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    Offshore 8/27 Lots of beautiful empty paddies 267, 209 & 312

    Boycotting business just hurts local owners that many are boaters also The harbor is now ran by a huge company that has taken over the lease that just wants to make money any way they can. They don’t make money off a truck and trailor taking up 2-3 parking spots for 10$ all day when they can...
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    Offshore 209 Bft and bonus

    Used to fish the mako alot Steaks on grill of course great but best recipe I’ve ever had by far Cut fish into 1-1/2” steaks in general after catch .let them rest overnight as the nerve system (muscles whatever ) will loosen after many hours and meat will tender Take steaks and cut what you want...
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    Mine expired and 3 months ago I got new ones for my whole fam of 5 along with 2 cards for adults in 5-6 weeks. Hassle free. Go online and you can make reservations at local post office. Very easy.
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    Islands My first one of the season wsb!

    Mhanson has never muff dived so he’s confused!! LOL
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    Bertram 28 Flybridge

    Also interested. Not sure your location. I’m in DP
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    Shore sharks

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    30 ft Dana point slip just came available

    Keep in mind a 12’ beam may measure 10-11 at dock level. It’s clearance for bumpers is what you need. Good luck
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    Laguna MPLA Photo Report

    Awesome!! please send picture or name of housing. Thanks . Where are the other photos , tablerock?
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    Below deck Fuel tank

    You can get them made Pretty cheap
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    30 ft Dana point slip just came available

    Crap they charge at least 1.5 times fees for sublease
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    30 ft Dana point slip just came available

    Great hull. There’s also one for like 89k in HB. Not I think are just under 33’ loa. Inside and fly bridge set up well not too high. Classy fish family boat. problem may be beam
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    That One Time Let’s Talk Hook Up mentions me while I was trolling for Marlin

    And then a few years later I rubbed one out thinking about her..
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    That One Time Let’s Talk Hook Up mentions me while I was trolling for Marlin

    One time I talk to this hot chick at a bar for like 5 minutes
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    Dana Point Ramp

    Let me give you a quick rundown. County runs storage and docks for a long time now . They don’t give a shit about day use boaters launching and storing their truck and trailor all day for 10$ when they can charge to park 2 cars in same spot and probably have 6 times the turnaround of people...
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    Dana Point boat launch status email

    Unfortunately for all the local boaters that store there boats at home and launch for day (along with visiting boaters) I’m pretty sure the parking is not temperary. The county doesn’t care about how many boaters can launch there boats and park for the day or even overnight. They can and have...
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    Dana Point boat launch status email

    Same and don’t expect it to change.County would rather charge a small car 10$ to park for 2 hours than a boat and trailor all day. There Opening all the private boat parking to paid parking also
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    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    Since I’m bored from this virus shit I have nothing to do but reply to shit I haven’t seen in years... Yeah I’m sure if we made them pay 2$ for a fucking bracelet they wouldn’t want to come to our country and work and live in the best country in world. Maybe if that happened you would have to...
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    Mission Bay Closed?

    I was at Copper Canyon that day!!!
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    Walk a dog instead of a fish:)

    Your allowed to leave for food cultivation “fishing” clear as day!!!
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    Dana Point 8-4 Report

    The only thing that would clear out our bass population would be if anchovies were available everyday locally and all the yahoos that bought a boat 4 years ago (because bluefin magically appeared and they all became great fisherman and bloody deck stars ) realized that the crazy offshore...
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    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    I love it. We pretty much roll down whenever we want to there country vacation, fish , go to there strip clubs, relax and enjoy ourselves. They have to jump fences or pay coyotes thousands of dollars to come here And you think buying a bracelet is a hassle..... Somebody please remind me where...
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    Offshore Opah SW of 302

    Bryan makes that fish look huge . LOL!!! Great catch congrats.
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    Big Wind, Big Shoulder YT

    Everyone should find pics of themselves of 38# YT so they can look famous and steal his glory. He was on a shitty frickin kayak!!! Do you think he can afford a nice scale . Post some current pics if you want glory.
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    Mako off Redondo 270

    It's a blue shark baby trophy hidden
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    1992 Grady white seafarer 22 WA

    Yes but likely sold by weekend. You can PM me if interested or text tommorow.
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    1992 Grady white seafarer 22 WA

    15k before I partner up!!!!
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    1992 Grady white seafarer 22 WA

    15k before I partner up!!!!
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    1992 Grady white seafarer 22 WA

    I'd say 1.5 mpg at standard speeds. Dual tanks hold 135 gallons gas. Ive been to San Clemente island from Dana no problem.
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    Catalina Exacta

    Hes calling you out on your 32 lb weight. Not sure why since his 5lb calico avatar is probably his trophy fish!!!!. He probably claimed it was 10lb to his wife when he caught it.
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    1992 Grady white seafarer 22 WA

    Bump by wife not me Buyer never checked with his... I guess
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    1992 Grady white seafarer 22 WA

    Bump new price new day
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    1992 Grady white seafarer 22 WA

    Hate to do it but just had twins and don't want to see this thing sit for a few years. 135 gallons fuel capacity( 90 gallon rear tank replaced a few years ago ).Bait tank keeps a full scoop alive great , A50 combo unit. Dual batteries. 2003 Yamaha 225 OX66 with pretty low miles purchased from...
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    Sunday SB Island quick report and rant

    Please show the picture of the appr. #30 jackpot fish
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    Dorado 7/9

    I really miss the "bieber button" please bring it back!!!
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    Any news out of Dana?

