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  1. yellowfish26

    Brown Bait

    We still make them occasionally in San Diego bay. It can be a litrle time consuming though, but can be worth it. Generally we wont mess with this unless its the right time of the year. For years now when the the Calico Bass cheeks start to change color we'll go look around on the INSIDE of Point...
  2. yellowfish26

    What’s your first memory of fishing?

    Not my first fish, but the one that infected me, corrupted me with a hopeless disease that only death will free me from (maybe)... My first ocean trip at 8 years old. My Dad (rest his soul) took me on my first trip In 78 on a fullday trip on the Malihini (back in the day when Coronado Island...
  3. yellowfish26

    williamson lure for troll wahoo

    Its between the Steak Bank and the Salad Bank...
  4. yellowfish26

    The jewel 1/22

    They are up for an hour or two in the LATE afternoon, like sundown... Thats all you'll get out of me...
  5. yellowfish26

    Not Sword Fishing Report

    Thanks for the pics, I know right where you were.... Awsome quality!
  6. yellowfish26

    Local Sd yellowtail

    Don't be afraid to look around in other places. There are fish in other local areas with a lot less boat traffic. Too many boats driving around over small areas of fish is a bite killer. And dont ask me where, there are reasons the "other" places have been more consistent than out front of MB...
  7. yellowfish26

    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    Star Original thread was about a new trip on the Excel, not the Indy. Start a new fucking thread. But yeah I was kidding. Lighten up francis
  8. yellowfish26

    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    What the fuck does this have to do with the current topic?
  9. yellowfish26

    On the water Excel 16 day fishing report

    As usual on here one of you old stuffy fuckers can't stick to a topic and have to hijack a thread because you have short attention spans. Soda had a great thread going and you had to start hashing your political bullshit out on it. Feel free to have those discussions here on BD, just start your...
  10. yellowfish26

    Need Advice: Looking to pick up 30# Live Bait Rod or Blank at the FHS

    My insight is that these are stupid questions. Its like asking what are the best kind of titties? Different people like different things. Do you have long arms or short arms? Got a gut or are you in shape? Strong or not? Gonna fish mono or not? All of these plus more will help determine what the...
  11. yellowfish26

    VIDEO - Hooping LBC

    Watching videos of hooping is worse than watching paint dry...
  12. yellowfish26

    Intrepid ?

    Yeah but more importantly were the bathrooms clean? Did you tip?
  13. yellowfish26

    All New Website Bugs and Crying Go Here

    Guys, a quick heads up. Today at work after checking out BD I went to my usual PORNHUB and XVIDEOS sites and they were WAY slower than usual. Frustratingly slow... Somehow the changes you guys made screwed that up too. Could you guys fix that? I think this issue would be more important than the...
  14. yellowfish26

    Where is HardCore?

    Jesus Christ dude. Do you secretly hope for the chance to blow him one day? You are probably making him uncomfortable too just like the rest of us... Man crushes on BD. Seen it all now
  15. yellowfish26

    Seeker 540 Blank Question

    Rod wrappers paint blanks all the time.
  16. yellowfish26

    Dana Point Whale Watching Question

    More importantly keep a close eye on the weather. Supposed to be rainy and off/on windy all week.
  17. yellowfish26

    Skunked twice

    Holy shit. You guys cant put two and two together? Spots get cleaned out of legals pretty quickly and they dont repopulate nearly as fast. Thats why all you are catching are the same juveniles over and over. Especially in the bays or just shallow water in general. Same thing every year.
  18. yellowfish26

    Wahoo are dangerous.

    That guy was about an inch and 1 munute away from bleeding out... Its a cliche. "WATCH THE WAHOO"... Watch it all the way through a couple wacks to the head with a bat. THEN its pic time.
  19. yellowfish26

    Trinidad 16a or 20a for Small or Weak Bait - Line Capacity and Freespool

    If your fishing smaller or weaker bait you shouldn't be making the bait PULL the line off the reel regardless of which one you choose. Assist the line coming off the spool with your hand or thumb. Trick is to stay in contact with your bait and not turn into tangle guy.
  20. yellowfish26

    11/24 pirate attack

    Thats a nice dress and all, but those shoes dont match and are in poor taste. Should have stayed home in my opinion.
  21. yellowfish26

    What do you prefer to fish in winter?

    Jack Crevalle in San Diego Bay... Yep, its true.
  22. yellowfish26

    3-1/2 - Day Pacific Voyager

    Hope it works out for you guys but I just saw shitty weather forecast for the middle of next week. If the wind blows it will be the end of it. The YFT should have already been long gone with water temps approx 65° like it is now... and the wind will cool it off even more. BFT who knows.
  23. yellowfish26

    yellow-tail in November

    That makes you a whiny little bitch. "Some people might be meanies to me about my fishing stories. I cant handle that from a free, anonymous website" Grow a pair.
  24. yellowfish26

    yellow-tail in November

    No none of us are school teachers, but reading your shitty post makes everyone who reads it feel like they read something written by some school kid. Your a shit is painful to read. Whether you want to believe it or not your written word is a societal record of either your stupidity or a serious...
  25. yellowfish26

    Can Overnight's still reach the tuna grounds?

    I believe Davey's is doing a during the week discount this time of year to hopefully get more tickets sold so they can get off the dock.
  26. yellowfish26

    Flying fish

    They go in the "Fishing Chit Chat" section since well, its not a FISH REPORT. However, that being said. Who really gives a shit?
  27. yellowfish26

    Fall Sardine Size Question — Heavy Set Up Really Needed?

    I know it never was a huge deal to begin with but I feel obligated to to say to all that kzaam1 earlier privately reached out to bury the hatchet with me. Most folks dont do that so I believe anyone that read our mutually lame argument earlier should be aware he did do that. Let history also...
  28. yellowfish26

    Fall Sardine Size Question — Heavy Set Up Really Needed?

    You got it man. Its all good. Let me try to say what i meant to say earlier, I hope your next BFT is your best ever. Get on em
  29. yellowfish26

    Fall Sardine Size Question — Heavy Set Up Really Needed?

    Holy fuck!!! You wanted to let it go then let it fucking go you fucking little bitch. That last shit was easily your most stupid. Was it that important to waste all the time it took you to type out your dumb ass last post? Nope, never had a story like that. Must never done anything or have seen...
  30. yellowfish26

    Fall Sardine Size Question — Heavy Set Up Really Needed?

    Ahh, I see, NOW you are not interested... Yeah I get it. I'll actually hope your next one will be your best one.
  31. yellowfish26

    Fall Sardine Size Question — Heavy Set Up Really Needed?

    Just so you know since you're the dickhead who has started the insults is that Ive been fishing here for 50 plus years commercially(BFT, YFT, Alb, YT, and WSB) worked on several sportfishing boats over the years and owned my own various skiffs for 30 plus as well. I would fish circles around you...
  32. yellowfish26

    Fall Sardine Size Question — Heavy Set Up Really Needed?

    Based on the questions you ask it is easy to see your experience level( That in itself isn't a problem regardless, everyone starts out somewhere). The thing of it is you were not insulted. Nobody called you names, insulted your character, or questioned your manhood. I pointed out the only...
  33. yellowfish26

    Fall Sardine Size Question — Heavy Set Up Really Needed?

    Dude, just like there are no guarantees about when tuna show up, what type(s) will show up, how long they will stay, what they eat while they are here etc. there is no guarantee or seasonal "average" for bait size or even type for that matter. You've witnessed what, two or so seasons? Just...
  34. yellowfish26

    Balloon Question

    Dude, you seriously need to lighten up and go wash the sand out of your vagina. I know you are new around here but this is a free website about FISHING. When dudes get together and talk about fishing there is gonna be some ribbing.
  35. yellowfish26

    Mexican Stand Off on a 1/2 day boat (photo)

    I dont know why im even commenting on this. Apparently I'm bored.... One last time for those of you who are handicapped when it comes to reading comprehension here on BD... The OP commented in his first post that he had never had a direct encounter with the Mexican Navy checking permits and he...
  36. yellowfish26

    Mexican Stand Off on a 1/2 day boat (photo)

    As if to prove my point...Way to go dumb fuck. Its their country you fucking retard. And my shit is always ready to go.
  37. yellowfish26

    Balloon Question

    Yep, those were some dumb ass questions. Go stand in the corner for 30 minutes, think about it, and try again. And if you are doing this by yourself with only one rod isn't that called something else?
  38. yellowfish26

    Mexican Stand Off on a 1/2 day boat (photo)

    Your first encounter will be how how make it. Got your shit together? Dont act lick an entitled dick? It'll be just fine.
  39. yellowfish26

    Every Time I Want to Fish, Damn Weather

    Have you tried porn? Typically a lot less aggravating than that.
  40. yellowfish26

    Geico/boatUS question

    Jesus Christ, this again? You need your Passport, TIP Permit, Mexican Fishing License and Insurance. PRO TIP = Bring extra condoms! Its so annoying to have to start using them over and over by the end of a good trip. Wait, what was the question again?
  41. yellowfish26

    Fathoms vs. Torques lever drag 2 speeds compare to star drag?

    Holy shit. Uh, No, you cant... My head hurts now.
  42. yellowfish26

    Its go time - 6 day trip leaving 10/26 on The Gun

    Imodium AD.Ex Lax and the wisdom to ensure you use the right one at the right time. Could be a trip saver...
  43. yellowfish26

    LB Reel Service?

    Dude. If she can that do shit right out of the box. keep her. Everything else she'll need to know in life is trainable. Yeah I said it
  44. yellowfish26

    The Captain that is....

    Dude had scales in his blood...
  45. yellowfish26

    Limits with the Ocean Odyssey by 9am! 10/8

    When did i say HE was a dickhead? I said it was a dickhead move which it is. A lot of people running their own boats actually wonder why the sport boats get mad .... Not excusing their shitty behavior either... Another fine example of the collective "Genius" level reading comprehension...
  46. yellowfish26

    Limits with the Ocean Odyssey by 9am! 10/8

    Sport boats most always drift stern first. When you set up off their bow you are parked right in their chumline. Thats why they were trying to get you to set up off their stern and that would have allowed you to all work together. They weren't being dicks, they were trying educate you. They slid...
  47. yellowfish26

    How to fish the Yo Zuri hydro pencil

    Usually I have to pay extra for that...
  48. yellowfish26

    Fishing Coronado island. Need help

    My 8 year old nephew will do it for 50...
  49. yellowfish26

    Which swimbaits simulate anchovy

    The ones colored like an Anchovy... Jesus
  50. yellowfish26

    Choosing the right dean

    Your street cred just took a HUGE hit here on BD...
  51. yellowfish26

    Trolling speeds

    24.5 knts
  52. yellowfish26

    BFT foamers; who, what, when, where, why?

    I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Salas DX. 3.5 in, 2.5 oz, and swim well. Been using them for 20+ years when they get keyed in on micro bait. Look them up...
  53. yellowfish26

    Fur Bag Deterrent

    I remember in JackAss 2 thay had a remote controlled Helicopter with a automatic paint ball gun mounted on it with a foreword looking camera. I always thought that would come in handy for this topic. Could be more fun than actually catching fish. Would also work as a deterrent to the asshat...
  54. yellowfish26

    rods to reels

  55. yellowfish26

    No Postings??? Help, please.

    Why do you need to reread stuff you posted in the past?
  56. yellowfish26

    New rod belt

    Jenny Craig can help you with that one...
  57. yellowfish26

    Dana Point 5/25 - P. Herring

    Brown bait is a loosely used name for Queenfish and White Croaker, neither of which is a Herring. We don't see those in the OPs pics in bait tanks around here because they are really fragile
  58. yellowfish26

    'Memorial Day'

    We are all getting old... Happy birthday
  59. yellowfish26

    'Memorial Day'

    Jer, not trying to shit on your post as i share your sentiment. But its Memorial day, not Veterans Day. We are all honored and thankful to all who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. God bless them and the families they left behind.
  60. yellowfish26

    Yellowtail Size Restriction

    Ive caught just as many and was able to spell it properly at the same time. Your not "egnoreance", your just stupid.
  61. yellowfish26

    Yellowtail Size Restriction

    Bonita is a city. Bonito is a fish.
  62. yellowfish26

    Which VHF Channel?

    Thanks for reinforcing my post!! More evidence of your selfish, narcissistic ways. You are right. I dont know the "all" of you but i do know enough based on the bullshit you post on here to know you aint anyone I would want to know. And by the way, there isnt much bullshit at all on 16. You...
  63. yellowfish26

    SD weather?

    Look it up yourself
  64. yellowfish26

    Which VHF Channel?

    I dont give a shit how long you have operated a boat. You just identified yourself as a selfish, narcissistic dipshit for all to see. Whenever you have a situation going foreword that requires help from someone else I hope the closest boat to you drives over and pisses in your face.
  65. yellowfish26

    Sardines anyone!

    Who the fuck is ghost bumping all these old posts from 2004?
  66. yellowfish26

    June Overnight boat

    Dude why are you asking us? Fucking call the landings and ask them yourself
  67. yellowfish26

    4-27 Carlsbad/Leucadia Nearshore Report

    Thers a shit ton of videos on YouTube that do just that for free. Probably would find a tutorial for whatever unit you have and how to really dial it in.
  68. yellowfish26

    New to me Newell

    322,332,338 are the same profile. Only difference is the width. I know as I own at least a couple of each
  69. yellowfish26


    You guys realize how different the fishing will be a month from now? No guarantees in tuna fishing...
  70. yellowfish26

    San Diego Fish ID

    In any case its got its mouth open so we know its lying to us...
  71. yellowfish26

    Favorite feature of your favorite equipment?

    My new fleshlight. Its dish washer safe...
  72. yellowfish26

    Cedros Island - If you could only take one Rod/Reel combo.

