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    SeaPro SV2100 bay boat

    John Frazer 136 Lausanne Drive San Diego, CA 92114 619-263-6826 home 619-709-2217 cell Forgot to put picture of the GPS
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    SeaPro SV2100 bay boat

    OK, The trim motor is replaced, the Outboard runs great, I just can't seem to find time to take her out. Buy this boat for $10k OBO and get me out of the dog house! I have a daughter getting married and need to create some wedding money. Also selling some trollers, a 4x8 ATV trailer, some...
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    If your headed too DATD

    Hey, y'all. I will be playing with the Bayou Brothers on the main stage at noon. You have been warned!:rofl:
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    Really Bad news

    Larry from the Dorados was murdered in Temecula. Hard to believe. Thought you guys would want to know
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    NFL Power Rankings Week 2

    So the Chargers beat teams # 31 and 32? Ha. What I thought was funny on MNF was, after throwing 3 INTs, there was a commercial, and Deion Sanders threw a pass, with Peyton getting pissy because he could have thrown it with greater accuracy.
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    Tuesday 9/18 1010 Trench - New Yawkers Kill'em

    Nice work, Ali! I was on the Producer and saw you guys out there in the Tuna Jihad. Congrats on the haul You did better than we did! hj
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    The Magic Paddy

    Great photos. Makes me get all excited!
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    Halibut: From bite to boat and back. (video)

    Yes, baked halibut is very tasty. Also batter fried
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    Here it is :Dynamite:
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    Mexican Visa For Fishing - IS THIS TRUE
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    The real Charger Championship season thread

    Never heard of that Hockolee rule that took away Brown's TD. Looks like they better get some linemen before they leave town
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    Overnight on the Holiday. Anyone want to go?

    Zac, I will take it down to the Blood Drive and lit SealSkinner decide what do do with it.
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    Overnight on the Holiday. Anyone want to go?

    I have a certificate for a full day trip aboard the Holiday. It needs to be used by Oct 31. They have 2 more overnights, leaving on the 23rd and 30th. Anyone able to use this? I'd hate to see it go to waste. If you are able to throw some ducats my way, cool, but if not, well then, c'est la vie...
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    One more small step...

    Thanks for the T of P link, Gil. Awesome tune. Great for BUMPING.
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    Raiders vs Broncos on MNF 9/12 (Double Header)

    Brady is gonna kill the Chargers next week. Dammit he is good.
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    8/23 La Jolla

    Love the tower cam. Great video. Best fishing footage I have seen in a while. I was driving in LaJolla and saw the boats. Wished I was out there with you. Nice job on getting the second and third chances on the gaff job, Frank.
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    Jim "Wildcat" Daniells RIP

    One of the good guys, for sure. Jim will be missed
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    redneck skeet paintball

    That looks like fun
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    LT................ Remember that guy?

    I miss football
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    Salton Sea was fishy (cooking techniques?)

    High salinity and oxygen depletion
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    Should have called the cops to straighten it out.
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    Crowding someone while fishing....

    Check the voting map of CA. the huge populations of the major cities (LA and SF) skew the election results for the whole state. hj
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    Bloodydecks mentioned in Popular Mechanics

    Everybody knows BD is the place to be!
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    men are generous

    That's the kind of joke you don't let your wife know that you think it is funny- Otherwise, you will have to say, "...and then the fight started"
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    If you have to ask....... Hope the kids had fun, Mike. The ex will get over the anger way before the kids forget about the fun they had. As for waiting til the weekend, the snow is there when it is. Imagine the kids the next day in school telling their friends how much fun they had and how...
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    Television Repair

    Watch out for the high voltage. TVs can bite hard
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    Television Repair

    Was Kim the lady working? She is a sweetie
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    Pismo clams a long way from pismo

    :_diarrhea_:barfmmmmmmm sewage spills
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    Cloudy early, then rained like a mofo for several hours Friday late afternoon
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    50 Caliber riccochet to the head...

    I'm with you. Bullets don't ricochet straight backwards in real life.
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    Packers VS. Steelers - Superbowl XLV

    3 FORCED turnovers. GB D came up big
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    Helgren's video

    My friend shot this video about Helgren's in Oceanside
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    Machine Shop-Broken Bolt!?

    Maybe Dr Evil could loan you a shark.
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    Little Johnny.......

    :rofl::appl::worship: You are too much
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    Little Johnny.......

    Are those good bluegill bait?
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    La Paz Manta Ray Slaughter

    Don't tell anyone, but sea lion tastes better than Mola goo.
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    ignore the clamming tides this week

    Massive shitstorm :shithappens:
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    A man with a voice gets a second chance in life.

    Well, he still has that bush beside the freeway....
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    Happy Birthday Jason

    Have a shitty day. Scientists plan Uranus probe From today's headlines
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    Stand your ground!

    8 shots, 4 hits? Warning shots?
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    Brady Hoke gone.....

    What happens to the millions that were just given to SDSU to keep him around? In other news, Why didn't the Chargers keep Rivera and send Norf to Carolina?
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    Chigger Craws

    You put the hook in wrong twice Hook needs to go through the body and end up with the point buried just under the surface. That will help the bait sit with the claws up, imitating a defensive posture. Pissed bass off.
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    What does Wahoo Fish Taste Like?

    Wahoo and chips at the restaurant on Newport closest to the OB pier. Best fish and chips anywhere
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    Good bye...

    He had to do it- she was going to try and kiss him
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    My band at House of Blues

    Take a listen.
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    WTF is going on in Arkansas?

    It gets worse. Is this the end of the world?!!?? Dead Birds Fall From Sky In Sweden, Millions Of Dead Fish Found In Maryland, Brazil, New Zealand
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    As if the MLPA's weren't enough...............

    Wait till Jerry leaves the state and Gavin is in charge
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    Which SD lake for trout from shore ?

    Inflate the nightcrawlers and use a casting bubble. Make sure it is full of water with no bubbles unless you are fishing for ducks.
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    Rabbit hunting

    They are delicious
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    WTF is going on in Arkansas?

    First birds, now fish. What's next? Officials investigate dead fish, birds in Arkansas
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    Woke up to this today.

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    Rabbit hunting

    I used to hunt ground squirrels with a bow in the fields where 805 is now. They fry up real nice.
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    Harrowing Adventure to Dana Landing Fuel Dock and Back

    Good job on finding the problem Randall. And for the record- I have NEVER thought of you as an asshole. You are positively one of the nicest guys I have the pleasure to have fished with.
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    Bait Fisherman Suck

    Using a bigger bait?
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    Custom 22' fishing boat

    I'm here all week
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    Custom 22' fishing boat

    Very cool boat. Maybe if someone buys MY boat, and I get a job, that boat would be tempting. At least it isn't YELLOW!
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    Let the shit talking begin

    Got any more salt for his wound? Maybe a little harsh.
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    Choke question

    Oh, Sorry, I thought this was going to be about my Chargers.
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    Let the shit talking begin

    Welcome to the dumbass club. I am the president, you know.
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    He protests too much. I think JR really does want to see penises
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    Wild Justice CA Wardens

    I like to eat bear claws.
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    The NFL on Wednesday fined Minnesota Vikings' quarterback Brett Favre $50,000 for his "failure to cooperate" with the league's investigation into allegations that he sent inappropriate text messages and lewd photographs to Jenn Sterger, a New York Jets' game-day employee, in 2008. The NFL...
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    MLPA and the seals

    Harbor seals should be in the harbor. Lets play recordings of barking dogs to scare them into leaving. That should work.
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    Normal day at the Bass Pro Shop

    True Ninjas would have jumped naked
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    Viking vs "Wussies" Tuesday Night Football

    Best thing about the postponement? Tuesday night Football!!
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    Great News!!!!! Norv & A.J. back for 2011!!!!

    If the Chargers could make a tackle to save their lives, Norf would look like a genius
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    Comments were taken off police car videos :

    16. "You didn't think we give pretty women tickets? You're right, we don't.. Sign here." __________________ oh snap
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    Wear your kill switch lanyard

    Rub some dirt on it
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    Chargers game on TV or not 12/24?

    Merry Christmas everybody It's the Chiefs game that is not on.
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    Chargers game on TV or not 12/24?

    Sign-on San Diego says Chargers game is not on tomorrow. Anyone heard anything?
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    All Members MUST READ... (please)

    How nice. Put a hole in the box, but a bow on the box, Put your dick in the box
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    Unigoop question

    Where is your Christmas spirit?
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    Sea Dawg this your Donkey

    Donkey had the time of it's life
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    Pismo Clams

    1st rule of clam club- you don't talk about clam club. However, if there were any clams around, it might be wise to wait a few days and let the rain runoff clear up/ Clams are what they eat.
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    Spike vs Saluki MNF 12/20

    Did the bears win? That was quite an ass whupping. Webb did not look like an NFL QB. Too bad about Brent
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    Singing fisherman...

    Very cool, Robb. Did not know you were a musician. Is that a Shure condensor mic?
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    Chargers Championship Season Thread

    I believe you are thinking about the GIANTS....
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    Vessel Assist - comments

    That is as smart as a 6 pack of Guiness!
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    49ers Vs Chargers

    Sean, is that you?
  81. the hook

    How mad should I be

    That sucks, Mike. How much were you able to save? How pissed should you be? Pretty fucking pissed. Pissed at whom? Doesn't matter. Have some angry sex then cook what is not spoiled. And remember, don't let your meat loaf!
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    49ers Vs Chargers

  83. the hook

    New Yard Ornament - Smoker

    It looks like it might use methane for fuel....:_diarrhea_:
  84. the hook

    House burning?

    Renter, and the insurance will not pay. F-ed up for the landlord, for sure
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    If the Chargers become Los Angeles Chargers

    Will the games be blacked out in the case of a non-sell-out?
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    Why are you so happy?

    Give the poor guy a hand, Brandon!
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    post a few of your most recent photos thread...

    couple recent shots
  88. the hook

    post a few of your most recent photos thread...

    Alien poo:_diarrhea_:
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    I love San Diego women

    True. I have been on the show. She has a beautiful smile, and is very very nice.
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    Chargers vs Raiders Predictions...

