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  1. lee337

    Shooting Sealions? NOT COOL!

    Steel wool and wd40 and then maybe a little less salt air!!! :-):-):-) LOLLOLLOL
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    What shotgun to get for quail hunting

    Remington 11-87 28 inch barrel matte finish 12 ga. You can use it for everything under the sun. I do!
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    SD Bass Assassin has 2 Cows!!!

    I have been lucky enough to see 3 of them they are awesome!!!
  4. lee337

    Red Rooster: 10/20-10/28 Report

    Awesome report!!! Can't say enough about your son, Ethan and the rest of the crew of the Red Rooster 111!!!
  5. lee337

    How to troll for tunas big boy style!!

    Years ago my father was on the ship Ticonderoga county anchored up at San Clemente island. He told me stories of catching very large sheepshead from the ship. My father is 81 now. This happened sometime when he was between 18 and 22 years old.
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    Fishing gear taken from driveway in SF

    Go to the nearest homeless camp, try not to step in any shit on the way. Sorry for your loss!!! Hope you get it back!!!
  7. lee337

    ELK Quest

    We will need a full report with pics!!! Good luck!!!
  8. lee337

    Memories with the Kid

    Wow nice goat!!! And with the daughter too, Sweet!!!
  9. lee337

    Red rooster calstar 6-day trip report

    Great report! Was there on the Izorline trip a couple trips ago. Great Boat, crew and food. Thanks for writing.
  10. lee337

    Red Rooster Roll call .. 6 day IZORLINE ..SEPT. 8-14

    Sheila and I will be there. 3rd or 4th time on the Izorline trip but the first to the island if we go!!!
  11. lee337

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    This is a great thread for us newcomers!!! We get to learn a little history.
  12. lee337

    Opportunity for Long Range Anglers on the Red Rooster III

    Just read on f***book there is still 3 spots open for this trip, Although at regular price!!!
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    OK for "kids" to out-fish you, or not?

    I don't have any kids. But when my wife out fishes me. It makes me as happy as fuk!!!
  14. lee337

    Fingers crossed for a local!

    Good luck!!!
  15. lee337

    Crew Members Fishing

    I was on a trip with Mike last year, watched him hand off 3 yellowtail to a passenger, who told me later if it was not for the handoffs he would not have landed one that day!!!!!! Yes it was his first on a big boat. 6 day trip
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    Flyfishing Pictures - YFC, BSP, Halibut

    Looks like fun!!! Better than those trout I catch here.
  17. lee337

    Favorite Boats

    Red Rooster 111 has some August 3 day trips. You wont be disappointed!!!
  18. lee337

    Apollo report, Feb 1-4

    Thank you Picasso, Always an awesome read!!!
  19. lee337


    ^^^ Agree with above ^^^ Thanks for giving me the chance!!!
  20. lee337


    I'm in pats 27 rams 17
  21. lee337

    Japan Resumes Whaling

    If the whales they harvest are a renewable resource, then why not harvest them!
  22. lee337

    My 2018 Colorado buck

    ^^^ Not really. I live in a wintering area and sometimes deer like this move into my area. Well this year the stars aligned for me!!!
  23. lee337

    Game Cam TX

  24. lee337

    Game Cam TX

    A little mountain kitty I have many pics like that from my camera on my driveway!!! :-):-):-)
  25. lee337


    The best trip report writer I've ever read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  26. lee337

    My 2018 Colorado buck

    I live and hunt in unit 73.
  27. lee337

    My 2018 Colorado buck

    Been dry in my area since last summer!!!
  28. lee337

    My 2018 Colorado buck

    Looks like I posted in wrong forum.Mod. please move to hunting reports. Thank you!
  29. lee337

    My 2018 Colorado buck

    Found a nice one today!!! just over 29 inches. Southwest Colo. Winchester model 70 .270 wsm Zeiss 4 1/2 x 14 Harris bi pod. About 220 yds.
  30. lee337

    Wahoo mag bay lodge Thetis bank

    Love the wahoo!!! Good job Joe and friends!!! :-):-):-)
  31. lee337

    Guess what fish

    Yellowtail tuna!!!
  32. lee337

    What bird is this

    Please tell us. what does a henway? :imdumb:
  33. lee337

    Rodless Heresies: Fishing for Wahoo All Wrong!

    Thanks for the write up Jim!!! You have just told us what might be the two best ways to fish bait for WAHOO!!!
  34. lee337

    overdue trip report, sort of...

