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  1. berto1256

    Ancor Marine Wire - where to buy?

    Check out amazon for ancor marine wire. Its alot cheaper that west marine
  2. berto1256

    WTB Avet EX 50/2

    I’m looking for an Avet EX 50/2. Let me know what you got!
  3. berto1256

    For Sale Calstar, Phenix, Sabre, Okuma, Sabiki, Rods

    Pm and called you. Ill take the calstar 700ml.
  4. berto1256

    For Sale Seastar 1.7 helm pump

    Yes still available
  5. berto1256

    For Sale AVET JX mc cast $180

    No thank. I already have that exact reel in blue
  6. berto1256

    For Sale Seastar 1.7 helm pump

    Same exact pump just a rear mount one
  7. berto1256

    For Sale GARMIN 8610xsv and 18 incg radar

    Is the 7607xsv still available???
  8. berto1256

    For Sale Pacific Trailer 22-23' boat

    What model traile? What’s the GVWR and what model boat was it built for?
  9. berto1256

    For Sale AVET JX mc cast $180

    Bump. Open to trades
  10. berto1256

    For Sale AVET JX mc cast $180

    Like new Black AVET JX 4.6 mc cast. Only fished a few times. Come with clamp, no box. Spooled 3/4 with 65# Sold sold sold
  11. berto1256

    SOLD Shimano Torium 50 $125

    Sold thanks brian!
  12. berto1256

    Help need a part for front window

    Cecil marines prices are a bit stiff at $104 each. I replaced all 4 arms on the front windows last year. I went through the window manufacturer directly. I wanna say they were about $35/$45 each. They ship from canada so it takes a few weeks
  13. berto1256

    SOLD Avet MXJ

  14. berto1256

    SOLD AVET SX 5.3 single speed

    Bump. Or trade for factory CALSTAR rod with cash on my end. Looking for a 700m or ML
  15. berto1256

    SOLD Shimano Torium 50 $125

    No filled with fresh 40# mono
  16. berto1256

    For Sale Seastar 1.7 helm pump

    Used SEASTAR 1.7 helm. Needs to be rebuilt. You can get the o-rings kit for less than $50. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  17. berto1256

    SOLD AVET SX 5.3 single speed

    Great condition like new AVET SX 5.3 single speed. Just serviced. Filled with 50# braid and 20# top shot SOLD SOLD PLEASE DELETE
  18. berto1256

    For Sale AVET SX 5.3 $120

    Great condition AVET SX 5.3 single speed. Just serviced. Filled with 50# braid and 20# top shot $120. Erik 949-742-4924
  19. berto1256

    SOLD Shimano Torium 50 $125

    Shimano Torium 50. Just serviced at shimano. Great condition it does have a few scratches 9/10 cosmetic, 10/10 mechanical. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  20. berto1256

    For Sale Calstar 770 XH BNIB HXW

    Willing to sell the reel seperate?
  21. berto1256

    SOLD Parker Helm Seat + Rod holders

    Seat reduced $80 Rod holders pending sale
  22. berto1256

    SOLD Parker Helm Seat + Rod holders

  23. berto1256

    WTB Factory CALSTAR 800MH

    looking for a factory calstar 800 MH.. lemme know you got
  24. berto1256

    SOLD Calstar Sold

    Where are you located in north san diego?
  25. berto1256

    For Sale Boat trailer need gone

    Do you have any pictures of it? Do you know what model trailer?
  26. berto1256

    Rod inserts

    I have some older 2005 stainless flush mount rod holders that i pulled off my parker. Pm me if youre interested.
  27. berto1256

    For Sale SEEKER 6455XXXH 80-130 AR

    Selling a like new seeker black steel 6455 5.5’ all roller rated at 80-130. Went on a few boat trips never pulled on anything. Perfect big bluefin rod! $275 Erik 949-742-4924 Or trade for Tranx 500+cash on my end or factory calstar rods
  28. berto1256

    For Sale Canon 12x36 IMage Stabilized Binoculars

  29. berto1256

    2320 transom thickness for thru-hull

    I just replaced the thru hull bait tank drain on my 2120 and it was a little over 3” thick just below the water line on the starboard side. I wouldnt use any stainless steel below the water line make sure you get bronze and install a seacock valve. Make sure to seal the inside of the transome...
  30. berto1256

    The Build Begins... New Model 2018 Parker 2320 (new transom)

    Billy Any reason you went with stainless steal transducers as opposed to bronze transducers? Just curious i have same set up b175hw in bronze
  31. berto1256

    New to me Parker

    I love those 2520s with the notched transom!
  32. berto1256

    SOLD SEEKER SS LM 9’ CT 20-40 $240

  33. berto1256

    For Sale Garmin GPSmap 498 $100 OBO

    Just updated the electronics on the boat. This garmin unit was a back up. Works good when took it off. It came with a transducer that was never plugged in not sure if it works or not. $100 OBO would make a good back up GPS. Pick up only in san clemente. Erik 949-742-4924
  34. berto1256

    For Sale Lowrance HDS 7 non touch w/ structure scan LSS-1

    SOLD PLEASE DELETER Just updated the electronics on the boat. Have a Lowrance HDS-7 non touch screen with Structure scan LSS-1 box. No transducer. Everything worked fine before taking off the boat. I also have screen cover, bracket, power cable for both, and ethernet cable for structure scan...
  35. berto1256

    Wanted Lowrance HDS Head Unit

    I have a Lowrance HDS 7 non touch screen with structure scan minus the transducer which is still on boat. Comes with power cable, bracket, cover, and ethernet cables..erik 949-742-4924
  36. berto1256

    SOLD 2011 Parker 2120 SC w 2014 Yamaha XB 200 hp w Shorlander R46 dual axle galvanized trailer

    I see this boat in the harbor all the time when i paddleboard. Looks well kept and clean!
  37. berto1256

    12-19.... close but no cigar

    I second the shakespear 5225xt. Most all radios operate on 25w on high. Its all about have a good quality antenna
  38. berto1256

    6 rod rocket launcher-parker

  39. berto1256

    2005 Parker 2120 Sport Cabin

    Pm sent. Call me. Erik 949-742-4924
  40. berto1256

    R.H.I.B.S and INFLATABLE BOATS; Post 'em up!

    14' Caribe with a 50 hp Honda i had for a few years..what a fun boat only took 5 gallons of gas or so to catalina! We would leave it tied up at the dinghy dock and camp at two harbors
  41. berto1256

    WTB 18-20ft walk around

    I have a 2003 seaswirl striper 18.5 walk around cabin with a yamaha 115 four stroke that ive been thinking about selling..
  42. berto1256

    Agressor..Newport Landing 9/9

    Wow! That sounds very similar to the overnighter that i was on the aggressor 9/6 & 9/7!
  43. berto1256

    Got one

    Thats a monster!!!