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  1. fishnfool

    Merry Xmas from the Marlin Family...

    Merry Christmas!
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    Going to Cabo, Can I have the name of some good charter boats??

    Fin Addict is another good one out of Cabo. They are outfitted with all new Okuma gear.
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    A good buddy of mine runs a 4 pack out of Cabo...Fin Addict. The fishing has been pretty good down there. He sent me this yesterday...230# at the dock. Check it out. Go get some.
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    Would not have imagined running into you guys in Minnesota of all places. Glad you got to hang with the family for the 4th celebration. Great catching up with you and meeting Paula. Looking forward to hitting the water with you in a couple months. Safe travels.
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    Introducing two new anglers to the sport...

    A few more pics I just received today.
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    ROCKFISHING While everyone was at the Fred Hall show

    Looks like an awesome day all the way around. Me? Yeah...I was at the show. lol
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    Sardine shortage and anchovy questions

    Bigger and hardier baits the eye popping can be very effective, (especially when chumming...I usually pop an eye every fourth or fifth bait). I wouldn't try popping an eye on a chovy though unless you want to fish with dead bait. lol Also might want to go with an 8 or 9 footer with a softer...
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    Sardine shortage and anchovy questions

    Light wire, (I prefer ringed), #2 hook size and collar hook them. Owner Mosquito, Owner Mutu Light if you prefer circle hooks. Owner Fly Liner for a little beefier hook if you need it.
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    Introducing two new anglers to the sport...

    Our son and daughter-in-law from El Paso showed up Friday with the boys in tow. They are only here for a week and on the fly but we had to get at least a few hours wetting lines especially with Eli telling me at least once an hour he wanted to go fishing, (he is not quite 2 1/2). He caught his...
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    De-Fishing Soap Lady passes the baton

    Congrats on the sale and to the new owner. Great product. Best wishes.
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    Couldn't make the Poway Kid's Trout Derby so...

    we switched gears and headed to the "Secret Spot" for some bassin'. Thought I had a neat little "first cast of the day" video but ended up with 1 1/2 minutes of video and 53 more minutes of audio only before I noticed it was still running. Anybody know how to edit a video on an 4G LTE? Damien...
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    What's your favorite Super Sunday memory?

    No brainer for me...Feb '06...Grandma brought our oldest grand daughter Sara, (3 1/2 yo), to the lake because she kept insisting she wanted to go fishing with grandpa even though she had never been before. I was packing up and heading home for the pre-game show when they pulled up. I pulled the...
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    14 new additions to the family

    Congrats mom and dad. Nice looking litter.
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    Very cool Jerry. Have a fun day.
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    Official New England Patriots Beatdown of the Denver Broncos Thread

    Here we go...just hope it's a good game either way.
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    Fishing "chit chat" forum??

    It just got WAY better.
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    Happy Birthday Jason!

    Happy Birthday Bro.
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    Irvine lake opening day

    My experience is it will be packed. We always try to be there by 0430 or so and some years we are still not in the first 50 cars. It will be pretty chilly according to the weather report and that may keep some of the early birds away...some...not all. If you are going early make sure to layer up...
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    Oh Bama Care...

    Good one.
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    Might as well make it an even dozen...

    One more...can't forget his first BD Salute. Wasn't in the door 5 minutes. lol
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    Might as well make it an even dozen...

    Roman came home Tuesday afternoon. All is well...and yep Scott that's a lot of presents and even more joy than any one man deserves. I am truly blessed.
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    Might as well make it an even dozen...

    He showed up right on time...Welcome to the family Roman Tyler. 19 incher...6lbs 11oz. Everyone is doing fine.
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    Dominator didn't dominate

    We hopped on the Pride Sunday night as those guys have been dialed in to the bite for most of the season, and limits or near limits for the last six weeks nearly every trip out. We knew they were fishing the only pen left in the area on Sunday, and it was on the move. The boats that were there...
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    Meet the newest BD member,my Grandaughter.

    Congratulations Frank. She is adorable.
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    Majority of $6.4 Billion California Tax Dollars went to China.......

    12.8B is an over-inflated number. Either way better to have that money circulating in our economy than elsewhere.
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    Good one Chuck. LMFAO!
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    Hammer Head sighting

    Caught a five footer off the sierra pier on the sub base back in '86 or '87...ish.
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    238 on 8/17

    We were just above the 238 highspot a week ago Friday and temp had dropped to 65.3. Same results...bunch a rat yellows and a dodo kicker on the troll. Didn't even meter a tuna all day. Good to see the temp back up.
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    Happy Birthday Kareem Korn

    Happy Birthday Tim. Have a great day
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    i must be dumb...

  31. fishnfool

    i must be dumb...

    Trying to buy my mexican fishing license online. I registered and can log in but it just says I don't currently have a permit. There is no where to click on for making a purchase. Anyone help an old fucker out?
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    2013 challenge, catch a fish that weighs more than your dog

    Forgot all about this thread. Congrats again John. Let's go catch a tuna.
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    Damien's first Largemouth Bass 7 30 13...

    Fixed the video...I think. This was about a dozen into it and he was getting pretty tired. He caught a few more after this one and turned the rod over to Grandpa for a few before we headed home.
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    Damien's first Largemouth Bass 7 30 13...

    After being heavily chastised for not taking him with me bass fishing on Sunday I promised him a trip to my buddies pond in Fallbrook. Didn't take him long to cash in on the promise and we headed out for a couple of hours this afternoon in an attempt to get him his first LMB. It didn't take long...
  35. fishnfool

    Fish of a lifetime 600# Mako at the 267

    Oh the irony...after just having the conversation about being perfectly happy with the 50's to 150's...and grabbed the 6/0 to boot. That new ride is being very very good to you. Nice job all the way around.
  36. fishnfool

    Hit up Vail Lake bright and early Sunday morning with Mike from...

    Blue Water Tackle in Temecula. He said he wanted some wind on the lake so I rolled over to his place around 10. We were on the lake by 11. Mike asked me what I wanted to do and I told him I didn't care...just glad to be on some kind of water fishing. We decided to throw swimbaits and top waters...
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    DVL with the kids 7-12

    Looks like a great day out with the kids...and brought home dinner.
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    A New Girl In Our Family.

    Nice looking pup Tim. Thanks for bringing Rebel by John. It was good to see him. Here is our latest addition to the family. This is three year old Lola. She's a cuddler.
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    Non Albacore Year?

    I concur Jason. I would bet money there are Albacore out there, (likely year round). Also if you are watching the bait it has been going to mostly Chovies now. That speaks well for Albacore and BFT to me. I always wondered why we consider Albacore to be cold water fish only when they are caught...
  40. fishnfool

    My life long dream came true today

    Congrats John. I volunteer to help you christen the deck.
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    New posts section

    Gittin' a little gun shy Mike? lol Sorry man...couldn't resist.
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    Saltydawg ----- happy Bday

    Happy Birthday Bro.
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    Cat in the Hat

  44. fishnfool

    250 plus Black Marlin on 20# spinning gear...

    From the Land Down Under...second fish in the video about 4 minutes in. This fish is taken on a Baitrunner/Zeus 1 combo.
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    Might as well make it an even dozen...

    Number 11 decided today was the day, (6 weeks early). Kenadi Abygail Branchfield, 4lbs 5oz, 18 1/4". Mom and baby doing well. Time for a road trip.
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    Huge Brown Trout caught in New Zealand...
  47. fishnfool

    Sealskinner B-Day!.....

    Happy Birthday Mike.
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    Curve Up or Curve Down?

    Roll was probably not the correct word. Should have said twist. The truer it stays to center the less twist when the rod loads. If the rod twists when loading for a cast it can, (and does), adversely effect accuracy. Under heavy drag, (or max drag for a particular blank), it can twist itself out...
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    Curve Up or Curve Down?

    If you build it off spine the rod will try to roll to the spine when loaded. Thie effect is not as significant under low drag settings, or light line classes but can twist a rod right out of your hands/harness under heavy loads. If you are struggling to keep the rod in the correct position to...
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    Ranger 85 cited, fishing on the Osborne Bank for rockfish!!!

    A little bitter??? So in your case did they manufacture a violation on the spot or find a legitimate violation that they wrote you up for? You fought it and won because it was a bogus ticket, some sort of a plea deal or because the judge was having a good day, or...? Just curious.
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    Kodiak report: 35lb. White King
  52. fishnfool

    Reel Quandry

    Even a Stella or similar high end spinner will get line twist. It is inherent to the design. There are a few things you can do to minimize it though. First thing is to close the bail manually instead of turning the handle. This alone will decrease the twisting significantly. Secondly, (and...
  53. fishnfool

    Might as well make it an even dozen...

    Our youngest and his better half have been up to no good, and now "Number 12" is sceduled to arrive in October. Man they are coming fast now. The first five or six were kinda spread out but the last five or six are like... BAM!!! lol I feel like a very blessed man. Tired at times but blessed.
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    Glad to be back in San Diego .But WTF ?

    Tourist? Say what? Filling up the rental just prior to dropping it the airport. haha
  55. fishnfool

    Glad to be back in San Diego .But WTF ?

    We were just in Miami Monday thru Thursday and regular was $4.37. How long since you been there Frank? I felt like I was at home when it came to filling up. LOL
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    United Composites 100 Monster

    Are you kidding? That thing is so light a ten year old could throw a jig with it. LOL Can't wait to hook up to a nice YT with that bad boy. Thanks Bro. Do you deliver? Saturdays? haha
  57. fishnfool

    Pretty sad to see a blatant no call determine the outcome of the Superbowl.

    I think the momentum changed because of the game plan the Niners had for the second half. They opened up the offense and their defense stepped up their game as well. Really bad no call at the end. Niners should have at least had another shot. Fun game to watch. Go Bears!
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    or should I say grandkids?

    Number 11 is gonna be another girl. Due to arrive first week of June. Gonna name her Kenadi.
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    Happy Birthday Kevan (Fishnfool)

    Thanks fellas. It was indeed a great day. My favorite pic of the far.
  60. fishnfool

    I'm so proud of my wife and dog

    Congratulations. Rebel has certainly come a long ways. I remember when he was a just a little guy, (6 months and 50 plus pounds), if you can call that little. lol
  61. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday Jason

    Happy Birthday.
  62. fishnfool

    New Addition! 9 Months in the Making

    Congrats you two. You do know the sack doesn't have to go right? lol Happy New Year indeed.
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    **Merry Christmas**

    Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to everyone.
  64. fishnfool

    Merry Christmas to all my Bloodydeck Brothers

    Merry Christmas John, and wishing a prosperous New Year to you as well.
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    Just in case the Mayan's have it right...

    To all my friends and aquaintances here at BD Outdoors...thank you for being in my life. It has been a good ride. See you on the other side. p.s. My friends in Australia are still ok. Only ten...
  66. fishnfool

    Confirmed "Hoax"....

    Good one John.
  67. fishnfool

    Cow Blanks

    Kerry, GUSA, (Graphite USA), never went under. It was sold to Hasting's when the original owner retired. Hasting's went under due to circumstances that don't need to be discussed on here, but it wasn't because they didn't build quality blanks. United Composites-USA has never gone under. Not that...
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    Official New England Patriots beatdown of the San Francisco 49ers

    The come back has started. Nice drive.
  69. fishnfool

    2013 challenge, catch a fish that weighs more than your dog

    Haha. Let me be the first...Good luck John.
  70. fishnfool

    Pearl Harbor Day..............Never forget.

    My Grandpa was stationed on the USS Arizona. Thankfully he wasn't on the ship that morning and survived the attack. He became a submariner after that. God bless those who serve and their families.
  71. fishnfool

    Enough already

    According to the U.S. Department of Transpotation Statistical Records Office there are approximately 62 million registered vehicles in the U.S. at the current time and appox. 6.4 million unregistered functioning vechicles. Roughly 32% of those two numbers combined would account for Semi-Trucks...
  72. fishnfool

    Enough already

    The FBI estimates that there are over 200 million privately-owned firearms in the US. If you add those owned by the military, law enforcement agencies and museums, there is probably about 1 gun per person in the country. If you want to get a rough idea of how many guns there are out there...
  73. fishnfool


    Did it work for you George? j/k buddy. How you been?
  74. fishnfool


    So far I only have one that committed to take care of me no matter what. Two have said they will try but not sure they can handle it. The others all told me I'll be in a home, they will visit once in a while and pay someone else to do that. LOL
  75. fishnfool


    HOOKUP!!!!!!!!!! Got ya Nate. I know how it is. We have 6 and 10 grandkids. Been through the whole scenario a few times...including needing some me time. We've both been around here long enough to have seen the pics and read the stories. I was inspired by the "internet argument" thread and...
  76. fishnfool


    Hope you are joking but if not I feel sorry for your kids. Might as well put them up for adoption now while they are still young, and won't remember you as they get older. I sincerely hope you got cut so you won't be bringing another unwanted child into the world. p.s. I wonder how your...
  77. fishnfool

    Prison Rodbuilding

    Let's see...convicted criminals...kidnapped children...oh LABOR. it. Sorry, I'm a little slow sometimes.
  78. fishnfool

    Prison Rodbuilding

    Don't think it's quite the "same thing." Child Labor in China China’s child labor is a huge problem, and there is clear evidence that child labor is increasing in China. Although there is no official figure on the number of children working in China, it is estimated by many that of the...
  79. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday ConSeaMate

    Happy Birthday Frank. Hope you had a great day.
  80. fishnfool

    carp skin surf rod

  81. fishnfool

    Fucking Fedex

    That's what I was thinking. Always tape the ends...always.
  82. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday Wayne (Got Wasabi)

    Happy Birthday Bro.
  83. fishnfool

    Finally taking my son for the first time

    A lake is definitely the place to start and Irvine is a good bet. The most important thing imho is to make it fun. Catching or not it is bonding time. If the bite is good great...if not keep the trip short. Maybe even only a couple of hours. The attention span for kids this age is very short. If...
  84. fishnfool

    two schools of thought

    Saying make everyone fish the same line etc...equates to higher fish counts is nuts imho. The only way that could possibly work is if the skill level of all the anglers was identical. Any experienced bait fisherman will purposely get bit more than any rookie has luck, ("It's my first time deep...
  85. fishnfool

    Fishybuzz super cow!

    Pretty sure Bill said it was on the CX70Viper but he was rattling off a lot of numbers. Sounds like a great trip overall. Keith has been killing it. I'm sure we will hear the whole story soon enough. Can't wait for more pics.
  86. fishnfool

    Fishybuzz super cow!

