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  1. reel man

    SOLD Lamiglas 527

    The 527, 528, & 529 are overlooked rods that are hard to come by, but once you fish them you won't want to ever let it go.
  2. reel man

    SOLD 7ft 20-50 rod

    So what you're saying is the rod will never be used with dead bait, or lures?
  3. reel man

    SOLD 7ft 20-50 rod

    So what you're saying is the will rod never be used with dead bait.
  4. reel man

    SOLD 7ft 20-50 rod

    So what you're saying is the will never be used with dead bait,
  5. reel man

    Wiffle ball handle for Newell's

    Tried them but were not comfortable under pressure, knuckle rubbers.
  6. reel man

    Cedros Sportfishing

    Stay with 3 rods, panga's have limited rod holders
  7. reel man

    For Sale Newell 533-5.5

    He did respond to my PM, but insisted on doing a local sale, and he doesn't have paypal, so I offered to send a check that after it cleared could send me the reel only, and he could sell the rod separately. Tony told him he would take the reel, but don't know if seller responded.
  8. reel man

    Albacore season

    Still haven't seen any reports of the local caught long fins, but the season is still early. :)
  9. reel man

    TRADE Truline - black Collins MH8-1

    Looks like a green glass, GLW trade
  10. reel man

    WTB Lamiglas 528 beef stik and Roddy super 88

    Yes they made the 527, 528, & 529 beef sticks in yellow
  11. reel man

    WTB Lamiglas 528 beef stik and Roddy super 88

    Yes they made the 527, 528, & 529 beef sticks in yellow
  12. reel man

    Albacore season

    Well, albacore season is right around the corner, so which boat is going to find them first?
  13. reel man

    WTB Looking for a Truline 39 in Cobra Glass!!!!!

    Wait a minute I ran out of popcorn
  14. reel man

    SOLD Lexa 300 5/11/19

    This will go quick!
  15. reel man

    TRADE Newell clamps

    These clamps will fit all aluminum bases except 220 and 322
  16. reel man

    TRADE Tortitas de camaron con nopales

    That, my friend, is a stump puller. GLWS
  17. reel man

    For Sale Wood Tackle Boxes, Rods and Reels

    That will be great, and I'll provide my phone #818-220-0389. Thank you very much!
  18. reel man

    For Sale Truline OR36

    What is the length?
  19. reel man

    For Sale Shimano tld5 and sabre grafast rod

    They were the shit reels a few years back, and still are a great fish killing reel.
  20. reel man

    For Sale Sabres,Lamiglas & Uc Glow

    Someone jump on that 610H before I do. Can you say wahoo!
  21. reel man

    For Sale Calstar GFgr 765L rod

    This is a sweet 40 - 50# stick that comfortably brought an 85# tuna to gaff.
  22. reel man

    For Sale Wood Tackle Boxes, Rods and Reels

    I would like to buy the Boomer, but I'm in a wheel chair for a while, so can't pick it up. I'll be happy to pay for shipping to: Jerry Downie 640 Grinnell Dr Burbank, Ca 91501 Send me your paypal info and the total cost including shipping cost. Phone: 818-229-0389
  23. reel man

    For Sale Wood Tackle Boxes, Rods and Reels

    You don't return msgs, so how do you expect to sell anything. I asked about the Boomer
  24. reel man

    For Sale SUNDAY PRICE DROP! Rods and reels on consignment at Fred hall!!

    what color blank new wrapped lemon lami 9ft 30-60 jig stick $350
  25. reel man

    WTB XR7 Truline

    Are you looking for the full length or 6' 11"?
  26. reel man

    For Sale San diego Daiwa lexa 400xs-p

    Yes Tiburon makes an after market clamp, but Diawa never offered a clamp.
  27. reel man

    For Sale San diego Daiwa lexa 400xs-p

    This reel does not use a clamp
  28. reel man

    SOLD VBG TruLine

    Now that's a man's yo yo rod for the big boys.GLWS
  29. reel man

    For Sale Selling some rods-All clean

    Very nice work it shoulb gobbled up quick
  30. reel man

    XL at Alijos Rocks

    Here it is in Feb and the hoos are still hanging at the Rocks. Great report!
  31. reel man

    SOLD 8ft Truline

    That will fund your 401K GLWS
  32. reel man

    WTB Lamiglas heavy 528, 8 ft, blank or wrapped

    Saw Blake's post, but it's not the heavy one.
  33. reel man

    WTB Lamiglas heavy 528, 8 ft, blank or wrapped

    As the heading says. They made different versions of this rod, but the one I'm looking for has a lot of glass in the butt.
  34. reel man

    SOLD Or trade green Sabre PRICE DROP!

    That rod has seen some work, good bait stick
  35. reel man

    SOLD Penn 80 ST Kite Reel

    Another application these reels are excellent for is chunk fishing.
  36. reel man

    SOLD Penn 80 ST Kite Reel

    Do you know what the gear ratios are for this stump puller? :)
  37. reel man

    For Sale Truline 5x and 39 for sale or trade

    Thanks Franky that is a unique Truline and am thrilled to own it.
  38. reel man

    WTB Saltwater Bass Gear

    Best bet is to check out Long Fin Tackle. Your choice of rods for this application seems a bit short but doable.
  39. reel man

    SOLD Penn Fathom 40NLD2 (baja)

    Are you giving it away?
  40. reel man

    SOLD Newell C533-5

    Good deal, someone upgraded the bars and reel base. GLWS
  41. reel man

    For Sale SOLD 8 REELS

    I want to buy 300 DSV's, and have PM'd you.
  42. reel man

    For Sale Truline LM9, D8, MH, 36

    His curing box was 9'
  43. reel man

    For Sale Yellow glass lamiglas 527

    I know they made a thin and thick wall 528 and yours looks like thicker would fish 40 for bait on tails and school tuna.
  44. reel man

    SOLD Newell 631 4.2 Nice!!! $170.00Price drop 533 5.5 Just added

    I'll throw my 2 cents in for a fine dropper loop or yo yo reel for a inexpensive, entry level fisherperson.
  45. reel man

    For Sale Thinning out the herd Truline, Calstar, Shikari, Jaws

    It's kind of like another fishing rod, but different. o_O
  46. reel man

    SOLD Newell Reel Lot For Sale or Trade

    Pretty fair price for your reels that pretty much covers what they were intended for.
  47. reel man

    WTB Truline heavy 7’

    XR = 6' 11", XR7 = 7'
  48. reel man

    SOLD Calstar WC 665H

    Someone should jump all over this. What great yo yo/bait stick.
  49. reel man

    Report on albacore

    Where are all the albacore being caught out of SD?
  50. reel man

    Truline pricing question

    I have a D7 and a XR that Mr Collins made from D8's to make a lighter action rod for the buyer. They are both 7' and make nice great bait sticks for tails and school tuna. For what they're worth would be what the buyer is willing to pay, but of course they mine are not for sale.
  51. reel man

    Truline letter designations

    4F light, fast taper, O = original mandrel, G = octagon blank
  52. reel man

    Truline letter designations

    As I understand the 36 came from the number of pieces of fiberglass layed up on the mandrel, Don't have clue if this info is true or not. This may the case of the 39.
  53. reel man

    Truline letter designations

    How about a little quiz for the Truline experts? I would like to document all the letter codes used by John Collins on the salt water rods he produced. As a for intense VBG designates Very Big Game, but many other letters or combination of letters have a specific meaning, so that's where the...
  54. reel man

    Truline letter designation

    How about a little quiz for the Truline experts? I would like to document all the letter codes used by John Collins on the salt water rods he produced. As a for intense VBG designates Very Big Game, but many other letters or combination of letters have a specific meaning, so that's where the...
  55. reel man

    For Sale More Factory truline rods

    That TR6 is one bitchin yo yo rod
  56. reel man

    Home from VA hospital in LB, give me a pvt msg I'll get you my cell # i'

    Home from VA hospital in LB, give me a pvt msg I'll get you my cell # i'
  57. reel man

    Just got home from hospital

    Got a spinal injury from a fall at home, and have been recovering there since July 22. Have really missed following Bloody Decks, and not responding to messages. Don't know how long it will be before I can get back to the reel thing, but will keep you posted.
  58. reel man

    Best 7Foot Rod for throwing Surface iron

    Get a Calstar GG 6480 and you'll be happy
  59. reel man

    TN20 driveshaft

    Is this an original drive shaft? Shimano came out with a kit for the 16, 20, & 30 with among other things a longer drive shaft. They offered the kit as a free upgrade.
  60. reel man

    Boo to Avet!

    I'm left handed, and I find benefit in fishing right hand drive reels both in casting, and pulling power with my stronger arm. All you right hand is doing is winding line back on the reel. Casting right hand bait casters because you're ready to wind when the lure hits the water, and I don't...
  61. reel man

    Anyone lose a gun?

    You mean the pistol is on the loose. Geeze how does someone drop, or have a pistol fall out, and not realize it. Run the numbers!
  62. reel man

    Boo to Avet!

    Oh crap, now the world is going to end. Why not buy a right hand reel and convert it to left hand (if possible). The only difference is the gears are cut at a different angle, and the anti reverse is on the opposite side.
  63. reel man

    Jig Storage

    Dummy me would probably write an H in the top of the tube for the heavies.
  64. reel man

    Ever had an aluminum reel re-anodized??

    Google Reel Colors
  65. reel man

    Extreme Fishing Convict Lake

    In my younger days when I wore a younger man's clothes we would pull a run like you just did, but as the years have accumulated those trips are just memories. Thanks for posting.
  66. reel man

    WTB NEWELL G322.

    Yes they did, and all the 322's had aluminum spools. Logo will say G322-F
  67. reel man

    Chris Cornell RIP

    Lost another great musical talent, so sad.
  68. reel man

    Lupe Sea Temps

    Go to for current info.
  69. reel man

    Questions about a Newell

    Would you mind telling us why it couldn't be narrowed using the Tib kit?
  70. reel man


    Here's Jim's phone # 619 440 2371
  71. reel man


    I'll be coming off a 5 day on June 18 then go out on a 6 day on June 19, so takes me out of the game, but would have jumped on a great boat.
  72. reel man

    Looking for small Reel Part

    Doesn't appear as a separate part number, you'll have to buy the complete button. If you call Shimano and explain your prob they might be able to come up with that label.
  73. reel man

    So you finally decide to pull the trigger on a LR trip....and then

    I'm an old time chair person, but always fold it up and put it behind the ladder. I know what you're saying about chairs, milk crates, reel bags, and on and on. That's why I ride with 20 or less rather than other cattle boats.
  74. reel man

    Wsb and lots of them

    I sincerely apologize. I read the post quite differently that appeared to be 5 fish caught on a 1 day outing. And, I'd like to apologize to all that I offended. Blame it on stupidity that comes from old age.
  75. reel man

    Attorney for Corp purchase

    If this is a corporation all you need to do is have the Secretary of State send you the form to change the old officers of the corp to your name and who you designate as secretary. If needed you will have to look and the articles of incorportation that were submitted when the business was...
  76. reel man

    Wsb and lots of them

    Try real hard to re read his post once again. The limit is on per fisherman yet they had that plus some smaller ones (in the photo). The pics and the story says they were over limit.
  77. reel man

    Looking for Newell 322 badges

    Harder to find that chicken with teeth. Maybe get a hold of Valley Mfg. to see if he'll cut loose with some.
  78. reel man

    Wsb and lots of them

    Now to be the stick in the mud. Did anyone catch the counts he was bragging about. If he left fish over the limit I dought they were still alive.
  79. reel man

    Why aren't these fish moving up the line?

    Changes almost every year, just as it does for ever. Think the red crab population is dropping off after being plentiful for the last 2 years, but after the el nino the squid are beginning to make a show, and that is the preferred blue tuna food. We will get some action, but don't think it'll...
  80. reel man

    Newell S533-5.5 New In Box $375.00

    My turn, where's the pics. Good luck!
  81. reel man

    "Horse wins 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby"

    Nevermind there has to be a jockey mounted on that horse.
  82. reel man

    Penn international 6

    Collectors want pristeen condition reels for the big money. New in the box can fetch $1,200 to $1,400, but with only one picture I can see scuffs and scratches, and that takes a lot of the value away.
  83. reel man

    For Sale Green Truline 5x full length 8' 2"

    Nice rod you got there. Looks like the butt kit was done by Dave Bell, and the finish really pops. GLWS
  84. reel man

    Automotive clear for rod blank?

    Krylon has a UV protection clear I sprayed on a couple blanks about 2 years ago and they still look bright and shiny.
  85. reel man

    Hannibal bank 4-15-2017

    Would you provide evidence of these activities in, perhaps, pictures, or are you just blowing smoke.
  86. reel man

    Hannibal bank 4-15-2017

    Let's see the facts. You go to an exotic resort, you contract with boat captain to take you out, you fish for maybe hours till finally one hungry tuna takes your bait, you fight this fish from the boat, you transfer to a paddle board, you continue the fight till till the capture, and with all of...
  87. reel man

    one of our own attacked by pitbulls in avalon????

    There is no other solution for these animals, but to put them down. When they lose their control, and attack a man and his dog then they can never be trusted again.
  88. reel man

    Shogun back to back Guadalupe trips

    Unless things really change I'm bringing 5 outfits for yo yo, dropper loop, surface iron, and bass. It'll be a kick ass time either way.
  89. reel man

    Shogun back to back Guadalupe trips

    Take a look at the water temps at the island. May be a little too cool for the YF, but just right for the big YT, and bass.
  90. reel man

    Building an "ultra-light" standup rig

    Don't let the price of a rod dictate what is going to feel, and work for you. The rods you described are not what I would call "ultra light", but will kill tuna.
  91. reel man

    Wanted to buy, .308 brass

    Hook up with someone stationed at Miramar because all the brass is dumped in the recycle bins.
  92. reel man

    International Waters? Where do the rules apply?

