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    Catalina 7-14

    You got a deal...2 scoops...$75.00...I paid $50.00 for one...but I was fishing...not working...$50.00 is a great investment towards my sanity...
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    What kind of eels are these? Good eating?

    Wait...are we still talking about eels or has this turned 50 shades Ghey?
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    Holy Jumpin Sardines

    $30.00 for a generous 1/2 scoop out of Newport...who gives a crap anyways if you love to fish. That's about what I paid for a chance to get Lucky on my first date 30 years ago in my 59 VW bus...I wish I still had that bus.....what were talking about again? See how irrelevant the $30.00 is pay it...
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    4th of July -- Dana Point dorado

    That's awesome...Happy 4th to you and your son.
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    first timers

    S Stefano, no worries, any harbor from alamitos bay to , oceanside it was my intention go where the action was, didn't want the boy to catch a skunk first time out, and I know its fishing not catching and nothings guaranteed.
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    first timers

    Steve,thank you for the info. Its all appreciated.
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    first timers

    I'm out of chino hills so anywhere from Los alamitos to oceanside would work I was just looking for info. My plan was to go out of Dana point and head north maybe salt creek but if its slow than maybe south towards the domes, or even newport, I know the ride to the bait barge is long but I...
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    first timers

    Thank you all for your help and suggestions
  9. GoGo4

    first timers

    Ill try to explain that to a 10 year old with autism thanks.
  10. GoGo4

    first timers

    Your right the sabiki rig was what I hooked up for my boys when were little, thank you sir for refreshing my my memory.
  11. GoGo4

    first timers

    Sorry its not a report but a question and I knew fellow BD members would help, I'm taking a friend and autistic son fishing for there first time, I'm a patient guy so if I fish all day and catch nothing I'm fiine with it, I'm just not sure of the attention level of my good friends son, I do...
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    DP towards the 209 9/19/14. Yft and world record yt

    We were out there Sat. As well and watched those 2 idiots cut threw your line it appeared as the El nado was too much boat for that guy, we pulled 20 yft off that paddy and most of the time we were outside the circus I'd say a good 100 yards off, best fishing I've had in years regardless of the...
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    First Yellowtail. First Yellowfin. First Dorado. My boy got a trifecta!!!

    Chef, After we released the rat we pointed her to the barn as well we managed 21 yft and one Dorado that's plenty and I have spread the love to neighbors and friends, enjoy your catch my friend.
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    First Yellowtail. First Yellowfin. First Dorado. My boy got a trifecta!!!

    That's awesome we were there in the zoo also we were on the boat in your Dorado picture ,way to go dad.
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    9/16- Good day at 277!

    that's awesome, had my son out two weeks ago for his first yellowtail he still cant stop talking about it, much respect for the Dads and Grand Dads.
  16. GoGo4

    island YT

    whatever you decide to do post the outcome I'm planning on heading over on Sunday
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    Lost and Found

    I lost my virginity off san o back in 89 she referenced the san diego jam as well.
  18. GoGo4

    Big Calico

    the only thing I get from this post is Laguna and Mpa's are :gay::supergay:
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    Lowrance HDS 5

    still available?
  20. GoGo4

    Trippy Looking Calico

  21. GoGo4

    spotty on a 9" sledge hammer(VIEDO!!!)

    gotta love those aggressive little bastards
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    18 pound lobster - HB Pier

    uh oh did somebody say "Oprah"?
  23. GoGo4

    Los alamitos race track "ninja fishing"

    if ninjas don't exist does that mean they're like unicorns?
  24. GoGo4

    The 31 Bertram Build

    any black Friday boat porn?
  25. GoGo4

    Captain Vince Red Drum did it again

    after reading posts from Vince and his little red tin can I'm convinced he's a fishing God or something like that.
  26. GoGo4

    216 Cabo Cuddycon w/ Suzuki 140 4 Stroke - Clearwater, FL - $13,000

    perfect "Best Coast" boat good luck with the sale
  27. GoGo4

    Lobster Hoopers Beware

    I'm still in shock that Sam Kinison is still alive and living in H.B.
  28. GoGo4