    Chargers got beat down. And the midget RB has got to go.
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    Chargers vs Raiders Predictions...

    We'll just have to see Sunday, I guess. Unless the Raiders can block a few more punts, I am thinking maybe Chargers 31- Raiders 9
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    Chargers vs Raiders Predictions...

    Chargers D is not giving the Raiders 17 pts. Game predictions? At least 25 arrests in the stands. 50 more in the parking lot.
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    Optimax 135 Proper Engine Flushing

    Why listen to the mechanic? Bobby Joe down at the feed store is older and looks plenty smart.
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    Gobble Gobble!

    You'd have to try a lot harder than that.:rofl: Happy Holidays!
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    Gobble Gobble!

    Once there was a man who thought he was a muffin.... He thought he knew it all, but he didn't know nothin'
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    Rare Female Mule Deer Buck....

    That thing was the Martina Labiatola of deer!
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    Ultimate farting

    Raggot the Unfortunate Gerbil A note about this story "In retrospect, lighting the match was my big mistake. But I was only trying to retrieve the gerbil," Eric Tomazewski told bemused doctors in the Severe Burn Unit of Salt Lake City Hospital. Tomazewski and his homosexual partner Andrew...
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    What to do with fish

    hook-up on the port rigger!
  99. the hook

    Farmed Salmon Exposed

    Insert "bluefin" wherever they say Salmon and you will have my agreement. Ditch the pens!
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    The REAL official Charger MNF thread

    Thanks, I'll take it Great win. Defense was fired up. My boy Floyd finally caught a beauty
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    Chargers win...

    I believe that if the punt is blocked, you can rough the kicker a little
  102. the hook

    Come on Chargers fans

    "Special ed" teams
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    line from a police report

    Tossed salad anyone? Side of hot and sour soup?
  104. the hook

    line from a police report

    Sometimes, death is preferable.
  105. the hook

    bullshit vehicle infraction

    Total BS ticket. Glad it getting fixed.
  106. the hook

    Come on Chargers fans

    It was hard, but- yes- the words, "Go Raiders" did escape my lips yesterday. They have a running back and QB that look really good. Ron, enjoy it.
  107. the hook

    Chargers win...

    I was referring to the special teams coach. I don't hate Norv.
  108. the hook

    Chargers win...

    Another great effort on Special Teams. Why is that coach still fouling our sideline? Congrats to the Chargers for climbing out of the hole they dug for themselves. Now can we please get a normal sized kick returner. I am so over Sproles.
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    SeaPro SV2100 bay boat

    Couple quickies
  110. the hook

    SeaPro SV2100 bay boat

    Great riding boat as long as the wind chop isn't too bad or the swell interval too tight. Shallow draft for the river. John Frazer 136 Lausanne Drive San Diego, CA 92114 619-263-6826 home 619-709-2217 cell SeaPro 2001 SV 2100 CC “the Hook” with 135 HP Mercury Optimax Saltwater...
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    Monster in East County!!!

    Nice rack! Wonder if the "near by landowner" thought it was his pet deer.....
  112. the hook

    Who knows what is the best way to do this?

    I think I have met that guy. :rofl:
  113. the hook

    FKG's Halloween Costume...... He's Sushi.

    What, no wasabi?!
  114. the hook

    Strange Catalina "Trifecta"

    Did you get any goo out of that mola? WTG on the BSB. They can really pull.
  115. the hook

    Please stay away from me!

    ...and then the fight started...
  116. the hook

    Extra spectra

    Extra spectra....has a ring to it
  117. the hook

    Ghost Sex!!!

    I kiiiiilllll you!
  118. the hook

    NFL Fines Three Players $175,000 for Hits to Head plus Suspensions

    There you have it. The Chargers are ahead of their time!:rofl:
  119. the hook

    My wife had a BD sighting today

  120. the hook

    Why are kids pricks

    No, how do you REALLY feel?:rofl:
  121. the hook

    LT scored the JETS game winning TD today.

    Rivers sacked 7 times. Sure is good to have McNeil back, huh?
  122. the hook

    F'ing Assface

    Carl, is that you?
  123. the hook

    Swamp People

    I turn on the subtitles on the cable box.
  124. the hook

    Prayers needed, my dad is in the hospital

    Get well, Joe- so I can fish with you.
  125. the hook

    Chargers game.....

    Chargers special teams seem to have had special education.
  126. the hook

    To be "DFG"or not to be "DFG"

    How many seals will we be allowed to harvest?:evilimu:
  127. the hook

    Family car needed

    Thanks for all the offers to help and tips on cars. I passed them all on to my daughter. They ended up getting a 1996 Toyota Camry.
  128. the hook

    To be "DFG"or not to be "DFG"

    Data we caught many fish= you are depleting the ocean We got skunked= the ocean is depleted We released all we caught= those poor fishies were traumatized Seals kept eating our bait= You are invading the seals territory- close it to fishing Fuck you bitch leave us alone = ...................?
  129. the hook

    The new Tattoo

    True that. She wouldn't be able to see it anyway.
  130. the hook

    Strange Fish Found

  131. the hook

    "Save Second Base"

    Save the Boobies! Wife is a breast cancer survivor.
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    Family car needed

    Here they are
  133. the hook

    Family car needed

    Corolla, Camry- Her husband is sold on Toyotas. 4 door family car, power locks and windows, AC, good mileage, reliable, etc.
  134. the hook

    Family car needed

  135. the hook

    Steve Gregory

    Even his goatee shrunk!
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    The Go padres sweep the Giants thread

    How did the Royals do this season?:shithappens:
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    Family car needed

    My daughter's car was totaled when an unlicensed driver cut in front of her by the Lemon Grove "Lips". Daughter got minor burns on her forearms from the airbag, otherwise no physical injuries other than the loss of her car just after she and her husband just bought a home. They need a family...
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    lobster card

    that is fucked up
  139. the hook

    Mexican Navy

    I also have no prob with the Mexnav, just with a fucking thief.
  140. the hook

    Mexican Navy

    I have stared down some scary mofos. It's the principle, you know.
  141. the hook

    Mexican Navy

    He stole your ipod and phone and you did not stop him? Just because they have guns does not give them that right. I hope you raised holy hell and got the guy's name.
  142. the hook

    The Go padres sweep the Giants thread

    2 down 2 to go. Go padres
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    DJ for a local High School Dance

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. Mike I think I am open that day. give me a call and we can talk about it.
  144. the hook

    DJ for a local High School Dance

    What is the date?
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    Upper Hidden Bank 10/01

    Travis was driving the New Lo-An. Markus is getting ready for lobster season. I don't know about 50 feet, but I thought he was a little close a couple of times. He didn't fish too close to anyone, though. Just metering. Sorry if he rocked you a little. We finally found some fish that wanted to...
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    New Lo-Ann, Holiday, or Legend???

    Fished the New Lo-An today. Boat did ok. 16 BFT, 1 Albacore. 24 anglers. Many rookies. I was not bit once, but had a great day any way. Travis worked hard looking for fish. We got back to the dock at 9:55. They were headed straight back out.
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    anyone know what this is

    That one had lots of eggs.
  148. the hook

    Chargers fire special team coach

    I keep waiting for it, but so far this headline has only appeared here. What's the holdup? Alternate headline: "Kaeding signed to long term contract extension as Chargers' tackling coach"
  149. the hook

    Chargers vs Seahawks...

    Yeah, It is the Charger fans' fault:_diarrhea_:
  150. the hook

    Chargers vs Seahawks...

    You are so full of shit. Rivers didn't fumble the ball three times. The 1st int was a tip drill from Gates. The second was on Rivers trying to force it into a triple team. Fire the special teams coach and teach the O-line to block and we are set. If they are going to let the other team just...
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    REST IN PEACE SDANGLER (Mark Fretwell)

    Never got to know Mark very well, but I will still miss him. He always seemed like he was in some cosmic secret. RIP S-dangler. Prayers go out to your family and friends.
  152. the hook

    Supercharging live baitfish with pure welding oxygen

    LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL best reply ever!! Thanks for the chuckle
  153. the hook

    Supercharging live baitfish with pure welding oxygen

    You could just throw some meth in the tank, right?
  154. the hook

    Marcus Mcneil

    not likely
  155. the hook

    Parking Ticket

  156. the hook


    ewwwww LOL
  157. the hook


    Prince Sexy Motherfucker YouTube - Prince - Sexy MF.
  158. the hook

    New York Jets receiver Braylon Edwards was arrested

    But he's really really sorry.
  159. the hook


    I suggest "Dick in a Box" by Justin Timberlake
  160. the hook


    Wait, you are the DJ?
  161. the hook

    Rhinoline an inflatable

    So far so good. I'll let you know, though. Thanks for the offer. Good luck with the raft
  162. the hook

    Rhinoline an inflatable

    Happens to a lot of older guys, Stan:rofl:
  163. the hook


    I am starting to believe you could be real
  164. the hook

    small sailboat with trailer needed for a prop.

    By buddy works for the PX at MCRD. A general is having a party with Kenny Chesney next weekend at Miramar and wants to use a sailboat as a cooler full of beer. Anyone have such a thing?
  165. the hook

    Yft, Bft, Alabcore Frenzy

    I have to ask, did you consider that other boat in the picture to be too close to you? Looks to be about 75 yards away. Nice work, and excellent report.
  166. the hook

    Snagging is crazy on the Newport Beach pier

    It's not legal to snag mullet?
  167. the hook


    500 yards? I disagree. Because you found the school (there may be only one main school for miles and miles) does not mean you "own" all the fish in it. You may be fishing the edge of the school and the school may move away while you fight one fish, never to be found again. Two boats working...
  168. the hook

    Good Source for Fresh Fish

    Catalina Offshore Products How To Make Fresh Seafood Sushi Home kit, Raw Fish Sashimi
  169. the hook

    Heres a e mail I got

    I agree with pretty much every thing the letter said. Fishermen Removal Initiative.
  170. the hook

    Sand Crab hassle at Scripps pier 9-16

    Common sense? LOL Come on, Keith, this is California.
  171. the hook


    Can't we all just get along?
  172. the hook

    Flathead Catfishing Dope

    Flatheads will also eat cut bait. I caught a table sized channel cat and filleted it. broke the carcass into 1" pieces and broadcast them around the boat. Later I caught a 10 lb flathead. When I cleaned it I found several of the backbone chunks in the stomach.
  173. the hook

    BONED by the T Bone......

