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  1. hanapaakikijo

    Mini mahi carnage

    It's been ages since I checked BD and the comments by Gary T are exactly why I stopped checking and posting in the first place. We don't go to your Cali site and critique your "local " way of doing things! Read the post if you want but keep your comments to yourself!
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    Solo trip to Banks 05/10/2014

    Good going Russ!
  3. hanapaakikijo

    Banks report

    Good going!
  4. hanapaakikijo

    The last supper!

    Looks like he needed the Heimlich!
  5. hanapaakikijo

    Late Christmas Present!

    Dave, Better wait till summer for a better chance!
  6. hanapaakikijo

    Fish for the new year!

    Good going and Happy New Year!
  7. hanapaakikijo

    Late Christmas Present!

    Thanks Brian and Happy New Year to you and the family and crew of the Paris C!
  8. hanapaakikijo

    Late Christmas Present!

    Thank you and continued good fortune to you and the Capt in 2014! - - - Updated - - - Thanks Booya and Happy New Year!
  9. hanapaakikijo

    Late Christmas Present!

    Thank you and Happy New Year!
  10. hanapaakikijo

    12-31-13 Saved the BEST for last... B.E.T.

    No doubt on that one Pat and Nerlie! Great way to finish the year, congratulations!
  11. hanapaakikijo

    Late Christmas Present!

    So gotta admit that I have not been a good Bloodydecker since summer, not even a lurker, but had to post our year-end good fortune. Had my nephew James visiting from Washington state (forgot his BD handle!), and promised to take him out for a day on the water, along with regular crew Erron. Had...
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    Good going Brian!
  13. hanapaakikijo

    Soft Head 9-8-13

    Awesome as usual Pat and crew!
  14. hanapaakikijo

    Battle in the Dark

    Good going G and B! Great two days of action! You need to cut a bigger door!
  15. hanapaakikijo

    Fish Gods smile 8/2/13

    "Fishing with the Lee's, Priceless!" Good going G, B, and crew!
  16. hanapaakikijo

    Lucky Trips

    Good going G, B and Ken! Can't wait to get back out there!
  17. hanapaakikijo

    7/4/13 Ahi

    Good going and way to share the Aloha!
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    Good going Pat and Robert!
  19. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae 7/3 - Lucky ahi

    Good going, that's a fatty!
  20. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae - Tuna Hunt 07/02/2013

    Good going Bob and Russ!
  21. hanapaakikijo

    Bloody Deck....Really 6/29

    Good going Doc and thank for the info for Sunday!
  22. hanapaakikijo

    First Ahi on my new sled, 30' Knife

    Good going ! First of many great trips!
  23. hanapaakikijo

    Westside Action

    Good going Brian. Didn't know you had a Tuna too! congrats!
  24. hanapaakikijo

    Super Saturday

    Awesome! Heard Saturday was off the hook!
  25. hanapaakikijo

    Great Day!

    Thanks Joe! Pat, I'm surprised you remembered that day! At least we got a break in the action instead of back to back doubles! Yup, the price totally dropped on Tuesday. Good luck on the rest of the season and looking forward to your great fishing adventures! Thanks Jimmy! Thought I say you...
  26. hanapaakikijo

    Great Day!

    Nick, it was some great action. Thought I filmed all 4, got home opened the camera and forgot to put in the memory card! Oh well, at least got the fish. Thanks for all the videos that keep us all wanting to get out there! - - - Updated - - - Brian, Thank you and good to finally meet you! Good...
  27. hanapaakikijo

    Great Day!

    Russ, thank you and good going on your two the other day. Can always tailrope the others and drag um in! - - - Updated - - - Thanks Max!
  28. hanapaakikijo

    Great Day!

    Thanks Darren. Yup, I've known and fished with Gary since i was in high school!
  29. hanapaakikijo

    Great Day!

    Thanks Al for the info. The last two were because I was thinking of where you were and what time you hooked up!
  30. hanapaakikijo

    Great Day!

    Heard Saturday was going off so could not wait to get out there yesterday. Long-time fishing-buddy Lance (previous owner of my boat) and I, decided to brave the crowd and give it a go. Harbor was packed but in the water by 5:30 am. Since the fish seemed to be everywhere, went with the consensus...
  31. hanapaakikijo

    REDEMPTION! Tuna Report 6/27/2013

    Nice fish, good going!
  32. hanapaakikijo

    First Ahi Ever!

    Toad! Congrats and good going!
  33. hanapaakikijo

    Lunar lunacy w/ the Captain.

    Good going Capt. N and crew!
  34. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae 22 June

    Nice to have the Gorilla off!
  35. hanapaakikijo

    Bye Bye Monkey

    Good going!
  36. hanapaakikijo

    Double trouble

    Good going!
  37. hanapaakikijo

    6-7-13 In to the backing.

    Great day Pat and Crew! Can't wait to get back out there, da fish are here!
  38. hanapaakikijo

    On a Tuna Roll

    Keep the Tuna rolling! I'd take that pole back, not supposed to break where it did!
  39. hanapaakikijo

    6-6-13 Lucky Again

    Awesome job again! Classic surface bite!
  40. hanapaakikijo

    Tuna, tuna,tuna

    Good going!
  41. hanapaakikijo

    5/31/13 Monkey is off my back

    Hanapa'a Nick! The yellow goes good with Green! Congrats!
  42. hanapaakikijo

    5-27-13 (2) 80 pounders Waianae

    Good going Nick! Definitely the catch of the day!
  43. hanapaakikijo

    Great Day off Haleiwa

    Great day, Hanapa'a big time!
  44. hanapaakikijo

    "Quatro de Mayo"

    Awesome Pat and crew! Way pick up where you left off last year! Can't wait to get out there!
  45. hanapaakikijo

    Local upholstery shops for replacement bimini

    Elvin does a great job. Did my top and enclosure and he works super fast! His# 479-2042
  46. hanapaakikijo


    Thanks for the post, cracked me up too!
  47. hanapaakikijo

    Bang Stick

    Second for "Bud's" if Roy's no more. Ordered mine a couple of years ago and it's great quality and it was shipped really fast.
  48. hanapaakikijo

    shes 2 for 2!

