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    Rockpile/Finger Bank Mexican Navy Tow

    Someone wants no boats around this weekend :)
  2. PCH

    Aluminum center console comparison...

    I got a 20 foot gregor with a yam 115 4s, halls ass. It may seem excessive but I got a 50 gallon fuel tank, 32 gallon bait tank, a big ass kill bag full of ice and usually 1 or 2 buddies.
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    The New Seaforth 1/2 day had 6 BlueFin

    Here is one
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    Freshwater for Peacock Bass

    Nice russ! Pics pls
  5. PCH

    Where to buy poppers

    Also try and get a siren sorry Charlie. The smaller one. You will not be disappointed if you get into the yft
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    Fished LaJolla Today for Only One Bite

    That's a quality bite! Nice work
  7. PCH

    Reel repair guy in SD? Last name is stone?

    I heard some good reviews on here about him. He pm me a while back but I can't find his message. I need a couple reels maintenanced and was hoping one of you guys could line me up with him. Thanks Paul
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    Tony (SDTONE) does it again!

    Is this guy local sd? Works on all shimano, avet?
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    Help a dad help his daughter.......

    Voted 3 x. Hope she wins!
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    My biggest Roosterfish

    The big ones that got away don't count :) I think carl is right on with the weight lol Yeah Mike that's the same fish in my avatar!
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    My biggest Roosterfish

    Last year I went to Panama and fished with Cebaco Bay sportfishing club. I got this rooster slow trolling a large live bait just 5 minutes from the mothership at Sombrero Rock. I caught it on 60lb and a two speed avet. It's my personal best Roosterfish to date. I came across a few pictures I...
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    Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz.... who's it gonna be???

    Actually pretty lims start at 5 and the main card starts at 7
  13. PCH

    1973 Bertram 31

    Love bertrams. Very nice dude
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    How to remove old, dry marine growth from aluminum?

    Just leave it alone and go fishing! The fish won't mind.
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    L'archipel des Chesterfield, Nouvelle Calédonie Jan 2016

    Wow, you out did yourself against lol
  16. PCH

    Mud Pond

  17. PCH

    Young single men, watch and understand this!

    This has been around a while but is always just as hillarous. Red heads and girls named tiffany lol
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    2005 12' Valco & 15HP Merc - Need to Sell

    Sounds like a good deal to me but you should really get some photos up
  19. PCH

    Jigging and popping leader question

    For jigging I like flouro with a more parabolic rod, you can get away with much less line stretch. Popping rods tend to be stiffer, especially if your using bigger plugs. Since the popping rods are less parabolic, I think mono is the way to go since the stretch will be just extra insurance with...
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    2015 Best Catches...Lets see them!

    30lb test, epic 1 hr battle, was very fun
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    Fishin Chick – Luiza Barros

    She would do well in my bed
  22. PCH

    what's with the new look??

    I like it Jason!!!!!
  23. PCH

    what's with the new look??

    Yeah gayry we get it, you don't like the new layout. Your old eyes will get used to it, besides no matter how much you hate it, you know your not going anywhere lol
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    Chargers Fine Weddle, Such Douchebags

    Weddle is the highest paid safety in the leaugue. 10 million a season not including incentives! Pretty sure they pay him more than he is worth imo. But yes the Spanos suck!
  25. PCH

    11lb bass flippin (central florida)

    Nice fish dude
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    Biggest Fish on Avet SX or MX Series

    90lb bft on a single speed mxj. 30lb test. The reel took a shit the next trip lol
  27. PCH

    New Mexico Muzzleloader Bull

    Nice what general area?
  28. PCH


    Still tuna season
  29. PCH

    Hey RandyV!!!

    Dude worry about ice but needs to worry about catching fish LOL
  30. PCH

    Mola Mola - Can't Eat?

  31. PCH

    Mexican Navy puts fisherman in jail!

    Nope your wrong, my friend was taken to Ensenada and paid a hefty fine to release his boat. All because no fmm and passports. Yes he's an idiot
  32. PCH

    Mexican Navy puts fisherman in jail!

    It did happen. They also took another boat this week at the Rockpile for not having fmm
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    How's 9-mile bank these days?

    Loaded with wahoo and blue marlin
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    The one that got away. Same day video loss report

    Yep grabbed the gaffed before color. Nice work nonetheless, thanks for the video
  35. PCH

    Toughness, Physicality.....lacking in those Socal Teams

    I liked utah until I found out biggest t liked them. If the utes played in sec, they would be lucky to be 500.
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    Huge Marlin on Pacific Voyager

    Hopefully it does get deleted before too many people see this disaster. Half of you guys bitching about it are making the situation even worse. Like the guy said above, STFU.
  37. PCH

    Change out your line

    I spend way too much money replacing line prematurely. Got to love the peace of mind though
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    Toughness, Physicality.....lacking in those Socal Teams

    Utah got smoked and outclassed by a team that had a drunk head coach. LOL
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    WINNING...! Tuna out of Dana Point

    Sheen looks like a crack head/tweeter lol
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    Lots of Wahoo....

    Inshore doesn't stay consistently warm enough. Too much rolled water after winds. How about some cubera snapper hitting poppers at the islands??
  41. PCH

    49.7 lbs OF PURE US WATERS STOKE!!!!!

    Not sure how you pulled that off, but you know how I know your a puss? You can dish it out but can't take it... Gayness are those shorts in your avatar. Halfway up your ass. LOL
  42. PCH

    49.7 lbs OF PURE US WATERS STOKE!!!!!

    And this person is the the king of no fish reports on BD! LOL Nice work Mike!
  43. PCH

    49.7 lbs OF PURE US WATERS STOKE!!!!!

    You take the time to post a report and don't add a pic? Cmon mike! Congrats on the hoo
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    Lobster Limits for 2!

    It was pretty windy and sloppy for the bay. All the traffic didn't help out too much either with conditions. 40 feet seemed best
  45. PCH

    Lobster Limits for 2!

    Damn it! We already ate them all.....
  46. PCH

    Lobster Limits for 2!

    Last night 8pm to midnight. Bought a half scoop of Tom cods from sd bait barge???? They called them brown baits.....anyways the lobster didn't mind. All caught shallow about 40 feet or less. It was fun but lobster fishing always kicks my ass on the drive home and the next day. So...
  47. PCH

    Hate to be "that guy" Anyone have #s for Dorado?

    Just get offshore and find some lettuce
  48. PCH

    Leader for Halco Max 130

    I'd go with flouro and crimp it. If you have all the supplies just do it yourself, a shop can do it for you if needed.
  49. PCH

    Good tuna counts...but tiny fish!

    And bridle baits for blue marlin
  50. PCH


    You joined in 2008 and have a million posts and not one even close to as good of a report as this guy. Nice job on the wahoo!
  51. PCH

    Local marauders

    I ordered a few from meltons last night, will be here tomorrow. Now it's just finding time to go fish, been so damn busy lately
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    It's good to be king

    Fuck yeah!!! Way to go carl!!!
  53. PCH

    Cat Makai

    Here it is...
  54. PCH

    New Seaforth first wahoo ever!

    Congrats to the captain, crew and lucky angler.
  55. PCH

    wahoo tri-fecta 9/26

    Wow!!!!!!! Excellent job on the wahoo
  56. PCH

    What was biting 2-4miles off mission jetty

    Probably fishing the jetty kelp for bass a shot at yellow and bottom guys.
  57. PCH

    Knock Knock, Hoos there.........

    Nice try mike, thx for the report.
  58. PCH

    Knock Knock, Hoos there.........

    Why does every single one of your posts end with LOL. Looks like you had a very exciting Friday night on BD.....DB
  59. PCH

    No Bait in Mission Bay?

    go catch your own you scrub lol
  60. PCH

    662 Blue Marlin landed in socal today

    Let's not act like bd was first to break this story
  61. PCH

    Ice Cream Lure?

    Nomad tackle Australia has them I think
  62. PCH

    Marlin ID

    It's hard to tell after roasting in the sun for some hours.
  63. PCH


    This is a joke right?
  64. PCH

    Which one of you was headed out for Oregon Tuna?

    So glad we don't have to deal w that crap down here in paradise
  65. PCH


    Or OP didn't break his leg and can't fish anymore
  66. PCH


  67. PCH

    Does rain effect offshore fishing?

    I heard cocaine is a hell of a drug
  68. PCH

    Lower back pain after a day out boating/fishing

    Like stated above. Stretch those hamstrings and also hip flexors. Stand on a soft surface when under way. Also sitting down is harder on the back than standing. If your sitting a lot, stand and stretch here and there.
  69. PCH

    Never expected this...haha

    Wasn't LOL at you man....nice catch
  70. PCH

    Anybody baiting/chunking the mini yellows?

    Where's your report?
  71. PCH

    Maiden Voyage Oside 9/12

    Nice job tim! Don't listen to Randy. He has the opposite problem of not needing ice.
  72. PCH

    Never expected this...haha

    LOL Your inexperience shows. Nice striper
  73. PCH

    Best local yellowtail "access"?

    I'd check on ib pipe in the morn.
  74. PCH

    Heading Out Thursday (tomorrow)

    Yeah Randy how was fishing?
  75. PCH

    epic trip copout 9/06/15

    More don't have to include the dude or fish.
  76. PCH

    Heading Out Thursday (tomorrow)

    Holy shit your gonna fish for real? Good luck, better have a shit load of ice on your fish when you report back with pics.
  77. PCH

    Big Eye Tuna, Wilmington Canyon August 2015

    Are you F ing kidding me? You question this guy? Go ahead and try casting a popper or stickbait 100 yards with a 50 or 80 wide.
  78. PCH

    Deep Hole Drone

  79. PCH

    One stop shop

    Nice job and congrats! In before daisy dukes whines about the lack of ice.
  80. PCH

    solo striper west of lajolla

    Most excellent but there's no pic or video. Congrats!
  81. PCH

    Bacardi Wreck on Fire

    Two biggest arm chair anglers around. you guys should hang out
  82. PCH

    Bacardi Wreck on Fire

    I bet you rode the short bus to school. Think east of the pacific. LOL
  83. PCH

    Crying Shame off the 182

    If looks could kill. Don't pass up the scrap Kelps.
  84. PCH

    8/29 302/371 YFT and Dorado

    Nice let's see a pic of the 35 pound bull! That's a good one!
  85. PCH

    Well, fuck me.

    That sucks. How'd you manage to do that?
  86. PCH

    Deep Sea Fishing noob

    Balls deep
  87. PCH

    Asshat - Douchenozzle Award - Green Bouy 8/28/2015..

    Huh?? Where did I determine the size? I said it looks a little small, a general guess. The thing is half full of dead bait. Those are either monster Deans or a smaller size tank, either way less bait.
  88. PCH

    Have Any Of You Smelled The Gas Offshore?