    16' Radon rebuild and stretching

    Bitchen pics.and people wonder why we love our boats.
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    Great Day On The Water! First YT

    nice fish and an exceptional beard as well
  30. GoGo4

    Found the schooling OPAHS

    I'm going to go slash my wrists with an electric can opener
  31. GoGo4

    1 Paddy 3 Species Killer Day

    That's what being a Dad is all about, great job.
  32. GoGo4

    Steelhead at the 302???

    way to go, and solo at that
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    really? this thread has brought out the speed bump?
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    Marlin on the Nine

    But this man had the time for his photo op I don't know about you if I had photos of a locally caught big game fish I sure as hell would post it ,hell if I had a photo of a fully breached bluegill I would post it.
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    back in the 90s I met Opah Winfrey God I'm glad that show is over unlike this thread.
  36. GoGo4


    Am I missing something?
  37. GoGo4

    Skipjack 28 Dirty Girl

    looking good any plans on getting the dirty girl wet in the near future?
  38. GoGo4

    Curado 300 E or EJ

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro 50
  39. GoGo4

    2013.07.24 Long Beach

    nice turd
  40. GoGo4


    this one time at harpoon camp I stuck a harpoon in my.............
  41. GoGo4

    Dodo but no bite, Dana pt.

    thanx for the info. and good effort
  42. GoGo4

    Should have used a bigger Float - lost it all- spearfishing Reward

    you see that's where your wrong there is some very useful info. in the post, go prepared or don't go.
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    7 19 13 , wide open calicos

    sounds like a good day thanks for sharing
  44. GoGo4

    heads up on some yellow tail schools....

    damn it crappy time to have my boat in the shop for much needed repairs
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    Dirty Habit, little sister, to Dirty Girl

    its nice but it aint dirty
  46. GoGo4

    Monster spottie

    nice catch but dude you look like that fish called your girlfriend a bad word
  47. GoGo4

    Curado 300 E or EJ

    Abu Revo
  48. GoGo4

    Dinged a ling

    lingasaurus for sure
  49. GoGo4

    Biggest Jetski Bass Fishing ever

    sweet little rig
  50. GoGo4

    LB Wall

  51. GoGo4

    Big Opah

    stoked for u guys
  52. GoGo4

    Dodos and Yellows

    aint nothing better than family time the fish is awesome as well
  53. GoGo4

    New Charter Operation at Crystal Cove

    beach mooring can be expensive can't it?
  54. GoGo4

    Jet Ski Fishing Okinawa

    don't forget the crabs you can catch as well if you decide the latter.
  55. GoGo4

    Biggest Jetski Bass Fishing ever

    gotta love the fresh water bass good job and nice fish, how do you maintain position on the ski ? are you set up with a small trolling motor or do you just leave your ski at idle and adjust with a throttle tap?
  56. GoGo4

    07/13 and I skee yellow

    that's definitely a good sign , cant wait to get out there and fight the boat traffic and hopefully not be disappointed good job and nice ski catch.
  57. GoGo4

    9 mile san diego

    that sucks but just another happy ending with the V.A.
  58. GoGo4

    First bluefin and first yellowtail.

    nice size slabs of meat I'll bring the drinks.
  59. GoGo4

    short finned tunacore, dodos & a helicopter ride

    I hope the person in the xray photo took a medivac ride:confused:
  60. GoGo4

    Newport Dorado

    nice,solo trip?
  61. GoGo4

    Dana Point Yellowtail

    that's what B.D. is all about good info. and good fishing brothers
  62. GoGo4

    San Onofre Kelp

    the ride of shame did that twice VA is a must have.
  63. GoGo4

    I got my mojo back!

    is this the story of the prodigal fisherman ? welcome back
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    Bitchen catch I'm telling Obama
  65. GoGo4

    Skiff Fishing Boat Must Go ASAP!

