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  1. Bada Bing

    HMCS Yukon

    I've found that most people that make derogatory statements about an entire group of people to be complete assholes, are entirely insecure and will always try to blame someone else for their own failure or ignorance. That's what I've found in my 54 years.
  2. Bada Bing

    I'm thinking I totally suck at fishing

    Sounds like that was the classic BD Middle Finger Salute, just from the air. Or, Jason was flirting with you. :D Long time since I've been here, how you be buddy?
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    In some parts some people call this a Purple Spotted Rock Fish, just sayin' :D
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    Truck Tool Box, Compressor, Mower

    Up for sale. Pick-up in Pacific Beach. $200 - Black Diamond Plate Husky Truck Crossbed Tool Box. Almost new, used for only 1 month. Save a bunch over new at Home Depot. $35 - Lawn Mower, B&S motor, sharp blade, runs good. $35 - Central Pneumatic pancake compressor, 100 psig, 0.6 cfm @ 90...
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  9. Bada Bing

    Let the games begin.....

    frank needs an oil can too
  10. Bada Bing

    YFT MADNESS, great day with my BD boyfriend Chad

    Sounds like you and Chad need to get a room and only Saluki wants to hear about it :D ...good intel though, thanks. :cheers:
  11. Bada Bing

    Another successful birthday mission 8-17

    Well done! Memory's are what it's about, that's why a fisherman's inch is about a foot long. :D :cheers:
  12. Bada Bing

    1989 Mercruiser 260 wont crank but I hear a click...

    Thanks, I will...Ya, it's a gay thing. Saluki? :D Folliculitis - Topic Overview What is folliculitis? Folliculitis is an infection in the hair follicles. Each hair on your body grows out of a tiny pouch called a follicle. You can have folliculitis on any part of your body that has hair. But...
  13. Bada Bing

    1989 Mercruiser 260 wont crank but I hear a click...

    HA, I've had the same issue with my truck for the last 9 months. It only happens about 10% of starts but when it does happen I just keep "clicking it" and she eventually kicks over. Sucks when it takes 20 or 30 clicks and i'm already late for getting the beer :D
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    BD etiquette

    Hmmm, me thinks it's time to interview the alleged culprits. Get video next time :D
  15. Bada Bing

    the bluefin mess in mexico

    Bottom line, if you want to fish early season (or often times, have any season) on southern pelagics yer gonna have to go to Mex. Otherwise, you'll be stuck on the north 9 looking through yer Stabs at everyone killing stuff from Pukey to the 302 and hoping those fish make it to the 182. While I...
  16. Bada Bing

    7/26 same day report for dana point

    Nice! Early fish always takes the pressure off but then yer blood boils the rest of the day waiting for the next. The kind of stuff that makes you want to go tomorrow. :D
  17. Bada Bing

    Friday 7/25 tuna, yt, and hillbilly hand fishing

    Terrific report, sounds like a smile day, love those days. :cheers:
  18. Bada Bing

    Gil Marlin is too old to smoke fish, Happy Birthday

    Yer prurty and all but don't try to flatter me again, you know I don't roll that way. :D Fiddy! Dang it, i only got a hundo to go :D
  19. Bada Bing

    BD etiquette

    Not sure what you witnessed (please expound :D ) but Simon is Legit and any time Carl has been there for a launch on my boat he was in the head takin' a shit, one time he didn't even wait until the boat was splashed before flushing :rolleyes: :D I believe Simon's boat doesn't have a head so it...
  20. Bada Bing

    **SAVE THE DATE - Volunteers Needed! Crystal Pier 2014 Kid's Derby July 26**

    Sorry Mags, I'm stuck in the hole of Central Cal. and my project wont be done for a couple more weeks. Wish I could be there to help ya'll like I said I's a way better choice than what I got goin' on :D
  21. Bada Bing

    big patty

    Ya, more detail would be cool like, what'd you kill? Mackerel? :D
  22. Bada Bing

    BD etiquette

    F' the whiners. Ya'll should have read some of the shit that went on in BD's infancy. Much more liberal rules, basically no rules. Things have changed quite a bit since the inception. Dang! there used to be no rules about politics and I think there was a short lived politics board at one...
  23. Bada Bing

    7/22 Birthday 1/2 Skunk.

    Nice no fish report. As was mentioned, all legit info is good. Sounds like the previous week was good to you so the probability stats were already working against you. :cheers:
  24. Bada Bing

    Gil Marlin is too old to smoke fish, Happy Birthday

    Cheated Death another year 'eh Scotty, well done :cheers: BTW, you still got 23 shopping days 'til's gonna be a traumatic one :D
  25. Bada Bing

    Biscuit and the inshore grand slam with my boy .

    Nicely Done! Sounds like an awesome day with the boy! :cheers: BTW, Grand Slam = 4 (in baseball anyway)...nothing gets past this board :D
  26. Bada Bing

    Charter Tipping

    I've worked as both Captain and Mate on six packs and that is an asinine statement Obviously you have no place commenting on this thread :rolleyes:
  27. Bada Bing

    skipjack macerator flow through

    Do you have a dockside suck-out line (typically mounted vertically on gunnel or deck)? if so, remove the cap, if it sounds like a vacuum when you open it then you likely have a vent issue. Otherwise it's probably an exit line or pump full of poo. Have you taken Carl fishing lately? :D
  28. Bada Bing

    302 Tuners and Yellers

    Nice creel! 302/226 are my favorite banks, more often than not they make me happy this time of year. Well done :cheers:
  29. Bada Bing

    skipjack macerator flow through

    You should have thru-hull exit below the waterline somewhere, shortest runs are the best but not always possible. Which one is the smelliest? :D
  30. Bada Bing

    1965 chevelle

    Sweeeeet. Been helping roommate build a '65 Gasser Chevelle in our driveway with a 454/396 heads/12 bolt. Coincidentally, my grandmother gave me '65 Chevelle SS with 58k miles on it when I turned 16 in 1980, it had the original 283ci with the 2 speed powerglide. God I loved that car...too bad...
  31. Bada Bing

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    Looking forward to seeing how that rumor pans out. Commercial has quotas, not convinced they'll be able to keep even their own people from recreational catching.
  32. Bada Bing

    439 YFT's - as close as it gets !

    Stuck in the hole of San Jose for last two months and a month more...I hate you :D Well done, I'm jealous :cheers:
  33. Bada Bing

    425 / Islands

    Dang! that's a toad bonita
  34. Bada Bing

    Manhattan Pier CLOSED to Fishing

    Right, and the damn swimmers got other safety measures we're payin' for, what do you think life guards are for? :D Kinda like bicycle bitches got more right to the road than vehicles (which the roads were built for :rolleyes:)
  35. Bada Bing

    Overturned boat by 43

    I think our Coast Guard (and our $$) have better things to do than constantly be on scene or monitor/advise on every piece of large debris in the water. Good to report it though.
  36. Bada Bing

    VIDEO ACTION of 07-12-14 Tuna Madness in our back yard!!!

    Gotta agree with Bentover, you can't call wide open unless you personally come home plugged unless, everyone around you came home plugged and you were just sleepin' :D Wide open implies you can drop a Twinkie in the water and it's inhaled. Let's not overstate the scientific terminology :D
  37. Bada Bing

    Ice options
  38. Bada Bing

    Overturned boat by 43

    Yikes! Never expected, hope all are ok.
  39. Bada Bing

    425 / Islands

    Nice Creel! Where's the bone?...awesome sashimi they is!
  40. Bada Bing

    Went catching today..

    Well Done Max! :cheers:
  41. Bada Bing

    1981 20' Skipjack Open

    Who knows but if he did sell it hopefully he got a new camera with the proceeds :D
  42. Bada Bing

    The good, the bad, and ugly Ilwaco report 7/12

    Nice load of long-fin, well done! Just be glad it wasn't a fly gaff :eek:
  43. Bada Bing

    Charter Tipping

    As it rolls here in SD on a 6 pack charter, the Capt and Mate typically split the gratuity 50/50 and is often given to the Capt. but, nothing wrong with splitting it up yourself and giving to each...provided they deserve it :D
  44. Bada Bing

    425, 101, below upper finger and Hidden bank

    Just for the count for last weekend? :D
  45. Bada Bing

    Animal Planet

    Soooo...that didn't inspire you and the wife? Must be old like me although I did get some good ol' out-door nooky just off Sunrise Highway about 2 years back, just sayin' :D
  46. Bada Bing

    425, 101, below upper finger and Hidden bank

    Now you get it...No Carl, More Fish. :D Nice report bud. :cheers:
  47. Bada Bing

    Long ride.

    Tomorrow's another day. Thanks for the report. :cheers:
  48. Bada Bing

    Please keep eye out for stolen gear!

    Where were they stolen from? boat, dock, parking lot, before or after your trip?
  49. Bada Bing


    Once again, BS without pics, that's the rule. Can't seem to find these "boats" or their fish counts either. Odd you wouldn't post pics of "some awesome fishing history" if you were part of it :rolleyes:
  50. Bada Bing

    My PB w/ her first catch

    The question is...Does she wanna go again?
  51. Bada Bing

    flying mantas,bahia.

    That is so cool! the closest thing I've seen up here was a pack of bouncin' baby molas
  52. Bada Bing

    Drones just keep getting better

    Da Vinci would be proud.
  53. Bada Bing

    HELP>>>>My Seats are Browning on top.

    That's like using JB Weld to fix a guide (as you are quite familiar), it might work but it ain't gonna be purty.
  54. Bada Bing

    Happy Birthday CARL!

    Happy Birthday Asshat.
  55. Bada Bing

    Westport Tuna July 5

    Sounds like a good day save "mechanical issues". Somebody should have pix of 25 Fish...
  56. Bada Bing

    99.9 nm of nothing.....181-182 ridge.....

    Just a thought. Transmitting and receiving are two different animals. If they are Transmitting and Receiving all day and you are only receiving and not transmitting save to Simon then...perhaps you were in the wrong Position :D or you have a faulty MIKE (double entendre intended :D)
  57. Bada Bing

    Fisherman Blamed For Manhattan Beach Great White Attack

    Hmmmm, seems the idea might be universal...don't swim near fishing piers. :rolleyes:
  58. Bada Bing

    Shark bites man near Southern California beach, Fisherman Blamed

    I'm guessing Carl was not swimming...good call though :D
  59. Bada Bing

    question about wetsuite?

    He was asking about wet suites...again, where's Brandon when you need him :D
  60. Bada Bing

    209, 312 and down and in

    Cheater! Sloppy seconds :rolleyes: I'm guessing it was a snag, did you see a weighted treble? :D
  61. Bada Bing

    Time for new truck tires

    These are all 10-ply tires were talking about right?...This trucks life appears to be just towing/hauling applications.
  62. Bada Bing

    Travel Advisory...

    Umm, why are you reading that leftist rag? :D
  63. Bada Bing

    Shark bites man near Southern California beach, Fisherman Blamed

    Seems that all we have is circumstantial evidence and given Flores statement "There's a sighting almost on a daily basis out here,"... Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I contend that the hooked shark was INNOCENT!!
  64. Bada Bing

    handling tuna

    Thanks for the clarification, some here have a completely different understanding of "Daisy Chain"...where's Brandon when you need him? :D
  65. Bada Bing

    Tyee Skiff "Rose": A Step Back In Time

    Stealthy fish killer, good lookin' ride :cheers:
  66. Bada Bing

    Apologies for my morning at the Westport Ramp 7/5

    Either sarcastic or looking for a date...can't quite read this one :D
  67. Bada Bing

    Shark bites man near Southern California beach, Fisherman Blamed

    Probably not the best idea to swim past a fishing pier. :D
  68. Bada Bing

    Radio Dope 7/4

    No, friggin' Googans up here beat me to it every time :D
  69. Bada Bing

    7/4 - 209 BFT

    BS without pics, that's the rule...just sayin'
  70. Bada Bing

    Radio Dope 7/4

    'nuf said. Sorry bud, but you should know better by now. :D
  71. Bada Bing

    Stop being a newb! It's making you look bad

    Technically, you can't go wrong if you just call them all whales...right Carl?!
  72. Bada Bing

    FISH I.D. Please

    Cucumbers don't seem to mind :D
  73. Bada Bing

    someone called me today.

    He's loaded down with the SD Jinx (read CARL) so... The Knoll? I guess none of them got the dope about the fish north and west :rolleyes: :D
  74. Bada Bing

    someone called me today.

    Yer late, they're all ready out there...better run! :D
  75. Bada Bing

    7/2/14 - Fished 371/425/Hidden'ish

    Hey, I know that guy! Darin worked a week for us spotting blue whales when I was running Lois Ann last year. Sounds like the bite dropped off a bit in the last couple days, good job scrapin'-up a couple :cheers:
  76. Bada Bing


    I hear they eat Midshipman.
  77. Bada Bing

    You boys smell that.....

    Moose Poo? :D
  78. Bada Bing

    4th of July in San Diego

    It's usually a little easier to mover around Mission Bay than San Diego Bay during holidays. Any of the south facing beaches in Mission Bay should allow you to see Ocean Beach, Sea World and perhaps SD Bay fire works. On the ocean side you should be able to see OB, La Jolla and Sea World but...
  79. Bada Bing

    San Clemente Question

    Probably the Navy...
  80. Bada Bing

    How long is Saluki banned for?

    Frank and Saluki up in Frank's Fort, trap door locked...I don't even want to imagine what's going on :D
  81. Bada Bing

    Vessel Assist Short Coming

    Gotta wait for the boat to go turtle, then they will come get it. They are not the "Rescue" guys, just the picker-upers.
  82. Bada Bing

    I went to BOLA and caught a Lizard fish

    So I'm a little hurt. Still waiting...I'm sure I can fix whatever Carl broke on your house from the last time he fouled your Baha house. :D
  83. Bada Bing

    San Diego RV parking ordinance begins August 1

    Tar and Feathering used to work...just sayin' :D
  84. Bada Bing

    Baja Hwy 1 Claims another Friend

    I don't want to out anyone but could the the initials be "C.A.R.L." or "S.I.M.O.N."?
  85. Bada Bing

    San Diego RV parking ordinance begins August 1

    I think you missed Carl's point. No parking between 2 and 6am, this is likely to be a staffing issue between 2 and 6am. Probably gonna be the guy that locks the gates to the lots in Mission Bay at 2am. And that "transient parking lots" are clearly an issue.
  86. Bada Bing

    Dang! you got 7 Neg ratings ...yer a douche. I'm 16-0-0, that's a 100% Satisfaction...

    Dang! you got 7 Neg ratings ...yer a douche. I'm 16-0-0, that's a 100% Satisfaction Rating...YAAAAAA, YAAA, YAAA, YA YA
  87. Bada Bing

    He took our chum bag

    Bullshit without pictures! But really, you are allowed to pet the seals then punch 'em in the face "non-lethal deterrent", as long as you are engaged in don't need a special stamp for that.
  88. Bada Bing

    San Diego RV parking ordinance begins August 1

    I'm thinking about getting a double-wide and parking it on a that's livin'! :D
  89. Bada Bing

    My Girls Swimming with Dolphins!

    Terrific pix Mikey! I'm guessing hook and line are out of the question at that place :D :cheers:
  90. Bada Bing

    anyone coming down from OC to San Diego on Friday around lunch time?