  35. lee337

    RR3 cited for overlimits in 2017

    Caught a smaller model BSB on the Rooster last year. Andy said we don't keep those, and it never made it out of the water.
  36. lee337


    Got my first eye of the year on Friday. Great eats!!!!
  37. lee337

    Endeavor sportfishing, morro bay opener

    Cool report. Thanks Alan!
  38. lee337

    Local Knowledge Season 3 To Air On Discovery Channel

    WOW!!! Moving up in the tv world. Good job guys!!!
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    Snacks on overnight trips

    Nebraska's cookies!!!!! They seem to help you catch lots of big tuna!!!
  40. lee337

    Favorite crew photos

    Please learn how to post that pic!!!
  41. lee337


    Picasso,Thank you!!! You made me feel like I was there! :appl::appl::appl:
  42. lee337

    San Juan River Day 2 January 15, 2018

    Was there last weekend lots of smaller fish. I lost 4 full size models. Man I hate those mini hooks!!!
  43. lee337

    Favorite crew photos

    We have a winner!!!!
  44. lee337

    Favorite crew photos

    Name the arm!!!
  45. lee337

    Oversize Sturgeon Candlestick Park

    Damn I miss that sight! Big sturgeon in dirty water. Good job!!!
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    Please put me in! Thank You!!! Pats, 28 Eagles, 20
  47. lee337

    wintertime reel service for everyone

    Hey, Alan I think you just posted this because of the reel I just sent you!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  48. lee337

    2018 California Fishing License Reseller Fees

    I live in Colorado and if remember correctly the vendors get 10% of sales!!!
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    Help me name this girl

    My wife thinks Okuma I like Remmi as in Remington.
  50. lee337

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    Hey guys I would love to go with you all, but can't make it today, Can you send me my share of the lobsters and fish. I'm in Colorado. PM me for address. Checks in the mail!!! :-):-):-)
  51. lee337

    Carrying a Handgun While Fishing

    Fortunately one must have tripped and went into the water!!!!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:
  52. lee337

    puerto vallarta with the osuna brothers

    Great write up Alan !!! Thank you!
  53. lee337

    Fresh meat

    A most tender freezer filler :appl::appl::appl:
  54. lee337

    Red Rooster 10 Day spots open!!!

    Does not matter who's running the boat. Tommy or Andy. IT WILL CATCH FISH!!!!!!!
  55. lee337

    Trick or Treat?

    Yes you did!!!
  56. lee337

    What are the odds?

    If freshwater counts, at lake Powell I once caught a Large mouth and a small mouth bass on the same Zara spook at the same time!!!
  57. lee337

    RP 10/3-13. Fall variety with a bonus

    Awesome detailed report! Thank you!!!!!!
  58. lee337

    2017 Elk Season West/East

    Beautiful Bull,Good job on hunting hard and getting it done!!!
  59. lee337

    Something entirely else... Cod off Flatanger in Norway

    Enjoyed the vids. Thanks again!
  60. lee337

    MOOSE Hunt

    YES YES YES!!! Made my day. Thank you for posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  61. lee337

    Long Range FISHING Reports

    Well said!!! ^^^^
  62. lee337

    Eastern Sierras 9/25-9/27 (Pic Heavy)

    Nice report! Thanks for all the pics!
  63. lee337

    A Rose by any other name

    OH NO, He's back!!!
  64. lee337

    I'm a very lucky manhotstuff

    WOW!!! and I hope she reads this too!!! :appl::appl::appl:
  65. lee337

    Montana 6by wilderness bull

    The short version is ok ! Nice Bull!!!
  66. lee337

    4th Annual Superbowl 2018 Winner Prediction Contest 2/4/2018

    Patriots for my guess!
  67. lee337


    HaHa guys i'm on the Izorline right in front of you. My wait is 6 days shorter than yours!!!
  68. lee337

    Guess everything went nanners today

    Bananas on a sport boat ok, Bananas on my personal boat equals no go!!!
  69. lee337

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    Mayweather @ 1:50 3rd round. This whole thing is awesome .Thanks for doing it!!!
  70. lee337

    Point Loma Kelp 8-22-17

    Wow' looks like she slammed them!!!
  71. lee337

    Mayweather vs McGregor - Let's make this fun..... who's in?

    I'm in, cant miss this!!!
  72. lee337

    Alaska for the first time next year

    My dad just got back from Kingfisher charters. He personally won't go any where else! They caught all you ask for above!
  73. lee337

    Don't be a Dick! Post your reports! It helps us all. Let's work together!