    I'll give you $25.00 for it
  66. GoGo4

    First Bass of the Day

    congrats on a checker of a lifetime
  67. GoGo4

    18' Center Console Build

    that's going to be a memory to last a life time I cant wait till my boys are few years older so I can start a small skiff project with them, nothing like the feeling you get when you complete such an ambitious project with your own hands good luck and keep the boat porn coming.
  68. GoGo4

    Dirty Habit, little sister, to Dirty Girl

    bitchen find you must not be married brother, if I tried to pull that crap and bring home a 2nd boat my wife would hang me by my gunny sack can't wait for the finished pics. of the "Dirty Girl" and the start up of the sister vessel.
  69. GoGo4

    Tanker Corbina Going Off!

    he did that so you can see the fish from corona
  70. GoGo4

    First wall trip

  71. GoGo4

    First wall trip

    so did you buy it off him
  72. GoGo4

    Toad Spotties on the chew

    that's bad ass but you look like your pissed
  73. GoGo4

    New Seaforth pm last week & dishonest crew...

    so best fish counts translates to shitty service with an attitude?
  74. GoGo4

    Summer of Love Loking,..

    hats off to you guys on the tubes ever since watching jaws as a little kid I couldn't let my feet dangle like that cool video as well
  75. GoGo4

    Good Day For Makos and a Dead Seal!!!

    I always carry my off duty weapon on the boat and always disclose its location if not visible,it keeps the badge from thinking your hiding something and no badge likes to be surprised by a hidden firearm.
  76. GoGo4

    Catalina Bass Madness

  77. GoGo4

    SBS Catalina 5/25

    lets hear the Evan Salvay story
  78. GoGo4


    put your pics.up and quiet the haters
  79. GoGo4

    Big loop .... One fish

    oh for sure hopefully you can find someone to take you fishing
  80. GoGo4


    barracuda are ghey
  81. GoGo4

    pb surf report 5-13

    bet you could fillet an anchovy with them things.
  82. GoGo4

    Opah on the Beach

    bitchen catch I almost didnt look at the post thought it read 'Oprah on the beach"
  83. GoGo4

    2005 17 ft mako FT

    I once tried to trade up for my wife and after a long time thinking I got the same results u did , she's totally reliable,meets my needs,and she is also cost efficient meaning she's not high maintenance like a younger model, plus her dad had a long talk with me and convinced me I was making a...
  84. GoGo4

    Skipjack 28 Dirty Girl

    you are stoked good job on the skippy and on the fish, and is that a chupacabbra over your shoulder in the fishy pic.
  85. GoGo4

    umbrella rig

    not a report just a question, have any of you tried or had any luck fishing an umbrella rig in the surf if so what were your results.
  86. GoGo4

    Fuck Them Forky Footed Bastages...

    its all Hillary Clintons fault
  87. GoGo4


    Blame Obama
  88. GoGo4

    The Ike gone off roading

    thats mike and his partner
  89. GoGo4

    Buy a Shotgun!

    Joe Biden what a Douche
  90. GoGo4

    Accident in San Diego Bay!!!

    you shouldv'e soked in cider.
  91. GoGo4

    Goodbye 12" Bass >}}}}>

    How sad ,most guys I fish with tend to c&r the legal size calico only keeping one on occasion for the bbq.I was planning on going for a hike with my Dad for his 73rd b-day to a local freshwater spot where native browns are plenty and we always c&r,found out its now a tree huggers preserve.
  92. GoGo4

    Pismo Clams Bag Limit in under one hour!

    all this talk about clams I think I hear my wife calling, I'm gonna take a shower and bag my limit.
  93. GoGo4

    Throw away your GPS spots!

    Breaking news just in, it is now illegal to use a go-pro camera in conjunction with fishing in waters south of point conception to the sea of cortez during the months of January to December 31st at depths of 2 fathoms or greater.
  94. GoGo4

    60 t0 70 yellow fin tuna disappear

    this one time, in band camp.
  95. GoGo4

    Baja Bass

    hey spliff how far south is that?
  96. GoGo4

    F#%^'in Seals!

