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    Tuna Report. Waianae.

    Very nice fish your friend must've been stoked on that fish. Good luck with the new boat!
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    New beginning's

    Nice fish and boat I love that feeling when I got my bigger boat you must be stoked congrats
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    I've been looking at your boat every day I drive up puainako that thing is unreal! My wife is like don't get any ideas haha!
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    drift chute?

    I think 300-400 but I looked around and there price was the best for the size I use a 10 ft for daytime bottom fishing and it slows my boat way down in some decent wind and my boat weighs a good amount try look online at the commercial catalog
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    drift chute?

    Pop got them for a good price I've been using one just recently and for me it's a big improvement keeping the bow into the wind and slowing the drift.
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    18' Force for Sale

    Wow garret what a deal i wish I knew someone looking for a boat cause this is a score I'm sure it's gonna go fast
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    Castnet thrower decal

    Hara store in keeau on the big island sells them and even tokunagas they may ship they are gonna be different than the bait cast nets u find on the mainland
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    Electric reel advice needed

    Thanks for all the advice I ordered 2 electramate 1380 s today and am getting my reels respooled with Dacron and serviced I can't wait! Thanks again
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    Looking to buy my first boat...

    I vote 17 ft alii kai or the outrage or 18 foot force. I'm loving my outrage and really liked my alii kai but my full cab is the best I don't know how I lived without it haha
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    Electric reel advice needed

    Thanks for the replies I was considering a ching for a while but was then thinking something stronger for trolling would be nice also for solo trips so started looking at the electramates due to their price and strength. The hooker reels look sick but I don't think I can drop that kind of money...
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    Electric reel advice needed

    I was looking for some advice I was thinking of getting into bottom fishing and wanted to go electric. I'm considering getting the electramate 1380 for my tiagras any other recommendations? I was gona use them while trolling as well. Thanks I looked online for days but wanted opinions from local...
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    late post waianae 2/2

    Nice catch Justin as some good eats and perfect timing
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    Thanks guys we were very fortunate with the weather and fish. We had been hearing of boats picking up 7 and even 10 ahi on the troll so we knew we had a chance. Thanks again for all the kind words!
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    Heard the bite was on so headed out this morning at 530 and make the journey to where we heard people were catching big ones on the troll. At about 1030 the reel goes off and we end up with this guy and also luck out and pick up a small Ono on the way in. Nice water today
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    Nice catch and pics x2 I'm gonna check out some gaji lures as well I love fish head lures. How is the weight are they heavy?
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    Hilo 1-16 lucky day

    Ya I like it but it is time consuming and the bags are kinda pricey but to me it lasts the longest when frozen I would say about 6 months and I can still make poke with it but I try to leave it in chunks so the inside is still nice
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    Hilo 1-16 lucky day

    Thanks for all the kind words we were really blessed to get that fish in the blind. Maybe was the ti leaves haha.
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    Hilo 1-16 lucky day

    One more pic
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    Hilo 1-16 lucky day

    Left the house at 430am with my buddy Ren and headed out to find pepeekeo buoy but couldn't find it come to find out its gone haha so headed further out. At about 20 miles out we take a double strike and lose one off the bat and get one in the boat all smiles especially cause it was the first...
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    New Years Sash!

    Oh my god what a catch that's unreal
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    Best lures to troll at low speed, with little to no wake?

    having kayak fished a while i found opelu to be my favorite bait for troll, drift or even sitting still haha
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    Strictly Diving Boat Q's

    I think if you could find a good deal a 17 ft montauk or McKee would be good I bought my old montauk from a diver and they really liked it plus was easy on gas and to tow and with the center consol had plenty space
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    Kaneohe 11-21

    mean haul i love the pic and not having to clean all the fish even better
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    Almost ready to get wet

    unreal Court! good job you must be itching to get back out there
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    The new boat

    2700.00 sick I know but when no more competition they can charge what they want I guess
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    Live Bait Well

    Is your boat flush deck? The boat I picked up has a large tank and the owner just runs water into it from a wash down pump and let's it overflow out a valve that's below the top
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    Fiberglass outriggers

    I called them a couple days ago and they said they hadn't had any in a while so I went with lance at 5o7s was 600 for 15 ft and he will wrap em the color u want. Nice guy on the phone!
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    The new boat

    Thanks everyone ya I feel like I scored and I can't wait to get out there having a cab is gonna be nice for a change cause I was always standing in the rain.
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    The new boat

    Ya it was Dereks
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    The new boat

    Well the search is over I saw this pop up on Craigslist and couldn't resist so I acted fast and yesterday I get the call from YB that your boat is ready to be picked up I was all smiles. I spent the last couple days redoing my fence cause my alii kai was smaller and this one wouldn't fit on the...
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    First time Bottom Fishing

    Wow beautiful boat I'm drooling haha and very respectable catch I'm looking at doing the same thing when my boat gets here seeing your catch is making me more eager to get out there. Nice job!
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    Hi Kai - 10/24/2012

    Good job Russ on the nice mahi and I'm sure was a nice day on the water vs being at work.
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    Anyone fished one of these boats before?