    Give Carl an Extra Fat T-shirt, fill his tank, 3 Breakfast Jacks (extra mayo) and Job Done...just sayin' :D
  91. Bada Bing

    Baja Hwy 1 Claims another Friend

    Good advice for all long range driving, car or otherwise.
  92. Bada Bing

    He took our chum bag

    I'm reeling...:D
  93. Bada Bing

    I went to BOLA and caught a Lizard fish

    Go get 'em Carl, I hear they got pink spotted ones too :D
  94. Bada Bing

    Still Waking a few BUTTS

    Dang nice Creel in my book, well done :cheers:
  95. Bada Bing

    He took our chum bag

    Oh we got 'em, some are tame enough to pet! Don't forget to get yer Seal stamp on your licence (I think for out of state its like $50 but its worth it). It allows you to kill one seal per season but only to feed GWs.
  96. Bada Bing

    I went to BOLA and caught a Lizard fish

    I'm guessing one of Scott's "secret" fishin' holes...glad it paid off for ya :rolleyes: :cheers:
  97. Bada Bing

    June 19, 2014--Big 'But on the Mirage

    Ain't a record but dang if it ain't close. Well Done, she's a pig! :cheers:
  98. Bada Bing

    BD survivor

    You know way to much about these "Boys" from Washington...I always knew you leaned that way :supergay::D
  99. Bada Bing

    Cork Puppy Washer

    OK I'll Bite...what the hell is a Cork Puppy Washer?
  100. Bada Bing

    hi ,need so help with these

    Clearly a mistaken omission of a "5" as evidenced in post #3...Not sure who's high here Max :D ...I could be :D
  101. Bada Bing

    182 and vicinity non-report

    Those temps didn't surprise you? Even the Bahamas don't get that hot. Me thinks your gauge is amiss. Thanks for the scouting report tho. :cheers:
  102. Bada Bing

    Why don't we fish with tuna crabs?

    So I'm curious about the hype on tuna crabs. I've not seen them locally in at least 10 years, are ya'll seeing them on the local banks/inshore this year?
  103. Bada Bing

    Thoughts on Mako 236

    First boat I fished on in So Cal. Roommate brought one home new out of the box with a Merc. OB, back in '96. Mako's always built a solid boat and that one looks like it's pretty darn good shape. I bet you can do better than $12,500 though.
  104. Bada Bing

    Sun Harbor Marina says what's OK for you to catch

    I got 10 bucks for the first guy to hang a shark next to one of these posted signs and then post it here (you gotta have yer ugly mug in it too) :D
  105. Bada Bing

    Sport boat on fire?

    Yikes! that's horrible!...Big steel boat, I wouldn't be surprised if it were torch or welding related.
  106. Bada Bing

    GO KINGS !!!

    Muzzin Cheated! Refs blind, rat bastards
  107. Bada Bing

    GO KINGS !!!

    Short Handed!!!!! YAAAAAAAAA, YAAAAAA, YAAAA....YA YA
  108. Bada Bing

    What do you tell your Grandson...

    I dunno, what do you tell your grandson when he realizes you're the one posing action figures in perverted positions? :D
  109. Bada Bing

    Gay Bass fishing at the secret spot 6-8-14

    Couldn't have been all that gay if Carl wasn't with you, well Done Simon. Nice artwork BTW, looks just like you :D
  110. Bada Bing

    San Diego Halibut 6/08/2014

    Oh shit Mike you're right, I originally posted it as a lefty then edited it 'cause I'm drinkin' and overthunk it :D Stupid Beer :cheers:
  111. Bada Bing

    New guy

    Hey Jake, welcome to Bloody Decks! Good luck on building your first rod and just so you know..."All characters appearing on this message board are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental" and "Do not attempt, Professional Poster on a Closed Course" :D
  112. Bada Bing


    Working women still available, nothing's changed and you won't be disappointed :D
  113. Bada Bing

    9' Great White Shark Appears to be Eaten Whole

    Culprit?....IMO, Midshipman, they hate GWSs
  114. Bada Bing

    Surf Fishin', a little help please

    Greetings Floridian Fishermen! I need a little help and would like your expertise. My baby brother recently relocated from AZ to FLA for health reasons, the Tampa area. Since then, he's been to the coast and expressed an interest in fishing. So, given that he is not a fisherman, what would...
  115. Bada Bing

    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    Killer Catch, I'm jealous. Well Done :cheers:
  116. Bada Bing


    If you buy a gift cert and then purchase the reel with said gift cert. then every Shimano is on sale :D
  117. Bada Bing

    **SAVE THE DATE - Volunteers Needed! Crystal Pier 2014 Kid's Derby July 26**

    Not sure if I'll be back in town by then but I'll try and make it again this year those rotten little monsters :D
  118. Bada Bing

    Visting gloucester

    My ol' stompin' grounds but removed almost 20 years now so I can't help you with a charter other than check out the Yankee Fleet. Enjoy the history of that city and don't forget to kiss the Gloucester Fisherman for me! :cheers:
  119. Bada Bing

    Tribute 06/01 thru 06/03

    Nice report, good info and no bitching despite adverse conditions :appl:. Mike & crew have done an excellent job of reviving the "Holiday" to it's former glory. I've personally witnessed some epic returns to Seaforth of that boat. While it seems a certainly disappointing trip with regard to...
  120. Bada Bing

    Chief 2.5 Day 5/29-6/1

    Tuna Crabs? Dang, it's been many years since I've seen those making their way north.
  121. Bada Bing

    1979 28' Skipjack Pilothouse Twin Gas 350

    Carl has fouled that boat way too many times, no way Carl's not going with it one way or another :D Wow, disappointing news for us Deno but best wishes for ya'll!
  122. Bada Bing

    Closed area border?

    Where's my fillet?
  123. Bada Bing

    Where to get pallets in SD

    Why aren't you tucking Moose and Norman into bed? You just lost your stipend.
  124. Bada Bing

    Bluefin----What about Albacore?

    A couple seasons back while workin' 2nd on El Gato Dos on an overnight we had a single stop that produced YT, YFT, BFT, Dorado and Albacore to 40+lbs about 10nm north of the pens. We weighed in over 800lbs at the processor that day. Just sayin'.
  125. Bada Bing

    Set the hook or wind down?

    Swingin' is way more fun but reeling down tends to be more effective. On the six-packs I've run/worked I always teach reeling down to the less experienced. And, generally you don't wanna swing on circle hooks.
  126. Bada Bing

    Fouled Again

    Tried to warn ya'll, And yes, the dog is pregnant :rolleyes: :D
  127. Bada Bing

    Fouled Again

    Just a heads up ya'll. Carl will violate your home even when you're out of town, might want to lock the lid and hide the TP just in case.
  128. Profile Pictures

    Profile Pictures

  129. Bada Bing

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the Denver Broncos Thread

    My guess is that he's their only hope. :D Elly has been a thorn in Brady's back. Nevertheless, after last weeks performance, Donkos have no clue which Brady their gonna see. Aerial Brady or Turf Brady?
  130. Bada Bing


    Blount This!!! This dude is on fire today!
  131. Bada Bing


    Gotta admit, that was impressive...farkiin' Carl!
  132. Bada Bing


    MFer! I knew they'd go for 2...Them's my boys! Woo Hooooo!
  133. Bada Bing


    Oh Crap! I think Carl just started cheering for the Pats...frickin' Assface :rolleyes: :D
  134. Bada Bing


  135. Bada Bing

    INOXicated name change.

    Or High Friends in various places. Both usually work :D
  136. Bada Bing

    INOXicated name change.

    Your new name and avatar change is gay and IMO, your post count should revert to zero. Just sayin'. Welcome to Bloody Decks :D
  137. Bada Bing

    Whale Watching Forum?
  138. Bada Bing


    Dang, you finally figured out how to google something, well done :rolleyes:...if you put your mind to it you could figure out the toilet too. :D
  139. Bada Bing

    Without saying what this means....Do you know what this photo is about?

    Hey Dummy, you did the same thing..."Yes" or "No" :rolleyes:
  140. Bada Bing

    Dredging San Diego

    Answered your own question. Fish ain't gonna hold in active dredge area.
  141. Bada Bing

    Classic Schwinn Tandem Bike

    Some years ago I picked up a tandem bike at a yard sale for the wife a I. Now I've been divorced for twice as many years as I was married. Thank you tandem bike :D
  142. Bada Bing

    Woman finds fried cock head in happy meal

    Did she get the burger in the happy meal? did she get the fries in the happy meal? Did she get the toy in the happy meal? My guess is yes and if so, what the hell is she complaining about? Fried Chicken heads are a free bonus, just a glorified McNugget IMO.
  143. Bada Bing

    Basics on VHF radio

    Here's a good start.
  144. Bada Bing

    Awe Crap!

    Yikes! You wrapped the crap outta that motor! Well Done :cheers: Spare/redundant parts in life are rarely a bad thing. e.g. twin screws, two arms, spare bilge pump, wives, gear/tackle. Shit, if I had a spare dick I'm sure it wouldn't go unused :D
  145. Bada Bing

    Is parking a BMW at the TJ airport...

    Not sure. I think you should try a Bentley first, If that works then you can probably try the BMW safely. I'd recommend a Honda CVCC but that will surely be gone in a heartbeat. :rolleyes: :D
  146. Bada Bing

    Hey Underwater Lobster Killers!

    Wow, thanks for the input ya'll, Keep it comin' Are there other targeted trips ya'll would be interested in?
  147. Bada Bing

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown Of the Carolina Panthers Thread in point :rolleyes:
  148. Bada Bing

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown Of the Carolina Panthers Thread

    Dang, what a great game!!! Freakin' Newton was absolutely epic in the 1st half and Brady was mediocre. Now Brady is being Brady. NE D could still fuck it up tho.
  149. Bada Bing

    Everqything must go!!

    Everyone made good now, that's awesome. Nevertheless, this whole drama got played out on Bloodydecks for all to see and comment on (as I did). Fuck, if this situation happened just a few years ago when this shit got done face to face then we all wouldn't have wasted our time on this bullshit...
  150. Bada Bing

    Like New GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition and Accessories

    Price tree-fiddy
  151. Bada Bing

    50ft. electric cord reel APPLETON 4x grounded outlet

    I was surprised too but a quick google shows that new retail is at least $1100. Gotta have a bitchin shop to justify a $1100 extension cord :D
  152. Bada Bing

    SD Mayors race

    Good one Mags, I'd vote for Gil if he was a US citizen but alas...:D
  153. Bada Bing

    Hey Underwater Lobster Killers!

    So as it turns out, it's lobster season. Additionally, I run a reasonably big dive boat (20 max) with F&G #s on the side of the boat. So, if 1+1=2 then as I see it, ya'll can come kill lobster and other fishes on my boat. Typically we haven't targeted/marketed "lobster" dive (scuba/free-dive)...
  154. Bada Bing

    Location for BD shindig December7th?

    Taproom Pacific Beach, that's stumblin' distance for me :D - - - Updated - - - That's a question? :D
  155. Bada Bing

    Anyone Need to boost up the factory?

    That's pretty freakin' awesome! Can't imagine being that prolific though.
  156. Bada Bing

    Mussel fee

    How many mussels do you get to keep? :D Surprised we don't have a sea lion permits.
  157. Bada Bing

    Looks like the last trip of the year this weekend!

    Ya'll are making me home sick, being a Cape Anner myself. Catching flounder as a kid on my dads little red Starcraft in Beverly harbor, lobster diving in Rockport and bluefish/striper fishin' on the Yankee Fleet. Good Times. Point of interest. The whale watch boat "Privateer" currently out...
  158. Bada Bing

    Everqything must go!!

    Interesting Developments.
  159. Bada Bing

    Hey Frank, Happy New Year.

    Cheated death another year 'eh Frankie, well done bud! :cheers:
  160. Bada Bing

    Bonies and Barries in the Basin

    Dang Dude! Yer strings are as tight as mine. :D I don't know. All I know is I caught Bonito and Barracuda today and I'm putting that Bonito in a lobster bait cage very soon. :D :cheers:
  161. Bada Bing

    Bonies and Barries in the Basin

    This statement, however, makes me additionally question things. Total number of hoops (Implied cages) allowed is 10 per boat. Limit here for Bonito is can there be an over limit? Given the author is from Huntington Beach...perhaps this opinion is a Northern issue? Seems there's...
  162. Bada Bing

    Bonies and Barries in the Basin

    Thanks for the opinion but if you're gonna base your opinion on what someone else has said then you need to read and understand what they have said. From post #27 Thanks for stopping by :rolleyes:
  163. Bada Bing

    Bonies and Barries in the Basin

    Dude it was so much fun, you shoulda been there so I could beat yer light tackle ass again. every cast was doin' somethin'
  164. Bada Bing

    Bonies and Barries in the Basin

    So I had a dive charter this morning. As I usually do I fish plastics off the bow while the pre-dive mayhem occurrs at the stern. Within about 30 minutes I had landed 3 bonita and 1 short barracuda and lost 2 scampis to bite off. Before my brain turned on I released 2 bonies and the barrie...
  165. Bada Bing

    Direct drive installation

    Wow, that's quite an ambitious project. As was said, fuel tank may have to be moved/replaced, perhaps saddle tanks. The bigger possible issue (IMO) being, shaft geometry. I'm no boatsmith but with a 24 Skippy (I love Skippys BTW, I had a 28) designed for I/O, shaft geometry vs space may be...
  166. Bada Bing

    Thanks for the Pick Dan .. KepDan is the man..

    One pic of a dude operating a hoist lifting a motor. Seems that there's alot missing from this story. Where's the hole? :D
  167. Bada Bing

    Can you read this?

    This message serves to prove how our minds can do amazing things! In the beginning it was hard but now, on this link your mind is reading it automatically without even thiniking about it, be proud! Only certain people can read this. Freshman Facebook...just sayin' :D
  168. Bada Bing

    Like New GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition and Accessories

    Ya, I owed Carl for recent trip to the Super Happy Gall Bladder Buffet. He didn't want cash, just the Ass Mount...go figure :D
  169. Bada Bing

    New Tuna Wagon - Steiger 26

    Steigers are a mainstay in the NE, solid ride. Good lookin' rig, Congrats! :cheers:
  170. Bada Bing

    25% OFF Grundens Gear and Accessories at

    I got a ? for ya. I've always worn the 2XL Hercules cause I got a belly that needs it but I'm also 6'5" tall so unless I extend the shoulder straps all the way down, the leg of the pant is too short. But, when I extent the straps then the bib only covers just above my belly button. I would...
  171. Bada Bing

    Help Improve Bluefin Tuna Conservation

    Agreed. "Well Documented" Said vs Read are very different things. I received this Bluefin quota plea too via Email from Keep America Fishing this morning. While I agree NE stocks are sketchy and that the current size, slot and bag limits are probably a good thing, I don't know much and like...
  172. Bada Bing

    so you wanted a topic for discussion huh.....

    I believe Brandon has probably covered this topic ad nauseam...on the other hand, it is a slow day and new info is likely entertaining :D
  173. Bada Bing

    "BUBBA BLADE'S" at Turners !