    I've wiffed that multiple times this season. I also have found diesel slicks in the areas that reek.
  89. PCH

    The right reel

    You might want to list the rod ratings. Length, line recs, weight, ect
  90. PCH

    Its official I selling my boat. 2007 Parker 2510 XLD

    Yet you log in every five minutes. You can leave. Let's see some pics of your boat.
  91. PCH

    Commander Reporting 3 Big Eye

    Big eyes dont count unless they are 50-60 plus pounds
  92. PCH

    Baby Blue

    My gawd this board lately. Bunch of know it all professionals got to tell you how to do it better......good job man hope you had a blast with that fish and it eats good for you!
  93. PCH

    Point Loma Kelp 8-29-2015

    Oh hell yeah! Your eating good! Screw the tuna, yt and dodo.
  94. PCH

    Bamboo gaff

    If u ever come down to sd I'll take it
  95. PCH

    Asshat - Douchenozzle Award - Green Bouy 8/28/2015..

    What do you expect fishing in that crowd? Your tank looks a little small. With the warm water and the bait situation as of late, I'd put less baits in your tank next time.
  96. PCH

    BFT Near San Clemente Is.?

    There's been tuna in and around Sci all season. Look there and north East too
  97. PCH

    CONDOR 208 Yellowfin to 65+ Bloodbath Massacre 8/25

    I can tell your from Utah. You and clintonstick should hang out
  98. PCH

    Marauders F/S

    I'll take if in San diego.
  99. PCH

    CONDOR 208 Yellowfin to 65+ Bloodbath Massacre 8/25

    Coming from the guy who spews my name on threads im not a part of...... I'm pretty sure the last fish you caught was the one in your avatar, when you were wearing your chicks daisy dukes. LOL. Since then it's been straight arm chair angling.
  100. PCH

    They want the CHUNK!

    You should change the title to "They've been wanting the chunk"! Nice load of fish!!!!!!
  101. PCH

    Condor, Grande, or Eclipse 1.5 day?

    I say big bird
  102. PCH

    Mexican Navy Boats at the 302 Today?

    Trump can't get here soon enough
  103. PCH

    Skunk is my friend

    If you can avoid the weekends, do it
  104. PCH

    people destroying kelps?

    It's tree huggers....last year they were driving through the Kelps with triple outboard power and screaming green peace.
  105. PCH

    Tuna ID

    Not sure but awesome sterling spreader bar!
  106. PCH

    First day really fishing in the boat... YFT, A Bill fish, and a massive Hammer

    Awesome report. Let's see some pics of your boat. Thx for the report.
  107. PCH

    Belize Deep Dropping

    How deep were you guys dropping? Looks like some good eats there.
  108. PCH

    Bon Voyage Jared

    What is GP mainline? Haha
  109. PCH

    I'm Reta

    Looks awesome Tim! Super clean! Great outboard. Now go get that thing bloody!
  110. PCH


    Oh give the guy a break. It's a hell of a lot more fish than you have ever posted. Nice job and sweet boat OP!
  111. PCH

    What do you use to cut a tuna's head off

    What are you going to use an ax? Maybe a sawzaw? Chain saw LOL.....your gonna need a big ass knife then.
  112. PCH

    Looking for a place to live in San Diego

    WTF haha
  113. PCH

    WFO 182 Tuesday.....

    Nice job dude!!!!! That's some fun fishing....
  114. PCH

    Oside daycare program Tuesday

    Awesome report!!! Kids look happy!
  115. PCH

    One Stop Shop Tuna 8-18

    Hey Mike hope you get this before you head out. Weather was excellent. Very little wind and really no lump at all. West swell insignificant and the south swell was spread out pretty good about 2-3 feet. Fish are close so if it's like yesterday you guys will have a blast.
  116. PCH

    Yellowfin Tuna, New Jersey August 2015

    Sami what water temperature did you guys get the yft in? Thx for the post.
  117. PCH

    One Stop Shop Tuna 8-18

    Fished out of mission Bay today. Bait was horrible, almost all it rolled pretty quick. I motored out to the 9 and 15 miles of PL I found 2 tern birds dipping. I turned off the motor and started the chunk. Instant we had tuna swimming off the transom. Stuffed the killbag , and released twice as...
  118. PCH

    Two Planes collide in Midair...

    Your a hypocrite rain man, I mean raimond. How was your original post not a fucked up comment? There was no condolences or support from you, just an insensitive comment about what the pilots should have done better. And how is this fishing chit chat? Prayers sent to the families of the victims.
  119. PCH

    spring scale advice

    Your over thinking it. Just set it to 1/3 and be done with it. Adjusting your star drag during the fight..........rookie maneuver. How heavy of line are you using on your star drag?
  120. PCH

    Finally big Bluefin

    He 6 foot 10 inches. ... Nice job dude. Congrats on your bft.
  121. PCH

    Does this party boat look too close? 8-15-2015

    From the guy who has almost 3000 posts with not one picture......
  122. PCH

    Pedasi tuna bite

    Did you guys just find a pangero in town or did a hotel/hostel line you guys up. I'm not sure what the price is nowadays but I used to pick up a pangero for 60 bucks, buy the fuel and tip him out. Best bang for your buck around. That place got me into saltwater fishing when I lived in Panama...
  123. PCH

    Does this party boat look too close? 8-15-2015

    Or slow troll right through there chum line over and over again
  124. PCH

    Pedasi tuna bite

    I love Pedasi Panama. Fished there many, many times and plan to go back sometime in the future. Thx for the post.
  125. PCH


    Where are you located?
  126. PCH

    Bait condition in SD

    Last year had some rough bait floating around. Everytime the water gets hot the bait gets abused. Just be happy we have any bait at all because sometimes when the waters warm there is no bait to be found.
  127. PCH

    Held a YFT School Under Boat for 2 Hours

    No way you chummed? Nice day for sure!!
  128. PCH

    Dogs of BD; Post Yours

    My little buddy
  129. PCH

    Bait condition in SD

    I think it's that lately, at least for me, the sardines have been monsters. The big ones just don't survive as well imo.
  130. PCH

    8-14 at the 302

    Or a hell of a detour report, I like this guy :)
  131. PCH

    8/14 Offsore Morning Run

    In my opinion when tony posts a report with no gaffed and gouged black seabass, its a great one. LOL Nice job on the tuna!
  132. PCH

    Fish Dope and Others

    He's not talking about the charts. He's talking about the daily report. Of course the charts cover offshore and inshore. Once the offshore season is over, inshore reports will be more detailed fyi.
  133. PCH

    Whose job is it to educate less experienced anglers on sportfishing boats?

    Not yours unless they ask you and you are willing to help out.
  134. PCH

    The Dead Bait Issues Continue

    Two words......thru hull. Also there is some shitty bait around right now. Sometimes now matter how good your tank is, there's nothing you can do about bait rolling.
  135. PCH

    Oregon opah and marlin

    Re post
  136. PCH

    Opah caught off Depoe Bay!

    El Nino strikes again. Opah and Oregon Marlin.
  137. PCH

    Jackpot Drone

    Last week K sandwiches burned to the ground. In an effort to save the building, a fire helicopter had to abort mission because some jack ass was flying his drone over the building. The building was a total loss and that was my favorite place to get bahn mi sandwiches dammit. The only people who...
  138. PCH

    Dad update - bad

    Sorry man.....just horrible.....prayers sent.
  139. PCH

    Jackpot Drone

    Holy shit balls Raimond, give it a rest. F that drone or any drone that invades people's space. Stop comparing drones to go pros. We see you LOVE drones, but most people will not like drones flying around in close proximity to them. Withing casting distance is way to close.
  140. PCH

    Silver Bullet Strikes Again

    Nice bft........I'm guessing you didn't see Mexican navy today?
  141. PCH

    8/9 out of O-side...SIZE Matters

    Fish envy................. Nice day guys!
  142. PCH


    I'm guessing 4 threads this morn about the albacore
  143. PCH

    8/8/15 Chunking Tuna video

    Video won't play. Nice job nonetheless!
  144. PCH

    1979 21' radon must sell fast $12.000 RUNS Great Ready to fish

    Ummm......if this is for real someones going to get a hell of a deal.
  145. PCH

    North 9/ La Jolla and Torrey offshore report

    What's that there in your avatar? You'll get em next time.
  146. PCH

    Chunking Question

    Make sure you strip line off your reel as the chunk is sinking. That way the chunk with your hook in it drifts the same way your other chunks drift. Also try and drop the chunk in the same spot off your boat instead of just throwing it all around. Imo clicker is not recommended, your set up...
  147. PCH

    Local yellows and found gopro 8/4/15

    Everyone keep your kids away from this guy. Perv alert
  148. PCH

    Ocean Odyssey- Accuracy in Fishing Reports?

    Your going to be a pussy weather you quote me or not. If you mention me, the least you could do is let me back to your Internet stalking and arm chair angling LOL
  149. PCH

    Good day off the Domes

    Wow nice grade!!
  150. PCH

    Ocean Odyssey- Accuracy in Fishing Reports?

    Why bring me up in this? Do I really make you that upset with yourself LOL Next time you mention me on these boards, try not being a pussy and quote me.
  151. PCH

    Hooking bait opinions

    Depends what way you are fishing them. Very broad question......
  152. PCH


    Meltons just sent me two free halcos and this time they are rigged perfect. Thanks so much for making this right. You've earned back my business :)
  153. PCH

    Kodak PF 14 Bait tank for sale

    Looks in great condition but you can by a new one for 190 at live bait Larry and most marine stores fyi
  154. PCH

    8/5 209 slow start, wind, waves, but didnt skunk it

    Nice effort dom glad you got something! Way to find and fix the problem you had and still get out!!!
  155. PCH

    trip of a lifetime on the Pacific Quest

    Try fishing sometime and not the arm chair type
  156. PCH

    8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    Sorry double posted for some reasom. Great fish Ali.
  157. PCH

    8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    The general area is on fishdope. Shouldn't need fishdope to guess where or be a big surprise.
  158. PCH

    8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    Hell yeah bucket list for sure! On the yummy flyer or bait?
  159. PCH

    My First "Bloody Deck" 8/3/2015 O'side

    Guys stoked on fishing and your Dogging on this guy for taking too long to get a fish in.......wish I could call you a tool but that would be too complementing.
  160. PCH

    Holy Crap!!!

    Where's the same day or at least recent fish report for the bd community? Don't be a dick, remember! Congrats to Ali, hell of a local fish!
  161. PCH

    My First "Bloody Deck" 8/3/2015 O'side

    Striper or you sound like a bad ass. LOL
  162. PCH


    Good luck getting your tackle on time. Everytime I have ordered from meltons, the package arrives late, or half the order arrives. My last order I purchased two halo 130 tuna rigged. Tuna rigged lures come with owner single hooks and crimped mono leaders. Well the package never came, I called...
  163. PCH

    Boat Handline

    Can you post a pic of it? Love full speed handling action .
  164. PCH

    PQ Monsta YT

    Stud bolt yellow right there!
  165. PCH

    Sinking Popper.....?

    Move it fast. Rod tip up and reel. As is gets closet start to lower your rod tip.
  166. PCH

    late report 8/2/15

    Beautiful doroad. Good job mang
  167. PCH


    To simplify it. Troll lures 50 to 75 feet from boat. Lures to far from boat are hard to turn with and tangles happen more often. Troll speed depends on lures used but 5 to 8 knots should be a good range for you. Some lures like the halo 130 can troll faster which I'd good for when your in the...
  168. PCH

    Shitty Counts For a Banner Season..

