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  1. fishwacker

    A first the other day...

    My north river never came with one on it. I was going to call north river and check. I assumed it needs one but maybe not?
  2. fishwacker

    Anybody Tried One of These?

    I thought I herd artic was a sister company to yeti. Just here say though
  3. fishwacker

    Greenling keep swallowing the hook

    Send it back down to the bottom you'll come back up with the fish your looking for
  4. fishwacker

    Prop for 2005 225 four stroke Yamaha

    OK so we have a 7 day trip planned for neah bay starting this coming Monday. When doing our shake down at the lake this weekend we spun a prop no big deal seeing how we wanted to upgrade to a stainless anyhow. With time running out and me working 10 hr days all week I called oylimpic propeller...
  5. fishwacker

    Prop for 2005 225 four stroke Yamaha

    We spun our stock prop this weekend it was an aluminum three blade 21". I called oylimpic propeller they suggested a 14x19 three blade stainless. Any suggestions on prop size for our boat would be great. It's a 23' North river seshawk loaded with gear ice and crew it'd hitting roughly 5000 rpms...
  6. fishwacker

    Im looking to get out fishing while here in WASHINGTON

    You kind of sound like one of those guys who likes to talk about fishing and not actually do it. Even if tailwalkers was $300 a head try one boat payment not including everything that goes along with it.
  7. fishwacker

    neah lodging at cape

    Got cabin 6 at the Cape. Hell yes
  8. fishwacker

    Neah Bay Opener

    That is a nice load of fish there. Well done. Can't wait to get out there. May 9th isnt coming fast enough. Well be there for 7 days
  9. fishwacker

    fish processing

    Filet, in bucket of salt water, bag, Pat dry at camp, seal ,and into the freezer. This all happens in about two hours of returning to the dock.
  10. fishwacker

    Optima battery?

    Thanks for all the input. I ended up installing two new group 24 from Costco and decided not to move the batteries forward right now.
  11. fishwacker

    Do you need a Cabin @ Neah Bay Halibut 5/11-5/15?

    I would like to have it. I've been postings about this very thing for a few months now updating it periodically. I pmed you.
  12. fishwacker

    Optima battery?

    I seen cabelas batteries on sale. Anyone ever use the agms from there. With all the bad being said about the optima I think I'm out on those. Weight distribution is fine I am however looking to move them forward for tuna s ice in the back of the boat
  13. fishwacker

    Optima battery?

    I'm need of some new batteries for the north river. Couple of questions are the blue top gel batteries worth the extra money over a conventional deep cycle? Also I'm thinking of moving the batteries from the rear to the front of the boat for a little better weight distribution. Thoughts has...
  14. fishwacker

    Flat tire costco

    To the bd person who left the calling card bd sticker with s note of my flat tire thanks. I was able to pull over to the tire shop and have them fill it.
  15. fishwacker

    Neah Bay road report

    Thanks for the heads up Scott
  16. fishwacker

    Ma 7

    Ya no shit. Weather so good we might anchor on the banks overnight
  17. fishwacker

    Peninsula Lead Melt

    I'm out just got conformation I will be in Vegas for work that weeknd
  18. fishwacker

    neah lodging at cape

    To the top :Beat_Them
  19. fishwacker

    Anyone interested?

    I would be interested in 2
  20. fishwacker

    Just in case someone has a change of plans

    As of now we are at the hobuck. Still waiting for a call from the cape? Are you staying in the rv park at the cape again.
  21. fishwacker

    Just in case someone has a change of plans

    Hunter big salmon will have some first come first serve morage. If you get there earlier than wed you will get a spot.
  22. fishwacker

    Peninsula Lead Melt

    March 5th sounds good I'm in. I have halibut wieght molds down rigger molds butter fly jig molds lots of 40 lb ingots of lead cooker and a pt Wilson dart type mold I will bring.
  23. fishwacker

    Wtb camper tie downs

    I'm purchased a new camper and am in need of some torklift style tie downs front and rear for 06 dodge 2500. Figured I'd check on here before buying new.
  24. fishwacker

    Snow Creek

    There will be some first come first serve slips at big salmon for your boat if you get in town by Tuesday of that week. For lodging neah is full and so is there waiting list. Olson's or somewhere in sekui you should be able to find lodging.
  25. fishwacker