    DFG did not publish (and still has not) a fillet length for Sheephead last year. The implication being that you can not fillet on deck. Bubba Blade?...Seaforth"s got 'em all day long. Not sure about all the hype though. Used the cheaper Forshners for the better part of 20 years and never had...
  174. Bada Bing

    Commerical Sardine Quota Reduced

    OMG!!!! There MIGHT be a problem! We better implement the most extreme measures possible until we figure out if we have a problem! :rolleyes: Take a guess at which opinion progresses. My guess, the former. :rolleyes:
  175. Bada Bing

    Tim TeaBro to the Packers

    HA HA :D We (NE) didn't even want him during pre-season.
  176. Bada Bing

    Like New GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition and Accessories

    I got a barely used (10/10) GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition (this is not the smaller 3+) fully updated to work with the GoPro Remote Apps. What I Give You: > 1 GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition with waterproof housing in excellent condition > 2 Standard Batteries > 1 LCD Backpack Screen (new), including...
  177. Bada Bing

    Gil Marlin and Carl

    Ummm, Scott's allowed to have children on his property? :D
  178. Bada Bing

    Question for you guys.....

    Me too and Sparkle Unicorns. Still don't know why they call 'em Unicorns, shouldn't it be Unihorn? I don't see any corns on those things. What's "Fireballin'"? Anything like Teabaggin'?
  179. Bada Bing

    Sitting at a stop light. " this joke was approved by Gil Marlin"

    " this joke was approved by Gil Marlin"Scott couldn't have approved this, it was actually [mildly] amusing :D
  180. Bada Bing

    Dive Master wanted for Premier SD SCUBA Boat

    Bump...'cause I get to.
  181. Bada Bing

    Hit Rock Bottom Dana Point 10.3.13

    Holy Carp, that sounds like alot of lumpy drivin'! Well done on the cod...that's how you turn lemonade into tequila :D
  182. Bada Bing

    In case you didn't know what I didn't know

    Just read this in the latest Maritime Institute News Letter. While I have yet to hear of anyone recreational getting dinged for this, I got dinged by CG for not having my MROP during our last topside inspection. "Did you know? ... If you are a recreational boater, you do not need a license to...
  183. Bada Bing

    MNF week 4

    Just tuned in. Go NO! Mammals are division for Pats and there"s no reason they should be 4-0 with the most Awesome Patriots!!
  184. Bada Bing

    Dive Master wanted for Premier SD SCUBA Boat

    I have no use for another "Personal Farting Device" on my boat
  185. Bada Bing

    Dive Master wanted for Premier SD SCUBA Boat

    Perhaps but, I'm sure he's smart enough to know better than hire you as a DM...not sure if that belly of yours floats or sinks, just sayin' :D
  186. Bada Bing

    Dive Master wanted for Premier SD SCUBA Boat

    Sorry, that's my job.
  187. Bada Bing

    Dive Master wanted for Premier SD SCUBA Boat

    Why? you trying to get Sylvia out of the house? :D
  188. Bada Bing

    Dive Master wanted for Premier SD SCUBA Boat

    Greetings Ya'll, We're looking for a credentialed Dive Master for some part-time/on-call work. You must be insured and extremely focused on diver safety. Very often we have dive clients requesting a Dive Master to take them on dive tours of local dive sites (wrecks, kelp, etc.). As Tour DM you...
  189. Bada Bing

    boat "lucky dog" missing off Oceanside

    The Irony of this "Lucky Dog" story is that apparently the dude was fishing with his dog and the dog was found on the beach, someone called the number on his collar and that's when dude's wife reported him missing. I hope all is well but I fear not.
  190. Bada Bing

    yellow tail people are keeping

    I prefer to let em go.
  191. Bada Bing

    Sat Aug 24th Fishing Report for the 425, 371, 302 & the Islands

    A good day is a good day Listening to the squawk-box today, you weren't alone. Guys were talking about hitting 15 kelps with birds and bait for no fish...not the best fishing year.
  192. Bada Bing

    No Breechers but plenty of Blubber for the week

    So I recently ran a 5 day charter for a group of 6. It was a collaboration between a new but highly significant camera manufacturer and a non-profit preservation group. The goal was to get footage of the perspective of a free-diver next to a Blue Whale, apparently a shot never accomplished...
  193. Bada Bing

    Cool Marlin Vid, if already posted, I don't care :D

    First 30 seconds or so are all that's needed, loop after that. Backing down in those swells is particularly cool.
  194. Bada Bing

    Bluefin on The Pride

    Well done! Agreed, Pride Crew are a good bunch of fishermen. Bummer I didn't know you were on that trip, I was just leaving my boat when ya'll were unloadin', I'd have introduced myself then given you :finger: . LOL
  195. Bada Bing

    Vietnam PBR's were Uniflights

    Agreed, interesting and cool. Uniflight did make a killer hull.
  196. Bada Bing

    short finned tunacore, dodos & a helicopter ride

    damn fillet knives always seem to jump just when you least expect 'em to. seems he'll be ok I assume. Fishin' didn't sound too bad, good job gettin' wrong-way dodo.
  197. Bada Bing

    New Seaforth pm last week & dishonest crew...

    Seriously? You're a bitch. Yes there is a tagging program going on for Calico Bass and there can be prizes for reporting info on a tagged fish. Capt. Ron on the Point Loma has recently tagged hundreds of Calicos in the last week or so and is promoting the effort. However, there are lots of...
  198. Bada Bing

    Why do seagulls fly over the sea?

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: It took me a sec. but, that's a good one!
  199. Bada Bing

    Pride tonight! 6-20

    7/0 =size. Aki twist = style.
  200. Bada Bing

    Brewins vs BlakkCaux

    You're over rated LA LA Queens boy :D
  201. Bada Bing

    Brewins vs BlakkCaux

    Damn-it! I didn't expect OT. Now I gotta go get more beer.
  202. Bada Bing

    Any yellowtail or dorado areas outta oceanside??

    X2 See what your advice gets you Simon :D
  203. Bada Bing

    Chubasco II??

    Ernie and the Chubby are a great operation, have fun!
  204. Bada Bing

    Brewins vs BlakkCaux

    Bruins in 7 Marchand MVP. Chara beats the crap out of Hossa
  205. Bada Bing

    Patriots Sign Tebow!!!!!!

    I heard on a news tease this morning that Tebow had signed with another team but I didn't know which team. Then I read on Yahoo that it was the Patriots! Then I threw up in my mouth a bit. Please Lord, I love the Pat's, don't let Tebow do more than hand out towels and Gatoraid. I hate the...
  206. Bada Bing

    Cattle Boat Quotes

    What's a sea pickle?
  207. Bada Bing

    I Like BIG Butts

    Them's a couple nice leftys, well done. :cheers:
  208. Bada Bing

    using Shimano Trinidad 20 to throw Iron

    I got a TN16 (I like it cause it's a bit narrower and lighter than the 20) with 30lb on a Seeker G-6490 and it's all I need.
  209. Bada Bing

    Calif. utility will close troubled nuclear plant

    That's my understanding but I also hear that it is going to take years to accomplish. Anyone know if CA Edison owns the property or is it leased?
  210. Bada Bing

    Rpt-Wed-06-05-13 Coronado Tails!

    Clearly, the bastiches were profiling again :D :rofl: Well done Cory, another terrific report. :cheers:
  211. Bada Bing

    Beware of halibut carcass girl

    She is Medusa! Do not look in her eyes! And if you look at her tits she will decrease bag limits to 1 and increase size limits to 32". You have been warned.
  212. Bada Bing

    Pelicans at Bruins, Game 3

    you lose again...Yaaaaa yaaa yaa ya ya
  213. Bada Bing

    Pelicans at Bruins, Game 3

    Poor little Pelicans, predicted to be their best game of the playoffs...certainly doesn't appear that way now. :D Goooooo Bears!!
  214. Bada Bing

    Get yer own.

    Your day job is safe Gilly. :D
  215. Bada Bing

    Horseshoe Kelp 6/2/2013

    Wow, an Old-School fish report, actually some good info in it. Well done on the halibut, nice fish. :cheers:
  216. Bada Bing

    Point loma - shark report

    I ran across a finning mako yesterday off Crystal Pier, keep 'em comin' I say. Plenty of baby seal meat around.
  217. Bada Bing

    bubba blades?

    I played with one and wasn't that impressed. I still got no reason to use anything other than these
  218. Bada Bing

    Mission Belle 5/16

    2 mile "Biosphere" to go into effect around the islands is the rumor, evidently true. People are apparently working on it but don't be too hopeful IMO.
  219. Bada Bing

    Red Beach Camp pendleton

    He did say "little pancake went back in to get bigger for the next guy" nevertheless, concrete is a little harsh.
  220. Bada Bing

    parking prices

    I fail to see the irony nevertheless, parking at "the big 3" has always been an's business and it's Point Loma and it ain't gonna change so why are you whining about "me"?
  221. Bada Bing

    Imperial Beach Sportfishing...

    Dang! you're old :D
  222. Bada Bing

    Chubasco 2 05/08/13

    Nice Gopher. Ya, fishin's been slow in LJ and I think it's gonna be hard to find a keeper kelp bass this year but I'm sure Ernie worked hard for ya.
  223. Bada Bing

    the wife said go for it

    You're a lucky man, congrats! :appl:
  224. Bada Bing

    I need advice...

    Another one my late Pappy told me, he said "Boy, it don't matter how good lookin' they are, there's always gonna be someone who's tired of their shit". My Pappy sure was right about that one :D
  225. Bada Bing

    I need advice...

    Kinda like abortion, oh wait, that goes the other way :rolleyes: If you can't be good... at least be good at it :D
  226. Bada Bing

    My son's assignment

    the thought of gull dooky in my mouth makes me gag, the thought of spiders, roaches or 'pedes on my tongue creeps me out. Flys are doable.
  227. Bada Bing

    Seaforth rescues 3 out of the water in LJ

    Fuck Ya! Good work Shorty and crew! :cheers: We had two dive trips today and canceled the afternoon trip because of the conditions, snotty south swell and shitty south wind, dragged the anchor twice.
  228. Bada Bing

    Todd boat seats

    You want these Jonny (phat boat), give the man his ammo :D
  229. Bada Bing

    I can make anything I want !!!!!

    I could use a girlfriends ass for my nagging muzzle...just sayin' :D
  230. Bada Bing

    Boat Anchor

    Kind of a trial and error thing IMO, depending on what you use to tie the pucker. As a point of reference, we use two wraps of tuna cord tied loosely for a 30lb claw and a 38' boat.
  231. Bada Bing

    FKG caught new personal best flatty......

    Dummy, at least someone can feed the family. :D :appl:
  232. Bada Bing

    officially a "big" boat owner!

    very nice sled, :appl:
  233. Bada Bing

    Boat Anchor

    The anchor you had was a good anchor for hanging in LJ, did you have it rigged with a pucker?
  234. Bada Bing

    Help Us Name a New Rod Series!

    Googanator Series aka the Googan Slayers
  235. Bada Bing

    Even when you do everything right...

    Yep, as to many of us can attest, shit can happen quick. I'm glad ya'll are safe, losing gear is painful but replaceable. One thing I did learn after my adventure was that I had way too much gear. If you got it all you can lose it all, sometimes starting from scratch is a blessing :D Good...
  236. Bada Bing

    Surprise!! Gun powder

    So nearly every other country that allows public purchase of powdered explosive uses tracers and finds that it is worthy and logically in the public's safety but you are okay with "well, I might give my buddy some shells, then what?" seriously? What if your buddy took those shells and went...
  237. Bada Bing

    Cast net for Bait approved in Ocean! Thanks Commission

    Wished we could use them down here. But with the live bait industry here it's not likely to happen. While it is nice to go to a receiver to get fin-bait, it would be cheaper for the recreational guy if he could just go net it up.
  238. Bada Bing

    Tank or Tankless Water Heater

    Tankless on demand, no need to pay to keep all that water hot 24/7 if you're not using it. If you want to step it up, put a good water softener upstream, you won't regret it.
  239. Bada Bing

    first post

    Welcome aboard, enjoy the drama just don't take it personally although it's more fun if you do. :cheers:
  240. Bada Bing

    DFG Measuring Sticker

    sounds like an excuse to keep short gay-bass to me. :D
  241. Bada Bing

    Surprise!! Gun powder

    Ironically, this legislation may have never come about had the NRA not successfully lobbied to outlaw tracers from the manufacture of gunpowder. IMO, there is no rational reason why we shouldn't be able to trace explosive powders, etc. If you are legitimately blowin' stuff up then no one...
  242. Bada Bing

    Handheld VHF

    That's all good assuming your boat stays up-right, if you are 35 nm off-shore and the boat goes turtle (as was my case) you may want another means of transmitting lat/long. Redundancy is good on boats.
  243. Bada Bing

    Handheld VHF

    As a thought, you may want to combine items. Uniden and I think SH both offer a VHF with built in gps so when you hit the distress button your lat and long are transmitted with the mayday hail. Additionally I would recommend that if you are going to keep electronics in the ditch bag you need...
  244. Bada Bing

    Mexican boat registration

    For years you'd have to get a Mex. boat permit then they stopped it a few years back. Shortly after that all this passport/visa/no you can't fish there/yes you can fish there crap started. At this point having your passport/Mex fishing permit and boat documentation in order should get you by...
  245. Bada Bing


    Hmmm, the only thing they took were the R&Rs? Sounds like someone may have known the rods were there, fishy...where's Columbo when you need him? :D Good luck to your bud, definitely sad when family stuff gets taken.
  246. Bada Bing


    "why can't they play in the dark" crackin' me up, good stuff.
  247. Bada Bing

    Boston Marathon explosion

    dang-it! one of the dead is an 8 y/o
  248. Bada Bing

    The Tranx

    I bought my first low profile bait caster (Shimano Citica) last year as a boat reel to dick around with while soaking divers...fell in love with it. Then I saw the Tranx and said...I need to get me one of those. Can't afford it now but maybe one day.
  249. Bada Bing

    Boston Marathon explosion

    Dang! I know a couple of people from SD Track Club that were running today. This is insane. Im seeing 2 or 3 dead, 23 injured being reported. Two bombs exploded and 1 or 2 more found and dismantled.
  250. Bada Bing

    Q105 follow up

    That's the rumor I got too, research/commercial somthin'orother
  251. Bada Bing

    9' or 8' iron stick ?? Pros & cons

    Cast Distance vs rod length hassle. IMO, if you are transporting the rod frequently in a smaller vehicle then you're quickly gonna hate the extra length. Additionally IMO, it's rare that you actually need that extra 10 or 15 yards of casting distance. If they are chewin' yo yo's then they are...
  252. Bada Bing

    Q105 follow up

    :hali_ruahahaha: I saw the Q in dry dock at Knight and Carver about 10 days ago, someone's puttin' money in it.
  253. Bada Bing


    Most of the local shops will take gear on pawn if they aren't already over-loaded and the gear is in good shape. Just be prepared, they are likely only gonna give you $0.10 - 0.20 on the dollar. So if you got a used reel worth $100 you might be lucky to get $20, also be prepared to pay close...
  254. Bada Bing

    I hate wind!!