    It wasn't me. But Steel Leader owes me a dollar for using the "Damn Sea Tow" in the title. LOL
  174. the hook

    What BD thread stands out as the all-time funniest BD thread?

    Tried searching for it. no luck. You shoot my guy!!
  175. the hook

    Filleting Tuna Offshore - whats the problem?

    What a waste. Oh, I was at the river last year and was told of a guy that had the warden come to his house and bust him for having more than ONE DAY"S LIMIT of catfish in the freezer. Sounds like bullshit to me.
  176. the hook


    Thanks for helping Dan on the Instinct
  177. the hook

    Filleting Tuna Offshore - whats the problem?

    Good questions. Official answers?
  178. the hook

    Whos to Blame?

    goal line? Tolbert. Um Norv.....Tolbert from the 4.
  179. the hook

    9/11 Hidden report, sinking vessel rescued

    The call on 72 was only after reaching CG and VA. VA was 45 minutes away at the time. He had called out on the usual sportboat channels with no responses. While the captain monitored 16, the 2nd ticket was trying to reach anyone in the vicinity that could help out on 72. Thanks for lending...
  180. the hook

    Chargers Championship Season Thread

    Let's see- 1st and 10 at the 4. Tolbert had just bashed a couple big runs and had fresh legs. Sproles had done pretty much nothing all night. Time is running out in regulation. What the heck, give it to the midget a couple times, then overthrow your receiver. 4thd down, throw it where the...
  181. the hook

    Cromartie's a JET

    Nice running on the int, though.
  182. the hook

    Vessel INSTINCT and DR SIC story set straight

    Big thank you to Dr. Sic for saving the day. I put this in the other thread, but am pasting it here, too. Just talked to owner, Dan Cristie. It was not the bait pump. There was a Gate valve that was open. Boat had been serviced recently and Dan wonders if the 2" gate valve was opened for...
  183. the hook

    9/11 Hidden report, sinking vessel rescued

    Just talked to owner, Dan Cristie. It was not the bait pump. There was a Gate valve that was open. Boat had been serviced recently and Dan wonders if the 2" gate valve was opened for some reason and then someone forgot to close it. He had originally thought that it might be the bait pump...
  184. the hook

    Deadly plant kills one dog, sickens two others

    Stan, you are awesome. Have I ever told you?
  185. the hook

    Deadly plant kills one dog, sickens two others

    Cute Killers: 16 Unassuming-but-Lethal Poison Plants : WebEcoist Oleander Lantana Castor peach pits Lots of poisonous plants here. I got a nasty burn from the sticky white sap of one of my Euphorbia plants (pencil plant) Euphorbia tirucalli
  186. the hook

    Coast Guard texting when they hit private boat

    Latest news: Coast Guard boat driver laments crash -
  187. the hook

    Helped a BDer on 5 North

    Who are "they" and are they saying I am not alright? :2gunsfiring_v1::rofl::rofl::rofl: Thanks.
  188. the hook

    What were you doing 9-11-2001?

    Saw the news in the morning that a plane had crashed into tower one. Oh shit- tragic accident. Then the other plane hit. I turned to my wife and said. We are now at war with someone.
  189. the hook

    Helped a BDer on 5 North

    Good news. They called today and brought the wrench back. Nice guys. Just forgot. At least they remembered now. Thanks, guys. Nice seeing you again.
  190. the hook

    A SMILE - Cosmetic Surgery

    ha ha ha
  191. the hook

    feeling froggy???

    What zoo is that?
  192. the hook

    Priests on vacation

    LOL I get it now!
  193. the hook

    Opinions re: rail space

    He is 6'7" He fishes over people. deal with it.:shithappens:
  194. the hook

    Priests on vacation

    BS w/o pics of the nun
  195. the hook

    City council booze ban?

    Fucking Nimby mfers. Council is power-mad, and don't want anyone showing them up by finding ways around their stupid nanny laws.
  196. the hook

    Helped a BDer on 5 North

    Well, I loaned it to him. He just hasn't returned it yet.
  197. the hook

    What is the deal?

    You probably got some lube on the porn computer. That would make it faster
  198. the hook

    Helped a BDer on 5 North

    BD handle something like fishmix- but apparently not that. Seemed like a real nice guy.
  199. the hook

    Enviro Nut at Discovery channel HQ

    Brandon, I was going to post his "manifesto" but you beat me to it. I like the way he refers to human babies as filthy and disgusting over and over. Have you ever checked out a dirty diaper!!!???
  200. the hook

    Helped a BDer on 5 North

    Thanks, Kurt. I'll take you up on that
  201. the hook

    Enviro Nut at Discovery channel HQ

    one of his inspirations was Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"
  202. the hook

    Helped a BDer on 5 North

    A boat was pulled over on the 5N with a flat trailer tire just short of Sea World Drive exit. I loaned the guys my lug wrench, and gave them my card so they could call me to get it back. Have not heard back from them. One of the guys said he was a BDer. Used to work as a sound tech with...
  203. the hook

    This made me sick to my stomach

    If you are serious.....Fuck you
  204. the hook

    Seal huggers are out to get me

    I don't hate seals. I just hate when people put their rights to the ocean access above mine.
  205. the hook

    My next boat

    Just need to add some fighting chairs. The 'origami' concept superyacht that folds to go faster -
  206. the hook

    Packing to get across the border

    Good times......good times
  207. the hook


    Wish I had some extra $. That cover would fit my SeaPro
  208. the hook

    Went from boating to boatless to debtless

    Good work. I am thinking of selling my boat, too.
  209. the hook

    Another Mass Boat Theft in Los Barilles

    Boats will probably turn up at night off Blacks beach
  210. the hook

    The Blind Cowboy

    I'll tell that one to LeAnn.
  211. the hook

    Tree Stand Pest

    wrist rocket or pea shooter
  212. the hook

    Knife sharpening

    I thought Spiderco had a lifetime guarantee.
  213. the hook

    Bluefins off the Producer

    I think a Kep is a kind of a dawg.
  214. the hook

    Elin Woods is available and on the market!!

    cougar or MILF, that is the question...
  215. the hook

    Vikings Sidney Rice has hip surgery......Favre retires, again

    1. They could buy Vincent Jackson to help out at WR 2. Hannah Storm is smoking hot 3. Brent will get hurt before he will retire mid season.
  216. the hook

    Got my first ticket. Any way of fighting?

    Hope it turns out ok for you, Todd. Expensive lesson to learn if they sock it to you. Nice spottie, BTW. Too bad about the strict enforcement.
  217. the hook

    San Diego Boats, LLC....New Defiance Boats location in Mission Bay - Dana Landing...

    I have been wondering as I come and go from Sea World. Congratulations, Rob.
  218. the hook

    Got my first ticket. Any way of fighting?

    Ruh Roh:rofl:Grant is looking for a new avatar, it seems Oh, Howie- Tell us how you REALLY feel!
  219. the hook

    Need a lawyer to sue US Coast Guard (Sector San Diego

    It would be nice if they at least offered to fill his tank and reimburse his lost tourney fees.
  220. the hook

    Need a lawyer to sue US Coast Guard (Sector San Diego

    Words cannot express the outrage you must feel. What an ass-raping!
  221. the hook

    Seal huggers are out to get me

    So it is Susan Golding and Sea World's fault. Notice that the seal hugger called him a fag.
  222. the hook


    Funny, but damn those Pakistanis have it bad right now. Wa wa wa.
  223. the hook

    Draft pick Karsten Whitson rejects the Padres $2.1 million signing bonus

    If he blows up his arm, maybe he'll get that $300,000 he wants
  224. the hook

    Seal huggers are out to get me

    left comment on youtube. What a maroon she is.
  225. the hook

    The Eco-Nazi's... LA Times Article

    See what I mean? LA JOLLA — A suspected drunken driver plowed into pedestrians on a sidewalk and slammed into a La Jolla bakery Sunday night, sending four people to the hospital, San Diego police said. Ronald Troyer, 66, a transient, was driving a Chrysler New Yorker south on La Jolla...
  226. the hook

    The Eco-Nazi's... LA Times Article

    Better outaw all cars. People are killed on freeways everyday. Horses can kill, too. Better make everyone walk- oh, wait... someone could twist their ankle. I am at a loss. Tragic accident for the families involved. A personal injury lawyer's wet dream, though.
  227. the hook

    Emergency at sea..........

    Swapping beer for weed?
  228. the hook

    The reunion

    What kind of parrots?
  229. the hook


    Reno 911?
  230. the hook

    women :)

    And then the fight started...
  231. the hook

    Your name on Bloodydecks

    you are imagining things. Just a coincidence. LOL
  232. the hook

    Your name on Bloodydecks

    my boat's name why? fish hook, the hook in a song is the part you remember, "get the hook"(from vaudeville) to drag away a bad performer. It had nothing to do with the Blues Traveler song, BTW.
  233. the hook

    Why men don't make good flight attendants....(updated with quotes)

    The passenger did not respect his authoritah "News broke early yesterday of a flight attendant losing it at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. Steven Slater, a jetBlue Flight Attendant since 1997, did something flight attendant’s always dream about doing.. but never...
  234. the hook

    Latest Satellite Shot of Tuna Areas

    That explains it. The ocean is a desert, with its life underground, And a perfect disguise above.
  235. the hook

    8/9 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAGGIE (nunyabizness)

    Happy birthday! Thanks for saying "Hi" at Sea World.
  236. the hook


    You go, Mike. Haters suck.
  237. the hook

    Mercedes SLS - Incredible Commercial

    James Bond skateboard trick. Even a caveman could do it.
  238. the hook

    how to pull a fat chick

    I thought there would be a gaff?
  239. the hook

    UnionTrib editor is at it again

    Ed is correct in that he was quoting the "boneheads" comment. He owns the bigot jab, though. And his tone is really snippy. Ed needs to check his attitude.
  240. the hook

    UnionTrib editor is at it again

    Ed did not call anyone a bonehead.
  241. the hook

    7/31 Who needs Albies when?

    What are the numbers???????????????????
  242. the hook

    Did you see those photos?

    She is kinda cute all made up. I noticed there were no close-ups
  243. the hook

    Great news ( I think) about Mexican Fishing Licenses

    You know about that? Keep it quiet until I can get the publicity campaign finalized.
  244. the hook

    Wanna See a BIG Dorado?

    I hope you released that breeder............................ just kidding. What a monster!
  245. the hook

    Citation for fishing in a MPA

    Fighting the good fight. Maybe sue them later for wasting your time
  246. the hook

    NEW fighting chair for sportboats!

    Methane powered.
  247. the hook

    "Pretty"picture fish report are BORING

    I caught a gosh darn fish once. River, worm, tilapia
  248. the hook

    "Pretty"picture fish report are BORING

    That is funny Bork Bork Bork:rofl:
  249. the hook


    Time to go make your tortillas now
  250. the hook

    Holy CRAP!

    I love the river
  251. the hook

    What's this about?

  252. the hook


    Very informative report, thanks for playing. good luck
  253. the hook

    So my uncle died

    You may be able to clone your uncle from the DNA in the open ones....
  254. the hook

    anyone else see this

    That is funny. I don't care who you are.:rofl:
  255. the hook

    I got Boned!!! And other weird things.

    At least he doesn't hang around on holiday weekends at SI making videos of "boatramp follies" I bet Stan even offered to help out.
  256. the hook

    Not a good day for the Intrepid

    What kind of whale was that?
  257. the hook

    Boat Parking Laws and Rights

    Stan, why are you always bagging on Lemon Grove? Best climate on earth, after all. Sheeesh.
  258. the hook

    San Diego Bone fish

    I use long shank cricket hooks for the bonefish. Very seldom gut hook a fish. Carolina short leader, light weight egg sinker- or dropshot technique. In my experience, bonefish seldom nibble, they smash the bait and run. Great fighters- Very slimey fish. Try to leave the slime on them- handle...
  259. the hook

    How fish get high

    shhhh they'll criminalize it......
  260. the hook

    Weimaraner/GSP Mix Needs a Home

    Sad. Guy got plenty of change, I guess. Just not the kind they were promising. Hard times right now for sure. I love my new jobI love my new jobI love my new jobI love my new jobI love my new jobI love my new jobI love my new jobI love my new jobI love my new jobI love my new jobI love my new...
  261. the hook

    Solution for using line out clicker

    in gear- clicker on- loosen drag. Tighten when fish bites. no problem
  262. the hook

    Post your Best Kids Fishing Pic

    I hear this is a $1million pic
  263. the hook

    river 7/16-18

    Yeah, I know. I usually take it down, but was only going from Imperial dam to just below Laguna dam. I should have dropped it for sure. Weather was hot, but there was enough wind to keep the mosquito action to a minimum. Soaked green sunfish all Friday night for a couple short bites...
  264. the hook

    river 7/16-18

    Thanks for the reminder, Brando. Call when you get out there, Mike. We are close to your buddy's hgouse. Leaving now. pics of kitties, I hope- then fish fry! hj
  265. the hook

    river 7/16-18

    I am already dripping sweat and am still packing. Heading for Martinez area of the river. Forecast is for 115 high. Can't wait to pull on some cats tonight. hj
  266. the hook

    Im waiting...

    happy Birthday. Scott! For your present I have arranged for the DSC to return to the airwave in August. The DSC show comes to JACK FM - San Diego, California Talk Radio Station - 760 KFMB AM - 760kfmb No need to thank me.
  267. the hook

    kinda scary landing count.......

    Makos are also called Bonita sharks, right?
  268. the hook

    We are all going to die- but soon?

    Well, if it happens, I won't have time to say I told you so, will I? LOL BTW, not political, I just thought you should know- just in case. Love the tin foil hat.
  269. the hook

    We are all going to die- but soon?

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script><script type="text/javascript"...
  270. the hook

    define "THAT GUY"

    sorry LOL :Singin_In
  271. the hook

    Origin of the Vuvuzela...

    The tip of the penis gourd of the guy behind him?
  272. the hook


    smell it.
  273. the hook

    got caught w/my pants down

    I love a good mystery
  274. the hook

    Lost Riffe

    Bottom Scratchers in the pic?
  275. the hook

    Lost at Sea (San Diego) - Skunked 3X - Need help for beginners

    Try fishing San Diego bay. Get some anchovies and drop them down, on the drift or anchored. Almost always catch some fish that way.
  276. the hook

    rust never sleeps

    I guess that is funny. I laughed- but felt bad about it.:rofl:
  277. the hook

    rust never sleeps

    that is my thought as well
  278. the hook

    rust never sleeps

    Love the Neil Young references.
  279. the hook

    rust never sleeps

    Took the boat out for a bay day with a couple friends. Caught a couple calicos, a skulpin , short cuda, nice sandbass and a pile of 20" butts. Moved the boat over near the navy pier and noticed that the shifter/throttle was not working right. dropped the anchor and called VA. While we waited for...
  280. the hook

    Need advice from any painters/construction guys

    Cover it with linoleum. Sounds like you wouldn't even need glue.
  281. the hook

    Ex Raider QB Russel Arrested today.

    Worse than Leaf? That's funny
  282. the hook

    tuna parasites ID?

    There were two on this YFT. They were attached in areas I don't eat, so no worries there. Dorsal and face.
  283. the hook

    tuna parasites ID?

    That's the beast!
  284. the hook

    HUGE BSB 7-2-10

    Who showed you? It is good to see the BSB coming back after the damage done by the "Bottom Scratchers" who loved to spear them and drag them on shore for everyone to admire. Those guys put quite a dent in the population, and probably did more to close down the fishery than any other single...
  285. the hook

    tuna parasites ID?

    None of those fit the description. These were like hitch-hikers- maybe some kind of a tuna leech?
  286. the hook

    dog shit fish

    matching the hatch
  287. the hook

    tuna parasites ID?

    I was cutting up some YFT from Splod's 7 day trip, and there were a couple of weird parasites. At first glance, Splod thought it was a tag, but it was alive. The creatures had a three way "hook head" was about 4 inches long, and the tail was "hairy" and stuck out of the fish. The heads were...
  288. the hook

    Mission bay.

    set up wherever you find some hot semi-naked women.
  289. the hook

    Got a job

    I asked the whale, and he just started blubbering, so probably not.....but good idea!:hali_olutta::hali_olutta:
  290. the hook

    Got a job

    That's a plan. discreetly on breaks for starters
  291. the hook

    Got a job

    Did you know that Annhueser Busch is no longer the owners?
  292. the hook

    Got a job

    I am scheduled to work a canoe Tues and Sun next week:hali_olutta:
  293. the hook

    Relief Well Drilling Explained Video

    Why have they not just jammed a huge plug into the shaft? Greed is the answer you are looking for. No, let's drill a relief well so that we can keep making money. The spill? Oh it isn't that bad. It only looks like a GUSHER!!
  294. the hook

    Got a job

    Getting trained to sell beer on Monday. Hey, the pay is low, but it is a nice place to work and keeps me off the streets.
  295. the hook

    Got a job

    I sold 9 out of a possible 16 32oz souvenier cups at $11.50 per in 15 minutes last week on my first time in the stands. That tray was heavy! working towards a better position
  296. the hook

    Got a job

    Single moms buy popcorn, too!
  297. the hook

    Got a job

    After searching and applying for over 2 years, I finally got a job. Seasonal part time vendor at Sea World. Now I just have to do a great job at that and show them my best side so that when the seanon is over they want to keep me around. Get you ice cold lemonade right HEEEEERE!
  298. the hook

    Summer time.......... kids getting into trouble.

    Weren't they selling those marshmallow:puff: guns at Day at the Docks this year? made of PVC, and you blow into it to fire?:2gunsfiring_v1:
  299. the hook

    City council booze ban?

    Wow. Calling out the OG. Frank has spent a lot of time in Mexico, but I don't think he will be leaving the US on your advice. LOL
  300. the hook

    Padres fans have been awfully quiet...

    Mr Pot? meet Mr Kettle. Jesse calling someone out for talking shit? That's rich.LOL LOL
  301. the hook

    Govenor election

    Jerry Brown is more evil. IMHO
  302. the hook

    my dog went hunting...

    Winner winner chicken dinner! I have a sad memory of my RIP Weimaraner catching the chicks that jumped out of the nest when I peeked in to see them. AAAAUUGH! KING KONG!
  303. the hook

    EFV......... Our young men got a new toy.

    Air conditioning and a 30MM cannon? America....FUCK YEAH!
  304. the hook

    Girls Night Out

    You forgot the ribbon for 1st place
  305. the hook

    Albacore are here.

    Thanks for sharing the good news, Markus. The intel is appreciated, it gets us motivated.
  306. the hook

    Screw fishing, boats,...

    Is that Curly Joe?
  307. the hook

    Fleet reports are in wrong place

    Improved attitude noted and appreciated:appl:
  308. the hook

    Albacore are here.

    Thanks, Mikey! That helps a lot. LOL
  309. the hook

    Houseboat Vacation- what am I forgetting?

    For carp, I like stale bread. Let it float away from you on the surface with a small treble hook in it. Squeeze the bread onto the line and set the hook om the bread. slurp, yank, pull. Carp fight hard- especially in the current at the river. Fun to catch between catfish. hj
  310. the hook

    Albacore are here.

    Miles from Pt Loma? Any clues?
  311. the hook

    Houseboat Vacation- what am I forgetting?

    mask, snorkel, fins, mosquito deterrents, sun hat, lots of ice, squirt guns, PFDs, toothbrush
  312. the hook

    Team USA SUCKS

    I think Jesse should go play for the US team. Then we would win......
  313. the hook

    Barnacle Bills 1.5 day couple open spots 2 nite.

    And a bump. Bill asked me if i knew anyone that might want to go. If so, call him. He should be open early tomorrow. hj
  314. the hook

    Team USA SUCKS

    Ghana has a great team. I hope they win the whole thing. Ever played soccer? You better be able to run a lot. Great shot on goal by the player in red. Incredible that he was able to maintain control.
  315. the hook

    Barnacle Bills 1.5 day couple open spots 2 nite.

