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  1. pacificscout

    For Sale Shimano Bantam MGL BNIB

    WOW!!! Man that looks pretty.
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    Plastic Anyone...

    Sadness for Mother Earth.
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    What’s your first memory of fishing?

    No new member posts as of yet. Back in the Mid 70s', My uncle Wilford, would drive down from the valley into Hollywood and take us kids and Grandpa down to fish Manhattan Beach pier. He would fish and I would take in the surroundings. The dried bait stepped on and carpeting the planks and rails...
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    Looking for suggestions.

    something fishy
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    PV offshore 1/23 with Danny Gomez

    Nice fish. Big. Great stuff with pops.
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    On the spot LB hoop report.

    Hes' no bald. Alopecia... They say Panulirus interruptus grows hair.
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    Are these rods collectors?

    [QUOTE="pacificscout, post: 5028824, member: 156426"] That St Croix rod looks interesting? More pics?
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    Is this BD Today?

    I have posted shit and then realized "oh that might not go over so good". I have then deleted such posts or just have said "Fuck it". I do knot know any of these dipshits. Post my Ignorance and stupidity. For crying out-loud, it's the Internet.
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    Lobster Tournament - 2/22/2020 (Long Beach)

    See Ya at the Ramp. Thanks KOTH
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    Lobster Tournament - 2/22/2020 (Long Beach)

    Sweet like butter.
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    Brown Bait

    I was on an Albacore trip out of H+M early or late 90s'. It's all a blur. Tanks were loaded with anchovies and we were catching some. I saw a small brown bait in the well and pinned it on and tossed out. Bit!!! Found another and asked deckhand on bait tank to keep an eye out for more. Everyone...
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    For Sale Fishing Reels and Rods for sale

    Sorry to hear you can't fish. Nice gear.
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    For Sale Megabait jigs in 3.5, 4.5 & 6.5 oz and 3 & 4 oz shad jig-heads

    Save me $20 bucks worth of Leadheads. Pick up soon. Thanks.
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    How to target (find) sculpin?

    Fish the double platforms area. I feed mono through both eyes of torpedo sinker attach to leadhead grub with strip of bait. Drop and let it rock/roll You can also add one other hook above if you like. Long ways down for one fish. But I like one at a time.
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    It was a great day, turned bad

    What's a G-Spot. Is it like a Jinka? Bakudan? I do not own a Go pro.
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    Pain in The Neck

    Makes you wonder how many fisherman did not live past such one disaster.
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    What's everybody's favorite fishing skiff?

    My Favorite!!! 1st choice. 2nd choice
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    Tips for winter spotted bay bass in Newport Harbor?

    4” grub or swimbait on1/4 oz leadhead
  19. pacificscout

    Big, angry bass at Izors 1/21

    Donkey rig. Nice job Bob. Read like a great day.
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    2 piece rod blanks that don’t suck

    Looks like we'll be expecting some pics and report.
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    Fishing Long Beach, California

    Great fishing. That's my style. I did not listen to video because I am watching an impeachment trial. Looked great. Love the area.
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    For Sale Penn US Senator 113N - New

    Sweet!!! Great deal shipped.
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    Hooping with my son

    Yeah Baby!!! Glad to hear of goodtimes with family.
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    What has Fishing Done to You?

    What has Fishing Done to You? It has made me log onto the internet. Made me go broke at times. Taught me to lie a little. Made me a boat ho'. Has made me to want more unneeded gear. Lose sleep. Made me tell wife "that rod is my brother's birthday gift". Made me by a boat. Turned my garage into...
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    SOLD TERAMAR 7' 6" MH TMC 76MHB $100

    cool thanks My fishing buddy has a smaller version and loves it. Want's thicker version.
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    Yellowtail Does Not Keep Well?

    I eat chicken. Nothing like chicken collars.
  27. pacificscout

    SOLD TERAMAR 7' 6" MH TMC 76MHB $100

    Nick Is rod still for sale?
  28. pacificscout

    VIDEO - Hooping LBC

    Cool video LJ. Great to see Rodrage in hooping action. Looks like fun.
  29. pacificscout


    I concur.
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    SOLD TERAMAR 7' 6" MH TMC 76MHB $100

    Reel seat or pinhead style? Thanks
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    For Sale Shiamno Torium 14hg

    Sorry I didn’t see price. Kinda Retarded at times. Thanks
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    Baby Dolphin, It's What's for Lunch

    Too bad it wasn't a seal.
  33. pacificscout

    For Sale Shiamno Torium 14hg

    I'll take that free no price reel!!!!!
  34. pacificscout

    Excel' last trip

    What did he say?
  35. pacificscout

    For Sale Bass gears (reduced)

    What city are you in Thanks
  36. pacificscout

    Cat Hooping Jan15,16-2020

    Hope you guys have fun and success
  37. pacificscout

    SOLD Keeping until after fred hall.

    Sorry about your grandma Good for you and GLWS
  38. pacificscout

    Are these rods collectors?

    That St Croix rod looks interesting? More pics?
  39. pacificscout

    1-14-20 3/4 day

    Woo hooo! Looking good
  40. pacificscout


    Here's one off Anaheim bay north harbor entrance jetty.
  41. pacificscout

    Jan 11 LB Area

    Fished the area past Platform Ester 75ft 58 degree. Drag plastics and stick baits on bottom. Fished in harbor for short time, Skunkaroo! Greatest non catching day ever. Until next float.
  42. pacificscout

    Jan 11 LB Area

    Late start. Highest tide ever at ramp Update No fish. Pit stop.
  43. pacificscout

    SHIT! MFer Neil Peart RIP

    WOW. Not expected. Bad ass drummer and band. Gone play some yyz.
  44. pacificscout

    For Sale Old saber

    Sweet looking rod. Never fished one. Do you want to rent it? I can put a reel on it a try to catch a calico bass and let you know how it fished. With the option of purchase. Thank you. Wally
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    For Sale Jigging Master 3 kings blanks

    Metrics. Gave up in elementary school during the goverments conversion try in the 70S. Still hurts my brain.
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    Rod for Penn Fathom 30LD2

    Seeker Classic series. Good 30lb rod. Good deals here BD. SC670-7
  47. pacificscout

    Regulation Rasta

    Live if you wanta live!!
  48. pacificscout

    Albacore reminiscence

  49. pacificscout

    Called it!

    Calico time.
  50. pacificscout

    Calstar GF700XL

  51. pacificscout

    SOLD Penn 30t 2 Speed

    Jeez it's Pretty.
  52. pacificscout


    I'll take it STYX. Great reel. Superb deel and great seller. Thanks
  53. pacificscout

    which reel for surf fishing

    My Fierce 2000 reel has never had an issue in the saltwater environment at all. Only fish it in salt. My only spinning reeI I take inshore. Have had it for a few years now and no service at all. I think I paid less than $50 bucks at Wallemart store. 6lb mono
  54. pacificscout

    For Sale 33 Packs of Bass Fishing Soft Baits - some used and some brand new

    Great deal. I have too much. Will never be able to fish them all.. Must resist. Some Calico hunter need these.:smoking33:
  55. pacificscout

    Anyone else getting a constant webpage alert?

    Couldn’t use for 2 days Tried different browser Same problem Long script stopping page from loading Mozilla Gave up on google also
  56. pacificscout

    Spinner Conundrum

    I'd say, Post that you would like to "barrow" a reel from a BDer. Return when done.
  57. pacificscout

    1-4 “Sportking” local bass action.

    Man what an empty platform. Sounds like solid action and fun. Good choice for the day.
  58. pacificscout

    In Honor of My Wife

    Thank you for sharing such personal joy and sadness. Life is good and your a lucky man to have had 39yrs with such a beautiful wife.
  59. pacificscout

    Islands 1/3

    Looked like a beautiful on the water. Nice reds.
  60. pacificscout

    12-21-2019 Trailer lights HELP!!!!

    Thanks RK. Your Avatar might be able help me a wee bit also. Tester looks great.
  61. pacificscout

    Rpt.-01-02-20 Bass in 2020!

    Epic in my realm. Thanks Lal for floating Corey. Glad the first report is on the 2nd day of the year. Yipeee!!!
  62. pacificscout

    RR3 12-1/12-17-2019 Trophy Hunt

    That is a great report.
  63. pacificscout

    For Sale Tent Trailer $2500

    Nice. Wish I had space.
  64. pacificscout

    Happy New Year

    What's happening here, is quite likely unclear... What's auto response? Does it add to my trophies? i'm a unfit abit confuzed.
  65. pacificscout

    Happy New Year

    Oh shit! What time is it? Where am I? Did the boat leave?
  66. pacificscout

    9-Mile Sheephead 12-28-19

    Exceptional. Nice pic. Shrimp?
  67. pacificscout

    More Carp

    Big!! :-)
  68. pacificscout

    Albacore reminiscence

    T/O is a Socal legend. I have known that name for years. Looked like a great day at a lake I miss fishing. It's an art netting shad at these lakes. Never seen so much action up there like in the video.
  69. pacificscout

    In case anyone was wondering it was cold and slow out there this morning

    Thank you for posting fish report. Just what I needed this morning.
  70. pacificscout

    What do you think snapped my line?

    Heard they pull reel hard.
  71. pacificscout

    SOLD Wetsuits 4/3 M and XLS

    Walnut cooler
  72. pacificscout

    Looking for armless plastic molded boat seat...

    My Scout boat has one similar to this. Will search for cushion.
  73. pacificscout

    Albacore reminiscence

    Thanks Corey. That is classic funny. Have a great day.
  74. pacificscout

    Fishing in Long Beach

    If i remember correctly. You can fish for free if it has 3 sides of water to it.
  75. pacificscout

    Toddler Fighting Chair

    That is awesome.
  76. pacificscout

    Fishing Gods smiling upon us

    I fish 7 footers.
  77. pacificscout

    So what about This one

    Look at those KNUCKLES.
  78. pacificscout

    Albacore reminiscence

    Hey Beaker! I lost my watch. What time is it.
  79. pacificscout

    Christmas Carp

    Looks fantastically fun.
  80. pacificscout

    Health update and a lot more

    Thanks for being. Keep posting.
  81. pacificscout

    What did you get for Xmas?

    Daughter got me lures and in-laws the knife.
  82. pacificscout


    Knot Pierpoint but, this was in a tackle box a friend gave me. Will trade for jigs.
  83. pacificscout

    Penn Company disappointed me and my Bdoutdoors friends!

    Moon sure looks Bob Hope happy. Great night to take a shit. Ho HO fart Ho!!!!
  84. pacificscout

    Merry Christmas

    Thanks Lal for all those bass you and Corey spank.
  85. pacificscout

    Best Bloodydecks Sign

    Looks like the weatherman got wind and swell right for the first time. Fritz Van Gogh Nice
  86. pacificscout

    12-21-2019 Trailer lights HELP!!!!

    Thanks guys
  87. pacificscout

    For Sale :-) Seeker Ulua - Pictures Added (-:

    That's the prettiest thing I've every laid eyes upon.
  88. pacificscout

    12-21-2019 Trailer lights HELP!!!!

    Making toast is a challenge. i googled it all morning. My head hurts. Test this. Try that. Going to order all new LEDs' and wires from Pacific Trailers. Bill reached out and will lend a hand. Thank you gentlemen.
  89. pacificscout

    12-21-2019 Trailer lights HELP!!!!

    Hello BDers', Started with running lights stopped. Then the trailer connector broke. Had extra / switched it out and now nothing works. Not the first time. I think it was installed wrong since the beginning. 16 ft pacific trailer. Mobile or shop. Need help with Trailer lights. Trouble...
  90. pacificscout

    Found hoopnet

    Yeah, but her sister Flo' was quite the catch.
  91. pacificscout

    what's the lamest excuse your buddy has given you not to go fishing

    My favorite.... There's a Presidential Impeachment going on.
  92. pacificscout

    Old guides for sale

    Oh! Goodness.. What happened??? I'd donate to any willing recipient. Merry Christmas.
  93. pacificscout

    Lobster taco Tuesday

    Great catch. Dialed in.
  94. pacificscout

    Yellowtail Dropper Loop Question

    Also know as the ilene Knot.
  95. pacificscout

    First time wrapping...

    Looks good
  96. pacificscout

    A pair of fish

  97. pacificscout

    Yule log-

    Ho Ho Ho
  98. pacificscout

    Yamaha Mechanic

    Boathouse Anaheim
  99. pacificscout

    FREE Portabote (folding boat)

    One day at MDR years ago, I saw a guy loaded his to go Thresher fishing. He went up to Gladstones and got 2 when I saw him at the the ramp later that day.
  100. pacificscout

    #3 calstar unibutt

    Shoot. I wish you could wrap all day also. Great work.
  101. pacificscout

    For Sale 15 ft skiff deal

    Hope a BDer gets it. And then restores and sells here.
  102. pacificscout

    Anyone want to go hooping?

    Bring your own cement boots. :2gunsfiring_v1:
  103. pacificscout

    For Sale Certified Simrad tech.

    Good to know. Thank you.
  104. pacificscout

    For Sale Smith&Wesson 500 MAGNUM Collector Knife &Tin

    Smith&Wesson 500 MAGNUM Collector Knife &Tin cuttin' horse $60- OBO it's yours if you want it.
  105. pacificscout

    Anyone want to go hooping?

    Robdog1, Your the captain of your vessel. Your honesty is welcomed and familiar. I let all know prior to stepping on the boat, or driving down to the ramp, what to expect prior to departing dock. Humor, vulgarity, courtesy, vice understanding and non judgement. Just be fun and knot...
  106. pacificscout

    NOMAD DTX 220LRS. Now Available!!!!!!!!!!!

    Video is nice. Looks awesome.
  107. pacificscout

    Mom fell again

    Sorry to hear. Let me know if you need help with any home care after she is released. Years ago I got a call from my mom's neighbor, telling me mom is on the floor. Wife, daughter and I head over to her apartment, open the door, she looks up with the biggest smile and says " Hi guys how are you!!!"
  108. pacificscout

    SOLD Seekers Rods

    NICE handles/grips.
  109. pacificscout

    Anyone want to go hooping?

    Hee He Heee.. He said "Bud".
  110. pacificscout

    Is this decafe??

    I’m heading over
  111. pacificscout

    Donald Trump, Jr. Gets Permit After Killing Game Animal

    Why not just take a picture? Endangered
  112. pacificscout

    Is this decafe??

    Kind of a lightweight. Do you know if this coffee comes with out caffeine?? Thanks in advance..
  113. pacificscout

    Mussel farm accident

    Sad all around.
  114. pacificscout

    Where to buy Elmer's rubber cement 1 qt.?

    I heard Elmer's cousin Heffa has some for sale. Tell um Wally sent ya.
  115. pacificscout

    28’ Skipjack outboard conversion

    You have the fastest fingers in BD Universe. 100,100,000,00.oo posts? Your wife thinks about ME She does. She'll be callin' soon How do you have time to fish? Please keep us updated on the project.
  116. pacificscout

    For Sale Chaparral $1000

    Man I wish I knew your dad when he ran that. Looks like it was badass at onetime. Only if I had the space and skills to make it float again. GLWS. Sorry about your dad.
  117. pacificscout

    12-10-19 A.M. half day

    Halibut moccasins I see in the future.
  118. pacificscout


    Lucky buddy.
  119. pacificscout

    Hooped LB tonight with my Og

    Glad your buddy is better. Sounds like the usual great time hooping. Keep reporting. Might try saturday morning.
  120. pacificscout

    For Sale Robalo 2140

    Not too shabby. Nice boat. GLWS.
  121. pacificscout

    Identifying & Tracking Offshore Fishing Patterns

    Good stuff Erik. If I paid more attention to conditions and locations, I might catch more fish. Your info does penetrate my dense gray matter of a cerebrum. I try to apply it as much as I can in between reaching in the ice chest and tackle-box.
  122. pacificscout

    Bass Pro Shop

    Lead heads and bass assassins
  123. pacificscout

    2 legal halibut right after rain

    Cool stuff. Thanks for your report.
  124. pacificscout

    Rpt-12-08-19 Quality Winter Bass'n!

    Great stuff Guys. Do you release the swim bladders and how? Thanks Wally
  125. pacificscout

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    If getting skunked twice, makes you a spaz????? KING SPAZIAM!!! I Am!!!!
  126. pacificscout

    238 pound swordfish on PENN International 50SW

    That's a big fish. Still hope for us internet anglers. Great feat Buzz.
  127. pacificscout

    For Sale Lots Bass Rods / Reels / Freshwater / Trout

    Shit!!! You should live North. Thanks for putting up great gear and prices for us to just watch as others pounce.
  128. pacificscout

    Costa Rica

    Very cool stuff for a young man to experience. And an ol' duck also.
  129. pacificscout

    SOLD Calstar Grafighter 760 L 30-80

    $50- bucks cheaper than another post today. Looks like a great rod. GLWS
  130. pacificscout

    For Sale Daiwa Lexa 300HL $60

    Great reel/deel. Great real/deal.
  131. pacificscout

    Vintage Truline Rods

    Cool stuff. Mono in can is classic.
  132. pacificscout

    SOLD Calstar Grafighter 800M

    Real old cat that guy was.
  133. pacificscout

    Andros 12sII A still worth it?

    Buy it and if it's junk... Well, Just suck it up buttercup.
  134. pacificscout

    Vintage Truline Rods

    nice. research well before selling.
  135. pacificscout

    For Sale Newell 220

    One pic sells it all.
  136. pacificscout

    I knew I should have worn my fishing [email protected]!

    I always wear my xtratuff by water or when it rains. That was a buffalo of a carp. Must have been fun on 6lb.
  137. pacificscout

    OTW Bug Report from the Beach

    Get um' Dave. Ice in the veins man. I'm cold in my flannel jammies, sitting on my couch. Even my two typing fingers are starting to feel numb. Need more warm herbal tea. Good vibes on your hunt. Turkeys suck! Pass the gravy please..
  138. pacificscout

    JV Shakedown Bonanza 11/24

    Plan well executed. Nice boat and pictures.
  139. pacificscout

    Happy Thanksgiving From Texas

    Thanks Freddie. Look forward to report on your planned adventure. If you need to borrow gear, just ask Ali.
  140. pacificscout

    Reel service in Oc?

    Taka in Anaheim
  141. pacificscout

    11-26-19 A.M. +P.M. half day

    Great day it seemed. Nice yellows
  142. pacificscout

    For Sale Mako 17 skiff!

    Might sell at lower price. Hope you get the best price possible.
  143. pacificscout

    Frickin' La Jolla

    Great pictures and catch.
  144. pacificscout

    Tiger fish out of Emeryville with Daughter

    Lifelong memories made. All around great trip. Envious as my child has not wanted to go fish these last few years. 15 yr old.
  145. pacificscout

    The Corner Today 11/23 - BFT and YFT 25lbs+

    Man. Sounds like a wonderful day on the water. Well done .
  146. pacificscout

    PB halibut from the surf

    What a catch. Just in time for Thanksgiving.
  147. pacificscout

    Got her Bloody

    Those fish look like mini tanks. Nice .
  148. pacificscout

    a shout out for the pch rod.......

    Nicely done Alan. I have been hearing and seeing PCH rods more. I think I will get one before I ever get Phenix
  149. pacificscout

    Los Alamitos Bay kayak fishing report

    Looks like a great day. Thanks for video
  150. pacificscout

    Hey guys! If you need crew for the winter or summer?

    Maybe. He's Tunaslam for pete's sake. Roll out the red carpet.
  151. pacificscout

    Joining the hundo club, quick report Pacifica 1.75 day 11/18-11/20

    Even when things were going wrong,It was alright!!! Great Post and fun read. Cheers.
  152. pacificscout

    Hey guys! If you need crew for the winter or summer?

    When I have a bigger boat. Unless we sit on each other’s lap.
  153. pacificscout

    Dash ideas?

    Speed control.
  154. pacificscout

    Wister Snow Goose

    I do not hunt but have seen Snow geese recently and made me realize , I used to see them all the time as a kid in 70's' 80's. They, like the city buzzards, just disappeared from the L.A. and the surrounding cities. Pasadena, Glendale, Hollywood, and beach cities. I just saw them again while on...
  155. pacificscout

    Catalina Tuna Report 11-19-19

    I love swimbaits Cool post/report. Thanks
  156. pacificscout

    WTB Wanted, Charter Boat

    I read Wave Walker was up for sale. Santa Barbara, Capt, Dave Bacon
  157. pacificscout

    Boats fsbo website

    i see boats sell here with no bs all the time.
  158. pacificscout

    Boat Jigs

    All new to me. thank you for sharing.
  159. pacificscout

    For Sale Vintage Salmon Tackle - $400 for all or priced/item

    Sorry. Knot a joke. Might sound like.. But seriously I just thought that Lucky louie would save the day. Welcome.
  160. pacificscout

    For Sale Vintage Salmon Tackle - $400 for all or priced/item

    I'll take it . $1,000.oo BD dollars. The Original BIT coin. OBO. P.M.ed.
  161. pacificscout

    People who fish dark braid

    Only fish Ande mono. That guy. Afraid of braid. It hurts. Said Nine digit.
  162. pacificscout

    Broadbills Exist

    How many different swordfish species in SoCal are there? I read broadbill. Are there more locally? OC/LB area. Thank you for your brief intellect on said fish.
  163. pacificscout

    For Sale Vintage Salmon Tackle - $400 for all or priced/item

    Since I am a big fan of Louis C.K. I will pay what you ask for the Lucky Louie lure. Understand I have limited means. Thank you for offering such nice tackle and gear.
  164. pacificscout

    11-18 Slaughter

    Hold on tight!!!
  165. pacificscout

    FREE Bait tank and boat stuff

    Nice of you Rick. Free stuff will help those in need.
  166. pacificscout

    For Sale Vintage Fishing Rods - Tackle Boxes - Fishing Lures ETC...

    A lot of cool stuff there. Love those rods. Shouldn't be too long before it's gone.
  167. pacificscout

    Whale in Avalon Harbor. Pretty cool

    So cool Good you got video.
  168. pacificscout

    yellow-tail in November

    We cut bait, chase fish, some drink and smoke and we post our experiences for our fellow BDers’. That is it. Read it for such.
  169. pacificscout

    Catch Report - YFT 11/17

    Great way to retire boat
  170. pacificscout

    Is this your hoop net?

    Not my net, but I think the tire might be...
  171. pacificscout

    FREE Family Camping Tent

    Knot the worse toe I've seen.
  172. pacificscout

    Athletes and Enhancement Drugs

    I'll win GOLD.. Colombian gold.
  173. pacificscout

    HALIBUT CLASSIC suffers huge loss with tragic death!

    Sad to hear about your buddy. Hang a good one this year for Vinney.
  174. pacificscout

    Unseasonably slow bugging in Long Beach?

    Looks like SI.
  175. pacificscout

    "Congestive Heart Decease/failure"

    Own any Trulines or Newells?
  176. pacificscout

    Fishing Legends

    Thanks Dave. Insightful and entertaining.
  177. pacificscout

    Dash ideas?

    !,000,000.00 + post. He is very much serious..
  178. pacificscout

    313-pound bluefin on PENN International 16VISX

    New avatar I see in your future. Fantazmicle.
  179. pacificscout

    Grande Sportfishing Report 11-13-19

    Great job nick. Dad= 15 would've made it truly great. Thanks for post and pics.
  180. pacificscout

    Unseasonably slow bugging in Long Beach?

    Will be in your neighborhood tomorrow. If you have a spare lobster, I will gladly put it in my pocket and thank you. Good luck tonight my friend.
  181. pacificscout

    Saturday 11-16-2019

    Fishing local Esther platform Area and beyond. Little boat with black Bimini top. Stop by and say High. Will post report. Wally
  182. pacificscout

    Redemption - Ca. Delta Stripers 10 Nov. 2019

    Nice technique and sweet catch. Were you landing crappie earlier with that net?
  183. pacificscout

    i created a page!

    For pete's sake!! Can you knot post a pic with a hook though the guide please?? No sleep for me tonight.
  184. pacificscout

    New member!!!

    Welcome. Look at that belly!!!
  185. pacificscout

    FREE Question on rules

    such a dick.. HEE HEEE HEEEE
  186. pacificscout

    FREE Question on rules

    I'll read posts and respond or just move on. Some ads are an insult to my intelligence.
  187. pacificscout

    What's your "Fisherman Name"

    Thornskull Slimestick cranio non compus menses invertabretyopius or just Wally
  188. pacificscout

    Ferdinand's Parker

    Wow Nice rig. I'm a ho'.
  189. pacificscout

    Update on wife

    Wow. Thank you Cindy for living. Tom is a lucky ....'er to have such a strong woman in his life. Enjoy the 30th anniversary
  190. pacificscout

    Our boat sank in the Catalina channel-Cabo 216

    scary stuff. Glad all are safe. Ocean is endless strength and power.
  191. pacificscout

    SOLD Big lot of rod and reel set ups

    Great gear Gramps. post some pics of fish from better years. If I had the cash, I'd buy all that shit up. GLWS
  192. pacificscout

    WTB I finally fucked up

    Not sure. but can I fish your gear while you can't?
  193. pacificscout

    dragging me on a cruise, suggestions for fishing please

    Pack a spinning rod and walk the shore as last resort. Handful of grubs and swimbaits will save the day. Memories are easily made for cheap. I remember fishing offshore in Hawaii, and enjoying locals catch sardines on sabikis'. Their dedication was just as visible as a billfisherman on a mega...
  194. pacificscout

    WTB I finally fucked up

    It took this to finally fuck up? I fuck up all the time. ask my boss, my daughter, don't ask my wife, unless you have time too spare,my grammar teacher, my friends and my dead mom. She'll yell it from her grave.
  195. pacificscout

    Veterans day (Full speed YFT)

    Love the reports Corey. great times with pops.
  196. pacificscout

    Rpt.-Sun. 11-10-19 Tuna! Tuna!

    Great write I as always. Sounds Epic .
  197. pacificscout

    Thank you Veterans

  198. pacificscout

    Desperation Tunas 11-7 to 11-9

    Great post. Fever in November.
  199. pacificscout

    Getting the kids involved

    Always happy faces on your boat. Well done sir.
  200. pacificscout

    Long Beach Bassing 11/9. More of the same.

    Ya make it look so easy. Great job out there.
  201. pacificscout

    FREE Low Ball Offer Question

    Maybe they might want the gear to go to someone who truly wants it to use and knot resell to make a profit. They might actually like you as a BD poster. Go figure.
  202. pacificscout

    Beautiful is FREEDOM (1.5 Day 11/7)

    Wonderful to read in November. Great report and Pics. You won second place is classic. Thanks Just gave you your 420 like.
  203. pacificscout

    Loving the time change

    Glad the trip was saved. Last cast. Well done
  204. pacificscout

    Halibut tips please?

    I have Hair piece
  205. pacificscout

    Another be safe thread

    I learned the hard way when you don't have a kill switch safety lanyard attached. Glad he is alright.
  206. pacificscout

    A Tribute to Bloody Deckers that have left us.

    I would like to thank all you bastards and kind folks in advance of my demise.
  207. pacificscout

    Farallon 25 Twin inboard to Outboard conversion

    Your passion for the dream set forth is quite admirable. Mad fabricating skills you do possess. I await the future rewards your postings shall fulfill. Thank you.
  208. pacificscout

    For Sale 1989 Trophy 2160 Pilot housee

    So it runs at the moment? Thanks
  209. pacificscout

    We Put Our Dog Down Today

    Sucks Sorry
  210. pacificscout

    Boat Docking Close Call

  211. pacificscout

    For Sale Rare sabre ulua 10ft

    I like Taka. Took him awhile to find the rods I took in too get repaired. Easy to get buried when I should have returned sooner. I guess I should pick up my step and get my stuff. Guides were fixed and nicer than expected. Should of busted all the guides. Steve and his mom are always friendly...
  212. pacificscout

    11/4/19 palos verdes

    Had a 14 DLX Klamath. I am sure as I age, I'll probably go back to easier boat ownership. Great report and video. Thanks
  213. pacificscout

    Condor 11/4 Bluefin being bluefin but Mission Accomplished!

    Miles of smiles back to Ohio. Well done good friend.
  214. pacificscout

    $5000 Waxwing Lure

    Trade war.
  215. pacificscout

    Lani "Top Bitch"

    Almost as pretty as my wife Lani. Nice job.
  216. pacificscout

    Offshore/island opportunities

    Storage, towing,income and your physical strength are the first set of questions.
  217. pacificscout

    Props to the Native Sun

    Greatest report of the season in my book.
  218. pacificscout

    11-3-19 A.M. half day

    You're the fishiest. Hands down.
  219. pacificscout

    spooling line

    Flip it upsidedown. Fixed.
  220. pacificscout

    Easy Trigger - DP 11.02.19

    Luca. Dog food. ALL SORTS OF TASTES.
  221. pacificscout

    For Sale 21' SeaOx center console

    Sweet. Will forward to my buddy.
  222. pacificscout

    Wide Open YFT mix BFT San Clemente 11/2

    Pictures of a lifetime. Great story pops.
  223. pacificscout

    Double rigs an Sandbass Junction 11/2/2019

    Seas were nice so we went out by the 2 platforms Ellen and Elly. 9:00 + a.m. . 240ft 64.5 degress. Pond like conditions, A lot of sportboat just farther than we were. I dropped a heavy Tady 6 and got a sculpin. Tiny, Lot of reeling for it. Alex was fishing a squish type of iron and kept...
  224. pacificscout

    Who’s in charge?

    How many wives you have?
  225. pacificscout

    For Sale Grady White 228 WA

    Sweet. Glad you got a new rig. Someone is going to be happy.
  226. pacificscout

    Transom Cracks (pictures) is this okay?

    Post some pics of the whole boat for us boat porn lovers. Thanks and enjoy the ride.
  227. pacificscout

    My new “cane” pole

    Catch weakfish on it
  228. pacificscout

    Limits on the solo run tonight

    1100 likes in 2 years. 92 likes in 10 years. Not all likes equal friends but it says something about interest.
  229. pacificscout

    The reel deal. 533 narrow

    Sure looks neat.
  230. pacificscout

    New Member Introduction

    Welcome Sir.
  231. pacificscout

    Seeker CJB85 for Aaron

    Mad skills.
  232. pacificscout

    Limits on the solo run tonight

    Shout out to RodRage. Cool head. Shares bait.
  233. pacificscout

    For Sale 2 PENN slammer rods cheap

    Near Fullerton or Lakewood?
  234. pacificscout

    Cambria Kayak Fishing For Lings and Rock Fish

    By what or whom may I ask??
  235. pacificscout

    Please dont touch my drag

    I'm On....
  236. pacificscout

    Please dont touch my drag

    I'm too stupid to fish braid. wasn't good in shop class... Said 6 fingers.
  237. pacificscout

    Halibut tips please?

    With a stellar day like that, You are now officially the New President of the SAFC.
  238. pacificscout

    Halibut tips please?

    Fun and mean. Dragging leadheads has worked in the bays. Good eating.
  239. pacificscout

    Please dont touch my drag

    I've had that done to me before. I stay quite until I need help.
  240. pacificscout

    Solo mission tonight

    Well done. Look forward to future adventures.
  241. pacificscout

    Catalina Catch from 1901

    The original fishing vest.
  242. pacificscout

    Local OC Tuna

    Wow! Finally able to make bait...
  243. pacificscout

    For Sale 2003 Sea Swirl

    Sounds great! Thanks John.
  244. pacificscout

    For Sale Good older reels cheap

    Texted Diawa sl250 Thanks
  245. pacificscout

    Monterey Bay Aquarium live feed

    Cool link. Thanks
  246. pacificscout

    For Sale Penn squall 50ld

    30 min police. Yes. That's enforcement. Thanks Mike.
  247. pacificscout

    He learned a good lesson!! Mom says no to the Tattoo

    1/2oz egg sinker got my big toe after shooting across Kern River by me pulling free from snag on other side. Came flying like a rocket and hurt like shit.
  248. pacificscout

    Big yellow fin off Catalina

    More pics please. Nice.
  249. pacificscout

    10-22-19 full day

    Yeah!!! No red. Besides blood. Well done.
  250. pacificscout

    OC BFT

  251. pacificscout

    Queequeg = Ahab

    Maybe a kayaker.
  252. pacificscout

    Queequeg = Ahab

    I'm Gumby Dammit!!
  253. pacificscout

    425 Area Sat and Sunday

    Great pictures. Happy kids are the best .
  254. pacificscout

    Young boy catches huge bass...

    Great human tale.
  255. pacificscout

    Ho hum, just a bass report 10-20

    Double trouble rig for tuna?? That would be fun. Great report.
  256. pacificscout


  257. pacificscout

    Skipped the 371, spottie Sunday

    I love spotties. Great job. Getting beat by wind and sea sucks later. Bay fishing keeps you pain free and not as tired when putting things away at the end of day.
  258. pacificscout

    SOLD Left Hand Narrow Penn 501 w/ Aluminum Spool

    Great price. But I'm confused. Do you point the rod backwards whilst casting?
  259. pacificscout

    Page jumping?

    What if no swimming involved?
  260. pacificscout

    Bisbee tournaments

    Even Worse. Crap!!
  261. pacificscout

    Bisbee tournaments

    How can someone so stupid be driving such an expensive boat in video. Looks like a great time.
  262. pacificscout

    will LR boat let me troll my own lure ?

    I have used my own rod and compatible lures in the past. Once had a deckhand say that my jethead instead of tuna feather would not get bit by albies. It did.
  263. pacificscout

    Page jumping?

  264. pacificscout

    Page jumping?

    They're testing us.
  265. pacificscout

    Page jumping?

    They're testing us.
  266. pacificscout

    If you need trailer repair in LA/OC

    Thanks for posting info. Always good info to have on hand.
  267. pacificscout

    Personal Best thresher today

    Outstanding. You're like the
  268. pacificscout

    I see 4ft at 8 sec from the north East

    are you on the east coast? Left coast. Dependent on which way I'm facing. Forgot to insert quote.
  269. pacificscout

    For Sale 28' Carolina Classic 2002

    What's instgram? Thank you sir. GLWS and the future ahead. BD ONWARD!!!
  270. pacificscout

    I see 4ft at 8 sec from the north East

    I just listen to my handheld VHF WX and it said Gale force 9ft-12 ft seas.
  271. pacificscout

    For Sale 28' Carolina Classic 2002

    Can we fish on it before sell? Brand spankin' new Boat Ho here. Wally Knot gay.
  272. pacificscout

    Pressure washing service

    Good info. Thanks brother. Wally
  273. pacificscout

    The Captain that is....

    J.J. Gerittsen Apollo/Tracer
  274. pacificscout

    Rpt.-10-16-19 A Ducky of a Tail!

    Glad you guys fished. Thanks for the info
  275. pacificscout

    For Sale JIGS

    Awesome deal for someone who needs iron. I have a lot , makes me want more... Like Crack!!!!
  276. pacificscout

    Need help with reel choice

    Saltist 20 size
  277. pacificscout

    For Sale some classic rods for sale

    Cool looking rods. History in a stick.
  278. pacificscout

    FREE Boat Buying Scam

    Come fish my boat anytime..
  279. pacificscout

    For Sale 1997/2007 Boston Whaler 24 Outrage

    Does it have a trailer under it?
  280. pacificscout

    Hooping Sunday night at Catalina

    Bait your tubes with ham sandwiches.
  281. pacificscout

    FREE Stolen gear!

    Found my wallet in my rolled down open windows car in a.m. Stupid me.
  282. pacificscout

    J-Dee, Californian and Bo-j Lures. Story Please.

    Remember the Abortion feathers?
  283. pacificscout

    Chaffee 10-12-19

    Fished local LB area. Tossed plastics and drifted live sardines thanks to RodRage's generosity. 1 lone mack for Alex and a sculpin for me. Awesome day. Met some cool people all day.
  284. pacificscout

    Okuma Spinning Reel recommendations

    Borrow from a BDer. Never know.
  285. pacificscout

    J-Dee, Californian and Bo-j Lures. Story Please.

    Thanks I have had these lures for many years. Any history on them? Need to borrow them? Do not get offshore enough to use.
  286. pacificscout

    Buoy Collector...

    Flattie finder. You are Sir!
  287. pacificscout

    8 or 9 ft. 2 piece rod?
  288. pacificscout

    For Sale Please Delete

    I'm in for $20.
  289. pacificscout

    Seeker CSL 8030 for Peter

  290. pacificscout

    For Sale Please Delete

    Give the kid a break. If he's legit.
  291. pacificscout

    I found this inside a Yellowfin?

    Don't Blink If you Stink Chad
  292. pacificscout

    For Sale Old school wall hanger

    That is a cool rod. Hopefully someone who knew Randy will end up with it.
  293. pacificscout

    Lobster please help

    Read the CA DFG rules. At the end of the day, that is what you need to explain your answer to any question that might be presented to you by officials.
  294. pacificscout

    Catalina Island 10/9

    There's a whale in my belly. Said the Calico.
  295. pacificscout

    Lucky Kayaker GW|1 Scary.
  296. pacificscout

    Help locating charter in February 2020

    Fish off the beach with locals. I found this my best experience compared to money and time spent offshore, Unless you got bank or have not gotten that dream billfish.
  297. pacificscout

    How far North for BFT?

    I think some were caught up in WA.
  298. pacificscout

    For Sale Seeker A660-6' rod

    Like the rod. Hate driving in LA. Grew up in Koreatown. Elmwood. Went to Van Ness in early 70s'. If you ever venture south to Anaheim/Fullerton, please let me know. GLWS
  299. pacificscout

    New member

    Oh boy. Here we go.
  300. pacificscout

    Early morning crawl?

    Good luck RodRage and I'll look forward to your posting. Wally
  301. pacificscout

    Snohomish 9/29/2019 Newbie

    Well I made it up North. Nice. Cool people all around. Brother in-law arranged trip on the river through Met our guide Matt and off we went. There were 4 of us. Moe, Emmitt, Brandon and myself. First time salmon fishing for me. Fished spinners on straight...
  302. pacificscout

    I found this inside a Yellowfin?

    Don’t blink If you stink
  303. pacificscout

    Bremerton WA 9-25-2019

    9/25/2019 I am here for a few days I want to fish puget sound. Any info on boats or you looking for someone to fish with Thanks Wally 323. 55 9 0841
  304. pacificscout

    Yellowtails At The Horseshoe

    With Johnny Cash to round it out. great job Dan.
  305. pacificscout

    Pulled hooks with higher # lines

    Or maybe Einstein.
  306. pacificscout

    Pulled hooks with higher # lines

    Hook size to bait size to line strength are the factors in all of the equation. Answers differ to what is in your tackle box at that given moment in time and space. Epstein said that. He was a sweathog.
  307. pacificscout

    The endless surface iron debate; z-bar vs everything else

    Glad it was your nose. Might have gotten funny looking scratchin' something else after the 5th one
  308. pacificscout

    Affordable EPIRB?

    I have purchased 3 EPIRB All are lost after my wife helps me put away boat.
  309. pacificscout

    Pierpoint Landing 1/2 Day Charter Boat, Long Beach, CA - Video

    Great effort. Fish for dinner is a chicken winner.
  310. pacificscout

    Need a ho tonight

    I can use a Ho' every night.
  311. pacificscout

    FREE Box of flakes

    I'm Lactose intolerant. Gives me the winds something fierce. Need this
  312. pacificscout

    Want to Borrow left handed round reel (and rod) tuna set-up

    Headed to Bremerton with Lt handed Fathom LTH25LWLH. Will trade for fishing trip while in area.
  313. pacificscout

    Help identifying these flies

  314. pacificscout

    Help identifying these flies

    I have a fly rod that I never have tried We need to get them together
  315. pacificscout

    Help identifying these flies

    Your back
  316. pacificscout

    Beginners Luck 9-19-19

    Zika. Go look and catch a Swordie for us to enjoy and admire. Your drive and skills as a captain/angler can accomplish that task. I know you have thought about it. Tell Jr.. Need his skills to boat it.
  317. pacificscout

    How long before your 100# BF

    How long before your 100# BF 52 yrs and counting. Would help if they swam around the LB breakwall .
  318. pacificscout

    SOLD Blue LB Seeker Rods

    More than what my fishing platform is worth. Gosh I love Big 5.
  319. pacificscout

    Tuna 0 Marlin 1

    Love them jetheads
  320. pacificscout

    Sunday 9/15

    Great day and report.
  321. pacificscout

    “Penn Fathom 15 2 speed review, Why use 2nd gear?”

    Great job with your dad. His hard work paid off. Memorable.
  322. pacificscout

    For Sale 24’ OSY CC REDUCED to sell fast $17k OBO

    Sweet. Will forward this to friends.
  323. pacificscout

    Penn spinner recommendation

    Nice slab of fish right there.
  324. pacificscout

    Jig ID

    Knowledge here. Thank you Gentlemen.
  325. pacificscout

    Jig ID

    Kind of heavy. Like shallow deep yo yo jig.
  326. pacificscout

    Jig ID

    Once again. Apologies. Please invert phone for better view.
  327. pacificscout

    Jig ID

    I’m all thumbs here Sorry guys
  328. pacificscout

    Jig ID

    Hello BDers', Any Thoughts on this Jig? I have had it for years and remember it catching fish in the Channel Isles. But forgot the name. Thanks in advance as I will be fishing it soon.
  329. pacificscout

    Anyone kayakers know this guy. Nice job. Hat Tip.

    Holding on to his craft. Hoping it didn't sink.
  330. pacificscout

    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    fake dicks prosthetic penises Truth in that
  331. pacificscout

    For Sale Used Convt. rods-Reduced.

    hey Mike what city/zip code are you located? thanks, wally
  332. pacificscout

    Rasta'd out Calstar 775XXH

    Snaggin' high stick
  333. pacificscout

    Weekday Fishing Buddy Needed - Elliott Bay Marina

    Gosh. I love you guys. Haven't laughed this hard in ages.
  334. pacificscout

    For Sale Slightly used Naval boat $5-
  335. pacificscout

    Catalina Weather for tomorrow?

    If you really want to float, stay inshore. Drift local oil islands. 1/2 day and done.
  336. pacificscout

    For Sale Quality fishing rods used, conventional , #4 not avail.

    Way cool Mike. Wish I was closer. Happy people coming soon.
  337. pacificscout

    FREE Great Sellers

    Done a few sales. Always cool people.
  338. pacificscout

    Boating Safety

    Attach the kill safety lanyard to your person while underway.. I.. I Heard it is a good idea.
  339. pacificscout

    Bluefin are Beautiful

    Cool post.
  340. pacificscout

    Need help identifying rod marked #600CMS

    Takes 4 poles to rotate the rod holder.
  341. pacificscout

    Labor Day love

    Some fat boys in this pic
  342. pacificscout

    SAN DIEGO 9-2

    Super cool with pops.
  343. pacificscout

    Kayaker barely misses getting ran over completely

    Wow. Years ago a cigar boat almost killed us. Missed us by 5-6ft. Swamped us real good. Thought I was going to die. Guy popped his head up from under dash and went wide eye like crazy. Just missed us at a very high rate of speed. And now we post. Beautiful. Fish.
  344. pacificscout

    First Time Tuna

    Don't sell the boat. Just make friends with someone who has a bigger boat.
  345. pacificscout

    Point Loma 9-2

    My goodness that is a large fish.
  346. pacificscout

    Hooked up my homie on his birthday

    Rodrage has made a difference. He has survived great extinction events. His name is Rodrage not Longliner. And he hasn't really put a dent this year in fish counts.
  347. pacificscout

    SOLD PENN 535gs

    Great reels. Great price for fishability.
  348. pacificscout

    Sonar pics w/ questions

    School of Lizardfish.
  349. pacificscout

    A batch of Rainshadows

    Very nice looking.
  350. pacificscout

    For Sale PENN FATHOM25LWLH $130-

    For sale barely used PENN FATHOM25LWLH I do not use it. Pick up Fullerton Gilbert/Malvern 92833 Wally 323 5 59-0 84 1
  351. pacificscout

    Hooked up my homie on his birthday

    Oh Slider... It's Rodrage's buddy's birthday for Pete's sake.
  352. pacificscout

    Private Boat Report: Mon-Wed, 8/26-8/28 out of DP

    Well that was the funnest read of the last few days. Thank you for letting us enjoy the experience.
  353. pacificscout

    Master Angler Billfish Tournament

    Sunset aquatic park has possibly what you are looking for. I'm in Fullerton.
  354. pacificscout

    Master Angler Billfish Tournament

    If you need lures or feathers let me know. I have a few rods that might help. Old school but that's all I have. Good luck.
  355. pacificscout

    Personal best YT - LJ 8/23

    Wow! Beast. Great day for sure. Cheers.
  356. pacificscout

    Garibaldi OTC report

    Did he fish? Maybe Harnell or D8?
  357. pacificscout

    Garibaldi OTC report

    Sure are a lot of tuna burials you'll be attending soon.
  358. pacificscout

    FREE Ads with no price. WTF???

    Simple. No price. No response. No Deal. In a democracy, majority rule. Ignore those who bend the rules. More than enough BDers that follow the rules than those who don't to get a good deal. Start dealing with the anglers that have earned the ability to get a good deal on stuff and not the...
  359. pacificscout

    Bremerton WA 9-25-2019

    Bass trout shore fishing Any of the likes?
  360. pacificscout

    YFT 10 miles west.

    Never give up. Smart man with tools. Nice.
  361. pacificscout

    Marlin Mid Catalina Channel this AM

    Thank for being able to experience and then share with fellow anglers. Cool.
  362. pacificscout

    Bremerton WA 9-25-2019

    Hello BDers', Spent half a day looking where to post Boat ho' request in 98311. I am heading up to visit a friend with family. Looking to get some fishing done. Please let me know where to go and regs. for a guy from OC ca. Down for some of that crazy shit I read about you guys. If you have room...
  363. pacificscout

    Ocean Odyssey Overnight 8-25,26

    Have a big beer tab but I follow my line. Right back to the galley for another.
  364. pacificscout

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    I am a reel smart intelligent individual. I catch all the fish and the Ladies. Oh! Forgot. I own a mansion and a yacht.
  365. pacificscout

    Pacific Dawn 8/22-8/24

    Do you have any disposable gloves in small?
  366. pacificscout

    Drain Plug How much water?

    We have bigger questions
  367. pacificscout

    Crystal Cove 8/24

    It's only just gettin' started. Nice skiff.
  368. pacificscout

    Freedom Boat Club Horrible customer service

    whinerwhiner weiner weiner weiner chicken finger
  369. pacificscout

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    4 and 3 2 in one when i'm on the mike , The sucka' s run
  370. pacificscout

    Open bow Striper

    Super nice.
  371. pacificscout

    LB Bass 8/22

    Not sure this will continue to apply.
  372. pacificscout

    44lb Wahoo, 15lb mahi - Sint Maarten and drone action

    Man, great video. More to come.....
  373. pacificscout

    For Sale $120 OBO

    Censorship is not cool. Public forum.
  374. pacificscout

    SOLD D

    3 yrs 15 posts Bingo!!! 4 pages and popcorn. Who'd a thunk. Casey keep them coming.
  375. pacificscout

    Deep Hole 8/19

    Deep Hole. My credit report...
  376. pacificscout

    Deep Hole 8/19

    Oh the days of malibu sportfishing. Aquarius.
  377. pacificscout

    Late Report Saturday 8:17

    That's a classic pic right there. Yeah!! Baby!!
  378. pacificscout

    SOLD Shimano TLD 25 single speed

    Clean. Thank you for making me think if I reely need it. I do. Because I never had one. My friend loves them. He has a lot. I texted him.
  379. pacificscout

    SOLD Calif King Cherry Mahag Bed frame

    BD family is alive and strong. There have been some scammers and a new, different kind of lowlifes posting here trying to take away from the good nature folks I have grown to enjoy time with reading these forums. You sir Tom, are part of this community, in which I enjoy. Your generosity is well...
  380. pacificscout

    My 15.5 Livingston

    Sweet sled. Love the practicality.
  381. pacificscout

    Thanks Wally!!!

    Anytime Tom. Cool to meet you guys and help. Thanks for the bait. See you and pops "Wally" soon on the water.
  382. pacificscout

    What do you make of this?

    Okie dokie.
  383. pacificscout

    Endeavor August 17, 2019

    Is that a lever and star drag reel??
  384. pacificscout

    For Sale bait tank $60

    I like Stanton.
  385. pacificscout

    8/16- 209,181,289

    That's a great report.
  386. pacificscout

    8-17-19 Fun and lost favorite combo.

    It jumped out of the boat. Freaky. No line in the water.
  387. pacificscout

    8-17-19 Fun and lost favorite combo.

    Thanks. Fished it for at least the last 17 years for sure. In my avatar. It was a given to me by my cousin German. It's a beast in the palm of your hand.
  388. pacificscout

    For Sale Daiwa Luna 253 & Power Handle

    My buddy loves and fishes those reels. Nice.
  389. pacificscout

    8-17-19 Fun and lost favorite combo.

    Wow. Let me know if you can part ways with it. Thanks for reading.
  390. pacificscout

    What size hooks for YFT?

    Don't forget line. 50lb on light wire is a no no.
  391. pacificscout

    Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    Shit happens quickly with wind,current and drift. I've trolled by accident into others stationary lines. Sorry. Unintended. Apologize and curse myself for not seeing obstacle. Most are understanding. Some Knot.
  392. pacificscout

    For Sale Fishing boat for sale

    Any floor pics? Thanks
  393. pacificscout

    For Sale 1985(86) skipjack 24 open

    Beautiful. Great times ahead with dad.
  394. pacificscout

    My first Thresher!

    Makin' it happen. Well done captain.
  395. pacificscout

    Fishing advice for Ensenada

    Go shore fishing with trout rod. Nothing to lose and not much cost.
  396. pacificscout

    WTB Team Diawa Power mesh Larry Nixon worming/jigging rod

    Looking to buy Team Diawa Power Mesh Larry Nixon worming/jigging rod. Please look in your garage or ask a fishing buddy if he has one. If you know Larry, please ask him for me. Thanks, Wally
  397. pacificscout

    Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    I know were you live... Yes, it's onshore.
  398. pacificscout

    Saturday 08/17/2019 @ the 226/302 and Beyond

    No room on the ocean for threats and violence. Unless towards a fish. Captain is an idiot.
  399. pacificscout

    8-17-19 Fun and lost favorite combo.

    Gonna set up go fund me for my loss
  400. pacificscout

    8-17-19 Fun and lost favorite combo.

    Fished by cargo ships past Platform Ester. Cold water 62degrees. Nothing. Moved by wall, small Calico for Bro on dropshot chartreuse Glup minnow. Fellow boaters call over to us for help. He was up against wall and was pushing off it with net handle. Luckily small swells. Dead batteries. Towed...
  401. pacificscout

    Your favorite way to prepare yellowfiIn?

    Smoked is my favorite.
  402. pacificscout

    Calstar 610 for Steve

    WOW Supersweet
  403. pacificscout

    Savage Gear Close Outs

    Thanks for heads up
  404. pacificscout

    2019 PNW Lake Pacific Big Fish & Exotic Pics

    FabIO !!! Great butter.
  405. pacificscout

    2019 PNW Lake Pacific Big Fish & Exotic Pics

    I heard the son owns the boat. The son's dad and and the guy in the boat are actually brothers who were separated when the Bluefin were in Socal and now that they moved , have been reunited with the girls offering Lattes'. what did they bite?
  406. pacificscout

    If you could only troll 1

    You can chase fish easier.
  407. pacificscout

    If you could only troll 1

    Small boat can troll smaller gear. Penn 113 50-80 lb mono and purple Jethead.
  408. pacificscout

    Buddy Boat

    Man this is sounding good. Good luck on your adventure. Safe seas.
  409. pacificscout

    Love him or not. Tred Barta is gone

    I enjoyed his show.
  410. pacificscout

    Kill or no kill

    Fillet and share with friends. Breaded fried marlin is good once in a lifetime or if they get so close to home and such a rarity. Some rice ,beans and fresh salad. Why go to Cabo.
  411. pacificscout

    So, I went fishing again...

    Felt like I was there. Great story teller. Think I know Harry.
  412. pacificscout

    SOLD Ptice Drop - Daiwa Sealine 40-80lb Trolling Rod/Daiwa SLD Reel

    Nice set up Good price. Perfect for someone new to what is offshore and has sticker shock at cost to have all the required or recommended gear. Sure not 2 speed or present drool producer, but at least maybe a chance at one.
  413. pacificscout

    Catalina 8-10-2019

    Sure is pretty though.
  414. pacificscout

    Dana Point 8-11

    Nice way to get the dust off
  415. pacificscout

    8-9-19 Newport and South

    Those are some reel nice reds. Great stuff
  416. pacificscout

    Catalina 8-10-2019

    Heard one say he made a flag from a buoy or something. Plus there were diving and fishing same area.
  417. pacificscout

    How to Treat Seasickness

    Patch has worked for me. Guy was sick on a trip and I offered him one, he applied it and was able to fish again. I take Bonine the day before and the day of the trip nowadays.
  418. pacificscout

    Santa Monica With the kids 8-11-19

    Envy. Wish I was having such fun. Good job hooking up.
  419. pacificscout

    1st Salmon

    Big and fat !!! Way to go dad. Great day.
  420. pacificscout

    Catalina 8-10-2019

    Total of 3 boats pulled up at one time, think they we're friends as they hollered at each other throughout their anchoring, yelled "fresh one" Yellos''over and over and went diving. I didn't see yellow. Only calicos and barries for them. What do you do.
  421. pacificscout

    The Final Straw and Why I Bought My Own Boat

    Who needs quarters.
  422. pacificscout

    One word

    Fathom, Fathom, Fathom!! I miss albies and trolling feathers.
  423. pacificscout

    Catalina 8-10-2019

    Got an invite to fish the island with Capt. Kenny and Steve. Started the morning with bait tank switch issues. Wired it to the battery and we got in the line for Nacho's. Got bait and headed to Church rock area. Water 57ft 63 degrees. Dropped anchor and started fishing. Steve fished sardines...
  424. pacificscout

    Dumping BlueFin Carcasses Huntington Harbor

    It all just stinks.
  425. pacificscout

    taking a poll

    I listen to advice, but sometimes, I fish how I want. If it does not interfere with the boat. They say Live bait, I might fish plastics. Worse case scenario, If the OP had gotten bit on lighter line, the boat could have chosen too just bust it off if time was an issue.
  426. pacificscout

    Spearfishing Bluefin Tuna Offshore video...

    Thanks for your effort. Cool stuff
  427. pacificscout

    So I was recommended to get a spinning outfit...

    Move bitch!! Follow your line!!!
  428. pacificscout

    Rod and Line LBS

    How much did you spend on rod and if it broke, would you need to buy another? Good deals on BD.
  429. pacificscout

    WTB Tranx 200

    Sorry. Have a 201 lefty. I NEEd another. Got mine for $199- basspro shop link from a BD member. Love it. Except made in Taiwan. Fits in the palm like a glove. See more 500 and 400 for sale.
  430. pacificscout

    SOLD BOAT NET $1.00

    I'll buy That for a dollar.
  431. pacificscout

    For Sale Assorted Truline rods and blanks

    Can one catch clicks by using a sabiki? Where should I target clicks in the LB area. Thanks in advance for the knowledge.
  432. pacificscout

    Crankbait rigging

    I troll them also. Cast swimbait more.
  433. pacificscout

    Late report 7/26 - 7/28.

    Great times. Thanks for the report. Well planned and nice gear.
  434. pacificscout

    Recommended Fishing Trip

    House boat.
  435. pacificscout

    For Sale Daiwa Lexa 300HS

    Great reel. Light, strong and fits good in the palm. I have small hands.
  436. pacificscout

    PB BFT Sunday August 4

    Just interesting how you connect the trailing hook to the circle
  437. pacificscout

    Just in case.

    Thanks Dave. I'll check it out again.
  438. pacificscout

    PB BFT Sunday August 4

    I just learned something by you posting rig set up. Thank you.
  439. pacificscout

    Question about tip

    Burgers $12 Beer $4 I drink and eat a lot. The last case of beer on the boat cost a lot.
  440. pacificscout

    8/2 OG Overnighter - Mexican Limits of Paddy YT

    I was on the Diawa Pacific. We shared o paddy with you guys. Only 30 yellows for us. Fun times
  441. pacificscout

    Saturday 8-3-2019 Diawa Pacific H+M

    Those are all the rent rods that fished. I heard crew mention some didn't even work.
  442. pacificscout

    Saturday 8-3-2019 Diawa Pacific H+M

    Got invited on a charter with mostly rent rods. Went 95 miles down off mexico. No bluefin but we did manage about 30 yellows. Jake the charter master who's uncle Steve, invited my brother Alex and I on the trip were all hooked up on a paddy at once. Little amount of paddies down there. I tried...
  443. pacificscout

    Oh No there Back......

    Let me know what they are, and I'll keep a watchful eye.
  444. pacificscout

    RIP, Ron Ashimine

    Looks like he loved his passion of fishing.
  445. pacificscout

    Longfin Tackle disappointment

    Don't we all... I just read, watch and apply my own unconventional way of thought in order to get bit. Nobody knows it all.
  446. pacificscout

    Seal had no chance

    Fast Gulp
  447. pacificscout

    My son’s 1st ever Marlin and it’s local

    Hot Diggidy Dog. Priceless. Do you want to adopt a 52yr kid?
  448. pacificscout

    Catalina 7/29 to 7/31 – Limits of fun, sun and the totally spun

    You guys are doing it right. Love how you make it more than a day trip to Catalina. Multi day adventures with family just kicks ass. Nice catch.
  449. pacificscout

    Offshore bust, hot bass in the kelp

    Man that is one chewed up bait. Looks like a great safe day on the big pond.
  450. pacificscout

    Sturgeon for an AZ kid

    That is one happy looking angler. Cool deal.
  451. pacificscout

    Quick run to Izors

    Sweet! Nice job on getting fish before service. Always try to get last cast. It holds surprises.
  452. pacificscout

    Reading marine forecast

    Mixed seas suck. The harbor and bays will save your days.
  453. pacificscout

    Bent rod tip eye guide and thoughts how it can affect fighting a monster.

    That is about as bent as I get on overnighters.
  454. pacificscout

    Inshore Mako (part II)

    Shit!! That's me in a nut shell. I'm awesome. Mom always told me.
  455. pacificscout

    Alamitos Bay or any local bay float tube fishing?

    Little leadheads and plastics. Cast away.
  456. pacificscout

    SD bay day with my boy

    Nice halibut and what a pair of teeth. Great times with your little buddy.
  457. pacificscout

    Local Sand Bass MIA.

    It was slow for me Sunday. But then again, I am not the best angler.
  458. pacificscout

    Esther and harbor Sunday 7-28-19

    Fished area of buoys by Ester. Nada. Went by north jetty and got 2 mini Sandies on small plastics. Went in harbor and trolled Norman crankbait blue. About 6-8 spotties on that. Trolled red broken back Rapala and blue Norman. Blue got bit only. Spotties save the day again.
  459. pacificscout

    Livin the dream

    Beer can or fuel can? Which is it. Wanna make sure before I embark.
  460. pacificscout

    Rpt.-Thur.-07-25-19 Local Bass fishing!

    Crazy yellow on Lal's calico. Great to see the A team back at it full force.
  461. pacificscout

    Lost rod and reel at Coronados

    That's a great story.
  462. pacificscout

    Tips on anchoring/camping at Little Harbor Catalina

    If in danger, ask to tie off the end of a larger boat for the evening.
  463. pacificscout

    How much line?

    AAUGH!!!!!! Just fish!!
  464. pacificscout

    Kangaroo having a beer weave

    Forgot the Yeti Pouch to hold the 6pack . Cool stuff and nice imagination.
  465. pacificscout

    How much line?

    How much drag on the small reel? Match accordingly. Do not think heavy test on a reel with out the power to handle it is worth the effort.
  466. pacificscout

    VIDEO: The association of Bluefin Tuna and Bryde's Whale in So Cal

    Coolest video of the year for me. Thank you.
  467. pacificscout

    Penn Fathom FTH40NLD2 on sale at Walmart.

    You Sir are an Asshole.
  468. pacificscout

    Surf fishing Mexico

  469. pacificscout

    String . . .

    Still fish Ande. Got my old 505HS out and re-spooled with fresh ande. Overnighter SD early Aug.
  470. pacificscout

    999 6' Made by True Temper

    I got this rod reel combo in early 90s' for $15-. Weighs 5.1lbs. Always like the old factor.
  471. pacificscout

    7-20 mission bay 6 mile bank Point Loma kelp

    How far is Vista from Fullerton? On my way...
  472. pacificscout


    Jesus. Such a fella.
  473. pacificscout

    For Sale 1996 Sunbird Neptune 200cc

    323 559 0841 Call me thanks BigTIME
  474. pacificscout

    For Sale 1996 Sunbird Neptune 200cc

    Man that is a nice boat/deal.
  475. pacificscout


    Free in Fullerton 92833 323 five five 9- O8 41