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    Restaurants near the landings

    I can’t drag myself away from Mitch’s at the docks. Good variety and I don’t think prices are bad for what you get. Miguel’s is simply OK.
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    Steve, that was me in flip flops. We were in a hot tuna bite and I nearly stayed in the galley but said what the heck. I pitched a sardine out with 30# floro and bam. Fortunately, the hook was in the corner of his mouth. Also, I’m the unfortunate angler that lost the Intruder lure. To say I...
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    Smoke Detectors

    I searched last night for a “travel” smoke detector. I leave in 9 days for a 10 day trip and my wife is a wreck over this news. I couldn’t find one specifically for travel, although I found a very small one by First Alert. One of the victims lived a couple miles from me in TN. Even though we...
  4. Outhouse

    Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Prayers do matter if you believe in the Almighty God, as I do. The prayers aren’t for the lost but for bringing peace to their families. Use of words like “prayers” can seem hollow to some but I do pray for the families, friends, crew members and those that are working to retrieve the lost.
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    How to Treat Seasickness

    David, tell him to avoid carbonated beverages, as hard as that will be for you. Ginger snaps and ginger ale help but the patches are the way to go. Get him to put one on the night before he boards and to keep one on for the day afterwards.
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    Music on deck

    God is capitalized!
  7. Outhouse

    Music on deck

    I like it on travel days but I have CHS (can’t hear shit) so I struggle to hear PA even without music
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    Excel-Ballast Point Brewing 8-Day, Sept 2-10

    Matt, you’ll have a blast on a great boat. Be sure to tell the crew and others that you are a newbie. Everyone on these trips are very helpful. I’m on the trip after you, the good Lord willing. Holler here for tips on prepping for the trip. Jon
  9. Outhouse

    For Sale Ron Z and Flat Fall. Reduced Price

    I think they are 8” tails. I’ve caught fish on them. I’m just reducing the gear I take since I have to ship my gear. I’m a recovering tackle ho’.
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    Update on one of our brothers Titan05

    David, I didn’t know about Jim’s latest health issues but I know of his past issues. If you talk to Jim, please tell him I’ll pray for him, his family as well as his health professionals. For guys that don’t know Jim, he’s one of the really good guys. I’ve never had the pleasure to share the...
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    For Sale Ron Z and Flat Fall. Reduced Price

    Guys/gals, these need a home and baby needs new shoes!
  12. Outhouse

    Most Useful Freebies?

    Jamie, you know I love ya’ but I sleep with my back to the wall for a reason. I’ll be making my lucky 13th trip this year. I’ll probably win some Kotex!
  13. Outhouse

    Most Useful Freebies?

    I’ve gotten two memorable gifts. First was a worm blower to inflate night crawlers. The next year I got a box of Midol for mensturation cramps. Fishordie can really come up with some great gifts.
  14. Outhouse

    For Sale Ron Z and Flat Fall. Reduced Price

    I’m doing some more spring cleaning. I’ve got a good collection of Ron Z tails and jig heads. The packages on the left have at most 1 tail missing and the two packages on the right are unopened. In total there are 8 heads. 2-6oz white, 2-2.5 oz white, 3-2.5 oz silver and 1-1.5 oz silver...
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    SOLD A bevy, agglomeration or caboodle of lures

    Thanks, I’m shocked no one has responded.
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    SOLD A bevy, agglomeration or caboodle of lures

    One has upgraded hooks and one without hooks.
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    SOLD A bevy, agglomeration or caboodle of lures

    Reduced price, offers accepted Each summer, I take stock of “stuff” I’ve accumulated. I’m a landlubber aka cricket flipper from Tennessee. I’m about to make my 14th mission trip to save the lost souls of SoCal but I need to unload a bunch of tackle I’ve accumulated over the years. Because of...
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    Site for fish recipes

    i gave a bud some tuna and yellowtail. 5 Star used to have a link for fish recipes, but I couldn’t find it. Anyone know of a website with good recipes for fish for a landlubber?
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    Wahoo Bombs.....Which do you prefer?

    Jerry, do you need my address in Tennessee?
  20. Outhouse

    Wahoo Bombs.....Which do you prefer?

    Where do you get these heads?
  21. Outhouse

    Just Booked Excel Trip

    You’re ruined. You’ve just mortgaged your remaining lifetime earnings. Being as you are on the right coast, you need to check out Big Fish Transport aka Mike Morris. He’ll take the stress out of shipping your gear.
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    Fishing Guides in Key West

    Check out Key Limey. Really cool dude. He won the shark tourney on ESPN for 2-3 years in a row.
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    Getting your gear to and from SD

    Mike Morris with Big Fish Transport is the way to go. Getting your gear to the landing is easy. The hard,and incredibly stressful part, is after the trip. You’re tired, you get up early to unload your gear and what do you do with it. You normally can get it into a locker at Fisherman’s...
  24. Outhouse

    For Sale 7 UV flashlights

    i am doing some house cleaning as part of my New Years resolutions. I have 7 new UV lights that need a new home. 5 are Cree LEDs and 2 have 21 leds. All are new and use a AA battery. $65 delivered via USPS priority mail. PayPal only!
  25. Outhouse

    Recommendation for Bison Meat Hunt

    Check out Goodman Ranch In Chester County. I believe they have a few bison.
  26. Outhouse

    Traveling Anglers to San Diego, TAKE NOTICE

    I don’t know his storage costs but he told me he has a $2mm liability policy.
  27. Outhouse

    Traveling Anglers to San Diego, TAKE NOTICE

    Not all of you may know, but my friend, Mike Morris, is 100% back in business. He has two programs. One, you ship your gear to him and he’ll receive it, inspect it and pick you up at the airport when you fly in. Your gear will be in his truck and he’ll deliver you and gear to your place of...
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    What happened to the Prowler?

    I’m a “land lubber” from TN that doesn’t know shit from shinola when it comes to ocean navigation. I do travel to the left coast annually for one trip and entrust my safety to the crew of the Excel. A year ago, I would have been among those criticizing how this could happen. Then November 11...
  29. Outhouse

    What happened to the Prowler?

    Larry, you answered the question I was about to ask. Thanks.
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    WTB WTB 6oz. Catchy spinner heads

    I’ve got a few of the wahoo bomb heads. Don’t know the weight. I also have one of the large trolling lures as well as a couple of the replacement skirts
  31. Outhouse

    RainShadow The Judge Live Bait Rod Blanks Are Here!

    My fav live bait rod is one of Batsons knife jig sticks. It’s 7’ and I forget which model but SaltyDawg wrapped me for me and I use it with 40# matched to my Mak 10. Saweet!
  32. Outhouse

    Better Photos

    If you send me the original, I’m happy to clean it up better. I can also add text to add names and date. PM me and I’ll send my email address.
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    Better Photos

    Here’s another I cleaned up. I got rid of a bit of the blood and eliminated some of the shadows on the faces.
  34. Outhouse

    Better Photos

    Here’s an example of a pic I modified simply using Snapseed. The original pic wasn’t bad, but I think the modifications improved it. It took me about 30 seconds to make the changes.
  35. Outhouse

    Better Photos

    Soda, just send me your pix and I’ll fix em!
  36. Outhouse

    Better Photos

    Smartphones can cover in a pinch but invest your $ in a decent “life proff” camera. Also, download the app “SnapSeed”. It’s free and gives you simple tools to correct photos.
  37. Outhouse

    Tapping the brains trust of SDLR re: Shipping rod tubes as baggage.

    I be I eve might is easying back into business, not fully yet.
  38. Outhouse

    What are the best gloves for LR Fishing?

    I use these inexpensive gloves. I only wear the left one. The rubber grip gives me assurance on holding the rod. Also, I feel I can grip a bait much lighter, yet maintain control.
  39. Outhouse

    Best Okuma Service

    Who has the address for shipping reels?
  40. Outhouse

    Tapping the brains trust of SDLR re: Shipping rod tubes as baggage.

    Guys, if you are shipping your rods to SD, use Mike Morris. Also, when packing your rods, use this cling wrap. It’s cheap and helps insure that the rods don’t shift in transit.
  41. Outhouse

    Simple hook question

    ive always seen folks using the simple 94150 hooks in a bronze color. I use these hooks for my wahoo bait rigs. Mustad also makes these hooks in nickel finish. I’ve never seen these used but it seems to me, especially on wahoo rigs that the silver color would add flash to bait rigs. Comments?
  42. Outhouse

    Taller fluid bed tubes for longer lures

    ive only seen 2-3” fluid beds on line. To coat a PL 68, you’d need a much longer tube. Comments?
  43. Outhouse

    Mylar Skirting Material for Bombs

    Bingo. I had a couple guys give me their chewed up bombs last year and I refurbished them
  44. Outhouse

    How Many Lures Are Enough?

    I’d say Brad wins the prize.
  45. Outhouse

    Mike Morris Update

    I should look so good as Mike did last week when I saw him. A year ago I feared I wouldn’t see Mike again. But he’s living proof that prayer works for those that have faith, which Mike has in abundance.
  46. Outhouse

    Help a Brother Catch a Grouper

    I’ve caught my share of grouper over the years. When choosing a weight, get one large enough to get to the bottom without a lot of bend in your line. Also, when dropping down, feel the weight constantly bumping the bottom. If you can’t feel the bottom, either let out more or pick up excess...
  47. Outhouse

    Split ring plier

    Bingo, right answer!
  48. Outhouse

    New Braided line finger protection.

    Great, I leave town Thursday. Wish I could have seen this earlier!
  49. Outhouse

    Wahoo basic questions

    I’m shocked no one suggested a fresh script of Xanax. You’ll wake up in cold sweats, during the day, you’ll have ramdom attacks of pure anxiety followed by fits of anger.
  50. Outhouse

    Portable Solder Kit

    My experience is exactly as you describe. I traveled from Tennessee alone as a bucket list item for my 50th birthday. I’m packing now for my 13th trip. I still travel alone but I have a bunch of new old friends on the left coast.
  51. Outhouse

    Fish it, or Frame it?

    I’ll give you my address and ease your confusion.
  52. Outhouse

    36 hour trip advice

    I was less than clear, which boat should he consider. I know about rental gear but what boat would a total newbie take that has a good crew
  53. Outhouse


    I ship my gear annually to San Diego from Tennessee and back. For the rods, if they are 7’ or under, it’s not that expensive and my shipper of choice is FedEx ground. In fact, my bud, Mike Morris of Big Fish Transpirts has an SKB rod tube that is mine and needs a new home. You can park a...
  54. Outhouse

    36 hour trip advice

    I travel from Tennessee once per year for an 8 day on the Excel. This makes me a local expert in all things related to SoCal fishing, NOT. A good friends son is attending college in SoCal and wants to try a day and a half trip out of Sandy Eggo. He’s never been, nor has any gear. I’m looking...
  55. Outhouse

    Komodo 450 vs Tranx 500

    I had the Komodo and then got a Tranx. Sold the Komodo and bought a 2nd tranx
  56. Outhouse

    Bad ass knife sharpener at the OC fair

    Go get an Edge Pro Apex. All others aren’t close
  57. Outhouse

    Knife sharpening San Diego

    I also use a leather strop with polishing compound. Sadly, the guy that made my favs, The Stropman, passed recently.
  58. Outhouse

    Knife sharpening San Diego

    If you want shaving Sharp, check out Seattle Knife Sharpening. Prices are shown.Be aware that his edges are so sharp that they can get a bit thin. Not for tactical or bushcrafting knives. I personally use an Edge Pro Apex sharpener.
  59. Outhouse

    Guadalupe Island... Red Rooster... JULY 31- AUG. 5 I just got on

    I’d take a spinner with a Calstar 800ml and load the reel with 20# test. Also, take your mask, snorkel and waterproof camera and send me some underwater photos.
  60. Outhouse

    For Sale 21 Various Lures

    Guys, S O L D. Someone got a killer deal.
  61. Outhouse

    For Sale 21 Various Lures

    Bump, open to offers
  62. Outhouse

    For Sale 21 Various Lures

    SOLD Cleaning up excess lures I have. Many of these are new and duplicates to lures in my bag. Others are just lures I’ve acquired that don’t make the cut. I’m in Tennessee and simply have to be sensible about the weight I pack. My loss is your gain. 3 of the 4 white Salas jigs, I added glow...
  63. Outhouse

    Looking for a new wahoo reel

    To each his own. My hook up rate increased significantly when I added a Tranx. I can focus on simply winding. After watching my bud Steve Mac become a wahoo monster with his Tranx, I was convinced. He hooked and caught a limit in a day and a half. I watched him hook and catch 6 fish in one...
  64. Outhouse

    Looking for a new wahoo reel

    I’m a convert of the Tranx. With the level wind option, you cast and just focusing on cranking.
  65. Outhouse

    Building a pseudo outhouse for hunting camp.

    For the structure, buy a small one man hunting blind. It would be Camo and big enough for the chair mentioned above.
  66. Outhouse

    Rodless Heresies: Fishing for Wahoo All Wrong!

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I hate those darn fish. When they are around, I know there are some good whitefish to be had and I grab a heavy lead weight and head to the bottom.
  67. Outhouse

    Flat Fall Rigging

    I’ve been seeing folks saying that when using flat falls for bigger grade fish, you need to change out the hooks. For an inlander (Tennessee), give me some ideas of what I need to do with my 250 gram jigs?
  68. Outhouse

    Man's best friend.Show us your dog.

    The first two Are my current bud, Winston, a British lab. The other is my late bud Oscar.
  69. Outhouse

    A question for those who fly into SD.

    Getting gear there is easy. Getting it home is the hard part. I’m going to investigate arranging a pick up of my gear via FedEx after my trip.
  70. Outhouse

    Ringing hooks

    I’m talking about getting hooks on jigs.
  71. Outhouse

    Ringing hooks

    does either Fisherman’s landing or Anglers Choise offer hook ringing services?
  72. Outhouse

    Glow coating Flat Falls

    When I was in Sandy Eggo last September, at Fisherman’s Landing someone was offering to glow paint jigs. Has anyone done this? If so, looking for tips
  73. Outhouse

    Heh Heh Heh

    I’ll take a white fish. I don’t lose sleep over them and they don’t cause nightmares.
  74. Outhouse

    Heh Heh Heh

    I hate those darn fish!
  75. Outhouse

    Rod reccomendations for newbie

    Stop now and save your money. Long range fishing is addictive as cocaine and you won’t be able to stop. Before long, you’ll need counseling to avoid bankruptcy!
  76. Outhouse


    I insert 6-8” and follow up with a nail knot right at the junction of the hollow spectra and the leader using 30# solid spectra. When tightening the nail know, pull the knot tight enough that the spectra turns from white to a pale color. I then coat the insertion with tac glue. Holler if you...
  77. Outhouse

    What's your preferred length for a wire Wahoo leader?

    That is the best I’ve seen. Mine look like crap.
  78. Outhouse

    Physical Training Ideas

    I agree with David. I’m 6’2”+ and the rail is too low for me and kneeling on one knee simply doesn’t allow me the ability to quickly move when I have to.
  79. Outhouse

    What's your preferred length for a wire Wahoo leader?