    Search is over if all goes as planned my new boat should be shipping from Kauai next week thanks for all the input
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    Arima and the Ninja

    Congrats on the catch but more so on the boat I was wondering who ended up getting it. I was the other guy trying to buy em looked like a great deal an ken is a great guy. Nice fish!
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    Anyone fished one of these boats before?

    Yeah I haven't seen Anything to interesting but probably cause my price range I know the owner of that boat had a loss in his family and he wAs out of town and then I decided to wait for a local boat I gotta keep saving
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    Anyone fished one of these boats before?

    I saw that aj wAs gona be making the alii kai but that's what I just had. I would prefer at full cab and if I went with a 18 force I would definitely want the extension. I've decided to keep looking until I find a 18 or 21 force and hopefully save enough to get one keeper.
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    Anyone fished one of these boats before?

    out of my price range if not the 21' would be my boat of choice
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    Anyone fished one of these boats before?

    I'm looking for another boat because I got this illness :rofl: and saw this on craigslist and was curious if anyone has any advice on these. I know a couple of members fish on seaswirls but not sure the models. I was wondering how's the ride in rougher water (5-7ft and 15-25knt winds) and hows...
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    Waianae hotspot 2

    man that's a great catch the fish sticking out of the bag looks like a monster! I guess you can check that one off the list.
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    Close but no cigar

    no class! at least you got some grinds and common sense unlike that other scrub.
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    Early morning luck

    Nice fish Ron sounds like you guys had one of those good short days.
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    081112 Lucky-Lucky!

    oh my gosh Pat! Those fish look fat good job i gotta admire you for not only going solo but fighting fish like that with stand up gear. Epic, congrats! Those Tsutomu lures are hot that's what we got one of ours on the last time we went out, they always produce for me and are always in my spread.
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    Lucky Day! Aug. 2, 2012

    beautiful fish and even better in the shallow that's nuts i'd be thinking the same thing like what the f#*?k is this?
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    Right on! that's an epic first ahi congrats and even sweeter that it's on a small boat that fish looks like a monster in the pictures
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    Summer Fun in Waianae

    wow sounds like a mean summer so far and good going getting your nephew on the fish he must've been stoked!
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    7/27/12 Made it to Waianae today

    wow mean fish and I agree with Court gotta love the alii kai haha I really enjoy mine. Congrats on another awesome catch!
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    7-25-12 ahis and otarus

    whoo nice catch must have been one action packed morning.
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    Waianae 7-21-2012

    Very nice fish and better yet right around sunrise ha a screaming reel beats an alarm clock any day!
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    nice catch Pat I always enjoy the pics on the back deck the boat looks so clean, besides the blood!
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    Back On the Water

    whoo beautiful boat! I'm sure it was a great feeling getting back on the water after all the work. Yup bloody those decks looks like choke space haha!
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    7-18 trip report

    pepeekeo buoy
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    7-18 trip report

    Thanks everyone for the kind words i was hoping it was gonna be a lucky day for us and what's really been driving me was all of the success stories i've been reading about on here lately. Good job and congrats to everyone who've been as fortunate as i've been.
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    7/21/12 Finally got one for 2012

    mean catch Dean! Congrats on getting your 2012 fix!
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    7-18 trip report

    Headed out the harbor a little before 6am with my buddy Reyn thinking it was gonna be a rough ride cause only had 2 trailers at the ramp parking. Once we rounded the break-wall i was only able to hit maybe 7-8 knots due to the conditions so it took a little longer to get to the buoy. Once we...
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    7/12/12 Kona Ahis

    epic i gotta get out there this week after seeing this haha
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    Sunday BLOODY(deck) Sunday

    Great catch and no kidding if fishing was always that short and sweet who wouldn't quit their day job haha. Good Job!
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    18' force aj-boats