    Awesome catch! The happiness on your wife's face while the Marlin was smoking your reel is classic!(as is her concerned face when you were leadering!) Great video, thanks for sharing!
  49. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae Late Report-Spearfish Saves the Day

    Good going on the Chucker! I was that other boat at CO on Sunday. Got a couple of Mahi in the general area, but nothing after that. Congrats on some ono grinds!
  50. hanapaakikijo

    What colors?

    "That was Easy!"
  51. hanapaakikijo

    Non fishing question.

    Your best bet would be Kewalo Basin for "seeing" whales, but the wind has been howling and it will probably not be the best watching water if you are worried about sea sickness. Ko'olina or Waianae would be way more comfortable, water-wise, but less whales to see. Hope this helps!
  52. hanapaakikijo

    1-21-13 MLK Day in Waianae

    Awesome day!
  53. hanapaakikijo

    Last Ahis of the Year

    Great Day Koa and crew! Went out the day before but didn't get all the way to the area. Also the water looks WAAAY nicer than the day before! Congrats on a terrific way to end 2012!
  54. hanapaakikijo

    Santa comes early!

    Good going Brian! Hanapa'a!
  55. hanapaakikijo

    12-22-12 Glad the Mayan's were wrong...

    Hanapa'a yet again! Congrats!
  56. hanapaakikijo

    Turkey Day Run

    Good going, should have gone out instead of guard the couch!
  57. hanapaakikijo

    112312 Black Friday to RED

    Congrats Pat on yet another nice tuna!
  58. hanapaakikijo

    Ko'olina Boat Ramp?- Not!

    Poidog-Phoenecian was the "default" after they closed and then destroyed the original ramp that is STILL next to the marina/fuel dock. Most boaters won't call Phoenecians a useable ramp, unless you don't mind regularly dunking the front end of your tow vehicle in saltwater!
  59. hanapaakikijo

    Ko'olina Boat Ramp?- Not!

    :Dynamite:Remembered that they were supposed to open the new ramp at Ko'olina by Feb 2013. While there during Ahi Fever, noticed NOTHING being built, Sent an email to The Honolulu StarAdvertiser "Kokua Line," and here is what I got for an answer: Apparently, everything is stuck in a review...
  60. hanapaakikijo

    Quick Kona Sashimi report

    Great trip and pics as usual! Lots of sashimi for everyone!
  61. hanapaakikijo

    Mate pulled into water by marlin on Gopro

    Too much crap on the deck for such a big boat. If you hear him, he says he slipped on the Dredge (Teaser on the deck). Lucky it wasn't rough and it wasn't a bigger fish, or we might not have gotten the video back!
  62. hanapaakikijo

    Nice day for Marlin Check out the video

    Awesome feat! Was there a floater around? Unusual to see the Hage's swimming around without a net or log around.
  63. hanapaakikijo

    090812 P.D.L.

    Tuna whisperer !
  64. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae Granders...

    Pretty unreal this year! If I'm not mistaken, Shirley Y had a 900+ earlier in the year as well out of Waianae.
  65. hanapaakikijo

    2 for 2 on Pacific Blues - Aug. 25, '12

    Good going and great video!
  66. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae 8/24/12

    Good going Randy! Can't complain about what you got. Went out wednesday and same thing with the Aku piles. Choke birds and kept downsizing lures but no bite despite getting good passes and finding several piles.
  67. hanapaakikijo

    Only 1 bite

    Good going G and Alex. The celebratory roar is a must when boating ANY big tuna!
  68. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae hotspot 2

    Good going on #1 &2!
  69. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae hot spot

    Great video! Great fish! Gotta get out there soon.
  70. hanapaakikijo

    Finally a BD post from Nemo

    Nice Tunas for your first and second!
  71. hanapaakikijo

    081112 Lucky-Lucky!

    Great solo Pat! Gotta love the action AND fish in the boat!
  72. hanapaakikijo


    Great day! Guess not so slow after all.
  73. hanapaakikijo

    1st solo Tuna run for the DawnMarie

    Good going Dave and crew! You must have been watching well when Hawaiian Style Tom took us out last week! And you didn't even have bait! Sounds like the run is going full bore now. Thanks again for last week and all the fish too! Go gettum this weekend!
  74. hanapaakikijo


    Thank you Capt. Tom! Had a great time. Posted some pics on your Hawaii thread. Learned a lot and caught a lot. Hope to return the favor some day back in the islands. Thanks also to "Deviant" Tim and especially to "Dawn Marie" Capt. Dave for the hospitality and friendship!
  75. hanapaakikijo

    60 Tombo ahi hit the deck on the Hawaiian Style

    Bruddah Tom, Beat me to the punch in posting! For all you Hawaii BD'ers, "Hawaiian Style" is your home away from home. Bruddah took care of me and BD'er "DawnMarie" Dave this past weekend here in Washington State. Caught a bunch of Tombo on lures and live bait. Was an all-out bite with...
  76. hanapaakikijo

    Sunday Come Back Fish 7/15

    Good going G, B and Alex! Way to persevere and get the 2nd one!
  77. hanapaakikijo

    First marlin for Krystana C

    Congrats Jimmy!
  78. hanapaakikijo

    Word got Out

    Good going!
  79. hanapaakikijo

    Summer Ahi-Yesterday was Epic!

    Thanks to EVERYONE! Very appreciative of the kind words. Still feeling it (sore body) two days later! Sounds like it was a great weekend overall.
  80. hanapaakikijo

    Damn the Torpedos

    Great morning! You be killin it with them Torpedos lately!
  81. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae 07-15-2012

    Good going, that's a hog!
  82. hanapaakikijo

    Eh Brahdah ! No tie off to da buoy !