    Not sure what your talking about. It's been an epic season so far and I doubt it will slow down anytime soon.
  169. PCH

    Shitty Counts For a Banner Season..

    It's called El Nino, don't think the tsunami had much to do with this.
  170. PCH

    Oceanside/ Carlsbad YFT, With the Getsome Guy

    Way to stick it out Simon! Good job
  171. PCH

    Make Your Own Yeti Cooler

    So it's safe to say yeti doesn't want to advertise on bd?
  172. PCH

    8/1/15 - Offshore Lifestyle

    At least he fishes and actually catches fish, unlike you. You won't ever accidently use it because you never fish or post pics.
  173. PCH

    Introducing BD's newest website,

    I'd prefer fishdope to work out its bugs that constantly seem to hinder it's mobile charts before they add anything that is going to contribute more possible problems.
  174. PCH

    Oside a small pair 8-1-15

    Hell yeah! Bloody decks and socks and flip flops. Congrats to you guys
  175. PCH

    Yellowtail, something big and......7/24

    You hooked a bigger grade tuna. Next time you'll get em. Great report
  176. PCH

    Osborne 7/31/15

    Of course the bait guys are going to tell you they got bait......everytime.
  177. PCH

    8/1/15 - Offshore Lifestyle

    Connor McGregor got a yellowtail huh?
  178. PCH


    Gary only catches bonito. You don't want his numbers.
  179. PCH

    No Fish in Oside

    Nice job! You gave that dodo a hernia!
  180. PCH


    Sounds like your stirring the usual.
  181. PCH


    Having a bad day huh LOL
  182. PCH

    Dodo Solo

    Congrats to you!
  183. PCH


    Wow excellent job!! So Cal cow incredible
  184. PCH


    I'd bet you would catch more if you concentrate on fishing LOL. looks like fun and yes fishing the weekends can work the patience.
  185. PCH


    I think a big mass of them is north as well
  186. PCH

    Sea sick patch and dramamine

    I'd say so
  187. PCH

    A Black Day for Hunters

    40 miles in a protected area is a big distance away from a legal area. Sitting on the edge of mlpa is legal, sitting inside is not. How much more clarification do you need? I'm all for hunting, just not when a person breaks the laws and then acts like a uninformed victim. That's weak. I never...
  188. PCH

    A Black Day for Hunters

    Way to compare mackerel and chum to a lion wearing a colar in a protected area. He's a poacher, he had no intention of using the lion for food or another reasonable purpose. Your a dumbass for comparing mlpa and fishing to what this guy did. He was 40 miles inside a legal hunting zone. If he...
  189. PCH

    A Black Day for Hunters

    There goes biggest terd insulting people's boats. Do you have anything new or original you old crusty scrub? Your boat doesn't even run and hasn't seen water since your avatar pic.
  190. PCH

    Killer Ceviche Recipe

    Lost me at ketchup but gonna try it anyways . Thx for the recipe
  191. PCH

    A Black Day for Hunters

    I'm slamming the shit out of this guy and I am no way Peta. I'm all for hunting and killing animals you eat or need or diminish for the better of the ecosystem. This guy went into an illegal park, and poached. This guy is a smart man, you really think he didn't know what he was doing? Guess...
  192. PCH

    A Black Day for Hunters

    This guy didn't go hunt to feed the villagers...His intentions were pathetic
  193. PCH

    A Black Day for Hunters

    If you kill something you don't consume your fucked up. That's how I see it.
  194. PCH

    Anti chafing device??

    You can get some shrink tubing, a long straw, anything cylindrical. Cut a slit down the side, attach some drop shot weights or similar weights to the bottom, place the line through the slit and drop it on down . It should slide down the line to the hook and act as a barrier for the line. Is...
  195. PCH

    Sauerfish YT and Dodo limits.... And a Whale Shark...???

    Bad ass! Had an epic pargo bite in Panama around a whale shark! Did you guys see any tuna down south?
  196. PCH

    2.5 day trip cost

    Why don't you inquire with them?
  197. PCH

    YFT chewed the paint off the boat and a few nice dorado.

    That's Dan LOL but it's a casta hat and I think he got it from the Fred Hall show.
  198. PCH

    YFT chewed the paint off the boat and a few nice dorado.

    this HTML class. Value is
  199. PCH

    problem loading photos

    Works for me now just slow to load
  200. PCH

    Epic Day My First Bluefin

    Nice bft! Hooked for life
  201. PCH

    YFT chewed the paint off the boat and a few nice dorado.

    Today my friend Dan and I left mission Bay with a scoop of some OK sardines. There were very few boats out today and the weather was pretty darn nice. I headed for the knuckle of la jolla canyon to dodge a small number of boats headed towards the nine. Right as I got to the drop off just a few...
  202. PCH

    anyone else have problems with fishdope mobile charts?

    Was it clear in so Cal yesterday or was there a cloudy/marine layer?A friend was out and mentioned it was clear where he was. There's no sst/chloro images available from yesterday afternoon in so Cal islands offshore chart. Trying to get a idea for tomorrow and a little frustrated I have to...
  203. PCH

    Bluefin Tuna limit is now 2.

    Oh shit haha.....guess I should have read that all through. Thx Mike
  204. PCH

    Bluefin Tuna limit is now 2.

    Why fillet at sea? I'm sorry but that's bullshit. First off it's dangerous in my little boat, the fish is already dead and harder to tell what species it is, fillet quality will go down, and it's a major pain in the ass. I feel it's a way for the state to make money in the form of citations...
  205. PCH

    Fury 7-25-2015 Bluefin tuna spooled Trindad 30 with 40#

    You know what I'm not sure so instead of guessing I'd rather someone else chime in haha. I've Def seen people reel up an entire combo and then reel up the original hooked up combo and land a fish.
  206. PCH

    problem loading photos

    What's up with the server? I can't load simple I phone pics............ Anyone else having trouble loading pics?
  207. PCH

    Fury 7-25-2015 Bluefin tuna spooled Trindad 30 with 40#

    WTF? Better have a long rope. I've seen long range throw a set up over but the rope thing no.
  208. PCH

    Dana point/domes

    Sites broken again. Sounds like a good day
  209. PCH

    Relentless overnight 7/25/15

    I get ya. Just trying to make sure everyone stays up north LOL
  210. PCH

    Fury 7-25-2015 Bluefin tuna spooled Trindad 30 with 40#

    I would say your fish was over a hundred. I landed a 80 pounder on 30lb and had way less line on my reel.
  211. PCH

    Relentless overnight 7/25/15

    Yeah everyone stay up in dana. No fish in sd. There only off dana
  212. PCH

    Relentless overnight 7/25/15

    You should have booked a catching boat, not a fishing boat.
  213. PCH

    Heading Down to SD

    Dan landing or shelter Island are both great launching spots and are free. If your going south, I'd recommend shelter Island and if you are staying in us waters I would recommend saba landing. As for fishing spots, there are tuna everywhere you look from the 9 mile and on. Getting them to bite...
  214. PCH

    HELP! I think water is in my diesel tank

    Don't let your neighbors near your boat. Siphon some gas out and you should be able to tell.
  215. PCH

    150+ Lb tuna 7/25

    Thx for the info. There are huge fish out there this year. Two weeks ago I saw a school of fish well over 200lb average.
  216. PCH

    Many Tuna Died

    Bad ass! I miss those things....
  217. PCH

    Put the Bass Rods down and went Offshore

    Wow those are some serious action shots!
  218. PCH

    Bruiser BFT on the Tin Can

    I've caught lots of fish on the siren. Thx for the input, I'll check those other baits out.
  219. PCH

    Bruiser BFT on the Tin Can

    I got two stellas on my boat at all times. This year I got one rigged with a siren stick bait and the other with a smaller sized popper. I've been winging them just not too much luck yet. I'm planning on fishing them much harder next week. We will see what happens. Right now it's all...
  220. PCH

    Bruiser BFT on the Tin Can

    I got a feeling you will get yours!
  221. PCH

    Tribute or OuterLimits?

    Not for me. Just clarifying your mistake.
  222. PCH

    Tribute or OuterLimits?

    Tribute is out of Seaforth and they got free parking too. I'd go on the tribute.
  223. PCH

    Bruiser BFT on the Tin Can

    Haha yeah for sure. I actually looked for one the other day. Let's fish soon.
  224. PCH

    Bruiser BFT on the Tin Can

    Its a 20 foot aluminum with a 115 4 stroke yamaha. Ill try and post up a pic for you.
  225. PCH

    Bruiser BFT on the Tin Can

    Not too bad today but during the fight it almost wasnt fun anymore haha
  226. PCH

    Bruiser BFT on the Tin Can

    Thanks Cousin appreciate it. Super stoked!
  227. PCH

    Bruiser BFT on the Tin Can

    Its been really good fishing as of late with busting tuna everywhere, dorado filling up on kelps and big fish biting. I went out last Tuesday and hooked into a really big tuna that I never saw after a 45 minute battle on a single speed Avet MXJ and a calstar 15-40 rod. After loosing the fish I...
  228. PCH

    Introducing BD's newest website,

    What the difference between these satfish charts and the fishdope charts,? Im in the market for a good sst chlorophyll charts and to be honest im not very impressed with fishdope or other options available. Prettt cool you can get a free trial, thx for that.
  229. PCH

    Gas prices at Dana Landin - San Diego - Yikes!!

    Im interested in getting a bigger boat but right about now my 7mpg aluminum is looking really good.
  230. PCH

    Yellow Fin off La Jolla 7-14-15

    Congrats to you!! There were some big ones eating yesterday. I had a friend on the new sea forth half day that lost a 100 pounder at deep color and another guy on the boat lost one too. Gonna get mine!!
  231. PCH

    Yellow Fin off La Jolla 7-14-15

    Ill keep you posted on that eric. Doms gonna be joining me too one of these days so maybe we can plan a session.
  232. PCH

    Yellow Fin off La Jolla 7-14-15

    Yeah side yard at home. Its really not much, just a outdoor patio type glass table that has a fillet board on top. Its very photogenic haha. Chunking seems to keep the fish around. Last year as well it was always producing and I think we are getting into a similar bite with a little bigger fish...
  233. PCH

    Yellow Fin off La Jolla 7-14-15

    Left SD bay at 6am with a scoop of beat sardine scooped off the top of a fresh box. It was rough again but I slowly made my way past the south 9 to the 226 and didnt see much. I then decided to head north through the trough and ended up about 11 miles of la jolla. I found two dry kelps and then...
  234. PCH

    3/4 day boats

    The san diego
  235. PCH

    In love with that .... DODO

    Awesome love those fish. Out of oside?
  236. PCH

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    I agree with you but when you have the angler posing with his rod and giving a thumbs up while deck hands are eye gouging the fish, it doesn't look good for the angler as well. Unbelievable the sport boat pulled that fish out of the water first and foremost.
  237. PCH

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    That's not all the regs
  238. PCH

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    That fish may have been returned but it was def harmed.
  239. PCH

    7/12 on the Gail Force

    Amateur hour. Why did you take the pic down? You need to read some regs. And your a lawyer LOL
  240. PCH

    Yellowfin, Bluefin and Yellowtail ( Video )

    Some people are report readers and you my friend are a report maker.
  241. PCH

    fish report

    Cmon man you claim to catch a big eye and no pics? That's F'D up.
  242. PCH

    30 yft on a 3 day

    Its not a homerun every time. What was the fish count listed by the boat?
  243. PCH

    UFC 189 Mcgregor vs Mendes - Tonite

    Stopped a main event title fight with 3 seconds left??? Should have gone another round........mcgregor is a beast nonetheless but he better work on that wrestling. Lawler vs mcdonald was the shit, check these guys out in the hospital after their war.
  244. PCH

    late, i know SD the 8th

    Either was damaged from bumping other fish or it also looks like someone may have caught and released him and during that he beat his tail on the deck.
  245. PCH

    San Diego Saturday Morning

    Nice. Gonna give em hell tuesday. Thx for the report and the info.
  246. PCH

    UFC 189 Mcgregor vs Mendes - Tonite

    If mcgregor beats mendes, he is the real deal. Not convinced just yet. With that said. I got mendes.
  247. PCH


    50 to100 yards is to far. More like 50 to 75 feet. 5 to 7 is good. You can hall ass with the halcos fyi. When lures are way back, turning is harder, tangles happen more often and baits on the slide are more difficult to get in the zone. Not saying way back wont work just in my experience closer...
  248. PCH

    How far back do you troll your xraps and yozuris?