    Their shop is right down the road from my house and i've been there a couple of times checking out their boats and they are really good guys first time i went by they let me look around the shop and climb on couple of the 18 footers they're nothing to hide, hard working guys. In my humble...
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    Small Consolation

    Very nice fish and great culinary skills as well, looks ono!
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    I feel my temp rising

    sounds like an epic day, mean!
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    Fishing with a 14' boat

    I like westmarine but for my electronics i almost always go through the, great prices and extremely fast and cheap shipping. Just another option.
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    Fishing with a 14' boat

    I got the 441 as well without the depth recorder as I only use it for a gps and have furuno sounder. It has worked flawlessly and I even interfaced it with my autopilot and it was so basic. The preloaded maps are all you need then just start adding your marks.
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    Whaler Montauk Cab

    My sister guys over on Kauai had one with a half cab and i had one with a center console. Having the cab up front with an extension on the back like theirs really made the boat a lot more spacious but we would catch cracks going over waves up front cause it would pound but it was an older...
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    Alii Kai update

    Great job, looks like it's been quite a project. I've got the same boat so i'm really enjoying the pics. Mahalo
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    For the Brahdas back home

    sweet video that looks good fun
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    Waianae 5/4/12 Mahi battle round two

    haha love it that's a funny story! Good going on your catch, there's nothing like a flipping mahi on the deck to make things exciting.
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    Getting Closer

    I wanna see more of this, really nice work!!
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    4-11-12 VIDEO

    that video is sick! good job braddah you're a natural
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    double banger on da Kimi Some

    very very nice catch.. Way to killem 2 at a time!
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    that's mental! Everytime I see these posts reminds me how little I know about fishing off the boat. I think i need a lesson from u guys. Good going!
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    Beware of products ordered online:

    I found the GPS store to be great for my electronics and the shipping is super cheap and it always gets to me in a couple days. West Marine will price match amazon prices, I just bought my helm chairs from them and they did it plus they got an amazing return policy (no questions asked). I wish...
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    Hello all/West marine

    You gotta ask them to price match theyve price matched amazon for me and i saved choke
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    Pat! You're on fire man, great catches.
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    Noob... need some pointers

    Try checking out the Hawaii Fishing Forums. I'm sure you could get a ton of good advice here but you'll probably find more than enough info there that has already been posted. I would read that site quite a bit when I was doing a lot of shoreline fishing.
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    Rod holders on Whalers

    I ended up putting on bolt through shotguns on my 17ft whaler but it wasnt as nice as yours. Maybe using the cleat bolts like Dropper Loop suggested but bolting on a board across the transom and then mounting some side mount shotguns to it. If you did a narrow box across the back you could do...
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    ThanksGiving Harvest

    what did you go with on that boat as far as an enclosure? how much?
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    ThanksGiving Harvest

    wicked! happy thanksgiving
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    Popular "Small" Boats for Hawaiian Waters - Models: Their Pros and Cons

    haven't had the opportunity to ride on a currentline but i'm loving the 17ft alii kai i recently purchased. My montauk was a pretty rough ride compared to my alii kai and i wouldn't go back but the currentline has a pretty solid shape.
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    question: which diesel engine

    hey brian i had the same whaler and since they're boston whalers and they hold some value i was able to sell mine for a fair amount and pick up a nice 17ft alii kai with a bigger motor with a little less hours for less and i'm so stoked on the ride as well as the layout. I would troll some...
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    What kine ice?

    buy blocks we take block ice camping and in the aussie box it lasts 4-5 days.
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    Waianae 9/18

    try the aku recipe in the other section and let us know how it is. Good going on the fish, i'm still waiting for one that big too.
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    Large aku' around

    I love seeing people that share the aloha which allows us all to have fun out on the water. Even if you tell people exactly where the fish are it still takes effort and skill to go out and catch which to me makes it well deserved. Thanks Townie!
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    (aku recipe)

    i'm buying me a small torch and trying this one for sure. Mahalo
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    KANEOHE 8/28

    I was thinking the same thing. Nice job!
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    wow awesome job! I just had mine a little over a month ago. What a good feeling, i'm still daydreaming about it. Congrats
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    17 foot boston whaler montauk

    BOAT SOLD!!!! I bought a 17 foot alii kai today that i couldn't pass up. So it's time to sell the whaler. This boat is set up for trolling and everything i added to it was done within the last year and includes-rear roll-bar with 5 pole holders and 2 shotgun holders up near console which all...
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    Shimano tiagra 130's on craigslist

    I thought so too so i couldn't resist and bought them. They will be much nicer than the old 12/0s i'm running currently.
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    Anyone fishing an edgewater?