    I remember seeing a video recently of a couple kids giving seagulls a bunch of laxatives at Venice beach,birds instantly started crapping uncontrollably,I wonder what effect this may have on a sea...
  97. GoGo4

    You write the caption

    Here we go with the 909 shit again.
  98. GoGo4

    You write the caption

    They're part of (kpcs) kelp paddy conservation society, a subsidiary to the MLPA& the kelp paddy transplant project. Its an East coast thing.
  99. GoGo4

    Quick question on the law

    gill and gut no issues and no ?s
  100. GoGo4

    The Wedge - fishing report

    I've seen this dudes boat "hunky dory" in a magazine looks like a 38'mediteranean,they were surfing cortez bank it was a support boat or something,stupid name ,sick boat.
  101. GoGo4

    Offshore out of Dana Pt Labor day 9/4

    nice catch,are you soaking your fish in a big ass margarita,or is it just my labor day hangover goggles all fogged up again?
  102. GoGo4

    My Kids First Fishing Trip!!!!

    that is awesome,onesie and all,the little one look amazed with the color on that Dodo.
  103. GoGo4

    Don't want to be a hater, BUT F U spearfisherman!!

    all this talk of sliding things in,I think I hear my wife calling me.:waglleybooty:
  104. GoGo4

    White Shark spotted on a Patty

    he said," bro. that's the coolest thing I've seen all day" fricken hilarious.was that a girl screaming who was filming?
  105. GoGo4

    Don't want to be a hater, BUT F U spearfisherman!!

    this sounds like ammo for the sea huggers who might interpret a bitch session for just another reason to take our fishing rights away,they could see this as just another group of irresponsible fisherman who can't maintain ourselves out their, guess we all need to practice a little respect for...
  106. GoGo4

    Dodos and Yellows

    take a small bucket with you, i.e.( kids sand bucket)and make chunk,just an idea if all they'll sell you is half scoop.
  107. GoGo4

    Fishing Dana point. Patty hopping

    this aint church,dont be so sensitive you baby ,nice sixth post.oh yeah went out and joined the crowds off the domes in70-71 degree water found a couple paddys for no love.
  108. GoGo4

    Oceanside bait?

    went out yesterday and the bait was nothin short of phenominal,just get out there and fish even if you have to lie to your wife about going to work, we havent seen this kind of fishing in a few years. good luck.
  109. GoGo4

    what should i do?

    better yet promise him advertisement and don't do it.
  110. GoGo4

    what should i do?

    seek help from Dr.Phil
  111. GoGo4

    Warbaits Jighead Problems?

    combine that with a chipped front tooth and your solid with the ladies.
  112. GoGo4

    Help me name my boat please.

    Oh wait that's the name of my boat.dont let a us weanies name your boat.
  113. GoGo4

    Help me name my boat please.

    I'd go with "EGRESS"
  114. GoGo4

    Warbaits Jighead Problems?

    when I was your age I got into my first fist fight and chipped my tooth,wasnt mad at all.
  115. GoGo4

    Skipjack fueltank installation

    its on holt east of mote vista
  116. GoGo4

    Skipjack fueltank installation

    S AND W PLASTICS IN MONTCLAIR has the stuff u need on the shelf.
  117. GoGo4

    Help me name my boat please.

    "SEARECTION" I kinda got one after seeing the pics.
  118. GoGo4

    The Defense Department

    I think its time to lock this one so the perverted douchebags dont have the chance to spit theyre perversion about somebody's family. J.M.O.
  119. GoGo4

    The Defense Department

    good looking family,beutiful wife, but you still cant get enough of "DA BUT HOLE" good job and good on family first.
  120. GoGo4

    Best spots to fish out of Oceeanside

    fish the wet spot,can't go wrong.
  121. GoGo4

    Lake Elsinore

    I wish she was 117 again and she wishes I was rich.
  122. GoGo4

    Lake Elsinore

    my wife use to way the same as your thermostat,good thing she don't read my b.s.
  123. GoGo4