    We just canceled a PM half-day for today, washing machine, we weren't going to be the only boat leaving Seaforth today and definitely not for RF.
  255. Bada Bing

    Oceanside 4-5-13

    NFIO? My Arse...they got Purple Spotted Rockfish. Tasty :D
  256. Bada Bing

    It would be nice to have a

    not sure, ask Carl :D
  257. Bada Bing

    Keel Coolers are Kewl and K&C no more

    and/or, the occasional diver therefore, googins are not invited. :D Surprised no one has commented on Knight and Carver, they were the were a south bay staple for years. I understand that most of the employees were looking for work on Friday.
  258. Bada Bing

    Keel Coolers are Kewl and K&C no more

    Certainly considered. Pic 6 shows a close-up of the stb fwd and in front of that a small shield was put on which may help when underway, I did see at least 3 other boats in the yard that had them, San Pedro Bait for one, so they can't be all bad. This boat spends a lot of time in the kelp too...
  259. Bada Bing

    Keel Coolers are Kewl and K&C no more

    So the Lois Ann (dive charters) has been in dry dock for her 2 year CG dry inspection. She's an aluminum tin tank and we've been grinding and sanding and turning wrenches for weeks and after 4 CG inspections and finally an official Okeey Dokeey she was back in the water today (thurs) and now...
  260. Bada Bing

    Time to stir the pot

    IMO, it's not about a made in China thing it's about a made in anywhere but USA thing. And when Xtrutuf was Xtrutuf and not Honeywell the product was exceptional. While Xtrutuff may not have been managed well, with Honeywell's vast overseas manufacturing the Xtrutuff name has taken a...
  261. Bada Bing

    any good stores in S.D. for marine electronics

    Thanks Baahney (Heffernin) :D
  262. Bada Bing

    Beat this Gilly

    Three moms, a brunette, redhead and blonde are having brunch with their daughters. The 3 daughters leave the table to get more food when the brunette mom takes the opportunity to peek in her daughters purse. She pulls out a pack of smokes and says "I didn't know my daughter smoked!"...
  263. Bada Bing

    any good stores in S.D. for marine electronics

    I not busting on you personally as I'm sure you've given WM your share of support over the years as most of us have and saving $1k is a no-brainer, but I don't agree with this way of doing business and it's likely why WM won't internet price match any longer. They have this big/wonderful, well...
  264. Bada Bing

    Hey MAX!?!?!?!

    I can't say losing Welker is not going to hurt and giving him to Manning is quite painful...Fucking Donkos :D
  265. Bada Bing

    Please don't disturb...

    Well, I didn't expect that...Pope Frank!!! Sorry Carl but how can you top Pope Frank? My only guess is that Franky has less sex than you...hard to believe though :D :rofl:
  266. Bada Bing

    any one get bait from mission bay

    SD Bay had very large sardines and no anchovy on Sun. and I saw Joe driving into Mission Bay yesterday with a load of anchovy. The "quality" out of either barge is comparable in the winter IMO, it's the summer time when Mission bay warms up a bit more than SD that SD bait seems to be better.
  267. Bada Bing

    Conseamate sighting at the beach

    What's nasty about that photo is that the one in the green bikini is Carl. Not only is he not smokin' or drinkin', he's...:D
  268. Bada Bing

    Have a safe fishing trip on the Pacific

    Gonna need a bigger boat :D Boat Hook? Boat hooks are gay, the only thing i've ever used a boat hook for was to fish-out another boat hook that I found floating in the water, just sayin' :D
  269. Bada Bing

    Goodbye 12" Bass >}}}}>

    I'm down, I use to kill everything over 12, killing everything over 14 is just a bit more challenging :D No, not the New Lo Ann F/V rather the old Lois Ann, a SCUBA diving boat, it's the one with the hull painted red/white like a dive flag, the 50 foot aluminum tank often found hanging on the...
  270. Bada Bing

    Goodbye 12" Bass >}}}}>

    I run with Gary on the Alexes during the week but he hasn't had a M-F trip in two months (bad times for 6 pack charters), we got one next Friday thankfully. I skipper Lois Ann otherwise (Dive boat out of Seaforth), but because of a miss-scheduled 2 year haul-out, we've been down for 3 weeks and...
  271. Bada Bing

    Goodbye 12" Bass >}}}}>

    So your proposal is to increase government so that we can all vote on whether or not cats and dogs should be allowed to fuck? I thought you were a better Republican than that :D :rofl: I got 3 boats right now, none are mine and none are running/getting booked lately and it ain't because of me...
  272. Bada Bing

    Goodbye 12" Bass >}}}}>

    Wow, I love ya man but I don't know where to start on this one. I guess the simple question you have a better system of democracy? IMO, "ideally" our democracy is better than any regardless of perfection. We elect officials to do our bidding so that we don't have to vote on the...
  273. Bada Bing

    Please don't disturb...

    Carl's in Conclave. Good Lucky Buddy, eagerly awaiting that white smoke. Just imagine, His Holiness, Carl. :D
  274. Bada Bing

    Point Loma 2/23/13 They're gettin' bigger...

    Nice! Spring's comin'! Well done. I initially misinterpreted your thread title "Point Loma 2/23/13 They're gettin' bigger..." I was like, WTF Captain Ron is with us, he's gonna be pissed someone else is catchin' flats on his boat :D
  275. Bada Bing

    A Senators Response letter, and mine.

    Ok, so the ("conservative") Supreme Court has said that it is NOT UNCONSTITUTIONAL for the Fed Gov't to regulate arms and munitions so if ya'll aren't able to legitimately argue the Constitution or common sense legislation then let's talk about the evolution of the NRA and the role of Economic...
  276. Bada Bing

    A Senators Response letter, and mine.

    Don't want to argue with you Franky, being all handicapped and shit but like Tues said "Did you live?" did you not use the 38 because you needed an AK? (I know that's not the reason but for arguments sake). Are you not dealing with charges of excessive force because the authorities took care of...
  277. Bada Bing

    A Senators Response letter, and mine.

    Sorry Franky, I love ya but I don't like the idea of having to constantly defend myself against the improbable, doesn't seem like the American way to me. I've made it 48 years without needing a gun or a knife, I'll take my chances on the next 100 years. We created this country so we wouldn't...
  278. Bada Bing

    A Senators Response letter, and mine.

    All definitions of Infringe work for me. "As ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State: A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" Does it say "keep and...
  279. Bada Bing

    A Senators Response letter, and mine.

    in·fringe /inˈfrinj/ Verb Actively break the terms of (a law, agreement, etc.): "infringe a copyright" So, what part of the agreement is being infringed? What "terms" are being infringed. Again, the Amendment was written broad and undetailed for a reason, laws and regulations are...
  280. Bada Bing

    A Senators Response letter, and mine.

    Democracy and Freedom, one can not survive wholly in the presence of the other. Common sense sacrifices of some must be made for the good of the whole.
  281. Bada Bing

    A Senators Response letter, and mine.

    Strangely, I agree with Carl :D good discussion. To preface, save my trusty Red Rider for varmints, I don’t own a gun and never have but I do believe that we should be able to own, use and collect firearms. In fact, with a Marine Corps Pilot for a roommate, there are a number of guns in...
  282. Bada Bing

    Seasons Sportfishing 'New Addition To The Fleet' 2013

    Wow man! Congrats!! Working hard pays off, well done! :cheers:
  283. Bada Bing

    Vote Now-Best 30# Reel

    No offence but, poor poll IMO. If yer gonna put a Trinidad vs any Avet baitcaster then Trinidad wins hands down. The only contender in the list is the Accurate. If you can afford the Trinidad, get the Trinidad (and for a 30lb setup with spectra the TN20 is more than sufficient). If you can...
  284. Bada Bing

    Xtra tufs made in china

    Going on my 3rd pair of Chinese "NotSo-Tufs" in a year, gonna return them this afternoon. Additional bitching about this issue with pix can be found here
  285. Bada Bing

    I need a longer ladder...

    Frisbee a meat pizza, gotta match the hatch.
  286. Bada Bing

    Lobster pulled a disappearing act

    No flow last night. My best nights have had lots of flow, gonna wait for next full or new moon. Only about a 2' tide difference today, I don't imagine tonight will be much better.
  287. Bada Bing

    Ryan Leaf is back in the league..........

    he he he. Brandon said Penal.
  288. Bada Bing

    I need some quick $

  289. Bada Bing

    NFL games 1-13 Drunk Idiot thread

    HEY! I resemble that! Bring Eggs and Beer, hurry-up!
  290. Bada Bing

    orly taitz

    That chick's a complete and utter whack-job, entirely irrelevant. I could be wrong though :rolleyes:
  291. Bada Bing

    Gun show host murdered

    Live by the Sword... Too bad for the wife and kid.
  292. Bada Bing

    Can you spot a 20 pound fish?

    My new theme song.
  293. Bada Bing


    Good plan but one cheaper and less wet and cold might be, Sit in the parking lot of Seaforth and get full wasted. I also suggest Makers and Coors light. Rig up your old Sealine with Dacron and full roller guide generic rod and throw in the back of your truck until tuna season. Have a couple...
  294. Bada Bing

    It seems that...

  295. Bada Bing

    It seems that...

    Where's Carl? I'm surprised he didn't delete his own post yet. :D
  296. Bada Bing

    Fryer under a hundo...

    So [after reading a multitude of reviews for a bunch of fryers under a hundo] it seems that you get what you pay for. So I went out and bought more peanut oil and a $8 candy thermometer. As luck would have it, my $20 Big Lots POS had a steam vent hole in the cover which handled the thermometer...
  297. Bada Bing

    Fryer under a hundo...

    Never mind, I just read the Presto reviews. I think I'll be disappointed.
  298. Bada Bing

    Fryer under a hundo...

    :D Good one Assface, a rare and sudden spurt of cleverness eh? :rofl: Stop by Wallyworld and get that Fryer Rob mentioned before you come over, maybe I'll pay you for it but you ain't gettin' any fish sticks.
  299. Bada Bing


    I got your gear bitch, yer gonna have to pay my way with Ron on monday if you want it :D
  300. Bada Bing

    Fryer under a hundo...

    Point taken but I live in a rental and I got fire extinguishers and renters insurance so I got it covered :D Ya, I was gonna ask Carl for his opinion because he is clearly a Fry Fat Aficionado but he sucks at cooking so...:D
  301. Bada Bing


    This same crap happened the last time the O'man was elected, a huge run on ammo. And what ultimately happened? The O'man ended up expanding gun rights in federal parks. It's all propaganda BS and each time it's promoted people go into a tizzy and the ones who benefit HUGELY are the ammo and...
  302. Bada Bing

    Fryer under a hundo...

    C'mon buddy, you know better than to promote Walfart, MLPA and all...what time do they open :D
  303. Bada Bing

    Fryer under a hundo...

    So I got some halibut in the freezer I need to eat so I'm gonna make some of my famous halibut fish-sticks. However, I got a shitty Big-Lots $20 fryer and it has a tendency to burn the oil...go figure :D Looking on ebay for fryers I found 3 potentials fitting some of my criteria. UNDER $100...
  304. Bada Bing

    Gaff question....

    I'd go with a 6', not easy to get a long two-handed gaff shot with a 4 footer.
  305. Bada Bing

    Another Grundens Question

    While you can't beat the Hercules Bibs they are stiff and thick and make you look like you're walking around with a load in your pants. Nevertheless, you should get many good years out of them. However, I didn't want that type of unforgiving material for a foulie jacket so I just picked up the...
  306. Bada Bing

    **Merry Christmas**

    Merry Christmas Mags! Thanks for all your hard work! Happy New Year and Luv Ya Babe!
  307. Bada Bing

    Communists are pretty funny

    I say Mikey (Sealskinner) heads-up the union :D
  308. Bada Bing

    LNIB Microsoft Zune 4GB MP3, jpeg, radio player

    still got it if you want it. Pacific Beach
  309. Bada Bing

    Communists are pretty funny

    I'm in Tues' camp here. While I don't own a gun, I think they're cool and believe we should be able to own and use them. Nevertheless, there are just way too many unregistered/unregulated firearms in this country and way too many belong to those who clearly have no place being in arms-reach of...
  310. Bada Bing

    So I think I got my ducks in a row...

    ...I got the Mayans covered 'cause of that calendar thing, I got the Jews covered 'cause of that 7000 year thing, I got Jesus covered 'cause of the whole Rapture thing, And I got the Sox covered, well 'cause...they are God :D And all badged on a tin-foil hard-hat just...
  311. Bada Bing

    Rockfish Identification Quiz

    Yes, they are all rockfish...what do I win? I recognize some but clearly I need some learnin'. I don't think we get all those species down here but there's definitely a bunch down here that I should better recognize. Some have identified this a Purple-Spotted Rockfish :D
  312. Bada Bing

    Golden Eagle tries snatching small child

    They had this video on the news this morning. Cool but unfortunately all CGI, fake fake fake. sorry I had to tell ya'll that Santa isn't real. :D
  313. Bada Bing

    Popeil Pocket Fisherman

    Bad Girl, go to time out.
  314. Bada Bing

    Popeil Pocket Fisherman

    Innuendo is fun :D
  315. Bada Bing

    Popeil Pocket Fisherman

    I'm guessing "Pocket Fishermen" not "trouser trouts" don't want one. :D Or maybe you do? I wouldn't know. :D
  316. Bada Bing

    Sign this pro gun petition

    27 dead, 2 injured and yet this is the reaction. Except for Costas, no one has said they want to take all your guns away :rolleyes:
  317. Bada Bing

    Official New England Patriots beatdown of the San Francisco 49ers

    Just another sign of Armageddon, :rolleyes: BTW, Carl is responsible here. He picked the Pats before I could so he effectively jinxed me. Ask him, he'll tell you he did it on purpose. :finger:
  318. Bada Bing

    Beautiful Tides

    I had a dive charter out there today and if it weren't a bunch of qualified Navy divers, I'd have turned the boat around. NOAA called for 3-5' @ 11 sec. but it was easily 5-8' @ 8 sec. In fact, we parted the mooring line at the wreck (Yukon) because of the swell. Not pleasant today and small...
  319. Bada Bing

    battery isolation

    here ya go
  320. Bada Bing

    DFG called my cell

    what's the phone number it's called from?
  321. Bada Bing


    Just for you buddy. Here's one from election season, say what you want but she's still HOT! :D
  322. Bada Bing


    This is just sad, I agree...Texas should secede. Is there a football league in Mexico? Oh wait, there is but they use a round ball. Cool, I'm sure the Texans could succeed there. :D
  323. Bada Bing


    That was a planned play...that's how we role in NE :D
  324. Bada Bing


    oh my.
  325. Bada Bing


    Ponies/Patriots for AFC Championship would be fun...for me :D oh wait, just got another TD by Hernandez (on fire)....ouch :D
  326. Bada Bing


    Yaaaaa, Yaaaa, Yaa....Ya Ya. Bring on Kaeperprick and the faggots.
  327. Bada Bing

    Mr. T Shark

    Nice fish, well done...any rockfish?
  328. Bada Bing

    Possibly My last trip of the season

    What Frank said, plenty of structure, not just kelp, deeper water, large bait.
  329. Bada Bing

    Hey Frank!!!

    Just got off the blower with the ol' man, seemed much happier when I informed him of the free UFC fights on TV. Dude can't sit at his 'puter right now so I think he could use a laptop to start being Cranky Internet Franky again...anyone got one? If he can't sit at the 'puter, not sure how he's...
  330. Bada Bing

    UFC Tonight Free.

  331. Bada Bing

    Burglar calls 911 when homeowner threatens to shoot him.

    That's weird, dude's definitely a bit soft.
  332. Bada Bing

    When a F-350 Crew Cab just isn't big enough!!!