    I don't want to suggest you sell your boat but if you do decide to please let me know. My number is 808-854-4484 or pm me. Thanks
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    Anyone fishing an edgewater?

    Hey Brandon are you considering selling your current boat?
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    Late report

    Nice fish Brian and I like seeing catches on the same boat as mine. I like the twins on the back of the boat.
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    shake down run 7/30

    mean boat! the fish looks ono too
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    Lucky shakedown trip

    I love the family shot, truly awesome! Good job on the fish and the boat. I can't wait for my two sons to be at the age when they can fish on the boat with me.
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    Coventional salt water reels many brand new or near new

    I'd be interested in any shimano 50, 80 or 130s. PM me a price also when you get a chance.
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    First Ahi's

    You bet Scott! I got one on the 7" blue head you sent me and the other on the 9" golden child. Thanks again for the hookup, I wish i would've had a camera on the boat with me so i could've took some pics with Clarences lures in their mouth because i know you had told me he likes to see pics...
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    First Ahi's

    Thanks CP I just read this and turned to my wife and said hey this is the guy who helped me out when i was just getting started. Yes, i have been trying to find the sweet spot for the lures and had just marked them the night before after a bunch of trial and error runs. I think I will be...
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    First Ahi's

    I'm the guy with no hair haha the taller one. Ya I didn't mention that after boating the second fish the water was coming in over the transom and was all the way up pass the center console. This isn't the first time the bilge has saved me i turned it on and had to get the boat moving or we...
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    First Ahi's

    We never ended up weighing em. But i cut one up and it fed some friends, 5 neighbors and stocked my freezer. To me sharing the fish is the next best thing to catching em.
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    First Ahi's

    haha i'm still smiling after yesterday LOL Thanks for all the kind comments! Without all the knowledge i've gained from this site and the willingness of you who've shared your skills with us i wouldn't have been able to make this special memory. Mahalo again! :hali_olutta:
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    First Ahi's

    I've been reading on this site for a year and admiring all the catches you guys post up. I would be on here looking at posts i had already read the night before i go out just to get pumped up about what's hanging out there in the deep. So my day (thursday july 15) started out by me loading up...
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    bottom fishinf for uku

    i've always caught em in the shallow water (5-15 fathoms) on small frozen opelu trolling as slow as we could go (2-3knots). I would rig em with a 6/0 offset circle hook through the bottom of the jaw out the forehead.
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    Good depth finder?

    deals pop up on craigslist i typed in furuno in the search and found an add that just said fishing gear that had the furuno 620 i bought for $400 without transducer.
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    Boats/Deals to Consider at $5k or less? Yamaha FXHO PWC Trade?

    Paul this is what you should buy. I know it isn't on the same island but this is a steal! Not gonna last more than a couple days.
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    Good depth finder?

    Hey Ryan I just picked up the furuno 620 used off craigslist and put it on my console and it fits just right. This thing is by far meaner than all the other cheapo fish finders i've used in the past. I'm running it with the airmar p66 transducer and it works great.
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    Underwater lure action video

    Wow Pepe! Unreal, awesome job that looks so killer and with the music it was really fun to watch. Good Job!
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    T-Top Dealers and Outboard Engine

    i like see pics!
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    T-Top Dealers and Outboard Engine

    There's a t-top that looks solid on craigslist in kona for a 17ft whaler for $1000.
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    Jay i wanna see some pics when its done. Sounds killer!!
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    Popular "Small" Boats for Hawaiian Waters - Models: Their Pros and Cons

    there's pics of one for sale in the classifieds section that is super nice
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    Popular "Small" Boats for Hawaiian Waters - Models: Their Pros and Cons

    that currentline is sweet I wish i would've got one of those instead of my montauk even though i love my boat it's just not built to cut through chop here in hilo as i could imagine in kaneohe. Nice boat Shanus!
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    Kaneohe 3/7/2011

    No kidding!
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    beautiful fish! That's awesome to be able to fish those areas, i guess that's one of the perks of the job.
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    Kaneohe 3/7/2011

    Insane! You guys must be worked after going out by 5 and coming back in at dark. I would sleep gooooood.
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    Lowrance X50DS fish finder and Garmin Oregon 400C GPS