    If you were a golfer and had the chance to play at Pebble Beach would you aspire to play all 18 holes with only a putter? Pretty stupid idea to spend all the cash required to go on a trip like that and not bring the tools required do do it right.
  73. yellowfish26

    RP Line One 18 day, 1-20 thru 2-7-19, Part 2, Pretty Tuna

    Loc, Awesome pictures! Curious as to what camera you used to take them? Sounds like you had a great trip.
  74. yellowfish26

    A Way to Fish Cheap

    Who decides where to go?
  75. yellowfish26

    Under 16 fishing license for non residents

    Do not need a license if under 16 in California.
  76. yellowfish26

    Trip Finder?

    Doesnt exist
  77. yellowfish26

    Capsized boat at the mussel farm

    Radio not on? Dude, that makes you a dick. At least stay on 16. One day you will need help and the closest dick to you won't have their radio on either...
  78. yellowfish26

    Does Turners sell Mexican fishing License?

    Did you call them and ask?
  79. yellowfish26

    Rod to do 40 50 and 60

  80. yellowfish26

    Bluefin 2019???

    They are tuna. No guarantees of anything. And IF they are around they will be wherever their food ends up being.
  81. yellowfish26

    Socks, what do you wear?

    If you struggle with socks maybe you shouldn't be around sharp objects? Just a thought...
  82. yellowfish26

    Silverwood 12/1/18 fish report

    No, they use the profits to fund their Deer poaching trips. Fuck those guys.
  83. yellowfish26

    What’s your porn name

    Tittie McTitface
  84. yellowfish26


    Caught my first Bonefish (of many) over the years in San Diego Bay in 85. Jack Crevalle were/are in there too...
  85. yellowfish26

    Fish Mounts?

    I wouldn't put them on my wall if I hadn't caught them myself. Framed paintings or pictures would be better
  86. yellowfish26

    BFT predictions

    Nice try at back peddling. There was nothing in the way you wrote your post that indicated what would have been a lame intent at satire. Actually the one who talks like they know more than you actually do is you.
  87. yellowfish26

    BFT predictions

    Damaging your money maker or hurting someone by going out in seas you shouldn't be out on (especially with passengers who arent prepared for the conditions) just for bragging rights is fucking stupid and Im pretty sure anyone running a boat out of here isnt that dumb. Stupid suggestion man.
  88. yellowfish26

    Rough weather for a 21 ft. Center console?

    If you had to ask that question you should never leave the bay you are launching from
  89. yellowfish26


    An exercise bike and a brass stripper pole. Mirrors on the ceilings in the staterooms too.
  90. yellowfish26

    14 day trip report.....

    He pm'd me too. It was too stupid and not worth the time it would take for me to copy and paste it here.
  91. yellowfish26

    14 day trip report.....

    Dude, whats the deal with all the name calling on people you don't know? Guaranteed you wouldn't say them to someone while looking them in the eye.. so what are you compensating for? Your daddy used to beat you when you were a kid? Or was it because your mommy liked your brother more than you...
  92. yellowfish26

    Bonita Survival Rate

    Actually he would be the spelling police, not grammar... and he is right
  93. yellowfish26

    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    To add more mystery, his bio lists him (or her?) as female...
  94. yellowfish26

    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    Thanks douche for reinforcing my comment. Let it go man you've already lost. And by the way, what kind of boat do you own? Handle that dumbass before you question anything anyone else has...
  95. yellowfish26

    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    Something tells me this douchebag was never going to be going on this trip in the first place. He started a bunch of shit as he has done before and at the very last minute he had to cancel for some reason which he has also done before. A screw is loose with this dude. 1st clue is the Tbird is...
  96. yellowfish26

    32 people on the T Bird tomorrow night. Get your Dykes ready.

    Guys, dont forget. The OP is the halibut lung capacity guy, the homeguard Albacore guy, the Albacore short boil guy, the guy that claimed to have a ton of experience at Cortez and Tanner banks, but also claimed that "everyone knows you cant anchor there". And now he is claiming to channel Edward...
  97. yellowfish26

    Big Red Rock Cod in San Diego

    You might have had a better chance of getting some Marlin numbers had you asked for that instead. Those that have knowledge of local spots that will hold the type of rockfish you asked about arent going to cough them up to some dude they dont know on a free website. They are too hard to come by...
  98. yellowfish26

    1000$ discount on 14 day Hoo's Run n' Gun on Intrepid leaving Nov 6th

    Again, this is the best you got?. Obviously you do have time or you wouldn't have responded twice to something that didnt have anything to do with you dumbass. And you still havnt came up with any reason that makes my opinion wrong. You just start calling names like an insecure little bitch. And...
  99. yellowfish26

    1000$ discount on 14 day Hoo's Run n' Gun on Intrepid leaving Nov 6th

    That's the best you got? You know what I posted is true
  100. yellowfish26

    1000$ discount on 14 day Hoo's Run n' Gun on Intrepid leaving Nov 6th

    Are you a doctor? You have no idea what his condition is and as such shouldn't be giving advice. And even though it worked out for you if I was on your trip and half way through it your shit gave out and OUR trip got cut short or modified because your selfish ass went on a trip like that with...
  101. yellowfish26

    Cleaning Your Fishing Hat

    Throw them in the wash with your bra's and panties. Im sure you do at least a couple loads of those a week...
  102. yellowfish26

    UV Charging, One Hand and the Rail

    Most people dont want to comment on your having too much time on your hands, having too much energy or your OCD. All that shit because charging a flat fall with a UV flashlight is too much of a pain in the ass?
  103. yellowfish26

    17 for 17 on the Pacific Dawn Oct 27-28 1.5

    Well there you go. The op stated they went 17 - 17 on the "Cows" and then said they got one way under 200. Carry on
  104. yellowfish26

    What happened to the Prowler?

    Dont like his posts? Then dont read them. Whiny bitch
  105. yellowfish26

    17 for 17 on the Pacific Dawn Oct 27-28 1.5

    It aint considered a cow until its over 200 lbs. But looks like a day to remember for sure
  106. yellowfish26

    Is my boat ready for Bluefin?

    Id say looks like your rigged and ready. If possible, please mount several go pros at different angles so we can all see your assured success. Let her rip!!!
  107. yellowfish26

    What happened to the Prowler?

    Fuck me. Tragedy!!! That boat is a part of the legend of the SD fishing fleet.
  108. yellowfish26

    3.5 Day Recomended Gear

    Going on a trip that long this time of year without a 100 - 130 pound setup is like going to a massage parlor without tip money. Rent, borrow, buy one.
  109. yellowfish26

    Dolphin Motel closing Oct. 31...... It's the wrecking ball for Point Loma's Dolphin Motel

    Im from SD... So how many others besides myself lost their virginity in that hotel? Used to be you could rent rooms by the hour there.
  110. yellowfish26

    Why am i addicted to fishing

    When I was young the only places we fished (from shore anyway) were the places it was illegal to be at...
  111. yellowfish26

    Better Photos

    Wear fancy matching outfits, make sure your makeup is done properly. And nothing white after Labor Day
  112. yellowfish26

    Bradon's First YFT! 10-06-18

    Way to go Pops, thanks for sharing. Been having a shitty day and seeing the look on your boys face put things back in perspective for me. I sure remember what i felt catching my first tuna and its obvious he feels the same way.
  113. yellowfish26

    1.5 day charter - YFT & BFT?

    As of now not really. But its tuna fishing so conditions can change in a day. One or even both options could be over in a weeks time
  114. yellowfish26

    How much are custom rods

    Dude, use google. Search for rod wrappers in your area and fucking call them and ask them directly
  115. yellowfish26

    Risking passenger safety for yellowfin

    O how the world turns here on BD
  116. yellowfish26

    1 and only 1 Popper???

    Guaranteed they will want the ones you dont have
  117. yellowfish26

    Now that is a big Bluefin Tuna

    It was released with gaff holes in it? Bullshit
  118. yellowfish26

    300 pound blue Finn

    If i could like your post twice i would do it. F'n funny...
  119. yellowfish26

    Noisy Avet

    If the noise occurs when you are casting its not the gears its the bearings making the noise
  120. yellowfish26

    Smaller profile 2-3 oz jig ?

    What the fuck is a baraduca?
  121. yellowfish26

    Fish processing reccommendations

    And were the bathrooms clean?
  122. yellowfish26


    The search function tool on this website
  123. yellowfish26

    La Jolla 9/23 AM 1/2 day

    Dude, my initial response to you did not question any of the reasons you like this site. I like them too. But you obviously take some of the stuff on here WAY too seriously. Its a free FISHING website with all different kinds of people on it. Getting your panties all wadded up because someone...
  124. yellowfish26

    La Jolla 9/23 AM 1/2 day

    Dude you are such a pussy. All that happened was that someone questioned the size of a fish as if that hasn't been going on since man started fishing. This place isn't a safe space snowflake. If you get triggered by shit like this you probably should leave the computer off
  125. yellowfish26

    Just fished the chief

    Its how you type when you have a little dick
  126. yellowfish26

    Upper Hidden non stop action

    You dont post anymore because you are a pussy that cant take some shit from people on a free fishing website?
  127. yellowfish26

    Constitution 9/20/18 Bittersweet 1.5 Day Trip

    Thats why you dont book any offshore trip 2 weeks in advance with a set expectation of what you will be fishing for. They dont know where the will go days from now. It changes on a dime and the bft bite right now is not what it was
  128. yellowfish26

    9/21 SCI - 2 In The Box By 8:00 AM - Flat Calm Conditions

    Im sure it looks the same as the other 150 yummy fliers in pics here on BD...
  129. yellowfish26

    Favorite Bay rod for bass and hali’s

    Thats like asking what are the best shaped titties out there. There are a shit ton of opinions about this. Go to a shop, pull on some different models and find out what feels best to you.
  130. yellowfish26

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    They're different. Wils can spell and punctuate properly. I have a 6 year old nephew that does way better than jER dOG. Too much lead fume...
  131. yellowfish26

    9/8 Dana Pt. The Dorado Show & Patty Etiquette??

    He doesn't want any more inches of the proverbial BD dick shoved up his ass...
  132. yellowfish26

    Intrepid 3-Day, September 4-7

    Were the bathrooms clean?
  133. yellowfish26

    Rigging the ultimate flat fall

    Dude i knew it was a joke on your part. I was trying to make a joke on my own. Dont take it too serious
  134. yellowfish26

    Rigging the ultimate flat fall

    Apparently you dont have a wife/girlfriend. Maybe give porn a shot...
  135. yellowfish26

    Bluefin outfits

    Dude, use the search function. There's gotta be 50 threads on here about this this year alone
  136. yellowfish26

    St Clemente DIY first timer’s advice needed

    Actually the worst part of BD nowadays is all the thin skinned pussies like you on here
  137. yellowfish26

    St Clemente DIY first timer’s advice needed

    You'd be better off coming down and getting on a sport boat if you've never made the trip to SAN Clemente before. Its a long trip and fishing the BFT has a really steep learning curve. Maybe 5 to 10% of the pbers that actually have some clue about it get a bite on any given day.It would be more...
  138. yellowfish26

    Sept. 4th and 5th Skipjack Exstravaganza..

    Good on ya. It is a nice boat you have there. Glad you didnt take my post too seriously.
  139. yellowfish26

    First 1.5 day trip on Tomahawk...any advice, suggestions, or tips

    Something tells me you wont be "that guy". Attitude is everything and it sounds like you are wired properly. Have a good time
  140. yellowfish26

    Sept. 4th and 5th Skipjack Exstravaganza..

    Yeah but was the bathroom clean enough?
  141. yellowfish26

    209 and Catalina - 9/26

    Thats a Skipjack, not a Bonito
  142. yellowfish26

    Gearing up for the big bluefin

    Use the search function. There's got to be 50 threads already about this
  143. yellowfish26

    Been to Santo Tomas lately?

    Its not the place it used ro be. Its now a place full of hiding criminals and cartel bullshit. A million better places to go down there now...
  144. yellowfish26

    How big is this fish

    The only way in to the 300 lb club is to kill the fish by yourself. If its tag teamed you can say "I helped catch one" but its not your personal best.
  145. yellowfish26

    how would you set up ?? please help!!

    Ive caught trout bigger than those things
  146. yellowfish26

    Flat Falls and Surface Irons

    Use the search function
  147. yellowfish26

    there must be fish here?

    Some of you people on here are stupid. It wasnt a fishing report dipshit. The OP never went fishing. He went on a AIS website and took a screen grab showing where the sport boats where fishing (which is not info for him to share in my opinion because he basically poached the info). Its not a...
  148. yellowfish26

    there must be fish here?

    Yeah i can see your stupid red circle. I still stand by my comment. Dont post up AIS shit on a free website. Let people figure it out for themselves. Too many uneducated dumbasses with a boat nowadays and they all will be all over that spot now.You aren't fucking Robin Hood, but you are a dipshit
  149. yellowfish26

    Short Chop and Wind

    Man, thanks for letting us all know you've decided not to go fishing next week. All of us will be able to sleep better tonight...
  150. yellowfish26

    there must be fish here?

    Way to go dipshit. The already highly overcrowded spot just got 10x more crowded...
  151. yellowfish26

    Will this setup work for flatfall?

    Green braid is a no no. Especially at night. Cant see it for shit and is a nightmare for the deck hand untangling tangles. Some boats dont allow it...
  152. yellowfish26

    Prowler 1 1/2 on 9-5

    They have a deck hose you can use to wash the scales out of your pussy
  153. yellowfish26

    Topgun80 - Historic 17 Cow BFTs 3.5 day report

    First resistor color code reference I've seen here. Navy electronics school?
  154. yellowfish26

    White Seabass on the SeaJay

    Not a big deal either way. Relatively common
  155. yellowfish26

    Anyone done a recent local multi day?

    On a 4.5 dayer you'll most likely get shots at both. Id bring it all...
  156. yellowfish26

    Any boats targeting big BFT Labor Day weekend-ish?

    You know why they tell you that? Because its the truth. They dont know where the will be fishing 5 days from now. Conditions can change on a dime.
  157. yellowfish26

    Pound for pound

    You mean Skipjack and BONITO?
  158. yellowfish26

    Royal Polaris - 8-11-18

    Yessir. There are bigger ones than that there right now.
  159. yellowfish26

    Royal Polaris - 8-11-18

    Why would it be a surprise to you?
  160. yellowfish26

    Any fog crossing from San Pedro to Catalina this week?