    Got to
  93. reel man

    Just how old are you bastards anyway ??

    Korean conflict, some carried over from WWII. Hey, it filled the hole.
  94. reel man

    "Dress Blues" RCJB84XH

    Wow, I'm so impressed with the beauty, and quality of this rod. Semper Fi I would really like to acquire some of those decals to put on my rods.
  95. reel man


    You've got a great pair of killing machines. GLWS
  96. reel man

    Need a Truline XR7

    Was taking an inventory of my Trulines, and going to take pictures for insurance verification, and found I was missing my heavy XR7. Haven't used it since my 9 day in Oct, so checked with the SOA to see if I had left it on the boat. Waiting for Mike to get back to me. It would of had a Newell on it.
  97. reel man

    Need a Truline XR7

    Her's a sample:
  98. reel man

    Need a Truline XR7

    Someone out there is ready to part with a Truline XR7, and I'm just the guy that needs one. Someone relieved me of the heavy XR that I had purchased, and had wrapped in my colors, so now I need to replace it. To that someone, let your use of my rod haunt you.
  99. reel man

    Rod swap?

  100. reel man

    uses for 670xh

    Very versatile rod. Really good hoo stick, and yo yo or dropper loop. Along with those applications you can still use it as a bait stick. I have an old Sabre Stroker 672 that is similar to the rod you have, and it always goes on my multiday trips.
  101. reel man

    Rod swap?

  102. reel man

    What are Spool Reducers for?

    No other use than reducing the amount of line on the spool.
  103. reel man

    Rod swap?

  104. reel man

    Fuji rod clamp

    Do any of you have a Fuji rod clamp #28. I have a TNT being wrapped, and found it needs an extra wide shoe.
  105. reel man

    Rod swap?

    Any of you Truline afficianados want to trade a (real) XR7 for a (real) D7. Must be full 7', and must be a Collins rod. For clarification, I want to trade my D7 for an XR7 heavy.
  106. reel man

    Newell S332-5 Anyone Service These

    Sent him a PM and got no response.
  107. reel man

    Two Penn 109 $15.00 for the pair

    Post this on Alan Tani Website and they'll jump all over it.
  108. reel man

    Issue with Andros 5aii Skipping, 4th time returned to Okuma!!

    Could it be the spool shaft slipping out of the pinion gear till it rotates around for another bite?
  109. reel man

    Russian ammo. Have you ever had a problem?

    The pistol range won't let me shoot any of the Wolf brand (Russian) at their range. Said there's steel mixed it with lead which screws up their recycling.
  110. reel man

    Tax Return Fraud

    Our old Social Security cards had "Not to be Used for Identificaton", but had a new on sent and that preprinted statement is gone. May CPA files our return electronically, but both my wife and I have to sign a form that's sent to IRS allowing it to filed.
  111. reel man

    Lami 528

    This is a thick wall, but the bend in the upper end allows you really get that iron out there. Then you'll enjoy the back bone, and strength of this rod.
  112. reel man

    Non skid deck

    Get a hold of Jody on the Apollo to see what they used. It is non skid, but it won't scrape up you reels or lures if the fall on the deck. I think it's rolled on.
  113. reel man

    how far can you push the komodo

    Not my first choice for BFT there's many more reels out there that can handle this task more adequately. It'll work for little schooly fish, but you never know when that 50# might want to eat your offering.
  114. reel man

    Truline D8 Ebay wow

    Let me guess when you were born? The original rods were built in 1953 and ended around 1990. Back in the day they were the best thing to come along since sliced bread. Built to satisfy every fishing application, so many of us older folk cut our teeth using these wonderful rods. Even at this...
  115. reel man

    solid fence stain, your experience?

    Your wood needs a drink, so the kerosene and linseed oil is the best protection you can give it plus it helps keep the drywood termites out of the wood.
  116. reel man

    Truline D8 Ebay wow

    Looks to be the real thing. What's the length?
  117. reel man

    Truline D8 Ebay wow

    Don't overlook the fact that this was one transaction, and while it certainly was a high price to pay, there are others on ebay that have been gathering dust for a very long time. Have no idea if this item generated a bidding war, but the testeron kicks end, so now the buyer's remorse grabs the...
  118. reel man

    Bendo on Homeguard Yellows

    Hell of a catch! drill and chamfer a new hole in that jig and keep on fishing it.
  119. reel man


    Mark got the word and has cleaned the joint up. This is a service business, as well as, a product pushing retail operation, and it was needed.
  120. reel man

    Do you fish your Trulines?

    I recognize those wraps Ernie. Goodens!
  121. reel man

    Do you fish your Trulines?

    Absolutely fish them! D7, XR7, LM9, 36, TNT, TR6, and others depending on the trips and species we're going for. That's what they were made for.
  122. reel man

    Truline 36

    It looks like the buyer of this rod is trying to make a buck off the purchase from hookem562, and yes it was the same Fuji rod.
  123. reel man

    Wtb d8 red

    Franky wants to sell his:
  124. reel man

    For you braid users...any long term affects

    Braid or Spectra does not absorb water, but it will cut the shit out of you fingers and hands.
  125. reel man

    Learning at 74 years old

    Good to hear from the geriatric crowd. If you take pictures you can save them in your PC under Pictures or Documents then when you post on this board all you have to do is Upload a File.
  126. reel man

    Lexa 300 or Trinidad tn12 (gold) on 800L?

    Just an opinion but the bait caster doesn't look like it belongs on that "fat" rod where the 12 seems to be a better option and balance.
  127. reel man

    Unboxing a new SKB tackle storage box

    Not only send it back, but make them pay the freight. If you bought it from a tackle store then return it to them. Seems like no one gives a rats ass anymore about quality and workmanship.
  128. reel man

    That Guy charter

    Wouldn't it be interesting if a charter could be put together for a group of "That Guy", and have someone video the trip with sound, of course. Could you imagine the fire drill that would take place with maybe some punches thrown.
  129. reel man

    Visiting miami beach, any advice?

    Keep an eye on your luggage.
  130. reel man

    The one thing you forgot to bring?

    I live in Burbank, so about the time I got to Anaheim I remembered my jig bucket on my front porch.
  131. reel man

    Fishing Cedros Island

    Mark, I did speak with them, and was "blown" off with the excuse they can't control when the plane gets there, and something about the fact there were only 2 in the panga that was out of their control. I can see why Amber left, and some of the other operations are doing very well.
  132. reel man


    These are, of course, Fuji Truline rods which will affect the value.
  133. reel man

    Newell 300c

    Like looking for hen's teeth. Plenty of right side plates, but left side not so much.
  134. reel man

    Some drone footage

    Does anything live in this lake?
  135. reel man

    RIP Chuck Berry

    A true legend of rock & roll that filtered down to musicians even today.
  136. reel man

    S&W 1006

    What caliber?
  137. reel man

    Any one see this

    Put a Lojac on your next truck.
  138. reel man

    Newell P332-F Priced to sell $200 obo

    yes it looks like an oldie, so it's worth what you're asking.
  139. reel man

    Newell g440 narrow

    Yes to all your questions including ground flat drag discs that will allow this reel to fish 40 or 50# with a 5:1 gear ratio.
  140. reel man

    Newell P332-F Priced to sell $200 obo

    Easy way to tell is the holes in the bars (support posts) will have a chamfer (a slight angle around the holes. The later (2004) holes were drilled straight thru with no chamfer.
  141. reel man

    Newell 322-F servicing

    The stock ones are about the size of a nickle. The ones for the Jigmaster will work.
  142. reel man

    Newell P332-F Priced to sell $200 obo

    Is it the early 80's version with 4 drags?
  143. reel man

    Decal Making
  144. reel man

    Phenix Hybrid Inshore 927ML

    That rod is, 9' 2", and I fish 2 the 3 B's, but would not hesitate to take on a tall. This is a sweet deal, and best of cheaper than you'll pay in the store, and best of all no sales tax.
  145. reel man

    Newell 322-F servicing

    There has been some probs with putting drag material under the main gear, the teeth of the anti reverse can chew this material up. The thrust washer is usually a fiber material or plastic, and it's needed to lift the main gear so it doesn't snag on the anti reverse tension spring. If you can't...
  146. reel man

    Fishing Cedros Island

    Went with Cedros Outdoor Adventure for a 5 day trip that only netted 3 days of fishing, and I was charged for only 2 in the boat, but there were only 5 guys total in our group. Never got a refund as I was promised.
  147. reel man

    Newell 322-F servicing

    Excellent schematics, but there's no bridge pin used on Newells. I think Penn only uses this pin. The top of the bridge sleeve spindle is either grooved for a C clip or drilled and tapped for a 8-32 screw.
  148. reel man

    HELP! Tatuava or WSB?

    The WSB tail is squared off while the tatuava tail is forked.
  149. reel man

    2014 DodgeRam Mold Issues

    It's amazing what a little silicone sealer will do to correct this. Seems it the least the dealer could do to alleviate a known problem.
  150. reel man

    Newell 322-F servicing

    Yes there is supposed to be a washer under the left side bearing, and yes there should be a drag material under the main gear. You'll see the main gear is recessed on the bottom side to accommodate this drag. There can be a number of reasons you're experiencing the grind while retrieving under...
  151. reel man

    Truline lm9 FS/Trade

    I believe you have a Fuji made rod that was produced in the early 90's, and is priced about right.
  152. reel man

    PV Dry Ice?

    Have them check with the hotel about storing the boxes in their freezer.
  153. reel man

    Jig bucket insert

    Did basically the same thing with the ring in the bucket and drilled holes for the hooks. In the middle of the bucket I put a smaller plastic tub to hold all my lead. Drilled 4 holes thru the bottom of the bucket thru a piece of marine plywood and glued a piece of indoor carpet to keep the...
  154. reel man

    Penn International reels and rods for sale

    Yes, the 50SW comes with 2 spd from the factory.
  155. reel man

    Trumps address

    It is so nice to hear an American alpha male speak up for our great country.
  156. reel man

    I rest my case!

    Thank you that info, and will agree there is credence in these facts. It may come to pass the long fins do make a return to our local waters. It would make a lot of us old timers very happy to enjoy delectable tuna again, as well as, putting up some great canned fish for the future. Would be...
  157. reel man

    I rest my case!

    The bluefin take a different migration route.
  158. reel man

    I rest my case!

    Please check the biology of the blue fin tuna then for the albacore as they relate to water temps. I've done the homework, and it is indeed very similar conditions for both species. If you would research the history after the disappearance in 1986 everyone was putting forth excuses as to why...
  159. reel man

    I rest my case!

    I've heard this explanation before and it's BS. The albacore and the bluefin all like about the same water temps. Difference is the albacore are more of a surface feeder while the bluefin prefer the deeper squid schools. They aren't west of us, just like the northern migration comes right...
  160. reel man

    I rest my case!

    Please read the following attachement then maybe there is cause for alarm for our albacore fishing.
  161. reel man

    Tackle shop bitch...

    Look what we've come to. Any little inconvenience seems monumental. We've become a bunch of pussies because we were never taught work ethic.
  162. reel man

    Mexico Island Closers

    Compare Mexico's closures to those of Canada......hello I'd say the good folks in Canada are not so greedy.
  163. reel man

    Guys, take care of yourself

    When we were kids our moms didn't know any better, so we ran aound in our shorts getting blasted by all the harmful rays of the sun. My dermatologist says it takes 50 to 60 years for the shit to show up. Sqamus, basil, and yes melinoma to show up on our bodies. When we were young we were...
  164. reel man

    Which would be more rail room

    I rode the big cel on a ten day last year with 32 passnegers, and the only saving grace was all the passengers were experienced fishermen, otherwiise it would have been a chinese fire drill. The food was edible, but as you know the owners have always kept tight tabs on the food costs. There...
  165. reel man

    Which would be more rail room

    Along with that the food on the Excel sucks, its another long range cattle boat.
  166. reel man

    Cabo! Do You Take Your Own Gear?

    Save the hassle and just use the boat's gear.
  167. reel man

    Fishing Guadalupe on an October 8 day

    If you got to the ridge that's 4 days travel to and from. From Guadalupe you can run to San Martin then to Ensenada.
  168. reel man

    Purple Newell 332 (1st gen. colored reel)

    I know the history of these purple reels. A company came to Carl with some sample pellets for him to run thru an injection molding machine. Carl was so impressed he put in a very sizeable order for black pellets (standard color), but before they could produce or deliver the order they had a huge...
  169. reel man


    Don't worry there won't be a showing of albacore from the southern migration on our coast.
  170. reel man

    8ft Jigstick for Torium 20hg

    Calstar GG 6480
  171. reel man

    Cannot log in

    I'm on Firefox right now with no probs. Check your security settings, it may find this site shaky.
  172. reel man

    What do I have to do to get a big PENN sticker for man cave

    Talk to your local tackle store.
  173. reel man

    Cancelled trips

    Tax time.
  174. reel man

    Question for builders on prices to rebuild warranty work.

    It is true the blank carries a warranty that is covered by the manufacturer, but they, for most of them, do charge a replacement cost to the customer. The customer has made the decision to have his blank custom wrapped, either very basic, or fancy that was a decision the person reached. You...
  175. reel man

    powder curing oven

    I'll get it for you, I've done business with him.
  176. reel man

    powder curing oven

    Give Jim at Lead Masters a call. Just Google to get number.
  177. reel man

    Sabre 820 Identification Help

    I have a black Sabre 800 that's 7'9" (original) that's rated 15 - 30. Probably doesn't relate to your 820, but the butt of you rod is probably heavy glass.
  178. reel man

    is this newell side plate real

    it's real, and the discoloration was from the hopper being corrupted by some pellets left in from an earlier molding. It's a later side plate that used the plastic bearing adjuster.
  179. reel man

    Superbowl 2/5/2017 Winner Prediction Contest

    Excuse me! I picked Atlanta, and was very comfortable after the first half, then came the implosion. :(
  180. reel man

    Need Newell P 338 clamps... trade?