    I have to admit some of you guys have turned this very touchy subject thread into one funny ass thread!!! Thank you!:):):)
  74. lee337

    Three days on the Mo

    Nice well written report. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for taking the time!
  75. lee337

    Excel 5-day.

    Andy is addicted to all fish!!!
  76. lee337


    Wow, picasso you can make even a 2 day trip sound awesome!!! Thanks for taking the time!!!
  77. lee337

    Something entirely else... Cod off Flatanger in Norway

    Always like to see something different! Thank you!!!
  78. lee337

    3 Dead, Liverless Sharks Wash Ashore in Weird Whodunit

    Send them up. But only if they eat the fur balls also!!!
  79. lee337

    Tanner's first butt.

  80. lee337

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    I have been on the boat with Mike 2 times in the last 3 years and have seen what time he gets up and what time he goes to bed. I think more hours working than any other crew member. And the food awesome!!!
  81. lee337

    Democrat, a Republican, or a Southerner?

    WOW I think I am some where in between republican and southerner!:2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1::2gunsfiring_v1:
  82. lee337

    Halibut in SF Bay

    Nice SF bay catch!!!
  83. lee337

    Cascade Lake Idaho Jumbo Perch

    WOW big fat perch! Good job!
  84. lee337

    Walleye for dinner

    EJ A man who knows how to cook Walleye, had some just as you described Sunday night that was caught Saturday. Fucking delicious!!! Nice fish Cohoho!
  85. lee337

    "That Guy" roll call

    This may be the best thread ever, except for maybe Nebraska's fish report. :-)But if nothing else it can tell some of us what to do and what not to do even when we don't do it on purpose!
  86. lee337

    New shop for the boat... a story of frustration.....

    WOW! Holy shit, without looking to close I thought this was Cali. NOT WASHINGTON.
  87. lee337

    Seriously, how?

    I know somebody like that :hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha: only it's brand new vehicles and a 60,000 dollar bass boat!!
  88. lee337

    Fishing SD

  89. lee337

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    Well Nebraska, sorry to be so impatient, but just can't wait for the next installment!!! Great write up. Thanks for taking the time!!! :appl::appl::appl:
  90. lee337

    Another amateur re-wrap job now for my little 6 yo princess

    Bonus points for dad !!!:appl::appl::appl:
  91. lee337

    Building without GC savings

    Remember this line... Spend a dollar to save a dime. It will happen!!!
  92. lee337

    "That Guy", now it's me

    WOW NICE!!! It must be nice to be that guy! I've been told that I can be that guy, without the car.:appl::appl::appl:
  93. lee337

    The journey has begun!

    Hey Nebraska,I don't know which route you are taking but if you pass the entrance to Mesa Verde N.P. on Colo. 160. Honk Your horn when you go by,I will hear it.Drive safe and have a great trip!!! GOOD LUCK to everybody!!!
  94. lee337

    Please be on the look out.

  95. lee337

    1/13-1/14 SPB

    Look's like dinner time to me!!! My dad just brought some back to Colo. for me, ate it all in one sitting!!!
  96. lee337

    Unreal Outdoor Photo

    WOW, made me look!!!
  97. lee337

    Loving the snow

    Not just Ali, I think we all want to head that way!!! Nice job!!!
  98. lee337

    Sustainable Tuna Fishing is not Good for The Climate

    No matter what we do it's wrong. The only way to make the enviros happy is for all of to kill ourselves!!! :imdumb::imdumb::imdumb:
  99. lee337

    Ray , Barracudas, Short halibut 02/01/17

    Good try, If you don't go you don't know.
  100. lee337

    Getting Old

    Who ever said these were the golden years needs to get kicked in the nuts!!!
  101. lee337

    Nick gets his shot

    Awe shit. Wish I was on that trip!!! Way to go Nick.:appl::appl::appl:
  102. lee337

    Idaho Whitetails and WA Tags Notched

    Awesome job. Way to put the time in!!! Good job for dad also!!!
  103. lee337

    MT elk down

    GOOD JOB!!! :appl::appl::appl:
  104. lee337

    Got my Christmas tree up

    I assume the presents under it will be matching reels!!!
  105. lee337

    Accurate Reel Giveaway!

