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  1. jesse


    This models comes with red dot laser and flashlight that work perfectly. I bought for work and never used. I paid north of a grand and will let go of for 600 or best offer. My buddy is selling me some new fishing gear and I'm 600 shy so id like to sell this asap. If ibtereated pmease callme at...
  2. jesse


    I have two Saros 4000 FA's, one Okuma 40 Trio Bf and a Penn 309 Level Wind. All are brand new, threw the boxes away but i kept the bags. These are just wasting space and should be fished so the first 200 can have all 4 reels. Call me at 619-496-3006. Pick up in OB or maybe can deliver if close...
  3. jesse

    Calcutta 300D BNIB W 65LB POWER PRO

    Clean as can be with full load of spectra amd 30yards of 20lb blackwater flouro. Need $ asap. Firt 200 takes it. Also have a Lexa 300H BNIB with spectra. 125 Both for 300 cash. May even be able to deliver if within the san diego area. Neither of these beauties have even seen a rod yet. Just...
  4. jesse

    Reels For Sale TODAY

  5. jesse

    Reels For Sale TODAY

    Need some quick cash so these gotta go.. Lexa 300H bn fresh 85lb PP SPECTRA Asking 125 never even seen a r one) asking 125 loaded ath 60lb PP SPECTRA In san diego. 619-739-3053. Looking to sell them all today. Might make a nice package deal :)
  6. jesse

    FS: 24 x 8 x 4' Mini Half Pipe skate ramp

    How much would it cost to have this delivered to OB? any idea? I might bite..
  7. jesse

    bengal cat/kitten

    We have a Bengal and she is kinda tuff :D a lot more than I bargained for but we got use to her..
  8. jesse


    Yep, I need to find a cheap car or truck that gets good mileage to drive to work and back every day. I drive from OB to Oceanside and back and gas is killing me. I do not care how beat up or ugly... Just so long as it'll get me there and back and not cost me 15-20 a day in gas to do it.. Any and...
  9. jesse

    NEW Diawa Lexa 300H loaded w spectra

    Never used. Need $ asap so selling her for 125 bux. Pickup in OB. Must sell asap. Save half yall... :) 619-739-3053 Serious.only please
  10. jesse

    Brand New Calcutta 400D loaded w Spectra

    Never seen water. Need some $ asap so blowing her out cheap. Asking 325 must sell asap. picked up in Ocean Beach. Loaded with 80lb Power Pro. If interrsted please call 619-739-3053 Thank J
  11. jesse

    big Lot of Irons For sale. Also some other goodies

    I have a ton of Jigs for grabs. Looking to sell them all in one deal. There has to be at least 100 jigs. Tadys, Salas's etc. Asking 200 for all the jigs. pick up only. I'm in Ocean Beach. I also have a badass wooden offshore tackle box. holds a ton of gear and probably 75 jigs. box is in great...
  12. jesse


    I have a huge lot of flyfishing fly tying gear. vices, furs weights hooks beads etc.. I have enough stuff to keep you tying flies until you die without ever having to go to the shop for anything. I need money asap to buy something so I sadly must sell my stuff. I am asking $500 for everything...
  13. jesse


    I have a huge lot of flyfishing fly tying gear. vices, furs weights hooks beads etc.. I have enough stuff to keep you tying flies until you die without ever having to go to the shop for anything. I need money asap to buy something so I sadly must sell my stuff. I am asking $500 for everything...
  14. jesse

    Huge lot of fly tying equipment and supplies must sell asap!!!

    I have a huge lot of flyfishing fly tying gear. vices, furs weights hooks beads etc.. I have enough stuff to keep you tying flies until you die without ever having to go to the shop for anything. I need money asap to buy something so I sadly must sell my stuff. I am asking $500 for everything...
  15. jesse

    2002 DODGE RAM 1500 Quad Cab

    looking to sell asap. if.interested pl
  16. jesse

    ABEL SUPER 7, Curado 200g5 w Carrot Styx Salty sticks

    Abel super 7 in good shape with line, backing and top. Asking 300 firm. These guys are usually 500+ Curado 200g5 on a carrot stick rod. The perfect spotty, calico combo. Asking 225. Trying to raise some cash ASAP FOR something today so that's why these prices are low :). First come first...
  17. jesse

    Reels and rods

    shimano curado 200E7 with a Shimano Cumara CUC-72MH asking 200 for the combo Shimano Curado 200G6 with a Carrot Stick Salty Carrot inshore CSIS761M-F-C asking 200 for the combo Shimano Calcutta 200 (Silver) with a Phenix recon PHx-C715 asking 200 for the combo. I would love to sell these...
  18. jesse


    Selling my spare trailer. The deck space is 11' X 5.5' and the LOA is 15' X 8'. Trailer is registered with permanent plates, had a clean title in my name and is ready to haul whatever you want. 3500lb rating and we had heavier duty springs installed. Looking to sell asap. I also have a yamaha...
  19. jesse


    Selling my spare trailer. The deck space is 11' X 5.5' and the LOA is 15' X 8'. Trailer is registered with permanent plates, has a clean title in my name and is ready to haul whatever you want. 3500lb rating and we had heavier duty springs installed. Looking to sell asap. I also have a yamaha...
  20. jesse

    Grandpas old daiwa coffee grinders

    For you surf slingers these are amazing…
  21. jesse

    Truline ul50 ulrtalight extremely rare

    any idea what you want for her?? She's badass..
  22. jesse

    Graftech Rod

    I will take this rod all day long if that dude doesn't come through. 619-254-1666.
  23. jesse

    Seeker stealth and avet mxl 2 speed

    Linh, stick to your fun boss.. That's a great price for a good setup. Worth every penny dudes
  24. jesse

    WTB: Pro gears or Trini Golds and Calstars

    I need to replace some rods and reels that were stolen. Im super bummed. I need a 20, 30 and 40lb reels and sticks to go with them. I prefer Calstars but Seekers will do. Have cash and looking to buy asap. Ideally i would like any of these.. Trindad TN16, TN20, TN30 Golds Pro Gear 251, 451...
  25. jesse

    2 Hoe's WANTING A RIDE TMRW 9/23

    Tranny blew out and our Cabo trip was cancelled cause of the storm.. Myself and my buddy Artie are dying to get away from the Zilla's tomorrow 9/23. If you have room, we have $ for gas bait drinks and a ton of experience. Were both well known and respectful guys. Please call me ASAP if you are...
  26. jesse

    Abel Super 9 fly reel with backing

    Comes with the reel pouch. I have 2 of these reels and so I am keeping the only extra spool. Not sure what those acronyms mean but the reel is in great shape. Just got it back from Abel 2 months ago for a general service.
  27. jesse

    Calico, Spottie Bass Setups

    Not going to break them up, not looking for trades and thanks for the offer @325 but I'll pass. Prices are low as it is.
  28. jesse

    Abel Super 9 fly reel with backing

    Good condition. Asking 375 619-254-1666
  29. jesse

    Del Ton AR15 w extras

    Bump. Looking to re-coop some of the $ I spent on my boys new AR10. First 450 takes it. Buyer pays Transfer. Located in San Diego.
  30. jesse

    Calico, Spottie Bass Setups

    I am selling 2 bass setups. 1 Shimano Curado 200e7 paired with a Cumara CUC-72MH in good condition. Filled w braid. 200 firm for the set. 1 Shimano Calcutta 200(silver) paired with a Phenix Recon PHX-c715 in good condition. 175 firm for the set. Will do both setups for 350. If interested...
  31. jesse

    Del Ton AR15 w extras

    Lots of lurkers turned flakes.. Serious only gents and ladies.. That's 3 afternoons wasted on flakey folks..
  32. jesse

    15' Marlin $900

    Bump.. Somebody come and get this thing.. I will throw in a ton of extras and drop the price to 800 if you get it by tomorrow. I really want to get this other boat but I need to make sure this thing is out of here. Look at like this: you're buying a strong 75 hp Suzuki DT75 for 800 box and...
  33. jesse

    Del Ton AR15 w extras

    Bump!!! Any takers My son wants a new red dot and light for his new piece..
  34. jesse

    15' Marlin $900

    I bought this boat and had Ray(aqua hunter) go through the motor and install all new wiring and panel. Boat has a cool arch w deck lights, bait tank, new bait and bilge pumps, fish finder etc. I lost he title and don't want to deal with it any more. I have about 2500 into this boat but I am...
  35. jesse

    Del Ton AR15 w extras

    Got my son a AR10 so his beloved 15 if up for sale. Very little rounds through it. Has upgraded rear sight and rails. Comes with a soft bag and about 100 rounds of 223 and 556 NATO rounds. Must sell ASAP. Buyer pays transfer fees. Asking 450 firm. If interested, please call me directly at...
  36. jesse

    Rifles,Shotguns & Pistols For Sale

    I have heard good stuff about their M1-22 Carbines. A buddy of mine said he got to let some loose on one of them at a show in CO and said it was tight and right.. The $ is good too. Might have to jump on it if no one else does..
  37. jesse

    surf's up!

  38. jesse

    Sometimes It's just hard to

    It's bad form to check the water before work :)
  39. jesse

    Fishing Tackle Photo

    I wish somebody would creep into my yard, garage or house.. I have some toys for them too :D.. Not to mention the pit bulls that call the yard and garage home :D
  40. jesse

    1973 Luhrs 32' Super 320 $8K SOLD

    Thats a whole lotta boat for 8grand… somebody jump on it..
  41. jesse

    Albino Blue Marlin

  42. jesse

    Fog then wind

    Nice report..
  43. jesse

    VW Bus:

    I have a couple badass VW vans and 15 is a good price for your ride. It's cool because it looks clean and has the side chopped out but it's one of those things that if you don't sell when the gettings good… you'll be stuck with. Mostly because you'll grow attached :D
  44. jesse

    seal shirts for sale

    pm me with the details to scoop a couple up asap…
  45. jesse

    Surf fishing with lucky craft

    I put whoopins' on feeesh with lucky craft's.. stay at it and you will eventually get bit and well...
  46. jesse

    Fishing Tackle Photo

    I have a tackle shop so to speak.. Only messier :D ill take a few pics and post 'em
  47. jesse

    Wanted: 7'6" Funboard Surfboard ASAP

    Looking for a fun board surfboard or shorter longboard. If you have one you wanna sell, please hit me up.. thanks
  48. jesse

    WTB: Gopro 3+ accessories

    Got a new GoPro 3+ and I am interested in buying some accessories like a chesty, head mount, memory cards, LCD backpac, misc mounts, telescoping pole, etc. Ya know.. oodles to go with my go pro:D Please let me know if you have goodies that you want to sell. Thank you. I think that go pro 3 stuff...
  49. jesse

    Shimano Tiagra 50

    $300 or trade for a new 12.3-13" rawlings primo Baseball glove for the kid.. lemme know :D
  50. jesse

    Rods And Reels

    Sorry guys.. the 870 and Trini sold.. I can add some pics of the Abel..
  51. jesse

    Shimano Tiagra 50

    Loaded with spectra and 80lb
  52. jesse

    Shimano Tiagra 50

    I'm selling a used Shimano Tiagra 50 2/speed. Just got another one and don't need two. Upgraded guts and works as it should. Has some rash 8/10 cosmetic 10/10 mech. No box. Asking 350 . It's just sitting here so someone might as well use it.. 619-254-1666 if interested. Shipped on your dime.
  53. jesse


  54. jesse

    Rods And Reels

    Got a bunch of sweet new gear for My Bday and Xmas so I'm gonna thin out the herd. Here is a list of some of the stuff for sale. trini 20 gold(scratches and use but new bearings and fresh pline 150 Accurate 870 2 speed 250 ABEL Super 7 fly reel 250 an assortment of rods like cal stars...
  55. jesse

    Rpt-Wed-09-11-13 Albacore on the chew in Half Moon Bay!

    Hey Cory.. Glad to see you get on some chickens brutha..
  56. jesse

    Making space. RODS and REELS

    the stick is chocolate and can be a 25 or a 30. I use it as a 30
  57. jesse

    The Main Salmon River in Idaho

    the water looked good. We stopped and gazed for a few on our way west from yellowstone. Good luck
  58. jesse

    Minaret Lake

  59. jesse

    Making space. RODS and REELS

    bump. Update 20037 still avail 300ej sold I will try and get some pics up
  60. jesse

    BRAND NEW Ruger .30-06

    Is this still for sale Fingers/ If so, please PM a number to call. thanks Jesse
  61. jesse

    Yellowstone, Snake River WY and area fly fishing ?

    Also, the water in and around Jackson were awesome. Big fish on big bugs. Hoppers, large ants etc..
  62. jesse

    Yellowstone, Snake River WY and area fly fishing ?

    Just came home from Yellowstone Last night. Small brown/white whatevers.. Bring bunches as the local stock is hurting. The Madison is on fire with descent slugs and plenty of cutts are chewing atop rapids on the Yellowstone. Smaller creeks were the most fun with the pretty but mini brooks, bows...
  63. jesse

    Making space. RODS and REELS

    200e7 and 300e sold
  64. jesse

    Making space. RODS and REELS

    Seeker SD8 is Sold. Thanks Darral, They have it at the office for you.
  65. jesse

    McCloud River

    I love that place..
  66. jesse

    Making space. RODS and REELS

    All the gear is well taken care of. Reels: gold Shimano Trinidad 20. 8/10 asking 190 Shimano Calcutta 200 silver 75 Shimano Curado 200e7 125 Shimano Curado 300e 175 Shimano Curado 300ej 175 Rods: Shimano Triton TM1607ST 50-80lb stripper asking 60 Seeker 8' Jigstick SD8 20(30)50...
  67. jesse

    Crowley Fly Fishing 6/29-30

  68. jesse

    1981 Volkswagon Vanagon L

    Looking to buy another camper so out beach mobile must go. 90k original miles. super clean for the year. upgraded stereo/cd system. runs and drives great. super reliable. 4 speed manual. I pretty much baby this thing. swapped the middle bench for a jump seat. kids like it better. registered...
  69. jesse

    San Diego to Loreto report

    Parrot fish.. I fat ass 12 lbr :D other than that, nada :D
  70. jesse

    San Diego to Loreto report

    yep.. we were in the Covina Norte de Partida.. I remember seeing a nice 50' pull in right behind us :D
  71. jesse

    San Diego to Loreto report

    helped deliver a 32' Luhrs from San Diego to Loreto. Water was cold and nasty all the way downhill on the Pacific Side. Once we cleared the cape it opened up and was beautiful.. Los frailles was the spot.. Had approx. 15 Striped Marlin in a 2 hour stretch. All were released safely. Even played...
  72. jesse

    Prayers needed

  73. jesse

    Fish mounts-Pair of salmon

    Where are you located? I wouldn't mind picking these up :D
  74. jesse

    Los Padres vs Los Doyers...

    Padres all day babay!!!
  75. jesse

    A couple Tijuana Border Crossing questions

    Go to the consulate in San Diego and get the passes first. that way you can justt roll on through.. They have been pretty lax about heading in. The fact that you are getting the stickers shows more responsibility than most( namely me :D) so you should be fine. The have a lot of federales...
  76. jesse

    1996 LEXUS LS400

    oops.. Car has 230k. New timing belt at 205k and transmission has a warranty. Never smoked in ever..some guy left a deposit and couldnt finish buying because he has to sell his car first so it's back for sale..
  77. jesse

    Finally got my first 1911

    Awesome pieces...
  78. jesse

    Gold Shimano Trinidad

    Hahaha.. Sorry for the crappy shots.. This is the 20.. :D
  79. jesse

    Z Fish Report (5/30/13)

    nice :D
  80. jesse

    Gold Shimano Trinidad

    Sorry for the crappy pics.. Shows better in person. Works great. Has some scratches but operates like butter. Loaded with 60lb Power Pro Spectra. Asking 200. I'm located in Clairemont San Diego. I just never use her so she has gotta go :) 619-840-3590 if interested. Thanks.
  81. jesse

    Sighting in a new AR

    Jason, My sons Del-Ton did the same when using the heavier steel rounds..I was instructed to oil her up and see if it helps.. It did.. I polished and brushed the hell out of it and then left a nice coat of oil on her she spits just fine :D
  82. jesse

    Suzuki 75 two stroke stuck in forward

    I have the same motor but I cant get mines into forward....
  83. jesse

    Lone Pine/ Bishop Bass

    ah man.. Bows and Big Browns... ***Drools***:D
  84. jesse

    Mazatlan Recommendations

    Fished with the Escualo Fleet today and gonna do the same tomorrow and wed.. Forgot my camera cable but will post when i get home friday.. @ striped marlin, 4bigger model dodo's and a short strike on a bigger blue marlin on the petrolero.. Couldn't get it to chew the ballyhoo we pitched at it...
  85. jesse

    Buying pesos?? Does anyone get them from your local bank?

    There is only one exchange house i use and its right off the 6 and ysidro blvd.. 12.95-13.05.. Banks will burn you with a 11-1 rate . I am actually on my way in 10 minutes to buy pesos for my trip to Mazatlan tomorrow. I will post a pic of the place and the current rate he offers now when i get...
  86. jesse

    Blackjack Mission Bay

    this isn't a goddamn report...
  87. jesse

    Happy Birthday GardenMartha

    I saw her last night in OB.. She's alive and doing well :D
  88. jesse

    BOLA June 6-9

    You can't go wrong with Daggets either. We have always stayed at Daggets until this last time when we rented a casita at Diaz.. The kids liked it better because it was closer to town and they could run around..
  89. jesse

    1996 LEXUS LS400

    I used to drive this car back and forth to carlsbad from mission bay for work. Car looks great and drives better. Just installed a new transmission. smogged, registered etc.. interior is like new. would make a perfect first car. Asking 4000 for it. my street is starting to look like a parking...
  90. jesse

    Old school Iron jigs

    That DAD E O is awesome...
  91. jesse

    BOLA June 6-9

    You should be good with a birth certificate and a ID. I would get a mexican fishing license. You could go to Casa Diaz and ask for Beto.. He's the man and will put you on the fish.. 180 bux tops is what you should pay plus tip...
  92. jesse

    Help Wanted........... Chargers Outside Linebacker.

    Te'o is a damn good ballplayer.. So what if he's a dumbass... We got what should've been a 1st round pick for pennies on the dollar.. I don;t give a shit if his momma is make believe.. He is going to kick ass this year... Anybody want to put some $ on it??
  93. jesse

    Mazatlan Recommendations

    I put the same feelers out and I got 3 peeps telling me to hit p Bibi fleet
  94. jesse


    I do believe those bruthas are out fishing :D
  95. jesse

    Native Greed 2013

    you're a good example of a bigot hiding out as an average american... Dumb fuck..
  96. jesse

    Palmyra Atoll Report

  97. jesse

    Z Fish Report (4/25/13)

  98. jesse

    Applegate River, Oregon

    gotta love the steelies...
  99. jesse

    Del Ton AR-15 for nice bolt action

    Well gentlemen, Today we went out and shot the Weatherby Vanguard 300 Mag with a wooden stock. My buddy at the range offered it at a kick ass price with the stock synthetic stock and 100 rounds so I jumped on it.. My boy handled the recoil well and had some good placement. Thanks again for...
  100. jesse

    Dockweiler 5/3 no beans but......

    nice way to spend the evening...
  101. jesse

    Del Ton AR-15 for nice bolt action

    Well we are going to P2K today after school and I'll have the boy let loose some 270 and 7mm rounds as well as my 30-06. Thanks for the heads up. I use a Savage 111 in 30-06 and didn't give his weapon too much thought until now:D
  102. jesse

    Del Ton AR-15 for nice bolt action

    My son is 12 and is ready(he says:D) for a nice bolt action for Elk in Craig Co this fall. He is willing to trade his Del Ton AR15 for something nice. His gun has a few extra 10rd mags and a soft case. Seen very little shots and is in great shape. Looking for a layered wood stock savage 223 or...
  103. jesse

    Looking for a Clairemont area kid to play some baseball games

    My bot plays for North City but he is in Bronco.. He loves to play and with our season winding down, he woulda been all over that :D too bad he's 12.. LL changed the rules this year right? stealing, leading off, etc..
  104. jesse

    freshwater flies and boxes

    looking to buy some freshwater flies. I've been tying a ton but I plan on fishing 100 days this summer and fall so I need to buy some flies :D let me know if you have some you want to sell :D Jesse
  105. jesse


    use the public ramp, it's fine... The 5 down is good till about 15 miles before Gonzaga.. then its all rugged dirt road from rancho grande to the 1 that your trailer won't survive.. It's a shame that they are paving that road to Coco's but I guess it'll help the people?
  106. jesse

    Slow Bass... Nice bycatch

    real nice goat dude... good eating :D
  107. jesse

    Heading to Mazatlan 5/26-5/30 need a Charter

    Any leads on a good charter captain or cattle situation out of Mazatlan that they would recommend.. Gonna be there from the 25th to the 30th and I'm going to want to kill some feesh :D thanks
  108. jesse

    Sorry mr mako!

    Mako Steaks!!! :D
  109. jesse

    Surf Doc's Birthday

    RIP Buddy....
  110. jesse


    Damn that sux! Hopefully you're buddy can get his stuff back..
  111. jesse

    La Paz

    I just got back about a week ago. The yellows are big, strong and mean :D fished the green channel marker for 3 40+ lbr's and the Bajo for 5-6 40+lbr's.. Get you some :D
  112. jesse

    Craig Co. in Late August.. Can't wait!

    Just got my tags, room and some new brand spankin' new Easton ACC's to plug the heart of a big ol fatass Bull Elk.. I can't wait :D
  113. jesse

    or trade Wood Veneer tack box

    that's a killer buy. Congrats Jesse
  114. jesse

    Clipperton fly fishing

    Very nice.. awesome :D
  115. jesse

    Childrens pool hooligans!

    :applause: Lots of non fishing dickheads around here lately..
  116. jesse

    Article from Western Outdoors News on the Recovery Op on the ERIK

    Thanks for the update.. I fished on the Erik a dozen times and am saddened by the incident. Prayers for the gone and survivors families..
  117. jesse

    Help with a rumor.

    I have never ever been questioned let alone harassed about the number of rods I bring down. I take down 3-4 fly rigs and 2-3 conventional rigs.. Knock on wood cause I'm flying down on monday :D
  118. jesse

    Headed to La Paz 3/25-3/28

    Flying out on Monday to La Paz.. Gonna spend a few days hanging out with my buddy Art to do some fishing. He works on a mega yacht and his boss has them down there for the winter/spring. I'm going to take the 8,9 and 12 weight fly gear in hopes to strip some feeesh :D:D Any bd'rs down there that...
  119. jesse

    More piggy whacking

    way to get it done Nate.. I am planning a Hog trip with my 12 yr old son this fall up in the plains just east of SAC. Hoping to break in my new Savage 223 :D
  120. jesse

    Accurate Caption Contest ending March 21st, 2013

    Can't Spawn with that on :D
  121. jesse

    Cerralvo Island-La Paz

    I fly out to La Paz on monday...:D
  122. jesse

    Big Bear Lake Trout???

    i dunn give a [email protected]# where ya got that laker.. It is a HOG :D
  123. jesse

    More Carp Action

    Soooo fun :D
  124. jesse

    Del Mar Gun show

    Some dickwad on the radio was saying that that Del Mar is a family venue and that he is petitioning to have the shows banned. The rep for Del Mar said that as long as we have the RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY to bare arms, they will continue to lease the venue to the show... I was surprised and...
  125. jesse

    GLYT 2013 - The Great Loreto Yellowtail Tournament

    Viva Loreto.. I may have to drive down for this.. Almost made it last yeart but waited a few extra days :D
  126. jesse

    Reliable Outboard Mechanic needed ASAP

    Didn't like what they told me?? If they told me something I would at least know what to do. The first guy is a guy I have used before who is a member here. I made the mistake by paying him in advance because I left for mex and wanted it done when i got back. He did some work and then never...
  127. jesse

    FHS - Fly Fishing gear and more!

    We were all over that section on Wed.. You stay away from the Sage raffle and the fly raffle.. they're all mines :D:D
  128. jesse

    Reliable Outboard Mechanic needed ASAP

    I have been left for dead by two outboard mechanics recently and cannot seem to find someone who can help me get my boat in the water. I have a 1989 DT75 Suzuki and it will not go into forward. reverse works fine but unless i plan on backing up all damn day, i'm toast. any referrals guys? I...
  129. jesse

    2 gopro cams Halibut follower seal stealer 3-6-13

    whats up with the dude and the upside down coffee grinder?? someone should have explained to him how to use the reel..
  130. jesse

    Kurt..........everything all right buddy?

    :rofl: you damn shitbags... :D I was pretending to listen to my lady when i just busted up laughing and now she's pissed :D
  131. jesse

    Ice shack construction and hardwater report.

    Basdass.. My buddy in Michigan spent 4k on his shack and it doesn't look as cool or comfy.. nice job..
  132. jesse

    Jackpot fish- why not rays?

    because Rays are Ghetto homie..
  133. jesse

    Spa Tech S.D. broke into my yard

  134. jesse

    Little League opener

    Pony Ball!! :D
  135. jesse


    Cool, PM me a number and I'll give you a shout on the primo. I just picked up a Shoeless Joe catcher mitt today but I got that for me :D..
  136. jesse

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    I tried to enlist but When I was 17 and a senior in high school, I beat the dog shit out of some bitch made navy fag and thus was turned away.. I was devastated and have continued to regret that decision..nevertheless I stand by my earlier statement and I have not killed a goddamn thing today...
  137. jesse

    San Diego Yellows

    Nice job on the forkie dude..
  138. jesse

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    I love starting shit :) like I give two shots about the Sea Shepard idiots :) :)
  139. jesse

    My SEVENTH "thread".......'nuf said.

  140. jesse

    Watch out for the Customs Agents

    My attorney told me that if I get fucked with by law enforcement for any reason to quietly and calmy state that I have nothing to say and that I need to speak to my lawyer period.. And that is exactly what I do.. I have even had him show up downtown when a dick harbor patrol was harassing me...
  141. jesse

    Seabas & Porgies

  142. jesse

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    They are too breaking the law by misrepresenting their intentions.. They say it's scientific research but it's not.. How is that not illegal? There is a law against whaling in international waters for food right?? The reality is that killing whales sucks... They should start eating Sea Lions:D
  143. jesse

    Beasts of the Snow

    Sweet!! Looks fun as hell but what do you do with them? eat em? skin em? just curious
  144. jesse

    Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd, Pirates

    Zman and the rest of you fucking idiots that are bashing the teacher are full of shit.. The navy douche, the lurker, the bandwagon homo's all of you are fucking ignorant in the purest form of the word. Maybe these dumbasses should be stopped for endangering human lives but these Japanese fucks...
  145. jesse

    This is going to be a Shit Storm.

    Oh yeah because that's what they do huh.. To be honest, it sounds like the only people complaining are white people that are begrudging the fact that Native Americans have casino's and therefor have some money these days. Comments like "they'll leave everything else to rot" and "I'm sick of...
  146. jesse

    Curado 300E

  147. jesse


    I had someone swap my 1989 Suzuki DT75 from one boat to another but i need the lower unit looked at. I have had another outboard mechanic tell me that the lower unit is good but it does not go into forward. I need someone who is familiar with suzuki outboards to come over and get this damn boat...
  148. jesse


    Hey boss i'm looking to get my 12 yr old a new baseball glove. Can you get Shoeless Joes or Rawlings Primo's in a 11.5" infield and a 12" first base glove? also I got him a Demarini CF5 30/20 but he quickly got too strong for it and was thinking about getting him a 31/21 or 32/22 or if they make...
  149. jesse

    Tecate Police Corruption

    Don't pay the Mordida.. See a judge.
  150. jesse

    This is going to be a Shit Storm.

    Because Natives are NOT regular citizens! Our government is a three tiered system.. Federal, Sovereign Native Nations and States. The bottom line is that Indian nations have been robbed and treaties(which were already setup to shortchange Natives) have been violated constantly. This leads up to...
  151. jesse

    Curado 300E

    JJONES660.. I sent ya a PM
  152. jesse

    Curado 300E

  153. jesse

    Candybar jigs

    Do you need a wambulance Mike?^^^ :rofl:
  154. jesse

    Missoula Fly Fishing

    awesome vid dude...
  155. jesse

    Southern Utah Ice Fishing

    whoa... Those feeesh are FAT pigs.. nice
  156. jesse

    South Fork of the Snake, Short Float feb 19 2013

    Thanks for the recent motivation :D looks like you guys are living the life up there.. Definately getting me hyped up to sling more flies at fish ..
  157. jesse

    Brookhurst 2-18-13 Surf Report

    slingin flies in the early am is soooo fun... thanks for the report dude..
  158. jesse

    Z Fish Report (2/17/13)

  159. jesse

    Curado 300E

    biggidy biggidy bizzzuuummmmppppp
  160. jesse

    Bright and Light

    muy bonita
  161. jesse

    Curado 300E

    Looking for a 300E. Not a EJ but the 300E :D selling one? hit me up :D Jesse
  162. jesse

    Do you have a pill problem? I do.

    I have directed methadone clinics for years and this is how 75% of people come in. Honest injury that turned into the song and dance of being strung out. You have the best chance of staying off when going cold turkey. My suggestion is this: Get some over the counter Prilosec for the gnarly...
  163. jesse

    Ex LAPD/Ex Navy Christopher Dorner

    Very sad that innocent people have been targeted.
  164. jesse

    Lower Unit for a 1989 Suzuki DT75 outboard

    If you need one for parts or a whole one you can come and pick this one up. Not sure but it might fit other sizes. Located in Clairemont, San Diego.
  165. jesse

    Newport Bay Report

  166. jesse

    Driving straight to Cabo

    Don't do it brutha.. I am south a lot and have made that journey more times than I can remember.. I think that driving is the best way to see and appreciate Baja.. That said, if you decide to drive then it would be wise to leave butt crack early and drive to Loreto and stay the night. Then...
  167. jesse

    Pretty sad to see a blatant no call determine the outcome of the Superbowl.

    Looks like Ray Ray got away with murder again :D
  168. jesse

    Owen's River Ground Hogs Day

    I love that place... great report..
  169. jesse

    Post up pics of your 4x4 rig

    That is one of the coolest things I have ever seen...
  170. jesse

    Hey Saluki

    Looks safe to me... :D
  171. jesse

    Took my neices fishing great day!

    I don't even think our fillipino homies mack the blue perch :D.. Awesome day on the water for sure with the next generation...
  172. jesse

    Last two weeks, offshore in Venice, LA

    Babie Killers :D JK Awesome report.. you guys are on fire down there...
  173. jesse

    Please go WDFW Proposals and comment on the 2013-2014 proposals

    Sux that the treehuggin kooks are closing the spots up there too...
  174. jesse

    Sea Vee 39 "Spanish Fly"

    how awesome is this post.. Looks like the boat was meant to be with Meza and it shows how much love, respect and appreciation he has for the boat and the man... May the fish gods keep you safe and bendo :D
  175. jesse

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Private Boat Etiquette

    wow.. people really need to be told this shit??? it's fucking common sense
  176. jesse


    sick... With the cast on even :D
  177. jesse

    SRG Baits Football Jigs

    pm sent
  178. jesse

    Mauritius Marlin Wave

    Dope pics
  179. jesse

    Homer Simpson/Duff Beer Progression pics.

    Dude.... Nuff Said..
  180. jesse


    Now thats a day :D Good job fellas...
  181. jesse

    Surf and Bay Combo Day 01/27

    Yeah G
  182. jesse

    Mission bay spotted bay bass

    Mission Bay is one giant eel grass bed.. Keep at it and you'll find em..
  183. jesse

    Z Fish Report (1/25/13)

  184. jesse

    10 reels for sale.. $500 for all!

    Sorry for your loss brudda... GLWTS
  185. jesse

    Sig sauer 556

    Nice....gotta admit, I kinda thought you were being a wierd lurker but clearly i was wrong and apologize.. Now, Lets talk about that Socom making it's it's way to y safe. Call me if you come up with a number. I'm a real player on that piece. 619-840-3590
  186. jesse

    Inshore Bass Rods

    Looking for some inshore bass sticks. 8-17lb, 10-20lb, 12-25lb Shimano, GLoomis, Carrot Stix, etc.. If you have some laying around that you wanna sell, please let me know. Thanks Jesse
  187. jesse


    Very nice cow.. gotta get back to Montana again... It's been a few years..
  188. jesse

    Surfing Iron

    Orange surf rats on a 6-7 weight FLY rod :D
  189. jesse

    The room is completed...

    muy bueno
  190. jesse

    Official New England Patriots beatdown of the Baltimore Ravens

    bwahahahahahha.. the Gaytriots suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  191. jesse

    My son sent me this while I was in church this morning...

    That sure looks like a seagull.. :D JK Good job youngin' :D
  192. jesse

    Phenix Fly Rod #10

    I'll buy this thing... Pm me with instructions on how to pay you.. I am in San Diego..
  193. jesse

    Need gun dork help

    Oops.. Looks like I shoulda read through the newer posts...:D
  194. jesse

    Holy crap, I leave tomorrow!!

    The EXCEL is one of the best in the business and has been a favorite of mine since my first 8 day.. You guys are gonna kill'em..
  195. jesse

    Mint Sako AV Deluxe, 30-06, Vari-X 2.5-8

    beautiful gun.... I do not have a 30-06 but i'm starting to think I need one.
  196. jesse

    Saiga 12 help

    Just bought one from my buddies dad today.. Took it to Turners and in 10 days, ima be shredding up the range :D
  197. jesse

    Need gun dork help

    Nate, The DelTon Sports are the ticket for both the price and the quality.. Just got my 12 yr old son his for Xmas and he loves it. Point being that anybody can handle it and it is spot on accurate. If you want to shoot one before you commit and buy one let me know and we can hit up Discount on...
  198. jesse

    Elk poaching officers arrested

    fuck that Elk.. That dumb ass city/hippy/boulder deer had ta DIE.... Shoulda kept it country...
  199. jesse

    Hilo 1-16 lucky day

  200. jesse

    Sig sauer 556

    Any real pics of these pieces?
  201. jesse

    Red Portable fuel tank 12-17 gallon

    I talked to that guy already.. were supposed to meet but never heard from him again...
  202. jesse

    Red Portable fuel tank 12-17 gallon

    I need 2 gas tanks for the new bay boat. 12-17 gallon would be perfect so I can take them to the gas station without having to tow the boat. If you have something that fits the bill, please give me a PM Jesse
  203. jesse

    Bubba Blade - Worth the $50?

    Bought a Bubba Blade a couple of months ago(couldn't find my Forschner ) and it works but it's not as good as the Forschner IMO. foundd my old knife under the sink and shelved the BB for now. For the price though the BB is great but for me, the extra 15 bux might be worth it..
  204. jesse

    Shimano Curado 300EJ

    Sold to ME :D
  205. jesse

    Z Fish Report (1/7/13)

    Badass!!! Man o man I need that kinda feeshing in my life :D
  206. jesse

    looking for fishing buddy......

    Hit me up when you come to SD. We'll fish some cool spots.... Jesse
  207. jesse

    SARL 01/07/13

    Nice last minute pull dude.. :D
  208. jesse

    Surfdoc's New Year's Wreath

    Stan...... I'm sure he's smilin' down...
  209. jesse

    Need Help - Bachelor Party Ideas in Mex

    Look at Villa Del Palmar in Loreto..
  210. jesse

    shimano calcutta 200dc

    ^^ youre trippin dude... Brand New EJ and a 100bux.. I'd be all over that...
  211. jesse

    Saiga 12 help

    Corb... Damnit.. rubbing it in.. I was gonna buy my neighbors and then the asshole changes his mind.. I wants one baddddddd.. they are saweeeett :D
  212. jesse

    Pro Gear

    They are da playa... Bulletproof reels that have never left me hanging.. The Albacore Special, Yellowtail Special are boss..
  213. jesse

    time for shrooming

    Awe man.. we don;t get any yummy spore sprouts don here in San Diego :(
  214. jesse

    Home safe and sound!

    Welcome Back Soldier and Thank You for Service.. You must be a proud papa...
  215. jesse

    R.I.P. Mom

    My sincerest condolences Rich.. May she rest in piece. Now She can finally go fishing with your pops again.
  216. jesse

    Rpt.-01-05-13 Bass'n on the Ducky!

    way to go Cory.. You always slay'm
  217. jesse

    many old saltwater reels to sell

    Well you're not a complete dickhead are ya...
  218. jesse

    Kern River 12/26-12/27

    The old trusty San Juan Worm :D I was just up there for work and didn't get a chance to feesh :(
  219. jesse

    Marlin Lures... Zuker, 7Strand, E.A.L, Williamson...

    Smokin deals.... caught sleepin or I woulda been all over the whole lot..
  220. jesse

    Z Fish Report (11/29/12)

  221. jesse

    Elementary School Shooting

    Heartbreaking...I have sooo sad and depressed all day.. I pulled my son out of school a little early and just spent the day loving him and hugging him.. I can't believe that piece of shit carried his resentment over to the babies.. Also, that psycho in China who stabbed all those kids.. Fucking...
  222. jesse

    Maximus Style

    Damn!! I need to get my ass down there soon!!
  223. jesse

    Looking for place to Hunt Hogs and willing to trade Awesome fishing rods to do it

    I stumbled on a big ass herd of those damn porkers on public land near julian and I'll be damned if I didn't have my savage in the truck... psssttttt :D
  224. jesse

    float tubin harbors

    look out for people like me barreling down the lanes at 30 knots looking for tubers :D:D
  225. jesse

    DFG called my cell

    How the hell did he get your phone number?? I woulda told him he had the wrong number and CLICK..
  226. jesse

    Mission Bay Spotties + Video! 12/8/12

    That the bizzz ....Thanks for the vid
  227. jesse

    (Video) 1 bean, and one nut..... is tourist season over yet?

    Mannngggg... Fugggggg dat beeeyotch!!!! :D:D A better man then me brutha.. I woulda hurt her feelings..
  228. jesse

    reds, cans, blues, and a pin

    Nice job on the duckies dude...
  229. jesse

    Relax Mission Bay - 120912

    Get it in Playa!! Nice work..
  230. jesse

    Catfish Catching Birds

    Wonder if those Catfish taste like chicken ?
  231. jesse

    Fish, fish art, and a tattoo

  232. jesse

    Quit holding out on us!

    WTF????? lets see it!
  233. jesse

    remington 870 home defense

    Sounds like calstarboy is a sheister..
  234. jesse

    Great season so far!

    Way to go Shelly... Your reports make me jones to fly fish soooo bad.. :D
  235. jesse

    The Big buck Controversy

    Damn... They snatched up the kids buck and and even "warned" him about the big buck contest?? To me, it sounds like this is a classic case of " PLAYER HATIN'" going down up in Julian... Bummed for the kid and I hopes he gets his buck back!
  236. jesse

    14 mo too young?

    That's pretty young. A more mature, older dog is more patient and has fully developed physically and mentally. Often the personality of younger dogs can change dramatically after having puppies. They can become over protective.
  237. jesse

    retired low income

    Tell Pops to sit his ass down and pull on some fish..:D As for your sheisty ass friend, tell him to kick rocksssss :D:D
  238. jesse

    WSB Restocking w/ the kids and wifey
  239. jesse

    WSB Restocking w/ the kids and wifey

    Took the kids and the lady ths morning to help the Hubbs people with the White Sea Bass Restocking Project. Today we counted 8,000 young WSB about 8"-12" and transferred half of them to another pen so they can be large enough to release come spring. This is a very fun and rewarding cause to get...
  240. jesse

    San Diego Bay, Mission Bay HELP!

    1/2 oz Gamagatsu FOOTBALL heads and 1 pack berkley gulp 3" mullet in red and 1 pack in chartreuse and it is rap. Drift between the whole lenght of harbor islad and you guys will kill'em.. it 100% effective and fun.. just drop the jig to the bottom and let it drag and bounce...
  241. jesse


    can I see a pic? [email protected]
  242. jesse

    Irvine Lake 12/2

    Nice Buckets dude...
  243. jesse

    BOLA 11/16-21st

    We are looking to buy a place in Bahia or Loreto and once secured, we will be going down for a few weeks-months at a time and then we might take it easy but we had fishing on our minds and only 5 days so.. :D
  244. jesse

    Asuncion yellowtail bite wide open

    I know I would... Still bummed.. Nice catch and awesome pics :D No pics of the Bigeye?
  245. jesse

    400lb Salmon Shark from a Kayak

    booyah!!!! thats how to get it done fellas....
  246. jesse

    Look what I found!

    nice... Keep it stock dude and fish that thing :D
  247. jesse


    Mucho Pendejos aqui hombre.. En Colorado tambien :D
  248. jesse

    19.5' 1973 Aquasport w/ Yamaha 115hp from Spring Valley

    I hate these effin thieves... Don't mess with a mans wife, children and boat...
  249. jesse

    BOLA 11/16-21st

    Yeah it seemed fast but we really were taking it easy. Our stops were brief but I credit our time with the lack of traffic. the roads were empty and clear. we managed 65-70 mph and when we hit the hills I slowed it down..We did see a semi rolled over and on fire with the driver trapped inside...
  250. jesse

    Question about name transfers on a rifle

    I have had a similar situation and I just took it to turners. They did the standard transfer check but had me fill out a affidavit stating that I was the rightful owner and all was well in 10 days..
  251. jesse

    Nuts day!

  252. jesse

    RIP Raul Martinez (Nochinges63)

  253. jesse

    Huatulco Fishing Report 11/24

    I gotta get down that way one of these days... Nice job
  254. jesse

    Golden Reef 16-18 Nov

    Mug bien compa...
  255. jesse

    The "Spoon"...

    :D:D hahahah
  256. jesse

    BOLA 11/16-21st

    Left early from SD with the nephews and son in tow and headed south down the B.C 1. Hit the border at 4:30am and pulled into Bahia at 11 am. We made great time as we stopped a few times to eat ad stretch out a bit.. Not much open early :D Settled in at Casa Diaz and took it easy for the rest of...
  257. jesse

    BOLA Bound 11/16-21st

    All packed up and ready to go :D
  258. jesse

    reels and freshwater rods

    would you ship the rods to SD with the 100u? Lemme knoe 619-840-3590
  259. jesse

    November 8 Trout Stock and ACTION VIDEO !!

    cool... I'm taking the kids to Poway this afternoon to get in on the stock action down Here in San Diego :D
  260. jesse

    SoCal Deer... what distance

    My Savage 11/111 with your standard .223 or 5.56 Nato have done the trick for me here locally at 100y
  261. jesse

    Kingston Canyon Brown

  262. jesse

    Bangstick's been Busy!

    Mug bueno....
  263. jesse

    Shimano Torium 14

    Yo playa just send homeboy his reel back if it's that much of an issue. He sounds like he is trying to make it right.. If he was a thief or a super shady dude he would have told you to fuck off..
  264. jesse

    Mission bay spotted bay bass

    Mission Bay is loaded with slug spots. Launch from mariners point and work the grass line.. I use a 1 oz Reebs bolt thrower in a Chart/White and it's pretty much like cheating... It's just that easy...
  265. jesse

    They're Back

    awesome.. I need to get in on the carp fly action
  266. jesse

    Carp'n Fun 11/1/12

    that is pretty cool...
  267. jesse

    Kicker mount and small kicker

    Maybe... Depends on the cheddah$ :D
  268. jesse

    Kicker mount and small kicker

    Just bought a little skiff for Baja and I'm looking for a small kicker and mount. Let me know if you got one. Thanks Jesse
  269. jesse

    Red Tide

    I have to get in on this action one of these days
  270. jesse

    BOLA Bound 11/16-21st

    Heading down to harass some yellers and do some Baja flyfishing.. If anybody needs something brought down just let me know and make sure to get it down to you. I am in San Diego. Jesse
  271. jesse

    BOLA Oct. 21-25

    Get it done Brutha.. I love that place! I'll be going down on the 16-21st ofNovember..
  272. jesse

    14' Gregor and two 25hp motors for sale!

    Rich, I'm thinking about going up to central washington in 2 weeks to fish some badass steelhead.. I might be able to deliver it for you. It would be a way for me to thank you for the fly goodies...
  273. jesse

    Happy 23'd Birthday "Chunks"

    Happy bday trav....
  274. jesse

    12' Klamath with 15 hp Suzuki $1,000.00

    If you can come to SD I will buy it ASAP. Need a halibut drifter. Lemme know...
  275. jesse

    We lost one of the good ones today... RIP SurfDoc aka Stan Stutzka

    Soooo bummed.. Speechless.. Can we get a surfdoc bd sticker...??
  276. jesse

    Remembering Stan "SurfDoc" Stutzka ** Picture/Story Thread

    I am soo sad:( Stan was/is my buddy.... Numb and super bummed...:finger:
  277. jesse

    Where should I go ??

    Yeah I've been whipping bugs and surf rats at the beach but I want some small weight action like a 3-4 or 5. Was thinking the lower kern by lake Isabella. Any good this time of year?
  278. jesse


    Loolking to put a GPS in the steelhead river boat I just bought. Have a decent one laying around? Please let me know Jesse 619-840-3590
  279. jesse

    Where should I go ??

    Decided I needed to wet some fly gear and pull on some trout. Where would be a good place to go in terms of distance to fish? I'm in San Diego and would like to travel less and fish more :) any suggestions? Thanks Jesse-
  280. jesse

    Fish Mounts Total Of 4

    I'll take me if still available. 619-840-3590 Jesse
  281. jesse

    Stolen KLAMATH???

    Someone dumped a Klamath off Renex st in clairemont and stripped it of all the goodies. Called the cops so they should be by soon...
  282. jesse

    The Water is Low.....

    I love that place.. Thanks for the report
  283. jesse

    June Lake

    I love fishing that area... The good ol 395 :-)
  284. jesse

    Robinson Creek (near Bridgeport Twin Lakes) 8/25-31

    awesome read and pics guys.. Bears are cool and very scary too.. My kids and I saw a big ol' brown walk into a apt building in mammoth a couple months ago :D
  285. jesse

    Some Rocky Mountain Fichin'

    very nice.. That "clean" fish was awesome..
  286. jesse

    A Mammoth creek quickie

  287. jesse

    F/S 1985 Bayliner Trophy 20ft

    can you send me some pictures of the engine, cabin etc. I've been looking for a rig to pull the trigger on. 619-840-3590 [email protected]
  288. jesse

    Albemarle 268 Express Fisherman

    The only thing I know bout that boat is that it is BADASS!!
  289. jesse

    If you're a poacher, Don't come to Dana Point

    sux they got caught... :D
  290. jesse

    shimano gear

    If the thorium falls through ill take it
  291. jesse

    Shimano EJs

    If they don't sell I'll take me both...
  292. jesse

    Fly fishing reels and rods and all things fly...

    The title says it all. I am Looking to buy some larger reels 8 wt to 12 wt and rods and other stuff like nets etc.. My wifezilla, son and nephews are showing a lot of interest in fly fishing so I wanna get the hooked now! :) let me know if you guys have some gear you're no using and wanna sell...
  293. jesse

    I am seriously hooked on fishing the fly

    Yeah that was me... That mullet was fun as hell.. He whooped my ass :)
  294. jesse

    9/21-23 Island Fly Fishing Report

    Hell yeah!!M some OG shhhh fo sho...
  295. jesse

    I am seriously hooked on fishing the fly

    I love all fishing but lately is all about the fly... I am becoming a fixture at Torrey pines in the early mornings.. I just can't get enough... Tomorrow.. Bones deep in the south bay :)
  296. jesse

    Perch'n 9/12

    Bad ass dude.....
  297. jesse

    Need 3 rods wrapped for my ladies g'day

    Any of you fine bd wrappers want some work? I need a 5 wt fast fly rod, 20-30 lb 7'6"-8' bait rod and a super light trout rod. I can get the blanks if needed. Looking for a green with chartreuse and white wrap with her name on them. Pm me and let's get these done :-) Jesse
  298. jesse

    Skipjack Boat - Divorce Sale

    How much does a bracket run.. I may be a player
  299. jesse

    any info on the chubasco II?

    Do yourself a favor and book a trip. Ernie works his ass off for you and he has an sense for finding fish... I've been down with the chubasco II for years :-)
  300. jesse

    Fish Cat 4 $150 obo,..

    delivered to SD?
  301. jesse

    Torrey Pines At sunset

    Took the 5 minute drive to torrey pines state beach to pitch some beach bugs I made last night.. I fished the mouth of the lagoon on a incoming tide with a 7wt 9' for not.. Saw no Corvinas to throw at but my buddy Art was chunking squids and hooked up 2 fat shovelnoses.. Both released to the...
  302. jesse


    way to get after them on a late afternoon cruise :D
  303. jesse

    Saluki Got A New car!

    Ha... that's funny I know that lady.. We have done a few Real Estate deals together :D
  304. jesse

    Never again will I fish on the Southwestern

  305. jesse

    Be careful of flying hooks

    Hell... Thats been happening to me a lot while fly fishing lately:D:D
  306. jesse

    Day Free'd up!

    Anybody need 2 Ho's tomorrow?? My buddy Art and I need to go fishing.. our Boy bob bitched out and now we need a ride :D:D Clean, pay, etc..... 619-840-3590 Jesse
  307. jesse

    1010 Saturday? 9-15-2012

    Go get'm Frank..Word is, they're there...
  308. jesse

    Six Flies You Can't Live Without

    I have been making some crude(to say the least) Ghost Shrimps that have been the ticket in both the big bay and mission here in SD :D
  309. jesse

    Hawaii Peacock bass fishing

  310. jesse

    who does good outboard work

    Playa... Have Ray(AquaHunter) look it over. Had him look at a few he got them up and purring like kittens :D
  311. jesse

    San Diego Boats is hiring.....

    hahahahahhaa fugger...:D:D
  312. jesse

    San Diego Boats is hiring.....

    hahahahahhaa fugger...:D:D
  313. jesse

    Need some landscape help

    The backyard in the new house has a lot of dead grass and dirt that I need scraped and leveled so I can make it habitable :D Any landscape guys or someone who wants to make some extra dough interested? it's probably a one or two day deal. J
  314. jesse

    Kona Captain Mrs. lands a monster

    way to put the wood to that monster gals... keep it up..
  315. jesse

    Lance Alworth 1963 Chargers Jersey

    whatcha want for it playa?
  316. jesse

    Dirt toys!

    Would you consider selling just the 125 and the Raptor 350?
  317. jesse

    All things Fly Fishing!!

    Bitten by the fly fishing bug hard and I have deep pockets for fly fishing goodies.. let me know what ya have 619-840-3590 jesse
  318. jesse

    Assorted Fresh and Saltwater flies

    damnit Rich :D:D feeling sick to my stomach that I missed these!!! :D
  319. jesse

    Z Fish Report (8/30/12)

  320. jesse

    Guides in MT Shasta??

    thx or the info. Just booked a trip with Jack Trout at He was very nice and says we're gonna catch a lot of big feesh :D
  321. jesse

    Guides in MT Shasta??

    going to hit up Shasta for a wedding on the 8th of Sept, and wanted to see if there were any recommended guides I should check out. Let me know, thanks
  322. jesse

    Light trout fishing reels and rods

    looking to beef up my trout quiver. Small spinning reels and ultra light stuff and maybe even some medium stuff.. if you have something that I might want to fish trout with and are willing to sell, let me know. Jesse
  323. jesse

    Albacore on the fly

    That is Bad ass....
  324. jesse

    Will Someone make me a Badass 12' TENKARA rod?

    I did look them up but I was hoping for a custom job.. Something with the SD skyline or my old pooch or ??
  325. jesse

    Miller Lake

  326. jesse

    Teton River 6/24/12

    very cool...I'm super addicted to fly fishing lately and thats a part of the country I'll be hitting soon..
  327. jesse

    Will Someone make me a Badass 12' TENKARA rod?

    I love fishing the Tenkara style fly rods.. I am hooked on fly fishing period and want a bad ass custom rod. Any of you top notch BD wrappers up for the commision? let me know guys. thanks' Jesse
  328. jesse

    Fishing shades

    Maui Jims playa...
  329. jesse

    San Joaquin River Devils Postpile

    hit mammoth on Sunday and finally got a chance to fish today. SJR was on fire with size 16 hoppers in any color was the ticket.. triple digits easy... I left my phone in the condo so no pics... pics to come from tomorrow though :D
  330. jesse

    Leopard sharks on an SUP

    Major props young playa..
  331. jesse

    Who's fishing tomorrow?

    My Buddy Artie and I need to fish and our boat needs a few more things before she's back on the water.. Who needs a couple seasoned guys and some help with $ to try and pull on some feesh? Let me know..
  332. jesse

    4-5-6 weight fly setup wanted

    looking to add a fly reel and rod into the quiver. Orvis or rainbow or any quality fly gear. have cash. thanks 619-840-3590 Jesse
  333. jesse

    PullinAhi with a 67lb seabass aboard the Helena

    Thats what it's all about... Congrats on the monster Cbass dude..
  334. jesse

    Epic I guess (pic heavy)

    Leeezard Leeeezards gets no love from this playa pimp.... I crip walk all over those bastards :D
  335. jesse

    Plenty of these around Fun on light line

    Call me a hater all you want but the fact that you have to lie about the fish you catch is proof to me that you're a loser. Get a life kook and actually go fishing...
  336. jesse


    Stan.. I have a few boards that are just getting dusty in the garage.. PM me and I will get them delivered to your daughter too...
  337. jesse

    Loreto 6/10/12

    cool on the fly dude... always fun..
  338. jesse


    thats wassup playa.. getting the big ones... props..
  339. jesse

    What is your favorite iron and why?

    these polls are getting old. It's the same old shit... TADY 45 BLUE/WHITE because they kick ass-
  340. jesse

    Plenty of these around Fun on light line

    you're probably lying about this fish too....It's hard to believe anything you say after some of the bullshit you've been posting..
  341. jesse

    My First MB hoss.

    nice spot dude...
  342. jesse

    Run over by a boat by Salt Creek

    Glad you will recover... Most boaters pay attention to diver flags but there are some idiots like in anything else..
  343. jesse

    Save The Producer

    The B family are tried and true... Done...
  344. jesse

    Mission Bay terrorist club???

    Call me crazy but Mission Bay is not Juarez Mexico...I do not want to be video recorded. I should have that effin right.. First it's the Bay, then it's somewhere else and before we know it, it's our front yards and our streets..
  345. jesse

    Mission Bay terrorist club???

    because "terrorist" are intent on bringing down Mission Bay.... Sounds like another bullshit plan disguised to protect us but actually stealing more privacy and liberties... I bet there will be more monetary citations in our future for minor BS
  346. jesse

    Got Harrased by Law Enforcement

    This thread is Weeeeeeaaaaakkkkkkk
  347. jesse

    When the going gets tough...

    Get it in playa... get it in! :)
  348. jesse

    Chubasco ll

    Can't beat time on the pond with the rugrats....
  349. jesse

    Butch Green calico box

    Dunno if this guy is on here too but maybe he still has the Box. I used to have a Butch Green calico box and the layout was the same except of course the checker on the front.. worth a shot to hit him up..
  350. jesse

    Bermuda Tuna!!

    Sweet!!! how's the arm feeling ? :D Good job playa...
  351. jesse

    First yellowtail

    Did you eat the heart?
  352. jesse

    lost my truck/trailer

    Sorry for your loss dude.. I like how you are handling the ordeal. Humbling for me. I hope the insurance guys can make it ok..
  353. jesse

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Your project is inspiring.. Thanks for the time it took to keep us updated and as for the girl, It'll work out like it's supposed to. The world is awesome that way.
  354. jesse

    End of May Mirage/Erika's B-day charter!

    :D Rad! Looks like you guys were having a blast.. I'm sure you're toast though when she see's this :D:D
  355. jesse

    girl scout troop 4062 needs help!!

    I hear ya Dan.. Don't hate the playa... hate the game.. PM you're Addy and I will put some goodies in the mail for the brownies... And please let a brutha know when the samoas come around :D
  356. jesse

    Bonefish, Belikin and warm Belizean Breezes...

    Man o Man.. Awesome report.. I feel like I'm sunburned and hungover too :D Thanks a ton for sharing..
  357. jesse

    big bass at oside harbor!!

  358. jesse

    Neah: Fishing was good, then came the tweakers.

    Damn.. the Native Bruthas are not playing in WA...
  359. jesse

    Would you tattle on a charter boat?

    Stop Snitching!
  360. jesse

    First Hundy hits the deck of Ketchinany

    yeah dude... Those flatties are fat :D
  361. jesse

    5-19 Mr T on a Kayak

  362. jesse

    Boycott Sleazy dealers (MUDHOLE)

    Damn Homie... Straight up scandalous...
  363. jesse

    Isn't it time for these?

    There sure are alot of pussies trolling around these days....
  364. jesse

    Jerkbaits for spotties

    High tide I toss out some old school rattle traps and have nailed the spots on SD bay....
  365. jesse

    Some fish caught on my baits

    That last pic is cool
  366. jesse

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    I really need to buy another mini USB cable so I can post my boxes..
  367. jesse

    Final day of Turkey Season (gun)

    Awesome pics..
  368. jesse

    New Mexico Meriam Turkey Report

    I was born in Pueblo and used to head down to shoot late spring turkeys with my grandpo. I miss him and this post took me back to a easier time. Kicking turkey ass with my Granpo Tat.... Thanks :)
  369. jesse

    Going to BOLA 5-18 to 5-21

    I Love that town. Love it I tell ya... Loncheria Gayro across from the park with the whale sculture is the bomb :D Ask for your order the jesse especial and she'll style you out :D:D
  370. jesse

    Goon Squad (lagoon toads)

  371. jesse

    Interesting read on the Spotted Bay Bass

    Awesome Ed. You my friend are what the youngsters call an "OG" :)
  372. jesse

    Interesting read on the Spotted Bay Bass
  373. jesse

    City First Mortgage

    Standard Issue Warehouse Line Lender. You will probably never get a mortgage statement from City 1st but rather a servicing company as they will bundle up your loan and sell it on the secondary market so as to replenish it's warehouse line. Being that they are mostly online, chances are you will...
  374. jesse

    fish dick of the week

    that is one sheisty ass dickhead...
  375. jesse

    MOTHERS DAY HOGS Santa Cruz 1st BD post

    Nice.... BTW^^^ this guys^^ is a dickhead..
  376. jesse

    Venice, La...Capt. Damon McKnight

    Duuuude... Gettin' after it...:D
  377. jesse

    DD Castaic Lake Lagoon Bass

    That there is a :pig:
  378. jesse

    Flying cuda?

  379. jesse

    yak attack

    whoa... be careful out there playas...
  380. jesse

    AR10 / .308 (Sold)

    I'm all over this. Hit me in the morning Jason..
  381. jesse


    Dayum Playa... Thats a nice flattie...
  382. jesse

    ID this fish, PICs

  383. jesse

    Cedros Island Excursion

    way to put the wood to em boys...
  384. jesse

    Skinny Pluggin'

  385. jesse


    No shit sherlock! I don't kick it with broke sheisters...
  386. jesse


    Shhhh... :D I have been dropping crawdads in the PL and LJ kelp pockets for years and kill em :D
  387. jesse


    not really... But that's just me homeboy..
  388. jesse

    Ali and Jason

    Mike, you sure know how to bring the fag outta these guys.. :rofl:
  389. jesse


    I have a shitload of jigs from the 30's to the 70's like newellies, pescadors, barracuda joes, old skool Starman CB's, Schnabells etc. Have been collecting them for 2 decades. As a person who has spent a ton of time researching and collecting old skool jigs, Your $ amount is high dollar..
  390. jesse

    More Texas Swordfish

    Very Nice Swordie dude...
  391. jesse

    First WSB on the spear...

    workin for it... Nice job.
  392. jesse

    BD yellowtail Shootout Raffle Rod#1

    thats the DOPE right therrrrr.r.....
  393. jesse

    Time to go Scouting!!

    hahahahaha :rofl:
  394. jesse

    Ali and Jason

    Still at it huh :D:D
  395. jesse

    OctoMom does Porn

    :rofl: hahahah
  396. jesse


  397. jesse

    Calif. Lobster Poacher Sentenced

    Now thats some expensive sea roach...
  398. jesse


    I compared the blade to some other spinners in the box and it was wayyy bigger.. almost 4" Tied another one on and it's been on fire :D
  399. jesse

    Calstar Grafighter 100j

    Flinging Tady's a country mile...
  400. jesse

    DVL Holy Cow

  401. jesse

    Popped this year's cherry

    nice flattie in the wash dude...
  402. jesse

    ID this Sea Creature?

  403. jesse


    nice bag..
  404. jesse

    Henshaw Crappie

    Yummm... Slabbies... Good job..
  405. jesse

    Favorite surface iron rod

    11' Harnell
  406. jesse

    Nice Spottie from NPH

  407. jesse

    Senko color for lmb?

    Get a few different ones playa... Green Pumpkin, Watermelon seed, Solid Black, etc
  408. jesse

    Limits of WSB 5-07-12

    Awesome day on the pond boys...
  409. jesse

    What swallowed my dine!

    chicken of the sea,,,
  410. jesse

    a little background, lots of pics.

    Windansea used be a lot fun... Pinkwall...
  411. jesse

    26" 29g 14k gold necklace with Island Hook pendant

    I'll hit you tomorrow J
  412. jesse


    I will be there :D
  413. jesse


    I have been pitching the 1 oz Bladerunner in Chart/White in mission bay. Getting love like I usually do but having a tougher time sticking the fish..The Booyah Baits or reebs lures always stick.. I lost 5-6 fish the last 3 days on the BR.. standard issue for these jigs or am I just farmin' em...
  414. jesse

    26" 29g 14k gold necklace with Island Hook pendant

    Girly got me a new chain w a fat dorado pendant so this ones gotta go :D I can't find my damn usb cord so I will have to send an e-mail pic from my phone if anyone is interested. I paid 2k for her last year and now asking 1200 or best. The pawn shop dude down the street offered me a grand so I...
  415. jesse

    Look at this

    this law is Bullshit!
  416. jesse

    Curado 300 or Revo Toro?

  417. jesse

    kids quads and a mini buggy kart

    Kid outgrew faster than I thought. 2006 Yamaha Raptor 80 -$1100 1998 Yamaha Badger 80 -$850 2011 Manco 713e Buggy/Kart 404cc -$1000 Clean titles, all just serviced etc. they all run great and are turn key. I also have a 12' trailer with drop gate that is registered and ready to go for...
  418. jesse

    WSB Poachers

    That is my favorite "Orange Mouth Corvina" Spot.. If there were multiples caught then I would bet my neighbors titties that were CorVinas...
  419. jesse

    Info on Loreto

    Druce at castnreel out of Puerto Escondido... if you want to catch fish and do it in style :D
  420. jesse

    Dock Spottin' 2 w the boy..

    Took my boy to pitch a few after school.. couple minutes in and bendo... He had 4 fish in half an hour and me.. well I only got 2... His were bigger too... jerk :D I forgot to tell him the those larger models can and often do, split thumbs and will make you wince ;D
  421. jesse

    bad dad

    My son is 11 yrs old and every now and then we get up and get ready for school/work and somehow we end up on the BCS 1 headed south :D
  422. jesse

    Post Spawn Reaction

    Nice greenies dude....
  423. jesse

    Dock Spottin'

    3/8 oz warhead/ 3 inch ghost shrimp (pink white and red belly)
  424. jesse

    Rockpile Yellows 4-28-12

    Yellows are always fun :D
  425. jesse

    bad dad

    Ha :D
  426. jesse

    Sturgeon still HOT in Bay

    Those fish are awesome but that pic is gnarly :D
  427. jesse


    Andy! that hombre is always posted in Catavina :D I gave him a 20 spot last time:D
  428. jesse

    4/28 Bay Bass Grand Slam

    That first spot has some pigs lurking around the docks.. Pulled a few 3.75-4's outta there..
  429. jesse

    How to use baitcasters without levelwind?

    You'll figure it out. Just sweep and guide the line when on the retrieve playa..
  430. jesse


    Chart/White and the ever so trusty Brown Bait...
  431. jesse

    Dock Spottin'

    Just replaced my Carrot Stix 8-17lb Inshore Stick at Anglers Edge at 6:50pm. By 7:05 was pulling into the back side of MB. Second Cast and booyah! a nice fatty.. 4 fish withing my first 12 pitches.. Had stuff to do so 4 pigs and I was outie.. I love these Carrot Stix rods.. They are goood :D...
  432. jesse

    Ralph Mikkelsen boats a 400lb'er on the EXCEL!

    That dude is an old skool stud...
  433. jesse

    White Sea Bass in Carlsbad

    Yes. I am mad at your minibike flattie :D:D :rofl:
  434. jesse

    Big bass from past week

  435. jesse

    White Sea Bass in Carlsbad

    You're still a kook dude... I say we have a 2 person flattie contest.. 500 bones, winner take all... Does Sunday work?
  436. jesse

    Free gaff YFT

  437. jesse

    7" Mackerel

    That thing is gonna get picked up asap :D
  438. jesse

    Calcutta 200te

    duuuude... Wassup with the cockblock playa???? :rofl:
  439. jesse

    craiglist ad

  440. jesse

    White Sea Bass in Carlsbad

    Blah blah fuggin blah.... You guys are some player hatin' ass mofo's! Honest anglers... Give us a break you weenie....:finger::2gunsfiring_v1::Dynamite: Good job on the Croaker dude..
  441. jesse

    Some Random Shots

  442. jesse

    TugBoat Pitching

    You have everything RAINBOW :rofl: hahahah I was finished with work at 9:15am :D:D
  443. jesse

    TugBoat Pitching

    Rolled to my lil Tug boat spot under the Bridge in SD Bay to harrass some bass.. Tide was ripping so I was sure to catch some Spotties slippin' but only managed one and a gang of pinche leezard leeezards!!! That is a 6" jerk. It was a monster lizard turd.. I did the C-walk hustle shuffle...
  444. jesse

    bay bass big bay

    I wouldn't but hey.. whatever works for you playa.. Do you mack the leezard leezards too? I smashed this ones face with my gangster blues and had a sworm of laotion's (sp?) yelling at me, calling me a waster of fish..
  445. jesse

    Avet lost & found (22) of my reels!

    I would be pissed too is someone bashed me. He did retract but it was only after he jumped the gun IMHO..
  446. jesse

    BOLA 4/19 to 4/22

    did you stay at daggets?
  447. jesse

    Moutain lion

    It sucks that we shoot them, when it's us that are barging up their habitat.
  448. jesse

    Police release DUI suspect over diplomatic immunity

    I don't drink nor condone his actions but it's kinda cool to diplomatic immunity :D
  449. jesse

    Coachella Canal April 22

    cool :)
  450. jesse

    Spearfish and Ono - 4-22

    thatsa cool shortbill brutha..
  451. jesse

    BloodyHooker boat

    It was me... I admit it.. So... whatcha gonna do about it?? :D:D
  452. jesse

    Float tube asap in SD

    I am looking for a good float tube. I have some cash burning a hole,in my pocket and I want one. Let me know what ya got. Thanks Jesse 619-840-3590
  453. jesse

    Paid some serious dough

  454. jesse

    SD Bay 4/7

    right on fellas..
  455. jesse

    Tweakers suck

    arghh... I feel your pain brutha.. Fuck Tweekers!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had soo much stuff stolen throughout the years and it never gets easier...
  456. jesse

    Socal Bay Series #2

    cool deal guys.
  457. jesse

    New Lo-An

    Those boys fish hard.. If they're on the chew, The NLA will be on them..
  458. jesse

    Free or broken rods to a good cause

    :rofl: Hey kid.. I too have some gear just laying around.. Have your folks pm me with a number and I will hit em up...
  459. jesse

    Secret Spot bassin

    What a bunch of player hating dickheads.. Let the kid show off his bass. Getting your kicks by seeing who could be the biggest piece of shit...yeah brooooooo.. EAD
  460. jesse

    12.5ft Welded Gregor,motor, and trailer

    Is the guy telling the truth about the boat being in way worst shape than the pics?
  461. jesse

    04 / 18 Bassin' with Tailman on the Ducky

    Thanks for the detailed report as always..
  462. jesse

    Yo yo masters

    A 16N is plenty reel.. I personally yo yo a Daiwa 40 or trini 40..
  463. jesse


  464. jesse

    can you identify this reel?

    Looks like an older model :D:D
  465. jesse

    Fly rod and reel

    Looking to get a inexpensive fly setup so I take it down to baja and cast from the sand and Marina jetties in Loreto. Let me know what ya got. Thanks J
  466. jesse

    Biggest Sturgeon to date...

    Thats pretty Badass..
  467. jesse

    1992 Ford F-350 Crew, Lance Camper, and 14' Alum boat

    Not all Valco's are riveted.. I have owned at least 3 Valco's and every single one of them was all welded and had no rivets. I have however seen some older valco models that have both and even some that are fully riveted.
  468. jesse

    Group Consensus

    Simply put... It is my therapy :D
  469. jesse

    Shimano Inshore Bass Rods

    If you ever make it to SD let me know. I'll take the Clarus and the x80h
  470. jesse


    Looks like you should step your game up homie.....your work and rep should be enough right..? I know mines is..
  471. jesse

    More Fight Club Pictures

    That's Badass...
  472. jesse

    K&M San Quintin

    Cool.... Gotta love Baja :)
  473. jesse

    Costa Sunglasses

    call me.. 619-840-3590
  474. jesse

    BD Celebrity spotting

    Awesome... My boy and I are there at least 2-3 times a year :D
  475. jesse

    Bahia de Los Angeles Baja Ca. MX

    You're gonna love it there....
  476. jesse


    You're full of shit! Trying to act righteous.. give me a fucking break.. How many Swedes do you know that are hanging out in front of home depot? You can type all the shit you want but the reality is that you fall right in that category... In reality I could give a rats ass about this...
  477. jesse


    It is amazing to me how closed minded and racist people are...Unless you are a 100% Native American I think you really haven't a fuggin leg to stand on.. Dude... you are making absolutely no sense... :rofl:
  478. jesse


    The way I see it is this... If a guy who walks 3-4 days through the desert, doesn't speak the language, has no formal training is "stealing" my job from under me!! I would be embarrassed...
  479. jesse


    Well, At least we know where your mind is....
  480. jesse

    Dogs in the pool

    These pics are bitchin dude :D
  481. jesse


    Saw the footage when it happened... Lucky guy... He coulda been toast
  482. jesse

    2 Shimano Calcutta 200's Silver ones

    2 of them in great shape. Asking 75/each or will trade both for a low pro bass reel like a curado 300ej or similiar. Thanks J
  483. jesse

    100# Class Broomtail Grouper in King Harbor

    Cool video.. Sux they boated it but They put him back and he seemed to take off so alls well that end well..
  484. jesse


    :rofl: you fuggers got me rolling :D:D:D:D
  485. jesse

    Anyone see one of these before?

    Mola Mola.... Bad luck to mess wiff :D Some people eat'm... ha
  486. jesse

    Wide Open Crappie Bite

    yummy... I love dem slabbies :D
  487. jesse

    Trout Fishing Big Bear Lake, California April 9-12

    Cool read J. We stay at a cabin on the base of Summi. Always a blast.. especially when the snow comes down for the kids :)
  488. jesse

    Anybody ever use SEASPEC SUNGLASSES?

    Came across an article that saud these were great shades.. any feedback?
  489. jesse

    Fishing in Cuba

    Awesome trip.. Thanks for the pics and amazing read..
  490. jesse

    Well good morning!

    Enjoy it Jason because they grow up fast.. My little man just turned 11 and is pretty much all grown up :(
  491. jesse

    Stupid Dog

    Funny thing is that we used to have a pig :D His name was "Sir Beans Piggleton" He turned into little bastard so I had to give him away... He was cool with us but with strangers he would attack. He would also open the fridge and eat everything and stuff like that :D:D
  492. jesse

    Protect your self guys.

    hahahaha :rofl: Seriously though brutha, note take!! get some rest and take it easy...
  493. jesse

    Abu Garcia revo MGX SHS 7.9:1 Right handed

    :supergay::2gunsfiring_v1: Yeah man I wish I woulda jumped on it sooner..Oh well.. Thats what I get for lagging..
  494. jesse

    Two Day Trip

    30lb P-line and some Owner ringed flyliner size 1 hooks brutha and you are good to go :D
  495. jesse

    Bassin PL Kelp 4/12/12

    Nice job on the lingasaurus and the checkers dude..
  496. jesse

    Why do Texans hate Penn so much?

    I admit that I jumped ship from my trusty Jigmaster Yellowtail Specials for some Trinidads when they came out but I was In a shop today and the new Penn's looked and felt awesome. Not to mention the prices were legit. I think I am going to Pick one up.. Has anybody fished a Sargus yet? J
  497. jesse


    :rofl:Smartass :D
  498. jesse


    Villa Del Palmar is super nice. My best friend works for them. Look him up. His name is Art. Ask about going out on the CrackerJack Panga. It's a cool boat.. Have fun dude. Jesse
  499. jesse

    packing the gear...

    have fun brutha and safe travels..
  500. jesse

    30' Chris Craft Tournament Sportfish Repower

    What is your mileage estimated to be in comparison? Congrats BTW :)
  501. jesse


    yeah MB can be slow sometimes...
  502. jesse

    Stupid Dog

    hahahaa... :rofl: I should have tied the stick to his punk ass :)
  503. jesse

    Abu Garcia revo MGX SHS 7.9:1 Right handed

    Why are you selling it? I was looking at picking one up?
  504. jesse


    I love the "ZARAPE" wrapped one .. Straight up OG :)
  505. jesse

    Red D8H

    Good luck with the sale but IMO it is high dollar brutha..
  506. jesse

    Stupid Dog

    A dead one :) He has a truck harness.. He can walk side to side but is locked in so he can't jump all the way out... :_diarrhea_: When we got him from the pound 4 years ago, he was 20 lbs heavier.. His belly was bald from rubbing the ground... I've had his fat ass on a diet since we got him...
  507. jesse

    My first time at DVL 4/9/12

    Nice job on the Stipers dude.. Any LMB on the chew? I have got some nice ones in the 6-10 lb range this time of year(LMB)...
  508. jesse


    You're gonna love that thing..
  509. jesse

    Man, just when it looks up, it bites you.........My Dog needs help!!

    Glad you both are feeling better dude..
  510. jesse

    Stupid Dog

    yes they are :D especially 14 year old fat ones :):)
  511. jesse

    San Lucas Cove Yellowtail Tournament

    Hey Stan.. Lets fish this dude!!!
  512. jesse

    Bahia de los Angeles

    I have had some success with small 2" fish traps when the yellows in BOLA are eating micros.. I love that place! Thanks for the report dude :)
  513. jesse

    Stupid Dog

    Me and my son decided to run to Mission Bay for a few pitches at about 5:30 this afternoon. So we grab the gear and the dogs and in the back of the truck it all goes. Well... My stupid beagle 2 scoops, got irritated that the rods were in his favorite spot so he crawled under them and out the...
  514. jesse

    1962 Boston Whaler Refit (Picture Heavy)

    Thats pretty cool dude..
  515. jesse

    Indian announcement today

    The INDIAN has always rewarded me w fish. Best of luck Chris and may your new path be filled with less stress and more mulah :D
  516. jesse

    2012 San Felipe 250

    Awesome vids.. You guys plan on going south for the 500 or 1000?
  517. jesse

    Let's see your biggest fish caught on a SX.

    That Ling Badass!!!
  518. jesse

    Pepper Park-South Bay Saturday

    Probably a corBina :D Have you tapped into those South Bay Bonefish yet? They are fun and super tough on the trout gear :) Nice report..
  519. jesse

    SD BAY 4/9

    Had some time to kill so I parked by the Star of India and footed it down the rocks for some spottie action.. I fished the incoming tide at 3:45-5:45 for nada. I pitched everything in my arsenal in all the time proven honey hole for nada.. Not even a shortstrike, leeezard leeezard or anything:(...
  520. jesse

    Texas Swordfish (day and night)

    Muy Bueno...
  521. jesse


    I will be there in 2 weeks... I love that place...
  522. jesse

    Curado 300EJ or Chronarch or?

    Need a new spottie reel.. A low pro Shimano will do the trick nicely.. Let me know if you're selling one... Thanks Jesse- 619-840-3590
  523. jesse

    RTA Scores The Yellows Again...

    Nice read and cool pics dude... Way to get some forkies :)
  524. jesse

    What are the best casting lures for Dolphin

    Big Kastmaster dude... But be careful.. Peligroso..
  525. jesse

    Hilts Ultimate Inferno with Molds and Lead

    Still for sale? call me.. I'll buy it asap.. 619-840-3590
  526. jesse

    Curado 300e

    If this falls through.. get ahold of me.. 619-840-3590 Jesse
  527. jesse

    my 1911 back from refinishing

    Hogues are sweet additions to those P's
  528. jesse

    all smiles

    Sweet job on the Ono :D
  529. jesse

    Good thing I wasn't in the yak bay tourney

    I am gonna fish tonight tide.. good report playa.. I wanna fish sooo bad but i'm landlocked.. Stupid kids and their skateboarding contests and easter egg hunts and blah blah blah,....
  530. jesse

    La Holla 4/6/12

    Did you launch at the shores? I have gotten heat from the Lifeguards for pushing my skiff off in LJ..
  531. jesse


    Only need to show the lower. DL is all that s needed.. What kind is it BTW? I love those guns....
  532. jesse

    MAURITIUS Tournament report

    Makes me wanna check that place out..
  533. jesse

    GWAR 6463XXXX-H

    Awesome.. My sons first concert was the all ages(no cussing and cracksmoke :D) last year at HOB. He was 10 :D
  534. jesse

    Revo MGX or equivalent

    Looking for a new swimbait reel and I want a MGX. Selling one? lemme know.. Have cash :D 619-840-3590 Jesse-
  535. jesse

    2012 Bass Contest: April

    ^ Nice ^^^
  536. jesse

    Popotla, Rosarito

    Is that the gringo that lives there? Charlie? American dude that hasn't been in the US in like 20yrs :D
  537. jesse

    When is he next Bay Bass Tourny in SD??

    That's wassup kyle...those grumps get it too ;-)
  538. jesse

    HOW MUCH???? DO YOU!!!!!

    I spend a grip...
  539. jesse

    Team Ballast Point SWBA Report

  540. jesse

    2012 Bass Contest: April

    Mission Bay
  541. jesse

    When is he next Bay Bass Tourny in SD??

    Yeah I missed it... Shucks!! Note taken.. Gonna get on the sign up process in the AM.. Thanks again..
  542. jesse

    When is he next Bay Bass Tourny in SD??

    For years I have been terrorizing my local Spotties. I decided that it's time I start showcasing the pitching skills in these tournies :rofl:.. Will someone point me in the right heading of the next tourny? Thanks..
  543. jesse


    Went again today and whooped on a dozen or so in the 2-5lb range.. All fish were either wrapped in the Senko, Drop shot 4" Xmas purple roboworm and the Pumpkin creature fish carolina... As soon as I find my USB cord I will upload pics from my phone..
  544. jesse

    Tackle Backpack

    I'm looking for a tackle box backpack for my bass fishing stuff.. If you have sitting around thats not getting used, sell it to me..:) jesse 619-840-3590
  545. jesse


    Just looked it up and the website said it's open to anglers only wed, sat and sunday... Is that only for boats??
  546. jesse

    2003 HD Road King

    That rig is Nice... That price is sweet too... It's gotta sell soon.
  547. jesse


    Shooting up in the AM.. I'll report when I get home...
  548. jesse

    Bite is on Loreto castnreel

    You guys are some straight up player haters!!! Hating on the homies for catching fish while you bob up and down in a panga.. you should be ashamed of yourselves :D Thse guys are for Real...
  549. jesse


    I am interested in the SKS.. Only problem is that I am heading to Loreto on wednesday morning. If you still have it when I get back on Monday, I will buy it up... that thing is bad ass... j
  550. jesse

    Costa Del Mar Sunsglasses

    Got a pair in good condition that you dont wear? give me a shout, I am looking to buy my buddy some. Thanks Jesse 619-840-3590
  551. jesse

    looking for a pickup for my son.

    Jeff, I have a ranger extra cab 4.0 6 cyl 5 speed with 120k I might part with for cheap. if youre still looking when I get back from Loreto next sunday, give me a shout. 619-840-3590 Looks exactly like this truck
  552. jesse

    Daggets vs Guillermo's La Bay

    Daggets is the only place for me.. They have rooms as well and I find them to be the nicest peeps in town. Not right in town but I like the quite...Not to mention, Guillermos is high dollar..
  553. jesse


    I'm heading to puerto Escondido on Wednesday morning. Sure hope the fishing picks up by Thursday :) Thanks for the heads up...
  554. jesse

    back from the pond (BOLA)

    Pepe is my muffugggin homie! Did you guys see my buddy Big Tony chillin on his quad??
  555. jesse

    Transmission rebuild needed?

    I have a 1997 Tahoe thats leaking tranny fluid. I am going to sell the truck but I want to make sure I don't sell someone a broken ride. What should I expect to spend on a rebuild if that is what it needs? Tranny is a 4L60E ? Thanks
  556. jesse

    bay of la

    I love BOLA
  557. jesse

    lunch time slayin'

    Artie!!!! Thats wassup G.. Keep killin'em. I'll see you in a couple weeks.
  558. jesse

    Cast n Reel Great bottom Fishing!!!

    My Best friend and Life long long Fisherman Artie used to work with Ross and Now runs a contender out of Puerto Escondido, calls me everyday with the days catch. They have been killing the fish. I am heading down in 2 weeks. These boys know where the feeesh are :D
  559. jesse

    BADASS Dune Buggy For Sale!!! Lots of Pics!

    That thing is BADASS!!! Good luck. Someone is gonna be stoked...
  560. jesse


  561. jesse

    Loreto Mexico fishing report cast n reel charters

    Lorenzo and the haters on this thread are killing me. You guys sound like a bunch of beeeyotches.. BD was about fishing and now it's about who can type the most shit. These guys are bonafied, granted they could have posted in the hookup section or something but to call them liars when they are...
  562. jesse

    Loreto baja Mexico FISHING REPORT

    My best friend Artie works alongside these guys in Loreto and Puerto escondido.. They have been slaying the fish. If you are heading down, look him up on the Danzante..
  563. jesse

    Quad and /or Dirtbike

    I am looking for some desert wheels for my nephews. Anything from a 125 to a 250 dirt bike or 200 to 350 quad. Looking for a deal and don't mind if they are older and a little beat up So long as they run good and are dirt ready. let me know if you have something.. Jesse 619-840-3590
  564. jesse

    what's good in BOLA this month??

    Laz.. The wind is usually up this time of year but if you manage a few days of calm, you should get into some yellows at Smith and in the deep on the dropper.. If I give you a bass setup, can you please deliver it to my good friend Tony in BOLA. He's got cancer and I worry about him cause he...
  565. jesse

    Salty Carrot Stix, Crucial Rod, Saros, Stradic CI4

    Personal problem with this guy or just wanna harsh him up for trying to sell some gear? BTW: Still have the Carrot Stix?
  566. jesse

    First Time in BOLA .. Tips for you!

    I like late May and November.
  567. jesse

    First Time in BOLA .. Tips for you!

    If you ever want to run down with us you are more than welcome. We have a blast and know the town pretty good.. Did you guys eat at GAYROS? it's the loncheria that is right across the street from the whale sculpture in the lil park. They are the best in towm :D
  568. jesse

    First Time in BOLA .. Tips for you!

    I love BOLA... Did you see my ol' Buddy Tony? He is the old gringo that hauls ass up and down the streets on his quad with fishing rods strapped to the back :D ?? I am down there every 2 months..
  569. jesse


    call me.. 619-840-3590.. this boat just gave me a chub.. I'm on it of still available... J
  570. jesse

    Gregor and Alumacraft for sale

    That last pic was of a pic I found online. I havent been on BD in a while so I havent had a chance to respond with pics. I will put some up. And yeah.. upon really looking at it.. that is a valco :D
  571. jesse

    Gregor and Alumacraft for sale

    I have no place to park these since I brought them back up from baja.. Looking to sell and get a boat with a cuddy.. 1979 13' Gregor welded aluminum skiff w/ 1979 25HP Evinrude. Runs Great. Heavy duty trailer asking 1300 firm 1979 16' AlumaCraft Aluminum Skiff w 1979 25HP Evinrude...
  572. jesse

    CALCUTTA 50, 100, 200

    Still looking. Got a voicemail but erased it by mistake...
  573. jesse

    CALCUTTA 50, 100, 200

    I am looking to buy these three calcuttas. Have cash. let me know what you want for them Thanks Jesse 619-840-3590
  574. jesse

    Cheevato 5/28-6/4

    looks like La Bocana is in my near future :D
  575. jesse

    BoLA Reports??

    Just got home last night.. A mixed bag of 12-39lb forkies with all the cabrilla and spotted bay bass you would ever want.. wind from the west a few days but mostly glass..
  576. jesse

    BOLA Launch Ramps

    The ramp at and near Raquel and Larry's are pretty much unusable. Guillermo's, rampa municipal, or Diaz is the way to go. Just got back last night from BOLA.. Already missing it...
  577. jesse

    Evinrude Outboard Mechanic needed..

    Ray, AQUAHUNTER, came to the house and completely overhauled my lil outboard. She runs like a top.. And the price... well, lets just say that it was less than half what a shop wanted to just rebuild the carb and tune it up. Need boat work? hit up Ray.. Good look...
  578. jesse

    life jackets

    i need to buy some life jackets and a throw. I could go to West Marine or something bt maybe someone on here has extras and coud use the $. Also looking for a throw ring and flare gun. Thanks.. jesse 619-840-3590
  579. jesse

    Evinrude Outboard Mechanic needed..

    Any outboard mechanics around? If so, give me a shout. 619-840-3590
  580. jesse

    WTB ASAP: 12-18' Aluminum Boat

    yeah dude.. totally interested.. Any pics? pm me the specs or call me at 619-840-3590 thanks j
  581. jesse

    Headed to LA BAY may 25th-June 1st

    Whats up Laz... How are things playa? Give me a shout G.. Same number.. \
  582. jesse

    WTB ASAP: 12-18' Aluminum Boat

    Heading to Mulege and LA Bay on the 25th.. Need to buy a boat to drag down there before then.. Have one you wanna sell? let me know.. Thanks looking to spend up to 1500 or so.. Jesse
  583. jesse

    Headed to LA BAY may 25th-June 1st

    I am already packed and ready to bolt :D.. Headed down to puerto escondido, mulege and then LA Bay. We are gonna do our regular stay at daggetts in LA and then look into getting a room but which one? Any suggestions on a a casita or hotel? I may just get a room at diaz but looking to do...
  584. jesse

    1976 Bertram FBC $13K

    Hey boss.. I've been in the market and this looks right.. Can you please send me some pictures of the berth and other pics. Have cash and serious. thanks Jesse 619-840-3590 [email protected]
  585. jesse

    REST IN PEACE SDANGLER (Mark Fretwell)

    GODSPEED brutha... Prayers for the fam.... But rest assured.. Those knuckleheads known as the DC will continue to slay fish, have fun, and live to the fullest in your name...
  586. jesse

    Catalina bonito and giant sized makerel!

    Right on playa... Tie those little shits on a fat 5/0 and bait a stripee... I wouldn't give much thought to these newbie kooks trying to judge you.. Although I am pretty sure they were Spanish mackies..
  587. jesse

    Trinidad 16N & Rod Blanks

    dude... that 700ml could be considered sold if not gone already to the brutha D.. lemme know.
  588. jesse

    Avet, Seeker, Calstar

    hmm... Can we get a telephone number for this brutha?? 2 1/2 weeks is a lonnng time when you've already shelled out the dough..
  589. jesse

    Daiwa sealine's NIB

    call me at 619-840-3590 thanks... I'll take em all
  590. jesse

    LA Bay Day 2 8/26

    Just left there last week.. It was the best as always.. did yu guys see my buddy Crazy Tony ripping through town on his green quad? he's a cool guy and a fishin fool :D
  591. jesse

    Bola 9/10/2010-9/13/2010

    Awe homie.. just missed you guys. We always stay at daggets. just got back last night. We stay at the last palapa closest to the water on the south side:D I love BOLA...
  592. jesse

    Calcutta 250

    Not really, I'm clearing this stuff out to help fund my upcoming Mulege trip on the 13th. But I'll ship :)
  593. jesse

    Calcutta 250

  594. jesse

    Bass Gear for a Kid

    very cool dude...may a fat Bucketmouth find it's way unto your spread..
  595. jesse

    Calcutta 250

    like new.. Used very little.. 100 takes it. 619-840-3590
  596. jesse


    Heading down to Mulege. We pull out at 3am on the 13th and will be back sometime in the evening of the 20th. I am gonna be roasting my ass off but it'll be worth it to get away :D Any pointers on where to camp? pangeros? etc..
  597. jesse

    Daiwa Sealine 30 LD 2SP (DAISLD302SPD)w/Seeker Rod

    great condition. used a couple time. Comes with 5' seeker Stick. Not sure the # on the stick cause I'm at work. Take the combo for 325 or best. Perfect tuna rig. Loaded with fresh P-line 60lb. No box on the reel. 619-840-3590 pick up in Pacific Beach or North Park. looking to sell asap. j
  598. jesse

    Alutecnos Albacore Gorilla 20 Conventional Reel

    dude.. that thing is tight!!!
  599. jesse


    I leave again on the 25th and staying a week or so. I may end up staying till the cash runs out :D
  600. jesse


    Just got home from Bola yesterday and all I have to say is that I hate coming back. The bay was beautiful but the wind was sooo crazy that we couldn't get any fishing in. Caught some small cabrilla and Spotties from the rocks. Took the Panga out but the wind was gusting 50+.. fucking huge...