    That thing should have F350&1/2 badges.
  333. Bada Bing

    BD Secret Santa?? NSFW

    When's the deadline? I'm poor so if I can drink enough beer in time to scrape up enough recycling cans then I'm in!
  334. Bada Bing

    check your props

    Brilliant retort, well done, I didn't figure you could spell bitch. Big Tits win again! :rofl:
  335. Bada Bing

    check your props

    So, if I may infer from your statement. You ARE aware of the state of your boat and all it's components at all times and that each and every part is there when you need it, good for you. :rolleyes: If so, then I have to assume that you believe that everyone who has had something stolen off of...
  336. Bada Bing

    check your props

    IMO, some previous comments are asinine. Indeed, the theft of these props has put public safety at risk, luckily they had the forethought to have spare props readily available. I can only imagine what the responses would be if someone was at risk and this boat was not available to help them...
  337. Bada Bing


    I foresee Brady spankin' Manning in the AFC Championship.
  338. Bada Bing

    Hey Frank!!!

    Break-a-leg Franky. I know you are probably in La La land right now told 'em to check the exhaust too right? just sayin'. Thinkin' about ya buddy!
  339. Bada Bing


    which 'ducer, transom or thru-hull?
  340. Bada Bing

    SEA SNAKE?????

    Nice, It's a Midshipman.
  341. Bada Bing

    Not a dick measuring contest but.

    Jackets? Patches? That's gay...we give tattoos for 10lb Whitefish.
  342. Bada Bing

    Volvo-Penta Stern Drive Shop Manual

    So while doing my tri-annual hands and knees douching of my kitchen I came across yet another Volvo-Penta manual. This one is in good shape save a few finger prints and some-kind of spittle on the cover. Spittle may be either oil or pooh, hard to tell but pretty sure it's not pooh. It's a...
  343. Bada Bing

    LNIB Microsoft Zune 4GB MP3, jpeg, radio player

    I got a like new MS Zune 4GB mp3 player. Loaded it with music and gave it to my Ol' lady last year but she got no use for these new-fangled gadgets (I have since reformatted the drive so there is no music left on the player). Included accessories include USB chord, 120V charger, skin, armband...
  344. Bada Bing

    Best Graphite Star Drag for 30-40lb

    Yep and Yep. The 15/30 was the first reel I bought on the west coast back in '96, that bitch is still in the line-up. And, we use the 20/40 exclusively on ALEXES...hasn't failed a fish for us yet. SHIMANO! Holy Crap! This is my 1600th post!...what do I get?
  345. Bada Bing


    Ya'll are too giddy...get a room. btw, pats win 59-24...YAAAAAA, YAAAA, YAAA....YA YA
  346. Bada Bing


    What'd I say? Rivers got boyfriend issues, he's not herself.
  347. Bada Bing


    Hey, I'm a Pats fan...I love Norvy :D
  348. Bada Bing


    This ain't a Norve issue, Rivers way off his game. I'm guessing boyfriend problems. On a good note, Pats kickin' arse on the other ponys.
  349. Bada Bing

    avet sx on a ugly stik lite?

    I have a 1st generation SX and just tried to put it on CA11701MH 12-20 lb Ugly Stick and it didn't fit. The reel foot is too fat to fit in the rear of the seat, the collar however seems to fit ok. Not sure if the 15-30 Ulgly stick has a bigger reel seat but the seat on the 12-20 is definitely...
  350. Bada Bing

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    I heard about this today. :( Dang it Stan! You were suppose to "live the life" down there alot longer for us. Well, you were where you wanted to be and despite our limited/casual interaction, I always knew you were a good man! You will be missed Stan and my best thoughts for your family and...
  351. Bada Bing

    Dana Landing lost dog

    Oh Crap! I love that little bugger. My best to Brady and Ya'll, of course I'll keep an eye out and stay positive ya'll.
  352. Bada Bing

    SEA WATCH- Still Fishing

    We call those size fish "User friendly". Well done. :cheers:
  353. Bada Bing

    What would you do?

    I was gonna suggest waiting until you are fully healed but then Lew posted . That looks like a strong solution to me, move the stress to your wrist. At the very least it might make for a good second girlfriend :D
  354. Bada Bing

    Best Bitch Upper-cut Ever

    This is beautiful. Chick gets on bus, refuses to pay, argues with bus driver then spits on him and scratches him while he's driving then...
  355. Bada Bing

    Bon Voyage Gil Marlin

    Wish I had a fishin' boat. Come to think of it, it seems there's a CC skiff available for the next two weeks. Have fun Scotty, try not to scare the women in-port too bad and...where's the keys? :D :cheers:
  356. Bada Bing

    100# Mono to 12/0 hook for live bait

    Bored? bring me breakfast.
  357. Bada Bing


    Ya baby, Tautog fishin', EC Sheepshead, good stuff. If you have time take the "T" (out of South Station) north up to Cape Ann (Gloucester, Rockport, Essex). My ol' stompin' grounds, you'll find some half-day fishin' boats up there working tautog,bluefish and stripers. Be sure to go find...
  358. Bada Bing

    425 Yellowfin 80 Bluefin and...and...and...SA80

    Well done :appl: I'm guessing that cold water put ya'll on a inside trip home?
  359. Bada Bing

    Looking for Deckhand/Fishing Job

    Best thing I ever did as a change of career 6 years ago but be forewarned...there's a reason most deck hands you see are under 30 years old. Bottom line is that it is a physically demanding job with long hours and potentially little pay so by 30 you are either running a boat or out of the...
  360. Bada Bing

    Page scrolling issues?

    Perhaps yer eyes are movin' faster than yer brain...I have that problem frequently :D
  361. Bada Bing

    Carl Otto and a White Sea Bass

    On about 0840 I get the "YAAAAAAA, YAAAAA, YAAA....YA YA" call from Assface. Leave it to Carl to kill a baby :D Well done Simon/Otto, not your fault. :D
  362. Bada Bing

    Et tu Xtratuf?

    :) Hmmm, perhaps we should take this one step at a time. 1. Xtratufs WERE a highly respected USA fishing boot manufacturer, the only legitimate USA fishing boot for decades with good reason. 2. The Xtratuf boot and Name were ultimately acquired by Honeywell Corp. 3. Honeywell moved...
  363. Bada Bing

    Et tu Xtratuf?

    This sounds pretty fishy to me. A simple Google search shows that neoprene is readily manufactured in the USA and a Wikipedia search states this; "Outside of Russia and China, about 300,000 tons of neoprene are produced annually" This implies that Russia...
  364. Bada Bing

    Et tu Xtratuf?

    It's funny, [at the landing] having the "Made in America" seal on your boots these days is a badge of honor and it's almost shameful not to have the seal. Guys are running around searching the underground for legit Xtratuffs.
  365. Bada Bing

    Emergency Helo extract at Sea 9/14/12

    Excellent report and yes, Capt Rich and Crew are top notch! We were out there that day and listening to the drama. Well done to all. :cheers:
  366. Bada Bing

    Et tu Xtratuf?

    Well, given that that's the one with hardware, it's not entirely inconceivable. But I'm still gonna blame it on non-USA made Xtratuffs. And sorta, my knee is kinda under warranty :D
  367. Bada Bing

    Et tu Xtratuf?

    Somewhat sadly but rather predictably an update is warranted. Roughly 6 weeks after purchasing my non-american made Xtratuffs the lining in the left boot had completely blown-out. So I bring them back to the place of purchase and because it's less than a year since purchase they were promptly...
  368. Bada Bing

    Bull Dorado Kill

    Cool video but I'm gonna play Cranky Franky here. IMO, this should be posted under "Fishing Chit Chat" or "Goof off Photo Editing & Video Clips". Not a report and no info, simply a "look at me"... we got forums for that, just sayin'. Nice shot though. :D
  369. Bada Bing

    2X garage door paddy 12 miles W of PL

    Well done, nice report. any tern birds on those dolphin? :cheers:
  370. Bada Bing

    Attention and Beware...Mx Visas, tomorrow should be intersting

    Not sure what "Real" info you are looking for from SAC. SAC is a conglomeration of CA Commercial Sportfishermen. They would not be concerned with recreational sport fishing regs or requirements.
  371. Bada Bing

    Attention and Beware...Mx Visas, tomorrow should be intersting

    Originally Posted by sweetsorren Wow chicken SH!t"s took my post off. BD your lame, chicken Sh!ts, TRADERS< YOU MUST BE ON THE WRONG SIDE. This reads/looks awfully drunk to me :D BTW TRADER is spelled TRAITOR in your context. :D
  372. Bada Bing

    Attention and Beware...Mx Visas, tomorrow should be intersting

    I have no idea if this impacts private boaters, this is info that was issued to the landings and their sport boats. Nevertheless, without that clarity, I wouldn't chance it...unless you got a POS boat and are just looking for headlines :D Additionally and FYI, 7 day visas can be obtained from...
  373. Bada Bing

    Attention and Beware...Mx Visas, tomorrow should be intersting

    As it goes, SAC (Sportfishing Association of CA) was contacted by MX govt indicating that as of tomorrow Visas will be REQUIRED to fish the Coronados. SAC then contacted each of the landings and the landings in turn contacted each of their boats. The MX Navy will be there tomorrow to confiscate...
  374. Bada Bing

    Daveys 5am half day never again

    Seriously? Is this bait? You went out on a half day and caught 2 short fish and then was comp't 50% for the next trip and then you go on your partially comp't trip with a full load during a holiday week and don't bother to ask what the boat load was that morning before paying only 50% for a...
  375. Bada Bing

    parasite in halibut

    Got a local 26 today, no I'm trying to find worms :D
  376. Bada Bing

    work/job in PV

    From an optimist, it sounds like an adventure to me. So I say GO, see what happens, you won't really know unless you go. You never know who you're gonna meet. :cheers:
  377. Bada Bing

    33' navy utility boat you just have the expensive half left to do :D Good luck, looks like a solid hull, wish I could take it. :cheers:
  378. Bada Bing

    parasite in halibut

    I have yet to find worms in any halibut I've caught and/or filleted and that's a pretty good number by most standards. I guess you've just got a knack for worms :D As mentioned, just cook thoroughly and/or freeze first...some say the worms taste like chicken :D
  379. Bada Bing

    La Jolla Shores Closed This Afternoon - 14' Great White Shark

    Yep, morning half day...thought I recognized that boat running our chud line :D
  380. Bada Bing

    La Jolla Shores Closed This Afternoon - 14' Great White Shark

    We'll be fishin' Alexes up there this afternoon and tomorrow morning Mags, swing by for some fresh bait and perhaps a cheeseburger if you want. We'll let you on the swim step if Whitey comes by. :D BTW, just a teaser but we found a 16lb halibut up there yesterday and the yellowtail have not...
  381. Bada Bing

    Tip of the week

    That's the secret trick :D
  382. Bada Bing

    An Alternate Method to Find Angles to Lay out Acid Wrapped Guides

    That's a good piece of cipherin' right there, thanks for the geometry refresher! Stuff like this is always modeled better with numbers. :cheers:
  383. Bada Bing

    PB Calico - Jackpot on the Point Loma Twilight Trip 6/29/12

    Congrats on the PB/JP Mags! Looks like halibut's out and Calico's gonna be the new avatar :D :cheers:
  384. Bada Bing

    Local Yellers

    Got another one today (20 lb) and my bud lost one today to the same piece of bull kelp I lost one on yesterday. :( Sea state much different today, bigger seas and bigger wind but still very fishable. Got a nice half scoop of Macs at receiver today and glad we did. Both fish were hooked on...
  385. Bada Bing

    Local Yellers

    Yep, the Parker cuddy. You're welcome but I'm sure it wasn't intentional on our part...more than likely we were trying to drop him off on you :D :rofl:
  386. Bada Bing

    Local Yellers

    Me thinks we saw you out there (center console?). Well done! We were able to get two at 27 & 30lbs, lost my first brute to the bull kelp after 5 minutes. Descent fishing if you don't mind weeding through the baccarudas, very nice grade of fish right now.
  387. Bada Bing

    Fishing Charters

    Agreed, asking for a tip is BS, regardless of how good a job you thought you did. I am a deckhand and I have NEVER discussed a tip with any client, much less begged :rolleyes: I do my job and do it well and 9.5 times out of 10 I am rewarded for my effort, despite shitty fishing. IMO, this is...
  388. Bada Bing

    which 1 will cast better? tn16n or saltist 20 stardrag?

    I got my Trinidad 16 on a Seeker G6490 and I can throw that thing a country mile. 50 or 60 lb backing with a 20lb topshot is perfect.
  389. Bada Bing

    No visa, What penalty?

  390. Bada Bing

    No visa, What penalty?

    Anecdotal but... About 2 weeks ago the landings were informed that in the next few days Mex Tours would have a boat anchored on the lee of south island 24/7/365 where you were suppose to check in and have visas stamped. A few days later sure enough there was a Mex Park and Recreation Boat...
  391. Bada Bing

    Appealing the MLPA Closures

    Are you sure you're not a "Scientist"?
  392. Bada Bing

    Yahoo Mail?

    Anyone else having issues logging into Yahoo Mail? It seems they have a new format and are requesting the obligatory "Accept Terms" but I've accepted the terms a bunch of times and it just keeps asking me to accept terms. I've tried using different computers, different browsers, and have...
  393. Bada Bing

    Halibut fishing....Too Stinger hook or not?

    Halibut are ambush predators, they will inhale the entire bait. And certainly by the numbers, the more pointy parts in the fishes mouth, the more likely the fish gets hooked. Nevertheless, trap hooks are a PIA IMO and I can't ever remember losing a fish and then thinking, I wish I had a trap...
  394. Bada Bing

    Et tu Xtratuf?

    Definitely won't throw away now, I'm gonna wait for American Pickers to come by and give me some serious money for 'em :D
  395. Bada Bing

    Et tu Xtratuf?

    Nope, still $65 at Squidco but you do get these useless Chinese plastic boot inserts for our American land fills :rolleyes:
  396. Bada Bing

    Most dangerous offshore experience

    Did he say "I gotta shit" ? Cause he always does and it's always a hazardous situation.
  397. Bada Bing

    Et tu Xtratuf?

    So while I could probably get another season or two out of them, I figured since I was planning on getting new underwear this year, I might as well replace my Xtratufs too. :D So I run over to Squidco and pick up a shiny new pair of size 13s. When I took them out of the box, something...
  398. Bada Bing

    Most dangerous offshore experience

    It was 8 years ago on my 2001 27' Trophy, Bada Bing and I gotta once again thank those fellow BDers (probably AMS Buddy Boaters at that time :D) who made the effort to get to us including Motts and Soul Troller, I think there were others out there too. :cheers: Sorry, it's kind of a long read...
  399. Bada Bing

    Vagabond 5day short report

    Well done Johnny!!...Where's my fillet?? :D
  400. Bada Bing

    Damaged laptop Windows Help

    I'm with Simon, glad it's not THE 'puter. Your friend should have bought a mac :rolleyes: :D
  401. Bada Bing

    New SoCal MLPA's in effect now... or not?

    I saw no less than six boats fishing between the 47 and 50 lats in LJ yesterday. Looked like the fishing was pretty good :D
  402. Bada Bing

    Live report

    Fished that area all morning, finally that south wind has died and there's a slight blow from the N/NW...there are barracuda around and hooked 1 YT but it came unbuttoned. Sea Lions were thick and extremely irritating; New Seaforth fished Del Mar so no one to pawn the sea lions off on. RF and...
  403. Bada Bing

    A poll for polls

    Interesting, I thought Hell felt a bit colder today :D
  404. Bada Bing

    Mission Bay terrorist club???