    I think the look on my wife's face tells the whole story!!!
  106. lee337

    My Colorado buck 11/10/16

    Thanks for the great comments everybody!!!
  107. lee337

    Wyoming Bull Elk(s)- Success- Late Report 10/14-10/21

    I want to carry my own trophy!!! Way to go!!!
  108. lee337

    My Colorado buck 11/10/16

    This morning I decided it was time to fill my tag.I had passed one up that was slightly bigger on opening day.I live in s.w. Colo and hunt the land around my house. you can't see it but my house is about 400 yds. behind me. Sometimes my hunts are not as exciting as others that post on this board...
  109. lee337

    Wyoming Bull Elk(s)- Success- Late Report 10/14-10/21

    WOW!!! Thanks for taking the time!!!
  110. lee337

    Wister/Imperial Waterfowl

    Hard work can get you a limit!! Good job.
  111. lee337

    Vote For Your Favorite Pumpkin Carving

    # 5 Art Gomez gets my vote!
  112. lee337


    Holy shit, that shit is funny!!!
  113. lee337

    Funky buck

    Nice job!!! Thanks for posting!
  114. lee337

    AZ Youth Elk Hunt!

    Awesome!!! :appl::appl::appl:
  115. lee337

    Looks like red meat is back on the menu, Boys!

    WTG guys, Thanks for sharing!!!
  116. lee337

    More Grouse

    Good job guys!!! :appl:
  117. lee337


    One day at a time. It gives me something to look forward to every day!!! Thank you in advance.
  118. lee337

    WY deer down

    Nice bucks! But I think hers is bigger than yours!LOLLOLLOL
  119. lee337

    Yukon Moose & Sheep - September 2016

    Great hunt. Thanks for posting!!!
  120. lee337

    Antelope in Wyoming

    Awesome trip! I call those things back strap and pancakes for dinner!!!
  121. lee337

    Mountain Goat, part two

    Awesome read and pics!!! Thank you!!!
  122. lee337

    Wyoming antelope trip tomorrow

    Sounds like a sweet trip. GOOD LUCK!!!
  123. lee337

    Hard work pays off!

    Awesome job guys!!!
  124. lee337

    Never giving up paid off - 8/25 Catalina and Dana

    Sweet fish! Good thing your watch stopped!!! Sometimes an extra hour is all it takes.:notworthy
  125. lee337

    Official Report - Intrepid – 8 Day – Ray Jarvis Memorial – 7/9-7/16

    Great report!!! Thanks for taking the time. :appl::appl::appl:
  126. lee337

    Big Pig Down - 7/16

    Good job. Thanks for the report!!!
  127. lee337

    Apparently you can still get tuna in a can

    I used to have one of those tin cans. Caught lots of fish out of it!!! Good job with yours!!!
  128. lee337

    Who in your life should have the combo to your gun safe ?

    Me, my wife. Any good safe cracker when we die.
  129. lee337

    The trip of a lifetime. (Heavy price)

    Something different than fish. Thanks for posting! :appl:
  130. lee337

    How big is this turd????

    About 26 inches:-):-):-) :frehya2: I'm sorry could not help it!
  131. lee337


    Great report, Thanks for the read!!!
  132. lee337

    The usual, Late trip report.

    Love these reports!!! Thanks for taking the time to right this!!!:appl::appl::appl:
  133. lee337

    .308 for elk????

    I have a friend who loves his .308 for elk. Use premium lead bullets. Good to go!!!
  134. lee337

    Been a long wait

    Congrats, show us pics when your done!
  135. lee337

    Nobody is trying to take your guns....SURE

    Me too, but I totally agree!!!
  136. lee337

    Under Armour Giving Away CoolSwitch Apparel

    I'd like to win!!!
  137. lee337

    Showtime on the Star

    picasso, I don't know how long it takes you to write these reports but THANK YOU!!!:appl::appl::appl:
  138. lee337

    Showtime on the Star

    I love reports like this,sometimes I wish I wouldn't find them until all the chapters were written!:appl: The waiting almost kills me!!! :-):-):-)
  139. lee337

    First Tom

    New gun, new bucket list bird congrats!!!
  140. lee337

    the pope goes to alaska

  141. lee337

    Shed hunting yesterday! Antlers!

    In the Cortez area.
  142. lee337

    Shed hunting yesterday! Antlers!

    albacore11, I live in a deer wintering area. The areas i hunt are mostly pinion and cedar trees and sagebrush flats. The deer in my area lose their antlers sometime between mid.Feb and April. Bottom line is hunt where the deer live in that time frame. Good luck!!! :-):-):-)
  143. lee337

    Shed hunting yesterday! Antlers!