    Been waiting for the pic. Got the call from Bill yesterday. Nice fish David. Sounds like a pretty good trip. Can't wait for more pics, and the rest of the story.
  87. fishnfool

    GUSA 85 RAPTOR????

    Not sure when this was Christopher but there is no such blank now. Had a look through some of the old designs and there is nothing for that blank. We, at United Composites-USA, have a Raptor but not in the GUSA series. It is in our Extreme Series, (CX70 and CX76 Raptor), and is the lightest in...
  88. fishnfool

    976bite vs. fishdope

    Go to the home page and click on fishdope. You will find the cost and features there.
  89. fishnfool

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    What a sad day. Condolences to his family. Fair winds and following seas shipmate.
  90. fishnfool

    united composite

    Most of those models are built using a mix of standard and medium modulus.
  91. fishnfool

    united composite

    It depends on the model Ray. We use a mix of standard, medium and high modulus. That's why we use the term multi-modulus.
  92. fishnfool

    The real refs are coming back

    I wonder how many games it will take before we see a, "Bring back the replacements", thread? 12.5K a game? But heh, there's the off season training camp and brushing up on the rules and, and how to properly blow the whistle, and... Time to change vocations. LOL Glad they are back...I think.
  93. fishnfool

    or should I say grandkids? more. Everyone is home and resting.
  94. fishnfool

    or should I say grandkids?

    Everybody is doing well and looks like they will be going home this afternoon.
  95. fishnfool

    or should I say grandkids?

    Thanks guys.
  96. fishnfool

    or should I say grandkids?

    Thanks John.
  97. fishnfool

    or should I say grandkids?

    Number ten couldn't wait. Liam Branchfield was born at 7:14 this evening, (in El Paso). He is 29 days early but weighed in at 5 pounds 9 ounces. Mom and baby are doing fine. p.s. Just found out last week number eleven is on the way. I love this game. LOL
  98. fishnfool

    Team Hanna + Fish Dope info = Dodo 9/15

    Another awesome day on the water. Way to go FKG!, (you too dad and Uncle Curtis).
  99. fishnfool

    popping yft

    Yes...just do it! They will hit it and it is awesome. I love throwing poppers out there. Skipping a jig as well like the previous poster said. Any surface jig will work when they are chewing.
  100. fishnfool

    GUSA 711H

    Try Charkbait or Acid Rod. UC711H is the model number. We also make A UC711M and UC711MH now. The 8 and 9 footers will be the US series, or "GUSA" series built by United Composites-USA. The range is the same XF, Mag, Mega, and Monster. They are also available in a one piece 10 foot.
  101. fishnfool

    Need a little advice from the pros...

    Thanks for the recommendations guys. Keep them coming. Steve...he is buying off the rack due to time constraints. You can bet I recommended the UC's first.
  102. fishnfool

    Need a little advice from the pros...

    I have a buddy asking my opinion on a Talica 50/2 for bait fishing cows. I have never fished with any of the Talica series. Heard and read a lot of good reviews on the smaller stuff but not the 50. He is planning on loading it with 130 hollow and 130 top shot and matching it up with a Calstar...
  103. fishnfool

    Is there any meaning to this or...

    I can actually see one of my relatives or friends back home in Illinois doing something like this but Huntington Beach? Really?? haha
  104. fishnfool

    Is there any meaning to this or...

    just a random act of tomfoolery? First day back after spending the last week and a half in Australia. Got to the factory right at 0430...didn't notice this in the dark. Opened the back door to let some freah air in around 9ish and WTF!!!... I know about the fish on the door step thing but...
  105. fishnfool

    US Made GT Popping Blank

    The specs for the Sidewinder series are listed on our website with the exception of weight. Currently the weight of our heaviest blank in the series, the SW710XXH is 360gms/12.86 oz. To save you some is rated PE10-12, with a max drag of 55#. This on the prototype(s). All the other...
  106. fishnfool

    How to reach FishDope ?

    I am pretty sure they are fishing the Make A Wish Tournament this weekend. They will probably have a rep down there you can talk to. If not I am sure someone will get back to you on Monday.
  107. fishnfool

    Topshot length for tossing iron?

    I have had this discussion many times. For me the bottom line comes down to the distance an individual can cast. If you can cast a jig 80 yards and don't want the knot going back and forth through the guides every cast possibly causing a back lash or ripping your thumb open you need a hundred...
  108. fishnfool

    GUSA blank ID

    Could have been an URS83L? What is the length on it? 8' 3" obviously if it's an 83 and 8' 6" if it's an 85 or 86.
  109. fishnfool

    GUSA blank ID

    Never heard of that one Jim. There is the XF that is 10-25 and then the Mag that is 15-30. Would be kinda hard to fit one in between those two. The URS had some some glass scrim in them unlike the GUSA's that are 100% multi modulus graphite. I can't remember them ever being on the market. Could...
  110. fishnfool

    Fire the crew of the dolphin 3 start fresh

    Half a dozen stories all from the same bad trip. Do a search...plenty of good reports from this boat and captain as well. Captain owned up and is looking for a better crew. There was some solid constructive criticism given and it appears corrective actions are being taken. Sucks to have been on...
  111. fishnfool

    Anchovy rigging opinions

    I like to collar hook chovies. They are delicate to say the least. I find this causes less injury and they can swim more naturally this way. I also use no heavier than 20# test and a ringed hook...maybe add a split shot to help get them down if the fish are a little deeper.
  112. fishnfool

    Lake Elsinore

    Thunder, lightning, and rain headed your way Kurt...enjoy!
  113. fishnfool

    Looking for another cow stick

    I normally stay out of these threads but feel I should reply to the warranty issue and implication that we have no confidence in our product(s). First off let me say I would not have invested my entire life savings to manufacture a product I did not believe in. Those that have known me for a...
  114. fishnfool

    Need help with a tribute rod for a friend who was KIA in Afghanistan

    Thank you for your service and your sacrifice JJ. I know you aren't asking for hand outs but I would like to provide you with the blanks if that's ok.
  115. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday Unreel

    Happy Birthday.
  116. fishnfool

    tony reyes question

    Seriously...try finding a proper forum, and just come out straight. You may be surprised by the result. Maybe in here somewhere for example: I'm not really saying it's a dumb ass question, but the way you went about it is a bit suspect to...
  117. fishnfool

    Jack Erskine Passes

    I just met Jack at ICAST last week in Orlando. He seemed to be a very pleasant man, and still emersed in fishing, and the industry. From what I can gather he was a pioneer of the big game fishery in Australia. Particularly the big black marlin Australia is known for. My sincere condolences to...
  118. fishnfool

    What was the best day fishing in your life? Post photos if you have some. NO LYING!

    This one bro? Short story...everyone was chases peanuts south...we went west about 90 miles, or so. I went down to get some zzzz's after driving the last few hours. Drifted close to a paddy while topping off, and get bit. Fish on the deck you throw the cuddy door open asking me if I'm...
  119. fishnfool


    Happy Birthday Harry. I hear 60 is the new 40. Enjoy your day.
  120. fishnfool

    Where's the report Bill?

    Dammit!!! You beat me to it while I was typing my other response. Getting slow in my old age. haha
  121. fishnfool

    Where's the report Bill?

    I know but I'm not gonna tell ya. Ok...maybe a little tease...60 knot winds on the lee side of Cedros for a day or two, (and they ducked the really nasty stuff on the outside). They did catch some YT and BFT but you probably got that info off the website already. That should get your blood boiling.
  122. fishnfool

    I think I caught somebody's pet

    Nice Oscar. Rebel has certainly filled out. i took Damien over there last week...caught about a 100 of those 3 to 5 inch bluegill in an hour and a half. Like you said, a fish per cast. The bobber didn't even settle most times and it was fish on. Meal worms and a number 10 mosquito slayed 'em.
  123. fishnfool

    Team Hanna catches Blue Fin Tuna 6/9!!!!! (Full Report & Pix added)

    Way to git er dun fellez. Nice little tune up run to get the season jump started. Guess nobody told you guys you have to wait till July to catch tuna around these parts.
  124. fishnfool

    It's time........................

    You mean there wasn't always a roof? How did you keep dry? LOL Go get 'em.
  125. fishnfool

    Well......sometimes pigs do fly.

    Congratulations Scott.
  126. fishnfool

    Tuna Spotter

    Nice looking ride Jerry. Can't wait to see some pics.
  127. fishnfool

    Coastal Super Tanker !!!!!!

    What a nice pair of WSB. Congrats on the PB...hope you didn't eat it all at the bbq.
  128. fishnfool

    Graphite USA Monster Mag 8'

    That's a great question. Just to clarify a little if I may. The new "GUSA Series" blanks are manufactured by United Composites-USA. This particular blank is now A US80 Monster. The GUSA series are the exact same blanks you all knew as Graphite USA or "GUSA". All the specs are identical. We have...
  129. fishnfool

    Seeker and Calstar warranty

    As with most limited lifetime warranty policies it is limited lifetime warranty for the "Original Purchaser" of the item. You are supposed to send in the receipt with the broken item when making a claim in most cases. A lot of manufacturers will let you get away without the receipt especially if...
  130. fishnfool

    Graphite USA Monster Mag 8'

    30 to 60...1 to 8 oz lure weight.
  131. fishnfool

    King Salmon caught @ San Clemente??

    I have seen quite a few Kings come in to the ramp at Castro's Fish Camp over the years. Personally caught about a 10 pounder in 91 or 92 in the middle of a bonita bite on a green sardine Salas 7X. It happens.
  132. fishnfool

    Aftco unibutt

    A 4 1/2 ft (54") blank will get you a 6 foot completed rod assuming you won't need to trim anything off the butt to get the proper fit.
  133. fishnfool

    Thanks for joining us! PCS Festival 2012

    Great job putting thie show together and keeping it running smoothly from setup to tear down. Glad we were there...looking forward to next year.
  134. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday Dawg!!!

    Happy Birthday Bro.
  135. fishnfool

    First of 3 PEI rods

    Awesome looking rod. I love black and gold. Can't wait to see pics of it bent over by one of those giant 1000# BFT at PEI. Whoever wins that trip is going to be fishing with quality gear that's for sure.
  136. fishnfool

    United Composites-USA at Fred Hall

    You are in luck David. If you loved the old GUSA's we have them all. Well, not all. We discontinued several models because they were bad designs and blew up. I'm sure you remember the Beast, Dragon, and SW65XH to name a few...all bad designs and are no longer built. When I say the same I mean...
  137. fishnfool

    United Composites-USA at Fred Hall

    We will not be at the Del Mar Show. The US100 Monster is a one piece blank and the MSRP is $199.60.
  138. fishnfool

    United Composites-USA at Fred Hall

    Good seeing/meeting you all as well. We had a blast. Looking forward to doing it again next year.
  139. fishnfool

    United Composites-USA at Fred Hall

    Been so busy I almost forgot to post this up. We have a booth at the Long Beach show. Space 1416 between Charkbait and Avet. We will have our rail rod blanks, our new GUSA DHX 90 and 100 series, (XF, Mag, Mega Mag, and Monster Mags), as well as vertical jigging, and popping blanks. We will also...
  140. fishnfool

    United Composites Invictus Make a Wish rod

    Somebody is going to win a very nice rail rod.
  141. fishnfool

    Number 10 on the way...

    They just keep coming...This little guy just found out he is going to be a big brother. Due date is 23 October...his B-day was last Nov 4th, (due date was 27 October). These two are determined to get that Halloween baby. haha
  142. fishnfool

    giant bluefin tuna rod

    You might consider a United Composites-USA CX40XOS with an Aftco #2unibutt for standup or #4 for fishing from the gunnel. You can't go wrong with the WT's or Aftco's wind-ons. Good luck no matter which you go with and no matter what take lots of pics for us to drool over.
  143. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday SeaDawg....

    Has it been another year already??? Happy Birthday Harry. Take lots of pics.
  144. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday Captain Curt...

    Have a good one Bro.
  145. fishnfool

    Wed. rod class

    Thanks for having me over and letting me take up so much of your time. I had a good time and hope you all did as well. It was good to see some old friends. The new setup you have is pretty sweet Don.
  146. fishnfool

    What is the best day to fish Lake Irvine?

    Yesterday was pretty good.
  147. fishnfool

    Here we go again...

    A few more and I'll stop...for a while.
  148. fishnfool

    I am so proud of my Wife and Dog

    Very nice. Congrats. Your little baby is all grown up. LOL
  149. fishnfool

    Here we go again...

    Great pic. LOL Congrats Nate.
  150. fishnfool

    Here we go again...

    A few more pics. Coming home tomorrow.
  151. fishnfool

    The Official Green Bay Packers VS San Diego Chargers Thread

    Since Eli is coming home from the hospital sometime tomorrow yet to be determined it looks like my youngest and I will be using the new parents season tickets. Hope they can get out of their funk and win this one. GO CHARGERS!!!
  152. fishnfool

    Here we go again...

    He was supposed to be here on the 29th. Thought we might get a Halloween baby but he decided not to pop out until about an hour ago. 7lbs 4ozs. Mom and baby doing fine after 12 hours of labor. Life is good. More to follow.
  153. fishnfool

    Art and Art Jr. do Cabo with Pino's Pangas

    Looks like an awesome trip. Anytime you can spend some quality time on the water with your son...well it just doesn't get any better than that.
  154. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday Tony (SanDiegoFisherman)

    Happy Birthday Tony. Hope it's a good one.:beerbang:
  155. fishnfool

    Doh! Out for next year

    Congratulations and good luck. It will be well worth the sacrifice.
  156. fishnfool

    Karma came my way!

    Very cool Jerry. Go get 'em.
  157. fishnfool

    Jigs for Rice Bowl 8 day Charter

    Very nice Jerry. Really dig the dodo jigs.
  158. fishnfool


    Looks like a lot of fun Art. I need to get over there one of these days.
  159. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday "Mots"

    Happy Birthday Greg. It's all down hill from here.
  160. fishnfool

    Ordering from the Avet website

    They are manufacturers not retailers. Imho it's not good business to sell direct to the public and take sales away from your dealers. They have a list of tackle stores who carry their products. Find one close and stop in or order from one of them online. Support your local shop or they may not...
  161. fishnfool

    Happy Bday Jack Hammer

    Happy Birthday Lowell.
  162. fishnfool


    Welcome to the team Nick. It was a pleasure meeting you. Looking forward to helping you get started on your career in the fishing industry. Hope you have lots of fishing pics to look at cause your on the water time just went way down. LOL See you Monday...0700. Coffee and donuts are on the new...
  163. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday Marcus

    Happy Birthday Marcus.
  164. fishnfool


    United Tackle Distributors/United Composites-USA Location: Huntington Beach, Ca. Permanent Part-Time/Full Time Position. 32 to 40 hours per week. Mon-Fri 6am to 3pm Some weekends depending on work load. Starts at $9.00 per hour. 90 day probation period. Upon succesful completion of...
  165. fishnfool

    United Composite Blanks? Talk To Me!

