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    1992 Grady white seafarer 22 WA

    Hate to do it but just had twins and don't want to see this thing sit for a few years. 135 gallons fuel capacity( 90 gallon rear tank replaced a few years ago ).Bait tank keeps a full scoop alive great , A50 combo unit. Dual batteries. 2003 Yamaha 225 OX66 with pretty low miles purchased from...
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    San Pedro overnighter

    Got invite for free overnight charter out San Pedro June 13/14. Don't really have any details so I was wondering what the typical overnight trips out of there entailed. I guess mainly where do they fish and what are they fishing for so I know what to bring. Any info would help. I'll try to get...
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    Hey I just just bought I boat and I really don't want to go through all the bs of learning new spots and how to fish them. If you guys can just let me know all the spots to fish including bait choices , depths , rigging techniques etc. also please provide some numbers on your go to spots. I am...
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    Yellows Dana

    Lunch time came around and instead of going back to work the water was just looking to good to resist. Flat seas and minimal wind called my name. Decided to head out around 1 and grabbed a half scoop deans and headed out. Headed out about 14 miles and found a decent temp break and followed it...
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    Does anyone know if there are any squid boats at Catalina tonight TUES into morning WEDS? Called Darrel and hes local and Carnage message said no squid. On a big boat but no fishfinder and dont really want to make bait . Gonna hit the backside and look for boats but any info would be great so i...
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    Squid Catalina

    Anyone know if there's a squid boat at Cat that's selling bait tonight into Tommorow morning?? I called Darrell and he said he's local.
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    Got a call from a buddy who wants to head out Tuesday night out of Dana Point for Clemente Island and fish weds. I've been fishing mainly inshore and havnt paid much attention or heard anything much about the Island due to all the WSB reports. Is the fishing there any better than Catalina right...
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    Got out late for a short session.Threw swimbaits on some structure for about 20 min. and this guy decided he wanted to play. I was solo and he bent the shit out my net.Was 26lbs on my hand scale, pretty fat too.Hopefully pic attached right?
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    200 yamaha wont power up in water?

    got a new boat and had a little difficulty starting , ended up flooding it possibly, then i got it running in washdown fine. I put it in the water and it idled very slow and would cut out unless i throttled a little bit in idle.thats was ok, when i put it in drive ,it almost immediatly cut out.i...