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  1. Fog Ducker!

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    Definitely a worthy endeavor! Ducker!
  2. Fog Ducker!

    Shall call it “THE INSTIGATOR”

    So that's what 10" looks like! Ducker!
  3. Fog Ducker!

    It was a great day, turned bad

    You won't find the PSA listed in the Boat Show brochure or online, but we are in it. Not all spots are listed. By the way, we are planning on fishing the WTC 2020! Ducker!
  4. Fog Ducker!

    It’s cold out

    This is a test! Yup, the pics are easy to post! Ducker!
  5. Fog Ducker!

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Why!!!! Why!!!!!! Ducker!
  6. Fog Ducker!

    upholstery/memory foam help

    Don't use heat, had an engineer I worked with try to cut it with a hot wire and ended up in the hospital getting his nose douched out! The fumes went deep into his beak and solidified! not a good thing, Ducker!
  7. Fog Ducker!

    Sad story

    Sad to hear! Prayers to pops! Ducker!
  8. Fog Ducker!

    Snow and more snow.

    So, what your'e trying to say is "What can't get up - Can't get out" Ducker!
  9. Fog Ducker!

    Old Lead-Head lure

    Google is your friend! Ducker!
  10. Fog Ducker!

    Snow and more snow.

    Thanks Mom! Ducker!
  11. Fog Ducker!

    Playin on wife’s new toy!

    Thanks for the clarification on lubrication. Anything that increases longevity is a positive! Ducker!
  12. Fog Ducker!

    Playin on wife’s new toy!

    I hear that the more you play with wife's toy, the less you need to lube it! Any truth to the rumor! Ducker!
  13. Fog Ducker!

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    You sir are a STUD! Best, Ducker!
  14. Fog Ducker!

    Roofer needed in IE

    PM sent Ducker!
  15. Fog Ducker!

    Record time buggin at Cat! 12/21/19

    So, where did you grab her! Ducker!
  16. Fog Ducker!

    Sometimes life is just unfair

    Where's the girlie pics! Merry Christmas! Ducker!
  17. Fog Ducker!

    Caught a bandit ! What to do ?

    If it is a male coon, a moonshiner would take it off your hands! Ducker!
  18. Fog Ducker!

    Caught a bandit ! What to do ?

    About 150 NM out to sea! Satisfy your guilt and have the satisfaction of releasing him/her (politically correct term unknown) safely. Ducker!
  19. Fog Ducker!

    Donald Trump, Jr. Gets Permit After Killing Game Animal

    Nice shot Don! Sorry but without pics its Fake News! Ducker!
  20. Fog Ducker!

    Thousands Of Penis-Like Sea Worms Wash Up On California Beach

    I'll bet there are none in the aquariums, but the snack bar is full! Ducker!
  21. Fog Ducker!

    Labrador Stud

    Lots of blockheads on this site and they all think they are studs, sure you will find a willing participant! Ducker! :finger:
  22. Fog Ducker!

    Rail Dawgs Available

    Thanks Doberman, I have been wanting to build one for a long time. Just ordered an original Rail Dawg! Ducker!
  23. Fog Ducker!

    Rail Dawgs Available

    could not find it in his 32 page products list. Do you know where it is on his web site? Ducker!
  24. Fog Ducker!

    Made an app

    He did post in the new dude sections on Friday. This is not and endorsement! Ducker!
  25. Fog Ducker!

    Scooter help.

    Crap, it past 4 am, back away from the Fireball! Ducker!
  26. Fog Ducker!

    Mudhole cork tape

    I will never use Mudhole again! Got shorted and item, called and they called me a liar. And it was just a rod decal. What dicks! They can pound sand! Ducker!
  27. Fog Ducker!

    Is there hope?

    Sure, i am assuming you are questioning the use of Watermelon. When you look at a watermelon it is Green on the outside and Red on the inside. Green - environmental wackos. Red - Communists / Socialists. Its the crowd that doesn't want you to raise cows for food because they fart creating to...
  28. Fog Ducker!

    Is there hope?

    Without this effort there would have been huge Marine Protected Areas inside the Puget Sound and spreading into the ocean! This was an effort of the Puget Sound Anglers Education, Fisheries and Conservation chapter. This non prophet is a coalition of all the PSA chapters. We were tasked with...
  29. Fog Ducker!

    Opened up the winch

    What ever happened to Teddlie? I heard some girl took him out! Ducker!
  30. Fog Ducker!

    Something wicked this way comes

    The title sounds like the latest porn picture! Oh yeah! It is! Ducker!
  31. Fog Ducker!

    PB halibut from the surf

    10 yards and closer is what we used to call in the 50's a Seal Beach cast! Ducker!
  32. Fog Ducker!

    First Alaskan Moose/Black Bear hunt

    Why pack all that gear to get a moose. All you need to get a Sasquatch is something that smells like tuna, like a practice wife! Congrats, Ducker!
  33. Fog Ducker!

    Fishing the San Juan islands

    The Governor put together a task force with 4 fishermen and 50 watermelons. They have put into effect several changes. Download and read the regs before you get here. Great fodder for the shithouse! You will need a descender device ready to be deployed to fish here. PM me when you arrive. A...
  34. Fog Ducker!


    To thumb or not to thumb, that sounds like a kali question! Ducker!
  35. Fog Ducker!

    Fuel Tank Fabricators?

    Nick Rudnick! Ducker!
  36. Fog Ducker!

    WTB: Mule Tape/Crab Line

    $199.00 on Amazon! Ducker!
  37. Fog Ducker!

    Downrigger advice

    Paul, I would never drop my boat off to be repaired without removing stuff! My point is that stuff was stolen so tough shit, you have to eat it because they covered their ass. But that may or may not be the truth. The short research I mentioned said that states have passed laws that allow...
  38. Fog Ducker!

    Downrigger advice

    From what I have read, several states have ruled against it, but that doesn't stop businesses from trying to cover their asses. I am just saying it were me, I would research it to see what Washington says. Ducker!
  39. Fog Ducker!

    Downrigger advice

    You may be right but some states disallow Adhesion Contracts ( the shit that printed so small on the back you need a microscope to read, or the click to allow shit on the internet). With $1500.00 gone I would certainly check to see if the shop is culpable for the loss of your chattel (your...
  40. Fog Ducker!

    Downrigger advice

    I would think that if it was in there shop for repair, their insurance should cover it! Ducker!
  41. Fog Ducker!

    The future...

    Clam's, Squid & Flounder! They are pushing them all! Ducker!
  42. Fog Ducker!

    Halibut 2020

    Email sent! Ducker!
  43. Fog Ducker!

    Winter boat projects...

    That's just called lawn art over there! Ducker!
  44. Fog Ducker!

    Ginger wasabi soy smoked tuna bellies

    Did you use the seasoned brine mix or the fish cure? Ducker!
  45. Fog Ducker!

    plans for redoing my boat

    This must be a Kali post! Ducker!
  46. Fog Ducker!

    Muzzy Bull down !!

    If I accidentally sat on it I would say yes! Ducker!
  47. Fog Ducker!

    PV fishing

    Nice! Ducker!
  48. Fog Ducker!

    Need some help in Port of Edmonds

    He just want to see if he can find a female Sasquatch! That Florida boy he drags around has been Jone'en to try one out! Ducker!
  49. Fog Ducker!

    Who's crafty work was this?

    Ghetto! Ducker!
  50. Fog Ducker!

    For Sale Rifle Display Cabinet $50

    Old technology, probably only useful as a gun cabinet if it was place in a safe room! I turned mine into a TV / DVR stand! Easy, removed the doors, put in a couple of shelves, drill holes in the back for the cords.. Ducker!
  51. Fog Ducker!

    Muzzy Bull down !!

    Nice, So will the whole thing fit on that big ass BBQ spit? Ducker!
  52. Fog Ducker!

    WTB Question: Used boat with NO title. What is the process?

    More Kali Krap! I hear it is a good place to be FROM! Ducker!
  53. Fog Ducker!

    Fishin' Luhrs Replacement

    Nice upgrade, Congrats! Ducker!
  54. Fog Ducker!

    Long hunt for the Albies

    Hell, no one has to try anymore, you caught the only Albi in WA! Ducker!
  55. Fog Ducker!

    Trip to Leavenworth for October fest.

    How many shops can you visit in a day filled with crap from China! I can see all of Leavenworth I want to by staying on Hwy 2 and not exiting the truck! Ducker!
  56. Fog Ducker!

    Would you carry this in the tackle box?

    Didn't you mean Dickhead in the photo! Ducker!
  57. Fog Ducker!

    Pursuit of Tuna!

    Guess the Weatherman called for calm seas! Great day out there! Ducker!
  58. Fog Ducker!

    Small boat builder recommendations?

    Was one of those job offers from Mattel? Ducker!
  59. Fog Ducker!

    Last seen shopping at the Shopping Kart in Westport

    And that's the problem! Ducker!
  60. Fog Ducker!

    Hvac question

    It's called a fart! Ducker!
  61. Fog Ducker!

    Hvac question

    "So my wife came home and smelled a odd smell," And that's unusual in your house, I get the same comment all the time! Ducker!
  62. Fog Ducker!

    Edmonds Coho Derby

    What, you may get more to chew, but do you get to spend more of the $5000.00 if your fish is bigger that 8.75 lbs. :finger: Ducker!
  63. Fog Ducker!

    Edmond's Coho Derby

    Who got the big one! Ducker!
  64. Fog Ducker!

    It's official this time... ShortRound is heading east!

    Since you are leaving, I always wanted to know, Do you prefer dwarf or little people! Later Bitch! Ducker!
  65. Fog Ducker!

    It's official this time... ShortRound is heading east!

    Best to you! And remember the old navy saying. “It’s not gay if you’re under way. Ducker!
  66. Fog Ducker!

    Are these worms?

    It's just a little more protein! Ducker!
  67. Fog Ducker!


    You should change your statement to Kali is a good place to BE FROM! Ducker!
  68. Fog Ducker!

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina

    No, just the bros working it out! Ducker!
  69. Fog Ducker!

    Edmond's Coho Derby

    See previous post. This is as official as I get. Ducker!
  70. Fog Ducker!

    Edmond's Coho Derby

    Clarification! Just talked to the derby chairman. Area 9 open to hatchery only. Area 10 open to hatchery and wild. We will be weighing both at the weight station. The derby will be run by legal fish caught per WDFW rules. Ducker!
  71. Fog Ducker!


    I want one! Ducker!
  72. Fog Ducker!

    Hwy 104 roundabout

    And when was the last time Gov't ever listened to something simple and obvious! It ain't gonna happen! Enjoy your roundabout! Ducker!
  73. Fog Ducker!

    First Time Tuna

    The tuna gods say, "Grow a Pair and own all that you say!" And sometime 58 rod holders is not enough! Ducker!
  74. Fog Ducker!

    First Time Tuna

    Oh My! You're fucked! Ducker! :finger:
  75. Fog Ducker!

    Edmond's Coho Derby

    Who is going to take the $5000.00 first place? Ducker!
  76. Fog Ducker!

    Edmond's Coho Derby

    We are up and running. Saturday 9-7-19. See you at the scales! Ducker!
  77. Fog Ducker!

    Yamaha OX-66 Work

    Nice job! And don't forget to kill'em this weekend! Ducker!
  78. Fog Ducker!

    PSA Ocean Meeting - Sept 21.

    Whoa! As an old surfer, I never tried that! DUUUUDE I would think that the quills would hurt your feet! Or they would be to slippery to stand on! Ducker!:finger:
  79. Fog Ducker!

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    Whiny-whiny 17 just take your BD beatdown! And STFU! Ducker!
  80. Fog Ducker!

    Should Braid be Banned from Sportboats?

    Snowflakes use the same reasoning to try to ban guns! It's the Idiot on the end of the rod! Ducker!
  81. Fog Ducker!

    Turk Head. Looking for feedback

    Since you are fishin', one atta-boy given! Ducker!
  82. Fog Ducker!

    Bait Stop Etiquette

    Someone comes close, just reel up and when he stops do drive bys continually. If he moves tail him and do it again and again. If he continues troll see how many lines you can cut off! Dog that fucker all day!, call other boats in to help! Hopefully he won't do it any more. No discipline no...
  83. Fog Ducker!

    PSA Ocean Meeting - Sat 8/24

    Planning on being there! SEAQUALIZERS! Anyone who has not received a free descender device from PSA please see me at the meeting. I have received the last batch we will be getting and will have some at the meeting. TACKLE WHORES who are just trying to fill their stock, DON'T BOTHER! Ducker!
  84. Fog Ducker!

    Looking for an open seat on a cost share private tuna trip.

    just posted! Ducker!
  85. Fog Ducker!

    Best fish sealer

    Thank you Allen, I needed that this morning! Ducker!
  86. Fog Ducker!

    The Baitstop

    Why would you waste that on tuna! Ducker!
  87. Fog Ducker!

    For Sale Shimano reels and yeti coolers

    Now it is beginning to sound like a Kali advertisement! Ducker!
  88. Fog Ducker!

    Fishing rod and tackle storage in garage options

    Vertical! I use milk crates filled with 1 1/2" - 2" short pieces of PVC tubing. And we don't get enough sun here in the PNW to screw up any line on the reels or epoxy on the rods. In fact if you leave them out for a week they get washed with clean water! Ducker!
  89. Fog Ducker!

