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    FG knot tips

    blah The weight provides enough tension that performing the wraps is easy to the point of being effortless. Try it once or twice ... you'll see.
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    FG knot tips

    Again, simply attach a modest weight (2-3 oz) to the tag end of the spectra before doing your wraps and the problem vanishes.
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    FG knot tips

    It’s easier to just tie a 3 oz weight to the tag end of your spectra with a slip or overhand knot. After you have done your wraps, a quick snip and you are ready to tie your half hitches
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    Polaris Supreme 8 day 8-1 to 8-9

    On the mid October 8 day myself. I can hardly wait.
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    360Tuna dysfunction

    Actually, I created a new account that appears to work correctly. It would seem that even a blind hog finds the occasional acorn. I'll scope out the upcoming trips this weekend.
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    360Tuna dysfunction

    The old account is still broken. I’ll make yet another email address and try a third time. Sigh
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    1st timer flyfishing

    Oh, this is so wrong! Funny, but so wrong.
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    360Tuna dysfunction

    LOL! Why don't you tell us how you really feel?
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    360Tuna dysfunction

    It's been a while since I fished the Capt. John, but, at the time, the boat was really targeting blackfin rather than yellowfin. I caught a 78 lb YFT on the Big E while chunking after my arms got tired from jigging up BFT from ~250 feet. There was nothing wrong with the Capt. John except that it...
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    360Tuna dysfunction

    The Big E was really hurt by the reduction in the snapper limits, and hurricane Ike was the final nail in the coffin. It was sold into Louisiana and I heard it was subsequently resold due to more financial problems. It was a terrific fishing boat; really THE boat on the Texas Coast. I was down...
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    360Tuna dysfunction

    Wow. I don't even know what to say to that.
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    360Tuna dysfunction

    Thank you! It's greatly appreciated. I feel the need to feed my tuna addiction in the Gulf, and that's where the Gulf boats post trips, etc.
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    360Tuna dysfunction

    Normally, I wouldn't post on this site about another site. For the record, I LR fish out of SD, but have occasionally fished tuna out of Galveston (Capt John) and Freeport (Big E) in the past, since I live in Dallas. Anyway, I wanted to follow some of the New Buccaneer / Dolphin Express trips...
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    Stealth Wahoo hooks?

    Yep, I wouldn't miss it for the world.
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    Stealth Wahoo hooks?

    Well that explains why I was as confused as hell. Thanks for the clarification.
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    Stealth Wahoo hooks?

    Hi everyone, I've seen many posts suggesting that one drop down to 30 lb line with 27 lb wire leaders when the wahoo fishing is slow, the theory, with which I agree, being that it's better to get bit and lose the fish than to never get bit at all. All that said, I don't see how it is possible...
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    PB WSB on the bass gear

    Under any circumstances, that's a nice fish. On bass gear, it's truly exceptional. Frame that picture; you won't get many like it.
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    Best place for bat rays?

    I used to fish for rock cod off the Aquarius in the late 70's. The height of my equipment ambition was to one day own a Penn 9/0 loaded with 80lb Dacron ...
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    Speckled Trout Limits Changing

    As long as there's a review process that monitors the population levels over time, I'm in favor. Without a review process, you get the sea lion situation in California, or the wild burro situation in NV and AZ.
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    San Diego Sportfishing Ticket Prices Take Another Upward Bump

    Repeat after me: "There is no inflation. There is no inflation ..."
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    When you realize your ISP/TV provider doesn't have the Superbowl on

    You didn't miss much. Can't say it was terribly interesting unless you live in Boston.
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    2 piece jig stick

    Does anyone know of any other quality two-piece options on the market? I heard rumors that the Japanese had started making quality two-piece travel rods, but nothing else.
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    2 piece jig stick

    Also, be sure to wax the ferule or use something similar to avoid sticking. Nobody will have to remind you twice ...
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    1.5 day Pacific Queen this friday

    Posts like this make me wish that I still lived in SoCal.
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    2 piece jig stick