    Closer than you think. If you don't have release clips, wrap a rubber band around the line and loop the rubber band around your reel handle.
  249. PCH

    Bait tank question

    Never turn off your pump until your out of bait or done fishing
  250. PCH

    Rob Sanford, San Diego Boats......Here I am!

    Do you know where he lives or works?
  251. PCH

    Middle Grounds Yellow Fin Tuna

    On my gps there are lines that show the depth on the bottom. A refer to a "good edge" as one of those lines. Sometimes they run straight for a while sometime they curve. Its basically a depth I follow.
  252. PCH

    Bait Barge Hell

    And mackeral seem to catch a better grade of fish.
  253. PCH

    Middle Grounds Yellow Fin Tuna

    He was a little gassed out. Tried to get him to take a few more but he tapped out. Haha
  254. PCH

    Middle Grounds Yellow Fin Tuna

    Your all high as a giraffes ass. I have caught a quite a few bft this year and this was a yft for sure. Also get ready......I was checked by mx navy yesterday. They took all my docs and looked in my bag with no problems. Actually really nice guys like always. Go fish its real good inshore and...
  255. PCH

    Middle Grounds Yellow Fin Tuna

    Right around 25 fathoms. I take Tuesdays and Thursdays off so I can only fish those days. Kinda sucks :)
  256. PCH

    Report? No. But I give one every year I fish so help me out

    3/4 day the San Diego 1/2 day the New Seaforth Nuff said
  257. PCH

    Middle Grounds Yellow Fin Tuna

    Left Shelter Island at 6am. Waited in the bait line for 30 minutes before getting a decent scoop of some horse sardines. The plan was to run offshore and look for tuna but the weather was a little lumpy and windy for my tin boat so the islands it was. We started off a little slow and had a...
  258. PCH

    Pulling The Bilge Drain Plug

    Why not get a new bilge pump? Sounds like a really stupid idea.
  259. PCH

    Another bites the dust!

    Way to go the distance
  260. PCH

    Bait pump size

    I use a 800 for that size tank and it works great. If you install a ball valve, you can adjust flow and accommodate any size pump.
  261. PCH

    Questions About Launching Solo?

    Prep boat, back it in water, lower and start motor, climb up and unhook, back boat out, drive to dock, tie boat up, walk to truck, park trailer, walk back to boat and go fish. Nice boat.
  262. PCH

    F350 on the 22' Whaler Guardian.....

    Your bait hates you. Your gonna need goggles for that sled.
  263. PCH

    Where can I purchase a commercial Lobster license?

    Lobster cabobs, lobster tacos, lobster stew, lobster thermador, lobster tacos, lobster a la plancha, lobster tails, lobster pasta, lobster gumbo
  264. PCH

    When Is It Going To Start? It started today 7-9

    .....this guy is a serial killer though.....
  265. PCH

    Slow trolling macs/deens

    Drop weights in their bellies? Depends how strong the baits are and how the game fish are responding.
  266. PCH

    Ripcharts throwing us the bone!

    Awesome. Will it be part of fishdope subscription after 6 months? Is there a upgrade to current FD charts or is this just for PNW?
  267. PCH

    Happy birthday Carl!

    ^ WTF?? Happy b day
  268. PCH

    Bait issues.

    I think a 800gph pump would better suit your needs. Also like stated above, get a ball valve to have extra control.
  269. PCH

    Osprey 26 Fisherman

    Ive admired that beast a few times lately. Looks like a hell of a boat.
  270. PCH

    MONSTER BLUE at South 9

    That thing is a beast! Congrats to you!!!!
  271. PCH

    When Is It Going To Start? It started today 7-9

    Quantity hasn't happened yet, at least for most, but quality sure has been happening. My friends dad got a 100lb yft on the 9 a few weeks back, big blue fin have been being landed and its early July. Personally I'd take quality over quantity any day. Dont worry you will get yours.
  272. PCH

    Tuna off Oceanside

    Nice work dad! Id gues a Hammerhead bit your tuna.
  273. PCH

    Aluminum Hull Pitting

    Also if wiring is still original from 1988, you may want to go through it all to make sure the rubber coating around the wires is not corroded or worn off, touching the hull. Also check your switches and battery grounds.
  274. PCH

    Yo-Zuri trolling speed and skipping issues need help.

    Your buddies gauge is off. You were prob moving too fast. That or lure is jacked.
  275. PCH

    More ono. I guess thats all i can do, but look what he bit

    Which area of hawaii you sick fuc*? Nice hoo.
  276. PCH

    SOLD SOLD SOLD 2007 Farallon Boat 2800 Walkabout

    Why are you selling after buying it one month ago?
  277. PCH


    Saw one on the S9 a week ago.
  278. PCH

    Harley Davidson Springer Softail

    All the shit you sell on here....u should give bd a broker fee. Nice bike
  279. PCH

    Almost ready...14' Crestliner

    Looks good but yeah try to center that tank. Also you should launch out of mission and hit up PL and LJ kelp too.
  280. PCH

    Big blue

    Big girl. Wow
  281. PCH

    Sea Adventure 80, 2.5d 7/1-4

    Awesome trip! Congrats on the big yft
  282. PCH

    Trailer repair needed asap stuck in oceanside

    Matt at boat and trailer werx does mobile services. If no trailer asssit, its worth a try. Google it for the number.
  283. PCH


    Isn't that a part boat out of SD?
  284. PCH

    Today part 2

    Congrats. Your lucky to fish two days in a row. Can't wait till tuesday!
  285. PCH

    Local Night Fishing for Tuna

    Stay in LA. If you do come down to SD just send me a pm and I'll gladly show up in person. Why do you keep responding? You said three times you dont have time for this? Dont you have some toilets to scrub? Way to represent LA waterfront.
  286. PCH

    Local Night Fishing for Tuna

    Who said I was fishing the 43? You been doing this since 8 and your still a deck bitch....Ive seen lots of bft caught after 10 is what im saying. Typical sport boat swashbuckler, thinks he's gods gift to fishing and knows it all. You know nothing but what your captain tells you. Been eating...
  287. PCH

    July 1 Firecracker

    Awesome pic!!!
  288. PCH

    Local Night Fishing for Tuna

    I fish a private boat and dont deal with the crowds or shitty deck hands that think they know everything. Fyi you slap dick, Ive been catching yft on the 302 and bft on the 9 for weeks now. Arent you a deck bitch and why you so mad pussy? LOL
  289. PCH


    So what did the captain really do to piss you off? Did he make fun of your pink short shorts? LOL Stealing fish is messed up. The girl thing in sure was a really bad joke.
  290. PCH

    DANA BUMMER 7.1.15

    Way to kick him when hes down. I got some yt and a dorado same day. Haha
  291. PCH


    Full right now and half day boats are getting bft off the beach. I wouldn't change it. 2 more weeks should be even better.
  292. PCH

    oceanside Dorado 7/2

    I saw a hammerhead on the S9 last thursday and immediately after had a strike on the cedar plug that came unbuttoned. Last year I caught lots of football's off those sharks, so if you ask me they are a great sign. I was a little north of the golf balls about 5 miles off the beach. The kelp had...
  293. PCH

    7/2/15 N9-Mid9-302 late

    Wow nice day for you guys!
  294. PCH

    oceanside Dorado 7/2

    Went out looking for some tuna but didnt find much. Found a kelp that produced 5 nice yt to 20lbs and a 20 pound bull. 5 miles off the beach. Water was 69 to just about 72. Next Tuesday Will be out again. Good luck to all on the water.
  295. PCH

    Local Night Fishing for Tuna

    You dont know shit. Theres been bluefin caught after 10am. It changes constantly.
  296. PCH

    Local Night Fishing for Tuna

    Great report......why don't you try it and REPORT back.
  297. PCH

    Halco 130 Swivel?

    Both will work but I find that a spider hitch (double line) to a tigers paw to a swivel works best. Its not good for heavy line but I use it with 40 and 50 lb.
  298. PCH

    Ft. Bragg Tuna!!!!

    Sweet you found albert! Excellent eats
  299. PCH

    Rooster roundup returns to Rancho Leonero

    Lets see pics of the 50 to 70 lb roosters. That size gallos are a blast
  300. PCH

    A day to remember! Hat trick.

    I dont know whats better, your boat, girl or bounty. Nice job dude.
  301. PCH

    Look what MikesOcean's getting!

    She's a beauty. Congrats
  302. PCH

    what's wrong with the fish count

    Its more of a pb bite right now and CLOSE. The fish are not responding to chum and fin bait as much as a shot at some troll fish here and there. Also its a money thing, if peeps are willing to go overnight or longer even if fishing is better close, they are gonna go.
  303. PCH

    Out on Blast..This years Tactic to Thwart Dickmeisters..

    You fished the biggest parking lot on the entire pacific coast from Chile to Alaska. With such a drive for you, I can't understand why you even went there. Should have been offshore somewhere else. As long as that bite continues, always expect to have a bunch of jerks around. Hope your next trip...
  304. PCH

    Their back.... YFT 6/27 report

    Its already nuckin futz.
  305. PCH

    Is Everybody Political Now?

    Are you mad about the Muslim bookstore?
  306. PCH

    Tuna Crab

    What video
  307. PCH

    Vessel assit if you don't have it ????????????

