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  1. bazzturd

    For Sale Tent Trailer $2500

    2009 Rockwood Freedom 1640 Tried to post on craigslist and they wanted to charge $5 now! I just posted and sold my boat a couple months ago for free. Bummer
  2. bazzturd

    For Sale 2016 Parker 1801

    Bump. My buyer backed out. Wife gave him the okay to buy a new boat. Gonna be funny when she finds out how much anchors, radios, bait tanks, additional batteries with relocation and all that costs.
  3. bazzturd

    Old Glory Hole

    How much are we gonna bet they fix the one with an exhaust leak and leave the newly broken one unfixed
  4. bazzturd

    For Sale 1995 Blackfin 29 SF 45,000

    If someone buys my skiff soon, I'll be calling you
  5. bazzturd

    For Sale 2016 Parker 1801

    Bump. Some tire kickers and some interested buyers. Probably won't be around too much longer. I was out of town without cell reception and missed a couple folks. I'll post next time I'm gonna be out of reach that long.
  6. bazzturd

    For Sale 2016 Parker 1801

    With the outboard down it sticks out about 3' off the stern and the tongue an additional 4.5' on the total 18 of boat. Generously to not under estimate I would say 25.5' total. I've got lots of space so it's not an issue for me. You might be able to unbolt the tongue and put a swing away on...
  7. bazzturd

    For Sale 2016 Parker 1801

    Sorry. Westminster, CA
  8. bazzturd

    For Sale 2016 Parker 1801

    This is the last couple months.
  9. bazzturd

    For Sale 2016 Parker 1801

    SOLD.......won't let me change from FOR SALE to SOLD! Westminster, CA Hull: Ice Blue Engine: Yamaha F115 420 hours Bait tank: 38 gallon Blue Water w/800gph piranha with additional back up pump Radio: Icom IC-M424 G GPS Antenna: Shakespeare Mariner 8500 FF/GPS: Garmin echoMAP 64CV with CV...
  10. bazzturd

    Limits on the solo run tonight

    I stopped inviting people a long time ago
  11. bazzturd

    Mussel Farm to the 14 and back

    Sorry, I drink whiskey and get on bloody decks and things happen. I am going to go to the garage and do some pull ups and think about how mean I am and how I have offended everyone. Again, sorry
  12. bazzturd

    Mussel Farm to the 14 and back

    Burn some gas, fish a couple times a week, use you eyes, FF, and just maybe you'll get them. And the kicker is, I won't have to tell you.
  13. bazzturd

    Mussel Farm to the 14 and back

    I'm just going to put this here. Clearly there are tons of donkeys who don't know how to fish. But what they do know how to do is throw a hoop net down with dead s*** in it and catch bugs. Weeks and weeks and months have gone by with hardly any reports of yellowtail, white seabass, or halibut...
  14. bazzturd

    What is this? (Sonar pic)

    Not WSB unless it was rough seas. Guessing it was today or yesterday it was not rough. WSB are more straight
  15. bazzturd

    Mediums Bft

    The smelliest
  16. bazzturd

    Mediums Bft

    Sick, my kid has the same pajama suit. Macy's?
  17. bazzturd

    WTB Trinidad 30a

    Looking for new in box with clamp Shimano Trinidad 30a or mint with box/clamp. I procrastinated on a new for $375 and found a mint for $350 but the guy has no PayPal. Must be PayPal, my wife will gill and gut me if she finds out....... Not in a hurry and don't want line on it, if there is...
  18. bazzturd

    Yellowtails At The Horseshoe

    They are. Both ends and both sides. Can't not get bit. If you have thee magic bait for course..........
  19. bazzturd

    Yellowtails At The Horseshoe

    Have you fished the shoe much? I it's been 5 days today since he reported catching. They could be 5 miles on the other side of the shoe by now. They go where the bait is.
  20. bazzturd

    Newport/Crystal Cove yellowtail questions (kayak)

    Two weeks ago off CDM one mile out of the harbor
  21. bazzturd

    Local Fun

    Everyone knows there is no such thing as a 12.8# long. It was clearly 13#
  22. bazzturd

    9/14 Cat west end/front

    Magic is the same fucking thing. You want me to lather it in sugar and deliver it the way you want?. If my comment wasn't as clear as what you said than it's all semantics from here.
  23. bazzturd

    Peaceful Day Rockfishing 9mile 9/14 and a Few Questions

    I use scissors to cut the spiny fins off both sides and to cut the gut cavity away. You'll get zero bones that way because the rib bones don't come away from the spine. You just eat them like ribs or fork the meat off. I like to eat them like ribs. I can't take credit for the seasoning or...
  24. bazzturd

    THE BIGHT, 9/15/19

    luckily I scrolled right to the right paragraph of that........... gaff, I get the point. Something special happened
  25. bazzturd

    Peaceful Day Rockfishing 9mile 9/14 and a Few Questions

    I like red shrimp flies with larger circle hooks and full squids on each hook. The circle hooks really require a larger fish to get hooked and help prevent little buddies. Rockfish aren't necessarily on rocks like you might think of down there. A lot of times they will be on hard bottom, not...
  26. bazzturd

    9/14 Cat west end/front

    you catch on quick. I'm not saying this is what is being done here and this is not being directed at you, but I get a lot of asking and not a lot of telling. It's a fish report in a report. Better than no report. Go fishing, you might catch something. If I could trust that people wouldn't put...
  27. bazzturd

    9/14 Cat west end/front

    Should wash your hands after handling that brown trout. Vienna sausages sure work well on the 4 100+# threshers I released during my two hour cruise with the wife and kids. TODAY!
  28. bazzturd

    9/14 Cat west end/front

    Ma-gic....... Magicians don't tell their secrets. If they did, everyone would be magicians.
  29. bazzturd

    Not a bad decision

    Stoked the big ones are in town again. We have been getting them in my neck of the woods to. Used to be an LJ regular in the Rubbermaid
  30. bazzturd

    9/14 Cat west end/front

    We had luck on the slug yellows west end Friday the 13th. Had two party boats leave on boiling fish because they didn't have the magic bait like us. I had a 30# yellow come out and back flip on my bait twice. Never seen a yellow that size come out of the water that far on my MAGIC bait like...
  31. bazzturd

    Deep Drop Swords

    Experience has and will always Trump theory. Always has and always will. You keep writing more and proving less. Been crew on two surface baited fish that were absolute jokes with marlin casters. Thrown baits at surface fish. Never been crew on a landed fish. I have at least six friends that...
  32. bazzturd

    Deep Drop Swords

    That would explain why deep dropping at night is so unsuccessful here. Be interesting to see what some 100-200' night drops yield. There has to be a code to both. Seems guys are getting the code in the day time thing.
  33. bazzturd

    Deep Drop Swords

    Why do people insist on engaging in conversations with no experience in the topic other than the information they pull from their ass. Read up on the Booby Trap. They are world renown swordfish killers that fight fish up to 14 hours on 65-130# main line. They hold a few records. They don't use...
  34. bazzturd

    Deep Drop Swords

    How many swordfish have you caught? You realize that they fight for up to 14 hours and even longer. One lost at 4 hours very likely swims off with it's finger up at you......more than likely specifically at YOU! They will fight 10 hours and then destroy a boat, literally.
  35. bazzturd

    Passport Required for 226/302 area?