    Alright Corey. Im glad to have found out about this side of you. Carry on brother. 'Merica!!!
  161. yellowfish26

    Any fog crossing from San Pedro to Catalina this week?

    Well Corey. I was unaware of that. I will faithfully watch every video you post from now on. Most of the people in my family (Including me) are monthly contributors to the WWP as we have relatives that have been helped by the foundation. Wow Im ashamed. Ive also deleted my posts on tbis thread.
  162. yellowfish26

    Inexperienced boater

    Questions like this get asked here frequently. Everyone starts out sometime so I'm not gonna be a dick... More importantly than learning how to fish is learning how to be safe. EVERYONE starting out meeds to take a boater safety class from the Coast Guard Axillary. You will learn about a ton of...
  163. yellowfish26

    Considering the Chief ???

    Call their office and ask.
  164. yellowfish26

    Coronados on the Sea Watch 8/6/18

    He gaffed my first Yellow in 81.
  165. yellowfish26

    Walk on the pier fish ID ?

    The actual correct name is Black Croaker but is commonly called China Cod or China Croaker
  166. yellowfish26

    Mucho Dorado: On water Tomahawk rpt 8/4

    Its because some people on BD are stupid and have no reading comprehension skills
  167. yellowfish26

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    This thread has more legs now then a urchin. Usual BD shit show. Like watching 100s of Monkeys trying to fuck a football... The only reason I've come back is to see if mama bear ever puts out the crew's side of the story. Starting to give up on that. That as much as anything is gonna be a real...
  168. yellowfish26

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    I've been on the fence with this one until the lack of explanation here from Momma Bear after talking with her son and crew as ahe stated she would do so. Silence is damming in her case. Even if she found out there were some shenanigans she should say what they were and how it will not ever...
  169. yellowfish26

    Catalina weigh in of Giant Bluefin

    Talking shit and titties. Ahhh the good ol days on here
  170. yellowfish26

    Poseidon; when an epic trip turns out "not so epic"

    What I'm about to say here is in no way referenced to any one in particular on this thread as to their ability/ inability to fish a bait properly. I have spent a good chunk of my life on a bait tank throwing chum. We were taught to pay attention to who could fish a bait properly or not...
  171. yellowfish26

    Let's leave these biting cows and catch yellowtail

    Dude, the descriptions stated on boat websites are as generic as could be. None of the boats know where they will be fishing next week, let alone a month from now. It can change almost on a dime. They will go where they think the best available fishing will be. All you can do is pay attention to...
  172. yellowfish26

    Bait fishing with a coffee grinder

    The fish hooked on the kite will be hooked on the right gear (heavy conventional), minimizing the time spent on fighting it. Same fish hooked on a spinner is gonna take longer...
  173. yellowfish26

    Do you shit on your boat???

    Adult diapers. Do your business during the day. Once you get to the barn hose everything clean when rinsing the boat. Easy peasy.
  174. yellowfish26

    7/26/18 Pursuit quality yellows and Seabass at Catalina. Doroado are local as well.

    If you are interested you could read his previous content. Some gems in there. Im not going to flame him any more than that since its Friday
  175. yellowfish26

    7/26/18 Pursuit quality yellows and Seabass at Catalina. Doroado are local as well.

    Don't forget. This is the Halibut Lung capacity guy, the short boil from homeguard Albacore guy, the everyone knows that you cant anchor at Tanner Bank guy, and thusly the guy who claimed he has fished extensively the 60, Cortez and Tanner banks. A grain of salt is needed here
  176. yellowfish26

    Billy K Popped My Cherry 07.26.18

    I thought i was gonna read something about Billy bending you over the rail and...
  177. yellowfish26

    Summary of reports and wondering what's next

    Where did your degree in fisheries management come from?. Ive been fishing here longer than you have been alive. Ive fished commercially, worked on sport boats and have owned my own boat(s) for over 20 years. Your bold claim that the reason Albacore are not around because of warm water is...
  178. yellowfish26

    Summary of reports and wondering what's next

    No they dont. When its shitty most dont report at all
  179. yellowfish26

    Best spinning rod to catch big tuna

    Nothing wrong with Phenix in my opinion. Just didn't want you to go the wrong direction.
  180. yellowfish26

    Best spinning rod to catch big tuna

    Not a good idea to fish a spinner on a conventional rod. Couple reasons. Blanks have spine and it neads to be on the proper side of the bend other wise it will be MUCH easier to break especially on a bigger fish. Also the smaller guides on the conventional rod will greatly reduce your casting...
  181. yellowfish26 is BonitA or BonitO

    Belly stripes? Skipjack
  182. yellowfish26 is BonitA or BonitO

    Its not about how people say it. Its about how it is written or posted
  183. yellowfish26

    How much have you spent ?

    The last couple of years have been anything but a traditional year. No guarantees
  184. yellowfish26

    How much have you spent ?

    Another pro tip regarding ice. If you live close to an Arbys (yes the food chain) they sell 10 ib bags of ice for $1.29 a bag and will hand them to you through the drive through window. Ive bought 15 bags at a time several times.
  185. yellowfish26

    How much have you spent ?

    Right now its the only game in town. The only decent YT fishing is on offshore paddies and even that is not all that great. Even the boats that were getting them at the islands are fishing offshore now
  186. yellowfish26

    Best topping for YFT on the bbq?

    5,634 posts and you still cant write properly...
  187. yellowfish26

    Best topping for YFT on the bbq?

    As if to reinforce my comment. Thanks little buddy!! Seriously, there will be a community center near you that will have a free or reduced cost English class you should take. I have a 6 year old nephew who can write better than you.
  188. yellowfish26

    Best topping for YFT on the bbq?

    Dude you are too stupid to realize that how you record responses to anything anywhere is a representation of your intelligence and or mental laziness. Dude you are dumb as shit for even arguing what i just said.
  189. yellowfish26

    Best topping for YFT on the bbq?

    Dude you can take a English class pretty much for free at any adult learning center near you pretty much for free. Would help you A LOT
  190. yellowfish26 is BonitA or BonitO

    Bonito. End of conversation. And while we're at it it's not irons, its the iron
  191. yellowfish26

    Kelp paddy strategies?

    And if you get to it first and someone else tries to crowd you out or pulls some other kind of dick move (like slide right up and put divers in the watwr without asking first) just haul the kelp into your boat and drive away
  192. yellowfish26

    Proof of Yellowtail Tuna

    He He He... Im not biting
  193. yellowfish26

    Proof of Yellowtail Tuna

    I've never been on one but you should meet some of my relatives. I have a couple cousins who will still pull your finger
  194. yellowfish26

    Proof of Yellowtail Tuna

    :) Yeah but English was not his first language :)
  195. yellowfish26

    Proof of Yellowtail Tuna

    Got em on a Snipe hunt
  196. yellowfish26

    Best topping for YFT on the bbq?

    Thats because butter (and Bacon for that matter) should be their own food groups...
  197. yellowfish26

    Best topping for YFT on the bbq?

    Compound butter. The following works for 3 to 4 tuna steaks. Double or triple as necessary 1 stick of butter (soft) 1/2 medium avocado (ripe) 2 cloves garlic (minced) 1 tsp onion powder 1 tbs fresh dill (minced) 1 tbs Werstesher Mix all the above ( I use a processor). Take a length of plastic...
  198. yellowfish26

    Boston Whaler 1979 15’

    Depends on how experienced you are. A lot of factors. Don't know you but since you said it would be your first boat and you had to ask the question IMO you are probably not experienced enough to handle that trip on that size of a boat.
  199. yellowfish26

    Triton Sportfishing, Limited Load 3/4 Day

    What does it have to do with you?
  200. yellowfish26

    Triton Sportfishing, Limited Load 3/4 Day

    I'd bet money that writing was not your best class or disposition growing up and your written word has absolutely nothing to do with what you do for a living...
  201. yellowfish26

    Slot Limit

    Are you aware studies show that Bluefin arent sexually mature until they are over 100 lbs?
  202. yellowfish26

    Mako Sharks late August/Report w/pics

    He got his limit and went home...
  203. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen Cows !

    Its not whicked tuna
  204. yellowfish26


    What the fuck are you talking about?
  205. yellowfish26

    Boat on fire at the 226....... I thought?

    It was my recently used fleshlight
  206. yellowfish26


    Thank God i have a shit ton more important things to worry about than where my "content" went...
  207. yellowfish26

    Motion Sickness Glasses

    They'd work better as bukkake goggles
  208. yellowfish26

    Motion Sickness Glasses

    All you'll be guaranteed of is looking like a dick while puking all over everything
  209. yellowfish26

    Where's the money ?

    Dude its a free public chat board, not a safe space. Those are located behind your closed door with your computer off. Click on a different thread if this one somehow offends you
  210. yellowfish26

    SanDiego did great today

    Welcome to the anual So Cal offshore shit show. BD should sell sponsor rights... Like "The Shit Show", brought to you by AT&T
  211. yellowfish26

    My best fish on the Ranger 85 this wknd.

    Dude your original post you deleted sounded like a 6 year old wrote it... The updated one does make sense now. Nice fish by the way
  212. yellowfish26

    SanDiego did great today

    Just wait at the mouth of the bay and follow them out. Douche question
  213. yellowfish26

    Report on albacore

    Just west of the bait barge
  214. yellowfish26

    Point Loma Action???

    Beware how close in you are fishing. There is a MLPA area right off the tip of the point
  215. yellowfish26

    Favorite P "fill in the blank" T junk food on board

    Down here real men eat whatever is in the bait tank... :notworthy
  216. yellowfish26

    San Felipe - 7/6/2018 Report

    Its a Leatherjacket, which is a member of the Jack family.
  217. yellowfish26

    It's gonna be hot, what does that mean?

    It means I'll be making my own swamp ass gravy and my nut sack will be stuck to my thigh all weekend 'Merica!!!!
  218. yellowfish26

    Reel support threads

    Why would you give a shit about that? Reading comprehension, spelling, and punctuation are not always on display here on bd... Gotta just overlook some stuff
  219. yellowfish26

    Pacific Quest Sportfishing

    Did you call them and ask?
  220. yellowfish26

    SCI bass, yellows and bluefin chances / Tuesday 6/26 Report

    Take a guess as to where the shit show will be tomorrow...
  221. yellowfish26


    Didnt see that until after i posted... But Chato is also a really common nickname in spanish
  222. yellowfish26

    6/22 SCI mixed bag

    Just busting your balls... Just bounce em. They are small and you put a big gaff hook through the best part of the fillets
  223. yellowfish26


    You completely wasted our time and your time with this without naming names.
  224. yellowfish26

    6/22 SCI mixed bag

    You had to gaff those little guys you hooked on a jig?
  225. yellowfish26

    How much weight is lost from bleeding fish

    Depends on the altitude the fish was bled at...
  226. yellowfish26

    United Composites CX70 Raptor and Viper

    The 2nd guide on the rod on the right is crooked.... Just kidding!! As usual, ALMOST too pretty to fish with.
  227. yellowfish26

    The Shakes

    My wife wants to go fishing now... Thanks
  228. yellowfish26

    Saturday 6/17 226 302 371 got one

    They come from their computers after reading fish reports with numbers posted on free websites... Too many folks with boats nowadays, and too many of them dont have a clue as to what they are doing
  229. yellowfish26

    Satellite buoys on the Polaris Supreme

    No dude, i was being a ball buster
  230. yellowfish26

    Satellite buoys on the Polaris Supreme

    LOLLOL:Exploding_Smiley::Exploding_Smiley::rofl::rofl: They say there are no stupid questions...
  231. yellowfish26

    Blue or Striped Marlin?

    My comment was meant as a joke. I know how to tell the difference. But your taking the time to type out what to look for will help those who dont
  232. yellowfish26

    Blue or Striped Marlin?

    Don't know about the Marlin but those shorts accentuate your child bearing hips and legs...:)
  233. yellowfish26

    80$ for 1/2 scoop squid and 1/2 scoop of sardines at nachos

    My skin is plenty thick enough when im attacked or called out on my own comments. But it is a dickhead move to comment on someone else's private business on a free website for all to see. Its now public record and Nacho had no choice or say. Its the principal of it
  234. yellowfish26

    80$ for 1/2 scoop squid and 1/2 scoop of sardines at nachos

    Dude that was a dickhead thing to write on a free website for all to read. You put someone on record as a drug user and taking weed as payment which is illegal. Next time you are getting bait from him tell him you are the one who blasted this out about him on BD an and see how much you get...
  235. yellowfish26

    Does fish feel pain? Have we ever wonder

    Do Cows and Pigs feel pain when they are hit over the head or heve their throats cut? We still eat the shit outta them...
  236. yellowfish26

    Physical Training Ideas

    Even better is to alter your stroke. Half thumd down, half pinkie finger down. Uses different musles...
  237. yellowfish26

    Prowler at Seaforth

    Dude, you said he USED to be a good captain. You said you didnt know if he was either losing it or had a bad day. You also said you wouldn't fish on his boat again unless there was no other choice. All based on one bad day. But you were too pussy to say why. If thats not bashing someone i don't...
  238. yellowfish26

    Prowler at Seaforth

    Hey Asshat, why woujd you comment at all then? The way you worded your original post could only be taken by anyone as bashing him. Go fuck yourself kid
  239. yellowfish26

    Prowler at Seaforth

    Dude are you serious? Because the fishing was tough one day means that he is losing it? Not every day does ANY skipper crush them. To say you wouldn't fish with him because last time he didn't hook and hand you a limit is what it is. Short sighted and stupid. He knows the local fishery more than...
  240. yellowfish26

    Fishing License Plate

    You do realize by posting that on a free website you gave most everyone enough information to find out where you live? Internet isn't always a good thing...
  241. yellowfish26

    Bolsa Chica Yellowtail from jetty

    Bubble buckets (aeraters) havnt caught on here because they dont work for shit with sardines or anchovies
  242. yellowfish26

    Your Most Embarasing Long Range Experience.

    Back in the late 80's on a 10 day on the Q105 at Alijos fishing for Wahoo. Hung one in the port corner that went up towards the bow like a bat outta hell. Had to run up the rail to keep up. Ended up snagging my shorts on a jig attached to a rod in a holder along the house. I have to say that the...
  243. yellowfish26

    How much line a 150# bluefin will take for the first run

    Yes uctually there are stupid questions
  244. yellowfish26

    Shimano baitrunner 150 clicker smoother

    Gotcha. Good luck
  245. yellowfish26

    Shimano baitrunner 150 clicker smoother

    What was dumb was you asking how to have mechanical tention wirhout tention! You cant have a free spool feel without being in free spool
  246. yellowfish26

    Shimano baitrunner 150 clicker smoother

    Its called free spool...
  247. yellowfish26

    Marijuana on LR boats

    What's a BBC? I thought it was a TV network...
  248. yellowfish26

    Jig Designation

    6X and 7X jigs are different shape and size. Swim differently. Heavy and light version for each. Not rocket science...
  249. yellowfish26

    Remembering Eddie McEwen

    Eddie sr put me on and gaffed my first Albacore in 82. There were many. Many others to follow. He was always so cool to me.
  250. yellowfish26

    Baja Days Alas

    Why in the hell would you leave home on a trip like that without dialing in your shit first? Go through everything on your boat before you go...
  251. yellowfish26

    Long Range boats at Fred Hall

    Did you call any of them and ask?
  252. yellowfish26

    Deckhand grip rod and spinning reel, clamp wanted

    Don't do it. All rods have what is called a spine. And spinning or conventional rods are wrapped with a specific orientation of that spine with what type of rod its meant to be. Besides the smaller guides on a conventional rod will shut down a lot of distance when using a spinning reel. Plus...
  253. yellowfish26

    Stocked Rainbow trout

    Fed Purina Trout Chow in a cement pond while growing up
  254. yellowfish26

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    Does your boss know how much time you spend during the day arguing about baby Yellows?
  255. yellowfish26

    Time for a YT regulation change?

    Dude, you make alot of claims on here, some of which make sense and others do not. Some of which sound like assumption. I'm curious, where did you get your degrees in Marine Biology and Fisheries Management?
  256. yellowfish26

    Remove Rust/Ozidation from Jig Hooks

    Hoppe's gun cleaning solvent
  257. yellowfish26

    Help finding those Rat Firecracker yellows?

    If Intel landed in your lap of course it would be considered. However, asking for information on a free website is no different than standing on the side of the road begging for money. If you can't find them on your own, Fishdope I's your friend
  258. yellowfish26

    Dolphins/Porpoise marking on finder

    They look like horses with a tail
  259. yellowfish26

    Newbie, still?

    You have to pass a test
  260. yellowfish26

    Long Range FISHING Reports

    As if to prove my point.. still demonstrating your whiney bitchness
  261. yellowfish26

    OC:You can fish for only 1 fish on 1 boat in 1 particular month

    Lou, I've been fishing down here for 40+ years and I can say from experience the only thing that one can count on is that every year is different. Whenever you get down here there will be something to catch. Best guarantee would be late spring, summer, and into fall for the pelagics.
  262. yellowfish26

    OC:You can fish for only 1 fish on 1 boat in 1 particular month

    There are way too many variables to even try to answer your question. Every year is different. Weather is unpredictable for even a week from now. Nobody knows how the fishing will be for anything or anywhere next week let alone next month, next year... and no boat is gonna fish for and catch...
  263. yellowfish26

    Tips for fishing around Ventura from a tiny boat?

    The best tip wold be to make sure you have a working handheld VHF and flares
  264. yellowfish26

    So we're is all the big bluefin?

    Buy Fishdope or go suck a bag of dicks
  265. yellowfish26

    Seiners at it as usual

    They're wrapping bonito
  266. yellowfish26

    Striped Marlin for sale?? WTH?

    Yeah but it's farm raised Marlin
  267. yellowfish26

    Catalina Island- great fishing until--

    The population increased, lack of respect and knowledge ot "the rules of the road" increased, intelligence decreased, technology improved a ton so it's real easy to get numbers for at least the basic spots and be able to get to them. All that said, it's also the Internet. As soon as someone...
  268. yellowfish26

    Cedros Fishing

    You obviously have no clue about what you are saying. You don't realize the harm you are doing by arguing your point
  269. yellowfish26

    Cedros Fishing

    Wrong. Last pic is most definitely a BSB
  270. yellowfish26

    Cedros Fishing

    If that is your attitude towards it then I know exactly what service I won't be using when I go to Cedros. Like I said, I know it's legal there to keep baby BSB but posting up pictures of it like the dude that caught it is a hero looks shitty
  271. yellowfish26

    Cedros Fishing

    I know it's legal, but WTF is the deal with killing the baby black seabass and posting pics of it on the Internet? Looks shitty
  272. yellowfish26


    Use the search function. This subject gets kicked around every other month or so... and its a touchy one too
  273. yellowfish26

    7/21 182-43 fish watching

    It hasn't been happening at the 43 for days now...
  274. yellowfish26

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    Read on, he meant it...
  275. yellowfish26

    Stop the local seining of our YFT and BFT.

    You just put your head back up your ass. Again Halibut lung capacity? Holy fuck dude. You've said some real dumb things here, but this might be the worst. And this from the guy who was talking about homeguard Albacore and short boils and how often he fished Cortez and Tanner banks. you would...
  276. yellowfish26

    Any hoe's wanna troll around on Saturday?

    One here, one there. Not enough to justify the fuel cost to me
  277. yellowfish26

    Any hoe's wanna troll around on Saturday?

    Fish aren't really eating the troll much. BFT are pretty much a kite thing exclusively. Why wouldn't you want to do what's working?
  278. yellowfish26

    Release the small tunas guys

    I have to pay extra to get someone to check my gonads...
  279. yellowfish26

    Just Keep Popping - YFT Report - 7/8

    Good on you for doing your research, finding an area of fish on your own and figuring out what they wanted. That's how it's done
  280. yellowfish26

    Making Bait

    If it's that bad, why do you go? Something you also may not be considering is you could potentially be screwing up the trip for your fellow passengers. Depending on where you were when you got hurt, the red and white birdie might not be able to reach you and the boat would have to leave the...
  281. yellowfish26

    Grateful in San Diego

    Shortfin Corvina, not a Corbina
  282. yellowfish26

    ??Alternate American Flag??

    A way of showing support for law enforcement
  283. yellowfish26

    Troll kite fishing on a party boat

    Yep your full of shit. Quit using the stupid betting thing to get you out of admitting you lied on here. No Sportie boat is allowing passengers to fly their own kite when trolling. I can't believe I'm responding to this. I'm done
  284. yellowfish26

    Troll kite fishing on a party boat

    You still haven't answered the question... you are full of shit and you know it
  285. yellowfish26

    Troll kite fishing on a party boat

    Seriously, by who? I'd bet you are wrong
  286. yellowfish26

    When It Happens

    Kite fish are potentially devided depending on size and boat. If you hook it yourself on a jig of some kind or bait it's all yours.
  287. yellowfish26

    Troll kite fishing on a party boat

    Folks won't be allowed to bring and fly their own kite. It'll never happen
  288. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen gets a few BFT on Kite, 1 over 200 pounds

    You are right, to a point. They do move around, but could stay in a general location for a bit. There are way too many boats fishing nowadays. On a given day the average guy has to make a choice on where to go. Here in SD it could be anywhere from due south to north west. That spreads around...
  289. yellowfish26

    Excel and 5 star

    Thanks for proving my point. There is no difference between uses and used in this instance. The problem was your use of EVERYONE... turns out I never needed a bullet as you shot yourself a long time ago.
  290. yellowfish26

    Excel and 5 star

    You are pretty dense. The wrong again reference was to you stating that EVERYONE who uses a processor agrees with you. By this thread alone that statement is made false. It's called reading comprehension, you can take a class to help you with that
  291. yellowfish26

    Excel and 5 star

    Wrong again. There are a lot of posts here.from folks who use processors and still are helping out. You can't just pick and choose the facts you want. And because you read the post that a said others on some trip didn't pitch in and just stood around doesn't make them or you right
  292. yellowfish26

    Excel and 5 star

    And you aren't getting our drift. Maybe you will be proven correct in the FUTURE that the service will change and the handling of the fish at the dock will be handled for all as part of the price of admission. But we live in the PRESENT and as of now that's still not the case. As you can tell by...
  293. yellowfish26

    Excel and 5 star

    So by your logic they would expect someone else to sort fish for them too? Your digging a deeper hole... I paid for my own education, house, cars etc without any help or asked for any. I also help push carts and sort fish. Apparently you just stand there and watch. And go back and read the...
  294. yellowfish26

    Excel and 5 star

    In no way you acknowledge any points that are different from yours made by myself or others on this thread because you can't justify yourself. You just ignore them and attack from a different point. That's not a discussion either. And I used dickhead to describe what one must be to stand and...
  295. yellowfish26

    Excel and 5 star

    Wrong, go back and read this thread again and you will see just a few agree with your point of view. You are entitled to think anything you want but know right is right and you're gonna be an asshole to those you just fished with. Yes you are entitled to that. Where did you get the idea that...
  296. yellowfish26

    Excel and 5 star

    You are paying them to cut and package your fish for you. Not enable your laziness and allow you to stand there like a dickhead while everyone else is getting the job done.
  297. yellowfish26

    Tue. 6/20 Agua Hedi

    It's a Shortfin Corvina
  298. yellowfish26

    Why was the Excel at SCI?

    You should get a refund for your trip. Doesn't sound like you have the right outlook or mentality to fish long range with other people. Sounds like you have a really good chance of being "that guy" to everyone else on the boat. You have acknowledged you've never done a long range trip but you...
  299. yellowfish26

    Minimum line capacity?drag # test for kite fishing

    Search button is your friend. Plenty of recent threads on the subject. Ali did a great how to in one of them
  300. yellowfish26

    Channel Islands Slam!

    That's how that's done right there. Congrats
  301. yellowfish26

    Foamers Everywhere - Triple Digit Fish

    Not if you know what you are doing. Anyone can cast a spinner. You have to put in the time to be comfortable throwing a conventional
  302. yellowfish26

    Excel and 5 star

    Right is right whether you want to acknowledge it or not (or buy your way out of it). It's tradition, and common courtesy, to help sort fish at the end of a trip. Just because you payed extra for someone else to process yours doesn't excuse you from that
  303. yellowfish26

    Torium 16/20 for Surface Iron...?

    They have lots of medications for this problem
  304. yellowfish26

    June 2 @43 report

    Hope the guys out there today get some because starting tomorrow the 43 area is gonna turn into a shit show. Think BFT are skittish? Wait until there are 250 boats driving over them...
  305. yellowfish26

    Saw some albies at the butterfly 05/29 -05/30

    Says the guy that said late last year that people can't anchor on both Cortez and Tanner banks. I doubt you know what an Albacore looks like
  306. yellowfish26

    YT grade from Liberty Friday, May 26?

    So you got ONE fish on 40 and now you're an expert?? You just reinforced my comment.
  307. yellowfish26

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    Actually it won't. They'll just raise the ticket price by a buck or two to offset the cost and that will be that
  308. yellowfish26

    If you could target 1 exotic...

    You're gonna get 30 responses with 60 different opinions
  309. yellowfish26

    Fishermans Landing - Boat Bluefin

    You'll get more responses if you post your question in the proper forum. This is the private boat trip planning section
  310. yellowfish26

    Ever had an aluminum reel re-anodized??

    Why? Boat rash is character and who gives a shit what color it is. It's a tool not a fashion accessory like a purse or set of earrings
  311. yellowfish26

    Limit style kelp paddy yellowtail fishing

    Because posting pic's of yellows with their diapers on is bad juju
  312. yellowfish26

    Why aren't these fish moving up the line?

    They remember the shit show that was last year. Way too many clueless dumb fucks driving over them the last couple years. Too many dumbasses with boats nowadays
  313. yellowfish26


    Hey snowflake #2, If you could read you would have realized I never threatened anyone. I wasn't the one who gave him (OP) any information. I did let him know however that it was a dickhead move. The fact you got so butt hurt over my post means you are the snowflake. Back to your safe space junior.
  314. yellowfish26


    Hey snowflake, This place has never been a safe space. It's a free chat board for fisher folk. Your gonna have people that are gonna pick at you. You need to not take it so seriously. Nobody called you names, questioned your manhood or belittled your intelligence. It's called the real world. If...
  315. yellowfish26

    Best 3/4 Day Boat In SD For Offshore Fishing?

    It's bullshit if you look at it from that perspective. Not all boats run every day so just totals per boat is not a fair comparison. If any comparison would be sorta accurate it would be number of fish per day of fishing, and even that would be somewhat misleading. Some days are better than...
  316. yellowfish26

    Catalina Croaker ! 5-4-17

    Now that's a slug. Congrats
  317. yellowfish26

    If you take 2 overnight trips in a row, can you leave fish on boat?

    You would be better off taking a 2 day trip instead. Probably a better bargain and you wouldn't have to worry about any of this. Plus you would wake up on day two on the spot. Otherwise call the landing you are planning on fishing from and ask them.
  318. yellowfish26

    May 1 Oside report

    That was funny right there
  319. yellowfish26

    SoCal BDers-help, please

    Then would have been better off declaring what you wanted to catch and asking when/where you would have the best chance of catching them. If your choice is pelagic or migratory, then nobody can say where it will happen 3 days from now or if it will happen at all.
  320. yellowfish26

    SoCal BDers-help, please

    It's fishing. There are never any guarantees about catching anything in any location regardless of the time of year. Ever.
  321. yellowfish26

    Good surface iron combo?

    Search button is your friend. This question is asked 3 or 4 times a month. And if you asked 20 people on here, you'll get 35 different answers. So many options for this.
  322. yellowfish26

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    If you show up for it with the attitude you have in this last post you will have a great time. I hope you slay em
  323. yellowfish26

    Best time of year?