    I hear horror stories on the radio all the time. Last year a guy paid 2500 to be towed in from the 302.
  308. PCH


  309. PCH

    Very local fish report

    F your fish report. How many times have you hijacked other threads like an ass? Way to many times. Fyi your report sucks with no pics.
  310. PCH

    Weather this weekend 6/27,28

    Check the weather for yourself before you go out.
  311. PCH

    Weather this weekend 6/27,28

    Wind and on the weekend. Hell no. I don't care how good it could be. Tuesday im all over it.
  312. PCH

    Very local fish report

    Has any dfg ever weighed your fish at the ramp? Just curious
  313. PCH

    Best monofilament for surface iron

    Izorline first string
  314. PCH

    Very local fish report

    Holy shit you do fish! BS WITHOUT PICS
  315. PCH

    Going out to play with the BlueFin Today Saturday 6/27/2015

    I got another one on Thursday. A friend got 3 yesterday. They are still around. Mackeral are your friend.
  316. PCH


    Perfect timing for the weekend. Nice work though, you guys killed em.
  317. PCH

    Tuna time

    Congrats man!
  318. PCH

    oside 6/26 short summary

    Sketchy to have 4 people in a small boat. Nice try though
  319. PCH

    Robbie Gordon, Yamaha dealer?

    Sea witch is authorized
  320. PCH

    6-25 Dodo's save the day

    Yeah they are here early. I got one on a jig yesterday about 10 lbs. Nice job and congrats
  321. PCH

    Putting the Wood and Rope to Tuna

    Been posted before but very cool
  322. PCH

    Tribute Reviews Por Favor

    Great captain and crew. Food is ok. Bunks suck. Fishy boat
  323. PCH

    9 mile bank 6/25/2015

    I was there today. Got a 40lb bft and a Dorado on the colt sniper. Other than that, pretty slow.
  324. PCH

    Stolen boat

    What's up with all the thiefs and tweekers up there? Just about every time I see a "stolen" post its in Washington.
  325. PCH

    bluefin 5 miles off pt. loma

    Nice work and good eats!
  326. PCH

    Eyebrow Witness News....

    You cant tell its a dude? Your gaydar needs repairing.
  327. PCH

    gear question

    Good advice. But if you have a parabolic rod made for spectra your good to go too.
  328. PCH

    Disabled Bluefin

    Way to turn lemons into lemonade.
  329. PCH

    Panama/Chiriqui Surf Report

    Awesome report! Look out for those bulls.
  330. PCH


    Hey mike thx for the links, I appreciate it. Jeff thanks for the offer, really cool of you. I wish you lived closer.
  331. PCH

    Surface Iron ( Retarded Tady's ) vs. BFT - Advanced Warfare

    Wow you guys killed it! Excellent work, enjoy the eats!
  332. PCH


    Local sd preferred. What do you got? Thx Paul
  333. PCH

    Fuel burn f115 Yamaha

    6-7mpg on my aluminum.
  334. PCH

    Fathers Day Report!!!

    Very cool. Your a lucky man.
  335. PCH

    Bass knuckles idiots

    Plj46 is another one who doesn't fish. Your bay trip must be back when biggest terd caught his avatar pic.
  336. PCH

    White Sea Bass

    Fight wise so so but taste wise cant be beat.
  337. PCH

    Bass knuckles idiots

    MOTE="get some, post: 3799090, member: 5913"]Lol! How did this escalate from a post about one boater complaining about the actions of another boater into an assault on all guys that fish bass tournaments? This is as big a shit show as the yellowtail gang bang on the shoe right now. Why so angry...
  338. PCH

    Bass knuckles idiots

    Nothing smart ass about it only truth. No fish reports ever, I dont think he even fishes. The last fish biggest turd has caught is his avatar from 1960. He wishes he was a patch monkey.
  339. PCH

    Bluefin limits for two

    Way to bloody the new boat! So you guys got 4? Thats a hell of a job.
  340. PCH

    Sat 6/20 report

    Hell yes steve! Nice yellow fin. Thx for the report
  341. PCH

    Rpt-06-20-15 Went Bass fishing and Caught Tails and Bass.

    Killing fish again. Poor things don't have a chance with you two :)
  342. PCH

    blue fin at the 9

    Nice job. Lets see some pics
  343. PCH

    6-20 Oceanside report

    Thx for the report. Good luck simon
  344. PCH

    Amato Panga

    Next time you should get your info before you buy. Have heard mixed reviews about amatos. Hope yours serves you well. Keep us posted and show us the final product when you get your outboard installed. Id go with a yamaha.
  345. PCH

    6-20-15 9mile, 302 SD

    Thx for the report! Sounds like how its been for last few weeks. Please just do me a favor and never throw a jig on 15 pound again. :)
  346. PCH

    YFT Speared off the dock in Dana Point

    Maybe he actually fishes instead of internet angling everyday like you?
  347. PCH

    Cheap Bait Tank

  348. PCH

    Report from the corner

    Thx for the report. The bft are very particular, so maybe you would have got no strike at all with a bigger hook? Next time is your time.
  349. PCH

    209 277 area 6-19-15

    Here comes the entourage.
  350. PCH

    209 277 area 6-19-15

    That would help if fishdope could get working chloro images. I am a member and resort to free tempbreak, pretty sad
  351. PCH


    Yea walter good eye
  352. PCH

    Kimbo vs Shamrock tonite at 9pm

    The real is the co main. The main is more of a novelty fight.
  353. PCH

    Going on Old Glory tonight for 1 for bluefin

    The old glory hole huh? I think you may have a problem with rod storage unless you get there early.
  354. PCH


    Thats 32 gallons
  355. PCH

    purse seiner quota

    What if you catch the bft and then put them in a pen and feed them until the market is open again?
  356. PCH

    Hey robert I can fish tuesday and thursdays. Good for cash, bait, ice, whatever, and of course...

    Hey robert I can fish tuesday and thursdays. Good for cash, bait, ice, whatever, and of course catching fish. Where do you launch from? Thx Paul
  357. PCH

    2002 Dodge Dakota 4.7 V8 manual transmission

    Not sure how to decipher max trailer weight but I attached this pic of manual for you. I think you are good to go. Sorry for sideways pic.
  358. PCH

    2002 Dodge Dakota 4.7 V8 manual transmission

    Will get back to you shortly
  359. PCH

    Seiner boats off Newport right now, getting all these pesky tuna out of our water

    How bout you call? Let us know how it goes, id appreciate it
  360. PCH

    Seiner boats off Newport right now, getting all these pesky tuna out of our water

    So basically, they are wrapping all the fish that want to bite.
  361. PCH

    Panama: BE CAREFUL!

    Hey Jim. At one point Shane had mentioned he was booking for some operations that included cebaco. Tony then chimed in to adress that shyne WAS NOT booking for cebaco. Since then Shane or BD deleted that post. Shyne has not beem affiliated with cebaco on this site since then. I would send a...
  362. PCH

    Uni knot any good?

    Hes talking about a uni knot to a hook or swivel. Not uni to uni for mono to flouro fyi. That is a good connection for lines of similar diameter though.
  363. PCH

    2002 Dodge Dakota 4.7 V8 manual transmission

    Not sure the tow limits but will look that up in the manual tomorrow. I tow my 20 foot aluminum 115 4 stroke no problem whatsoever.
  364. PCH

    How come the Mexican are still fishing for bluefin Tuna?

    Id think more along the lines of the sportfishing industry not having any power or control over the situation even though they like to pretend they do. No one but mexico can do anything about it, no matter what all the big wigs at the landings say or anyone on this or any other site like it says.
  365. PCH

    Koi-Eating Heron Needs a New Home

    Or bust out your silencer, bury it and never tell a soul. LOL
  366. PCH

    Uni knot any good?

    Actually it holds very well if you tie it right. What's cool about it is that you can leave a little loop around your hook eye with it, works like a welded ring does, and it will tighten down when fighting a fish. If you get that down, you can save some cash when buying hooks.
  367. PCH

    Jack poling Tuna

    Where do I sign up? Looks like fun
  368. PCH

    How come the Mexican are still fishing for bluefin Tuna?

    Seiners wrap a lot of things, not just bft. They were wrapping yt in the flats this spring. Not saying it could be yt, just think about it. And I dont advise running up close enough to get a picture of the mexi seiners to prove its bluefin there wrapping. At least one of the seiner captains is...
  369. PCH

    Pig YFT today

    My gawd.......the fish envy is very impressive this season and it has only just begun. I blame el nino, stubborn blue fin and internet anglers.. LOL. Speaking of radio chatter, I heard some jack wagon fishing the south nine and bragging about a couple bft he caught.....on channel 72........cant...
  370. PCH

    BFT Limits

    You got to catch one first....LOL Im with you on this one. Please keep us posted on what Lea has to say.
  371. PCH


    Guess you like gradys more than parkers huh? Lets see the new grady
  372. PCH

    Anybody lose a HO @ SCI....?

    Im guessing his weight belt for diving kept him down? 8 months the body didnt drift off further away? Rest in peace and condolences to his family.
  373. PCH

    How come the Mexican are still fishing for bluefin Tuna?

    Its mexico, they do what they want when they want. They are probably wrapping "yellowfin".
  374. PCH

    Pig YFT today

    Why is this guy such a bitch? Does he even fish? Worst case of fish envy....ever.....constantly. Not once happy for his fellow fisherman. Nice troll fish btw!
  375. PCH

    ONE ON THE 209!!!!

    Glad you guys had a great day on the water!
  376. PCH

    Big Yellow tail

    Congrats on a excellent fish catching session!
  377. PCH

    Good Birthday

    Incredible sicles on those Hawaiian yellowfin! Happy b day
  378. PCH

    Catching Mackeral at Night

    Its a bitch at night in my experience but not impossible. Id get a good chum slick going for sure
  379. PCH

    Need a Harpoon!

    Matt harpooned the hell out of your fish
  380. PCH

    48,5 lbs at Sunrise - Extreme Kayak Fishing

    Awesome croaker! Not sure if I missed it but where are you fishing? Thx for the video!
  381. PCH

    Caught A Few Blue Fin Tuna

    35lb Blackwater flouro to 65lb spectra. Circle hook
  382. PCH

    Another Big Bluefin speared

  383. PCH

    Caught A Few Blue Fin Tuna

    Good luck Jeff, there's a lot of fish out there!
  384. PCH

    Caught A Few Blue Fin Tuna

    Dont over think it. Find the area with fish and put them back. I mix up my speed, I slow down when I think my baits are in the right place and speed up when trying to get in the right place or when trying to locate where they went. Usually 1 - 4 knots. Mix it up and see what works for you. Yes...
  385. PCH

    Caught A Few Blue Fin Tuna

    Thanks mike. Yeah two trips before just yt. Gonna have some sushi tonight!
  386. PCH

    Caught A Few Blue Fin Tuna

    Yes they were worth buying, for mac chum and to throw when you need to. There were a few dines mixed in.
  387. PCH

    Caught A Few Blue Fin Tuna

    Hey Paul the macks were 6 to 10 inches and were caught in the kelp outside the mouth of the bay. I wouldn't get to concerned about size as long as there not the huge ones. I saw some big fish out there today that would inhale the biggest macs we had.
  388. PCH

    Caught A Few Blue Fin Tuna

    Left Sd bay at 530, picked up a scoop of chovy and made some macs. Went to the 9 and found dolphin and birds on the border. Water looked good with lots of life, but no love for us in the morn. I ran around looking for kelps and signs of life but didn't find much so I headed back to the nine. I...
  389. PCH

    pacific queen 6/13-14

    Nice trip! So I guess you never sold the tickets....good for you guys.
  390. PCH

    Whats this look like to you??