    Do you do these by hand or do you have one of the fancy, expensive tools?
  80. Outhouse

    Learning to work with hollow spectra

    Here’s a video on using single strand wire. Once you get it, you’ll never use a latch needle again. I make my own wind on leaders. I insert the mono/floro 6-8”, secure it with a nail knot followed up by coating the length of inserted line with tac glue.
  81. Outhouse

    Mike Morris Update

    I’m going to share a story about Mike that reflects where the size of his heart. Before his surgery, I mentioned to him that my brother was recently diagnosed with the big C. Mike, in spite his condition, regularly asks about my brother and to let me know he’s praying for him. Who does this...
  82. Outhouse

    Mike Morris Update

    I just got a text from Nancie and her excitement was noticeable. They expect to release Mike this weekend to go home! I think it’s been 11 weeks.
  83. Outhouse

    September 8 day vs Sept 10 day

    Other than having two extra days to fish, how do these trips differ in terms of gear needed?
  84. Outhouse

    Mike Morris Update

    Here’s a pic from Nancie this morning. He’s starting to look like Mike again!
  85. Outhouse

    Mike Morris Update

    I got a text from Mikes wife Nancie last night. She said Mike passed his swallow test and can begin to eat soft and purred foods. She really seemed excited.
  86. Outhouse

    Most fish caught on a single day and an entire trip of long range fishing?

    I don’t believe Albacore exist. I’m about to take my 13th annual 8 day and I think I’ll see a unicorn before an Alby. I was on a tribe on the big E and we loaded 400 yellow tails in just over two hours. They were as think as tics when we left but we were tagged out and tarred
  87. Outhouse

    Mike Morris Update

    I spoke to Mike yesterday for about 10 mins. He’s back at UCLA. I could barely understand him, but it sounded like he’s got pneumonia, which can’t be good. His speech was garbled but hearing his voice was also uplifting. I urged him to keep up the battle. He said he was very tired and was...
  88. Outhouse

    Marijuana on LR boats

    Being ignorant to such things, are edibles not detectable by the Mexican pups?
  89. Outhouse

    Marijuana on LR boats

    I’ve been reading all of this crap and I’m simply amazed. Now I live in Tennessee and I know weed is around. But I’ve never smoked it and wouldn’t know where or how to buy it if I wanted to. I’m north of 60 and I don’t expect to ever see it legalized in TN in my life time.
  90. Outhouse

    For Sale Okuma Komodo SS 471

    Up for sale is a once used Komodo 471. The only reason I’m selling it is my wife gave me a Tranx. This reel was used on one trip and then cleaned professionally. I take one 8 day trip per year and have all my reels cleaned and serviced so there is no question the next year. I travel from TN...
  91. Outhouse

    Mike Morris Update

    I got an update from Nancie last night. Mike is having difficulty coughing and clearing his lungs. The worry is pneumonia. Keep on praying!
  92. Outhouse

    Mike Morris Update

    My dad used to say he worried because he had no shoes till he met a man with no feet. We all have trials in our lives. Never have I seen anyone face such trials with absolute no fear. Mike is such a gentle soul but with such deep convictions and inner strength.
  93. Outhouse

    Mike Morris Update

    Here’s a pic of the warrior, Mike with his queen.
  94. Outhouse

    Mike Morris Update

    I’m glad some beat me to the update. I’ve not spoken to Nancy but I sent her a text to see how’s she is holding up. I’ve never met her but she must be as tough as her man Mike. I suspect he’s still got a long road ahead, but the sun is shining brighter on my bud.
  95. Outhouse

    Mike Morris Update

    I was just about to post the same message. As you pray, add Mikes wife Nancy to your prayers. I can’t imagine what his family has endured.
  96. Outhouse

    Mike Morris Update

    God’s will is perfect.
  97. Outhouse

    Mike Morris Update

    I just got a call from my friend Mike Morris’ wife Nancy that there is a possible donor and he may be going in for surgery later tonight. This warrior has been thru hell including having a small, if you can call it that, stroke while in ICU. For those that believe in the great healer, please...
  98. Outhouse

    Big Fish Transport -Mike Morris

    I’m happy to report Mike passed his assessment at UCLA and is now on the transplant list. I know God’s plan is perfect and when the time is right, He will provide the lungs Mike needs to resolve his active light and screwing with my tackle!
  99. Outhouse

    Big Fish Transport -Mike Morris

    Mike is one of the best. Tuesday is a big day for him. Once he’s put on the list, I know someone will make the ultimate sacrifice but Mike couldn’t be a better recipient
  100. Outhouse

    Shipping a Rod Tube

    For me, I trust FedEx much more than a Fed Govt worker.
  101. Outhouse

    Shipping a Rod Tube

    I don’t. I sold my 8’ rods for this reason
  102. Outhouse

    SOLD 10’, 2 piece jig stick.

    I should have posted, but the rod has sold.
  103. Outhouse

    how far can you push the komodo

    I’ve got one for sale if interested. I have both the paddle and power handle. Full of blue 60# Threadlock. PM me if interested. I took it on one trip and then my wife, not knowing what to give me for Christmas, bought me another Tranx
  104. Outhouse

    SOLD FS-Red Avet clamp kit $25.00 shipped

    Avert clamp, available? If so, I’ll take it.
  105. Outhouse

    Big Fish Transport -Mike Morris

    Anyone who travels and uses BFT, aka Mike Morris, needs to keep him in your prayers. If you know him, you first know what a wonderful human being he is. You also know he’s battling failing lungs. He’s headed, hopefully, towards a double lung transplant. He had a heart cath today as part of...
  106. Outhouse

    First Time LR

    I went solo for my first trip some 12 years ago. What you’ll find is a helpful crew and other passengers who are willing to help.. Don’t overthink gear needs as it’s easy to go nuts and you’ll end up buying things you don’t need. I’ve bought and sold more gear than I care to remember. As to...
  107. Outhouse

    SOLD 10’, 2 piece jig stick.

    Guys, up for sale is a Rainshadow Tuna Popper. Rod is a 2 piece, 10’ monster that sling a jig a mile. It’s rated for 50-100#. This rod is near perfect having been used sparingly on one trip. I’m in Tennessee but my bud Mike Morris aka Finishright has it in Oceanside. This is custom wrapped...
  108. Outhouse

    Bob Sands

    Jamie, you know I’m both older, by at least 2 hours, and much wiser. I’m sad Mom took me out of the will, but she’ll probably outlive me given my propensity for doing the flying squirrel from the top of trees. I do have an evil side and yes, our sports teams do tend to bring the worse out of...
  109. Outhouse

    Bob Sands

    Chill dude, Jamie and I are buds, almost brothers.. If you can’t pull someone’s strings in jest, it’s not fun. I fully expect a Jamie will use his superior intelligence (and he’s one of the really bright ones) to come back even Stronger. Your fricking political correct world is nucking futts.
  110. Outhouse

    Bob Sands

    People don’t know we’re twins. Kind of like Schwarenegger and Devito.
  111. Outhouse

    Bob Sands

    Jamie is a no-count, slimy POS. He’s an over-rated egomaniac that’s trying to make up for an incredibly small man unit. In fact, I’m not sure he is even a man. o_O I pity someone that is so insecure about his abilities both as a fisherman and a man.:2gunsfiring_v1:
  112. Outhouse

    Tybee Island Help

    I was there in early June 2-3 years ago. We hired a guide and in 5 hours, the guide caught one lady fish, we caught nothing. But the guides wife runs a fossil hunting operation and it was a blast. We found close to 100 shark teeth including a nearly complete megladon tooth. We were the only...
  113. Outhouse

    best long range boat vs cabo san lucas

    LR is way more than catching lots of fish. The experience of a multi day trip can’t be described. On my 8 day trip in early September we regularly run into billfish and usually on light tackle, which is a blast.
  114. Outhouse

    For Sale Reduced - Fishing Reels for Sale - Part I - Newell - Penn - Shimano - Daiwa

    Jim, I’m thinking about suing Trump and the CDC. The ineffective flu vaccine is about to put me 6’ under. We’re a long way from GA, not that I wouldn’t be thrilled to see ya’.
  115. Outhouse


    I’ve got a Albackore reel bag but I’m in TN
  116. Outhouse

    Dolphin Motel toast

    The original owner sold a year or two ago. Last year I paid $115 for a room when it used to be $55. Two years ago, the internet was crazy fast,, last year it was dial up speed. Really bummed.
  117. Outhouse

    Like New Okuma Komodo 471

    Government shut down given you the blues? Buy this light new Komodo and give Chuck Schumer the bird!
  118. Outhouse

    Shipping a Rod Tube

    Be sure the rods can’t move inside the tube. I ship my every year from TN to Sandy Eggo. The key is to wrap rods tip to butts and pack them with enough bubble wrap to keep the rods from moving. I personally prefer FedEx.
  119. Outhouse

    Need help choosing a reel????

    The Okuma Komodo 471 I have listed in the classified section.
  120. Outhouse

    Like New Okuma Komodo 471

    So what do you think is a fair price for a like new reel, with two handles and full of Seaguar Threadlock spectra?
  121. Outhouse

    Like New Okuma Komodo 471

    I always service my most used reels. I fish one 8 day trip per year. I want to be sure my gear won’t fail on that one trip. I have no talent in tearing reels down, so I have someone that knows what their doing handle this task. I had no plans to get rid of it till my wife gave me a Tranx...
  122. Outhouse

    WTB Tranx 400a

    I’ve got a like new Okuma Komodo 471 full of Seaguar Threadlock. Only reason I’m selling is my wife gave me a Tranx 500
  123. Outhouse

    Like New Okuma Komodo 471

    I’m stunned no one has bought this reel.
  124. Outhouse

    Like New Okuma Komodo 471

    Bump, common guys
  125. Outhouse

    Jigs for sale-Early Spring Cleaning

    Nope. But I’m open to offers
  126. Outhouse

    Like New Okuma Komodo 471

    There’s not much I need other than an ATV winch. This is a good deal for someone that needs a very good reel. I ship insured and have a good rep on these boards.
  127. Outhouse

    Like New Okuma Komodo 471

    Wife surprised me with a new Tranx for Christmas, so I need to make room for it. This reel has been on one trip then professionally serviced. The reel is full of 60# blue Seaguar Threadlock. The reel came with a paddle grip and I added the power grip. This reel is as new. $210 TYD, PayPal only.
  128. Outhouse

    Jigs for sale-Early Spring Cleaning

    S O L D Up for sale are 11 jigs. 8 of them are Shimano Flats Falls, mostly 100 grams. Only one has seen the water. There are three other jigs included. $75 TYD, PayPal only. This price is about half of retail and no tax or shipping.
  129. Outhouse


    Bump for a great seller. The TN flag should fetch a premium.
  130. Outhouse

    Swim baits for larger tuna

    I use them every year but on the school sized tuna.. I can catch 4-5 before I have to replace the tail.
  131. Outhouse

    What are the odds?

    I never have..
  132. Outhouse

    Catchey magnum spinner jets

    Does anyone know if Catchey sells replacement skirts for their huge jets? My has Mylar and rubber and chewed up pretty bad.
  133. Outhouse

    Let the Listing Begin

    Jim, my only advice is load your car the morning of your trip!
  134. Outhouse

    Wtb Rainshadow Tuna Popper

    Mike Morris of Big Fish Transports has mine I just sent. I’m in TN and no one here can use a 10’ 50-100# stick. I figure he could sell it quicker than I could.
  135. Outhouse

    Custom build for less than a factory wrap??

    In my opinion, custom costs more than factory, but you get better components with custom.
  136. Outhouse

    Rodless Again

    Jim, I’ve said this before, but I’ll offer it again, my entire Arsenal is yours for your next trip. Since your coming on MY trip next September, return shipping isn’t a problem. We don’t always agree on issues but I know we’re buds. Buds help buds. So let me know.
  137. Outhouse

    Best Long Range Boat

    This isn't always true. The 8 day on the Excel I take only takes 28. This boat is huge. You pay extra for the limited load trips but its worth it, in my opinion. If you look at the schedules for next year and you see a trip that is sold out, there is a reason for this, it is probably a great...
  138. Outhouse

    Collapsible iron rod for air travel?

    Guys, I have a custom wrappedRainshadow 10H that needs a home. I’m too old and feeble to handle such a rod. PM me if interested.
  139. Outhouse

    Collapsible iron rod for air travel?

    I’ve got one of these I’ll sell. Took it on one trip. I’m too old to handle it.
  140. Outhouse

    Which UC Rods?

    Jim, I’ve got a once used 7.5” predator you can try out if you want to use it before b jim, I have a 7’6” UC Predator and a Phenix PHD 700XH you can try before you buy. It’ll just cost you shipping. We can figure out where you can park them after your trip. I also have a killer Rainshadow...
  141. Outhouse

    Rodless Again

    I should add that guys out there should watch Craigslist and other auction sites. The POS that stole these rods will sell them, most likely
  142. Outhouse

    Rodless Again

    Jim, enough words have been shared. If you need any of my gear for future trips, all you have to do is ask.
  143. Outhouse

    33 Days!

    Guys, ignore the blues and get you a bag of Capt Jimmys bombs and head to the ridge and “wind”.
  144. Outhouse

    Address and number for Okuma Service

    Want to have my reel serviced at the factory,where do I send it?
  145. Outhouse

    9/2 thru 9/10 Excel/Gallagher Fish Explosion

    Jamie said I was older, but he failed to mention that I'm also immensely wiser. I consider this annual excursion as my annual mission trip to the sick, depraved group of guys that have become great friends. This group needs much more of my therapy, but what's a broke, TN cricket flipper to...
  146. Outhouse

    Nice fish...

    Steve, I'm back a week from my trip on the Excel. We caught a bunch of yft but they were smaller grade and you had to weed thru acres of skipjack to catch one. I doubt we had many, if any 30# fish.
  147. Outhouse

    6xJr for wahoo?

    You must have watched me, although I didn't know about cutting the double line.
  148. Outhouse

    Wahoo moving in 13 days to go

    I will say, the trolling lurevthat got bit the most was a black and pink former that was the furthest out. Maurauders got bit a bit but the fish seemed shy on trolling.
  149. Outhouse

    Wahoo moving in 13 days to go

    On the way to the rocks, the yellows were on the surface looking for something to chew on. We got to the rocks and caught about 100 the first day and another 30-40 the next. Headed to the ridge where we caught a zillion small YFT and finished up catching another 125 or so yellows. Everyone...
  150. Outhouse

    excel staterooms

    I just returned from an 8 day on MY boat, the Excel. My room was #16 and you could hang meat in it, but the forward rooms had an AC issue, which I'd bet is fixed. I always carry a small fan. I just found one on amazon that runs on a 18650 rechargeable battery and is amazing for a 4" fan...
  151. Outhouse

    Anyone use Rainshadow Rods?