    Bad news for WestPort

    Tell them you want to be the Pimp Daddy in Westport! Lot's of potential employees! Ducker!
  90. Fog Ducker!

    Bad news for WestPort

    Spotted in tuna town! Is this the one that broke your back! Ducker!
  91. Fog Ducker!

    Bad news for WestPort

    Oh Crap! He's back! Ducker!
  92. Fog Ducker!

    Westport exotic. Not pelagic

    That kinda looks south of the border! Ducker!
  93. Fog Ducker!

    Roof rod rack

    Very true Larry II ! Ducker!
  94. Fog Ducker!

    WP fuel is your friend! They also have an app! Ducker!
  95. Fog Ducker!

    Roof rod rack

    Just walk to the end of float 12 and count, I think Miss Eliza has 58 rod holders now, but I could be short a few! Ducker!
  96. Fog Ducker!

    WTC Mian Pot increasing for 2020!!!!

    Miss Eliza is in! Ducker!
  97. Fog Ducker!

    Flex coat high build Vs. ?

    DII Ducker!
  98. Fog Ducker!

    Why modify a Tomic plug?

    That is just a male Tomic plug sporting a condom! Ducker!
  99. Fog Ducker!

    Best information I could ever pass on

    Made the switch, saved 44.5% with the same coverage. Pete, your the man!:finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::finger: A couple of salutes to you! Give him a call! Ducker!
  100. Fog Ducker!

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    This is just a small portion of what Goat does every year! I get tired just watching him. I consider him a great friend! Ducker!
  101. Fog Ducker!

    Best information I could ever pass on

    I'll be calling! Pete's the guy! Hey you still owe me a beer!!!!!! Ducker!
  102. Fog Ducker!

    Kill or no kill

    Photo & release! Ducker!
  103. Fog Ducker!

    Rod Dog Arches in Anacortes

    Wes did the arch on my boat also, a +1 for service and fit. He came to Woodinville, measured and left. I thought "Oh Shit" But when he returned it fit perfectly. Would recommend him anytime. Ducker!
  104. Fog Ducker!

    Where is the video?

    Nice! Ducker!
  105. Fog Ducker!

    shout out for BD brother hood

    +1 on Nick! He has quite the operation going on! Ducker!
  106. Fog Ducker!

    First time for tuna, started with WTC

    You only forgot one thing in your post! BD required pic of girlfriend! Ducker!
  107. Fog Ducker!

    Where is the video?

    Are you going to post the video of the 2 1/2 hr. Marlin hookup out of Westport? I can't even find the pubic hair screen shot from the Slap Shot! Ducker!
  108. Fog Ducker!

    WTC and Northwest Harvest supporting the Local Food Bank in Westport

    No Jeff, your job is to manage the stripper pole! Ducker!
  109. Fog Ducker!

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Gettin kinda Kali in here Swede! :gayfight: Ducker!
  110. Fog Ducker!

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Welcome home! Be down Wedsnesday to drool on it! Best to ya! Ducker!
  111. Fog Ducker!

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Spelling: Duckette's! And I'm to old to be making any more of those! Ducker!
  112. Fog Ducker!

    Norm and Carrie’s preWTC EXTRAVANGANZA

    You just need the following equipment: 2 eye patches for each child, they will think they are double cool pirates, and a set of ear plugs. Ducker!
  113. Fog Ducker!

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Nothing like a wet puss! Enough to get anyone excited! Congrats, Ducker!
  114. Fog Ducker!

    ‘‘Tis the season

    Those are just side stabilizers! Not a problem for future Darwin inductees! Ducker!
  115. Fog Ducker!

    sticky raptor

    Does it feel like the spool is hitting something as it rotates?Replace the thrust bearing! Only one in the reel that has side thrust on it. Thought my SX was toast, and I had it apart multiple times trying to figure it out. Called avet and they suggested replacing that bearing. Works great now...
  116. Fog Ducker!

    Look who we saw at tuna town

    Attached pic of 2 Short picking, for those who don't know him! Ducker!
  117. Fog Ducker!

    Look who we saw at tuna town

    I just thought he always projected squid behavior and walked on his knees! :finger: Ducker!
  118. Fog Ducker!

    Fg vs Alberto knot for braid to fluro??

    Let's start a real fight! Ford, Chevy or Dodge? Diesel vs Gas! Circle vs J hook! Braid vs Mono! You guys just need to find a 2:00 am Betty! Ducker!
  119. Fog Ducker!

    VanStaal Fighting Chair

    Or recycle it into a really cool recliner shitter! Or put it on the Kelli Ann: Mikie would likie! Ducker!
  120. Fog Ducker!

    WTB: natural cedar plug

    Bare Wood! More Love! What are you talkin' about! Ducker!
  121. Fog Ducker!

    Tuna are here!!

    What's a tuna! or are you talkin' 'bout something that smells like tuna? Ducker!
  122. Fog Ducker!

    Tuna tuna tuna

    bieber Ducker!
  123. Fog Ducker!

    2019 tuna rumors

    I could say, Great, now your just like the Weatherman! OR: But DB, it's only 3118 mi. from Westport! Time to fuel up! Ducker!
  124. Fog Ducker!


    When are you going to take your memorial boat add down? It's gone young man! Ducker!
  125. Fog Ducker!

    Tommy? Are the Tuna here yet

    Who is Tommy! Ducker!
  126. Fog Ducker!

    From under the rock......

    Bet you are glad to be out of that metal condom, hope they didn't hurt you to bad in there! Ducker!
  127. Fog Ducker!

    Need to rewrap 2 gaffs

    Mikie has to many children to watch so he is way to busy! Ducker!
  128. Fog Ducker!


    Thanks Matt Ducker!
  129. Fog Ducker!


    I don't know, but that would be nice for the chapter. Maybe someone else has the answer! I received a message from Amazon a couple of weeks ago that they tried to make a deposit to us, but they did not have our bank routing number. I took care of that and they sent me links to have others sign...
  130. Fog Ducker!


  131. Fog Ducker!

    Need to rewrap 2 gaffs

    PM me for help! After all it will be for the Mayor of Float 12! Ducker!
  132. Fog Ducker!


    All the brotherhood that benefited from PSA's descender giveaway program, We are a 501C3 chapter and have signed up with AmazonSmile. Would appreciate if any of you use Amazon, that you would sign us up as your charity of choice. Cost you nothing, and we get $$$ back for the next program. Puget...
  133. Fog Ducker!

    From under the rock......

    Isn't that where trolls live? Ducker!
  134. Fog Ducker!


    Word is you do to much hand shaken! Watch out they say it will make you have a bad back! Ducker!
  135. Fog Ducker!

    Norm you need this for slap shot

    So that means you are only good with your right hand? Ducker!
  136. Fog Ducker!

    Need some knowledge.........

  137. Fog Ducker!

    First time for everything

    They can't swim that good! Ducker!
  138. Fog Ducker!

    Guess the weight

    What next, Elf riding a chovie? Ducker!
  139. Fog Ducker!

    From under the rock......

    Look me up, got a new supply of Muscle Milk to share with you! Thanks for guarding shit for us! Ducker! And we missed your gifs! As a matter of fact you don't even need to write anything, just post!
  140. Fog Ducker!

    Cinnamon’s new dance floor

    Very nice single person Jacuzzi! And there is still room for a pole! Ducker!
  141. Fog Ducker!

    I need a 22 handgun

    Use a sharp stick, low cost, very effective! No need to enter the cage with the beast! Ducker!
  142. Fog Ducker!

    BD is going down the wrong hole.

    And what is wrong with Porn pop-ups? Ducker!
  143. Fog Ducker!

    Fuck it I want a new truck

    Don't forget to order the heated steering wheel! :frehya2: Ducker!
  144. Fog Ducker!

    Black Cod recipe?

    On the barbie, straight up! Ducker!
  145. Fog Ducker!

    Porta porty

    Just tell her to hang her ass over the transom! Ducker!
  146. Fog Ducker!

    Haay Norm !!

    Best to ya! Ducker!
  147. Fog Ducker!

    GW Shark or Salmon Shark

    pizza delivery! Ducker!
  148. Fog Ducker!

    Telling It Like It Is

    And I always thought the last word was "yes dear" Ducker!
  149. Fog Ducker!

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    delete very inappropriate! Ducker!
  150. Fog Ducker!

    In Need Of Guidance

    It's all fractional! Start with a fifth, down it and it won't make any difference! Ducker!
  151. Fog Ducker!

    Marine areas 1-10 to open for halibut fishing Friday, June 28

    Day late and a dollar short! :repost: Ducker!
  152. Fog Ducker!

    New HALI DAYS!!!

    Saw a memo from Heather regarding Friday 6-28-19 open in MA 1 thru MA 10. It says they are trying to get the word out today. Ducker!
  153. Fog Ducker!

    Salmon fishing technique

    Those are Atlantic salmon, for Pacific salmon you only use Muscle Milk! Ducker!
  154. Fog Ducker!

    Make it stop

    WDFW must look at the forecast and say "the weather is terrible that day, let's give um another crappy day" WTF! Ducker!
  155. Fog Ducker!

    wed & thurs? thanks

    Just go Saturday and tell them it is your Thursday. They make shit up, you should be able to also! Ducker!
  156. Fog Ducker!

    Fresh Pavement on the Tuna Highway

    Those must have been the ones spotted off Aberdeen! Ducker! (first one doesn't have a chance!)
  157. Fog Ducker!

    Scotty downrigger parts help

    Along with an extra boot and some brownies! Ducker!
  158. Fog Ducker!

    Is it illegal to drug seals?

    They only take kicker motors here! Ducker!
  159. Fog Ducker!


    If you're not first, you're last! Very nice Mark! Ducker!
  160. Fog Ducker!

    I’ve heard of junk in the trunk.!!!!!!

    For the Kali troller, that is a copy of The Reel News, a local fishing rag! Ducker!
  161. Fog Ducker!

    Make Fishing Great Again

    That is just DEPLORABLE! Ducker!
  162. Fog Ducker!

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Livin' the dream my friend, livin' the dream! Ducker!
  163. Fog Ducker!

    Tuna Talk 6/12 SnoKing PSA W Mark Youngblood

    For those in rerun mode! We are at the new address now, and the date is the second Wednesday of each month! Ducker!
  164. Fog Ducker!

    One time at band camp 2011

    Very nice! Ducker!
  165. Fog Ducker!

    Curmudgeon Reunion

    WTF! You trying to give Woodinville a bad name? When did BD turn into the Halmark Channel! Ducker!
  166. Fog Ducker!

    Huge shout out to Sharkster Bob

    Good on you Robert! Ducker!
  167. Fog Ducker!

    Upload error

    Why would you use Dragonballs next avatar as an example? Ducker!
  168. Fog Ducker!

    WA BOLO.

    Try the Walmart parking lot in Aberdeen. Locate an Aberdeen crack whore! There you are sure to find him on her arm. Ducker!
  169. Fog Ducker!

    Denatured alcohol banned in CA??

    Everclear 190! You can clean up your mess and get in the bag! Ducker!
  170. Fog Ducker!

    Coldwater 35' Pilothouse Build

    Dream come true! More porn please! Ducker!
  171. Fog Ducker!

    VanStaal Fighting Chair

    Doesn't look like the urinal is plumbed to the outside! Ducker!
  172. Fog Ducker!

    Understanding a woman

    Just make sure you always get in the last word. "Yes Dear" And remember its always easier to say sorry than ask for permission! WHY DID YOU BUY THAT! Answer, "Sorry" wait for response and say "Yes Dear" than continue WTF you were doing! Ducker!
  173. Fog Ducker!

    Car insurance broker

    State Farm screwed me 40 years ago, and they are still on THE LIST! Ducker!
  174. Fog Ducker!

    When did you upgrade to a power wrapper?

    Built my first rod at 14, was 61 when I bought a power wrapper. Are they nice, YES Are they faster, YES Would i buy one sooner if I knew then what I know now, YES I use it a lot more than a lot of other power tool I have bought in the past. Guess the answer is up to you. Do you plan on using...
  175. Fog Ducker!

    Crazy tides in PA

    Aliens! Ducker!
  176. Fog Ducker!

    Trolling for Clams

    Sounds like big Nance! What a bitch shuffling her out in the AM without being seen! Ducker!
  177. Fog Ducker!

    Who is fishing in Westport Friday?

    That seems to be to much information! Happy Birthday Pat! Ducker!
  178. Fog Ducker!

    Metabo electric impact wrench

    Part number says 240v, but the tool and the boxes say 120v. If it is 120v I want one.
  179. Fog Ducker!

    SOLD Big damn fake rock -all gone

    Maybe the thigh gap crowd can use it! On second thought the whole might be to big! Ducker!
  180. Fog Ducker!

    Pot hauler

    Discovery Bay, Chuck is the guy! Ducker!
  181. Fog Ducker!

    30’ Duckworth XL Offshore Build Pics & Intro

    Hey Master Chief, What is that guy doing with your boat for an avatar? Ducker!
  182. Fog Ducker!

    Who's looking for a new to them boat?

    Lots of tuna storage, but you would need 30' gaff! And for that reason I am out! Ducker!
  183. Fog Ducker!