    My boat

    she's looking really good
  124. GoGo4

    Lake Elsinore

    YERMO=YERMOst likely to melt out there.
  125. GoGo4

    Lake Elsinore

    b.s. without chesticle pics.
  126. GoGo4

    Fresh out da' butt hole 8.6.12

    I need a smoke after that report.
  127. GoGo4

    MDR Big Goat!

    thats one big ass chivo.
  128. GoGo4


    Tide swing,current,structure,bait & a little luck.
  129. GoGo4

    powerboat races?

    should I post in offshore fish report forum?
  130. GoGo4

    powerboat races?

    does anyone know if there is Power boat racing going on off the L.A. O.C. coast 07/22/12? dont want to take the little ones out in all that mess.
  131. GoGo4

    new seaforth produces...

    I'm too old to get jealous,it was a simple observation of the post as a whole,it went from rambling to mother efers to spankin bottoms, the passion that lies within each person behind there keyboard was obsereved not just the cheek beeting,anyways me and momma knocked it out before dinner.
  132. GoGo4

    new seaforth produces...

    this post has brougt out the passion in everyone.
  133. GoGo4

    Wsb or corvina

    give the kid a break,he's embarrased and only trying to hide that he is a Minotauro.and yep juvi wsb.
  134. GoGo4

    farmers v.s joey trouters

    the first step to recovery is knowing you have a need to stop hanging around playgrounds and ice cream trucks.
  135. GoGo4

    hunter v.s. gather

    I detect a limp wristed typing action, he may be into the other sex.
  136. GoGo4

    How long do outboard motors manufactuers make parts for their motors?

    shouldnt be a problem, I have a little kicker motor that was built in 1979 and just had it gone through and parts were not an issue.
  137. GoGo4

    Daveys 5am half day never again

    how many baby strollers were on board?and could that have affected your catch ratio?
  138. GoGo4

    Bajapaddyhopper Bite-Fest!! 6/30 w-pics

    I'm not suprised, its gotta be the red paint on your tin can that attracts the fish. as always good catching.
  139. GoGo4

    Dana Point 6-30

    I thake offenthse thoo that.....:rofl:
  140. GoGo4

    calicos west end

    no ones breaking balls, just trying to break his secret code so we can help with proper info.
  141. GoGo4

    calicos west end

    if the s##t was legible he might get legitimate help, spell check does wonders.
  142. GoGo4


    that sux, nuthin worse than a piece of trash thief if theyre caught they should send em to Turkey where they cut their hands of for that kind of low life action.
  143. GoGo4

    Toadslayerz Strike Again (lots o' pics)

    nice fish, I dig the pics.format, "AND STAY CLASSY SAN DIEGO"
  144. GoGo4

    20ft Radon Restoration

    just logged on and wet myself,that thing is bad ass.
  145. GoGo4

    another bayliner question

  146. GoGo4

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    well done, any progress on the whaler? if yes, pics
  147. GoGo4

    What's biting off Manhattan Beach?

    I was out there yesterday with my wife,and the only thing biting was her,the salty air makes her get freaky.
  148. GoGo4

    20ft Radon Restoration

  149. GoGo4

    Catalina Report 6/5-6/7

    good job on the ghostbusting
  150. GoGo4

    Jet n Cat build

    that thing is bad ass, and bars do look a little wide, I also have a dirt bike back ground and understand the relativity between your boat and dirtbikes, but have you considered a small steering wheel to give you space around your helm? just an idea.
  151. GoGo4

    Got a 45.5 lb Halibut at MDR

    looks like the cat got the cheeks
  152. GoGo4

    California State Record Sculpin?

    not as good as baby condor.
  153. GoGo4

    100 pounder BSB

    let me guess,your related to him rite?
  154. GoGo4

    2 year old skunk hits the road

    Thats one big ass fish,I say that while staring out the kitchen window at a my covered boat. CONGRATS
  155. GoGo4

    Not Be a Dump Truck

  156. GoGo4

    Not Be a Dump Truck

  157. GoGo4

    Not Be a Dump Truck

  158. GoGo4

    Local Tuesday Toads 5/29

    I'll take 2 out of 3 anytime. congrats.
  159. GoGo4

    do i

    passports are gay
  160. GoGo4

    Who's Fishing Tomorrow??