    Cory don't care as long as it's an antler and he gets to play with it for a while. I live in South West Colorado at about 7000 feet elevation. BTW baboltin nice buck!!!
  144. lee337

    Shed hunting yesterday! Antlers!

    Awesome day shed hunting today!!! 7 for me and 3 for my dog Cory!
  145. lee337

    Where can I shoot off the 14 or 5 freeway?

    To be safe you should go as far north and or east of the 14 or 5 as possible. Preferably out of Kali!!!:-) :2gunsfiring_v1:
  146. lee337

    Just have to vent

    Here in Colorado I salute many people, but i don't believe I've ever seen a BD sticker :finger: :D:D:D
  147. lee337

    Another pig on the ground 2/17

    Nice pig! Sounds like a great hunt and great shot!!!
  148. lee337

    Yellow bling

    Don't know about the yellow band. But nice jewelry!!!
  149. lee337

    Fish Cutters, Who's Fastest?

    For those like me who have more than 12 hours of driving. As soon as I book my trip I make a reservation at Five Star. And hope to be first on the list!
  150. lee337


    Count me in Carolina 27...
  151. lee337

    To follow Carls, "Shit" thread....

    Hell, I think I would just buy one of the boats. Limited loads trips only! Like me and my friends!!!
  152. lee337

    Executive Action On Gun Control

    Just remember, every time Obama speaks gun sales go up!
  153. lee337

    Return to Spectacular Dry Tortugas December 2015

    Sweet!!! Love the pics!
  154. lee337

    Bring Bling Bling

    Nice jewelry!!! Looks like they were banded at the same time. How close were the numbers?
  155. lee337

    I think a new batch of northerns may have arrived

    Nice bunch of green there!!!
  156. lee337

    Have you seen this? Divers beware too funny!

    BE SAFE BE SAFE While making a video while driving!!!:fighting0061:
  157. lee337

    New Varmint Rifle

    22-250 the .17hmr awesome for prairie dogs too small for long range coyotes.
  158. lee337

    Blue Dream at the Buffer Zone

    Andy tells it like it is!:-) I love reports like this keep up the great writing!!!
  159. lee337

    Angerwest TV Panama 2015 episode with Bonus Ca. Delta Stripers.

    I have fished Big Break before just like you guys were. Can be awesome fishing. Thanks for posting!!!
  160. lee337

    D14 buck

    LOVE IT!!! Great job for you and your boy!!!:appl::appl::appl:
  161. lee337

    Another year in Montana

    We like deer pics!!! Congrats on the bucks!!!
  162. lee337

    Daddy's Little Girl

  163. lee337

    Where a great trip breaks down.....

    Andy, yes he does. Come on people activate!!! :starwarskid5:
  164. lee337

    tagged out!

    Nice bucks!!! Always hunt uphill from the jeep.:-) :cheers:
  165. lee337

    10 year anniversary what to do

    I know what you mean. Hopefully she remembers that she said it!!!
  166. lee337

    10 year anniversary what to do

    You guys need a wife like mine, she said we should go on a 10 day trip on our 25th wedding anniversary!!! I hate to think that we still have 3 more years to wait! :-):-):-)
  167. lee337

    Long Range Camaraderie – Random acts of kindness. Any stories?

    ^^^ Almost tears to my eyes!!!:appl::appl::appl: At 13 way cool!!!
  168. lee337

    Intrepid catching cows

    Rooster into cows also!!!
  169. lee337


    Well at least it wasn't some jogger!!!
  170. lee337

    Opening Day Blacktail

  171. lee337


  172. lee337

    Son's turkey mount......

    Look's good!!!
  173. lee337

    There's good news and bad news honey

    I just did 27 pints today. I think I need to go get more fresh stuff also! If I only lived a little closer than Colo.
  174. lee337

    Win A Pair of Costa Sunglasses

    I already wear Costa's, need another pair!!!
  175. lee337

    Got one!

    Eye guards only count on whitetails. :-) I hate buck fever!!!
  176. lee337

    Slayer be slaying on the Commander :)

    :appl::appl::appl: Good job!!!
  177. lee337

    A-22 success!

    Nice little buck. Good job!!! :appl:
  178. lee337

    Soylent Rainbow???

    :supergay:Doritos has teamed up with Skittles to make you taste the rainbow!!!
  179. lee337

    First Brown

    NICE!!!!!!! :appl::appl::appl:
  180. lee337

    Son's First Deer 9/5

    NICE JOB!!!
  181. lee337

    Wahoo at Cedros?

    I leave Sunday on this boat WAHOO!!!
  182. lee337

    Just a cool picture ....298lb YFT

    Cool to see old stuff like that. Thanks!!!
  183. lee337

    San Diego....a whales v.....!

    Awesome!!! WTG with the kids!!! GO Niners!!! And I live in Colo. also
  184. lee337

    White Sea Bass @ golden gate bridge

    They were trolling for Salmon about 3 or 4 miles south of seal rock on the beach in 50 to 60 feet of water. It bottomed out a 50 pound scale they sort of didn't know what they really had so they didn't pursue the matter.
  185. lee337

    White Sea Bass @ golden gate bridge

    This is a picture of my buddy's White Sea Bass, caught just outside the GGB 8-1-2015 the guy holding it is 6' 6". This is a verified report as I just got off the phone with him 15 minutes ago.
  186. lee337

    So easy an 11 yo can do it

    WTG!!! Looks like you got schooled!!!
  187. lee337

    Ray Jarvis Memorial 2015 The Movie

    Watched the whole thing. Thanks for posting!
  188. lee337

    Canning question

    What stupidcarpenter said X2.
  189. lee337

    polaris supreme

    Me and my wife took our first 5 day trip on the Polaris Supreme a few years ago on the way home she say's babe when are we going again. She's hooked now. All trips now cost double. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL!!!
  190. lee337

    Super Strike Charters--Venice, La.

    Some flat calm water, lots of nice fish, makes me want to go back!!!
  191. lee337

    Ninerrr ninerrr ninnnnneeeerrrrr!!!

    Looks like lunch!!!
  192. lee337

    another sheep hearder joke

    NO!!! NO!!!! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!
  193. lee337

    offshore Venice La

    Nice fish!!! THANKS!
  194. lee337

    slang for small fish?????

    In freshwater a small Pike is called a hammer handle, also we used to call undersized salmon or sturgeon shakers as in shake them off the hook.
  195. lee337

    One tuff SOB

    Copper bullets. :2gunsfiring_v1::oinker: Sorry you guys have to use them, just not good!!!
  196. lee337

    virg's landing - 5/22/2015

    Nice report!! Thanks!
  197. lee337

    Haole invasion

    Nice! Love to see mammal reports!
  198. lee337

    Honor Roll

    NICE NICE NICE!!!:worship:
  199. lee337

    Deep-Drop Florida Grand Slam

    I love to see these reports from areas other than southern Cal. Gives us some variety!!!:appl::appl::appl:
  200. lee337


    In a couple of years when it grows up. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
  201. lee337

    RP fish hold capacity ?

    Not big enough to hold all the fish they caught this last trip.
  202. lee337

    Gotta Love Texas Hog Hunts

    Can you say BACOOOOONNNNNN!!!!!!!
  203. lee337

    Turbo Diesel Skiff Coming to a Paddy Near You

    Coming to a paddy near you, very quickly!!!!!!
  204. lee337

    Archery Bird

    Nice headshot, Nice bird!!!
  205. lee337

    Barnes Copper Bullet FAIL

    Don.t use that bullet on elk. Go get a premium lead 180 grain bullet. Haven.t shot hundreds of elk, but enough to know better. Maybe you hit a branch causing bullet to tumble, I doubt it the nose was slightly mushroomed. Shoot an elk, no tumble bullet goes through like an fmj, elk gone...
  206. lee337

    Barnes Copper Bullet FAIL

    I shoot a .270 wsm and would never!!!!! shoot a Barnes bullet. I do live in Co. where I can still shoot lead. By the way look at their advertising they show mushroomed bullets.
  207. lee337

    Tagging fish

    Nice report Nice pics Thanks
  208. lee337

    Offshore Longboat/AMI 3/20/15

    Nice report nice pics Thanks
  209. lee337

    Some Good News For A Change

    Already have reservations at five star for my Aug. Rooster trip.
  210. lee337

    Lake Havasu Stripers in the Dark

    I love stripers, but I am closer to lake Powell.
  211. lee337

    Valentines day LATE POST

    HA HA your screwed for life now she won't let you go alone ever again...............just like my wife won't let me!!!!:):):)
  212. lee337

    Why is lake fishing so hard?

    The trick to catching fish is find the fish......Then put what they want to eat in front of them. But there is a lot of water around them and we don't always know what they want to eat. :D:D:D
  213. lee337

    What bird gave you your favorite memory?

    Can't beat the Russian band. Mine was my first triple. 3 drake Green wing teal in Franks tract Northern Cali. delta.
  214. lee337

    Poll: Low Profile Baitcaster Shoot Out: Who's got the nuts?

