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    I was brought back down to Earth

    Went out hooping Saturday night at Cat. Was expecting a nice quick limit night with the new moon and the recent success. Well it wasn't meant to be. Yes we had a nice new moon but slack tide was at 5:15 and there was very little current / tide swing there after. We dropped our nets at 4...
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    SOLD still taking offer though...Xmas tree

    Do you still have the receipt? Warranty? Is it transferable?
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    One guy, Two Rods

    You almost lost a rod on that double. The reel kept it from falling over the side. Nice job
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    Catalina Lobster Report 12/13

    I don't know what to do. They were all just legal with a couple 2.5 pounders. Bait tank is 55 gallons which is quite the Grand Illusion. I think at that time there were actually only 24 or 25 in the tank.
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    Catalina Lobster Report 12/13

    Here are some pics from our night Drain the tank to double check re-measure and re-count Time for a beer.
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    Catalina Lobster Report 12/13

    We were shallow John. The pic above was my buddy's boat. They were out the same night and they were deep. They did not do as well as us. I have long ropes and puller as well but I have not had any need to go deep. Shallow is a lot easier and more exciting than deep drops.
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    Catalina Lobster Report 12/13

    I saw you post Mike. I went over late since fishing has been somewhat worthless over there. After you post I may change that thought. I like catching bones on light line.
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    Catalina Lobster Report 12/13

    Hey David We tried calling you multiple times but Steve said he radio kept shutting off.
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    Catalina Lobster Report 12/13

    Friday the 13th turned out to be a great night for me but not so much for the bugs. I got a birthday hall pass from the wife. Looking at the weather, Friday was the last night to get out before the winds. Four of us left Long Beach around 1. We baited up and started dropping hoops around 3...
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    For Sale Shrimp flys

    They look nice. Good luck.
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    The Crawl Goes On...

    They also use around 10lbs of weight in the hoop. It's not easy if you are out of shape. Wait...round is a shape. Nevermind.
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    Talica 12II - Change Line or Switch to a 16II

    My .02 Both have 22 lbs of drag and 40 max. You will probably never use more than 30lbs. With that said, I would think 65lb spectra would be just fine. That's what I have on my 12II
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    Navionics Card For NSS9 Evo3

    Glen The Navionics card shows a lot more detail. Knowing how much your dad likes to fish rock code, the contour detail will pay for itself in one trip.
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    Tuna entertainment

    Love the part where he sits on the tuna and fights the other one.
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    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    Good question. Swimming down I don't think would take long at all. They move pretty fast when they kick out of a cage. Depending on current they may end up a 100 yards or so away from it's original location. They may end up with an upgrade. Lobsters do migrate so I don't think the hood is...
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    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    Not much by catch at all for us. I have only been working deep for a couple years. It's very hit and miss. My best net so far was 17 in one net with 13 of them being keepers. I find the quality is usually better out deeper. BTW - last night we stayed shallow (25 - 30ft). Being at Cat and a...
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    Lobster-tip, targeting a small window with FULL MOON.

    Hey John. I share your experience. Do you think it is more of a tidal issue than a light issue or both? I'm planning on hitting Cat this weekend. Probably try deep and shallow. First trip this year for me since the boat has been in the shop. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    PB Bluefin (280) - 11/2/2019

    Thanks again for invite Glen. BTW - I ended up with one of your black plugs. Do you need it back for next week? I can drop it off at your dads house.
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    Rec Tec Grills. They are a competitor of Traeger. My only regret is not buying a larger model. Check out there website for details and pricing.
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    Legend 10/25 1.5 Trip — Giant Bluefin - Anyone Got a Report

    they didn't have a kite set out either?
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    For Sale Aluminum trailer

    Make sure you guys both agree and the length of the hug. A lot of deals go south for this very reason.
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    Trac line hauler.

    yes it will. I have one on mine.
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    Need opinions on new trailer

    Daniel I am moving forward with rebuilding the used trailer.
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    Fishing jobs for a teen?

    Stay in school. Work hard. Try and get a job at one of the fishing companies. Maybe design the next big reel or be a tester. Make good money doing what you love.
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    Need opinions on new trailer

    I haven't paid anything yet.
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    Need opinions on new trailer

    Just an update. The boat is currently at their trailer yard. The cost to get the trailer fixed to bring it back home would be quite a bit. I went out to see the trailer yesterday. The frame is in great shape. They plan on replacing everything else and adjusting the bunks to fit the boat...
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    Need opinions on new trailer

    Here are some pics.
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    Need opinions on new trailer

    I have a 25 foot walk around and looking to replace my trailer. Total weight is probably around 6K. The trailer yard has a Shorelandr for sale. I inquired about age and model but it basically is very beefy which I like. I also felt my current trailer was not designed for the boat especially...
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    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    this is what I bought I find that you still have to put a little bit of pressure on the rope otherwise it slips. This could be the due to the rope I'm using or the weights in the hoops. It's not a big deal.
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    Why I picked the Ace Brutus Line Hauler for Hooping Lobster

    I also have the Trac. The coiler also fits which is nice when pulling up 200'. It works but I think the Ace is built better.
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    I have the 8500. I paired with the Megalodon 2 piece spinning rod. I put 80lb spectra. It's purpose is for throwing jigs and poppers for 50-100lb tuna. I can cast a mile but the setup is very heavy.
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    Best fish sealer

    What's you budget and how often do you use it? If you get out a couple times a year, then anything in the $150 range will be fine. Plan on replacing it every 3 years or so. If you are going to use it a lot, then get a vac master (around $850). That is what I have and absolutely love it...
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    Can you fish flyers without a kite or helium balloon?

    I was going to post the same question today.
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    The Final Straw and Why I Bought My Own Boat

    I like fishing the 4th row. I have easy access to the bait tank.
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    2 day leaving tomorrow night...looking for 1...very cheap

    great price. Someone will be stoked.
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    Bluefin Fishing, The Ugly Truth 5/31-6/2

    I heard brown trout makes great ceviche
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    Remote house security

    Can you get internet access via satellite? Then you could at least monitor for intruders.
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    How's the Condor

    Thanks for the response Scott. I'm glad the issue was addressed.
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    Find out when the long range trips come in and hang out at the dock. A lot of people keep more than what they want and will give you a fish or 2. offer to help unload the catch for a fish or 2. I did it once and came back with a couple nice size tuna.
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    For Sale Misc fishing stuff

    I have a few used misc/boating items for sale: 1 hoop net with kit still in wrapper $20 Used and new dart board $10 fishing/bait net $10 fishing boots (size 12) $10 each
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    BTW Okuma Mak 50 fans

    Does it come with spectra? How much and what kind? Is it the SEA? Pics? Condition? Color?
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    Now that Lobster Season is Done

    I have caught a ton of them out on Cadillac Reef inside Santa Monica Bay. LA/LB areas I catch a few but they are usually small.
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    Airbrushing jigs

    Very cool. I may hit you up once my schedule frees up. I'm close by in Garbage Grove.
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    Rewiring my lobster puller

    I have a TRAC puller and the connectors are rusted up and no longer making a solid connection so the puller is out of commission. I have tried cleaning them but why bother since it will happen again. I would like to install a plug with cover by the puller and just plug it in when using. Any...
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    Ventura county..looking for someone to buy a boat with..

    We did not have a contract. We are just friends that know how to communicate and resolve issues when they arise.
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    Ventura county..looking for someone to buy a boat with..

    I had a fishing partner with my current boat. We didn't have any issues at all. Once his kids started playing sports he did not have time to fish so I took over the payments and now I own it free and clear. He is still my friend. Find someone you trust. Expect that at some point one of you...
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    Dana Point Halibut - 12/16/18

    Great seeing you guys out there. We tried running inside in 40-50 feet and didn't fair any better. Great weather, crappy fishing. Better than being at home or at work.
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    Rod for Slammer III 8500HS

    I put my on a Phenix MPX-S880MH. I wanted to be able to sling poppers a mile and it did not let me down. The reel/combo is pretty heavy but I think the reel is the main contributor to that.
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    Current fish size of OC shore

    Local rock cod from a sport almost always yields small fish any time of year. You will often hear people use the word "key chain" to describe them. You are much better off fishing on overnight or 1.5 day trip to fish the islands that are further off shore. They don't get the fishing pressure...
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    What kind of chain for a Lewmar windlass?

    Google is your friend: Product Description With 100% 316 stainless steel housing and a sleek flush-mount design that hides the motor down below, the V700 is one of the most attractive and durable windlasses on the market. It works at the push of a button and has two built-in features that make...
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    SOLD bait tubes and binoculars - SOLD

    Old bait tubes and 10 x 50 binoculars.
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    BFT predictions

    I just got my call this morning. No fishing for me this weekend. 1.5 on the NLA :hali_parkutuli:
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    Dana Point 11-25

    I think its time for a new seat :) Nice write up.
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    Tipping - oh so awkward a topic! An offer to collate comments anonymously .