    sounds like your cuzn is a pretty smart guy if he's waiting till mon. I think I'll save my fossil fuels and follow suit.
  161. GoGo4

    Got Harrased by Law Enforcement

    you sound like your guilty of something you should'nt have done.
  162. GoGo4

    New Build 14ft Carolina Style cc

    looking really good,one ?, are you gonna have a tough time getting that thing outside?
  163. GoGo4

    fresh dead squid oc

    where can I get a japaneese or asian "TAKO"?
  164. GoGo4

    SMB 5-18-12 No Cuda.

    sittin at work or sittin on the water you made the right call
  165. GoGo4

    lost my truck/trailer

    look on the bright, side now you can go that f-350 with the powerstroke diesel youv'e always wanted.
  166. GoGo4

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    jonesin for boat porn, update pics?
  167. GoGo4

    Nados YT - 5/9/12

    good job,dude in the grey shirt is looking to put his dentist in a higher tax bracket.
  168. GoGo4

    6 days of fish

  169. GoGo4

    SCI with the stupid switch ON!

    solid info. time to stock up.
  170. GoGo4

    SCI with the stupid switch ON!

    thats "BAD ASS" if you dont mind me asking ,whats your favorite flavor and size on the "PEARLS" so I can add a few to my arsenal.
  171. GoGo4

    6 days of fish

    B.S. wheres the pics.?
  172. GoGo4

    reebs bolt throwers

    nice flatbass, crazy to see them locally its predominantly found on the east coast ,must have been a transplant.
  173. GoGo4


    Theres an oinment you can purchase at any pharmacy for the discoloration on your lure,good job on old yeller.
  174. GoGo4

    What swallowed my dine!

    wheres the pics. of it laying on the rocks and your white tube socks as a backdrop? oh yeah good on the release.
  175. GoGo4


    and dont forget the protective goggles.
  176. GoGo4

    MDR - Bass Fun Fest W/ The Red Drum!

    finally a fish report without the tooting your own horn B.S.,as always you guys killed it.
  177. GoGo4

    3 halibut in 2 days, for all the haters and juvie WSB catchers in tube socks...

    I know it's the wrong place to post this but any of you shore Butt fisherman interested in a lawnmower and a rake hit me up.
  178. GoGo4

    3 halibut in 2 days, for all the haters and juvie WSB catchers in tube socks...

    thats bitchen you live with your mom and dad so you can fish everyday, I, like most others work for a living and only get to fish a 4 or 5 times a month, oh yeah nice catch.
  179. GoGo4

    Yellows on "Pacific Voyager" 4.28.12

    good job and effort,quality fish
  180. GoGo4


    agreed,but you aint livin till you give a donkey punch followed by a Cosby sweater,Oh yeah nice fish.
  181. GoGo4

    Searching for Yellowtail... went home with ? (Part 2)

    He caught a fish didn't he? post your first yellow of the year. "Hater"!
  182. GoGo4

    My Dad's 28' Skipjack

    sweet rig,good luck and hope you get your pops interested in hooking up on his own boat again.
  183. GoGo4

    Just Fishing

    way to kill em "SPLIFF"
  184. GoGo4

    Local ventura halibut spots?

    New Boat, dont be scared go to the island, sandy bottom close to structure = Halibut. hope that helps.
  185. GoGo4

    bay bass big bay

    this is almost exactly how I prepare my Gymnogyps Californianus,a.k.a.Condor with a slightly different variation on the sauce, instead of yogurt I use sourcream and instead of Tapatio I prefer Chalula,it marrys well with the natural flavors.
  186. GoGo4

    Furuno 1623 Radar

    your Avatar is "BADASS" oh yeah dont need a radar
  187. GoGo4

    bay bass big bay

    Dont knock baby condor till you've tried it.
  188. GoGo4

    20 foot+ great white shark La Jolla

    With the blown up pic. gentlemen its evident we have a lizard fish of epic proportions on our hands.
  189. GoGo4

    quality spottie report

    Dude you are passionate about that reel
  190. GoGo4

    MB 4/22

    always a good time fishing, catching is just extra, and a big salute to PEDRO a.k.a PETER for serving and protecting this great country be safe and cover your 6.
  191. GoGo4