    Constant request for “My Location”

    Nobody does! :finger::finger::finger: Ducker!
  184. Fog Ducker!

    Ugly stik repair

    How long have you had it? Shakespeare® warrants to the original purchaser that its Ugly Stik® products are free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of seven (7) years from the date of purchase. Shakespeare® is not responsible for normal wear and tear, for products used...
  185. Fog Ducker!

    Insane Clown Posse

    Unless you are the guy to the left, in which case you do a reach around, grab your ass, grin and wait expectantly! Maybe that's why they call the Gov. Lefty! And I always thought they were talking about his political persuasion, not his personal perversion! Ducker!
  186. Fog Ducker!

    Halibut fisherman numbers on first two days?

    Just tired of getting screwed by bad numbers. Maybe the proof will be in the catch cards! Ducker!
  187. Fog Ducker!

    Time Travel

    I'm a technically challenged old fart! Your going to have to find someone else for that info! :nopity: :finger: Ducker!
  188. Fog Ducker!

    Halibut fisherman numbers on first two days?

    Fish Checkers! I heard they caught one sleeping in his car and fired him. Wonder if he already had the full day marked out! Ducker!
  189. Fog Ducker!

    Time Travel

    just found this note to fix it! Yes we know about the old posts in forums. Database work was done to update the forums. Threads need to be reorganized and it's taking a long time to rebuild. The forums are open but you may see old threads while the processing is running. Give it time, lots of...
  190. Fog Ducker!

    Hali and ling gear to use

    Fast healing to you my friend! Ducker!
  191. Fog Ducker!

    PSA Sno-King changed to Wednesdays at new facility-Win a Disco Bay Pot Puller

    For the Ferry guys (not the Kali type). They are tearing down the old building to build a new senior center. They estimate 2 years, and we are planning on returning when it is finnished! Ducker!
  192. Fog Ducker!

    PSA Sno-King changed to Wednesdays at new facility-Win a Disco Bay Pot Puller

    Wednesday, May 8th, 6:30PM Mountlake Terrace Community Senior Center 23000 Lakeview Dr Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043 Ducker!
  193. Fog Ducker!

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Why ask these dumb asses! Sound like Carrie has all the right answers! Ducker!
  194. Fog Ducker!

    Lost winch handle WP ramp

    I knew a winch once! Ducker!
  195. Fog Ducker!

    Opening day!

    You are a hero! Ducker!
  196. Fog Ducker!

    looking for La Push runing partner for may1st,2nd&4th

    That's not what Patrick said! Ducker!
  197. Fog Ducker!

    SEAL / Tuna? boat

  198. Fog Ducker!

    Need to clear out your freezer?

    You forgot the GRITS! Ducker!
  199. Fog Ducker!

    WDFG Fee/license increase

    I agree! Ducker!
  200. Fog Ducker!

    Redistribution of Tuna, order bigger hooks, bigger everything.

  201. Fog Ducker!

    North of Falcon Updates

    That is a feral fish and nothing but bullshit! No wild there, more Gov. crap! Remember, gov't creates crisis so the $$$$$ flow! Same as the conservation crowd. No crisis = no money! Once again, stop the insanity! Ducker!
  202. Fog Ducker!

    Tested for high Mercury

    Shit, I got so much heavy metal in me I could be a rock star! Ducker!
  203. Fog Ducker!

    Lead melt April 13th info

    Kelli, DB & crew. Always a premium event! And accident free! Thanks, Ducker!
  204. Fog Ducker!


    Just Goat! After all he is the instigator! Ducker!
  205. Fog Ducker!

    Tackle ho's check in

    Don't even want to know what I have, it just raises the price of fish per pound! And that shit is getting expensive! Ducker!
  206. Fog Ducker!

    Say Goodbye to Ocean Salmon Fishing

    Snoflakes suck! Just read our atty gen newsletter, what a piece of work! Stop the insanity! Ducker!
  207. Fog Ducker!

    What is this animal

    X2 - FROM THE SOUTH END! That waddle reminds me of my practice wife! Ducker!
  208. Fog Ducker!

    BD Ad

    Zoom in on the pic and it's easy to see who it is in his glasses! Ducker!
  209. Fog Ducker!

    4x8 beams

    Yeah, he put the best ones on top! Ducker!
  210. Fog Ducker!

    Bag to carry clothes

    WTF Virginia, 3 pages of Kali boys advice! Do you have to worry about fashion police down there! Where has Kali fallen! Ducker!
  211. Fog Ducker!

    8lbs 9oz Fisher....

    Very handsome young man! Congrats! Ducker!
  212. Fog Ducker!

    Don’t be afraid to make that call

    Glad you are ok, I just spent 2 days visiting my cardiologist at Overlake. All went well. Don't screw around guys, this shit is serious! Ain't it a bitch to get old! Ducker!
  213. Fog Ducker!

    New bar in Westport Here is a link to all you old farts that don'f facefuck! WTF-Theme?-Looks like Bellevue in Westport! Ducker!
  214. Fog Ducker!

    When is a spinning reel ideal?

    When making scrambled eggs! Ducker!
  215. Fog Ducker!

    painter pole outriggers

    Did the same thing with Martin poles off ebay, ten bucks each. Tough to keep the salt out of. We were able to use them for about 5 years. Ducker!
  216. Fog Ducker!

    New boat logo ideas

    Slap Shot! Ducker!
  217. Fog Ducker!


    I see that as the difference from the old agenda of fighting over the last fish, to making more fish. We know that what is going on, and that is not working! And the definition of doing the same thing and inspecting to get a different result is insanity. Let's stop the insanity! Ducker!
  218. Fog Ducker!

    New Boat, new Initiation tradition!!!!

    Me thinkist that you are just trying to attract your Kali friends! Ducker!
  219. Fog Ducker!


    Hey, our Orcas are just to smart! They would rather eat the omega rich tasty salmon over the fat and greasy seal meat! Lets see, maybe we can convince them to go to some of the liberal higher education facilities and learn to do dumb shit! Ducker!
  220. Fog Ducker!


    I have read what was written. They left out some important points. I would suggest you contact him and get the truth. Isn't Fake News a bitch! And don't think that when we are unable to clean up the river, they won't go after the missed opportunity. That's already happening in certain...
  221. Fog Ducker!

    Good News- CCA LOSES AGAIN

    Ask the WDFW how many genetic samples they have and have not processed! You will be surprised. Is the the almighty dollar or are they afraid of what they will find out regarding what the frankinfish really is! And what is the difference where they lay their eggs? WFC has done more to stop sport...
  222. Fog Ducker!


    Have you actually talked to the president to see what he really said? You may be surprised! Ducker!
  223. Fog Ducker!

    New drone

    No need for confidence, just balls & money! Nice Video! Ducker!
  224. Fog Ducker!

    SOLD Japanese fillet knife

    I'll take it, see PM Ducker!
  225. Fog Ducker!

    Think I had an episode.

    Can I come and visit the world you live in? It seems to be fun! I think I visited it once but that was in the 60's! :finger: Hope you get well soon! Ducker!
  226. Fog Ducker!

    Is it just me or my eyes?

    Thank you BD for not using the same font that is in everything today. One that can be read by the curmudgeons of the group.:appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl: Screw you young guys, maybe your scrolling finger will get some exercise !:nopity::nopity::nopity: That way it...
  227. Fog Ducker!

    Deck Boot Reviews

    Yeah, on a milk route! Ducker!
  228. Fog Ducker!

    Good News- CCA LOSES AGAIN

    That would be great if we could. But unfortunately a lot of the fish once they get in the rivers get lock jaw. I don't believe we can. And without an alternate APPROVED clean up we are going to get screwed! The only approved method now is the evil gill net. To get weirs, fish traps, or pound...
  229. Fog Ducker!

    What is this I found on beach

    Chupacabra! Ducker!
  230. Fog Ducker!

    Good News- CCA LOSES AGAIN

    And George, sorry you feel that way about nets! But until we have an approved method for clean up (Which we currently don't) your premise will fuck the sporty. Maybe you can buy a ticket to DC and get this fixed! Or better yet find a conservation group that does have lobbist in DC like the one...
  231. Fog Ducker!

    Good News- CCA LOSES AGAIN

    It wouldn't do any good to show you anything. You have already drank the Kool-aid. Answer me this, since the Hatcheries have been stocking out of basin rivers since the 1800's, what year did they discover they could do gene testing. I don't think it was that long ago and if you do you are bat...
  232. Fog Ducker!

    Good News- CCA LOSES AGAIN

    Hey, @WSU Willie Rider Yes the up river brights are naturally spawning, but not necessarily WILD! Our hatcheries have been producing fish since the 1800's and until recently there was no effort to keep them off the reds. In fact Washington State Hatchery records state that from 1952 to 1973...
  233. Fog Ducker!

    Everett Blackmouth Derby??

    Ducker! Troy, who is it that you speak of? There is only one that comes to my mind! Ducker!
  234. Fog Ducker!

    Croonquist Commission application request for support

    They should make blue salmon for those that are sad, Black salmon for the Goth crowd, etc.! Oh, and rainbow salmon for the Kali boys! Ducker!
  235. Fog Ducker!

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    That's easy, it goes under the hot tub! Camonnnnn, everyone should know that! Ducker!
  236. Fog Ducker!

    Just saw this today, anybody tried it yet?

    Just walk it on the beach and troll for two legged tuna! Ducker!
  237. Fog Ducker!

    Tax lien on boat for unsecured property tax??!!

    Register it in AZ. Ducker!
  238. Fog Ducker!

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Let the party start! Make the bait tank into a convertible hot tub for the strippers! Ducker!
  239. Fog Ducker!

    Croonquist Commission application request for support

    Farm raised salmon? Is nothing safe around you? Your horns are showing Hollywood! Ducker!
  240. Fog Ducker!

    New boat coming to Float 12 in Westport

    Let me know when you need a judge for the pole competition! You are going to have competitions aren't you! Very nice tin addition. Ducker!
  241. Fog Ducker!

    Croonquist Commission application request for support

    Oh snap. She forgot the popcorn! Ducker!
  242. Fog Ducker!

    Apollo feb 16 to 20 and 20 to 24

    Very nice Mikie, Local 433, I see you are a fellow metal head, you know silver in your hair, gold in your teeth and lead in your ass! That trip is on my bucket list, would defiantly enjoy that! Ducker!
  243. Fog Ducker!

    Apollo feb 16 to 20 and 20 to 24

    So did he have to buy an extra plane ticket to get it home? Ducker!
  244. Fog Ducker!

    Stopped by ACI today

    Hey catman! Are the sponsons asymmetric on a power cat like some of the smaller sailing cats? I would think that an asymmetric inside hulls would help to stop some of the pulling you talk about. Ducker!
  245. Fog Ducker!

    Ugly Bayliner fab shop CLOSED!!

    Your skills will be missed. Best to you, Ducker!
  246. Fog Ducker!

    Croonquist Commission application request for support

    That's not what she told me you said to her! Ducker!
  247. Fog Ducker!

    Just waiting and waiting

    Best to you and your family! Ducker!
  248. Fog Ducker!

    Croonquist Commission application request for support

    How many of you have sat down and had this conversation with Dave? Taken the opportunity to ask him the tough questions? Or are you just speaking out of you ASS! This reminds me of Fake News! Ducker!
  249. Fog Ducker!

    ***FREE*** Descender Devices!

    Show me the science! Once again go home Jake! Ducker!
  250. Fog Ducker!

    ***FREE*** Descender Devices!

    Plus the post is 3 years old. WTF! And he is from Oregon! Ducker!
  251. Fog Ducker!

    Winter fish part 2

    :finger: Ducker!
  252. Fog Ducker!

    Might wanna throw one in

    It doesn't count if you use it after self satisfaction! Ducker!
  253. Fog Ducker!


    I vote yes! Mussel Milk for all! Ducker!
  254. Fog Ducker!


    Comeoooooon Vance, you know you would go 1 wide and 2 deep for Carl! Ducker!
  255. Fog Ducker!

    Senate Bill to ban non-tribal gill nets

    The problem is that the feds require the state to clean up excess hatchery fish and this bill the way it is written does not do this. Therefore it puts not only the Columbia river in jeopardy but also all our ocean fisheries. I could agree with the bill if and only if it is revised to include a...
  256. Fog Ducker!

    Anybody with a snow plow?

    The bride said my Weber BBQ only need a top hat to look like Frosty! Ducker!
  257. Fog Ducker!

    Senate Bill to ban non-tribal gill nets

    Crap another newbie drinking the Kool-Aid! You can go home too! Ducker!
  258. Fog Ducker!

    Looking for a 16'-19' welded aluminum boat

    I'm thinking about putting a 2011 Alumaweld Intruder, 150 Yami, and a 9.9 Yami. consider it new as it only has 50 hours on the motors. Many extras. Ducker!
  259. Fog Ducker!


    Oh shit Vance, watch out it looks like Tex has made your first offer! Ducker!
  260. Fog Ducker!

    Anybody with a snow plow?

    Great Redneck Rodeo you made there. Bet the neighborhood was happy! Well most of them anyway, there is always the occasional Jack Wagon! They even show up on BD! Ducker!
  261. Fog Ducker!