    What we have here is a failure to communicate. ;)
  181. reel man

    looking for a newell frame

    Yes the 400 series are the same as the 500 series and both can be narrowd, but you'll have a hard time finding the Tib narrow kit.
  182. reel man

    Fury 500 and 600: AR bearing strength?

    Anti reverse roller bearings will fail at 6 - 7 lbs. They were intended to eliminate handle back lash, and not much more that that. That's why most reels have anti reverse dogs installed.
  183. reel man

    Newell 322-5 Graphite Reel, Brand New, Never Used!!!

    I caution everyone that there was some sabotauge going on over at Newell, and some of the formulas were tampered with, and there were plates that came out warped, and brittle. Unfortunately some of these slipped thru the assembly room and out to the market, So cracks developed, and or chunks...
  184. reel man

    Will the Albies come

    Don't know if you remember the old days, but July 4th was the kickoff for the albacore fishing off our southern coast. It has been 8 years since we've seen the southern migration of the longfins, and this seems to be very much like what happened in 1985. We had a very good year in 1984 and the...
  185. reel man

    20# setup for yellowtail

    Top it with 40 for when you have to keep your fish from the kelp or rocks. You'll only need 4-5' of flouro for bait or iron.
  186. reel man

    Recommendations for old Penn International 30

    30S are factory 2 spd reels that will work well for your application. The only question is what pound test line and desired drag setting you're looking for? If the factory drag settings are too light the reel can be sent to Cal Sheets to modifiy.
  187. reel man

    Will the Albies come

    No albacore for this year, just like the last 10 years.
  188. reel man

    Need help with squeaky Curado 300EJ

    When reassembling the side plate I add a thin layer of grease on the top surface of the roller bearing to reduce moisture from penetrating.
  189. reel man

    Not an Openwater Jig bag

    Seem something similar to this cooler back at K mart. I bought on to store my meds and incidentals in for long range trips. They would double nicely for jig tubes, with maybe the exception of wired iron.(don't want to kink single strand)
  190. reel man

    Komodo SS Power Knob - Upgrade-able ?

    I've got a novel idea, why don't you just call Okuma with the very same question?
  191. reel man

    Thoughts on a Old School Rod

    Didn't get this 610H till I started long range fishing in '88, and needed a wahoo stick to bombs and bait which also doubles up as a great yo yo rod for the tails. I thought Calstar still made these.
  192. reel man

    free spool

    Way back in the day we would strip off line, lean the rod on the rail, wind up and throw the dine out to get it away from the boat. We kept the reel with a light drag setting till we could pick it up to "play" the bait. Today's technology allows casting a dine or mac without too much effort...
  193. reel man

    Am I really getting MY fish back from processor?

    Can't speak for other processors, but Five Star tracks your fish by the tag number supplied. Those are your fish, and that's what you will be getting back.
  194. reel man

    Okuma Komodo SS 463P vs 471P

    It really doesn't make much difference with small diameter spools, but does for larger diameter spools. You're not going to be able to crank a healthy yt to the boat anyway.
  195. reel man

    Jig Bucket Hanger

    Buy a five gallon bucket with a ring around the perimeter and cut the ring off to install in the inside of the bucket.. Drill a few holes and install cable ties to support the ring. Walla, hangs your jigs. If you're really smart take a piece of plywood and bolt it on the bottom of the bucket...
  196. reel man

    Nehalem river

    It does my heart good to hear the commiunity coming together to help people in need. That's the way it was years ago.
  197. reel man

    Really Late Report - First W/O Calico Bite + Winter Bass Trend (NC) SD

    Sounds like you have this area figured out really well. Wonder if swinging around to the other end of the reef, and re anchoring my have generated more bites?
  198. reel man

    New pup

    Beautiful, now put it to work.
  199. reel man

    Curado ej problem

    Scientific answer the kinetic energy when casting is causing some movement in the handle thus a slight movement in the drive shaft which causes the reel to go into gear. This is especially true with the single knob handle, so when casting make sure the knob is below the reel, and better yet...
  200. reel man

    1/12/17 Run of Site crossover to HTTPS

    https is a secure portal that most websites dealing with financial transactions use.
  201. reel man

    Carl told me a good one...

    Drum roll please.
  202. reel man

    Your first fish; your favorite fish to catch; your favorite fish to eat; favorite shellfish to eat

    I'm surprised no one mentioned crappie (along with the bluegill). Best eating fresh water fish of all.
  203. reel man

    Newell ID ??

    It may have been a reel I built. Need a measurement between the inside cage rings. If it's 2" then it was built like a V521.
  204. reel man

    All Coast Website???

    or tuna commander. The site fell apart after Mel passed away.
  205. reel man

    Serial Number on Baja Special 113HN

    Serial #'s were only put on International reels.
  206. reel man

    Cold and Flu...What'a Ya Do?

    Last time I caught a flu bug was Feb 1977, and I was in a business that everyone had to be on the job. Made up my mind not to shake hands, no hugs, stay 3 or 4 feet away from everyone (no airplane rides), and most of all stay away from snotty nosed kids. Here it is, 40 years later, and no...
  207. reel man

    Coues Buck - Team Effort

    May not be a Pope and Young, but still a very respectful beauty that all 3 of you worked very hard for.
  208. reel man


    There could be not one complaint about this game. It was, in my mind, the best bowl game, or for that matter any college games I have ever seen. Both of those teams can hold their heads up high.
  209. reel man

    Post your best PENN-related photo here

    Caught with a Penn 16S with 50# Momoi:
  210. reel man


    Blue cats can grow to over 100#
  211. reel man

    8 Day on the Famous RP

    Going to get a lot of shit for this but, personally the RP is a long range cattle boat.
  212. reel man

    Gifted a trip out of Davey's Locker - No early 2017 availability?

    Have you thought about calling the landing?
  213. reel man

    Brake Conversion K2500 Suburban 4wd Turbo Diesel

    I changed the shocks out to KYB's which made a great improvement.
  214. reel man

    VERY SAD...

    That's just fucking cold. ;)
  215. reel man

    Custom factory wrap HD-8

    June probably wrapped this set up for the customer in what was then the factory colors.
  216. reel man

    Looking for Tiburon silver spool for Newell 322

    Have never had a spool anodized, but have had some aluminum parts re done. The aluminum parts have been anodized then painted, so the paint has to be removed before the anodizer can strip the old black anodize. It could be done in any color, but the cost would be prohibitive. It would not add...
  217. reel man

    Looking for Tiburon silver spool for Newell 322

    Those Tib spools are twice as heavy as original Newell spools, but if it makes your heart go pitter pat having a silver spool you can disassemble a Newell spool and have it anodized. Now you would have something really unique.
  218. reel man


    Damn, it's cold. :eek:
  219. reel man

    Quality Hypalon

    I've had a few rods kitted with EVA, and have fished them for a few years with no probs. It is pretty firm, and holds it's shape, would use it again.
  220. reel man

    Seiners on the Ridge

    We've had it happen on a couple occasions, once they had us move on to a nice bluefin bite, and another time on yellowfin, so there can be cooperation between them and us.
  221. reel man

    Polaris Supreme 3 day ??

    That's a wise idea.
  222. reel man

    New (BNIB) Yeti Tundra 210qt Cooler

    Plus a heavy duty shipping cost.
  223. reel man

    ID Help on a TRULINE

    Yes, this rod came out after Mr. Collins passed away. I believe they were made by Bryan (Brian) Fugi who tried to keep the Truline rods going, but had a good number of failures with his first rods. By the time he figured out what was wrong the damage had been done, and he quit producing rods...
  224. reel man

    Value of Newell 546-3.2 ?

    Probably not much interest on the west coast, but the prices have gone up on these models on the east coast. You could try your luck on ebay and see where it goes. The guys in Hawaii want the 4.6 or 5.5 gear ratio models.
  225. reel man

    Five Star Fish Processing from Sarah

    Sarah, we will be patient. Thank you for giving us your attention.
  226. reel man

    The Italian...

    Tough crowd on BD.
  227. reel man

    Anyone know what this "iron" is?

    Side view looks like a Tady Y2, but they didn't have holes in them.
  228. reel man

    One of Those WTF Days

    From what she did to that door jamb would lead me to believe you never want to piss her off. Have a very happy Thanksgiving.
  229. reel man

    Happy Thanksgiving

    To all the good guys on BD have a very happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Be thankful for a fantastic year of fishing.
  230. reel man

    Five Star will be under new ownership?

    The new buyer is going to keep on processing fish, and will be local. I don't know if it will stay at the same location. Sara's last day will be Dec 15, and all fish left there will be donated to charity.
  231. reel man

    Five Star will be under new ownership?

    I received a call from Bonnie that they will be shutting down on Dec 16. I thought it was for the holidays, but there may be more to the story.
  232. reel man

    Want to buy calstar 610h rod or blank

    Great old school wahoo stick, or yo yo rod.
  233. reel man

    New Yoyo Stick (maybe 2)

    Ed, I've never been a fan of longer yo yo rods because of the leverage the fish has on the fisherman. Mine are 6' to 6.5' to enable me to apply more pressure on the fish, and to keep it from heading for the rocks. You and I have seen big yellowtail rock rigs using 60#, and even 80# because the...
  234. reel man

    I.D. Please

    Corvina? On the west coast? Possibility!
  235. reel man


    Semper Fi!
  236. reel man

    Sea Jay 11/9

  237. reel man

    Sea Jay 11/9

    Limits on nicer grade calico's, and a few tails on the smaller side, but keepers. Weather was absolutely fantastic, but coming into the harbor the swells were huge with giant waves breaking on the beach.
  238. reel man

    Is a Graftech 7'8" G0F78L, 20-30 lb rod too small for a Squall 25N Star Drag?

    All these decisions just because you bought a reel before you fully evaluated it's purpose. Not familiar with the Graftech you have but that's pretty narrow line test band, but in answer to your question, yes throw it on the rod and fish it. If it feels too light, or bottoms out on the fish...
  239. reel man

    Penn Torque Star Drag in black

    You might want to look at the Fathom star drag reels.
  240. reel man

    10 ft jig stick /truline?.

    slide a thin screw driver under the butt cap around till it loosens up. It will come off without tearing it up.
  241. reel man

    10 ft jig stick /truline?.

    Should be marked on the butt of the rod, but if you pull the butt cap off and half the tiptop the rod may very well be closer to 9'. John's drying box would only take maybe a 9'1" or maybe 2" tops.
  242. reel man

    10 ft jig stick /truline?.

    No, Truline could not make a 10' blank, and what fishcrazy said.
  243. reel man

    SOA trip 10/19 - 10/28

    Are any of you aboard this trip?
  244. reel man

    Looking for Newell / Murdered Out

    Those are the newer logos with the crappy chrome job. A wire brush will accomplish the same thing.
  245. reel man

    Looking for Newell / Murdered Out

    To find the answer to that question you would have to ask Mr. Jackson.
  246. reel man

    Looking for Newell / Murdered Out

    Not sure who made that reel, but the side plates, and bars were never painted white. The screws can be purchased at McMaster Karr.
  247. reel man

    WTB-Weatherby Mark V, Sako finnlight/ hunter 300

    I've got a Weatherby Mark V, 300 Weatherby Mag, Ziess 3X9 scope, sling, and soft case. Problem is it's got a left hand bolt action, but is fine for me cause I'm left handed. PM me if you want to talk about the rifle.
  248. reel man

    New Stickers Available

    Had to be a 3 bagger if that happened.
  249. reel man

    Recent Rail Rod and a Question

    You might want to delete all temp files and cookies. Go to Tools and click on Options, and click on the tab that allows dumping all the crap. Internet Explorer will get you there, and just check off what you want to delete.
  250. reel man

    Hunting Tips To Avoid Bears

    First, do they have a winter in Louisiana, and second I always carry one of those compressed air horns and give it a blast every half hour, or so, to keep the bad critters away. Side note, haven't had much luck scoring a deer, but hope is eternal. 8-)
  251. reel man

    Recent Rail Rod and a Question

    A long time ago I checked the box "remember me", and have not had any issues bringing up the site from my Bookmarks (Firefox).
  252. reel man

    Curado 300 series drag question

    Same size, carbon fiber drags.
  253. reel man

    Spare TN40 parts?

    If it does not have the spring loaded anti reverse you should get that installed, and maybe buy a couple bearings for back ups.
  254. reel man

    Vagabond 8 day oct 8

    Change those hooks. ;)
  255. reel man

    Too much!

    Mark, I have a 9 day Oct 19, so it was too close, but sure sounds like a hot trip.
  256. reel man

    Too much!

    After all these years you'd think an old man would be scaling back on the amount of equipment he's taking on a 10 day trip. With all the years of doing these trips he'd have it down as to how many rods and reels to cover all the fishing conditions that are encountered on these trips. As of...
  257. reel man

    Catachy Tackle

    They may be out of business, unless someone has a new number for them.
  258. reel man

    Catachy Tackle

    They may be out of business, unless someone has a new number.
  259. reel man

    bye bye Cabela's?

    And the best of all what ever you buy will come with Cali sales tax. This leaves the door wide open for the out of state internet sellers.
  260. reel man

    Pet Peeve

    I use these on almost all my rods, but install them at the top of the reel seat on the back of the rod.
  261. reel man

    Pet Peeve

    It's so nice that all the guys on our charters hang their jigs, and hooks down near the reel. No matter how crazy it gets there's always time to secure the hook.
  262. reel man

    Montana double Grizzly Attack......pepper spray not so good.