    What he said. Very good rods for the $.
  152. Outhouse

    Jig painting question

    Do you need my address? LOL
  153. Outhouse

    Refurbishing Wahoo Bombs

    while not homemade, I have several bombs that have been chewed up badly. I need suggestions on sources for paints and skirts. Other suggestions appreciated.
  154. Outhouse

    Blue hollow spectra/braid

    Steve, I only buy blue Threadlock spectra now. I can see it better. If you are in a tangle, it helps the deckhand figure our your line. I use white spectra for my top shots and it helps putting them together and taking them apart.
  155. Outhouse

    Looking for a English lab

    Ck out Sporting Life Kennels in Oxford, MS. World Class dogs. You can buy a pup, a started dog or a fully trained dog. Marty Roberts is the breeder. His pups sell out quickly.
  156. Outhouse

    Storing wahoo bombs

    is there an efficient way to store bombs other than the tubes they come in? I either lose the caps or the tubes break.
  157. Outhouse

    Preferred rigging of Wahoo Bombs

    Let's leave politics out for a few years. I'm just recovering from November
  158. Outhouse

    Preferred rigging of Wahoo Bombs

    I personally hate fishing for these darn fish. They say God made everything for a reason and it's clear he made these fish to test my faith. I go on vacation to relax and these fish bring the worst out of of me. I'd much rather bottom fish for whitefish than ponder a wahoo.
  159. Outhouse

    Intrepid's Kevin Osborne

    I'm an Excel guy but the one time I fished the Intrepud, Kevin made me feel like I was his best customer. I felt he went out of his way to make me feel like I was the most important customer on the trip. Really sad news and pray for his healing.
  160. Outhouse

    Preferred rigging of Wahoo Bombs

    I personally go the opposite direction. Once I met Capt Jimmy and realized what a simply wonderful soul he was, I rig mine bombs with 10# mono so I have to buy a lot of bombs from him.
  161. Outhouse

    Nicopress Tool #17-2 & 17-BA

    Moving sale. I've got a used, but in good shape, Nicopress crimping tool, #17-2/17-BA. $25 plus $5 shipping. PayPal only. I've sold lots of stuff here and can be counted on to ship, once paid
  162. Outhouse

    Wahoo trolling harness

    Jamie, can I simply say I love ya' you have a few extra jewels in your crown n heaven for the way you take care of your iligetimate brother!
  163. Outhouse

    Wahoo trolling harness

    For someone that knows what they are doing! I'm an inlander!
  164. Outhouse

    Wahoo trolling harness

    Tim, you should hop a jet and join us. Great group of guys in spite of Peaches Gallagher and my half twin brother Fishordie
  165. Outhouse

    Wahoo trolling harness

    The Melton ones are 275, don't I need 400+
  166. Outhouse

    Wahoo trolling harness

    Looking to buy a quality trolling harness for the dozen Hooker Intruder lures I'm taking on my next trip. Where can I get a "hook up".
  167. Outhouse

    1st time for soup on the Excel

    Hit up Don Sokioka. Great guy. That is the group that popped my cherry 12 years ago. Very helpful and low key but they can fish.
  168. Outhouse

    Not fishing... African Safari

    David, both you and your wife need them. I've got a couple good pair that I won't be using until late fall. I'm happy to ship them to you. These are plenty good for what you'll be doing. They are both backed by life time no questions asked warranty. If you lost both, you'd not be out $2500...
  169. Outhouse

    Not fishing... African Safari

    David, be sure to take some good binoculars as well.
  170. Outhouse

    Not fishing... African Safari

    Soda, I trust you have a good camera? If not, consider a Sony A6300 or A6500.
  171. Outhouse

    How do you prevent getting sunburned from the neck up ???

    I prefer the Simms brand and they have the same perforated area around the mouth/nose. I have a long billed cap I got at Bass Pro that I've worn for years. I pull the sock over my hat and it covers my nose ears, etc... I look like a fat fishing ninja but I had a chunk of my ear taken off a...
  172. Outhouse

    Galley Grub

    A Memphis classic, BBQ nachos.
  173. Outhouse

    Jigs painted in Red Crab

    So what you all are saying is they don't work?
  174. Outhouse


    Well, decision made. I'm sending my Costas back to have my lenses replaced with 580G lenses in place of the 580p. While I wait, I found a pair of Smith Optics on Sierra Trading Post for $60.
  175. Outhouse


    As a blue eyed devil, I appreciate the info, didnt sorry, I meant Bruce. I'm old...
  176. Outhouse


    Steve, Costa has some frames with readers at the bottom. If your needs are mostly for reading, this is a cost effective option. I think they are called CMates
  177. Outhouse


    Jeff, will you explain the comment about blue eyes?
  178. Outhouse


    Jim, I'm too ugly to look cool in anything.
  179. Outhouse


    A case of no good deed goes unpunished. In order to go on my once per year fishing trip, I have to endure a trip with my whole family (I get to pay) to Disney World every 2-3 years. Well as I baked in the Florida summer heat, I dropped my Costa 580P glasses. Of course, one of the lenses got a...
  180. Outhouse

    Red Shirts on the Back End?

    I thought you were one of the rich guys?
  181. Outhouse

    Safety strap for reel while bait fishing

    I've got one that needs a new home. It may have been used 1 time. PM me if you're interested.
  182. Outhouse

    Quick advice needed

    What/where is Colonett?
  183. Outhouse

    Quick advice needed

    Many of you know that I live in Tennessee. Well, a very good friend of mine's son attends college somewhere near San Diego. Me being the Tennessee expert of San Diego fishing, my friends son wants to take a day trip fishing next week. Any and all advice appreciated.
  184. Outhouse

    Braid ratcheting crimper

    I have a Braid tool that I don't use. PM me if interested and we'll see if we can make a deal. It's a very good tool. I'm in TN and only fish an 8 day trip and it's simply not needed.
  185. Outhouse

    Re-wrap or build new?

    I've done the rewrap and you end up with a good looking rod, but you could get new technology for the same price.
  186. Outhouse

    Fred Hall Show Deals 2017

    I personally prefer to pay retail.
  187. Outhouse

    Question on length of butt to reel foot?

    I've got this book and don't need it. Let me know if you want it and we'll make a deal.
  188. Outhouse

    2 openings on my Excel trip

    David, when I become rich and famous, I'd love to hop on a trip with you, especially when its the big E. I'm chained to my desk crunching tax returns, unfortunately.
  189. Outhouse

    Which would be more rail room

    I've only fished the Excel and Intrepid, both great boats. The thing I love about the Excel is the tackle rack and the room you have on the sides to maneuver around other guys.
  190. Outhouse

    A big thanks to SALTYDAWG custom rods

    David, I'd love to have the culls of gear you no longer use. You and Fishybuzz have to have warehouses full of gear you've long forgotten. Happy your healthy again and doing as you always do an hauling in the biguns
  191. Outhouse

    Looking for Lab Puppies

    Its a long way from you but check out Sporting Life Kennels in Oxford, MS. Marty Roberts raises some world class British labs. You can buy a pup, started pup or a completely trained dog.
  192. Outhouse

    Weird Rainshadow blanks, need info

    Id like to buy that blank if you would sell it. I've been looking for one for over 3 years. They quit making it. It is indeed a muskie blank
  193. Outhouse

    JRI Stinger jig

    What is a stinger jig, for those among us that are too dumb?
  194. Outhouse

    Surface Iron Confusion...?

    If you reel fast enough, none of them sink out of sight!
  195. Outhouse

    Couple of Judges for the Batson booth

    Bill, what do you think about the Judges? What do they compare to?
  196. Outhouse

    Couple of Judges for the Batson booth

    If you like the 10' rods, I have a once used one. I'm an old fart and it's a bit much for me.
  197. Outhouse

    Where to get a rod wrapped

    He has a Facebook page. I've never used him but he wraps some good looking stuff.
  198. Outhouse

    Rainshadow vs Jaws jigging blank

    Salty Dawg built me a Rainshadow 700-325 and I love this rod.
  199. Outhouse


    I never watch it but count me in. Pats - 42 Hotlanta - 28
  200. Outhouse

    Phenix PSW 700xh vs PHD 700xh

    To echo the first reply, the PSW are more parabolic.
  201. Outhouse

    Starter set Denver Bronco colors

    Nice color combo
  202. Outhouse

    Starter set Denver Bronco colors

    Nice color combo
  203. Outhouse

    That guy!

    Good post Jim. I'm sure I've been "that guy" unknowingly. I've had the red ass more than once but I'm slowly realizing that the luxury of these trips is simply getting away from life, decompressing and meeting interesting folks. I assume all you left coasters know you are nuts, right?
  204. Outhouse

    That guy!

    As a witness and roommate of the subject in question, I saw the whole thing. The person in question had a way of expressing his opinion and losing his temper very quickly if you disagreed with him. I don't recall the subject being debated but one of the crew made the mistake of butting into a...
  205. Outhouse

    That guy!

    I personally witnessed this, as you may recall.
  206. Outhouse

    That guy!

    I've hit balls back to people more than once. The best time we were on a par 3 that was playing like 250. This turd rolls one and hits my birdie putt. His ball stopped about 2 feet from the hole. He never knew it because he was ducking back on the tee.
  207. Outhouse

    Thoughts on a Old School Rod

    Jim, I've always found your threads educational, and at times, funny. As I recall, I killed several 25-30# yellows on it. I like rods that can do multiple tasks so I can keep my quiver of rods lighter. The 610 did that well.
  208. Outhouse

    Thoughts on a Old School Rod

    Jim, about 8 - 10 years ago I bought a 610 based on your suggestion before we ever met. You posted on the attributes of this rod. Well I bought it and fell in love with it. Funny though, when I got my gear back home, my 610 had turned into an 870. Somehow someone on that 5 day trip had...
  209. Outhouse

    UC US65H for my Uncle in Conn.

    Very classy color combination.
  210. Outhouse

    Simple Question, I hope

    Most of my batch of rods are custom wrapped, mostly by Randy Search, aka Zombie. I've got a couple that I no longer use and would like to list them. My concern is they have my name on the rod. Can this be removed by someone with skills? If I can sell the rods I no longer use, I'd be in a...
  211. Outhouse

    Fucking finally

    Congrats on the motor but the colorful adjectives are a bit much.
  212. Outhouse

    Lots of new Phenix Rods for cheap

    I likewise wish you could ship.
  213. Outhouse

    United Composites model breakdown

    The heaviest I would be casting is 4-5oz.
  214. Outhouse

    United Composites model breakdown

    I'll be throwing typical sized wahoo bombs, raiders and Salas jigs. Typical fish are 20-30# yellows and wahoo. I don't live where I can pull on them
  215. Outhouse

    UV flash light for lighting up Jigs

    David, thanx for letting me know it got there ok. Now think happy thoughts of me when you hook a cow on the PL 68. Did you ever get your Ford Raptor Truck?
  216. Outhouse

    United Composites model breakdown

    Can I throw a question into this interesting topic? What 7' rod would you pair to a Tranx HG to sling iron to yellows or wahoo? I say 7' because i travel from the Heartland to SD and shipping rods over 7' gets $$$$
  217. Outhouse

    United Composites CX76 Viper for Harris

    Well, you're freaking good at it!
  218. Outhouse

    United Composites CX76 Viper for Harris

    It must be tough being you.
  219. Outhouse

    XL Limited Load 12/27

    Give Pat Gallagher a hug for me.
  220. Outhouse

    UV flash light for lighting up Jigs

    I've put glow tape on lures and coated it with 5 minute expiry and it works great. You can also find where your cat or dog peed, find bedbugs and find freon leaks.
  221. Outhouse

    UV flash light for lighting up Jigs

    David, when do you leave? I'll send you one. PM me with your address. I get them on EBay for a couple bucks each, you just have to wait forever as they come from China.
  222. Outhouse

    How to store jigs with big treble hooks

    Great question.
  223. Outhouse

    Smart and Efficient Long Range Packing

    Jim, I suffer from the travel headaches just the same as you. I've gone "the less is more" route but I travel with the same group each year and I know a couple of guys that will have everything I need if I dont bring something. I've mentioned that I use my own pre-made loop to loop leaders and...
  224. Outhouse

    African mahogany "Jon" Tackle Box

    Guys, you should buy this as I get a commission on each one sold! Great box and even better quality.
  225. Outhouse

    New Owners - Five Star Fish Processing

    Is Justin going to continue to Capt the Excel?
  226. Outhouse

    Five Star Fish Processing from Sarah

    I'm selling all my gear and I'm going to take up crochet.
  227. Outhouse

    Rod for Tranx

    For you artists, what 7' rod would you wrap for a high speed Tranx for slinging iron and bombs to wahoo and yellows?
  228. Outhouse

    Tackle Industries Musky

    I'm not smart enough to guess at the actual rating but it will fish 30-40# line just fine. Sorry for being slow to respond.
  229. Outhouse

    Tackle Industries Musky

    I fish one of their wrapped 7' rods with my Lexa 400. I originally had the 7' XH heavy model but I high sticked it and it broke, I returned it and he replaced it for $50 and I got the XXH model and it is a great rod for $99. My only negative are the guides are a bit on the light side, but last...
  230. Outhouse

    Rainshadow Tuna Popper

    The negative I see with 10' rods, I have a Rainshadow, is that once you're hooked up and you are in a crowd, everyone near you gets a headache because I can't lift the rod over their heads. If you're not in the crowd, just lay the rod on the rail. I wasn't prepared for that and I'm unsure...
  231. Outhouse

    Not reels, Wahoo rods...

    For me, it doesn't matter. I chunk, crank, get T-Boned, cuss and do it again. I hate those darn fish. I'd much rather rock fish than fish for wahoo.
  232. Outhouse

    A modified Avet Screwdriver

    Mark, why slotted vs non slotted?
  233. Outhouse

    Not reels, Wahoo rods...

    Good post, Steve.
  234. Outhouse

    My Colorado buck 11/10/16

    My dream is to just see a mule deer, let alone shoot one that beautiful. Very nice.
  235. Outhouse

    Smoked Fatty Brisket That Lasts All Year

    Get you an Orion cooker. Results are easy, fast and amazing.
  236. Outhouse

    Tranx Setup

    I ship my gear and can't afford shipping fees on long rods.
  237. Outhouse

    Long Range Laundry Tips?

    Two more things, fabreeze and a small fan. I turn the fan on anything that might be damp as I head out to fish and leave it running all day.. Also, don't crawl into your bunk is you're stinky. As I and others have said, backpacking towels, XL.
  238. Outhouse

    Wahoo Reel Choices

    I personally think 4 rods are overkill. 3 max, but I'm poor. Wahoo fishing hasn't always been this good. I fished 8 day trips for 4-5 yrs before I saw one. Longer trips are an exception I'm told.
  239. Outhouse

    Long Range Laundry Tips?

    I pack very much like Senor Rodless. Because of skin cancer concerns, I wear long sleeves everyday I'm on deck. These are quick drying material and I can get a couple days out of each. I also wear quick drying shorts and bvds. At nights and travel days I wear mostly cotton shorts and shirts...
  240. Outhouse

    Tranx Setup

    Not yet decided, but I'm leaning either to a 7' Wahoo, Jr or 7' Predator
  241. Outhouse

    Election Day: Were My Civil Rights Violated?