    Clearly you've never seen a Carl Crack Hole, a vision I don't wish on anyone :D
  405. Bada Bing

    Miami vs Boston...

  406. Bada Bing

    Scott Sherman!!!!!

    Well done Shermy!! :appl: Can we shoot sea lions now? :D
  407. Bada Bing

    Lingcod size limit??

    Most excellent advice, any fact on this site (BD) is relative :D , always go to the source. for instance; years ago it was 28, then they dropped it to 24 for a few months then back to 28 but now its 22 but I wish is was 20. :D
  408. Bada Bing

    avet wrench

    for a seatless/deckhand rod you do, as is the case. Good ideas ya'll, I guess I got me a project for this afternoon :cheers:
  409. Bada Bing

    Second Spotter Plane Flight Find TUNA!

    Nice! promising info, looking forward to more. Thanks for info Chris :cheers:
  410. Bada Bing

    Nuclear Tuna

    First of all, I want to know where these California Tuna were caught...
  411. Bada Bing

    Porn Star Name Generator

    Bada Bing = Ricky Cucumber JMH = Corporal Spreadum So how exactly did you find this site Deb? Brandon rubbing off on you? to speak :D :rofl:
  412. Bada Bing

    Japan's radiation found in San Diego bluefin tuna

    First of all, I want to know where these California Tuna were caught...
  413. Bada Bing

    The Legend overnight, fishing 5/26

    Awesome fish, well done! :cheers:
  414. Bada Bing


    Shouldn't be givin' up yer halibut holes like that...I'm lookin' at yer stern right now :D Well done :cheers:
  415. Bada Bing

    discovered the hard way something about sculpin

    I got wacked in the hand by a 4"er while on a morning half day last week, really gotta watch out for the little ones. While that sucked, I think the bat ray sting I got last year was even worse. That one really effected the joints, I could feel it move from hand to wrist to elbow then shoulder.
  416. Bada Bing

    Outriggers...a beneficial addition?

    Had 'em, never needed 'em. Broke one then gave other one to Frank. I've always wanted to try down-rigging for tunas when things are slow. I had a couple nice electric Cannons on my first boat but fishing at that time was much less sketchy and it didn't take much thought to catch a fish, so...
  417. Bada Bing

    The Ghey Test...

    <a href="" title="The Gay Test"><img src="" width=200 height=150 border=0 title="The Gay Test"></a><br> - <a href="">I Want That</a> Interesting, I've been to Barolo I've...
  418. Bada Bing

    Fiberglass bait tank....

    DAMN! You sold the autopilot?! I loved that thing! Utilitarian Genius :D Oh and, I'll bump the bid a bit for ya... $50 + 2 cases root beer AND I'll keep Carl out of Escondido for 1 month :D
  419. Bada Bing


    musta been 20 crew on that trip :D
  420. Bada Bing

    Overturned boat Mission Beach!!!

    not seeing it in local news. where'd you get info?
  421. Bada Bing

    5-16-12 "stovepipes" on da R SPECIAL.

    Bass are gay but that's just my opinion. Well done on the Slime/log/stovepipe/'cuda Barracudas :cheers:
  422. Bada Bing

    4/28 Semi-Annual with Dave and Tweety and, something different

    Hey! I know ya'll were hunting penguins that day, did you ever find any?
  423. Bada Bing

    4/28 Semi-Annual with Dave and Tweety and, something different

    Read previous posts, we think others have halibut pics. Read previous posts, pelican was perfectly healthy, it was just a dumbass, chewing on his own wing thinking it was the lizard fish Carl just tossed to him. Thanks for stopping by :rolleyes:
  424. Bada Bing

    4/28 Semi-Annual with Dave and Tweety and, something different

    Jonny, Dave, or Mary must have ' 'bout that pelican chomping on his own wing, dumbass...wish we had a video of that :D
  425. Bada Bing

    4/28 Semi-Annual with Dave and Tweety and, something different

    Carl, Jon and myself fished with mutual bud Dave on Jon's boat Reel Deal. Dave lives in Seattle but still gets down here every 6 or 8 months or and there's always fishing and golf involved. With a bunch of med-lrg sardines and fair weather predicted we left MB at about 0600 and headed south...
  426. Bada Bing

    Delta 22#, 3/8 Chain, Nylon rode

    Almost new but only used gently by a little ol' lady from Pasadena and only in the sand. :D Nice 22# Lewmar Delta Anchor with 100' of 3/8 galvanized chain and about 100' of nylon rode, includes main (swivel) and pucker shackles. Good for boats to about 35' or so. New, this package is easily...
  427. Bada Bing

    NHL Playoffs....'12

    Your Team Cheated, Bruins will retain the title and... Penquins are gay. :D
  428. Bada Bing

    May Need A Spot Or Two Filled

    I am a deckhand and this sounds like a cakewalk to me and IMO is required duty on a PRIVATE vessel anyway. What a great fricken deal, a few hundo for a couple and a half days BOOZE AND EVERYTHING! I'd love to go with you (even be willing to catch Gay Sea Bass :) ) but if I could afford even...
  429. Bada Bing

    star brite pine bilge cleaner, woody engine flush,any one use this?

    Star Brite bilge cleaner works well. Pour some in bilge, add some H2O, scrub bilge, add oil scrubbers, let sit, dispose of oil scrubbers and pump remaining H2O = nice clean bilge. Never heard of Woodys Engine treatment but their wax is terrific.
  430. Bada Bing

    Why do Texans hate Penn so much?

    Similar but not identical to what Apple did back in the 80's. With the advent of the open source PC, Apple was quickly declining so what did they do? They created a program to put Apple computers in as many elementary and high schools as they could thereby gaining consumers from the womb...
  431. Bada Bing

    Does Party Boat fishing affect the fishery?

    You date yourself with BOZO Tommy, the new clown in town is Crusty. :D
  432. Bada Bing

    Best and cheapest place to buy wood for fences

    Oh well, I could only get through 3 pages of inane fence least I got the requisite Carl ball busting in :D
  433. Bada Bing

    Best and cheapest place to buy wood for fences

    FYI, this advice isn't from physical experience it's from sitting on his fat ass watching experience...but I think he's right. :D I'd go with the steel posts too, easy to hide if you are doing a "neighbor friendly" fence and don't forget the termite treatment before staining. Also, after much...
  434. Bada Bing

    Bank Perch

    No more than a pound or so :D
  435. Bada Bing

    Save me from "Team Lizardfish"

    Crickets...Thanks for stopping by Scott :rolleyes: :D
  436. Bada Bing

    On the news today!

    Caaarl? oh wait, I thought is said 310lbs, never mind. :D That's a ballsy scam
  437. Bada Bing


    WOW! That's some awesome work! well done but I think you're bending over too much for a boat should get a foot massage and a reach around on every trip on that boat :D :cheers: Holy Crap! This is my 1500th i get anything?
  438. Bada Bing

    Save me from "Team Lizardfish"

    I'd go with that...certainly you know about a painful arse :D
  439. Bada Bing

    New Nail Gun, made by DeWALT

    That's absolutely beautiful...anyone who's done any framing and has a fat ass should be drooling. I love make me a hammer drill I can use from the couch :D
  440. Bada Bing

    San Diego Bay

    Well done, hope you get that keeper flatty tomorrow but...when did Cornfed start working for the DFG? :D
  441. Bada Bing

    Bank Perch

    yep, good eatin' This is for Bryan (I Hate Seals)... A Priest, a Rabbi and a Bank Perch walk into a a punch line yet? :D
  442. Bada Bing

    Save me from "Team Lizardfish"

    The Three Stooges...Mags gets to be Moe...yep, that should cover it.
  443. Bada Bing

    'Dumb and Dumber 2'

    It's good to reminisce with old family films 'eh Simon :D
  444. Bada Bing

    What do sit your rod wrapper on?

    I've got a small place so I needed something portable. I attached a 2x4 to the top of steel saw horse and mounted the wrapper to it. A diagonal turnbuckle was attached to the rear legs to help minimize lateral movement. Finally, I tapped into the wrapper's power center and installed a...
  445. Bada Bing

    19 lb Halibut and rod overboard

    yes, all lost at once, boat went turtle 30 miles offshore...that was a really long day.
  446. Bada Bing

    we lost a good one

    Feeling your pain Mike, my condolences to you and your family.
  447. Bada Bing

    19 lb Halibut and rod overboard

    Cork handles are good!! different scenario but similar result, during an incident a few years ago I ended up losing 8 rods and reels including Tiagras, Trinidads and Calcuttas all on Graphiters to the deep waters. As we were waiting for help my bud yells out something, and proceeds to swim out...
  448. Bada Bing

    Amazing - 18 y/o fisherman rescued at sea after nearly a month

    This is amazing
  449. Bada Bing

    Late Birthday Wishes and Get Well......

    I hope he gets the 600ccs under the muscle, much more natural. Now he can throw away all those push-up bras. :D Get well soon Buddy! :cheers:
  450. Bada Bing

    This girl is...

    E. Carl dressed as Tues.
  451. Bada Bing

    new guy here

    Crocs are gay...not that there's anything wrong with that :D Welcome to BD! :cheers:
  452. Bada Bing

    New to BloodydEcks!

    Welcome Frank! Now get fishin' and give us a report! :cheers:
  453. Bada Bing

    I am just getting this on this site

    Welcome to the irritated club.
  454. Bada Bing

    Skipjack Advice PreBuy

    check for hull blisters, otherwise I'm not aware of anything inherent. You'll love your Skippy, I did!
  455. Bada Bing

    Is BD fucked up (more than usual?)

    seriously? again? c'mon girls :rolleyes:
  456. Bada Bing


    Perhaps but then one could make the same argument for a drivers licence, it's not a right it's a privilege. But street cops need probable cause to stop you. IMO, it does seem that the DFG has unconstitutional jurisdictions.
  457. Bada Bing


    Pissy even before the trip starts...looking forward to the post trip report :rolleyes: :D
  458. Bada Bing


    That is F'd up. Not sure it's trespassing though; I'm guessing that if he saw the boat pulling in it's probable cause to search. What did he say? What did he search? What was the outcome?
  459. Bada Bing

    Is BD fucked up (more than usual?)

    Oh good, glad it's not just me... was "fixing" things on mom's 'puter and have spent the last 20 minutes trying to fix the fixes.
  460. Bada Bing

    Happy Birthday Otto!

    Happy Birthday Otto!! BTW, my old man let me start driving when I turned 13, just sayin' :D
  461. Bada Bing

    rainshadow blanks in san diego?

    Yep, Squidco, picked up a 30-50 last summer.
  462. Bada Bing

    Rest in Peace Daddy

    Thanks ya'll. Not sure what to do with myself, still in the surreal phase, just pacing the house. Making plans to head back to Myrtle Beach for the services then up to Boston to spread his ashes off Beverly Harbor...first place he ever took me fishin' for flounder in a little skiff he used to...
  463. Bada Bing

    Rest in Peace Daddy

    My Pops, John R. Hanson III, passed away this morning and while it was hardly sudden, I'm still a mess. Simply, he was a Good man, gentile and caring. I'm mostly a mess because of my mom, Eydie. They were inseparable for almost 50 years and that is a beautiful thing! I love you Daddy and...
  464. Bada Bing

    The Tasty Trifecta! (or bottom grand slam)

    What? no boat salvage? Well done Deano! :cheers:
  465. Bada Bing

    Pulling Up Chubby Togs!

    EC Sheepy, but they taste even better. Terrific photos :cheers:
  466. Bada Bing

    lbc breakwall/hali drifts

    It can't not be said....BS without Pics! :D
  467. Bada Bing

    Rpt-Sat. 03-10-12 Slow Local Bass'n.

    Another nice report Cory! :cheers:
  468. Bada Bing

    For Carl's eyes only...

    I want my money back
  469. Bada Bing


    Probably too big. XXL
  470. Bada Bing

    Okay, help craft a reply......

    It amazes me that people still fall for this stuff, it even reads fishy. They must get enough to bite to make it worth while though...silly humans. From the "Avoiding Scams and Fraud" link on CL "Examples of Scams 3. Someone requests wire service payment via Western Union or...
  471. Bada Bing

    Sept fishing

    Talk to either Bryan on El Gato or Gary on Alexes both at Seaforth in Mission Bay.
  472. Bada Bing

    California needs this.....

    Poor Dean, first time I've seen him pounded here... :slap:
  473. Bada Bing

    FYI, Well done Lads! Your Support Helps Retain Dan Richards as California Fish and Game Commission President Thanks to overwhelming response from anglers and hunters, the state legislature...
  474. Bada Bing


    Believe it or not but they've been heard and spotted at Fiesta Island, watch yer puppies over there.
  475. Bada Bing

    California needs this.....

    'nuf said
  476. Bada Bing


    Saw some dudes fishing these on TV recently. Looks like a bitchen new reel, anyone got a review? Printable Chart Tranx Model Line Retrieve Per Crank (in) Hollow Ace Line Capacity (#Test/Yds) PowerPro Line Capacity (#Test/yd) Mono Line Capacity (#Test/yd) Max Drag (lb) S A-RB Ball...
  477. Bada Bing

    Jetty Fishing for togs

    Being from NY, I'm guessing Tautog, Blackfish. Togs are yummy.
  478. Bada Bing

    Great Baja Pup Needs a Home

    Good lookin' mut, I'd take her if I didn't already have 2 and a couple regular visitors. Good luck!
  479. Bada Bing

    LNIB 4GB Zune w/accessories

    Like new 4GB Zune Digital Media Player/FM Radio (10/10) with USB cable and Headphones Specs Product Identifiers Brand Microsoft Model Zune 4 Pink (4 GB) MPN HSA-00005 UPC 882224557962 Key Features Storage Capacity 4 GB Audio Supported Formats AAC, MP3, MP3 VBR, WMA Video...
  480. Bada Bing

    T.Shark towing 3.9.12

    Now that is fun!! Well done! and damn! that jumpin' T pic is fricken awesome! bend in the rod, line all the way to the fish and a perfect shot of the fish, I'm jealous of the pic :D :appl: :cheers:
  481. Bada Bing

    Hamster Cage.....Free

    Carl likes Gerbils :D
  482. Bada Bing

    Dan Richards NOT resigning

    Not continuing this?...The beauty of the "Quote" button :D ...we're good :cheers: Original: Post edit:
  483. Bada Bing

    Dan Richards NOT resigning

    Oh ok, so you went to one meeting so now you get to call others out that didn't? MLPA didn't work out so well for me but at least I was there when and where it [should have] counted. While it was awesome that people showed up in support of Mr. Rogers today and I applaud those who did show up...
  484. Bada Bing

    Dan Richards NOT resigning

    Ya I know but I was joking, yer slow on the uptake I guess, probably from all that book learnin' and sipherin' you been doin' lately :D
  485. Bada Bing

    Dan Richards NOT resigning

    Better you weren't there...they didn't need any "Fluffers" today, just would have caused another scandal :D
  486. Bada Bing

    Dan Richards NOT resigning

    Wow, you went to a meeting and now you get to denigrate others, good for you :rolleyes: While most who support Dan perhaps didn't show up today most also understood that the DFG Commission was not the most efficient place to show our support for Mr. Rogers...our support was shown via...
  487. Bada Bing

    Sealed my fate!!