    Sorry fish finder sold this morning
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    Papa Heads

    thanks Scott, i will call J & E back tomorrow and ask them. I called all the shops here on the big island as well as POP and Nanko's today but no luck. The weather here sucks so i gotta do something fishing related besides read old posts here.
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    Papa Heads

    is J and E the only place that sells them?
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    Boats/Deals to Consider at $5k or less? Yamaha FXHO PWC Trade?

    my yamaha 60 has a electric fuel pump that i was told would be damaged if i ran it dry. It also states it can handle up to 10% ethanol but i run non ethanol always and was told by the dealer to do so if possible.
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    Boats/Deals to Consider at $5k or less? Yamaha FXHO PWC Trade?

    I believe that whaler belongs to lanaidiver who posted up their fishing report a few days ago from kona.
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    Boats/Deals to Consider at $5k or less? Yamaha FXHO PWC Trade?

    my montauk with the 60 high thrust will hit 28-30mph in the bay when it's flat. That's funny about coming from the livingston and a 9hp, i moved up from a 15ft alii kai with a 9.9hp so when i took the whaler out for a spin to test drive it i was all smiles and took it straight home from the ramp.
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    Lowrance X50DS fish finder and Garmin Oregon 400C GPS

    Price drop for the Oregon to $300.00. I didn't specify in the first post but it includes the G2 bluechart basemap of the entire US, Hawaii, etc.
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    Boats/Deals to Consider at $5k or less? Yamaha FXHO PWC Trade?

    i bought my 17ft whaler with an 08 yamaha 60 high thrust (400hrs) for 9,500. It seems to have plenty enough power for what the hull can handle in choppy water. I've seen some decent boats for 10k or less just not that often. I missed out on a 17ft edge water for 10k right before i got the...
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    Another Boner Day!

    beautiful pictures! i was just watching one of your youtube videos catching ahi you look like an awesome host. Nice catches!
  121. K

    WTB 15foot outriggers

    thanks justin and lee. I ended up picking up a pair of aluminum ones but since have seen some pretty smart ideas as to making some budget ones. Thanks again!
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    BI, Keauhou 3/1

    great day guys! Nice pictures and even nicer fish.
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    that's so mental! I wouldve been so excited to spot that bouy. SICK!!!!
  124. K


    what happened on day #2?
  125. K

    Lowrance X50DS fish finder and Garmin Oregon 400C GPS

    I've got a perfectly working fish finder/depth recorder (lowrance x50DS) that comes complete with everything needed to install for $50 including shipping and i also have a Garmin Oregon 400C touch screen GPS with preloaded charts and a ram mount that i'm asking $350 for. The best way to reach...
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    kaneohe 2/25

    that's nuts! I can't imagine how much action must have taken place in those 3 hrs.
  127. K

    Ono teeth vs mono: how often do they cut it?

    trolling opelu of the kayak i always used wire or forget it you wouldn't know they even hit sometimes. When i bought all my lures from a retiring fisherman/lure maker he gave me a basket of jetheads rigged with wire about 6 inches in front of the lure that he only used for ono. I have yet to...
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    big island fish report

    killer pics. We towed the boat out there last week but nada. Good going!
  129. K

    Late post 2/20 Eastside donkey!

    wow mental story! Sick catch, good going and congrats!
  130. K

    "V" Producing

    good job, my boy is 3 and i got him on the boat but i cant wait till he can help. That's my idea of the perfect way to hang with the family, good job and nice catch!
  131. K

    2-19 Some Shibi's and Mahi's w/Video

    mean video! and like brian said thanks for sharing. You guys get em down, too good.
  132. K

    big island...hilo side..

    James if you want to go sometime shoot me a message or give me a call at 854-4484. I've got a pretty small boat and my fishing partner just left the islands. I'm still a beginner at trolling and fishing the bouys so I think it would be cool to fish with someone with more experience. Anyways...
  133. K

    WTB transom mount transducer for furuno 620

    thanks i saw that and then he posted it up for sale as a whole package. I'll pm him anyways. Thanks Todd
  134. K

    WTB transom mount transducer for furuno 620

    Hello guys i'm looking to see if anyone has a transom mount transducer for a furuno 620. I'm waiting on the unit to be shipped and figured i'd try to find a used transducer to cut down on cost. I would be interested in either a 600 or 1000W one depending on price. Let me know! Thanks
  135. K