    There is a real man. So lucky, but maybe next time 40 (or up) cal.
  263. reel man

    J.Kennedy Fisher 720

    Sent you a PM
  264. reel man

    NEWELL P 338 $150 obo

    Other than the support posts replaced the rotten OG cheap ass aluminum bars what gives you any indication this is not an original P338? Could there be a possibility that You're HUGELY mistaken.
  265. reel man

    I am beyond pissed!!!!!

    You might have not been holding your mouth right, but seriously sounds like the thread is for shit.
  266. reel man

    More Anacapa Kingfish 9/29

    We'll be out on the Tak on Oct 4. We charter with 8 total for rail space. John is a very capable skipper, and is a pleasure to fish with.
  267. reel man


    Just bought one for that purpose. For a lever drag the spool spins like crazy.
  268. reel man

    WTB gold clamp for TN20

    I have one that I believe fits the 20 and 30 gold Trinidads. $25, so if you want it send me your name and address and I'll mail it to you. Contact me at: [email protected] Jerry
  269. reel man

    Jerry Jones has something to say !

    However, he did say, "I got to give a big pat on the back to our entire team, our coaching staff, our entire organization," Jones said. "We strongly, strongly support the flag. In every way, we support — it's almost ridiculous to be saying it — the people that for generations and generations...
  270. reel man

    Open Letter to San Diego Fishing Charters...

    I think these are the facts, our fishing fleet doesn't spend but a few days out of the year plying these waters, and the locals have access 24/7, 365 days a year, and they get bitchy over the few times our boats intrude on "their" turf. I do a couple 10 day trips every year, and have never...
  271. reel man

    WTB: 7ft-8ft XH stick

    H Have a 700 XH Calstar that I'd be willing to part with for, $200, buy you would have to pick up.
  272. reel man

    Vacuum Sealed Bags

    Couple of things, your rubberseals (gaskets) could be drying out thus not getting all the air out, so what I do is lightly brush on some cooking oil or mineral oil on the seals. If you're making your own bags from a roll make sure the first sealed end of the bag looks tight with no gaps or...
  273. reel man

    Want to buy or trade 30-80 lb 7 foot

    Old school, heavy Truline D7 New school, Calstar 610 H, or XH
  274. reel man

    Sabre 655XXH & Penn 6/0

    That is a classic, and the rod is wrapped in my colors. Back in the day that was the trolling setup you had to have, and it will get the job done today.
  275. reel man

    what type of alcohol additive for 2 stroke

    The water will be at the bottom of the tank so using a nose you can cyphon out the water till you get clean fuel.
  276. reel man

    what type of alcohol additive for 2 stroke

    If the "shop" said there was water in your tank why didn't they recommend evacuating the tank and dry it out? You can do this yourself by emptying the tank, and let it dry out.
  277. reel man

    MT Fuji marauder

    With the swivels it has on it sure looks like a Yozuri.
  278. reel man

    Newell reel hardware

    I've got some assorted long screws from different Newells, so you'll have to give me a length measurement.
  279. reel man

    Arm and hand cramps

    Ah yes, the old salt tabs, remember them well.
  280. reel man

    who makes the softest/limpest 40-60lb mono?

    Momoi (Not the Diamond)
  281. reel man


    Great looking rack, but it's predicated that the upper deck has rail space available for it.
  282. reel man

    Arm and hand cramps

    Short term, down a shot of apple cider vinegar. Long term, may be something lacking in your diet. Fact is almost everyone will experience some cramping if they fish hard enough. :-)
  283. reel man

    ---Calstar GG 6480C jig stick---

    Had one wrapped up for this years long range, and was very pleased with it's action and power. Plus it gets a surface iron way out there.
  284. reel man

    Looking for Truline XR7 rods

    Check out a Calstar 610, or 610H, it's 7'.
  285. reel man

    Red Newell parts for 322

    You might need a spool to go with the base and bars. Why don't you send those parts to me?
  286. reel man

    Looking for Truline XR7 rods

    Be careful to expose the butt to confirm it's heritage. John Collins made so (lite) D7's from D8's for certain customers that wanted a bit lighter rod. The rods that were made from D8's usually will show half an 8 on the very end of the rod, followed by D7.
  287. reel man

    Looking for Truline XR7 rods

    Bump for a good guy.
  288. reel man

    Graphite Reel Seats

    Weight savings, and keeps the reel closer to the rod.
  289. reel man

    Mono topshots for hoos

    For wahoo you don't half to cast a half a mile, they're right near the boat feeding on chum. You won't have to burn your thumb on medium casts, and you'll get better hooksets with a short leader. Straight tie wind like crazy, and when you get hit wind even faster. With wire you will get bit...
  290. reel man

    Tuna Poke Excellent recipe

    Now you did it, have to thaw out some tuna.
  291. reel man

    Another Angler Ruined At The Start

    Ah, sweet bird of youth! Of course he's ruined for life. :-)
  292. reel man

    Binoculars Leupold 10x50 Wind River NOS

    Forgot to let you know that these glasses are fantastic. Thank you for making these possible.
  293. reel man

    Knot Recommendation for 80# - 100# Fluoro

    On my troller using 100# I tie a double SD knot. Never had a failure.
  294. reel man

    Jig bucket insert

    If you look at the pics the jig holders are on the inside of the bucket. However, check with them they say these are discontinued.
  295. reel man

    Jig bucket insert

    Found this on the web:
  296. reel man

    AFW wire for wahoo bait leaders

    I go for the meat first then go to the iron. Bombs early in the AM then switch to the iron straight tied.
  297. reel man

    Moral of the Story

    She didn't mention her mommy was having PMS.
  298. reel man

    AFW wire for wahoo bait leaders

    The #1L eliminates the need for 2 sleeves.
  299. reel man

    8.27.16 Report

    Good report. We were out Wed, and only found runt YT up the backside of Cruz.
  300. reel man

    Large Rod Builder Decals/Logos

    Absolutely, the rod builder will be more than happy to build it the way you want it. Fishing rods are not billboards, nor are they advertising media.
  301. reel man

    One more before school starts

    Creating a great memory, way to go with persistance.
  302. reel man

    Channel Island Yellowtail?

    We had good luck using a quarter oz sliding sinker on 40#, and naturally a good swimming bait. Nothing on the dropper loop, and no luck on the iron, but no one tried a flat fall.
  303. reel man

    County Line/Deep Hole

    It's Depot, not deep hole.
  304. reel man

    Utter BS!!!!!! Venting

    Have you talked to a pharmacist about that expiration date. Often times it's placed on there because it's a requirement. I'm type 11 diabetic and some of my drugs extend beyond the expiration date, but my pharmacist assured me they're fine.
  305. reel man

    Shogun - Drinks and Ice

    You might want to call the Shogun's office and ask Jen these questions.
  306. reel man

    La Pesca Baja a success in San Quintin

    Thank your the airline update, and the fishing reports.
  307. reel man

    Sea Jay 8/24

    Went up the back side of Cruz for a few runt tails, a bunch of bigger bones, and limits of calicos. Then down to Yellow Banks to try for the bigger tails, and had them boiling all around us but no takers. Finished off the day outside the olive orchards for nada. Gread weather, calm seas, and...
  308. reel man

    is it me, or BD?

    Mine's fixed right now.
  309. reel man

    Does any BD-er have a termite/exterminator business?

    Here's what I recommend to folks out of our area. Call a local real estate broker, and ask who they have worked with in your area.
  310. reel man

    Does any BD-er have a termite/exterminator business?

    We have a termite business, but we're way up in Burbank, so you're out of our area. I'll ask my son, who's running the business, if he knows a good guy down your way, and if so I'll shoot you a phone #.
  311. reel man

    is it me, or BD?

    Mine is the section Breaking News
  312. reel man

    Newell 440-5 trade value?

    Sounds like a "No Letter", and if it has the ss bearing cups in the side plates it could fetch $150, and up. Now that there are ways to hop up the drags it could make for a good YT reel.
  313. reel man

    What to do with all those shorties

    Speaking as an oldtimer of the long range era when all the heavy rods used for the cows were 6' or less in length, and spectra/braid line wasn't around yet, or for that matter when it did show up a lot of the long range boats didn't allow it's use. What does one do with all these glass rods...
  314. reel man

    Need help with squeaky Curado 300EJ

    Find a socket that just fits the roller bearing and tap it out from the outside of the side plate. If it's got rust in it it needs to be replaced.
  315. reel man

    WTB tiburon P21 frame

    Some of us aren't that familiar with the Tib numbering system, so what does this frame fit?
  316. reel man

    8/14 Anacapa and quick look offshore

    Hey, if you don't make the effort you'll never get the reward. Nice report! We'll be out there next Wed.
  317. reel man

    Need Help Identifying Old Rod Blank

    What you're describing sounds like a conolon or maybe a harnell, but with out more info that's just a guess.
  318. reel man


    See if he'll allow you to pull the butt caps and unwind some of the cork tape to see what's written on the rods.
  319. reel man

    Need Help Identifying Old Rod Blank

    What color is the blank? For sure it's not a Truline, John couldn't cook anything over 9'. What size tip does it have?
  320. reel man

    Technique if you're about to get spooled?

    If you hook into a biggy, and he wants to go to Hawaii then as a last resort put your thumbs on the line and press down on the foregrip, then pull back on the rod to vertical, repeat this 3 - 4 times, and sometimes the fish will turn, but not always, so point the rod at the direction of the fish...
  321. reel man

    Needle Crook leather sheath

    Is it suggested to oil the pouches? It softens the leather, and keeps the saltwater from drying them out.
  322. reel man


    Getting back to normal fishing after the El Nino. Some boats get the hunks, and some get the skunk.
  323. reel man

    Just replaced Manifold Now Won't Start

    Those questions are way over my head. You'll need input from boat owners.
  324. reel man

    Just replaced Manifold Now Won't Start

    Sounds like one of your ground wires may have pulled out of the banjo clip (if that's what you have crimped on your wire), so check that wire is firmly attached.
  325. reel man


    And these would be glass rods?
  326. reel man

    Great albacore fishing?

    So, how's the albacore season going? Good counts in our southern waters? :nopity:
  327. reel man

    Ringed Eagle Claw Trokars?

    Those rings pictured do look a little skinny.
  328. reel man

    R.I.P. Island Tak deckhand legend Jon Ellis

    I, and all the guys in our charter group who have fished with Steve and Jonny are in total shock. We all had a special relationship with Jon as everyone else that knew him are going to miss him terribly. God be with you Jon.
  329. reel man

    Binoculars Leupold 10x50 Wind River NOS

    If they're the real deal. :cool:
  330. reel man

    Wahoo lures

    Those are Dennis Braid copies of Intruders.
  331. reel man

    209 Report- Theft at Dana point

    Sorry for your loss, but have to say this, don't give them any edge, lock your vehicle up and set the alarm any time you walk away.
  332. reel man

    Has anyone seen Ace Carter?

    He was living out in Solidad Cyn, but that was a long time ago. Last time I talked to him he was fighting the MLPA's.
  333. reel man

    Newell 500 series gear set

    I've PM'd him to take care of his needs, so Drumford you can go back to your corner again. :rolleyes:
  334. reel man

    Penn International II 16s 2 speed vs Talica or Torque

    Do yourself a favor and have Cal bump the reel up to handle 50#. I had 4 of them for many uses.
  335. reel man

    Graphite refinish/repair help please

    Strip it down to the blank, sand with 500 grit, and shoot it with Krylon UC clear. There may have been some foreign material hit that original coat to make it check out.
  336. reel man

    Anything in Albuquerque NM???

    Not too much close by for fishing, but they have some wild pig hunting in the red light district.
  337. reel man

    Tuna canning

    To me this is the best tip of all, put your tuna in pint or half pint jars that are really clean then (very important) fill to just over the top of the meat with chicken broth. This will make the tuna so mild you'll eat it right out of the jar. Stuffing the meat with a jalapeno is a great idea...
  338. reel man

    Modern jig slinger

    If you still are in love with the 332 then send it to me, and I'll restore it, and only charge you for the any parts replacement. Yes, I do have parts. Got a technique to hot rod the drags, so you can put the wood on those pesky tails.
  339. reel man

    Schanables irons

    Old fashion greed! Buy low, sell (too) high makes wonder what the person thinks of our fishing group.
  340. reel man

    38 tails on the Sea Jay

    Started fishing at the west end of Anacapa around 6 AM, and got into a very steady bite of 12 - 20 tails, all on big dines. Six passengers had a blast on them with a few bigger than average calicos in the mix.
  341. reel man

    Smoked Brisket Method From a Pit Master

    I would think choice would even be more tender, but what do I know. I live in Burbank, so where is this restaurant? PM me if you like.
  342. reel man

    Spirit 5 day 30 WSB

    Better check out the map cause it's Benito Is.
  343. reel man

    Who in your life should have the combo to your gun safe ?

    Give it to your executor of your estate.
  344. reel man

    Braid cutters / scissors

    Which ever you choose, never cut anything but spectra/braid line with them.
  345. reel man

    wtb a truline 6x thick walled.

    6X rods are 8', and a friendly piece of advice, watch out for this seller.
  346. reel man

    wtb a truline 6x thick walled.

    Well, that's a fine how do you do. How about, at least, telling him the web site he should be searching for. :appl:
  347. reel man

    wtb a truline 6x thick walled.

    Perfect description.
  348. reel man

    wtb a truline 6x thick walled.

    And be careful to not to buy one made in the early 90's. The butt end of the rod will tell you if it was rolled tightly.
  349. reel man

    Bluefish Tuna...?

    All right guys, I know for a fact there are bluegill tuna fish out there, and Lord knows they need our protection especially from all the drought conditions we've experienced. Oh, by the way, what super markets, or fish stores are going to be selling blue fish tuna to our children, and their...
  350. reel man

    F/S Shimano Trini 16 gold DC upgrades

    And the variable clicker control has been removed, so better free spool.
  351. reel man

    WTB: Newell 533 or 540 reel

    Those reels were actually made for one of the sport fishing boats in San Diego. Carl gave about 100 reels to a number of boats, and identified each boats reels by making the knobs different colors as well as reel bases and bars, so in essance this is a stolen reel, and Carl knew they were being...
  352. reel man

    Newell Graphites?

    The original bridge sleeves had a 8 tooth cogs on the bottom of the bridge sleeve, and that carried over to the early G series with the 3 stack drag, and a brass alloy sleeve. Later in the G series Carl went to a 10 tooth cogs to shorten the backlash on the handle when you engaged the reel...
  353. reel man

    Newell Graphites?

    Go to Alan Tani's website, Bryan Young sells a 5 stack drag conversion kit that will jack the drags up on this reel to allow you to fish 40#, and 50# with ease. The kit cost is well worth it. Think it costs, $27.
  354. reel man

    Wahoo set up for upcoming 8 day

    I'll let you in on a little secret, just fish with a butt hooked sardine with Knot to Kinky, or straight single strand wire. You don't have to cast far because the hoo's hang near the boat picking off chum.
  355. reel man

    Newell 332

    Your reel appears to be a Valley Mfg model, and that's a very good thing cause he did make some great improvements in the Newell reels. GLWS
  356. reel man

    Shogun 6 day skiff trip

    Who's signed up for the Jun 19, trip?
  357. reel man

    Truline Rods

    Absolutely fish them, that's what they were made for.
  358. reel man

    Truline Rods TNT and 3X

    I used my D7 to wench a 3,500# safe out of my garage.....almost true story.;)
  359. reel man

    Truline BLB Blank

    John Collins did not write Truline on his rods, but the first B is for blank, and I suspect LB is live bait or light bait rod. Is it pretty soft?
  360. reel man

    Truline Rods TNT and 3X

    Nice looking rods, too bad they don't have the correct Truline labels.
  361. reel man

    Truline Rods TNT and 3X

    All TNT's are going to blow up which is probably the case with this rod. If it hasn't snapped at the tip then the butt could be extended to obtain the correct length, and fished till it blows up.
  362. reel man

    "Red Snapper" so what is it really?

    Our red rock fish are Vermillion.
  363. reel man


    First, why did you have to cut HT100's to work in a Newell? If you buy HT100 for a Jigmaster they bolt right in. Second, the old Blackies and P series reels had a 4 drag system that was just a selling point for Newells back in the day when they were competing with Penn reels. They never could...
  364. reel man

    WTB Newell 500 sieries Left Hand retrieve

    Any 500 series will do, but must be left hand retrieve. Please let me know what you have.
  365. reel man


    To truly test the drags the reel should be mounted on the rod you intend to fish it on then run the line from the reel thru the guides. Use a spring scale to find out what the max number of pounds of drag you're getting. There's no advantage trying to dead lift a concrete block unless you plan...
  366. reel man

    Graphite USA 79xf for sale

    What a sweet rod that's so versatile. I have the 79F & 79XF, and these sticks kill fish. GLWS
  367. reel man

    Allmand Boats

    A friend of mine had an Allmand boat back in the late 60's powered by a V6, then converted to a V8, but this was more like a cabin cruiser.
  368. reel man

    Is this for real..?

    Saw the same story on Yahoo today, so another conformation. Big O'sumbitch!
  369. reel man

    Real Slow (as in slow slow)

    Jason, don't remind us how far we've come from "Dial Up". 8-)
  370. reel man

    Refinishing a rod blank?

    Thank you Bill for the video. You say you used 500 grit for the final sanding, but which grit (wet/dry) do you use for the first sanding?
  371. reel man

    Refinishing a rod blank?

    Just finished stripping a Truline rod, and now want to refinish it, so would like some suggestions on the correct way. I've had rods that were sanded with a couple different grits then shot with a finish that have held up very well, but don't know want grit sand paper to use, nor do I know...
  372. reel man

    Newell 440?

    I think they're all out of these kits, and are not making anymore. Greg Chow was selling them on ebay, but they're all gone.
  373. reel man

    Seeker pinhead PH-sd8 for surface iron

    Same here, so went with a Calstar GG6480 for surface iron chucking, and it was a lot less $ than the Seeker.
  374. reel man


    A+ for the effort, and your time will come.
  375. reel man

    Surface Iron Ring Tie Hole

    Deburring tool. Just spin it around the hole, and it pushes the ring around. Easier if you remove the ring.
  376. reel man

    FS: Truline octagon 1580 $200

    The rod was an original 8', and anyone can wrap factory colors. If you were to remove the butt cap and cork to expose the writing on the rod it will call it a 15-80.
  377. reel man

    FS: Truline octagon 1580 $200

    Just my opinion, but that's a lot of $ for a rod that's been cut down.
  378. reel man

    Truline Question

    Don't think it's cobra glass, but it should fish 40# as a bait stick, and can be used as a yo you stick.
  379. reel man


    Chris Keiterling bought the molds years ago, and was poring them at my shop in Burbank. Got snookered by a slime ball Butch Chapman so shut the operaton down. I think Dan Fink has the molds. I had buckets full of #4's and BCL (Butch Chapman Lights) that may or may not have hooks on them. I...
  380. reel man


    Launch fee, $7.50, comes with a free car wash.
  381. reel man

    Judge Judy show today

    Didn't cost the owner of the boat because those cases shown on her program are paid out of a fund. The only thing he was out was the time spent in court.
  382. reel man

    FT Newell g229

    Thought someone would jump all over your offer. The 229 is one of the most versatile reel Carl made.
  383. reel man

    Need a couple harness lugs for a Tib SST

    Got them in the mail today, and want to thank you very much.
  384. reel man

    Wtb Newell 533

    Are you looking for a stock 533, or one that's been narrowed, and which make and model ie - P, No Letter, C, S, or the rare V?
  385. reel man

    Wtb: gold trinidad handle

    It might help if you told us which Trini this handle goes on.
  386. reel man

    Need a couple harness lugs for a Tib SST

    Got your msg. Those are the ones I'm looking for. Can't believe Tib doesn't have any spares. Thanks so much!
  387. reel man

    Just wondering ???

    Did you look for remember me, or stay logged in?
  388. reel man

    Need a couple harness lugs for a Tib SST

    I'll give him a try. Tib has none in stock.
  389. reel man

    Need a couple harness lugs for a Tib SST

    The harness lugs fit all the Tib's SSTs, and I've got a 30-80 that needs the harness lugs.
  390. reel man

    WTB: left hand Newell 533

    Nothing is available from Valley Mfg, so far, and it's doughtfull there will be any parts coming out of there till he sells the business.
  391. reel man

    WTB: left hand Newell 533

    Don't remember them ever making them, but they did have the bridge sleeve, and gears for them.
  392. reel man

    found box of hali gear in port angeles

    Was this stuff in a green bucket? :hali_ruahahaha:
  393. reel man

    seal killed and raped......sounds crazy right?

    Horny little bastards aren't they?
  394. reel man

    Just throwing it out there

    The "enviors" folks are beating up on the wrong area. They need to go over there, and get their asses shot for snooping around.
  395. reel man

    Lexa 300 PWR 5.1:1 gear disadvantage?

    The lower gear ratio does help with the retrieve on larger tails, but the drawback is if you're going to throw surface iron then you'll have to really adjust your retrieve speed.
  396. reel man

    Outstanding Customer Service from the companies that support our passion.

    Bob is a fisheman, and very likable, will go out of his way to help, but I've found Rich has the personality of a rock, and only has dollars at heart, but that's just my interpretation, and others may have another opinion.
  397. reel man

    Outstanding Customer Service from the companies that support our passion.

    You would not get that service out of Rich Duncan at Tib.
  398. reel man

    Best tackle box or tackle bag?

    For local, 3 B trips, I have the Albackcore back pack. For the albacore (extinct)/blue fin 2/3 day trip one box that fits in my jacket pocket with assorted hooks and sliding sinkers. For 7 days, or longer, bought a Flambeau 2276 box that absolutely holds everything needed with front panel...
  399. reel man

    penn 3/0 gold accurate

    Back in the day these things were on fire, but time marched on with newer lighter, stronger, and better gear selections kind of obsoleted these conversions. GLWS
  400. reel man

    WTB Lexa 300 PWR

    Got what you're looking for.
  401. reel man

    lost gear van nuys area

    Hey, I recognize the picture of the guy in the photo. Seen him before, but can't remember where or when.
  402. reel man

    Pac bay green blank nos

    What you trying to do, blow my cover? I bought 3 Shikari's from Moe at Fisherman's Depot for, $80 ea. ie - 809 (2) & a 909, green blanks for calico fishing, so you rod might fit in my arsenal for chucking light, small irons at the checkerboards. Where did you come up with the Gay shit?
  403. reel man

    A Happy Passover!

    cow man, did that go over your head?
  404. reel man


    Berkley Big Game came first. I still have some spools of pink that Carl gave me.
  405. reel man

    Desperately Seeking Newell clamp screw

    If you can't locate them at the big box I have the long ones. You'll have to send me (PM) you name and address. I'll give you the screws, will need $3 for postage.
  406. reel man

    Newell p220 5 stack

    Decent price for a re released P220 with (hopefully) greased drags that will handle all inshore species, and school bluefin. GLWS
  407. reel man

    Newell Question

    Summary: Blackie 322-F, 79-81, P322-F, 82-85, G322-F, 86-91, "No Letter" 322-5, 92-94, C series didn't have any 322's, some 3 blank blank -5 around 97, and so S series till the end of all production. All had an aluminum spool for all production models.
  408. reel man

    Truline 6X F/T

    Absolutely, it is just as popular as the TNT for that application.
  409. reel man

    United composites GUSA

    Length would help?
  410. reel man

    WTB Calsheeted Penn 80 Narrow

    I have an Intl 80ST, 2 spd, Cal's magic touch. If you're interested PM me.
  411. reel man


    Of course I did, but we charter with 8, and not all are heavy iron users.
  412. reel man

    Wtb t-16 baker frame clamp nuts

    Those are called sex nuts (really), and depending on the thread size other mfg's have the.
  413. reel man


    We'll be out Wed, and hopefully get on them. Dropper loop?
  414. reel man

    Wtb t-16 baker frame clamp nuts

    What's wrong with your nuts Franky?
  415. reel man

    Windows 10

    Thank you! Finally figured that out yesterday.
  416. reel man

    Windows 10

    How do I get the Control Panel on Win 10?
  417. reel man

    WTB: Newell P-322F

    Oh, wait, it's a left handed reel.
  418. reel man

    WTB: Newell P-322F

    Yo you, maybe for shallow, but doesn't have enough for deeper drops.
  419. reel man

    End of Sports Chalet

    Looks like they're closing the doors:
  420. reel man

    Wahoo Reel.

    The Trini 30 picks up more line per crank than a 40, and is more comfortable to fish with because it's smaller diameter, and a bit lighter.
  421. reel man

    WTB: Newell P-322F

    Now, it's time for me to be greedy cause I made most of them floating around out there. (Carl didn't think there was any use for skinny reels) $333.33 + shipping if needed.
  422. reel man

    8' surface iron stick

    Good suggestion, I didn't pull on that one, but will. It'll be 6 weeks before my rod is done, so have time change my mind. What little mind I have left.
  423. reel man

    Newell graphite 440-5 problem

    Yep, your bearing(s) are toast, so they need to go. Send me your name and address, so a set can be sent to you for, $8.
  424. reel man

    1/0 Senator, Baby Baja?

    Newell made a conversion kit for the 501 that bolts right into a 1/0.
  425. reel man

    8' surface iron stick

    Fished D8's for many years, and found most of them pulled differently. Pulled on a BTG 6480 today, and ordered a blank. The 64 series always did shut off quicker, and this one shuts off about a third of the way from the tip, and it told me, "I won't hurt you".
  426. reel man

    is 1982 old enough for reminiscing?

    Yep, brought home a blue meat Ling, so wifey took one look at it and said, "I hope you aren't expecting me to eat that". Battered and deep fried she asked me if I threw that blue stuff out. LOL
  427. reel man

    8' surface iron stick

    Thanks for all the input guys. I'll be looking at a BGT 6480 tomorrow at Bob Sands. I don't spend as much time hefting iron as I once did, but still get off when that tail swallows my iron. Sold all my 9' stuff, and a long time ago sold my 4, D8's. Won't miss them.
  428. reel man

    8' surface iron stick

    This fat, old man can't handle the 9 & 10' jig sticks on the fighting end, so thought I'd step down to 8', fishing a 332 reel. Any recommendations for a blank or rod to fill this nitch.
  429. reel man

    Enough is enough!

    Would love to.
  430. reel man

    Enough is enough!

    Well now my computer geek friends explains it all. Firefox has a square fart, and some massaging will have to be performed to make it snappy. For all your wit and criticism (spelled correctly this time) reminds me of vultures waiting for a kill. :appl:
  431. reel man

    Enough is enough!

    FYI got cable speed, got 12 Megs Ram, and for your STFU comment you sound like some grumpy old fart that likes starting a pissing contest. Contructive criticisum is the best way a web master has to evaluate how the site is running.
  432. reel man

    Enough is enough!