    I love new tools! But I got to agree with you, often times I'll buy a new tool and not need it until I forget I have it and then I go buy another one :rolleyes: ....I hope that's not your fate :D Nice machine! :cheers:
  488. Bada Bing

    volvo penta manifold kit

    what he said
  489. Bada Bing

    Umbrella Rigs

    I can't see how they could possibly work in the rain, I'm stickin' with my trusty newspaper. :D
  490. Bada Bing

    WON Blog: Sanbass Regulations Change

    There was a dude who showed up at the Commission meeting today seeking C&R only for Spotted Bay Bass. While I generally hate more regulation, most bass (Calico, Sand and Spotted) are not typically targeted for subsistence so I got no problem with increasing size limits and especially with...
  491. Bada Bing

    In other political news...

    Good Luck Shermy!!
  492. Bada Bing

    Link to Meeting

    Which link did you click on? The "View" link or the "Listen" link?
  493. Bada Bing

    Link to Meeting

    I like little Asian chicks, Brandon must be drooling :D
  494. Bada Bing

    Link to Meeting

    What a little troll this biatch is :finger:
  495. Bada Bing

    More Witch Hunt for DFG Commissioner

    Cool, do you know if they are streaming it?
  496. Bada Bing

    Fix this

    Ya, it appears that the reel seat is the issue with the off-center blank. IMO, replacing the cork with EVA would just be aesthetically wrong. You could change out the reel seat but then you're looking at a total rebuild. Perhaps you could taper the cork from the seat back then add some cork...
  497. Bada Bing

    Gil Marlin sent this to me............

    Ya, Gil Marlin couldn't have sent that to many smart words :D
  498. Bada Bing


    Cheated death another year, well done!! Happy B'day Scott! :cheers:
  499. Bada Bing

    Bruins vs Gayngers

    I score fights 2-0-1 Bruins
  500. Bada Bing

    Bruins vs Gayngers

    #2 vs #1, fun game so far, very testy. Go B's!!!
  501. Bada Bing

    33rd Annual International Eelpout Festival in Walker, Minnesota

    Eelpout nuggets got nothing compared to Lizard cakes :D
  502. Bada Bing

    MUST WATCH Video of boat capsizing

    Wow, that sure was a hairy situation. Glad you and the crew are okay, is the insurance gonna cover your losses?
  503. Bada Bing

    Damn my genes!

    I got an elf suit but damn my Sasquatch-like genes, this is easy money...Frank? :D san diego craigslist > city of san diego > gigs > event gigs please flag with care: [?] miscategorized prohibited spam/overpost best of craigslist Dwarf for Leprechaun appearance at wedding on...
  504. Bada Bing

    1998 Parker 2320 Yamaha F225

    I wondered if you saw this.
  505. Bada Bing

    boat trip with non-fishermen...

    Ya, I can't find a source, I'm sure it was just my paranoia. It would seem stupid I agree, but DFG giving a ticket to someone for carrying a rod off a boat even if they weren't fishing doesn't seem that far fetched to me :D .
  506. Bada Bing

    boat trip with non-fishermen...

    Unless it has changed, if you are fishing everyone on board is suppose to have a licence.
  507. Bada Bing

    Will work for money

    I'm currently between jobs, got time on my hands and getting really bored...don't make me start hanging on street corners in high heals again :D Anyway, yes I'm looking for some work to fill time before next job. Ditch diggin', dog poo pickin', hammer swingin', painting, electrical...
  508. Bada Bing

    That damn halibut jumped. That's my story...

    I like makin' bubbles when I'm in the tub :D
  509. Bada Bing

    Getting your captain's license?

    It really has nothing to do with your ability to drive a boat nor are those skills acquired in the process of getting your MMC (Merchant Mariners Credential) but there are a few hoops to jump through...80 hours school, 4 exams (minimum), CPR cert., TWIC card, documented sea time (360 days/4 hrs...
  510. Bada Bing

    That damn halibut jumped. That's my story...

    So, just to preface and to lay it all on the table because if I don't someone else will :D ...Yes, somehow my left thumb ended up deep in the mouth of a 15 lb halibut, and yes, said halibut did chew on my thumb and yes, it did bleed profusely :D I'm not sure what happened ;) it must have been...
  511. Bada Bing

    Big butt into the Pot of Gold halibut derby

    24oz = 1.5#...Dummy :D Very nice halibut, wind was nasty yesterday, not easy to stay up and down. well done and congrats on the tourney entry! :cheers:
  512. Bada Bing

    two day report...lizard fish tournament and fising with Bankrober And the Pesky Thief

    I still think we should have gilled, gutted and thrown them lizards on the grill!! Nice report Simon! Funny how Carl isn't mentioned in the opening credits...I understand :D :cheers:
  513. Bada Bing


    I got some Force Fins for a big foot, what ya size ya looking for?
  514. Bada Bing

    Deck hand/galley cook wanted

    Simon's face says it all...Carpet Bomb've tasted nothing like it!!!! barf :D BTW Simon, I feel your pain. Carl regularly blows up my bathroom and no amount of Lysol can cure it.
  515. Bada Bing

    Deck hand/galley cook wanted

    I specialize in Fromunda Cheese, you've never tasted anything like it :D
  516. Bada Bing

    Deck hand/galley cook wanted

    Woooohooooo!!! Just call me "Cookie", sorry Otto :D
  517. Bada Bing

    stream trout do exist in so cal

    Nice scouting trip! numbers :D :cheers:
  518. Bada Bing

    la jolla

    Just a thought but generally halibut hide in the sand in a somewhat wide range of depths so a fly-lined anything might not be the BEST presentation and Yo Yoing for halibut MAY be an effective technique if you can drop it on her head but again, perhaps not the best presentation. Personally, I...
  519. Bada Bing

    For sale soon??

    Holy crap! There's so much to say but clearly I'd be preaching to the choir. Nevertheless, the one thing that is so outrageous is that somehow that kind of money got approved for a boat employed to..."spy on whale watching tours" :rolleyes:
  520. Bada Bing

    Carlsbad 2/16

    I like this guy. Most excellent self-deprecating post. Congrats on the new rig and first fish on said rig!! Based on your tale, it can only get easier from here :D :cheers:
  521. Bada Bing

    WTF, How did these get in my Kitchen?

    Nice! but....why is Shimano putting their reels in Avet boxes :D That's cool, wish I could have taken that picture :cheers:
  522. Bada Bing

    Deck hand/galley cook wanted

    OMG! No cheeseburgers for you :D
  523. Bada Bing

    Deck hand/galley cook wanted

    Thanks for the warning but won't you be tuckered out from all those lizards yer gonna pull on....and farm tomorrow? :D
  524. Bada Bing

    Deck hand/galley cook wanted

    I want that cook job but bring Otto on!! I don't mind a "little" competition :D I'm gonna fish with Capt. Ron on better bring your A game buddy :D
  525. Bada Bing

    How many BDers does it take to change a light bulb?

    Doug from Dana and The Carl from... well I guess Carly World.
  526. Bada Bing

    How many BDers does it take to change a light bulb?

    Evidently 2, Carl on the ladder with Gil Marlin looking up his skirt. So I'm sitting at The Paradise Lounge this afternoon having some wings with Carl and Doug from Dana Landing when Carl gets an emergency call from Scott. Something about changing a light bulb and Carl's gonna get paid for...
  527. Bada Bing

    Can't sell your catch

    enough with your gay inside jokes, get a room girls :D
  528. Bada Bing

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    Sniff sniff sniff... smells like warden in here
  529. Bada Bing

    Have you seen this article

    Hmmm, "Now, Lindholm and his team are finding out just what it is we're protecting...The idea, Lindholm said, is to provide a baseline of data for future scientific efforts..." this just validates the fact that pro-MLPAers had no idea what they were trying to protect or if it even needed...
  530. Bada Bing


    Yikes! that would'a left a mark for sure. I also learned one time and rather quickly that hot lead looks just like cold lead :rolleyes: glad you came out unscathed.
  531. Bada Bing

    Frisbees now equal $1000 fine in LA county

    Ummmm, what? Are you for or against the issue? My guess is for, but then I'm confused by your Silver Save CA Fishing tag....It seems this issue has come about for the same reason that the MLPAs have i.e. The desire of a moneyed few with an agenda and political prowess have taken advantage of...
  532. Bada Bing

    Stone brew response

    Always in the thick of it, well done T' and thanks! :cheers:
  533. Bada Bing

    Bad news...

    Lame at best...sad, I used to expect better :D
  534. Bada Bing

    Ok, time to let her go......

    Perhaps, but I'd be the one driving that bitch :D
  535. Bada Bing

    Ok, time to let her go......

    Bada Bingo!! I'm guessing slip fee's in MB are gonna run $350-450/mo and I'm quite poor now but If it was trailerable, I'd give up my off-street parking and scam someone out of $5k to get it. :D Dang-it!! I could do so much with that boat, maybe even make money from it. :(
  536. Bada Bing


    Perhaps you need to sweeten the deal with a Bag O' Shwag :D
  537. Bada Bing

    Private Boater's No Mex Visa but still fishing

    Up until this Visa thing wasn't the last bitch we had about MX the fact that we needed passports to fish MX? Given that, the point is moot, you need a passport regardless...??? I'm just pissed that they don't take MasterCard :D
  538. Bada Bing

    how to handle a bait?

    Depending on the color...gloves are gay. Boy Sardines like the blue gloves, Girl Sardines like the pink gloves and Gay Sardines like the lavender ones. I hope that helps. :D
  539. Bada Bing

    Chips and Salsa

    Did I say "I hate you guys" yet? :D You know you love me in Spandex :supergay:
  540. Bada Bing

    Chips and Salsa

    Thanks for the tips girls but you're not talking to Sally :D Nevertheless, thanks for the tire pressure thing, I always forget that. :) Now, back to the question and perhaps I should expound. I've been using the chips/programmers for at least 10 yrs and HP/torque gains are indisputable IMO...
  541. Bada Bing

    Chips and Salsa

    Hmmm, a counter rotating Ram, that sure would piss off the next buyer :D
  542. Bada Bing

    Chips and Salsa

    So I just purchased my 3rd Dodge Ram. The first was a Magnum 360ci followed by a Cummins 360ci TD and now I have the Magnum 318ci. My question is regarding programmers/chips and fuel economy. But first, my first accouterment: and my second (as futile as it may be :rolleyes: ) Previously...
  543. Bada Bing

    my biggest hali

    Nice halibut, persistence is key, well done! :cheers:
  544. Bada Bing

    Tit for Tat

    Cool Bud, let me know, I'm in no hurry. :cheers:
  545. Bada Bing

    Tit for Tat

    I've got two Volvo Penta Shop Manuals I'm willing to trade for a 2" Hitch Pin for my truck. One is a Clymer 1968-1993 (ISBN 0-89287-638-7) The other is a Seloc 1968-1991 (ISBN 0-89330-011-x). Both are well used but complete. I'd like to trade for a 2" hitch pin with no more than a 2.5" drop...
  546. Bada Bing

    Bye bye Norf Turnover but is it enough?

    Ya'll need Belichick but you can't have him :D Actually, ya'll need Parcells, he did good things for NYJ, NE and Dallas.
  547. Bada Bing

    I got punked by 101.5 KGB

    WTF! Carl promised me the tickets too!
  548. Bada Bing

    Worlds shortest job interview...

    I'd hire them :D
  549. Bada Bing

    Computer printer problem - Need help!

    Flux Capacitor??? If it's that then you definitely need a new Delorean :D I've often found that problems like that are usually best handled with a new printer, they are kind of like bait pumps...easier just to replace it than deal with the frustration :D
  550. Bada Bing

    Humboldt Hell at Banda Banks - 11/19

    Nice report, whelping shark pic is cool! :cheers:
  551. Bada Bing

    Yes, I Support the MLPA

    Tin-foil hatters don't count as scientists, thanks for stopping by.
  552. Bada Bing

    WTF? Idiots @ Big 5 in Chula Vista

    That's what you get with the added bureaucracy that you didn't ask for, Asshats. :D
  553. Bada Bing

    stolen fishing rod

    Escondildo? Hmmmm, check with Frank, Beau may have thought it was a tooth pick :D Good luck finding it, damn thieves have no respect for someones hard work. :cheers:
  554. Bada Bing

    The Official Chargers vs Bears 11/20 thread.

    Bears spanked Lions....'nuf said :D
  555. Bada Bing

    MASSIVE trout die-off at lake poway, no opener :(

    Freakin' morons, they can't even follow the most basic rule of aquaculture, temperature acclimation. Regardless of stock dates, if the fish won't survive the temp stress along with the decreased O2 saturation at higher water temps what's the point of spending all that cash on stocking? There...
  556. Bada Bing

    "In The Gray" 2nd Edition Mark Wisch

    Cool, nice to see that it will be back on shelves but, wished I had a 1st edition. :D
  557. Bada Bing

    ***SOLD!*** skipjack 20 open (restored) $8200..OBO!

    Wow, sweeeeet Skippy, well done on the restore. I foresee someone getting a great boat for short $$$ Good luck :cheers:
  558. Bada Bing


    Bully :p: Yer just jealous 'cause he doesn't have a tainted gall bladder. :D
  559. Bada Bing

    Pats at Puddle Jumpers

    Well now, that was rather pleasant :D
  560. Bada Bing

    Pats at Puddle Jumpers

    Not pretty but I'll take it.
  561. Bada Bing

    Pats at Puddle Jumpers

    Holy Crap!!! Moon must be in Patritarious!! WoooHooooo!!!!
  562. Bada Bing

    Pats at Puddle Jumpers

    Yer crackin' me up, I was just thinkin' that! but you got it wrong it's "A Priest, a Rabbi and Bank Perch walk into a bar..." :D...MORE BEER WENCH!!! :cheers:
  563. Bada Bing

    Pats at Puddle Jumpers

    Yep, should be plenty of fights, can't wait for the third period :D BTW, you got a giant zit on your nose in your new Avatar, you might want to photoshop that :D
  564. Bada Bing

    Pats at Puddle Jumpers

    Thought he looked familiar :D
  565. Bada Bing

    Pats at Puddle Jumpers

    Who's the dip in your avatar Simon?
  566. Bada Bing

    Pats at Puddle Jumpers

    Okay, I'll start it but I fear that I'll regret it. :rolleyes: Despite the 2pt spread I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Brady Bunch. NY has not been good to us this season but I say Pats 27, Puddle Jumpers 21
  567. Bada Bing

    Factory or Custom Seeker and Calstar Heavy Rods

    So what is this 2x4 terminology? This is new to me. After checking the Seeker website I found... "NEW: Seeker Rod Company Has Done it AGAIN! Long range fishermen asked for it, and they built it. The newest Seeker rod for taking on big tuna is the company's seven foot 2x4. This rod...
  568. Bada Bing

    Merc 4.2 Diesel and bravo 2

    Wow, that thing is a tank! Utilitarian dream boat, sure would make a nice com. lobster boat. What is the range of the boat?
  569. Bada Bing

    Happy "F"ing Birthday Frank! (ConSeaMate)

    Not sure how you cheated death another year old man, give Sylvia and Sara my condolences :D
  570. Bada Bing

    Shipping boat reefer down to Los Barrilies

    :smoking33: Even in Mexico, I'm pretty sure it's illegal to ship reefer by either boat or plane :D
  571. Bada Bing


    Terrific report, tog fishin' was one of my favorites back-east. :cheers:
  572. Bada Bing

    JoPa Fired!!!!!

