    Aros in Escondido or E trailers online
  551. Fishbones

    Advise about dealing with insurance for a boat claim.

    Your insurance company should pay you the agreed price of your boat, they will recover the money from the other parties insurance company
  552. Fishbones

    Advise about dealing with insurance for a boat claim.

    Make sure they value the boat for California.... Florida values are 1/3 less than out here
  553. Fishbones


    Not mine...
  554. Fishbones

    Cost to change from tiller to steering?

    14' boat? Keep it simple, maybe put a tiller extension on the handle
  555. Fishbones

  556. Fishbones

    Question About Giving Fish Away

    You might want to keep the receipts of the processing costs just to be sure, you wouldn't want to be accused of cleaning the fish yourself and making money.
  557. Fishbones

    What is this sea creature

    Yep, Saluki's used Fleshlight insert
  558. Fishbones

    WTB 100-150 gal bait tank

    Wrong forum
  559. Fishbones


    Can't make it, but take a lot of pictures for us
  560. Fishbones

    Looking for fishing/leisure boat, help...

    I would look for a walk around cuddy like a Wellcraft or Striper.
  561. Fishbones

    82 Skipjack, Fuel issue?

    Picture of the girl please...
  562. Fishbones


    I think he went home with Maggie..... Again...
  563. Fishbones

    New boat and trailer registration in Cali question

    You may have to bring the boat and trailer down to DMV or AAA to get verified. I just purchased a fifth wheel trailer from a dealer in Arizona and still have to take it down to DMV and pay the difference in sales tax
  564. Fishbones

    New boat and trailer registration in Cali question

    You can have them put a purchase price for the hull and for the trailer only. ( You can tell DMV you had a motor already) You will have to pay the difference in sales tax though between Calif and Oregon. Outboards are not registered in Ca.
  565. Fishbones

    Swap-out outdrive 75 skipjack 20ft open.

    You're just changing out a POS to a little lesser POS.....I would look into a Volvo outdrive, Volvo did make a conversion kit years to swap out the old OMC's. You can also glass in a plug and recut for whatever outdrive you want
  566. Fishbones

    Hitachi NR83a2 framing gun

  567. Fishbones

    Fishing for opinions on SeaSwirl Striper boats.

    Decent boats, they were very popular because of the prices. Therefore a lot of Kooks (Newbies) on the water that would just pull right up on you while fishing. Everyone that owned one was labeled as a typical Striper owner.....
  568. Fishbones

    Looking to ship a boat across the country

    I too drove to Florida to pick up a boat, I enjoyed the drive
  569. Fishbones

    Pulling engine, need ideas

    Take care of or replace the oil pan if rusty, check all the seacocks to make sure they operate freely. Snug up all the bolts/ nuts on the inside of the outdrive mounting ring. Maybe replace the input shaft bearing/ bushing in the crankshaft
  570. Fishbones

    New motor from the boat grotto

    Just be sure you are positive on what size outboard you want, had a friend go in looking for a 150hp and he ended up getting talked into a 115 because they didn't have a 150 in stock. He will be putting the 115 up for sale soon.. so he can repower with a 150....
  571. Fishbones

    Need Advice - Best color for inside boat

    I'm partial to my putting green....
  572. Fishbones

    Bennett trim tabs

    Bump...... Pick up only
  573. Fishbones

    What are you towing with?

    99 percent of boat trailers use surge brakes, brake controllers are used on trailers with electric brakes ( travel trailers, fifth wheels etc) and would not last on trailers that get submerged. You can add a electric/ hydro brake system which is the other 1 percent...
  574. Fishbones

    Skipjack 28ft For Sale

    Bullet proof set up, I have the TR outdrive (Spins a larger prop) on mine
  575. Fishbones

    What are you towing with?

    F-350 crewcab diesel tows my 28' boat and 40' 5th wheel toyhauler. Not at the same time of course. ;-)
  576. Fishbones

    Hitachi NR83a2 framing gun

    In great condition, it was used as a back up gun $125.00 Pick up only
  577. Fishbones

    1977 Yamaha XT 500

    Nice! I had a 1976 with the white tank. Just make sure you turn the bars to the left when kicking her.....;-)
  578. Fishbones

    Happy Birthday Carl

    Carl who?
  579. Fishbones

    Trailer recomendations

    I wouldn't go torsion if your boat is really heavy. They do not distribute the weight on all axels, especially when you crest the top of the launch ramp. You shouldn't have any problems with a 20' Skipjack though
  580. Fishbones

    T-Top Encolsure and Boat Cover Vendor Reccomendations?

    Ortega's in Carlsbad Stark in Chula Vista
  581. Fishbones

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    Why would they even get started if they do not have an Enviro report? Now it's just going to sit like that for who knows how long.......
  582. Fishbones

    4th of July at San Diego bay?