    You folks in California, I don't know what to think. What, for a TN redneck, is proposition 60? Aren't you guys trying to leagalize weed, which I'm told is readily available there? I'm still hoping they legalize moonshine back here.
  242. Outhouse

    Phenix BD 700XH Like new

    Which model Phenix? You indicated BD but is the PHD?
  243. Outhouse

    US80 Tilefish for Matt Jones

    Do you ever do anything except turn out one jewel after another? Dude, go fishing.
  244. Outhouse

    Komodo 450

    I wouldn't say its much smaller than a Tranx, but it is smaller and a tad larger than the Lexa 400. I think it will be a killer rig for live bait fishing for wahoo.
  245. Outhouse

    Tranx Setup

    I do have a jewel. Ever year before my one and only LR trip, she asks if I need anymore gear. She keeps out checkbook so I always worry what's she's hiding (lol). We've been married for 42 years and dated for 3 prior to that. She was 10 and I was 11 when we got married. NOT!
  246. Outhouse

    Komodo 450

    That very thing happened to my 471 on my first cast, which resulted in a hooked wahoo, which I lost when the drag froze.
  247. Outhouse

    Wahoo question

    I personally hate the darn things. I can wake up feeling all chipper and the next thing I'm throwing rods and reels overboard in total frustration. I think I'd rather fish for rock fish.
  248. Outhouse

    Intrepid fish report ... 15 day... A great way to start the cow season off

    For those affected by the cancellation, I'm sorry. For those, like myself, that travel by air, this would be an expensive ordeal. I book my non-refundable airfare as much as 8 months in advance. I also pay to ship my gear 7-8 days prior to the trip, so a cancelled fishing trip would cost me...
  249. Outhouse

    Tranx Setup

    50 # hollow?
  250. Outhouse

    Preferred connection for hollow to solid

    I asked this specific question to Jerry Brown personally. He said all I had to do was run 5' of solid into the hollow and tie an overhand knot. Given success of Tac glue, I'm sure you could insert 5' secure with a nail knot and then glue. Doubling the line is added security.
  251. Outhouse

    Tranx Setup

    my wife surprised me with a new Tranx HG and I need opinions on how to set it up. This will be used to sling iron/bombs to yellows/wahoo. I prefer loop to loop connections and I make my own leaders. I'll either use 50# mono where I'll tie a loop and have two legs running to the lure or I'll...
  252. Outhouse

    PowerPro Lines

    Can someone explain the basic differences in the various power pro lines?
  253. Outhouse

    Wahoo question

    I use the Salas 6x jrs. My favorite color is the Pink Lady.
  254. Outhouse

    Incredible power of light Black Hole Cape Cod Slow Pitch rod for 100 lb tuna

    Explain the concept of "slow pitch" please.
  255. Outhouse

    NIB WTF?

    Steve, I asked one if the buyers your exact question and he replied that he had a source that would sell him reels at wholesale and he was just trying to make a buck.
  256. Outhouse

    Best way to get ready for my first LR trip in August?

    One last tip(s), we ALL have off days and trips. Remember to breathe, take a shower every now and then to wash the stink off and enjoy.
  257. Outhouse

    Rod grips

    What determines when you use EVA vs Hypalon? Eva is lighter, but is it noticeable?
  258. Outhouse

    Dumb Question about braid / spectra?

    I disagree about installing spectra your self. Living in And with no shops that sell spectra, other than Spiderwire, I can install spectra packed tightly. It takes time, but you can do it.
  259. Outhouse

    Rod for throwing iron and bombs

    I've got a 10' Rainshadow rod I'll let go. Rated 50-100!
  260. Outhouse

    Are Billfish Protected on LR Trips?

    Is this what you wanted to see? On my 8 day trip in September, we had bunches of marlin and sailfish caught. Deckhands consider them a pest and prefer you break the fish off. Me, I enjoy the fight and the show. Break it off after the fun.
  261. Outhouse

    Captain America themed Rainshadow BP1024F

    I don't know shit from shinola about rod building but that is one of the coolest rods I've seen.
  262. Outhouse

    Best way to get ready for my first LR trip in August?

    All info above is good, especially about how to pick and hook a bait as most of the fishing you will do will be with live bait, flylined. Practice casting a small (1oz) lure into the wind to avoid backlashes Lastly, after the tackle seminar on the boat, grab a deckhand and tell him you are new...
  263. Outhouse

    Daiwa Lexa 400 HS-P

    SOLD - I'm selling a Daiwa Lexa 400 HS-P that is full of JB 60# hollow Spectra. This reel has seen limited use on (3) 8 day trips. It was fully serviced after the 2nd trip and is in good shape. $150+10 shipping, PayPal as a gift.
  264. Outhouse

    The New Avet G2 Series

    Morning glory Rising Sun Sailors Delight as in Red sky's at nite, sailors delight. Bad Moon rising Cabernet Chardonnay Merlot
  265. Outhouse

    Viper 7'6 .... But I am still in PT

    How many warehouses of rods do you own?
  266. Outhouse

    40 lb. set up

    Keep your eyes on the BD boards and consider to buy used. Lots of good deals to be had. You might be able to get 2 outfits.
  267. Outhouse

    Recipes for long range Species

    Guys, could use some wahoo recipes. I'm like Soda, I can't make a mustard sandwich. Wife is a pretty good cook but can't get the hang of cooking wahoo
  268. Outhouse

    Whahoo jog or bomd

    I understand zjimmy used to run a boat.
  269. Outhouse

    Okuma Kumodo 450 Update

    Bennett, thanks for the info. I bought this reel based on the pre-release hype, which I regret. I only fish one trip per year primarily because I live in Tennessee and travel to and from gets expensive. I spend several hundred $ to only have the reel fail. I can only hope it works next year...
  270. Outhouse

    Whahoo jog or bomd

    I consider Capt Jimmy a friend. He makes a wonderful product. I like the dorado, Orange and black, and on dark skies, black and pink. But don't forget lures like the Salas Pink Ladies. Also, a couple or 10 Raiders.
  271. Outhouse

    Okuma Kumodo 450 Update

    Well I got a reply from one of the customer Srvc folks that a technician would contact me soon with what was wrong with my reel. I feel slightly better.
  272. Outhouse

    Putting the Tackle Box on a Diet

    I go thru this every year. I have to fly to get to SD. Each year immediately after my trip, I make notes about what I need but didn't have and vice versa. The wild card are the wahoo lures.
  273. Outhouse

    Okuma Kumodo 450 Update

    I was exceptionally busy the past couple days but I sent an email to customer service. When I sent the email I requested read receipts. I got two receipts almost immediately but no response. This was yesterday. So I now know the names of two people who I know read my email, so I sent them...
  274. Outhouse

    Swapping out a stock handle for a t-bar style

    Cal Sheets will put on one of the handles just like the Mak's have. You have to ship the reel handle to him as it takes some machining to do. I have one on my Avet MXL and JX.
  275. Outhouse

    Someone explain benefits of the different types of spectra

    so, we have 4 and 8 carrier solid spectra. What's the advantage of one vs the other.
  276. Outhouse

    Okuma Kumodo 450 Update

    This is a follow up on my post a couple weeks ago regarding my new Komodo 450 which failed in the first hour of use, Well, I got the reel back and it's working but unfortunately there was no ticket explaining what they did to fix the failure. So, for me the jury is a out until I can put it...
  277. Outhouse


    Hmmm, I wonder who introduced Steve Mc to Capt Jimmy???
  278. Outhouse

    IF I wanted to return / exchange a Black Hole rod?

    Talk to Fishordie before buying. He knows these rods extremely well. He'll give you a no BS answer. If he likes it, I'll promise you you'll like it.
  279. Outhouse

    Air Travel with an 8ft. Popping Rod?

    If you are only shipping 1 rod, get a 3" piece of PVC . Be sure to have something to cushion both ends and pack it so it cannot move. If you're shipping multiple rods, Plano has a Jumbo Airliner tube. The key is do not allow any movement. PM me if you have any Qs.
  280. Outhouse

    Air Travel with an 8ft. Popping Rod?

    I've never checked my rods as baggage but always ship my gear via FedEx Ground. The cost for 7' rods isn't bad. I shipped a tube with one 7' rod insured for $250 and it cost about $25. I've not shipped an 8' in several years. It gets painfully expensive. I quit taking a custom 8' Rod...
  281. Outhouse

    Rod rec

    Jamie, Steve indeed suggested the Phenix blank. I'd be interested in hearing about the UC blanks also Rodless, my bud Steve introduced me to a Pac Bay reel seat that is two piece so the shipping issue isn't an issue.
  282. Outhouse

    Rod rec

    I'll be chucking bombs and iron to anything that swims and has gills.
  283. Outhouse

    Rod rec

    In another post, I mentioned that my wife surprised me with a new Tranx. I explained to her that to give a reel without a rod isn't what one does. So, what rod should I demand of her?
  284. Outhouse

    New Tranx

    when I married my wife 42 years ago this past Tuesday. I got a good one. Each year before my one trip per year, she asks if I need another rod/reel. When I came back from my trip 2 weeks ago, I was talking about my bud having a reel that really makes a difference on catching 'hoo. He has a...
  285. Outhouse

    This was one lucky angler fishing for Wahoo

    A similar thing happened on the 8 day on the Excel the first week of September. An angler lost his rig on a nice yellowtail during an afternoon bite. Later that night, some guys were dropper loop fishing and hooked into a yellow. When they got the fist up, they noticed a hook in the mouth...
  286. Outhouse

    Halco Max 130

    Jackson, I've always thought you were such a caring person and this just cements that idea!
  287. Outhouse

    Wahoo bait leader length?

    Could you post a pic of your pvc tube?
  288. Outhouse

    Rainshadow 84xh

    Very nice build on a great blank
  289. Outhouse

    Halco Max 130

    I'll admit I was caught in the battle to find these lures a couple years ago. I rigged took off the treble hooks and replaced them with single hooks. I've never fished them. We're these just a fad or does anyone fish them?
  290. Outhouse

    Halco Max 130

    I'll admit I was caught in the battle to find these lures a couple years ago. I rigged took off the treble hooks and replaced them with single hooks. I've never fished them. We're these just a fad or does anyone fish them?
  291. Outhouse

    Plastic bags

    im looking for some heavy duty zip plastic bags to store wahoo leaders. I found some 2 mil bags, but I'd really like to find some 6 or 8 mil bags. 3x5 or 4x6 bags would be fine. I found several sources but you have to buy a zillion bags and I'm too old to use tgat many. Any ideas?
  292. Outhouse

    Stress relief for traveling anglers

    Mike sends you a pic of your gear when he's rec'd it and ck'd it out. He packs your gear and sends tracking #s immediately upon shipping. On the day it's supposed to arrive, he cks on the shipping status.
  293. Outhouse

    Okuma Komodo SS 471P: First Look

    John, I will. I've probably over-reacted to the reel problems, but I get one chance per year to fish the left coast. I just finished my 11th trip and in all those years, I've had one tackle failure and it happened to be a new reel. I did everything I could to get this reel prior to our trip...
  294. Outhouse

    Komodo 450

    We'll find out soon, I hope. Shipped it back to Okuma yesterday. Having lots of buyers remorse
  295. Outhouse

    A couple more Rainshadows

    Bill, you need to wrap some more of the knife jig blanks. The rod you built me a couple years ago is absolutely my favorite rod.
  296. Outhouse


    I agree, should be required gear for every angler. I'm having a specially designed one for my cane poles. Mine will have clips for the minner bucket and my cricket tube.
  297. Outhouse

    Komodo 450

    Would someone explain "therotetical" drag? The Komodo was advertised as being able to handle 30# of drag which is why I bought it. Of course mine failed with 9# of drag.
  298. Outhouse

    Andros 12NSIIa

    Charkbait has them listed on their weekly sp pg.
  299. Outhouse

    Shipping Fish

    I live in TN and fish one LR trip per year. 5 star processes my fish and they take them to the Southwest Airlines Air Freight office and she ships the fish in Styrofoam coolers. The fish are frozen and she adds some frozen gizmos to protect the top layer of fish. She ships it early one...
  300. Outhouse

    Arm and hand cramps

    I find myself tensing my muscles too much as I reel. I can wind faster if I relax my hands and shoulders. Also, don't be bashful about taking a short break, drink some Gatorade, then go back and fish.
  301. Outhouse

    long fin sale

    Please buy me something...
  302. Outhouse

    Stress relief for traveling anglers

    For anyone that travels by air to SD for LR fishing, you know the stress with getting your gear shipped to and from SD. Mike Morris of Big Fish Transport will make your trip more enjoyable by eliminating the hassle of shipping gear. You ship your gear to him, he receives it and makes sure...
  303. Outhouse

    Name Removal

    Most of my rods are custom jobs and the "artist" is now retired. He put my name on all of my rods at the base, just above the foregrip. Can my name be easily removed if I decide to sell one?
  304. Outhouse

    Find what is missing in this picture

    I'm very surprised that the Excel guys let that go. I just got off the Big E and every day that kept reminding us to have closed toe shoes on.
  305. Outhouse

    Long range is not just fishing

    Yet another at the end of the day.
  306. Outhouse

    Wire for Wahoo?

    I'm just got off the Excel where we put a dent in the 'hoo. A deckhand rigged one of my bombs with 150# mono. Having slung it a bunch, I'm going back to tying a loop in my 50# line and having two legs running to my bomb. Also, I had good success using AFW Surfstran 60# 1x7 leader wire. I...
  307. Outhouse

    Long range is not just fishing

    Here's one I put together last night!
  308. Outhouse

    Long range is not just fishing

    I have many other photos, but unfortunately, my new camera has too many megapixels and I'm too darn lazy to resize them, sorry. Major jet lag at the moment.
  309. Outhouse

    Long range is not just fishing

    I just finished my 11th LR trip traveling from TN. The more I go, the more I realize these trips are way more than just fishing. The sites, reviving friendships from the prior year and getting away from the rat race is becoming as important, if not more, than the fishing itself. We just...
  310. Outhouse

    Komodo 450 Short Report

    We boated something over 800 fish for the trip. Rocks were iffy due to sharks. Ridge was insane. We first hit a huge school of 10-25# yellowfin. Limits were available for anyone that wanted it. We had some huge dorado caught and for those willing to stay up all night, there were loads of...
  311. Outhouse

    Okuma Komodo SS 471P: First Look

    John, on the 1st morning I used the reel, I hooked up to a fish and fought it but moments before a shark hit the fish. I went back to the tackle station to retie. After doing so, I always pull on the line to ck the drags and found I could not pull any line out at any drag setting. The reel...
  312. Outhouse

    Okuma Komodo SS 471P: First Look

    John, I mentioned in another post the failure I had with this exact reel the first time it saw water. I'm waiting to get it returned to Okuma for inspection. That aside, how do you adjust the cast control? Do you actually have to open the reel up?
  313. Outhouse

    Guide suggestion

    i bought a freshwater Muskie rod for use with 30# line while fishing smaller grade fish like dodo's, school size tuna and such. The rod is very good but the guides are on the weak side. Can someone suggest a decent guide that doesn't break the bank? I don't think I need SIC guides. The rod...
  314. Outhouse

    All Swivels ARE NOT Created Equal... or are they?

    Ditto on the Spro swivels. These things are small, so go higher on the pound test than you might think, as the wire tends to be very small. I use the 230# swivels. I just got off the Excel and had numerous hookups on my wire leaders without a failure.
  315. Outhouse

    Excel or Intrepid??