    Senate Bill to ban non-tribal gill nets

    Nice dance Tom! Is that few enough words. I just get tanked when some newbie comes on spouting crap. Then says he didn't say it. Go home Jake! Ducker!
  262. Fog Ducker!

    Senate Bill to ban non-tribal gill nets

    So you want to close down hatcheries and stop marking to save money! You sound like one of the Wild Fish Conservancy idiots! There are no WILD FISH, only Nors & Hors. We have been stocking hatchery fish in the rivers since 1800's and you still want to claim a true wild fish. I call bullshit! How...
  263. Fog Ducker!


    VERY NICE! Ducker!
  264. Fog Ducker!

    Senate Bill to ban non-tribal gill nets

    We will never get the hatchery increases needed and comply with government requirements if there is not a secure way to do the cleanup! I think the ban is bad! Nuff said! Ducker!
  265. Fog Ducker!

    Sometimes you just want to do something simple

    You're singing my song! very nice! Ducker!
  266. Fog Ducker!

    Show your boat name-logo

  267. Fog Ducker!

    Something odd about this article...

    Those pesky pinks, maybe the watermelons need to support a no-go zone for the pink salmon! That sounds par for the course and in line with their Fake Science! Ducker!
  268. Fog Ducker!

    What happened to the primary rule around here?

    More Kali drama! Get over it! Mrkrabs had the only true BD post above. Thanks Marty. Ducker!
  269. Fog Ducker!

    Oregon wants to ban Derby events

    My father-in-law used to call my dogs the Democrats. When I asked why, he said that they just lay around all day and wait for a hand out! I think that is a slap in face to all dogs! Ducker!
  270. Fog Ducker!

    Your first quality fishing rod ?

    5' solid glass w/ Mitchell 300 & 15# line. Tied it to my bike and rode 7 miles to the dock.(in the snow!) The "Terror of Horseshoe Kelp" Ducker!
  271. Fog Ducker!

    WTBorrow radar wedge

    If it is just a test, get some longer bolts and washers and shim it up. That will give you your answer. Ducker!
  272. Fog Ducker!

    Tow a pontoon

    Hell, just by a commercial barge, outfit it with you hot-tub, a full bar, stripper pole, offshore gambling, and a no-tell motel, rented by the hour or over night. Then tow it out and have it anchored! Now you got something! Ducker!
  273. Fog Ducker!

    Tow a pontoon

    And you got this idea and it was only 10:36 PM! Remarkable! Ducker!
  274. Fog Ducker!

    2320 Tow Vehicle

    This one is time tested! Just needs minor repair! Ducker!
  275. Fog Ducker!

    Shorelines of Stone

    Not closed minded, show me the science. As stated just tired of the ecoterrorist bullshit! Example: hosing the state out of 8 million bucks on bullshit trying to save wild fish. There are no WILD salmon in this state. Just NOR's and HOR's. Stop the predators from scarfing most of the smolts...
  276. Fog Ducker!

    Shorelines of Stone

    Why would anyone believe the Watermelons presented in this video? All of these groups do is create a crisis in order to support their funding. They use unsubstantiated science to create the crisis. I had to turn it off when the guy from Wild Fish Conservancy came on. Tired of their crap! I call...
  277. Fog Ducker!

    And now I try to be Him-

    Sounds like a personal problem! Ducker!
  278. Fog Ducker!

    Washington Tuna Classic Registration to open on.........

    Listen to them wine! And the games begin! Ducker!
  279. Fog Ducker!

    Washington Tuna Classic Registration to open on.........

    When are you going to post the lineup? Ducker!
  280. Fog Ducker!

    moving to Poulsbo from socal.

    You were to busy getting that "Rub with Love" on the Kelli Ann than to know what was going on! :finger: Ducker!
  281. Fog Ducker!

    Worst Shot Ever..

    Fed the same to my brother one night at a bar, when he touched the edge of the glass with his lip the burn made him jump. Lit his whole face on fire. Laughed my ass off. served him right for kicking my ass so many times growing up. Older brothers can suck at times but sometimes retaliation is...
  282. Fog Ducker!

    SOLD Avets reels discounted

    I would take the 3 sx reels if you will ship them on my dime. off to fish the a salmon derby this weekend in Annicortes and won't be home till Sunday night to respond. PM sent. Ducker!
  283. Fog Ducker!


    Do you remember why they used to call gas stations "service stations". The bottom line,$$$, works out again. I just bought a new Tekota 500HG LC. No schematic in the box. No problem I thought till There was none on line at their web site. Sent a nasty note and they quickly replied with a pdf...
  284. Fog Ducker!

    In-board boat goes boom during re-fuel

    We were rafted up enjoying a cold one after skiing Lake Shasta and a friends 21' daycruiser blew the top off when he tried to start it without clearing the fumes. My boat was about 10' from him. That will make you shit your pants! Lots of structural damage, the fiberglass cap was dislodged as...
  285. Fog Ducker!

    Christmas Communication problem

    DB are you perusing the Urban Dictionary again? Ducker!
  286. Fog Ducker!

    Hell is pretty damn cold

    That doesn't look like the smile of someone who doesn't fish "trout"! Ducker!
  287. Fog Ducker!

    Sporty but Fishable

    We know that's how you roll Turbo! Now who stole my boot? Ducker!
  288. Fog Ducker!

    Fishing shoes......looking for alternatives to flip flops

    That great, but -10 degrees doesn't always work in the PNW. I have tried 90% of the shoes you guy mentioned Most don't come in wide widths! And Ali, with those pointy toes, you might as well put some high heals on the back! I hear that is a very Kali thing to do! Ducker!
  289. Fog Ducker!

    Fishing shoes......looking for alternatives to flip flops

    Don't have many warm days up here, but I do on occasion. I have pairs designated to boat, kayak, and normal wear. Use the pull on ones with the kayak in the summer as your feet are wet most of the time. Have never gotten any gravel in them as they fit good at the ankle. They are very well made...
  290. Fog Ducker!

    Holy shit a tornado!?

    There are not Tuna in Washington State, all smoke and mirrors! :finger: Ducker!
  291. Fog Ducker!

    Fishing shoes......looking for alternatives to flip flops

    tried those, too narrow! Ducker!
  292. Fog Ducker!

    Fishing shoes......looking for alternatives to flip flops

    I was surprised how light they are. About 1/4 the weight of any other shoes! Next best thing to barefoot! Ducker!
  293. Fog Ducker!

    Fishing shoes......looking for alternatives to flip flops

    I have 4 pairs of soft science shoes, and 1 pair of soft science flip flops. One of the only brands of shoes I can wear. Wide in the toe, and an cushy insole with bumps on it. Very comfortable! And cool as they breath thru the fabric. Ducker!
  294. Fog Ducker!

    50 Gallon Electric H/W - Free

    I would say thanks but I have gas, but in this forum some smart ass would have comments! Ducker!
  295. Fog Ducker!

    Yamaha prop like goat (has scars)

    Did Turbo just call you Turbo? Ain't winter fun! Ducker!
  296. Fog Ducker!

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    Oh, and always get in the last words! Yes Dear! And above all do what you want to do as it is always easier to apologize than get permission. Ducker!
  297. Fog Ducker!

    Who's got the best marital advice?

    Pick a good one! 7 years with the Practice Wife, then I found a good one! 40 years last week and would do it all over again. Ducker!
  298. Fog Ducker!

    Boat Sinks

    I think it was Sky Guy that bought one. Ducker!
  299. Fog Ducker!

    Westport charter questions

    Fire the lot of them! Norm for Mayor! Ducker!
  300. Fog Ducker!

    Best cleaner and stain remover for bleach bottles?

    I thought that all those clorox bottles came prefilled with bleach! Ducker!
  301. Fog Ducker!

    Old Fishing Gear

    pm sent
  302. Fog Ducker!

    Old Fishing Gear

    I'll take them Ducker!
  303. Fog Ducker!

    Feds Investigate More Sea Lion Deaths after 2 Shot Near West Seattle

    THAT' IT!!!! Kamikaze drones. All evidence sinks to the bottom! Now there is a go fund me I can get behind. Ducker!
  304. Fog Ducker!

    Tipping - oh so awkward a topic! An offer to collate comments anonymously .

    Keys to a new dually diesel truck of their choice for each member and the skipper. (first liar doesn't stand a chance) Ducker!
  305. Fog Ducker!

    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    Looks like you might consider a free trip! You really must be full of SHIT! Ducker!
  306. Fog Ducker!


    Thank you! Ducker!
  307. Fog Ducker!

    But where is the pole?

    Cinnamon is the covergirl for the Reel News! But I don't see the pole, and I don't mean fishing. Nice fish Carrie! Ducker!
  308. Fog Ducker!

    For Sale I love craigslist...

    Wouldn't work in PNW, no heated seat! Ducker!
  309. Fog Ducker!

    Chart plotter back light

    Field strip the old unit, put the light in, try it out, go buy a new unit! Ducker!
  310. Fog Ducker!

    lots of new fishing gear

    Where's the Gatekeeper when you need him! Ducker!
  311. Fog Ducker!

    Forget EOH - try this!

    Hitches, I don't need no stinkin' hitches! Ducker!
  312. Fog Ducker!

    FG knot for braid to topshot -

    Your fear is warranted! My eyes are still watering from reading the definition. Makes you wonder where Turbo gets all his info. Ducker!
  313. Fog Ducker!

    Just dodged a bullet.

    Fuck Electricity, I'm gonna break out my Kerosene Radio and listen to some tunes! Ducker!
  314. Fog Ducker!


    One of these days I will have to dig thru my tackle and find the 2 pair I have. Or I can repeat history and just buy another pair.They do work nice! Ducker!
  315. Fog Ducker!

    Nordstrom, Exofficio, etc

    One more x to go before I would fit into them.
  316. Fog Ducker!

    Nordstrom, Exofficio, etc

    BD has now become the new Value Village! What Next! Ducker!
  317. Fog Ducker!

    Frozen tuna available

    Get a room! I thought this stuff was only for the Kali sites! :gay::gay::gay::gay::gay: Ducker!
  318. Fog Ducker!

    Kevin and Cyndi Lanier Live in Mexico Beach Fl In The Eye Of Cat 4 Hurricane Today

    You're not in Kansas anymore! Best to you, Ducker!
  319. Fog Ducker!

    CartridgeCalls will now be carried by Dicks Sporting goods Sorry, won't shop at Dick's! Ducker!
  320. Fog Ducker!

    Making memories

    Certainly a Zak Attack! :Rambo_Throwing_Kniv:appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl::appl: Ducker!
  321. Fog Ducker!

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Best to you! Ducker!
  322. Fog Ducker!

    Battlefish review

    LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL The Kali Tuna exodus! They finally got with the program! Ducker!
  323. Fog Ducker!


    Amazon RUGGED RANCH RATTR The Ratinator Multiple Catch Live Rat Trap , 21 Rats in One They work! Ducker!
  324. Fog Ducker!

    Fuck you, fucking fuck Facebook hackers....

    Want to know how not to get caught it these scams? :gay: Just click on the gay pink thing! Ducker!
  325. Fog Ducker!

    WorkSharp sharpener

    Here is a discount offered, We want our customers to celebrate with us, so we are offering 10% off all Work Sharp, Drill Doctor, Work Sharp Culinary and Darex purchases through our website. Promo Code: bestcompany Ducker!
  326. Fog Ducker!

    Battlefish on Netflix

    Still waiting for your pic with today's date on it! Ducker!
  327. Fog Ducker!

    Honda quad.

    How about I throw in one of these, Then you will have a matched set! Ducker!
  328. Fog Ducker!

    moving to Poulsbo from socal.

    Sell the Grady, to many Grady Pricks here already! Dr. Fong nailed it, he is also an ex-Prick! Welcome, Ducker!:finger:
  329. Fog Ducker!

    WorkSharp sharpener

    He was a well meaning vigilante. He always cleaned up his mess,and only a little off in his head! Not unlike some of the BD crew! Ducker!
  330. Fog Ducker!

    Port Angeles Coho

    Fish porn, boat porn and a pretty lady, I like this nube! Ducker! A well done double salute! :finger::finger:
  331. Fog Ducker!

    WorkSharp sharpener

    Hey, don't dis Dexter, he was right on, and only a little off! Ducker!
  332. Fog Ducker!

    WorkSharp sharpener

    Works ok for a quick sharpening. But if I want one really sharp I use the diamond wheel on my graver sharpener. Ducker!
  333. Fog Ducker!

    The Choice

    Once a Grady Prick, but has now seen the light. Looking forward to pics! Did you get the self bailing deck? Congrats! Ducker!
  334. Fog Ducker!

    Battlefish on Netflix

    Now we got a Kali Valley boy stickin' his nose in! Go troll elsewhere! Ducker!
  335. Fog Ducker!

    Battlefish on Netflix

    WTF Found a tailwalker, a tailwalker20 and a tailwalkerjoel in the members list, but no tailwalker4 Caaaaaaamon! Saw you wife on the show, looking for the GF! Ducker! :finger:
  336. Fog Ducker!

    Battlefish on Netflix

    So Aaron, being a nubie poster, what about the rules. Picks of bride or GF required! Ducker!
  337. Fog Ducker!

