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    Yellowtail Does Not Keep Well?

    I like to leave the skin and blood line on. Then vacuum seal. Then defrost in refrigerator. Filet off of skin, cut off all dark meat/ blood line and any other yelllowed or funky stuff. Put in bowl off very cold or icey water with a little salt for 5-10 minutes. Poor nasty water off. Now you have...
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    Billfish & More Ignore Weather As Hot Baja-Bytes Fall Season Continues

    Thanks Gary! Can't wait until this May to get back to the East Cape. My wife and i are really missing 'Ol Mexico.
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    La Bocana lodging
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    "Helena" 3/4 Charter Sunday 3/18- Have Openings

    We have openings for a private Charter on the Helena out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing tomorrow. Sunday 3/18. It's a 3/4 day trip 7-4. Will be rockfishing and probably some Halibut Drifts. It's $100 and limited to 12 anglers on a boat that fishes up to 35. Captain Calvin and crew do an excellent...
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    Carlsbad Surf Yellowfin

    Great report. I fished just south of Tyson St in Oceanside today. There were no sand crabs. Probably due to the new sand pumped in. Water was very warm and I was using the camo worm as well. No Bites.
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    Los barilles 5/9 to 5/20

    Just got back too. Surfed 9 Palms and a break about 1/2 mile east of Nine Palms solo. Fish started splashing around as I was just watch the sea. My wife told me to grab my rod out of the car. I did and after a dozen or so casts, I got a 2-3 lb angry Pargo! Then later in the week we moved to...
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    SQ Updates?

    I'm bringing my boys and a buddy on the weekend 6/23 thru 6/26. Fishing with Kelly on 6/25. Shore fishing and surfing the rest of the time. Can't wait!!
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    Los barilles 5/9 to 5/20

    Will be doing a combo trip. Cabo Pulmo 5/17 - 5/20. It's a no fish zone. But the have pangas that will get you outside to fish. Then Hotel Buena Vista 5/20 - 5/23. Try trowing Crockadiles from your kayak or the beach. You will catch fish.
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    Commander 9/11

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like a great boat!
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    San Clemente Trip

    The water has warmed back up. So I imagine that it will be good for all the usual suspects again.
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    Forkies at Seal Beach warm water jetty

    I saw large bait that looked like 8" macks jumping on the inside of the surf in Carlsbad last weekend. They were being chased by something. That was the biggest sized baits boiling that I've ever seen while surfing.
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    Striper Smackdown!!

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    Inshore East Cape

    Will Do. I'm so psyched! The fishing picked up this week. Yes, I'm bringing the 25# surf rods for shore fishing. Bringing big and medium size crocodiles, other lures and plastics and other tackle. You can catch all kinds of species around the rocks. But I really want a nice Roosterfish, Pargo or...
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    Thunderbird Overnight fishing 4/20 bro

    Thanks for the report and nice yellow! Dying to get out there. I miss SCI.
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    April Ono's

    Great VIDEO! Thanks for the fishin' stoke.
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    Oldman and dan on the calicos

    Season is here. Thanks for the report. Looks like you had a blast.
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    Inshore East Cape

    You can catch big Snappers, Groupers, Roosterfish, Cabrilla, Amberjack and Yellowtail just to name a few. From what I've seen, the people fishing in shore by boat with spinning gear are using 50# braid. I just put together two 25# mono spinning outfits for my shore fishing knowing that me or my...
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    500lbs MAKO WITH A OPAH !!

    That is simply BADD ASS!:rockin:
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    Video - Punk rock n fishing. F.U.

    pretty f'n cool if you ask me. Fat tunas from a skiff!
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    Sea Trek out of Helgren's????

    Shawn needs to practice his gaffing...............:) Hahahaha
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    Sea Trek out of Helgren's????

    Sean is a 1st class Skipper. I knew him since he was a young deck hand on the Fury outta Dana Point. He's not only a super nice guy with his own personable crew, but his is a fishing fool. Not satisfied unless there is blood on the deck. There's been plenty of tourist getting there 1st Tuna or...
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    Rpt.-Wed.-10-29-14 SCI Limits of Reds and Critters!

    I need Rockfish in my freezer. Nice catch Corey!
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    Yellows are back chewing on rock fish

    Nice catch Dave! I'll be out there this Sunday on a crowded sporty with friends and family. Can't wait!
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    Shout out to the Tribute

    Heard about that stop. Taking my kid on the Tribute limited load Oct 4th. Last year we tried the Tribute and the Captain went to the wrong spot (It happens. Could has just as easily went off there). So we're going for redemption and tuna blood! Glad to hear that you slayed them.
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    9/21 Tribute Tuna Trip

    RIGHT ON!!! Taking my 16 year old on the Tribute Oct 3rd Friday night.
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    impeccable form

    Man that's funny...
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    Tamarack Kelp YT 9/7

    I surfed there twice Sunday. Felt like we were on vacation down in Mex or something. Warm water, big surf ect...Good to hear. Thanks for the report.
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    Point Loma kelp 9/1

    What a smart call. Nice catch.
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    All Day Trip Report on the Black Pearl - 8/30/14

    I went out of Point Loma on a 6-6 and we had horrible bait. I was lucky to get one fish. Chunk bait for chum. The boat, crew and captin were great though. That's fishing. I figure if you get one or two tuna on a local trip, that's pretty F#$#@! awesome.
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    CALICO HEAVEN!!!!!!!!

    Right on! Nice catch. I love eating Calicos and Sandies. I have a bunch of tuna in the freezer and had a cornmeal dusted sand dab fish fry last night. All were eatin by the family. I need more bass in the freezer/ Fridg!
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    PB'er 3 for 3 on YFT 6/23

    Right on! Goes to show that Bananas ARE GOOD LUCK.
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    Oceanside 95 Sardine Slayfest 1 1/2 Day Trip

    SICK!! Looking forward to finally going offshore from O'side!
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    Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming

    That is AWESOME!! Congratulations.
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    Fishdope update for 5-14-2014

    They be off the beach in close this summer as well as on patties. At least I keep saying that year after year. Doh!
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    Looking for a couple of more for Sat's Helena Charter

    Robert, the boat leaves at 6:00 am and returns at 3:00 pm. There is still plenty of room. It's been hard to fill this one which makes me excited because these are the times we get huge reds or something amazing. See whales ect.. Last year our May trip got 9 or 11 small Yellowtails 2 miles off...
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    Offshore\Freelance Overnight Charter - SoCal Sportfishing Club

    That sounds like fun! I have a 3/4 charter on 6/14 :( I used to really enjoy San Clemente Island Misc. type trips. Would like to see more trips like this before it gets hot offshore.
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    Looking for a couple of more for Sat's Helena Charter

    Got a 3/4 Charter for Saturday 4/12/14 on the Helena out of Dana Point. Will max it out at 13 but really only looking to get around 10 on this trip since we might do some halibut Drifts and rockcod fishing is fun with a lot of room. Boat fishes up to 33 so it will be roomy and have the friendly...
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    Maya's first time Lobster Fishing | Hoop Netting out of Dana Point

    Maya was a trooper on that trip. I had fun too. It was good to meet you Jason. I guess Capt Dave Hansen is doing hoop netting trips open party style now on the Helena with a steak dinner included. I always seen to have so much fun on that particular boat. Stoked!
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    How far down south are those yellowfin?

    Me too Fishy! :imdumb:
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    7/25/13 Helena Fishing Trip- Killed it again!

    Tim..That's going to be a blast. My last charter with them is Saturday August 17th. The weekdays are better for offshore since there is less private boater pressure. We go some nice Dorados last year offshore. I think a friend of mine is going to do a weekday offshore trip in September. Good luck!
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    Pac Star 7.24-25.13 Overnight- FUN day on the water!

    Thanks for the report. I fished the Pacific Star last fall and had a great time too. The food was the best that I've ever had on a 1 1/2 Day trip. Me and my son are going on an overnighter this Sunday night. Stoked!
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    7/25/13 Helena Fishing Trip- Killed it again!

    That's what I though when I wrote it too Bryan! lol..I'm just a charter client of their's.
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    7/25/13 Helena Fishing Trip- Killed it again!

    Had a 3/4 day charter on the Helena out of Dana Point today. Normally it's a friends and family type of trip where everyone chips in and we get to fis a local trip with no crowds. today do to a couple of cancelations, we had only 8 of us. I normally like to put 10-15 on this boat. The Helena...
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    2 Marlin 3 Dorado 9.10.12

    Nice..I'll be out there tomorow on the Helena with friends and my brother and nephew.
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    Redondo Sportfishing Follow-Up

    I would move on too. You let the owner know. That's more than I would have done since I think that he should be aware of the BS. I quit chartering 2 Day Trips on the Fury outta Dana Point because I of some BS. I live in O'side and rarely fish out of Helgrens Landing because they are expensive. I...
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    Helena Fishing Report last Thursday

    Had a private charter outta Dana Point on the Helena last Thursday. I've been using this boat for over 10 years for client charters. It has the best price and ussually good to great bass fishing. Last year Calvin who has been the Captain on that boat for year and Jordan who is the...
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    3/4 Day Charter on the Helena/ $100/ 12 anglers

    Have a 3/4 Charter on the Helena out of Dana Point Thursday Aug 16. $100 per person limited to 12 people. Boat fishes up to 33. This is a fun friends and family type of trip, not a cattle boat. Great way to take a kid of wife out. We might go looking for Dorado under paddies for the first few...
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    Dana Point Condition Reort 7.25.12

    Nice sandies. Hope fishing the beach outta Dana is better by Thursday. I have a charter then and the counts have been pretty bad. I think that it's just a matter of time before the YT's come up here.
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    Dana Point Condition Reort 7.25.12

    Dana Point sporties have have the worst reports in the state! Hopefully things heat up soon since I have 3 charters scheduled between August and Sept out of there. Ugh...
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    CAUTION Oceanside Surf Fishers

    Sorry to hear about that too. I learned when I was young to always keep an eye on our stuff surfing in HB. Trust nobody. I trick that I use is to put my towel or whatever next to a nice family or girls/ladies and ask if thay can keep their eye on it. So far so good. I live in O'side. If saw some...