    Mine was the heavy model. It cast wahoo bombs very well, but I think that you need at least 3oz of jig for it to flex much. I matched it to a Siegler LGN (65 braid / short 60 leader), but I'll go a bit bigger next time, I'm thinking a Saltiga 40 loaded with 80 braid and a 50 or 60 topshot. The...
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    2 piece jig stick

    I have a Charkbait wrap of the same rod (deckhand style) and agree that it is very impressive.
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    Intrepid 8 day gear

    I was going to say, "Die heretic!" If my wife ever reads this, I'm done!
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    Intrepid 8 day gear

    So, while hardly an expert, I've decided to change my own gear strategy this year. I should point out first that I've got to fly in, so that limits my choices in some ways. The new strategy is this: Fill up my rod carrier with as many rods as will fit. Depending on the rods, this will be about...
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    Medical and medical evac insurance for mexico

    I used Global Rescue on two trips to Africa and it was inexpensive, something like $230 for 21 days of full coverage, including evacuation, etc. I hear Ripcord is also very good.
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    Yellows are Biting (Got Jigs?)

    It's important to match the lure to the color of your fishing vest, of course.
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    Current xtratuf sizing

    In 1999 or 2000, I bought a pair of size 11 xtratuf deck boots, popped in a set of innersoles and was very comfortable, except in very cold weather. I used them regularly until 2005 when I left SoCal, but resurrected them for one eight-day and two five-day trips out of SD. They'd been pretty...
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    Okuma PCH-C-741XXXXH Rail Rods

    Yep, I got a notification from Amazon that the order had been canceled.
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    Okuma PCH-C-741XXXXH Rail Rods

    I ordered one of these, but the order was canceled a few days ago. I guess it was too good a deal ...
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    Okuma PCH-C-741XXXXH Rail Rods

    East coast bluefin out of a chair and marlin fishing, my understanding they use ~60lbs of drag. Stand up, you're right, of course.
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    2019 Bluefin Trip(s)

    Hi everyone, I'd like to take a shot or two at the BF in 2019. I'm from out of state (TX), and have to fly in, so it takes some degree of pre-planning. For planning purposes, what's the best month or two to target? What are three solid boats for this kind of trip? I fished the local SoCal boats...
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    Tiagra 16 WLRSA

    I think the spec you describe defeats the purpose of buying the T16. As mentioned above, too many other options out there that fit the bill.
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    Need info ATD -6

    I've got a BV2-800N. While I've yet to catch a significant fish with it, I can honestly tell you that it's a great casting reel when matched with 80 lb braid and a jig stick.
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    Two speed?

    It's occasionally convenient from 40, but comes into its own at 60 on up. It really depends on the gear ratio, the length of your rod, your physical condition, etc.
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    Lets see your best long range photos 2018

    And a picture of Mom from the PS website; it was a great trip:
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    need ideas on five star processing costs

    My cost for 192 lbs of fillets in thick ply bags was a smidgen over $500. The shipping boxes were $30 each as I recall, and will hold up to 60 lbs each. I''m very fortunate in that I live in THE Southwest hub (Dallas); shipping was a very modest ~$250, or about $1.25/lb. All in all, I'm into my...
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    Other hobbies besides fishing??

    There are other hobbies?
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    The Last Tough Guy

    OMG that looks painful.
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    Feds Investigate More Sea Lion Deaths after 2 Shot Near West Seattle

    One would think the Feds would have better things to do. Of course, since the country has no problems to speak of, I'm sure they have plenty of time on their hands.
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    Foghorn Leghorn pattern and left list

    Greatness. Foghorn Leghorn FTW!
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    Oct 20 Polaris Supreme A**Hole Invitational Roll Call

    I'm on the trip. I've repacked my bags three times; I can hardly wait!
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    Incredible Gift

    A gracious and gentlemanly gesture.
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    How fishermen properly stack firewood.

    Winner! Worlds most understanding wife.
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    Marina Del Ray

    I’d take a twilight trip if it’s still running.
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    How do you like your Calstar GG 690J for throwing Jigs?

    I agree with the other two guys. That said, I fished bait for tuna and wsb with 25 very successfully. The rod has plenty of backbone within reason.
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    New Buccaneer Tuna Trip?

    Well, I had already bounced to the Sep 6/7 trip, but both were canceled. Oh well, I'll eventually figure it out.
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    Jig stick for 5' 9" teenager?

    If he's like I was at that age, I'd just buy him the 10 footer and be done with it. On the used market something like a Grafighter 850M or H is pretty hard to beat. The only way for kids to find their limits is to exceed them.
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    Memories of days gone by...what are some of yours

    $17 for a 1/2 day from the Santa Monica Pier. Catching my first YT at Anacapa on a trout rod. Returning to SoCal in 1999 and seeing WSB caught on a local twilight trip out of MDR; they were legendary non-existent creatures when I was a kid.
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    Rail rod: PCH or SCT?

    I really hope the bluefin hate it. 8-)
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    Rail rod: PCH or SCT?

    Well, I bought the SCT 4x. I guess we’ll see what we see.
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    Rail rod: PCH or SCT?

    Like the title says, which one? The MSRP on the PCH is lower, but it's also the newer series ... or are they totally different rods in terms of fishing characteristics? Thanks
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    New Buccaneer Tuna Trip?

    It's hard not to love live bait. The lack of live bait is my one beef with the Gulf boats.
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    New Buccaneer Tuna Trip?

    I created an account on 360, but it's stuck in some sort of twilight state where I can read, but not post. I've used the "contact us" form four times and nobody has responded. I'm not sure what the deal is over there, but something appears pretty badly broken, or else someone is on a long...
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    Another 100lb reel thread

    And your wife's comments were ...? ;)
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    Polaris Supreme 7 day 8-1 thru 8-8 report

    I'm on the 10/20 trip. I can hardly wait!
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    New Buccaneer Tuna Trip?

    Hi everyone, I've booked a spot on the Sep 3/4 30 hour trip. I'm off that entire week, so my thinking is that I'll bounce to the Sep 6/7 trip if the weather doesn't play nice on 3/4. I've never fished the NB before and had a few "admin" questions about how the boat does things. 1) What is the...
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    Tern 500 by Oct 20th?

    That's fair. I'll have the $ ready, and I'll grab one if it's available. Thanks for the update.
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    Pacific Queen- Redemption- I got 2 Cows and a jumbo!

    Epic! How did you rig your flat falls and what type of leader were you using?
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    Best Jig Ever For Long Range and Short Range

    If I could have only one lure in the tackle box, it would be a cedar plug.
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    Tern 500 by Oct 20th?

    Not to put you guys on the spot, but is there going to be reasonable availability on the RH 500 4:7 model by the middle of October? I'm considering pre-ordering one but I get on an 8-day the morning of the 20th ... Thanks
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    500 gram FlatFall

    This sounds like one of those "be careful what you ask for" deals.
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    Relocating to Texas?

    LOL! The 1/2 day boat off the Santa Monica pier used to cost $17.
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    Relocating to Texas?

    I've owned a boat so I understand the expense. I certainly don't begrudge them their fee, but it's still an expensive day on the water. A long range trip works out to about $400/day, which I think is about the best deal in saltwater fishing. When I added everything up, flying out to SD was just...
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    BEST BfT trip ever.

    You guys are killing me! I won't be out to SD until October and I'm already putting together my packing list and practicing my knots.
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    Relocating to Texas?

    I've really wanted to fish Venice ever since I relocated, but it's tough to get there, and I'm not aware of any party boats, so it's all charter at $1200/day or so. I could be wrong, and I'd be delighted to find a more reasonable ($$$) way to fish Venice if it's readily available. I still face...
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    Relocating to Texas?

    My Texas cultural guideline is this: Dallas is the midwest. Houston is the south. San Antonio is the southwest. Austin is San Francisco. All in all, you can pick whichever atmosphere that you prefer. I moved from SoCal to DFW about 13 years ago, and my standard of living went up by about 1/3...