    They only do that shit to people who aren't WASP's. I'm totally not concerned. Plus I voted for Trump. I'm totally in the clear.
  36. bazzturd

    9/12 SCI Bluefin

    Are you making your windon's with dacron or spectra? How about an example like, whne making a 300# windon, I use xyz (size) dacron or spectra..... Thanks
  37. bazzturd

    Mission belle 9/11

    Thanks for the reply. I checked already. Hopefully it picks up tomorrow.....
  38. bazzturd

    Mission belle 9/11

    Was 10yft and 8 bft the total count for the boat? Well I guess I can check on 976
  39. bazzturd

    Native Sun 09/08

    I am going to guess you were the 10th, a way below and very under average fisher.........(man)?
  40. bazzturd

    9/7 - 302 - yft

    I lose my wedding ring every time I go to the bar. I miraculously always seem to find it on the drive home, go figure
  41. bazzturd

    Mackerel Report - San Diego Harbor

    No but they grub down on the Mac chunk though and you dont want to be caught near a Dorado without them.
  42. bazzturd

    Mustang boat trip

    They have been on the high counts for the last few weeks. Judging by your accent, you might not like the food. Just saying...........maybe pack some snacks. With the numbers they have been putting up,who cares about the crew, they're doing something right.
  43. bazzturd

    Gail Force Catalina Swordfish!

    You don't deserve all the shit talk cause you know half these guys talking shit read your reports and decide whether or not to go to the island. You contribute way more than they do and have the only respectful boats in the local fleet in regards to encroaching on PB'ers. Pretty sick, I bet a...
  44. bazzturd

    HB 9/1

    Don't worry, more to come. Stay tuned......
  45. bazzturd

    SOLD Shimano Trinidad 30A combo

    Same question? Reel only?
  46. bazzturd

    La Jolla-Aug. 31st

    Seriously I mean I appreciate it. This site along with the rest of the interwebs have just gone cray. I just want to go in the direction fish-killing-shit
  47. bazzturd

    La Jolla-Aug. 31st

    Cool. Thanks for that. My new theme for this site is to promote myself and people to post shit about catching fish and shit only relevant to catching fish. Stuff like that can have a forum of its own. Maybe we can call it, "Tampon disposal."
  48. bazzturd

    302 today 9/1

    Good behavior is getting harder and harder to come by these days.
  49. bazzturd

    Going out 9/2/19 from SD any intel would help!

    I had really good luck getting them to the boat with chunk considering there wasn't many fish where I was. I would top your bait tank off with live and then get some extra and ice it. Have someone cut it into 1" pieces while you motor out. As soon as you see some fish on the surface or high in...
  50. bazzturd

    HB 9/1

    Loaded the wife, 4yr old boy and 2yr old daughter to try and muster up a thresher. Things were everywhere at the beginning of the week from Newps to LB. Water is a few degrees warmer now though. I did see one tail whipping the surface on our way back from HB cliffs. Pulled a couple fat Macs...
  51. bazzturd

    La Jolla-Aug. 31st

    There is only one place I put my drain plug in and take it driveway. It's on my checklist
  52. bazzturd

    9 mile, 226, 302, coronado canyon. NOTHING! 8/30

    The water has been that way for well over a month
  53. bazzturd

    9 mile and vicinity 8/30

    Shouldn't you be shooting doves right now? Or did you limit out already?
  54. bazzturd

    9 mile and vicinity 8/30

    I am absolutely not a know it all, but I'm not a first timer. I rarely fish with anyone. Have safety gear, past long distance swimmer (5-6 miles ocean), offshore in boats since before I could walk, no pre-existing medical history and I could see 500 boats haha. I often times do you consider...
  55. bazzturd

    9 mile and vicinity 8/30

    Made the drive from Westminster/HB 0250 arriving at Dana at 0420. Drop the boat and grab bait with no line for either (early bird). Bait was shit and beat right from the get go. Pretty hard to cure bait with the turn around lately. Probably been in the receiver for an hour hahaha. Head to...
  56. bazzturd

    8/26 Triton at Catalina

    27'........!!!!!???? I don't need dive gear for that. If I go on Friday I'll PM you. Case of beer and we are good.
  57. bazzturd

    Marlin Mid Catalina Channel this AM

    You guys got me all pumped. I looked high and low for a few hours hoping to come across another batch of sleepers or hopefully a swordy. I had all the heavy guns for the take down but nothing to shoot at. I was in the blue center console. If I knew you guys had a marlin on I never would have...
  58. bazzturd

    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    It's not the monatary aspect I think he is after. It's about stopping the behavior. When someone's kid, wife or self gets a Tady 45 to the eye the tone will certainly change. There is certainly aggression from the cattle boats towards PB'ers. I've been by myself at the island numerous times and...
  59. bazzturd

    Report SportBoat Unsafe Behavior

    You should press charges. You don't need your son's word in court. They can subpoena people from thee boat. Surely some will lie, but I highly doubt all of them will. There has to be an attorney on here that will Pro Bono the case. If one of the "Big Dogs" out of San Diego was sued for assault...
  60. bazzturd

    8/26 Triton at Catalina

    Yeah it was all about the West end about a week and a half ago. I think the east side is gonna h at up now. Little bit of cleaner water headed that way
  61. bazzturd

    Chase and I

    Where the f**k is your halibut, calico, biscuit and reds? What's a man suppose to live on............YT and BFT?
  62. bazzturd

    Sat...tough day..

    Yeah I have. Only been on it 5-6 times over a long span. I only remember a couple glory trips that no one could bitch even if someone pissed in their coffee. Talking over a couple decades though. Im also not afraid to button my drag down.
  63. bazzturd

    Sat...tough day..

    I do the same thing but I'm not feeding my family from taking my friends on my boat.
  64. bazzturd

    Sat...tough day..

    Jeff is a dipshit.. He talks shit about his customers in like 80% of his reports. Who the f**k would go on his boat again if he talked about you like that. He had a charter of newbies and called in three reports bitching about them one day.......well many days. Who bites the hand that feeds them...
  65. bazzturd

    San Onofre hook and line swordie - not my news

    The only think I do with newspaper is start my smoker
  66. bazzturd

    San Clemente Island Report / Saturday 8/17

    Lets hope for a couple months of monsoon slack weather and lots of hurricane uphill push to NOT put an early end to things. If it's gotta be that way, please come heavy on the local squid beds please!!!
  67. bazzturd

    Ghost Town 8/17

    I don't think anyone should judge. Back in the day I have been 30 miles offshore of Loreto in 115F degree heat when I was like 6. There were definitely not a lot of boats, no radios or any safety equipment other than life jackets and my grandpa's carton of cigarettes and scotch. Things were...
  68. bazzturd

    Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    His profile picture pretty much sums him up. Think it's rubbermade or farberware?
  69. bazzturd

    Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    All over some cat food. F**k tuna fishing. Just so you know, meanwhile, ghosts were dying by the limits inshore. $10 in gas and no hassles.
  70. bazzturd

    Cat 8/16

    Was on fire for two to three months in the spring.
  71. bazzturd

    Cat 8/16

    Fished Silver Canyon and a little west with squid and sardine. Great bass and barracuda fishing. No ghost or signs of YT for us by 1100. We bounced and F**ked up the killer quality rock fish, best in a while for me. Even a cow cod released. Rolled around to the front for a legal halibut and good...
  72. bazzturd

    Catalina 8-10-2019

    I was looking at how close that Blackman was on anchor and saw those two boats in the other pic and was thinking the same thing. I won't go to the island on a weekend. Hell, I won't even go to the boat ramp unless it's to harbor cruise with the kids and wife.
  73. bazzturd

    Monster Bluefin on the 3/4 day yesterday

    And they didn't even catch more than 40 fish total today.
  74. bazzturd

    Preferred Fluorocarbon

    Okay you win........lame ass of the day
  75. bazzturd

    Preferred Fluorocarbon

    Don't clog the reports with BS
  76. bazzturd

    150/Rocky point anyone??

    70F on the 150 today. Cold break inside at 64F and back to 68-69F along the beach and LB Bay.
  77. bazzturd

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    What happened?
  78. bazzturd

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    your husband must not be giving you any lovin lately if you have time to read through every damn old forum there is
  79. bazzturd

    Catalina 7/19

    Damn that sucks. Keep at it. Here I am getting tired of catching yellowtail. Nah, not really. I'll never get tired of catching hahaha
  80. bazzturd


    He doesn't carry them.
  81. bazzturd

    T Shark 7/6/19

    Good on you for the C&R
  82. bazzturd


    Yeah, they are always at the bigger shows and I bet if I would have gotten the contact info of the booths I could get them. They only cost a buck and last a good amount of trips before the hooks start pulling.
  83. bazzturd


    Anyone know where I can get this brand Sabiki rigs they sell at all the shows for a dollar? They have a specific pattern (not in the photo) that has been magic for me.
  84. bazzturd

    Yellowtail at mother in laws

    I put a solid 15# ling in Alamitos bay last summer.
  85. bazzturd

    Strange catch

    Cause that shit is Baja and those of us that know aren't bothering with this fake report
  86. bazzturd

    Inshore mako

    Are you drinking Pedialyte?
  87. bazzturd

    Inshore mako

    Not gonna hate because I use to kayak fish too, but I never hunt sharks. It isn't very sporty in my opinion. It's like putting little bags of meth all around, of course a tweaker is gonna come along and grab one. Doesn't mean you want to take one home.
  88. bazzturd

    One more time.Seabass not Tuna

    Well duh. It was produced and edited by THE DAVE HANSEN!! Who wouldn't watch it?
  89. bazzturd

    One more time.Seabass not Tuna

    The video is over two weeks old and a thousand bong hits later I guess.........
  90. bazzturd

    One more time.Seabass not Tuna

    So great seeing ding dongs with fenders out hauling ass all over the place.
  91. bazzturd

    PB Barn Door....about time !!

    Take a look at the commercial industry. That's what puts the hurt on the fishery. Regulating commercial fishing is mostly why we have a rebounding WSB population. Obviously along with recreational regs. The real damage was done by commercial just like halibut as well.
  92. bazzturd

    Local SoCal banks?

    Why don't you just trailer to SD and launch
  93. bazzturd

    6/24/19 425/371

    Anyone trying the chunk on the YFT? Heard everything but that.
  94. bazzturd

    Cat 6/19 not much

    Full moon was Monday
  95. bazzturd

    Down rigger weight question

    Nice fishing report.......
  96. bazzturd

    PB Barn Door....about time !!

    Just an FYI, those fish and game representatives are not our friends. I was told by one of them that the majority of their information/data collection is to decrease limits and increase closures.
  97. bazzturd

    Izors / The Rigs 6/8/2019

    Someone had to make sure your husband and son were safe.
  98. bazzturd

    It this legal?

    Reputation? Hahaha. That’s the funniest thing ever. We all lost a chance of a reputation just by replying to one post let alone numerous post.
  99. bazzturd

    It this legal?

    Well with all the posts and no response from the OP he must work for another boat, is just the troll of the year or is probably such a big pussy you could park the charter boat he went on right past his labia.
  100. bazzturd

    22nd street pursuit

    And you don’t call 70 on the NAtive Sun combat fishing too?
  101. bazzturd

    It this legal?

    I don't know what is worse, them doing that or you reporting it and not telling us who/what boat it was. Just cause you were too chicken shit to do something about it, doesn't mean you should NOT tell the ones who will.
  102. bazzturd

    Horseshoe reds

    I did the same on Thursday. It's the only thing going on out there right now. Cat had the yellows going the last few days but I didn't want to make the run over. I got a #12 BSB in 260' of water too, C&R of course. I thought I had a nice ling, but oh well.
  103. bazzturd

    La Jolla backup plan 5/29

    Kills the inshore bite. Usually proliferates during cooler water years that have shitty weather to accompany.
  104. bazzturd

    LB bait May 29

    5-6" and shitty today. Bait is beat up.
  105. bazzturd

    La Jolla backup plan 5/29

    I'm afraid we are in for a red tide year. Water around HB is all red tide looking too. I surfed this morning and it looks red tide like up here. Cross our fingers it ain't so and it is just from all that wind. We need a big south to push it out.
  106. bazzturd

    89 and counting...

    I hope next time it's 98 people on that boat and every other cattle boat. Maybe some new boats will come around with better captains and crew who won't let shit like that happen.
  107. bazzturd

    Liberty Killed it...

    I don't have a ton of run ins with SD boats because I don't fish down there often.
  108. bazzturd

    Liberty Killed it...

    Haha.......tanglers! Cattle boats don’t just do it to PB’ers either. They do it to each other too.
  109. bazzturd

    Liberty Killed it...

    sorry double posted
  110. bazzturd

    Liberty Killed it...

    Zero empathy here. Cattle boats always drive right up my ass when I am shut down on a bite. I've been on cattle boats in the past when the capt has made a comment about running through a bite a small boat (cockroach as they call them) was on just to piss them off. I wouldn't scum it up and...
  111. bazzturd

    HMCS Yukon

    Here is what I have learned about divers and spearfisher-dicks in every single one of my encounters. If I am fishing a spot by myself with no one around, they pull up and jump there dumb asses in the water and that is suppose to be okay. I'm suppose to pull my lines and leave. If they are on a...
  112. bazzturd

    SOLD Shimano Trinidad TN 16N Narrow Special

    TN 20 sold. Narrow special still available
  113. bazzturd

    LBC to Empire

    Water 58-59F pretty much until a few miles from the island. Lots of boats but not too bad at Empire. Not much going on. Fish moved on? NS reported a few. Good water quality and 61F. Current was there but not impressive. Little rain here and there. Got away from the crowd and had some boils here...
  114. bazzturd

    Native Sun 5/8 Yellowfins?

    They were at Catalina. They usually have their AIS on but it was off today. NS reported some unsportsmanlike conduct which I can only guess he was in some sort of cattle boat vs cattle boat shenanigans. Better question than front or backside would be fin bait or squid. The squid has been dismal...
  115. bazzturd

    LBC 5/2

    The funny ass thing is that a bunch of them are probably reading what I said in agreement, totally clueless
  116. bazzturd

    LBC 5/2

    I’d say about 40-45 boats with 15 of them that should never drive a boat again. Bunch of ass clowns. Fly lining was out of the questions most of the time. You should be able to cast in any direction without hitting a boat not the opposite.
  117. bazzturd

    4/30 Local Yellow Bite

    Don’t leave the dock unless someone tells you where to point it?
  118. bazzturd

    4/27 Oil rigs

    Read the OP's post "Made many drifts between 150 and 250 feet with squid." I'm pretty sure that doesn't mean he is anchored or fixed to shore. And he is not in a closed cabin or down below.
  119. bazzturd

    4/27 Oil rigs

    Here is what I originally said: Hope he’s over 13 with no life jacket. What I should have said. Welcome to bloody decks. Glad you guys had a great time. I have a 2 and 4 yr old I take out on my little CC and they love it. Just a friendly reminder because your little buddy looks under 13. Review...
  120. bazzturd

    Video - Sculpin City + YT footage

    Try mayo, fresh minced garlic, little sour cream, couple Chipotle from a can of chipotle in adobo, and a squeeze of lime.
  121. bazzturd

    4/25/19 SoCal Inshore & Catalina Report!

    He was a poacher for over a decade and taught his son how to poach and took his son poaching regularly. Google the owners name and then his name and poaching. It ain’t like he did it once or twice. He tried to avaid DFG when he got caught. HE knew what he was doing. Guy above said it well, “He...
  122. bazzturd

    La Jolla 4/25

    maybe switch the stock treble for a larger one. Those 80g have some small hooks. Just a thought. One to two sizes bigger SS mustad stinger shouldn’t mess the action up
  123. bazzturd

    For Sale Fuel tanks (5)

    Damn I wish I lived near you. I need that 12 gallon.
  124. bazzturd

    Got my first Tanker, how big is she?

    I don’t mean short as in under 28” I’m talking 50” fish weight in the mid 60’s.
  125. bazzturd

    Got my first Tanker, how big is she?

    First, congrats. I just got in from soaking some baits for a ghost myself. Third trip (all only a few hours a piece) ghost hunting and I'm 0/3 for the season. Second, a lot of times WSB over 40" start to be close to their length in weight which can go +/- 5#. I've seen short WSB weigh 60# and...
  126. bazzturd

    Regulations for children Coronado islands

    Just get the passport and pay the couple bucks extra to get the card too. On another note, why is it a calculus formula for us to just fish a few miles south off the border when millions just walk on over from there to here??????????????
  127. bazzturd

    Here We Go... Everyone is into the Bluefin!

    I know I can, it sounds like you know you can. I can't speak for the masses on the cattle boats though. I do know the grade of fish and what guys are using to get bit on the day bite as I mentioned. If they are reporting casualties one can only speculate.........
  128. bazzturd

    SOLD Shimano Trinidad TN 16N Narrow Special

    Shoot, sorry I never saw this. I think alerts stop coming after a thread is a certain age unless you quote/reply. No paper work or box. Just fresh service, fresh PP and Tiburon clamp. Gonna update ad with some trade options.
  129. bazzturd

    Sheepshead at Catalina

    Some are suffering from boredom.
  130. bazzturd

    4 pack/6 pack recommendations

    If you are looking to launch/depart from Long Beach I recommend Four Reel Sport fishing. Neil is super fishy and gets guys bent on the ghosts!
  131. bazzturd

    Here We Go... Everyone is into the Bluefin!

    The word is the day time biters have been line shy so guys are fishing 40#-50# and if hook an 80# on that I think everyone can do that math.
  132. bazzturd

    4 pack/6 pack recommendations

    Where are you launching? Overnight or same day?
  133. bazzturd

    Need a boat recommendation

    Get to work
  134. bazzturd

    Does Nacho have squid?

    He’s been in a bait barge in Long Beach for 35 years. He’s out there all the time still.
  135. bazzturd

    4/7 LB trip - Nacho has squid

    I hope you bagged and froze all that squid
  136. bazzturd

    For Sale Helium tank (used and empty)

    That tank will be like $120 or more to fill. There is a helium shortage. On top of that, that tank will only fill like 4 36” balloons.
  137. bazzturd

    How to solder solid rings

    I was specifically referring to brazing bronze. Sounds like the little Smith is the only way to go for irons and re-rigging fly falls.
  138. bazzturd

    How to solder solid rings

    what various torches are people using other than little Smith? Anyone using stand benzomatic map torch for bracing bronze? I tried this and felt the torch diameter was way too big.
  139. bazzturd

    seadoo Fish pro

    Fishing Fishing chit chat.........yes
  140. bazzturd

    SOLD Shimano Trinidad TN 16N Narrow Special

    Bump for those who don't use the search........
  141. bazzturd

    3/30 1/2 Day at the 150

    I was out the day before with the same swell report. It wasn't terrible, but you definitely would not be running around all over the place. I'm sure it was a non-issue on a boat the size of the WP.
  142. bazzturd

    3/30 1/2 Day at the 150

    That's fishing. Some times its tough. I've burned a bunch of time and gas targeting specific species and come up empty handed. There has been some tough local marlin years in the past we've burned thousands and thousands of dollars of fuel and tons of time on the water to not catch what we were...
  143. bazzturd

    3/30 1/2 Day at the 150

    Totally against catching outside your bag limit for those who "didn't catch limits." If you want to give fish away inside your limit that should be your prerogative. I know you can legally do it, I just don't believe in it and don't think it is ethical. I've given lots and lots of fish away...
  144. bazzturd

    Garmin feedback

    Anyone with these units in SoCal with feedback? Same unit different transducer...... Going on my Parker 1801. Currently running an older 2016 echomap that came with the boat from Parker and over all I am happy with it. I used to have a Lowrance hook 5 series on a PA14 and thought there were...
  145. bazzturd

    35.7 Homeguard

    They do. They aren't in SoCal except May-Aug so everyone can just go mow their lawn.
  146. bazzturd

    For Sale 12 gallon gas can

    wheels or standard tank?
  147. bazzturd

    SOLD Shimano Trinidad TN 16N Narrow Special

    TN 16n narrow special in mint condition other than one narf near the base of the handle. Serviced winter 18/19 and only used a few times since. Always rinsed properly and covered with neoprene cover. Reel has Tiburon clamp and topped full with #50 moss green power pro spooled July 2018. $350...
  148. bazzturd

    Problem with my Avet sxj

    So..............with a forum specifically for this, WHY IS THIS HERE?
  149. bazzturd

    Catalina Opener

    Why don't you answer the guy that asked for feedback.
  150. bazzturd

    Catalina Opener

    I wouldn't Mainly because I don't like the way calico or turd rollers eat. I would rather snag a bunch of reds or sand dabs if all I am doing to meat hunting. Parmesan and panko crusted dabs with some other misc. spices are the kind.
  151. bazzturd

    Horseshoe 3-10 Seeing Red

    They make some kind of descender for that, not sure if it really works. If you take a 60mL syringe and an 18g needle you can safely puncher the air bladder and decompress them. The air bladder membrane heals really fast. The other issue is the occular pressure in their eyes reaches a rate that...
  152. bazzturd

    3-9-19 - Native Sun 3/4 day

    I fished my boat last Thursday in shitty conditions and got a pretty easy limit of straight reds. I bet some are getting them an some are not. No excuse to lying. I hate party boats and that's why I bought a skiff. Three over night trips a month with tip, parking, food and all that BS covers my...
  153. bazzturd

    14 Mile Bank Rockfish

    I've called the office and spoke with several officers on different occasions all stating it falls under "sea mount" which is legal. Do your own homework, get names and badge numbers to who/when you talk to someone.
  154. bazzturd

    Rockfish Opener at the Dirt Clod - 3/1/19 Report

    My bad, thought it was CCA. Hopefully those damn BFT don't show up in prime marlin time.
  155. bazzturd

    Catalina Opener

    I remember when I was younger I used to only dig older chicks. Now that I am older I will hit anything barely legal, just like your sea bass. Dave, I am totally fucking with you, I would have been stoked to put in my cooler too.
  156. bazzturd

    White fish- err... Rock fish open short report

    I agree on the ling cod fishery hurting. I know you can go get them and I know some sure fire spots, but they used to be more plentiful for sure.
  157. bazzturd

    Pursuit w/ 10 yellows fishing at Cat

    Everyone! Get on your boat and head to the island!! Throw anchor however, where ever and when ever!!! I just heard a report of a report that theeeeerrrreee aaaaarrrreeee YELLOWTAIL AT CATALINA!!!!!!!! Don't worry, before everyone tells me first, I already went and f**ked myself. Thanks.
  158. bazzturd

    For Sale Magma kettle propane grill-75.00

    I love my magma kettle grill. On a nice swell, you don't even have to flip your dogs. Swell does it all. Good price
  159. bazzturd

    2/8 Dana Point

    Nice Andy. Always sleighing those Dana butts!
  160. bazzturd

    WTB Talica 20ii or Penn Visx12

    Did you tell the 16?
  161. bazzturd

    Boat Capsize

    Typical kook ass donkey reply. Your level of education and keyboard wizardry reflects what little contribution to society you most definitely provide. This site and society suffers from fucktards like you.
  162. bazzturd

    Boat Capsize

    He probably buys farm raised shrimp from Stater Bros
  163. bazzturd

    Boat Capsize

    These aren't small buoys. They have four 6' + tall x 3' + bright yellow buoys with reflectors at each corner. The black buoys are like 6' x 3' with some 4' x 2 ' that stand vertically only on the lines that were recently harvested in which the send back down after a couple weeks. There are so...
  164. bazzturd

    Boat Capsize

    I was out there. I couldn't see any damage to the boat and I was close enough before the Sheriff told me to beat it to see that there wasn't a net or rope on the prop. All of the ropes on the gear out there sink. You can see the buoys on a rough day from miles away and they show on radar, even...
  165. bazzturd

    Should have went fishing...

    I loved the Super Bowl. I hit zero traffic coming home from Mammoth
  166. bazzturd

    Should have went fishing...

    You watch football?? That's your first problem.
  167. bazzturd

    Pretty remarkable week of wintertime fishing / Yellows and Bluefin

    I service them myself and have had zero problems. They are easy to do. I'm going to be doing a tutorial on it soon. If you do, I have special interest in the lever drags. Thanks for the great posts!
  168. bazzturd

    January rockfish - 1/4/19

    Nice grade of fish You guys in SD are lucky you can cross the border and get some killer rock fish in our off season.
  169. bazzturd

    Capsized boat at the mussel farm

    Yeah, lesson learned, will monitor 16 from now on. I always have my radio set to scan 16 and popular stations but get absolutely mental over the bullshit people talk about. Regarding your PFD comment and I am also super guilty of that. I've done a decent amount of long distance swimming and...
  170. bazzturd

    Capsized boat at the mussel farm

    So not one of you can comment on my question but instead be smart asses. Maybe this should be changed from bdoutdoors to, such has been the case since the start of it anyway. Regardless, I found out...
  171. bazzturd

    Capsized boat at the mussel farm

    On the way back in two days ago around 1400 I passed by the mussel farm and there was a capsized boat. It wasn't there on my way out in the morning. I never have my radio on (can't stand the useless chatter), so I didn't hear a coast guard call. I stopped by to see if any help was needed but...
  172. bazzturd

    Questions on making squid

    Yeah, ditto on the reply cold and wet. If you don’t want to stick around until 2am, squid ain’t for you. Otherwise, make sure your squid net is a large mono dip net. Promar makes a nice one for the tune of around $70. Also get two snaggers in rods in each stern rod holder. Alternate reeling them...
  173. bazzturd

    San Clemente Island 11/5

    Thanks for the report. What about those hoop nets? Did they find anything?
  174. bazzturd

    White flesh lobster meat. Not cooked yet

    Sitting at bottom of cooler in melted ice/fresh water.
  175. bazzturd

    Triple Marlin Strike

    Happens every year numerous times out of the year. Early marlin season they like the jigs and sometimes won't eat drop back or baits cast to sleepers. Striped marlin makes great sashimi and smokes excellent. You can grill it but don't over cook. The only way I grill it is teriyaki glaze with a...
  176. bazzturd

    Sea trial/fishing trip with 3 WSB. 3 reds, Ling and bunch of mixed rock cods

    Dude, that is so like the high end car dealer that brings in the "heavy hitter" (big tit blonde) who gives you a handy while you test drive and next thing you know..................signing life away. Good job!
  177. bazzturd

    Can't win them all / Offshore, Clemente combo trip report 9/30

    No shots of my boy's rig Gadzuchs? Thing is out of control this year with the dredgers. Sure are NOT a lot of Marlin ganged up this year. Hopefully next couple weeks....... There was that one snap up at the channel islands 5 weeks ago or so. That was the best and only real deal so far.
  178. bazzturd

    Can't win them all / Offshore, Clemente combo trip report 9/30

    No shots of my boy Greg's rig Gadzuchs? Thing is out of control this year with the dredgers. Sure are NOT a lot of Marlin ganged up this year. Hopefully next couple weeks....... There was that one snap up at the channel islands 5 weeks ago or so. That was the best and only real deal so far.
  179. bazzturd

    Lobster Season Opener 2018 - Highlight video!

    Clearly this must be fiction. I didn't see a single beer..........
  180. bazzturd

    For Sale Tiagra 30lrs black****PRICE DROP***

    And I totally want to get it, but I have been buying stuff like wild fire.
  181. bazzturd

    Major Surf Event - Be Careful

  182. bazzturd

    Major Surf Event - Be Careful

    I'm pumped for the good surf!! I don't bug out until its cold and everyone is over it. Hope no one gets hurt. Unfortunately its not about if but when and how many do.
  183. bazzturd

    SCI BFT Tuna Hunt 9/20

    Well, you're probably on the water now. I didn't see this until now. I like the rigging style similar to deep drop method for swordfish with less titches though. It hasn't worked for me with the limited amount I've done it, but I have several friends that it works well with. They stitch a square...
  184. bazzturd

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    I think Trump's wall just has to make a slight deviation from its original plan and we can solve this. Straight down the mainland Mexico shoreline segregating the Sea of Cortez and Baja. Something like say a, "TAKE OVER!!!!"
  185. bazzturd

    For Sale Talica 50 II reels BNIB -- $800

    Good deal. If they are around in a couple months I'll PM you
  186. bazzturd

    Channel Islands 9-24

    Nice! That thing is a bruit. Killer temps up that way still
  187. bazzturd

    F’n Dorado

    I'll try to catch them on the radio and ask if I am not seeing any around. Usually if you find one there can be more around it. Also, if it really is loaded, you don't need to be super close to it to get bit. You can fish at a not very offensive distance. I made the mistake of waving someone in...
  188. bazzturd

    SCI BFT Tuna Hunt 9/20

    Did you guys try dropping rigged squid or deep live baits?
  189. bazzturd

    SCI 9/21 thru 9/23

    Good job. Respectable size fish for sure. I have done the food saver for a long time. I'm gonna step up to the VacMaster soon. Maybe Santa can come early..........
  190. bazzturd

    9-20 Mussel Farmers

    Yep, you'd be a prime example of "The problem" by perpetuating this shit. In my occupation I save lives. I have a great deal of respect for human kind and I live by that in my work and personal life. Outside of work I draw a quick line in my intolerance for people who cannot converse and...
  191. bazzturd

    9-20 Mussel Farmers

    Dude you're ridiculous. I clearly replied to "tunaslam". You just got a notification because of the proximity of time in which I replied to your OP. Do you read things in their entirety? I didn't do anything or say anything to you. Therefore, it doesn't require an apology because it wasn't even...
  192. bazzturd

    Catalina - farnsworth 9.22

    Man, no action on the Farns? Bummer. This is the time of year the big homies that break off #50 are there. Any day soon hopefully. It's like spring all over again with this NW wind.
  193. bazzturd

    9-20 Mussel Farmers

    Didn't leave HH until 0730. I was on a boat at 1 yr old and so was my kid, both of them. Sorry you're deprived and depriving your kids. You can teach your kids to hug flowers, drink kombucha and not be on a boat until they come out of the closet all you won't. I'll raise my kids MY WAY!
  194. bazzturd

    Mussel Farm to the 14 and back

    If you knew anything about it you would know they have been trying to expand to a total of 1000-3000 acres. It is currently 100 acres. Some dip shit started casting his iron at the Parker with the Catalina Sea Ranch decals on it when they motored right by him in the process of pulling the...
  195. bazzturd

    Mussel Farm to the 14 and back

    Well, you started up with the foul language in your PM. Talk like an uneducated child and get treated like one.
  196. bazzturd

    Mussel Farm to the 14 and back

    You have to answer that yourself if you think it is relevant. I never mentioned ownership. Someone that launches out of different places all the time and then stumbles across a spot like aforementioned location, would probably not catch so much shit for completely putting a spot on blast...
  197. bazzturd

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    And yes, it is a little much. I have to admit, I never fish there but lots of my friends do. I don't even know where to begin to get all the BS in order to go. Their seiners come up here and destroy our tuna grounds. The least they could do is make it a little easier for "Recreational" fisherman.
  198. bazzturd

    Coronado Island Biosphere Bracelet

    I wish something like that applied to them in our country. Something like, "It's our land, not theirs! Don't like to follow laws, don't come here.
  199. bazzturd

    Mussel Farm to the 14 and back

    Well, some of us are not transient fisherman from San Fernando. You don't fish in an area that other people fish regularly and blow their spot up. Never in the history of fishing has that been good etiquette. You want to give some general area info fine. Why do you think everyone is always...
  200. bazzturd

    9-20 Mussel Farmers

    I made bait fairly easy. Took a little longer than normal. 40 pieces. You guys had no business in that Skipjack (I am pretty sure I recognized YOU) getting so close to me. My engine was off was off and I was solo with my 3 year old. You guys had someone driving the boat that backed so close I...
  201. bazzturd

    Late Report 9/16 Dana Point Marlin with the teens

    I can't believe they are still on the jigs. By now, they are all keyed in on bait.
  202. bazzturd

    Mussel Pharm, 150 and outside

    Bullshit- A term to describe anything in general, fiction or not.
  203. bazzturd

    Cows landed on the Freedom

    Award to the worst music ever goes to...............
  204. bazzturd

    Mussel Farm to the 14 and back

    No, that was the "ONE" time it bit really well. Otherwise, it really is way more miss than hit. I always get a couple yellows at the island. It makes going there and saving the frustration way more worth it. The extra miles are worth it.
  205. bazzturd

    Mussel Pharm, 150 and outside

    I did use the macs I made to chunk at Izors to catch some fat bass on the 80g sniper. Sore lips on some bass, no death
  206. bazzturd

    Mussel Pharm, 150 and outside

    9/16 PM Hit the mussel farm in the chop afternoon yesterday for nada. Jumped in the water with the spear. Water was too dirty too see more than 10-15'. Didn't mark anything or see anything. 9/17 AM Hit the mussel farm for the same as yesterday afternoon. Dirty green water and several degrees...
  207. bazzturd

    Targeting stripers in so cal..

    Aha. Wearing lace and covered in glitter. Damn auto correct
  208. bazzturd

    For Sale Shimano tiagra 30wlrs 295

    Service and use status?
  209. bazzturd

    For Sale BNIB talica 25 and phenix hybrid 7004xh

    FYI: If you are interested in his rods, he is honest and I recommend buying from him. You won't be disappointed.
  210. bazzturd

    Targeting stripers in so cal..

    I had a patient come to my work like 6 months ago that caught three strippers off of one of the piers across from the Queen Mary. I was blown away. Dude was fishing frozen old ass sardines bought at who knows where on a float. Same guy showed me of past WSB that were legal (barely) caught at...
  211. bazzturd

    Oceanside Chabasco II

    That's a great pic of the grom with the hen that is all lit up.
  212. bazzturd

    Rpt. 09-03-18 Cat/SCI The beat goes on!

    I always keep a one pound bag full of my dines and freeze them for chumming up macs at a later date and time. I've also been saving up for you know what season coming up.
  213. bazzturd

    Catalina 9/1/18 Backside Looking for Cows

    Good to see the wind didn't affect the temps too much back there.
  214. bazzturd

    Rocky Point/PV

    All it takes is one good wind blow. It's rebounding already
  215. bazzturd

    Weather conditions for tomorrow

    Not trying to be a dick, but if you're concerned for your son, you'd probably better start learning to figure this out on your own instead of asking on here. And that is just a chip of ice on the iceberg. Swell...
  216. bazzturd


    Yeah, I went out yesterday morning. I soaked baits at a couple spots. I was back in the driveway by 10:45am. Water rolled over hard. Was 62.7-63.5 four-five miles out and beyond yesterday morning. Last Friday and Sat was WFO yellowtail fishing in 76F water two days in a row. What a difference a...
  217. bazzturd

    8-18-18 Marlin behind Santa Cruz Island

    DROP BACK FIRST!! Pull jigs in second.
  218. bazzturd

    Triton Catalina Report 8/27

    Damn. Where are all the home-guards? I've been getting the 20's but what happen to all our #30's ++ ?? Maybe winter is gonna pop on the big ones and local WSB! History has been anchovy invasion, local squid beds, maybe albacore with all these chovies soon to grow.
  219. bazzturd

    Attn: Jumbo Guys!

    We saw the same thing, but we were Marlin fishing. We have more success with the Marlin than the BFT. We probably saw you.
  220. bazzturd

    Bloodiest deck ever! What species tuna is this?

    Sick "Southern California Offshore Report"
  221. bazzturd

    For Sale Seeker American Classics A270H-8'CT 8' deckhand

    And even more funny I've been on here 5 more years than you. Spend more time with your family and less being a troll
  222. bazzturd

    For Sale Seeker American Classics A270H-8'CT 8' deckhand

    Not new. I just have life. Not looking to rack up the posts by telling people how to edit their shit.
  223. bazzturd

    Pyramid and China Cove 30 - 03Aug

  224. bazzturd

    Catalina Frontside - General Overview

    PSA not directed to the OP but everyone. If you're gonna slow troll give people soaking some space for F sake. Had six or more boats run our F'ing baits over (baits were not too far from boat). Had a boat run over the YT I just got bit on the iron, watch me bent and kept on driving. They must...
  225. bazzturd

    Triton 7/28 Catalina

    You're right about the traffic. The problem Friday besides some Paker 25 pilot house following me everywhere, were people slow trolling all up in our long soaks running over where our baits where. Major donkey show. Go wide people!! We still got ours but would have been better if not for that.
  226. bazzturd

    Calico City - Cat 7/28/18

    How was the bait you got? I feel like the bait I got Friday was a little beat up from Nacho.
  227. bazzturd

    A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. And a Big Ass Shark

    I carry a spare bait pump and some butt connectors. Can't to s**t about the GPS though.
  228. bazzturd

    Triton with Fishing Syndicate Catalina Island 7/25/18

    You do a great job of posting adequate reports and very timely. I know us private guys like seeing them for island status updates. If I get on a local party boat any time in the next couple months, I will be sure to give you guys a try. Thanks, Brian
  229. bazzturd

    7/14. 14 Mile

    Damn, I wish I would have reported possibly saving you the trouble, but I was bombarded with work, kids and wife. I went to the 14 yesterday and it was shit conditions (windy) and no life. Ton of bait deep on the bottom of the 14 in about 150' with nothing else there. Paying dues..............
  230. bazzturd

    Backside Cat 7/7

    Thanks for the reply. I was curious because there have been some balls of king size candy if you know where to look. Was wondering if the bigger models were honed in on that.
  231. bazzturd

    YFT Real close

    Not too shy if that one took the Tady C to the upper tooth
  232. bazzturd

    Backside Cat 7/7

    Did you gut check the yellows?
  233. bazzturd

    Backside Cat 7/7

    Good job. Quick and concise, I like it!
  234. bazzturd

    Nados 7/7/18

    According to the article, he basically got a slap on the wrist in my eyes. Nowhere near $52k. John Woodrum (owner of Pursuit & Ultra Sport Fishing) got railroaded for shooting a seal. He did almost a full year (I think that is how long he told me) in state and fined up the ass and back. I'll...
  235. bazzturd

    Report 7/2 - Same story

    That is a nice yeller. We were out around the full moon finding massive kelps with nothing home.
  236. bazzturd

    Toronado Half Day out of Long Beach 7/1 - BFT??

    Knowing the Toronado's reputation, I think what happened was they did get them on .5 day. They drove around for 1 day until they found someone that found the fish for them. Then fished for .5 day.
  237. bazzturd

    For Sale Penn International 975CS $$$$

    Good condition, minor boat rash. Serviced end of last year and only used a couple times since. Topped off with 80# power pro, I used it for bass and shallow butts. Great reel. I'm just slowly converting all my rigs. Price $150 No Trades Thanks, Brian
  238. bazzturd

    6/29/18 at Cat

    There is no lore. You got railroaded by a 90# WSB. That's the story and stick to it :D:D
  239. bazzturd

    WTB Sinkers all size.

    Do you have clean lead?
  240. bazzturd

    SCI bass, yellows and bluefin chances / Tuesday 6/26 Report

    Unaware of this report, I was out there the day after (Thursday) and the only shit show was the water condition. Full victory at sea.
  241. bazzturd

    Dana 6-22-18

    Thank you for releasing that baby thresher. So many a-holes keep those rats and it's a sad sad day when they do, in my opinion. Good karma on you.
  242. bazzturd

    For Sale AR-15 223-5.56mm sale/trade

    Update on trade items: Trinidad Gold still Newer Trinidad A models (seeing as how "SOME" people are putting the same damn value on them LOL). Talica 10, 12, 16 in 2 speed. Possibly the single speeds depending on what you got
  243. bazzturd

    Catalina on the Patriot 6/13/18

    Welfare Wednesday. I haven't heard that one. Maybe they should start taking EBT at the ticket window. Would be better than 7-11 nachos that does accept EBT
  244. bazzturd

    Horseshoe, Izors and around. 6/10/18 either i suck at fishing or the local fishing sucks!

    This south swell will push all that green water out of Izors and the Horseshoe hopefully and it will be a totally different weekend next week.
  245. bazzturd

    Big Bass and Yellows at San Clemente Island Saturday 6/9

    Few extra pounds of drag over the torium helps too.
  246. bazzturd

    Big Bass and Yellows at San Clemente Island Saturday 6/9

    Killer report. How do you like the way those Penn star drags cast the jig? I'm sure you've thrown Toriums. How do they compare?
  247. bazzturd

    Even a Blind Squirrel... Local 6/9/2018

    Can't get mad at turning around in early order for that reason
  248. bazzturd

    For Sale Shimano Tiagra 12 Single or Pair

    How old are they/model year?
  249. bazzturd

    Parker 1801 Prop

    Yes, I am aware of their prop selector. I'm looking for input from someone with a Parker 18 and what they are running. I know all the theoretical info, but I'm not looking to experiment with $300-$500 props.
  250. bazzturd

    Parker 1801 Prop

    No T-Top. I would have to look at what hole it's mounted at. The cavitation plate is just slight above parallel to hull. Hydrofoil, yes. 5200 WFO with trim all the way down (Bow down) and does not change when trimmed up until I start to trim enough to lose speed. No trim tabs.
  251. bazzturd

    San Clemente Island 6/4

    No way those boats where there. Not trying to be a dick. But it's like 99% impossible those guys went there. I don't think John would say he was at Cat and not be there and I also don't think he would have gone from San Pedro to Clemente at the 10 kts he usually goes. 6/4 report...
  252. bazzturd

    Munchkin Squid at Cat

    I made a full 5 gallon bucket of those little guys a few weeks ago and I am stoked. I bagged them into sandwich bags. They are gonna be great rock fish bait when I need them. YT are on the fin bait now depending on what side/end you're on.
  253. bazzturd

    Parker 1801 Prop

    2016 Parker 1801. I'm running a 13x19 stock prop on the Yamaha F115 and when I'm running around with my bait tank filled up I'm maxing out at 5200 rpm. I'm interested in what other people are running. Thanks, Brian
  254. bazzturd

    6/3/18 Southeast Bank/Izors/Oil Rigs

    WTF! I picked up 7 balloons the other day
  255. bazzturd

    Best Garage Sale Score - I Got GOLD!

    And wouldn't sell a single one less than $300...............
  256. bazzturd

    La Jolla 5-23-18

    Nice job, but holy cow how did you get one YT to make that bog of a mess?
  257. bazzturd

    Liberty (all day FRI) vs. Tribute (overnight FRI - SAT)

    With a light heart I say....... Sick report, what did you catch it on?
  258. bazzturd

    Bait tank recommendations

    If you want the best bait tank in TN get a Blue Water bow tank. It would probably make a good size for you boat and application.
  259. bazzturd

    2004 4 stroke Yamaha- 1994 18' Parker Center Console $17,500

    I know, but I saw it on craigs so i checked here.
  260. bazzturd

    2004 4 stroke Yamaha- 1994 18' Parker Center Console $17,500

    I just saw same boat on craigslist last week unless someone is doing the typical craigslist scamming.
  261. bazzturd

    2004 4 stroke Yamaha- 1994 18' Parker Center Console $17,500

    That's Willy's old boat huh? Changed Chronic to Ironic. Super fishy boat there folks!
  262. bazzturd

    "Gone fishing with Bill Dance toooooooodaaaaaay."

    "Gone fishing with Bill Dance toooooooodaaaaaay."
  263. bazzturd

    Parker 1801 bow rail for sale $600

    I know it has been a while but is this thing still for sale?
  264. bazzturd

    Blue Water Bait Tank 2016 Parker 1801

    Nice. Yeah, I was just there today wanting to get a crowder and it was the same shit. Problem is he is the only game in town or anywhere for them. I think I am just going to make one of my own. He told me he had a 3 year wait list on crowders I was like WTF? Then my buddy told me he was on that...
  265. bazzturd

    Pursuit 4-30-18?

    I'd bet they zip tie to the sack so people don't steal your fish. Been on that boat 3-4 times. Had someone take my fish once and then caught someone trying to take my fish the second time. Crowd on that boat is freaking ghetto. John is cool as shit though. He took care of me hence the reason I...
  266. bazzturd

    For Sale BFT time have 2 rigs

    I don't want your rigs but would totally crank on some tuna with a TLD 2 speed. Good for someone on a budget
  267. bazzturd

    Rpt-Wed.-04-25-18 Local Bass fishing.

    chlorophyll is outta hand right now.
  268. bazzturd

    Yellows on the Newport 1/2 day??

    Hackers messing with the internet world
  269. bazzturd

    Glaciers In Orange County

    With tomorrows wind, maybe we can make 50F by Friday
  270. bazzturd

    Horseshoe Kelp 4/14

    I'm gonna go with your readings because I got 55 today as well as a few other people.
  271. bazzturd

    Horseshoe Kelp 4/14

    Might want to look into that new FF and its temp readings............ 58.8 this morning and 59.2F @ 2200 hour
  272. bazzturd

    Maiden Voyage Parker 1801

    Shit, Jim. I just realized that was you! WHAT UP BUD!
  273. bazzturd

    What combo bait tank/lean post/seat and what is my existing seat worth?

    Also, Randy at Blue Water (owner) can customize one by shortening it. He had mine the Monday after I ordered it on a Wednesday. The tank to primo!
  274. bazzturd

    What combo bait tank/lean post/seat and what is my existing seat worth?

    I just posted a thread with my Parker 1801 with a Blue Water 38 gallon. If you tell me the width and height I can probably tell you if that tank will work.
  275. bazzturd

    Izors 4/10

    eatmorefish.............good one
  276. bazzturd

    I'll get that shipping contact info to you.

    I'll get that shipping contact info to you.
  277. bazzturd

    Maiden Voyage Parker 1801

    Would love to put some tuna stank on it
  278. bazzturd

    Maiden Voyage Parker 1801

    I paid $2850 for the transport. They are based out of TX, let me know if you want contact info. I had a Hobi Pro Angler I feel I got more than that in fishing value so i sold it to pay for the shipping. Even added to the price I got the boat for, I still saved a good 3-5k. I'm not really...
  279. bazzturd

    Maiden Voyage Parker 1801

    Took my 2016 Parker 1801 out for its maiden voyage. Bought it from Florida with 98 hours on it. Put a 38 gallon blue water bait tank in it and took the family out this morning for a late start around 1100. Short and only version is my son Ben, 3 years old, with rod in hand hooked a 90-100#...
  280. bazzturd

    Blue Water Bait Tank 2016 Parker 1801

    Yes, it is. I'm really happy with the fit. Simplistic and saves from having to retrofit everything.
  281. bazzturd

    Blue Water Bait Tank 2016 Parker 1801

    No trim tabs. My buddy got by well with just a dolphin fin. I might get some tabs once I put the t-top on. I'm just gonna refuse gas and beer for payment of fishing trips in exchange for riding on the bow ;)
  282. bazzturd

    Blue Water Bait Tank 2016 Parker 1801

    So, I asked some questions about what people had in their 1801's, specifically Pac Edge and Blue Water, but didn't really get anywhere. My buddy Willy used to have an 1801 and had like a 45 or 48? Pacific Edge. I decided on the Blue Water for a couple reasons: 1st, the measurements were just a...
  283. bazzturd

    Parker 1801 Center Console Bait Tank ???

    Here she is. Just doing some fitting before I start the install.
  284. bazzturd

    Parker 1801 Center Console Bait Tank ???

    He must have completely missed it. He did say he got slammed with the Fred Hall show. You tried right after by a few days. Everyone I have talked to has praised his follow up. I am pretty persistent as well though. I contacted him a couple times via email first through his website and then...
  285. bazzturd

    To get a t top or not.

    I just got my boat and while other things are going on first, such as my bait tank, I think a T-Top is high up on the list. In SoCal we have many foggy days requiring Radar for safety. The t-top provides a location to mount it as well as the installation of an electronics box to get some of...
  286. bazzturd

    Cobia coming to So-Cal?

    Finally, a fish they might let us kill.......
  287. bazzturd

    Parker 1801 Center Console Bait Tank ???

    So Randy from Blue Water bait tanks came by my house and brought a tank by to see how it fits. Randy is really cool. I mean, he took the time to come to my house with a tank, need I say more? If you get a Parker 1801, get the stock leaning post with no bait tank. The 38 gallon oval fits...
  288. bazzturd

    Parker 1801 Center Console Bait Tank ???

    Regarding the 115 vs 150. I don't have personal experience other than my buddy being happy with the 115 and he loaded that thing with gear and upgrades. I'm not looking to put four dudes in my boat so......... I know I'll be happy with the fuel economy and power of the 115. I'd tell you to save...
  289. bazzturd

    My New Parker build

    Looking good Joe. East coast is the way to go. My Parker 1801 just got here. The money you save for a new or new'ish boat (like mine) pays for a lot of the upgrades.
  290. bazzturd

    Parker 1801 Center Console Bait Tank ???

    So I officially just got mine delivered. Bought it used from Florida. I haven't used the front live well and to be honest I don't intend to use it as a live well. For bait it will just slosh around pretty bad. I was going to use it as a fish hold with ice or a BEER hold. I might also just use it...
  291. bazzturd

    Homeless defacing Seal beach river jetty

    If we really want to clean the areas with high concentrations of transients, we need to develop an all you can smoke meth fountain in the middle of the Mojave and we'll never see a tent camp again. The only ones left behind with be the truly mentally ill
  292. bazzturd

    Homeless defacing Seal beach river jetty

    When River is breaking at it's prime on steep S swells, I'd rather surf there than lowers.
  293. bazzturd

    Homeless defacing Seal beach river jetty

    As if warm water jetty wasn't nasty enough. That totally sucks. Other than the -2 painted on the rock at -2 and the occasional shopping cart that would get stranded in the rocks, it was a cool view while surfing. Here is one of me from hurricane Simon obviously pre-transient take over
  294. bazzturd

    WTB Wtb T TOP 1801 Parker

    I talked to Tony Greyshock in Costa Mesa and his are 4k. He does all the work for West Coast in CM
  295. bazzturd

    Parker 1801 Center Console Bait Tank ???

    115hp. My buddy used to have an older model, custom leaning post, with a fiberglass 43g Pac Edge. He also had a Pac Yacht T-Top, pulpit, bow rail and full electronics. The only threw a dolphin fin on the outboard and would that that thing everywhere. Based on his experience, I'm committing...
  296. bazzturd

    You still have that bow rail? I know it was a long ass time ago. Sorry for bothering you.

    You still have that bow rail? I know it was a long ass time ago. Sorry for bothering you.
  297. bazzturd

    Parker 1801 Center Console Bait Tank ???

    Anyone with a newer Parker 1801 CC with a Pacific Edge Bait tank? What size did you get? I'm really wondering if anyone has the stock leaning post (without stock bait tank) and put a Pacific Edge bait tank under it. Thanks
  298. bazzturd

    WTB Wtb T TOP 1801 Parker

    I just got off the phone with Elsa at Pacific Yacht Towers. I have to admit I am not excited about the cost. She quoted with tax, installation, canvas and six rod holders $3400. Pretty spendy. I know they are high quality though.
  299. bazzturd

    WTB Wtb T TOP 1801 Parker

    How is your search going? You check pricing with Pacific Towers?
  300. bazzturd

    What year and horse power is your Outrage 180?

    What year and horse power is your Outrage 180?
  301. bazzturd

    Catalina 2/18

    Ooooooooh yes I have. I feel day time jigging squid is better than night sometimes. In the day they are more consolidated and tight to the bottom. Just look for those dense balls. You just have to change up your technique just like jigging any bait up. Long fast pulls, short fast pulls, slow...
  302. bazzturd

    Catalina 2/18

    Take your squid jigs next time. Never hurts to try and snag a few on your own.
  303. bazzturd

    The fat lady bft has not sung yet

    B (D-for drama) outdoors.
  304. bazzturd

    time to fish

    I couldn't get passed the first sentence without getting choked up thinking about my son and daughter (on her way). I extremely sorry for your loss. I hope when you get out there your hardship and anguish can be replaced with good memories of time spent with your little guy. Nothing will replace...
  305. bazzturd

    7/24 Oceanside

    Seiners follow the fish. They could be there for weeks or they could move on but that in't to say a bunch more tuna won't replace the ones that get wrapped up. How was making bait in the harbor or just outside??
  306. bazzturd

    7-23-16 large fish.....larger waves

    Good job. I was inside of you guys three-four on my kayak. Hooked and lost a big-un...... They're all over.
  307. bazzturd

    SD Bay entrance jettyand mystery fish

    Terribly sorry for the thread high-jack banter. Stoked for you taking the kid out fishing. Can't wait to get mine out and hope they love it as much as I do.
  308. bazzturd

    SD Bay entrance jettyand mystery fish

    I don't need the education, some others do though.
  309. bazzturd

    SD Bay entrance jettyand mystery fish

    So you would agree the photos on 976 on the Freelance posing with thumbs in the gills of juvenile white sea bass is bad??? Cause I was like WTF! Those things die easily.
  310. bazzturd

    Nachos bait

    Last update on their Facebook shows Oct 9 2015................
  311. bazzturd

    Bait in la Jolla?

    Funny how things change in a week. Take your pick now. Green back, Spanish, donkey dines, and candy.
  312. bazzturd

    Kayak sale

    OEX buys most all of the blems now and you need to get them from there. If you aren't getting a Hobie, you are better off with an Ocean Kayak or Wilderness Systems IMO. Much faster kayaks.
  313. bazzturd

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    I think everyone should just keep obviously legal ones. If you have to squint, measure twice, get a second opinion or anything of that nature it just is not worth the hassle from DFG or grief from anyone you might share your experience with that disagrees. I think they do more good than bad and...
  314. bazzturd

    Skipjack 24 Open

    Who did the pilot conversion?
  315. bazzturd

    volvo penta trim cylinder rebuild kits

    Well, I'll be pulling it off on Wednesday. I'll let you know what I find out when I get there, if they're still available.
  316. bazzturd

    volvo penta trim cylinder rebuild kits

    Trim tab cylinders or out drive cylinders. If out drive, Volvo Penta 280 on a 1980 Skippy Fly?
  317. bazzturd

    Spectra Sportfishing Does it Again. Awesome Catalina Island Yellowtail Fishing

    Good job in the frontyard. A lot of people spend so much time on the backside. You should go water proof with your camera. Stick it on a long tri-pod and get some underwater shots. It's amazing what you can do with the new HD technology. Tackle tips are always great, and showing hook-ups always...
  318. bazzturd

    Ebay feed?

    There is a section for ebay. If I want ebay shit, I'll look at ebay shit.
  319. bazzturd

    Skipjack cooler /seat thingy

    Those of you that missed out on this one I have one that is in great condition. Keeps your eyes on these adds. I might post it soon. I'm just not sure if I'm going to re-install it.