    Goddammit, upgrade your servers, or control your greed. This website is getting more and more bogged down from all the bullshit adds that have to be loaded up, and before we go to another string it starts all over again. I've got patience because I'm a fisherman, but this had gotten...
  433. reel man

    WTB 528 lamiglas

    Da butt man, da butt. How much glass is in the butt? I got the black with mucho glass in the butt. Sure it will put the hurt on the hoos.
  434. reel man

    Stolen gear, moderators feel free to move this

    They still hang horse thieves don't they?
  435. reel man

    Truline 7x OG Octagon FS

    Hang it on the wall, or over the fireplace in rememberance of your Grandpa.
  436. reel man

    Newell S332 base

    base and bars are the same.
  437. reel man

    Newell Blackie 338-F classic reel

    Rare to find one without cracks in the side plates. GLWS
  438. reel man


    Carl was given Berkley Big Game mono to base the reel capacities. The Blackies came out in 1979, and the brochures came out at that time.
  439. reel man

    Maximus tales (PG 13 version)

    What a fantastic write up! Thank you, it was as if I was there. The last time I was in PV was 1988, and they just completed the marina in 1986. The 105 was running trips to the Revilla's, and we stayed at the Gloria Iquanis Hotel.
  440. reel man


    The brochure says the 440 is 2 3/4" wide, I think they meant the 344.
  441. reel man


    Anyone catch the error, and if you did post it up.
  442. reel man

    Newell S332 base

    The aluminum reel base will bolt right in, but if you have one of those reels with the through frame screws, then you will need 4, 5-40, 3/8" assembly screws.
  443. reel man

    Penn reel cover ?

    Remember, one size fits all (at least when it comes to condoms).
  444. reel man

    If any one is bored.......

    WTF my mommie gave me permission to view this link.
  445. reel man

    FS: Baker/Penn International 50

    Do you know the gear ratios.
  446. reel man

    WTB 528 lamiglas

    Took quite a while before finding mine, but they are a sweet that will handle 40, even 50. Lamiglas made more than one version of this rod from light to heavy in 8'.
  447. reel man

    otter off La Jolla

    If, in fact, it is an ocean otter then some animal hugger dropped it in the area because there hasn't been any migration this far south. Last time an attempt to establish a colony was at San Nicholas island, and they didn't stick.
  448. reel man

    For sale Skipjack 262 diesel $44,000.00

    Our BD hall monitor at work again. Drumford get over it!
  449. reel man

    Slop in reel after spooling

    That's the way most reels operated. I'd be concerned if the pinion was jumping away from the spool when its under load.
  450. reel man

    Selling my Newells...

    Jef, get a clue buddy, those models are POS series, and you'd be lucky to get a hun out of them.
  451. reel man

    Slop in reel after spooling

    Probably just the pinion gear catching up with the shoulders on the spool. Put your thumb on spool and wind the handle, if it isn't engaged you will feel it take hold, and if it's already engaged the spool should turn right away.
  452. reel man

    Newell P-series handles

    The handles with no holes are from the Blackie series.
  453. reel man

    Truline D7

    Got the pics and forwarded them to Ed. Waiting for response.
  454. reel man

    Custom YT special

    I leave the top bar out anyway cause it just gets in way of your thumb. I just run a 40 thread screw thru and put a nut on the screw then Dremel off the excess screw.
  455. reel man

    Custom YT special

    Why didn't you just mill off the outside edges of the bars, drill and re tap. You would end up with a more accurate length.
  456. reel man

    siliflex rod blanks

    they were a good rod back in the day, but before buying I would want to pull on them to see if they fit in my arsenal.
  457. reel man

    Harnell 724 re-wrapped

    I needed a Lamiglas decal, and found them on:
  458. reel man

    Lamiglas label

    What is the color of the Lamiglas rod label? Rod is a 528, 8'.
  459. reel man

    Harnell 724 re-wrapped

    Did you get them?
  460. reel man

    Truline D7

    Damn that is a sweet rod. I own 3 of them, fish 40 & 50 on them for hoos, tails, and sea bass, and if a decent tuna comes long it will die too.
  461. reel man

    Selecting the right jig or artificial

    Before I make ready for the long range trips the iron needed for wahoo can vary quite a bit, so with feedback on what they're been chewing on is most important to me. It prevents the iron overload, and it gives time enough to decide whether I'll be wiring, fluoro, or straight tie, and actually...
  462. reel man

    Newell 322 question

    You can put a little dog leg in the tension spring. This will do 2 things, it will put less pressure on the dog, and it will not rub on the main gear.
  463. reel man

    Truline id help needed

    What ever you do, do not use any chemicals. Single edge razor blade, and just take your time. What was written on the rod was coated over with the finish, so everything above the finish will scrape off. It's like opening a Christmas present.
  464. reel man

    Truline - Thank you!

    That's so cool to have that rod all these years, and be able to get some info to identify it. Fish it hard brother! Forgot to ask if it's 7 or 8'?
  465. reel man

    WTB Quality Rod Rack

    Go to Squidco, they may have a lead on what you're looking for.
  466. reel man

    FS DAIWA STEEZ 100HA for $200

    Are you selling both Pluton's for, $275?
  467. reel man

    Florida Cool Down!

    Not yet, but they're coming. They've reached Mag bay, and are moving norte.
  468. reel man

    Dartanium users

    I have the same dilemma, and can't think of any alternative use for them.
  469. reel man

    Decals for vintage rods

    I have Truline and Harnell labels, so let me know what you're looking for. They're the real labels, and I get, $3 each.
  470. reel man

    Help with a international 50

    You've backed off the drag adjustment knob too far, so yes it's stuck, but put the know in a vise, and take a big screw drive to loosen it up. At the same time make sure the key turns as well. Line up the key with the slot and you should be good to go.
  471. reel man

    (SOLD) FS: Daiwa LEXA 400PWR-P Bait Casting reel, 5.1:1, with Box

    Let me buy your reel. I've been waiting 3 months for Diawa to send me the 5.1:1 gears. I live in Burbank so we may be able to hook up to do the sale. Contact me at: [email protected] 818-848-1112 Jerry
  472. reel man

    Newell G332-F for sale

    This reel has hot rodded drags, and will fish 40 comortably for the big tails.
  473. reel man

    WTS 2 Penn international 2 speed 30T with upgraded handle and braid

    What a kickass reel for the school tuna, and grouper. I bought a brand new 30T and had Cal do his thing on it. When the fishing conditions are right for the less than cows this reel really shines. You don't have the stretch out the line on you cow reels for lessor tuna. It evens doubles as a...
  474. reel man

    Good old P220-F SOLD

    Had this reel in my inventory, and decided to go thru it completely to sell on BD. It's very well used, but it has the 4 drag system, flushed and lubed bearings greased drags, HT100's, all original parts. I'm going to ask a lot of money for this reel just to see it get back into use again. I...
  475. reel man

    Browning BAR 300 Win Mag

    Up for sale is my Browning Bar in 300 Win Mag caliper. Comes with Leopold 3X9 scope and mounts, has Butler Creek dust covers, and comes with 2 extra magazines in a Plano Gun Guard that will hold 2 rifles. Does not have a sling, does have sling rings. I have some ammo for it, but don't know how...
  476. reel man

    Question. Seized bolts and Marine Mechs.

    EDM? That will absolutely get them out, and most cases save the threads.
  477. reel man

    Fenwick Pacificstik P791C Re-wrap

    Thanks much for the link. I'm looking for a decal (label) for my Lamiglas.
  478. reel man

    Okuma Komodo SOLD

    It isn't a biggie, but it does have a clicker, and it's a damn fun reel on the tails. Oh, and did I mention it comes with carbontex drags. GLWS
  479. reel man

    Guide spacing

    First let me say I don't know diddly squat about wrapping rods, but the guy that used to wrap my rods would first spline the rod to find the backbone then with 1/4" masking tape set the guides on the rod, slide mono thru the guides, and put a bend in it to space the guides so no line touches the...
  480. reel man

    Offshore Swimming?

    Yes, you can probably drop over to cool off, but the rest of the day you'll have that shitty feeling salt film all over your body.
  481. reel man

    Want To Buy/// Newell 322 clamp

    Tib is making a very nice SC10 clamp, and is available for a reasonable price at many tackle stores.
  482. reel man

    Reel Question

    I'm being honest when I say the fit and finish on the reels displayed leave a lot to be desired. They may excellent reels, and will have some growing pains, but in today's market with some many reels to chose from you'd think a new contender would sparkle the finish for their displayed reels.
  483. reel man

    WTB: Cheap Conventional Reels

    Free cane poles, all you can carry, tomorrow. :frehya2:
  484. reel man

    Unexpected noise discovered at deepest part of world's ocean

    Whale farts. You know sounds travel much farther in water. :D
  485. reel man

    NEWELL 540.4.6

    So, with the season right around the corner, the good stuff is starting to come out of the closet.
  486. reel man

    Truline B36 8' - Clean

    Do you realize how many bottles of wine I'll have to consume just to get the cork for this rod. LOL
  487. reel man

    A Perfectly good question

    Love puns!
  488. reel man

    How To Remove Aluminum Reel Seat?

    If you have a friendly machinist the rod could be put in a mill vise, and mill a slot on each side of the reel seat.
  489. reel man

    Anybody Else Not Fishing Guadalupe This Year?

    Back in the day the Lupe was kinda automatic for 4 days, or more, but with all the BS from Mexico it has disappeared from my want list. Went there on the Apollo in the early 2K, after JJ bought the boat, and found the fishing was great (scored an 85# YFT), tails and hog calicos, but alas no...
  490. reel man

    Windows 10....yea/nay?

    Go buy Windows 7 pro.
  491. reel man

    Okuma Komodo 364 Screws

    Give them a call, and they'll send one out. Happens all the time. Note: Next time put the reel in gear so there's more posts for those springs are exposed.
  492. reel man

    Tady 45 and Jpot new paint jobs

    I've found jigs that have a slight offset hole at the top swim a little better, and having a sharp edge around the perimeter.
  493. reel man

    Okuma Komodo 364 Screws

    Would recommend you call Okuma for this info. These screws may require a torque drive screwdriver, but they will be able to tell you, and it may pay for you to take a drive out to Ontario and have a tech show you how to maintain your reel. Some reels require walking the washers off the drive...
  494. reel man

    Seabass by balloon video...

    Nice gaff job.
  495. reel man

    A transcendental question

    Down at Colnet fished 350' deep with heavy jigs (not much current), and were catching cow cod, and other critters, so the answer is yes you can.
  496. reel man

    Sig Hansen in the hospital Hope he pulls thru okay.
  497. reel man


    Yep, drumford is our hall monitor. LOL
  498. reel man

    cop car lights

    I need those and a siren for the dipshits driving 60 in fast lane. :devil:
  499. reel man

    Truline help......please

    If you like the way it pulls, and you can see an application it will work very well for then have the darn think wrapped, and kitted and go fish it.
  500. reel man

    Capt.Tatterson AKA THIEF !

    I think he was pretty clear as to what happened, and the following link that was posted pretty much sums it up. And, yes it's it's personal and appropriately so.
  501. reel man

    Calstar BOOMER JR

    That makes a super trolling rod, or bait rod for the bluefin. Really good versatility in this rod, and they don't break.
  502. reel man

    Truline VBG7

    That's a man's rod, but it will kill fish without even taking a deep breath.
  503. reel man

    Truline help......please

    No, you sufficiently cleaned up the rod butt, so any writing should have been down there, but may be very faint. John used a Marks-A-Lot back in the day, and sometimes they started running out of ink. Take the rod out in the bright sunshine to see any faint markings.
  504. reel man

    WTT Newell 533 5.5

    I take it you're not interested in my Hybred 809.
  505. reel man

    Truline help......please

    And don't forget to check your closets. :D
  506. reel man

    Truline help......please

    Take a small screwdriver to slip under the butt cap, and lift it away from the blank. Work all the way around till the cap loosens enough to twist it off. There should be black, felt tip writing that will tell you what this rod is. Really try to save that cap.
  507. reel man

    Cal Sheets Penn 12 Conversion.

    Round ends facing out.
  508. reel man


    If you can't locate a black side plate you could always buy a complete reel, or unless sentilmentallity is involved you could switch it out to the red ones. They're not bringing too much money on ebay.
  509. reel man

    Wahoo Bomb Heads

    It helps if you know someone with a lathe. Have them chuck either the plain lead torpedos, or chrome. Start a cut into the material about the midway point of the sinker, and cut straight back about a 1/16" in depth. Now you can paint the lead, and wrap mylar skirt material of various colors...
  510. reel man

    WTT Newell 533 5.5

    Sent you a PM
  511. reel man

    newell collectors LOOK HERE carl newells reel

    Nope, shot out of the mold by Keith Gross. Too bad he used the wrong mold.
  512. reel man

    Wtb p series newells

    Perfect P322-F, $200. Perfect P332-F, $200. All ready to fish, with the correct original components.
  513. reel man

    Straight tie fluoro

    Hey, it's modify, adapt, overcome. HOORAH
  514. reel man

    525 Mag - repair question

    Check with Penn Service Dept., but if they don't have it then Boca Bearing will. You'll had to give them specific measurements of the ID, OD, and thickness.
  515. reel man

    Calstar Boomer Jr

    I have a number of Boomer rods, and can't say enough good things about them. They are even strong enough for the giant bluefin on the east coast.
  516. reel man

    Straight tie fluoro

    Thanks guys, I do have 130, and 150 Momoi, and also have 400 for the trolling leaders. Will see if the bite increases with the fluoro.
  517. reel man

    Straight tie fluoro

    Posted this on Chit Chat, but thought would be good on this thread. Am going to tie fluoro direct to some iron, and was looking for opinions of what pound test to use.
  518. reel man

    Straight tie fluoro

    Posted this on Chit Chat, but thought would be good on this thread. Am going to tie fluoro direct to some iron, and was looking for opinions of what pound test to use.
  519. reel man

    Straight tie fluoro

    Any recommendation for fluoro line test to iron for hoos.
  520. reel man

    Qualifier 105

    Most definitely is the 105 that has had extensive mods performed, namely going from a dry stack exhaust to a wet exhaust, all water and fuel tanks replaced, engines were gone thru, and gen set rebuild. Typical of these shows there has to be a lot of drama to keep the viewers glued to the tube...
  521. reel man

    Truline glass Info

    You have to remember Collins bought his fiberglass from anyone who had it. Back in the day fiberglass was the new thing on the block, and although he didn't use a huge quantity it was difficult to get a steady supply from one vendor. He even resorted to buying from Diawa which changed the color...
  522. reel man

    Tips On Labeling Your Reel Line

    Ordered some tonight, prices seemed very reasonable.
  523. reel man

    Truline glass Info

    Then there are those rods that have been refinished to the point the markings have been totally sanded off.
  524. reel man

    Overflow Parking Costs???