    So, who’s going to pull the trigger on this???

    Yeah, had to put it on the market as I have 10 foot-itts. And 20 gallons has been plenty unless Waterdog is on the boat, he's full of shit! Ducker!
  338. Fog Ducker!

    Battlefish review

    Watched all 8, seems you were one of the few boats drama free. And yes, one of the skippers is a Dick! Ducker!
  339. Fog Ducker!


    Consider yourself flamed! Ducker!
  340. Fog Ducker!

    Christmas Gift, Need Help.

    Shit! That will go to his head! Ducker!
  341. Fog Ducker!

    Christmas Gift, Need Help.

    PM ☆THRASHER☆ Jason Champion @ Thrasher rods for a very nice rod. Great local knowledge! Great rods Ducker!
  342. Fog Ducker!

    Anyone have a slip available in Everett for 9/20 - 9/24?

    Everett said it was ok if he doesn't use the Disco Ball! Ducker!
  343. Fog Ducker!

    Coho help for a so cal BD’er

    The rule is you will have to post her pic. If you forgot, she is in a box in the closet! And been there for 12 years! Oh, and she doesn't talk much anymore! Ducker!
  344. Fog Ducker!

    Coho help for a so cal BD’er

    So where are the GF pics! Ducker!
  345. Fog Ducker!

    Coho help for a so cal BD’er

    Nice first post BD lurker! Ducker!
  346. Fog Ducker!

    Montana is good

    Half a box of bullets should do the trick! Ducker!
  347. Fog Ducker!

    Annual trip produced

    :appl::lux: Ducker! :finger:
  348. Fog Ducker!

    Anyone Going for Tuna 9/15?

    There you go poking the bear! Ducker!
  349. Fog Ducker!

    Are you fnn kidding me?

    More regulations = more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Ducker!
  350. Fog Ducker!

    Edmonds Coho Derby is Back! This Saturday Sept 8

    At the weigh in, Muscle Milk will be consumed! Ducker!
  351. Fog Ducker!

    Missing Somthing

    Winner! Winner Larry 2! Your'e right Andy, Counter clockwise is not the only direction the cap works in! And a teen daughter should not know what that meant! Ducker!
  352. Fog Ducker!

    Edmonds Coho Derby is Back! This Saturday Sept 8

    Get you tickets at: PURCHASE YOUR 2018 DERBY TICKET IN PERSON FROM ANY OF THESE LOCATIONS 3 Rivers Marine 24300 Woodinville Snohomish Rd, Woodinville, WA 98072 All Season Charters 300 Admiral Way # 102, Edmonds, WA 98020 Bayside Marine 1111 Craftsman Way, Everett, WA 98201 Doug's...
  353. Fog Ducker!

    Missing Somthing

    Any post after 1:00 am he's TFUTT! Ducker!
  354. Fog Ducker!

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Is this one of those Kali "Mine is bigger than yours" things? Ducker!
  355. Fog Ducker!

    Found. Goatrams new business card

    Penn slammer? Boots for two! Why you want to dis his girls like that! Ducker!
  356. Fog Ducker!

    Westport Labor Day Weekend

    Make sure your vaccinations are current before visiting Tuna Town! And avoid eye contact with Turbo! Ducker!
  357. Fog Ducker!

    Bnib Henry H010 45-70 lever action.

    What's the matter! Don't you want to get rid of the NEON ROSE! Ducker!
  358. Fog Ducker!

    Bnib Henry H010 45-70 lever action.

    I'll take it! pm sent Ducker!
  359. Fog Ducker!

    How Tight are Your Rubbers?

    Am I on the right web site? It's hard to believe that no one has commented on the title of this thread! LET THE BRAGGING BEGIN! Ducker!
  360. Fog Ducker!

    May get bumpy this week On Shore winds

    Saturday the bar was fine, but a week ago Saturday it was a real shit show! Gotta love the PNW! Ducker!
  361. Fog Ducker!

    If you need to fill a seat(s) for tuna, I'm interested

    No! Just an active Man Card. Nut up Eli! Ducker!
  362. Fog Ducker!

    4 Avet G2 MXL 5.8 Single speed...Blue

    Nice goldfish Kevin! Ducker!
  363. Fog Ducker!

    Edmond's Coho Derby

    It's started back up this year. Who is fishing it? Ducker!
  364. Fog Ducker!

    Swap even stevens

    These are the ones that follow the bottom contour automatically. Great deal! Ducker!
  365. Fog Ducker!

    Cast for Kids, 8 Sept 2018

    Be careful out there, you will put perch under the ESA and screw up that fishery for the kids! Ducker!
  366. Fog Ducker!

    New guy from the midwest.

    Excuse Larry II as he has turned into the self appointed Thread Nazi! Looking forward to seeing pics of a hot doctor! Ducker!
  367. Fog Ducker!

    Calling all Cpt's who participated in the wtc.

    Why short change your cause! Lots of us Cpt. our own boat, but not at the WTC! Ducker!
  368. Fog Ducker!

    Time to get off the pot! Ron needs your help!

    So now it the time to act. Come to the meeting tomorrow and you will have 3 minutes to register your thoughts on the subject. Ducker!
  369. Fog Ducker!

    Time to get off the pot! Ron needs your help!

    Urgent Message from PSA President Ron Garner, Please share ASAP, Thanks Brad FISH AND WILDLIFE COMMISSION MEETING August 9-11, 2018 Doubletree Hotel 415 Capitol Way North Olympia, WA 98501 - Capitol Room 9:00 A.M. 14. Pinniped Briefing – Briefing, Public Input and Possible Commission...
  370. Fog Ducker!

    Costco tire service

    Discount +1 Ducker!
  371. Fog Ducker!

    3rd annual pre-WTC party

    Nice shot! Ducker!
  372. Fog Ducker!

    3rd annual pre-WTC party

    Sounds like a personal problem! :D Ducker!
  373. Fog Ducker!

    Tractor attachment

    That looks like something that should be setting in Goatram's back yard! Ducker!
  374. Fog Ducker!

    Do you shit on your boat???

    Only on BD! 100 posts on a thread about shitting! You fuckers are sick! :finger::finger::finger: Ducker!
  375. Fog Ducker!

    How do i find best fishing product reviews?

    You nailed it Goat! Ducker!
  376. Fog Ducker!

    3rd annual pre-WTC party

    Yes, the paperwork is in for the upcoming election! As campaign chairman, I am looking for someone to make and bring posters and street signs to place around town. Let's all band together and get him elected. And Norm, quit announcing the "little" part. It could hurt your chances. Ducker!
  377. Fog Ducker!

    OK I Keep Hearing All This Tuna Talk

    Hell with Shots! Get a Hazmat suit! Ducker!
  378. Fog Ducker!

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    Sunday only for the working guy! Leave 1:30 am Sunday morning for a 5:00 am on board call. Once back with the duties done, it's straight home. No $$$$$$$$$$$$ spent locally other than the gas burned in the boat. Kind of leaves the local business population out of the loop. WDFW (I know you are...
  379. Fog Ducker!

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    Oh Shit! A newbee woke the bear! Ducker!
  380. Fog Ducker!

    Why Westport has 5 days a week salmon!

    The only way to make them stop is not fund them. Are you willing to not fish? And can you convince the balance of the state also! Ducker!
  381. Fog Ducker!

    Alcohol into Canada

    Are you saying you have an aversion to taste, or do you just have an aversion to price? I mean there could be some legit reasons to BYO. And you're right, I don't drink much beer and so I have never tasted any Canadian beer! Shine n Scotch are my poison! Muscle Milk forever! Ducker!
  382. Fog Ducker!

    Alcohol into Canada

    Cheaper isn't alway the right thing to do! Support local vendors! Ducker!
  383. Fog Ducker!

    Found one I can’t make look small

    Nice fish, even YOU couldn't make that fish look small. Ducker!
  384. Fog Ducker!

    So sick of California, CA taxes, Gov Brown

    Yeah! I hear Kali is a great place to be from! Ducker!
  385. Fog Ducker!

    Thrasher halibut rod/ Avet LX reel 4.6:1 ratio

    Hey Goat! That's not pink! It's one of those colors that only a Kali would be able to name! Ducker!
  386. Fog Ducker!

    Food DRIVE at the WTC, Goatram Challenge

    Goat, don't do it! He's canceling the Strippers! Ducker!
  387. Fog Ducker!

    Started a new hobby...

    I would think an active Susan would be more fun! Ducker!
  388. Fog Ducker!

    PSA Ocean Anglers July 21 meeting

    Tuna Dance? Is that the one that includes the pole! Ducker!
  389. Fog Ducker!

    Rock fishing taken seriously

    Nothing to see here guys! Just in dry dock for some repairs! Ducker!
  390. Fog Ducker!

    Mako Sharks late August/Report w/pics

    Please send full personal information so I may purchase a life insurance policy for you naming myself as the beneficiary! Ducker!
  391. Fog Ducker!

    Free Firewood (Woodinville)

    It's gone! Thanks! Ducker!
  392. Fog Ducker!

    Free Firewood (Woodinville)

    WTF- 90% of the work is done! You just need to load and split it at your house or clean up the mess if you split it here! Thanks Goat, very close, and yes I have tractor if needed for the heavy shit. 2 trees 24" caliper 1 tree 36" caliper
  393. Fog Ducker!

    Free Firewood (Woodinville)

    Just had 3 hemlocks taken down. It all bucked up in rounds and I just want it gone before I take a match and burn it where it lies. 2 were dead so its already dry and the other was hit by lightning and dying. PM me for directions or a phone number. Ducker!
  394. Fog Ducker!

    New stickers, something missing

    Miss prints are worth $1750.00 each. To bad you screwed that one up! Ducker!
  395. Fog Ducker!

    D batteries

    Yeah, we add a 12-0 treble to the middle, but it is the electrical current that draws them in!
  396. Fog Ducker!

    Favorite P "fill in the blank" T junk food on board

    Hey Gooch, be careful adding any mental shit to an already overloaded brain, Write it down! Stop by the Miss Eliza for a tour of the Muscle Milk! Ducker!
  397. Fog Ducker!

    Favorite P "fill in the blank" T junk food on board

    +1 on the Muscle Milk! Ducker!
  398. Fog Ducker!

    D batteries

    Make your own battery! 6" long 1/2" copper pipe filled with lead! Ducker!
  399. Fog Ducker!

    Another boat electrical question

    Pressure washing only removes organic crap. It does nothing to stop the problem you mentioned, "Corrosion" Ducker!
  400. Fog Ducker!

    Swiftsure closed to all fishing ?

    Government! Create a crisis, get money! That's all it is! When will the people learn and vote out the assholes that have been a permanent part of the problem. Ducker!
  401. Fog Ducker!

    Best lawn tractor

    Do you have a need for speed! Ducker!
  402. Fog Ducker!

    View Fireworks From Boat

    For you old farts! 11 o'clock news- taped so you don't have to stay up to wait for it to get dark. Goes ok with coffee in the AM. Ducker!
  403. Fog Ducker!

    Advice for driving with a camper?

    And a self bailing deck! Ducker!
  404. Fog Ducker!

    Another that will buff out thread

    And they told me the roof rack only held 200 lbs. Ducker!
  405. Fog Ducker!

    Even though u can’t see it

    So did you do the top or bottom? Ducker!
  406. Fog Ducker!

    My awesome wife bought me a Cat for my birthday today

    I hear they make great tacos! Happy Birthday! Ducker!
  407. Fog Ducker!

    The day has arrived!

    "THANKS!" Ducker!
  408. Fog Ducker!

    Trail cam photo of the year

    Grin and Bear It! Ducker!
  409. Fog Ducker!

    Finally finished my RDR96MH Downrigger rod

    Very long rod for such a short guy! Nice work Todd, be safe under the blue! You gonna be back for the WTC this year, lots of Muscle Milk on the Miss Eliza. Come by if you make it! Ducker!
  410. Fog Ducker!

    Someone forgot to shave!

    No big deal, they all look like Sasquatch up here! And where is the GF pic! Ducker!
  411. Fog Ducker!

    Building a pseudo outhouse for hunting camp.

    Always knew you were full of shit! Ducker!
  412. Fog Ducker!

    learning Westport bottom fishing

    That might be why he lasted this long! Ducker!
  413. Fog Ducker!

    learning Westport bottom fishing

    So you are saying, "my cord is bigger than your cord!" Ducker!
  414. Fog Ducker!

    learning Westport bottom fishing

    Here is a cord! Ducker!
  415. Fog Ducker!

    learning Westport bottom fishing

    Watch out for the wanna-be milkman! Ducker!
  416. Fog Ducker!

    Like I needed another excuse!

    Hey Dan, I got an unsolicited offer to join the Sierra Club yesterday! In it was a package of seeds and a plea to save the bees. I guess they have a new crisis to use! Damn watermelons never stop! ps. I tossed the seeds in the trash just because of who sent them to me! Ducker!
  417. Fog Ducker!

    Who woulda thought???

    No wonder the scuppers get plugged all the time! Ducker!
  418. Fog Ducker!

    New WDFW director chosen

    He's a dude! Ducker!
  419. Fog Ducker!

    Who woulda thought???

    Oh Shit! Someone poked the bear! Ducker!
  420. Fog Ducker!