    When everyone's poaching SFns scanner it's usually the same place as always.
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    A.M 6/27 Dolphin report. TANKER & 2 40lb Flatties

    Def. looks like a slob to me!!
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    Anyone kill a mako recently? In Newport

    It tasted just like a mako I bet !!
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    No Thresher Sharks In Carlsbad Canyon

    Actually I'll just follow your advice. They must all be gone from everywhere else moving fast. There's probably tens of thousands up there right now!!!!!!!
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    No Thresher Sharks In Carlsbad Canyon

    Sorry for confusion on angler Great catch!! Must of sucked cutting that thing up. Talk about hand cramps!!!
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    No Thresher Sharks In Carlsbad Canyon

    Oh btw I think Tim the captain caught it and they were targeting Makos and it came up chum line ....But again I'm no expert
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    No Thresher Sharks In Carlsbad Canyon

    Tens of thousands sounds pretty generous on a yearly basis in those areas alone I'd say but I'm no scientist or fish population expert like everyone else on this site......And I think I made it clear that certain areas hold these fish regularly. I didn't say 209 was not an area that produces...
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    No Thresher Sharks In Carlsbad Canyon

    there not "moving" from an area. No disrespect..Guys just don't fish them like they used to because the Internet has made it a crime!!!! If you want a thresher put in your time in the right area and you will be rewarded. " if your in the right area" I would say a 500lb thresher at the 209 was by...
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    Man vs Seal and seal lost!!!!!

    Please send a full picture of your boat. Preferably with you sitting in it. Nice haul!!
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    Island Sheepshead Jackpot

    One time way back fishing SCI we ran out bait so we used the lobster we caught the night before and it was off the hook. Never seen such a sheepshead fiesta. We would actually recatch fish we released. They couldn't get enough. Assume crawdads are close bait
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    Big bug

    Forgot this guy who's worked on a buddies small outboard if needed. Bobby 2911402
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    Big bug

    James 714-3494204. Dana point. You probably already know him. Always around harbor Dave 290 2799 capo beach used to be in the boat broker place by Costco. Yamaha guy Both Aussie accents
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    Finger Bankin 1/2/16

    My last post also
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    Finger Bankin 1/2/16

    I just told my 5 year old to google striped bass population and found your article. So you my friend are as educated as a 5 year old.
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    Aggressive cattle boat capts.

    Not disagreeing with thread or downplaying anyone's experience but hardcore video doesn't look like any of the sporties were "bullying" I am a private boater and can give a shit about party boats in general but wouldn't want any of these operations to get a bad wrap for nothing!!!
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    Offshore Okuma sponsor would be nice after this one?

    So what did he do with the fish?
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    Wednesday 8-19 out of DP- great YFT action

    Oh man check yo self fool
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    REALLY. I didn't know this website was started for all the fisherman that put in hours and gas and lots money to just post numbers and exact locations where they get there fish so every donkey that just bought a boat or wants to go out for 2 hrs and catch a trophy fish . If your really asking...
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    Late Post video

    Great job kid! Just glad the post wasn't . SON LOSES FIRST TUNA BECAUSE DAD DIDNT CLEAR RODS
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    Half Day Dolphin- Quality Yellows On the Iron!!

    Please send me a pic of yourself wearing a chargers jersey that is over 11 years old. If you are under 30 , then you recieve a hall pass. Otherwise I am a scientist and I am studying Charger fans before the year 2004. I am yet to find one!!!
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    Newport to Dana

    Bait tank comment was a "general" response .not directed at you necessarily. As far as the hot wife... I call BS without pics. This is BD isn't it.
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    Rpt.-Wed.-07-22-15 Dana Point A tale of Two Half's!

    Don't be left with the large mackerel !!!! USE THEM. We almost went back in the other day because we used all our macs and only had sardines left For some guys slow trolling the macs have been the ticket. Plus they last much longer without changing bait
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    Newport to Dana

    I keep seeing posts about ALL bait Rollin in 30 minutes. I can guarantee you your system is not running properly. I have buddy boated plenty of times and got same bait out DANA that the other boats said rolled. I have had multiple boats with different systems that just act different. It's hard...
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    Seeking a deck hand with good knownledge

    Your going to need to be taught YFT and BFT alone with your current request. When you find the hot chick let me know because even though I have my own boat.....I think I want the job!!!!
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    Wow. Brings me back to the time I watched a 200lb mako circle my my Mac that I had about 20' down and maybe 10' out and then come from straight below it , grab it and shoot straight out of the water not 10' away and do a backflip that soaked the whole boat. Unreel sight to see. That would of...
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    Offshore Skipjack Frenzy at the 14 Mile Bank

    Almost as funny as the post. I love my bitches but I hate my perras!!!! The sound of BFT crashing chovies is epic!!
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    Yellowfin Tuna this time!

    This guy was 6 miles out Dana yesterday. 9' dinghy. Passed him on way out. Fished zone for 2 bluefin for an hour and when we were leaving he came rolling in. Awesome
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    7/11/15 fishing Cat and learned something new from the Gail force

    First string is a good boat out of there before July comes along. They move to San diego come beginning of July.
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    Top of 9 and North-7/11

    Where's the bieber symbol when you need it!
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    Catalina going off

    Quit being a donkey and acting like you know everyone. I can pretty much guarantee you've never met Dave so why talk shit. after these two or three years of just about every donkey in the world able to catch a yellowtail disappears with the weather and climate , I'm pretty sure your gonna need...
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    7-7 Dana Point No Fish Report

    Some of the yellows on the paddies are a little shy. I worked a paddy 2 miles out Dana yesterday for 3 quality yellows that I had to slow troll and add an egg sinker for 20 minutes to get second fish and needed to drop to 20lb fluoro and slow troll again for 3rd fish. Stayed in paddy for an hour...
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    07/08/2015 CATALINA MASSACRE

    Sure looks like a slob to me !
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    Tuna Crab

    Looks like agate or pearl st?
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    Tuna Crab

    Where was that at ?
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    DP 6/28

    Water was about 67 yesterday. Best water was around 8 out
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    Yellowfin Tuna Spotted in Dana Point Harbor..