    If you cut it in half you would be able to tell right away if its a bonito or wahoo. Its a bonito and a hell of a bait
  391. PCH

    Columbia River Sturgeon!

    Ha, guess not...LOL
  392. PCH

    fun day away from the crowds

    You know what cures fish envy? Going fishing and catching a fish for yourselves.
  393. PCH

    150 sucked today

    I hate weekends :)
  394. PCH

    2002 Dodge Dakota 4.7 V8 manual transmission

    Forgot to mention that a new battery was installed last week.
  395. PCH

    Half ass effort. 6/14

    Thx for the report, hope your boats ok. Thats the prob with the 9 on the weekend, surprised it was just 13. Next time dude
  396. PCH

    2002 Dodge Dakota 4.7 V8 manual transmission

    For sale. Body has some small dents and oxidation on the paint. Interior has a broken center console and the roof interior is failing. Excellent running truck. 127,000 miles. I have had it since new. Always maintained and has never had any mechanical problems. Its has a 8 cylinder engine and...
  397. PCH

    What happened today (6/14) Coronado islands or San Diego off Shore

    Its been broke for weeks now even without clouds
  398. PCH

    Run & Gun Bluefin 209 area

    Damn dude I guess third time is the charm for you. Ill be out tuesday, hope I run into them.
  399. PCH

    Heartache and Bruisers Saturday

    Prob not. One of those 9 would have found the corner
  400. PCH

    Heartache and Bruisers Saturday

    Edit it and put it back up pls
  401. PCH

    Adrianna finds the bigeye

    Why??? Becuase he caught a big fish and miss identified it? Typical fish envy scrubs like plj46 first to chime in.
  402. PCH

    Adrianna finds the bigeye

    Nice load there. Check the water color in that pic. Purple/blue that is bet water
  403. PCH

    BAIT TANKS for TUNA !!

    I tried to buy a tank from this guy. Never returned calls or messages.
  404. PCH

    130 lb bluefin for the bongos gang

    Southern ca is in the usa and borders the Pacific ocean.
  405. PCH

    130 lb bluefin for the bongos gang

    Here comes all the haters with fish envy..... Nice job bongos
  406. PCH

    Good news 6/13 Pacific Queen has limits of yellows by 12 noon on paddys

    All the yellows I have seen on paddys within 10 miles of pl are njce grade no rats. Not sure where they were but hopefully the same grade.
  407. PCH

    O 95 6/12

    Nice trip dude! Bft on the way home is icing on the cake.
  408. PCH

    Light Line Yellowtail on the 150 area (video)

    No matter how good the bite is, its not worth fighting the crowds. Thx for the report Corey
  409. PCH

    Volvo (Valeo) HO Alternator - No Fit

    Nice big boy boat that dosent even run LOL
  410. PCH

    Down With The Big Tuna Sickness

    Yet I guarantee I've caught twice the amount of fish as you over the years you old fart. I actually fish and not just on the computer like you. You know what your the type of bitch who can dish it out and cant take it. You have proven that many times over the years. We get more posts from you...
  411. PCH

    South 9 mile bank 6-11-15

    LOL I do prefer to eat some rockfishes over "trashfish" but catching.....well thats a different story LOL
  412. PCH

    Down With The Big Tuna Sickness

    I thought it was a fishing report but then I saw who posted it and realized that OP hasn't fished since the 60's.... But that is hilarious so I wont talk too much crap.
  413. PCH

    Yesterday's Catch @ PSFL

    That thing has been eating well! Nice fish
  414. PCH

    31 FT Fountain Sportfish Cruiser

    Post more pics pls
  415. PCH

    South 9 mile bank 6-11-15

    Yeah we were out there too. Fuck rockfish, yt were everywhere. We got 3 nice ones and tore off to find the stupid bft, which we did and they hate us again. Another member here, ill let him post his own report, absolutely demolished the yt. Thx for the report.
  416. PCH


    Shit getting good
  417. PCH


    Drunks were bird nesting other peeps rods? Did you kick their ass like they deserve?
  418. PCH

    So what ever happened to the albacore?

    All the big bluefin you have been seeing and hearing about ate them.
  419. PCH


    Post his name. Guy ripped you off and your protecting him? Myself and all the peeps who buy on here deserve to know.
  420. PCH

    Fuel additive Yamaha

    Yes and fuel conditioner
  421. PCH

    wts 2 day pacific queen trip

    Plj46 is such a bitch......bump
  422. PCH

    Catalina Bluefin?

    Why no update on fishdope?
  423. PCH

    Columbia River Sturgeon!

    Nice! What river?
  424. PCH

    Dominator 2-Day Offshore June 6 & 7, 2015

    Was the "fresh off the boat" guys on board smoking bowls, drinking like savages, and dancing on the hood of moving cars in the parking lot??? Thx for the report and you'll get em next time!
  425. PCH

    Zombie Rockfishing for Cows part 2

    Why do long range guys bitch so much? Guess what, going long does not guarantee catching. Guess what, you can catch fish local too. Guess what, the skipper or deck hand cant magically get the fish to bite. Guess what, captains are human and sometime error is involved. If you want to bitch about...
  426. PCH

    Dead Bait Trolling Around The 209

    I would have went with more ballyhoo. A skirted one and a naked one. Good effort! Thx for thre report.
  427. PCH

    Update on sea-lion attack

    That fucker came back for him after he let go of his hand and bit his ankle!! WTF
  428. PCH

    Lower 9-mile Jumping Yellowfin

    Your all wrong they are big bonito.
  429. PCH

    Lower 9-mile Jumping Yellowfin

    Yellowfin u sure? So u got a yt or a tuna?
  430. PCH

    Best 18' ish center console

    Ive never fished off one. Couldnt say, hopefully others chime in on that one.
  431. PCH

    Best 18' ish center console

    Id say parker, whaler or ken craft
  432. PCH

    A Little Caulking, Insulating Foam, Good to Go

    LOL That truck would still run over your prius like a speed bump. And before you get your feelings hurt, its ok, I got a commuter too.
  433. PCH

    1988 Shamrock Cuddy Cabin

    How many feet long? Is it in the water or on trailer? Hours on engine?
  434. PCH

    Prayers for Karl....

    Prayers sent!
  435. PCH

    Looking to catch anything

    Oh hell yeah!! And solid 1st post! Your already more welcome than half the jack asses around here if you ask me.
  436. PCH

    Eclipse Package - Anyone else dissatisfied?

    How do u know he didnt?
  437. PCH

    FS: Shimano Stella SWB 10000PG BNIB

    Would you trade for a stella sw 20k?
  438. PCH

    FS: Shimano Stella SWB 10000PG BNIB

    Is that the new stella model. Cant tell your pics are so small?
  439. PCH

    Eclipse Package - Anyone else dissatisfied?

    Damn that sucks. 45 days out, that is not a deal at all.
  440. PCH

    FURUNO 1833C

  441. PCH

    2000 Yamaha F115 TLRY 4 Stroke Idle Problem

    When the last time you chaged the impeller? How's it pissing? Sometimes when they overheat and reach a certain temp they will shut off so you dont cause more damage to the motor.
  442. PCH

    6/6/15-target yellowtail

    I bought a megaphone to verbally insult any asshole who pulls that kind of crap this season. PB and sporties. It also has a super loud siren, and when I say super loud I mean it. Along with that annoyance, I got some buddies who are professional shit talkers haha. Thx for the report.
  443. PCH

    Triumph 210cc - Dad's Boat for Sale

    How about a pic of the outboard? And what walter white said.
  444. PCH

    Quick La Jolla report and Fishdope question

    Ok so I changed the date, re booted my device and restarted my app and still does not look like the images jason posted. Also after double checking the date, there is no image for yesterday at all in so cal islands and offshore. There is a june 7 date for so cal mexico overview but its even...
  445. PCH

    FS: Calstar, Seeker, Shimano rods

    Great deals wish u were closer
  446. PCH

    Better Technique Needed

    Keep us posted, I have had good results w ballyhoo in the past. Been wanting to try as of late.
  447. PCH

    Quick La Jolla report and Fishdope question

    I guess I need to login with my computer because when I log into fishdope mobile apps it does not show what you displayed. Is that cloud free sst you attached?
  448. PCH

    Quick La Jolla report and Fishdope question

    Fished LJ yesterday. Got a big yellow on the yoyo that measured 44 inches long and a smaller one. We also got a few slimy cuda and a few legal calicos. All in all a good day but still slow do to what I would guess being not so clean water. Water temps were 67 and 68 degrees. Now as for my...
  449. PCH

    Better Technique Needed

    Was it round trip 350 nm from sd? If so he really didnt go that far cosidering be probably trolled around a bunch in areas. Dont worry its only early june. The fish are coming.
  450. PCH

    What's with these boats not filling?

    The counts suck right now. simple as that. Theres some monster fish being caught but when you consider all the boats looking for them, they are few and far between.
  451. PCH

    Fishing Rod & Reels Forsale

    Oh ok, got did not SAID auction. That makes sense. LOL
  452. PCH

    Hot wahoo lure

    Yo zuri bonito has been around for a long time. As for that ugly color, hungry wahoo will hit a lot of different color patterns.
  453. PCH

    Beware Oceanside City and Harbor POS

    Never run over a pedestrian, they have the right of way even at the landings.
  454. PCH

    Fishing Rod & Reels Forsale

    Is this an auction?
  455. PCH

    Ripcharts throwing us the bone!

    Will the new sst product be a part of fishdope after the free month is up?
  456. PCH

    Question on Mackerel

    They have been a bit** to find lately in a smaller size but considering the bft out there, there really not that big. I made a tank around the bait barge last week fyi.
  457. PCH

    Good or bad fishing in a El Niño year?

    Someone tell the long range crew that its possible to catch fish in our local waters and you dont need to be 200 plus miles away to have good fishing :)
  458. PCH

    Crazy animal in attic of old house

    You guys are not from around any weird fishing videos?
  459. PCH

    Great start cut short!!!

    Prayers sent to amy.
  460. PCH

    malahini offshore 6/3

    Some red crab? More like red crab everywhere. Thx for the report.
  461. PCH

    Hurricane effects

    That sounds like some Bro Science to me.
  462. PCH

    4-Stroke, Best Fuel Choice??

    If u got a yamaha.....ring free and fuel conditioner
  463. PCH

    Hurricane effects

    I remember our fishing weatherman chris dunn saying that hurricanes do not push fish north or maybe he said it does not push warmer water north to us. One of the two...
  464. PCH

    Who needs offshore and a big boat???

    Its ok dude, I remember when I saw my first bill fish at 5 years old....
  465. PCH

    WTB Pelagic kill Bag

    Reliable are great. You should broaden your search.
  466. PCH

    What am I doing wrong with this knot?