    I've fished both as many others have stated. I'm partial to the Excel for a few reasons. First, the tackle racks on the Excel have much more room than does the Intrepid. 2nd, there is much more room to maneuver on the decks of the Excel. Lastly, I think the Excel simply has the "fishier"...
  316. Outhouse

    Mono topshots for hoos

    I tie a loop in my mono top shot so there are two legs running to my lure. I personally use 50# test
  317. Outhouse

    Now Hiring Reel Repair Technician

    I hope you find someone good that can figure out why my new Komodo 450 failed the first time in the water!
  318. Outhouse

    Komodo 450 Short Report

    i was lucky and scored a 471 the day before our epic trip on the Excel, which made it back to Point Loma this am. I was quite excited to give this reel a go, unfortunately, the reel wasn't so exciting. After a couple days of travel, we found ourselves at Alijos. So I tied on a wire leader...
  319. Outhouse

    AFW wire for wahoo bait leaders

    Jim, I got one on live bait and then switched to lures. Can't remember what the leader looked like afterwards, sorry.
  320. Outhouse

    AFW wire for wahoo bait leaders

    Jim, last year I was totally unprepared so I bought some from the boat. I had a couple left over and sent Jason a message asking him what they used and he said 1x7 60#. I ordered some but also got some 40#. I also have about 1000 yards of Knot 2 Kinky
  321. Outhouse

    AFW wire for wahoo bait leaders

    If you buy leaders on the Excel, you'll buy 7 strand 60# wire. I bought some 60 and 40#
  322. Outhouse

    Komodo 450

    Who in San Diego has them? I m in TN but I called Squidco and Fishermans Landing, no go.
  323. Outhouse


  324. Outhouse

    "Kinky" Wahoo Leaders

    Spro Power swivels are good stuff. They are a bit shiny though.
  325. Outhouse


    i leave the hot, humid state of TN Monday am headed to SD. What's the weather been like up in the tuna grounds? I expect heat if we head to the rocks. I just want to be sure I pack appropriately.
  326. Outhouse

    Sam's Club

    is there a SAMs Club reasonably close to the Harbor?
  327. Outhouse

    Package Deal

    Reduced Price - OBO - Over the past few weeks I've been clearing out stuff I've bought but don't, and in some cases, never used. Up for sale 1st is a brand new, in package, Izorline "Apron Rod Butt Rest". Part AL150.This has never left my home. Next is a strap that goes over your shoulder and...
  328. Outhouse

    Anybody know Lowell Dickson?

    Post pix and auction it off with proceeds to his family.
  329. Outhouse

    Best jig slinging reel ... Realistically

    Does this apply to the older TRQ models? 200 and 300?
  330. Outhouse

    10' Rainshadow popping rod

    So, he's basically a wuss?
  331. Outhouse

    10' Rainshadow popping rod

    Has anyone used this blank yet?
  332. Outhouse

    Seaguar prmier fluoro

    I like Momoi. Just bought 100 yards of 40# for $45
  333. Outhouse

    Catchey Spinner Jets

    Jeff, how were yours rigged?
  334. Outhouse

    Technique if you're about to get spooled?

    I was nearly spooled at the Rocks several years ago. Deckhand standing next to me said, you are about lose your spectra, which I was going to do. I clamped both thumbs on the spool and actually turned the fish momentarily and he took off again. I again clamped down on the spool with both...
  335. Outhouse

    Catchey Spinner Jets

    These are the wahoo bomb style.
  336. Outhouse

    Catchey Spinner Jets

    i have several of the Spinner Jets that are rigged with 90# 49 strand wire. Is there a stealthier way to rig these? 80 or 100# mono?
  337. Outhouse

    Penn bibs

    $35 gets these as new Penn bibs in XXL. Wife gave these to me several Christmases ago and the only time they have been out of the package was to take the attached pic. PayPal as a gift only
  338. Outhouse

    Helly Hansen Economy Bibs

    These are unused XL HH bibs. While the packaging looks worn, the bibs are as new. I carried these back and forth from TN, but never had a need for them. $20 + $10 shipping. PayPal as a gift only.
  339. Outhouse

    Best rust preventative for saltwater

    Here in TN, we need the KY for the corn cobs we use in the shitter. I bring it out of habit.
  340. Outhouse

    what's so bad about stock flat fall hooks?

    Can someone recommend replacement hooks and how to rig them?
  341. Outhouse

    what's so bad about stock flat fall hooks?

    Last year I was fighting a 35# grade yft on a flat fall and the hook snapped right at the shank.
  342. Outhouse

    Best rust preventative for saltwater

    Looking for the best product to keep tools from rusting on deck during a typical LR trip.
  343. Outhouse

    Question about hoos..

    My first ever wahoo came out of the water within 10' of the boat to pounce on my sardine. He almost caught it before the bait hit the water. I nearly pissed myself. All I remember beyond that was the whole boat screaming "WIND" as most everyone saw it.
  344. Outhouse

    Tuna Lures

    S O L D ! ! ! i live in TN and when I got into this addictive sport of LR fishing, I had to have everything. I've toted these 7 lures back and forth for 10 trips and have never used them. The Cigar lures are rigged, but might need the line replaced as they have been coiled up. Otherwise these...
  345. Outhouse

    Deal Alert

    I've watched some you tube vids and the performance is reported to be equal to Yeti. I have heard the fit and finish aren't up to par but these didn't affect performance. I have no personal experience. My thought is I'll spend $10 for this bottle and see how it stacks up.
  346. Outhouse

    Deal Alert

    There's the constant debate on whether Yeti is superior to the clones. Don't know, but this is a killer deal on the Rtic brand 18oz bottle. $10, free shipping, no tax. I'm getting one to hold water while on deck fishing.
  347. Outhouse

    Titanium Leaders

    Can someone post a pic of a properly crimped titanium/Knot2Kinky leader? I'm about to make some and like to see a good crimp vs. a bad one.
  348. Outhouse

    Graphite refinish/repair help please

    I had a rod refinished. I but off the guides and sent the rod to a custom rod builder that used to lurk on this site but has since retired. He cleaned the rod up a bit and then had it repainted using auto paint. The blank looked brand new.
  349. Outhouse

    Wind on leader ?

    Also consider JAK Associates. His Windons are extremely good. He also has an eBay store.
  350. Outhouse

    First Aid Kits

    My drawers can't get any cooler, I leave them at home but sleep with my back to the wall. Keep hearing banjo music and thoughts of Ned Beaty in my sleep.
  351. Outhouse

    Metaloid Reels

    living in TN, I don't have the luxury of actually playing with these toys at my local shop. Can someone opine on the quality of the Metaloid? I only saltwater fish on one 8 day trip per year so it would be used then and cleaned to await next years trip. Il liking the specs on the 5
  352. Outhouse

    First Aid Kits

    My Dr said peroxide was good to clean the wound the first time but not good after that. It will irritate the skin and prevent proper healing.
  353. Outhouse

    First Aid Kits

    My first couple of trips on the Excel were the Sogioka/Stires charter. Norm Sogiota was head of surgery at one of the LA hospitals and his medical bag was as big as his tackle box. There were numerous other medical professionals on board but thankfully we didn't need them.
  354. Outhouse

    First Aid Kits

    For those that think it can't happen to you, this is my finger on the 2nd day after a small nick from a hook. It was the afternoon of the next to last day of an 8 day last year. Wife picked me up at the airport and I went straight to my Dr. Glad it didn't happen on the 2nd day of the trip...
  355. Outhouse

    First Aid Kits

    what are the must haves in your LR first aid kits? I got a bad infection last year and I want to be better prepared this year!
  356. Outhouse

    "Kinky" Wahoo Leaders

    Me, I hate the darn things as they drive me nuts. Of course if they were easy to catch, I guess the experience when you do hook one wouldn't be so good.
  357. Outhouse

    5 Star Fishprocessing

    Her superior service is so consistent it's would be easy to let it go unnoticed. Of my 10 trips, she's gotten my business the last 9 times. I hope the good Lord allows me another 10 trips so I can use her biz another 10 times.
  358. Outhouse

    "Kinky" Wahoo Leaders

    i need to make some leaders for the 'hoo using the Knot 2 Kinky wire. I like to tie a small ring on one end and the hook on the other. What brand and size ring do I need. Also best source for said rings. Tank u berry muuch
  359. Outhouse

    Old Lexa 400 Vs. New Lexa 400HD Vs. Komodo 450

    Just curious, why are you selling a brand new reel?
  360. Outhouse

    New Rainshadow RCJB10H

    I believe Upmost price is $140 if my memory is correct.
  361. Outhouse

    Komodo 450

    Any idea when these will be for sale????
  362. Outhouse

    RainShadow The Judge Live Bait Rod Blanks Are Here!

    I'm a Rainshadow fan and would love to pull on one. I only get to fish Saltwater once per year and this is simply out of this Cricket Flippers price range. I leave TN in about 4 weeks. Leave one with the Excel and I'll put it thru its paces!
  363. Outhouse

    RainShadow The Judge Live Bait Rod Blanks Are Here!

    Wow, those are some pricey blanks. Retail for 20-50 7' = $212.
  364. Outhouse

    Old Lexa 400 Vs. New Lexa 400HD Vs. Komodo 450

    I have the original Lexa 400. Its a great little reel but the newer model seems to be made for Saltwater. Is it worth upgrading? Also, anyone seen the new Komodo 450?
  365. Outhouse

    Dumb Question of the day

    Jim, I use loop to loop for most everything these days; 40# and up. To me it eliminates one connection and is easy to swap out. Prior to this year, I bought all my top shots from JAK who makes wonderful leaders. He puts them in plastic bags and I figured he wrapped them around something to...
  366. Outhouse

    Dumb Question of the day

    No need . I'm trying the wrapped leaders in a sandwich bag to save space. Thanks for the offer, but I'll pass.
  367. Outhouse

    Dumb Question of the day

    I'm in the process of making some loop to loop leaders. I'm going to store my leaders, by size, in heavy duty plastic sandwich bags. My question is how do you guys wrap these so that when you make to L to L connection, the leader line unfolds properly without getting tangled up? I know some...
  368. Outhouse

    Phenix Hybrid Titan TJX607XH 6'0 jigging rod

    What's the rating on the rod?
  369. Outhouse

    Avet HX 2 Speed

    Come on guys?
  370. Outhouse

    Penn 113HN Baja Special

    There is at least 300+ yards of 80# hollow. I checked Alan's website and the reel handle goes for $33. So, the reel sells for $250. Line is about $75+ and power handle is $33. Roughly $350 not counting sales tax and or shipping for roughly half. I'm having sellers remorse, so buy quick.
  371. Outhouse

    Avet HX 2 Speed

    Gold is more valuable, and catches more fish than silver!
  372. Outhouse

    Penn 113HN Baja Special

    S O L D ! ! ! It really pains me to sell this wonder reel. I've had it for 4-5 years but it's been left home in TN for the last 3 years simply because it can't break into my starting line up. Anyone that knows anything about these reels know that they are "utility" players in the game of LR...
  373. Outhouse

    Avet HX 2 Speed

    Sold-$300 + $10 Shipping - I've been pondering selling this reel for a month or so. I've hesitated simply because it's a great reel in excellent condition. After I use a reel on my lone LR trip each year, I ship my Avets back to Avet for their deluxe service where they replace all of the...
  374. Outhouse

    Rig for a little kid..

    The charter master of my 8 day trip brings his grandson and he has a rod that might be 4' long and fits the young lad perfectly.
  375. Outhouse

    Dumb Question of the Day!

    who keeps the boxes that your reel came in when you bought? Also, why? I have boxes of boxes and for the life of me I can't figure out why? Maybe I'm a latent hoarder?
  376. Outhouse

    Rod and Reel Combo for Flat fall Jigs

    The key to the Flat Fall, is first add a cricket to the hooks :rockin:. Ive had good success with them. You normally get bit on the fall and it is key to stay in contact with the lure but no so much that you impede its falling action. I cast mine way out but reel up to keep my line straight...
  377. Outhouse

    Tackle Question For First Time Long Range Trip.

    I've started chumming with crickets, especially when the bite is picky. I might add some night crawlers and stinky cheese to my brown paper bag aka known as my tackle box. Lastly, I had my tooth polished. I've got a new custom cane pole I'm taking on my 8 day. Jackpot is mine.
  378. Outhouse

    Tackle Question For First Time Long Range Trip.

    My advice is simple. Stop now. Don't go. If you do, you'll be broke in a year or two. I think they put something in the water that overwhelms your brain and makes you think your having the time of your life. It's like potato chips, you can't eat just one. Next thing you know, you'll have...
  379. Outhouse

    Wife has Cancer. . . . . This won't be a short read with pics!

    Dude, we don't know each other, but my God wants us to come to him in times of plenty and in times of need. He just wants us to acknowledge his magnificent presence and talk to him. Heck, he sent his son to die for our sins. But thanks to Adam and Eve, we all have a debt to pay at some point...
  380. Outhouse

    Best rifle case for air travel?

    i was lucky to have been drawn for a deer hunt at the infamous King Ranch. Need a hard rifle case for checking my rifle with airlines. Suggestions?
  381. Outhouse


    Wes, I have a FB account but mostly use it to track to fishing status along with keeping up with vendors of products I use. It's pretty painless and allows one to get lots of data in one spirt.
  382. Outhouse

    An Unexpected Turn of Fate

    Jim, Zooey about your MIL and I understand about family dysfunction. We were forced to move my FIL into a care facility about one year ago for Alzheimer's. The facility was about 2 miles from our home and my wife was there, on average, 3 times a day for 6 months. He passed in October. I...
  383. Outhouse


    When I travel to fish I carry my Sony mirrorless cam but I only take it out on deck for a big fish, an amazing sunset or such. I also carry my Panasonic waterproof camera. Mine is a few years old and for $400, you should be able to get a good one. I keep this one in my pocket for those times...
  384. Outhouse

    For Sale: Penn Fathom 40NLDHS **SOLD**

    If the deal falls thru, I'm interested, but don't need the spectra.
  385. Outhouse

    Toro Tamer Spectra Thoughts?

    I tried it once, but the diameter was much lager than other lines I used. Otherwise, I found the line to be limp and splice well.
  386. Outhouse

    Duffel Bag Suggestions

    All Red Oxx gear is top shelf. The guys that started the biz made gear for the military.
  387. Outhouse


    guys, I sold my DSLR about a year ago but I have a sack full of various filters. Most are circular polarizes in various sizes. Most are the top brand B&W. If anyone is interested, I'll post an ad in the classified section.
  388. Outhouse

    Another Big Fish Transport Success Story

    Mike is the man! Akers the stress out of LR fishing for traveling anglers.
  389. Outhouse

    Hey Soda Pop!

    Wife dragged me to a new mall and found your shop! They only sell "soda pop". Happy Thanksgiving!
  390. Outhouse

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    Soda is a great guy and I wish he would go on trips shorter than 15 days!
  391. Outhouse

    Is this a Decent Bino?

    For the money, yes, those are good. You'll get some movement from the boat but for $150, you can't go wrong.
  392. Outhouse

    WTB- McMahon Clips

  393. Outhouse

    Iron selection

    Most will say the JRI jags are the ticket, if you can find them. If you can't, the Salas 6X in small and large sizes have worked forever. Blue and white is my go to along with scrambled egg.
  394. Outhouse

    Question on trolling for wahoo and bills at the same time.