    Capt. G...thanks for the kind words but I have to step in here to keep things clear. We just re-opened the factory the 25th of July this year after being shut down for a year. There have only been a a few hundred blanks made and delivered since the re-opening. Very few people have even seen one...
  166. fishnfool

    United Composite Blanks? Talk To Me!

    No colored blanks. We do offer two finishes. Buff and clear coat.
  167. fishnfool

    25 years of marital bliss

    Happy Anniversary. Very rare to see that kind of committment these days. Who woulda thought that a "kook" like you could find someone to put up with you for so long. LOL You know I'm joking bro. I still have that martial arts trophy you guys won back in the day. Remember that one? Here's to the...
  168. fishnfool

    United Composite Blanks? Talk To Me!

    Heh Jim. Hopefully I can answer your questions for you. United Composites bought everything in the Hasting's Factory and moved production back to California a couple of years ago. They opened up in Calimesa but there were several issues there. The climate was a major hot and
  169. fishnfool

    Kickoffs from the 40 yard line

    So did the Saints...or didn't you see that play? LOL
  170. fishnfool

    11 new members of the family were born this weekend

    Congrats. Have fun papa. LOL How is Rebel handing the new editions?
  171. fishnfool

    What a great summer

    Livin the life Harry. Can't wait for the Florida stories. :beerbang:
  172. fishnfool

    22 1/2' Crestliner cuddy restoration Sticky Business III

    Perfect boat for what you wanna do. Looking forward to the after pics.
  173. fishnfool

    Jim Daniells Memorial Service

    See you there.
  174. fishnfool

    Be aware (or rather beware) of Calstar (I'm "That Guy")

    It doesn't matter who you called first. It's obvious you didn't call Calstar at all. You are the one that called out a reputable, and highly respected business on a public forum not Mudhole. You should start a new thread and apologize for jumping the gun, or just continue to let everyone think...
  175. fishnfool

    Am I missing something

    You my good sir get a cookie. LOL
  176. fishnfool

    From Cali to Alaska! Our first day on the water

    Looks like a great road trip. Awesome pics, and I know exactly what you mean about having no words to describe it. It is beautiful up there. Those shrimp pics are making me hungry. What are you going to be doing up there? She must be a good looks like you have put on a few pounds since...
  177. fishnfool


    I haven't been able to bring myself to type anything until now, and still don't really know what to say. I just have this huge void in my spirit, and can’t believe I will never be able to fish with, or even just call and talk with my friend Jim. I’ve never seen a guy hook as many...
  178. fishnfool

    Excellent Fishing @ Coronado Islands

    Killin' it...again! What a week. Sounds like a lot of life out there. I need to get on the water bad after reading this thread. Way to go.
  179. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday Maggie!

    Happy Birthday Maggie. Hope it was a good one.
  180. fishnfool

    The "TANK" is back in action!!!

    Go get 'em Dennis. It's gotta feel good. Can't wait for the report.
  181. fishnfool

    United Composite Blanks

    We started rolling some out the end of last week. Due to being down for a year while moving the factory we have a couple thousand back orders to take care of, and then you should see them filtering into your local shops. We do not sell direct to the public, (or out the back door of the...
  182. fishnfool

    Crab Pot Thievery

    How big of a tidal swing was there in that 6 hours?
  183. fishnfool

    My dog Rebel at nine months

    One of the things I miss about the shop is you and Rebel dropping by. Looks like he will have no problem hitting 180+ before he's done. Congrats on the points. He is on his way.
  184. fishnfool

    GUSA B83M

    Heh John. You can order one through Charkbait. We just came back on line this week, and have some back orders to fill but should be able to get one out to you in 2 to 3 weeks. The blank you are looking for is now called a UC 83H.
  185. fishnfool

    Daughters First Yellow Tail

    That's awesome John. She is so big. I remember when you first brought her by the shop when she was a tiny little thing, and how proud you were of your baby girl. Now look at her...showing pops how to git 'er done, and still making you proud. You're doing it right bro.
  186. fishnfool

    NASCAR preacher got a little carried away....

    Oh the hypocrisy! :rofl: Fucking hilarious.
  187. fishnfool

    Bay fun with the Grandson

    Don't get any better than that. Good job Gramps.
  188. fishnfool

    So cal surf fly fishing??

    Give Johnny a call at San Diego Fly Shop in Solana Beach, 858-350-3111.
  189. fishnfool

    It Happened

    Very cool.
  190. fishnfool

    nighttime topwater bass?

    I have a four bladed buzzbait. Tiny little blades that sounds like baitfish breaking the surface when you vary the retrieve. DEADLY at night! Oh yeah black or dark purple skirts at night.
  191. fishnfool

    Pushing the OB farther in crosswraps

    WOW! Taking it to another level...AGAIN!
  192. fishnfool

    Funny how life works sometimes...

    Thanks again for the support everyone. Just got home from the factory about an hour ago. Very productive day. Headed to ICAST tomorrow. It's invigorating. LOL
  193. fishnfool

    Funny how life works sometimes...

    Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. Ken...get in line. We are gonna have to start selling tickets. LOL
  194. fishnfool

    Funny how life works sometimes...

    Starting Monday I have a new job managing United Tackle Distributors and United Rods-USA. It's a long story. Those who know it will understand how excited I am. Those who don't, well... there just isn't enough time in the day. LOL Thank you, Peter and Christine, for the opportunity to fulfill...
  195. fishnfool

    My 5 year old son's first Fish

    Way to go dad. What a nice first fish. Little guy looks stoked.
  196. fishnfool

    Local trout stream with the kiddo.....

    Sounds like a fun time with your boy. We used to go hoggin for all the time when I was a kid. Didn't have trout though. Catfish, carp, turtles, etc... LOL Good times.
  197. fishnfool

    Blue Fin & Calico's at SCI on 6/11.

    Been waiting to see that spinnerbait "bluefin". LOL Kinda reminds me of the "yellowtail" at the Yellowtail Shootout a few years back. Sounds like you guys had an awesome day. BFT...the real deal next weekend?
  198. fishnfool

    HH Bassin and a Happy ending

    Probably gonna cool down just a bit after she reads or hears about this thread. Might tell you to keep the hat. At least you will have that, and a memory. Just had to brag didn't ya. :rolleyes: LOL
  199. fishnfool

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy SpYdEr (JiM)

    Happy Birthday Jim. Hope you slay 'em today.
  200. fishnfool

    Happy B-Day Happyhunter........

    Happy Birthday Bruce. Hope it was a good one.
  201. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday DBAR

    Happy Birthday Jim.
  202. fishnfool


    :hali_ruahahaha::rofl: First I get a whole hour running around playing hide and seek, and Kungfu Panda with Damien, and top it off with a gut busting laugh. I really needed that...been a rough week. Thanks. Bump!
  203. fishnfool

    Not safe to eat

    The danger level depends on your age, health and whether you are pregnant. There were so many variables, the agencies decided to keep it simple: a sign in multiple languages with pictures. Do not eat white croaker, barred sand bass, black croaker, topsmelt and barracuda.
  204. fishnfool

    You might be...

    a redneck if...
  205. fishnfool

    My new personal best WSB

    Congrats on the new PB. I could tell you were pretty stoked when you called. Great that thing worked your ass. Oh, and :finger: LOL See you tomorrow. p.s. Bullshit without pics, and I know ya gots some. LOL
  206. fishnfool

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMMY! M/V Santa Rosa is 50 today!

    Don't know how I missed this one. Hope you had a great day Tommy.
  207. fishnfool

    Tsharking on Hanna Sat 5/14

    :rofl::rofl::rofl: You are fucking hilarious Bro. One of the things I like most about you is you can laugh at yourself. Not enough people can do that nowadays. There's always next time. p.s. Funny how it works. I'll never forget the time we were taking water over the fly bridge, and the seal...
  208. fishnfool

    Shrimping Tragedy this Morning

    To bad a couple of people have to try to prove who is smarter or knows more on a thread that should be focused on a family that just suffered a huge loss, and how to prevent it from happening again. Go start a thread of your own. You can pound your chest all you want. Un*(^&*$&ing believable...
  209. fishnfool

    Nope, don't like it, not one bit.

    I like it. I like it a lot. Very easy on the eyes. Less fatigue.
  210. fishnfool

    This picture was taken about 20 miles from where I grew up....

    Damn're making me homesick. LOL They still have a few of those red brick roads around my hometown.
  211. fishnfool

    Hunt for Mr T

    Nice. Thanks for poking around out there.
  212. fishnfool

    rod building class tonight

    Birthday a few days ago...contagious something or other... Guess that's what you get with one to many ports, the internet, and craigslist. Get well. Call if you need anything.
  213. fishnfool

    California Fishing License Unbelievable

    It's not new. There has always been a requirement to show ID. It's called proof of residency and everyone in the state over the age of 16 is required to have one. Picture ID. A lot of places never followed the law in that regard. You weren't supposed to be able to buy blank licenses either but...
  214. fishnfool

    Opening Day with the Grandson!

    That's awesome. Good job.
  215. fishnfool

    It's ORCA's Birthday! Happy Birthday Don!

    Happy Birthday Don.
  216. fishnfool

    Here we go again...

    It's a...BOY!!!!!!!!! Not that it matters but we are 7 to 1 in favor of the girls, and needed to start balancing things out a little. LOL
  217. fishnfool

    Can a mod please contact me

    You are getting static because you are in violation of our policies. No one is allowed to post things for sale on our site unless they contribute to our forums. Posting fish reports, posting a tutorial, participating in our events are just a few examples of things that would be considered...
  218. fishnfool

    The Tails went off today!

    WHORE!!! Not that there's anything wrong with that. LOL I'm just jealous. Hope you find a ride.
  219. fishnfool

    Would you Eat this?

    Those things are incredible...and scary. I was hiking around an old coconut plantation on Diego Garcia, (a tiny little island in the Indian Ocean), and as I'm exploring I stumbled a little and stood up to find myself face to face with one of these fuggers on the side of a tree. Quite a rush...
  220. fishnfool

    Post on this thread if you read it

    Let's keep it at the top.
  221. fishnfool

    What you using your Curado for???

    I knew what was up. haha I remember PCS moves bro. Did a cross country, up to Canada, criss-cross the states visiting family, 6 National Parks, amusement parks, etc... just prior to my last PCS to sea duty. 38 days on the road...detained in Canada crossing from Niagra. Had an undeclared 9MM...
  222. fishnfool

    What you using your Curado for???

    Heh Matt... :finger: Hope you're having fun. Some of us have a little thing called WORK that keeps getting in the way of...well...just about everything! LOL
  223. fishnfool

    Not many Bass but a good variety

    Looks like an awesome day. Great pics.
  224. fishnfool

    Big bomb hope everybody was OK

    Ummm...don't think so. Damn is!
  225. fishnfool

    iqf anchovies

    I don't know about bulk but most tackle stores carry 1# bags. Maybe you can get a break from one of them if you buy a case, (40#). One thing is for sure aint gonna find them in the "Offshore Reports" Forum. Try "Fishing Chit Chat".
  226. fishnfool

    Fishing with the Military Kids Day! (Donations gladly accepted)

    I'll do the cooking, and help out on deck in between breakfast burritos.
  227. fishnfool

    New meaning of "Hot Tuna Bite"

    Oh they will be fishing...just off our coast instead of theirs. :shithappens:
  228. fishnfool

    Here we go again...

  229. fishnfool

    Here we go again...

    Thanks guys. No, we do not have nine kids...we have six...nine grandkids. Will definitely be able to fill our own charter soon enough. There is plenty to do in Hemet... :hali_olutta::2gunsfiring_v1::_diarrhea_: etc... Pretty funny Chuck. LOL
  230. fishnfool

    Here we go again...

    Number nine in the oven. Will update October 30th, or there abouts. First one for these two. They been trying for a while. Very happy for them.
  231. fishnfool

    Thank you Don...

    No problem. I'll send you a few high resolution shots. You know it Ken.
  232. fishnfool

    Thank you Don...

    I put this post up first. Wouldn't let me put the same pics in two different threads.
  233. fishnfool

    Thank you Don...

    I had a couple of blanks laying around and asked Don if he could wrap them up for Damien and me. Nothing fancy I said. Here is what he did. As usual I must say the pics don't do them justice. That blue dragon scale really pops in the sun. Damien shows everybody that stops by. He really likes it...
  234. fishnfool

    Back at the pond last Wednesday...

    Big thanks to Don for the pair of ultra lights. Picked them up Wednesday morning and broke them in that afternoon. Sorry no bendo picks this time. To busy baiting up, netting, re-tying, etc... Two hours non-stop. Salmon eggs and white mini jigs under a bobber.
  235. fishnfool


    "There is no dark side of the moon's all dark". "Like" much FB. LOL Looks bitchin'! All three of them. Cool idea.
  236. fishnfool


    Latest update on our theft...the vehicle was stolen and was recovered a couple of days later. There was footage where they dumped the vw showing one of the guys getting into another vehicle approximately a block away but nothing came from that so far, and probably won't.
  237. fishnfool

    Worldwide Fish Mounts "Newest" product

    Heh Rocky, I need another rainbow trout please. Full mount, not the half. 18"...2 1/4 pounds...facing right. Thank you.
  238. fishnfool

    I was thinkin of goin fishin this mornin. . . .

    I can't believe you let a little snow keep you off the water. And you call yourself a bloodydecker. LOL Good to hear you are doing ok. Musta been cold without power.
  239. fishnfool

    My Daughter has...............

    Great job Zoe. Way to go Jim.
  240. fishnfool

    why don't LR boats use sprays?

    We did it all the time when I worked on the Dolphin II. Not sure which year but I'm thinking '99, we didn't have any bait. The water was to warm in the bay to hold it. Some of you may remember that season. Anyways...for a month or so we had to resort to using dead, (frozen), chovies for bait. We...
  241. fishnfool

    LX 8 to 1

    Pretty sure they discontinued the 8:1 a few years ago. Not enough torque once you got bit.
  242. fishnfool

    Summers first trout (10 times over)

    What a cutie. That's the way to do it. Creating awesome memories one trip at a time...good job grandpa.
  243. fishnfool

    Driveway fishing last weekend.......