    Think it's $10 per day.
  525. reel man

    Taking first timers out this weekend from C.I. harbor. Any suggestions?

    Patience, and don't plan on getting any fishing time in for yourself. Go down the beach, fish the kelp line.
  526. reel man

    Oh where art thou albacore?

    This will make the 9th year that the albacore don't show. They are the best tablefare of the tuna family, plus they are great home canned. I agree the BFT and YFT are a much better fighting tuna, and we've had a couple excellent years catching them in our local waters, but the question...
  527. reel man

    Est cost to re-wrap

    I should have mentioned in my initial post the rod had been freshly refinished and wrapped, so no refinishing required. Second, to me the rod exactly fits a nitch in my arsenal for throwing surface irons, plus this rod has been around a long time, and has never failed. Just to put the cost out...
  528. reel man

    Est cost to re-wrap

    Just wanted to get an idea of what it would cost to strip a rod, reuse the guides, install a fuji graphite reel seat, X wrap over cork tape, and a butt cap. I would provide the rod, cork tape, thread, and the guides (braced stainless).
  529. reel man

    truline help

    It's all about feel. Pull hard, and steady to get the feel of the rod. Listen for any sounds the rod may make. Make sure it's a Collins rod.
  530. reel man

    truline help

    Little smaller in diameter, but thicker glass in the butt. Are the tips similar, and do they bend about the same?
  531. reel man

    WTB NEWELL 3.6

    There is a company out there that's making gears, and they sell on ebay, but don't know if they're making 3.6.
  532. reel man

    WTB NEWELL 3.6

    There's a 220 3.6 on ebay
  533. reel man

    Looking for a topless frame for an Intl 50T

    Thanks for all the leads fellas. I'll pursue them with hopes to change out my buggered up 50T frame.
  534. reel man

    Looking for a topless frame for an Intl 50T

    Think Baker made these, but have no way to contact him. Tib made them, back in the day, but they weren't too popular. PM me for any leads.
  535. reel man


    Carolina 38 Broncos 13
  536. reel man

    1 spot on the Apollo April 12-16

    I would be kinda nice to tell us the dates, and how many spots on the boat.
  537. reel man

    Here we go again

    It's great they have these devices to keep the pump pumping. Speedy recovery!
  538. reel man

    Penn International 50T For Sale 2 Speeded by Cal Prce Drop $350

    The Penn Intl 50S comes with 2 speed from the factory.
  539. reel man

    sold, but with drama

    Just refund the money for the reel + some postage for him to return it to you, and I'm sure he'll let us know the situation has been resolved.
  540. reel man

    How to remove old, dry marine growth from aluminum?

    Take it to a bead blaster, then coat it with etching primer, sand, and paint.
  541. reel man

    truline help

    I apologize for my indisgression, but never could stand PT'r people.
  542. reel man

    Garage Rebuild for Rod Wrapping

    Your set up is great, and just right for right handed wrapping. :)
  543. reel man

    Lexa 400 hs like new condition

    No point it's just the phrase "you would be surprised" is used a lot by government people as if the average person hasn't a clue about life. At 74 I've had a lot of surprises, but having faith in fellow man I've had nothing but great experiences with the good guys on BD, and still take a man on...
  544. reel man

    truline help

    That there is the problem. The rod is probably going to stand around, gathering dust, and will not be fished, yet for what ever reason some people have this, "I've got something you want, but you can't have it" attitude. I say Fuck Em.
  545. reel man

    Lexa 400 hs like new condition

    You work for the government?
  546. reel man


    Damn man it's tough losing a member of the family, we just lost our Babe of 15 1/2 years, and what a sweetheart she was. So sorry for your loss.
  547. reel man

    Lexa 400 hs like new condition

    Now, even after you said, "Like new Lexa 400 hs selling for $175. Mint condition" someone is going to ask for pictures. :D
  548. reel man

    Which 8FT jig stick?

  549. reel man

    Reel fill ups

    For all that are contemplating stripping all that old, stretched out line is a great idea, and well worth the investment for the upcoming season. If you take your reel(s) to your local tackle store to have the line installed please tell them to fill it up to no more than 1/8" from the top of...
  550. reel man

    Know Any Craftsmen?

    Perfect, for those (hopefully) tight places.
  551. reel man

    If your fans of Humble Pie.......this link is a good one...fastforward thought the BS

    My God that brought back a shit load of memories. I was there, when it was live, and still moves my soul. Thanks to Pandora I still get the fix.
  552. reel man

    Newell V-521 EBAY WOW

    Carl was long dead when these reels were produced. Unless you were there at the time of manufacture then you really don't know what you're talking about.
  553. reel man

    Newell V-521 EBAY WOW

    Ever heard of Carbontex?
  554. reel man

    truline help

    Didn't John use a white felt tip on the green (black) rods?
  555. reel man

    Newell V-521 EBAY WOW

    Hate to burst your bubble, but spoke to the seller, and this reel was as produced at Valley Mfg. other than the handle changed out to a 600 series graphite. Big tip for you all is the reel has the 5 stack drag and to plain bars that Keith produced for thi reel. The plastic reel base was narrowed...
  556. reel man

    Newell V-521 EBAY WOW

    The side plates Keith gave her to sell were not V521, most were P500 series side plates without any logo in them.
  557. reel man

    Newell V-521 EBAY WOW

    Proof will be when it's opened up and doesn't have the 5 stack drag in it. I was associated with Keith when he took my 2" wide, and said he will make one, but with a 5 stack drag.
  558. reel man

    Newell V-521 EBAY WOW

    Keith, are you listening?
  559. reel man

    truline help

    I can see you stripped off the butt cap and some cork, and there may be some black writing, but is very faint. Just venturing a guess, but it may have been a D8H and at some time the tip was broken off. Most D8's were 8', but may have been 8' 1", or 2" etc.
  560. reel man

    How about an old fishing get together?

    All we have is the past, but after a while (age) it becomes overwhelming which makes it so difficult to remember, and sort that inventory into a manageable order. Tomorrow will be a mystery.
  561. reel man

    How about an old fishing get together?

    All we have is the past, but after a while (age) it becomes overwhelming which makes it so difficult to remember, and sort that inventory into a manageable order. Tomorrow will be a mystery.
  562. reel man

    WTT Newell 5.5 gears for 4.6 gears

    Oh, you're talking about rip off Paul. Better yet check Alan Tani's web site for those gears. There's company making new gear sets.
  563. reel man


    I've made hundreds (yes hundreds) of 500 series Newells that are as skinny as the 40N with a gear ratio of 4.9:1 while mine are 4.6:1 or 5.5:1 which is much lighter, and bigger spools cast better, and are lighter overall for a lot less money than what the Shimano go for.
  564. reel man

    Newell 229F

    Would be kinda nice if we knew your location.
  565. reel man


    There's still some Tib topless frames available for these reels, and a little mod to fish 60 or 80 for the 100# tuna, makes this a very versitile reel. Very fair asking price, GLWS
  566. reel man

    We get no respect

    The Island Tak was sold at the end of Dec to John Fugua, so Steve Kelly can get some much deserved rest and relaxation. Our charter master tried to contact John to secure our Wed dates for the up coming season. We go twice a month for 12 trips a year plus a couple trips to Santa Rosa. John did...
  567. reel man

    WTB - Lexa 400H - Also looking for power handle

    They also make a 5:1, but don't know if it's available with the power handle. I have the 7:1, and ordered the 5:1 to fish the bigger tails.
  568. reel man

    100 lb. What rod ?

    Calstar Boomer or Boomer Jr. 5 1/2 all glass hooked up with a 2 spd reel.
  569. reel man

    Need Newell parts

    Bearing cup for which side of the reel? I have 1 custom Newell handle for the 300 series, and lots of 200 series aluminum handles. Give me a call for your specific need: 818-848-1111 Jerry
  570. reel man

    Another glove recommendation thread

    Chefs use a specialty glove than just goes over the thumb and index finger. They use this to prevent cuts. Wanted to try one but the one they sent me was too small, and didn't order out a larger one. Google chefs gloves
  571. reel man

    I demand a discount from Fishermans' landing (sarcasm)

    More for the entitlement society. Here's your sign.
  572. reel man


    I'll be on the SOA in Oct, so get them out there. Want to try dragging with 300 double strand floro this year.
  573. reel man

    Braided fishing line

    Really hate the stuff, and for the most part it is just backing under my mono. If you do get a bigger tuna (and that's about the only fish that you may think about line capacity) it can take you down into the braid line, but you better have your fingers taped up to wind that shit back on your...
  574. reel man

    wtb Newll p220f dog spring .

    You're talking about the anti reverse dog spring right? If so, send me your name and address, and I'll send you one. N/C
  575. reel man

    How about an old fishing get together?

    Good times were had by all. Was great to see old friends and meet some new folks that have the same interests in this fishing/collecting thing. Really interesting collections of lures were displayed, and some nice rods either there for display, or to be sold. A lot of history was shared by...
  576. reel man

    Newell parts

    That be a plastic spool from the No Letter series forward.
  577. reel man

    saturday the 2nd vintage tackle/story show and tell......

    I'll truck on up there, and this will be my first time at your shop. I'll bring a couple narrowed 500 series Newells, and 4 rods that I've fallen in love with.
  578. reel man

    Is it me or them

    If giving your puter an enema then it could be your IE is corrupted, so just download a clean version. I'm using Firefox with no problems.
  579. reel man

    LEXA 400 PWR-P TRADE 400HS-P

    Bought the gears from Diawa, but will have to wait for the main gear till Jan. They sent the pinion gear, but the main gear is on backorder. Runs about $20 for the set which is a lot cheaper than Shimano.
  580. reel man

    Yes we are messing with the forums layouts 3/18

    Oh, the empathy of the apathy!
  581. reel man

    Setting Drag on a Star Drag Reel

    mount the reel on the rod you're going to fish it on, run line thru all the guides, and hook on to a spring scale to set the initial drag setting. As the line pulls off the reel the drag will go up, as well as the line drag in the water will increase, so the drag may have to backed off a little.
  582. reel man

    LEXA 400 PWR-P TRADE 400HS-P

    I just ordered a set of 5.1 to put in my blue 400, 7.1 for long range fishing, and put the 7.1 in when I need it. The set ran about $20 which is a hellova lot cheaper than Shimano gears.
  583. reel man

    WTS: Cherry Super Seeker 9' SOLD , DELETE

    Hey, those are very close to being my colors. It's just missing the green accent.
  584. reel man

    LEXA 400 PWR-P TRADE 400HS-P

    What's the gear ratio of your reel?
  585. reel man

    Internet Modems

    You can go to Best Buy, and let them know who your ISP is, and they'll sell you a compatible modem with wifi. You'll probably have to contact your ISP to do the switch.
  586. reel man

    Truline BORD8 and BOR4X for sale

    That's a very fair price for a couple of classic rods.
  587. reel man

    Pink&Purple aka Princess Rod

    I'm sure you've seen the Fuji line because it blends so well.
  588. reel man


    Are you ready to get an equity loan on your house? Know where 4 of them are in Hawaii, but 2 of them were put together with 521 side plates. Hellofalot cheaper to build your own 2" reel with the 5 stack. It would be the same reel except the logo.
  589. reel man

    Gas Wall Heater...

    That's good for about 300 square feet, and the cost of running a gas line, tearing open a wall for installation, thermastat wire & thermastat. Nevermind the vent stack thru the wall and roof. Might be something for your garage when the wife kicks you out of the house. LOL
  590. reel man

    For sale: Newell 533 narrow and g220

    Can't be 5:1, it probably is a 5.5:1
  591. reel man

    Narrow kit?

    If you can get your hands on a Penn Intl 20T, and have it hot rodded by Cal might be what you're looking for.
  592. reel man

    Kennedy fisher rods

    I'm having JKF wrapped and kitted in my colors. I was told it's a 928, but after reading these posts it may really be a 528. It's 8', and 30-50. Going to use it to throw surface iron (too fat and old for the 9' rods). Rod is dark brown with the gold spots. Any info would be appreciated.
  593. reel man

    Newell 631 4.2

    Pretty darn good yo yo reel, with a 5 drag system. GLWS
  594. reel man

    Truline Info COBRA 7'

    I've got that same rod in factory wrap, 25-30 bait stick, green glass (black).
  595. reel man

    Newell p332 and s-332-5

    You want, $150 for both reels?
  596. reel man

    Who's your favorite Wingman?

    Couple names come to mind on the SOA, and that is Jimmy and JP. Couple of pros that are right with you to the end.
  597. reel man

    Green Valley Lake 12-11-15

    That's a pretty good fish bite, but did you get any frostbite?
  598. reel man

    Furbag Population in Trouble

    Actually seal meat raw is very tasty.
  599. reel man

    Newell G332-F

    I'll buy your reel, but ain't driving all the way from Burbank to Huntington Beach to pick it up. Send me an email if you want to ship it, and I'll provide my name and address. [email protected]
  600. reel man

    Ab & Mary-Jane

    Way to pretty to fish!
  601. reel man

    WTB Teramar Jig Stick TMC-80MH

    Got a TMC-X80H, 15-30 like new. Send me a PM if interested.
  602. reel man

    How about an old fishing get together?

    I'll get ahold of Steve George to get him to show up, and Steve Kelly is a must (oh the stories he could tell). I'll bring some of my old rods, and of course my custom Newells.
  603. reel man

    Guadalupe Trips next season? permits?

    The Apollo runs some limited load trips to the Lupe every year.
  604. reel man

    Fishing Surface Iron

    Here's what I was told many moons ago, your rod tip flexes as you're winding on the iron, and this will affect the swimming action on the lure. By putting a stiff piece of wire on the iron it eliminates a lot of the flexing of the rod tip, and makes the iron swim better.
  605. reel man


    Bought it, and what a great feeling stick it is. Going to rewrap in my colors, and re-kit it.
  606. reel man


    Got 2 of these for bigger tails, and found them to be bulletproof, and a kick in the ass to fish with. On top of that Okuma will take great care of their products no questions asked.
  607. reel man

    Stolen yamaha 9.9 kicker

    There's got to be a shitload of stolen kicker motors floating around Washington. There's got to be a way to secure them to the boat to discourage the tweakers.
  608. reel man


    This would normally go pretty quick, but this time of the year you're competing with the Christmas shopping, and expendable cash is going quickly.
  609. reel man

    Newell P220F

    People don't realize how versitle this reel is, and you've got it priced just right. GLWS
  610. reel man

    Truline 39

    Bout 3 years ago I fished a D7 and XR7, and fell in love with glass again. Forgot how smooth the bend was yet provide all the power you needed for the tails and hoos. Now have 3 each, and added a Sabre SC672C to my arsenal for yo yo tails. Sometimes old is as good, or better than the new...
  611. reel man

    Newell question

    Just my opinion, but the G series has proven to be the best for the application you've described. It casts very well, it is maintenance free, and with carbon fiber drags it can be hot rodded to fish 40 & 50 no prob. Another plus factor is they're very easy to work on.
  612. reel man

    Question: "ashy" build-up on rods

    You didn't mention how old these rods are. Lots of older rods were finished with Flex Coat that either yellow with age, or get a white dull look over the years. There's much better coatings out there now, so if they're worth stripping and refinishing that would be my suggestion.
  613. reel man

    Cedros Aventures or Cedros Outdoor Adventures ?

    Go for it! You'll have a ball, and create another great memory.
  614. reel man

    Monster Amber Jack

    That is a toad amber jack. Were you able to weigh it?
  615. reel man

    Looking for reelman

    You found him. :)
  616. reel man

    SPY Optic + BD Sunglasses GIVEAWAY

    No instagram, but count me in. A friend has a pair of these glasses, but really needs Rx lenses.
  617. reel man

    Static cling &%#%^&

    You could try using a humidifier to raise the moisture level in your room.
  618. reel man

    Engine Diagnostic Help Needed..........

    Easy, get rid of the accessory.
  619. reel man

    How to Clean/De-Oderize a Freezer???

    Good old baking soda is a great deordorizer.
  620. reel man


    And this would be a left handed reel?
  621. reel man

    F/S BNIB GLOCK 17 Gen 3

    I'm guessing it has to do with guns sold in Kalifornicate can not have magazine that holds 10 rounds or more. Manufacturers are not going to make them special for this state.
  622. reel man

    F/S BNIB GLOCK 17 Gen 3

    And what caliber might your gun be?
  623. reel man

    I did this in the 1960s I was a mere lad.

    We're going out on the Tak for a day of fishing the checkerboards. Wind may have churned up the water, but Steve Kelly will find some willing participants.
  624. reel man


  625. reel man

    FS NEWELL G338-F (SOLD )

    Sent you a PM.
  626. reel man

    Dracula weave

    Really admire your talent and patience; a work of art.
  627. reel man

    landcruiser troopy 1981

    I'll try to get the guy's phone number here in Burbank. He's THE expert on the LC's. He bought and brought a LC pickup from South Africa.
  628. reel man

    WTT: Newell P332

    I'll end this BS by letting you know I built this reel from parts in my inventory, so much for the azz fuck. This is a work of art, but that probably went right over your head. Great art is expensive, so you're right you're not qualified to own it.
  629. reel man

    WTT: Newell P332

    If you can't afford it then why ask how much I'd sell it for. If you don't like the price then just move on.
  630. reel man

    WTT: Newell P332

    I want a rediculous price for this one of a kind Newell, like 500.
  631. reel man

    Lexa 400 bearing upgrade

    One of the cheapest is old fashion tap water. Open the reel up on the left side, pull the spool, sprinkle everything with water, and after you shake out the water just shoot the bearing with some Corrosion X, and while you're at shoot some in the right side. It'll lube, and leave a film to ward...
  632. reel man

    WTT: Newell P332

    Just sold some of these, but I do have a P322-F that you might be interested in:
  633. reel man


    I've got the original Larry Howard, Excaliber's in spinning and doodlin rods. I know, I know you want pictures, but that's not going to happen because it's a pain in the ass, and you my not like my prices anyway. I want, $150 each, but you have to see them for yourself to touch, feel, and verify...
  634. reel man

    Shimano Trinidad 40N

    I can do better than that, I'll have jerr fax it over to my 3D printer. :cool:
  635. reel man

    Awesome Calico Bass Attack Footage

    Now, that was awesome!
  636. reel man

    Change out your line

    Cheapest investment you can make in any fishing situation. :deadhorse
  637. reel man

    Will this be the new Curado 300?

    And handle nut cover. Like the ABU.
  638. reel man

    D16 are you ready?

    We called that "butchering on the hoof".
  639. reel man

    WTB: Shimano Curado 300 Handle

    That's what these forums are for; taking care in time of need.
  640. reel man

    FS--NEW Muck Cikana boots Sz 8-8.5 Mens

    Yes, they are the most comfortable boot we've found, but as a word of caution, just wear them for fishing, so they'll last a long time. The soles don't slip, but they're mad with a soft compound and will wear quickly on the rough surface of the boat. They're so easy to get on, and off, you can...
  641. reel man

    WTB TruLine RD8

    Drool, drool!
  642. reel man

    Cedros 3 days after Hurricain Patricia

    We fished Cedros on our 10 day for zilch. As the previous poster said the water is too hot. They're having a little better success at Benito Is.
  643. reel man

    My 11 year old son hooked up and lost his first wahoo tonight

    Now he's joined the fraternity. That just means he's owed one. :)
  644. reel man

    Mustad unique display, very old.

    Thanks for the correction, and you are correct these the real deal. Just like the Winchester ammo displays.
  645. reel man

    Mustad unique display, very old.

    91450, 92667, O'Shaunesies (sp), et all. Very few shops had these posters, and they were so cool.
  646. reel man

    Barn find in Lompoc

    Wow! That's a lot of man hours, and the outcome is beautiful. Good job!
  647. reel man

    Prayers pleas if you are so inclined

    Put your little guy in God's hands, He can work wonders.
  648. reel man

    WTB: lexa 400 reel clamp (tiburon)

    Got them on ebay:
  649. reel man

    SOLD Newell S332-5

    Darn good observation.
  650. reel man

    SOLD Newell S332-5

    This may well be a Valley Mfg reel and well worth what you're asking.
  651. reel man

    Newells: not all the same so know your Series!!!

    Investment? Collecting? People buy Newells to fish, and have been fishing them for over 36 years, so what the hell difference does it make if the reel has different parts in it as long as it performs well. That was Carl's intent years ago, and for the most part it's still working. Gee, I just...
  652. reel man

    Interesting Greenpeace piece

    Greedy people will never learn nor do they want to even think about it. It's all about the money, and after the resource is gone they'll find another one to exploit.
  653. reel man

    The Artic is warming up

    The Arctic Ocean is warming up, icebergs are growing scarcer and in some places the seals are finding the water too hot, according to a report to the Commerce Department yesterday from Consulate, at Bergen, Norway Reports from fishermen, seal hunters and explorers all point to a radical...
  654. reel man

    Just curious

    Stump socks (worn by amputees) work really well for storing your reels, and can be purchased a most medical supply stores.
  655. reel man

    JRI 8 Day Vagabond

    OOHRAH! Way to go Jerr. Those skinny's are a kick in the ass.
  656. reel man

    Trinidad Clamp

    The big box stores have the metric screws in many lengths. Take one of yours in and match up the diameter and thread.
  657. reel man

    More gun law crap

    Girly politicians in a girly state. :Death_To_Above:
  658. reel man

    Best mono line for saltwater???

    Since we're all throwing every manufactured line out there into this mix, I'll submit my choice based on 20 years of success using Momoi Hi Catch (not the Diamond) as the strongest, limpest, and less stretch line out there. They've tested 50# can be fished as if it was 80. All in all it boils...
  659. reel man

    SOA 8 day

    Going on the SOA 8 day leaving 11/1. Anyone signed up for this trip? Just a note: bring dropper loop setups. Water is hot and the bite is deep for the tails. Dorado were MIA on my 10 day, and tuna were small.
  660. reel man

    will trade A New TRULINE 80 lb rod! Old but never used!

    6480 comes to mind, or what the hell go with a D8. :-)
  661. reel man

    Quadruple bypass surgery

    My old machinist/friend had that procedure performed, and lived to 85 enjoying a very active life.
  662. reel man

    will trade A New TRULINE 80 lb rod! Old but never used!

    Love those reel seats, but don't remember who made them.
  663. reel man

    black pearl out of LB??

    I think they'll run out in the Pacific Ocean to find some fish. :)
  664. reel man

    Kunnan rods ???

    Jerry, when did Adam Marks buy the store?
  665. reel man

    trolling for wahoo ???

    If you are running 3 rod then the 2 outside should be 25-30' back, and the center rod 5-10' further back to form a V pattern. Of course wire the lures.
  666. reel man

    Mustad Photo Contest-Win a Prize Pack

    7691, 7692, 7731, 7732 etc.
  667. reel man

    GS 1st BoomStick

    Beautiful tool. Would like to see an lanyard on the end.
  668. reel man


    More from the entitlement society.
  669. reel man

    Newell P 229-F

    Later production reel, but nonetheless a very popular reel, and priced right.
  670. reel man


    Good price on a strong bait caster. I'm taking one down to Cedros for some fun with the calicos, and tails. It'll get it done.
  671. reel man

    Truline rod ID

    Octagon, heavy butt, light tip, 10-40 would think its a 4X
  672. reel man


    Don't try to cook the thick fillets. Cut them length wise about 9/16" to 5/8" thick then you can either pan fry in olive oil or grape seed oil for about 3 minutes per side. You can see the the fillet cook with the meat turning white almost a quarter inch into the fillet then flip it over and...
  673. reel man


    That 4.2 makes a great yo yo reel. The 3.0 is pretty good for deep bottom fish.
  674. reel man

    9/20 on the Seabiscuit out of CISCO's BFT/YFT

    Good day to be out there. Nice to see at least one of the CI boats looking for the tuna. Some fresh maguro, yummy!
  675. reel man

    newell reel s332-5 excellent cond. 275.00

    Yep, put that thing on ebay for that price, and get more exposure. Good luck with auction.
  676. reel man

    Big Game Hooks

    Put these up when the tubbie's start showing, those are good prices.
  677. reel man

    NOAA killing Cormorants like a boss...

    One step for man, and one giant step for mankind. At least someone recognizes the need to cull the over abundance of a species.
  678. reel man

    Will Shimano ever make a replacement reel for the Trinidad 40N?

    Or, here we go again, buy a skinny Newell 500 series with 5.5:1 gears, or for yellowtail work get the 4.6:1 gear ratio. It's almost identical in width as the 40N, and a hellofa lot lighter with 22#'s of drag. That's going to cost $275 vs. $450 or more for a boat anchor.
  679. reel man

    Loosen drags for storage

    That's not necessary, just slide the engagement lever all the way back to free spool.
  680. reel man

    Loosen drags for storage

    Rinse the reels, towel them off, back off the drag, set the clicker, and put the reel in gear (this relieves the tension on the springs).
  681. reel man

    After hours Tuna on 12-18 day trips-The Puffers

    Sometimes the predator doesn't want any resistance that could hook up in it's throat. Sea Bass very commenly prefer fresh dead squid for the same reason.
  682. reel man


    Trying to find the secret section on how to delete msg's in my inbox.
  683. reel man

    Muck boots

    Cikana's soles wear out pretty quick. Damn comfortable mid size boot for sure, but try to limit they're use just when you're fishing. Saw a pair of Cikana's with Extra Tuff soles that really wear well. Supposedly Muck hooked up with X Tuff to make these, but don't know what they're called...
  684. reel man

    Graphite Sabre 540 uncut whats it worth

    Geeze, I never knew Sabre made 540 graphite sticks. What color is it, and if it's yellow (faded) it is a glass rod, and depending on condition it may bring, $80 - $100.
  685. reel man

    will el nino affect the 15 day trips?

    Your YFT will come par boiled, so almost ready for the canner.
  686. reel man

    Newell G332-F for sale

    I'll let you know after I receive the reel. The early runs of the G series had the ss clicker hub. That's not the best spool because the spool shaft diameter was only 1/4", and in some rare occasions the plastic spool would spin on the shaft, so you would lose the drag performance in the reel.
  687. reel man

    This Wahoo just did not make it to gaff

    Jumbo Jack, too bigga eat.
  688. reel man

    Lower back pain after a day out boating/fishing

    Went on Amazon and found these orthpedic shoes for $60 bucks, and they've been a blessing, plus they breath. I went to a guy about 10 years ago that did some very deep massage to the muscles in my back, and haven't had a bit of problem with my back since. Seems if you've ever injured, say the...
  689. reel man

    blackening out solid rings

    I've just strung up the rings on a piece of cord, and sprayed with black primer in a rattle can. Lacquer base if you can find it.