    Looking for Solid Crew

    Tony where are you? Big Island
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    still pretty lucky 2/11/11

    that is killer!!! I love that lure, last week we landed a small shibi and lost a stripey on the same one with the blue and pink skirt. Great Lure! gonna be running it in kona again this week.
  137. K

    12' Outriggers

    do they break down? I'd take them if they could be shipped to hawaii. That's an awesome deal. Let me know
  138. K

    Great day 2-5-11

    that's mean! We lost a stripey on friday just before gaffing it. Beautiful fish and i'm glad you got a second chance to seal the deal.
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    Mark White poppers

    i've caught quite a few papio and omilu in the 1-10lb range with the 1.5-3oz lures and got spooled by a decent size ulua on a white/red eye one. What I consider to be one of the best thing about these lures is that Mark warranties them and will send you a new one if you break one. I know from...
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    Kona Hawaii fishing report - Jan. wrap-up

    Thanks Capt. Jeff! I will be towing the boat out to keauhou from hilo to fish couple days next month and am even more excited after hearing your report. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Boston Whaler for a Pre '67 VW Bus or Truck

    hey Tim that's a beautiful boat! I got the same one and if you don't mind i was wondering if you could point me in the direction of where you got your cup holders from. I was also curious as to the brand of leaning post you have and the amount of gas the tank beneath it holds. Thanks
  142. K

    Trolling speeds / lure distance

    I need to improve my bite ratio! I'm new to this as well and am starting off by running 5 lines. I run them all staggered with one at 60 fathoms, 50, 40, 30, & 20 keeping my outriggers the furthest with my center at 40 and my corners at 30 and 20 fathoms, kind of an offset dice pattern. We'll...
  143. K

    Advice needed on rigging

    That's funny, I did see that boat and printed a pic out to give to the guy who made my other holders. That's exactly what i want and the guy is gonna come over and take measurements today but it's gonna cost me $650 for the pair installed. Lucky my wife is super cool!
  144. K

    Flyfishing for Bones

    Wow that is awesome! I've fished all kines here but never fly fished. Mean!
  145. K

    WTB 15foot outriggers

    looking into buying a pair of 12-15 foot outriggers with a 1 1/2" base. My number is 854-4484. Thanks
  146. K

    Advice needed on rigging

    Thanks Justin i'll pick some up. I was curious as to how much you guys would pay for a set of shotgun holders. I got a quote but wasn't sure how much they were going for and didn't wan't to find out later that they can be bought a lot cheaper. Any info would be cool. Thanks
  147. K

    Advice needed on rigging

    I ended up picking up 2-12/0s and a 16/0 and am gonna try to run 5 poles off my boat without outriggers on my next trip until i can afford it. I was thinking either the H or W spread using rubberbands to flatline the two back corner lines. Any advice?
  148. K

    Advice needed on rigging

    I'm thinking of running the outriggers off of the rail mount holders i got now and add shotguns and move my 80s up to them. I was then considering looking for 2 50 tiagras on stand up rods for the back corners. I'm in the looking phase now but am thinking this may fit my budget. Thanks for all...
  149. K

    Advice needed on rigging

    I'm gonna attempt to either pick up some senators or some smaller hopefully cheaper tiagras so i can get at least 4 lines in the water. This sounds like the logical thing to do after hearing all the advice. I got the lures and try to switch them often but i do realize running more lines would...
  150. K

    Advice needed on rigging

    thanks for all the feedback! Jason-I had been kayak fishing outside hilo pretty steadily and have caught a good amount of onos out there but then i started thinking i like catch ahi so i sold the kayak and got my first boat(15ft alii kai) and realized i needed something a little bigger. I...
  151. K

    Advice needed on rigging

    Thanks Bob I was kind of thinking that they would be and at the same time was hoping they wouldn't just because of the money but now i will definitely be adding that to my list of gear. Thanks again
  152. K

    Advice needed on rigging

    Fist off i just wanted to say mahalo for all the info all of you've posted on this site, it has definitely given me a better understanding of how to do things. I recently bought my first boat and am slowly in the process of setting it up for fishing. I picked up a 17 foot montauk and the only...
  153. K

    looking for 4 stroke kicker

    i'm on the hunt for a second hand 4 stroke longshaft kicker for my boat. I keep getting reminded that i only got one motor so i gotta take care of it. I've been looking for a while and have missed a couple deals so if you have one or know of someone who does give me a call at 808-854-4484. Thanks
  154. K

    Two Penn 130s w/stubbies

    i'm interested in these give me a call at 808-854-4484