    Tony pena or bob sands is your friend for that line class
  467. PCH

    Proper Bait Tank Size for a Whaler Outrage 18

    I got a 20 foot aluminum geregor and use a 32 gallon tank. I think you will be just fine. Lots of guys got whalers here so im sure they will chime in.
  468. PCH

    Old School

    Son of a buscuit! Nice work dude.
  469. PCH

    Looking for Investors...

    This guys trying to get a free boat.
  470. PCH

    FOR SALE: 2003 Zodiac FC470 Navy Seal Boat

    Hey fart man, list a price
  471. PCH

    Heavy Candy bars

    Post a pic
  472. PCH

    14/150 6-1-15

    67 miles on 7 gallons! Damn I thought my rig got good mileage. Nice work dude!
  473. PCH

    Cool Aerial Shot Of A Local Bluefin Tuna School...

    Tim was this a recent shot?
  474. PCH

    Just Signed Up For Fish Dope

    Def the best local option by far.
  475. PCH

    Boat Ho's- How to get invited back

    :supergay: How to find a good boat ho....Dont advertise blow jobs and reach arounds to a bunch of dudes.
  476. PCH

    fs: gloomis pelagic psr 78-50c 6'6 40-60lb fast action

    Are you headed to sd anytime soon?
  477. PCH

    New storm could change some plans.

    Soda pop is crying in his bunk and more tuna are pushing right up our ass LOL
  478. PCH

    Tribute this weekend?

    Great captain, fishy boat, great crew, bunks suck. No boat is perfect, I fish it a few times a season.
  479. PCH


    This really pisses me off. Just the way this guy looks makes me want to bitch slap the shit out of him. Then you take into account all his joke science and laws he helped create that took away parts of our coast line....makes me sick.
  480. PCH

    RP 8 Day June 24 Dilemma

    Really thats not a dilemma. There's some really big bruiser bft around and your on a great boat that will most likely get a bunch of shots at some big fish. That or you head down the line like usual and get some good fishing in down there. Or you may do both. Either way you cant loose if you ask me.
  481. PCH

    Where are the Reel Brothers (Cory)?

    His motor had some mechanical problems last I heard. Im sure we will see some videos soon!
  482. PCH

    Just Signed Up For Fish Dope

    Its a good decision as its great for local fishing here. Is it exact and always right? No. It is consistent though and the charts are good.
  483. PCH

    Busted a really nice one off at Deep Color

    Definitely electrifying! Hope I get my shot this week! Thx for the report.
  484. PCH

    Busted a really nice one off at Deep Color

    So was it full speed bft or not? Circle hooks are your friend
  485. PCH

    A Football Field Of Bluefin at the South 9-Mile

    Thats incredible! Did you land any? You can catch and release them you know. El nino!!
  486. PCH

    What line do you prefer?

    All are good as long as they are fresh and not been sitting too long. Have you tried suffix, its good stuff too.
  487. PCH

    What a Weekend

    Thats insane man! That would probably sink my rig LOL. Heres to a hell of a year ahead. Cheers
  488. PCH

    What a Weekend

    Exciting couple days! Damn 40min on a 32 pound bf? Where you using really light line? Bluefin so big they shook a 37 foot bertram? Those must of been huge!
  489. PCH


    It would depend on how strong the current is, how heavy the sinker is, what pound line you are using, and a bunch of other factors. There is depth indicator braid that can help determine.
  490. PCH

    5/30/2015 Yellowtail in La Jolla, then West.

    Good work on the yt. Triple limits lol. First pic lol
  491. PCH

    What not to do with a baby swordy

    Title of thread should be changed.
  492. PCH

    Big Bluefin and a little yellow bird

    Heartbreaker! Nice work simon!
  493. PCH

    Mexico's lost

    My thoughts are they dont give a shit.
  494. PCH

    302, north to the 182 and into LJ

    Went looking today for nada. Saw no jumpers, very little paddys, shit loads of red crab, and a very large diesel spill or some sort of oil spill. Saw a bunch of boats from the border to the 182 and no one was catching. One boat was on a paddy at the 182 and said he had jumpers all around the...
  495. PCH

    sure didn't stop the Mexicans (BFT)

    Whats your definition of full speed blue fin?
  496. PCH

    What's your go to mono?

    Big game from wal mart. Otherwise I spend my cash on flouro. Dont over think it, get some fresh line on and have fun.
  497. PCH

    cancelled trip

    Theres fish up here in our zone, people dont want to jump on a 8 day and fish local waters would be my guess.
  498. PCH

    Who's Going Tomorrow... 5/30/2015

    I think im going to follow the border out and maybe to the 182. If there is a ton of traffic out there, which will probably be the case, I may explore south to get away from the crowd and practice some catch and release if I get lucky enough. Ill kepe you posted.
  499. PCH

    Who's Going Tomorrow... 5/30/2015

    Ill be out there in my tin can. Ill give you a shout out if I find anything.
  500. PCH

    Navy in fire fight with boat shooting sea lions?

    I also heard the mexi navy were firing bazookas on boats keeping bluefin.. and also shooting people on the spot without passports. craziness
  501. PCH

    My Daughters 2nd grade Dolphin research project (video)

    Awesome job Miley! My five year old watched it twice and said he wants to watch it again haha!
  502. PCH

    Beat deck boots

    Will size 21 work for you?
  503. PCH

    My Mexican woes...

    Its not a lot of work, its a few phone calls. Ask if they will stay in us waters, chances are good they will with mexico being a PITA and bft close to home.
  504. PCH

    Battle of my life, starting tomorrow!

    Hell yeah! Pumped for you and your girls!
  505. PCH

    Interesting "panga"

    Haha good eye
  506. PCH

    Big tuna

    Must have been a tluefin Buna
  507. PCH

    shimano service

  508. PCH

    Favorite yoyo or surface iron reels?

    Id spend an extra 50 and get a trinidad 20. Another good choice is a torium 20 and you can get one of those for 250ish.
  509. PCH

    Favorite yoyo or surface iron reels?

    Whats your budget? Lots of good choices out there
  510. PCH

    Monkey Off My Back!

    Nice day of fishing!! Are you on o'ahu? Thanks for the report
  511. PCH

    Anyone heard of Socal Pangas?

    That's what I though by looking at the pics???
  512. PCH

    opah yf and dorado

    Are you asking me or the dude who said dodos have beem here for WEEKS? Lol
  513. PCH

    Opah at the 43

    Beast of a fish. Congrats again.
  514. PCH

    Opah at the 43

    Excellent! WTG! Looking forward to pics.
  515. PCH

    Anyone heard of Socal Pangas?

    I would like some opinions or information on the quality of these pangas. I think they are a newer company. Thx Paul Heres a link
  516. PCH

    Shimano Stella '08 SW 8K PG

    9.5 cosmetic and 10/10 mechanical is what I think he meant. Awesome local popper reel
  517. PCH

    Butterfly jigs Vertical jigs For Sale (Pics Added) Entire lot FS not individually

    For sure all of those are not butterfly jigs..maybe a few are but its hard to tell. I would label them next time as vertical jigs. Good deal nonetheless.
  518. PCH

    opah yf and dorado

    Got to call bs on this one. How many dodo have you seen caught yet alone heard about? Sure your friend is not telling you a "fish" story.
  519. PCH

    WTB 22' Whaler

    Your quick
  520. PCH

    We did it!..local yellers on the harbor boat 5/23

    You need a gaf for this year ahead! Nicely done!
  521. PCH

    Selling a bunch of items: shorts/boots/jackets/rain bibs

    Ill take the fish works jacket if your ever heading down to sd soon?
  522. PCH

    opah yf and dorado

    The boy is here that's whats going on. Get your gear ready becuase this season will be one for the record books. 130 pound opah!
  523. PCH

    Good ending

    Well obviously you care since you already guesed. Bi polar are you?
  524. PCH

    Guide rec for Panama- Bocas Del Toro

    Search the forum. Theres a guy who has posted some reporte from there.
  525. PCH

    Good ending

    Its hard to tell, how far are you holding it out? its a long fish so I would say 23lbs???? Nice fork tail!!
  526. PCH

    100% chance of great fishing this season???????

    Bring it on!!!! We can use both the rain and of course some more incredible fishing!!!
  527. PCH

    Ass hole diver of the week!

    Who cares, maybe he is going to feed his family with it. The only thing wrong I see is you took a pic of a dudes ass.
  528. PCH

    10 pound bass

    Do me a favor and drag a black spro frog through those lillys!
  529. PCH

    Semi-Controlled Chaos

    Awesome footage of the strike! How deep were you fishing there?
  530. PCH

    10 pound bass

    Wink joined in 2005. Has 24 posts. He sure knows when to chime in. Wink thx for your contribution to the board and way to be a DB. Nice fish
  531. PCH

    When only trophies are good enough

    I feel like my grandma armed with a sling shot could hit one of those hogs. Would it not be more satisfying to track one and kill one? I do love me some bacon, don't get me wrong. I guess you could think of at as easy pickings like when tuna are blowing up all around the boat and they are...
  532. PCH

    Circle Hooks Only For Shark in NY

    Good. If you cant hook a shark with a circle hook then you should take up bluegill fishing . Circle hooks are great! Nothing wrong with this.
  533. PCH

    Just a reminder, Don't be a dick.

    Are you in the witness protection program or something? You seem to always be good for a report w info at the least.
  534. PCH

    F.O.F. fishing off fat . Notion to increase motion

    Hey just saying it takes one to know one and then you come with this weak insult. LOL.......
  535. PCH

    Apollo has 30 yft so far today

    So they report 30 and still fishing on 976, then they take down the post and return to the dock with 26??? Sounds like 976 jumping the gun to me.
  536. PCH

    Apollo has 30 yft so far today

    Why would they do that?
  537. PCH

    Can I bring bottled water with me on a Charter?

    Well if it works for you then keep it up. I know if I did that id be in my bunk lol.
  538. PCH

    Fighting YFT freehand.

    Your the man! Love your reports!
  539. PCH

    Can I bring bottled water with me on a Charter?

    I get that 100%. Staying hydrated you will feel better and enjoy more.
  540. PCH

    Can I bring bottled water with me on a Charter?

    Horrible advice, you must be one dehydrated man. RO water as stated above is not the way to go. Bring your own water and drink a lot. Coffee is a diuretic and will dehydrate you due to the caffeine content. Beer or any other alcohol is also diuretic and will dehydrate you. Since alcohol and...
  541. PCH

    Got "Ben"

    Wtf? 3 posts??
  542. PCH

    Got "Ben"

    You took a close up of his balls?
  543. PCH

    Hey Fight Fans..........

    Like I said. Very technical fight. Better than floyd vs pac haha
  544. PCH

    Hey Fight Fans..........

    pretty cool waking up to some good fights. I got edgar UD.
  545. PCH

    So, this happened yesterday.

    Holy chit a single yft
  546. PCH

    Terez 9ft

    Whats the price brucey?
  547. PCH

    New cook on the Intrepid

    Time to switch boats
  548. PCH

    About the Opah

    Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FU then E Z :)
  549. PCH

    About the Opah

    Interesting article
  550. PCH

    Not a report.