    SD butt

    nice Butt,and the screen is to keep the flies from the backyard rite?
  192. GoGo4


    The only people I know in this country that have given up all rights to search and seizure without probable cause is the wonderful group of convicted and due processed 10/15s who occupy state ran long term lodging.
  193. GoGo4

    lbc breakwall/hali drifts

    fished off huntington yesterday in about 50' of water and had a whale cruise by about 25 yards off our stern, first time on the water with a whale that close to my little skiff what a rush.
  194. GoGo4


    what scents were they using 30 yrs. Ago?
  195. GoGo4

    Go Fuck Yourself Laguna...

    no more fish tales of fishing off Laguna,only COCK tales and SWALLOWs on theyre way to capistrano.
  196. GoGo4

    1/2 day CITY OF LONG BEACH 11-30-11

    way to go,looks like u were using a slayer swim jig.
  197. GoGo4

    Rpt-Finger Bank Reds, Shark, Halibut, Bass

    way to get em Cory,and always enjoy the reports,my 5&6 yr.old boys sit and listen to me while I read to them,1ce again as always good job.
  198. GoGo4

    LONG BEACH ON FIRE 11-15-11

    nochinges,como chinges, u don`t miss way to kill em, dude with the Raider hat looks like he`s there against his least he caught fish too.
  199. GoGo4


    I know why she is "fishing alone" she`s meeting sancho he doesnt get on her nerves with the B.S. stories. what husband # are you? just sayin.
  200. GoGo4

    dana point and north

    Fished the kelp from the red buoy to the blue roofs yesterday for limits of SKUNK,water was anywhere from 59-60.5 dgrs. and clear fished all plastics,upside it was just a bitchin day for anyone who was on the big water,catching fish would`ve been an added bonus.
  201. GoGo4

    Knifed me a Butt!

    I think legally he's fine,if you read the whole story the fish charged him therefore leaving no option but to defend himself.:rofl::rofl:
  202. GoGo4

    Knifed me a Butt!

    skills with the shank like that, I'm pretty sure you served time, you got him like he owed you some soups.
  203. GoGo4

    GOT LINGS.........

    well done,dude in the last pic. on the right looks like he caught a buzz.
  204. GoGo4

    breakwall quickie

    whats up "Beaner" I imagine any of the Burkley products will work if fished correctly,just not sure about the nuclear chicken,also not sure what your point is referencing senior citizens and sculpin, I`m sure there`s plenty of old school fisherman who wouldn`t mind showing you the ill effects of...
  205. GoGo4

    Local 10 / 19 Moo-moo Rockfishing Report w/pics

    great report as always,cant beat the old school ingenuity something that seems to be fading away to playstation and texting,gonna have to save that idea and build one with my boys.
  206. GoGo4

    breakwall quickie

    uh oh,dont tell me i messed up and gave to much info.and didnt scribble out that big section of rocks behind my son,secrets out now isnt it?
  207. GoGo4

    breakwall quickie

    just glad to share my experiences with fellow fisherman,anyway hard time is the 40hr work week leading up to the next fishing excursion,cant wait for the comedic criticism BD has to offer.
  208. GoGo4

    breakwall quickie

    san pedro, outside,63degrees,10lb.mono/1/2oz.owner sled head,7"big gulp in the new penny flavor.
  209. GoGo4

    breakwall quickie

    my bad getting use to navigating the site,did a short session on the L.A. breakwall and as always my 6yr.old picked up a checker just a little bigger than mine,went just under 2lbs. gotta luv it.
  210. GoGo4

    breakwall quickie

    long time reader first time post,short and sweet,took my little ones for a quick session,my 6yr old picked up his biggest calico to date,nuthin better than watching them teach me how to fish,gotta luv it.