    I've been doing this for over 40 years and the only consistent thing I've learned regarding this is that every year is different
  324. yellowfish26

    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    Dude, this subject comes up on here about 3 or 4 times a year... search function is your friend... But in a nutshell you tip what you can afford if you feel you received good service. I would imagine the average tip would be 15% give or take. You probably never received a tip in your life...
  325. yellowfish26


    Use the search feature on this website. It seems like this question comes every couple weeks here so there will be a shit ton information to read. Just remember that opinions on this question is like an asshole. Everyones got one
  326. yellowfish26

    What's you biggest tuna on 40lb?

    127 lb Bigeye on a chovie on 40 lb Maxima in October 86
  327. yellowfish26

    4/17 pac queen limits of bluefin

    4 25 lb tuna is a nice day and you should be stoked to have had it. But as it sounds like you are starting out you hopefully will find out that you will experience even better days than that.
  328. yellowfish26

    How does this affect the SoCal bait receivers?

    When I started out in the late 70's anchovies (mainly), Mackerel, brown bait (queen fish) and occasionally squid were all that were available. Almost zero sardines until about 89, 90.
  329. yellowfish26

    Where are those mini yellowtail

    You know what, you are right. I went back and re read my original comment on this thread and I do admit it was too harsh. I don't know Eddie so I don't know what he would do. Hopefully he would release em but I wouldn't know. Either way I know it's not illegal even though I think it should be...
  330. yellowfish26

    Where are those mini yellowtail

    Apparently he doesn't know where the Yellowtail nursery is. I do. And you don't know me. I'll bet I have more days on the water then the two of you combined
  331. yellowfish26

    Where are those mini yellowtail

    You are a little bitch for actually targeting baby yellowtail. Go fuck yourself.
  332. yellowfish26

    Pappys Rod Wrapping

    I grew up a block away from his house on Max. I spent tons of time in his shop there and he wrapped all my rods for years. He and his wife were always cool with me, but he did get angry at folks who asked stupid questions (at least stupid in his opinion). I remember one time someone walked in to...
  333. yellowfish26

    4/6/17 Report - Boat Limits of BFT

    When you find your own and want to share where you found them, then do it. But when you are on someone else's boat (like on a sportie) then it's not your info to share so like the OP did you shut the fuck up. And it's spelled dumbass, you dumbass And it's a clue, not glue. Which is...
  334. yellowfish26

    Sashimi with parasites? Pass the wasabi.

    It's against the FDA regs to serve raw fish without it being frozen for at least 24 hours. And it's not to kill just parasites. It's also intended to kill potential bacteria that it came in contact with during processing.
  335. yellowfish26

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    Do the landing reps work 14-16 hr days? Clear tangles, gaff your fish, help those that are new or inexperienced, crowd bait, chum for you, scrub the boat, clean up after you? Plus deal with passengers shitty attitudes and sense of entitlement? For roughly 8 bucks an hour? Not even close to a...
  336. yellowfish26

    Rest in Pieces.... Commander

    I think all of us are all for safer communities. But the criminal is obligated to change himself and responsible for their own life. If they don't do that then they shouldn't be in our communities. So lock em up somewhere. Or better yet, they can go live at your house
  337. yellowfish26

    Rest in Pieces.... Commander

    We have no obligation to reform any one. People are obligated to change their own circumstances. If someone doesn't want to be a criminal anymore then they fix that themselves. No education or skills? Go to school. Cant afford it? Get a loan. Get a job. Pay it off. Contribute something positive...
  338. yellowfish26

    Any one see this

    You were the one talking your Raider fan bullshit first. And you are safe on the Internet too
  339. yellowfish26

    Any one see this

    A typical Raiders fan either has a dick in his ass or is in prison, or both. And yep, I would say that if we were alone bitch
  340. yellowfish26

    Anybody know what was happening this morning?

    Who the fuck are you, the Robin Hood of private boaters? While you are washing the sand out of your vagina, think about this. The fact that you got all butt hurt about my original comment means you probably are one of those pbers that does crowd others when they are set up already and you feel...
  341. yellowfish26

    Anybody know what was happening this morning?

    Doubtful the pbers were there first, and you know that smartass. It's the first warm weekend and the Warriors are gonna be out in full force. And I don't need to poach anyone.
  342. yellowfish26

    Anybody know what was happening this morning?

    Probably the usual. Sportie fishing a stone for rockfish and several clueless privates trying to poach the spot
  343. yellowfish26

    Do fish know what they are smelling?

    How did you know her name?
  344. yellowfish26

    Do fish know what they are smelling?

    I think the most we get out of scent is it masks the man smells. Cigarettes, gum, soap, swamp ass etc. Only problem with my theory is I used to date a hippie chick back in the day that loved to take an occasional swim while we were out on the water. I swear she would "chum up" a school of...
  345. yellowfish26

    Seriously, how?

    Just marry some old lady in the 1%, handle your business at night, say the shit she wants to hear and she'll buy the boat for you. Pay for the gear, gas, maintenance, etc. too.
  346. yellowfish26

    You Can't Fish, Now What?

    Watch porn. Nice job on the planter
  347. yellowfish26

    Long Beach Sport Fishing Rockfish Areas Spots

    You must be new around here
  348. yellowfish26

    Proteus as jig stick?

    My math says you are getting two inches less at 154... that matters A LOT if you are a size queen
  349. yellowfish26

    Enseñada fishing

    You will have a better chance at responses to your question if you post this in the correct section, and this one ain't it
  350. yellowfish26

    Remind me never to fish there: crap

    Sounds like the equivalent of a weekend Bluefin foamer or a breezer of Yellowtail ANYWHERE within 35 miles of the coast here in So Cal. Too many people fishing nowadays, too many are clueless, and too many are selfish, rude, and feel entitled. Lots of assholes everywhere.
  351. yellowfish26

    I rest my case!

    I too am hopeful that they come back in force. I think they will one of these years. I believe (and only time will tell the truth) that these years of warm water are cyclical. It'll most likely return to the "normal" us old farts grew up with. Until then let's enjoy the better grade Yellowfin...
  352. yellowfish26

    I rest my case!

    I will agree that more studies need to be conducted to figure out the total impact of the legal/illegal fishing on all species down there. I just dont believe that enough Albacore are taken to make it so no fish show up here at all for years now. It's the conditions that are keeping them away...
  353. yellowfish26

    I rest my case!

    It's not BS, it's the fucking truth. On normal temp years, they come up just as you described. When the water is too warm they stay WAY west of here. If heard your bullshit story too and it's just that. Uninformed Bullshit. It's always some fucking conspiracy related to commercial fishing. It's...
  354. yellowfish26

    I rest my case!

    It's deplorable what is happening in those areas but it's not why the Albacore haven't shown up here the last few years. The Albacore stocks are relatively healthy but have been staying hundreds of miles to the west of us during their migration off our coast. This is because the conditions...
  355. yellowfish26

    Which would be more rail room

    Also depends on the people on board. Some take up more space than others...
  356. yellowfish26

    Trying the Liberty

    Have you called the landing yourself and asked how they handle the bunk situation?
  357. yellowfish26

    Yoyo Iron VS Megabait VS Butterfly VS Diamond Style Jigs...?

    If you are fishing surface iron on a spot with fish boiling all around the boat for an hour and you aren't getting bit I would suggest you start playing golf...
  358. yellowfish26

    Surface Iron Confusion...?

    Dude, have you ever been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder? You are way over complicating all this stuff... They have been called surface iron because it's the easiest way to differentiate them from yo yo jigs as they are meant for the most part to be fished near the surface.You are...
  359. yellowfish26

    Replacing a fixed hook on an iron

    He's not asking about a treble hook jig. There are versions of Tadys and a couple other types that actually have a fixed single hook that is actually screwed to the metal jig on the flat side and held in place with a clip through the bottom hole on the lure. And don't use Siwash hooks as...
  360. yellowfish26


    There were 2 confirmed Albacore caught here last year. And after each lots of folks here thought the 2ND coming of Christ was on the way even though they were single solitary lost souls. Would either of them satisfy your criteria here or does it have to start a sustained season? My money says...
  361. yellowfish26


    Doesn't apply in the ocean. It's def legal to use more than one
  362. yellowfish26

    20,000 posts

    And actually got some pussy too... Disclaimer: I actually don't know Carl, so there is a chance of being wrong on that. But the time it took to write 20,000 posts instead could have been used on the hunt for it at least
  363. yellowfish26

    Colnett: Dominator or Pacific Queen??

    If you go on a overnight or 1.5 day trip out of San Diego on a boat that does the regular run for the 4 landings you will have a skipper who knows his shit. Some have better days than others for various reasons (including the talent level or lack therof of the folks fishing that day). There...
  364. yellowfish26

    Calstar 800XLH for Brian W.

    Dude I gotta say you are more than a rod builder, you're an artist. That's a gorgeous wrap.
  365. yellowfish26

    8ooL I took extreme pleasure in building

    It does if you want a pic of that Loser witch on your rod
  366. yellowfish26

    LA Rams / LA Chargers Colors...?

    Who gives a shit? The individual teams decide their colors.
  367. yellowfish26

    Raiders theme 76 Viper

    Dude needs the 18 inch grip for deep penatration up his ass. He IS a Raiders fan after all. FUCK THE RAIDERS
  368. yellowfish26

    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    Dude, go wash the sand out of your vagina. Nobody owes you an apology. Back when the incident happened, without any facts, you speculated (guessed) correctly. It was a 50/50 chance of being right.
  369. yellowfish26

    BFT ?????

    Mexico made them legal again last year. They were legal all last season. Hasn't changed since. 2 per...
  370. yellowfish26

    Target Sculpin and not rockfish?

    Also don't forget your descending device so you can safely release the unintentionally caught Rockfish. It's gonna happen
  371. yellowfish26

    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    Or tried the "You could save hundreds with GEICO" defense.
  372. yellowfish26

    I'm gonna be "that guy" once because I just can't help it

    It's spelled Bonito dipshit
  373. yellowfish26

    Skippy hook and other man bait questions for Wahoodad

    Good point.... My story is it was late in the day after a couple of cocktails. Carry on folks
  374. yellowfish26

    Skippy hook and other man bait questions for Wahoodad

    If you only wanted an answer from Wahoodad why didn't you just send him a private message?
  375. yellowfish26

    The Blob is gone

    It's a lie. The blob wasn't wiped out. She's sitting next to me here on the couch...
  376. yellowfish26

    Will the Albies come

    Like any tuna, they "like" it wherever the conditions are right. Water clarity, temperature, and food dictate where they might be found. Not that any of their ancestors once swam over our inner banks and thusly lead them there. If the conditions aren't right, they wont be anywhere near them.
  377. yellowfish26

    Will the Albies come

    Nope. Albacore are assholes anyway. Who gives a shit about them?
  378. yellowfish26

    Am I really getting MY fish back from processor?

    Hey Mike, To answer your question, actually yes I do know people that have had an issue with ingesting parasites from eating raw fish. They are the reason I am pretty careful about what sushi I eat because what happened to them freaking SUCKED... I called the friend today to get the exact names...
  379. yellowfish26

    Am I really getting MY fish back from processor?

    Lucky you. You are a sample size of one. There are many, many folks who have had an issue. Better safe than sorry imo
  380. yellowfish26

    Am I really getting MY fish back from processor?

    What boat was that on? They were clearly in violation of FDA regs and I'm sure many here would like to know who it was so they can avoid it or at least their "sushi" And maybe it's not a tapeworm that infects saltwater fish, but there are various parasites that do and they can fuck you up
  381. yellowfish26

    Am I really getting MY fish back from processor?

    They do, trust me. If they didn't they would be in violation of the FDA regs you just posted which would make them stupid. And we all know they aren't stupid. All it would take would be one reported case of sickness to cause them a whole shitload of problems. When was the last time you heard of...
  382. yellowfish26

    Am I really getting MY fish back from processor?

    I'd actually disagree. I'd bet any of it would have been frozen prior to service. You just didn't see it happen
  383. yellowfish26

    Am I really getting MY fish back from processor?

    Apparently most folks don't realize ALL fish served in sushi bars (especially the better ones) is frozen prior to use. Besides being a requirement of the health code, It makes the fish more tender and kills any parasites/bacteria that might be present. Nobody wants a two foot long tapeworm or...
  384. yellowfish26


    It seems to me besides the skipping action of the yummy flier, as important is the fact that the heavy leader and terminal tackle are held out of the water by the kite (which is how they are fished) so all the fish sees is the lure. So any comparison to a stick bait is irrelevant imo.
  385. yellowfish26

    Need Shellfish I.D. Help

    Looks like a Fukushima sand crab
  386. yellowfish26

    Reel for Swordy Casting Rod

    Was lucky enough in my younger days to spend almost every day in season on the water. In almost 40 years I had maybe 10 opportunities. I do feel fortunate to get bit twice. Almost closed the deal the first time after 4 hrs in 1988, hook pulled at color. Almost a hero. Watching them light up all...
  387. yellowfish26

    Reel for Swordy Casting Rod

    Hey Mike, It was an apparently lame attempt at sarcasm on my part... Great advice in your post btw, experienced it twice in my life. 0-2 after getting them to eat a bait
  388. yellowfish26

    Reel for Swordy Casting Rod

    If the planets ever do line up and you get a shot at baiting a local Swordfish the best star drag reel you could have would be a two speed lever drag model... It's a once in a lifetime event for most folks locally and you would want the best tools for the job. As to which is the best, too many...
  389. yellowfish26

    Pierpoint landing 1/2 day

    This horse has been beaten to a bloody, pulpy, unrecognizable mess. Let it go
  390. yellowfish26

    JAck Crevalle Size

    Dude, if one of each was layed out side by side, YOU wouldn't be able to tell which was which. Identical fish despite classification. Jack Crevalle period
  391. yellowfish26

    JAck Crevalle Size

    Wrong. Crevalles are in the Pacific as well. Throughout Mex
  392. yellowfish26

    Why no fish report from The San Diego?

    Google es tu amigo! !!
  393. yellowfish26

    Why no fish report from The San Diego?

    In dry dock for annual maintenance. Took about 2 minutes of searching on the Internet to figure that out...
  394. yellowfish26

    You just won your (realistic) dream fishing trip...

    Thailand. Fishing for Split Tail Tuna...
  395. yellowfish26

    Mint colored surface iron...

    "Even" huh?
  396. yellowfish26

    27 inches Halibut Christmas day.

    Nice shore fish Nhan
  397. yellowfish26

    So, what happens next year in SoCal Offshore/Islands?

    The only consistent trend is that every year is different... That comes from over 40 years of observation
  398. yellowfish26

    Check these Lures out

    Doesn't mean jack shit. East Coast Bluefin will eat a dead bait on 300lb test leaders. How the lure swims in that situation doesn't matter.
  399. yellowfish26

    Check these Lures out

    Doesn't mean jack shit. East Coast Bluefin will eat a dead bait on 300lb test leaders. How the lure swims in that situation doesn't matter.
  400. yellowfish26

    Calstar logo ???

    Call them yourself. They list their phone number on their website on the "contact us" tab
  401. yellowfish26

    Check these Lures out

    For what they cost I would rather spend the cash on several 45's or 7Xs that swim correctly.
  402. yellowfish26

    Coronados Part of New Marine Reserve?

    WTF does this have to do with the Coronados MAYBE being closed soon? Nice rant.
  403. yellowfish26

    Bluefin Math

    Not trying to be a dick, but I think this is an exercise in futility. There are way too many variables involved for your model to have any accuracy. Answer this, you have two boats on the same school of fish. One has 20 anglers that have 20 plus years of experience each and are hot sticks. The...
  404. yellowfish26

    11/18 Catalina Lobster Quick Limits for Two at 175ft

    My post was being helpful. Maybe it wasn't coddling, but it was helpful.The conditions he was asking about are benign as hell. There are days it's worse than that in the bay which suggests a lack of knowledge and experience with regards to operating a vessel. We all know lives are at stake at...
  405. yellowfish26

    11/18 Catalina Lobster Quick Limits for Two at 175ft

    If you need to ask that question you shouldn't cross at night until you have more experience
  406. yellowfish26

    childrens coverage on fishing lisence

    Happened to a buddy... took his kid trout fishing with him, and he also had a two rod stamp and was fishing three of them. Problem was a DFW officer observed him for a while before approaching him and witnessed him doing all the "fishing" (baiting the hooks and casting etc) and ended up...
  407. yellowfish26

    Catalina Yellowtail report question

    They still have their diapers on and yolk sacks are about half way gone... babies
  408. yellowfish26

    Long Range Laundry Tips?

    Just fish naked. It'll get you more room at the rail too
  409. yellowfish26

    Lossed video

    You mean "Lost video"?
  410. yellowfish26

    Loreto trip next July - Wanna join us?

    Yep, way too hot
  411. yellowfish26

    kryptek camo shark rod and matching okuma mak 80

    I thought chicks were the one's who had to "accessorize"? Do you change into a different rod butt plate if you get bit on another rod? Kidding, nice work
  412. yellowfish26

    SCI and fish on the 50 line and brutal weather scary

    I still couldn't read until the end. And now 24 hours later my head hurts again. I'm gonna go lay down in a dark room now
  413. yellowfish26

    8 Day Shogun Trip in September, 2017

    Wherever the best fishing is. It's different every year.
  414. yellowfish26

    SCI and fish on the 50 line and brutal weather scary

    I really tried, but couldn't make it to the end. My head hurts too
  415. yellowfish26

    Fun with Albacores

    Albacore are assholes anyways
  416. yellowfish26

    Baby yellowtail killers

    .. As if to prove my point... Thanks lil buddy!!
  417. yellowfish26

    Edible hammerhead

    Do you have an idea where that happened? I probably did it. It tasted like chicken...
  418. yellowfish26

    Baby yellowtail killers

    Dude I get what you are saying. I believe the smiles are genuine too. Im old school. We have all had a lot of regs shoved down our throats the last several years, MLPA'S, rockfish closures etc. In my opinion these were pushed into play by questionable data and misinformation by "Others" that...
  419. yellowfish26

    Baby yellowtail killers

    Hey there junior, it's unfortunate for you that you can't actually take a moment to try to understand what I'm talking about without your juvenile attempt to talk shit. Maybe when you grow up and become a young man you'll develope the ability to see beyond the end of your nose and see there is a...
  420. yellowfish26

    Baby yellowtail killers

    Ha ha, good point
  421. yellowfish26

    Baby yellowtail killers

    I like the blonde wearing the chartreuse tarp
  422. yellowfish26

    Baby yellowtail killers

    Nobody said you can't. Just don't post up pics of em or brag about it like you are a hero.
  423. yellowfish26

    Seeker 6470 for Caleb

    Dude, you are a very talented individual. I wish I had your skills. You make pieces of art.
  424. yellowfish26

    Baby yellowtail killers

    You obviously still don't get it. I'm not going to waste my time explaining it to you more than I already have. It's a bigger picture than you are obviously capable of understanding. And your argument about baby Yellows and baby sardines related to the subject at hand has no relevance.
  425. yellowfish26

    Baby yellowtail killers

    Dude you missed the point. Nobody said it was illegal to keep baby Yellows (I personally think that should change but it is what it is currently). Law states 5 per under 24". Most know that and it is your right to keep em if you choose. It's also legal to take all the pics you want to take as...
  426. yellowfish26

    Baby yellowtail killers

    I've said my piece on this subject on just about every thread on this subject this year, and I'll say it one more time. We don't live in a third world country and we aren't that hungry, and if you are, spend the money it cost you to catch the tykes at the grocery store and buy some food. Way...
  427. yellowfish26

    Shake down and eviction notice...

    Yeah, like about a week or so
  428. yellowfish26

    Unicorn fish on the Producer today

    Apparently the Producer out of H&M got a 40 lb Albacore today... A lost wayward soul
  429. yellowfish26

    Live Local Spiny Lobster $52 per lb:

    For that much money it better come with at least a rub and a tug for dessert
  430. yellowfish26

    Guadalupe in June

    Are you sure? As I understand it each boat has to renew their permits every year. Process takes a while and there aren't any guarantees
  431. yellowfish26

    Slowwwwwwwww Loading

    It's slow as shit again. Russians must be hacking BD for Wikileaks...
  432. yellowfish26

    What's around SD in springtime?

    Every year is different. Depends on a lot of factors. Wind, water conditions, bait etc... sometimes it gets going early, sometimes not.
  433. yellowfish26

    Best Long Range Boat

    I'd suggest you do some research on this site. Your question about the best boat gets asked all the time (and is very subjective). There are many recent threads here on that subject. There also was a very recent thread about WiFi availability (and reliability) as well that would answer your...
  434. yellowfish26


    Fuck the Dodgers, I hope their plane craches
  435. yellowfish26


    You are apparently correct. Nice document by the way
  436. yellowfish26


    Don't quite know what you were looking at but tuna don't have swim bladders. Nice day and nice haul though
  437. yellowfish26

    GF800ML for Linda Shaw

    The 2nd guide looks a little off line...just kidding man. Absolutely beautiful work. Consistent with the other rods you've posted. Almost too nice to fish with
  438. yellowfish26

    You can only go after 1 type of salt water fish out of LA area...

    The guy is a right fighter. He'll keep throwing different shit at it until you get tired of it. Wait until he starts quoting largemouth bass and crappie studies in lakes to prove why halibut fishing is tough everywhere (it can be EPIC at San Nic which I'm sure you know) or that it's not...
  439. yellowfish26

    Lobster ?

    My 6 year old niece could have come up with a better response than that. Nice try. Next time call the biolagist in Sacramento, maybe he can help you with that too
  440. yellowfish26

    Tuna and elk....Friday and saturday...

    And our deer are assholes too. Epic weekend
  441. yellowfish26

    Lobster ?

    Of what?
  442. yellowfish26

    Lobster ?

    Dude thanks for posting this. One of the funniest posts I've ever read. You ate the bait so hard you shit out the hook before it could be set. You've been had lil buddy... "I called Sacremento and talked to the biolagist"... once again, thanks man.
  443. yellowfish26

    crazy rare fish

    Fukushima Ling Cod
  444. yellowfish26

    Found lobster hoop San Diego bay

    Fuck me... dude, do a little research on your own.
  445. yellowfish26

    My pulled hook theory

    I'll agree with poolman. I believe stretch is more of a factor. As a middle aged guy who grew up fishing straight mono (and for more years then fishing Spectra still) when I made the change to fishing Spectra there was an adjustment period that included gear changes as well. At first I noticed...
  446. yellowfish26

    9-29 YFT

    Cmon man, Thats a secret spot...
  447. yellowfish26

    Wahoo on 1010

    You sound like a Millenial crying about having to have your safe space on campus. Or bitching about trigger points that you can't deal with or which bathroom you feel you need to use. While you are in the ladies room the world will go on
  448. yellowfish26

    MPA = Marine Poaching Area

    Dude, nicely done. You got bit so hard I bet you could have felt it through your keyboard. Who's gonna let em know Santa ain't real?
  449. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen 9/21

    I hear you but I know for a fact that the transponders somehow malfunction more and more lately during the day. Not on all boats... There also is growing sentiment to not have the information available to the general public anymore, especially on free websites. Would only be available to the...
  450. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen 9/21

    I never said I didn't respect any one, especially their right to their opinions and option to post them, regardless of how stupid I might think they are. I also have the same rights as well, and obviously have exercised them too, and have been called out on it by others that didn't agree with me...
  451. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen 9/21

    I hear you. I do think it's funny though, whether it's in this thread or others we've conversed in you passively agressively say you don't care what I or others say yet you still go off on your own rant as if we care what you think. Just sayin. And dude, I actually respect your right to your...
  452. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen 9/21

    Dude I hear you. All of us have received Intel from folks from time to time. I do think it's bs though to post up locations/numbers that came from a passenger on a sportie that put you on the fish you got. If you did the work, found your own fish and decided to post where it was then have at...
  453. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen 9/21

    It won't be much longer, more and more of the boats are turning off their transponders when in the zone
  454. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen 9/21

    I come on this board for entertainment. It's fun listening to mere mortals such as yourself going off on rants that make you sound (and must feel ) self important and spout off about shit you obviously don't know about as much as you THINK you do. Back to the original message, even though...
  455. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen 9/21

    The only whiny little cunt is your dumbass. If the dude found his own fish and wanted to share where he found them then good on him. Since that's not what happened he and you need to shut thy fuck up
  456. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen 9/21

    Nor should you be telling where you you were. Find your own then blab away, otherwise shut the fuck up
  457. yellowfish26

    Liberty 9/15... Wow!

    Yeah man I agree, you went above and beyond. Good on you for that and I do relate. Pretty good one for the Bolts today. But I'm not nice to dickheads or those that display dickhead behavior . I'm a mirror, If others are cool then so am I.
  458. yellowfish26

    Liberty 9/15... Wow!

    So basically you justified the presence of the dead heads on your trip... they don't just fish for free. I did it too on a few boats in the 80's when I was younger and it led to several years working as a deck hand. I guarantee you that 80 to 90 percent of those that actually work on boats...
  459. yellowfish26

    Chubasco II 1/2 Day Coupon

    Good on you man
  460. yellowfish26

    Liberty 9/15... Wow!

    You're jealous because they are way better fisherman than you. Otherwise you would be the one invited to fish for free and scrubb the boat on the way in. Have a snickers and chill the fuck out. Been going on for decades
  461. yellowfish26

    Make Lemonade!

    Dude, Fuck. Don't want to shit on your day. Why the hand in the gills? Just let em go man. You didn't do that fish any favors, even if it swam away there is a huge chance it's gonna die in a few days. If you HAVE to take a picture, grab it by the lip (or better yet grab the hook) do your...
  462. yellowfish26

    Baja Bytes report on Sunday this week!

    I want my money back
  463. yellowfish26

    Arm and hand cramps

    When you are whackin it, change your grip. Half of the time overhand, the rest underhand.
  464. yellowfish26

    Any report on the 182 for 9/15

    Plus a couple hundred pbers...
  465. yellowfish26

    9/14 MBay to 182 to 181 to 182

    Sounds like the traveling shit show again. Coming to a spot of fish near you. Too many f'ing people fishing nowadays
  466. yellowfish26

    9/14 MBay to 182 to 181 to 182

    I can't believe you actually advised that people should do that. Don't do what this "fisherman" said. Keep a respectable distance from ALL boats. On fish or not
  467. yellowfish26

    whats your game plann?

    I've learned I need to bring a backup fleshlight. My primary went missing the second day last trip.
  468. yellowfish26

    Point Loma to Guadelupe

    Private boat or Sportie? How fast are you going? What's the weather like? Gonna stop at customs in Ensenada on the way? All are relevant factors in answering your question. You need to provide more info On a sportie from the customs dock in Ensenada to Lupe is roughly 20 to 24 hours depending...
  469. yellowfish26

    Liberty 3/4 Day (10SEP16) Offshore + Sunday Old Glory Report

    Love the Levis tucked into the cowboy boots in the last pic. Great fashion statement!
  470. yellowfish26

    Indy 9/3 - 9/10 short report

    People are entertaining to me. Guys who fish MAYBE 20 days a year questioning the intent of a captain that has fished thousands of days and runs one of the top operations in the world. Everything is a conspiracy to some...
  471. yellowfish26

    182 9/8

    You're kidding right? Dude called me out and I responded to him. Only negative things on your thread came from others. Again, nice day you had the other day. Hope you get a couple more good ones before its over
  472. yellowfish26

    182 9/8

    Seems to me the only person on this thread that tried to "start crap or spin something negative" was you on your post right here. Fucking hypocrit
  473. yellowfish26

    182 9/8

    Who was hating on this thread? You ladies need to go wash the sand out of your vaginas. Sounds like you are all a little sensitive...
  474. yellowfish26

    Deadly Newton.

    Don't know the details of this exact situation, but it's pretty common for ports to get shut down during extremely bad port mouth conditions. Happens all the time in the Pacific NW. It's a safety issue. When the swell and wind get really big, it gets actually worse (bigger) in shallower water...
  475. yellowfish26

    Gotta know your limitations....

    WAY too many people fishing nowadays. And too many of them are clueless assholes. Dudes in the Parker were more worried about a15lb YFT than someones life? It's a shit show anywhere fish are anymore.
  476. yellowfish26

    Grundens Bibs?

    I have the model 117s, totally waterproof and pretty comfy and got the bibs for under 100. Without being a dick, I would suggest you check out their website. They have a lot of choices with a pretty wide price point. Up to 350+. Depends on what you want to spend. Plus they have sizing guide to...
  477. yellowfish26

    From Dad's tackle box

    It is a haywire twist, it's not 7 strand wire. Single strand all the way.
  478. yellowfish26

    From Dad's tackle box

    Why use it? Get yourself some flouro and a ringed hook. Use that. Only 18# test anyway Save that dinosaur as a souvenir and a reminder of your Pop. BTW, it's single strand wire, made by the manufacturer named Sevenstrand
  479. yellowfish26

    182 9/8

    Nice day, how many folks fishing with you?
  480. yellowfish26

    Fishing cliches..

    I like "90% of the fish are in 10% of the ocean" which is true And "It's all fun and games until someone pops a boner, gets real after that" which is also true, that will change everything especially within a confined space like a boat
  481. yellowfish26

    Update on the San Quintin & U.S. sportboats situation

    We'll see. Whatever changes come along are not going to be as dramatic as you opine. I can see limitations around fishing ports potentially (and I would agree with that too) but it won't be much more than that. There will be a lot of rhetoric from the Mexican officials when they address the...
  482. yellowfish26

    Update on the San Quintin & U.S. sportboats situation

    They aren't considering shutting down ALL waters within 12 miles of the coast line up and down the peninsula. Just 12 miles from San Quintin. Maybe it could eventually change to include 12 miles from other big fishing ports along the coast but there really aren't that many and huge stretches of...
  483. yellowfish26

    Requirements for private boat to Guadalupe?

    Curious, when was the last time you went?
  484. yellowfish26

    How do u fish the sinker rig BFT?

    Rubber core sinkers are for noobs and/or rent rods. Will chafe and twist the shit out of your line. Why even take the chance?
  485. yellowfish26


    Then as of now, no Lupe for you! !
  486. yellowfish26

    Toronado 8/30/16

    Rightio, hope you guys enjoy!! Tasty
  487. yellowfish26

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Ha ha ha, thanks for demonstrating your stupidity!!
  488. yellowfish26

    Toronado 8/30/16

    Wow, youve earned your gold star for the day!! How's the grocery shopping going since your baby Yellows got pushed out?
  489. yellowfish26

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    How many fucking threads do we need on this subject? Three and counting now. Don't you guys check to see if one has been started already? It's really simple, search "Invicta" before starting something new. Original thread was started yesterday morning.
  490. yellowfish26

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    I remember back in the day on boats I worked on if you fell asleep on your watch you would get a slap in the face and then replaced ASAP, and one old school skipper would burn you with a lit cigarette. He was paranoid about that and checked all the time. Everyone knew it would happen, so regular...
  491. yellowfish26

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    I hear you Mike. Dude you type fast! But if you're getting paid to have a wheel watch, youre on the hook for folks sleeping and the safety of all. Of all people i trust you see that. Don't know exactly what happened yet. I'm hoping it wasn't a shitty crew member falling asleep
  492. yellowfish26

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Not an excuse. Especially when lives are on the line. IF there was neglegence on the part of the guy on watch I hope he spends many many upcoming days in prison face down biting a pillow taking his "rehab" up his ass with a 12 inch rehab stick. Absolutely zero tolerance for shit like this...
  493. yellowfish26

    Toronado 8/30/16

    Quiz hotshot. What's the current limit on BFT in California?
  494. yellowfish26

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    Apparently not this boat. Was a private plumbing company charter.
  495. yellowfish26

    63 foot sport fisher Invicta charter goes down

    In another article I read on another San Diego news site it was reported that an interviewed passenger claims the boat was doing small circles for some period of time. Circled itself right into the Island. Mechanical failure, someone asleep on watch or both? Don't want to speculate but... Glad...
  496. yellowfish26


    Albacore are assholes. They can go fuck themselves
  497. yellowfish26


    Touche. Well said.
  498. yellowfish26

    Trophy Grouper..... Intrepid with a nice grouper

    Yeah I've released a few in my day, but that one was the best one ever!
  499. yellowfish26

    SCI YFT/BFT 8/28-8/29

    Nice effort and trip report. Well written. Glad you got some
  500. yellowfish26

    Trophy Grouper..... Intrepid with a nice grouper

    My ex wife was pretty tough and chewy too...
  501. yellowfish26

    Anyone know a place to flush your motor close to shelter island San Diego?

    Just retrieve your boat and drive through the side streets of PLOMA and look for a empty driveway at some random house with a hose in the front yard. Back it up, hook it up and flush away. Act like you own the place... leave it like you found it. No harm no foul
  502. yellowfish26


    I agree with Ali, easily one of the best long range trip reports I've ever read. Extremely well done
  503. yellowfish26

    Calico Short Strikes?

    Hey man, hope you keep with it. Once you start getting it figured out other pieces fall into place and it becomes a snowball rolling down hill. It's not overly complicated and there is a method to the madness. As far as the depth you find the fish at, that will vary with the conditions. Food...
  504. yellowfish26

    Opinion on New Lo-an boat

    Holy shit man. Just search New Lo Ann on this site. Multiple threads will be found. All of them will concur. One of the top operations in SD, which has the best operations in CA
  505. yellowfish26

    Local big game

    Come on man, everyone knows girls have vaginas. Just joking with you
  506. yellowfish26

    Moving from LA to San Diego Lobster season prep

    Ranch 99 on Clairemont Mesa Blvd usually has lobster. So does Point Loma Seafoods. Welcome to San Diego!!
  507. yellowfish26

    Catalina Aug/28 Yellow

    Hey Nhan, Nice fish! Way to go. Sorry you got sick
  508. yellowfish26

    Smoking On Sportboats

    Nothing a deck hose couldn't fix...
  509. yellowfish26

    Where's all the Sandbass?

  510. yellowfish26

    Calico Short Strikes?

    Maybe others here were trying to offer what Im about to say, but maybe the wording I'll use will be easier to understand. You don't set the hook until you feel a solid weight or "pull". Keep winding through the "nibbling" and the fish will continue to climb on (and they will) unless they are...
  511. yellowfish26

    They're biting

    Good on you man. Congrats on a great day
  512. yellowfish26

    Smoking BFT

    Personally I use a big glass pipe. Wait, what was the subject again?
  513. yellowfish26

    Inline kite fishing or trolling possibilities?

    I got a green stick in Tijuana once. At least that's what my doctor called it. Had to take penicillin to get rid of it
  514. yellowfish26

    Strength training for fishing

    Back in the late 80's I watched Pug Jones (local outdoor writer), who was an overweight lady in her mid 50's at the time destroy a 100+ Bigeye in about a half hour. Yep right gear matched to you and proper technique are a huge difference. Watched a 6'2" 220 pound guy in great shape on the same...
  515. yellowfish26

    8-23 @ the 43

    You guys should have been at the 43 at 4:30 am instead of barely leaving Temecula. Lately the best of it in that zone has been just before first light until a couple hours after sun up. Scattered stuff rest of the day. Nice one for the kid!
  516. yellowfish26

    Smoking On Sportboats

    Don't force folks that don't want to breathe or smell it if it offends them to have to do so. Its their day too. Never on the bow or in the galley. If on the Stern while underway who gives a shit. If you would rather get a little high than drunk (fuck drunk assholes on boats too) then go to...
  517. yellowfish26

    SMB BEAST 8-15

    Really can't fight your stupidity. Not worth the time it would take.Tomorrow in class ask your English teacher to help you with your grammar and punctuation too...
  518. yellowfish26

    Need some BD forum guidance!

    Go to the "California fishing reports forums" section, then the "Southern California sport boat trip planning" section. Good luck!
  519. yellowfish26

    Squiddily Yellows

    Actually I like the guy, he is consistent and very entertaining. He also writes like Steven King.
  520. yellowfish26

    Squiddily Yellows

    Bullshit. Dude if you were all that and so experienced why did you have to ask what PV - Palos Verde and MDR - Marina del Ray were in another thread? Surely someone as experienced as you claim to be wouldn't have had to ask that question. They are places all liscensed 100 ton operators would...
  521. yellowfish26

    I hate Bluefin

    Sounds like they aren't reel fond of you either... It'll make it more sweet when you have one flopping on your deck. Nobody will be able to say you didn't earn it when it happens
  522. yellowfish26

    Ferringo Boy Bonito Seiner?

    It took so long to resoond because I had other shit going on... and NEVER any cut and paste from me like in your first post. And do you really think I meant bonito don't mix with tuna because they are enemies? Come on man If they are in the same area they are gonna mix and eat the same shit. I...
  523. yellowfish26

    A Victory for all So Cal Fisherman

    That one ate a mackerel that had a lit seal bomb stuffed down its gullet. It looks so cute!
  524. yellowfish26

    Ferringo Boy Bonito Seiner?

    Dude your killing me... ha ha
  525. yellowfish26

    Ferringo Boy Bonito Seiner?

    Those are our "Normal" bonito. There are many types of Bonito world wide but that's the only one common here. That's a fun size fish there for sure based on the size of the paper it's on. There is a Black Skipjack that CAN be confused with our Bonito but they have black spots by their pectoral...
  526. yellowfish26

    Ferringo Boy Bonito Seiner?

    Fish in the first two pictures are definitely Bonito. Not enough detail in the third to ID all of them but look like Bonito in the ones I can see. Yep, they are a blast to pull on. I don't know which one you are referring to as the big one... unless it's in the third pick and some are too...
  527. yellowfish26

    Ferringo Boy Bonito Seiner?

    Don't know what your point is but nice bonito
  528. yellowfish26

    Ferringo Boy Bonito Seiner?

    I'll agree with you on this one, they are a blast to pull on with the right gear and are tasty when handled properly
  529. yellowfish26

    Ferringo Boy Bonito Seiner?

    Dude, it's actually pretty simple to tell the difference between Bonito and common Skipjack (Black Skipjack are a different story). Bonito have their stripes on their back from the tail to their shoulders. Common Skipjack habeas their stripes on their belly from the tail to roughly the pectoral...
  530. yellowfish26

    Open Letter to San Diego Fishing Charters...

    Something I think that is being overlooked in this that had to in part fuel this was some of the asshole behavior of the passengers on the sporties towards the locals when this was happening. Reinforcing the "ugly American" image to them and our sense of entitlement didn't help anything
  531. yellowfish26

    Ferringo Boy Bonito Seiner?

    So if you are going to educate the masses, do it correctly. There are only five species classified scientifically to be "true tuna". They are from the genus named "thunnus". Bluefin, Yellowfin, Bigeye, Skipjack, and Albacore. Bonito are from the genus named "sarda" and there are several of...
  532. yellowfish26

    Ferringo Boy Bonito Seiner?

    Dude it was a fucking joke. And Bonito are related to tuna, but actually aren't. It's a subspecies family. Mackerel are also related to both tuna and bonito in the same way but are neither as well.
  533. yellowfish26

    Open Letter to San Diego Fishing Charters...

    These were mostly 2-3 day trips that at the time had no reliable options as I'm sure you are aware of. Trips of that length can't do the Guadalupe thing because it's too far and wouldn't have any fishing time
  534. yellowfish26

    Rats everywhere

    Will cost less now to make that trip to the grocery store...
  535. yellowfish26

    What to do with all those shorties

    I have a few. One is a Calstar 655XXXH cut down to 5'2" that I use to beat the wife with when she doesn't listen... kidding. I'm hanging on to mine. Like everything else, the style will come back around. Some dude in some future generation will invent some new material and/or method and the...
  536. yellowfish26

    Ferringo Boy Bonito Seiner?

    How did you confuse skipjack with bonito? Bonito are enemies with tuna and wouldn't be seen with them
  537. yellowfish26

    Went Fishing ... Caught 4 Deer

    Wow, that means all 4 are probably dead by now
  538. yellowfish26

    Went Fishing ... Caught 4 Deer

    Just like a baby Yellow... I'm gonna go to hell for that one. Couldn't help myself. Please don't let my lack of self control hijack this thread for any of you. Just a joke. Curious, is there a name for young deer like there is for young cows (veal)? Veal is tasty too
  539. yellowfish26

    Yellowtail Conservation

    Alright Joe, I'll agree studies need to be done to gather hard data. So let's implement a size limit (which would have to happen)study away and see how things are actually affected. We can involve Mexico and Japan and the other Asian countries on the other side of the pond that have access to...
  540. yellowfish26

    Rats everywhere

    Good on you guys. Show em how it SHOULD be done.
  541. yellowfish26

    SMB BEAST 8-15

    Dude go wash the sand out of your vagina and mellow out. Maybe this afternoon after your day in the 8th grade you will realize that this stuff isn't that serious and you shouldnt take it that way. It was a joke Junior.
  542. yellowfish26

    Rats everywhere

    Dude if your family is that hungry quit being so selfish by spending their food money on fishing trips to go kill baby Yellows 80 times a year. Go to the grocery store and by some food instead. Here we go with this shit again. We are not scavenging for food in a third world country and we...
  543. yellowfish26

    Who says Bonito isn't good eatin'?

    You didn't catch any "Corbina" at the Islands. They don't exist there. Ever. Under any circumstances.
  544. yellowfish26

    Yellowtail Conservation

    I think you have over estimated the impact to the areas where "high grade Yellows" exist. Half day boats around here run with 45 to 70+ people a day everyday. Spring, Summer and the first part of Fall REGARDLESS of what is being caught. Most of them are tourists and casual fisher folk who I...
  545. yellowfish26

    SMB BEAST 8-15

    It was MDR, not mvr as you put it. MDR - Maricon dos Regates PV - Punta Vagina It's in Mexico
  546. yellowfish26

    Squiddily Yellows

    It's either he went off of the right med's or took too many of the wrong ones...
  547. yellowfish26

    Going to Catalina and need advice

    And I know it's been mentioned but definitely know where the MLPA's are and avoid them like the plague. If you dont youre gonna have a bad time. Have a safe voyage
  548. yellowfish26

    Yellowtail Conservation

    I don't think anyone said there be a "drastic benefit to the fishery" except for the perception we give to the enviros that the masses are baby killers and therefore NEED TO BE POLICED. Want more regs? Keep killing the babies and posting pics of them being held up by smiling folks who think what...
  549. yellowfish26

    Yellowtail Conservation

    Don't necessarily see the correlation between Largemouth Bass in a lake and Yellows in the ocean, but I'll digress. Bass in a lake nowadays are mostly a catch and release fishery and don't feed multiple nations from a small lake somewhere. Were all the lakes sampled in that study the same? Of...
  550. yellowfish26

    Yellowtail Conservation

    So how many times has the large fish spawned in its lifetime? Say a 40 pounder? 30 - 40 times? That's a lot of chances to replicate the species. How many 40 pounders are taken in a day? How many 2 pounders are taken in a day (think about that genius)? That fish served it's purpose by the time it...
  551. yellowfish26

    Yellowtail Conservation

    Dude you are full of shit. Taking fish before they spawn is worse than taking fish that have. It's all I'm saying and don't give your stupid long winded crap to the contrary. For example. Say 10 fish were caught. All of them were juveniles and obviously hadn't spawned. We're would we be? Say...
  552. yellowfish26

    Yellowtail Conservation

    I don't need statistics to show me that keeping juvenile fish is not beneficial to the health of a fishery. The grey area is HOW badly it impacts the resource. Wait until they reach spawning size before keeping them. It's a simple step that is ethical. Doesn't matter if it's legal or not. We...
  553. yellowfish26

    San Quintin locals ask San Diego party boats to leave high spots (240,the 6 )

    I hear you and agree, except for the fact it is legal. Sporties payed for their permits and whether the locals get a taste of those fees or not has nothing to do with the current situation. That being said, I do believe the Mexican government should protect the local fisherman and put in a no...
  554. yellowfish26

    1.5 Day Aboard The Legend

    Most importantly my condolences to your brother and your remaining family. My humble thoughts and prayers go out to all of you. I understand some of what you are dealing with as my family has dealt with a similar situation. That is a tough one brother. I also will hope your dad's treatment goes...
  555. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    You know what, you're right. Should have left this one alone. Can't fight stupid and im tired of trying. Good luck to all, hope all of us get a 200 pounder before winter sets in. I'm done with this thread. Off to the next stupid subject.
  556. yellowfish26

    San Quintin locals ask San Diego party boats to leave high spots (240,the 6 )

    You wouldn't be pissed if inshore was easily the best or only option. Catch some Yellows or nothing at all? You speak as though there is ALWAYS offshore options. Not this year. At least not consistently for the 1.5 to 3 day trips. And if you were stupid enough to pay 2000 for a 3 day trip...
  557. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    No problem buddy, hope your mom didn't gain too much in your chum line !!! Still lame you stuck to that stupid story
  558. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    The only thing youve been around that weighed 200 lbs and ate a chunk was your mom. Nice try douche
  559. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    Keith, I will say I respect this last post. Takes a man to say that. That being said, even though I believe posting the numbers was wrong, so was the way I handled it. No need for the harshness in my responses and calling you out in the manner I did. I apologize to you for that. Jeff
  560. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    Wow, you figured that out all by yourself. Good job Lil buddy!!! You get a gold star for the day!!
  561. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    Nope didn't write them down, didn't need to, I've known for over a week... how clued in were you before this?
  562. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    Dude, now you are just as fng dumb as the original poster. Dude poached shit from someone else and posted it on here to look cool, just like what you just did in your last post dumbass. Yeah you can do research and find a lot of that information on your own and USE on your own but posting it...
  563. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    Both the sporties and private boat folks that have been consistently getting the bigger BFT over the last 10 days or so have been getting them in that general area. Not anymore. In any case it's the principal of it and you shouldnt need to have that explained to you
  564. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    Wouldn't have b itched because he would have at least alluded to the fact he found the fish himself instead of admitting he stole the numbers from a sportie
  565. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    No biggie but the top 5 things I'VE seen. 76 posts have nothing to do with how many I've read...
  566. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    Yes apparently you have missed something. The original poster went on a sport boat, copied down the coordinates to where they fished and posted them on the Internet. Was not his place to do that. If he was on his own boat, found his own fish and felt like he wanted to be a hero and post up...
  567. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    I hear you but it was the principle of it.
  568. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    No popcorn required. The OP removed any and all evidence of the coordinates he poached and posted. Must have realized the error... Nothing to see here, move along
  569. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    You are the one who needs to mind your own business little man as in don't poach numbers from someone else and post them on the Internet. Fucking dumbass. And if I wasn't working and was out there I sure as fuck wouldn't have been stupid enough to post the numbers I stole from the sport boat...
  570. yellowfish26

    Pacific Queen, 8/9

    Dude you are a dipshit for posting numbers of fish that you didn't find yourself. When you go find them yourself and want to do that then have at it. When you go out again on that boat make sure you let them know that you were the dumb ass that posted THEIR numbers without asking and see how...
  571. yellowfish26

    LR question -- kind of

    I still say that you are pregnant. Morning after pill will fix it
  572. yellowfish26

    Suprize at the Hotel Coral in Ensenada

    Dude that was some funny shit there
  573. yellowfish26

    Tuna reports

    One of the more stupid posts I've read here in a long time. Makes no sense. Go find your own and tell everyone where they are hero
  574. yellowfish26

    Finally connected

    And was his mouth open or closed when he got bit? Boxers, briefs or commando? And most importantly, which side of the hook did he run his leader through first?
  575. yellowfish26

    LR question -- kind of

    It means you're pregnant
  576. yellowfish26

    Weather over the next week??

    Bored maybe, rare day off... but definitely not lazy
  577. yellowfish26

    Weather over the next week??

    In the time it took you to ask your original question you could have answered it for yourself
  578. yellowfish26

    Weather over the next week??

    I'll stand by my lazy ass reference. Where do you think ANY ONE would get their information? Is there some secret Black Ops weather info? You just didn't want to do your own research. As if a mouse and keyboard and around 5 minutes was too much
  579. yellowfish26

    Weather over the next week??

    Why don't you look at the weather reports for yourself? Simple question to answer. Come on lazy ass. There's like 50 different weather websites that will cover this
  580. yellowfish26

    First Aid Kits

    Ex lax and Imodium AD, and the wisdom to know which one to use for the problem at hand. Otherwise can make for a really bad day.
  581. yellowfish26

    How much do you think this weighs?

    Nice butt. I'd agree with unknown, 20 lbs or so, give or take a couple. For future reference, might be a good idea to put the tiny Yellow in your back pocket before taking the pic. Will save you some grief from a lot of folks here on BD. Touchy subject around here and will distract folks from...
  582. yellowfish26

    Wide open Yahoos 7.29.16!

    Settle down there junior. Nobody said ALL divers were shitheads. THOSE divers were called out, but that's it. People here bash stupid behavior, whether it come from hook and line guys, divers, blowboats or whatever. And most dont condemn the whole because of the behavior of a small few. Go wash...
  583. yellowfish26

    Stupid is as stupid does, more BSB hijinx (Headslap here)

    Just because it's easy to understand doesn't make it ok.
  584. yellowfish26

    Stupid is as stupid does, more BSB hijinx (Headslap here)

    For fucks sake. Not only were they stupid for handling it the way they did, they were also stupid in posting it on instagram. What a shit show just to take a picture/video. Should be used as an easy example of almost everything not to do when handling ANY fish intended for release. Sad BTW link...
  585. yellowfish26

    Big eye tuna?

    Dude, must be a looong time since you've seen an Albacore. All pictures in this post are 100% BFT. Nice ones too
  586. yellowfish26

    Am I Acting Weird?

    If you take folks off the street then you are basically running an open party charter boat without a potential profit to offset their bullshit. I quit doing that a long time ago. I won't take anyone that I haven't met before and most likely not someone who hasnt been vouched for by someone from...
  587. yellowfish26

    YT on Patty off of OSIDE. Need some advice

    If you go, be strong, be smart, be safe. Others here have given you sound safety advice and hopefully you will do it correctly. Only thing I can add that you need to know (as it was suggested for you to bring one) is forget the harpoon idea. Highly illegal in California. Flying gaff only. And...
  588. yellowfish26

    My pb on the New Lo An 235lbs

    Well that is a more "democratic" way of doing it. About as fair as it could be then. Still your fish if the kite gets bit when your number gets called.
  589. yellowfish26

    My pb on the New Lo An 235lbs

    You guys sound like Bernie Sanders. When did fishing become a Socialist activity? Kite fish are like troll fish. Your rotation number is determined by your sign in number. If you want early rotation spot then sign in early, just like if you get all fired up by trolling and want to make sure you...
  590. yellowfish26

    Harpoon for local BFT giants

    This has been hashed out here before, but the basic difference is not if the end is bent or not, it's that the harpoon is potentially thrown (and if by someone who knows how to do it could be thrown a pretty good distance). Gaff (even flying gaff though attached to a rope) stays in your hand...
  591. yellowfish26

    Harpoon for local BFT giants

    Harpoons are illegal in Ca, so are spear guns UNLESS you are in the water with the fish (as in diving). Real men like myself just reach over the side and lip em like a largemouth. .. ha ha. Don't try that at home
  592. yellowfish26

    Last Thursday Oside Foamers

    Harpoons are illegal to use in Ca, period. Regardless of whether it was hooked first with a rod and reel. Flying gaff only. Check the regs
  593. yellowfish26

    Selling my WTC spot

    Ha ha, I ain't getting on that boat... was trying to make up for the lack of Cali boy comments. All I needed to hear was "Sleep on your back or someone else will". That's funny right there
  594. yellowfish26

    Selling my WTC spot

    OK I'll take one for the team... Just remember it's all fun and games until someone pops a boner, gets real after that.
  595. yellowfish26

    La Jolla Yellow and Calicos----New Seaforth without class

    Here we go again... dickhead pinhead did that to baby Yellow I intended to release would have taken a right hook right on the chin. Fn guaranteed.... And yep, New Seaforth was to close.
  596. yellowfish26

    La Jolla YT 13JUL16

    Wrong. That was the point, they obviously were fishing the chovie and they we aren't talking about 3 or 4 pounders, 1-2lb max. Ain't gonna eat a Sardine. And even 5 pounders are too small, should be a minimum of at least spawning size before becoming keep able size IMHO. And there are a lot...
  597. yellowfish26

    La Jolla YT 13JUL16

    Well I will agree with one of your points, if you get your limit, whatever it is you should go fish something else or head home. However, with respect to your comment on the catch of baby Yellows being unavoidable because babies swim with bigger fish doesn't hold water. If you are fishing for...
  598. yellowfish26

    La Jolla YT 13JUL16

    I can't speak for all the party boats, but I'd bet that for the most part it is enforced. Normally don't see counts turned in (even by the LA or Orange County boats who have been hammering the baby Yellows all year, and last year too) that show a 5 fish average. They ALL have posted numbers of...
  599. yellowfish26

    La Jolla YT 13JUL16

    I don't know about changing the bag limit, but there should be a size limit since it seems too many folks have to be told what's right from wrong. Can't figure it out on their own. Just because it's legal doesn't mean it's the right thing to do
  600. yellowfish26

    La Jolla YT 13JUL16

    Dude, makes no sense. That boat runs every day with 50 to 75 folks per trip this time of year, regardless of what is being caught. They do just fine without the tiny Yellows. Their "regulars" don't fish it much in the summer because it's too crowded and it becomes a shit show. If they DO go...
  601. yellowfish26

    La Jolla YT 13JUL16

    So you are saying the only way they stay in business is because they get to kill babies? Those little fuckers still have their diapers on. You have to be careful with those little guys, their pacifiers fall out and will get in the bilge and kill the impeller on your bilge pump.
  602. yellowfish26

    Whats the best channel for up to date fishing while out on the waters

    Think of a radio report as the equivalent of someone reporting a UFO sighting. 98% of them are swampgas, Venus or the coordinates for the parking lot at the Ranch 99 market. It's that 2% that will make you wonder... even though, 2% is not enough of a percentage for me
  603. yellowfish26

    SD Bay entrance jettyand mystery fish

    Well, at least you are consistent, consistently stupid anyway. My 5 year old niece could have come up with a better response than you did. Anyway, if you go back and read (won't hurt your little brain much I hope) someone on this thread ASKED how to handle a Seabass properly, hence the...
  604. yellowfish26


    Nicely done. I wish I could get my Mom to get out with me... The Malihini has been a great boat for a LONG time.
  605. yellowfish26

    SD Bay entrance jettyand mystery fish

    Dude, if you go back and look, both of my "negative " responses to him were AFTER he was calling folks names. My response to you was from disbelief that you would ignore that part and say I was the problem here. And it should be obvious you now that alot of folks besides me think the...
  606. yellowfish26

    SD Bay entrance jettyand mystery fish

    If you think that you are an idiot too. My response earlier was to a guy that was singling out and talking shit to people who obviously gave a crap about a resource we all share. That guy has a history of that and I'm sick of it. He added nothing constructive to the discussion. Just...
  607. yellowfish26

    SD Bay entrance jettyand mystery fish

    Once again dipshit you flap your stupid mouth and prove my earlier point. Thanks. If people want to take the time to let people know that there is a better way to handle a release of a juvenile fish without singling out anyone or calling them names (until you came along anyway) then what...
  608. yellowfish26

    Catalina Island July 4th

    Yep, that's more like it. Good one, lot's more like that (or even bigger!!) for you I hope.
  609. yellowfish26

    Catalina Island July 4th

    Hey Nhan, Nice Yellow! Congrats
  610. yellowfish26

    Bit by bonito

    I got something like that in Tijuana once when I was younger. Harder to