    I usually tip 15% give or take I avoid jackpots these days I gave a crew member money just for him cause he went out of his way to help my wife.
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    For Sale 2018 Andros 32' Offshore - Local Knowledge

    I have a better idea. I will just take it off your hands and every time I am out on the water you will get free advertisement. It's a win win.
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    El Dorado-San Nic-11/13

    I was out over the weekend and we headed home at 12:30 and got back to the dock at 7:30. The boat is really as is the crew. My only complaint is the bunks are tiny. I still plan on going out again next month to get some rock fish.
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    SCI 10/18

    Ran out of gas :) Good thing you didn't go further out. Thanks for the report.
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    Cat late report 10/13 (the zones)

    Convert your bait cages to bait tubes and your seal problems will go away.
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    Dorado on the wild in sac

    Great video. Love the hookup while trying to clear out the birds nest
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    SOLD Okuma Metaloid(s) for sale 5ii and 12ii

    All sold. Please remove. Thanks Brook.
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    SOLD Okuma Metaloid(s) for sale 5ii and 12ii

    All reels sold pending completion of transaction.
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    SOLD Okuma Metaloid(s) for sale 5ii and 12ii

    I'm pretty sure I will get my asking price on these reels.
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    SOLD Okuma Metaloid(s) for sale 5ii and 12ii

    Selling Okuma reels. They are in great condition with very minor boat rash. I have a 12ii and 2 5ii. 12ii - $200 Has 65lb spectra 5ii - $150 each. One has 65lb spectra and the other I think is 50lb spectra. The white spectra is 65lb on both reels. Not looking for trades.
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    Newport 9-22

    I just made my first one this month. I took it out on it's first trip yesterday and killed the skippies with it. I just bought the spreader bar and made the links myself. I saved a couple bucks and had fun doing it myself. Ideally I would run 2, 1 on each side. It was a little bit of a...
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    Is it just me...not liking new FishDope format.

    I actually just put up a question about the new charts. I like the old style way better.
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    Upper Hidden non stop action

    You must be 10' tall. Nice hull :)
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    Where can I launch my boat out of San Diego Bay?

    I would but last time out the bait was terrible and I've seen recent reports that state the same. I'm just trying to get some quality bait. Of course SD Bay may not be any better.
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    Where can I launch my boat out of San Diego Bay?

    Is there a problem driving a trailing on the bridge?
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    Where can I launch my boat out of San Diego Bay?

    Is there a problem driving a trailing on the bridge?
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    Mussel Pharm, 150 and outside

    I was joking. The prior someone caught a wahoo and everyone said it was impossible, then people were catching them all over OC waters.
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    Where can I launch my boat out of San Diego Bay?

    thanks again. I'll try Glorietta and see how it goes.
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    Where can I launch my boat out of San Diego Bay?

    TY I saw Glorietta Bay on the map. How long does it take to get out of the harbor?
  73. "all-in"

    Where can I launch my boat out of San Diego Bay?

    I am sure there are a couple other spots that one can launch their boat other than Shelter Island. Can someone point me to these locations? I want to avoid Mission Bay if possible. Last time the bait was terrible and I have seen recent reports that show things have not changed. Thanks
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    Mussel Pharm, 150 and outside

    Next you will be telling us about Wahoo at the oil rigs. That could never happen.
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    Clemente "guarantee" ?

    I think the question can be answered based on current conditions. Based on today's info some boats are always fishing the BFT and some are always fishing the YFT/Dorado. We all know things change.
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    Fish cleaning; on board, at home or processor?

    Out of San Diego, processor all the way. You don't have to deal with the fish at all once you get home. I hate re-cleaning fish that I just paid to have cleaned. It is in portions for eating. Remember they also is commercial packing so the fish will last longer. Factor in the cost/tip you...
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    Looking for Cows Saturday September 1

    call me if you need the kill bag.
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    Looking for Cows Saturday September 1

    Go get'm Glen. I'll be working...again
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    Learned an Invaluable Anchor Lesson

    I had my shackle come of once will on the water. The pin came sliding down the side of the boat. Luckily it didn't hit the front of the boat and definitely glad it did not happen while driving.
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    How do you weed through skippies for a yellowfin?

    This was also my experience. Skippies ignored the dead sardine.
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    Just bought a Traeger but re-thinking.

    Referring to fish only. I would love to be able to smoke around 150 - 165. Most of the smaller smokers lowest temp is around 200. I can get mine down to 185 - 190 (RecTec grill). Don't get me wrong, I still smoke fish in it, I just know it would be better at a lower temperature.
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    Just bought a Traeger but re-thinking.

    IMO...The only issue is getting the smoker at a low enough temperature to get a good smoke flavor. The small smokers just can't hold a low enough temp. That is why the larger smokers have the cold smoke attachments. If I could go back in time, I would not have bought the smaller smoker. I...
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    How do you catch flying fish?

    Just curious how the boats catch flying fish for bait? gear depth bait
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    Overnight vs 1.5 Day San Diego

    1.5 is always worth it. You can fish the morning and evening bite and sleep during travel. I find I am no where near as tired after a 1.5 day trip compared to an overnight trip. If you want to get your fish processed getting in 1st thing in the morning works out great. Drop your fish off...
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    After catch care of current Bluefin

    The New Lo-An takes care of your catch better than any other short range boat I have been on. As soon as my tuna hit the deck it was cooled down, gilled, gutted and put in the RSW. I have heard tthe Pac Queen does the same thing. Every other boat I have been on at best pull a gill to bleed...
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    Do I really need a washdown pump?

    don't forget about squid stains. Wash down pump is important to have.
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    How are they getting the schoolie tuna?

    PQ likes to chase the big boys. Make sure you have some big gear.
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    Ok im stupid. So here is the same question been asked about 1. million times

    Passport is only required when fishing within 12 miles of shore. (ie Coronado Islands)
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    How's the Condor

    You guys are funny. I don't think anyone should be fired. It's the fighting between crew members that I can do without. I personally and others that were on the boat, do not want to see that on deck. Customer service and fish keep people coming back to the boat. They need to keep their...
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    How's the Condor

    All I did was share my experience on the boat. I know many people like the Condor which is why I went on the boat. By the way the report was incorrect on the website. They caught 7 BFT not bonita. I even stated in my original post that maybe they had a bad day.
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    How's the Condor

    The first F-you was when I was on the boat so it absolutely was them. The second one, though I did not see them from afar, was the same voice. They were back on the boat and I was in the parking lot. Like I said maybe they had a bad day. I was on the boat with friends of mine and they said...
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    How's the Condor

    Well...I just went out the Condor (6/30) and was not impressed with the crew at all. Maybe they had a bad day. I will keep this as short as possible. There seem to be some kind of beef between multiple crew members. On multiple occasions we had to ask them to put bait out for us. They never...
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    WTB Sinkers all size.

    I'm in Garden Grove. If you want to come over you can pour the weights yourself. I have a sliders, torpedo's, balls and few other molds. Figure about $1.25 a pound once you are done.
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    You All Have Exhausted Me

    pics of Nancy or it didn't happen. Back when you were in 8th grade of course.
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    Toronado Half Day out of Long Beach 7/1 - BFT??

    Toronado does overnight and multi day trips. They are probably fishing the 43 area with everyone else.
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    WTB Boat: purchased.

    ha ha...fair enough.
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    WTB Boat: purchased.

    Wife needs a shitter and cabin to sleep in. Trust me on this one. I would curious to know what problems you currently have. Is it all engine related? For 15K you could get a new engine.
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    Is there multi-day parking at launch ramps? Cabrillo? Davies?

    Make sure you parking pass is easily visible on your dash!!!!
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    Bachelor Party - New Lo-An 7/5 - 7/6

    Looks like the weather may start to warm up as well next week.
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    Bachelor Party - New Lo-An 7/5 - 7/6

    My 2 cents.... There are a lot of tuna out there right now just not biting. Also keep in mind the counts don't always reflect what is actually happening out there especially due to the size of the BFT. For example, if you see a boat catch 9 BFT they probably had 25-30 hookups to catch those...
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    Provisions at Catalina.

    Every time I take my wife out on the water she asked where the floating Startbucks is located.
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    I Think I'm Going To Need a Bigger Boat

    details on the boat cover please
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    How to fish with live bait

    Most don't want to do step one so I call that a small victory.
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    Horseshoe Kelp 06/09/18

    I was out there as well. Fish the 150, izors and towards Newport area for nothing. On the way back home we passed by Izors. The Western Pride was there and had the cudas up and boiling. We fished outside of them and caught around 6 to save our day.
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    Traeger Smoked Yellowtail Belly and Collar Recipe????

    For my brine I use 1 cup of brown sugar. 1/4 cup salt. I also zest 2 orange and 2 lemons. I then juice the oranges in the mix. add 2 cups of water and cover fish. The zest adds a very pleasing additional flavor. I have been doing this with the BFT I caught last month. I smoke with the RecTec...
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    Shelter Island Ramp Closure Info 5/16/2017

    It is still closed. I was there this weekend 5/27/2018. Don't hold your breathe on it being finished anytime soon.
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    Does fish feel pain? Have we ever wonder

    This is my favorite part of the article: According to NOAA Fisheries, more than 80 percent of the seafood consumed in the United States is imported, though a large portion of it is caught by U.S. fishermen and sent overseas for processing before returning to American shores.
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    Help Chartering a Full Day Trip in Sept. 2018

    Sorry you misunderstood. Offshore trips (greater than 24 miles offshore) do not require a passport. 3/4 day boats usually fish Coronado islands which requires a passport. So when they list the trip online they need to state that. Some 1.5 boats will also require a passport when the intent is...
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    Help Chartering a Full Day Trip in Sept. 2018

    Your best option will be to book a boat out of San Diego. If you fish offshore, you will not need passports, just Mex license (if you actually fish in Mexico) which you can purchase at the landing (around $15). The last few years the boats have been fishing in US waters in September but every...
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    Any words to the rookie?

    EPIRB in short is a transmitter that will signal the coast guard of your exact location. If you are running at night and hit an object and your boat sinks. You are floating in the middle of the ocean and will likely not be found. If you activate your EPIRB, your exact location can be found...
  111. "all-in"

    Any words to the rookie?

    Safety should always be your first priority. Things like life jackets (have whistles on them), radar, radio (know your emergency channels), GPS, EPIRB, flares, first aid kit, etc....
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    Top gun 80 4-27 trip

    If the trip is full you will get a refund if they fill your spot. Otherwise you need to decide if the money is worth the weather. A lot of times they already have a backup list. Call the landing and ask.
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    Daveys Locker 8-18 cattle boat lesson

    So are they pretending to give a discount? Seems like a bait and switch. "We will discount you trip by $40 but then stick you for $15 and make you fish with 40 extra people.
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    New Lo-An 1.5 report (4/20 - 4/22)

    Not sure. I know a couple guys that were fishing 30 had rental rods. Adam told everyone to start with 40lb and adjust as needed.
  115. "all-in"

    New Lo-An 1.5 report (4/20 - 4/22)

    Yes. Most of us were using 40 to start. My second fish was on 50 and kicked my butt. It weighed 65 pounds dressed.
  116. "all-in"

    New Lo-An 1.5 report (4/20 - 4/22)

    Just finished up an incredible April 1.5 on the New Lo-An. The final count of 16 BFT in no way reflects the actual trip. The captain and crew were outstanding as always. My buddy and I booked this trip 3 weeks out and Friday couldn't come soon enough. Due to traffic and a slightly late start...
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    For Sale Brand new shimano talica 50 and shimano Carbon Fiber bent butt rod

    I live in Garden Grove and will be heading to San Diego Friday the 20th to fish a 1.5 on the New Loann. If you need someone, send me a PM. I don't know Billy but a I stayed at a Holiday Inn.
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    Best 2-3 day No-Passport Needed boat?

    Best option is going to be North (Channel Islands/Ventura). Hopefully in a month or 2 the sea bass will be running.
  119. "all-in"

    Yellow fin at the beach?

    Remember back a few years ago when we had big storms that trashed the tuna pens. Guys were catching big BFT off the San Diego beaches. Anything is possible.
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    Thoughts on Remanufactured NSS Evo2

    if you are going to use more than one transducer than get the EVO3. I currently have the EVO2 with B75 and 3D structure scan. I can only run chirp or the structure scan. The EVO3 was not available at the time. Eventually I will just get a 2nd panel to resolve my issue. The structure scan...
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    Thoughts on Remanufactured NSS Evo2

    Hodges marine also has them...
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    WTB kite set up

    Are you looking for Rod/Reel that connects to the kite or Rod/Reel for fighting the tuna?
  123. "all-in"

    Multi Day Permit

    check with DFG but I believe you have to be on the water before 12 on the first day and can not come back into port until after 12 on the 3rd day.
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    For Sale DELL PE2650 Server for a 12 pack of Coronas

    Not sure if there is any interests or not. I have an old server that I was going to part out and sale but figured I would see if anyone needed one for some obscure reason. It is a DELL Power Edge 2650 rack mount running Windows Server 2003. It was the shit back in the day. If anyone is...
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    For Sale 26' North River 130kOBO

    That is a bad ass boat my friend.
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    What's biting in Seattle in May

    The shrimping actually sounds fun. Does anyone want to take me out on Saturday or Sunday night May 5th or 6th? Please send me a PM. I will pay my part and give you half my share. It just seems like fun to me. I need to book my flight soon so if anyone wants to help a brother out let me...
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    Preferred/ Recommended Fillet Knives?

    What...No one recommended the Bubba Blade :)
  128. "all-in"

    What's biting in Seattle in May

    I'm going to be in Seattle for the Microsoft conference the first part of May. I was thinking of going a few days early to fish. What options are available in the immediate Seattle area? Thanks Chris
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    Hooping at Cat 2-13-18

    Cat seems to be pretty slow this season. I think last year spoiled me.
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    Low end / good condition Rods for Sale

    Super Bowl bump and price change
  131. "all-in"

    Trailer Hit and Run - Insurance Advice

    I have had my boat/trailer on a flatbed before. It is not an issue.
  132. "all-in"

    External Hard Drive Warning!!

    I have 2 external hard drives for redundancy. The odds that both go bad at the same time is very small.
  133. "all-in"


    I left BoatUS as well after they jacked up my rates. There is another thread about somewhere on BD.
  134. "all-in"

    Popsicles. The live dean or mini-mac in a dead squid treat.

    any chance of posting a pic?
  135. "all-in"

    Why do people fish the groupon boats?

    I grew up fishing 1/2 day and 3/4 day out of Newport. When the sand bass were going off you would have people fishing around the entire boat. To me it was the norm and I always enjoyed myself. I wasn't in school or working. Now I laugh at it when I am on my own boat.
  136. "all-in"

    what's in season??

    Be sure to read up on the cleaning regulations on fish. Different fish have different rules. You don't want a citation for filleting a fish and not leaving a big enough piece of skin on it for identification. If you are not sure of the regulation then clean your fish at home to be safe.
  137. "all-in"

    Looking for mossback trips in mid january

    The tuna will probably be MIA by then. The ones that they have been catching are small anyways. IMO, Your best bet would probably be a 1.5 day trip fishing the Colonett. These trips look for yellow tail and if they don't find them they will fill the bags with rock fish. Of course you may run...
  138. "all-in"


    That is a pretty awesome day. Definitely one to remember.
  139. "all-in"

    Yellows west of the Whistle bouy. 12/17

    I think his total weight was 40lbs.
  140. "all-in"

    Low end / good condition Rods for Sale

    All rods are used and in good to excellent condition 1. Penn GS700ml 7' 20-40lb (condition - ok to good) 2. Penn Slammer SL2050 CR66 6' 6" 20-50lb trolling rod (condition - great) 3. King Hawk Ocean Trophy OP-865C 6' 6" 20-60lb (condition - great) 4. Sealine SL-WB 701MLRS (12-30lb...
  141. "all-in"

    Cleaning crazed / scratches from your gauges

    Just want to share something I recently learned. I have had my boat for around 14 years and over that time my Yamaha gauges became really worn out. I was looking to buy new ones but did a quick online search and came across this video: I figured what the heck for $15 I would give it a try...
  142. "all-in"

    great deal on ace line hauler ends today!!!

    I have the Trac. Not as good as the Ace plus the Ace comes with the bulldog.
  143. "all-in"

    Summer 2 day charter

    Most include food or they will have the option to include the food. for the number you have look at a 65ft boat. The New Lo-An is one of the best if not the best boats in the fleet. You never hear a negative comment about them.
  144. "all-in"

    Lobstering in the LBC

    Location and tide are definitely most important. I wasn't going to ask for your location :) I try to get on the edge of structure and not on top of it. You loose a lot of nets that way.
  145. "all-in"

    Lobstering in the LBC

    Good job. I usually hoop right up on the rocks. usually 20-30 feet deep. I just think it was on off night. When you dive do you usually get them in the rocks or outside the rocks?
  146. "all-in"

    New Yamaha Outboards @ 50% discounts - TGTBT?

    Maybe call Yamaha and ask if they are a certified re-seller.
  147. "all-in"

    Going lobstering for first time next week, have a few questions

    Gailforce will have crates for you to put the lobsters in. You will take turns pulling the pots. What you catch is what you keep up to your limit. Bring a 5 gallon bucket or small ice chest to transport them from the boat to the car. You will take them off the boat alive. They are not...
  148. "all-in"

    Lobstering in the LBC

    I normally do well at the locations. It was just a weird night. Definitely not worried.
  149. "all-in"

    Lobstering in the LBC

    I'll keep it short and sweet. Hooped Saturday night 11/11 for a whole lot of empty nets. Tried 3 different spots, 5 sets of 10 nets for the following: 1 - legal 0 - shorts 1 - sand bass 1 - tiny crab 1 - tiny sting ray Talked to another guy at the dock that had similar results.
  150. "all-in"

    Lobster Hoop Net Lights?

    Next year go to walmart or other outlets the day after Holloween. You will be able to buy 1-2 years worth of glow sticks for cheap. As for lights, get a plastic baby bottle, glue the cap to the bouy, buy LED lights from harbor freight. I am going on year 2 with this setup. So far I am very...
  151. "all-in"

    Winter Halibut ?

    The best halibut fishing I have ever experienced was in October and November of 2014. We would catch 4 to 8 halibut between 15 to 25 lbs in a couple hours before lobster fishing. This was inside LB harbor. The water temps were cooler back then. Hopefully that kind of fishing returns. There...
  152. "all-in"

    Keeping Bugs alive 3 Day

    if you can put them in the bait tank.
  153. "all-in"

    Free rod holder

    rod holder is gone
  154. "all-in"

    Free rod holder

    TY. It is very functional. Better than leaning the rods up against the wall.
  155. "all-in"

    Free rod holder

    Free rod holder I made some years ago. Located in Garbage Grove.
  156. "all-in"

    Yellowtail Tuna is for real!

    With 2 different gloves!
  157. "all-in"

    Baby costumes for trade

    last bump.
  158. "all-in"

    Lobster pot puller

    Mako Matts makes them. They are in HB.
  159. "all-in"

    Constitution 4.5 day SCI Report

    how much weight did you use?
  160. "all-in"

    Opening weekend bug tally, how about you?

    How were the crowds at Catalina?
  161. "all-in"

    Boat launch

    It was close to full but not actually full. At least not when I got on and off the water. I did have some ass hat take out my trailer light though.
  162. "all-in"

    Boat launch

    the last time I saw it anywhere near full was back in 2003 when the sand bass was in full swing. You could practically walk from boat to boat. This time of year it will not be anywhere near full.
  163. "all-in"

    Baby costumes for trade

    bump. Holloween is around the corner.
  164. "all-in"

    Trailering south 9/30 advice appreciated

    My 2 cents. Sounds like you want to be out on the water a couple days. I would launch out of Dana Point and fish SCI one day and Catalina the next day. If you decide to fish San Clemente Island check the Navy schedule before leaving. SCI has the big BFT, YFT and...
  165. "all-in"

    Get out of Jury Duty...?

    Bummer....All I can say is it worked for me multiple times over a 15 year period. I usually had to go in the first day to explain.
  166. "all-in"

    Get out of Jury Duty...?

    Are you self employed? If so you can claim hardship as you won't be getting paid. If your employer pays for jury duty, then go. When I was a consultant I could not afford to be out of work.
  167. "all-in"

    So we're is all the big bluefin?

    No... "We are the children"
  168. "all-in"

    Bounce Balling for Halibut ( rod selection) ?

    IMO...Softer tip allows you to see the ball bounce off the bottom. With that said, I don't think I have ever used more than 1 lb of lead.
  169. "all-in"

    Baby costumes for trade

    will also take heavy jig in red crab color or X-raps I expect them to be used, not new
  170. "all-in"

    Jackpot Etiquette

    Do what you want. You are gambling. If you won the lottery, would you give it all back to the state? Do you voluntarily give your Vegas winnings back?
  171. "all-in"

    Baby costumes for trade

  172. "all-in"

    Izor / 150 really stoned

    At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. Thanks for posting
  173. "all-in"

    Baby costumes for trade

    I'm looking for a 1 heavy glow in the dark jig. 200 gram or heavier per costume.
  174. "all-in"

    Monday Newport Coast

    I think it comes down to whether there is a minimum size restriction. You can keep any size bonito but limited on how many based on size. Barracuda must be 28 inches long. DFG does not want to search your hoops and piece together a barracuda and make sure it reaches 28 inches. I use bonita...
  175. "all-in"

    Sources for lead

    take a look at Sackin Metal 714 891 4505 That is where I bought lead last time. They had clean and dirty lead. They are not too far from your pad. Despite the crap from others, you can get good information. You need thick skin if you want to hang out on this site. If you ever want to get...
  176. "all-in"

    Simrad Evo 2 intermittent temp reading

    Make sure your software is all up to date. If it is and you still have issues call Simrad directly. Their customer service is pretty good. I'm pretty sure the unit is just displaying the data from the transducer. You may want to check your cables connections on the transducer and make sure...
  177. "all-in"

    Catalina 8/22 - The Tradition-the good and the bad

    Make sure you book a book with fridge. Prepare as best you can a list of questions ahead of time and talk to the captain, not the landing. Sorry about the crappy experience.
  178. "all-in"

    Alaska for the first time next year

    My wife and I fished Sitka the 2nd week of July (last month). We pretty much limited out on Cohos and Halibut every day. We caught some kings but not many. The cohos were around 10 on average. I highly recommend King Fishers Charters. They do all-inclusive packages. The customer service...
  179. "all-in"

    I need tips for Long Beach Harbor

    What he said. Sabiki are no good with kids around. For halibut, try the area between the island and the shoreline.
  180. "all-in"

    BoatUS insurance rate hike.

    My boat is 24 ft and mine more than doubled. I switched to AAA and told them to go pound sand.
  181. "all-in"

    How many hours do you put on your boat a year?

    Normally my time on the water is probably 150 motor use. This year though, I have way more hours logged at the mechanic shop then on the water :) Just got her back again, hopefully it is fixed this time.
  182. "all-in"


    I wish I had the money to chime in on this debate :)
  183. "all-in"

    Kelping - 7/24

    I was guessing closer to the hidden. I think the fleet has been even further south.
  184. "all-in"

    Kelping - 7/24

    Good observation. I was wondering if he went long like the fleet has been doing.
  185. "all-in"

    Need transducer help

    Do you know what the dead rise of the hull is and what the tile angle of the transducer is? When it reads 20 feet are you actually in 20 feet? Also check the cable and make sure all the connections are solid.
  186. "all-in"

    Fished Catalina 6/28 on the Sportking w/ 60 other people

    Remember when boats had numbers with colors on them and you rotated numbers throughout the day? I used to fish 1/2 day trips with 80 to 90 people on them. It's always been that way and it will not change.
  187. "all-in"

    6/26/17 insane afternoon halibut bite

    I did that a couple times fishing after setting lobster nets. We caught 8 legals in less than 3 hours. Biggest was around 25lbs. Congrats on your new secret spot.
  188. "all-in"

    Coronado Islands

    and bring your passport with you
  189. "all-in"

    Coronado Islands

    you will also need an FMM visa. The FMM visa should be handled by the boat owner but make sure it is done.
  190. "all-in"

    Spinner for wife

    I second the bait runner. Just make sure she clicks it in gear before setting the hook. :)
  191. "all-in"

    Trailor Jack 1500lb

    I love choc covered strawberries from DQ.
  192. "all-in"

    Trailor Jack 1500lb

    Make me an offer/trade. I don't expect much. Functioning trailor jack rated at 1500lb. The offer/trade is meant to be fun so be creative but serious. I know I am asking a lot from BD members.
  193. "all-in"

    Fiberglass Electronics Box with Furuno electronics

    np. I understand. If things change let me know.
  194. "all-in"

    Fiberglass Electronics Box with Furuno electronics

    any chance you want to just sale the box?
  195. "all-in"

    Is this an Amazon scam

    I was doing more digging and they have a ton of listing for different products and they are all listed for $499. I reported it to Amazon.
  196. "all-in"

    Is this an Amazon scam

    When I contacted the seller, they wanted my name, phone number and then Amazon would contact me for payment. Seems like a scam to me. I am seeing this for new items as well as used. Just wondering if anyone has actually gone through with this type of transaction and had success. I am also...
  197. "all-in"

    Looking for some action

    You mentioned "Charter" in your thread. Are you looking to charter (like a 6 pack) or hop on a cattle boat? If you go on a cattle boat, pay the extra, for a limited load trip. Of course, more time on the water is better. The New Lo-An is one of the best boats to fish the BFT. I think they...
  198. "all-in"

    What's considered bad weather?

    If you go, my bet is you will end up fishing the front side of the island due to the weather. I personally would not go. That is if the forecast holds as posted.
  199. "all-in"

    tip the crew asshole!!!!!

    If you have a $2500 worth of furniture delivered, do you tip the guys $350 - $400 for their service? On my last fishing trip one of the crew members went out of his way to help my wife and I gave him an extra $20 outside of the normal crew tips for the extra attention.
  200. "all-in"

    Time to Fish

    Good for you Dave. Only the BD nuckle heads will get upset at you.
  201. "all-in"

    SOLD Yamaha Outboard Gauges

    Hey Nick Can you send me the model number for those? I want to see if they are compatible with my engines.
  202. "all-in"


    If you could share: How do you paint your multi-colored jigs? Air gun? If so what kind do you have? Bump for great looking jigs.
  203. "all-in"

    WTB trac pot pulled/hauler

    I have one and it works great so far. It has only been used 3 times at depths up to 250 feet. It was able to pull 17 lobsters in a single pot (13 were keepers) plus 10lbs of weight. You do need to manually assist. Only negative is the power connector is rusting. Probably my fault. This...
  204. "all-in"

    Shimano Talics 50II for Sale

    Bump Sent from my SGH-M919 using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  205. "all-in"

    Shimano Talics 50II for Sale

    A good friend of mine, Tom Yuch, recently passed away and I am helping his sons start to sell his fishing gear. He loved long range fishing and owned a lot of high end gear. The boys need the cash so please don't low ball. I will adjust the prices if needed. To start I have 3 Talica 50II...
  206. "all-in"

    Chartplotter North up or Course Up?

    What he said :) Course Up.
  207. "all-in"

    First Boat...Help Please

    Figure fish finder, transducer, GPS and radar. Anchor, chain, rope and puller. Add in installation and you will be around 5K minimum. Trust me, owning a boat cost more than you think it will :)
  208. "all-in"

    First Boat...Help Please

    some things to think about: Where is it located? Add in shipping cost Get your own survey and appraisal to make sure it is in good shape and worth it. How much extra are you going to spend on electronics and anchor? Are you also buying the trailer? If not, that will be an additional cost. You...
  209. "all-in"

    Trying the Liberty

  210. "all-in"

    Trying the Liberty

    Couple weeks ago at the Colonet the boat did not have frozen squid. You can always call the boat/landing and ask them as well.
  211. "all-in"

    WTC ice maker

    She has really small hands
  212. "all-in"

    Winch question

    I got a strap on mine and definitely miss having the cable. Will be going back to it soon.
  213. "all-in"

    Trying the Liberty

    Can't speak for the Liberty but last week as was out and the boat did not have squid so you may want to bring your own just in case. I was at the Colonet and got limits of rock cod.
  214. "all-in"

    Colonet YT 2/11

    Looks like the Old Glory caught the only yellow tail for all landings. I was on the Eclipse and we caught limits of rock fish, some lings and 35 or so reds. Some good quality reds came over but most of the rock cod were a couple pounds. Still had a great time with the wife. Weather was good...
  215. "all-in"

    Any BDers in OC area install solar or inspect solar?

    I have to take time off of work for the inspection and that is not free. I was hoping to pay someone to help me out on a weekend.
  216. "all-in"

    Any BDers in OC area install solar or inspect solar?

    I live in Garden Grove and I am currently installing solar at my house. I would like to do my best to ensure that the inspection is only done once. I am looking for someone with knowledge on solar installs and codes for Garden Grove to come and look at the work I have done (when finished) and...
  217. "all-in"

    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    I don't know what the process or laws are for the given situation. My assumption is that the trip will be canceled but I don't like to assume. I do know their refund policy is 30 days in writing or they have to fill your spot so that is out of the question. Given the situation they probably...
  218. "all-in"

    Commander Insurance Fraud Guilty Pleas

    Wellllllll shit. My wife and I have a trip scheduled with them on the 10th. I wonder if they can fish until the sentencing? I may have to call the landing and see if they know what's up and then file a claim with my credit card company to get my money back. I have fished with Mark and Chris...
  219. "all-in"


    In Patriots 31 - Falcons 28
  220. "all-in"

    Discounted charter rates

    To me it is more of a preference. I don't like to be nickled and dimed to death so just give me the total cost. An example would be the 1.5 day trips to the colonett costs $300 nothing include or $335 food and permits included. All-inclusive trips I don't have to worry about bringing food and...
  221. "all-in"

    Stay away from Rule pumps

    I went through I think 3 Rule pumps in 6 months. Replaced it with a Shurflo and it ran for around 7 years before I replaced it with a new Shurflo.
  222. "all-in"

    Lobster Hoop Net Bait Cages?

    most shops sale the tubes if you don't want to make them yourself. I know West Marine has them. Call your local tackle shop before you go down. I'm sure you can order them online as well.
  223. "all-in"

    Catching Sculpin, Avoiding Rockfish

    Try the horseshoe. I have caught plenty there, Looks for rocky bottom. If you are worried about rock fish then use a descending device. They are easy to use especially since you will be fishing in shallow water.
  224. "all-in"

    Planning an overnighter for Cat Day after Christmas?

    Monday is a ways a way so keep an eye on the weather for changes but Monday should be fine. I have plans to be out there the same time frame.
  225. "all-in"

    Looking for deckhand job in SoCal

    The Eclipse is a great boat and does mainly 1 - 3 day trips.
  226. "all-in"

    6 hoop nets lost at Catalina

    Drive circles around the buoy with heavy jig until until you snag it. This works for me.
  227. "all-in"

    Christmas lights and snow

    Was looking to step up my game this year for Christmas decorations. Something other than just lights. I would like to add fake snow to the front yard and also have a music box/light controller. I would like a starter kit for now until I can collect more lights and decorations. What would you...
  228. "all-in"

    Hydra-Sports Vector 2500cc Bait Tank Question

    The ones I have seen are also shallow so you get more splashing thus killing bait easier.
  229. "all-in"

    NIB WTF?

    I have on 2 occasions sold a reel and rod for a great price. 2 Weeks later it was re-listed here for more.
  230. "all-in"

    Sea Tow Or Vessel Assist?

    Pay for trailer assist as well. I have only been towed once on the water in 13 years but I have used trailer assist many times. I have VA and last year they put my boat/trailer on a flat bed and towed it from San Diego to Garden Grove. 98 miles. They also cover 100 miles.
  231. "all-in"

    SOLD for sale: Simrad RS12 Marine Dsc Vhf Radio - $160

    SOLD - Please remove post I have a brand new Simrad RS12 Marine radio. It came with my Simrad package. I want to upgrade to a higher model so looking for some cash. Price is firm. Radio sales for $200 + tax in stores and I am asking $150.
  232. "all-in"

    Friday night bugging - Quality over Quantity

    The tails look like they are partially separated.
  233. "all-in"

    Problems with seaguar floro?

    Sorry if my statement was confusing. I couldn't test what already happened but was able to recreate the same issue. I retied my floro to spectra and had my friend and deckie watch to verify it was done correctly, when we pulled both ends the spectra broke. I then retied with my friends...
  234. "all-in"

    Terrible Day... Fiberglass Advice needed

    I had some work done by them as well. They did a great job but took a long time. I was able to fix my trailer at home since they took the boat off to do the repairs.
  235. "all-in"

    Problems with seaguar floro?

    I had issues with it. I sent an email to Seaguar about it and got crickets. My last tuna trip using 15lb floro. hooked 3 fish and broke off all 3. I had a deck hand and friend check my knot and it was not an issue. i switched to his Searguar and had no issues. A couple years ago I had a...
  236. "all-in"

    Taller portable cleaning table

    I use an old school ironing board. It is the perfect height and easy to clean. Cost me $10 on craigslist. I probably over paid :)
  237. "all-in"

    Do I have an issue with my new electronics?

    Thanks for all the feed back guys. I appreciate it.
  238. "all-in"

    Do I have an issue with my new electronics?

    Ok so I made a mistake. I actually have the B75M 7-Pin transducer. I was going to buy the B60M and decided to get the B75M instead. the 7-Pin connects directly to the NSS12 Evo2. The 3D Structure Scan connects to the 3D Module and from there It connects to the NSS12 Evo2 via ethernet cable...
  239. "all-in"

    Do I have an issue with my new electronics?

    As for frequency I was running 85 on the B60 and either 200 or 50 on the furuno. I just bought the B60 so not going to upgrade.
  240. "all-in"

    Do I have an issue with my new electronics?

    I'll have to check the EVO setup tonight. I don't think it would work at all if it wasn't correct. The arrow points to the keel.
  241. "all-in"

    Do I have an issue with my new electronics?

    Yes I was running both at the same time. I didn't think it would matter since the transducers are not next to each other. Thank you for responding.
  242. "all-in"

    Do I have an issue with my new electronics?

    My boat is a 2001 Angler 2400 walk around with twin yamahas 115 hp I recently installed the following items: Simrad NSE EVO2 12 inch screen 3D structure scan Airmar B75M transducer 20 degrees thruhull mount about 3 feet from the back of the boat about 6 inches from center. I also left my old...
  243. "all-in"

    Thoughts on some nice Binoculars?

    Can someone explain these specs? There doesn't seem to big a big difference. How far can you actually see assuming you are on the deck of your personal boat? 14x40 12x32 Jr Magnification 14x...
  244. "all-in"

    What do you think about Fishdope? is it worth it?

    If you are on the water all the time and you already have a network then probably not. For me, it is worth it. The route planning is probably the biggest plus. I don't get out on the water enough to have a consistent idea of what is going on. As for reports, IMO they are truthful but...
  245. "all-in"

    New Lo Ann?

    Bring gear for small and large fish. I was also on the boat Saturday. We chased the yft in the morning. When that plan crapped out we went North/West and found the BFT. 2 hookups and 1 landed as mentioned above. It was a slow day but the crew worked hard. Get a bunk in the middle of the...
  246. "all-in"

    Cowbell trolling lure

    I have nothing else to add to the conversation.
  247. "all-in"

    Metaloid Reels

    IMO, they are good reels for fish up to 40-50lbs. Are you fishing on an 8 day trip in Mexican waters? If so, the 5II should only be used for smaller grade fish like yellow tail or small tuna. Anything over 50lbs will be tough on the drags.
  248. "all-in"

    Overnite 7/25 on the APPOLO

    A friend was at the Nados on Sunday an got limits of 20lb YT. I'll take that over 0-3 tuna for 25-30 people any day of the week.
  249. "all-in"

    BD SoCal Fishing Spots by Navionics

    Is there a way to import them onto the chip?
  250. "all-in"

    Fishing Report from the First String out of H&M 7/2

    Total bummer. Google tells me that a 2/0 hook is probably to small for these tuna.
  251. "all-in"

    Furuno 1622 Radar connector help

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm a retard. I just needed to push the cable from the inside of the radar to the outside. The part that connects to the unit is small enough to fit through the dome.
  252. "all-in"

    Furuno 1622 Radar connector help

    I just had my furuno radar serviced. Part of the repair was getting a new cable. When the parts came back the new cable had the wires connected to the connector plug. The problem is that I can't connect it to the radar in this state. Can I just pull the wires out of the plug and then push...
  253. "all-in"

    GOFree WIFI -1 what is it used for?

    interesting. So I connected to my router at home and checked for updates. I'm currently at 3.5 and it did not show the 3.6 update that came out March 2016. Looks like I need 3.6 to be able to do updates. RELEASE DATE: March 2016 We are pleased to announce the release of a new software update...
  254. "all-in"

    GOFree WIFI -1 what is it used for?

    thanks guys. I don't see myself using a tablet or phone on my boat and it seems like a lot of money to use it to update my electronics maybe once a year. I think I will just pick up a micro card for updates and call it a day.
  255. "all-in"

    GOFree WIFI -1 what is it used for?

    Other than view/control your navigation system on your phone, what other uses are there for this? I thought I would be able to do updates with it but that doesn't seem to be the case. Thanks
  256. "all-in"

    Recommended transducer

    I just bought the NSS 12 as well. i got the B75M transducer and the 3D structure scan. Check this link out for some additional discussions.
  257. "all-in"

    Beer Brewing Items for Sale

  258. "all-in"

    Mexico Temporary Import Permit Email Failure

    This is the response I got back: Hello, I have received the payment and the manifest, thank you. The information has been verified and you are ready to travel into Mexican waters. You need to bring with you: the payment receipt, manifest, and passports of all passengers. Remember this...
  259. "all-in"

    Beer Brewing Items for Sale

    Sorry the regulator is not part of that item. Bottle alone is $10 Regulator & Protector is listed for $50 Sorry for the confusion.
  260. "all-in"

    Beer Brewing Items for Sale

    I have a ton of brewing supplies for sale. Everything from 5 gallons up to 25 gallon systems. Here is what I have inventoried so far: prices are per item! 2 - 15 gal Keg fermenters $75 1 Original Keg $75 2 - 5 gal glass carboys $10 1 plastic 15 gal fermenter $50 1 - 25...
  261. "all-in"

    It's Official...

    Why do so many people shit on your parade? Are they mad that they can't fish for a living?
  262. "all-in"

    Cheap (as in $2.38) fenders at WM

    Looks like someone got theirs already:
  263. "all-in"

    Need Mobile installer for new boat electronics (or Saturday business)

    Looking for someone that can come to my house to install or a business that is open on Saturdays. Simrad EVO 12", 3D Structure Scan and B75M transducer. Any recommendations would be great. It's a pain getting time off of work to drop off the boat at the shop. I live in Garden Grove. Thanks...
  264. "all-in"

    What chum, if any, for attracting mackerel for bait?

    cut squid also works
  265. "all-in"

    Need solar plans drawn up

    I live in garden grove and started installing solar panels on my house. I currently have 4 panels installed and ran to my electrical panels. An electrician helped me get this project started. I am currently off grid, but would like t to go on grid. This requires that I get it permitted by...
  266. "all-in"

    Pick Up Truck Rod Saver

    ty. Might be nice to have 2 of them to spread the rods.
  267. "all-in"

    Pick Up Truck Rod Saver

    What is the length of the pad? I want to look into one of these. Dakine description does not mention the width.
  268. "all-in"

    Awesome Lobster Trip To Catalina

    The customers have the option of using the anchor winch instead of pulling. When I went out most used the winch and then pulled the last 100 feet or so themselves.
  269. "all-in"

    Bugging on the Gail Force good times

    congrats. no limit??? have things finally slowed down for the GF.
  270. "all-in"

    fishing Lake Arrowhead (Big Bear)

    Fill your bobber up with water so that is slowly sinks. This will then sink your power bait. Other option would be to use night crawler not inflated.
  271. "all-in"

    AAA for boats ?

    I have used my VA a couple times and couldn't be happier. Make sure and add trailer assist as well. I got towed on a flat bed from SD to OC (98 miles). they cover up to 100 miles. It would have cost me $1000.00 but ended up costing me a tip to the driver.
  272. "all-in"

    New Posters aka noobs

    Not to jack your thread, but.....(you can fill the rest in)
  273. "all-in"


    I plan on doing it. I go were the bugs go and right now that doesn't seem to be in the shallows.
  274. "all-in"


    that is a lot of weight for us manual pull guys but I figured around 3 lbs.
  275. "all-in"


    great job. do you add weight to your hoops? If so how much?
  276. "all-in"

    Lifetime Fishing License For kid(s)?

    Wouldn't one major issue be if your kid moved out of CA?
  277. "all-in"

    No bugs I got this instead!

    Yes I was joking. The WSB has a giant gaff sticking out of it.
  278. "all-in"

    No bugs I got this instead!

    did you release it after the photo?
  279. "all-in"

    Black Friday Catalina Lobster LIMITS on the Gail Force -- 11/27/2015

    The harbor provided a couple of great years and short pulls. Hopefully it is slow due to the warm water only. It's nice not having to drive out to Catalina plus I was able to go out for a quick couple hours if I wanted to. Thanks for the reply. Sounds like you guys were in at least 100 feet...
  280. "all-in"


    1) Juvenile Corrections Officer 2)Largemouth Bass fishing 3)10.5 4) Yes
  281. "all-in"


    I am interested in this as well. I would like the 2 sensors and a Screamer.
  282. "all-in"

    Finallly- Bluefin Tuna Ok in Mexico

    and as soon as they show up next year they will close it again.
  283. "all-in"

    I need a mobile trailer mechanic ASAP

    If you have Trailer assist, get it towed to a trailer shop. Tell them the brakes are locked and it needs to be pulled onto a flat bed. I had the same issue with my drums not to long ago. Luckily I was at home. I had to spray lubricant for a couple days before I could get it to budge. I kept...
  284. "all-in"

    Charter help

    If you want Tuna. You may want to look into a day and a half trip.
  285. "all-in"

    You Avet Critics Crack Me Up#

    Was it an MC?
  286. "all-in"

    Free gaffing

    I won't mention the boat/captain because he is very respected and a great captain IMO, but I was on a boat where he free gaffed a 40lb mako. It was around 15 years ago. It does happen. People just get mad when it is a specific type of fish. If it was a 100lb BFT or something we wouldn't even...
  287. "all-in"

    10/4 on the Freedom

    I believe they had no deans. I went out of Newport couple weeks ago and we had to drive to San Pedro for bait to get deans.
  288. "all-in"

    Yeti cooler 110qt brand new trade big one or sale

    thanks for the cooler Leroy. Pleasure meeting you.
  289. "all-in"

    Oceanside Bait

    Bait was good on Saturday. A little to large for the size of tuna's we ran into. Don't forget to pay for parking. It was my first time there Saturday and didn't see the sign at 3 AM. Cost me an extra $58 when I got back. The bait barge was open at 3:30. There were some pinhead chovies in...
  290. "all-in"

    Windows 10, anyone... good , bad or ?

    My father in law upgraded and his keyboard no longer worked. No update drivers available so he had to buy a new keyboard. Other than that I think he is happy.
  291. "all-in"

    Trailer Wiring

    Shadow Trailers in Cypress if that is not to far. They have great customer service, fair pricing and good work.
  292. "all-in"

    Blue Fin limit is 2. Can I have 6 on a 3 day trip?

    Ok. Since it is a possession limit does that mean that you can only have 2 BFT at your home at any given time like lobsters? :frehya2:
  293. "all-in"

    Free Trailer Tires ST215 / 75R14

    I have 3 extra tires for free. Take 1, take all 3. They are worn and should probably be used as spare. Of course you can just use the rims and replace the tires if you want. That alone will save someone a couple bucks. I'm in Garden Grove.
  294. "all-in"

    Shitty Counts For a Banner Season..

    I agree. I have only caught a handful of fish this year. 4 trips (total around 350 miles) since June and only have 1 yft, a couple tails and some doritos.
  295. "all-in"

    7/30-8/2 Big BFTs and a marlin

    Did you fillet the fish into its 6 parts and put them into a glad bag with label attached? :) Great job guys.
  296. "all-in"

    Tuna Shut Down Good Dorado Bite - 8/1

    I hate you. I've been out 4 times this year and have only caught one tuna. I have not seen a single boil that I keep hearing about. jk about the hate. I'm just jealous.
  297. "all-in"

    Identify this turtle

    Did he have a hook in his mouth? If so Getting Ugly's son can ID him.
  298. "all-in"

    San Pedro on Monday what boat????

    Which ever boat you choose make sure it is an offshore trip and not a Catalina trip. Also make sure it is a limited load and you are ok with the limit. Some boats claim 60 is limited which is a joke for offshore. Growing up I always fished out of Daveys and loved it.
  299. "all-in"

    Macs in Long Beach harbor?

    I have always had go luck outside the break wall at the first opening, south side.
  300. "all-in"

    WENT TO THE 181

    I'm done driving passed the fish to avoid the crowds.
  301. "all-in"

    Most Fail Proof Bait Pump/System

    I had a couple rules fail when I first had my tank installed. I went back to Sentry. Have not had an issue since. That was 10 years ago.
  302. "all-in"

    Got Cheeks?

    I actually had them processed once the boat got back in. They lost out on more than just their fish cleaning.
  303. "all-in"

    Got Cheeks?

    Thank you for adding the video. I love the collars and when on party boats I have them save them for me. Some boats give you crap about it though.
  304. "all-in"

    Got Cheeks?

    Can someone please explain how to separate the collars?
  305. "all-in"

    Big Ass Bluefin on the Malahini

    Did it fit in the gunny sack?
  306. "all-in"

    Pacific Star 2 day trip, June 26 and 27

    Yes other boats were catching yellows but they were 3-5 lbs. I was out there fishing the yellowtail shootout. We were one of the only private boater out there with 10 cattle boats. The water rolled on the backside and no one was catching crap until they moved over to the nursery. Just so you...
  307. "all-in"

    Ocean LED Giving Away 2 A4 Xtreme Underwater LED Lights!

    #oceanLED This is how my day ended last week. #oceanLED
  308. "all-in"

    Vessel assit if you don't have it ????????????

    I just had my boat/trailer towed from Diego to Garden Grove. Would of cost me $900 if I didn't have vessel assist.
  309. "all-in"

    Flowscan troubleshooting needed

    This makes a lot of sense. Around the same time I did replace the filters. I really appreciate everyones help.
  310. "all-in"

    Flowscan troubleshooting needed

    I have 2 filters. They are mounted between the filters and the engines. Is the best way to clean the sensors to blow them with my air compressor?
  311. "all-in"

    Flowscan troubleshooting needed

    thanks for the input I will take a look at them. It just seems strange that they would both go out at the same time. of course one may have gone out and I didn't realize it since the gage was reading. Of course only reading half the gas actually being used :)
  312. "all-in"

    BFT Limits

    It will show up on their TPS reports.
  313. "all-in"

    Flowscan troubleshooting needed

    I have had my flowscan for a couple years and all was well. I don't remember the model but can check it out when I get home. Recently the gallons used stopped working. The display reads 0.0 or 0.2 but nothing else. I have twin Yam 115hp. I believe there is a flow sensor on each gas line...
  314. "all-in"

    Are red crabs edible?

    Red crab bisque?
  315. "all-in"

    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid

  316. "all-in"

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    salt is good but I would not get it via potato chips. Sunflower seeds work for me. I think the salt and the act of eating the seeds helps to keep you occupied. I also find the more time out on the water, the better your body will adjust. Driving absolutely helps. You can see and feel the...
  317. "all-in"

    Crown Molding question

    When continuing one board to the next, do you cut your crown molding at an angle? ie 45 degrees? I have a walls greater than 16 feet to 2 boards will be used for these walls. Thanks Chris
  318. "all-in"

    Big blue fin real close to home!!!

    They speared it. They were free diving with hard hats on.
  319. "all-in"


    I would love to see how you collar a yellowtail.
  320. "all-in"

    avet sx, calstar and sabre for sale

    Update Avet (sold) Seeker (1 available and 1 pending pickup) Sabre still available
  321. "all-in"

    avet sx, calstar and sabre for sale

    Please note the rod is a Seeker and not Calstar that is in the title.
  322. "all-in"

    avet sx, calstar and sabre for sale

    Sorry MoMo. My bad. I put the crack pipe away.
  323. "all-in"

    avet sx, calstar and sabre for sale

    OK guys here is the list for the Avet elite Dis momo Fishingsp Cell128 Calstar rod newby1. Sorry didn't get your pm
  324. "all-in"

    avet sx, calstar and sabre for sale

    If he was I apologize for my rant. I will check my PM's. I thought I replied to you.
  325. "all-in"

    avet sx, calstar and sabre for sale

    Not sure what you are talking about. I think I have sold/bought maybe 5 items since 2005. Fish reports have been lacking over the last year because I have baby at home. Go smoke your weed else where please.
  326. "all-in"

    avet sx, calstar and sabre for sale

    Rod is Seeker and not Calstar. I can't edit the title. All items are used for sale. Cash only. No trades. 8' Pro Sabre jig stick 20-40lb $40 (price reduced) Seeker G196-8' 10(15)25 lb. $100 (have 2 - 1 is pending) Avet SX 5:3:1 - silver right handed $75 (sold) One of the screws broke...
  327. "all-in"

    Fishing Trip from heck, not quite from hell, but close

    I was out at Cat a few weeks ago and had engine problems. We limped home and barely got the boat back on the trailer before the engines quit working. Glad you made it home safely. We had much nicer weather to deal with though.
  328. "all-in"

    Need a boat mechanic near Garden Grove

    thanks for the feedback guys
  329. "all-in"

    Need a boat mechanic near Garden Grove

    Yes. John retired and AL moved out of state as of 1/2015 the store is empty.
  330. "all-in"

    Need a boat mechanic near Garden Grove

    My mechanic, John's Custom Marine, has retired and I am looking for a new mechanic. I could use some recommendations for mechanics that are close to the Garden Grove area. Yamaha certified. Thanks Chris
  331. "all-in"

    Anyone hnow where I can get a lobster trap holder to stack my traps in a rod holder?

    I made a box out of ply wood. It sits on the back of my boat. It's big enough to sit 2 stacks of traps. It's also great for cutting bait and dumping lobsters as they come overboard. Helps to keep the deck clean.
  332. "all-in"

    11-15-14 LBC Lobster

    This year has been slow so far for me. I have been out on 3 trips and have not come even close to limits. Last year I was limiting on most trips.
  333. "all-in"

    11-15-14 LBC Lobster

    It is definitely a late crawl. We ended up with 4 legals, 6 shorts and 1 8lb sand bass (released) :) Dam thing tore my net up. 8 of the 10 bugs were caught after 10:30. Of course it was while we were cleaning up the night.
  334. "all-in"

    Bluefin Tuna limited to 2 fish discussion (merged threads)

    If the average catch is 1-2 per angler than changing the limit will have no effect. They need to fix the commercial take.
  335. "all-in"


    I'm right there with you.
  336. "all-in"

    Bonito location

    There were a bunch of them out on the horse shoe a week ago. I'm sure slow trolling bait, raps or swim baits will work. The only issue with the sardines were the birds kept pecking at them. You will also want to try for the YT that have been around. Good luck. Wish I had more time to get...
  337. "all-in"

    Caught a Nursery Shark

    Happy Halloween. I will probably give this away before next year's Halloween to a follow BDer like the lobster outfit if anyone is interested. (0 - 6 months but is pretty big on her) Chris
  338. "all-in"

    Gail Force/Triton Hoop Report

    They are also under the same regulations as personal watercrafts. It's not like they are fishing 30 nets per boat.
  339. "all-in"

    Looking for a licensed HVAC person to install a ductless system

    I am in the OC area (Garden Grove). I currently do not have heating or AC in my house. Looking to get a ductless system installed with both heating and AC. Anyone on the board want to give me a quote for the work? The house is small 1200 sq ft. The attic space is very narrow and the house...
  340. "all-in"

    Any good suggestion on lobster charter?

    On the Gail Force you pull the nets and you keep what you catch. I think they charge $65 for the night. It's fun and Ryan is a nice guy. If you go bring a milk crate with you for the bugs. Pulling them out of the gunny sack can be a pain. Max on the boat will be 10 and it probably will be...
  341. "all-in"

    Lobster opener prediction - Slow?

    Was wondering how you think people will do this opener? I think it will be slow. The water is very warm and the tide swing is only 2 feet between 12 and 5 am. At least the moon phase will be good.
  342. "all-in"

    How to Fish the Lobster Opener?

    If you don't drop your nets early and "crab"; you will not have your spot come midnight.
  343. "all-in"

    OK, who was clingling to their flipped skiff?

    Lucky Mr. Hammerhead didn't pay him a visit.
  344. "all-in"

    Credit card hack

    I just an email for my chase card which was stolen from Home Depot.
  345. "all-in"

    Catalina trip on Saturday

    I believe the best fishing has been for calicos on the front side. You can also search on the forum for recent post on the island. There is some good info out there.
  346. "all-in"


    Man you need to open up a store in Orange County.
  347. "all-in"

    Power Trim & Tilt help needed

    Update..... I disconnected the trim/tilt from the engine. Added and bled the fluid. The trim/tilt was going up and down ok. When I re-attached the engine the up didn't seem to have enough power to lift the engine. Down worked ok. Any thoughts on what still needs to be addressed?
  348. "all-in"

    Power Trim & Tilt help needed

    Thanks guys. I finally got the motor back up. I am going to ensure clean new fluid is in, full and no air bubbles. Hopefully it will start working again.
  349. "all-in"

    Power Trim & Tilt help needed

    Anyone with some suggestions on how to release my engine?
  350. "all-in"

    Power Trim & Tilt help needed

    Motor running noise and not clicking. I want to flush it if I can figure out if it is still good.
  351. "all-in"

    Power Trim & Tilt help needed

    I am having issues with my power trim/tilt and hopefully someone can assist. First off I have a Yamaha 115 out board 2001. My Power Trim/Tilt is not going up or down. It has been acting up for a while before it finally failed. I checked the fluid level and it was fine although the fluid was...
  352. "all-in"

    Yellow Tail ,,,,,, What Size??

    which translate to 8-12 lbs
  353. "all-in"


    I put all my shit in the front yard. It usually disappears within hours.
  354. "all-in"

    Bitch Slapped by a Thresher

    Cover it up with a nice fat thresher steak.
  355. "all-in"


    Congrats Ryan. It's good to see your business growing. Now you can get 2x's that crap from the BD haters. :_gore__::_gore__:
  356. "all-in"

    Propane to Natural gas conversion issue with orifices

    I think I paid around $300 5+ years ago so I don't want to invest a lot of $$$ on the conversion. At that point I will just buy a new one that is not all rusted up :) I think I fixed the issue. I found a drill bit (1/16) that was slightly larger than the NG orifices that came with the...
  357. "all-in"

    Propane to Natural gas conversion issue with orifices

    Well here is what I can tell you. I have switched out the line to what came in the kit so I hope that would be a natural gas line. The lp orifices seem to have a smaller hole than the natural gas ones. The threading for the lp is pipe threaded and the natural gas orifices are not. Thanks for...
  358. "all-in"

    Propane to Natural gas conversion issue with orifices

    I just bought a conversion kit in hopes of converting my BBQ to natural gas. I got to the point of replacing the orifices and quickly found out they are not the same size as what came in the kit. I have a Ducane HM 9051629 which I think maps to model 30400042. It is an older BBQ but I don't...
  359. "all-in"

    Stay in your boat

    Not to side track but: "They shot him several times in the head and then tied the rope around his tail fin, and pulled him towards the boat. We were going to cut the hook out of his mouth and let him go".
  360. "all-in"

    Lobster Week Long Beach

    Good job guys. Maybe, just maybe you won't get any haters on your thread.
  361. "all-in"

    Need lead sinkers in OC

    Tony If you want to come by and make them yourself I have all the equipment except I think my molds are 8, 12 and 16 oz. Figure $1.75 lb. I'm in Garden Grove. PM me if you are interested.
  362. "all-in"

    WTB... Kenji flys!?!

    This guy should be able to help you as well.
  363. "all-in"

    WTB... Kenji flys!?!

    go to That's where I got a hold of kenji before and bought some flys from him. If you can't find him on the site then send a PM to George (aka TunaBelly) and he will get you the info you need.
  364. "all-in"

    Fishing on the San Diego

    And some asked about the food in an earlier post. Opinions on the entire operations matter to me so I appreciate all feedback.
  365. "all-in"

    Monster Bug

    Nice job as usual Dave.
  366. "all-in"

    trickle charger help needed

    I may end up doing the same thing. Seems the $150 - $250 range chargers can only handle 1 profile at a time (ie Gel or AGM). Still searching but trying to keep the cost down if possible. I think I could get 2 chargers for $400 and get what I needed. Any other feedback would be appreciated.
  367. "all-in"


    I'm in if still available
  368. "all-in"

    trickle charger help needed

    Thanks Tail Chaser for the response. I like the price better but can you answers this? 1. Can I charge 2 12v running in parallel or 2 6v running with cross over to make a 12v with one bank? 2. Can the ProSport handle both Gels and AGM batteries at the same time (on different banks)?
  369. "all-in"

    trickle charger help needed

    this is what I was looking at:
  370. "all-in"

    trickle charger help needed

    First off I know enough about batteries to make a bad decision. I want to add a trickle charger to my batteries to keep things charged up while the boat sits at my house. I have no clue what I actually need so here is what I have and hopefully one of you guys can help me out. I have 2 dedicated...
  371. "all-in"

    Fish Art, let's see what you have,

    roughly 4' x 4'
  372. "all-in"

    Rockpile Rocked! Great day on the water! Sunday 12/15

    Next months fishing chick? I think she would look good.
  373. "all-in"


    The couple that I cooked tasted great as long as you tenderize them first. Otherwise you can chop them into bits, put it in the freezer and use it as chum. Works great for bass and other kelp critters. They can also be used for making macks.
  374. "all-in"

    Trailer Help - rusted nuts

    What is ATF?
  375. "all-in"

    Trailer Help - rusted nuts

    Live and learn. Thanks for all the posts. Hopefully pulling the hub off won't be too difficult.
  376. "all-in"

    Trailer Help - rusted nuts

    My trailer wheel (left side) recently started grinding so I figured it was either the brakes or the bearings. I decided I would try to fix the issue myself if possible. The lugs are locked and I am having difficulty getting them off. My first attempted involved buying an impact wrench (400 lbs...
  377. "all-in"

    Lobster Hoops for Sale and a few other items

    The promar nets have rust but the netting is in good shape. If you want to buy hoops, cages ect. individually here are those prices: Promar Nets: $15 36" Flat Nets: $10 Used Cages $2 New Cages $3 I probably have around $60 feet ($10) of floating rope and $100 feet of sinking rope ($15)...
  378. "all-in"

    Lobster Hoops for Sale and a few other items

    I bought it online but don't remember where. Just google it and you will find it.
  379. "all-in"

    Lobster Hoops for Sale and a few other items

    Bump - price lowered on hoop nets.
  380. "all-in"

    Lobster Hoops for Sale and a few other items

    I have: 7 - 36" flat hoops (6 left $10 each) Bait cages ($1 shorten cages and $2 for full size) I have around 8 shorten and 4 full size. If you need a couple 40-50 ropes make me an offer. Trap-Ease pot puller - $15 (SOLD) 2 - Promar collapsible hoops (SOLD) Yamaha Fuel Management Gauge...
  381. "all-in"

    Cortez Bank Report on the Toronado 1.5 day

    The bait has been completely on live squid at the Cortez. If you use sardine you only catch the bones. That's why they went to Cat first to load up on squid. It's been that way for the last month or so. I don't know about the crew but any time you go to the Cortez or the Tanner banks it can...
  382. "all-in"

    Lobster Season Question

    Opening night is horrible. Respect seems to go out the window. Like I said earlier, I have done it before and will never do it again.
  383. "all-in"

    Lobster Season Question

    If you don't drop early on your spot, someone else will. When I used to fish the opener I dropped my hoops then baited an hour before midnight. I've decided to just avoid the whole thing and go out a couple days later. Way to many retards out on the opener. There are lots of lobsters still...
  384. "all-in"

    Free - Sago Palms

    Bump. Bump.
  385. "all-in"

    Thunderbird 1.5 Day 8/15/2013 GDOW

    I'm pretty sure the Newport boats are running to the 60 mile bank.
  386. "all-in"

    Gail Force Lobster Hooping Starts Sept 28

    Hope you guys have another great season. I'm sure I will make a trip or two with you guys again.
  387. "all-in"

    Free - Sago Palms

    Better than renting. :)
  388. "all-in"

    Free - Sago Palms

    I may just tie it off to the truck and take it for a ride :)
  389. "all-in"

    Free - Sago Palms

    We just moved to Garden Grove. Brookhurst/Lampson
  390. "all-in"

    Free - Sago Palms

    No this is what they look like.
  391. "all-in"

    Free - Sago Palms

    That what they tell me but no one seems to want them for free let alone a couple bucks. We have listed them on Craigs list, Face Book, BD and even called a garden place.
  392. "all-in"

    Free - Sago Palms

    We just moved into our house and have 5 Sagos we want to get rid of. They range from 1 - 5 ft. You dig them up.
  393. "all-in"

    Sport boats Charging (renting) a burlap sack

    The Eclipse uses a kill box and number tags. Ask when booking your trip. I don't want to be on a boat where my fish is cooking in the sun.
  394. "all-in"

    Kayak Rack - Free

    One bump before it goes to the dump in the next couple of days.
  395. "all-in"

    Kayak Rack - Free

    The wife and I just bought a house and the owner left his Kayak Rack because my wife wanted the wood. Now she has changed her mind. It is free if some wants it. The new house is in garden grove. Thanks Chris
  396. "all-in"

    1996 skipjack for sale 760 951 5199 art

    Holy crap that's a tight fit. Good luck with the sale.
  397. "all-in"

    WSB DAY 2

    Welcome to BD Outdoors BD Outdoors is the premier online fishing forums for the hardcore angler. Sign up today and read through thousands of fishing reports posted by sportfishermen just like you. Post your own fishing reports, discuss fishing reels, learn how to build fishing rods, learn to...
  398. "all-in"

    Eclipse or Chief?

    I have fished the Eclipse once a year for the last 4-5 years and have never had a bad experience. They work their asses off from start to finish and always seem to put me on fish. Since they are out of Seaforth parking is never an issue unlike H&M Landing. I unfortunetly don't know anything...
  399. "all-in"

    Win a Pair of AFTCO Transom Bibs - Caption Contest - Ending May 14th, 2013

    1. Batter up 2. Is it Dead yet. 3. One, Two, Three strikes YOU'RE out.
  400. "all-in"

    Hey Dog lovers.......

    Training training training. When your not with your dog he/she should be in a crate untill they are old enough to be left alone. Enjoy your puppy and a few sleepless nights. We have a Saluki mix. They are supposed to be runners, jumpers, chasers, kill other pets etc. She does jump over...
  401. "all-in"

    Lake Gregory

    I know it has bass but I have only seen large mouths. I used to fish the lake for many years as a kid. My biggest trout was just over 10 lbs.
  402. "all-in"

    Vessel Assist or Sea Tow?

    I have VA. I was towed about a month ago. The boat that towed me said he contracted for both. I'm not sure it really matter which one you go with. I will say I was happy with the customer service I received from VA. I also have trailer assist which I have used a couple of times with no issues.
  403. "all-in"

    California Yellowtail raw?

    It taste great raw. Too me very similar to sushi restaurants IMO.
  404. "all-in"

    Last trip of the year

    I was out Tuesday and it was busy out there. Watch out for the fog boys. I'm done for the season.
  405. "all-in"

    Free Parking at Daveys Locker

    Couple blocks away from the landing there is street parking. Check the signs for street sweeper days. If I remember each side of the street is a different day. I almost always find a place to park. If not park across the street from the landing.
  406. "all-in"

    Vessel assist or sea tow?

    I used VA for the first time since 2003. They provided great service.
  407. "all-in"

    Bait net holder

    If that doesn't work out I would like to buy it. Can you ship on my dime of course?
  408. "all-in"

    Lobster it was fun while it lasted

    Thank you for the general area. This entire thread was pointless for me until now. At least I know I won't be bothered in the outer harbor. The people causing issues are more than likely are not on this site. We should be trying to help each other and not speaking in code. Just my 2 cents.
  409. "all-in"

    Where can I buy live mussels in OC

    thanks for the feedback. I checked the Asian market by my house and they didn't have them. I'll check costco and brook/Westmin store.
  410. "all-in"

    Where can I buy live mussels in OC

    In the Orange County area - Where can I buy live mussels (prefer black)? I bought some the other day from Santa Monica Seafood and half of them were open a few hours after purchase which may have been ok but I thought they were suppose to be closed. Thanks Chris
  411. "all-in"

    Long Beach Hooping Late Report

    They do allow you to fish between soaks. They don't have bait so bring some squid with you. The guys that run the boat are really cool and helpful. Don't expect to catch much, but it kills the time and you never know what may come out of the sea. I caught around 3 or 4 small sand bass and 1...
  412. "all-in"

    Long Beach Limits 1-24-13

    Very nice. You must have a nice honey hole.
  413. "all-in"

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    To my understanding the crew also keeps the fish cleaning bill. Don't know what they caught that day but I'm sure they average closer to $15 - $20 an hour on most days tax free. for the record, I enjoy Dave's posts and what he offers to BD.
  414. "all-in"

    Villa Park Dam/Reservoir

    As a teen I got tickets fishing OSO and Anaheim Hills Reservoir. I stopped illegal fishing after that. I figured it was a sign to straighten my shit out. Prior to getting busted in Anaheim I slipped on the gravel and slid into the lake. I had a good laugh that day. When I got older and...
  415. "all-in"

    Avet Blems....

    I have a blem and love it and have not had a single issue with it for 2 years going. I purchased mine from Big 5 at the Fred Hall Show so they may have some at their stores.
  416. "all-in"

    PETA's next target?

    I'm sure a lobster feels pain when we pull their tails off as well. Does a cow or lamb not feel pain when it is slaughtered? I'm sure all/most animals feel pain as they die. As least we try to make it quick.
  417. "all-in"

    Silverwood Lake snow !!

    Can you really call that a dirtbike ride?
  418. "all-in"

    Moving boat north need help on Marinas.

    What about Dana Point? You can go to Catalina and SCI. Running offshore for paddy hopping is easy. You can travel to the Mexican border for tuna if they show up around the 182/302 area. You have lots of local stuff to fish for as well most of the year.
  419. "all-in"

    Hello: new from FL

    Don't take things personal. Fellow members give each other shit all the time. Take it with a grain of salt and you should be just fine.
  420. "all-in"

    Power Trim & Tilt for Yamaha 115hp

    Thanks Rich What can I use to heat up the screw? I don't want to cause a fire. Is the hydraulic fluid flamable?
  421. "all-in"

    Power Trim & Tilt for Yamaha 115hp

    The problem is the screws are frozen and I can't get them loose (all 4 of them). I was hoping maybe there was a trick I could use to get them loose.
  422. "all-in"

    Power Trim & Tilt for Yamaha 115hp

    Here are a couple pics to show you what I am refering too. Its Power Trim and Tilt not Trim Tab.
  423. "all-in"

    22nd Street Landing 12-26-2012

    I'm not sure either but I don't think the weather is going to be very good. Forecast as of 2:15 PM PST on December 25, 2012 Small Craft Advisory in effect from Wednesday morning through late Thursday night Inner Waters From Point Mugu To San Mateo Pt. Ca Including Santa Catalina And Santa...
  424. "all-in"

    Power Trim & Tilt for Yamaha 115hp

    Man I just dropped the boat off. I'll get pics hopefully by end of week.
  425. "all-in"

    Power Trim & Tilt for Yamaha 115hp

    I have a leak coming from my Power Trim & Tilt Assembly. The screws are frozen so I can't get them undone to replace the O-Ring. Is there anyway to get them un-frozen? