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  1. jeffdalton

    Dumping an old boat Trailer

    I will keep that in mind. I have some time before the new trailer is ready.
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    Dumping an old boat Trailer

    I wouldn't risk driving my existing trailer very far...especially to Chino.
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    Dumping an old boat Trailer

    I was thinking the same thing....
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    Dumping an old boat Trailer

    I'm having a new trailer built and I need to dump the old one. I live in Long Beach...any suggestions?
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    Does the acid wrap help catch more fish? I don't have it on my rods and maybe if I did, I would...

    Does the acid wrap help catch more fish? I don't have it on my rods and maybe if I did, I would catch more than I already do. Just curious.
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    Tomahawk Cancelled

    So my Trip this Friday on the Tomahawk was cancelled. I was able to book an overnighter on the T-Bird, but I have never been on this boat. Any comments, suggestions??
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    Anybody hear what happened to the Tomahawk?

    Guys I was pulling on a large tuna and while doing so, I crushed the rail. Sorry!
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    Inshore FREEDOM - 7/27

    I'm on the Freedom Saturday night...I hope we do as well.
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    Offshore Tuna 9 miles from San Pedro

    They are all over the place, but getting them to bite is a whole different issue.
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    Offshore 10/7 Big Bluefin on Flat Fall @ SCI

    I have found that when I switch to flip flops and take off my boots, once I come back up to fish, the deck and my feet become bloody in a matter of minutes. I'm not sure if this works all the time, but I have found it to be an effective method to get the fish going after a slow bite.
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    Catalina Thurs and Friday

    Wise words indeed.
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    Offshore Poseidon 7/17

    I'm on this boat next week for a 2.5 day. The positive feedback is pleasing to hear!
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    Volvo Penta Mechanic Recommendations

    The engine is cranking, but won't fire up. I'm sure he also needs the engine tuned as well.
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    Volvo Penta Mechanic Recommendations

    Hello everyone, a friend reached out to me over the weekend and asked if I knew any good shops/mechanics to work on his Volvo Penta engine. He lives in the Upland CA area, but he can trailer it to areas in the So Cal area. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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    7/25/2020 267 and 14 mile bank

    I know a spot west of Long Point that is loaded with yellows. Hopefully they open that area again.
  16. jeffdalton

    7/25/2020 267 and 14 mile bank

    I still fish a lot, but my boat has been out of commission and I only post PB reports. I hope you are doing well!!
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    7/25/2020 267 and 14 mile bank

    Lot's of solid advice, but I would add that for the local banks the water needs to be warmer before I would opt to fishing offshore. Good luck on your next trip!
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    Offshore DP to SCI 7/30 Report

    That's an awesome report. Next time slow troll some baits following your jig strikes. Have someone ready to wind up the troll fish and others ready to drop a bait. Nice job!
  19. jeffdalton

    Catalina seaweed

    I haven't posted in quite some time, but I'm glad to see somethings don't change. You failed to give bloodworms a try! Next time I would advise you to keep some on hand when the yellows have lockjaw.
  20. jeffdalton

    Local SoCal banks?

    Good luck Steve!
  21. jeffdalton


    Very cool story! I'm fishing a 1.5 day on the Prowler this Friday...wish me luck!!
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    209 and Catalina - 9/26

    Here's a tip for finding yellows at the island. Slow troll a dine or mackerel. Also, you're wasting time trolling the banks when you should be looking for paddies. You need to cover as much water as possible and trolling only slows the search. Best of luck on your next trip!!!
  23. jeffdalton

    9-2 Freelance Daveys

    Without a proper scale, every yellow is over 25lbs....don't you know that by now?? Regardless, it was a nice fish! Instead of bowling over the rental rods, wouldn't have been simpler and probably safer to simply go over the top or underneath? Good times! :D
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    Triton Catalina Report 8/27

    Always fun fishing with you guys!!! Looking forward to our GF charter on the 8th!
  25. jeffdalton

    My Son's First Yellowtail. And second. And third... Catalina 7-15-18

    Always good fishing with your son! My oldest started around 5 and my youngest was fishing at 3. Bought a boat a few years later and they have been fishing with me ever since. Just wait until you start spending the night at the island and they fish all night!! Good times!!
  26. jeffdalton

    Morro Bay on the Endeavor

    No, but I'll give that a shot next time. We stay in a brand new house that sits directly over looking the Embarcadero. I surf in the morning and people watch in the afternoon....not a bad way to spend the day. :)
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    Catalina 7/9 to 7/11 – The Island of NOmance

    Heres the thing Mike, you may not have caught a yellow or WSB, but sounds like to still had an awesome time on the water. My boat is out of commission and I would give my right arm to have the trip you just did. Count your blessing my friend! I'm fishing the island tomorrow on a...
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    Gail Force - The Fun Continues!

    Fishing one of our Annual Trips on the Gail Force tomorrow. I hope the yellows want to bite! Thanks for the report Ryan!
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    Morro Bay on the Endeavor

    I was up there a few weeks ago to visit some family members and do a little surfing. Morro Bay is a cool place to visit for sure!
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    Catalina Report 7/8 with Pop

    Thanks for the report! Always good to be on the water!
  31. jeffdalton

    Gail Force 7/3 Big Bass-Big Yellas !

    We have another charter on the Gail Force this Saturday!! Always a blast!!!
  32. jeffdalton

    Munchkin Squid at Cat

    Those tiny squid are working just fine on the yellows. :D
  33. jeffdalton

    Catalina Front Side 6/3

    Good thing you blocked out your secret calico spot, though I'm pretty sure others have fished there as well. :D
  34. jeffdalton

    Rpt.-06-03-15 Run & Gun Tails at the 150!

    This report was nearly 3 years ago....but they might still be there. Good luck!!
  35. jeffdalton

    Pursuit Yellowtail 5/14

    I might have to sell all my custom Stealth Stix rods and my avet reels and start fishing with a handline. :D
  36. jeffdalton

    Pursuit Yellowtail 5/14

    I don't have any of the equipment you mentioned, nor do I tie those knots, I still catch yellows, but perhaps I could catch more if I switched over. Thoughts?
  37. jeffdalton

    Pursuit Yellowtail 5/14

    Yes, but only if I behave myself! :D
  38. jeffdalton

    Pursuit Yellowtail 5/14

    Can you go over your tackle setups in more detail? :D
  39. jeffdalton

    Cat on Sportking 5-12-18

    Here's a tip..keep some FC handy and you can fish the 30. I'm not going to bother to tell you to check your equipment before each trip...that's something you've already learned...the hard way. I was fishing a charter on the Gail Force and I was lucky enough to land one of the two yellows caught...
  40. jeffdalton

    S/e bank to Catalina 5/6

    Sometimes just getting out is all that matters. :D
  41. jeffdalton

    Gail Force Report

    Awesome to see the surface action improving. I surfed last night and the water temps have definitely gotten warmer. Looking forward to our Charter this Saturday on the Gail Force!
  42. jeffdalton

    1/15 Izors and long beach breakwall

    He was using multiple "poles" not rods, so he should be okay. :D
  43. jeffdalton

    Frustrating night hooping

    I'm so thankful I have zero interest in lobster trapping. You guys are cookoo!!
  44. jeffdalton

    Fun day of winter bassing at SCI / Sunday 12/10/17

    Nice report! How come you never take Jimmy's boat? :D
  45. jeffdalton

    12/18/17 Channel Island First Ling

    I'll be fishing the Aloha on a Dark Kings charter on the 31st. The last day for rockfishing....I'm looking forward to it!!
  46. jeffdalton

    Condor overnight: SAT 16 - SUN 17 DEC 2017 (limits of BFTs)

    I fished the Condor a few months ago and i have only positive things to say. Sounds like a fun trip!
  47. jeffdalton

    Offshore Freedom was killing it!

    Yeah me too!!! As long as I'm catching, I could give a riff what everyone else is doing!! :D
  48. jeffdalton

    Offshore Freedom was killing it!

    The newbies don't bother me at all! I focus on my shit, and if I can lend some assistance I will. If it's not wanted, I simply go about my business. Most people don't like being told what to do anyway. I would look at it this way, at least you caught fish! I was on the Freedom two Saturdays...
  49. jeffdalton


    Excellent report!!! Honestly there's nothing more exciting than a really good lobster report and this one's the best ever!!
  50. jeffdalton

    Offshore Bluefin Going Off!

    Nice!!! I hope to do the same this weekend!
  51. jeffdalton

    Yellowfin Tuna on a Bass rod

    Yeah I learned from my grandfather and he learned from his grandfather....and so on and so forth. I am told they used to do it with no gloves as well. I have to admit I much prefer a rod and reel approach. :D
  52. jeffdalton

    Offshore Tanner on the Tribute 11-19

    It's amazing how alcohol can cause one to sleep through an epic bite. :D
  53. jeffdalton

    Rpt.-Thur.-10-26-17 SCI Tails!

    At least it wasn't his toe!!! That shit hurts!!!
  54. jeffdalton

    where to go to catch bass and halibut in huntington harbor...kayak fishing

    I know where you can find big halibut, but I would be strung up if i divulged this information.
  55. jeffdalton

    Aztec-Super Cow

    I agree on the rockfishing, but I'm always down to pull on some large grade yellows.
  56. jeffdalton

    Yellowfin Tuna on a Bass rod

    That's nothing!! There was a time when I was too poor to afford a rod and reel and I would simply use a handline for tuna. I have to admit it was hard to bring in the larger ones, but I managed.
  57. jeffdalton

    I am an idiot PV 10/23

    It's gone....
  58. jeffdalton

    Bluefin tuna

    it's legit
  59. jeffdalton

    Fishing the 14 mile bank

    You guys got trolled. :D
  60. jeffdalton

    Offshore friday 10/6 el derado at tanner on an overnighter

    My bad on not seeing the sarcasm, but you have to admit there are some real tools on BD and you never know if something is real or BS. :D
  61. jeffdalton

    Private Boaters PLEASE stop taking Stupid Pills!!!

    This post is a waste of time. I've been a PB'er for well over 20 years and I've seen it all. I've come to the conclusion that most are simply ignorant and some just don't care. Getting your panties in a wad when you encounter these types of boaters will do nothing but ruin your day. All the...
  62. jeffdalton

    150 YFT?

    When ever you see a hammerhead, you can be confident tuna are in the area. A few years back we would see hammers often and we would always stop and work that area for tuna and it always paid off.
  63. jeffdalton

    Inshore Fishing with Sportsking 9 Oct

    Someone stole a rockfish?? Wow I usually give my fish away...including yellows. :D
  64. jeffdalton

    Morning Fishing session 10/03 ended up with 1 Hali and 1 Spottie

    I haven't fished the beaches in a long time, but I used to live in Seal Beach and i fished the south side of the pier at least 3 days a week. I would land legal halibut all the time on kastmasters or crocodiles. Just walk the beach and fan cast until you hook one. I hooked some large leopard...
  65. jeffdalton

    Offshore friday 10/6 el derado at tanner on an overnighter

    Why would they do that?? Seems to me they swung for the fences and struck out. They took a shot and it didn't pan out. Why do you think they would intentionally try to screw their customers by burning "extra" fuel? Kind of a silly comment if you ask me.
  66. jeffdalton

    Poached hard by divers.

    Silly fisherman! :D
  67. jeffdalton

    Tuesday 10/3 Same Day Report

    About 80 miles from where you were. :D
  68. jeffdalton

    Tuesday 10/3 Same Day Report

    Oh boy! If you say so it must be! :D
  69. jeffdalton

    Tuesday 10/3 Same Day Report

    It's a really nice yellow, but it's probably closer to 25lbs. :D
  70. jeffdalton

    Tuesday 10/3 Same Day Report

    Are you telling me you actually looked it up?? Oh brother!
  71. jeffdalton

    Tuesday 10/3 Same Day Report

    I was thinking the same thing!! Damn there are some pansies out there!!! :D
  72. jeffdalton

    Poached hard by divers.

    You people go crazy this time of year.....I'm soooo glad I'm not into this crap. :D
  73. jeffdalton

    Black Pearl Report For 10/01 - Tuna At Catalina

    Dan you should know better! I ALWAYS wait until I'm close to the landing before I start taking down my rods. You never know what you may encounter on the way in. Nevertheless sounds like a great trip. I fished the Black Pearl on Saturday and we did not fare as well. Oh well, good fishing is...
  74. jeffdalton

    My Tesoro 12S Arrived Today!

    I got my new JX 6/3 Raptor yesterday!!! :D
  75. jeffdalton

    9/23/17 San Pedro lighthouse.

    I call BS without a photo! LOL
  76. jeffdalton

    9/23/17 San Pedro lighthouse.

    I hear lizardfish are good eating!
  77. jeffdalton

    Help with rod/reel/line matchup? Advice greatly appreciated

    I always use the SD Jam knot to tie my hooks. Braid to Braid?? I don't know! I'm not an expert, but braid to big mono, collins?? Here's my question for you, do you really want answers to this?? If you have all this tackle, I'm going to assume you know what you're doing. Alternatively...
  78. jeffdalton

    Help with rod/reel/line matchup? Advice greatly appreciated

    I was going to say the same thing, especially on the heavier braid, but what do I know!!!
  79. jeffdalton

    Help with rod/reel/line matchup? Advice greatly appreciated

    Well I think you got it!!! Now that you have the gear and line in order, can you list the types of hooks and size you will be using and of course what knot you will be using?? Oh geez I just noticed you spelled Phoenix wrong.:D
  80. jeffdalton

    Help with rod/reel/line matchup? Advice greatly appreciated

    I'm still waiting for you to tell us what knots you plan on using for each set up and if we approve. :D
  81. jeffdalton

    Help with rod/reel/line matchup? Advice greatly appreciated

    Oh boy! You remind me of a kid who has a ton of toys but has trouble figuring out which one to play with. :D
  82. jeffdalton

    LB Local - 09.24

    I launch my Parker solo all the time at Davies and I can often do it in less time than it takes for others to do it with help. I learned a long time ago when my boys were really young and were of no help in launching the boat. I simply tie a rope from the truck bed to the boat and then I drop...
  83. jeffdalton

    Offshore 9/24 DP to 279, 209,181

    As soon as I install a new gas tank....until then I'm fishing on the cattleboats. At least I'm fishing!!!:D
  84. jeffdalton

    Offshore 9/24 DP to 279, 209,181

    Uh, i have to ask...where was your wife when the clicker went off? On my boat if the clicker goes off, the first one to grab it gets to pull on it. :D
  85. jeffdalton

    Deck boot recommendations

    I've always worn Xtra Tuff and I really like the 6" inch model. They are super easy to pull on and off when entering/exiting the bunk room. They are very comfortable....kind of like tennis shoes.
  86. jeffdalton

    Dark Kings Charter 9/16....Lots of Yellows!!!!

    Nah....I shaved this morning. :D Miss you too!!
  87. jeffdalton

    Green Mono ruined my trip

    Both responses are absolutely valid, but they don't negate the fact that spectra tangles are an absolute bitch and with mono I can cut myself away from that nonsense and get back to fishing. I should add that while fishing your own boat takes away the problem of spectra tangles, but fishing on...
  88. jeffdalton

    Yellowtail at the 150?

    You need to monitor the water temps. Cold water upwelling after a good wind will have a negative effect on the bite. There are other factors to focus on, but I'll let you discover them as you progress. Good luck!!
  89. jeffdalton


    I'm guessing you probably suck at fishing.....don't let that get you down...most people do!!!:D
  90. jeffdalton

    Green Mono ruined my trip

    Nothing scares me more than to get tangled with a guy using spectra. Honestly I don't see the need in most cases to spool my reels with spectra other than to use it for backing to at least 150 yards of mono. Of course it's a different scenario when fishing the larger BFT we have been seeing...
  91. jeffdalton

    Anacapa island 9/17/17 yellowtails and rockfish

    I'm told the bigger ones are at 400'! :D
  92. jeffdalton

    Native Sun

    Nice report!!
  93. jeffdalton

    Dark Kings Charter 9/16....Lots of Yellows!!!!

    I've been fishing with the Dark Kings for awhile now and I was inducted as a member on the last trip. Every trip is a blast and yes they definitely know how to party!!!:D
  94. jeffdalton

    Dark Kings Charter 9/16....Lots of Yellows!!!!

    Yeah Steve, I fished the same charter last year, but we didn't do nearly as good. I only caught 2 yellows on that trip. I picked up limits on this one. :D
  95. jeffdalton

    Dark Kings Charter 9/16....Lots of Yellows!!!!

    yeah I don't know of anyone who eats the heart willingly.....peer pressure is a powerful tool.:D
  96. jeffdalton

    Offshore Pride Sportfishing 9/17

    In a wide open bite, the guys will put the fish in the gunny sack and tag them after the bite has cooled down and place them in the RSW hold. It's unsafe to even think about opening a hatch during a WO bite.
  97. jeffdalton

    Offshore 9/19 Yellowfin report

    Your son looks happy....I'll leave it at that. :D
  98. jeffdalton

    Catalina Fishing 9-15

    Nice day of fishing!! :D
  99. jeffdalton

    Dark Kings Charter 9/16....Lots of Yellows!!!!

    It was bound to turn gray sooner or later. :D
  100. jeffdalton

    Anacapa island 9/17/17 yellowtails and rockfish

    You know they are seals when they take off like a bat out of hell and your tip bounces. I won the battle with one of those critters last weekend, but like was on my side. :D
  101. jeffdalton

    Anacapa island 9/17/17 yellowtails and rockfish

    How were you getting broken off? Those are not the biggest of yellows...just curious.
  102. jeffdalton

    Dark Kings Charter 9/16....Lots of Yellows!!!!

    Well he did just that Mike!!! He kissed her after eating the heart!!! :eek:
  103. jeffdalton

    San Clemente Island

    Hopefully it never happens again, but if it does, tie the anchor line off on a cleat and manually pull it enough to clear the bottom and put the boat in reverse and go fast enough to bring the anchor near the surface. Stop the boat and manually pull the anchor as fast you can to bring in enough...
  104. jeffdalton

    Rocky Point 9-16

    Good catch!!
  105. jeffdalton


    I don't think the mussel farm is easily moved, if at all! Nothing wrong with your report!!!:D
  106. jeffdalton

    San Clemente Island

    Nice fish! For entertainment purposes, can you elaborate on your anchor miscue?:D
  107. jeffdalton

    Dark Kings Charter 9/16....Lots of Yellows!!!!

    All my fish were on the flyline. I believe some were caught using the dropper loop as well.
  108. jeffdalton

    Dark Kings Charter 9/16....Lots of Yellows!!!!

    Fished a Dark Kings Charter on the Aloha Spirit on 9/16 out of Ventura. I only fish up there on these charters, so I'm not sure exactly where we fished, but I believe it was Santa Cruz on the Southern edge. We never left that spot the entire day. We had at least 1 or 2 yellows going most of...
  109. jeffdalton

    Kelp Paddy Tips

    I believe most of the answers thus far and have been solid. I'll throw in my two cents. When we fish paddies, we will set up to drift 20 yards or so off the paddy. Since most PB'ers don't have a large bait capacity, we will limit ourselves to 1 or two baits per paddy until we are bit. If we...
  110. jeffdalton

    Offshore 3 days that lasted forever

    Yeah me too!!! Although sometimes I get a kick out of charging home from the island in less than optimal conditions....and I've learned how to duck behind the windshield when we hit the swell the wrong way and water comes a flying. :D
  111. jeffdalton

    Izor / 150 really stoned

    You think??? Kind of funny actually....especially for his first post. Nice start to a BD career!! :D
  112. jeffdalton

    Catalina Island 9/9

    Nope, quite the contrary. I rarely complain when it comes to fishing and I certainly don't know it all. :D And while we're at it, you mentioned that fishing is a "man's" sport... trust me I know a number of women that would probably out fish you any day of the week. Just sayin! :D
  113. jeffdalton

    Catalina Island 9/9

    I couldn't agree more!!! :D
  114. jeffdalton

    Offshore 3/4 day sportking 9/8

    I have to admit you have guts telling a sportboat captain where to fish. Good for you!!!! :D
  115. jeffdalton

    Titties and the box

    Put something girl related in a lame report and it will always get a look. :D
  116. jeffdalton

    Yellowtail galore 9-9-17

    I can't remember the last time I caught a they pull hardl?? :D
  117. jeffdalton

    Yellowtail galore 9-9-17

    Those buoys are for mussel farming. They are basically like mussel pens.
  118. jeffdalton

    Catalina Island 9/9

    It took you a total of 8 posts to let the BD world know you're a fool! Oh brother!
  119. jeffdalton

    Pac Queen Bendo

    I don't fish Seeker rods, but that little tuna sure was putting a nice bend in that rod. Looks fun!!! :D
  120. jeffdalton

    Pac Queen Bendo

    No offense, but the bend in the rod clearly indicates that is not a tuna stick. :D
  121. jeffdalton


    True, but when it's 4pm on a Friday and you're ready to go home already, a funny post on tipping sure hits the spot. :D
  122. jeffdalton

    Checking my set ups

    Something tells me you were merely interested in bragging about your toys. :D
  123. jeffdalton

    Monday Newport Coast

    Oh boy!!! You guys and your lobster fishing. :supergay:
  124. jeffdalton

    9-1 at the shoe

    At least you hooked something. :D
  125. jeffdalton

    Fished the Thunderbird

    Tough day for sure, but at least you were a good sport about it.
  126. jeffdalton

    Pac Queen Bendo

    Fishing large tuna with an 8' rod is a back breaker. :D
  127. jeffdalton

    Making Makerel

    Are you saying guys have worked long hard to find their bait making spots? Wow!!! i figured out where the mackerel were in one day of owning a boat. I must be a really good fisherman!!! :D BRING CAT FOOD!!!!!
  128. jeffdalton

    Rough day in the LBC

    So does being jealous. :D
  129. jeffdalton

    Catalina Fri 9/1

    Fishing always beats working!!!
  130. jeffdalton

    Catalina Sat-Sun

    You should be incredibly thankful your anchor held while you were off drinking. I've spent many nights anchored up at the island and thankfully I've never lost an anchor. Keep at it and you'll soon be dialing things in. :D
  131. jeffdalton

    Rough day in the LBC

    Sometimes you have to wave the white flag. :D
  132. jeffdalton

    9/2 Saturday Nooner on the Shoe

    There's no way in hell that barge was going around you....that's a shipping lane and quite frankly we're a nuisance to their operation.
  133. jeffdalton

    Front n westside Catalina Sunday

    I like your that's funny!!! :D
  134. jeffdalton

    Catalina Island- great fishing until--

    The problem with that is you may never reach the island before said bananas do their thing.
  135. jeffdalton

    Catalina Island- great fishing until--

    These posts crack me up! Obviously some of you fail to realize that this is a part of fishing So Cal and all the bitching in the world isn't going to change a thing. Fishing is supposed to be fun and just because you lose a yellow or two is nothing to cry about. Truth is, you're on the water...
  136. jeffdalton

    Making Makerel

    The carnage is tanked up in Avalon. You can make mackerel at the receiver with plenty of cat food. Good luck!!
  137. jeffdalton

    Catalina front side 8/29 - only bones

    I keep my speed as slow as possible and I do not use any weight. As soon as I get bit, I free spool allowing the bait to be eaten. I use the same speeds on both dines and mackerel. Honestly one of the important things about this method is to make sure you're focusing on the proper areas and...
  138. jeffdalton

    Hamilton Cove - Bonito report

    Awesome Steve!!! Glad you had some fun with the family!
  139. jeffdalton

    Catalina front side 8/29 - only bones

    I have found that slow trolling a live bait tends to be more effective at the island than trolling lures....that's been my experience, but what do I know!! :D
  140. jeffdalton

    08/26/17 Saturday Catalina Island

    Lal, that may help, but I doubt the license process will incorporate how to be considerate to your fellow angler. We shall see!!!
  141. jeffdalton

    08/26/17 Saturday Catalina Island

    I've learned that most boaters are not inconsiderate, they are simply clueless. It is what it is and all the moaning about it, won't change things. Good on you for making the most of your day!
  142. jeffdalton

    Clueless at the Island 8/26-8/27

    You have received some good advice, so I will chime in with this. You are not fishing with a pole. It is a fishing rod. A pole is something you might find at a strip bar....and they are also used to hold a flag. :D All kidding aside, you have some good times ahead. Just get out there and...
  143. jeffdalton


    I don't care what anyone believes. BANANAS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON MY BOAT. PERIOD!!!!
  144. jeffdalton

    A minute later would have been a minute too late

    Thanks for helping those guys out Monty! We all need to offer assistance whenever necessary. You never know if that day will come when you may need help.
  145. jeffdalton

    Lingcod, yellowtail, reds, blues, and white fish at Anacapa island

    I saw some guys doing that on my last SD trip and I was thinking boy they are sure taking this drag thing to a whole new level. I have to admit I thought it was pretty funny. Look it's pretty easy to check your drags by need to put a bunch of thought into it. Set the drag and pull...
  146. jeffdalton

    Lingcod, yellowtail, reds, blues, and white fish at Anacapa island

    Uh there's a reason why they use it exclusively in SD.....IT WORKS!!! :D
  147. jeffdalton

    eagles claw!

    next time!!
  148. jeffdalton

    Dana point 3/4 day yellows- where they at?

    I have a 21' Parker and I can do that crossing in my sleep. Go for it!!! On second thought, if I were launching out of DP, I would avoid the island and focus on the kelps offshore. Good luck!
  149. jeffdalton

    eagles claw!

    Did you slow troll the paddy? That usually is the ticket!
  150. jeffdalton

    08-16-2017 Catalina

    At least you got out Mike!!! Thanks for the report!
  151. jeffdalton

    Catalina same day report 8/13

    You're right....I didn't think that far ahead. :D
  152. jeffdalton

    fishing manners

    You nailed it!
  153. jeffdalton

    Boundless Boat Charter 8/13

    Not a bad day with your son!
  154. jeffdalton

    Long Boat Ride

    Paying your dues! You'll get em next time!:D
  155. jeffdalton

    11-13 AUG, West end Catalina

    Current is a MAJOR factor when fishing the island. You can find yellows all over the island, but unless conditions are right, good luck getting them to bite. Better luck next time!! :D
  156. jeffdalton

    fishing manners

    Me too Steve!!! I had it all to myself until I caught all the fish I needed and then I called in the entire fleet and everyone took turns catching fish. It was one big harmonious fishing party....and then I woke up. :D
  157. jeffdalton

    fishing manners

    I'm not really sure why you included my quotes in on your response. I have no allegiance to the sporties. I'm simply saying that PB'ers are far more bothersome than a sportie when fishing offshore. If you fail to realize this, you haven't been fishing long enough. I will say this though...
  158. jeffdalton

    fishing manners

    Exactly!!! You can cry all you want about paddy poaching, but this is how it works in So Cal and if you think bitching about it will have any impact you're crazy! Here's a tip, go longer next time and leave the local paddies to the hordes that hammer em on a daily basis. I'm not justifying...
  159. jeffdalton

    fishing manners

    Pulling up to a paddy and charging it are two different things. And I think you're wrong about PB'ers learning from Sporties. Some PB'ers are clueless and others simply don't care. A sportie that poaches a paddy cares about one thing....putting his passengers on fish. I will agree on one...
  160. jeffdalton

    fishing manners

    Me either....I simply find another one.
  161. jeffdalton

    fishing manners

    I'm not sure how long you've been doing the offshore scene, but trust me, sportboats are the least of your worries when it comes to paddy hopping. And I've never seen a sportboat charge in on case you haven't noticed, they're kind of slow. You lost a hooked fish...that's on you...
  162. jeffdalton

    14 to 277 to Catalina report 8-12-17

    Slow troll the paddies. That often is all it takes to get bit. Thanks for the report!
  163. jeffdalton

    Catalina same day report 8/13

    You now have a fishing partner for life!
  164. jeffdalton

    8/12/17 Catalina

    Solid day of fishing!!
  165. jeffdalton

    fishing manners

    I always blame others when I lose a makes me feel better. :D
  166. jeffdalton

    8/6/7 Footballs 4 Miles Off Of Laguna Canyon

    As soon as my new gas tank is installed. Until then i will be fishing sportboats. :D
  167. jeffdalton

    Found a Couple

    Awesome!!! Putting people on fish is very rewarding and definitely an ego boost. :D
  168. jeffdalton

    Sunday report

    I knew that was coming. :D
  169. jeffdalton

    8/6/7 Footballs 4 Miles Off Of Laguna Canyon

    That's a good indicator for our local fishing. Soon boys! Soon!!!
  170. jeffdalton

    Palos Verdes monster (not really)

    l Love the happy smile! Boating will do that for you! Good luck on your next venture!
  171. jeffdalton

    Offshore Go fishing!!

    Slow trolling is pretty damn effective on the dodos. Good job!
  172. jeffdalton


    Hmmmm....I have my doubts about that.
  173. jeffdalton

    Worst Catalina Trip Yet

    Put on some rain gear and enjoy the ride. :D
  174. jeffdalton

    Offshore Condor 1.5 Day 7/31

    You would have to get the fleet to buy into it and I doubt that would happen any time soon. :D
  175. jeffdalton

    Offshore Condor 1.5 Day 7/31

    I get what you're saying, but you would have limited out this day whether you kept fish or not. We had 37 on the boat and when all was said and done and the fish were counted, we had boat limits. That means that some caught and kept more than 5. It is what it is.
  176. jeffdalton

    Offshore Condor 1.5 Day 7/31

    You mean like this one? Look, I released most of my yellows that day and kept what I felt were decent fish. Regardless if I kept any, the boat was going to limit out and that included 5 fish per crew. Oh and by the way, I released a large one, so get out there and get yourself one! :D
  177. jeffdalton

    Offshore Condor 1.5 Day 7/31

    They have an excellent fish hold. My fish was ice cold for the ride home. Who has time to tag all those fish during a wide open bite. Bounce your fish, rip a gill and bag it! The crew will tag and ice it after the bite cools down.
  178. jeffdalton

    Offshore Condor 1.5 Day 7/31

    That is correct in Mexican waters.
  179. jeffdalton

    Offshore Condor 1.5 Day 7/31

    That means that some people caught and kept more than 5 and when all was said and done, we had at least 5 dead yellows per person. Honestly we had one or two fuss over this issue and the rest of us just fished.
  180. jeffdalton

    Offshore Condor 1.5 Day 7/31

    I generally fish my own boat, so I don't know how most SD boats operate, but we fished this paddy until most said they had limits. They closed off the stern, counted and tagged the fish and placed them in the RSW. The captain said we had limits and his word was final. I've caught plenty of...
  181. jeffdalton

    Dana Point 7/30

    If you're girlfriend got sick in those conditions, I'm pretty sure you're free and clear on your next venture.
  182. jeffdalton

    Catalina tail

    Ben, snag some mackeral and slow troll around the areas we discussed before. Keep an eye on your should have no problem hooking a few yellows. Good luck!!!
  183. jeffdalton

    Offshore Condor 1.5 Day 7/31

    I have to be honest Gary and say I rarely troll, so I gave my spot to a lady each time it was my turn. She put at least two tuna in her sack and that made her pretty happy. I saw most people using red and purple feathers. I did not see any cedar plugs being used, but I wasn't paying close...
  184. jeffdalton

    Offshore Condor 1.5 Day 7/31

    I fished the Condor 1.5 day that departed Friday night. We had a full load of 37 and we were on our way before 9:30. Woke up before sun up and guys were already fishing. No one bent, so I figured we were in the area simply waiting until it was light enough to spot the many kelps we would...
  185. jeffdalton

    Offshore Tribute - Seaforth Landing 7/25 good YT and Dodo's

    Amen!!!!! I avoid braid like the plague! Once you get tangled in that shit you're screwed! I'm fishing the Condor tonight...wish us luck!
  186. jeffdalton

    Offshore Paddy Hop 267

    What if a change in wind direction alters the drift of your boat? Unless you're the fastest swimmer alive, you could be in a little bit of trouble. Sharks?? That's the least of your worries. That being said, it's your boat, use it as you please.
  187. jeffdalton

    Offshore 267 14 mile bank

    Good luck with that!!!
  188. jeffdalton

    Offshore Grande overnignt returning 7-26

    Awesome!!! I started both my boys out young and they slay with the best of them! Good job dad.....lots of memories being created that will never be forgotten. :D
  189. jeffdalton

    Patriot Fish Count - Saturday, July 22nd

    Markie is the best hands down!!! He has been doing his thing a long time and when he's not cooking, he's hooking and handing to those who need help. Very cool guy!!!
  190. jeffdalton

    Offshore CONDOR 2.5-day: Light Load + Paddies = FUN!!

    I'm fishing a 1.5 day on the Condor this weekend!
  191. jeffdalton

    Patriot Fish Count - Saturday, July 22nd

    I have booked 3 work charters on the Gail Force and I recommend it highly! Ryan the owner always follows up with me before and after each trip to make sure we are satisfied. We have plenty of rental rods each trip and the crew has always given them special attention to make sure they catch...
  192. jeffdalton

    Monday - July 17 The Southern Cal half day

    Did you struggle pulling the horseshoe out of your rectal area?:D
  193. jeffdalton

    Offshore We suck. 6/27 and 6/28 report

    Sucking sucks, but everybody sucks at some point or another.
  194. jeffdalton

    14 Mile and 267 07/12

    Things should start happening with this influx of warm water. The good swell activity should help with the kelp production as well.
  195. jeffdalton

    Catalina 6/18- son's first time out

    That's awesome!!! I've been fishing with my sons since they were little and they still love to fish with their dad.
  196. jeffdalton

    SCI 6/14 YT

    Solid report Kyle! Yellows are always fun!
  197. jeffdalton

    Quick kelp report - 6/14

    Ryan, sacrificing personal fishing time to put others on fish is not a sacrifice at all. There's nothing better than putting people on instantly reach hero status! :D
  198. jeffdalton

    Offshore CONDOR hunts for Bluefin

    Thanks for the report. I'm fishing the Condor July 28 on a 1.5 day trip. Looking forward to it!
  199. jeffdalton

    LB 6/11/17

    Actually I was thinking it might be an awesome weekend locally. If the wind cooperates this week that is.
  200. jeffdalton

    LB 6/11/17

    Brad, they're already seeing some bigs ones popping up locally. 2015 was a banner year for local yellows....let's hope it happens again this summer. That was fun!!!
  201. jeffdalton

    182 - 6/8/17

    Good times!!! Mine needs a new gas tank before I can chase anything.
  202. jeffdalton

    182 - 6/8/17

    Finding tuna this early requires a solid effort and lot's of pre-planning. Sure you can get lucky and find fish, but you would well advised to gather intel before heading out. Read the reports! Study the fish counts of the sportboats. Monitor the water temps and identify the tempbreaks worth...
  203. jeffdalton

    Horseshoe 6-10

    Oh boy!!:D
  204. jeffdalton

    LB 6/11/17

    This weekend will be entirely different. Trust me!
  205. jeffdalton

    Cuda Time

    It's never good when the Captain laughs at you. It took you awhile to figure out the switch, but you finally got some. Barries on the surface iron is pretty damn fun!
  206. jeffdalton

    FIrst Trip To Catalina in New Boat

    Anyone without Seatow or Vessel Assist is a knucklehead.
  207. jeffdalton

    Late Report- Friday - Saturday San Clemente Island

    Yikes! You put a lot of work in on that trip.
  208. jeffdalton

    Gail Force Trip to Catalina Report On 5/21 Lots of Yellows!

    I love fishing with those guys and Markie is the best cook out there!!!
  209. jeffdalton

    5/19 Catalina on the Western Pride

    Here's the thing, I'm pretty sure you mentioned you had a great time with your son. Crowded or not, you took your son fishing and that's whats important. :D
  210. jeffdalton

    Catalina Yellowtail 5.20

    It's always fun pulling on yellows and good job on letting the little guys go.
  211. jeffdalton

    First try at Thresher Sharks 5/13

    Are you showing him what a thresher looks like? :D
  212. jeffdalton

    Catalina 5/2-5/3 - WSB & Calico

    Playing with fire bringing that yellow shit on board. I ban people for less. :D
  213. jeffdalton

    Offshore 5/5 Pacific Queen Overnight

    And 4/0 would be way too big!!! You can definitely fish a dine with a size 4 hook. :D
  214. jeffdalton

    Catalina WSB 5/4/17

    It's all good to me, I'm simply saying I love the island too much to catch one fish and head home. Hell I would live there if I could! :D
  215. jeffdalton

    Catalina WSB 5/4/17

    There's no way in hell I'm driving to the island for 15 minutes of fishing. :D
  216. jeffdalton

    Long Beach Report

    You got a girlfriend??? I knew you would hook up one of these days....just kidding!!! :D
  217. jeffdalton

    Pursuit Catalina 5/2/17

    At least you got to fish....I was working that day. :D
  218. jeffdalton

    4/22 black pearl SBI

    I've seen some pictures and noticed Ricky was on the boat.....I fished with him when he just a seems that once you start working on these boats it sticks with you. Hey you kids don't try stay in school!!! :D
  219. jeffdalton

    4/22 black pearl SBI

    I need to replace the gas tank on my Parker and I'm struggling to get motivated for that project. :D
  220. jeffdalton

    1.5 Day out of SD....which one?

    Thanks for all the feedback guys....I greatly appreciate it.
  221. jeffdalton

    Offshore Catalina Berracuda

    We've all had bad experiences with sport boats, but honestly the privates are much worse. Just fish and don't let the knuckleheads ruin your day.
  222. jeffdalton

    1.5 Day out of SD....which one?

    Hey guys, I've been asked to find a good 1.5 day boat out of SD to take a few co-workers. There's a lot of threads on this topic, but I was hoping for something fairly current. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
  223. jeffdalton

    4/22 black pearl SBI

    Sounds like the new owner is working hard to gain trust/business. That's awesome to hear!! I wish them all the best! Good on you for sharing a positive experience.
  224. jeffdalton

    Offshore Liberty 4/15/17

    Great report, but how come you haven't taught your wife how to cast?? I mean you went so far as to have her use a spinning rod, surely you can teach her how to cast. Handing off fish works for a while, but sooner or later she is going to have to hook one herself. Right?? :D
  225. jeffdalton

    Easter Sunday at San Clemente Is.

    I've hooked several big blacks at Catalina and it takes work and dedication to get these fish back down and swimming. We've even got in the water to help get them down. Thankfully we've never had to resort to anything major.
  226. jeffdalton

    Catalina west end 4-4-15

    I can tell you this much, if the sportboats are anchoring up, there's a 99% chance it's permissible. Do you guys really think these guys are going to do this on a daily basis without getting a ticket at some point. Oh brother! :D
  227. jeffdalton

    Local Long Beach Saturday, SBI Monday Report

    Jonathan, my wife knows that grumpiness as well, thankfully I have surfing as an alternative. I can usually do one or the other and keep a smile on my face. :D
  228. jeffdalton


    Yikes!!! Should I get the popcorn going?? :D
  229. jeffdalton

    Aloha Spirit Yellows & island rescue

    Hey Danny! Sounds like an exciting day on the water! I was surfing in HB not too long ago and while on the cliffs we saw a fellow surfer paddling for his life with a seal right behind him. The seal took a chunk out of his foot.....bloody mess! Crazy thing to see!
  230. jeffdalton

    Bendo on Homeguard Yellows

    Lucky fuckers!:D
  231. jeffdalton

    Catalina Grand Slam & Someone's 1st Cbass!!!

    Awesome trip....thanks for sharing!
  232. jeffdalton

    Catalina Island Report 4/5 on Pursuit

    Yikes!!! 75 People! Glad you had fun!
  233. jeffdalton

    No Tuna Report

    Glad everyone made it home safely and caught fish to boot!
  234. jeffdalton

    Offshore Larger Grade Ahi - 10/9

    My boat has been out of commission this entire summer and it's killing me......I doubt I'll ever be without a boat. :)
  235. jeffdalton

    Offshore Dana 277 to 209

    Killer!! And now we have the big BFT back in town as well.
  236. jeffdalton

    Freedom 10/6

    Fun day!
  237. jeffdalton

    9/21 Fun day up in Channel Islands

    Guys, I'm a private boater....have been for well over 20 years and I've seen it all. I've fished with Shawn on the Aloha Spirit and I've witnessed his interaction with PB'ers and I've never seen him act inappropriately. You guys who get a rise every time you have a negative experience with a...
  238. jeffdalton

    9/21 Fun day up in Channel Islands

    I fished up there over the weekend on a sporty and everyone worked well together. Most boats were anchored up with no problems. It's not a secret spot that's for sure! :D
  239. jeffdalton

    Offshore 9/19-9/20/16, DP to 209,312,181,182,43, corner, 289, avalon bank, to HH

    No fish, but I'm sure you had fun regardless. Right?? :D
  240. jeffdalton

    Offshore San Clemente Island 9-18 to 9-19

    Yikes!!!! Solid effort though! :D
  241. jeffdalton

    Dark Kings Charter on the Aloha Spirit 9-17-16

    Looks someone has a little crush on Brittany. :D
  242. jeffdalton

    Saturday Island Report 9/17

    Good time!
  243. jeffdalton

    Catalina Quality Yellows 9/18 Report With The Wife

    Nice haul! Thanks for the report!
  244. jeffdalton

    Dark Kings Charter on the Aloha Spirit 9-17-16

    Two fish were caught on the jig, the rest were caught on flylined dines. I was fishing with 25lb FC to 20lb mono.
  245. jeffdalton

    Dark Kings Charter on the Aloha Spirit 9-17-16

    I was fortunate enough to get invited to fish with the Dark Kings on their Aloha Spirit charter this past Saturday. I have fished with this group before and had an absolute blast and this time was not different. I arrived at the Channel Islands parking lot around 4am only to find a tailgate...
  246. jeffdalton

    Horseshoe Report 9/05/16

    Here's a time keep a bonito or two to keep the seal occupied while you fight your "yellow".
  247. jeffdalton

    Offshore Agressor..Newport Landing 9/9

    Yeah right! My friends are the same way!
  248. jeffdalton

    20 Fathoms - Collection of Yellowtail fishing

    I do the same.....good stuff! :D
  249. jeffdalton

    Offshore Freedom Overnight 9/3-9/4

    Uh, the OP said he wanted Bluefin....I don't seeing any BF in the Sport King counts.....and I'm guessing the 73 yellows weren't of a large nature. Anytime you target large bluefin you risk striking out completely. If you want a sure thing, go fish the island for blue perch instead.
  250. jeffdalton

    Offshore Freedom Overnight 9/3-9/4

    yeah....just a little! :D
  251. jeffdalton

    Offshore The Pursuit 9/11/16

    No one mentioned using flouro....try it with a hot bait.....I do!!!:D
  252. jeffdalton

    Sunday SB Island quick report and rant

    I never weigh my fish that way I can say it's bigger than it really is. Nice going on your yellow....31lb's is a solid fish! :D
  253. jeffdalton

    Sunday SB Island quick report and rant

    Trust me Mike, very few know what a 30lb yellow really looks like. Thats a nice fish, but I'm guessing it barely breaks the 20lb mark. As far as the JP is concerned, give me my money and I'll decide what to do with it.
  254. jeffdalton

    Catalina rat fest and shit show

    Sounds like a decent day. In the future, drop the hook before the sporties and the spot is yours. :D
  255. jeffdalton

    East end yellows

    Hmmm I'm not sure that's a good idea. Be careful what you ask for. :D
  256. jeffdalton


    Tim, I have my own boat....I win the jackpot every time. :D
  257. jeffdalton

    Tuna watching report

    You have a point :D
  258. jeffdalton

    Tuna watching report

    You're assuming every boater has a clue. Trust me....they don't! :D
  259. jeffdalton

    Catalina Yellowtail

    Ryan, I have had major success slow trolling live bait at the island. I rarely chum.....and if I do I chunk my dead bait. I'm a private boater and I like to make sure I have enough bait to get the job done. Yellows like current. I rarely fish in depths less than 80' and great than 120'. I...
  260. jeffdalton

    Catalina 8-27

    good effort
  261. jeffdalton

    Catalina 8/28

    Very nice fish!!! What did they weigh....just kidding! :D
  262. jeffdalton

    Puerto Escondido

    It's a surfing spot...not a fishing spot. :D
  263. jeffdalton

    Catalina Aug/28 Yellow

    The pictures tell you where he fished and it's not a secret spot. :D
  264. jeffdalton

    Catalina Aug/28 Yellow

    I'm thinking most guys on this site need to calibrate their scales. It's a solid yellow, but doubtful it eclipsed the 20lb mark. Hey we're fisherman, we tell stories....that's what we do! :D
  265. jeffdalton

    Catalina for first time

    solid fish....nice job
  266. jeffdalton


    Ice cold! :D
  267. jeffdalton


    Sometimes at work I read these reports for a good laugh. It also cracks me up when guys post that they won the jackpot and gave it all to the crew. While that is surely admirable, I'm going to go out on a limb and say you probably got a free pass as well. No one in their right mind pays to...
  268. jeffdalton

    Catalina Wed 24th

    Nice job as always Lal!
  269. jeffdalton

    The Inside Riggs

    Of course!!!
  270. jeffdalton

    Catalina 8-20-16

    Thanks for the report! Yes, do yourself a favor and get at least 300'!
  271. jeffdalton

    Dana to San Clemente 8-20-16

    Sometimes you have to go big to reap rewards. :D
  272. jeffdalton

    The Inside Riggs

    Nice fish! We were catching those on a regular basis last summer off LB. This season has gotten back to normal. :(
  273. jeffdalton

    Offshore 209 to 181 8/20

    Yikes that was a tough report to write. Always a good idea to keep an extra pump on board. Losing your bait is no bueno to be sure! You'll get em next time!!
  274. jeffdalton

    Pursuit at Catalina (8-10)

    i fished the Enterprise last year with 96 guys. The stern was a joke! i would bait up and literally run to the bow before casting out. Ended the day with 5 yellows over 20lbs. i had a number on the stern, but i fished the bow all day......what a crazy day that was!
  275. jeffdalton

    Offshore Big dorado and small yft.

    You have a bait tank in the bow of a 17' boat? Everyday you don't sink is a blessing from God. Glad you made it home safely.
  276. jeffdalton

    Thieving pirates at Catalina!!

    Hey Ben, sorry to hear about the thieves. Sounds like you guys opted to fish the island as opposed to venturing offshore. Maybe I can join you guys next year for a couple days.
  277. jeffdalton

    8/14 - Cat Frontside

    Perhaps?? You can count on it!
  278. jeffdalton

    Offshore Dana to 209 DICKHEAD report

    Mike, we've all been pissed at an idiot or your comment eludes to, it's simply not worth it. Motor off and find a better spot of fish. Trust me, you'll be happier in the long run. :D
  279. jeffdalton

    Offshore BFT 8/3

    Nice fish to be sure!
  280. jeffdalton

    Offshore Dana to 209 DICKHEAD report

    All this silliness cracks me up. If you fish often enough, you soon realize there's plenty of A-Holes out there and there's very little you can do about it. You can scream and threaten violence all you want, but the truth is getting your panties in a wad is about the extent of your actions...
  281. jeffdalton

    Catalina Report 8/1 to 8/3

    Yes its absolutely hypocritical, but I've been fishing too long and some things never change. I think it kind of annoys them more when you ignore them and keep on fishing. Truth is, I can deal with the sportos, its the PB'ers offshore that drive me crazy. Try fishing a paddy to yourself these...
  282. jeffdalton

    Offshore Bluefin/yellowfin location

    Often when they won't bite, we slow troll a sardine. Give it a shot, it tends to work! :D
  283. jeffdalton

    Catalina 7/30

    Your first report!!!! Here's a tip, try the west end for yellows and avoid the boat traffic. Welcome to BD! :D
  284. jeffdalton

    7/31 - Catalina/Empire Landing

    Solid day of fishing!
  285. jeffdalton

    East end 7/31

    I agree!!! Great report, but were you really fishing in 16' of water? If you hope to target large yellows, focus on the deeper water.
  286. jeffdalton

    Catalina 7/31

    Ben, have you ventured offshore??
  287. jeffdalton

    Catalina Report 8/1 to 8/3

    I was fishing the Eagle Rock a few weeks back and the Pursuit pulled up and anchored within casting distance. I said nothing and nor did's a waste of time arguing with these guys. Unless of course you like 75 passengers yelling at you too. I find it more peaceful to simply keep...
  288. jeffdalton

    BFT out of Dana Pt. 209 on a Popper. Very sloppy weather.

    Uh I hope you know I was kidding....I know Stefan does. :D
  289. jeffdalton

    Offshore 7/29 Oceanside 8 miles out.

    Be careful fishing accidental sharp hook to the balls can really ruin one's day!
  290. jeffdalton

    Rpt.-Thur.-07-28-16 Catalina 3 B's!

    Sometimes they do and just as often they don't. Fishing the island yellows is all about conditions. Lal and Corey know what they are doing, that's for sure!!!
  291. jeffdalton

    El Dorado 7/23

    Stacy, have you ever met a crew member that didn't know everything?? Yeah me neither! :D
  292. jeffdalton

    Offshore 7/27 Oceanside

    Thanks for the report.
  293. jeffdalton

    Offshore 7/27 DP to 209 to domes

    Helpful report...thanks!
  294. jeffdalton

    Triton 7/27

    Awesome Ryan!!! Looking forward to fishing with you guys in September.
  295. jeffdalton

    7-23 Sat Farnsworth

    Nice report Lal! Thats a long run to the Farnsworth on the "Ducky"!
  296. jeffdalton

    El Dorado 7/23

    Often times it's the fault of the angler when trying to gaff a fish. They don't know how to bring the fish along for easy gaffing. That being said, I've always found larger fish much easier to gaff. Who knows what happened here, but it's a bummer they lost a large one. On my boat we always...
  297. jeffdalton

    Yellowtail! 7/26

    Nice day for sure!
  298. jeffdalton

    Offshore 7/25 Oceanside Launch

    You got one!!! Nice!
  299. jeffdalton

    26 Seaswirl....sinking near 9 mile bank currently 10:35 am

    That's awful. This stresses the importance of an operational bilge pump. I'm thankful everyone is okay.
  300. jeffdalton

    Catalina July 24th fish report

    Catalina is always windy during a heatwave. Glad you got some!
  301. jeffdalton

    Brute Bluefin Tuna, 7/16/16

    Fuck that!!! While my buddy's crying, I'm doing my best to hook another one. I'm greedy!!:D
  302. jeffdalton

    BFT out of Dana Pt. 209 on a Popper. Very sloppy weather.

    Stefan, line size does matter!! How do I know if I should fish 10 or 50??? :D
  303. jeffdalton

    Farnsworth Bank 07/20

    If they were flyling baits and still getting rocked, they were probably fishing 20 or 25. Even for the big boys, it's pretty hard to pull 40 down that far. Sounds like a fun day of fishing!
  304. jeffdalton

    What are we doing wrong?

    Try the kelps north of the entrance, south of Salt Creek. Bring plenty of catfood. Sometimes tipping the sabiki with cut bait helps when they aren't biting well.
  305. jeffdalton

    Offshore 7/19 & 20

    Keep at it!!! Dues can be a bitch, but eventually they pay off.
  306. jeffdalton

    Offshore 7/16 - BFT Foamers All Alone

    Awesome report!! Congrats from one LBC local to another. Oh and a fellow Parker owner to boot!
  307. jeffdalton

    Local Long Beach Fishing Spots

    If you want to find paddies, you're going to have to go far anyways. Plenty of bass and barracuda locally.
  308. jeffdalton

    Sad day for old school

    Sadly, I just got a call from Gary's nephew giving me the news as well. He believes the family is planning a memorial to take place in Long Beach, but I don't have the details just yet. Gary was well liked by many and the fishing community has lost a good one. My prayers go out to his family...
  309. jeffdalton

    Offshore 100+ miles of skunk :-( 7/16/16 Cbad-182-178-9 and more

    Paying your dues sucks sometimes, but we all do it. The rewards are generally worth it eventually.
  310. jeffdalton

    7-16 Skunked @ the 14

    I have some suggestions for you. If you plan on fishing the banks, like the 14, 277, 209 and even the 181 on a 17' boat, I would suggest you launch out of Dana Point. The run from HH or even LB can be brutal both ways. Secondly,you can generally cover much more productive water launching out...
  311. jeffdalton

    150/Shoe report today - Wednesday

    I worked yesterday....thanks! :D
  312. jeffdalton


    Sounds like a fun night. I hope you didn't try to wake sleepy head.
  313. jeffdalton

    Enterprise LBM report 01Jul16

    Bonito are kind of pain in the ass at times, but I that can be fun when nothing else is available. Nice report!!!
  314. jeffdalton

    Looking for the bass out of Long Beach

    What Stefan said!!! ^
  315. jeffdalton

    First Overnight Trip Tackle Question

    I would pair it up with a Stealth Stix 20lb rod.:D
  316. jeffdalton

    Fishing tomorrow..where to go where to go???

    I would launch out of SI and fish the 182 tempbreak uphill towards the 181, or possibly shoot toward the 43 and triangle towards the 181. Good luck!!!
  317. jeffdalton

    Offshore Thurs 6/30 267/277

    Good job guys!!! Your dues are being paid and soon you'll reap the rewards.
  318. jeffdalton

    6/29 south nine report

    But you had fun....right??
  319. jeffdalton

    Black Pearl, 3/4 day, Catalina

    Regardless, I'm sure he had a blast fishing with you and that's the most important thing. :D
  320. jeffdalton

    Flying Fish at Belmont Shores?!

    Guys, I've surfed El Porto in Manhattan Beach for years and we see them all the time. I've even had one swim by so close I could have jumped on it's back. They're juveniles! I really wouldn't worry about it too much. The odd thing is, the lifeguards in OC close the beaches, while the ones in...
  321. jeffdalton

    Black Pearl, 3/4 day, Catalina

    I was looking for yellows on the photo of his fish, but I didn't recognize the little guy until you pointed it out. Funny that was the smallest fish of the group.....I wonder if a gaff was used. :D
  322. jeffdalton

    Black Pearl, 3/4 day, Catalina

    Yikes, that's a small yellow! :D
  323. jeffdalton

    Offshore The Chief - 6/27/16

    No disclaimer needed....go get em and good luck to you guys if you go. :D
  324. jeffdalton

    RFT On The Chew!

    Hmmm, I didn't know rockfish boiled. Sounds like a fun day of fishing. :D
  325. jeffdalton

    Looks like they're here

    I don't know about epic, but we're sure to have fun....Nick is playing football for Concordia University in Chicago and he leaves Aug 11. We need to get the boy on plenty of fish before he leaves. :D
  326. jeffdalton

    Looks like they're here

    I was on the Aloha a few weeks back and we were like a fly trap. Nice to fish my own boat and get away from the crowds. :D
  327. jeffdalton

    Looks like they're here

    Awesome Steve!!! With the warmer water temps things are definitely looking up! I'm fishing the island this weekend with my son will be crowded, but I'm looking forward to our first trip this season.
  328. jeffdalton

    Looks like they're here

    That's probably a little more accurate. Do you know how long they will continue to "chew"? :D
  329. jeffdalton

    Looks like they're here

    OMG!!! Are you serious?? El Nino is the gift that just keeps on giving. :D
  330. jeffdalton

    Looks like they're here

    Uh, I'm pretty sure they never left.
  331. jeffdalton

    How big is this turd????

    I don't big is it?
  332. jeffdalton

    El Dorado San Clemente Monday

    Sounds like a decent day of fishing. Was Amy the cook? :D
  333. jeffdalton

    El Dorado Overnight 6/26

    The best tip you offered was to keep a positive attitude. A nice yellow sure makes for a fun trip. Thanks for sharing! :D
  334. jeffdalton

    Offshore Yellowfin @ the 277

    Things are starting to come together. :D
  335. jeffdalton

    CAT REPORT 6-25-16

    Nice job!!!
  336. jeffdalton

    Pacific Quest involved in rescue at Cat currently 6-25

    Thank you for your common sense. This beyond tragic and now is not the time to start the blame game. These people need our prayers, not our scorn.
  337. jeffdalton

    Offshore Paddy whackin from Oside to 43

    Great report and a solid yellow! :D
  338. jeffdalton

    Rpt.-Sat.-06-25-16 A Dandy Day of Bass'n!

    Damn you guys! :D Good luck Cory on your 2 day!!!
  339. jeffdalton

    Catalina Island Fishing Report For 6/23

    Dan, don't let the dorks get the better of you. I wouldn't even bother to respond to negative nonsense. By the way, nice yellow!!!! Thanks for a solid report!!
  340. jeffdalton

    Wasted money.....

    Wait I thought Hot Amy was in the galley and now you're telling me they have Stephanie too??? Damn!!!:D
  341. jeffdalton

    Heading to Catalina for the first time

    You should've just said you were going local and then went to the island. That's what I tell my wife all the time and she wonders why I'm gone all day. :D
  342. jeffdalton

    Yellows at the Horseshoe?

    Last year I took some guys out near the green buoy parking lot and proceeded to get a triple going. The next thing I know a nice cabin cruiser with 3 bikini clad ladies pulls up and asks if they can watch us land our answer was a resounding YES!!!! Sometimes a crowd is a good...
  343. jeffdalton

    Offshore They are still here if you don't mind choppy seas

    You're a better man than me......I hate fishing in the wind.
  344. jeffdalton

    Offshore Quick report 6/21

    A skunk report is better than no report at all. Nicely done!
  345. jeffdalton

    Yellows at the Horseshoe?

    My youngest prefers yellows as well....for me, finding the fish is the thrill. Here's one my boy caught last year at the green buoy.
  346. jeffdalton

    Yellows at the Horseshoe?

    I love fishing yellows as much as the next guy, but to me finding a bird school of crashing tuna all to your self is even better. Or finding that monster paddy loaded with dodos and not a boat in sight is magical to me. One thing we can agree on is we both love to fish...right???:D
  347. jeffdalton

    Yellows at the Horseshoe?

    Nope....just a dreamer. Actually having the yellows bite so well on the 150 last year kept many would be tuna chasers off the banks and I was fine with that! :D
  348. jeffdalton

    Yellows at the Horseshoe?

    Shhhhh!!!!! NO THEY ARE NOT!!!! Did you fish the 150 last year? Do you really want to start the madness again?? Keep it quiet for cryin out loud!
  349. jeffdalton

    Tommy Lee, on the Gail Force

    Let it go!!! New captain, new chapter! The ownership is solid and this a great move. Again, let it go! :D
  350. jeffdalton

    Great Day Of Fishing Aboard The Clemente

    Fun bass fishing right there!!!
  351. jeffdalton

    Squid for sale at Catalina island

    Yes, the carnage is out in front of Avalon right 11!
  352. jeffdalton


  353. jeffdalton

    Fathers Day was rough

    Not yet, but that will soon be changing. It's definitely a different season than last. We were already seeing water temps in the 70's last year and right now we're barely reaching 65. I might be chasing bluefin next weekend....we'll see!
  354. jeffdalton

    Heading to Catalina for the first time

    I have a 21' Parker and fishing the island is a piece of cake. There's definitely some good advice coming forward, but I wouldn't let some of these guys scare you. I've been to the island on my boat so many times I've lost count. If you want specifics send me a PM and I'll be happy to help.
  355. jeffdalton

    Sunday wind day cat and back.

    Getting a late start to the island this time of year is a guarantee you'll get wet. Nice report though!:D
  356. jeffdalton

    Fathers Day was rough

    You'll need to go farther offshore to have a shot at a paddy yellow and even that looks iffy until the water warms a bit. They are starting to show on the paddies down SD way. Give it another month and we could be looking at paddy fish. At least with all the good swells, we should have a...
  357. jeffdalton

    Playa Del Rey Off tha Hook!! Legal halibut and more

    Fun fishing right come you guys never smile?? You're fishing, not playing football! :D
  358. jeffdalton

    Good Times on the Oceanside 95 - 6-20-2016

    Nice report Danny! Sounds like a fun day of fishing. And nice of you to give Pam a break from the keyboard........I still love her reports the best! :D
  359. jeffdalton

    Tradition 6/11/16 Catalina

    I have a Parker and I'm telling you not to get a boat. Please don't get a boat!!!! :D
  360. jeffdalton

    DP 6/19/16 windy!!

    I totally get it!!! I hate my trailer!!! :D
  361. jeffdalton

    DP 6/19/16 windy!!

    You'll get the hang of finding fish, you just need to focus on the signs and adjust your approach accordingly. Here's another tip, if your boat is on a trailer and your plan is to fish the island, I would suggest launching out of LB instead. The run from Newport or Dana is uphill and smaller...
  362. jeffdalton

    Tradition 6/11/16 Catalina

    100% correct! And I'll add this to the equation, if you have a negative attitude, more than likely you'll have a bad experience. Stay positive and enjoy your time on the water. You're supposed to be having fun....remember that!!!:D
  363. jeffdalton

    Tradition 6/11/16 Catalina

    Because it breaks the monotony. And yes, telling him to get his own boat was a terrible idea! :D
  364. jeffdalton

    Tradition 6/11/16 Catalina

    Could it be you're not that good of a fisherman?
  365. jeffdalton

    Wasted money.....

    Amy's becoming an internet sensation and she probably doesn't even know it. :D
  366. jeffdalton

    long beach thursday! help

    They'll have fun no matter what! Catching fish is a bonus!
  367. jeffdalton

    Trolling east end Catalina

    If you get bored and want to liven things up a bit....when no one is looking hook a 5 gallon bucket to one of the rods and as soon as it fills up and reaches the lure, the reel will start screamin!!!! Watching someone pull on a "fightin" bucket is good stuff!
  368. jeffdalton

    Trolling east end Catalina

    Sounds like a fun trip!!! Good luck!
  369. jeffdalton

    Rpt.-Wed.- 06-15-16 Bass, Cuda, Critters!

    You guys have all the fun!!! :D
  370. jeffdalton

    Wasted money.....

    Yeah no shit!!! I let complainers swim in! :D
  371. jeffdalton

    Seal Beach BaCk on tha MAP!

    No boat required!!! Sounds like a fun day!
  372. jeffdalton

    Wasted money.....

    You might be right! That's a shame! :D
  373. jeffdalton

    Wasted money.....

    I couldn't concur more.....spoken like a true PB'er! :D
  374. jeffdalton

    Wasted money.....

    Look, you guys can bitch and moan about the fishing all you want, but when the beer is cold and cook is hot life is good. :D
  375. jeffdalton

    Cat 6/18

    Run around to the backside and fish the West End....plenty of yellows!
  376. jeffdalton

    Wasted money.....

    How was the beer?? Was Amy cute? The fact that you said you preferred sardines over squid when every boat is hammering the yellows with squid, tells me all I need to know. Gomers always amuse me. :D
  377. jeffdalton

    From East To West

    Awesome day with the kids!!!
  378. jeffdalton

    Offshore 6-10 Friday on Old Glory chasing bft

    I love a good bitch fest!!! So entertaining!! :D
  379. jeffdalton

    Catalina Mid-Week Report – PB 31 Pound Yellowtail

    Excellent report....sounds like you two had a blast. There's really nothing better than spending time at the island with family.
  380. jeffdalton

    Catalina 6/8 - More red crab

    You'll get em next time. :D
  381. jeffdalton

    Enterprise 3/4 day 6/9

    A positive attitude on the water goes a long way in ensuring a fun time. Thanks for the report!! :D
  382. jeffdalton

    Huge Calicos and More 6-3-16

    Thank God!! I'm with you on the sporties, but that's out of our control. :D
  383. jeffdalton

    Catalina report/boating etiqutte

    I hate to say this, but if that's what gets you upset, you really need to find another hobby. I've been fishing on private boats for well over 30 years and I've seen it all. Try venturing offshore and finding your own paddy loaded with tuna only to have one, then two...then 3 boats join the...
  384. jeffdalton

    Huge Calicos and More 6-3-16

    You're kidding right??
  385. jeffdalton

    Catalina Fri-Sun

    There's a lot to learn about fishing the island effectively.....sounds like you're on the right track. Thanks for the report!
  386. jeffdalton


    I was working! :D
  387. jeffdalton

    Pacific Quest - Bait Wraps Sponsored trip - 6/5/2016

    I always enjoy your reports Pam. Thanks for sharing!
  388. jeffdalton

    Catalina Run

    YIkes!!! Nacho no likey getting woken up. :D
  389. jeffdalton

    Everingham Bait Barge Price Increase Starting Today

    I think this is awesome!!! Doubtful, but hopefully this will cut down on the offshore traffic this season. For me, I will simply charge more to fish my boat. I'm pretty sure I won't have a problem collecting the extra $10....oh brother!!!!
  390. jeffdalton

    Catalina Run

    Was the cage pulling drag?? :D
  391. jeffdalton

    Great night on the water

    Wow, I've caught plenty of batrays, but I never thought to take them out of the water and take pictures.
  392. jeffdalton

    Pacific Quest – Bait Wraps Sponsored trip 5/21/2016

    Another great trip in the books!! Thanks for sharing.
  393. jeffdalton

    Slow pick on the 150 - 5/21

    Based on the size of your boat, you definitely made the right decision. You would have had a long wet ride home to be sure.
  394. jeffdalton

    Catalina on the Thunderbird 5/21/16

    Not a horrible day! Thanks for the report!
  395. jeffdalton

    Catalina on the Indian, 5/15/2016

    I would gladly pay extra for a bunk on a 3/4 day to Catalina. I get tired pulling on fish all day. :D
  396. jeffdalton

    Catalina on the Indian, 5/15/2016

    Sounds like a fun trip....except for the bunk situation. Sounds like you couldn't even get up for a bathroom break without the risk of losing your bunk. That's rough!!!:D
  397. jeffdalton

    Cat 5\18 - 5/19

    Yikes!!!! Looking forward to this one! :D
  398. jeffdalton

    Dana Point 5.13

    You hit the nail on the head!!!! I haven't been out since last summer and I'm doing to fish!!! I heading up to Ventura next week to fish a charter on the Aloha Spirit.....I can't wait!!!! Thanks for the report!!!!
  399. jeffdalton

    BFT at 178 ?

    Let's just go with BFT.
  400. jeffdalton

    Catalina Channel water report Sunday 5/15/16

    I think it might be a tad early to get excited. The continual windy conditions are failing to help matters. Last year the water temps were much higher at this time.
  401. jeffdalton

    Freedom 5/14/16

    The summer season is already different than last year. I rarely heard of WSB being caught or even targeted. Most were focusing the big BFT. Squid was even mentioned either. It's going be interesting to see what the latter part of summer holds in store for us in So Cal.
  402. jeffdalton

    Catalina 5-15

    Take frozen squid next never know if the squid will be available.
  403. jeffdalton

    5/14 Catalina

    Solid report!!! Looking forward to fishing the island soon!
  404. jeffdalton

    Catalina Back Side 5/10/16 - Mixed Bag

    Solid effort!!! Thanks for the report!
  405. jeffdalton

    Catalina 5/10 on the freelance

    Great report and a solid attitude for a less than stellar day. I hate when guys's fishing! :)
  406. jeffdalton

    Brought a knife to a gunfight - Saturday, May 7th

    It may have been for the best....that bat would have done you no good. :)
  407. jeffdalton

    It's Official...

    Best of luck this season Dave!
  408. jeffdalton

    Thunderbird Overnight fishing 4/20 bro

    You should see my boat after a good bite.....if you want a clean deck, knock yourself out!!! I'm too busy to clean...I'm fishing!!! ;)
  409. jeffdalton

    LA report horse shoe to the 105 19april2016

    Yikes!! Always use a rope!! Lesson least it wasn't a crowded summer day at the ramp. :)
  410. jeffdalton

    4-16 wash cycle

    Steve, launching by yourself is not that hard....tie a rope from your truck to a cleat on the boat.....put the trailer in the water just enough to float the boat off the bunks.....turn off the truck and cliimb from bed into the boat....untie the rope and drive the boat off the bunks and to the...
  411. jeffdalton

    4/13 Oceanside tuna looking

    We all know it's just a matter of time.
  412. jeffdalton

    4-13-16 catalina

    Great report!! Lal and Cory are retired and their wives prefer they fish than annoy them at home....that's why they fish all the time and have perfected the art. Lucky @##$%#!!! ;)
  413. jeffdalton

    Chasing bluefin on New Seaforth PM 1/2 day 4-12

    I'm actually waiting to hear from "that" guy who complains about not catching a single fish. :D
  414. jeffdalton

    Chasing bluefin on New Seaforth PM 1/2 day 4-12

    You also have to realize that we can get on the school a lot quicker with our smaller, faster boats. As far as scaring them away, trust me the PB'ers can do that with ease....especially those who fail to understand the process of run and gun. Take the time to find out which way the school is...
  415. jeffdalton

    Yellooowwsss 4/3

    Either that fish is bigger than 34lbs or you need to hit the weights!! Nice job!
  416. jeffdalton

    San Clemente Yellowtail on Oceanside 95 3/26/2016

    Awesome report Pam!!! Sounds like a fun trip.
  417. jeffdalton

    Rpt-2.5 day trip to Colonet on the Chief ending Monday 03-21-16.

    Despite the damn wind, sounds like you had a blast!!! When I retire, I hope to be able to fish as much as you....lucky!!!! :)
  418. jeffdalton

    Colonet 3-18 aboard the Eclipse

    Sounds like a great trip! How were the breakfast burritos? :)
  419. jeffdalton

    Old Glory Overnight 03/18- 03/19

    What you sportos don't get is us Private Boaters rarely enjoy a good breakfast burrito. ;)
  420. jeffdalton

    Old Glory Overnight 03/18- 03/19

    Stop crying!! At least you enjoyed a good breakfast burrito! :D
  421. jeffdalton

    Catalina on the Sport King

    Entertain us with your "knucklehead" stories. :)
  422. jeffdalton

    Fred Frigging Hall

    I didn't go....had some beers at a local brewery instead. :)
  423. jeffdalton

    Great Fishing Today In Long Beach

    Sounds like a fun day on the water! Thanks for sharing!
  424. jeffdalton

    Saturday 2/6 - Catalina Report on the Sport King

    Bummer it took you so long to get home, but at least you made it home. Those poor souls in the two planes did not. My prayers go out to them and their families.
  425. jeffdalton

    Rpt.-WFO Local Bass'n!

    Retirement has treated you guys well.
  426. jeffdalton

    Catalina Report - Yellows, Bonito, and More - 1/16

    Nice job Jonathon! The surf has been so good, I haven't fished yet this winter.
  427. jeffdalton

    Gail Force and Triton Bug Extermination

    Looks like you guys killed it!!!
  428. jeffdalton


    That's funny! I noticed the same thing.
  429. jeffdalton

    12/9 bug report - long beach

    The important question is ....did you have fun??
  430. jeffdalton

    Weekend Warriors- engine hours?

    It depends on if I find the tuna early or if I have to put in more time. :D
  431. jeffdalton

    Thoughts on the 90j?

    Yeah me too! :D
  432. jeffdalton

    150 12-9-15

    Its just a matter of time before the YT bite blows up locally.
  433. jeffdalton

    Rpt.-Sunday 11-29-15 Wild Goose (Tuna) hunting!

    Cory, you can wear any hat you want on my long as it brings us some luck! :D
  434. jeffdalton

    Rpt.-Sunday 11-29-15 Wild Goose (Tuna) hunting!

    Sorry Cory, but my son goes to UCLA and I am forced to be a Trojan hater. :D
  435. jeffdalton

    2015-11-22, San Clemente Island, on the Dreamer

    Sounds to me like a fun day of fishing....damn I'm jealous! :D
  436. jeffdalton

    Rpt.-11-19-15 The 150 Spot

    Hey guys at least the yellows are hanging out! Maybe we will have some epic bites on the big boys like we did last year.
  437. jeffdalton

    LB 11-22-15

    Tackle junkies....that's funny!! I'm pretty sure it was the custom wrap...seems that's all the bite these days!! Leave the store bought rods at home boys...they only bite the good stuff!! :D
  438. jeffdalton

    A fueler and his dock are soon parted

    Heymon!!!! I remember you from AllCoast!! Glad to hear you're doing well and still "boating". :D
  439. jeffdalton

    Avalon Moorings/Thanksgiving Holiday

    Jamie, thank you for the great info....I really appreciate it! I go to the island quite often, but I've never been there during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Thanks for bringing me up to speed! :D
  440. jeffdalton

    Avalon Moorings/Thanksgiving Holiday

    Wow, that is extremely generous of you.....thank you for the offer. It looks as though we have decided to surf San Diego that weekend instead.
  441. jeffdalton

    Avalon Moorings/Thanksgiving Holiday

    Thanks for all the feedback guys! I know how the mooring game works in the summmer, but I've only secured a mooring once in the winter. I actually called the Harbor Master today and they said it will depend on the weather.
  442. jeffdalton

    Avalon Moorings/Thanksgiving Holiday

    I'm thinking of heading to the island on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Do you think a mooring will be available in Avalon?? High School football is over and I need a break! :D Any insight offered would be greatly appreciated.
  443. jeffdalton

    Better Fish the LB Breakwall While You Can

    I hope they do!! Yeah I surf too!!
  444. jeffdalton

    Long Beach/ Pt Feemin 11-15-15

    Looks like you beat the wind....and you got some fish as well. Nice!!!
  445. jeffdalton

    Gail Force Bugs

    Nice job guys!!!!
  446. jeffdalton

    So who all is in the SoCal WAHOO club?

    I never ended up trying for one this season....trolling around for hours on end just never grabbed my attention. Congrats to those who got one...your life may never be the same! :D
  447. jeffdalton

    Sunday Night Hooping LA

    Another reason why I don't do the lobster thing. Good story though.
  448. jeffdalton

    Northern pv

    Cool report....thanks for sharing!
  449. jeffdalton

    Offshore Victory at Sea Conditions, But No Hoo Victory 10/29

    Thanks for the report Randy....I liked it!
  450. jeffdalton

    Offshore CONDOR Cortez blood, sweat, tears fun time 10/22

    Glad to see your feeling good Ron! Thanks for another great report!
  451. jeffdalton

    Rpt.-10-28-15 Tails, Bonito and Bass!

    Awesome day of fishing right there!!! Thanks for the report Cory!
  452. jeffdalton

    Lovely day for a cruise, 150 & Catalina

    It looks like we're fishing Saturday out of LB. We'll see!
  453. jeffdalton


    My buddy got one out there yesterday as well. So cool!!!
  454. jeffdalton

    Lovely day for a cruise, 150 & Catalina

    My buddy got a nice Wahoo off the rigs on Sunday.....lot's of trolling to get one, but the reward is worth it. Nice day on the water for you guys! Thanks for sharing!
  455. jeffdalton

    Long Beach Double Whoooooo!!!!!

    My friend went out on Sunday and got one.....right outside the rigs!!!! He had never done this type of fishing before and he picked my brain all week and that SOB got one!! Pretty damn cool!!!! :D
  456. jeffdalton

    Long Beach Double Whoooooo!!!!!

    You and me both! Hell I don't even have to travel that far to get one......I need to get out soon!
  457. jeffdalton

    LIBERTY trades beer for tuna

    Gary, I love your attitude!! It's obvious just being on the water is a joy to you and I think that's awesome! Thanks for sharing such a cool day!
  458. jeffdalton

    What I Do Sometimes When Not Fishing

    I'm sure there are idiots on both sides. Looking out for one's safety is paramount to staying alive on a motorcycle. Don't assume we see you, because often times we don't. It's not negligence in most cases, however in some it certainly is.
  459. jeffdalton

    What I Do Sometimes When Not Fishing

    Mike, Just be careful!! That's all were saying! :) By the way, this is what I ride when when I'm not fishing.
  460. jeffdalton

    Offshore Osborn Bank 10-9-15

    Tony, not really sure why you didn't make the run up to San Pedro. You were going to make the long run to the Osborne and you would have gone that direction any way. Hindsight is 20/20, but you should always do what you can to make a long run successful. Anchovies have been the ticket and...
  461. jeffdalton

    What I Do Sometimes When Not Fishing

    I have a similar story about a local biker....he was a young 26 at the time. I was driving on a two way street and before I knew it a biker flew by me at a speed no less than 80...probably more like 90 and a car coming from the other direction made a left hand turn in front of him. There was...
  462. jeffdalton

    Dodo questions,

    I'm pretty sure they're already pissed off.....I fight them just like I would a yellow....constant pressure!
  463. jeffdalton

    Dodo questions,

    Yeah sounds like you're doing the right things. I use flouro regularly coupled with 20lb mono and a flylined sardine. When they won't hit the flylined baits, slow troll seems to get them to go.
  464. jeffdalton

    This weekend

    If you go it will suck....If you don't it won't. If you lack the confidence to go, you've already jinxed yourself into a bad trip.
  465. jeffdalton

    Offshore Paid some dues 10/11

    Good time!
  466. jeffdalton

    Catalina 10/11/15 mixed bag

    Depth at the island plays a huge role! Keep at it and your trips will get even better. Thanks for the report. I should add that anytime you have chovies you stand a pretty good chance of hooking a calico. Problem is they are usually the smaller version.
  467. jeffdalton

    Sunday 10/11/15 Long beach area....

    Sounds like a fun day of fishing! Thanks for sharing!
  468. jeffdalton


    Walt, that guy took the time to give you all that information? Wow!! What about the other guys catching fish....were they doing the same? Doubtful! Trust me there's other equally effective methods. Keep an open mind.....I will say this, you might be putting too much thought into this. In...
  469. jeffdalton

    150/Twin rigs/shoe

    I hate anchoring up!!! Especially solo!!! If you plan on making bait at the receiver, do yourself a favor and bring some cat food.....I would also suggest tipping your sabikis with squid or cut chove. Good luck!!
  470. jeffdalton

    150/Twin rigs/shoe

    If I were fishing that area, I would slow troll a dine and mack. Monitor your meter the entire time. Drift those areas that show fish on the meter. Good luck!!!
  471. jeffdalton

    Dana point fun inshore 10/7...

    I've had days like that....loved them all!!!
  472. jeffdalton

    Slim Pickin's 10/7 out of Dana Point

    1lb! Yikes!!! I guess the guy who threw back the 2lber is kickin himself. :D
  473. jeffdalton

    Got Shorty and his whole family!

    Did you get any yellows?
  474. jeffdalton

    Jetty Bugging

    I would get too frustrated if my traps got hung up. I'm sure those things are expensive....right??
  475. jeffdalton

    After the rains skunk report Oceanside 10/6/2015

    Way to salvage your day!!! Bass fishing can be fun as well!
  476. jeffdalton

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    Kurt, I feel the hubs when I pick up my partner everytime....I have run up the freeway a couple miles to pick him up and this time everything seemed fine.
  477. jeffdalton

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    Damn Joe that sucks! Glad to hear everything worked out. It's painfully obvious...despite what others seem to imply, that I'm not the only one that has had trailer issues.
  478. jeffdalton

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    We were slow trolling dines and macks. Always an effective method.
  479. jeffdalton

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    How much Dan!! I'm definitely ready to overhaul my POS.
  480. jeffdalton

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    I hate my trailer, but love my boat. But thanks for telling me how I should treat it....perhaps you can show me how to fish as well. Oh brother!
  481. jeffdalton

    Jetty Bugging

    Is it really worth it?
  482. jeffdalton

    Diving in Long Beach Harbor

    What is with you lobster fishermen?? :D
  483. jeffdalton

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    Good one Steve!!! Micky mouse has made more than a few repairs on my boat. :D
  484. jeffdalton

    Offshore Black Pearl overnight trip report, 10/2

    Travis that is some funny shit right there!!! You want to see how hard fishing can be....get your own boat and see how truly difficult it can be. Until then, you're nothing but a sporto....hell at least you get to enjoy a nice breakfast burrito, and a delicious burger!! The best I get is a...
  485. jeffdalton

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    Something to definitely consider Ken. Thanks for the tip!!! :D
  486. jeffdalton

    10/4 on the Freedom

    Nacho had both dines and chove on Saturday.
  487. jeffdalton

    Rocky Point Aquarium fishing

    Mike, I fondly remember the days when I used to fish the same way. I had a little inflatable that I would fish like crazy. At times I miss those days. Thanks for such a cool report!!
  488. jeffdalton

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    I did that a month or so less thing I have to worry about.
  489. jeffdalton

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    That's awesome!!! You're a better man than me....probably a better fisherman too!!!
  490. jeffdalton

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    Thanks for sharing your great fortune and infinite wisdom. I feel better now.
  491. jeffdalton

    Fish report 14 mile/209/Shoe 10-3-15

    You can't miss me! I'm the only Parker out there with a black bimini. :D
  492. jeffdalton

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    Yes Eric, my axles need to be replaced. Honestly I simply need a new trailer. And yes, I'm stupidly hardcore! The problem is, I'm trying to put my oldest through college and UCLA is kind of expensive....a new trailer is not at the top of the foodchain right now, so I have to make due with...
  493. jeffdalton

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    You're assuming I don't already do that. My trailer is old and the axles need to be replaced. I also probably fish a great deal more than you do....salt water kicks the shit out of a trailer. The fact that you have towed a boat for 19 years and have failed to breakdown once, tells me you don't...
  494. jeffdalton

    Fish report 14 mile/209/Shoe 10-3-15

    Small choves for the tuna and dines for the yellows. We have caught all our tuna on choves lately and you could see the sporties chumming the area heavily with the small bait. The local yellows have all been on the dines and medium mackeral.
  495. jeffdalton

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    That's true, but I'm not sure they could have helped in this situation. We needed a grinder....I had everything else to get the job done. Unfortunately, I've become an expert in bearings. 8-)
  496. jeffdalton

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    My jack never makes it through the season! I get a new one every year....the list of trailer shit is endless!
  497. jeffdalton

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    If you use your boat often in the salt, you're bound to have issues at some point...and boy does it suck!!!
  498. jeffdalton

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    My boat isn't big enough to warrant the cost of a slip. The yellows were roughly 10 to 15lbs....not the big boys though I'm sure they're still there. This winter could be a good one!
  499. jeffdalton

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    I know your pain!! If you don't mind, how much is the new trailer??? I might be ready for the same option.
  500. jeffdalton

    Offshore Black Pearl overnight trip report, 10/2

    After reading your entire, long as hell post, I can tell you have a great deal to learn. Yes, the Black Pearl sucks, but your comments about wanting to kill baby yellows and pull on bonito indicate to me you simply wanted to pull on anything with a hook in it's mouth. Fishing offshore is...
  501. jeffdalton

    Fish report 14 mile/209/Shoe 10-3-15

    We did the same thing, but due to trailer issues we arrived late to the party...farmed a few before finally putting one football sized YF on the boat. The parking lot was a joke! At least 4 sporties surrounding what must have been the only paddy holding in the entire ocean. They did well by...
  502. jeffdalton

    Trailer issues suck!!! But still got a few! 10-3-15

    Let me just start off by saying I hate my trailer!!! Every time I tow the boat on the freeway, I stress out. I fish often and hard during the offshore season and without fail, I have issues at least one far this season I've had two breakdowns and I'm pretty much over it. Looks like I...
  503. jeffdalton

    10/1 Slow Long Beach Report

    Sounds like a worthwhile day! Nice job!!
  504. jeffdalton

    Catalina fishing

    Dodo, uh I mean Dondo, is creating friends with each comment he posts.
  505. jeffdalton

    Offshore Skunked oside 10/2

    And there's your sign! :D
  506. jeffdalton

    Go to 25lb rig for yellows ?

    Of course!! And I use the same reel for the large 1-3# fish....those guys really pull!!! :p
  507. jeffdalton

    Good tuna counts...but tiny fish!

    Who wants some popcorn....this should get good!!! :D
  508. jeffdalton

    Triton- LA Waterfront Sportsfishing

    You won't be disappointed.....go read the reports from those that fished the Triton this year.
  509. jeffdalton

    Good tuna counts...but tiny fish!

    Your pink shorts help you pull it off, but others fail to look so cool. ;)
  510. jeffdalton

    9/30/2015 It's A Desert Out There...

    Sorry to hear about your job....same thing happened to me several years ago. I've rebounded well, but it wasn't easy. Good luck and I hope you have new and better job soon.
  511. jeffdalton

    9/30/2015 It's A Desert Out There...

    Me too, but I have a job during the week. :D
  512. jeffdalton

    Good tuna counts...but tiny fish!

    I already said I could give a shit what you do with your small catch....but taking a photo with one of the little guys is pretty least in my opinion.
  513. jeffdalton

    Once Again the California Spiny Lobster Beckons

    Oh's that time already! Ugh! :supergay:
  514. jeffdalton

    Dana Point question

    You should have been able to easily land a large yellow on 30lb. Sounds to me like there were other issues involved...bad knot, faulty drag, or perhaps a nick in the line. All those issues aside and assuming you won't get rocked, landing a large yellow on 30 shouldn't be a problem.
  515. jeffdalton

    Offshore 9-30-15 Oside Polecat

    Sounds like a fun day on the water with'll get em next time!
  516. jeffdalton

    green buoy 9-30-15

    Glad to know they're still there!! This might be a great winter for the local yellows.
  517. jeffdalton

    Sick of the awesome reports!

    I've had better years as well, but I'm not complaining. Hoping to get a wahoo this weekend....that would top off a fun season. Oh and the local yellows have been fun as well. I cannot remember being able to travel less than 10 miles and hammer the big yellows like we have this year and last.
  518. jeffdalton

    9/30/2015 It's A Desert Out There...

    Sorry about your bad trip....don't give up!!! They're still out there.....look at the counts for the local boats out of Newport. I guess you just have to find em and that can be tough at times. Solid effort though!!!
  519. jeffdalton

    Offshore Oceanside 9/30, same day report

    I'll be doing the same on Saturday and Sunday.
  520. jeffdalton

    SportKing 9/20

    Interesting....I've never seen anyone do that, but having my own boat, I rarely fish the Sportboats. Not doubting you at all....just found it somewhat interesting. Thanks for setting the record straight. :D
  521. jeffdalton

    SportKing 9/20

    You actually tell the deckhand to add that to the count? Does he have a ledger with him as he releases fish? I would love to see the look on the deckhands face when you tell him that....too funny!! :D
  522. jeffdalton

    Good tuna counts...but tiny fish!

    Guys you can catch and keep all the small ones you's legal and it's your choice. That being said, I think it's funny allowing yourself to be photographed holding up one of those tiny fish....that's embarassing if you ask me. :D
  523. jeffdalton

    Go to 25lb rig for yellows ?

    No Eric....only yellowtail. I have a rod specifically designed for every specie....even sculpin. :p
  524. jeffdalton

    Go to 25lb rig for yellows ?

    Oh crap!!! I left that out!! Sorry! I usually use a uni to uni. I hope that helps......silly fuckers! :D
  525. jeffdalton

    Offshore Full moon.

    Hmmm, I wonder if that paddy is still there?? Good stuff right there! :D
  526. jeffdalton

    Blood Moon Charter on the "Triton"

    Sounds like a great trip!!!
  527. jeffdalton

    Catalina fishing

    Omg!!! You have so many options!! I have fished the island more times than I can count in my 21' Parker. Shoot me a PM with specific questions and I'll answer them as best I can.
  528. jeffdalton

    Go to 25lb rig for yellows ?

    You guys are crazy!!! The absolute best rig for yellows is a 8' shikari medium action blank custom wrapped with Fuji Hardloy guides. I would match it with an Avet MX 5.8. Here's the tricky have to make sure your reel color matches the thread on your custom wrapped rod. If you...
  529. jeffdalton

    9/25 Helena - Dana Pt

    Awesome Steve....glad to see you got out!!!
  530. jeffdalton

    Go to 25lb rig for yellows ?

    Seriously? The answers are endless. You can have the best rod and reel in the world and that fails to help many. I've seen guys with killer matching gear suck like no other at fishing. On the other hand, I've seen guys with old Newells and an old rod to match, killin it. It's not your toys...
  531. jeffdalton

    Offshore My Son's First Tuna - Dana Point 9/27

    Sweet!!!! Your newest fishing partner will be your best one!!!
  532. jeffdalton

    Good tuna counts...but tiny fish!

    good times!
  533. jeffdalton

    150 lbs blue marlin in Long Beach at the green buoy 9/26/15!!!!!

    Do you guys know how often those gates are me it happens all the time.
  534. jeffdalton

    First Deleted Post Then Blocked?

    I've never been deleted or blocked.....except on Facebook. :D
  535. jeffdalton

    Good tuna counts...but tiny fish!

    It's all good with me, but I noticed you didn't post pictures of the little guys.....or did you? :)
  536. jeffdalton

    New Trick For Cleaning Fish

    I'll try it as soon as I catch something.
  537. jeffdalton


    You guys are still talking about this.....I lost interest this morning. :D
  538. jeffdalton

    Crazy Day 209 and south 9/26

    We saw an elephant seal about a month ago just outside of the rigs off Long Beach....his big head was sticking out of the water and at first we had no idea what it was. The frickin thing was massive!! So cool to see!!!
  539. jeffdalton

    Catalina Island Report 9/27

    Good job on the release....yeah I would say that fish is about 150. Exciting!!!
  540. jeffdalton

    Good tuna counts...but tiny fish!

    I was just looking at some of the pictures posted by a local Newport boat on 976tuna and I was amazed out how small they were. It was actually kind of embarassing. There's no way in hell I would allow someone to take my picture holding a 5lb tuna. Apparently they caught 200 of these little...
  541. jeffdalton

    Offshore Blood Moon Bait Blues

    Wow, that's a detailed you take notes out there? Just kidding....sounds like an all encompassing day! Thanks for sharing.
  542. jeffdalton


    You can get them in Syria....all the guys wear em there!
  543. jeffdalton

    Best channels to hear fishing chatter, launching out of O side

    I've heard kids playing on the radio more than a few times. No bueno!!
  544. jeffdalton

    Best channels to hear fishing chatter, launching out of O side

    72 is the channel with all the nonsense...that being said, if you want to request permission to poach a paddy....or perhaps yell at someone who runs over your lines, that's the channel you want. I've launched at DP, Oceanside and Shelter Island many times.....I like DP the best. I already...
  545. jeffdalton


    Yes Ken, there are still yellows off LB and I will probably be fishing them tomorrow. The problem for many is the sportboats aren't there to tell them where to go. You could follow me around if you want.....if you promise not to punch me in the face. :D
  546. jeffdalton

    Rpt-09-24-15 A 2 day adventure for Tails, Lings and Reds!