    On an 8 day trip a few weeks ago, we hooked a Marlin on a Maurader.
  395. Outhouse

    Rigging for Wahoo

    The leaders sold by the Excel for live bait are made with 60# 1x7 wire. On one end is a swivel crimped. On the other end was a ringed 4/0 or 5/0 hook, also crimped.
  396. Outhouse

    500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    I'll give ya' $5 cash for those jaws. Oh, you have to ship to TN to get that premium price!
  397. Outhouse

    Trail cam pix

    The ladder stand has been there for eons, here in TN, we can take two bucks and an almost unlimited # of skinheads.
  398. Outhouse

    Trail cam pix

    checked my trail camera today and had a few nice surprises. Hope they stick around!
  399. Outhouse

    bait from the receivers

    2 weeks ago on the Excel, I thought the bait was fine. I would guess 90% sardines.
  400. Outhouse

    Flat Fall Hooks?

    I've sent Shimano a message but after 4 days, no response?
  401. Outhouse

    Flat Fall Hooks?

    Nope, brand new lure
  402. Outhouse


    Guys, here is a picture of a BBQ, Memphis style!
  403. Outhouse


    Guys, you use the term BBQ as if it was a verb. Here in the home of BBQ, we all know that it's a noun, which describes slow smoked pork shoulder. Here, pick is a verb, like I porked a doll last night! Thanx for the advice!
  404. Outhouse


    Well, I know this will sound strange, but one of my least favorite fish is the Ono aka Skinnie aka Wahoo. I'm not a cook myself but my wife knows her way around the kitchen quite well. Our guess is she is overcooking as the fish has a tough texture and without a lot of flavor. What are we/she...
  405. Outhouse

    Flat Fall Hooks?

    On my 8 day trip about 2 weeks ago, I had pretty good success with Flat Falls for both Yellowtail and schoolie tuna. Anyway, I swapped out a 100 size lure for a 160 and immediately got hooked up to a tuna that probably went 40-50#. At the gaff, strangely, the hook "pulled", or so I thought...
  406. Outhouse

    3 guys need help

    Shannon, these west coast guys have the best fishing and are willing to share it even with a cricket flipper like myself. Some really super dudes here.
  407. Outhouse


    I personally use the boats trolling gear. If I have a lure I want to fish, I just have the crew pin it on. The outfit you have is plenty good. Line connection is your choice, and the crew can handle these chores for you.
  408. Outhouse

    3 guys need help

    SteveK knows his stuff, but an 8 day is far different than a 12-16 day trip. I've done 9 trips of 5-8 day trips and still don't feel confident of n my ability to target only larger grade fish.
  409. Outhouse

    Spinning reel service

    just returned fro SD and my Saltist 6500 needs some TLC. Who do you recommend?
  410. Outhouse


    Please buy one with perforated holes. You'll thank me later when your glasses do not fog up. I use one made by Simms but any with holes works.
  411. Outhouse

    3 guys need help

    Shannon, I travel to fish just like you will have to and I have experience in your gulf fishery. I sent you a PM and I'm ha sly to give travel related advice. As to boat, everyone has a favorite, mine being the Excel, the largest boat in the fleet.
  412. Outhouse

    Saltiga® 2-Speed Lever Drag

    I'll be happier if he'd buy me a new Saltiga.
  413. Outhouse

    Memory of Excel 8 day

    Thanks. I want to be a pro photographer when I grow up. Since I'm nearly retirement, I better hurry up.
  414. Outhouse

    Memory of Excel 8 day

    I'll try the pic again, the message is the same
  415. Outhouse

    Memory of Excel 8 day

    This is actually one of my favorites. Friends celebrating other friends success.
  416. Outhouse

    Memory of Excel 8 day

    I'm in Bartlett, but not a Vol fan! Nothing sucks like a big orange!
  417. Outhouse

    Memory of Excel 8 day

    N No and yes
  418. Outhouse

    Trolling for wahoo

    The hot lure last week was a YoZuri black and purple. I put out my large Catchey Spinner Jet in black and orange and got immediately hit on a 40# skin!
  419. Outhouse

    Word to the wise- First Aid

    Rich, I am north of 60 and I am in good health save for my immune deficiency called: Hypogammaglobulinemia. This huge word simply means I don't have the requisite resources to fend off infections of all sorts like most healthy people. I've avoided any infections for my 1st 9 trips. I had an...
  420. Outhouse

    Wahoo Live Bait rigs

    How about this interesting way to rig titanium wire?
  421. Outhouse

    Wahoo Live Bait rigs

    I always thought you were a band nerd. Did you play a piccolo?
  422. Outhouse

    Wahoo Live Bait rigs

    I can't listen to this recommendation as you've never fished bait for wahoo in your like! LOL
  423. Outhouse

    Another hoo question

    I took my fishing vacation to de-stress and then we decided to fish for wahoo. I had to return to work to regain my sanity.
  424. Outhouse

    Memory of Excel 8 day

    Here's a couple more...
  425. Outhouse

    Memory of Excel 8 day

    Very well said!
  426. Outhouse

    Word to the wise- First Aid

    They are called "Maxiflex Ultimate". I bought them in n EBay and they were sold by Northern Tool. If you buy a dozen, they cost about $4/pair. He told me that he uses a pair for 3-4 days each. These are rubber coated and fit very tightly and out allow one to pick up small items, easily adjust...
  427. Outhouse

    Memory of Excel 8 day

    Pictures of fish are great, but there is so much more to Long Range trips than drowning a sardine. Here is but one such memory. I just wish I could figure a way to capture images and fish at the same time (don't want a GoPro).
  428. Outhouse

    Word to the wise- First Aid

    Guys, funeral has been cancelled and my finger is 90% back to normal. Thanks to Fishordie, I have my new gloves identified (bought a single pair of his recommended glove on EBay). I'll have a first aid kit the size of my tackle bag next year and will plan to be a clean freak throughout each day.
  429. Outhouse

    Okuma Parts / Customer Service

    What's the address where I can send my reel back for servicing?
  430. Outhouse

    Full speed wahoo at Benitos

    I returned from an 8 day trip last Thursday. We were trolling for tuna on the way back except for a few guys that didn't get enough wahoo at the Rocks. We hooked several north of Cedros on our way back on Yo Zuri lures.
  431. Outhouse

    What ccw gun do you carry

    I have a Ruger LCR 38 sp+p. Easy to hide. When you pull the trigger it goes boom. Get one of the new speed loaders and you can be rigged a d ready in under 5 seconds.
  432. Outhouse

    Wahoo Live Bait rigs

    How did you rig the wire?
  433. Outhouse

    Wahoo Live Bait rigs

    im posting a lot of questions after last week's 8 day trip. I do this each year as a sort of "debrief" to be better prepared for next year's trip. To say we got into a wahoo bite would be an understatement. I bought some live bait rigs from the boat worked but I think they could have been more...
  434. Outhouse

    * * * Big Fish Transport * * *

    This has been posted by others but I wanted to share my recent experience with Mike Morris. As a traveling angler with now 10 trips out west, the worst part of the trip is getting gear back home. Enter Mike Morris' new service. His service includes: 1) You ship your gear to him. He receives...
  435. Outhouse

    This Wahoo just did not make it to gaff

    If that fish had a Salas 6xJr in Pink Lady in its mouth, it would have looked just like the last 'hoo I hooked last week.
  436. Outhouse

    Word to the wise- First Aid

    Guys, I don't want this to sound like I wasn't paying attention to my finger, I was. In spite of my efforts, it still got infected. I will be armed with stronger cleaning solutions like the surgical soap mentioned earlier (Hibiclens). It went from a dot on my finger to a volcano. I probably...
  437. Outhouse

    Spool Bearing Lubricant

    What's the latest, greatest lubricant for spool bearings?
  438. Outhouse

    Word to the wise- First Aid

    It happened very, very quickly.
  439. Outhouse

    Word to the wise- First Aid

    Guys, they say that pictures are worth a thousand words, here's what I'm dealing with. This was taken Thursday just after returning from the Dr. I first noticed a simple pen prick Monday. I cleaned it up and applied Neosporin. It was about the same Tuesday and got angry Wedsday night. Dr...
  440. Outhouse

    Word to the wise- First Aid

    What would you guys put into a first aid kit?
  441. Outhouse

    Cool Underwear

    I bought a pack of 3 at Samsclub for something like $15. The brand is reebok. Very well made and perfect for those wet hot days.
  442. Outhouse

    Penn Torque 200

    What place does a Torque 200 have in today's reel inventory? I bought one a few years ago when Penn phased them out. Mine has been used once and I'm curious if I'm overlooking a reel that I should be using.
  443. Outhouse

    Word to the wise- First Aid

    I've been home for less than 15 hours from my 8 day on the Excel. I've heard of folks getting nasty infections while fishing. I'm fighting my 1st in my 10 annual trips. Wife picked me up at the airport at 8:30am today and an hour later I was in my Dr's office. I had a very slight prick from a...
  444. Outhouse

    Dedicated Wahoo Reel

    Does anyone have any 1st hand experience with the following reel? Nit has an amazing 60" per retrieve. Penn FTH40NLDHS Lever Drag Reel
  445. Outhouse

    Reel Case suggestions?

    Two of my buds have a hard case Pelican model. I think you could park a truck on it.
  446. Outhouse

    BigFishTransport ReviewThe day we

    Guys, my incoming leg of my trip is in the books and I sit here at the Dolphin pondering how nice it is to not stress over tackle, especially the return of such back to TN. Mike is legit and is a big help to traveling anglers.
  447. Outhouse

    Black Hole Rods going Long with Excel and Shogun

    Jamie, I look forward to sharing the rail with you once again as we try to solve the world's ills. I just have to go out and find a jacket as mine rests on a kitchen chair back in TN
  448. Outhouse

    Neat addition to my gear

    Just finished packing. My fan fit in my reel bag in an open slot.
  449. Outhouse

    Neat addition to my gear

    Jamie, this little fan won't tip over. It has cloth fan blades so they won't break. And it puts out a surprising amount if airflow. I was going to buy a clip fan but I worried that the clip wouldn't be wide enough.
  450. Outhouse

    BigFishTransport ReviewThe day we

    Rodless Jim has one near the airport. My concern is protecting the rods from corrosion. When you disembark the boat, I don't know if you have time to adequately clean and protect the guides.
  451. Outhouse

    Neat addition to my gear

    One thing I will not forget from my packing list is a small fan. If the AC doesn't work to its potential, you'll want one as well. As I've posted previously, I fly from Tennessee to CA so size is critical. Just bought this little jewel. It packs incredibly small and it might fit into my reel...
  452. Outhouse

    BigFishTransport ReviewThe day we

    I sneak them on the plane with me. Still haven't figured out how to ship my minners.
  453. Outhouse

    BigFishTransport ReviewThe day we

    My rods are 7' so the case is slightly longer. I quit shipping my lone 8' rod simply because it cost as much to ship as the rod was worth.
  454. Outhouse

    BigFishTransport ReviewThe day we

    David, my rod tube, fully insured, cost about $60. A box that contained my tackle bag and my leader bag, again fully insured was about $50. This is from Tennessee.
  455. Outhouse

    Shipping rods and reels

    The SKB is built like a tank but holds the least number of rods. I stopped using mine simply because it would max out at 5-6 rods, safely.
  456. Outhouse

    BigFishTransport ReviewThe day we

    Thanx for the good word!
  457. Outhouse

    Off shore weather

    I'm in Tennessee, I have no idea of the temps offshore, thus my question.
  458. Outhouse

    Off shore weather

    i leave a week from Monday and I was curious about the temps offshore with the El Niño weather? Cool or warm?
  459. Outhouse

    Where is my damn Passport!!!

    Sounds like you had a trip that will bring you back! The planning for the trip is almost as fun as the trip, almost but not quite!
  460. Outhouse

    Where is my damn Passport!!!

    I'm happy to report that Clubhunter aka Rick Stevens is having a blast on his trip. They are having wonderful weather and, in an email to me last night, he said that the trip so far has FAR exceeded his expectations. I PMd Rick after one of his first posts offering my 10 years of experience...
  461. Outhouse

    Smart Watch

    The Apple has a horrid battery life of 18 hours. I've read the Time is good for close to a week. All I can see her use it for is to get notifications from her phone.
  462. Outhouse

    Smart Watch

    I know this isn't a fishing question, so I'll apologize upfront. I'm about to leave on an 8 day trip on the Excel. Soon after I return, it'll be my 41st anniversary. I'm pondering buying my bride a smart watch. Don't want to spend the $ to get an Apple but I'm considering a Pebble. Does...
  463. Outhouse

    Haven't seen

    He's got his own boat now.
  464. Outhouse


    I actually developed an Excel spreadsheet several years ago that you could print out and I was pretty widely distributed.
  465. Outhouse

    "Cedar Plugs" handmade from exotic hardwoods

    How about a wood wahoo lure? Maybe the 'hoos teeth will get stuck in the wood.
  466. Outhouse

    Another TranX Thread

    Check out Tackle Industries for their Muskie rods. Incredibly strong and reasonably priced, especially if you got with a 7', which can be had for $100.
  467. Outhouse

    Captain Jimmy’s Wahoo Bombs

    The two Dorados always work and I like the Orange and Black. Capt Jimmy is the "Bomb"!
  468. Outhouse

    What Gloves would you Recommend?

    For guys that earn their keep behind a desk, I wear Aftco gloves with the half fingers. I get at least one size smaller than I normally wear. I forget which ones but they have some sort of spectra material on the index finder. I wear them for 2 reasons, to maintain a good grip on the rod...
  469. Outhouse

    Excel Merritt Trip

    He is experienced in the Gulf fisheries. I've been trying to help him plan with my thoughts via email based on my experiences but its not like having someone on board that he can ask for advice as conditions change. He has already made the biggest decision by choosing the best boat in the...
  470. Outhouse

    Excel Merritt Trip

    I've got a bud that's a newbie that's going to be on this trip. Any of you pros going to be on this trip and would be willing to help this newbie out?
  471. Outhouse

    Where is my damn Passport!!!

    Remember to breathe!
  472. Outhouse

    Wahoo Fishing Lures FS - SOLD

    SOLD As stated in another thread, I'm cleaning out gear I don't use. I travel to fish SoCal, so I normally use the boats gear. All of these lures are in top shape, some never having seen the water. $75 to your door, PayPal as a gift. If you buy the other lures I've got forsale, I'll sell...
  473. Outhouse

    Cleaning out tackle bag...

    SOLD. Guys, I'm clearing out some "stuff" from my bag. 3 brand new Tady 77's, 2 Frenzy poppers and one brand new PL 68. To your door for $40, PayPal as a gift. Will ship USPS priority as soon as funds received. See my post on wahoo lures for a discount for combining this purchase with the other.
  474. Outhouse

    Power Pro Maxcuatro

    I used 50# Threadlock. Don't know how much but more than 300.
  475. Outhouse

    Best deal of Seaguar Premier

    I'll throw out there that Momoi, who makes great line, has a 100 yard spool of line that is very affordable. I just ordered 100 yards of 30,40 and 50 and the average cost was about $45 per 100 yards. It also comes in pink.
  476. Outhouse


    The Excel, the best in the fleet, IMHO (yes, I'm biased), requires $500.
  477. Outhouse

    What Rod for Lexa 400?