    Pretty sad since it had been holding bait and fish for awhile now.
  83. hanapaakikijo

    071412 Plenty chances...

    Good going Pat and crew! Bummer about the rod, warranty? Fishing yesterday was unreal. Been awhile since i seen so many boats stopped at once!
  84. hanapaakikijo

    Summer Ahi-Yesterday was Epic!

    Summer started pretty slow for me. Broke down on day 1 of Ahi Fever and were not able to fish day2. Then it seemed that when the fish were biting, I couldn't go! Finally got the monkey off my back July 1st , with Chef Hiroshi as the expert crew off of Waianae! (first pic) Had some...
  85. hanapaakikijo

    Marlin release?

    Second what Pat said. Best I ever got for a Marlin was $4.25 /lb for a 375 # fish. Do the math, this can supplement most peoples income quite nicely, and shows the value of the fish. How many places carry the ice that we do to take care of our fish? Most guys I know carry 300-500 lbs of ice on a...
  86. hanapaakikijo

    2012 Ika Shibi Kona

    Hanapa'a ! Good going. Love the bar stool for the drivers seat. Only in Kona waters!
  87. hanapaakikijo


    Good going guys! Way to react quick to save the fish!
  88. hanapaakikijo

    UPDATE and 070512

    Good going Pat and family!
  89. hanapaakikijo

    Sunday BLOODY(deck) Sunday

    Good going! That's some non-stop action. Good to see that much life on the inside!
  90. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae 6/30/12

    Hanapa'a! Great story and monsta #1 for the year, congratulations!
  91. hanapaakikijo

    Short Trip 6/25/12

    Good going Kekoa and Keahi! Loadum up on Sat!
  92. hanapaakikijo

    menehune highlights from april to june

    Great video with plenty fish! Good going!
  93. hanapaakikijo

    New to forum, AHI FERVER team178

    Marcus and crew, Awesome vid! We passed you on Sat when you were hooked up. Thought you guys was ika shibi, cuz I saw you handlining and had no outriggers! Congrats for a great weekend of fish and fun. We nevah even had an Ahi bite Sat and broke down and could not fish sunday. Ahi envy for sure...
  94. hanapaakikijo

    Vixen Sportfishing - Cpt. Bomboy - Unhappy Ending

    Not a good feeling, but we've all been there. Guarans get the next one! Great angle for the video though.
  95. hanapaakikijo

    Tails we win!

    Good going to everyone!
  96. hanapaakikijo


    Good going Pat! You sure don't miss a beat between trips!
  97. hanapaakikijo

    Banks 4/27, West side 4/22

    Way to Hanapa'a G, Pops, and J-Boy!
  98. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae Mahi 4/28/12

    Pupule, Good going out there! Great catch.
  99. hanapaakikijo

    Hi Kai- Solo run to the Banks - 04/27/2012

    Awesome job Russ! Just getting tuned up for summer!
  100. hanapaakikijo

    ono waianae

    Hanapa'a! Good going guys!
  101. hanapaakikijo

    4/14- 4/15 Good Fun

    Hanapa'a again Nick and Ahab! Pictures are great too!
  102. hanapaakikijo

    Banks Mahi

    @Russ-Thanks! It's been along time since we found a rubbish like that @Pat-Thank you! Good tune up for summer! @Stoney- Yup Banks was holding, thanks! @John-Thanks! @Jimmy-Mahalos! @Pupule-thank you, hope to see you out next time @Ryan-Thanks, it was fun! @Dave-Thanks! That's my crew...
  103. hanapaakikijo

    2012 Hanapa'a Shootout

    Just passing on some info from Reid at Hanapa'a about the upcoming 2012 Hanapa'a Shoot Out. This years tourney is dedicated to the late Dean Yamashiroya. WHEN: May 12th Saturday WHERE: Keehi Boat Harbor In addition to the regular CASH prizes, Reid has the following AWESOME fishing gear...
  104. hanapaakikijo

    Banks Mahi

    Heard about the action on the banks so headed out yesterday about 5:30 am. Water was super nice and got 3 Mahi and a small aku in the channel. Stupidly went to P but nothing home. Got to the banks and started finding a nice current line and started getting strikes. Got a mahi then a a medium Aku...
  105. hanapaakikijo

    Hi Kai- Solo run to the Banks - 04/13/12

    Good going Russ! Glad you got a nice weather/water day again and loaded up!
  106. hanapaakikijo

    4-11-12 VIDEO

    Nick and crew-Way better thatn the re, re, re, re, reeeruns we keep getting on Sundays! Awesome job and can't wait for the next edition!
  107. hanapaakikijo


    Like Tsutomu, I just had Josh at JS Marine do my top (see "Back on the water" about a dozen threads below this one, for some pics). If you need more I can send you some. top quality , custom work for sure!
  108. hanapaakikijo

    all smiles

    Great day! You got a fishergal for life!
  109. hanapaakikijo

    Fish for the Birthday boy!

    Big Mahalo Dave!
  110. hanapaakikijo

    Hi Kai - Honolulu side of the Banks

    Russ, Good going ! Glad you got a break in the weather to get out there and slay'um!
  111. hanapaakikijo

    Fish for the Birthday boy!

    @JimmyK-Thanks, gotta wait till summer, but can't wait! @Skipper-Thanks! @Ryan-Thanks! @Capt Happy- Gotta spread the Aloha! @Pat-Cheers to you too, and that was Pressure! Lucky to get a few @Pupule-Thank you-hope we get lucky up there!
  112. hanapaakikijo

    GoPro Camera

    Had the original GoPro but didn't like the fisheye effect that has since been remedied. Currently using a Contour 1080 in a waterproof housing. Do like the the fact that it is easy to see if it is on or not (original GoPro was difficult to see the light on), and has long battery life and longer...
  113. hanapaakikijo

    2 for Pops

    Hanapa'a! Good going!
  114. hanapaakikijo

    Back on the water

    Thanks Dave! Can't wait to get him out there again!
  115. hanapaakikijo

    Back on the water

    Thanks Mark. The boat rides good for its' size.
  116. hanapaakikijo

    4-1-2012 Mahi Action

    Great job Nick! Can't wait for the video!
  117. hanapaakikijo

    Palm Sunday

    Pat and Capt, Good going on what you did get. You'll get the next one for sure!
  118. hanapaakikijo

    Fish for the Birthday boy!