    No new news with mine except it will be going again in august. Got to give it another try!!!
  215. lee337

    Conflict At Clarion

  216. lee337

    Planning a 2015 LR trip?... DON'T do the math, just go!

    Try Taking the wife along the price will double!!! BUT SHE WON'T LET ME GO WITHOUT HER!!! :-):-):-):-):-)
  217. lee337

    My kitty is back again!!!

    ^^^^ YEP!!!!!
  218. lee337

    My kitty is back again!!!

    I live in south west Colorado, In the pinion and cedars my closest neighbor is about 500 yds. away next one over 1000yds. I live smack dab in the middle of a deer wintering area. Last year I got 6 pictures of him or her.(This is the first picture this year). Only in the dark. Approximately 20...
  219. lee337

    My kitty is back again!!!

    Sorry about the double pic. Kind of new to this.
  220. lee337

    My kitty is back again!!!

    Not the best pics. But you can tell what it is. This is about 100 yds. from my house!!!
  221. lee337

    Ok, tag soup check in thread

    Tag soup on a private land cow elk, general season bull, and voluntary on a 3rd season buck tag. Passed on a lot of 20 inch and smaller bucks. Let one, a 6x4 about 23 inches wide pass by at about 120 yards on opening day ( not sorry ). Had a great season and saw a good number of bucks, next year...
  222. lee337

    12 Days of Christmas Winners!

    I didn't win anything, But thanks for the chance BD.
  223. lee337

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-DAY 12 LAST CHANCE!! This is funny
  224. lee337

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 4

    Please add me also.
  225. lee337

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away -DAY 11- Accurate Fury

    Me and my wife, The big bird, 15 days, Shimada sea mount.
  226. lee337

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 10 COUSINS

    With a sword like this who needs Viagra
  227. lee337

    12 Days of Christmas Give-Away-DAY 1

    An engine for every inch!!!
  228. lee337

    12 Days of Christmas Give Aways-Day 3

  229. lee337

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 6

  230. lee337

    Which one of the fits you best...

    I'll go along with that!!!
  231. lee337

    First sturgeon in the SF Bay

    I love sturgeon!!!
  232. lee337

    When hogs play hard to get

    More study needed!!!
  233. lee337

    Raivavae Revisited!

    Sweet pics. THANKS!!!
  234. lee337

    Japanese fishing history

    Nice vid. I sat and watched the whole thing.
  235. lee337

    My summer

    Nice, Thanks for the vid.
  236. lee337

    Conflict At Clarion

    15 CHAPTERS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
  237. lee337

    Poll Question; Do you butcher your big game yourself or pay a butcher to do so?

    I helped with 5 bucks this year. Some years more, elk also. we have a walk in cooler and place to cut with sink, plastic and paper rollers, commercial grinder and a smoker also.
  238. lee337

    First elk hunt

    Good eating nice young elk!!
  239. lee337

    Looking for good scope

    Ziess conquest can't beat them!!!
  240. lee337

    Home from Colorado

    Thanks for the pics, good job!!!
  241. lee337

    Want to bring the wife / 5 day - need boat advice

    My wife's first trip was a 5 day on the Polaris supreme. On the way home to Colo. she says babe when are we going again. Sweet!!! Since then we have also done a 6 day and 7 day on the Red Rooster 111. All awesome trips!!!
  242. lee337

    I saw Bigfoot walking in the woods!

  243. lee337

    CO M/L Deer

  244. lee337

    Poll: Low Profile Baitcaster Shoot Out: Who's got the nuts?

    idk which is best but I will have one with 30# braid and short floro leader on the big bird in a couple of weeks. Spooled by a yellow tail. Had to go back to my penn fathom with 40 pound. Oh well it was cool for a couple of seconds.
  245. lee337

    Keep or release a Striped Marlin?

    Tuna = dinner Billfish = in water pic and release.
  246. lee337

    SW Colorado Archery Elk

    You will be near my backyard. post pics.
  247. lee337

    no limits but first double for dad and even better for my son

    Today was also the first time on a scotch double on doves for me. 2 with one shot. Sure helps the bird per shell ratio.
  248. lee337

    Dove Opener

    Nice! A limit here in colo. for me.
  249. lee337

    Antelope Hunt Success

    Good job guys!!!
  250. lee337

    Free Penn Dry Bag

    Fed ex at my door this morning, package in hand. Whoa my Penn dry bag just in time for my trip in 2 weeks. SWEET!!!!
  251. lee337

    Elk hunting and Tuna blood??