    Call Bill at the shop 619-461-1214 on the Dolphin II with Greg Miser at the helm. $290 leaves Sunday night 8pm Fish all day Monday, return Tuesday am Bill called and said he had a couple of cancellations.
  316. the hook


    that's a pretty lure
  317. the hook

    Hot new news girl

    Are you talking about Sholly?
  318. the hook

    USA Soccer

    We got robbed, but put it away in ?OT? Wife and I got pretty excited when they finally scored. Hard to believe that I actually watched a soccer game.
  319. the hook

    Costa Del Mar vs Maui Jim

    Costco has a good selection of Maui Jims right now
  320. the hook

    Folding deck chairs...WHY?

    I have brought a LA-Z-BOY on every single LR trip I have been on. No one seems to mind that I keep it on the deck next to the bait tanks. It sure makes it nice when I am 20 minutes into the fight with a 2 lb mola mola.
  321. the hook

    Need a rifle for my daughter. Trade?

    A man's gotta do..... Thanks for playing! Good luck with the weapons. Leaving for a weekend in Julian. Blues Bash is Sat. I play at 11am. Thanks for the quick reply.
  322. the hook

    Need a rifle for my daughter. Trade?

    What kind of a dad trades his daughter for a rifle? And with Fathers day just around the corner, too.
  323. the hook

    Game 7 predictions......

    Extra police on duty. Asbestos squad cars in place.
  324. the hook

    Cop Punches Girl

    1. Al Sharpton is a tool. 2. JAYWALKING? What no crack dealers around? 3. Don't blame the officer one bit once the pushing started. 4. I wonder if they set the officer up in hopes of getting some payday video. (mission accomplished)
  325. the hook

    Bluefin FOAMERS on the Islander 6-12 VIDEO!

    That kid is a fish magnet. Thanks for sharing the video links, Mikey!
  326. the hook

    Bluefin FOAMERS on the Islander 6-12 VIDEO!

    Was the deckie Jack Roncie- Don's son?
  327. the hook

    Abby Sunderland's Father Inked Reality Show Deal

    He doesn't seem like a douche. About SYM Hard times in the ship building industry
  328. the hook

    "Touchdown Jesus" destroyed by lightning

    Did it really have a cell tower inside? Oleo-lord LOL
  329. the hook

    6-13 IB YT

    Fuuuuuuck what a fattie!
  330. the hook

    Jimmy Dean Died

    Do you think the sausages will still be available?
  331. the hook

    Wow another Earth Quake Poway

    I was in the radio studio at KSDS doing promo for next Saturday's Julian Blues Bash and felt one sharp vertical bump. The other guys in the studio felt nothing, But I called and my wife felt it, too.
  332. the hook

    Bolts send a message by signing tackle Thomas and WR Reed

    Glad they signed Malcolm
  333. the hook

    WSB in the bay or Corvina???

    28"+ Corvina? DAMMIT Where is the pic?
  334. the hook

    How do you...

  335. the hook

    this is important! (Moved to the proper forum

    Chanelle, Don't sweat the petty stuff- and don't pet the sweaty stuff. Always help clean up the boat after fishing, and make sure to give the skipper how ever much he thinks is right for gas etc. Always share your fish with the other fishermen on the boat unless they all caught more than you...
  336. the hook

    If I were a sheep..........

    I thought we were friends....... LOL
  337. the hook

    Another reason why soccer sux assss!

    My Mother in the Faulklands birdied the "Last Hole" after she got off work from her job as a cork soaker at the winery. Three infractions right there!
  338. the hook


    Enjoy it while you can.
  339. the hook

    Guys, would you hit this?

    LOL It's what I do LOL
  340. the hook

    Guys, would you hit this?

    Mots=really nice man that can fish pretty good between naps
  341. the hook

    About ten miles south of Point Loma June 7

    I will come cut your fish. No problem. Good job! I will just want one nice shoulder for the trouble. check PM
  342. the hook

    Guys, would you hit this?

    Raquel just turned 69. She was on the afternoon news with Larry Himmel yesterday. Still VERY hittable. Larry Himmel one-on-one with Raquel Welch - San Diego, California News Station - KFMB Channel 8 -
  343. the hook

    "WHAT'S on "THE MENU"

    Great story, 2 nice fish/ Maddy looks an awful lot like my older daughter, Michele at that age. You ROCK, Pop Pye!
  344. the hook

    Guys, would you hit this?

    So, would you hit it?:rofl:
  345. the hook

    Guys, would you hit this?

    1st pic has to be photoshopped at least in the shoulders
  346. the hook

    VIDEO - Parker AZ bass

  347. the hook

    Oil Clean Up

    Is it possible that there is foot dragging on the part of some group with an agenda to push us away from fossil fuel?
  348. the hook


    Are you suggesting that you don't know what I am talking about? Be safe, is all. <!-- Module ends: breadcrumb--><!-- Area ends: top--><!-- Area starts: center-w-left --><!-- Module starts: article-header (ArticleHeader) --> Skipper Killed in Accident Sportfishing: Member of San Diego's...
  349. the hook

    Paper or Plastic?

  350. the hook

    25 gallons

    Now that was funny LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
  351. the hook

    Instant Replay????

    They could just make it against the rules for the umpires to blink, couldn't they?
  352. the hook

    Oil well song

    YouTube - "What's the Matter with the Well" by Ben Winship
  353. the hook

    Dive flags...

    What a maroon:finger:
  354. the hook

    PERFECT GAME...Almost

    LOL You are too much Award the perfect game with an asterisk. :rofl:
  355. the hook


    Friends of Rollo nightmare
  356. the hook

    Save your marriage:

    How do you clean it? Not the blanket...
  357. the hook

    Save your marriage:

    Dutch oven LOL
  358. the hook

    NL West

    Still anybody's division to take with a good run. Go Padres!
  359. the hook

    VIDEO - Parker AZ bass

    What is rigged between the egg sinker and the split shot?
  360. the hook


    7292 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945-1507 (Barnacle Bill's Bait & Tackle) Great shop, nice folks. Shiners and dads- multiple sizes
  361. the hook

    Government gone crazy

    Imagine for a moment that you come home from a vacation and find the native plant garden surrounding your home, a garden that you have spent years nurturing and enjoying, has been ripped out of the ground. All of it. A few of the plants that you treasured most, the sage you used to purify...
  362. the hook


    Barnacle Bill's has dads. Best shot is get them from him.
  363. the hook

    American Cage fighter gone mad!

    They should charge his barber with something for that haircut, too. Took shrooms once, All I wanted to do was laugh at the TV. This guy will give shrooms a bad name. Had to be something else in the mix.
  364. the hook

    Where to get a propane tank filled

    Gas station by my house in SESD does them, but there is probably one closer to you. If not, Valero - corner of Skyline and Lausanne Dr 92114 hj
  365. the hook


    Just out of curiosity, what lake are the Lakers representing?:rofl:
  366. the hook

    Monique Saxophone

    I got a sax from my aunt's estate and was learning to play, but gave it up for lack of dedication and unwillingness to spend the time to get good. It is not so hard that it can't be learned. You have to put hours into it, though, if you want to play well.
  367. the hook

    Monique Saxophone

    Smoking deal for someone
  368. the hook

    yt at nados 5/28

    You are a prince among men- Swedish men.:rofl: Thanks for the intel
  369. the hook

    What a trip! (as in "trippy")

    Fucka you, dolphin...fucka you whale!
  370. the hook

    Dead Battery Help

    Some Motors will supply more alternator amps than others. When not using the boat, turn off the main Battery switch to avoid parasitic drains.
  371. the hook

    How to increase knot strength

    "If you don't use spit, your knot aint shit." Johnny Cochran
  372. the hook

    Venus Williams Tennis fashions. oo la la

    Her sis is smoking hot- when she lays off the Cheezy Poofs
  373. the hook

    2 yr old smokes.....40 a day..

    Is that Johnny B?
  374. the hook

    Advice regarding dangerous structure

    Be careful on the Colorado River
  375. the hook

    5/27 Am YT at Pukey

    Made a tactical? Is that like dropping a deuce?
  376. the hook

    My Avatar...

    She doesn't look Asian to me.
  377. the hook

    Recommendations on the best way to BBQ YT Steaks!

    All great recipes. Best YT I ever cooked was on a George Foreman Gas Grill after cooking hamburgers on it and did not wipe the grill off.. Browned one side, then the gas ran out just as I turned it. So succulent. (Seinfeld reference) Serve your YT seared and RARE. All the spices...
  378. the hook

    Venus Williams Tennis fashions. oo la la

    Serena is the hotter of the two sisters. And she's FEISTY
  379. the hook

    Coming out of the closet...
  380. the hook

    Venus Williams Tennis fashions. oo la la

    Risque Venus brings Moulin Rouge style to French Open | Reuters Nice hiney:waglleybooty:
  381. the hook

    Oil Clean Up

    Well, if they use that method, Costner's oil separator, and STOP THE LEAK, things will be better than they are now.
  382. the hook

    Oil Clean Up

    Good idea. Can't we train seals to swim down and jam themselves into the gusher?
  383. the hook

    Best Marine radio

    Get your antenna as high as you can
  384. the hook

    Any Lost fans?

    I predict the cast of LOST will be on Survivor soon.
  385. the hook

    Bad encounters?

    You think?
  386. the hook

    I need a good fair priced Vet

    Dr. Kaiser at Animal Medical Hospital of Spring Valley. Closed on Wed. 464-5125 704 Grand in Spring Valley
  387. the hook

    Any Lost fans?

    Who built the 4 toed statue?
  388. the hook


  389. the hook

    Don't click on this

    Nice gaff shot, there, Toro. No fair ganging up on the bull after it won the fight.
  390. the hook

    Happy B-Day PapaJ

    Happy birthday, Jason. Let's ride sometime
  391. the hook

    Fisherman Kills Paedophile fishermen

    Guy should get a medal
  392. the hook


    Val, We'll sing a little next time. Happy Birthday to you.
  393. the hook

    IB...PM session 5-21-10

    Nice log!
  394. the hook

    Government gone crazy

    He has been , and been told to pay it all. He is going again on June 1st to appeal the decision, I think. Sorry about your friends' property. Joseph just wants to live and let live. Someone is trying to take his land, I believe. He lives low impact and off the grid. 0-p
  395. the hook

    Government gone crazy

    Fire skipped His property. He is in a valley with a stream running most of the year. He was not home when they supposedly gave notice, and returned to find his property had been cleared and some of his belongings broken. Joe is getting shafted. Come on, 25K for one day of clearing brush? Great...
  396. the hook

    Government gone crazy

    June 1 4:30 - 6:45 Concert to help Joseph the Rastafarian "mudman" Who is being persecuted by Babylon in the worst way. Want to play or help out in any way? They came on his land uninvited while he was out of town and charged him $25K for one day of brush clearing that he did not want. They...
  397. the hook

    Kinda windy

    Amongst other things, yes
  398. the hook

    TJ flats location?

    South of the IB flats
  399. the hook

    Just how fucked is the US economy?

    It is bad. Words of hope? Sorry, all out.
  400. the hook

    Kinda windy

    Kelp is pretty thin, but once we got into it, we found patches with good visibility. We found the smelt and then the macs by chumming "lobster bait". Wind came up and made it hard to see the puddlers, but there was something pushing bait up and the terns were working hard. Just need a good...
  401. the hook

    Kinda windy

    We had all the macs we wanted. They are everywhere. just chum a little and they will come to you.
  402. the hook

    Inspirational Video

    Follow through with things....for instance, I am now headed to the ER to follow through on this concussion.
  403. the hook

    Kinda windy

    Boat ran great. Stereo sounded good. My friend didn't drink- he's trying to quit. Proud of him.
  404. the hook


    Look what happened to the former native Americans that did not control their borders. Before you knew it they were walking the trail of tears
  405. the hook

    Kinda windy

    Late start. Made macs- where did all the kelp go? No takers on the macs, but I did get bumped on the iron a couple times around busting bait. Probably cudas. Got wet coming in early into the cross swell Got some sun, ran the boat, hung out with my friend..... I've had worse days
  406. the hook

    its time we remove that confederate flag!

    I wish I was in the land of cotton
  407. the hook

    help save the seals in La Jolla

    Too much kelp Submitted: "I don't hate the seals. They have plenty of beach access elsewhere, though. They have gotten so much attention, they should be given sunglasses to befit their celebrity status. The moron tourist kicking them are idiots, but there is obviously no problem using the beach...
  408. the hook

    earthquake now

    very unnerving
  409. the hook

    friend sunk their boat

    drain plug was in. They had been on the river all day. They got swamped by their own wake.
  410. the hook

    friend sunk their boat

    My wife's boss and family went to the river and sunk their jet boat on the river just outside the river exit from Crystal lake. He says that it wouldn't plane, so he throttled down to try again and the wake he had plowed swamped the transom and the boat went down in 20 seconds. He has been...
  411. the hook

    King James

    Don't pick on Cromartie
  412. the hook


    Maybe it is hungry? Why not record the yapping dog and play that back for her amplified? Seems like there is always one neighbor trying to make life a living hell.
  413. the hook

    Happy Birthday Gardenmartha

    Happy birthday, GM!
  414. the hook

    Piece-O-Cake trailer parking

    Very smooth work. 1st time getting it right?
  415. the hook

    Got my Ticket...

    Way to go!
  416. the hook

    Blue Whale off Long Beach

    We get blue whales off San Diego
  417. the hook

    Bank Robberies

    We were on our way to the bank and saw two police cars leaving the mall lot with bank employees in the back seat. Before I left after doing my business, the same cars came back with the employees. I did not notice whether they had the robber in back. A man who allegedly used a demand note...
  418. the hook

    Bank Robberies

    I heard on the news this morning that a chick robbed 3 banks yesterday and the Geezer bandit hit one, too. I pulled up at the Mission Federal in Grossmont center today and it had just been robbed. What is up with people?
  419. the hook

    Remove rust stains?

    Oxalic acid
  420. the hook

    what's the minimum requirement for going offshore?

    hooks, bait, rod and reel, lures, gaff, fillet knife and sharpening stone, side cutters, hat, Meclazine, sunglasses, extra dry clothes, a harmonica, camera, extra gas...
  421. the hook

    How much should I sell this gun for??

    GunsAmerica - Search - Guns For Sale & Gun Auctions B"H
  422. the hook

    Sling Shot and a Marble

    How did the squirrel taste?
  423. the hook

    Todays' "Saluki Special"

    Should have trimmed that hang nail
  424. the hook

    7lb Spottie?

    I ate the state record Tilapia. 18" long caught at the entrance to Squaw lake Same thing probably happenned to the 7lb spottie. Bass poncit
  425. the hook

    12 CE Audio/Video both sales and install

    I could use some AV/low voltage work in San Diego
  426. the hook

    OOPS.. DFG says go to court May 9, 2010

    You would lose on this one, Carl.
  427. the hook

    RV supplies in SD

    San Diego Trailer Supply on El Cajon Blvd near 70th
  428. the hook

    Brown balls

    Must be that dry English humor
  429. the hook

    Health issues need to liquidate

    Steph is a real nice lady. Best wishes for a successful surgery and her full recovery. I know you are good to her, Jason. Hang in there Stephanie.
  430. the hook

    Betty White

    Nice bass
  431. the hook

    Chewbacca tryouts!!!!

    Don't Tase Me Bro (Just The Good Part Of The Video When He Gets - Video
  432. the hook

    Most romantic song of all time?

    I 'll have to wait until LeAnn gets home. She holds it for me these days.
  433. the hook

    How do you wake up Lady Gaga?

  434. the hook

    Most romantic song of all time?

    No, really... Let's Make Love- (Faith Hill & Tim Mcgraw) Baby I've been drifting away And dreaming all day Of holding you, touching you, The only thing I wanna do is be with you As close to you as I can be Let's make love All night long Until our strength is gone Hold on tight Just let go I...
  435. the hook

    New York shuts bridge after truck found abandoned

    It gives me the willies when the media starts telling everyone what the problem was with the bomb and offers suggestions on how they could have improved it. For example, the Times Square bomb reportedly used the wrong kind of fertilizer, and they need something better than firecrackers to use...
  436. the hook

    what bored fisherman do

    I did that one day, now everytime I get out a fishing rod, the dog thinks it is play time. I can't take the dog fishing any more. He tries to eat any bait or lure I put on, and barks incessantly. It was fun that one day, though. Hopefully your dogs are smarter than mine. Or dumber- whichever...
  437. the hook

    Safe to eat catfish from Lindo Lake?

    I think there are only about 6 catfish in Lindo lake. Catch them repeatedly. Fish El Cap for keepers
  438. the hook

    Damn eHarmony ad

    Darla, do my dictate good?
  439. the hook

    Harley Buffs? Need help with an exhaust

    LOL Just because someone is gay doesn't mean they are a fag
  440. the hook

    give sturgeon a try

    You eat them?
  441. the hook

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    All your rockpile #s are belong to me
  442. the hook

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    How to make new friends: Yes, Aaron. it is a gay frat party. Damn Seatow!
  443. the hook

    Sea Tow VS Vessel Assist

    I prefer VA
  444. the hook


    Benny was probably funny, too.
  445. the hook

    South 9 Mile Banks 4/26

    Dall's Porpoise | Cetacean Fact Sheet | American Cetacean Society
  446. the hook

    Which PhotoG is cooler?

    Jesse's bass is bigger
  447. the hook

    South 9 Mile Banks 4/26

    Small cooler or MONSTER red
  448. the hook

    need guacamole recipe

    I disagree. I use a fork.
  449. the hook

    need guacamole recipe

    finely chopped onions, cilantro, anaheim chiles (the yellow ones are hot enough) crushed garlic, lime juice, salt, soft avocados Mix it all together. proportions of each ingredient is your prerogative
  450. the hook


    Happy day, Raider fan!
  451. the hook

    Case of STA-BIL fuel stabilizer $125

    I'll take the few free bottles!
  452. the hook

    "Chrissy" Chrissy Russo song by fan.

    I sang her a song last year live on the air. She is one cute chica!
  453. the hook

    flaming arrow

    When we lived in Connecticut- 5th grade- I used to buy boxes of caps- you know, the rolls of perforated red paper with the gunpowder blisters for the cap guns. Anyway, I would scrape the powder off the caps into a little tin cup and then use the powder to manufacture my own little firecrackers...
  454. the hook

    Suggestions needed for levelwind reel

  455. the hook

    15' Center Console built in the garage

    I have an old Furuno you can have, but you will need a transducer
  456. the hook

    Iceland Volcano Pics

    Where did you find those? Awesome
  457. the hook


    Sean, What did Phillip do?
  458. the hook

    boat starts pulling to Starboard for no reason

    Maybe the wind was pushing you?
  459. the hook

    Don Eddie's burned

    Great idea, Mike. I can help as long as it fits my erratic schedule. Let me know when it is happening and I will try to make it.
  460. the hook

    Happy Birthday Saltydog!

    Have a good one, Bill. Remember, gay porn and lathes do not mix.
  461. the hook

    If you could have a brand new 20' x 20' Garage built for $3000 + materials ?

    Smokin' deal. Hard times hitting everybody. Total buyers market. hj
  462. the hook

    Day at the Docs.....Spectra Sportfishing

    Who are those Canadian girls with the Canadian Taliban?
  463. the hook

    Oh shit moment.

    Call if you want some help, Stan. I am close by.
  464. the hook

    discovery channel show life

    YouTube - Little Walter, Juke
  465. the hook


  466. the hook

    Day at the Docks - Who's in?

    I am playing with the Bayou Brothers on the main stage at 12:30
  467. the hook


    ha ha ha
  468. the hook

    fishing for the jackpot

    I thought they were part owners of that boat.
  469. the hook

    Jeff Beck

    Rumor is that Jeff Beck will be dropping in at Patricks on F street after his show.
  470. the hook

    1 pellet and 32 yards....

    Juvenile jackelope
  471. the hook

    Aquarius Marine

    Aquarius is good. Also check out Bruce at Marshall Marine. Closer for you
  472. the hook

    Padres Home Opener

    17-2?! Whodathunkit?
  473. the hook

    DFG Lobster card summary

    If you turn in the cards with big #s, they will say you catch too many. If you get skunked and turn in the cards, they will say the lobsters are overfished. If you buy a card and don't turn it in, they pretend that you did, and make up #s for you. CA is fucked up. What happened to the...
  474. the hook

    Day at the Docks, Sunday 4/18

    Watch for me sitting in with the Bayou Brothers. DATD is always a great time. Bring the Kids!!
  475. the hook

    Dallas Cowboys stadium implosion video

    Just like the (insert favorite team name here) season
  476. the hook

    They Walk Amoung Us & They Vote

    Ledasha LOL Thanks for the chuckle, Harry Videos for La Mesa, California CA - Community Videos in and around La Mesa, California - Check the harp fest action
  477. the hook

    Buddy Boat Needed for a Run to Canadian Waters

    It's a little far for me.
  478. the hook


    :hali_ruahahaha: LOL Granddaughter to daughter, "Mommy, something scared me outside". Daughter explains how the earth moves sometimes to relieve pressure and that it happens occasionally, but not to worry. Daughter to granddaughter, "Want to go back outside and play?" Granddaughter to...
  479. the hook

    Ho Dads??

    We are getting burgers from Hodads to cook at the Spring Harp Fest this Sat. Blues harp from noon to 6. 2010 Spring Harp Fest - La Mesa, CA
  480. the hook

    the horrible email joke my mother in law sent

    ja ja ja ja
  481. the hook

    Where can I get my hands on some beaver

    Need some beaver pelts? Contact Cuda
  482. the hook

    Help, with the "Sandbass Rap"

    Aren't all rap songs basically to the same "tune" anyway?
  483. the hook

    Taking advantage of the teeth we have left

    What is that a picture of?
  484. the hook

    Help, with the "Sandbass Rap"

  485. the hook

    Help, with the "Sandbass Rap"

    This is too easy, my rhymes are greasy make a bass burrito with some fish and cheesy get in the boat son, we're gonna make a bass run. If we don't catch 'em, we'll still have mad fun got my rod and reel, some spectra for the feel, get in my skiff and take the wheel Ride out to the sand flat...
  486. the hook

    Where are the Halibut ??

    He doesn't fish. He catches. Question is..............who is pitching? Mike, halibut should be starting to spawn. You will likely find them in shallower water as the spawn continues. They are looking for mates in the usual places. Think like a fish. Where would you go looking for a mate...
  487. the hook

    what is the thing that you wished one of the old salts told you when you were young

    Don't sweat the petty stuff, and don't pet the sweaty stuff.
  488. the hook

    My First P&Y Animal

    Nice Fish
  489. the hook

    "Nice Fish"

    What are the numbers? You shoot my guy. Damn Seatow. You know. Wassssuuuuuup
  490. the hook

    Why Tuna hang with porpoise

  491. the hook

    TigerWoods - Southpark:

    Video: South Park Spoofs Tiger Woods Getting Beat By His Wife For Cheating & The PSA!
  492. the hook

    Beer Question

    Just funning with you. I tried it. It is good stuff.
  493. the hook

    Beer Question

    It is just like Guiness, only stouter.
  494. the hook

    Is there a Seal Devil???

    Quit nursing them back to health.
  495. the hook

    Well he is a Jet now

  496. the hook

    Riding today!!!

    Rode mine to OB for breakfast with the wife, then out to the Dublin Mob PAddy Ride. Buncha fun!
  497. the hook

    caption for this pic?

    This Kodak moment brought to you by Draw-Tite. World's strongest trailer hitches.
  498. the hook

    Serious Question - Pit Bulls

    Dang, Bill. It looks like the dog ate her entire face!
  499. the hook

    4th annual kill it grill it party menu

    Thanks, Mike. You put on a great party. Hey, Trish, my finger feels ok. At least we got that blender working, eh? Lots of nice folks.
  500. the hook

    for you math genius-es

    faulty math
  501. the hook

    FREE Honey Walnut Shrimp.... Today only (3/10) @ Panda Express

    The only catch is that you need to download a coupon from the Panda Express website before you head out the door. Saluki posted the coupon, put you must PRINT it and take it with you. Thanks for sharing, Brandon!
  502. the hook

    Amber Dubois' remains found....

    That will surely encourage people to come forward sooner....or not at all.
  503. the hook

    Coastkeeper Hires Water-Pollution Expert

    The probably want to outlaw outboards and stinkbait.
  504. the hook

    Amber Dubois' remains found....

    Maybe the cops finally followed up on the dogs tip from last year. My 1st thought was also the POS made a deal, but what if it was some other sick fuck? Sure, Gardner should get the worst punishment, but what if it was someone else. Amber had $200 on her to buy a lamb. Maybe a robbery gone...
  505. the hook

    Post your Dog Pictures

    Yuma and Markie
  506. the hook

    The Boss

    Good one, Harry.LOL Bosses are like diapers. Full of shit and all over your ass.
  507. the hook

    How prepared are you for a medical emergency at sea?

    Vacuum seal the kit to help keep it dry and sterile.
  508. the hook

    Olympic condoms

    ba da boom....clank LOL
  509. the hook

    The guy's gotta keep it in his pants.....

    Don't believe everthing you see on TMZ
  510. the hook

    Chargers trade Cromartie to Jets

    Just wondering about Gil's personal knowledge of "Little Ben"
  511. the hook

    Chargers trade Cromartie to Jets

    "Little Ben"? You have a story to tell, Scott?:eyepoppin
  512. the hook

    1930s Ads

    Where can I get some of those sanitized tapeworms?
  513. the hook

    Chargers trade Cromartie to Jets

    Maybe Darrelle Revis will teach him how to play. That would be scary.
  514. the hook

    Stupid dog owners

    You first, Carl
  515. the hook

    Barta update

    2 lb test? whittles his own arrows? dammit, Tred, you are something else.
  516. the hook

    I'll Trade for Canning Tuna

    Joe, is that Samuel L Jackson 's face on the shark? Too bad Harry is in the wind. He had the killer canning set-up. Regular assembly line.
  517. the hook

    Stupid dog owners

    Sorry you got bit. Maggie, if you start growing extra hair around the time of the full moon, please lock yourself in.
  518. the hook

    Dunn Edwards Drum Set

    Too skinny, no harmonica. Plus I'd be wearing a BD T
  519. the hook

    Olympic Hockey

    Not bad, US got the silver medal, right? Nothing to be ashamed of. Canada hosted the games. It is nice that they won. So am I a commie now?
  520. the hook

    Riding Today...

    That's pretty, TROB
  521. the hook

    Alright, Who was it?

    Getting old and can't remember shit. Charles, can you remind me what CRS stands for?
  522. the hook

    Riding Today...

    Have fun. Maybe next time.
  523. the hook


    Some cool videos by that guy
  524. the hook

    Dead moose

    Nice rack
  525. the hook

    Dont mess with old dudes

    Was that Orca?
  526. the hook

    No Sproles?

    Sorry, Sean. I was not saying we should get those guys, just that they constitute a running game with their teams.
  527. the hook

    Affordable Marine?

    Dennis lost me when he would videotape launch ramp follies instead of offering to help.
  528. the hook

    No Sproles?

    Reggie Bush Joseph Addai
  529. the hook

    Killer whale death

    I don't think Tilly will have any trouble finding food. Plenty of pinipeds around.
  530. the hook

    Killer whale death

    The solution is obvious Relocate to LaJolla
  531. the hook

    Happy Birthday Brant

    Happy birthday, Brant. You are getting old!
  532. the hook

    want a pool table free?

    me too
  533. the hook

    want a pool table free?

    Free Billiards Pool Table kayak?
  534. the hook

    Killer whale death

    No video yet, but Shamu in Orando killed a trainer SeaWorld Orlando: 1 dead at SeaWorld Orlando Shamu attraction -
  535. the hook

    No Sproles?

    Keep Floyd- he is a good one. 7.3 M is way too much to keep the midget back
  536. the hook

    Operator Failure?

    That was a large catfish. Imagine hooking one!
  537. the hook

    LT Released

    You don't get rid of one aging superstar just to replace him with another one. Get fresh legs, AJ.
  538. the hook

    Vincent Jackson......

    Lose Jackson. Keep Floyd and Nanee
  539. the hook

    Affordable Marine?

    Anyone had experience with Aquarius Marine on Frostmar? They are good guys, and have taken care of my boat, but it is not Diesel.
  540. the hook

    lazquilion #

    pm sent
  541. the hook

    Pure Fucking Evil X 2

    cool looking gun. When you said squeeks, are you talking rats?
  542. the hook

    LT Released

    Nice vocorder work
  543. the hook

    Serious Question - Pit Bulls

    Do you still want the dog? sorry, I had to laugh.
  544. the hook

    Should I buy a boat?

    Buy a whale watching boat.
  545. the hook

    What else could go wrong????

    You didn't sink, so at least you got that going for you......which is nice.
  546. the hook

    Life size GW tattoo!

    What motivates someone to want that on their body. Don't get me wrong, you are quite an artist, but the word that comes into my mind when I see that is WHY?
  547. the hook

    Does it make sense?

    Battle of wits. YouTube - Princess Bride
  548. the hook

    Amazing How

  549. the hook

    Amazing How

    Yep. it was me.
  550. the hook

    Disturbing..I would beat this kids ass

    You are right. Maybe it would be better to hire them a hooker with an STD
  551. the hook

    Disturbing..I would beat this kids ass

    The three dickheads that were fucking with him all need a dose of street justice. If that was real, the sprayer got what he was asking for. How many times do you think they screwed with that guy before he got to the point where he would throw some Fiskars? A little over the top, yes. Is he...
  552. the hook

    Olympic Mens Figure Skating

    '"Dethroned Olympic men's figure skating champion Yevgeny Plushenko vowed Thursday that he would not take the loss of his title lying down" More likely, he will take it bending over or on all fours. <script type="text/javascript"> if (!(typeof nad ===...
  553. the hook

    is this the work of a bder?

    It couldn't have been a BDer. I don't think any of us weigh 154 lbs.
  554. the hook

    Best of both worlds......

    Is that Lada Gaga?
  555. the hook

    Lake Cuyamaca- I won tickets from KCBQ

    There are sturgeon in there. Plan on catching trout.
  556. the hook

    OK Have Cox

    Cox bundle and Sprint cell
  557. the hook

    I love my dog

    Tell Roxy I said, "WOOF". She will know what I mean. hj
  558. the hook

    Bugs and rocks 02-11-10

    Maybe the rock floated over from Easter Island? Reminds me of a Sesame Street Character. Not Elmo, but the one that was always worried about something.
  559. the hook

    New BD Shirt designs for Fred Hall

    yellow dots in front with a brown string in back
  560. the hook

    New BD Shirt designs for Fred Hall

    White with blood red splotches....and a pocket
  561. the hook

    posting pictures

    So post a pic already!
  562. the hook

    Eat a beaver?

    Never ate that kind of beaver before, but I found this info, Ron 03.19.08&#8211;Foods and Recipes&#8211;Fried Beaver Tail Raven&#8217;s Ruff Stuff And Other Things Native
  563. the hook

    Need a new room mate, offering $75 off 1st month

    Sounds like you live very near my nephew. The rent is not too high. With Mesa and USD students nearby, you shouldn't have much trouble finding a couple of boarders at least while school is in. Good luck, Mike
  564. the hook

    posting pictures

    Dale, if Curtis' link doesn't get you dialed in, I might be able to talk you through it.
  565. the hook

    The Numbers picture thread.......

    I need to find some fish
  566. the hook

    cool surf video from Mavericks

    Found this this morning. Wish I knew how to surf. Never could stand up YouTube - Mavericks 2010-01-10 as experienced by Bart WIllems
  567. the hook


    I was going to apply for the job! The sex part was throwing me off, though.
  568. the hook

    Sea Lions Shot Dead

    Poor little things
  569. the hook

    coax cable

    Tony, my buddy is getting interested in the cable now. I should see him this week and get the beer.
  570. the hook

    AAAARGH !!! Border Crossing secondary inspections !!!!

    I got sent to secondary one time after they noticed no salt crystals on my boat. They were satisfied after the inspection, but asked why there was no salt. I had been fishing fresh water.
  571. the hook

    olympics luge accident

    80mph+ and a steel post make for a horrible tragedy at the Olympics Vancouver Olympic Games marred by Luge tragedy (video) | My Wide World - - - My Wide World -
  572. the hook

    Share some images of your pets

    I ruined Marky by playing tug of war with a fishing pole. He is horrible in the boat. wants to eat the lure/bait. Barks at every bird. Jetta is the black cat. as a baby and then wanting to get packed for England Yuma loves going to the river and sunbathing on the lounge chair. The lighter...
  573. the hook

    Funny Sort of Story

    dammit Living high!
  574. the hook

    first fish you've ever caught ?

    I think I have fished Lake Oswego. Upstae NY, right? Mine was a Yellow perch also, but at Sacketts Harbor NY., Lake Ontario (not me in the pic, but you get the idea)
  575. the hook

    Fresh Rock Scallops

    Wrap them in bacon...
  576. the hook

    Need a Tree guy

    TREES 1)"My neighbor's tree overhangs my property. What are my rights?" Traditionally, a property owner had full right to all of his property, from the center of the earth to heaven. This made sense at the time of the Magna Carta when British common law began, but has been sensibly...
  577. the hook

    The Numbers picture thread.......

    Some guitar hack wanking on a Gibson 355
  578. the hook

    Need a Tree guy

    Mikey, I believe you can trim the part that hangs over your yard. I have a chain saw
  579. the hook

    miramar lake catfish

    Just take Carl with you and let him catch them for you
  580. the hook

    Some of the Best Crappie Jigs I've ever used

    Send me a sampler of the jigs and I will see if they work in San Diego lakes.
  581. the hook

    Coach Bag..

    Offer retracted. Wife says it is ugly. thanks anyway
  582. the hook


    Good Score, Mikey hj
  583. the hook

    Super Bowl betting etiquette...

  584. the hook

    Foooooooorrrrrrrrrrget about it!

    Good Mooorning............wood! Where did I leave that Terrible Towel?
  585. the hook

    Worlds most talented dog.

    LOL x3 Is that a Saluki? looks like a yellow lab except for the paws are a little on the large size
  586. the hook

    Have you ever asked yourself

    Lala Song Player - Cheaper To Keep Her by Johnnie Taylor
  587. the hook

    Okay, fine........

    I don't see any of the Chargers' AFC West championship trophies in the case either
  588. the hook

    Official Super Bowl Thread... Who Dat vs The Colts.

    Who dey? Gayest football picture ever? My daughter sent me this.
  589. the hook

    The WHO.....

    That was Ringo's son
  590. the hook

    Three Hall Passes 2-6-10

    That sure looks like your bayrunner in the picture. Co-incidence? hj:frehya2:
  591. the hook

    Am I the only one ???

    The 2 point conversion was awesome. I was sure if they challenged they would get the points. He had full possession before the defender kicked the ball out of his hands. Int was icing on the cake. As to the "A" game- yes, you are the only one
  592. the hook

    Best Super Bowl commercials?

    The Green Police Big Game Ads on Yahoo! Video prophetic. These are the same people behind the MLPA
  593. the hook

    The WHO.....

    The drummer's cymbals with the RAF insignia was so cool. Even my wife was singing along. I wonder if the Who getting the gig had anything to do with CBS hit CSI shows using Who tunes as theme songs.
  594. the hook

    Best Super Bowl commercials?

    My favorite was the fiddling beaver getting hooked up on Also the one where the hijackers stopped the Car and wanted his tires or his life and the guy throws his WIFE out. Must have heard them wrong? Great game. The WHO...
  595. the hook

    And it continues.....

    I have tossed a few cabers. You have a problem with cabers, sean? LOL
  596. the hook

    How to live a long life

    The crickets are LAUGHING!! Funny, Harry. thanks.
  597. the hook

    Eating squid

    Cut head off and feed to their kin
  598. the hook

    Who to replace LT?

    I absolutely concur. What were they thinking? Giants are so deep at RB, I don't think Gartrell saw a snap this last season.
  599. the hook

    Disneyland's "Give a day, get a day" volunteer program with WSB!

    Put in your zip code and it finds volunteer opportunities and lists them by proximity to you.
  600. the hook

    Coach Bag..

  601. the hook

    the official "I'm a papa" thread

    Pics to come? Congrats!
  602. the hook

    Romantic carriage ride

    YouTube - Very Funny Banned Commercial
  603. the hook

    Huge Yellow On Yak Yesterday...

    Looks like a NZ kingfish!
  604. the hook

    Open Carry Law?

    If you DO shoot someone, make sure they are dead. Lawyers love victim suits.
  605. the hook

    Mama doesn't like it

    Break out the 50 cal
  606. the hook

    black pearl 2 day?

    The captain has weird taste in clothes, but his fileting skills are excellent- although he uses a rather long knife.
  607. the hook

    la jolla trips..

    New Seaforth, Daily Double, San Diego, Any of the 1/2 day boats
  608. the hook

    superbowl squares

    Ben, how did you survive being eaten by an elephant?
  609. the hook

    Reggie Bush leaves Miami nightclub at 3:30am this morning!!!!

    I didn't know Tiger was playing!
  610. the hook

    Anyone feel the shaking (poway...

    Sorry, I had a little gas
  611. the hook

    Coach Bag..

    That was funny, Jesse
  612. the hook

    Brand New Invicta watches

    :nopity: Pot? kettle?
  613. the hook

    The elitists are behind the MLPAs

    Politics on BD? mlpa mention or not Right on, Mikey
  614. the hook

    How to make a kid smile

    Lay off the marijuana. Your memory will improve.
  615. the hook

    Brand New Invicta watches

    Just got a new Timex or I'd be all over these. What a great deal!!!! I hope he still has them when the batteries die on my new Timex, because I would be very likely to buy them at twice the price. BOTH of them! Then I could wear on on each wrist and check to see if they are both accurate with...
  616. the hook

    Trout stream in southern california

    South Bay? Flies work there for bonefish.
  617. the hook


    I liked visiting the UK, but don't know if I would like living there.
  618. the hook


    There's hope for me yet!
  619. the hook

    Stupid winter fare

    Laughed myself sick!!
  620. the hook


    Didn't you hear? The US caused the earthquake with their HAARP weapon. Just ask Hugo Chavez!
  621. the hook

    Surfer nearly gets decapitated

    Seawater is great for removing shit stains from your shorts.
  622. the hook

    The Half Wit

    Love it
  623. the hook


    Thank you, Marcus. You said that much more eloquently than I could. I agree.
  624. the hook


  625. the hook

    Fancy bar

    Chicken dinner!
  626. the hook

    Personal Assistant to nudists job posting on Craigs List

    lunch box? Is that what you are calling the flesh light these days? LOL
  627. the hook

    Terror in black and white

    No pics? No video?
  628. the hook


    The people in Haiti had nothing to do with the earthquake. They are incredibly poor. The looters with sticks to hit other victims and take their stuff should be shot and thrown on the pile with the other 100,000+ dead people. Yes, some of the celebrity do-gooders are in it for the PR and the...
  629. the hook

    Shit, This is the last thing I needed

    I predict that some squirrels are in for a serious beat down.
  630. the hook

    Waterspouts and Damaging Winds Today

    :fighting0061: WHY?
  631. the hook

    Personal Assistant to nudists job posting on Craigs List

    Tried to find the contact info, but Brandon beat me to it. You Bastard!
  632. the hook

    WHo else has a bike.

    Sounds like fun
  633. the hook

    Whatcha Doin in the Rain?

    Guys: This Seat Will Save Your "Man Bits" - Hobson Easyseat Bicycle Seat -
  634. the hook

    Bluefin Tuna in the surf!

    Maybe the bluefin were just eating some clams and got beached by a big wave.