    @Scott-Thanks! @Russ-Thank you, hope you get out there soon! @Doc-Thanks for the kind words, it works both ways!
  119. hanapaakikijo

    Fish for the Birthday boy!

    Answered the ad in the BD Hawaii Classified under"TRADE? OAHU fishing for Wash. State Salmon / Halibut" From Bd'er, dawnmarie, aka Dave Brabo. Long story short, his son Josh is here at UH and wanted to get out fishing in return for some NW fishing in Washington state. Since I go up to Seattle...
  120. hanapaakikijo

    Hawaii Kai 3/30

    Good going Doc and crew!
  121. hanapaakikijo

    double banger on da Kimi Some

    Hanapa'a! Awesome story and first trip for you guys. Here's to many more sickles in 2012!
  122. hanapaakikijo


    Good going Capt and crew!
  123. hanapaakikijo

    Back on the water

    @Diesel- Thanks! @Sam-Thank you! @Scott- Mahalos, I really enjoy her @Doc Jerry-Thanks man hope to see you out there!
  124. hanapaakikijo

    DEEP SEA FISHING KAUAI 200 pound ahi

    Hanapaa! Good going !
  125. hanapaakikijo

    Back on the water

    @Bob-Thank you! @Chritian- Thanks and good going on your catches the other day! @Brian-Thanks, and hope you figured out your engine/leg choice. @Russ- Thanks Russ! Hope to see you out there now that I'm rumblin again! @Pupule-Thanks, hope to see you as well. i always see you at the banks and Waianae
  126. hanapaakikijo

    Back on the water

    @Pat-Thanks. Hope to get out your side next. @Capt Don- Thanks,Should have gone Windward side you guys did great! @JB-Thanks-Josh did good! @BNaks- Thanks- it was worth it! @Laakea-Thank you @Jimmy-Thanks !
  127. hanapaakikijo

    Back on the water

    Finally back on the water after a few months getting a new Top made by Josh at JS Marine. AWESOME custom job by Josh and was able to finally get on the water after some new paint and small touch-ups here and there. Got out to the Banks yesterday and on the way took a GG bully in the blind. Banks...
  128. hanapaakikijo


    Good going as usual Capt!
  129. hanapaakikijo

    question: which diesel engine

    Got the D-3 160 pushing my 21' Saltwater(Tradewind hull). 28 kts top speed burns about 2 gal /hr trolling. So far no major problems, although I know others had a few issues with the older versions (electrical, oil leaks). Got mine in 2009. My boat is on the heavier side but the DP pushes her...
  130. hanapaakikijo

    New Aluminum top

    Re-posting this since first one didn't show up. Thanks to Josh at JS Marine for making a custom top to replace the one that broke! Even was able to retrofit my curtains. If anyone needs any custom fabrication, Josh is your man!
  131. hanapaakikijo

    New Aluminum Top!

    Been out of the water for awhile, but finally got everything done. Thanks to Josh at JS Marine for doing a fantastic job on my new top! If any of you Bloody deckers need any custom work done, Josh is the man to see! He was able to retro-fit my curtains that were made by Elvin too!:hali_olutta:
  132. hanapaakikijo

    Looking for "The Sticker Guy Hawaii"

    Chris, Actually just picked up my HA numbers from him. Same day service and pretty good price. Thanks for posting his email. He has a regular stand at the Aloha Stadium Swap meet.
  133. hanapaakikijo

    1st trip of the year

    Hanapa'a G and Clint ! Good going!
  134. hanapaakikijo

    Looking for "The Sticker Guy Hawaii"

    Looking for "The Sticker Guy Hawaii" who makes boats numbers and lettering. His website is down and lost his number. Thought I got his info from BD. Did my last HA Numbers fast and for a good price. Any help is appreciated!
  135. hanapaakikijo


    Good going guys! Great start to 2012!
  136. hanapaakikijo


    Good going Pat! 2012 looks to be another banner Kai Nana year!
  137. hanapaakikijo

    Kaneohe 12/29

    Hanapa'a guys! Happy New Year!
  138. hanapaakikijo

    Custom Windshield Recommendation Needed

    Try Elvin @479-2042. Does great work and fast too! Worth an estimate at least.
  139. hanapaakikijo

    15 Dec 11

    Great fish and video, congrats!
  140. hanapaakikijo

    contour hd camera

    Been using it for a little over about a year and like it better than the Go Pro(had the original prior). One drawback was it still needed a waterproof housing which added to the coat and made it bulkier, but they have since introduced a waterproof version. A plus is the battery life and that it...
  141. hanapaakikijo

    Kaneohe Battle

    Good going! Good to see the nice sized shibis are here!
  142. hanapaakikijo

    KANEOHE 12/03

    Good going Capt. Don and crew!
  143. hanapaakikijo

    Mahi on the 12' Makai Video

    Hanapa'a good going and great vid!
  144. hanapaakikijo

    Last minute solo trip

    Good going Russ! Congrats on the solo donkey.
  145. hanapaakikijo

    Da Gorilla Finally Went Swimming!

    Good going Guy! PM me your cell #. Don't have it anymore.Hanapa'a!
  146. hanapaakikijo

    More Westside Marlin

    Good going Kekoa and Matt!
  147. hanapaakikijo

    WTB: Bangstick

    Got a hvy duty .357 at: about a year ago. No problems and was about $125 or so.
  148. hanapaakikijo

    Lost big one - Got small one - July 30, '11

    Good going and great video!
  149. hanapaakikijo

    Team Defiance - Best week of Puget Sound Salmon...

    Mark, Thanks again for a great trip Sunday! Can't wait till next time. Remember to let me know if you come my way. Hope to treat you to some Hawaiian style trolling! Jeff
  150. hanapaakikijo

    Ahi with video! 6/29/11!!