    Traffic is going to be a bitch, you have more patience than I do.....
  583. Fishbones

    4th of July at San Diego bay?

    Anchor up at Glorietta bay in Coronado, the earlier you launch the better. The local ramps down here in Chula Vista and National City get over run by big gatherings and they will park in the boat trailer spots.
  584. Fishbones

    Keeping a log book! Who else keeps one?

    I have some old hand made drawings of the way the islands are lined up to find rock cod holes. Dead Reckoning before I bought a Loran C
  585. Fishbones

    Skipjack Offer

    Kinda defeats the purpose of a C/C with a tower on the gunwales though
  586. Fishbones

    Motor stuck in reverse

    You missed the hole in the shift rod
  587. Fishbones

    San Diego boat detailer needed

    Mark ( Pescaloco) on here Monsoon Yacht Service
  588. Fishbones

    FYI Glorietta Bay ramp is open

    All new docks, parking lot is still the same size though
  589. Fishbones

    FYI Glorietta Bay ramp is open

    Coronado ramp is open for launching boats. Only a month behind schedule
  590. Fishbones

    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    FYI. Coronado ramp is now open
  591. Fishbones

    Air Conditioners

  592. Fishbones

    Flying Gaffs

    6" Accurate gaff is SOLD
  593. Fishbones

    Air Conditioners

    Very little use, like new. Get them now before all the stores sell out with the hot weather coming $50.00 for the 5000btu $60.00 for the 6000btu Pick up only
  594. Fishbones

    Free Skipjack 24 flybridge closet

    Pick up only
  595. Fishbones

    Radar pedestal with masthead light

    Had a Furuno dome on it $40.00 Pick up only
  596. Fishbones

    38' luhrs ( who owns this boat?)

    Kinda looks like a boat that is docked at Fiddlers Cove on the Silver Strand
  597. Fishbones

    Parting out Suzuki/Evinrude DF 60/70hp

    Complete motor is SOLD
  598. Fishbones

    WTB Yamaha 150 4-Stroke

    PM Shadburke here on the board, he could probably help you out.
  599. Fishbones

    Johnson/Evinrude side mount control box

    Fits 1996 and newer engines with power trim and tilt $120.00 Pick up only
  600. Fishbones

    Parting out Suzuki/Evinrude DF 60/70hp

    Starter $20.00 Charging/ Stator $20.00 Stainless prop $40.00 Lower unit. $100.00 ECM. $200.00 Plus the rest of the motor is also available. Bad head Pick up only
  601. Fishbones

    WTB a flying gaff.

    I have a couple Art
  602. Fishbones

    Flying Gaffs

    O&H 7' 2" handle with a pair of 8" heads $100.00 Accurate 6' 2" handle with 6" head $75.00 Both sets rigged Pick up only
  603. Fishbones

    Updated boat ho list?

    Nothing wrong with that.....
  604. Fishbones

    Updated boat ho list?

    Give up on FB ?
  605. Fishbones

    1981 28' Skipjack Pilothouse "Show Time"

    One of the nicest 28's I've seen
  606. Fishbones

    Need to Lift Boat to Repair Trailer

    These are bad ass....
  607. Fishbones

    Prop problem

    I would guess you should be spinning a 17-19 pitch prop with 5 guys
  608. Fishbones

    Hillbilly tower !

    I saw a 14' Valco with a stepladder as a tower offshore a few years ago
  609. Fishbones

    Just a reminder BOAT TAX DUE

    Correction..$5,000 ;-)
  610. Fishbones

    ISO 24 skipjack

    Better jump on this one
  611. Fishbones

    Just a reminder BOAT TAX DUE

    He is rebuilding the car right now, he did have the motor freshened up a few months back
  612. Fishbones

    Just a reminder BOAT TAX DUE

    I won't be selling it, my son will end up with it sooner or later.... hopefully later
  613. Fishbones

    Just a reminder BOAT TAX DUE

    Gotta play the game....
  614. Fishbones

    Just a reminder BOAT TAX DUE

    They value my boat less than $5,000
  615. Fishbones

    28 skipjack fishermen
  616. Fishbones

    Just a reminder BOAT TAX DUE

    No taxes for me....
  617. Fishbones

    WTB Radar arch for Skipjack 25 flybridge

    Chingon in San Diego
  618. Fishbones

    Skipjack Radar Arch

    .......still waiting
  619. Fishbones

    Best SoCAL Offshore Sportboat Captains

    Mark Gillette on the Commander....... Oh Wait......never mind
  620. Fishbones

    Checked out shelter island launch ramp yesterday June 1 beware!

    Seal tours have priority on the ramp also......
  621. Fishbones

    No reverse

    Looks to be an old OMC outdrive, is it electric shift?