    Good reminder. Thanks for posting it up. And JD, I don't think it will take that long. Better be on your toes Bro. LOL
  244. fishnfool

    stripers @ dvl

    Nice job on the stripers. Some of the newer technology 2 strokes are allowed...the injected ones. I believe 2003 or newer. Other than that has to be 4 stroke. You can contact the lake to see exactly which 2 strokes are ok.
  245. fishnfool

    Wanna See a Beautiful Upper River Steely?

    Wow! Beautiful fish. Awesome pic. I really want to catch one of those, and that shot just stoked the fire a little bit.
  246. fishnfool

    March 3, Miramar

    Very nice.
  247. fishnfool

    Jane Russel and a Turkshead.

    All I can hear is the sound bight of Ruth 66 saying those last two words. :rofl: Thanks.
  248. fishnfool

    Trinidad A Spool Brake?

    Cast control knob and thumb.
  249. fishnfool

    Irvine Lake Limits on NoZilla 2/27

    Very nice. Killed it...AGAIN! Any crappie get caught out there today?
  250. fishnfool


    The authorities and reel manufacturers have the list of serial numbers but I don't think it will be published here. Shimano, Avet, Accurate, Penn, Abu Garcia, Daiwa...all will be advertised new without box, (no hardware like clamps, grease, oil, tools, etc...).
  251. fishnfool


    Hey everyone...the Blue Water Tackle shop in Solana Beach was broken into late Monday/early Tuesday am. This was not your typical smash and grab. The thieves broke into the vacant space next door and went through the wall. They took most of the reels and the safe, (which took some time). We do...
  252. fishnfool


    Pretty good fishin' for February. Surprised to hear you are getting those that shallow. Good job finding them up tight like that. They might move right back out with this cold snap, and rain this weekend.
  253. fishnfool


    Happy Birthday Brant.
  254. fishnfool

    Accurate ATD, Shimano Trinidad A, Stella, + few more!!

    The on done is sell shit on this site and now you are chastizing, and talking shit to people for not complying with your requests. See ya Sandave. You are clearly a SPAMMER, and are either a tackle store owner/employee or a thief. Nobody has this much NIB shit, and continually sells at a loss.
  255. fishnfool

    5 days Old and she is Gettin the Salute Dowm!!!

    Good stuff right there Mikee. LOL
  256. fishnfool

    Are we being used ? Are we victims ?

    I agree that Keith has shared a wealth of information with data to back up a lot of what he says, but unless you know all the details concerning him and the owners of this site you are really just spewing a bunch of bullshit. In regard to your Allcoast reference...go (enter expletive here)...
  257. fishnfool

    Daddy has a new Angel. . . . . .

    Congrats Mom and dad. She is an absolute doll.
  258. fishnfool

    Not Rod Building But!

    That's the way to do it...he's hooked for life. Would be nice to see a shot of the new combo. If you have one with the fish in it you should go to the Avet Reels Forum, and enter it in the February contest. Nice job buddy. That's a beautiful fish. Good on everyone involved.
  259. fishnfool

    How to identify a Meth Lab.

    LOL LOL LOL LOL It never gets old.
  260. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday Captain Curt...

    Hope you have a great day Bro.
  261. fishnfool

    COLLECTOR Truline Octagon

    Those 505's are a dime a dozen Bill. You should know better. LOL
  262. fishnfool

    accurate 2 speed reel

    You need to read the rules for posting in the classifieds. This is not ebay or craigslist. The classified forums are for our contributing members. Have a nice day.
  263. fishnfool

    Shimano reels for sale

    Mike, You need to read the rules for posting in the classifieds. This is not craigslist, or ebay. Thanks.
  264. fishnfool

    Super Hunt to Argentina on Ebay!

    Why is that? Why don't you buy it? Are you the seller?
  265. fishnfool

    What is a Dropper Loop and how is it set up?

    I have never used a dropper loop rig for tuna, and don't personally know anyone that has. I use it as strictly as a bottom fishing rig for rockcod, lingcod, grouper, sand bass, white sea bass, and yellowtail. In regard to the type of guide, (standard or roller), I don't think it matters as the...
  266. fishnfool

    COLLECTOR Truline Octagon

    Wondered where you were. Gittin' a little slow, eh? LOL Aren't those two piecers pretty rare?
  267. fishnfool

    In The Gray by Capt. Mark Wisch

    It's on the way Mike. Enjoy.
  268. fishnfool

    Little Help for Acapulco

    The time I was there the bay was lined with charter boats. Kind of a crap shoot. It was later in the year, (July), but there were plenty of sails around then. I know several guys that all went out on different boats and none had a bad experience. Just be very clear when speaking to a captain as...
  269. fishnfool

    UT-OH! Fishnfool's (Kevan) turning the BIG 5-0 today!

    It was a great day. Breakfast in bed, a little fishing with one of the boyz, and a good friend and his little girl. Got to watch her catch her first fish which is always awesome. Get home to a house full. Had family in from Illinois, Indiana, and Georgia, plus half the kids and a few grandkids...
  270. fishnfool

    Paying dues at the Vine

    Looks like a great day. Got a little wet today too in Fallbrook...way earlier than forecasted.
  271. fishnfool

    Poway Lake 01/28/11

    That's the way to break in a new rod. Good job. Very nice looking fish.
  272. fishnfool

    best local chart maker?

    Baja Directions has the best charts.
  273. fishnfool

    Peckers vs #3 NFC Championship!

    Kid stepped in and made it a game. Deal Cutler and move Hanie up to start. I would be ok with that. No matter what though we need to do something with our offensive line. Sometimes they show up and sometimes they don't. Way to inconsistent. Congrats Packers.
  274. fishnfool

    Shimano/Phenix Trout Gear

    Read the rules bro. One bump per day starting with the day after you post your stuff. Also no selling if you haven't contributed to the board via fish reports etc. you have been a member for 3 1/2 years and only contribution is selling something. I'm leaving it up because it's a pretty good deal...
  275. fishnfool

    Tinkerbell Pole battles at the Vine!

    Looks like an awesome day. Way to go pops.
  276. fishnfool


    Nice grade of bottom critters, and great weather to boot. Looks like you put together another awesome trip. Way to go Skipper.
  277. fishnfool

    USChawks vs Beers ......

    ...and the ass whooping begins. C-YA!!!
  278. fishnfool

    Fishing Buddy in Training

    Very cool. Sounds like a great day.
  279. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday Jason

    Bah, Humbug. LOL Happy Birthday bro.
  280. fishnfool

    01 12 2011...Damien's first trout fishing trip

    Now that you ask...not like I had figured it out already or anything...two years, six months, and five days. LOL
  281. fishnfool

    01 12 2011...Damien's first trout fishing trip

    Actually...I loosened the drag up for him a couple of times, and after he saw me do that he started trying to play with the drag several times while he was fighting a fish...just like his Uncle Curtis. LOL
  282. fishnfool

    01 12 2011...Damien's first trout fishing trip

    Thanks Frank, (you too Jeannie). There was lots of laughing, and clapping, and high fiving going on, (especially on the releases). Liitle guy likes to put 'em back. Fishes under his arm like his grandpa, too. LOL
  283. fishnfool

    01 12 2011...Damien's first trout fishing trip

    You guys all remember, "that one trip". You know...the foamers, whatever hit the water was bit instantly, 40 to 60 pound class, eating the paint off the boat, jack poling 'em in the corner, etc... That one trip you will never forget. Where you were, (lat/long), conditions, who you were with...
  284. fishnfool

    Sometimes It Just Works Out - Young Guns kill em' again

    Very cool day with the boys. Great pics.
  285. fishnfool

    Tommy Gomes - In the News

    Well deserved recognition. It's truly an honor to know you Tommy. Keep up the good work bro.
  286. fishnfool

    FKG gets his 1st Brown Trout & Limits for 2 in less than 4hrs at Irvine 1/9/11.

    Looks like another great day at the Vine. Congrats FKG. It's always a good day when you can add a new species to "The List". Good job.
  287. fishnfool

    Colnett on the Dominator with GCLA

    Wow! You ladies spanked 'em again. Quality and quantity. Great report.
  288. fishnfool

    Charger Fans...

    Go Charg...oops...nevermind. Da Bears baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  289. fishnfool

    LNL 1-7-2011

    Nice stringer. Might have to hit it up on Tuesday.
  290. fishnfool

    ***Volunteers NEEDED for the Annual Lake Poway Kid's Fishing Derby Feb 4th & 5th ***

    I'm in. Saturday...6am. I'll have some stuff for the raffle as well.
  291. fishnfool

    LNL 1-6-2010 new lake record

    Damn! Guess I should have put the little LOL thingy in there somewhere. Would that make it better? Little sensitive aren't we? We all pimp our favorite lake(s). Angler's Lake was my little spot. The question about how many double digits was serious. People say lots, tons, shit load of, etc...
  292. fishnfool

    LNL 1-6-2010 new lake record

    I hope they at least give you 50% off admission for pimping their lake on here as much as you do. many is "many DD fish over 10"?
  293. fishnfool

    white river trout killing

    Great job breaking in the new stick. Cool video. "trout shuffle" haha Funny how many of us do that.
  294. fishnfool

    2 Kids 10000000 tangles and some Fish

    Looks like an awesome day. Way to go dad.
  295. fishnfool

    Bait Fisherman Suck

    Pretty good.
  296. fishnfool

    2011 License

    Seems as though there is a lot of confusion here. Everything is the same with the license requirements. If you want to fish in the ocean you need to buy an ocean enhancement stamp. Even though it is still called a stamp it prints out as a line item on your license. Same with a second rod stamp...
  297. fishnfool

    2011 License

    Yeah Manny. You still need it. Pick it up anywhere. Happy New Year. Do any good?
  298. fishnfool

    I take full responsibility...

    Fucking blow boaters. :shake::gay:
  299. fishnfool

    New best friend

    Nice looking pup. Great present.
  300. fishnfool

    Normal day at the Bass Pro Shop

    I know of someone who dove into the casting pond and did the breast stroke down the entire length of it at the FHS in Long Beach back in 2002. That was pretty insane as well. Didn't cause any water damage to the convention center although it did interrupt the fly casting seminar. LOL
  301. fishnfool


    You are gonna have to better than that least some pics. LOL Glad your kids got their puppy back.
  302. fishnfool

    Christmas gift from my son

    LOL Merry Christmas Bill. Very cool gift.
  303. fishnfool

    Freshwater Limits And Lengths?

    Don't believe them...LMB are delicious. Most people are stricktly c&r on those but it is not illegal to keep one, and they are very tasty. You should pick up a DFG Regs booklet at your tackle shop to familiarizr yourself with the regs. Good luck and good eating.
  304. fishnfool

    November 2010 at hot creek

    About time you posted that report. LOL Very nice fish Jeff. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
  305. fishnfool

    Mr. & Mrs. Cooter 32 years ago today.....

    Happy Anniversary you two. Hope the next 32 bring you even more joy and happiness together.
  306. fishnfool

    Heading to Seattle for a few days.......
  307. fishnfool

    Singing fisherman...

    Very nice. Great range.
  308. fishnfool

    Spike vs Saluki MNF 12/20

    Congrats to Hester. TD...#14...record...untouched. Awesome way to do it. Bullshit pass interference call. Won't matter. Glad I am recording the game.
  309. fishnfool

    Why MPA's will fail.......

    Great idea. It will take someone that can commit full time to organize it, and be the point man/woman, (I hate that we have to do that so we don't offend anyone). LOL Not just there...every area getting closed. Up and down the coast. It will actually take a group or organization to make it work...
  310. fishnfool

    Pick your brain/nose

    Check out this thread.
  311. fishnfool

    Shooting a shotgun

    "Dead wrong" for you maybe. I've shot both ways, and am more accurate with one eye closed. Countless doubles and a few trips mixed in on multiple species. High 90's consistently shooting trap, (high 80's with both eyes open). What about a 20 gauge, 26" open bore brush gun? Don't even have to...
  312. fishnfool

    Jig tosser

    Nice and clean. I like that color combo but what's with the "trout" decal? LOL
  313. fishnfool

    Did law change on # of rods per angler?

    The law has not changed. You are allowed only one rod in fresh water unless you purchase a "second rod stamp". Then you are legally allowed to fish with two rods. There is no such limit on salt water. That's why you can see one guy on the end of a pier, or at the beach with 10 rods out, or a guy...
  314. fishnfool

    2nd annual Saltydawg/Mark Fretwell Memorial 8 day

    That would be the "Lucky Red Bra" Mikey. I was gonna throw that out there after the "Blue Couch" post but didn't know if anyone would remember it. Welcome back to Cali Shelly.
  315. fishnfool

    Irvine Lake 12-12 EASY LIMITS & FKG Personal Best 7.1 lbs!!!!!

    Great job FKG!!! Awesome fish. :appl::urno1: Lots to be proud of there Bro. He is turning into quite the angler.
  316. fishnfool

    Patriots vs Bears 12/12........

    Man, that was a beat down. Two weeks in a row. First the Jets and now Us. Your boyz are looking good Harry.
  317. fishnfool

    Anyone ever build one of these?

    I have two spinners, (ultra lights), built that way. One eight and one nine foot. I really like them because there is no flat spot at the connection when the rods are loaded up. I know someone else that had a yoyo rod built that way and no issues with breakage fishing 50 and 60 pound test with...
  318. fishnfool

    2011 License

    Yep. LOL
  319. fishnfool

    2011 License

    I don't think there will be the old style licenses this year. We all had to go to training for the new IPOS system. It is internet based sales...all electronic. The new licenses won't fade but they will go completely black if left in direct sunlight because the paper is heat sensitive. If that...
  320. fishnfool

    English Lesson

    LOL Good one Tim.
  321. fishnfool

    New Potential World Record Yellowfin Tuna - 405.2#!!!!!

    Fantastic!!! It was bound to happen sooner or later. Thanks for the details.
  322. fishnfool

    COWZILLA is 406 pounds

    Very nice. Congratulations to everyone involved...especially the angler. Great job.
  323. fishnfool

    Donkeys vs Chefs

    Hope your boyz wipe the field with 'em. LOL
  324. fishnfool


    Oh no you din't. Congrats Ron. :finger: you, too.
  325. fishnfool

    Global warming!

    Been scraping frost every morning for the last week out here. Glad we got the new heater installed last week that's for sure.
  326. fishnfool

    Irvine Lake 11/28..... FKG & Me & The Wind......