    Great solo Ahi Tony! Video makes it all the better. Hanapa'a!
  151. hanapaakikijo

    waianae Sat 7/2

    Good going G and crew!
  152. hanapaakikijo

    06/30/2011 - Victory at Sea!!!!!!!!

    Good going Russ and crew! I've been in your shoes so I know that gorilla was getting real heavy! Congratulations and hope they now start jumping in the boat!
  153. hanapaakikijo

    Adventures on a tiny green boat

    Good going! That's some Tuna action there for sure.
  154. hanapaakikijo

    Lucky Marlin Day!

    Thanks Jerry and Nick! Yes Tyra Jae, this was from last Sept. But my nephew found it and posted on it so it came up. Good going on the Marlin in last weeks tournament!
  155. hanapaakikijo

    Lucky Marlin Day!

    Thanks "Zulu" ! I think your parents are here visiting now.
  156. hanapaakikijo

    part 2 north shore 6/13

    Congrats on all the Tunas!
  157. hanapaakikijo

    part 1 north shore 6/12

    Good going G and crew! Good luck this weekend and see you at Ko'olina!
  158. hanapaakikijo

    re: deep draft harbor ramp

    Not to beat a dead horse, but when is the new Ko'olina ramp gonna open? I think it's been 3-4 years of political wrangling, and we fishermen have to suffer!
  159. hanapaakikijo


    Will miss him saying "ok gang" on tv wearing shorts and rubba slippahs! Instant classic. Hari you will be missed by many. Mahalo!
  160. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae 3/2/11

    Good going G!
  161. hanapaakikijo

    5-30-2011 Good times good fish w/Video

    Good going Nick and crew! Awesome video too. gotta love that headband cam!
  162. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae- 5/30/2011

    Russ, You'll get'um soon. We've all had those trips before, but the when that reel starts singing all the bad trips are forgotten. Hope to see you out there soon!
  163. hanapaakikijo

    Weekend Recap

    Good going Kekoa! That was some weekend!
  164. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae yesterday

    Thanks Jerry! don't think he gets back till the end of June Thanks Pupule! Thanks PJ! Just got lucky. Thanks Jensen, hope you can get out there soon! Thanks Scott, yup sashimi for almost every meal for the last couple of days, but not complaining! Thanks CP!It was definitely sloppy Thanks...
  165. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae yesterday

    Negative Scott. He's out today and looks like he caught his early this a.m.!
  166. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae yesterday

    Finally got out to the west side yesterday. Parking lot was pretty full with trailers parked all the way to the fence. Launched about 5:20 and headed to the 500 outside Victor. Current was ripping towards Barber's and started finding a rubbish line with good sized pieces. Finally got a knockdown...
  167. hanapaakikijo

    Shakin it up on the shake down!!! 5/24

    Good going G. Didn't know it was such a bruizah! Hope to get lucky this weekend!
  168. hanapaakikijo

    Shakin' it up on the shake down

    Good going Pat! Can't wait to get out there later this week. Looks like they are really here!
  169. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae 05/18/2011

    Good going Russ. The rubbish sounds like the one my friend loaded his boat on the other day(Tuesday?) think he had almost 100 pieces mixed Aku, shibi(BE&YF) and small tombos. He said it was like a "Hawaiian Tuna Action" video for awhile. You'll get the yellow guy next time!
  170. hanapaakikijo

    Hawaii Kai 4/23/11

    Good going Pupule! We passed you on the Honolulu side before we headed for the fingers. We only got one Mahi , a big Kawa kawa, small aku and shibi and 2 Kaku. We also had rubber hooks today and had at least 4-5 other bites including a 150 Galapagos shark! Better than nothing.
  171. hanapaakikijo

    4/1/11 South

    G, Thanks again! Will either go Wed or Sat this coming week. will give you a call.
  172. hanapaakikijo

    4/1/11 South

    good going G!
  173. hanapaakikijo

    Crazy weekend

    Good going G! At least you guys and boat are safe and you caught fish.
  174. hanapaakikijo

    Hawaii Kai, Saturday 3/5/2011

    good going Bob!
  175. hanapaakikijo

    Hi Kai - 3/1 Late start!

    Good going Russ! Hope it stays hot!
  176. hanapaakikijo


    Good going Kekoa! What a haul!
  177. hanapaakikijo

    2-26/27-2011 Found some fish w/Video

    Good going on the Mahis Nick!
  178. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae 2/28

    Good going! Sounds like lots of action.
  179. hanapaakikijo

    First trolling trip of the year

    @Allan-Thanks Allan. Gotta call you to place an order, hope all is well there-Mahalos! @Jimmy- Thanks alot! @Pat- Thanks Pat- I actually dug the bullet out of the head and it barely mushroomed! Got my inspiration from your solo adventures! @Jonny- Thanks, seems like there are quite a few doggies...
  180. hanapaakikijo

    First trolling trip of the year

    Thanks all for the kind words! @Jesse-Thanks, and like your avatar, coming from a Chiefs fan here! @Russ- Thanks for the report the other day. It's what really made me want to do. Good going again on your catch. @Ben-Thanks, there were a few moments that really I really felt my age, like...
  181. hanapaakikijo

    First trolling trip of the year

    Been going bottom several times so far in 2011, but hadn't gotten to troll yet. Weather looked good, but no crew! Thought about cancelling or jumping on a friends boat, but since I was loaded up, decided to go solo for the first time in a long time. Launched about 6 am and headed to the banks...
  182. hanapaakikijo

    Weird fish

    Thanks CP. Neva eat um yet!
  183. hanapaakikijo

    Weird fish

    Caught this weird looking fish yesterday. Looks like some kind of wrasse in the A'awa (Table Boss) family. Weighs about 1.5 pounds. Anyone seen this before? Caught in 90 plus fathoms off Barber's Pt.
  184. hanapaakikijo

    still pretty lucky 2/11/11

    Good going G!
  185. hanapaakikijo

    Kona: mahimahi & shibi on fly & wife's first marlin!

    Awesome day Mingo! that Jack looks like a Dobie(sp?) Papio. By any chance did you look in its' mouth? If it was stark white, that's what it was. We usually catch them in huge schools at night. Terrific sashimi for sure!
  186. hanapaakikijo

    Big Jon or Henry Ching reels?

    From my use of both, I found the Big Jon's to suck more battery than the ching reels. Another plus is the Chings can be easily serviced/upgraded at Universal, whereas the Big Jons might be harder to fix. Bottom line, I use the Chings and the Big Jons are somewhere in storage.
  187. hanapaakikijo


    Good going Pat! Saw you guys out there yesterday, guess we made the wrong turn, ended up bolo's. Great Christmas Sashimi!
  188. hanapaakikijo

    Kaneohe 11-28-10

    Good going Dean!
  189. hanapaakikijo

    Looking to buy a bangstick

    Ben, Haven't used it yet. Not to sure about the shaft diameter, but the threaded portion is 6 mm. I have bent the sort s/s portion that I have attached to an old 6' aluminum hawaiian sling shaft in the past, so I would imagine it might bend the speargun shaft as well. Hope this helps.
  190. hanapaakikijo

    What kine feesh is this?

    Locals know it as Hogo. Great fried(whole), or take to your local Chinese restaurant and have them make it Sweet sour. Broke the mouth!
  191. hanapaakikijo

    Looking to buy a bangstick

    Old Bangstick gave out so ordered one from Paid $113.50 for a .357 Heavy duty to fit a 6mm threaded shaft. Ordered online last Sat, got it in the mail today! Have yet to fire it, but the prices and workmanship are hard to beat. Will re-post after my first use. Hope...
  192. hanapaakikijo

    Hk Sat. 10-2

    Good going G! Hope to get out there at least by this weekend!
  193. hanapaakikijo

    Lucky Marlin Day!

    Thanks Bobby! Allan, thanks for the kind words. Check your PM. @CP- Had to try the circle, just wasn't planning on the first fish being a Marlin!
  194. hanapaakikijo

    Lucky Marlin Day!

    @Allan- I thought that was you. Yeah been a real long time. Good to see you on the site and hope to see you out fishing one day! Jeff #50! @Ian- No problem. PM me when you got time.
  195. hanapaakikijo

    Lucky Marlin Day!

    Thanks guys! @Ian-that's me! @Ben-no kidding, the bangstick was acting up, so didn't want to chance it, so went old school with the Fly gaff. @Pat- yeah we got the mahi, about 18 #'s @Scott- I gotta check. It was the biggest they had when I visited Cabelas in Washington State. I think it is a...
  196. hanapaakikijo

    Lucky Marlin Day!

    YouTube - TwoMarlin Day! Went out of Keehi on Sunday and headed to HH. Lost a small Shibi then trolled back and forth for the next few hrs with nothing for our efforts. Finally hanapa'a on the starboard rigger on a 6" Blue Silver,Marlin #1 put on a good show and came in pretty easy, about...
  197. hanapaakikijo

    Super Sunday

    Way to go Al! More times than not, sticking to the original plan pays off. How many is that this year 6-7? Good going!
  198. hanapaakikijo

    Looking to buy a bangstick

    Russ, T Thanks for the kind words. That's Mikey who hit the Marlin with the shot. He's crewed for some of the best commercial guys out there and he's only 22!
  199. hanapaakikijo

    Looking to buy a bangstick

    Russ, My stick uses both .38 and .357, but I usually use the latter. So far no problems, but like others have said, use glasses and hit it under water! I had a Marlin in Dec that lurched as I was banging it and the reults was it was impacted out of the water. We all had ringing ears and the...
  200. hanapaakikijo

    First Marlin

    Good going Brandon! Congrats on the first long nose and many more to come!
  201. hanapaakikijo

    2 days 1 fish

    Good going on yet another Toad! Hope it's not over yet!
  202. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae Marlin-(video)

    Thanks guys! @John- it's a .38 spring activated type they sell at dive stores, but it's old @Shawn- Nah, not everyone on this site kills their Marlin, but alot from Hawaii do. Just my take on it. But to get "Bloodydecks" I think you gotta kill something!
  203. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae Marlin-(video)

    Was trying to get to the "Waianae Flotilla" that Kekoa wrote about yesterday, but was sidetracked by this spunky Blue. Bit a Clear Gay-Bob jet. No Ahi, but better than nothing!
  204. hanapaakikijo

    waianae 8/9

    Congrats! Unreal catch for you guys when it's been so slow for most everyone else. No scaid um go gettum!
  205. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae 8/7/10

    Good going! Good Karma for helping those guys out!
  206. hanapaakikijo

    Garbage Dump

    I just saw Henry Keakealani, and when he heard Hopu Kahi only caught 31 pieces, he said," brah, he only caught 31 pieces? why he nevah cut up da small ones for bait and catch moa!?"
  207. hanapaakikijo

    7/27 a couple

    Good going G!
  208. hanapaakikijo

    Fishing report Makapuu/ Hawaii Kai

    I'm no marine biologist, but I think I read that Mahimahi can reproduce at 3 mos of age and have an average life span of only a year and half. As far as I know, Mahi and ono are migratory so we don't have a "resident" population to worry about depleting. I think you are confusing...
  209. hanapaakikijo


    Good going Pat! Thanks for the great report.
  210. hanapaakikijo

    7/13/10 Kaneohe

    Nice Sweep!
  211. hanapaakikijo

    California Love

    Good going Kekoa! The cab looks mean!
  212. hanapaakikijo

    7/9/10 west shore friday

    Good going again G! Keep it rolling!
  213. hanapaakikijo

    Carpenters Union Tourney..