    Pipe jig hook location

    I use heat shrink tubing around cotter pins, it doesn't unwind and is easy to install. Ducker!
  421. Fog Ducker!

    What a finish!

    Wasn't that the one that kept leaking white goo from the key hole? Ducker!
  422. Fog Ducker!

    What a finish!

    CHOOT UM! Ducker!
  423. Fog Ducker!

    Fishing is CLOSED from Cape Flattery to Point Reyes Ca.

    PS can sustain 7300 furbags, and there are currently over 25,000 in the sound. Let's ask them real nice to leave! Ducker!
  424. Fog Ducker!

    Fire sale,

    Shit, I'm glad I got picked up mine. Sure it would have been the first to go! Ducker!
  425. Fog Ducker!

    Backup House Generator

    18 days is the longest I have been out. Lately they have been getting it back on by the second day. Live down a spur line with only 4 homes, if they pass us by on the initial fix it take awhile for them to come back. Be the squeaky wheel! Ducker!
  426. Fog Ducker!

    Could have been bad

    Heading north on I-5 yesterday near Lynnwood. There was a back up and when I got there I saw 2 staters, and a truck with an empty boat trailer. Didn't see the boat but wasn't looking that hard! Ducker!
  427. Fog Ducker!

    Backup House Generator

    Mine is a 1600 kw with an Onan engine. Been going strong for 15 years, just oil changes. Runs on natural gas. Runs everything in the house. Think it is a Generac. Ducker!
  428. Fog Ducker!


    Kill it and grill it! You know, Filet and Release! Ducker!
  429. Fog Ducker!

    Christmas presents

    Fuck you Hollywood! You don't have because you don't ask! I'm in and with Hot Chicks! Thanks 'bait boy Ducker!
  430. Fog Ducker!

    Christmas presents

    Is that going to be reserve seating, I would like to make a reservation! Ducker!
  431. Fog Ducker!

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    You are the permanent mayor of Westport! You took it when Kevin left. And I see nothing from stopping you from being the Commish, the Governor, or in that fact, you might even try for the Big Guy's job! Ducker!
  432. Fog Ducker!

    Beckson Deck Plates

    I may want these also. call me. See PM Ducker!
  433. Fog Ducker!

    Waterproof Bags

    I'll take them, I am in Woodinville also. pm sent Ducker!
  434. Fog Ducker!

    Westport Moorage available 2018

    Was that an assault on the Gatekeeper? Ducker!
  435. Fog Ducker!

    Halibut season update

    And you think there will be any quota left? :hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha::hali_ruahahaha: Ducker! :finger:
  436. Fog Ducker!

    Rough Weekend Offshore

    You know the rules, without pic it didn't happen! 12 ft swells at 10 sec with 4.5 ft wind chop and blowing 20. That's Halibut weather in the PNW! Ducker!
  437. Fog Ducker!

    Rough Weekend Offshore

    Kali rough looks like a protected marina! That ain't rough weather! Ducker!
  438. Fog Ducker!

    DOL Intermittent-use trailer plate

    Once again WA state regs are less than ideal and difficult to cipher! Ducker!
  439. Fog Ducker!

    DOL Intermittent-use trailer plate

    Not sure that is correct! It does not say net weight, but scale weight. As soon as you add something in the trailer it exceeds the scale weight. Ducker!
  440. Fog Ducker!

    DOL Intermittent-use trailer plate

    Limited to scale wt of 2000 lbs or less! Not many boats would fit that requirement. Ducker!
  441. Fog Ducker!

    Bonar Half Tote

    Yeah! Make it smell like fish! Ducker!
  442. Fog Ducker!

    Smoked Sablefish recipe?

    Pour a shot of Moonshine in its mouth and light the lips, then suck on its asshole!! By the way, it tastes like shit! Carry on! Ducker!
  443. Fog Ducker!

    Suspicious people of westport

    Heard some squealing coming from the Kelly Ann! And, I saw that tweeker near the Aloha! Ducker!
  444. Fog Ducker!

    Tonight's Halibut pregame warmup

    To Carrie and her bait boy, you are magical! Thanks! Ducker!
  445. Fog Ducker!

    Jason Hayashi 1975-2020

    Checked it out, Sorry to fuckin' old! Best to you, Ducker!
  446. Fog Ducker!

    Well I made it another year.

    Best to ya Two Tap! Ducker!
  447. Fog Ducker!

    Homeowners insurance?

    Don't buy State Farm, they screwed me out of $2700.00 back in the 70's and I still have nothing good to say about them. PM for details! Ducker!
  448. Fog Ducker!

    Seaqualizer locally available

    I didn't write the grant. Karl did. I was just the storage facility. Ducker!
  449. Fog Ducker!

    Quality Go Kart(on/off road type).

    Twin Mac's with tuned exhaust and 10" tires. 70+ mph He will like that, but don't tell mom! I bought Rick his first motorcycle when he was 7. Christmas morning we started it in the house and he slammed it into the stereo. He told me he could ride it, but he didn't say anything about stopping...
  450. Fog Ducker!

    Speaking of tossing cheeks..

    That crazy guy on TV will eat anything! I think he must get off grossing people out! Ducker!
  451. Fog Ducker!

    Roughing it tonight!

    Not a salute! :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger: Ducker!
  452. Fog Ducker!

    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    Learn how to fuckin' read and not read between the lines! Ducker!
  453. Fog Ducker!

    Catastrophic Coctails

    Mint Julep? Wouldn't expect anything else from a Kali-boy! I hear Riverside is a good place to be FROM! Ducker!
  454. Fog Ducker!

    Neah Bay, Boat Sunk

    not good! Short season causes bad decisions! Ducker!
  455. Fog Ducker!

    Catastrophic Coctails

    Muscle Milk on the rocks! Ducker!
  456. Fog Ducker!

    How was the bar

    He didn't ask about the 2 am beauty! Ducker!
  457. Fog Ducker!

    Small boat and trailer, with lost titles..

    Call the State Patrol to come out and do an abandon vehicle paper. Didn't have the title on something my brother owned before he died. Take the paper to the motor vehicles and get a new title. Easy Peasy! Ducker!
  458. Fog Ducker!

    Humble thyself

    Hey Two Tap, Dickie wants a reach around! Ducker!
  459. Fog Ducker!


    That's estrogen math! The status quo! Ducker!
  460. Fog Ducker!

    Going Green!

    Hunter Dan is chasing the Green Dragon! There is a distillery in Woodinville that makes absinthe. But it doesn't contain wormwood. WTF! Ducker!
  461. Fog Ducker!

    NOAA word of the day

    Archaic description of a two-hole outhouse! Ducker!
  462. Fog Ducker!

    Bird dogs, chickens and ducks

    Get something that smells like what you are going to hunt. A couple of wings clipped off a wild bird. Tie them together and put in the freezer for training. Play the game. Pre hide and allow her to find them and watch what she does. You want a strong point without picking it up or going in to...
  463. Fog Ducker!

    Kicker theft prevention?????

    That's what pellet guns are for! Ducker!
  464. Fog Ducker!

    Anybody know the manager at home depot

    The Asian guy - Sum-Ting-Wong Ducker!
  465. Fog Ducker!

    Grays harbor county , nice?

    Political aspirations are limited in Westport. They already have a permanent Mayor! Ducker!
  466. Fog Ducker!

    Aluminum weird patterns

    WTF - Goatram has spoken! In the words of Wilfred Brimley "It's the right thing to do" Just get the gloves and outfit, acid wash it, and let it alone. Problem solved! Screw the dealer, he is the one that screwed it up in the first place. Ducker!
  467. Fog Ducker!

    LFS Bellingham at Monroe Sportsman Show Starts Friday

    Show times are posted on our facebook page and web site And it free to active military (bring ID) Just our way to say thanks! Ducker!
  468. Fog Ducker!

    LFS Bellingham at Monroe Sportsman Show Starts Friday

    I'll be there all day! Already made my first purchase today during set-up! Great deals! Ducker!
  469. Fog Ducker!

    What Outcome if You Did This?

    Thanks again Ron. If you BD Bros would like to help, please support the Monroe Sportsman Show by attending, and supporting those that support us. Most notably our title sponsor who has work hard to make our show a success. Three Rivers Marine has stood with us from the beginning. And I was...
  470. Fog Ducker!

    Way to go Hollywood!

    And what's wrong, you have something against added protein! Ducker!
  471. Fog Ducker!

    Way to go Hollywood!

    So what does Petrale being delicious have to do with Sanddabs? Not the same thing! Pacific sanddab (Citharichthys sordidus) Petrale Sole (Eopsetta jordani) Ducker!
  472. Fog Ducker!

    Mission Outdoors auction

    Is a swift kick it the ass substitute for chest compression's? Ducker!
  473. Fog Ducker!

    For the SandDab fishermen !

    And we have Hollywood to thank for that! You kept talking it up and they cut if by 70%. :indabutt: :finger: Ducker!
  474. Fog Ducker!

    Way to go Hollywood!

    No wonder they limited the season, you encouraged them to make the video and all the pressure made them limit the catch The talk is they will have a 4 hr. season on a Tuesday from 7:56 am to 11:56 am next year! Thanks alot, Ducker!
  475. Fog Ducker!

    Mission Outdoors auction

    See me at the Monroe Show on Friday! Lots of vendors there to pick up stuff! Ducker!
  476. Fog Ducker!

    Way to go Hollywood!

    You have managed to get a 3 fish limit on our beloved sanddabs! Way to talk it up! Ducker!
  477. Fog Ducker!

    Looking for small pickup

    So you are saying you want your son to drive a POS! Ducker!
  478. Fog Ducker!

    Monroe Sportsman Show Begins This Friday April 20/21/22

    Norm, thanks for helping us get them out! See me at the show for more stock! We only have shallow left, but a fish returned to 150' is better that letting him float and be an eyeball shooter for a city vulture! I will be there most of the three days, leaving Saturday in time to make the...
  479. Fog Ducker!

    Monroe Sportsman Show Begins This Friday April 20/21/22

    Plus we have 2 boxes of Seaqualizer descenders (1 each) to give away, first come, first serve. This may be the last of the freebies as the EFC chapter is planning a new project to start this year or next. To the tackle whore's out there, please don't take one if you already have one! Let's...
  480. Fog Ducker!

    Wanted - Set of MANUAL Downriggers

    It's easy to get to Goats,first install a train horn in your vehicle, then just exit the freeway near Stanwood and start blowing your horn. Your vehicle will automatically home in on John place. Well, it works for John! Ducker!
  481. Fog Ducker!

    Whidbey any good?

    :-) :) :D :cheers: :finger: Ducker!
  482. Fog Ducker!

    Shed Hunting Wetside

    K-9 nose can help alot! Ducker!
  483. Fog Ducker!

    Wife's shopping list

    Another flashback. You should have been more careful during the 60's. Ducker!
  484. Fog Ducker!

    Olive Branch Nightmare.....

    Basket weaves are for 70 year old ex hippies that use to make their living tying macrame crap! Oh Shit, I resemble that remark! Ducker!
  485. Fog Ducker!

    I have been accused of being Tackle Drunk!!

    I saw the pics on his phone last Thursday! A new tackle whore is born! You wouldn't be able to get your arms around the stack of rods. Boxes upon boxes of new lures and reels. Almost got a woody! Welcome to the TW brotherhood! Ducker!
  486. Fog Ducker!

    Spring cleaning at the Smith house

    You tackle whore! Ducker!
  487. Fog Ducker!

    PSAOA Meeting...April 21rst.

    You do realize that it is easier to say "I'm sorry" than to ask permission! Ducker!
  488. Fog Ducker!

    PSAOA Meeting...April 21rst.

    Be at the Mission Outdoors auction! Why aren't you going to be there? Ducker!
  489. Fog Ducker!

    Tuna Predictions...

    Wasn't that a TV show about diving? Or was that a documentary about Aberdeen! Ducker!
  490. Fog Ducker!

    Apollo Puerto Vallarta Feb 2019

    Very nice Mikie! Ducker!
  491. Fog Ducker!

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    A new Grady Prick has appeared! Ducker!
  492. Fog Ducker!

    Adulting Sucks

    Currently at 4, suck it up and keep it! Ducker!
  493. Fog Ducker!

    They didn't get this one!

    Is that a fin I see! Ducker!
  494. Fog Ducker!

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    By my visual calculations it would be a 39.765412598 degree rise before it would hit! :finger: Ducker!
  495. Fog Ducker!

    Westport Sport Fisherman I need your help

    Thanks Paul, resent! Ducker!
  496. Fog Ducker!

    Westport Sport Fisherman I need your help

    I sent the email and it came back undelivered. And yes it was sent to the address given. Ducker!
  497. Fog Ducker!

    new to washington area what can i catch

    I hear you can catch crabs in Aberdeen! Ducker!
  498. Fog Ducker!

    when was the new sign installed

    To bad they removed the "Used Kicker motors for sale!"
  499. Fog Ducker!

    Shotguns for Kids

    You would be doing him a favor with a single shot. Teaching to aim rather than pray and spray!
  500. Fog Ducker!

    Is this Craigslist??

    You should have agreed on a promised reach around to verify you had the right guy! Ducked!
  501. Fog Ducker!

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    That will just make it easier to count! Ducker!
  502. Fog Ducker!

