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  1. DH10

    Wyoming Elk 2020

    OK, not in WA, but the guys hunting were from WA...My Brothers and friend Tom came out for the elk opener in September. The hunt area always has good odds to draw, because most of it is wilderness, and access is pretty difficult unless you hire an outfitter (Wyoming has a ridiculous regulation...
  2. DH10

    Mexico Travel Restrictions extended
  3. DH10

    October 2.5 day

    My Niece is getting married in SoCal on October 15. I am thinking of doing a 1.5 or 2.5 day trip with my wife, any recommendations on which boat? We have fished Mexico, Panama and Belize and caught lots of tuna and dorado, but never done an overnight trip. Thanks--Dave
  4. DH10

    Cabo Udate

    Reports from Baja Nomads that things have improved remarkably in the past few days;
  5. DH10

    La Paz

    Sounds like things are not so bad compared to Cabo according to Jonathan Roldan...
  6. DH10

    La Ribera fishing just before Odile

    It seems kind of trivial with all that has happened since we left, but it is at least some good news about the area. My wife and I went down September 5-13. We arrived the evening after Norbert passed by, and left the day before Odile showed up. Freakin' lucky we bought the tickets in May...
  7. DH10

    Mazatlan fishing guides

    I am going to be in Mazatlan for a meeting in April (destination is set). I was hoping to squeeze in a few days on the water, does anyone have any recomendations for guides or boats?
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    Cambutal-Los Buzos

    My wife and I spent March 4-13 in Cambutal at Los Buzos, fishing 6 days on pangas. The fishing was pretty darned good. I had two wishes for the trip-to catch tuna on poppers and to get rocked by some behemoths speed jigging. My wishes were fulfilled--there were some slow periods, but also some...
  9. DH10

    Black Hole 2 piece rods

    I got the bug for jigging down in Panama last year. I was using a 7' rod and had some success, but it was a lot of work keeping that jig moving at the speed the fish wanted. I also got rocked several times (thinking I could have turned them a bit faster with a shorter rod). Anyhow, I do not...
  10. DH10

    Paradise April 25-29

    Stayed at Chad's place 5 days with my wife—what a great trip! The place is gorgeous, the atmosphere is very mellow, and <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com</st1:country-region><st1:place w:st="on">Chad</st1:place> and his staff will get you whatever you want—not that...
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    Delta Airlines rod tube fees

    Not really limited to Baja, but.... As of now at least, Delta still allows 2 free check-in bags per person on international flights. Will a rod tube (6 feet long) count as one of the free bags or will I have to pay because it it "oversized"?
  12. DH10

    Hotel on arrival in Panama City

    My wife and I will arrive in Panama City on an evening flight in mid April. We are renting a car, and will be in Panama for 2 weeks, one week touring around and one week fishing. I have never been to Panama, and have heard that driving in Panama City can be kind of crazy, especially after...
  13. DH10

    Poppers and Jigs for Panama

    I will be fishing around Coiba Island for 5 days toward the end of April, and was wondering about opinions on must have jigs and poppers--including sizes and colors? My experience with this type of fishing is limited to dorado, jacks and roosterfish off of the beach in Baja with 1-2 ounce...
  14. DH10

    Panama March or April

    My wife and I are planning a trip to Panama sometime in March or April 2010. We have fished extensively in Baja, (and inshore in Xcalak Mexico and Belize). Our plan is to spend 2 weeks, with a week or so of sightseeing and week of fishing. I have been checking the web and it seems the fishing...