    I take everything I said back. I have no friends and I don't know anyone involved. I bet that tuna tasted like shit also
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    More help for the newbie . . . this time inshore kelp

    Best way to fish wind against current..... Find a nice boiler rock in laguna (not in mlpa) and hope wind is actually blowing offshore and have really big lively anchovies or small macs and whack some calicos .
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    Department of Fish and Game Surveys

    This is not a fishing report!!!!! On a side note can anyone believe the frieking 3 putt at the U.S. OPEN to LOSE that frickin tournament. What a donkey. I had him on my fantasy golf team !!!!!! Anyone want to start a fantasy FISHING league ???? We can use the data collected by the hot DFG...
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    More help for the newbie . . . this time inshore kelp

    Then use those macs in a dropper loop just outside kelp on a 5/0 . Clip one side tail. Honestly the bass don't really like the big sardines in the salt creek kelp. They love anchovy and sometimes your better off just getting squid and cutting strips. Use small hook and least amount weight as...
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    6/19 Oceanside

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    Great day on the Shoe.

    You should never try to weigh yourself on a fishing scale. It will break it Nice fish
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    Yellowfin Tuna Spotted in Dana Point Harbor..

    No disrespect. I wasn't there and I guess I didn't pay enough attention to the video where they charged up to the boil. I only saw them sitting on edge of boil . These fish have not been cooperative and many guys can attest to trying to get close to these schools without sinking out. Ive heard...
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    The san diego 6/15

    Looks like a brown rail to me but shit what do I know
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    Yellowfin Tuna Spotted in Dana Point Harbor..

    I love how the guy in the video is calling the guys stupid assholes for sitting on top of the boil ( hooked up) while they stand back like donkeys . Then charge. LOL
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    Yellowfin Tuna Spotted in Dana Point Harbor..

    My friend is claiming that it was his dock and the guy next to him speared it in docks and filleted it.... I'm pretty skeptical but he says he skins it!!!! I still think he's full shit .
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    Any action at the 267, 279 or 14-mile bank?

    Nope. Did 40mile loop monday. Very dry. I'd almost stay close for a few more weeks. Maybe hit local kelps and fish some macs. Kelp has been holding some yellows. Up to you. Report back
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    Some free floating kelp questions . . . I know, I'm high maintenance!!

    Approach slowly setup so the wind will drift you close enough to cast but not over the top of the paddy. I like to throw a few baits to get the fish going. If you don't get hit right away be patient expecially if there are other boats fishing the paddy. When there's pressure alot of times the...
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    Dana Point Found Gaff.

    4' long. Sharp hook. Gold.
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    We've all seen pics of box canyon yellows. What we've never seen before is such a long text about how you caught 3 fish and how fast and great your friends boat is an how he is the best fisherman ever. I don't know how you were able to text and toot his horn at the same time. Your fingers must...
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    Practice run for the after Thanksgiving Halibut Tourney

    That pic is photoshopped for sure. No way those shorts are real :) Nice catch
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    Latest Fish Story

    Great job. I'm glad you actually didn't have a gaff on the boat :)
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    The leader and release of a decent mako and a hammerhead

    Like I said I didn't think it would cause an uproar to day use a release stick. I was purely talking about the everyday shark guy that want to fish them for fun. I realize these guys are pros. I'm just busting balls at this point because I'm as bored as you are sitting in this frickin...
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    The leader and release of a decent mako and a hammerhead

    I would cut the leader. Or stop fishing sharks that much because your not doing it for skill your doing it because you know a bunch of donkies will pay you to see big sharks caught You should buy some land in Elsinore and buy a bunch of wild boar and let OC businessmen come and hunt them...
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    The leader and release of a decent mako and a hammerhead

    Perfect example. Large fish. I guarantee you could of used the release stock I have and popped that hook. Fish was laying on side for many seconds while you cut leader. One good straight POP and hook would be out. Circle hook probably harder but if your cutting the hook and leader why are you...
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    The leader and release of a decent mako and a hammerhead

    wow. I didn't know me saying make a release stick would cause so much drama. I didn't research the experience you guys had nor was I questioning it. My post was purely based on the average person. I have caught a lot of makos small and large and I was actually posting for the average weekend...
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    The leader and release of a decent mako and a hammerhead

    Make a release stick.pretty easy and will save your hook/setup especially when you hook 10 blue sharks or small makos. Save you 50 bucks in gear and lots time doing twists. I'll try to load a pic of ones I've made
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    Yellowtail in Two Harbors

    What were u trolling
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    I Win!! . . .my catch is smallest ever!

    Honestly I'd prob keep both. That's prob 1 order YT sushi and like 3 or so orders dodo. That's 25$ in my book. Prob dead once released anyways. Just saying
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    Offshore Oceanside 95 Tuna

    Your tip was fine. Who cares and why are you even bringing it up. What I'm confused about is why you keep bringing up that you used 20# setup and everyone was using 40#. If that's the case there all donkies!! These YFT do not need to be fished with anything more than 30# even if your not...
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    Offshore 10-5 Today was a good day.........

    I assume you were making macs in shore kelp? Or is that the hugest paddy ever in the calmest offshore glass ever
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    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    You will definitely win in court. All you have to do is show the picture you took of the short bug.
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    Throws some D's on that %$#@!

    Wouldn't have been a lame post if the fish showed us her cans
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    8/31 Catalina YT and Disrespectful sportboat

    So your pissed he parked where you were trolling between 2 boats Sounds like your both donkies
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    Wide Open Dodos - 8/9

    Oh and nice cubic zirconian ring. That thing can't be real either!!!
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    Wide Open Dodos - 8/9

    Why do you guys actually think this guy is for real. C'mon. Nobody could be as good as he is EVERYTIME and have a beautiful wife and daughter that fishes with him and sleeps on the boat. I call bullshit. He is clearly photo shopping EVERY post. Even his pictures look too real to be true...
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    catalina yellowtail

    Sounds wide open since you got 1!!!!!!
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    lightning hit a guy on catalina golf course

    Damn. I was at Catalina yesterday riding a rental cart right along that course.
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    267/209 out of Dana Point

    SURE DID!!! We should hook up for a trip. Pm me your number or get it from joe
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    267/209 out of Dana Point

    Hey Fat Boy. Are you bros with canella and Taters? I think we did the fishing trip for Joes bachelor party way back??
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    267/209 out of Dana Point

    Correction!! You do not need to be the owner of the vessel. But the owner of the vessel cannot be on the boat at the time of tow. How they would find that out I don't know. I have used my vessel assist on a borrowed boat before.
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    Ballsy day fishing offshore from Dana 7/19

    Ps. I don't own a Viking :) Yet
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    Ballsy day fishing offshore from Dana 7/19

    I don't see what the big deal about bringing lake boats to ocean and ocean boats to lakes. Shit I took my 60' Viking to lake havasu last week to Steamboat cove and everybody looked at me like I was some dumb piece if shit!!!! Until I loaded the boat with TONS tuna in G strings Sounds like this...
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    bft yft

    Troll? Bait?
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    Offshore Local Dodo and Yellows

    If your fishing Saturday your just part of the cluster
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    Big Butt Bite to Boat (ok, Kayak) video

    School right there is that a Luna or a 400
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    Black Sea Bass Video

    Great job!
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    oside report

    Allen what does disincentivizes mean anyways?? Must be how they spell wsheduppocop in lone pine
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    oside report

    The next day there was a 45# WSB caught in the same vicinity, great but not me, maybe they saw this post and gave it a shot? Who knows? Priceless! Dude I was just busting your balls. That type of haul to fish deserves some credit for sure. Youve put alot guys on fish the last 3 weeks...
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    oside report

    Your right sorry. I post tommorow all the pics of the opaleye I caught yesterday so you can check them out. I drove all the way to San ysidro to catch them. I may even have a few picks of some mini macs to throw in. Oh and last week I drive all the way to lake forest to the duck pond and caught...
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    oside report

    Great pic of the juvi sea bass. Never seen one before. You should stick your finger farther up his gills next time. It makes them look bigger for pics
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    Anybody looked for paddies lately?

    I have a feeling its going to blow up this week. I think you should go and report for us. Preferably around the 267-209 please
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    Big Calico

    That chick in the video is my girlfriend!!!!
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    Got skunked at DP

    Next time grab a half scoop if chovies. I assume having your daughters on the boat you wanted to catch some fish? Hit any kelp and it would of probably been wide open calico bass.
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    SCI Yellows vs. seal and a big butt

    We're most if the squid fish caught on droppers or egg sinkers
  119. D

    Big Calico

    Wow 4 different things to think about. Not to mention the fact he was near "Main" beach this will get good
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    Great report thanks
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    Squid out of Dana Point

    Never squid out of Dana I wish!!!!!!
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    Dana Point Harbor boating in danger!!! Need support

    You just got in this loop. It's only been planned for about 7 years now. You should of started the right years ago. It's not a secret.
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    BLACKJACK Islands Report 5-4-14

    Is that the guy from the "Hangover" movies ? He's funny as shit!!
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    San Pedro overnighter

    Thanks Dave did they move the big boat this summer? Don't see it anymore
  125. D

    San Pedro overnighter

    Boat is first string
  126. D

    San Pedro overnighter

    Got invite for free overnight charter out San Pedro June 13/14. Don't really have any details so I was wondering what the typical overnight trips out of there entailed. I guess mainly where do they fish and what are they fishing for so I know what to bring. Any info would help. I'll try to get...
  127. D


    If your asking about how to catch WSB . Then you probably won't. It's not a fish you just say hey today I'm going to go for sea bass. Takes alot of luck or ALOT of time and experience especially if your talking about Dana point kelp. Just because a few divers speared some it doesn't mean you can...
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    Dp bass & barracuda

    There are ALWAYS schools of short barracuda north of harbor just takes anchovies or small lures like luckies to really know there around
  129. D

    Big Mako Catch!

    How is keeping the shark not " doing within reason" I think the whole shark argument for most guys is " keeping period!! " I can understand going out and catching 2 or 3 sharks and overfishing but this guy caught a 800 lb mako off beach and I sure as fuck would if kept it also. And I don't care...
  130. D

    Big Mako Catch!

    Oh sorry except lobotomies
  131. D

    Big Mako Catch!

    I agree with ALL those also
  132. D

    Scored the last 1/2 scoop of chovies in DP this morning

    You can fly line for larger model bass but usually drop down with about 4 oz torpedo and dropper loop or a triple swivel setup and use 4/0-5/0 depending in size Mac. I prefer 5/0 muti circle in Dana targeting sea bass or halibut. Edge kelp or kelp/ structure Be prepared for a few bat rays ...
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    04-18-14 coronado Islands and Mexican Navy experience!!!

    I bet running the Mexican flag didn't hurt the situation
  134. D

    Dana Point conditions non report

    I'll take 7" macs over those sardines everyday. Halibut around the kelp flats out here love them and the bigger calicos too. Sardines are a waste of time fishing local around here unless your patty hoppin Can't wait til my little one is 7 out fishing me!
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    Back to Back limits with Capt. Dave Hansen

    Next time just head back out where he took you the night before. Just saying!
  136. D


    And Fishkev were not " all " here to get valuable information. Especially this time year your clicking on because its habit because its on your I phone bookmarks and your bored in the morning taking a shit and are browsing. And if you really are on this site to get such valuable info you should...
  137. D


    Hard to type with all the fish I'm catching.
  138. D


    Hey I just just bought I boat and I really don't want to go through all the bs of learning new spots and how to fish them. If you guys can just let me know all the spots to fish including bait choices , depths , rigging techniques etc. also please provide some numbers on your go to spots. I am...
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    Rain Coming=Bugs Crawling?

    That's standard issue
  140. D


    Preferring sardines over chovies obviously depends on species and area fished. Along our coast like in Dana point the calicos will eat the chovies every cast and ignore the sardines most if the time. I'll fish next to jimmy decker , jimmy johnson or jimmy jack corn with anchovies all day in...
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    Steady As She Goes

    You still didn't get it. I love it.
  142. D

    Steady As She Goes

    Too funny. Not quite on same page. But I'm sorry. Now that I think about it I'm pretty sure that lobster WAS a breeder so it probably should of been boiled and eaten for sure!!!
  143. D

    Steady As She Goes

    The lobster in the middle of the 6th pic is huge and should of been thrown back!!!!
  144. D

    Lobster and some Charger football.....

    The Irony is that lobsters are nothin like Charger fans. Chargers fans only come out when the weathers nice. When its not there nowhere to be found. Opposite of lobsters?
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    Finally Finished my newest Saltwater baits!

    I'd buy a set. Pm me if your selling them yet. I'd try them
  146. D

    NPH report/video

    What's up with the scarf. Are you a gangster trying to hide your identity or are you protecting yourself from the sun? Don't they make those funny looking hats with big bills for that?
  147. D


    Hey island bound is DFG your dream job or something ? Why the fuck are you worried about a guy that fishes his whole life for living while your out there probably hiring a bunch of illegals to dig holes for you. You act like the huge party boat out in front of Dana lit up is going to get past...
  148. D


    That's alot fish for 1 person. Good job!!!!!
  149. D

    SD bay with the lady

    That's his daughter not his girlfriend you perverts!!!!
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    Googenvile at the TP's 8-9/8-10 2013, and the trip that got a flat start. twice.

    Good choice going to pens we hit Cortez Friday and it was scratchy fishing. Weather was complete shit on way out Dana point so we stopped at pyramid for a few hrs then pushed on. 2 other small charters. Pretty much all bonito and a few yellowtail. 100 miles back and we saw 1 patty the whole...
  151. D

    Anyone Catching Bonito in LA or OC areas?

    Yeah we just caught a shit load out on the Cortez Bank! I think that could be considered so cal at least huh :)
  152. D

    San Diego Halibut 8/3/13 My little man's personal best

    So epic. Can't wait to share those times in a few years
  153. D

    Yellows Dana

    Ok so after I hooked those yellows my buddy went out 3 times in one week trying to repeat the task. You can guess what his result was!!! So I've been bashing his shit about how much money he's blown trying recapture a moment and all he had to say the last time was " WELl AT LEAST MY BOAT IS...
  154. D

    Yellows Dana

    Ohh. I think I just got the reply on the pic of the 25 lber. Yeah maybe my arms were just soo tired from pulling on fish for 45 minutes straight I misread the weight. My shitty hand scale bottomed out at 20 and I measured one of the bigger fish at home and it was just over 48". I'm sure you can...
  155. D

    Brought the Hawaiian sling to marine street

    Thanks for the intell. I'll avoid that area Tommorow.
  156. D

    Yellows Dana

    They have deans and chovies
  157. D

    Yellows Dana

    There was a baby Opal in its belly!
  158. D

    Yellows Dana

    Lunch time came around and instead of going back to work the water was just looking to good to resist. Flat seas and minimal wind called my name. Decided to head out around 1 and grabbed a half scoop deans and headed out. Headed out about 14 miles and found a decent temp break and followed it...
  159. D

    Trolling Horseshoe Yellows?

    I've done we'll on purple rapalas when the fish are tighter in
  160. D

    Should have used a bigger Float - lost it all- spearfishing Reward

    If I find it ill give the setup back but I'm keeping the yellowtail!!
  161. D


    Does anyone know if there are any squid boats at Catalina tonight TUES into morning WEDS? Called Darrel and hes local and Carnage message said no squid. On a big boat but no fishfinder and dont really want to make bait . Gonna hit the backside and look for boats but any info would be great so i...
  162. D

    Squid Catalina

    Anyone know if there's a squid boat at Cat that's selling bait tonight into Tommorow morning?? I called Darrell and he said he's local.
  163. D


    Yeah thanks. Pretty much figuring to stop at Catalina for squid. Only problem now is I'm pretty sure Clemente is closed except for 1 small section weds. If anyone sees it differently let me know. Not super familiar with closure website
  164. D


    Just look at closure and looks like weds is shitty day. Unless I'm reading it wrong
  165. D


    Got a call from a buddy who wants to head out Tuesday night out of Dana Point for Clemente Island and fish weds. I've been fishing mainly inshore and havnt paid much attention or heard anything much about the Island due to all the WSB reports. Is the fishing there any better than Catalina right...
  166. D


    He was talking about the " hot chicks". :)
  167. D


    Ok now I think I believe you. Was just f in around. Maybe I'm just jealous. Actually makes me want to go out and fish em
  168. D


    Next time just take some pics. When I'm sitting on the shitter checking emails and looking at posts I don't want to just read about big claims. I want to see some pics. I don't give a shit if you keep a shark once in awhile as long as your going to eat it. Put together a frickin news article...
  169. D


    I hooked 5 fish today over 500lbs!!!! Now book a trip with me and I'll show you where!!! And we'll release those fish to even if you want to keep them because I am a shark protecting shark hunter.
  170. D

    The Thunderbird 6/7

    It seems to me if its ok to constantly post threads about how well these boats did and use this forum as an advertising tool , then I really don't see why when an angler has a bad experience he wouldn't be able to post it without getting shit? He obviously paid money to fish and was unhappy...
  171. D

    Good Signs!!

    I believe the fish on the left is a yellow fin croaker :) If you want to be a charter captain you better learn your fish LOL
  172. D

    Good Signs!!

    Or the blue mouth
  173. D

    at the domes/mateo point

    There's a 133lb thresher that lives right there :)
  174. D

    Joe Crawford Living legend R.I.P.

    They look just like there Pops! RIP!
  175. D

    2 gopro cams Halibut follower seal stealer 3-6-13

    That's not how you hold a coffee grinder?
  176. D

    Calico Bass Fishing From Shore??

    Most places in south OC are in Laguna and are closed. Any structure you can fish from shore or jetty that is open you may have a chance. Work the edges with a swim bait would be my guess
  177. D

    27' 2006 Sea Pro Center Console w/ twin 225 4 Strokes

    I'll take the Grady White right next to it
  178. D

    First T ever for the Hardwire! 10-14-12

    Perfect size for dinner. Shoulda kept it
  179. D

    limits for 7 heaven!

    Limits for 7 on 1 boat? Interesting. UNO dos tres
  180. D

    Shark/Lobster bait DP

    No way could there be mackerel there with all those dogs hangin out!!!never seen a mackerel at THE RED CAN ohh I mean the whistle blower rjstyhridhyatrbcnjismheydgbrtsyhe buoy... You have to be patient there this year. Gotta have a good little chum bucket or scraps and have to weed through the...
  181. D

    T Shark Monte Carlo

    Who fishes that kind of setup anyways?was he fishing wsb in kelp or something?
  182. D

    What the lenght of your boat

    Look at a 24 Grady white , outboard with extended transom mount. Tons of deck space compared to the trophies and sea swirls with the walk around and cuddy.
  183. D

    WANTED: 24-25' Skipjack or Grady White or...

    If it sinks buy fish units Grady .it blos doors on that skippy!!!!!!
  184. D

    WANTED: 24-25' Skipjack or Grady White or...

    There was a nice Grady 24 seafarer in DP about a month ago. I think it was 20k but it was rigged well. Same boat I have with extended transom. LOTS fish deck . Great boat.
  185. D

    calicos west end

    You need to buy 1 more boat. It makes your fishing skills great!!
  186. D

    GoPro video of my Big Butt 45.5 lbs

    WOW!! Funny funny funny. Where's the 45lb butt???? I just saw a 30lb butt and a couple of asses!!!!!!
  187. D

    Dana point pier bottom feeders

    It's a small pier with a small dock on side right between baby beach and marine institute. If you want to catch some big bats fish end small jetty directly towards big jetty and hold on. At least that's how it was 20 years ago!!!!
  188. D

    Dana Makos

    I highly suggest using single strand if your going to fish for them regularly. I had a monster bite through heavy cable on just a run before I even turned him. Great job on releases!!!
  189. D

    Fishing Tomorrow

    Wow!!!!!!!!! That's a lot of talk about swells wind and pukijg when he's going to go anyways!!!!!!!
  190. D

    Tip of the week FOR BAIT FISHING

    Clearly a sand pounder!!!!!! Takes a lot of skill to strap on a bazuka and drive around the harbor and BLOWUP pelicans!!!!! I bet you'd never see DAVE HANSEN or his pops running a bounce rig. Anyways how much do they cost and where do I buy them LOL!!!!!
  191. D

    Tip of the week FOR BAIT FISHING

    Maybe I'm a dumbshit but I assume he's saying when fishing kelp with small chivies use a small bronze thin hook, not a 2/0 chrome hook! When fishing a large sardine maybe use a 2/0 hook.if your talking halibut why waste any time with rungs. Fish a 5/0 owner black with a mackerel or GO HOME...
  192. D

    Tip of the week FOR BAIT FISHING

    It's funny you guys keep saying "you fish HALIBUT with chrome or nickel hooks and do fine" Dave said bait fishing! Don't chime in when he's giving general advice because you are some old fart who's caught fish on bling bling.shit I've caught 25lb halibut on swim baits but I wouldn't write an...
  193. D

    32 Gallon Bait Tank for Sale or Trade

    I'll give you 40$ for it. Pm me. I got cash
  194. D

    Marlin Lures...How to rig?

    el capo can hook you up with skirts, bras and probably makeup for them!!!
  195. D

    $700K Bluefin

    What a racist!!!
  196. D

    150 area & PV 12/28/11

    the halibut need to be 22" not 22cm. hahahahaha happy new year
  197. D

    First Post - Fishing with Dave

    wow!! lots of fish . eat up. It would of took me about forty years to learn how to catch that many fish. Whats that gurus name?
  198. D

    Got 5 Keepers and 3 Hoopnets 11/21

    You can fish dinghy but hoops have to be in the dinghy and separate anglers..
  199. D

    big blackie took the bait

    nice one . that area must be loaded. Couple weeks ago caught 2 about 75lbs each between noffe kelp and the buoys drifting for sandies also. Nice release, good to know some people know and/or make the effort to keep them alive. Its not as easy as people think, especially when you see them float 5...
  200. D

    Nates fish

    nice video . I think the funniest part was the rod man holding the regular gaff!!!!
  201. D

    Thresher Fishing

    wheres the pics of the BIG one the other guy had? Dont worry about the haters, there the guys that SAY the just keep 200+ pounders ,but let all the meat go to waste anyways!!
  202. D


    Got out late for a short session.Threw swimbaits on some structure for about 20 min. and this guy decided he wanted to play. I was solo and he bent the shit out my net.Was 26lbs on my hand scale, pretty fat too.Hopefully pic attached right?
  203. D

    New to board. Need some dope

    209 loaded with makos last weekend .Head there guaranteed WOMF.
  204. D

    Hit the local kelp line 8/6/11

    sat they had mix chovies and sardines and it was WIDE OPEN calicos all through lag. and creek. nailed a last minute small yellow at point on the way in on my last sardine. crystal clear water= bass and no bottom dwellers.
  205. D

    Out of Dana Point.

    not trying to bust ur blz but when you catch a SHORT WSB its best not to put your fingers in its gills for a pic. They are fairly fragile .I can appreciate your enthusiasm but the chance of harming it isnt worth it.
  206. D

    BD yellowtail tourney 6-25-11

    Awesome dfg changed cuda size limit to 12"
  207. D

    Laguna Shark Diving, 1/14

    dont let these guys bust your balls .your rig is fine, just make sure you connect any long runs over a few feet for bending with T's. My friend has a real deal he takes to mex and they just bang against it. if you glued it all good your fine. even the whites out here wont be over 150lbs or so ...
  208. D

    Black Sea Bass Rescue...

    good job guys remember to release the air from the bladder also . good to read up or google it to learn how .they have tools but i always use a rigging needle or something slim and sharp.
  209. D

    What is this fish?

    not a cabby , catch em all the time in shallow structure off dana . theyre always small like that but inside no color . sugar shack attack, johny boy
  210. D


    ya bud not gonna get the info that easy gotta work at it . just remember winter fish deeper , summer shallower. the hang out in sand by structure. lots of forums on tecnique, good luck. oh by the way stay far away from dana , laguna , and san clemente the fishin is crap , try newport. hahahahaha
  211. D

    DP bass action

    i found that secret spot many years ago and marked it with a long pipe all the way to the entrance. how did you find it?
  212. D

    ABOUT what year & model are these Yamis?

    i have same motor mines 1992
  213. D

    Offshore DP to the 181

    great job sounds like a typical problem filled day to me
  214. D

    Offshore Dana Offshore BIG Dorado/Mako Trip

    nice report, classic, by the way u guys should quite searching threads to complain about people coming up on other peoples paddies it makes me want to follow u around and Paddy Hop u
  215. D

    Killed it

    blues are great eating and if u want to catch makos use straight mono theyre line shy
  216. D

    Sharking Tonight (7/3) Where To Go?

    dont ever use steel cable only single wire you will lose a big mako if u ever find one for sure.
  217. D

    Holed Up in Dana Point Harbor 6.20.09

    great job on calico releases its good to see
  218. D

    Mako and T Shark fishing out of Dana

    night shark fishing? sounds like your your trying to find a female hooker at a gay bar,dont fish at night until u can find them during the day. if ur looking for makos and u fish them on a regular basis then u probably arent asking where they are,if u find them ,releasing them in the dark or...
  219. D

    A challenge. I WILL outfish you

    take the guy fishin con he obviously need to cach something other than a std
  220. D


    how about u guys all go fishing one day and then have a poker tourney at night ,at least you would need to have some skill involved to win the money.
  221. D

    Boat rewireing

    try EL CAPO, i think hes jamaican he does anything.
  222. D

    New Poppers are Born

    i likey mikey , how did u do yesterday
  223. D

    OAC Thresher shark tourney May 9th

    anyone want to get into my go to mexico and wrestle stinky pig tournament the winner gets swine flu..... perfect timing.............
  224. D

    OAC Thresher shark tourney May 9th

    perfect timing.............................................
  225. D

    yes, I am spamming you, get over it.

    el capo get a dock and ill buy one,,,
  226. D

    How to keep your saltwater boat looking new!

    can u post on how to wash dishes for my wife
  227. D

    Baldy's 6" plunger by Happy Ending Lures

    cant believe hes older than mine crazy. call me tommorow ill grab the check 4 ya
  228. D

    Has anyone ever had a couch made?

    laguna west designs or maybe there called sofa craft there in laguna hills off ridge route
  229. D

    Seaswirl or Trophy Walkaround

    screw them both get an older grady white with a 4 stroke
  230. D

    Lobster Season Closer

    my buddy works at fshngm and he said its cool to fish as late as u want so have at it. he said to just act like you didnt understand that after 12 midnight that it was no longer the 18th you know play stupid.
  231. D

    Wood or Alumawood Patio Cover?

    alum if your cheap or want a sleeker basic look, wood if its rough sawn and more rustic looking, use resawn fro rough sawn.
  232. D

    Dana point halibut Fishing 3/8

    you probably got tips from some tool from lake forest or something.anyone who actually consist. catches them prob. arent the ones givin ya da tips .fish the pond on ridge route, bounce ball with a trap rig, it kills the carp.
  233. D

    Outboard vs Inboard motor

    outboard and you can get some great used boats just look for a newer 4 stroke buy buy buy buy.
  234. D

    The new 8" plunger by Happy Ending Lures

    ill take the samples please
  235. D

    $125 Overnight to Clemente 3/13 - Who's coming with me?

    it must be a sea horse taco night
  236. D


    8/0-10/0 hook single strand to a barrel swivel.keep a short line so you can see the shark and have a couple setups ready .one for smaller shark, like a 30lb and another 80lb or 100lb. if you leave out all your gear without seeing it youll hook anything that comes up , if thats what you want fine...
  237. D

    Do I need a Passport...

    dont listen to these guys just bring your blockbuster card and a roach and theyll let u right through.
  238. D

    What knot is best or the one you use

    uni or double uni on line 15# or under and palomar for 20 plus.
  239. D

    preparing yellowtail?

    ceviche or sushi dont cook it
  240. D

    San Diego Chargers training camp photos

  241. D

    Mexican License?

    right off newport blvd at the end of the 55 freeway.GRANTS GUNS its like 68 bucks.newport beach. hope it helps.
  242. D

    200 yamaha wont power up in water?

    has new plugs. i dont think its a pitch problem because it has same prop for years with last owner and i test drove it with him and it was fine. im going to change the water fuel sep. and i just changed the pump ball.when i run it it DIES under load .the oil tank under the motor cover at...
  243. D

    200 yamaha wont power up in water?

    got a new boat and had a little difficulty starting , ended up flooding it possibly, then i got it running in washdown fine. I put it in the water and it idled very slow and would cut out unless i throttled a little bit in idle.thats was ok, when i put it in drive ,it almost immediatly cut out.i...
  244. D

    267 to 14 mile bank 7-10

    it wasnt a rookie shot, it was a rookie CALL you dont gaff makos with regular gaffs, if it was a little bigger your gaff/gaffs would be gone.just tryin to help, but ill give you props on even tryin it.
  245. D

    267 to 14 mile bank 7-10

    hey exotic invest in a flying gaff and dont eat the makos the day you catch them , there muscles tense up and thats why they taste tough.wait a few days.
  246. D

    Offshore San Diego Hot Spot MAKOS!!!!

    just look at the snout give me a break.
  247. D

    Mako bit my finger off!! PICS

    set anchor just outside the harbor, buy 4 scoops of sardines and cut each one up in 1/4 inch chunks.sit and wait and theyll come. if they dont within 3 hrs, grab your fillet knife and cut your throat and dive overboard, your buddies will appreciate it. GOOD LUCK.
  248. D

    retaining wall

    dans definetely close on his estimates.The thing is every city has different regulations you can always build without permits and risk it.the problem is everyone is telling you ,you DONT need a permit if the wall is 3' or under which is true in most cases,BUT you said you are going to be...
  249. D


    I would go 200 hp yamaha 4 stroke,it will cost you new about 17,500 installed with all new throttles and conversions, and full warranty.or the merc efi that has comparible gas mileage in a 2 str.175 if a little light. the question is do you want to repower a BAYLINER TROPHY.start over now if...
  250. D

    Need a good Outboard mechanic

    DO NOT USE DANA MARINE, unless you are a great gambler,Mauer is cheeper anyways.
  251. D

    Favorite salt water bass setup: line,rod,reel,bait

    sounds good but if your fishin calicos probably swim baits and 12-15lb line .8' terramar or crucial i use.
  252. D

    rod for a calcutta 400b?

  253. D

    Fish license question for Cabo

    you can purchase them weekly or yearly and there are various fishing and hunting stores around i dont know up where you are. if your going on a fleet or charter you can usually get them there.make sure though otherwise theyll arrest you and sink your boat.
  254. D

    House refinance???

    take 100k and stick it in a simple money market while you can it will only cost you maybe 500 bucks for a couple years but the way the lending is the rates are great and you may not be able to pull it later. then look for a good investment with it .dont lock it up for more than 3 mths.
  255. D

    Name my boat please

    SMELLS LIKE FISH. the boat that is
  256. D

    Any BDers sell tires?

    what kind of truck.I HAVE TIRES and nice rims that I took off my 2005 f150 4x4.they may be 16s ,they have probably 50% tred but theyre good . otherwise tucker tire in laguna niguel or Jimmys tire in san clemente.
  257. D

    Has anybody used a Hooka diving thingy

    my friend has one on his 60' in la great im sure his was costly, runs off a compressor,the best part is you can actually run 2 lines off it at about 35'. you pretty much need to be right over where you want to dive but its great because you can just freedive without all the gear and...
  258. D

    Calling for MUCHO PRAYERS!

    our prayers go out to you ,Lord have mercy,pray in numbers there is strength.
  259. D

    late shark report..........

    if all you say is true then kudos, My comments are strickly based on my enjoyment of shark fishing.I release ALL of the bass and jerking fish, and I am glad to hear you do.BUT why not release the sharks, you claim to have only kept like 3 or 4 but all on this trip?I am no expert its just my...
  260. D

    Shark fishing reels

    just go buy a cheap tld 50 2 speed plenty, dont be afraid.if your fishing big threshers dont worry about the reel buy a good belt huh huh.Tld=10 fish and 10 table dances.......tiagra =10 fish and 0 table dances. you do the math.
  261. D

    Circle Hooks For Sharks?

    just bring a release stick, most makos around here are under 150 #and dont swallow the bait too deep and are easily released
  262. D

    Circle Hooks For Sharks?

    just bring a release stick, most makos around here are under 150 #and dont swallow the bait too deep and are easily released
  263. D

    late shark report..........

    Taking more than one mako in a day is absolutely stupid.Everytime I go I catch at least three or four .If you fish them then you know where there at and how to catch them.Morons like you are why you can only find fish maxing at 200 anymore.A 100 pound fish will feed everyone why take more.Why...
  264. D

    *****TRAVEL ALERT******

    these are definitely not isolated I have 2 or 3 friends that almost got jacked but fled and know of three other instances, they all happen from 1-4 am and all are along that back border fence road.dont travel those hours its usually surfers or fishermen. 200 pts if you take one out.
  265. D

    Center Console, Walk Around, Cuddy, or Full?

    oh come on if you want to kill fish its a center console, easy big fish all around fight and easy to bring on boat,ride home sucks though.
  266. D

    Plants gone wild

    how did your wife like those trees hahahah
  267. D

    bugs outa dana

    jetty just like the rest of you who dont know where to go
  268. D

    bugs outa dana

    jetty just like the rest of you who dont know where to go
  269. D

    predictions: Chiefs at Oakland

  270. D

    Baja travel incident

    that motorcycle cop is a guckin crook,always say youll pay the ticket at the station with check because you have no money.
  271. D

    Chargers Vs. Raiders

  272. D

    A Nice Day for Makos

    dont mako fish leave it to the pros we dont need any weekend warriors pulling in small fish and killing them for enjoyment, stay home and beat your wives. catch some boniya if you want to bbq fish.
  273. D

    Finally the bloody mako vid.

    boring obvious rookie try to only keep them over 100 lbs that was maybe 80 . wheres the blood line? funny.