    Congrats Bobby!
  214. hanapaakikijo

    Double Ahi

    JB- got the camera from REI in Seattle, but see it online all over the place for cheaper the website is: and the camera I have is the Contour HD 1080 P. It's a little pricier than the Go Pro camera, but I like the ease of use of the controls. I had the original Go Pro, but...
  215. hanapaakikijo

    Double Ahi

    Thanks Russ- It was totally in the blind. The first one hit and thrashed on the surface so I thought it was a marlin, and was just slowing down when the second one brought down the corner. I heard it was slow too, but was trying to avoid the numerous rain squalls that day. Hit Ice blue on one...
  216. hanapaakikijo

    Double Ahi

    Thanks for all the kind words! Guy- Good seeing you again, and good going on your catch yesterday. Scott- never had the unfortunate happen. Got close though, but that's why we always keep a look out ! Attached an gratuitous "Bloody Decks" shot of my happy crew Erron.
  217. hanapaakikijo

    Double Ahi

    Got lucky yesterday off Waianae. Took this double Ahi and filmed it with a Contour HD 1080 P cam in a waterproof housing. Video shot in non-HD mode to get more time on the memory card. Like the cam bettter than the Go Pro. Fish were caught Kaena pt side of the pinnacle. Good Luck!
  218. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae 6/30

    Good going, guess we should have gone today!
  219. hanapaakikijo

    Our #221 saturday

    Great job G and B! Congrats on the Toad and winning the "Fever" !
  220. hanapaakikijo

    Kaneohe is on fire!

    Good going Al! Nice fish and great action.
  221. hanapaakikijo

    kaneohe 6/17

    Nice Toads Capt! No video?
  222. hanapaakikijo

    Haleiwa? Wass goin on?

    Darin your "shibi" looks bigger than 75#'s. Good going!
  223. hanapaakikijo

    Albies in Hawaii?

    I remember hearing about,back in the 80's-90's ,good sized ones being caught out Haleiwa and Kaneohe while trolling. Guys would catch multiples. I think it was Kuuloa kai, and back then Sanae O, and others if I'm not mistaken.
  224. hanapaakikijo

    Eastside 6/8

    Congrats on the Tuna! Good to hear the "Girlie T" still hanpa'a's. Joe would be happy to hear this!
  225. hanapaakikijo

    so easy a caveman can do it!

    Good going Josh!
  226. hanapaakikijo

    Kaneohe Tuna

    Congrats Kekoa on the Yellow guy! Looks 200+ to me easy! Bonus Mahi's and Ono make it that much better. Good going!
  227. hanapaakikijo

    Ahi Fever - Needs help

    Carrol Cox will put it on TV!
  228. hanapaakikijo

    Hanapa'a Shoot out?

    Russ, here's the link to the winners and some of the pics. They have a link to all of the pics on the hanapaafishing site. Was a fun tourney. We got lucky with the largest Mahi. Jeff
  229. hanapaakikijo

    For Sale: Go Pro Helmet Hero Wide-Like New

    Nope . I wear it over a hat and it does'nt move or feel like it is going to come off. There's this "gel" pads lining the strap that makes it stick to the hat. Weight is not a factor. The only thing is you have to make sure you aim the camera at the right angle(not too high or too low).
  230. hanapaakikijo

    For Sale: Go Pro Helmet Hero Wide-Like New

    Go Pro Helmet Hero Wide For SALE! $125 This is not the HD version but is the original Helmet hero wide. Specs are below: Model Number: GHHW5170 Resolution: 5 megapixel (2592x1944) photo, 512x384 video Sensor: CMOS Video Format: MJPEG, 30 fps, saved as .AVI file Optics: glass lens, f/2.8...
  231. hanapaakikijo

    Go Pro Camera

    Go Pro Helmet Hero Wide For SALE! $125 This is not the HD version but is the original Helmet hero wide. Specs are below: Model Number: GHHW5170 Resolution: 5 megapixel (2592x1944) photo, 512x384 video Sensor: CMOS Video Format: MJPEG, 30 fps, saved as .AVI file Optics: glass lens, f/2.8...
  232. hanapaakikijo

    Spooling reels from coil

    Put over a 5 gallon bucket before you start, then have someone guiding it off while you crank it on the reel. Pay attention and it can be easy!
  233. hanapaakikijo

    wtb king starboard on oahu

    I think Hawaii Plastics? Near Iwilei Costco has it in big sheets up to 4'x8' and different thickness. But is pricey!
  234. hanapaakikijo

    Parking fees at boat harbors

    You gotta pay at Ilikai/AlaWai. Early bird rate is $8/24 hrs, but don't know what time it starts. Found this out at the Mitch's Shootout. Regular rate is $1/hr.
  235. hanapaakikijo

    Tsunami Double...

    great going Pat on your solo double billfish!
  236. hanapaakikijo

    Banks Run

    Kekoa, Great catch and great way to start 2010. Heard the weather buoy is gone! So Who knows if they'll put it back.
  237. hanapaakikijo

    1/29 Hawaii Kai

    Good going G!
  238. hanapaakikijo

    whats up with Kems kewalo??

    Hank, Had a similar problem with them last year when I went in to buy a new GPS. The woman (Deira?) was very helpful and said the owner(Roy?) still comes in but not regularly. Bought a Garmin with vision G2 card and inquired about a transducer splitter so I could use both my Furuno and the...
  239. hanapaakikijo

    Is there a public ramp at Ko Olina?

    Pokai Bay was "THE" ramp prior to the opening the Waianae Small Boat harbor. As far as I know, it has been in huge disrepair since then and don't know of anyone that has used it for years. One plus it did have was much less surge than WSBH and way easier to launch and retrieve IMO.
  240. hanapaakikijo

    ahi, moano and big island fun

    Mingo, great color in all of your pics of the fish we grew up catching from the rocks. Always love to read your posts. Mahalo!
  241. hanapaakikijo

    Goin' off!

    Good going Kekoa! Great pic of the Opelus too!
  242. hanapaakikijo

    Gray Triggerfish?

    Caught one off of Ewa near the Moi cages a few years ago. It probably went about 4-5 pounds.
  243. hanapaakikijo

    Is there a public ramp at Ko Olina?