    What a dramatic change in the weather. Way to pick a few. Interesting to see the bait holding so close to the bottom. I bet the bait guys would do good with 6" leaders. That's the only lake i have fished that it took a short leader like that to get bit...usually in high winds like that. Cool to...
  327. fishnfool

    Leslie Nielsen Died at the age of 84

    Comic genius. 84...that's pretty good. Pnuemonia gets a lot of older folk. RIP Leslie.
  328. fishnfool

    11/23 on the water report for Team NoZillia

    I'd bet money there was fish at the first Thanksgiving so why not. One year I made Fillet Mignon and Maine Lobster just to be different. We will be sticking to the "traditional" meal this year. You two should be heros at your house this for anyone who wants it on top of everything else.
  329. fishnfool

    General Season Closing Weekend Recap

    Very nice. Those are some sweet looking flies. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.
  330. fishnfool

    Irvine Lake 11/22 with FKG on NoZilla.....Limits of big Rainbows

    Nice...very nice. Your threads are killing me. I want to get Damien out there so bad but things just keep getting in the way. The new ac and heater are supposed to be all hooked up and running by tomorrow so maybe Wednesday if all goes well. Very nice stringer. Great job "G" too dad.
  331. fishnfool

    After party fishing @ the Vine 11/14

    The blow by blow as it was happening was cool...almost felt like I was there. Gotta go...I'm bit...AGAIN! LOL I'm hoping to get over there with Damien this week.
  332. fishnfool

    ***Pics & Report from the BD Holiday Party with Saluki Claus!***

    We had a great time, as always. Nice report Maggie. Good times...good times.
  333. fishnfool

    Hey TUES, I am calling you out!!

  334. fishnfool

    Bloodydeckers in Missouri???

    You won't have to be in a hurry on that trailer Mike. Probably be a couple months before ice out. Lake of the Ozarks is a beautiful lake. Lots of species to target, (huge aligator gar). Mountains, lakes, streams, rivers, ponds, deer, turkey, pheasant, quail, duck, geese, rabbit, squirrel...LOL...
  335. fishnfool

    Thank you all from Saluki Claus!!!!

    Great seeing you bro. Saluki Claus rules!...AGAIN! LOL Really nice party. Thanks for bringing it all together Maggie. Wayne...thanks brother. I'll save the last drop for you.
  336. fishnfool

    Lost camera at DVL

    Call the concession at the lake. I'm pretty sure they have a lost and found. The guys running the boats should turn in anything they find.
  337. fishnfool

    Now I've done it.

    Good job Grandpa. The "what just happened" look on his face is priceless. Been there...done that. LOL
  338. fishnfool

    Happy Bday Franklin

    Happy Birthday Frank.
  339. fishnfool

    Wild fishing on Nozilla at the Vine on 11-8-10

    WOW!!! Really nice stringer(s). I'm gonna be off on Wednesdays starting next week, (I have my grandson on Wednesdays)...plan on hitting it up with the boys week from tomorrow. I showed Damien the pics and he said he wants to catch a trout now. I can't wait.
  340. fishnfool

    D16 harvest

    Very nice. Congrats.
  341. fishnfool

    Cowboys fire Phillips

    how much did the city blow when the Chargers made it to the big game last time ? Not enough to get them back to it. On the other hand, Jerry has spent tons in Dallas and still can't make it happen. I feel bad for the players that are still trying to make something happen on that team...most...
  342. fishnfool

    Perfect Father and Son Day!

    You know you did it right when they end up like that. LOL Great report.
  343. fishnfool

    Diary of an aspiring angler

    Great report and awesome pics.
  344. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday Sandiegofisherman

    Happy Birthday Tony. Hope it's a good one.
  345. fishnfool

    Lobster Warning

    It was deleted because there are 5 or 6 of these threads going already...
  346. fishnfool

    Cast Nets

    Yes...north of Point Conception.
  347. fishnfool

    Chargers always win when...........

  348. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday FKG!

    Happy Birthday buddy. Hope you have a great day.
  349. fishnfool

    Here's Quik Pic's..........

    Congratulations Jim. Good lookin' boy. Glad everybody is ok.
  350. fishnfool

    Let's See Some Deer Pics!

    "It scored 176 3/16 early this year at the Sportsman's show".
  351. fishnfool

    Happy 21st Birthday Fishn4life!

    Happy Birthday Grom...I mean Captain. If you ask yourself if you think you are ok to won't be when you get pulled over. Pick up the phone.
  352. fishnfool

    one LUCKY MoFo....

    as a teenager maybe. :rofl: Hope he sees this . :rofl::rofl:
  353. fishnfool

    Dominator - Tuna Report!

    Way to go Frank. I knew I was gonna miss a good one. Hope you get 'em again this weekend.
  354. fishnfool

    Shark attack in Santa Barbara

    Second sentence in the article: KCLU radio says the attack took place Friday morning at Surf Beach in Santa Barbara County
  355. fishnfool

    freshwater bass spinning reel suggestion

    Shimano Sedona. The 1000 will hold app. 100yds of 6#. If you think you might bump up to 8# once in a while get the 2500, ($59.95 for either one).
  356. fishnfool

    Number eight is in the house...

    After seeing Scott's thread thought I would add a couple of pics. Jayden is already 4 lbs 9 1/2 oz and added an 1 1/2" in the last two weeks. It sucks that they live so far away.
  357. fishnfool

    Fish n Game Commission Mtg. Re: MLPA Pics and Protest Video

    That's hilarious Maggie. Can't tell who's who from that pic. You could be twins. :rofl:
  358. fishnfool

    Dominator - Yellowtail action red hot!

    Go get 'em Frankie. I have a prior committment or I would be on it.
  359. fishnfool

    T-Shark Fishing Newport Beach

    That's much better. Thank you.
  360. fishnfool

    T-Shark Fishing Newport Beach

    HAHA Henry, I guess you are one of those smartass pinheads that give a good crew a bad name. Way to represent. HAHA Back it down a notch, or you will be put on timeout. HAHA Have a good night. HAHA
  361. fishnfool

    T-Shark Fishing Newport Beach

    They get $5 for a schoolie tuna but $100 sounds a little high IMHO if they were just steaking it out. If you had them cut out the jaws or fillet it maybe that price is reasonable. I would take it home and cut it up myself. Thresher is probably somewhere between $8 and $12 bucks a pound...
  362. fishnfool

    Legal help

    Yes. If you do not you can be arrested for contempt which can lead to jail time and/or fines and/or both.
  363. fishnfool

    DVL 10/14

    Sweet. Had a customer in yesterday that described the water exactly how you did, (green egg drop soup). It's that time of year...all the lakes should be turning over soon. Nice crappie.
  364. fishnfool

    Baitrunner 3500B spool

    I'll give you $10 bucks for it Stan, (if you throw in the shipping). ;) Sorry Jimmy.
  365. fishnfool

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rich/ FishBones!!

    Happy Birthday Rich.
  366. fishnfool

    Prayers needed, my dad is in the hospital

    Prayers sent for you and your family. Hope to hear of a quick recovery for your dad.
  367. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday Corb!!

    Happy Birthday Corb.
  368. fishnfool

    Plan B

    Good call and another great day on the water.
  369. fishnfool

    little boy, big fish

    What a special day. Good job grandpa.
  370. fishnfool

    PV 10-5,6,7

    Glad you had a good trip Dennis. That jellyfish sting looks very painful.
  371. fishnfool

    Elevator Shaft " FAIL "

    That's gonna leave a mark. LOL
  372. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday Mots!

    Happy Birthday Greg. Hope it's a good one. :cheers:
  373. fishnfool

    My boy's first fishing trip!!!

    Awesome. Your little guy is hooked for life after a day like that. Good job dad.
  374. fishnfool

    My first yellowfin tuna 10-03-10

    Congrats Otto. Nice day Simon...Great pic of you two.
  375. fishnfool

    Wounded Warrior Pics

    Looks like an awesome day. Hope to be involved in the next one.
  376. fishnfool

    Wounded Warrior Tournament on Sticky Business

    Sounds like a great day John. Thanks for the post.
  377. fishnfool

    Number eight is in the house...

    Good seeing you yesterday Dennis. Have a safe trip down to PV. Looking forward to the report.
  378. fishnfool

    HBO series on Pacific War

    I thought it was just ok. Not nearly as good as Band of Brothers but I think it would be hard to match that series as it was superb in every way imho. Maybe my expectations were too high so I was a little disappointed by the Pacific series.
  379. fishnfool


    That's what it's all about right there. Great pics!
  380. fishnfool

    Number eight is in the house...

    Thanks Tony. Here are a couple pics of our new baby girl:
  381. fishnfool

    Number eight is in the house...

    Yes I am...thanks Frank.
  382. fishnfool

    Number eight is in the house...

    She is 6 weeks early but Jayden Kenvie Branchfield arrived into the world at 0651 PST this morning. Mom was having some health issues so she came via c-section. Both mom and baby are doing fine, and all is well. No pics yet but here are the stats...3 pds 10 oz @ 16 1/2". One more and I can field...
  383. fishnfool

    You guys in Oregon get all the hotties

    Bwahhahahahahaha. Nice find Jimbo. Looks exactly like my cousin...Mitch. Right down to the moustache. LOL
  384. fishnfool

    What happened to Kelly girls post

    Good luck, be safe. Looking forward to the report.
  385. fishnfool

    Fish ID?

    Here you go Tony... Ciguatera Fish Poisoning
  386. fishnfool

    anyone know what this is

    You can do pretty good targeting them with a small grub/swimbait, (1.5 to 3 inches), on a football, or darter head. Ghost shrimp pattern works pretty good. Fish the eel grass around the bait barge area. Caught the first few by accident but you can put together a meal if you find a concentration...
  387. fishnfool

    NoZilla tuna hunt Dana Pt.-209-181-43-SCI-DP

    Sounds like an awesome day Bro. I need a day like that...soon.
  388. fishnfool

    REST IN PEACE SDANGLER (Mark Fretwell)

    Mark was one of the good guys. Always ready to jump in whenever/wherever there was a need. This is a sad sad day. He will be missed by many here. Fair winds, and following seas buddy. See you on the other side. Prayers sent for Annie and family.
  389. fishnfool

    Hope the fat lady......

    Fuck you and your nice heat wave says the guy sitting at 109 in the shade. LOL Really though...hope it turns 'em on.
  390. fishnfool

    Supercharging live baitfish with pure welding oxygen

    That's pretty funny. Thanks...I needed a laugh this morning.
  391. fishnfool

    Parking Ticket

    He is gone but Stan didn't get him. LOL
  392. fishnfool

    Saluki Claus's Naughty or Nice List Contest!

    Yep...that would be the one. LOL I like the one of Jason spooning a passed out George. Somebody has to have that one saved somewhere.
  393. fishnfool

    Saluki Claus's Naughty or Nice List Contest!

    Uh-oh Wayne...your in trouble now. LOL Didn't you catch a first on that trip Maggie? Seems like you got to check something off the list but can't quite remember what it was.
  394. fishnfool

    Saluki Claus's Naughty or Nice List Contest!

    I knew that picture would pop up sooner or later. LOL Rockfising with that 10 ft MonsterMag hoping for something big to hit. Still haven't put a good bend in that rod. How's the shoulder?
  395. fishnfool

    In a tough economy what is the economic stability of the Long range fleet?

    That is a fair response. I apologize for one or two of those sentences...especially the run-on one. It was over the top, and not called for. However, I will not apologize for speaking my mind...only the name calling part. I still think it is totally insensitive, inconsiderate, and disrespectful...
  396. fishnfool

    In a tough economy what is the economic stability of the Long range fleet?

    You have got to be kidding me. Many of these sportboat captains post on this site, and are friends, and even family. Some of these guys are possibly going to lose their livelyhood, and/or way of life, and you have the nerve to ask them for some info on how to run a boat, and what it takes to...
  397. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday Chuam!!

    Happy Birthday Marcus. Hope its a good one.
  398. fishnfool

    My 1st Albacore...Yay!

    "bout time you got her on a tuna Dave. Great job Kelly. It was a pleasure meeting you at the Tuna Challenge.
  399. fishnfool

    What's up with Guadalupe?

    The "Search" feature is your friend.
  400. fishnfool

    40lb Wahoo Caught in Alamitos Bay

    Wives and moms don't count as witnesses Laura...just kidding. LOL We believe. Catch of a lifetime for sure...especially local like this. Don't let him give too much away. It's one of the best eating fish in the ocean. By the way...when is the bbq?
  401. fishnfool

    40lb Wahoo Caught in Alamitos Bay

    Kevin and Henry...GET OFF THIS THREAD NOW!!! This is a fish report not your personal chat line. Drop it now or maybe you just won't be able to log on anymore. Show a little respect. Damn!
  402. fishnfool

    1.5 Tackle

    All the reports I am reading and hearing say if you want to get bit fish the 15# and small hooks. Yesterday I talked to someone that could only get bit on chunk bait but they got it done. I would take 15 to 40 pound just so I have all my bases covered but I would probably throw out the 15# rig...
  403. fishnfool

    Don't need permission to go longrange fishing gg

    I'm tired. It's been a long day. LOL And Stan...
  404. fishnfool

    Fish Dope Help Please!!!!

    I believe it is one calender year from the day they process your payment. Kinda like an annial Mexican License, Sept. 16th 2010 to Sept. 15 2011, if purchased/processed today. Hope that answers your question.
  405. fishnfool

    Don't need permission to go longrange fishing gg

    Not any more it isn't. LOL Happens once in a's called a "thread jack". This could be a little long and drawn out but here goes... Some members have actually met each other and possibly fished together on one or more occasions. One of them comments on a thread, and another guy that...
  406. fishnfool

    Brand new Shimano Cumara CUCX711MH

    Keep it real Angelo. Stating what you paid including shipping is a little bit misleading when the rod sells for $40 buck less than that. We have a rule here on BD when it comes to selling on our classifieds. You have not provided a report since you joined in May. Every thread you have started...
  407. fishnfool

    Don't need permission to go longrange fishing gg

    :worship: I got mine to go on a 3/4 day trip for our anniversary once cause I could only get one day off, and the YT popped at the islands the day before. She actually caught a couple...then she threw up, and curled up in a I said...once. Another time I had been on the road for a...
  408. fishnfool

    What BD thread stands out as the all-time funniest BD thread?

    This one has to be top three at least:
  409. fishnfool

    Finally made it out, and just missed the skunk

    Good to see you get the boat wet Bruce. Good job getting the kid on his first tuna.
  410. fishnfool

    Shimano Warranty - Help!