    They love the smell of tuna blood. The ELK will come running to it just like we do!!!
  252. lee337

    Poll: Low Profile Baitcaster Shoot Out: Who's got the nuts?

    idk which is best but I will have one with 30# braid and short floro leader on the big bird in a couple of weeks.
  253. lee337

    Which fish processor would you choose?

    Reservations @ 5 star also!
  254. lee337

    Shark Fishing doesn't get much better

    Nice report. I used to fish that area 30 years ago. Clams also at Dillon beach area!!!
  255. lee337

    Abalone, swirls, marble slices and boobies

    Nice work!!! I couldn't fish with anything that pretty.
  256. lee337

    Fishermens Processing Discounts???

    2nd that!!!
  257. lee337

    Ballsy day fishing offshore from Dana 7/19

    Nice job!!! The carpet will cleanup nicely.
  258. lee337

    Finally Made it to Westport 7/6

  259. lee337

    Another reason to boycott facebook

    WOW!!! they left mine up. I guess I'm not controversial enough.
  260. lee337

    Greenpeace just left my house...

    Last year in San Diego to fish the RR111 they asked my wife if we would help protect the dolphins ,She said honey we eat dolphin. eeeeerrrrrr I mean dorado......
  261. lee337

    Sealions Anyone?

    Dinner time!!!
  262. lee337

    Caption Contest - Win a Balloon Rig from Balloon Fisher King

    Got to have my Michelob even if it kills me.
  263. lee337

    Summer of the Hoo?

    Man Sept. is a long way off after hearing these reports.
  264. lee337

    Pelagic Outfitters $.01 Spectra Spooling Sale

    I did jump on this offer, and will again on Monday 6/16. Very happy with my new Penn reels.
  265. lee337

    Fishing is going in all KINDS of directions!

    Where's the kitchen sink.
  266. lee337

    Are you booked on any summer trips? What do you like about them?

    1st trip Polaris Supreme Aug.2011 on the way home my wife says when are we going again. 2nd trip RR111 Aug. 2013 on the way home my wife says when are we going again. 3rd trip Sept. 2014 I'm sure she will say the same thing. Enough said!!!
  267. lee337

    9 day red snapper season

    Nice report!!!
  268. lee337

    CO draws are in

    buck deer, cow elk early season private land can't wait. but truly more excited for the sept, trip on the RR111
  269. lee337

    Wtb, .17 hmr

    Not for sale. I do own a savage stainless bull barrel, Tack driver!!! Prairie dogs fear me!!!
  270. lee337

    Advice needed on best 2 speed reel

    Hey everybody just an update. Today I ordered a trq40nld2 for me and a mak 1511sea for my wife thanks for all the help everybody.
  271. lee337

    An Opinion To Stir The Pot

    I think this year I will try both, get back to with an answer in late sept.
  272. lee337

    Shotgun advice needed

    11-87 since 1987 would never change. Love my Remington.
  273. lee337

    yellowfin on the apollo,allready?

    within 1 1/2 day range isn't this really early?
  274. lee337

    Win a pair of Minox Binoculars - A $699 Value - Caption Contest Ending May 16th, 2014

    Minox binoculars,Important enough for air mail.
  275. lee337

    Win a pair of Minox Binoculars - A $699 Value - Caption Contest Ending May 16th, 2014

    Here's your Minox binos. Now don't forget them again.
  276. lee337

    Advice needed on best 2 speed reel

    Yaa too bad, and thanks for the useful info everybody. More than I could have hoped for.
  277. lee337

    Advice needed on best 2 speed reel

    Thanks for all the useful info. Hey kingfisher1 my wife has a pic. just like that one and we both have shirts just like the one nick is wearing
  278. lee337


    Must have a passport.
  279. lee337

    Advice needed on best 2 speed reel

    Wow more advice than I could hoped for. Me and the wife have both used the accurate 600 or 650 boss extreme {I think} 2 speeds as loaner gear on the rr111 last year for Bluefin in the 60# to70# class. Also yoyoing yellowtail at 23 fathom bank, she didn't want to use anything else.
  280. lee337

    Advice needed on best 2 speed reel

    First post for me. Looking to buy a 2 speed 50# class reel 1 for me and 1 for my wife to use on 6 day trip on RR111 in sept. And on other trips down the line. Just looking for what might be best at a reasonable price. Thanks in advance. lee337