    Hell yeah! Glad im not the only one out on a small aluminum tin can. How long is your skiff and what make?
  551. PCH

    FS: 2008 Shimano Stella 10000SW

    Would you trade for a 20k? Same model
  552. PCH

    Shogun Today

    It was on 976 tuna two days ago
  553. PCH

    Shogun Today

    Not today. I posted same thing yesterday and it was from a few days before that. Either way great news
  554. PCH

    Update on deflategate!!!

    If the pats cant fight the appeal.....
  555. PCH

    It's Yoga Pants Wednesday..........

    Best invention in womens clothing since the daisy dukes and mini skirt!
  556. PCH

    h m landing new website

    He never posts reports because he doesn't fish. Just talks like he knows whats up when he dosent know shit. Haha
  557. PCH

    Shogun BFT

    Yeah I saw it there guessing yesterday or day before.
  558. PCH

    Favorite Poppers and Stickbaits for GT?

    Siren lures.....check em out
  559. PCH

    Shogun BFT

    When did this go down? Old news? Couldn't find a date on it..wasn't posted on fishdope either.
  560. PCH

    SoCal angler hooking up Super Cow

    Wow you guys always seem to find the big tuna!
  561. PCH


    A regular occurance is panamnian think you die hard LR guys and gals would head further south a little more often.
  562. PCH

    h m landing new website

    Well I don't have the time until tomorrow, thats when ill go next. Fishing has been a little slow inshore and offshore last week or two. Yes had way to much fun with that enormous roosterfish!
  563. PCH

    Don't kill the messenger!

    Bud why not call out the lodges that are not being responsible? That way people interested in spearfishing can avoid them. Panama is concerned about the pressure and will patrol more??? I doubt it, the last two administrations said the same thing and never did much at all. If there is one thing...
  564. PCH

    h m landing new website

    Your right its never exact. My suggestion would be to go fish when the fishing is good or you have the time.
  565. PCH

    Proping Yam. f115

    Am I under proped? My boat moves well and gets right on plane? Pretty sure I got a stock prop.
  566. PCH

    h m landing new website

    Man a lot of you guys will complain about anything. Its way better than there old prehistoric website.
  567. PCH

    Proping Yam. f115

    Sorry typo, 5500 to 5700. Depends on sea conditions
  568. PCH

    Proping Yam. f115

    I got a f 115 on a 20 gregor and get 6600 to 6700 at wot. Not sure my prop numbers but it is the stock prop from yamaha.
  569. PCH

    ResQLink+ Personal Locator Beacon

    Free bump..... great piece of safety equipment for the small boater who dosent need a epirb....I got the same one and is always attached to me. Good price too
  570. PCH

    WTB CC for 10k what do you got?

    Didnt you just put a new verado on your skiff? Looking for another boat?
  571. PCH


    Swell has been huge there last few days heading out of the harbor. Caution there. Launch out of mission and hit pl or lj. Hear the water is cleaning up and there have been some yellows around lately. Not a huge volume but better chance there than oside.
  572. PCH

    Shimano Trevala for YoYoing?????????????????? Advice please

    Id get a stiffer trevala or use flouro top shots over braid. The smaller trevalas are very parabolic so a flouro and braid are a must to take away stretch in your line.
  573. PCH

    Fishing Chick - Alysha Aratari

    :urno1: :drool:
  574. PCH

    Meanwhile, in La Jolla

    So true. Hes def a report reader
  575. PCH

    Unvaccinated kids covered in spots

    Great post! Good work dad!
  576. PCH

    Meanwhile, in La Jolla

    Hell of a lot better than your reports. Do you even fish? Nice fish Nic. That things a beast!
  577. PCH

    Paradise Fishing lodge/Pesca Panama visit by Southampton, England, group

    Nice report! Sounds like a blast. Glad the vatiety was there for you guys becuase thats what panama is all about!
  578. PCH

    thirsty for yellow blood

    Ha! should have known. I have caught many fish on the trevala series. Congrats again.
  579. PCH

    thirsty for yellow blood

    On the bass rod huh? Nice yellowtail!
  580. PCH

    Yamaha 200 cowling paint

    Who paints cowlings in sd?
  581. PCH

    Fun Bay Pic's

    What do you want to see a pic of his cooler or kill bag? Sounds lame to me. Nice fish pics.
  582. PCH

    Pacman vs Mayweather - who all is watching this?

    Your right. He also landed the right hand numerous times in the first few rounds. That turned manny into a scared fighter the rest of the fight. He got dropped hard by marquez right hand and when floyd ma No. Paquio threw less punches, had less accuracy and was hit way more. He lost. Floyd...
  583. PCH

    Better than last night's fight.

    Thats funny shit right there. That kangaroo has a gnarly collar tie with some devastating body kicks!
  584. PCH

    shimano Calcutta 700TE?

    I agree, for live bait there are better choices. Its awesome for iron and small poppers and stick baits.
  585. PCH

    Pacman vs Mayweather - who all is watching this?

    Seriously??? Money won 9 maybe 10 of the 12 rounds. Its not a street fight where you measure damage, it was a boxing fight and manny got out boxed all night! Was it a good fight, hell no, but maayweather put a clinic on manny last night. Cant believe you thought it was close.
  586. PCH

    Power Pro Maxcuatro

    If you pack it on really tight, like have a friend use gloves tight and it burns the shit out of your arms when your reeling, it shouldn't dig in. The spool should feel rock hard. It should be so tight that your first few casts, drops or fly lines has resistance (when using a short top shot)...
  587. PCH

    Daiwa has the worst customer service Done with them and their product

    Do you even fish? I bet your gear hasn't seen salt in a very long time. Possibly never. Dom does take good care of his gear.
  588. PCH

    Power Pro Maxcuatro

    Dont you work in a tackle store??????? Shimano owns power pro so its probably a good forum to ask. Hopefully the shimano rep can chime in for the guy. And to answer op question, make sure you wind on the spectra very very tight and you should have no problems.
  589. PCH

    Selfie with Mike Tyson!

    That is still the scariest dude around!
  590. PCH

    Meals on Wheels - Montana Style....

    Yeah we are goofing off in the goof off forum. Who would of thought. Lol
  591. PCH

    Daiwa has the worst customer service Done with them and their product

    Yep your right you fish too much. Time to take a break. I fish twice a week minimum and still dont consider that too much. Apples and oranges I guess.
  592. PCH

    Daiwa has the worst customer service Done with them and their product

    People who recommend diawa haven't tried shimano reels yet or don't fish enough. I found out the hard way 25 plus years ago when I began fishing freshwater as a kid. Sucked then and still do.
  593. PCH

    Advice on Level Wind for surface iron?

    Calcutta 700 te
  594. PCH

    Daiwa has the worst customer service Done with them and their product

    Thats not the point Carl. They lied and there service sucks. Diawa is way inferior to shimano.
  595. PCH

    Tuna-Tuna-Tuna; Cebaco Bay, Panama April 20-24, 2015

    One of the best places on earth! Great report Tony!
  596. PCH

    chargers draft melvin gordon

    Guys a beast! Like the pick up we need a durable and hard runner like him. Hes gonna be better than ryan Matthews out of the gate.
  597. PCH

    marine swell and wind

    Noaa and bouyweather here. I think noaa is best.
  598. PCH

    Pacman vs Mayweather - who all is watching this?

    Gonna be watching, think floyd has this one.
  599. PCH

    Big blue fin real close to home!!!

    Didnt they get a yft back there last year?
  600. PCH


    The blacks riot when a white cop kills another black. Even when right before the dead man robbed a store or brought the problem to themselves by breaking the law and resisting. Why dont the blacks turn on each other for black on black crime? Imo black on black crime is their biggest problem...
  601. PCH

    Mayweather vs Pacquiao

    Mayweather UD. Pac gonna look good early but will fade as mayweather defensively picks him apart. I see mayweather finding mannys face with his right hand all night.
  602. PCH


    Where are you located?
  603. PCH

    Salas PDQ's

    Are these surface or heavy irons?
  604. PCH

    200418ft Kencraft Center Console

    So its a 2008, 2003 and a 2004 with 385 hours. Ok got it
  605. PCH

    200418ft Kencraft Center Console

    Nice another kencraft. What year is outboard?
  606. PCH

    Purchasing FMM Online or Across Border- Help Requested

    So let me explain.......mexi navy pulls up with thier gun boat and armed soilders. They ask you for fmm, manifest, fishing licnese (mex), passport or passport card, boat registration. If you dont have it they take you to ensenada or shoot you dead on the spot.
  607. PCH

    Looking for San Diego boat dealer??

    If I was you id look at used pilot houses or Walk around cuddys. There ate lots of great deals on used boats around, just get a surveyor. If your willing to ship or drive out of town for a boat, you can get a lot of boat for 65k. Just get a marine surveyor and make sure a mechanic looks over the...
  608. PCH

    Looking for San Diego boat dealer??

    Which guy? Owner of Seawitch?
  609. PCH

    Looking for San Diego boat dealer??

    Look on hull truth too. Lots of good boats. Whats your budget?
  610. PCH

    Yellowtail Tuna on the powerbait at the Coronados 4/22

    I always thought yellowtail were jack fish??????????????
  611. PCH

    Looking for San Diego boat dealer??

    Do yourself a favor and do some reasearch before you buy a boat.
  612. PCH

    Muscat Oman April 2015 (Yellowfin Tuna)

    Nothing new to see her folks, just Sami killing it again!
  613. PCH


    Bullshit right there, bud selig sucks! One of all time greats gets screwed. Bud should be banished for being in charge during baseballs roid era. Most of the players under his watch are cheats.
  614. PCH

    Purchasing FMM Online or Across Border- Help Requested

    Happens to me half the time, the other half it works. Keep trying as the system sucks and takes patience. There are baja travel clubs in sd that can take care of it for you. Discover baja can help.
  615. PCH

    Yellowtail Tuna on the powerbait at the Coronados 4/22

    Thx for the report. Nice plug. Sucks about seiners.
  616. PCH

    angler eats giant barracuda, loses chance at world record

    Damn that's sad but true. Those eat way better than our so cal cudas.
  617. PCH

    Fiberglass bait tank for Beer!!!

    More like a 30 pack of some ballast point
  618. PCH

    95 Pacific Skiff

    I got a bow mount trolling motor for sale. Check it out.
  619. PCH

    95 Pacific Skiff

    Kick ass skiff dude!
  620. PCH

    Shimano Calcutta 700TE For Sale SOLD

    Hell of a reel. I got one that is still in use after years ans years of abuse that has landed everything from cuberas and roosters in panama to yellows here in sd.
  621. PCH

    Mex FMM site down?

    No I agree with you Nick. Ive just had my fair share of headaches with the mexi site and have used the service provided by discover baja just as many times as ive done it myself. Good luck w the whaler!
  622. PCH

    Mex FMM site down?

    Others would though. Just like others wouldnt pay to have drains replaced in their whalers out of ease, while others would :)
  623. PCH

    Mex FMM site down?

    Bloodydecks could make some cash by having someone process these for a baja will help u.
  624. PCH

    angler eats giant barracuda, loses chance at world record

    To be honest dosent look 30 plus pounds.
  625. PCH

    First time to coronados

    Discover baja...........costs but takes the headache away.