    That wasn't directed toward you. It was more of a general statement. I bet he did get quiet, and I'm sure you were joking. You were joking, right? LOL Glad it worked out for you. Better luck with the new one.
  411. fishnfool

    Shimano Warranty - Help!

    I hear you Steve, and agree that they will usually replace the rod. Especially a brand new one, first trip out, etc...but not always. I believe when someone is asking about a warranty policy it is best to have the facts...not "I think", or "shouldn't be a probem", or misleading statements that...
  412. fishnfool


    ...or sharks...don't forget the sharks. LOL
  413. fishnfool

    Newest member of Bloodydecks

    Congratulations, and welcome to the club. Grandkids are way more fun. Play, fill 'em up with snacks, and send them home to mom and dad when the nerves start to unravel after the sugar hits their system. LOL I almost changing dirty diapers, (unless you just want to be nice and give...
  414. fishnfool

    Shimano Warranty - Help!

    You guys that want to offer advice to someone really should know what you are talking about before spewing a bunch of garbage. Not true. They probably will honor the warranty but are not required to do so. They are also not required to send it in for you. Most shops will, especially if you...
  415. fishnfool

    U.S. Customs & Mexican Waters????

    Do a search and you will find many threads on this topic. Bottom line is you only have to check in if you hit a port in Mexico. There are a lot of things to learn before you go such as Mexican Fishing Regs, the customs form you must fill out prior to returning to US waters, can't fish upon...
  416. fishnfool

    limits by 10 o clock at the hidden bank

    Sounds like a great day with your boy. He said they caught 25...not killed 25. There is no limit on catching. The limit is 5 of any one species but you can catch a total of ten fish. One Marlin, one shark, one swordfish counts as five and 2 dorado count as five. Just say'n. Mexican Sport...
  417. fishnfool

    Just in time for Make a Wish Tuna Challenge

    If you plan on fishing this weekend might as well sign up for the Tuna Challenge. You can get in all the way to the Captain's Meeting Friday night, or sign up on-line now. The banquet on Sunday is open to the piblic so even if you don't fish it come on down and join in the festivities on Sunday...
  418. fishnfool

    Young Andrew's first kill (with pic)

    What a cool story. Got yourself a natural right there. You watched it...bunch of us on here lived it. Almost exactly!!! LOL p.s. The Christmas I got mine...first thing in the morning...only shot two times and my little sister grabs the barrel and starts screaming I want to shoot. Well...
  419. fishnfool

    Happy New Year

    Right back at you Lee. Let's go get some tuna.
  420. fishnfool

    Family trip to Bridgeport - Fish, Bears, & Deer. (Picture Heavy)

    Beautiful pics. I think Jennie would be outa there after the first little bear encounter. LOL
  421. fishnfool

    Family trip to Bridgeport - Fish, Bears, & Deer. (Picture Heavy)

    Felt like I was there. Damn nice trip bro. Keep doin' it right.
  422. fishnfool

    Below hidden 9-6 with marlin!

    Great video. You put together another good one. Sorry to hear we won't be seeing you at The Captain's Meeting Friday.
  423. fishnfool

    3 Day on The Triple Play

    Looks like an awesome weekend Eric. Good to see you getting out and putting the wood to 'em. Wife kicks husband's ass...isn't that always the way? Somebody has to drive the boat, right? LOL
  424. fishnfool

    Coronados Sunday September 3rd Caught FISH!!!

    Looks like a great trip John. Huge whitefish. Good eating stuff right there...awesome ceviche and tacos. One of these days I hope to get out there with you.
  425. fishnfool

    What Size Plastics Do You Fish?

    Mostly 5 and 6 inch for the kelps but sometimes 3 or even 8 inchers are the ticket, (match the hatch). In the bay mostly 3 inch but sometimes 5. I also downsize my line in the bay and use mostly 6#, or even 4# when I just want to get a good bend in the rod.
  426. fishnfool

    Tomorrow Sunday heading out to the Coronados

    You know I do but this work thing keeps getting in the way. I won't be working Sundays much longer though so hopefully they stick around, and I can sneak in a trip or two in the near future. Thanks for the invite. Can I get a rain check? LOL
  427. fishnfool

    fishing in LA, advice appreciated

    Heh Rene...please read the posting rules. The Fish Report Forums are for people who come back from trips to report how they did. This topic does not belong as it is not a fish report. It was moved to Fishing Chit Chat but could also go into the Trip Planning Forum. Thank you. Welcome to Bloodydecks.
  428. fishnfool

    MAW final 5

    Now those are some sweet looking rods. You guys did an awesome job, and the autographs are icing on the cake. Thank you all very much.
  429. fishnfool

    J.O.B Desert Point

    Double barrel...gotta love that.
  430. fishnfool

    One Dolla

    You sir, are a kook. LOL
  431. fishnfool

    Make-A-Wish and Tuna getting closer

    Good point Arnie. You don't have to fish the tournament to come to the banquet. It's a great time with awesome raffle prizes, and auction items. Even if you can't fish the tournament you can still help the kids by coming down and getting in on the action. Hope to see you there.
  432. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday to AFry

    Happy Birthday Arnie. Hope it's a good one.
  433. fishnfool

    Pictures Tell A Thousand Words: My 5 Year Olds' First Fishing Trip On The Dos Locos

    It don't get no better than that. Looks like a great weekend. Way to go grandpa...see what you started. LOL Great job passing it down to your boy Chris. My grandpa told me I needed to slow down and enjoy my childhood, ( I think I was 15, (and starting to drink a little). He said I was trying to...
  434. fishnfool


    You can't possibly be serious? :rolleyes::ashamed:
  435. fishnfool

    conditions may change

    Uh...yeah...pretty much is, and that would be MR. Moderator thank you.
  436. fishnfool

    conditions may change

    Heh Dan...THIS IS NOT A FISH REPORT!!! Keep this bs out of the report forums. Thank you and have a nice day.
  437. fishnfool

    Saluki Claus's Naughty or Nice List Contest!

    What's up with all the nice people nominations? Obviously most of you have not been around long enough to remember what drives Saluki Claus. It's not "nice" he thrives on it's the naughty, foolish, sometimes even stupid stuff people do that trips Saluki claus's trigger, and makes for total...
  438. fishnfool

    Make-A-Wish Tuna Tournament

    Yep...great place to look for a ride. We always have people looking, and a lot of times can find a boat owner also looking for another crew member.
  439. fishnfool

    Make-A-Wish Tuna Tournament

    You will be able to put the yak on the truck and drive to the weigh-in just like the trailer boats can do.
  440. fishnfool

    Make-A-Wish Tuna Tournament

    No problem Sherm. Good to see these guys chiming in. We had a yakker inquiring if he can fish the tournament as well. Answer is: Yes. The category will be small boat, and unless you can figure out a way to mount a motor...yakkers will not qualify for the outboard award. LOL Who knows, with the...
  441. fishnfool

    Make-A-Wish Tuna Tournament

    I am the tournament chairman. There are no points for wsb or hailbut. Only tuna, marlin, yellowtail, and dorado. These are the only species awarded points in the tuna challenge. Hit the link for rules, and scoring. Looking forward to another great event. Don't forget that our seminar is this...
  442. fishnfool

    OAC Two Day Offshore Tournament -Seabass?

    No points for WSB in the Tuna Challenge Sherm. Tuna, yt, dodos, and marlin score points but not wsb.
  443. fishnfool

    Worst Season in While

    First and foremost this is not a fish report. Secondly I closed it because I just can't sit here and read another one of these whiny assed threads. IF, all you fish for is tuna then I can understand a little but we have had a pretty good season looking at the big picture. Really good yt bite...
  444. fishnfool

    Maybe some good news

    Hey Jim. How you been?
  445. fishnfool

    Maybe some good news

    This is not a fucking fish report!!!
  446. fishnfool

    Tell me how to get a mako?

    Please post in the proper forums. This is not a fish report. Thank you. This is your response to someone that is concerned for your son's safety? You say you have caught mako but need advice on techniques. You don't know how to catch a mackeral, and you are taking a three year old to catch...
  447. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday Babu!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Who? LOL Have a great day Rick. I'm right behind you on the 50 thing. I'm told it don't hurt...much.
  448. fishnfool

    Accurate ARB problems

    Yet another person that comes here for discussion, doesn't like what he hears, and tells everyone that is trying to help to fuck off. Good luck douche. :finger: Right back at you.
  449. fishnfool

    Would you do this??

    Mike, If you have not personally been contacted by her financial institution how do you even know she is telling you the truth? I don't know her, or for that matter you, (very well), but I have seen a lot of friends go through a lot of shjit with the ex. She could just be trying to find out if...
  450. fishnfool

    cal star

    WTF! If you are that concerned why not just call the effin factory or hit the contact us button on their website and ask the effin owner. They are in Gardena...all the newest shipments we have the label says Gardenia. Wow...a typo...go figure. How effin lazy are you? (*^$&#*&$&%#*&%^(*)&...
  451. fishnfool

    Knots for flourocarbon leader too big to cast through guides...

    Your leader only needs to be 3 to 5 feet. Unless you are using a rod shorter than five feet the knot going in and out of your guides will not be a problem.
  452. fishnfool

    Suggestions for kids first phone?

    Fisher Price...$14.99 all day long at Walmart.
  453. fishnfool


    Happy Birthday Dennis. Didn't you just have one of these? LOL Hope it's a good one.
  454. fishnfool

    Shimano Mooching rod

    I think, "It's gone", means he doesn't have it anymore. :hali_olutta:
  455. fishnfool

    CA DFG in Gulf of Mexico?

    I have noticed that reading comprehension has dwindled considerably since the inception of the "no child left behind" program. p.s. Someone will probably think that I just said people are reading less due to diddling, and not understand how people can get pregnant doing that. And if they are...
  456. fishnfool

    Big Game heading home

    It's better than 57 and dirty, but my glass is half full. :rolleyes:
  457. fishnfool

    What age did you start fishing?

    Very cool Lowell. Got yourself a new fishing buddy.
  458. fishnfool

    Thankfully Alaska Airlines Starts Non-Stop Service to PV from SD

    Good on them. It's about time. It is so much easier to fly out of SD. I wouldn't doubt some of the guys that have been flying out of LAX will do the drive to SD, even if it's a few more miles, just for the convenience of flying out of SD. Very good news. Hope they make it year round.
  459. fishnfool

    The Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing just called

    I think he is just trying to let everyone know there is a pretty good bite going on for anyone going out. Hookup to catch ratio is bad. 8 for 8 equals so so bite...8 for 21 lets us all know the bite was better than the, (catch), numbers reflect. Maybe that is too much for some people to comprehend.
  460. fishnfool

    Surprise package from Accurate

    How many people never register for the warranty on anything? What a great incentive to send it in. Accurate...thinking outside the box...again. Actually for a while now. You should let the shop where you bought it know so they can pass it on to future customers when they make a purchase.
  461. fishnfool

    The Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing just called

    Just what I thought...12...15 pounds tops. LOL Nice grade of fish. Wish I could jump on a boat.
  462. fishnfool

    What age did you start fishing?

    I was two, (but don't remember catching my first). I know it was a bluegill on a cane pole. My grand parents had a 5 or 6 acre pond in the back yard. There was a lake about a 1/4 mile away through the woods. When I was 8 or 9 I started making trips to the lake to re-stock the pond for grandma...
  463. fishnfool

    This has to be a BDer !! Caught Cheating !!

    There are at least a half dozen of these already.
  464. fishnfool

    Downward trend of El Nino! Colder waters heading our way!

    91, 92, and 93...ZERO Albacore, and very few BFT. YFT, Dorado, and YT numbers were some of the highest on record...go look if you don't believe me. I didn't hop on my first overnight trip until sometime in September. We had limits on Dodos on the very first paddy in the gray. Limits of YFT and...
  465. fishnfool

    8/9 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE (nunyabizness)

    Couldn't have said it better Jim. You are truly an inspiration . Happy Birthday Maggie. Hope you have a wonderful day.
  466. fishnfool

    Tuna Must Eat

    They are catching tuna on chunked squid in Cabo. They caught Bluefin and Albacore off San Quintin with squid they had brought for ghosts. I have read a couple of reports that said the tuna had squid in them when they cleaned them. Maybe one of these 1.5 day trips should load up on squirts and...
  467. fishnfool


    They will have a record if it was sent to them for the service. Could always ask the guy he bought it from when it was last serviced, and where. Still, if it was me, I would have it serviced just so I know for sure it is ready to go. I would hate to find out on a nice cow. If you just want to do...
  468. fishnfool

    Best I've seen in awhile

    Fucking HilarY...ous Harry. You gonna make it out for a game or two this fall? Now that you are putting on the miles you won't have an excuse that Hemet is a little to far of a drive. LOL Chips and beans on me.
  469. fishnfool

    I won a $140.00 JACKPOT

    Good decision on the Skippers part. Beats doing what I was doing yesterday. Good move by you going after the JP. Looks like a great trip with your boy.
  470. fishnfool

    San Diego Bay with the kid

    Doesn't get any better than that. Way to go pops.
  471. fishnfool

    Penn Squidder Jr. #146 (Black) Brand new

    Very interested. You willing to trade? I'm here in town.
  472. fishnfool

    Happy Bday Wildcat!

    Happy Birthday Jim. Hope it's a good one. We need to hit DVL Monday morning. You down?
  473. fishnfool

    It all started as kind of a joke...

    I hit a thread saying something like, "anyone know where I can can get a 4" bluegill"? Next thing I know I get a PM from Rocky. Says he has a mold. One thing led to another and I ended up ordering a couple of trout as well, (I was lagging on a couple and couldn't get Damien's if I didn't have...
  474. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday FishkillerBill!

    Happy Birthday Bill.
  475. fishnfool

    avet service

    I would say send them to the factory. They have to be the best. They build them. If there are any upgrades the factory will be the best place to have them installed. The turn around time is pretty quick, too. Probably as fast or faster than any shop can do it for you. I have read if you take...
  476. fishnfool

    First kills!

    Right on dad. Congrats to your boys. Looks like a fun couple of days.
  477. fishnfool

    Non-Stop Barracuda Bite 7/30 off IB

    I don't know if any of you have tried this, (probably have but), I will go to a little stouter rod and add weight, (up to 8 oz but 6 oz is probably enough), to get past the slimers quickly. I can usually get to the bottom for a few doing that. Works when the macs are out in full force as well.
  478. fishnfool


    I suggest you learn some manners, and show some respect to the people you are asking for help. This Forum is for fishing reports. That means once you go fishing you post the results of the trip you just went on. This thread belongs in either the "Fishing Chit Chat", or "Trip Planning" forums...
  479. fishnfool

    baitrunner worth how much

    They were $110 new for the "B" series, $100 for the older model. Depending on the cosmetics, (how it looks), and performs I would say you would be doing good to get $50 for it with or without line.
  480. fishnfool

    what is a sx worth

    I would say a very large portion of the NIB shit is hot. I don't care who you are, even a retailer, is not going to take a hit below wholesale prices. They couldn't stay in business. The people that are selling this shit don't care because it didn't cost them a fucking penny. Maybe it costs them...
  481. fishnfool

    I would like to introduce......

    Congratulations to you both. She is a doll.
  482. fishnfool

    "Pretty"picture fish report are BORING

    Lots of good opinions being expressed and I hope it can continue this way. I started taking a look at some histories just going straight down the page. By the time I got three or four down page two I had found more than a handful of members that are coming down on the, "provide more...
  483. fishnfool

    Wanna See a BIG Dorado?

    I read somewhere the largest one studied was an 88 pound speciman that was determined to be 3 1/2 years old, (also the oldest known speciman).
  484. fishnfool

    Local Community Lake 7 27 10...

    Why yes it is. Great place for kids and right around the corner from the shop.
  485. fishnfool

    "Pretty"picture fish report are BORING

    You actually believe that the owners are telling each and every member, (including you), not to post numbers, temps, what was working bait/iron, etc... so that they can force the very same members into purchasing said info from them? OMG!!! They are such scoundrels. Keel haul the lot of them...
  486. fishnfool

    1098 lb MAKO caught.

    California Department of Fish & Game, Marine Region, Marine Sportfish Identification: Sharks Shortfin mako shark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The following is an excerpt from the third link. Sustainability Status...
  487. fishnfool

    Local Community Lake 7 27 10...

    The grandson hasn't stopped talking about fishing since the first trip a few weeks ago.Tried to pick him up around 2 for a quick run to DVL but didn't get him till 5 so resorted to Plan B and hit a local place in Temecula for an hour and half or so. Once we figured out the depth and distance...
  488. fishnfool

    2nd Annual Battle of the Sexes

    Looks like an awesome trip. Nice pics.
  489. fishnfool


    Happy Birthday Roxy.
  490. fishnfool

    For Vermonster...

    Genious! I wonder if anyone has filed a patent application for that yet? :rofl:
  491. fishnfool

    Sand Bass Heaven on the Seawatch

    Sounds like an awesome birthday for both of you. I'm sure the wife will authorize a boat purchase if you promise to name it after her.
  492. fishnfool

    Another little Vermonster

    Congrats to you both. Another keeper.
  493. fishnfool

    Sending good thoughts to Tommy Gomes...

    Sorry for your loss Tommy. You got the number bro...24/7.
  494. fishnfool

    Post Op pictures and update..

    DAMN girl!!! Never knew you had such sexy legs. Keeping you in our prayers for a quick recovery.
  495. fishnfool

    San Diego Bone fish

    6 pound test, dropper loop, size 6 mosquito, back bay in the weeds, lowes resort, docks, swing on the lightest tap. Good luck.
  496. fishnfool

    Boat Parking Laws and Rights

    Depends on where you actually live. City ordinances vary a little. Some HOA's have special rules in regards to anything other than a car/truck parked on the street. Lots of areas have the 72 hour rule but not all. Some have zero when it comes to boats, rv, offroad vehicles etc... Need to find...
  497. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday Bushman

    Happy Birthday Ken. Hope it's a good one.
  498. fishnfool

    Constitution is changing hands

    Always had a good time on the Constitution. Hope to see you on the water Joe. Stop by if you get in the area. Heh remember that calico? Marcus thought The JP was gone after landing a very nice WSB earlier, only to find out I was just ripped by a dog. LOL If my memory serves me right a...
  499. fishnfool

    Post your Best Kids Fishing Pic

    You mean this one?
  500. fishnfool

    Post your Best Kids Fishing Pic

    ok...gotta put up a few. These are all first fish for the grandkids. Got one more but having a hard time finding it.
  501. fishnfool

    Big Bear Trout Easy Limits 7/18 with FKG.

    Looks like an awesome day, (again). LOL The updates at work made the morning go by a little faster. We need to make a plan and get Curtis and Steve up there two. Can you imagine the amount of coverage we could get with 4 boats. Maybe bring the wives and kids, and make a day of it...soon.
  502. fishnfool

    Worldwide Fish Mounts "Specials"

    I need a 4" bluegill, and a 2# trout. I know it's hard not to laugh but I'm serious. Rocky...anyone???
  503. fishnfool

    Rancho Leonero final trip report

    Very nice. Sounds like an awesome trip.
  504. fishnfool

    Great news and REAL shitty news!

    Hadn't been to a doctor since my retirement physical in 01 till the wife had a scare with cancer earlier this year. I got a clean bill of health this year and will be doing an annual from now on. I never went because I don't get sick so I figured no need but have a new train of thought. Heard to...
  505. fishnfool

    La Jolla Report 7/15

    Beautiful fish. Nice job.
  506. fishnfool

    IB, with my son, Saturday.

    Good times for sure.
  507. fishnfool

    Mikes Reel Repair...2 thumbs down

    Anyone else notice all the girls in Troy's avatar pics have really long fingers???
  508. fishnfool

    We are all going to die- but soon?

    Sorry John... Will human life be wiped out by a BP-induced methane eruption? No. - Yahoo! News
  509. fishnfool

    Baby on the way

    Ummm...yeah...ok. LOL Just don't miss the birth of your child bro. You will regret not being there. If you have been making this kid wait for years anyway I'm sure he will understand one more excuse not to go...especially this one. There is always next time for the fishing. The birth of your...
  510. fishnfool

    Baby on the way

    :urno1: AMEN!!! :hali_ruahahaha: That's hilarious Bro. :rofl:
  511. fishnfool

    What happened to Bloodydecks?

    You have been a member for over 2 years...not one post, thread, or fish report of any kind. This is not a fish report by the way. Try "Fishing Chit Chat", or "Nonsense" next time you get the urge to post some BS like this. See you in another 2 years. Do you even fish? :rolleyes: p.s. To...
  512. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday to Mondaycluber

    Would you two just go get a room please. LOL Happy Birthday to both of you.
  513. fishnfool

    BOLA over the 4th of July

    Looks like a great weekend. Nice catching.
  514. fishnfool

    **HAPPY BIRTHDAY KORINE! (Thearabswife) July 8th **

    Happy Birthday Korine. Don't worry...aging isn't all bad...really. LOL Hope you have a great day.
  515. fishnfool

    Uno mas

    You didn't say it but it is implied. Just the fact you complained about the charge is implication enough. Especially to the point of not tipping the kid that loaded your fish for you? Then you blame them for cheating the kid out of his tip? Come real about it. If you don't want to tip...
  516. fishnfool

    Gas Mileage & RPM

    For someone to give you accurate/reliable info they would have to be running the exact same boat and motor combo that you are to include bait tank size, tower, enclosed or not, total weight, barnacles, (dirty bottom), rpm's and best mileage may vary greatly depending on overall weight...
  517. fishnfool

    Anybody know where is a link for legal size and limits Chapter 4 or page 44, paragraph 28.30.
  518. fishnfool

    ** Killin the Cow Cods with Captain Ron

    Capt Ron git'n'er done agin'. Nice pics...congrats on the JP.
  519. fishnfool

    Family killing spreee

    Looks like an awesome day. Good eats right there.
  520. fishnfool

    mission bae bae 7/5

    Very nice fatties. Unique pics...pretty cool.
  521. fishnfool

    Our first trip to the Coronados on Sticky Business

    That's gonna make a whole lot of fish tacos. Nice haul.
  522. fishnfool

    4th of July Fireworks

  523. fishnfool

    Need Advise first trip to the Coronados tomorrow

    Good luck John. Looking forward to your report.
  524. fishnfool


    Killed it...and a couple of toads to top it all off.
  525. fishnfool

    Mammoth Fish Report

    Looks like an awesome trip for everyone. Glad you redeemed yourself dad. LOL Beautiful scenery.
  526. fishnfool

    New addition to my growing collection

    Nice looking mounts you have there. You think Rocky can do a 3" bluegill mount? LOL
  527. fishnfool

    Advice for Lake Skinner

    Skinner has been really tough lately. From a boat hit the intake with anchovies or chicken liver for the small stripers, or out side the weed line for bass and bluegill. Shore fishing has been best by ramp 2 and down the bank toward social security point. Best chance for something from shore is...
  528. fishnfool

    First WSB for the kid!

    Great eats right there. Good job to both of you.
  529. fishnfool

    DVL...been waiting for this day forever...

    Looking forward to many more of these. Next trip we might have to hit the bay. LOL
  530. fishnfool

    New BD member (9 month lurker, 1st report with pics)

    Congrats you two. She is an angel.
  531. fishnfool

    DVL...been waiting for this day forever...

    seems like it anyway. LOL All the stars aligned, and finally got to take my grandson out on his first fishing trip. He will be two on the 7th, and I just couldn't wait any longer. Almost couldn't sleep last night. LOL Anyway...hit DVL bright and early, (1030), no line. Had the ramp all to...
  532. fishnfool

    So, I ain't no Mark Wisch but...

    Congrats on the new PB...what a toad.
  533. fishnfool

    Finally F#@%in happened @cat

    Persistance pays off again. Way to go...can't wait for the pics.
  534. fishnfool


    Got that right. Total bullshit right there...unless of course he steps up and takes care of it. Even then it would take me quite a while to ever trust that person again.
  535. fishnfool

    Team photo's from Harbor fuel dock weigh in.

    Heh, I recognize some of those mugs. Looks like good fishing.
  536. fishnfool


    Enjoy it's all down hill from here on out. LOL
  537. fishnfool

    Senor Hefe was working for Sea Shepherd all along

    He/They are breaking all kinds of laws. Assault with a deadly weapon(s), attempted murder, and willfully endangering his crew, (whether they are ok with it or not), is grounds alone for pulling his captain's license, and locking him up. He and his cronies are terrorists. Anyone that thinks it is...
  538. fishnfool

    Bridgeport Ca. - Stringers full of BIG trout with Big Steve, Cody, & FKG!!!

    You guys killed it...again! Looks like a great trip. Belated happy birthday/Father's Day. It will be tough to top this one bro.
  539. fishnfool

    Don't believe everything you hear are rude, obnoxious, boring, and repetitive. No one here gives a shit what you think because you are always right, (even when you aren't), and never wrong, (even when you are). You have no sense of reason and just keep shoveling the same blah, blah, blah horse shit. You have nothing...
  540. fishnfool

    Why is everybody so brainwashed on flouro?

    My experience is it does make a difference especially in a pick bite on big fish. When you get into 50 plus pound tuna and they won't hit anything heavier than 30#mono you will be wishing you had some floro in the your tackle box. Even with spectra backing and 30# top shot of mono you will be...
  541. fishnfool


    Congratulations. Welcome to the club. When she is 16 and is trying your patience remember that time and date and how you feel right now before you do...or say anything. p.s. Nobody wins. It went past the parameters, and the contest is null and void. LOL
  542. fishnfool

    Kids N Dads on the SeaHorse part 2

    Looks like a great day. Good job dads...way to make it happen.
  543. fishnfool

    US Open Golf

  544. fishnfool

    Baby killers on the loose

    You...You...BABY KILLER!!! LOL Can't let you be the only one to say it. Nice fish. Took care of it properly as well. I can almost taste it. Good job Jim.
  545. fishnfool

    Don't believe everything you hear

    That's an easy one Jon. Clarus UL56 2 pc...can't go wrong with that. Oh are asking Dave. Sorry...the smart ass in me just jumps out sometimes. LOL
  546. fishnfool

    1st ANNUAL Saltydawg Rods 8 day trip

    Be safe and have fun boyz. p.s. I could use a little wahoo if one of you catches more than you can eat...just saying. LOL
  547. fishnfool

    Blue Water Tackle 1.5 day...

    on the Aztec out of Seaforth Landing. Leaving Friday 25 June returning Sunday 27 June. Limited to 23 for $275, (price does not include food or permits). Sign up at either store location, or give us a call. Best price going for a 1.5 day trip, and great moon phase for the BFT. Let's go get 'em...
  548. fishnfool

    Hey Laker Fans.................

    If Boston's defense has another game like they did Sunday it will be over tonight. If not game 7, and it should be a great one! Could go either way. Great rivalry.
  549. fishnfool

    Screw broke off and still inside reel seat.

    You could probably go here: AVET REELS And can take it to the factory and drop it off. They may even be able to help you while you wait.
  550. fishnfool

    WestCoast Marketing Yellowtail shootout on Independence with the Psychoclown

    Glad you had fun and all but there is only one "Yellowtail Shootout" and it hasn't happened yet this year, (see front page). Rick needs to come up with a more original name. LOL
  551. fishnfool

    K&M....Ok heres the skinny:

    High sticking it trying to pull the fish out of the kelp, (not a manufacturers defect). LOL
  552. fishnfool

    Wow another Earth Quake Poway

    Just a couple little shakes here in the mighty metropolis of Hemet.
  553. fishnfool

    1.5 day Voyager $200

    That's a smokin' deal! Wish I could call in sick tomorrow. They are gonna score.
  554. fishnfool

    What is Best Way To Test Drag Setting?

    Straight pull is not accurate at all. You do not fight a fish with the rod pointed straight at it...there is a bend in the rod. If you test it straight pull it will be much higher than you set it in the real world application of fighting a fish. Common sense tells you to set it on a bent rod...
  555. fishnfool

    Hey Laker Fans.................

    Boston will go to 3-2 on Sunday and take it in 7. I know...I talked to Stern this morning and he gave me the skinny.
  556. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday dbar

    Happy Birthday Jimbo.
  557. fishnfool

    Pacific Quest seabass over 50 lbs..

    Here is the link to your one and only fish report in the last year. By the way doesn't say where, water temp, no numbers, etc. Pretty useless really. Funny you would...
  558. fishnfool

    A Case Of A Lure Catching A People

    SPRO...BBZ-1 Jr.
  559. fishnfool

    North Island YT

    Nice fish...good to see you on the water.
  560. fishnfool

    Military Fathers day trip

    Great idea getting the boys on the water for some r&r but you might want to rethink the Father's Day weekend trip. I know whenever I came back off deployment getting caught up with my family was top prioity, (mama's too...if you know what I mean). Could be tough filling a trip that weekend...
  561. fishnfool


    Happy Birthday Tommy. Hope it's a another great year.
  562. fishnfool

    Kneeling high jump

    Fucking Harry. LOL How's it hanging bro?
  563. fishnfool


    Happy Birthday Val.
  564. fishnfool

    Getting ready to buy a railrod

    I think 200# JB to 130# push the drag up a notch or you won't even put a good bend in that rod. How much do you weigh?
  565. fishnfool

    Castaic Lake Lagoon Monster Bass on the FLY

    Sweet! Beautiful fish. Nice job. You guys fishing 7 or 8 weights?
  566. fishnfool

    DB is it time to clean house yet?

    I seriously don't get it. You guys have a great forum here. One or two fucktards, ( $.50 sent Chris), come around that "everybody knows" then who gives a shit what they have to say? Put them on your ignore list and you will never know they exist, or continue to call them out and have fun with...
  567. fishnfool

    DB is it time to clean house yet?

    Can't you read Carl? He said he will only be monitoring PM's from now on...he will never see it here.
  568. fishnfool

    Candy Mack lure

    Got one in the shop Jim. Sold a feedback yet. They look and feel solid. Gonna try one myself this season.
  569. fishnfool


    Another awesome day at Vail...nice job Art.
  570. fishnfool


    ok for the first and final time...get a clue and stop posting shit like this in the reports forum. Thank you. Have a nice day. p.s. Stop by your local asian market and pick up some fresh dead just in case. Good luck to everyone in the tourny.
  571. fishnfool

    Congrats to my son.. Capt. Travis

    Congratulations Travis. Been fun watching you go from a "grom" LOL to where you are now. You got a great kid there Rich but you don't need me to tell you that I'm sure. :beerbang: to you both.
  572. fishnfool

    Limited Load Charter: July 21 to 23 on the Grande

    Sponsored trip? Private Charter? What company? Who is the charter master, and how long has he/she been running trips?
  573. fishnfool

    Fly Fishing help

    You can get an Okuma for $50 bucks. If you really want to get into it, even though you won't do it often, I would suggest stepping up a little and spend a bit more. There are good combos out there by Redington, and St. Croix for example in the $180 to $220 range that are species specific and...
  574. fishnfool

    Making an Uncle Proud

    You got a fishing buddy for life right there. Looks like an awesome day for both of you.
  575. fishnfool

    Constitution 1.5 day

    Go get 'em Joe. Looking forward to your report.
  576. fishnfool

    Help stop the protests at Military funerals

    As a Veteran myself I have to disagree Jesse. I fought and served for these same freedoms but just can't agree with you on this one. There is a line that can be crossed. When you infringe on another persons privacy, or disrupt a funeral where any sane, rational person would agree is morally...
  577. fishnfool

    GUSA 70 MM

    If it is truly a 70MM it will handle every bit of 20# of drag. I only say "if" cause a lot of their blanks were mis-marked at the factory, (don't ask me how I know but trust me I do). Weight wise I would venture to say it is the lightest 50# rod you have ever held in your hands...plenty of power...
  578. fishnfool

    San Diego City Council mtg. RE: the future mgmt of the La Jolla Children's Pool

    The city council shouldn't even be having this hearing. How many times does the court have to rule to remove the sealions, and restore the Children's pool for it to actually happen? Who's responsibility is it to say enough is enough...quit wasting taxpayer money, and enforce the court ruling? It...
  579. fishnfool

    2010 Yellowtail Shootout

    PM sent.
  580. fishnfool

    Pit Bull Clamp

    WHORE!!! LOL
  581. fishnfool

    This is what it's all about Part II

    Looks like another awesome trip. Great report.
  582. fishnfool

    lapush 5-8-10 first blood

    Looks like a great day. Very nice fish.
  583. fishnfool

    Fish processing

    Maybe you need to catch bigger fish...JOKING. LOL
  584. fishnfool

    Tide Change need guys for trip!!!

    This is a report forum not a help fill my trip forum.
  585. fishnfool

    " Japans bass king comes to Cali "

    ...and the us would be who exactly? Don't know if I want to be lumped in there with you. :rolleyes:
  586. fishnfool

    Fun at Irvine 4/24

    Heh Joel, please knock off the bullshit...immediately! Stop jacking threads cause you have a personal beef with another member(s). This is your one and only warning. You are one key stroke away, and that is not a's a promise. Please consider your response, and possible repercussions...
  587. fishnfool

    Cat Tails with Big Steve 4/25

    Outstanding!!! Nice job fellas. Great pics.
  588. fishnfool

    Catalina Island on The NoZilla.........

    Look's like an awesome trip Brandon. Now you know what she can do. Nice run. Great report.
  589. fishnfool

    Corona Lake 4/25/10

    Little white center console "Sticky Business" on the side.
  590. fishnfool

    Corona Lake 4/25/10

    We saw some huge boils today, and a couple of 4 to 5 pounders jumping completey out of the water flippin us the fin. Fun day.
  591. fishnfool

    Corona Lake 4/25/10

    Finally had an opportunity to get on the water. First time in a couple of months. I had a hard time deciding where to go. DVL 10 minutes away? Poway an hour? Corona 40 minutes? DVL has been hot...Poway okay, and Corona put in a nice stocking of Tail Walkers, and Brown Trout this week. Customer...
  592. fishnfool


    Damn Bro...another one already? Hope it's a good one Ron.
  593. fishnfool

    Easy salmon limits at 36'51/122'01

    Sounds like an awesome day. Great info. Anybody headed out of there tomorrow should be able to score. p.s. You forgot the pics.
  594. fishnfool

    Live Squid question

    Stop by your local asian market and pick up a few pounds of fresh dead. It works almost as good as the live stuff. Always pin on or dead. Good luck.
  595. fishnfool

    San Diego SNOW Fishing!!

    Looks like it was an awesome day. Beautiful up there.
  596. fishnfool

    Before the Cuyamaca

    You da man Jimbo! Way to git er done.
  597. fishnfool


    You just had to bring my Bears into it didn't ya? LOL
  598. fishnfool


    Really Sean? For a guy that at any moment may be in jail for years? He has a great resume but...well you know.
  599. fishnfool

    what the oceans are coming to

    Never happen Mikey...too many enviros, and their "friends" play the game. Kinda like tax the hell out of cigarettes but leave the booze alone. LOL
  600. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday Saltydog!

    Happy Birthday Broham.
  601. fishnfool

    Ebay deal vs. Warranty

    Some guys and warranty issues. I put the link for Shimano's warranty policy here for everyone to read. There is no fine print. Very direct and easy to understand. Original purchaser only. Must be accompanied by a receipt. Damage occured under normal fishing conditions. Doesn't cover neglect...
  602. fishnfool

    Ropin' BG's with the little one!

    Awesome stuff! Brings back memories of the grand daughters. Way to go uncle deewayne.
  603. fishnfool

    Rating on 700H

    Yep...700H 30-80. Both the 800H and 900H are rated 30-60 so maybe someone got a little confused while labeling.
  604. fishnfool

    Holiday Sportfishing boat has new owner

    I worked for Tim on the Dolphin II for several years. He is a very fishy guy with a real love for the game. I wish him the best of luck with the new boat...wonder if he needs a part time cook. Might just have to give him a call.
  605. fishnfool

    2010 Ladies of spearfishing BIKINI calendar $9

    got you covered Tim.
  606. fishnfool

    2010 Ladies of spearfishing BIKINI calendar $9

    We still have some at Blue Water Tackle, (Solana Beach and Temecula).
  607. fishnfool

    Irvine Lake 4/2... Bass that's Green - Bass with Stripes & Trout

    He's just in between in that wiper shot Tim. You can see the next gust coming in the back ground. Looks like a great day Bro. Love the name. Does you know who no what you named her? LOL
  608. fishnfool

    Porpoise today in San Diego Bay!!!

    Take a deep breath Rob...we believe you. LOL It isn't the first time. There are even some year round residents. May have been the ones you saw.
  609. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday J Graham (Jack)

    Hope it was a good one there buddy? LOL
  610. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday Sealskinner (Mike)

    Oops...missed it by "that" much. Hope it was a good one Mike.
  611. fishnfool

    Rockpile sorta....

    Nice score! Had the fleet taking care of the dogs...gotta love when that happens. Any light tackle enthusiasts now is the time. Time to break out the Calcutta spooled up with some 12 pound test, big split shot, and small Basstrix in the smelt pattern...there are a couple of other colors that...
  612. fishnfool

    Tower up!

    Just in time for El Nino. Very clean fish killer you got there Jim.
  613. fishnfool

    fishing at salton sea

    We have a few customers that fish it regularly. Nightcrawlers=Talapia...all you want if you can stand the stench.
  614. fishnfool

    Japan Calcuttas

    I'm pretty sure what people mean to say is they are models/versions that are only released in Japan. Sometimes they have a different name. For example, Calcutta TE in the US...Calcutta Conquest in Japan. Same reel with a little more machining on the side plate. Sometimes the Japanese version...
  615. fishnfool

    on a more positive note!!!

    Knock off the bullshit! Not gonna call names...but some of you need to let it go and grow the fuck up. Stay off a thread if you don't have anything constructive to add to it. Keep the personal shit off the boards. There is an ignore list available at your finger The leash is...
  616. fishnfool

    cell phone reception

    Definitely not in a report forum. I know you are new but your bio says you are a pharmacist so I am assuming you graduated college and therefore have adequate comprehension skills. Please do us all a favor...take a little time to read the posting rules, figure out the forums and use them as...
  617. fishnfool

    Playing around

    Looks a lot like..."ART" Don. LOL Nice color combo.
  618. fishnfool

    Giant Sturgeon

    That's the one.
  619. fishnfool

    Giant Sturgeon

    Probably the same pic of a fish caught 7 or 8, (maybe), 10 years ago that pops up every now and then in an entirely different location/date but very similar story. LOL Wish the pic showed up so we could tell if this is a different fish.
  620. fishnfool

    What up with Turners?

    There was one on Convoy. It is now a bicycle shop, and is to the left of the Big 5 behind the paint place, (Frazee...I think).
  621. fishnfool

    where to get braid?

    Blue Water Tackle in Temecula off Winchester. We will get you spooled up, and there is no charge for the knot.
  622. fishnfool

    Raptor SX spectra backing

    The line capacity on the sx for 20# is only 220 yds...65# spectra is equivalent to 18# test so full would give you app. 235yds. The capacity for 12# is 450yds...50# spectra is equivalent to 12# test. I would recommend 300 yds of 50#, or JB 60# hollow, and top it off with whatever mono you want...
  623. fishnfool

    Trinidad 40 application?

    The Trini 40 has a larger diameter spool and at 4.9 to 1 picks up 44" per crank compared to the Trini 30 at 6.2 to 1 which picks up 46" per crank. That makes them pretty equal in my book at over 3 1/2 feet per turn of the handle. Plenty fast enough to make a good yoyo reel. If they had built the...
  624. fishnfool

    Which looks better??

    ...all depends on which end you start from. Please quit raining on the parade. I agree with the thin endlay and a thin trim band. That with a good clean finish makes it pop just a little. It will look good solid, too as long as it's a nice clean finish. That's the most important part to me. Did...
  625. fishnfool

    Go to rod

    85 MonsterMag paired up with a Trini 30. 30# P-line fished at 17# of drag. Iron, and/or bait. Lots of power in that blank when you need it. Great all around set-up.
  626. fishnfool

    Hey Wildcat.... Where's the fishing report?

    Bet you wish you were there to see that. LOL
  627. fishnfool

    I had no idea that politics would start crap

    Mods are too sensitive...are you kidding me? There are reasons for everything. Well said Brandon.
  628. fishnfool


    LOL Bring it! Fucking funny shit.
  629. fishnfool

    Kudo's to the HBPD!

    The only thing that would make that article better would be the sentence, "shot and killed while trying to escape". Good job HBPD.
  630. fishnfool

    PT Came Back Positive.....

    Congrats...I think. LOL Jennie got fixed at 6 to ensure there were no more. Probably good thing she did. Our youngest grand daughter turned 1 today. Two more on the way, (8 and 9).
  631. fishnfool


    I feel your passion bro but am personally getting tired of listening to you, and others chastise people for not going to these meetings. It's really getting old. Good for you if you made them all. How many letters have you written? How many phone calls have you made? No one really knows what you...
  632. fishnfool

    Introduction Section?

    Here you go. Welcome to BD. How to use the forums -
  633. fishnfool

    Fish and game commissioners meeting LIVE

    Wait till the kelp beds disappear this summer when the water hits 70 at the coast. It won't be El Nino, (or any mention of it). It will be Global Warming on the news with the "science" they keep saying exists to support the Theory. Follow the money and see who pays for that...again. It's not...
  634. fishnfool

    you want me to do what?

    LOL Good one Harry.
  635. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday Johnnyfish!!!

  636. fishnfool

    World Wide Fishing Guide?

    Sign me up and let's roll.
  637. fishnfool

    Serious Question - Pit Bulls

    Damn Jay...I knew there was a reason I like you. Can't wait to sling some iron. Actually wouldn't mind jumping on a 1 1/2 to Colonet, and get a couple on the yoyo. Joe's, (Constitution), had some good trips this season. Either that or SQ. Only people with dogs are invited. Good Life Lesson...
  638. fishnfool

    Happy Birthday Brant

    Happy Birthday Brant. Hope it's a good one.
  639. fishnfool

    Wanted.... Hunting Cat

    :hali_ruahahaha: :rofl:
  640. fishnfool

    Bass'en at El Capitan Lake 2/18

    Good to see you make the run to SD. What was the water temp? It was 63 at Hodges yesterday. That is a nice looking screen. Dave, (SD Fly Shop in Temecula), caught a couple of 2 pounders on the fly there yesterday at ten feet. He thinks they are definitely starting to stage. This coming full moon...
  641. fishnfool

    Seeker and Graftech rods

    You are kidding right? It's brand new...that rod retails for $220 or there abouts. I hear they have some great deals at the swap meet. Maybe you should try going to one of those. :rolleyes:
  642. fishnfool

    GettingOld is a Bitch

    Good stuff Harry. How you doing? Having fun yet? LOL
  643. fishnfool

    Sale on Fin-Nor spinning reels

    I've had an AHAB 2000 for probably 15 years, and it still performs smoothly. Great for throwing six and eight pound test. Caught a lot of fish with that reel.