    Guys, I ended up buying a Muskie rod built by Tackle Industries. They are closing out their 7' rods at $100 plus $6 for shipping . This rod is incredibly light has a ton of backbone and I can see some 50# tuna quivering in advance of my upcoming 8 day trip.
  478. Outhouse

    Solid spectra

    Living in Tennessee, there are no shops that sell solid spectra other than packaged brand for fresh water fishing. No one sells Izor, JB or similar uncoated lines. I need some 30 or 50# spectra for making knots for my home made leaders. I need 50yards or less. Any suggestions on where to find...
  479. Outhouse

    Getting back in it!!

    I'd personally suggest you wait till next year. From what I'm reading, this year will spoil you and you'll expect this type of fishing every year. Lol:lux:
  480. Outhouse

    Looking for better way to store irons

    What size hook covers do you use?
  481. Outhouse

    Looking for better way to store irons

    Why do you need so many? I lose, maybe, 2-3 per trip unless the skinnies are off their meds
  482. Outhouse

    Halco 130 jigs

    I replaced mine with single hooks.
  483. Outhouse

    Sale Alert - Flat Fall Jigs

    The paint on the shimano is thin as well. I all pied two ton expoxy to a few of mine and I think the finish will be much more durable.
  484. Outhouse

    raingear/ splash gear question

    Here's a cabelas coat with Goretex...
  485. Outhouse

    raingear/ splash gear question

    Cabelas makes some excellent gear. Sometimes tpyou can find it in their bargin cave. Just know their stuff runs large.
  486. Outhouse

    Flatfall techniques

    Last year I'd cast it out and would remove most of the loop from the line. Once I was back in contact with the lure, I'd make a big sweeping pull with my rod and would reel back down to the lure. In every case, I got hit on the fall.
  487. Outhouse

    Sale Alert - Flat Fall Jigs

    I'm sorry I posted it. I got an email on my phone and simply saw "Flat Fall" and $10/ea and placed my order. I think I'll call Shimano and ask if the picture is theirs and if they have copyright protection on the name.
  488. Outhouse

    Sale Alert - Flat Fall Jigs

    I missed the fact that in very small print that they said these weren't real flat falls. My order will be going back. I have about 20 already but couldn't pass up a good deal
  489. Outhouse

    Line capacity for tuna?

    While not on a short duration trip, I got spooled at the Rocks using my JX with 400+ yards of spectra and a 40# top shot. I had roughly 10# of drag and I saved my spectra with 4 wraps left by clamping both thumbs on the spool. Its bad enough to lose a big fish, but even worse to lose a bunch...
  490. Outhouse

    Sale Alert - Flat Fall Jigs

    im a Prime member of Amazon and get tons of "specials" being offered. I just got an email for 4-160gr sized flat fall jigs, one of each color. The price is $39.95 plus 5.95 shipping. This is basically $10/ea plus shipping. Good deel!
  491. Outhouse

    Big Fish Transport

    I spoke to mike tonight and I'll be using him the first week in September. He seems like a genuinely nice guy just trying to make a living by helping guys like me who have to travel with our gear.
  492. Outhouse

    Trip Gifts - Crew

    Excellent post. I've even grabbed a gaff on wide open bites.
  493. Outhouse

    Which rod to match up w/ Lexa 300

    Go to Tackle Industries and ck out their Muskie Rods. They had 7' rods on sale for $100. Very good rods for the $!
  494. Outhouse

    Big Fish Transport

    Is he a stand up guy?
  495. Outhouse

    Big Fish Transport

    I just heard of a service that handles the return shipping of your tackle. Has anyone here used this service and if so, could you share your experience?
  496. Outhouse

    What size shimano free fall jig?

    I like 100 for slack current and 130 for stronger current.
  497. Outhouse

    Window Leader Jig

    Tennesssee crickets are some mean critters. They catch fish by grabbing them.
  498. Outhouse

    Window Leader Jig

    Donna, that's too kind but your son made it for you!
  499. Outhouse

    Window Leader Jig

    My sons are less handi than I am. While I can prepare the most complicated tax return or financial statements, I have no talents with building things. I'm jealous of such skills.
  500. Outhouse

    Window Leader Jig

    where can I find an affordable leader jig for making wind on leaders?
  501. Outhouse

    Anyone Ever Ordered a Phenix Rod?

    I ordered a PHD 700xh from Squidco about a week ago. I got a call today that it was in and was shipped to me this afternoon
  502. Outhouse

    Need some up to date advice on Tackle Storage.

    The Shimano bag is VERY nice and appears to be perfect for my 8 day trip. As I have said, I've tried numerous bags/boxes. The SKB 7200 was my first but it weighs 22# empty. I had a WFO Offshore bag I should have kept but in search of perfection, I sold it and tried a large Cabela's top...
  503. Outhouse

    Tuna Jigs?

    Tady Blue and Chrome. I like the TLC but the larger size will work.
  504. Outhouse

    Need some up to date advice on Tackle Storage.

    I travel from TN each Sept and I've tried most every storage option. Go with a front loading soft sided bag. Get another smaller size soft sided bag and use it to keep things like leaders, gloves and other items that you'll only need to access a time or two a day. My current tackle bag is the...
  505. Outhouse

    Flat Fall they work?

    I had some luck with them last year on yft and yt. I now have about 25 in various colors and sizes.
  506. Outhouse

    Calstar Line Ratings Inquiry

    In my mind, the 700M is the perfect 30# stick. The 700H is the perfect 40#+ stick.
  507. Outhouse

    Dropper loop reel

    I use my Penn Baja Special and 50# line. I set the drag on terminate and wind like heck.
  508. Outhouse

    Looking at inshore rods

    I have a like new Shimano Teramar that is 7' and rated for 15-30# line that needs a new home. PM me if you are interested and I'll make you a deal. Jon
  509. Outhouse

    Gf and buddy looking for a new rod

    I've got a like new Shimano 7' rod rated 15-30# that's available. If interested, I'll get the model and pics later on when I get home from work.. I think I paid $120 + tax + shipping. I'd let it go for $75 TYD.
  510. Outhouse

    Calling all bad backs, what rod profile is easiest to use ?

    You should look at the Rainshadow Knife Jig sticks. I believe the designation is RCKJB. Mine is the 7'-325 and it is a bit more parabolic but has enough to kill most any fish I can run into on my September 8 day trip. Price is right also.
  511. Outhouse


    Salty Dawg built a RCJKB 7-325 for me last year and it's my favorite rod now.
  512. Outhouse

    Rod suggestion

    No, I truly think it was a simple mistake. By the time I realized it, the other angler had already replaced his "favorite" 870. I'd buy one if I could find a good used one.
  513. Outhouse

    Rod suggestion

    I had a 610 for one trip. Not sure who grabbed the wrong rod, but the guy next to me had an 870 and I had a brand new 610. Somehow I came home with an 870???
  514. Outhouse

    US Open @ Chambers Bay

    It is far from Sucks. It's different than CBS or NBC. I have enjoyed Joe Buck and the Shark? To each his. Own.
  515. Outhouse

    Favorite big bluefin iron

    Tandy TLC blue chrome with glow back. If anyone has some, I'll buy them!
  516. Outhouse

    Opinions on Phenix Rods?

    Please give me your opinion of the PSW 700XH please.
  517. Outhouse

    Phenix rods

    whats the difference in the Phenix Black Diamond and the Black Diamond Hybrid?
  518. Outhouse

    Filet Knive - Sale Alert

    These come with a very sturdy sheath. I didn't need one but couldn't pass ups good knife from a quality co. Thought I would practice and see if 5 Star would hire me.
  519. Outhouse

    Shipping cost for your catch

    I ship mine to Memphis, TN via Southwest Airlines. Five Star (the best) drops the fish off early on the agreed upon date and I pick it up at the freight house later that day. Cost averages about $1/#
  520. Outhouse

    Filet Knive - Sale Alert

    Buck Knives has a filet knife on sale for $10. It's got a blade about 10" long. I just got mine and I'm impressed. Here's the link:
  521. Outhouse

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  522. Outhouse

    New Phenix PSW-700XH & 700M

    Your not being open to shipping cuts me out.
  523. Outhouse

    Pensacola Florida Report

    Just to the east is Destin and while its overbuilt, it is far better than Pensacola. To chase palegics, head to Venice, LA. Fishing is simply incredible. Deep water is much closer. Fishing for YFT is simply great. I think I would argue about the quality of the food, but I'm southern by the...
  524. Outhouse

    Rod suggestion

    Are these factory wraps?
  525. Outhouse

    Rod suggestion

    ive been using a Seeker Blacksteel 6470H that I bought used from the infamous Master Choate several years ago. The rod still has some fish in it but I'd like to find a replacement that is not as heavy (weight wise) yet doesn't break the bank. Rod must no longer than 7'. Ideas? I'm open to...
  526. Outhouse

    Flashlight for Fishing Needed

    Also search eBay for Cree LED lights. I got a wonderful flash light, shipped from China, for about $8.
  527. Outhouse

    Tackle Box for Day Trips and more...

    Mine is full of pocket knives and other keep sakes.
  528. Outhouse

    Flat Fall Questions

    You better do as Fishy asks. Otherwise you'll find some missing from your box!
  529. Outhouse

    Tackle Box for Day Trips and more...

    I should get a commission on all those sold. At least name them the Jon box.
  530. Outhouse

    YO-YO rod

    Are the 610H rods still available?
  531. Outhouse

    Flashlight for Fishing Needed

    I'm shocked that no one has mentioned "Larry's Lights". Here is a link: These lights are VERY bright and come with a large magnet on the back and cost $10. Great work lights.
  532. Outhouse

    New rod blank from United Composites

    Ditto. I travel as well and the two piece design of the Okuma rods needs to be copied as it sure makes packing easier
  533. Outhouse

    YO-YO rod

    No need to a rod much longer than 6.5', plenty of backbone.
  534. Outhouse

    Flat Fall Questions

    In my opinion, avoid the lightest and heaviest, so pick 100 and 130 gr. I like the glow color a lot.
  535. Outhouse

    Yet another simple top shot Q

    Planning for my trip is usually almost as exciting as the trip itself. Once you are on the boat, it's up to the fish gods as to whether you'll catch fish or not. I've learned to sit back and take what the good Lord has planned for me. On my worst trips, I've learned something and met some...
  536. Outhouse

    Which reel for 40lb live bait

    No doubt, it's a Mak 10. Smoothest drag and built like a tank.
  537. Outhouse

    Simple top shot question

    For bait fishing, I use short top shots at all line sizes. For casting, I prefer a longer top shot. I've been doing LR for going on 10 years and I get into my share of tangles but I would say it is less than the average bear.
  538. Outhouse

    The things you find Cleaning Up

    Here's an offer you can't refuse, $10 cash money! Do you need my address?
  539. Outhouse

    Simple top shot question

    The only dumb question to me is the one you didn't ask. I'm about to begin building my top shots for my upcoming 8 day trip. My shorter ones are easy. I use a 7' rod and use 4 lengths of the rod to determine the length. My question relates to long mono top shots, say 50-75 yards. How do you...
  540. Outhouse

    What have you wished you didn't forget to bring?

    Also, hydrogen peroxide to wash your hands at night. A long time Long Ranger showed me this trick and your hands will be almost like new in the am. This is very cheap stuff. I buy two bottles at the pharmacy on Roscrans (since I fly) and it costs about $2/bottle. More than once, someone...
  541. Outhouse

    What have you wished you didn't forget to bring?

    You should consider buying one (or two) backpacking towels. They take up WAY less space and dry very quickly.
  542. Outhouse

    Here we go…..You Ready?

    Can't wait for my 8 day the 1st week of September on the best boat, with the best crew in the fleet, Excel!!!
  543. Outhouse

    Anniversary gift

    Tag Heur watch for my 25th 16 years ago.
  544. Outhouse

    Shipping rods and reels

    The key to safe transport of rods is to alternate them bundled tip to butt. Once you insert them into whatever tube you use, cushion both ends and be sure that there is NO way for the bundle to shift within the tube. The Plano is probably the tube with the most capacity. The strongest tube...
  545. Outhouse

    Wtb: Shimano teramar baitcast rod

    I do. I'm in Tennessee. I bought it before my 8 day trip last year, used it on that one trip and found it a tad lite for what I wanted. It's a 15-30. I'll ship it to you for $70 TYD.
  546. Outhouse

    Hola from the Okuma/Wahoodad/Excel 15 day

    Jamie, enjoy and please tell our friend Augie that jon says hey, as we say in the south.
  547. Outhouse

    Bass Pro new location

    Bill is a good guy. He quit tournament angling to spend more time with his family. He's made a fortune from Bass Pro and Walmart but is a good guy.
  548. Outhouse

    Bass Pro new location

    I've lived in this area for all of my 59 years. I spent most of my professional life as CFO of a local real estate development company. I get the added employment. If this building wasn't in a dedicated TIF (tax increment financing) area, I would support the project. The taxes generated for...
  549. Outhouse

    Bass Pro new location

    The location is a killer. It is on I-40 at the Mississippi River and a couple miles from I-55. So anyone driving east west or north south is bound to stop. The city invested something like $150mm and basically gave it to BP rent free.
  550. Outhouse

    Bass Pro new location

    I live here and I think the city is insane to invest the money in a bait shop. It's grand opening starts today and I think I read that it has over 1/2 million square feet.
  551. Outhouse

    When good bait is hard to come by

    Was Soda on that trip? Lol, just kiddin'
  552. Outhouse

    When good bait is hard to come by

    Steve, in my opinion, which isn't worth much, I prefer the 100 and 130 sizes. The 80 needs virtually zero current to stay in touch with it. I've had some success finding them on Amazon of late. I've scored close to 15 since my trip last September.
  553. Outhouse

    Tax glue top shots, Part XVXXI

    Their 60# line is noticeably larger than JB.
  554. Outhouse

    Tax glue top shots, Part XVXXI

    Jamie, you're a big fish magnet!
  555. Outhouse

    Tax glue top shots, Part XVXXI

    Does the brand of spectra make any difference when using tax glue? I've got a crap load of Toro Tamer that I stripped off because of its size. I've also got some JB and Threadlock.
  556. Outhouse

    Excel stateroom layout

    anyone have one you could share?
  557. Outhouse

    Need mono to flouro knot

    I can tie the Seagaur knot in 5 seconds and if it works for me, it'll work for anyone. Charkbait has a video tutorial.
  558. Outhouse

    Custom Long Range Tackle Box

    Mark, you are a master.
  559. Outhouse

    Teramar rod

    I've got one that's 7' rated 15-30 that's been used once. I'm in TN but willing to work on a price
  560. Outhouse

    7-10 Day Heavy Rig (80-100#)

    I've not been part of any big bluefin bites in 9 years. Your rig is plenty big from my limited experience. Use the boats trolling gear. You can use that rig for dropper loop and re-rig when/if bigger tuna are around. As someone said, the sweet spot on these trips are 30-50, mostly 30-40.
  561. Outhouse

    Toy box

    Guys, Mark is a joy to deal with.
  562. Outhouse

    Got corrosion?