    Roche Rollcall

    Congrats on your new son.
  26. fishwacker

    wanted tile person

    Looking for someone in skagit county area to tile a shower in a master bath we just built. Anyone on here do this or know of anyone please pm me
  27. fishwacker

    Mark Youngblood Sportfishing (AKA Pacific Addiction)

    Best of luck to you mark in your new business venture. Will see ya at neah in may brother
  28. fishwacker

    neah lodging at cape

    If anyone got a cabin at the cape and down the road need to cancel for some reason please pm me. This would be for halibut may 9-15. We already have a cabin at hobuck and big salmon moorage.
  29. fishwacker

    Deer gun suggestion

    I bought a teka 3 300 short mag this year stainless barrel for $650 plus the scope. It's light and shoots very well with little kick for it's weight. I took it to idaho this year for whitetail.
  30. fishwacker

    Big Salmon Moorage

    I thought if you stopped and checked your fish at neah you could then take them to sekui
  31. fishwacker

    Big Salmon Moorage

    This years halibut prices are gonna sting. But will still be there. Hopefully the "w" is good
  32. fishwacker

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Merry Christmas everyone. Few more months and halis will be here. But until then there are a lot of blackmouth to be caught somewhere other than area 7. Cause there is no fish there other than the San juan sail fish
  33. fishwacker

    Lowrance HDS8 Gen1

    If this was a gen 2 I'd be all over it
  34. fishwacker

    Anyone check sailflow for this weekend?

    Pats right leave the fishing sticks at home and take the kites. I'm really lookin forward to the ride across rosario this morning
  35. fishwacker


    There are no fish in area 7 hints the lack of reports. Good luck
  36. fishwacker

    Need muffler for a diesel

    Stopped by goatram's house last night and picked a muffler up. Thanks again jhon. No need for emissions deer season is getting ready to start. It's hard to road hunt with a straight piped truck:2gunsfiring_v1:
  37. fishwacker

    Need muffler for a diesel

    So I straight piped my 06 5.9 Cummins dumbest thing I've done in a while. In doing so I threw out my cat and muffler. I am wondering if anyone has upgraded to mbrp exhaust or another kind and has there stock muffler. I would like to buy it from you
  38. fishwacker

    Halloween costume

    I immediately started rolling
  39. fishwacker

    Celebrate - It's National Salmon Day!

    Not fair there silvers are bigger than ours
  40. fishwacker

    Looking for a Recipe

  41. fishwacker

    Come fish the first annual Friday Harbor Salmon Classic Dec. 4th and 5th!

    Packet downloaded. Team lavine will be there. It's to bad the resurrection derby decided to go to Anacortes. One of the things that made the derby fun was that it was on the island.
  42. fishwacker

    Tuna friday

    I will be arriving this evening anyone want to split a tote of ice please pm
  43. fishwacker

    Salmon gear

    I'm might be interested in the two clarus's pm pic please
  44. fishwacker


    Wow. That thing is huge
  45. fishwacker

    MA7 and forum question

    That picture was not taken in area 7 because there are no fish there
  46. fishwacker

    Husqvarna 51 parts saw

    Just took to have woods logging look at it for repair needs new jug and piston not worth repairing for me so selling as parts saw. If someone wanted to rebuild it that is also an option $60. Pic would not load will send pictures to interested parties and will try to post one later.
  47. fishwacker

    Port Angeles reports anyone?

    Sekui was on fire this last weekend those fish will be in PA by this weekend
  48. fishwacker

    Any pre-sockeye season tips for Baker Lake?

    You can launch your boat at horshoe cove. I launch my 23 north river there every year no prob. Butt like said by Kurt you will need 4x4 not your wife's mini van
  49. fishwacker

    Open Seat 7/12 WP

    No kiddn salmon all the way
  50. fishwacker

    Any pre-sockeye season tips for Baker Lake?

    Six will be too late for parking that is unless someone is pulling out with a limit already. This is a very early fishery it would be bennificial for you to have lines in the water by 4:30 and heading back to the ramp by 6
  51. fishwacker

    No love area 7

    Fished area 7 for the last 5 days could not buy a bite. The only thing we got close to the boat was dog fish lots of those. The last few years the bite up here has sucked which sucks because its my own back yard. I don't think I will fish here much more unless I'm bored probably head to Westport...
  52. fishwacker

    Fuel tank

    Price changed/lowered
  53. fishwacker

    Fuel tank

    500 gal fuel tank with pump and fork pocket stand tank has dents in both sides but no holes. We are currently using this tank but are new one is arriving soon.$500 obo pm if interested.I will deliver with in a reasonable distance from Seattleto Bellingham
  54. fishwacker

    Wa hunt draw results out

    Nada blank
  55. fishwacker

    Halibut and Tuna?

    Beats bottom fishing next Friday troll gear is now loaded in boat. Thanks for the in tell josh
  56. fishwacker

    Idaho bear down

    Looks like a pretty nice bear for idaho
  57. fishwacker

    Trader Joes special salmon

    Mild flavor. More like taste like shit and barley edible when smoke. "Silver bright":drool:
  58. fishwacker


    Well done bill. 6 more days and we will be there
  59. fishwacker

    bags for sale

    Pm sent to ya t dub
  60. fishwacker

    bags for sale

  61. fishwacker

    pipe jigs

  62. fishwacker

    pipe jigs

    8 miles east of sedro-woolley on hwy 20
  63. fishwacker

    Neah Bay Salmon opener?? Worth fishing??

    They are there and deep compas rose prairie will be fishing Friday weather permitting
  64. fishwacker

    Neah bay opener... Big Halibut pot???

    Silver slayer usually does it $50 each day Thursday and Saturday $25 for ling and $25 for hali
  65. fishwacker

    Be careful wrangling those "Fisherman Killing" halibut!

    Good thing he caught a dosile one. Gotta love reality tv :zelfmoord
  66. fishwacker

    Maiden voyage on the Kelli Ann

    That's a pretty sweet upgrade. Nice looking ride
  67. fishwacker

    bags for sale

    Three left
  68. fishwacker

    pipe jigs

    New pipe jigs roughly 2-2.5 lb each made with stainless cotters stainless barrel swivels and 250lb snap rings. Can bring to neah first hali week. $20 each
  69. fishwacker

    bags for sale

    $20 each pm if interested
  70. fishwacker

    Cleaning Rockfish

    He charges .50 for bass 1.00 for lings and 2.00 for hali he's always there in may along with others but we always use him.
  71. fishwacker

    Hali Season Now Official

    Neah may 11-17
  72. fishwacker

    Pipe jigs

    This is how mine are set up
  73. fishwacker

    first time razor claming

    Took a trip to ocean shores this evening to try for razors for the first time. Took a little bit to figure it out. I was kinda following these two guys around watching what they were doing until I herd one say to the other" see that guy knows what he's doing ". Talking about me LOL. mind you...
  74. fishwacker

    3G or 4G Radar?

    HDS 9 and radar dome for 2000 I would be all over that if I didn't spend 5000 already on mine
  75. fishwacker

    Neah Bay Halibut

    Deep water lings are OK on non halibut days?
  76. fishwacker

    Neah Bay Halibut

    Just picked up a new lamiglas hali rod come on may 14th
  77. fishwacker

    I-Phone GPS APP

    X2 on navionics for backup
  78. fishwacker

    WTB pipe jigs

    Pm sent
  79. fishwacker

    2015 MA 4 Halibut

    Confirmed see ya all out there stop by for a beer c-19
  80. fishwacker

    Halibut Area 7

    Yippie 11 days. 5 days will be blown out the tide will suck ass 4 days and I'll have to work the other 2.And there are no fish in area 7
  81. fishwacker

    2007 Honda 200HP 25" Outboard with controls

    The price was not in there before"newbie":fighting0061:
  82. fishwacker

    2007 Honda 200HP 25" Outboard with controls

    If your price is firm you might want to let people know what your price is
  83. fishwacker

    what's next

    Terrible play. Now hali in may at neah
  84. fishwacker

    Small boat spots in Neah Bay?

    Lots of places for a small boat to fish there as everyone has mentioned watch weather to determine where and how far you go. Been to swiftsure in a 14 Livingston with 15 horse yamaha
  85. fishwacker


    Oh do tell more
  86. fishwacker

    Neah Bay Halibut

    Head to sw corner catch your halibut turn on radar look for the boats that's it
  87. fishwacker

    Ohau Charters

    Don't go cheap we went a few years back found a discount charter off the north shore went out within two hours of fishing the boat was on its lid in ten foot seas with not one life jacket on board. Captain apparently seen a bird pile behind the boat and turned hard to the right at a good clip...
  88. fishwacker

    Neah Bay Schedule ??

    Certain days were not book but rather went by first opener and second opener to prevent what happened last year
  89. fishwacker

    Neah Bay Schedule ??

    The cape started taking reservations at ten am today I have my two cabins and if you want one you should stop reading this and call them they will be gone by end of the day
  90. fishwacker

    diesel slip tank

    Combustible fuels only notdot approved for flammable fuels
  91. fishwacker

    Which FF/GPS?

    Lowrance gets my vote been running the HDS 8 gen 2 for a few years and really like them
  92. fishwacker

    Resurrection derby

    Great derby good times and good fishing see you all in anacortes. This was today's take.
  93. fishwacker

    Resurrection derby

    Crazy:finger: thing this year there all in the water
  94. fishwacker

    Resurrection derby

    When we weighed in it was Pete nelson with an 18lb fish. Hats off to him
  95. fishwacker

    Resurrection derby

    Well done goat. Six in the box by 11:am
  96. fishwacker

    Resurrection Derby / Roll Call / Side Bet!

    At least its fixed and you can save yourself the embarrassment of fishing out of a clorox bottle
  97. fishwacker

    Resurrection Derby / Roll Call / Side Bet!

    Only:lux: a few days left boys to one of the best derby's in the San juans
  98. fishwacker

    Resurrection Derby / Roll Call / Side Bet!

    If this was a silver derby I would be lookin out for sure. Just busten your balls. Congrats on the Everett win Gary. Will see ya in Friday harbor
  99. fishwacker

    Resurrection Derby / Roll Call / Side Bet!

    So how many are in for a side bet at resurrection this year looks like four so far we had six last year. It would be nice to get a few more involved for a little better pay out.
  100. fishwacker

    Salt water car wash ?

    Looks like the ressurction derby last year
  101. fishwacker

    pipe fishing jigs

    New 11" pipe jigs with hook and large hootchi. $25 a piece or 5 for$100. Pm if interested. I can deliver from Bellingham to Seattle.
  102. fishwacker

    First Blackmouth in the boat!

    Congrats on the first black mouth for the boat.
  103. fishwacker

    diesel slip tank

    100 gal. Aluminum diamond plate slip tank with pump. $800 pm if interested. Located in skagit county but drive to seatle daily so can meet up someplace if needed.
  104. fishwacker

    The New Fishin' Luhrs :-)

    That's a sweet ride kevin
  105. fishwacker

    Resurrection Derby / Roll Call / Side Bet!

    I did $100 a boat last year
  106. fishwacker

    Resurrection Derby / Roll Call / Side Bet!

    The one who pulls roll call also does the bd side bet
  107. fishwacker

    Resurrection Derby / Roll Call / Side Bet!

    Team Lavine will be there again. Last year brutal hope this year is a touch warmer
  108. fishwacker

    Spend my money..... boat shopping.

    If you can find them a used 23/24 north river seahawk are money in my opinion. Easy to run by yourself lighter than a clorox bottle equals better fuel economy. Good size dance floor and the bench seats can be converted into a bed or full canvas drop on the back and a bed roll your set. I looked...
  109. fishwacker

    Another NW Blacktail for the books

    Way to go that's a biggen:food-smil
  110. fishwacker

    Winter Crabbing

    Winter crab in area 7:rofl:tribes will no doubt have it thined out
  111. fishwacker

    Grady226 won dat shit

    Nice work fellas. Can anyone help me understand wtf the deal with mistry weight fish and truck giveaway. The way I seen it they give it away twice took it back twice and then kept it.
  112. fishwacker

    Splitting Tournament Winnings

    Agreed on needs to be discussed before boat hits water. The way I do the splitting on winnings is 10percent from the top goes back into boat. The rest gets divided between crew evenly.
  113. fishwacker

    wtb fish tote lid

    I got an insulated fish tote last week minus the lid looking to buy one used if anyone has one. Thanks
  114. fishwacker

    which Scotty??

    1106's tried tested and proven. They are reliable unless your thrasher-1. The new high speed digital ones look pretty nice but I hear there is problems with balls breaking of on them if your not carefull.
  115. fishwacker

    A7 Outside on Saturday

    Nice that's a hog. Slim pickings out there right now you must be a ten percenter
  116. fishwacker

    Wanted: Scotty downriggers

    Thrasher-1 has a set for sale I think he wants 350 for the pair
  117. fishwacker

    Solo Tuna 7/22/14

    Wow!! You're the man solo tuna trip awesome
  118. fishwacker

    Scotty Downrigger Maintenance

    Oh! Sounds like a bad batch sell em on craigslist and try a new set.
  119. fishwacker

    Scotty Downrigger Maintenance

    Been running my 1106's for over ten years with little maintenance done. I replace belts pads and line myself. Never had anything else fail. Are you having troubles with the motor or just exterior parts?
  120. fishwacker

    Boat wax

    I have an aluminum boat and use turtle wax. The trophy I had previously I also used turtle wax. There is probably some overpriced stuff out there butt this does the job for me just fine on the cheap.
  121. fishwacker

    kicker steering

    Currently I have a tie bar to the main. When trolling either myself or crew has to steer the boat from the seat. This option is getting old real fast. Tr-1 for kicker or is auto pilot for the main and stay with tiebar system an option?
  122. fishwacker

    Area 7 salmon report

    Well done. I was the white north river that launched with you this guys this morning guess I should have went north instead of west
  123. fishwacker

    Baker Lake Sockeye - Eastside PSA July 17

    They will have to show up in bigger numbers than they are for it to matter.
  124. fishwacker

    Neah Bay Report - Late, Long, and Pic Heavy

    Good read. That's how a post is done. Neah is my favorite place to and that's a hawg
  125. fishwacker

    Neah Bay Inshore

    Mushroom rock. Green can outside the harbor shipping lanes in the straights and in front of wadah very early in the morning will produce
  126. fishwacker

    buying herring

    Is there any place a guy can buy a case or two of green label herring other than by the pack at a retail store.
  127. fishwacker

    Need bait tank

    Contact goatram he might still have his for sale he had some homemade can one for cheap
  128. fishwacker

    Tuna Video VOLUME 2...just in time

    Cool video. Looks like jailers tuna cark pad. Lots of tuna cut there.
  129. fishwacker

    Hunt special permits are out

    I got nothin. SHIT
  130. fishwacker

    Discussion on thru-hull for tin boats

    Drill hole apply 5200 tighten thru hull fast easy any reliable
  131. fishwacker

    Washington Salmon Migration Track?

    Tide pt thatcher and the village is it there are no salmon else where in the Juan's not sure how they get there but I think storks drop them in those locations nighty. Do not waste fuel there simply is no salmon in area 7
  132. fishwacker

    Installed, ready for tunnies

    Lookin good just need them to show up now
  133. fishwacker

    shrimp pots

  134. fishwacker

    shrimp pots

  135. fishwacker

    fishing partner showing up late

    I was scheduled to go to hali opener at neah but my fishing partner hadn't showed up yet. So I stayed home and waited on wendsday the 28th he finally showed up. I'm willing to bet in a few years he will never be late for a fishing trip and be the best fishing partner any dad could ask for.
  136. fishwacker

    First Butt!

    Well done I. You could not have got it on hein tho because there are no fish in area 7
  137. fishwacker

    Scotty Gunnel Mounts

    I have a new set Will sell $80 for the pair.
  138. fishwacker

    TUNA at Ilwaco!

    Those are WTC tuna You can't fool me josh I was on board
  139. fishwacker

    mercury prop

    Brand new 15x16 four blade prop it was a spare for a 175 two stroke merc I had not sure what other motors it will fit paid 280 selling for $100 pm if interested
  140. fishwacker

    shrimp pots

    Still available
  141. fishwacker

    shrimp pots

    3 large square black shrimp pots for sale all are weighted with enough weight for San Juan's. $50 each pm if interested.too somebody who buys all thee I will throw in 3 four hundred foot shots of yellow poly
  142. fishwacker

    Good affordable filet knife?

    Dexter for all my knifes. I use pline aluminum pliers and Calcutta stainless pliers on my deck
  143. fishwacker

    MA6 - Hell Yeah!!!

    Awesome job dad reminds me of fishin with my PAP's when I was young.
  144. fishwacker

    Butts and Lings - before 0715hrs.....

    Well done. Looks like a good grade of fish gotta love the "c"
  145. fishwacker

    Problem Solved, Just accessorize!

    Nice truck track
  146. fishwacker

    Neah bay opener

    If you are not sure where you are staying yet you will probably end up sleeping in Washburn's parking lot.
  147. fishwacker

    Kicker vibration

    Option 5 and use that Suzuki for a boat anchor
  148. fishwacker

    rookie halibut queston

    Four guys four dozen Bait gets changed every new drift
  149. fishwacker

    Where are the Strait butt reports?

    Lumpy as hell limited boat two fish. Both 35lbs. Be back at the launch to do it again toommorrw
  150. fishwacker

    Round 2 shrimping in area 12

    Nice job way to get those kids out there
  151. fishwacker

    A Great Day Halibut and Ling Fishing in Westport

    Nice grade of fish there. Well done.
  152. fishwacker

    speakers in north river offshore

    I just installed thelowrance ones on my bulk head at your feet. I also have a 24 north river
  153. fishwacker

    Solo cups filled

    See ya out there on the third
  154. fishwacker

    Lowrance HDS-7 Gen 2 vs. Raymarine Dragonfly

    My vote is for lowrance
  155. fishwacker

    Sea bass spots inside straits

    Around seal rock and any place along the shore by kelp will produce bass and the occasional ling.
  156. fishwacker

    2013 Honda 250 Twins 30" Shaft's deal of the year!

    That's the deal of the year. You must be a salesman
  157. fishwacker

    live well pump question

    Run the t to a brass shut of valve then to pump any problems just shut the valve. That is the way mine is rigged.
  158. fishwacker


    I guess all them hot chicks holding monster fish on the cover all this time is a lie. What a let down.
  159. fishwacker

    Crab Scotch Eggs

    Looks pretty good. Just need July to get here now
  160. fishwacker

    Spring Bling king.

    Nice job. That's a pig
  161. fishwacker

    Silver horde spoons

    Barrel swivels and big river siwash hooks
  162. fishwacker

    Wanna see my butt??

    Can you zoom in on the left side of your lowrance please I need exact cordinates
  163. fishwacker

    How to keep my new kicker

    Bolt it on. To much energy for tweekers. Saved mine a few months back
  164. fishwacker

    down rigger cable

    Braid hands down. Less drag no kinks
  165. fishwacker

    Anacortes Derby Roll Call - Did I Miss It???

    Team lavine will be there
  166. fishwacker

    looking for a hookup on a downrigger mold

    I have one you can use I'll be in anacortes all day Friday. I can get it to you then unless you need it earlier
  167. fishwacker

    Canadian halibut

    Unable to make the neah hali opener for us side due to my first child being born I've decided to go to neah April 30 thru may 4th and try Canadian swiftsure. Its a shot in the dark for me fished neahs halo opener for 15 years but never Canadian side. Swifture closure coordinates inpute in...
  168. fishwacker

    Okuma customer service and support

    I too dealt with Eddie at okuma about a month ago. Great dude and great service
  169. fishwacker

    Net help...

    Beckman nuf said
  170. fishwacker

    halibut 2014

    I personally talked to wdfw this morning. They said the opener will be the 15th and 17th. I to got called from the hobuck last night
  171. fishwacker

    neah bay

    Not $170 $104
  172. fishwacker

    neah bay

    Sounds like maka took it over. And cabins now cost 170$ a night
  173. fishwacker

    neah bay

    Not sure they know yet. But its nice to get all your ducks in a row cause it will open early may sometime. Just don't understand why I was told one thing and them this happens. Never before have I had a problem with the cape.
  174. fishwacker

    neah bay

    I called Gordy at the cape in Oct. To reserve a cabin for the hali opener and was told they were not taking orders till the first of the year. I called today and was told Gordy and his wife no longer run the cape and that they were already booked solid. My frustration level was pretty high...
  175. fishwacker

    Help Please - Neah Bay Lodging

    Gordy at the cape. Nice cabins and nice management. My go to place for sure. I stay here three times a year. Like said before reservations after the first of the year
  176. fishwacker

    Resurrection Derby and Side Pot?

    15lbs not sure how many ounces. I just paid Kevin his 600$ tonight. He took third in the whole Derby
  177. fishwacker

    Resurrection Derby and Side Pot?

    100 per boat sounds good. Probably will happen at captain meeting as well
  178. fishwacker

    Resurection roll call

    Special holder installed on rigging station for fireball and apple pie
  179. fishwacker

    Resurection roll call

    Lets hope wunder ground is wrong:shithappens:
  180. fishwacker

    Resurection roll call

    Shit wrong section. How do I move this shit
  181. fishwacker

    Resurection roll call

    Who is all goin to be there and how big will the side pot be. I'm all jacked up about this derby and can't hardly wait. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  182. fishwacker


    Are you down sizeing on your man cave material:rofl:
  183. fishwacker

    Global warming

    I have coolers and fans for a walk in cooler. One set is 110 and the other is two twenty. I was going to do the same thing but never did it. Both cooler for sale at 300 for the pair. Pm me or call and I can get you pics if interested. Also I drive to Seattle eveery day so I could bring them that...
  184. fishwacker

    2 Elk down

    Nice bulls. Better go buy a lotto ticket. Two bulls same day that don't happen to often
  185. fishwacker

    Resurrection Derby and Side Pot?

    We will be fishing the derbey. And putting in all side bets available
  186. fishwacker

    4x4 bull

    Well done. Two bikes one elk must be some good tires.
  187. fishwacker

    Damm Patty did it again!

    Wtc was way worse on your face buddy
  188. fishwacker

    Black Wolf on the E side

    Cool video. I know someone who seen one in his scope on the eastside last year. Wierd thing was it fell over dead when he was watching it.:2gunsfiring_v1:
  189. fishwacker

    I went naked this time...

    Looks good
  190. fishwacker


    Brads b29 sheris colored below I-5 bridge and around jhonson bar. They like to hang in the slack water and bugger wood. Hope this helps
  191. fishwacker

    A7 Coho Success 10-11

    Your one big dude or that's one small fish. Were the nates any better grade
  192. fishwacker

    wild times - A7

    Fished Sunday lots of nates but managed a few hatches. Lots more nates always though
  193. fishwacker

    3 blade stainless prop.

    I have a slightly used ugly stick with no eyes but not broken bought from Wal-Mart at the beginning of humpy season Wana trade.
  194. fishwacker

    Where in Washington would you go?

    Marblemount. Cheap land close to the river. You could be the mayor there
  195. fishwacker

    First BD Post: Fall Chinook Takedown Video

    Nice. Well done first post :finger:
  196. fishwacker

    Yamaha service

    Learn about your motor and service it yourself. Way cheaper and not that hard to work on as long as its not electrical
  197. fishwacker

    "Why people hunt deer with a rifle"

    Funny shit. No corn fed back straps for you
  198. fishwacker

    8x8 bull elk

  199. fishwacker

    First Ducks For The Kids

    Nice. Well done
  200. fishwacker

    Information for suit against outboard manufacture for corrosion problems

    Good to know I will be calling and inquire about this tomorrow.
  201. fishwacker

    duck hunting the tides

    Hunting the mouth in a boat is tricky until you get to know the channels. I'd advise going out on low tide the first time. My first year hunting out there I spent many of blue bird days high and dry with not a bird in the sky.
  202. fishwacker


    Nice lookin fish
  203. fishwacker

    Bombing salmon on the Skagit?

    There are no furbags in Lyman Hamilton area and you use the tool you are talking about to close a sain in the salt not drifting a gilnet in a river.
  204. fishwacker

    First bait stop

    Nice fish can't wait to get my north river out there
  205. fishwacker

    Any Current C-Q Reports??

    There is never any fish there this time of year. Complete waste of time and money.
  206. fishwacker

    Bombing salmon on the Skagit?

    Wouldn't suprize me if they were. There was good looking non spawned out kings laying all over the bar at cockerham. Just downstream of where said activity was taking place