    Sometimes a change of pace is needed. Sounds like a blast of a trip!! I envy you Cory....I only hope I can still fish when I retire. Damn that's a long way off!!! :D
  547. jeffdalton

    Another great day with my buddy Joe

    Tony, you need to get a job!! :D
  548. jeffdalton

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    I can honestly tell you the boats fishing offshore and reporting huge numbers of yellows, are killing massive amounts of the little guys. I'm not a marine biologist and I couldn't begin to tell you what effect this will have on our future fishery. Nevertheless, I find it extremely lame that...
  549. jeffdalton

    Offshore Pegasus Overnight 9/23/15

    Ah man that's awesome!!! At 82 he's got plenty of fishing trips left in him and I hope everyone is just as good. Thanks for such a cool report.....definitely brightened my day!
  550. jeffdalton

    Offshore lots of FUN

    Sounds like a fun day!
  551. jeffdalton

    Anyone have a yamaha hpdi

    I have used Gonzalo for over 10 years and I would go nowhere else!
  552. jeffdalton

    LB Tuesday

    Nice job!!! The crowd always dwindles this time of year. Often the fishing gets better!
  553. jeffdalton

    That "Guy" / Googan Page

    My thoughts exactly!!! Fuck Facebook!!!
  554. jeffdalton

    Just Another Sunday in Paradise

    Honestly a day at the island on the hook is so relaxing! I've been chasing tuna all summer...kind of forgot how nice that type of fishing can be. I'm might be ready for some winter action.
  555. jeffdalton

    Big YT out of SMB

    Nice fish!! And thanks for not posting the tired of exaggerated figures. We all can see it's a big one! Good job!! :D
  556. jeffdalton

    Why keep such small fish

    We ran across the little guys this past weekend and the guys wanted to pull on em a bit...I simply said, "we're not killing babies on my boat....reel em up....let's keep looking"
  557. jeffdalton

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    Nope!! One is plenty!!! LOL
  558. jeffdalton

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    Yeah I know....that's the problem!! Did you ever see "The Office" episode where Michael asks gay Oscar how he can turn the procedure into a pleasurable experience for both him and the doctor? Funny as hell!!! :D
  559. jeffdalton

    Offshore WFO tuna limits for 3 in less than an hour

    They are fun to pull on with lighter gear, but let em go!!! No need to "plug" the boat.
  560. jeffdalton

    Free Promar Lobster Seminars...

    OMG!!!! Not Lobster season!! Ugh! :D
  561. jeffdalton

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    That's a sweet rig if you ask me!!! Fishing solo can be pretty cool at times and I've done it many times. I like going to the island by myself and fishing wherever I please! Clicker fishing can be somewhat relaxing. :D
  562. jeffdalton

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    If it goes wide on Saturday, you just might! :D
  563. jeffdalton

    Proper etiquette

    It's that thing that I turn off on a regular basis after the relentless chatter has shaken my last nerve. :D
  564. jeffdalton

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    Yeah, that would be my luck on full display. LOL
  565. jeffdalton

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    No doubt!!! That being said, solo fishing can be expensive. :D
  566. jeffdalton

    Six Kids Catch Their Very First Fish!

    Thanks for all you do Dan.
  567. jeffdalton

    Offshore 9/20 14 mile bank area - YT, Dorado, Turtle

    Wow, conditions were sure a lot cleaner than on Sunday. Nice job!!
  568. jeffdalton

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    Thanks for the reminder Joe....I have one scheduled for October and I'm not looking forward to it! :D
  569. jeffdalton

    Proper etiquette

    Truth is, once you have two on a paddy that opens the door for others and pretty soon you have a paddy party. I've had people ask and I've had people crash. Those that crashed were normally clueless and usually ruin the bite. I will give them an earful and go find another one. I've also had...
  570. jeffdalton

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    Good luck out there Steve!!! By the way, I'm looking at Sunday, Oct 11 for you and your daughter...I'll let you know soon. :D
  571. jeffdalton

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    No doubt!! I get tired of hooking up the boat...trailering it down...praying nothing goes wrong along the way. And of course finding fish.....some days go great, others not so much. The bad days really make you appreciate the good ones.
  572. jeffdalton

    Crappy weekend for me!!!

    Honestly this was a crappy weekend I would just as soon forget. I had to drive all the way to San Luis Obispo from Long Beach for my son's Friday night football game and after a tough loss the drive home was even worse. I wasn't in bed until close to 4am Saturday morning. :( Well after that...
  573. jeffdalton

    Another Dana point post Friday 9-18

    We fished Saturday for the same results.
  574. jeffdalton

    Good tuna fishing on the 267!!! 9-12-15

    Yes Mike....I'm fishing out of DP Sunday morning.
  575. jeffdalton

    9/18 7 miles out of DP

    That's funny!! I keep hearing guys striking out and sayin the fish are gone....the water temps have remained constant and nothing has changed weather wise. Look around people!!!!
  576. jeffdalton

    Cheapest place to buy Sabiki rigs?

    I drop mine directly into the catfood I just threw pretty damn good!
  577. jeffdalton

    Cheapest place to buy Sabiki rigs?

    It's mostly a private boater thing....the marlin guys won't leave home without em.
  578. jeffdalton

    How big are those yellowfin???

    Bigger than those trout that guy is holding up....pull harder too!!! :D
  579. jeffdalton

    Cheapest place to buy Sabiki rigs?

    Sydney, I couldn't even tell you. It's probably 7' and I keep it on the boat all rigged up and ready to go at a moments notice. It's nice because you don't have to tie on those damn sabikis everytime you want to snag some bait. I picked it up a few years back at Big Fish Tackle in Seal Beach.
  580. jeffdalton

    Cheapest place to buy Sabiki rigs?

    Mine stays on the boat....always ready to go!
  581. jeffdalton

    Offshore Kite Fishing?: I Think I was Scammed

    Wow, that's sounds like a lot of work to catch a fish. Looks like you just bought yourself and expensive toy.
  582. jeffdalton

    Offshore Killed it out of Dana

    We were using size 4 last week. As far as the bait goes, I hate using the chove as much as anyone, but that's what's getting bit well right now. Find a school, scale down in line size, get your bait away from the boat and start catching fish. Good luck!
  583. jeffdalton

    Offshore Killed it out of Dana

    You had an awesome day...congrats!!!! But how on earth did really think a 15lb fish was even close to 30?? I can see you thinking a 2lb fish was 4....but to go from 15 to 30..uh that's a monster stretch. Another reason why I never guess the size of the fish I catch....and honestly who frickin...
  584. jeffdalton

    Cheapest place to buy Sabiki rigs?

    You must fish a lot! If you want to save money, buy a sabiki won't have to continually buy new packs. Trust me on this!
  585. jeffdalton

    Ice near long beach

    Joe, I've owned my own boat for over 10 years and I've been fishing the So Cal waters since I was a young kid on my grandfather's boat. Time on the water will do wonders! Good luck out there!!
  586. jeffdalton

    Ice near long beach

    Nah, I thought it was funny and I had it coming!!! When are you going? I might be fishing the local yellows Friday morning....let me know!
  587. jeffdalton

    Ice near long beach

    If I were you, I would launch out of Davies. There's a Ralphs grocery store within minutes from there....all the nice you want. Good luck!!!
  588. jeffdalton

    Good tuna fishing on the 267!!! 9-12-15

    Yeah, now he's hounding his dad to come back down. Poor dad! :D
  589. jeffdalton

    Free Dan Hernandez Fishing Seminar This Thursday In Chino Hills

    About the same......3 yellows and a few barracuda. Not bad for getting up late and fishing a few hours. The extra sleep was nice after getting up at 3am on Saturday and driving down to DP. I need my sleep!! :D
  590. jeffdalton

    Going out tomorrow 9.15 (Team up?)

    The problem with throwing numbers out to your fellow fisherman is some dumbass is always listening and rest assured, they will be the first one there to ruin the bite. I might wave someone in, but I won't call out numbers until I've had my fill. :D That being said good luck out there....I...
  591. jeffdalton

    Ice near long beach

    The grocery store.
  592. jeffdalton

    looking to fish 17th or 18th

    Kristen, did you find anyone to take you and your brothers fishing?
  593. jeffdalton

    HB flats fishing?

    What's a sculpin?
  594. jeffdalton

    9/12 105 YT

    Uh, that's what the drag is for...right?? :D
  595. jeffdalton

    Offshore Report, Dana Point 9-15

    That ball cap is mine....please return it!!!! :D
  596. jeffdalton

    Offshore 9/15 Nasty out there today.

    I'm sure you second guessed yourself the minute you launched the boat....I've done the same thing plenty of times. Oh least you got on the water.
  597. jeffdalton

    anybody been to Cortez?

    Yikes!!! That trip can go from hero to zero in a heartbeat!
  598. jeffdalton

    HB flats fishing?

    Mike, you can't go to an area and just start fishing and expect instant success. There are many factors that come into play....current, water temp...bait...etc. If you have a meter, learn to use it effectively. We were fishing the 105 on Sunday and slow trolling around until fish were spotted...
  599. jeffdalton

    Shelter Island 530 launch

    Wow, tell your friend to gaff his own fish next time! Oh brother! Yeah, I have 4 gaffs on board for that very reason. :D
  600. jeffdalton

    Catalina Sunday 13th

    30 Yellows!!! Wow, that's a great haul! You must have cleaning fish for hours. Nice job!:D
  601. jeffdalton

    Another Catalina yellowtail report

    There is no bait barge at Catalina. Thanks for the report...always fun fishing with our kids. Thankfully my boys and I share the same taste in music. :D
  602. jeffdalton

    Fishing Tuesday 9/15

    Well, how did you do???
  603. jeffdalton

    Need boater open to taking some guys out

    A 65' boat will cost you an arm and a leg. Then again perhaps you're rich.
  604. jeffdalton

    HH or LB??

    Not sure why you want to avoid LB (Davies). I regularly launch there and I've never encountered any problems. I've launched out of Sunset as well and I prefer Davies by far. The receiver is closer as well and parking is never an issue. Just my two cents.
  605. jeffdalton

    Offshore Dana point 9/14/15

    I'm not an expert, but I'm guessing the huge volume of paddies off our coast has something to do with it. There's paddies everywhere!!! In years past you really didn't start seeing many paddies, until after a big summer swell. Sometimes you would go 10 to 20 miles and fail to see a single...
  606. jeffdalton

    Offshore Dana point 9/14/15

    Some are out there.....I've had a few wide open bites, but not in the last few weeks. Strange!!!
  607. jeffdalton

    Offshore A photo of Saturdays rough weather

    Brutal out there on Saturday!!!!
  608. jeffdalton

    Catalina Yellowtail 9/14/15

    That's a good day!
  609. jeffdalton

    please settle an argument with someone that refuses to look it up

    Trust me Newells sink equally well with mono.....spectra too!!!
  610. jeffdalton

    50 yard top shot with fluro leader

    I really love when I get tangled with a guys using straight tends to make my day!
  611. jeffdalton

    The Rain...

    Don't jinx us!!!
  612. jeffdalton

    Free Dan Hernandez Fishing Seminar This Thursday In Chino Hills

    Dan, we baited up after you on Sunday....where's your report?? :D
  613. jeffdalton

    Anchovies ,,,,, yes ,,,, Anchovies !

    We fished em this past weekend on 15lb with a size 4 hook. Hell I've hooked larger grade bluefin on size 6. Our success was dependent on getting our baits far away from the boat. I too hate fishing the chove, but sometimes you have no choice and honestly that's what's working on the tuna...
  614. jeffdalton

    To troll or not to troll?

    We rarely troll.....we like to cover as much water as possible. However if we find a fishy area with good signs we might troll the area a bit. Honestly we prefer to search in a hurry......a leisurely troll is not my cup of tea.
  615. jeffdalton

    Fishing with GreenHorns....tell us some of your stories.

    You're killing me!!! :D
  616. jeffdalton

    Fishing with GreenHorns....tell us some of your stories.

    Consider yourself lucky!!! I've had very few....if any hotties on my boat, but I'm not against the idea. :)
  617. jeffdalton

    Fishing with GreenHorns....tell us some of your stories.

    No doubt!! I had no idea there were so many knuckleheads out there! :D
  618. jeffdalton

    Good tuna fishing on the 267!!! 9-12-15

    It was easy!!! The kid just loves to fish! :D
  619. jeffdalton

    2 firsts at Catalina 9/12

    I've seen two turtles this year...both on the way back from the island. I also saw a huge elephant seal a few weeks back...yes an elephant seal. So cool to see!! Every time I take new people out they are amazed with everything we take for porpoise and whales. :D
  620. jeffdalton

    Cat YT Sunday 9/13

    Awesome day on the water....thanks for sharing!
  621. jeffdalton

    091215 Blanked Again - Still Rewarded

    Even the best strike out from time to time....but few have the balls to post it. No doubt you'll get em next time. Thanks for the post and cool video! :D
  622. jeffdalton

    Good tuna fishing on the 267!!! 9-12-15

    Thanks Wes!! I love fishing with you bass guys! Good luck in your tournament and I'll see you in a few weeks.....I think Bryan is setting something up for you guys. :D
  623. jeffdalton

    Good tuna fishing on the 267!!! 9-12-15

    Thanks for the kind words Ben, I really appreciate it. Let's plan on hooking up the first weekend in October and putting some tuna on the boat! :D
  624. jeffdalton

    Skunked... sort of - Shoe and 150

    We were fishing the Green bouy and picked 3 nice yellows. I didn't see too many being caught yesterday. I also noticed the sportboats were few in that area. Probably fishing elsewhere....maybe down the line towards Newport. The fishing wasn't epic, but it sure was a nice day. Sounds like...
  625. jeffdalton

    Good tuna fishing on the 267!!! 9-12-15

    Thanks Joe!!! And the trailer cooperated as well!!! :D
  626. jeffdalton

    9/12 105 YT

    That's an awesome report....why do people try to slow down a freight training yellow with their thumb???? :D
  627. jeffdalton

    Green Bouy Yellows!!! 9-13-15

    She was holding the camera. I guess I could ask her to provide a selfie.:D