    Consider Cerakote. I can Cerakote an entire action of a long gun for $130. This is some form of ceramic coating that is out on extremely thin something like 1/1000". Google it.
  563. Outhouse

    Toy box

    Donna, it wasn't that much considering the workmanship. It will be a keepsake. I've been working so darn much lately that I rewarded myself with a product that will last a lifetime. If I lived on the Left coast, I would have Mark build me a wooden tackle box. And, the new job doesn't pay all...
  564. Outhouse

    Toy box

    This doesn't have anything directly to do with fishing but I had to share. I subscribe to the belief that one can't have too many "man toys" including pocket knives, flash lights, etc... My problem is I didn't have any set place to keep them and I was always tearing up my house looking for the...
  565. Outhouse

    What are your thoughts on .22 ammo situation now ?

    I just scored two 500 round bricks of low velocity cci quiet rounds for $30/ box plus shipping from Midway USA. I've got a boat gun and a revolver. Stuff went fast.
  566. Outhouse

    Fred Hall and Fishing Insights from a Seller and Consumer's point of view

    You were doing good until the weather comment. I'll go to sleep tonight thinking evil thoughts about you. We still have snow in our yard from two weeks worth of snow and I live in the sunbelt.
  567. Outhouse

    What are your thoughts on .22 ammo situation now ?

    I haven't bought any in over a year as I have about 4000 rounds. I have been looking for CCI Stingers for about 2 years. The ones I find run about $.40/round and I refuse to pay that
  568. Outhouse

    Celebrity Long Rangers

    Being from Memphis, I get to hang a lot with Elvis. He's getting a bit long in the tooth. He still likes fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, with some Percocet on the side.
  569. Outhouse

    Fred Hall Show Long Beach

    Soda, buy me something nice.
  570. Outhouse

    Dolphin motel

    This will be my 2nd year staying at the Dolphin. The owner largely sets the rates and they change based on what's in town. Last year I got $55/nite and for this year's trip, I'm paying $65. The rooms are small but very clean. I've found the staff to be very helpful, especially when you...
  571. Outhouse

    Soda Pop is a Hoot!

    Soda is one of the tops and I'd love to fish with him again. On a bad trip, it keeps things light and would make any group better.
  572. Outhouse

    Mexican Coues Hunt

    How do you like the Vortex scope? I just bought an in line muzzle loader and looked at one but went for my trusted Leupold.
  573. Outhouse

    Mexican Coues Hunt

    Jim, fascinating read. Is it legal to ship ammo across the border? I suspect not.
  574. Outhouse

    Scope Mount Question

    I just ordered the Game Reaper for my muzzle loader.
  575. Outhouse

    We lost a good one

    Bill Sr. was my late fathers favorite golfer, so I grieve with all for the family's loss. I listened to a tribute this morning to Mr Casper on PGA radio that was done about 3 years ago and it's clear he had his priorities in order. If I recall correctly, he had 11 children. Forget the...
  576. Outhouse

    What is the accepted cost for whole YFT for tax purpose

    As a CPA, I say pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. The IRS is so under staffed right now that they can't chase everything. Remember, they have to administer ObamaCare. If you claim a deduction that is later disallowed, as long as there was a reasonable basis, all you'll face will be...
  577. Outhouse


    I personally bring mine home and cut it up for catfish, gar and grinel bait.
  578. Outhouse

    Give No Fucks

    Amen. Act like gentlemen.
  579. Outhouse

    Duck Hunting Super Fun / Duck Eating Super Gross:

    Drain the blood as indicated previously and then soak in butter milk for a few hours. Then grill with bacon
  580. Outhouse

    Home Defense Question !

    I needed a laugh today and happened on this thread. I live in Tennessee and we have a "stand your ground" law that says you can use deadly force if you "feel" your life is in danger or there is a serious threat of bodily harm imminent. I personally like the idea of a shotgun with #8 shot. You...
  581. Outhouse

    Sec football

    I'm not a football fan, which I guess makes me odd in and of itself. But living in the middle of SEC country, I'm guessing one year doesn't mean a turning of the tides. Over the long haul, the SEC produces the best football money can buy this side of the nfl.
  582. Outhouse

    Rainshadow RCLB80XL

    Glad to see folks embracing Batson rods.
  583. Outhouse

    Vanguard Optics

    I'm normally stand hunting so I have a rest. Here in the south, you have to find the deer through all of the undergrowth. I almost bought 15 power, but didn't want to carry them.
  584. Outhouse

    anyone own a Browning bar lightweight stalker

    I live and hunt in the south. I use to subscribe to lower power scopes, but today I lean the other way. Much of our hunting is stand hunting in deep woods yet I've found the need to sneak a shot thru branches, thus the higher power.
  585. Outhouse

    Vanguard Optics

    If anyone needs a great pair of binos at a great price, these Vanguards are wonderful. Very clear and bright plus I paid $260 for what used to be $500. I love new models because they discount the heck out of their old ones.
  586. Outhouse

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    And to you and remember the reason for the season. It isn't to give gifts, but for the one that gave us the most important gift of all. Sadly, today I have to go to a dear friends funeral.
  587. Outhouse


    I would have to dig way back. Bill Havens aka Salty Dawg wrapped mine.
  588. Outhouse

    Leather Belt

    Guys, I'm looking for a leather belt to use while hunting and when just kicking around in a pair of jeans. I want it to be well built with a good buckle but not one that breaks the bank. Any ideas?
  589. Outhouse

    Gut hook/Game Zipper

    I use a 2" pocket knife to do my field dressing. It's a razor when I start but gets dull by the end. I am much more precise with a small blade.
  590. Outhouse


    Batson aka Rainshadow rods are my favorite. They have a no BS guarantee for life. Reach out to Saltydawg and he'll give you the low down. He wrapped a "Knife Jig" blank for me and its my favorite rod now for 30# bait. Spectacular rod.
  591. Outhouse

    Opening used spectra

    I just get Jamie to do it for me...
  592. Outhouse

    Question about sighting in scope

    I personally use Ballistic Tips. It's like hitting them with a sledge hammer. As to sighting in, I shoot a .270 and sight mine in 3" high at 100. I can hold dead on up to roughly 300 yards. I don't shoot beyond that.
  593. Outhouse

    Vanguard Optics

    Does anyone have any experience with Vanguard binoculars? I've read nothing but stellar reviews of their Endeavor line. I found a killer deal on 10.5x45s for $260. I believe these were originally close to $500. They released an upgraded version. I ordered them from B&H Photo in NY. I'm...
  594. Outhouse


    Nope, I live just outside of Memphis on the southwestern end of the state in "delta" country. I shot this deer about 10 yrs ago. He poked his head out of a bunch of trees about 150 yards away. I didn't realize how big he was but it was cold so I said, why not. He ran off and then fell. When...
  595. Outhouse


    How about this spike?
  596. Outhouse

    Geek help, what tablet do I want?

    I'll second the idea ont he Surface. A fellow on my recent trip had one and I was impressed. It wasn't the current model but he was able to handle remote work communications effectively. When my iPad dies, I'll consider one.
  597. Outhouse

    Reel screw driver

    does anyone make a screw driver that is wide and heavy enuff that you don't bugger up the screws on the reel clamp?
  598. Outhouse

    Happy Thanksgiving

    just wanted to drop in and wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. As I age (not always gracefully), I find that I'm truly blessed in so many ways. I'm finally learning to take what life gives you and not to look back. I'm headed to my sons house tomorrow followed by some quality couch time...
  599. Outhouse

    What kind of Jacket for fishing

    Cabelas. They stand behind their products forever.
  600. Outhouse

    After the trip

    Me, I just buy new reels each trip.
  601. Outhouse

    Report for the 14 day Bob Sands/Davis Boats/R.P. Moo time Daqaritas adventure

    I hope you remember to bring your blender next September!
  602. Outhouse

    Gun cabinet advice

    My daughter in laws grandfather had an expensive safe full of guns. Well, he was the small towns dentist and he got sick then died. The day of his funeral, when everyone was at the church, thieves came in with a cutting torch and cut his safe open and made off which about 2 dozen guns. Who...
  603. Outhouse

    Gun cabinet advice

    I'm of the age that I have all I want and more than I need. Dicks has some safes on sale and they offer a service to haul the heavy sucker up my stairs. I'm just curious which brands you guys use.
  604. Outhouse

    Gun cabinet advice

    Right now, my rifles/shotguns are in a custom made wooden cabinet and I think it's time for a bit more security as my grandkids are getting old enough to unlock this cabinet. I don't think I need a real safe but want something more secure than a simple key lock. I might even put whatever I get...
  605. Outhouse

    Captain Jimmy Bombs Wahoo Jigs

    Let Jimmy pick them. He knows his stuff. Buy more than 6.
  606. Outhouse

    Captain Bill Cavanaugh on the Red Rooster now?

    Great to hear Bill is staying with the XL. Best crew imaginable.
  607. Outhouse

    Question about custom rods

    M&M Custom Rods, down near the docks does. Neat shop.
  608. Outhouse

    bomb/jig storage

    Jim, how does this handle treble hooks
  609. Outhouse

    Looking for good scope

    Don't go cheap on the glass. Spend as much as you did on the rifle is my rule of thumb. Quality glass makes a huge difference, especially in low light.
  610. Outhouse

    Connecting hollow to solid spectra

    ive got a reel that is about half full of solid spectra and I want to splice hollow and fill the reel up. How would a boy go about doing this reliably?
  611. Outhouse

    Front loading tackle bag

    im looking for a soft sided tackle bag suitable for an 8 day trip. I travel from Tennessee and I'm on the quest to find one bag to hold my gear. Shops around here do not carry this sort of gear. I'm looking at the Shimano Barona, a Nomad (Okuma) or possibly the SKB soft sided bag. I would...
  612. Outhouse

    Bob Sands/Davis Boats Royal Polaris Moo time Margaritas.

    Bro, catch one for me! Here's hoping you have sunny skies, calm seas and times with friends, new and old.
  613. Outhouse

    Komodo vs Lexa

    I think about 300 yards.
  614. Outhouse

    Komodo vs Lexa

    I can only comment on the Lexa. I took mine on my September 8 day trip and it did wonderfully on YFT up to 25#. It didn't break a sweat. It cast sardines easily, much better than all of my Avet's. Mine is full of 50# Threadlock and I was using a loop to loop connection.
  615. Outhouse

    Melton Tackle

    Tracey, I'll give you the short version of my bad experience. I can't stop by the shop as I'm in Tennessee. My situation, while not heinous was enough of a run around for me to take my once per year business elsewhere. I was getting ready for my once per year 8 day trip. I got the hype of...
  616. Outhouse

    Duck Calls, part 7

    This call has sold.
  617. Outhouse

    Best live bait reel?

    For 30# and down, I'd vote for a lexa 400 on a Muskie rod.
  618. Outhouse

    What would you consider a good cast?

    This sounds like amature golfers that say they average 280 off the tee. I would be personally happy with a 50 yard cast or a 240 yard drive.
  619. Outhouse

    Which cameras?

    I'm selling all my DSLR gear and, right now, I'm planning to buy a Sony A6000. What gear do you use? Technology is moving so, so fast and there are some exciting developments on the photo front.
  620. Outhouse

    Most Helpful

    One of the joys of fishing a set trip each year is the chance to make friends and renew those friendships each year. I only fish one trip per year and spend the rest of the year reliving that trip and preparing for the next trip. I'm lucky to have met Jamie Massion aka fishordie thru this...
  621. Outhouse

    Very Productive Wahoo Bombs-Compliments to the Maker

    Good luck Steve. Glad to hear you are trying Jimmys Bombs. I was lucky to spend a wonderful 15 days with Jimmy last May on the Intrepid. He put a whopping on the hoo and I witnessed a master and gentleman at work. Jimmy is truly one of the nicest guys one could share the rail with, and I'm...
  622. Outhouse

    Melton Tackle

    I ordered from them once and they did not have either of the two items I ordered. Won't go back
  623. Outhouse

    GoPro Hero 2 Outdoor Edition

    i have one, with all the various straps, extra battery and a tre-cool Thule bag that I'm pondering selling. I've used the camera once in my pool and took it on one long range trip where I wore the head mount for about 15 mins. It's never been in saltwater. Otherwise it's been in my closet for...
  624. Outhouse

    Damaged Rod - UPS

    I've had two rods broken via FedEx and they paid up and refunded my shipping costs immediately.
  625. Outhouse

    Costa Del Mar Sunglasses - Prescription Lenses

    If you simply need them to see things up close, get the Costa C-Mates that have the small magnifier at the bottom of the lens.
  626. Outhouse

    Borona Large tackle bag

    I guess this is a POS since no one has used one.
  627. Outhouse

    Most Helpful

    I'm going to vote for Alex. After reading his posts, I feel immediately better about myself.
  628. Outhouse

    Duck Calls, FINAL

    This is my last post on calls, and I know you are thrilled. This is a call I'm hesitant to sell. It's never been hunting as it's simply too darn pretty. As you can see, it is made of African black wood with a unique grain to it. It's a "Duckall" call. It has a higher pitch than the others...
  629. Outhouse

    Duck Calls, part 7

    This is my next to last call to post. This call was made by Troy Taylor, who I believe is a west coast call maker, Washington state? Anyway, this call is engraved in script on the base of the barrel, Troy Taylor, 2002. $65 plus $5 shipping.
  630. Outhouse

    Duck calls, part 6

    Guys, I'm almost finished. One of the more well known call makers is RNT aka Rich N Tone. They are based in Stuttgart and both of these calls were purchased, and tuned in their ship. One is Osage Orange, I believe, and is called the Daisy Cutter. It's a very popular call in these parts...
  631. Outhouse

    Duck Calls, part 5

    i hope I'm not boring you. Next up are three calls from one of my favorite call markers, David Gaston. David is so patient and such a nice guy. When I first got into duck hunting, I bought one of his calls, but couldn't blow it worth a darn. I sent him an email and he immediately called me...
  632. Outhouse

    Duck Calls, part 4

    Next up are two calls from Echo Calls The owner won some world championship. The Amber colored call is a double reed while the black is a single reed. $65 $5 shipping each if they'll fit in the small USPS box.
  633. Outhouse

    Duck Calls, part 3

    ive got two wonderful calls from Docs Calls from Lincoln, NE. I bought these at the aforementioned show in Stuttgart, AR. Both calls retail are single reed calls and retail for $130. You can check them out at Asking $65 each plus $5 shipping, assuming they'll fit in a USPS...
  634. Outhouse

    Duck calls, part 2

    Guys, I mentioned in a previous thread that I have some duck calls that haven't been used in about 10 years. My son and I used to hunt every weekend during the season until he had children and I learned about long range fishing. Funny what both do to ones finances. I don't know much about...
  635. Outhouse

    Borona Large tackle bag

    anyone with first hand experience with this bag?
  636. Outhouse

    Help Selecting a Rod for a LEXA 400

    I bought a freshwater muskie Rod. I just used my reel and you are going to love it. I caught yft up to 30# and the reel didn't break a sweat.
  637. Outhouse

    BD biggest asshole poll

    I can't bear to read another post from this vile thread. It's obvious "Alex" or what other name he has used, or may use in the future, is clearly an extremely unhappy person. My father taught me to "treat others as you would have them treat you". I've had so many on these boards go above and...
  638. Outhouse

    Wahoo lures

    Reduced price - I'm clearing out gear that I keep dragging across the country (from TN) for my one trip per year. I got rid of my trolling Rod as I now use the boats gear. Up for sale are three Maurader type lures. The top one is a Strike Pro cypress lure. I've used this a couple times and...