    J, Up till 3-4 years ago, there was a great public ramp at Ko'olina. However the powers that be (Ko'olina devel?) decided to close it and force us fishermen to use a haul-out facility aqcross the way at Phoenecians, saying it was equivalent-not! I tried it once, and would not use it again...
  244. hanapaakikijo

    HH Marlin

    Thanks to all for the kind words! Hope all of you had a great Christmas and looking forward to a terrific New Year! Hanapa'a the big one!
  245. hanapaakikijo

    HH Marlin

    Thanks Garrett! Yeah it is alot better than being sick! Too bad my video ran out of memory! Merry Christmas!
  246. hanapaakikijo

    HH Marlin

    A little late, but finally got pix. Went out to HH early on Wed with bait and caught a 20+ lb Mahi on our first pass. Saw shibi in the 10# range busting by the 3 lonely birds at the buoy, but they were not interested in our bait. Caught and released some micro shibi's on some feathers, and...
  247. hanapaakikijo

    Epic fishing day, Big fish, small boat

    Awesome catch. Glad Molokai got fish!
  248. hanapaakikijo

    West side desert!

    The closest thing to a "banana" related issue was a possible consumption a day and a half before for one of the guests. He assured me it had cleared. I'm not so sure!
  249. hanapaakikijo

    West side desert!

    Took some friends out to Waianae yesterday and... well at least we weren't at work! On the way to the pinnacle, found some birds, but sisn't stay with them as they were not so active. Out to the pinnacle and then to the pocket. One knock down going up sea, no stick. Current, wind and waves...
  250. hanapaakikijo

    Current Line Goop

    I always thought it was Ahi or Aku eggs, especially when you see it for miles sometimes and mainly at the end of summer, then the Ahi are gone! Just my 2cents.
  251. hanapaakikijo

    "On the short corner"

    Good going and great report as usual!
  252. hanapaakikijo

    Go Pro Camera

    Here's the Go Pro vid using the "hat-cam." This was my first attempt at using it. Sorry for the sound, but you guys get the idea and we can relive the thrill of the catch even when fishing "hawaiian-style-jungle rules!"
  253. hanapaakikijo

    Go Pro Camera

    I agree with Kekoa, this is a great camera for us bluewater fisherpeople. I bought the same camera right before Ahi Fever this year, and have been using the "helmet-cam" strap mount and wear it right over my hat. My only complaints are: there is no viewing screen so you don't know what you got...
  254. hanapaakikijo

    waianae 7/21

    Nice fish G!
  255. hanapaakikijo

    Ahi Feva..

    Pat good going on the tourney fish! We got a 142 on Sat and a 190 on Sun, but not big enough in this years toad-a-thon! where did you get the attachment with the results from? Keep a tight line!
  256. hanapaakikijo

    Ahi Feva..

    Watched everyone hook up in the morning and could only muster up a rat mahimahi. Had to wait until 3 to finally get my chance and was lucky enough to get one that went 142. Found him at the pinnacle and it hit a salmon. hope to get more tomorrow!
  257. hanapaakikijo

    Kimi get's 2

    Awesome Kimi and Garrett! It's blowing over here, and hope the fish keep biting this weekend. Have a great trip to Maui and hope I can post something worthwhile after the tournament.
  258. hanapaakikijo

    N'other Double Ahi

    Great going on your two tuna's! Sounds like today went ballistic- so many guys I know had at least two, and a few had up to 5-6. Hope they are still here this weekend!
  259. hanapaakikijo

    Pirates catch

    Good luck tomorrow!
  260. hanapaakikijo

    Volvo Mechanic in Honolulu

    Another vote for guy and Gav. Repowered with D3 last aug, so far so good!
  261. hanapaakikijo

    Pirates catch

    Nice fish Garrett! Went out Wed and had 5 marlin bites and none stuck! Out to 28 miles and nothing in the box. good going. Are you fishing Ahi fever ? If so, see you there!
  262. hanapaakikijo

    Henry ching Reels

    Universal sheet metal does the repairs/rebuilds/customization of the reels, and has extra motors etc. Very dependable reel, alot quiter than the electramates. The serious guys are using Seaguars now, but they suck up batteries! Good luck
  263. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae 5/23/09 Temperature's Rising

    Awesome catch! Congrats!
  264. hanapaakikijo

    A Red one!!!

    Nice one Garrett! Heard you and B did pretty good. Just figured out that I knew who you were. Mahalo!
  265. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae 05/20/2009

    In the blind
  266. hanapaakikijo

    Waianae 05/20/2009

    Got lucky with our first Ahi for the year and first since my repower! That's CMonster01 next to our catch. Took a 7" Gay bob on the rigger outside the Pinacle. also got a nice Mahi mahi before we got to the area. Glad to get the gorilla off my back! Thanks Cliff!
  267. hanapaakikijo

    New to Oahu (Need advice!!!)

    Don't know if this still applies, but MWR out of Pearl Harbor used to have boats. I think out of Rainbow bay marina(coreene C?) and Hickam. But this info may be outdated. Hope this helps.
  268. hanapaakikijo

    Getting permission

    Look up Nervous waters fly fishing on Oahu (, since it looks like you are a fly fisher. They can probably hook you up or give you pointers on where you can go. Fly fishing here is a relatively untapped and budding entry into the fishing scene, but has recently seen an...
  269. hanapaakikijo

    So who's the dentist on Oahu that knows Ming jade??

    Hey Pete! Yeah it's me,Jeff, and I talked to Helen today, and it looks like you talked to her too. Pretty new to BD, just like to read what everyone posts. Am in the process of re-powering my 21'saltwater with a D3 160, but as usual it's going to take awhile before the shop gets me up and...
  270. hanapaakikijo

    Boat Binoculars?

    Techno-stabi's are where it's at! Got mine on ebay for under $500 used and found they were still under warranty. Once you use these, you won't be able to use regular binos on the water again.
  271. hanapaakikijo

    Hawaii in April....

    April's peak Mahimahi season, so be prepared to load up on a bunch of them!