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    Or you could fill it with sanddabs and have a prize for whoever guesses the right amount! Ducker!
  503. Fog Ducker!

    Westport Sport Fisherman I need your help

    E-mail sent! Ducker!
  504. Fog Ducker!

    Dock Wagon, thanks Goatram

    I like the R.O.U.S. hangin' on the wall! Ducker!
  505. Fog Ducker!

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    Now there's the gentile BD greeting we all know and admire! Makes me get all misty! :finger: Ducker!
  506. Fog Ducker!

    MA4 Bottom Fishing Numbers

    Inquire at any Rockfish Grill, they have the best numbers on the wallpaper in the shitter! Ducker!
  507. Fog Ducker!

    Everett Blackmouth Derby BD Side Pot.and snoking psa minor report

    Couldn't withhold intell from a fellow BD brother that works so hard to keep us fishing. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Congrats Jean, you rock! Ducker!
  508. Fog Ducker!

    youtube blackhole and boat launch fails

    Slimy ramps Boat still lashed to trailer and lifting the rear of the truck Bad E Brake Menahunies got in an release the brake just to name a few. Ducker!
  509. Fog Ducker!

    Seaqualizer locally available

    Not a problem Howard, we have a few more shallows to give away. The balance will be at the Monroe Sportsman Show in April. First come, first serve till they run out. Ducker!
  510. Fog Ducker!

    Avet reel setup?

    You Tube can be your friend, they have lots of scientific shit on there! Ducker!
  511. Fog Ducker!

    WTB Scotty laketroller 1073

    Looking for a used laketroller to put on a Yak. The one that mounts like the pic below! Ducker!
  512. Fog Ducker!

    I got seaqualizers. Were you looking for a shallow or a deep one?

    I got seaqualizers. Were you looking for a shallow or a deep one?
  513. Fog Ducker!

    Did Aliens land in WP

    So you're sayin' you are a turd inspector! Sound Kali like to me! Ducker!
  514. Fog Ducker!

    Washington v. United States

    currently 581 salmon for each man, woman and child. Seem like a lot to subside on!
  515. Fog Ducker!

    Boat Combo Rod Help

    I ran a Thrasher spinning jig rod last year. The Bomb! liked it so well I ordered a conventional rod with the same blank. If the asshole would get off the internet and go finish it it would be awesome! :finger: :cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::finger: Don't sweat it Jason, tuna won't be here...
  516. Fog Ducker!

    Is this Craigslist??

    Sounds like we need a "He's a Dick!" page on BD.! Ducker!
  517. Fog Ducker!

    Need a hinge

    Most welding supply stores carry them! I've bought them at Welders Supply, Central Welding! Ducker!
  518. Fog Ducker!

    Value rods and reels

    The only way I get nice stuff is to make my own. So I bought some bamboo seeds of of flea-bay. And two Feds showed up at my house 6 months later and confiscated them. Seems like one wouldn't be enough to collar this old fart! True story! Seems they are an invasive species! Ducker!
  519. Fog Ducker!

    Keg to Crabcooker conversion

    I vote for option 2! Ducker!
  520. Fog Ducker!

    Halibut Catch Record Card Hearing 2/14/2018 in Olympia

    Yes! Zocor the great! He knows all! Ducker!
  521. Fog Ducker!

    Westport-Ocean Shores Ferry

    Never! Ducker!
  522. Fog Ducker!

    Islander tr3

    You have me confused with someone else, while I am at most PSA SnoKing meetings (think that is the Edmonds you are talking about) I never won any pliers, and don't remember the conversation you speak of. I remember seeing you at the meeting, but only talked about getting my brides Highlander...
  523. Fog Ducker!

    Islander tr3

    Looks like I hit a nerve! "AAAAAA" Those pancake reels remind me of a tweed wearing fly fisherman! I'll stick with the USA! She hasn't let me down yet! Ducker!
  524. Fog Ducker!

    Islander tr3

    Why! Sounds like 6 Avets to me! Never a fan of the pancake reel! Ducker!
  525. Fog Ducker!

    Go ahead and laugh, then answer... Kite GoPro

    Hope it is not much longer till fishing season! Ducker!
  526. Fog Ducker!

    New WDFW Beta App Available Now

    And you bros trust the government! Why! Ducker!
  527. Fog Ducker!

    Mule tape question.

    There you go Dan, the brotherhood has spoken! "It would suck! Ducker!
  528. Fog Ducker!

    New Duckworth PAC Nav 215ASAP

    Looks like your gonna need a heater! Nice boat snag! Ducker!
  529. Fog Ducker!

    Unsworth is out.

    Put borders with a wall at all the sovereign nations! Collect your export fees for any goods purchased, and control immigration into the USA! They can choose if they want to be US Citizens like any other soverign foreign nation! Ducker!
  530. Fog Ducker!

    Halibut WTF

    Can anyone explain why Alaska gets 28.79 mlbs , and Canada gets 7.1 mlbs and WASHINGTON, OREGON AND KALI GET 1.32 MLBS COMBINED.I call bullshit! An even share would be 7.53mlbs each for Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Kali. Why does one state get to hog all the US halibut quota? It is our...
  531. Fog Ducker!

    Xtra Tuff vs Grunden Deck Bo

    And when did $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ become bad in the USA. The Government still wants all they can get! Bend over guys, tax season is upon us! I still like $$$$$$$$$$$$ and would like to keep some! Ducker!
  532. Fog Ducker!

    The State wants your opinion on Sand Dabs oppurtunities

    Looks like Halibut Howie took the bait! Ducker!
  533. Fog Ducker!

    The State wants your opinion on Sand Dabs oppurtunities

    Ok youv'e earned a full name, San Dab Hollywood! Please forward all flounder pounder questions to Mr. Hollywood! I think he wrote the WDFW policy for them, but don't quote me! Ducker!
  534. Fog Ducker!

    boat show ticket

    I hear it's hard to focus with your head up your ass! :finger: Ducker!
  535. Fog Ducker!

    King 5 interview on Director Unsworth

    Another stellar reason to join Puget Sound Anglers! Try to have as many memberships as Miss Eliza has rod holders! Join early, join often! Come and support our Monroe Sportsman Show! Ducker!
  536. Fog Ducker!

    Wdfw director...bye bye

    Hopefully someone who will restore our hatcheries! And start restoring our habitat! Ducker!
  537. Fog Ducker!

    Unsworth is out.

    As much as we like to think differently, everyone is replaceable! Ducker!
  538. Fog Ducker!

    Unsworth is out.

    Goat won't have time as he will be the next elected mayor of Stanwood! Ducker!
  539. Fog Ducker!

    Boat Show - Inquiring Minds want to know

    Definitely like to buy a stripper pole for the boat. As long as it comes with a willing participant! I had one installed on my last jet sled, sure miss it! Ducker!
  540. Fog Ducker!

    perch fishing

    Area A7 anywhere you can get to the water, size 4 hook, no bait required. Best fished with a cane pole. Ducker! Welcome to BD :finger:
  541. Fog Ducker!

    My faith in humanity is restored

    Sorry Larry 2 but I stand on what I said! And I am deeply in the group of the 100%. To think different is only deceiving yourself! Party on Garth! Ducker!
  542. Fog Ducker!

    My faith in humanity is restored

    You are only 90% off! Close but no cigar! Ducker!
  543. Fog Ducker!

    My faith in humanity is restored

    I like this bigdood, justice and mercy! Ducker!
  544. Fog Ducker!

    My faith in humanity is restored

    WTF is a wealth gap! Are you saying because some people work hard and are successful in this country and some are lazy and nursing off of others there is an undeniable magic separation called a "wealth gap" that causes this shit to happen! If so, that is the stupid thing I have ever heard of! I...
  545. Fog Ducker!

    Take your non-fishing politics out of my fun zone

    I hope you are talking about left vs right, and not our political fight to keep your ass fishing! ps: doesn't everyone like goats! Ducker!
  546. Fog Ducker!

    Portland boat show

    Stirred not shaken! Ducker!
  547. Fog Ducker!

    Happy Birthday Todd Brown

    Party on Todd! Ducker!
  548. Fog Ducker!

    Ocean Tamer Bean Bag Group Order

    Yep! Yer right Goat, and she owns them and will never give them back! We have a new poster child for the lost man card crowd! Ducker!
  549. Fog Ducker!

    Resurrection Derby. Fishing?

    Maybe it was, but I thought it was an add on. The way they call him up last after everything had been given out I thought it was an add on. Now you got me thinking and you know how much that hurts! Ducker!
  550. Fog Ducker!

    Troy fishnazi

    Did you get a fireplace installed yet? :finger: Ducker!
  551. Fog Ducker!

    Resurrection Derby. Fishing?

    No I mean $26,400.00! The thought guy from Jerry's Boats aka Master Marine gave him another check after all the prizes were won and he matched the derby prizes. Ducker!
  552. Fog Ducker!

    Resurrection Derby. Fishing?

    The winner took home @26,400.00!!!!!!!!!!!! Not bad. Ducker!
  553. Fog Ducker!

    Resurrection Derby. Fishing?

    Leaving in the AM. See you there! Ducker!
  554. Fog Ducker!

    Resurrection Derby. Fishing?

    Yeah! That looks like a derby winner John! Hello John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ducker!
  555. Fog Ducker!

    Bear gets hit in the nuts!

    Another clear case of information overload! :finger: Ducker!
  556. Fog Ducker!

    Bear gets hit in the nuts! Ducker!
  557. Fog Ducker!

    Looking for King Advice

    Looks like a large trout! Unless you catch a little one, you know the ones that are so important for the WDFW to count so they can shut down our season on the bullshit of catching to many naturally spawing HATCHERY FISH! Two facts: There are no fish in A7 and there are no Wild Salmon left in...
  558. Fog Ducker!

    Looking for King Advice

    I don't know about that, heard that Hollywood liked the Kali types! And he is an expert on Dabs or so he says! Ducker!
  559. Fog Ducker!

    New Years clam diggin

    Thanks Norm, I needed that! Ducker!
  560. Fog Ducker!

    Christmas present finally arrived!!!

    So did mine! Ducker!
  561. Fog Ducker!

    WTH is This-Martin Tackle Co Seattle Wash it says......

    It's a Dinner Bell, strike it with your knife and the fish jump in the boat! Ducker!
  562. Fog Ducker!

    Tried to salute you. Everett

    I fit the old bald part of that description, but not my truck. Missing the scud missile on top. Ducker!
  563. Fog Ducker!

    eBay/Japan electric reels for buts

    One drop was over 1200 ft. Old dudes need electricity to function! Ducker!
  564. Fog Ducker!

    Help me name this girl

    "Dick Head!" that's what you will be calling her anyway when she F's up! Ducker!
  565. Fog Ducker!

    2019 Chevy truck reveiled.

    Oh Crap, another mines bigger than yours thread! Ducker!
  566. Fog Ducker!

    Mfd question

    Ingredients 20 to 25 sand dab (flounder) fillets 4 cups cracker meal (seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder) Cooking oil, for frying Salt and pepper Chopped parsley leaves, for garnish Lemon wedges ADD CHECKED ITEMS TO GROCERY LIST Directions Coat the fillets on both sides with...
  567. Fog Ducker!

    Mfd question

    You will have to talk with Mrs Grady if you want anything wrapped! Ducker!
  568. Fog Ducker!

    Training needed!

    To many perc's Goat! Ducker!
  569. Fog Ducker!

    Training needed!

    Getting Old Should Require Training I bought a new stick deodorant today. The instructions said: "Remove cap and push up bottom." It hurts to walk, but whenever I fart, the room smells lovely! Merry Christmas! Ducker!
  570. Fog Ducker!

    Mukilteo crabber missing; his boat was found at Hat Island

    You totally missed the point Jason! Ducker!
  571. Fog Ducker!

    Big one

    Better be careful showing that stump pic. It looks like the Octopus that was slain at Alki! Josh, another quantity vs quality! Ducker!
  572. Fog Ducker!

    Mukilteo crabber missing; his boat was found at Hat Island

    Sorry for your personal loss Larry, but I thought the "Victim Card" was only reserved for liberals! Ducker!
  573. Fog Ducker!

    Big one

    Is this going to turn into a My Stump is bigger than Your Stump thread? Ducker!
  574. Fog Ducker!

    Here we go again

    Yeah Wild Fish C. has been a costly mistake make by WDFW and their premise to save the Wild Fish is bullshit. There are no wild fish left, only "natural spawning", Hatcheries have been on line since 1885 in Washington state, and I might add without a worry to mark or catch salmon from going to...
  575. Fog Ducker!

    Here we go again

    Don't sell them yet, you will need them when we all go shut down Olympia in PROTEST! Imagine what 10,000 trucks pulling boats would look like! Ducker! Break out your best tie died shirts!
  576. Fog Ducker!

    Another aluminum option?

    The 28' Allied that was at the Monroe Sportsman Show last year was the bomb! Check they out! Ducker!
  577. Fog Ducker!

    Hope you have your antifreeze in

    We have a new Weatherman! Ducker!
  578. Fog Ducker!

    December is starting off pretty bad or the why some people really suck thread.

    With an asshat like that, you may get a judgement, but try to collect. Find somebody that knows somebody.This has to do with no understanding of proportional response. Ducker!
  579. Fog Ducker!