    No shit 'eh. "Good idea, let's protest and riot in favor of child rape" :rolleyes: I may have been stupid in college but that was just plain moronic.
  573. Bada Bing

    JoPa Fired!!!!!

    Div I Football is the cash cow for Penn State and Paterno and Sandusky [were] the elite. Typical "Good Ol' Boy" network.
  574. Bada Bing

    JoPa Fired!!!!!

    The whole thing is absolutely disgusting. However, it is sadly a product of our own culture, do anything to protect the $$ and the elite. Leave it to The Onion to put an exclamation point on the unbalanced and self absorbed...
  575. Bada Bing

    L.A. harbor halibut

    Very nice!! Well done :cheers: Now what do think an appropriate BD handle for the newly hooked fisherman would be? perhaps?... El Pescado Padre or maybe Father Flatipus or how about Brother Barn Door? :D
  576. Bada Bing

    Doctor's advice

    He he he, sounds like my Ex :D and they said you didn't have a sense of humor. :D
  577. Bada Bing

    AHI POKE: California Roll Style

    Nice, never knew Poki was so versatile :cheers: but I find it hard to believe that you traveled some 2500 miles to taste fish and sea weed...didn't you get to kill any? :D
  578. Bada Bing


    NICE!! That's a great haul! :cheers:
  579. Bada Bing

    For Chiefs fans, Bolts V.Chiefs MNF

    I'm guessing just when it's not in your favor though :D ...don't you dare say that "Patriots" word, my gall bladder still hurts barf :D
  580. Bada Bing

    How to make your own boat step by step.

    Never mind, I've just got to pay attention to my browser :D Nice tutorial. :cheers:
  581. Bada Bing

    white sea bass off the beach

    Nice lizard...oh wait, just got my glasses....oh, ok...where's the hot bite?
  582. Bada Bing

    DFG on the chew in DP

    While I am absolutely an advocate for slightly filing your gauge, it's not for the rational you propose. The DFG guys may be irritating at times but they are not stupid. The gauge they use to measure your short lobster would certainly be "admissible evidence" if it came to that; so I'm...
  583. Bada Bing

    Know of this old rod?

    I have no clue about which way you should go with the rod but I really like your idea of catchin' a couple fish with it and documenting it, cool provenance and tribute to Gramps!! :cheers:
  584. Bada Bing

    How to make your own boat step by step.

    I can sort of follow the pics but I barely speak spanglish no less spanish, is there an english version?
  585. Bada Bing

    3 eye fish

    Worked for me but it's a Simpson's video with the 3 eyed fish we've all seen before. I'm guessing this post is like a drunken booty call of sorts :D
  586. Bada Bing

    Help please. Bumping an ad?

    I like bumper boats... because this isn't the thread you wanted to bump. :D
  587. Bada Bing

    La Jolla and Mr Blacky

    Actually, I'm working on this part if anyone wants to join in, lots of PDF download it seems.
  588. Bada Bing

    La Jolla and Mr Blacky

    Wow, nice pix! Good to hear about the Abs, I see them on the rocks in the marina much more often so... Anyone know how long this moratorium is to be in effect? "mor·a·to·ri·um noun \&#716;mo&#775;r-&#601;-&#712;to&#775;r-&#275;-&#601;m, &#716;mär-\ 1 a : a legally authorized period of delay...
  589. Bada Bing

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the Pittsburg Steelers

    My gall bladder hurts :rolleyes:
  590. Bada Bing

    Knifed me a Butt!

    Very Cool!! Great "oh ya, top this" story. Well done! :cheers:
  591. Bada Bing

    NFL Upsets this weekend????

    Stupid Porpoises, had their chance to spank the Puddle Jumpers but tanked.
  592. Bada Bing

    Head count for Tommy

    Well, I ate enough taco sliders for Carl and I as promised, even worked a half-day fishin' before. Plenty of tacos remaining when I left, hope they got ate. Thanks Scott and Tommy, good luck bud :cheers:
  593. Bada Bing

    Head count for Tommy

    Cool, I'm bringing the Hoopless Net Lighter Dude and he wants to have a word with him :D
  594. Bada Bing

    The Last DJ

  595. Bada Bing

    Hoopers Opinion - old, stinky bait or fresh caught?

    Fresh or fresh frozen for fresh-ones. IMO, it's about the oils, rancid bait = rancid oils and prolly not as appetizing. Even lobster have standards :D
  596. Bada Bing

    Head count for Tommy

    you can't be a two-two, you gotta be a three :D
  597. Bada Bing

    Head count for Tommy

    five and I'll eat for Carl, so maybe that's a six too :D
  598. Bada Bing

    Which boat for 1/2 in San Diego?

    Very nice sheepy, told ya J wouldn't disappoint. :cheers:
  599. Bada Bing


    What he said. Given that your trip will be mostly gratis, you should respect it that way. You're primarily there to help increase fish counts but not at the expense or irritation of the paying customers. What ever you can do to help the crew (clean-up, etc) is also somewhat expected but don't...
  600. Bada Bing

    Jose Wejebe - water jet pack

    Ya, this is just what BD needs :D
  601. Bada Bing

    Decent duck hunting!

    I think Carl is out there just so you know...guess he didn't Carl you yet, well done :cheers:
  602. Bada Bing


    Spooky! but you forgot the salute :D
  603. Bada Bing


    I like this reply the best, well thought and informative. Thanks! :cheers:
  604. Bada Bing

    Boat Rod Holder Time Limit on Party Boat

    A bunk is one thing but rod holders? If you moved my gear I sure would have something to say about it especially if I go to look for my gear where I left it and it's not there. Rod holders, you snooze you lose.
  605. Bada Bing

    Which boat for 1/2 in San Diego?

    Dolphin at Seaforth. Second choice, New Seaforth at Seaforth
  606. Bada Bing

    Gear stolen from my boat

    Perhaps a bit harsh (like I'm one to talk :D ) but I think both opinions are valid. While clearly it's not the way of paradise, this is not paradise so thieves will always be, this is no surprise no matter where you live. Therefore, as so eloquently stated by a former POTUS "There's an old...
  607. Bada Bing

    Dan Wheldon died in huge car crash in Indy finale

    We were watching the race waiting for the Pats game at TGI Fridays. Couldn't hear the race 'cause of the music, but I had a bad feeling when we watched it. Amazing what a little tire bump can turn into. Even more tragic is that it seems he was a real family man...
  608. Bada Bing


    Cabbage makes me fart but, I eat that. :D Billy Mays you are not...your video acumen is much more tolerable :D
  609. Bada Bing

    WOW......Does your page look like this

    Nope, mine's real big now, WoooHoooo!
  610. Bada Bing

    RR3 Passengers from Trip #21

    Wow, bummer. I sure hope it was an honest old guy and he's just looking for you now but being a bit pessimistic I fear not. I'm sure you had a great trip on the RRIII but probably not worth losing gear. This is certainly a good place to start, good luck! :cheers:
  611. Bada Bing

    Dog Bite

    I'm no lawyer but it sounds frivolous and I think ultimately you may be held liable for "pain and suffering" due to negligence. The negligent part being that the dog was not under your control (on leash, behind fence, etc.). Good luck :cheers:
  612. Bada Bing

    mixing finish

    You called? :D I do pretty much all of what has been mentioned. Warm epoxy in bowl of water and heat gun on low after application (this also helps to thin out thicker areas of epoxy so that it's more uniform through the length of the rod) but I also use an epoxy mixer and never have bubbles...
  613. Bada Bing

    Butastic Finish!!!!

    Great report and even better halibut! Well done! :cheers:
  614. Bada Bing

    Sad day

    It is indeed very sad and I too fear that this is just one of many. Dolphin didn't run between Oct.'10 and Memorial Day '11 and has been lucky to get in a handful of 1/2 days per week since. Rumor has it that Jason is moving to Fisherman's Landing soon because Seaforth MB can't support two...
  615. Bada Bing

    Bitchin' BCD for 2 Bills

    Dive Rite Trans Pac II BCD with Rec Wings. Excellent condition, price drop to $200 or best reasonable offer. You won't find one in this condition for this price, come get it. I'll even throw in the hanger. (Regulator already sold)
  616. Bada Bing

    Gear stolen from my boat

    I always had $1k riders on my boat ins. policy to cover gear and tackle, sucks when you lose $8k in gear tho :rolleyes: Sorry to hear about your stolen gear, that really sucks, fricken A-holes have no respect for someone else's hard work. On the good side, you probably won't let it happen...
  617. Bada Bing

    Help deleting old threads posted

    Mods will probably help you but in the mean time you should be able to edit your phone # out of your posts, I think it takes a 1000 post count to Delete a thread.
  618. Bada Bing

    6 dead 3 injured in Seal Beach

    Dang! Hearing lots like this lately. The desperate idiot quotient seems inversely proportional to good economic times.
  619. Bada Bing

    Eagle Owl Flies At Camera

    "I shoulda got an Eagle Owl" :D very cool, awesome detail. :cheers:
  620. Bada Bing

    Daily Driver, Truck < $3K

    Looking for a full size truck in good running condition for a daily driver. I'm not really concerned with beauty and don't expect it for < $3K, I just want it [reasonably] mechanically sound. If I had my druthers I'd want smog exempt (so pre '76 and early diesels ok) so I can put some Carbon...
  621. Bada Bing

    A Six Day Walk in the Sea

    Terrific report! Looks like a great vacation but I call BS on Lizards without pics :D :cheers:
  622. Bada Bing

    That's what my boys do...

    just sayin' :appl:
  623. Bada Bing

    Sherm's fishing community party

    c'mon man, hast thou no couth? The man's running for office :rolleyes: sheesh...Are they gonna have "Cookies"? :D
  624. Bada Bing

    Job well done DFG!

    Perhaps a bit of trial by race here but nevertheless, I hope when found guilty that they have a very large lobster antennae jammed up their arse and then removed with a twisting action :D Well done DFG men :cheers:
  625. Bada Bing

    Mission Bay San Diego - Where When and How?

    I'd stay out of the main bay on the weekend (too many knuckleheads and beat up water) but try working around the bridges and look for grass-lines to drift through or cast to (Sail bay is a good place to start). The receivers have small bait now, perfect for the bay or try throwing some...
  626. Bada Bing

    4 day Kangaroo Island trip

    Gidday, Nope, we can't legally get Cubes yet but things are changing. Wanna send me some in the meantime? :D Thanks or the report, an Aussie trip has always been on my bucket list. :cheers:
  627. Bada Bing

    Anyone's game cam catch this deer?

    It's not dead yet, just taking a nap :D Nice Deer :cheers:
  628. Bada Bing

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the New York Jets thread

    That's not Carl, he's not from NY and his dick is you've mentioned :rofl:
  629. Bada Bing

    New Mattress Hook Up for Bloody Deckers

    Our pleasure Theo, thanks for the most excellent hook-up! New mattress is breaking in nicely :D
  630. Bada Bing


    It was my impression that a dead lobster was being used for demonstration purposes...I could be wrong though.
  631. Bada Bing


    t'aint no problems here.
  632. Bada Bing

    One more small step...

    I want 52 pages!!!! c'mon bitches!! Bring it on!!!! :D Bump
  633. Bada Bing

    Sturgeon in LA Harbor

    Ok, I'll be the straight man... "What's a Henway?" :D
  634. Bada Bing


    You look taller on Youtube :D Nice video but I fail to see where you screw up, do I need another beer?
  635. Bada Bing

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the New York Jets thread

    HEY NOW!!!...don't go bringing common sense into this thing :D
  636. Bada Bing

    You dont have too worry about this guy

    On a good note...there's bound to be more rockfish on that reef in a few years
  637. Bada Bing

    The Latest on the MLPA 7:00 pm. Not good news, but still hope.

    Wow, at least it seems we are trying to exhaust every possibility for not getting f'd in the arse. :rolleyes:
  638. Bada Bing

    Any updates on Carl?

    BS without pics...All Carls want to see :D
  639. Bada Bing

    Any updates on Carl?

    Believe it or not, he called a take-out place today and asked for a salad and then his phone began to smoke and melt...go figure :D
  640. Bada Bing

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the New York Jets thread

    I'd pick Dolphins over Jets too...I hate it when I have to like you guys :D
  641. Bada Bing

    How do you dump your shorts?

    Finally, a thoughtful opinion to the postulation (baring Trav and...OH! it hurts....Carl :D ), thanks :cheers:
  642. Bada Bing

    Red Tide and shellfish

    That being said and anecdotally, I did eat lobster the other night that was caught in an area that was clearly in thick red tide days if not hours earlier, the water was clear when we fished it but the surrounding areas were still thick with the red tide and I'm just fine (some may dispute that...
  643. Bada Bing

    Red Tide and shellfish

    Yes, eating red tide shellfish can be very bad, especially the shellfish that you eat their guts like mussels and clams. Not as bad for those shellfish that you eat the meat such as shrimp and lobster but I wouldn't recommend it.
  644. Bada Bing

    How to BUMP a thread.......

    I'll never pass up an opportunity to put my arse on the internet :D
  645. Bada Bing

    One more small step...

    I hate ya'll :D And thanks for removing my "Delete Post" option Brandon...dick :D Oh ya....Bump
  646. Bada Bing


    Carl just blew-out my bathroom, that explains the recent jolt I felt, I'm sure there were reverberations :D
  647. Bada Bing

    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the New York Jets thread

    HEY!!!! I resemble that! :D I'm not worried about the Pat's running game, but I'm really worried about the Pat's D' and their ability to stop the run. I fear my Gall Bladder will be acting up this weekend. :D
  648. Bada Bing

    Happy Birthday "Mots"

    Cheated death another year, well done :appl:
  649. Bada Bing

    One more small step...

    Asshole :D
  650. Bada Bing

    Another fantastic 1.5 day on Ocean Odyssey

    Well Done on the first Dorado Cristen :appl: yer a fishin' machine lately! :cheers:
  651. Bada Bing

    One more small step...

    I guess if it looks like a duck... :imdumb: :D
  652. Bada Bing

    One more small step...

    He He He, what a dummy I am. :imdumb: I got this by clicking on the "Breaking News" link, I guess they should change it to "Broken News" :D
  653. Bada Bing

    RIP Steve Jobs

    Definitely an innovator. Worked with my first Mac II back in '88...1 computer for an entire biotech development group, sure was cool though. RIP Mr. Jobs, well done
  654. Bada Bing

    day hooping

  655. Bada Bing

    Maine Moose

    :rofl: Well Done! :appl:
  656. Bada Bing

    One more small step...

    Too bad we had to waste a Judges time and our $$ only to confirm the obvious. :rolleyes: "SACRAMENTO, Calif. (October 1, 2010) -- A California Superior Court issued a ruling today confirming that the Marine Life Protection Act Blue Ribbon Task Force (BRTF) and Master Plan Team (MPT - also known...
  657. Bada Bing


    Where's the ADD TO CART button? :D
  658. Bada Bing

    I like Turtles

    I like this Dick Johnson :D If he hangs on and doesn't spam then I'm sure he'll fit in :D Good luck, I guess :D
  659. Bada Bing

    Any updates on Carl?

    I just got hold of one of Carl's X-rays...told you he was an Asshat :rofl: