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    What are You really Thankful for? Please share how you've been blessed and let's keep this rolling.

    Like the Academy Awards, I am thankful for everything I have in my life, including 50 years of offshore adventure; both surface and underwater, my good wife who should be on her 3rd husband by now and my somewhat good kids... ...My wife is thankful for a penis that doesn't work and the fact I am...
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    11/17/19- Long Beach Shakedown trip

    gourmet style fishing...I like it...
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    Old Man and the Sea fishing, we'll sort of!

    Living proof that it is not the size of's how you use it!
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    Pacifica 1.75 Day Friday 10am 10-08-2019 to Sunday 7am 10-10-2019 pics of the slaughter deck...

    The photos and story made my day!..Now, to find a window of opportunity....
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    25se parker owners opinions

    There are thousands of opinions...Which one would you like? To get an intelligent reply, you will have to be more specific.....
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    Deep V versus Mod V = So Cal Fishing

    You want a deep v for ocean use..cuts the water better and gets on plane faster..modified v is more stable and the rounder the hull, the better the economy...still, the deep v is the way to go..
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    Where are the bft ??

    Well, with tuna just offshore from Dana to Huntington Beach, along the inside of Catalina, on Avalon Bank, in the shipping lane off Long Beach and who knows where else, I will just wait until they show inside the harbor...saves lots of gas money and just requires a baseball bat...
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    Rpt.-Tue.-10-22-19 Catalina Blahs, Tuna Blues!

    What is more weird than the 221 lb. Yellowfin caught off Long Point at Catalina this week?....:)
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    Mussel Farm to the 14 and back

    Well, I will immediately add this spot to the other 500 "secret spots" you fellows have shared over the years...Once the novelty wears off, it will be abandoned in favor of those 30 pound yellowtail and hundred pound tuna on all the other "secret spots" no one knows about....:)
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    Requesting Help: Salty Dawg owner Whereabouts?

    I will stick my neck out a little by posting here. Need input on a Bloodydecks member who may need our assistance. Today, I was at the Long Beach Marina (Alamitos Bay) and noted the boat, Salty Dawg, appeared to be impounded. His gear appeared to be on the boat and it may have been partially...
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    Very Sad. Becarfule out there.

    I posted the most recent info on Spearboard.CA a couple of days ago. Lots of speculation but, perhaps, we won't ever know all the facts due to the conditions and time required to get him help. Every year, we lose a free diver or two. I have survived many a close encounter with the grim reaper...
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    Short lobster season this year

    Follow my an Ace hauler and fish out in 100' or deeper to avoid the inshore crowds...the bugs are bigger out there, anyway....
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    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    Update: Put it thru the first test last night off Long Beach..lots of boats and landed a few bugs..should have gone to Catalina for limits...hauler location forward worked better; pulled the hoops easily although a little slower than pulling by saved my old shoulders a lot of...
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    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    Most don't....Bought it there because it was the best price for the combo package. Hopefully, it will be well worn by the end of the season..soooo, do you have anything positive to add??
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    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    ...To clarify, the Scotty won't fit a Cannon...two separate out better anyway..after some planning, I decided to put it forward closer to the cabin (between the rod holder and forward cleat)..This gives me more time to snag the lines, keeping them clear of the prop; doesn't put...
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    Affordable EPIRB?

    Beware of buying used EPIRB's...after 10 years, the service people will not install a new battery....picked up used one for $25 with expired battery at an estate sale and now, have to find a service place that will sell me the battery kit and replace it myself...or, bite the bullet and do it...
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    Outside station rigging

    My Parker came with a 15 h.p. kicker and twin engines...too much weight in back...took the 15 off. It was fastened to the main engine with a tie rod that had swivel bearings which pivoted, allowing the kicker to stay raised when not in use. Yamaha dealers can probably order it for you...It was...
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    Late report, sorry. 9/17 125/499

    Thanks for the update...I sure was betting that the blue water strip up thru that area would be holding with some bluefin settling in below Anacapa on the 153..Too early?
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    Secure Dry Storage Near San Pedro - Suggestions Welcome

    You don't want to be on the Belmont pier moorings when a winter storm hits...I have seen 15' breakers over the top of the breakwater...enough to tear a mooring loose on a high tide...
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    Best Elec. Line Hauler for Lobster Hooping?

    After researching 10 haulers and reviews, plus the cost factor, I pulled the switch on the Ace hauler...Found the line puller, line coiler and storage bag combo, at Costco online of all places, for $661, including shipping direct to my home and CA taxes... ...It arrived in 5 days, with a...
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    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    hmmm, guess I will play it by ear on the base and hope my older Cannon base is one of the two that works..or, it is a trip out to the garage to do some adapter work...Now, where can I find a lobster?..
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    Older Aluminum deep hull fishing skiffs

    just insure it is a welded seam hull and not riveted..those pinholes catch up with you...
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    Boat "Trailer" storage?

    I was quoted $65 at Sunset Aquatic for my 25' Parker trailer to store in the parking area...That might even get you a free launch if a key fob to gain entry comes with it......
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    Deep Drop Swords

    tsk, tsk...all rednecks are supposed to be tough...what is with all the sensitivity? Like my friend Rodney King said, "Can't we all just get along"...Anyway, I am all out of popcorn!
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    9/14 Cat west end/front

    Those macks put you in swordfish country....
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    It's only bad luck if they were hooked up to a 200 lb. Bluefin...:)
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    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    Thanks for the tip on getting the Cannon adapter base direct from Ace..My Ace arrives Monday and it probably has the Scotty base....just got too old to be free diving those roaches at nite while looking out for goblins in the dark..
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    Vessel assist?

    ..On land you want AAA, on water you want one of the two, even if you have 4 engines on your boat... $1,000 of towing is included in my insurance policy..still, I prefer to have a tow service that I can call directly for instant response times...I use Boat US thru West Marine for the...
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    3 species day 9-12 Thursday

    Any diving attempts and what was the vis? I am arming my Parker....
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    Secure Dry Storage Near San Pedro - Suggestions Welcome

    ...If nothing turns up, try Sunset Aquatic Marina in Huntington Beach across from the big water tower on PCH. 562 592-2833 I store my Parker on a trailer there for $215 a month, discounted on a 1-year lease..a little more if paying by the month...Fenced yard with electronic key fob for entry...
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    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    In preparation, I jammed two group 31 AGM's in the battery compartments...wish Parker had made bigger openings for the, I will have to buy a portable jumper pack just to make sure I am covered....Does it ever end? Well, no...hmmm, how about a new roof top hoop for spotting...
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    For Sale Slightly used Naval boat

    hmmm, if they couldn't find that, how are they going to find me?
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    WTB Parker 2320

    Some of those older 300's had some exhaust tube corrosion, I would finance a new motor and go fishing rather than go working on boats just when the fish are running...
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    Want advice. Time to sell the old boat, and shop for new.

    Long Beach and Newport Beach Marine Departments have boat auctions once or twice a year. I have seen some good deals at times. Also, try Boat Angel, where often, the boats are ok but, donated due to engine repair cost. Also, Craigslist/Boats section has some deals if you have the patience to...
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    Want advice. Time to sell the old boat, and shop for new.

    might be time to also trade in the towing vehicle for something that can tow a decent size boat, like a Parker....bought my 3500 dually at a city auction for $3500 and it can tow 12,000 lbs with no hiccups...If that is not feasible, then, a light weight aluminum boat with welded seams (not...
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    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    ...Reviews stated soft line works best, including yellow poly...I am thinking of using a length of leaded line on top to pull the line down and standard poly to lift the line up by the hoop openings...or, just string on some egg weights like others have suggested...may also use two floats with a...
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    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    ...A couple more thoughts and I will shut up...the Brutus has an on/off switch which requires reaching over with your hand to stop the action, but, if you want to stop momentarily, you just let off on the coiler and the rope slides on the pulley, letting the hoop stay in one position. Another...
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    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    ..Read some negative reviews on the Trac that tilted me toward the Ace...If I recall correctly, the Trac had an in place pulley that doesn't follow the line direction, causing issues with boat positioning. Also, some mention of the rope jumping off the pulley and going into the space between...
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    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    ...Did a lot of research on pot haulers, including the Alaska sites where tough counts with gear. You either pay $1,000 to $2,000 for a good hauler that will tilt your boat if the gear hangs up or go a little lighter for our needs and this is where the Ace Brutus comes into play. At age 72, I...
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    Best Elec. Line Hauler for Lobster Hooping?

    ...At age 72, I am about over hand pulling hoops up from 80' and night diving in shark country...Any recommendations insofar as reliable brands and best price sources?...So far, my research using Alaska posts indicates the best choice is probably the Ace Brutus with a line coiling attachment...
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    Tax man came to play

    Hmmm, a new world spearfishing record that would look nice next to my 9' blue shark record....Next, is a swordfish record. Wife already has picked out my tombstone inscribed, "He wasn't too bright but, he always meant well".....Then again, does anyone have a fishing rod I can borrow?
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    Subsurface water temp...?

    As far as diving related, lots of green water coming up with tons of bait in the plankton rich surface areas...Frequently, you can dive down and find some clear water below the plankton, where yellowtail and tuna may be found. I use both, green water and red tide to hide my shape, diving on...
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    Fishing for bluefin in a war zone

    Just the military guys shooting down yummie flyers...Still, you can't beat San Diego for catching tuna on paddleboards, as well as under them...:)
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    Catching dodos on the yummy flyer by cortez

    Waaaait!, Don't ban him yet, I still have a full bag of popcorn...This site makes the Lincoln County cattle wars look like a picnic..
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    Mission Belle FAIL!!!!!!

    This is why I bought my own boat and Food Saver sealing machine...Now, when I leave fish to find bigger fish, I just blame the Good Wife.....and, I always compliment her on how well she bags and seals my catch.... Old Chinese proverb: He who would be wealthy, keep purse strings closed...Unless...
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    Sad news, boat fire.

    ...When the propane tank(s) exploded, the fire was so intense, the crew could only jump off the top forward crew area and save themselves...They were awake at the time, which may have saved their lives...As of now, the boat has sunk with only the bow above water. Eight bodies recovered and more...
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    lost your boat?

    My son said it was either beer or boat on my room for both...
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    LB Breakwall 08/31

    Are we related? Am a free diver also....
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    Pelagic pursuits from MDR

    Depends on how you perceive "offshore"..seems one poster sees it as far out where it can get rough and the other, as blowing from inland outward...both can get you into serious trouble if the velocity picks up....but, behind the islands on a strong Santa Ana usually provides flat as a lake...
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    YFT 10 miles west.

    All those parts and I couldn't find Waldo...well done...
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    good one! guns have no safety to over rely on...the diver is always the safety on my boat....of course, we don't know the full story....with any injury that might be near an artery, it is better to not remove a shaft until at a facility where the bleeding can be immediately stopped after...
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    Fish storage

    On our 2520, we put a Pelican heavy duty cooler behind the bait tank with block ice and a smaller cooler in front of the bait tank with food, one block of ice and cubes. With the big tuna in southern Cal currently, I plan to add a kill bag forward on the cabin top with ice or on the front bow...
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    Parker MPG on 2520

    2003 Parker 2520 DV with twin 200 Yammies...about 14 gallons to Avalon from Long Beach at about 26 mph/3700 rpm...average swell..probably 2 mpg
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    2320 transom bracket - worth the money?

    Once you survive a few storms, the cutout version will no longer have any appeal. I like the additional flotation it gives the twin 200 engines on my 2520 and the deck level drains stay above water with 2 or 3 guys standing in the, the larger deck the easy access onto...
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    Breaching Great White near the 43, Sat 8-17.

    They are becoming a pain in the ass for us free divers...Last couple of months, one diver had two encounters: chased out at Ship Rock by a big one that buzzed him several times and had another big one come up directly under him at Farnsworth, putting a good scare into him. Several reports...
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    YFT Meter Marks

    set at about 200' and use manual...You will get better images, even when the boat is moving....
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    Tips on anchoring/camping at Little Harbor Catalina

    The pigs are gone but, give the buffalo a wide birth..several people gored in the past year who assumed that cute animals need closeup selfies...due to backside windy conditions currently, it is advisable to just pay for a mooring in Cat Harbor and sleep in peace....a dragging anchor at 4 am in...
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    Just received my property tax bill from the county of Santa Barbara

    If your boat is in a storage yard, they are required to notify the county of it's location and that is where they catch up with you on taxes...Putting an out of state registration on it could place you in the back payment of fees penalty box... is better to do online printouts of recent...
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    8-10 277 Equals BOATRIDE. 150 Saves The Day

    I know Jon and he isn't one of the wanna be captains...Sounds like a newbie was at the wheel....ooops….old post?...what is with you guys...?
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    Nados, Yellos, beached boat and an IMPORTANT LESSON

    On my 3 Rule pumps, I put a square of plastic window screen material between the pump and slotted bracket, secured with a plastic still clamps into place and prevents leaves, hair, etc from getting sucked into the pump, creating a blockage...I .change all hoses every 10 years and...
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    Half day boats inflating fish counts

    Crew must be all Republicans....a thousand show up and they claim 10,000....Why, it is enough to make a good Democrat give up fishing and take up bowling!......
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    Nados, Yellos, beached boat and an IMPORTANT LESSON

    Thanks for the reminder...time to put my spare pump setup back aboard after storing it in the garage and forgetting about it!....
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    Catalina 7/21 Capsized skiff, Large Dorsal Fin Sighting and Lost a rod

    Could have been the man-in-the-grey suit...Divers have been chased off Ship Rock and Farnsworth by great whites recently...
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    Single 16 inch display or two 10 inch ??

    A dinosaur; I had a Furuno fishfinder separate from the rest for years. My combo 9" Raymarine is ok, but, the split screen is distracting from looking for fish marks...Much prefer a dedicated fishfinder and the rest (auto pilot, gps and chartplotter) on the combo unit....but, I carry two...
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    Single 16 inch display or two 10 inch ??

    A dinosaur; I had a Furuno fishfinder separate from the rest for years. My combo 9" Raymarine is ok, but, the split screen is distracting from looking for fish marks...Much prefer a dedicated fishfinder and the rest (auto pilot, gps and chartplotter) on the combo unit....but, I carry two...
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    Single 16 inch display or two 10 inch ??

    A dinosaur; I had a Furuno fishfinder separate from the rest for years. My combo 9" Raymarine is ok, but, the split screen is distracting from looking for fish marks...Much prefer a dedicated fishfinder and the rest (auto pilot, gps and chartplotter) on the combo unit....but, I carry two...
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    Single 16 inch display or two 10 inch ??

    A dinosaur; I had a Furuno fishfinder separate from the rest for years. My combo 9" Raymarine is ok, but, the split screen is distracting from looking for fish marks...Much prefer a dedicated fishfinder and the rest (auto pilot, gps and chartplotter) on the combo unit....but, I carry two...
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    SideVü-SideScan-HyperVision SideVision-SideScan- Any advantage in S.Cal fishing offshore waters?

    West Marine currently has a $1200 Simrad unit on sale for $875 special. It has side scan included and might be worth a trip to check out the unit on demo mode....
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    Electronics Brands

    Had a 582 Furuno fishfinder for years that showed excellent detail...picked up stuff to 1400' while moving. My newer combo Raymarine works fine, but, I still prefer a separate standing fishfinder rather than the split screen, which works good for auto pilot/radar/gps routes...Now, looking at...
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    Wednesday 10th

    If you took an accurate gps reading on the lost rod, you might be able get a diver to retrieve it, if under 125' depth...might be worth going on Diego to offer a diver a free Coronados trip for a quick retrieve....
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    Inshore mako

    All good info...also, getting towed 10 miles out to sea is a possibility to dive partner, Al Schneppershoff (killed by a great white off Guadalupe island), speared a 350 pound black seabass at stayed near the surface and headed out to sea, towing him easily...We found...
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    Help need a part for front window

    If it is just the lock nut threads jacked up, try running a tap thru the fitting to clean it up, lightly sand any corrosion on metal rod extension, then, lube...cheapie tap and die set from Harbor Freight works fine...Parker dealer also carries the parts...
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    Yamaha offshore Spare parts,fluids and filters

    4 in 1 screwdriver (saves weight/space), metric/standard tools, 5 to 30 amp engine fuses, gallon of oil, qt. of steering fluid, funnels, 2 extra fuel/water filters( I change them every 50 hours to avoid problems), voltmeter to check batteries (Harbor Freight cheapie works fine), metric allen...
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    Joining the Family

    Nice! If you use the dive ladder, suggest tying a rope to it...the plastic holding clip can twist and away it goes into the deep...
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    Inshore mako

    You gringos, vevvy, vevvy funny....real mano would jump in agua wit speargun for close uup shot....mano e mano….like dwiving 405 fweeway...
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    Need help on what Optima battery to get!!

    I picked up two Group 31 AGM marine batteries from Sam's for about $90 each at the Town Center in Long Beach (605 fwy. at Carson). Working fine on my 25' Parker....Like the man said, keep your receipts...all batteries can fail short of their warrenty dates, often due to owner negligence re...
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    "Where the bluefin at?" and other assorted reports from this week! (May 24-30)

    Like my grandad said, "Those who can, do....those who can't, become self-ordained critics....
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    Juvenile Great White

    Please feed the fishies so they stay off my Catalina wsb diving spots...:(
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    Catalina or Channel Islands

    Pros and Cons: Con is the further away you are from your boat, the less often you will probably go out. It is twice as far down here to get to Catalina (24 miles) than to run the 12 miles you have up north.... Pro: If family in involved, Catalina is a great base and playground to operate...
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    Catalina or Channel Islands

    Can anyone delete the below copies? Ran afoul of a error jamup... Pros and Cons: Con is the further away you are from your boat, the less often you will probably go out. It is twice as far down here to get to Catalina (24 miles) than to run the 12 miles you have up north.... Pro: If family...
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    Catalina or Channel Islands

    Pros and Cons: Con is the further away you are from your boat, the less often you will probably go out. It is twice as far down here to get to Catalina (24 miles) than to run the 12 miles you have up north.... Pro: If family in involved, Catalina is a great base and playground to operate...
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    OOPS.. DFG says go to court May 9, 2010

    When you go to court, the usual is for the prosecutor to offer a plea deal to a lesser charge but, a fine if you don't go before the judge...first, check to see if the F&W officer is even present; if he doesn't show, the deal only benefits the prosecutor...if he isn't there, I would argue my...
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    Catalina 5/13/19

    Still early....heard the first U.S. yellowfin was just caught, probably down by the 43...Barries showing at Catalina ..usually means the wsb are coming in behind them...
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    89 and counting...

    This Trump style discussion leads me to believe that only my beliefs are correct: " Education is the key to overcoming ignorance and a 2 x 4 is the only solution to stupidity", the only question is: which category am I in this discussion???
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    2320 Bruce anchor issue

    ...Doing it the easy way could cost you big time in money and fish..Frequently, the anchor twists and is not in position to come up over the roller properly without someone on deck to guide it correctly...trying to time it in limited vis over a cabin could lead to the anchor jamming against the...
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    Tried to put a friend on sand dabs, failed 5-11-2019

    It could also be that the local sportfishing boats have fished that area everyday for weeks to send customers home with something....time to try a new spot....think positive: some of the bluefin chasers have made 7 trips so far and come back empty handed...But, with a El Nino forecast prediction...
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    89 and counting...

    Well, how were the cheeseburgers?..that is the key to catching fish...postscript: Until now, I was at stage 7 of boat ownership, which is where you don't care if the fish are in, you just want to sell the boat and get rid of all the upkeep and expense hassles of ownership...Thanks to your post...
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    2019 2820 XLD Launch

    Wow, great setup no matter where you fish...2023 and 2025 guys might want to pass on a kicker if you have larger size twin engines. My 25'er came with twin 200's and a 15 h.p. kicker on the Armstrong bracket...whenever there were two or more fishing the stern, the added weight put the drain...
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    2006 Threads?

    'til it gets fixed, it is kind of interesting to review dates and catches back when the big tuna runs began....
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    Indy 3 day

    Both captains know their game...The Bluefin are moving fast and are probably on the 43 or at SCI by now...Lots of captains complaining about how the fleet couldn't find the fish the last day or so..The crew of the Independence are top notch and will stay up all nite to get guys on a fish...just...
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    Let's Talk Hook Up on New Radio Station

    thanks, now, even I can find it....
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    Great Whites showing at Catalina...

    ...The video of the two girls doesn't show a video camera with them and since both girls appear in the frames, it would indicate a 3rd person present filming, or, like some believe, it was fake and "photo shopped" to create attention for the cute chicks. ....Still, with all the incidents...
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    Great Whites showing at Catalina...

    I will be the first to fully support each person's 1st Amendment right to an opinion (including 5-20's troll baiting), but......I also believe that the only cure for ignorance is education and the only cure for stupidity is a 2x4 over the head...….Then, there is my wife's question of which...
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    Great Whites showing at Catalina...

    I know of two encounters wherein the diver did not see the shark but, felt a pulse of water hitting them as the shark passed by up close checking out a possible meal...One said he just thought it was a wave going over until he actually saw the fish.. ....When the 15'er was closing in on me, I...
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    Great Whites showing at Catalina...

    The two girls video could be a fake, but, it is entirely possible they did not see it in the murky water. The other photos and video are from reliable people; one who lives on the island....A small basking shark (to 45') can be mistaken for a big white (to 25')...However, the difference is the...
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    Great Whites showing at Catalina...

    A couple of photos are posted on and the others are on facebook for the non-believers....Heck, some people are cut out to just empty the dishwasher and feed the cat...but, free divers are a different breed of cat....:)
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    Great Whites showing at Catalina...

    Just a heads up, fellows....More than one great white sighting recently...Several weeks ago. a free diver was spearing at Ship Rock when a big one appeared next to him...It went by several times before he was able to reboard his boat. They waited a half hour, then, thinking it had probably...
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    4/28 Barracuda at Angles Gate

    Rule is: when the barracuda show, the sea bass are right behind….:)
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    Parker acquired

    ...Most skiffs 25' and under will pound in a 4' swell....BUT, a suspension seat setup will solve that issue....Now, for the Parker positives: my nice warm cabin when the offshore winds blow cold; the cool commercial fishing boat look; the large deck space; the Armstrong platform keeping the...
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    Sport King becomes a 6-Pack for a day

    Looks like a good day on the water with fish as a bonus!!
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    Cabrillo Beach Grunion Run San Pedro 4/5

    Some thoughts from an old school halibut diver: The day before the run, the grunion congregate out in deeper water (35' or so) until the first scouts move in to check the shoreline....the bigger halibut tend to congregate under the gathering grunion in the deeper water where they zip up and...
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    For Sale Ocean Scrambler Kayak with Paddle-$150

    11' Scrambler model with 2 pc. Warner double paddle and life jacket: $150. Yellow, in good condition. Has square cutout in back for gear storage. East Long Beach. 562 498-9680
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    First Catalina Lobster, then Sea Bass, then Rockfish combo trips...

    Hoop nets are for when the water is peasoup green...besides, I don't like getting wet...a last day of the season run produced limits of larger size bugs that probably moved into the vacant homes of their ill-fated, it is time to get out my long gun and hope my wetsuit still fits...
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    2018/2019 Lobster Season Recap

    Nice story....often, by the end of the season, guys have stocked up and are off to bigger and better things, like getting ready for wsb and tuna season...Yesterday, my son and a buddy limited out within two sets at Catalina..There were only 3 other boats visible at the island working...
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    First Catalina Lobster, then Sea Bass, then Rockfish combo trips...

    We ran my Parker over to Catalina to hoop lobster...Got 13 of our 14 bug limits...noted squid all around our boat and some white sea bass on the fish finder...had my big game speargun but, water was peasoup poles, so next trip is to spear or rod and reel a sea bass, followed by pole...
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    Get the tape measure

    Just came from the Fred Hall show where the 23 is selling for $96,000 with the discount. How about if we chip in and refund his $80,000; bring the boat to Southern Cal and resell it for a $10,000 profit and everybody wins...just need a buyer with one short leg......One defect in thousands of...
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    2530 inboard to out board conversion engine box replacement with deck hatch ideas

    If you do go ply, try to avoid a piece with a knot in it....knot areas can swell and shrink, causing a crack and water leakage into the ply deck over time. I would put the fish hold as far forward as possible. The combined weight of fish, ice and two or three guys standing at the stern might...
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    2/19/19 SMB - Shark ID

    It looks just like the 15'er that tried to eat me at Church rock years ago while spearfishing....triangle fin..thick chunky mid- body...….great white.....signed, the kelp bed lover...….
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    Catalina Report: 2/27/19

    ...Caught the weather window on Tuesday and headed for the Isthmus on our Parker to do some hooping with my son. Loaded spearguns, rods and hoops (hey, you have to adapt to the conditions)...the good part: Boat ran great, six long hours of hooping under a beautiful starlit sky produced 13 bugs...
  110. L

    Loreto,Baja Sur Mexico-Looking for some new spearfishing spots.

    Quite a few of the divers on….California section ….dive Mexico and will probably give you some good info regarding productive areas...I quit driving down there after the cartels created havoc for everyone...
  111. L

    Fuse location for 2520 trim tabs?

    Accidentally shorted battery with wrench, causing blown fuses on everything including Yamaha outboards on my 2003 Parker...Found all fuse locations except for the trim tabs. Used boat, didn't come with manuals... It is not in the in-dash wiring harness...any advice?
  112. L

    12/27 SoCal Distress Calls?

    This is why all mariners should have a printed map of areas they fish or travel in...Electronic chartplotters have their limits and break down..With a radio gps callout, you can quickly determine if you can assist in a timely manner...As far as Coast Guard info, I have found the Coast Guard...
  113. L

    Float and float line for sale

    If you haven't tried them, and Craigslist are both good sources for selling gear...
  114. L

    Inboard models

    Since this is a Parker site, I haven't seen one with a center engine box and thru shaft. Have seen some with outdrives and a diesel under the deck.... But, the Shamrock is a nifty situp and a seaworthy boat... Had my fill of thru shafts on larger boats, which can leak and sink your boat....
  115. L

    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    Also, keep the alum window frames and chrome throttles wiped down and waxed every 3 months...otherwise, salt air coming thru the open windows will quickly begin the corrosion process, inside and out....grease the threaded rods for closing the windows or they will go bad over time, needing some...
  116. L

    Parker vs Davis rock harbor

    The Davis off the old Radon commercial designs is one of the toughest ocean boats for it's size and can cut thru 4' swells far better than the Parker, which is hard on your back once the swells get over 3'...But....the Parker is a fine fishing/diving boat for most uses and has lots of deck...
  117. L

    2016 Parker 2320 Fuel Level won't show full on display?

    If the above doesn't correct the issue, take a look at the fuel rod going into the gas and wiring can get corroded from saltwater if a bait tank or inspection hatch is located over it and a seal leaks...electrical resistance could cause mis-measurement to show on the gauge...
  118. L

    Inboard models

    Inboards require contortions to work on the engine plus double maintainance costs when the outdrives hit about 1,000 hours...diesels aren't practical due to cost , unless you run constantly plus the new alum blocks often need major work at 1,000 hours, keeping mechanics well paid....outboards on...
  119. L

    I'm not a fan of Parker boats....but

    It's because we are rich idiots and you are not.....hehehe! (bad joke)….When I stored my boat at a yard locally two years ago, there were 2 Parkers there...Now, there are 12! Very popular fishing/diving boat here and the manufacturer is way southeast.....They sell quick if not way overpriced...
  120. L

    SCI 10/18

    After reading this, I made the right decision to fish and dive alone. Wife reads a book and I get to be co-captain (married guys know the drill)….:) p.s. even with a 175 gallon capacity on my 25' Parker, I always carry 2 xtra 5 gallon cans of fuel on deck...sudden storms and big swells can eat...
  121. L

    Comment by 'Long Beach Bob' in media 'LOBTOOLS'

    Great info for us beginners....thanks for stop, Catalina.....
  122. L

    10/3/18 Hooping Chaffee island

    I would like to share one of my 250 secret spots....My 12 pounders from under the Russian nuke sub by the Queen Mary....Fun to catch and turn off the lights as they boil..The bright green glow lights up my whole kitchen....
  123. L

    Catalina Bass day n night

    Some beautiful carpenter work...always wanted to build one , but, couldn't justify it once I figured it came out to about 50 cents an hour for my time...but, I still dream about it....:)
  124. L

    Catalina on the Ahra-Ann Sunday 8/26

    or ,a sticker that says, "My kid can out fish your honor student"...…:)
  125. L

    Battery replacement 2320

    AGM is the go to battery type, as they handle rough bouncing better and don't need to be topped off with water...I researched a lot of batteries and even the $300 ones had some bad reviews...I compromised with group 31 AGM Duracells from Sams Club for $180 each...They can be used for starting...
  126. L

    Spearfishing is hard! 8/7/18 Solana Beach Report

    Son, go over to and try to hook up with some of the San Diego free divers...have them look over your gear...proper rigging is part of the equasion..ex....your weight belt should be neutral at whatever depth you are comfortable cruising at....makes a big difference on...
  127. L

    Understanding commercial fisherman

    Did my mother in Ohio tell this one to you? Only her jokes are that long.....
  128. L

    Catalina weigh in of Giant Bluefin

    Looks like a 300, perhaps over 350...photographer is either photographing the scale numbers or the fish board/fisherman with all the info....hey, they grew since last year! Some new batteries and I am westward bound.....
  129. L


    I have had some luck on split rings by using a heavy duty staple puller to press the sections apart...the sharp tips push in pretty well and keep the spacing open....
  130. L

    Let's leave these biting cows and catch yellowtail

    Thanks for sharing...guess I will keep my Parker for another year.....:)
  131. L

    July Recap

    Not as tough as in the water....Great whites spotted at the 14, Avalon Bank and various paddies...Free divers at Ship Rock got buzzed by a large great white and wisely exited the water (rather quickly)...they waited awhile and decided the man in the grey suit had probably departed....they jumped...
  132. L

    Black Marlin at Isla Cerravalo

    When you are no longer a newbie, perhaps why will be was mano vs. mano (man to man, for landlubbers)…...a fish that size can kill you...It is the fish of a lifetime and did not go to only have a few seconds to decide and he did just fine.....nice story and pics!
  133. L

    Parkers are so much cheaper on the East Coast?

    First off, I have no prejudice against cheap boats or cheap whores....But, mixing redneck fishermen and intellectual fishermen is counter productive..mods? Besides, I bought my twin 200's (440 hours) 2003 25' Parker fully rigged on a Pacific trailer with downriggers, outriggers ,full Raymarine...
  134. L

    2000 Parker 2320 SL 250 HPDI

    Most likely issues are rusty nuts, bolts and washers putting rust on the ceiling carpet....some of the installs for the rod holders, hand railings, etc,, were not done correctly, allowing saltwater to eventually seep thru around the sealant....solution is to yank everything and reseal all areas...
  135. L

    New 2018 Parker 2320 Build

    Tthanks for sharing....couple of suggestions....keep the inside window frames waxed...salt air plays hell with them in a couple of seasons; tilt horns with a tapered block under them so salt spray drains out; install a plastic or ss strip under the anchor eye or it will rub thru the fiberglass...
  136. L

    Rare 2520 with twin I/O considering diesel conversion

    If they are aluminum block diesels, then, figure some major work at around 1,000 hours...Mechanics make lots of money off them....Me, I would just run the heck out of the gas rigs, then, switch over to outboards on an Armstrong platform....half the maintenance hassles once you get rid of...
  137. L

    Who’s owned a 23’ and a 25’?

    When the wind and swell goes up, you will wish you were in a nice dry 2520 or even, a 2320....Best day of my life was when I went from center consoles to a cabin enclosed station! .....
  138. L

    Not cool

    A couple of years ago, there were 3 Parkers there; now, I count 11.....At least, your boat was still there. Two yo-yos stole a Parker down south and got caught trying to launch it by the Queen Mary in Long Beach....
  139. L

    14 mike bank 7-20

    F&W estimates that free divers spear 1/2 of one percent of the sport catch in CA. Not much of a dent in the fish population, overall. They risk their ass everytime they dive open bluewater. Nothing like diving a kelp paddy when suddenly a mako high balls around you at 30 definitely...
  140. L

    Fished Friday Starting At The Slide

    Thanks, ...a good reminder of why we should pay for a yearly membership in case we need a tow...
  141. L

    14 mike bank 7-20

    Well said...At age 71, I still do both and both sides have their issues when the fish are in....Just remember that sharing knowledge and fish with others is worth it's weight in gold, but, critics are a dime a dozen......
  142. L

    I cursed myself. Stupid big bluefin tunas report 7/19

    Well, you certainly can cause a guy's stress level to go way up reading your stories...:) At age 71, my 75 pounder pinned me to the rail for a half hour, so, I figure a pound per year of age is about right....Off we go!!
  143. L

    7/18 NW of the 43

    For a quick highlight of where these spots are, go to how to read the temp colors to find where the fish are most likely showing up along the temp breaks.....good luck
  144. L

    ? Fish Dope ?

    Some of you boys are starting to sound like Donald Trump...….hehehe!
  145. L

    Another new 2320 aka ”TUNA SNIPER”

    Blue hull....good choice...commercial guys ran some tests on different hull colors and swear that blue hulls will draw the fish in closer than any other color...if you have twin horns, you might want to put a tilt block under them and locate them in the middle to reduce salt corrosion and early...
  146. L

    2320 vs 2520

    I run a 2003 25' dv with twin 200 hp Yamaha engines. If you only fish 2 or 3 people, are an older couple/guy or don't go out very far, then, the 23'er is sufficient to do everything the 25 can do. Plus, it is easier to tow and you don't need a dually like I use (commercial regis. fees); less on...
  147. L

    4th of July at Catalina

    thanks for sharing...enroute Monday for 5 days....:)
  148. L

    No Receipt at Bait Barge Again

    Don't feel bad, Otto...We gave our guy a bucket of fresh fried chicken, a beer and still didn't get a receipt or a discount.....:(
  149. L

    Mirage 2-day laid the wood on WSB

    He can duplicate this again his next trip, just by fishing with a Snoopy rod..
  150. L

    Long Beach 6-24-18

    Thanks for all the reports...will keep working on gear without any not going out guilt!..I will be waiting in ambush off San Clemente Island in July, while based out of Avalon, with a good supply of buffalo milk from Descanso beach bikini land....if they bite, that is a bonus....:)
  151. L

    Aluminum Chariot Strikes Again!! Nados 6/21

    Just think what you could do wit a Parker 25....:)
  152. L

    6/23/18 BFT... moo-moo

    Now, I am inspired to go and lay in wait off San Clemente Island, while based in Avalon, with a good supply of buffalo milk......
  153. L

    Fathers Day Fishing

    Send those pics into Western Outdoor News for the kids photo contest. Winners all!
  154. L

    Boiler Rocks Salt Creek

    Always remember: friends are worth their weight in gold and critics are a dime a dozen.....:)
  155. L

    Munchkin Squid at Cat

    A contractor broke a fresh water valve on Tremont Street and they had to turn the water supply off and on over a few days for repairs...The sewer issue was probably due to Luau Larry's customers....Lots of flying fish and smelt west of Long Point (hint, hint)…...
  156. L

    Cat 6/3

    The best day of my life was when I could move up to an enclosed cabin dry Parker from an open wet Whaler.....and, I am a diver....:)
  157. L

    Catalina Sunday 5/20

    Thanks for the report...another couple of degrees and it should go off.....
  158. L

    Yamaha Oil Recommendation

    The real issue is whether Yamalube is any better than other oils that meet the specs for high speed engines...I do not see any difference except for the over priced brand name hype....changing the oil and filters frequently to cut down acidic wear is the most important part of the equasion, for...
  159. L

    Fuel - How full do you leave your tanks ?

    I leave it empty sometimes and full others, depending on busy schedule...To me, it is more important to change the gas/water filters every 50 hours to ensure no water gets to the engine, than whether the gas gets old....but, logic says fresh is always preferable to old (fishing line, steaks...
  160. L

    Yamaha Oil Recommendation

    I use Sierra filters from West Marine and their oil in the gallon cans that meets the specs for both Yamaha and Mercury outboards on my out of warrenty 200 hp Yamahas.....catch it on sale and save a lot of bucks on overpriced products...I change my combo gas/water filters every 50 hours due to...
  161. L

    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    The horns will go out from corrosion unless you put a tilt block behind them or move them to the center to cut down on saltspray....door handles get salt build up inside...disassemble, scrape and greasing usually solves the problem...2003 225 h.p. Yamaha engines had some corrosion issues in the...
  162. L

    Swell, Spray, Submarines and Salad

    Now, I remember why I went to a Parker with an enclosed cabin!!....
  163. L

    Hot Rail!

    Enjoy every moment....all too soon, they will be asking to ship out to 'Frisco' and Cal Maritime Academy.....:)
  164. L

    I am an idiot PV 10/23

    suggest a tank diver going in just before peak high tide...that will give you incoming clear (more clear,anyway) water and better vis...
  165. L

    Buying East coast boats

    Perhaps Hoops has been sitting in a H.B. bar too long...nothing offensive in the video that I could find?? and, lots of patched up storm damaged boats get put on the market with coverup paint jobs....buyer beware, even on Parkers....
  166. L

    I suck at fishing this year and a rescue on the vhf

    In CA, you have two choices for crew: a Russian tractor driver who can pull you on board or a hot blonde who makes a nice figurehead on the bow with a glass of merlot.....Hey, the positive side is she took a pic of the gps and not a selfie!
  167. L

    Despacito reef jumbo BFT

    Well said....Best day of my life was going from an open console 40 mph Whaler to an enclosed cabin Parker that does 28 mph in 4' chop while staying warm and dry!.....any faster and your lower back pays dearly in our afternoon wind and, if I can just catch one of Vue's tuna before...
  168. L

    No love out there...

    Best post I have read this week...and, the fish is a bonus!
  169. L

    3 days that lasted forever

    hmmm, and I complain about the chop the last 3 miles coming into Long Beach....:)...did get caught in a sudden blow in the Catalina mid channel once where my feet weren' t on the deck part of the time and I was hanging off the steering wheel in 15' breakers and 70 mph wind blowing the tops off...
  170. L

    New 2018 Parker 2320

    My mechanic says the 300 is a pretty good engine but, the 350 had issues. You might want to put a tilt block under the horns if not installed already...saltwater spray will eventually take it's toll on the horns...that nice tower should pay for itself on the kelp paddies and Bluefin!
  171. L

    Bluefin bite all day @43 (except for us)

    There is an old saying:" Those who can, do; those who can't, become instant critics.....or, as my friend Rodney would say, "Can't we all just get along?.....
  172. L

    Hamilton Cove - Bonito report

    Looked at buying one until I saw the $900 a month HOA fee with a escalating fee clause.....but, it is definitely a fun place to rent and decompress for a few days....
  173. L

    Go pound sand

    Your catch sure beats the results of my Bluefin chase for 2 days over 180 miles of empty ocean....:)
  174. L

    Catalina 8/22 - The Tradition-the good and the bad

    Depends on whether the burger was served still frozen.....:) Me? after a day prepping my boat, chasing Bluefin over 180 miles for 2 days with no luck and a full day spent cleaning my rig, the Tradition is starting to look mighty good....
  175. L

    A minute later would have been a minute too late

    My all time head shaker was some years back when the albies were 5 miles off the backside of SCI...Here comes a lake bass boat with two raised seats and two happy guys trolling along with only 10" of freeboard!!....One rogue wave and they were done for.....Sunset if always rough due to the wind...
  176. L

    Boat slips for rent in OC

    I store at Sunset Aquatic Marina (Huntington Beach) where the launch ramp is next to the storage yard and is included in fee. About $205 a month for boat and trailer if you sign a one year lease...No hull painting and less corrosion problems....Two pumpouts and gas dock near by plus Sheriffs...
  177. L

    11-13 AUG, West end Catalina

    Over the years, I have seen Bluefin off Johnson's Rock several times while free diving...good spot to see a GW also....:)
  178. L

    Kelping turned Trolling - 8/15

    Hey!...I know a Ken doll when I see one.....
  179. L

    8/9 - Wind Blows

    ahh, you lead such a tough life.....:)
  180. L

    Adding Auto pilot to my 2530

    Have you asked West Coast Marine (Costa Mesa/Newport Beach) for a quote? They hook this stuff up every day and Nick Kelly has a pretty good reputation for making sure things go right....was there today and they were hooking one up for a new Parker owner......
  181. L

    Adding Auto pilot to my 2530

    If you have the Armstrong platform, be sure to check whether the connecting plate bracket (connects both ends of the engine/gps piston rods in place) clears the platform. If it hits when the engine is raised, it will break or damage the seals in the piston tube....You know it is broken when the...
  182. L

    Heading out Tomorrow

    Just don't get too far from your boat....makos and hammerheads are increasing in number....I quit trying to swing my gun on makos..they are.too damn fast to track ...
  183. L

    Jumbo Bluefin off the West End Catalina

    The "parking lot" is now 100 square miles in size...time to take my Parker and "park it"....thanks for sharing great info...wifey poo likes Cat Harbor.....:)
  184. L

    Overnight On The New Lo-An

    Thank you for the detailed report...some great tips for us novices!
  185. L

    LA Harbor - 7/29/17

    another fine day on the water with kids....the pics tell the story....I miss those days....
  186. L

    Oceanside inshore

    Good info...with a boat named "Sea Hunt", a good speargun could change the results quickly....:)
  187. L

    Paddy Hop 267

    ...At 70, with 55 years of free diving experience, I feel qualified to add my 2 cents, it doesn't make sense to dive alone in open water...but, it is one hell of an adventure! Free diver/spearfishermen are very competitive and often prefer diving alone..Mostly, we go separate...
  188. L

    Catalina Launch

    Sunset Aquatic Marina is excellent.....on site managers, Sheriff's sub-station by trailer storage area, 4 ramps, new gas dock across channel on way out....pump out nearby and $quarters to use rinse off on way out....Davies is also good...groc store/Lucilles BBQ within walking distance, sharp...
  189. L

    Is this a good deal?

    Check out "Boat Angel" for donated hull cheap and put a brand new outboard on it so you can go fishing and not spend time repairing....
  190. L

    Avalon Shoreboats

    just returned from a week vacation at Avalon...They replaced the big shoreboats with smaller private boats...seems to be working just fine until a permanant solution can be found to the financially negative cost of larger shoreboats....
  191. L

    Miracle Acid aka Muriatic acid!!

    brushed on acid also works great for dis-solving marine growth on hulls and outdrives....use diluted mix if soaking the coolers on diesel engines to remove zinc and salt plugs in the copper tubes....if used too long, it will disolve the lead sodering holding the tubes in the cooler...but, it can...
  192. L

    what adhesive to use for Pacific Edge bait tank installation ?

    The boat yards like Boat Life for installations, so changeouts are easier....rule of thumb for 3M is 5200 for permanant fixtures (hard to get loose) and 4200 for gear you may need to replace...I sealed my bait tank so saltwater deck rinses won't drip down on the alum fuel tank on my Parker and...
  193. L

    Parker anchor rode capacity

    Too crowded on my 25....some Lewmar winches will jam up if the line stops suddenly without allowing the anchor to freefall to the bottom...I put a milk box up by the winch so I can hold more line and have it handy to drop and retrieve line quickly....
  194. L

    We totally suck so don't get any ideas!

    Hmmm, I think I will communicate with Zane Grey first, and ask his advice....
  195. L

    Ass holes on the 209 on a whaler on july 6 2017

    As an old time spearfisherman posting on diving sites, I did take this "opportunity" to remind the divers not to jump paddies already occupied by hook and line guys and to find their own, can someone tell me where I can find a white sea bass?...I want to spear a white sea...
  196. L


    A long run that paid speargun is ready...just need my Parker back from the shop!
  197. L

    Questions, Parker 2120

    You might check with Kelly at West Coast to see if they have any used Parkers for sale...found my 25'er on mechanic says the 200 hp Yamahas were relatively trouble free...the older 225's (2002 to 2005) had exhaust corrosion issues that are still being debated as to cause...The...
  198. L

    Oil rigs tomorrow morning...

    Some good calico bites by the rigs.....lots of barricuda in bay....large sand bass off Huntington....shiny jigs rule!
  199. L

    Catalina mid-week report 7/10 to 7/13

    Thanks for confirming my guess to leave Parker at home and enjoy Avalon for a week as a tourist oggling bikinis at Descanso beach bar!...south swell and wind messes up both sides of the island for weeks at a time.....time to chase tuna...
  200. L

    14 Mile Bank 7/14/17

    keep the faith....there are tuna both inside and outside the local hurricanes off Mexico should push up more warm water and more gamefish!
  201. L

    Island Tuna-and I dont mean Coranados!

    Good going...just spent a week at Catalina with green water on both sides...I double dip these days with a 68" long gun/3/8" five foot shaft and a tuna rod and reel loaded with 100 lb. test, depending on conditions. Hasn't been this good since 1919 when Zane Grey was catching giant leaping tuna...
  202. L


    drifting will work..but,.....last year, we trolled macks way behind the boat, working below the fleet...we figured the fleet chum might drift into our zone....4 hookups and all 4 landed....65 to 85 lbs.
  203. L

    6\23 late and short report

    Harrump!...My Parker can outfish your 48' cocktail yacht loaded with hot there!
  204. L

    14 mile bank 6/17 one big SOB

    It will fade with time and you will be back in the water....good story to tell the grandkids one day when you are an old salt.....the 15 plus footer that went after me at Church Rock, Catalina had 300 lbs of seal meat in it's stomach, so, they eat more than one seal at a time...sharks are equal...
  205. L

    14 mile bank 6/17 one big SOB

    and, That is why I always dive with a big gun shooting a five foot 3/8" shaft....:O if the shaft doesn't do the trick, I can always turn the gun sideways and feed it to him......when a big one is homing in on you, the first thing you notice is even with it's mouth closed, you can still see...
  206. L

    Channel Islands Slam!

    Some good hunting skills there!...Now, you are ready to go for one of those 200 lb. Bluefin that are up near Catalina currently! Perhaps, some albacore by July 4th.....Getting my Parker ready to make a run toting my 3/8" ss shaft long gun next week....With the great whites stacked along the...
  207. L

    Offshore Monday 6/5 With the 1801

    Nice story and great photos....hmmm, time to move up to a 2520 Parker?
  208. L

    Catalina on a rented boat

    The far west side of Bird Rock is outside the no take zone...just know where....F&W checked us there anchored and spearfishing and no problem...
  209. L

    FIrst Trip To Catalina in New Boat

    Couple of suggestions: an open console is basically a bath tub if the batteries get flooded in high wind and big swells the bilge pumps can't keep up with....always carry a 5 gallon bucket (combo toilet, bilge pump, chopped bait holder) is amazing how fast you can bail when scared as hell...
  210. L

    Saw some albies at the butterfly 05/29 -05/30

    You boys are the reason I threw all my rods and reels overboard and took up spearfishing.......There is a fantastic bear video about wanting to spear a white sea bass that is funny as hell!
  211. L

    First Quality YT at Cat on Sunday

    If it doesn't sink and catches fish for you, then, you are way ahead of some of the shiny yachts who only catch hangovers....:)
  212. L

    What transducer do you have on your Parker 2320

    The transducer needed depends on what brand fishfinder you are using. Airmar makes most of the transducers for major brands. You can go online with Airmar and one of their tech people will suggest what works best for a particular brand and speed you are running at..I am partial to a separate...
  213. L

    Wsb and lots of them

    I always rely on the internet to catch my fish....why else would I go on the internet?? Now, if I could just find someone to hold my pole??
  214. L


    Fun report and pics to look at while the wind and rain is thrashing outside my window sill!
  215. L

    Wife saves the day. 4/13

    Nice is good when a wife prefers money for boat gas over flowers....:)
  216. L

    Long Beach bait barge?

    San Pedro Bait had squid a couple of days ago...
  217. L

    Boat loan

    What ever the loan source, you can write off the interest as a 2nd residence loan, as long as the boat has: cooking facility (stove), sleeping (bunks are fine) and a toilet (portable is fine)...some politicians are trying to end this to divert money to build shelters for homeless people who...
  218. L

    What's the best marine swap meet to unload gear

    Craigslist/boating section works pretty good for selling specific items without sitting all day out in the hot sun....
  219. L

    Boat Recommendations

    I like your moxie, but, you will get yourself in lots of trouble trying for offshore spots before gaining some experience...the ocean has tried to kill me off many a time over the last fifty years....skip the bayliner cheap production run boat and find a solid deep v hull designed for ocean use...
  220. L

    What options should I get for 2017 Parker 2320?

    If it has twin horns on top of the cabin, consider putting an angled block under them so saltwater blowing up from the bow drains downward and not into the horns to avoid having to buy new ones within 2 years...If on the side, again, tilt them down to drain out salt...quick change bait pumps are...
  221. L

    Steiger Craft or Farallon?

    Farallon is a proven heavy duty commercial style boat better suited for rough north area conditions...probably weighs more, but, it would be my pick for your waters....
  222. L

    Anything at Cat West End?

    Squid aren't there in abundence but, a few can be made with some time spent...few seabass on the inside up toward the west end....should get better once all the debris clears out of the coves...
  223. L

    Dana to 181+dick move

    Moral: 1) Get rid of your Stripers and buy a real boat, like a Parker; 2) man up, sell all your rods and purchase a speargun.....Then, you too, can be King of the Ocean!
  224. L

    Exhaust issue for 2320 - 225 Yamaha

    The issue is mainly in the earlier model 225 hp Yamahas if I recall correctly. The best guess was the exhaust sleeve was made of the wrong grade metal, allowing pitting thru the tube going up into the power head...once the pitting opens up into the power head,saltwater will enter into the head...
  225. L


    they show up in Western Outdoor News on occasion...Found my 25' Parker with twin 200 Yamahas, with low hours and fully rigged on craigslist/ca/boats for $55,000. Took me 2 years to come across it....but, wait was well worththe waitt....
  226. L

    Swimstep and motor bracket in CA

    Check one of the Parker dealers like West Coast Marine in Costa Mesa. Parkers have the Armstrong platform with a dive ladder clip available...might skip the shipping charge this way.
  227. L

    need anchor recomendation for Parker 2320

    On my 25'er, I use a 22 lb. 3 scoop anchor, 40' of chain plus 300' of rope stacked in a milk box fastened to the rail with a knife and sheath tied ot the box to cut can probably do fine with a 16# anchor but, don't go short on the keeps your anchor parallel to the bottom...
  228. L

    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    It is all fun, until it isn't....Having survived two shark attacks while free diving, I can speak with some authority...I still hold the CA F&W record for Blue sharks when a 9 and half footer came straight up at me off Santa Cruz Island...I dove on him (better to be under so you can move...
  229. L

    4 for 4 on the SCI Bluefin-9/7/16

    ...On Tuesday nite, I fired up the twin 200's on our Parker 25 and headed southwest to join the crowd off San Clemente Island. A stop for sardines at Nacho's,then, sabikis used to pull up some large macks near the bait barge and we were off; arriving on the grounds about mid-nite.. ...At grey...
  230. L

    SCI 9/2

    Nice video....the detail on the SCI fleet spreadout is appreciated...heading out Tomorrow nite for tuna and then, up the inside if weather blows us out
  231. L

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    you usually don't get cuffed unless you pose some sort of threat to officer safety...cuffed and are under arrest....
  232. L

    Islander Seeker Open 8/20-8/23

    Look at the positive learned a new technique for fishing sardines plus if the fish don't eat the descaled ones, just add some mustard and you are good to go....
  233. L

    PV-Way inshore 8-22

    Hit it the 3rd day of a grunion run and the size will go up....:)
  234. L

    I'm Here, BFT still There...:(

    at the age of 69, that could be sage advice...I hold the F&G spearfishing record for blue shark at 9'2"...the shaft didn't clear the gun as he charged me straight up from below at Santa Cruz Island....just made it inside the kelp at Church Rock as a 15 1/2' great white tried to add me to his...
  235. L

    Nice Yellowfin @ the 43!!!

    When I grow up, I want to be just like you.....:)
  236. L

    I'm Here, BFT still There...:(

    Friday, my son, Billy, had some time off from the Independence and brought a kite up to go after the big offshore bluefin...Launching our 25' Parker from Sunset Marina in Huntington Beach at 8 pm, we ran westward and by dawn, were working the area below the Mackeral Bank, heading southwest down...
  237. L

    Thieving pirates at Catalina!!

    The good part, is that you have a family of fisherfolk!.....We always lock our inflatable with long ss cabl and a big locke at the Avalon docks...I had an oar unthreaded and stolen, so , now I put locknuts on the oarlocks....the problem gets acute when the shoreboats close down and the drunks...
  238. L

    8/11/16 lots of medium tuna no biters

    A fair number of free divers dive alone, as they are a different breed....Like I tell the youngsters...if you can act fast and survive the first rush of a great white, you have a chance of getting out of least, it worked for me with a 15'er.....:)
  239. L

    Wednesdays are for fishin not workin!

    Nice report and pics.....your refusal to get in a conflict with dummies is a sign of maturity and character....I have cut off a few lures myself over the years (and, even one anchor line once when a lure was stuck in my wetsuit after a sport charter pulled up on top of me at Catalina)....We all...
  240. L

    Wednesday 8/10 report

    I will bet the kids are now hooked...:)
  241. L

    Catalina Report 8/1 to 8/3

    i have had pretty good luck making macks just down from Long Point at nite...also a quarter mile off the east end breakwater in Long Beach..
  242. L

    which Furuno thru-hull transducer

    I upgraded to the B256 Airmar for my 582L Furuno. It is a big sucker but works great on my 12 knot cruising speed diesel powered Uniflite. Picks up fish to 1500' and tuna at 250' in open water with no problems