    Looking for a Car

    I got an old rusty bike, cheep! Great mileage! Ducker!
  580. Fog Ducker!

    Ballard Inflatable Auction 12/2

    Went there at 8:00 am, nothing there I could not live without. Out of there by 9:00. Ducker!
  581. Fog Ducker!

    December is starting off pretty bad or the why some people really suck thread.

    Wild Bill, you need someone who KNOWS people to handle your problem! Dishonest Dad needs some plumbing up! Ducker!
  582. Fog Ducker!

    Costa Rica?

    Pelagic Pursuits Mark Coleman can hook you up
  583. Fog Ducker!

    Westport kids need our help

    Norm, the check is in the mail today! Thanks for the heads up. Ducker!
  584. Fog Ducker!

    Thought I would share for a good laugh

    When the Pilgrims killed a turkey, they should have killed a cougar! Then we all would have eaten pussy yesterday! Ducker!
  585. Fog Ducker!

    How's the fishing in Seattle in January?

    Damn it Elaine, Dr. Fong is trying to get hooked up again! Ducker!
  586. Fog Ducker!

    Did you thing our seasons were bad before?

    first step, create the crisis! Ducker!
  587. Fog Ducker!

    Has anyone figured out how to buy from Canada, Canadian made products ans NOT pay huge import fees

    And isn't there a way to claim their GST at the border and get it reimbursed? Ducker!
  588. Fog Ducker!

    Most stupid survey ever!

    I'll repeat it again for the challenged! "Government needs to create a crisis in order to get more money in order to expand government." It's called job security, and I don't see it changing anytime soon! Ducker!
  589. Fog Ducker!

    Pacific marine expo

    Every time I have gone they have multiple raft suppliers. One guy had a backpack raft for the kayak crowd. Ducker!.
  590. Fog Ducker!

    any health insurance brokers around?

    Really Paul, thought you would also! Ducker!
  591. Fog Ducker!

    Shop Build

    Sharkster, got ten cent tour of the finished project the last time I was there. Very impressive with secret passages and all! Ducker!
  592. Fog Ducker!

    That'll buff right out!!

    Thanks Todd, been missing her! Ducker!
  593. Fog Ducker!

    Moving metal carport

    Helo! Ducker!
  594. Fog Ducker!

    any health insurance brokers around?

    I call bullshit, had to pay for two kids when I signed my wife up. All my children are grown, almost started a divorce when I asked where were the two kids and who's are they! Ducker!
  595. Fog Ducker!

    That'll buff right out!!

    So, how much were the repairs for your romp? Ducker!
  596. Fog Ducker!

    UC 76 VIPER

    When you marble under guides do you put an underwrap also? Ducker!
  597. Fog Ducker!

    Air rifles? Google is your friend! Ducker!
  598. Fog Ducker!

    Wallis Heater

    correction for knockoff WBR = wantabee boat ram Ducker!
  599. Fog Ducker!

    Coyote's and Pets

  600. Fog Ducker!

    Looking For a Home

    Sound like a Vegas act! Ducker!
  601. Fog Ducker!

    Wallis Heater

    That may be it, I saw the flame icon blinking, that's about when it went tits up! Ducker!
  602. Fog Ducker!

    Everett Blackmouth derby

    Watch out for Wyatt Haskel, He is a threat to any kids entrant! Took 4th in his first tourny, and went home with a truck full of prizes thanks to Team Miss Eliza.You are training him right Sally Boy! Ducker!
  603. Fog Ducker!

    Another Handle Retired

    What so special about Captain Deviant! Ducker!
  604. Fog Ducker!

    Best place to buy truck canopy?

    Another 1/4 " of Green Algae and I'll be able to plant taters! You know I wash it once a year weather it needs it or not. Hey, isn't Green Algae healthy and good for you? Ducker!
  605. Fog Ducker!

    Lazy shooting

    9mm You just order what cal. you use, They have multiple choices on their website.
  606. Fog Ducker!

    Best place to buy truck canopy?

    Hey "biteme", he just can't comprehend 363 days of rain a year! As a Kali, he is interested in other stuff he deems important :gay::gay::gay: :Pillow_Fi:Pillow_Fi:Pillow_Fi:Pillow_Fi:Pillow_Fibieber Ducker!
  607. Fog Ducker!

    Lazy shooting

    Iphone app. 10 feet it is adjustable to distance in the app I think I answered but my nerdese is lacking! Ducker!
  608. Fog Ducker!

    Lazy shooting

    Well, it got here today and after about 5 minutes to download app and set up the target, and adjust the sensitivity. It works great. It came with just the one target that has a circle target and a silhouette target, and an option to pay for a quick draw target. Also came with an extra set of...
  609. Fog Ducker!

    Best place to buy truck canopy?

    Snug Top with roof rack, from Marysville dealer. Installed 5 years ago, no leaks! Ducker!
  610. Fog Ducker!

    Pacific Marine Expo

    JD, I would like one. Ducker!
  611. Fog Ducker!

    Blue Friday Double D Special

    Can't be a local, not enough hair and remember they all look like Sasquach! Ducker!
  612. Fog Ducker!

    2017 Bisbee

    What's the matter Jason, got a problem with short stick syndrome! :finger: Ducker!
  613. Fog Ducker!

    WTF ??

    Strange looking cardinal on the cap, thought they were red! Ducker!
  614. Fog Ducker!

    Where to shop?

    Only one order with Mudfuck. With an error, when I called they might have well just told me I was lying. All it was was a crappy sticker. never again! Ducker! I use Utmost in Sequim WA. They carry Batson stuff, Rainshadow, Alps, etc. and are related to the Batson clan.
  615. Fog Ducker!

    Everett Blackmouth derby

    So Vance, do you have to pay for that special advertising on your avatar? Ducker!
  616. Fog Ducker!

    Lazy shooting

    I watched several videos on their web site. Looks like your phone projects to the target and reacts to the uv the laser provides. You also need to download an app for your phone. I ordered the sled and unit $89.00. It also can be set up with a signal to start your draw and time it. It records...
  617. Fog Ducker!

    Lazy shooting

    I'll let you know, I just ordered one! Ducker!
  618. Fog Ducker!

    Coyote's and Pets

    Throwing a squeaker ball for my lab last year and a Yote came out of the woods and right at her. She did a 180, dropped her ass and ran straight to the door where I was standing. My neighbor tried for weeks to bait a Yote at his house, set up calls and game cameras. Set in a tree blind for...
  619. Fog Ducker!

    Anacortes Seahawks

    All three made it, must be something special in the water up there! Ducker!
  620. Fog Ducker!

    Paulsbo Marina is a Joke

    Where did you get the early photo of that Coldwater Captain! He was on the juice early! Ducker!
  621. Fog Ducker!

    Coyote's and Pets

    Wils, nice bait! Ducker!
  622. Fog Ducker!

    Coyote's and Pets

    You should substitute wire leader if you want to retain them! Ducker!
  623. Fog Ducker!

    Coyote's and Pets

    I call bullshit on the Uncle story! Ducker!
  624. Fog Ducker!

    When Thigh Gap Isnt Enough...

    So whats so cool about a split tail boat with a drone parked on it? Ducker!
  625. Fog Ducker!

    Braid under mono?

    I would suspect poor drag setting and thumbing the spool to be the problem, not braided line. Ducker!
  626. Fog Ducker!

    WDFW authorizes inport of Atlantic salmon eggs from Iceland

    Let me see--- Purchase land, mooch off the state for free water property. Build ponds and infrastructure and buy water, buy a cheap net. It will never happen! The State doesn't have enough stones to say no. They don't give a shit about our natural populations of fish. Unless they can call it an...
  627. Fog Ducker!


    In bed with and on the take from "You know who!" Ducker!
  628. Fog Ducker!

    What is it? Fish id Ducker!
  629. Fog Ducker!

    What is it? Fish id

    Wonder if they smoked it? Ducker!
  630. Fog Ducker!


    Steve, here is what the requirements are: Effectiveness in communication. I think you might have that skill! Go for it! Ducker!
  631. Fog Ducker!

    Finally Back in the Game

    Great news Kevin, who's the Googan in the pics! Ducker!
  632. Fog Ducker!

    Dont cook your tuna bellies

    Never knew a Kali that could say that! Ducker!
  633. Fog Ducker!

    Thank you to all!

    Until you have reached and average cost of Albacore at $121.94 per oz. stop bitching about the price. Just looked at what boat you were in, maybe you have already exceeded that price per ounce and therefore are free to bitch! Ducker!
  634. Fog Ducker!

    The difference between Guts and Balls!

    So you're sayin', the only thing stopping you is FEAR! Ducker!
  635. Fog Ducker!

    Stinky clothes

    Or you could just savor the smell! Kink of reminds me of my Practice Wife! Ducker!
  636. Fog Ducker!

    Stinky clothes Check out what Hot Shots said! Ducker!
  637. Fog Ducker!

    The difference between Guts and Balls!

    There is a medical distinction between Guts and Balls. We've heard colleagues referring to people with Guts, or with Balls. Do they, however, know the difference between them? Here's the official distinction; straight from the British Medical Journal: Volume 323; Page 295. GUTS - Is...
  638. Fog Ducker!


    CRAP, I see winers on both sides of this issue, think I will by some stock in a Manpon business! Cammmmmmmooooon, there are fish to be killed! Ducker!
  639. Fog Ducker!


    Did I get dumped on some Kali forum page? All this kneeling talk! Ducker!
  640. Fog Ducker!

    Getting sharked out...

    Larry 2 the fish guru! Now tell us about trout. Ducker!
  641. Fog Ducker!

    Tuna abnormality? Anyone ever see something like this?

    Radiation flavoring! Hear it tastes like chicken! Ducker!
  642. Fog Ducker!

    Tuna roll call.. Who's fish'n Sat??

    Gotta luv a quality bar! Now where did I place my Muscle Milk! Ducker!
  643. Fog Ducker!

    I'm a very lucky manhotstuff

    Carrie, Happy B-Day and best to you! Ducker!
  644. Fog Ducker!

    Beautiful Boat

    Beautiful ! Ducker!
  645. Fog Ducker!

    Aluminum Trailer Engineering Help Please

    Easy problem to fix Joe, "Get a rope!" and hang um. Ducker!
  646. Fog Ducker!

    Dodged the one.

    Best to you and the fam! Ducker!
  647. Fog Ducker!

    **Found** Very nice Bow and Arrow

    Haven't used mine in 25 years, I'll go check the garage to see if it is missing! You never know, maybe tweekers moved on from Kickers! Ducker!
  648. Fog Ducker!

    Rod Building

    Doc, Do you have an extra room! I only snore while sleeping! Ducker!
  649. Fog Ducker!

    Looks like my parking job (Bow Thrusters?)

    Those were those top ass heavy blow boats! Ducker!
  650. Fog Ducker!

    New to the forum

    Ahh, someone with skills and he is compliant! Welcome! Ducker!
  651. Fog Ducker!

    It's not an albacore, but it is a tuna

    Tuna steaks wrapped in smelly tuna sweats, that should remind you of the girls you chase! Ducker!
  652. Fog Ducker!

    Theft on Float 12

    Best to you Norm, prayers flying! Are you sure a halibut rod and reel will get more attention than a bait stick? Ducker!
  653. Fog Ducker!

    Tuna 8-30

    Anybody ever use downriggers to reach buried tuna? Ducker!
  654. Fog Ducker!

    Thought I would share

    The things you can learn from BD, I am amazed (how sick you guys are) ! Ducker!
  655. Fog Ducker!

    TUNA Gear Upgrade Needed ??

    Yeah, get a W80 reel and a 130 lb. rod! Not! Ducker!
  656. Fog Ducker!

    I'll just leave this right here.

    At the last escape of Atlantic Salmon, when they went up the Green River, Alpo dog food was the bait of choice. Didn't eat that catch as it is crap, but used it for Crab bait. Ducker!
  657. Fog Ducker!

    Proper sealant for mounting out board?

    Goat, what's the best way to hook up a train horn on a Tacoma? Ducker!
  658. Fog Ducker!

    German Shepherd Pups

    Looks like they have fetal alcohol syndrome! Ducker!
  659. Fog Ducker!

    WTF where are the WTC results

    And the results are????????????????????????????????????? Ducker!
  660. Fog Ducker!

    Washington Tuna Invitational

    You just needed to toot your horn at them John! That is weapon enough! Of course you need to be aware of flying food! Ducker!
  661. Fog Ducker!

    NEW BD members post a hello here

    Mighty wide split in the middle of the topless GF! Ducker! :finger:
  662. Fog Ducker!

    West Port Tuna 8-15 and 8-16

    Welcome to the madhouse! :finger: Ducker!
  663. Fog Ducker!

    West Port Tuna 8-15 and 8-16

    Buy the way, the pics should be provocative, both boat, and GF! Ducker!
  664. Fog Ducker!

    195 Palmer Tiderunner

    Class act Bo, missed the classic this year but got to check out the 28' at the Monroe Sportsman Show. Hope to see the stretched model at this years show. Ducker!
  665. Fog Ducker!

    DQ'd @ the 2017 WTC

    You are a class act from a great team, thanks for your explanation! Ducker!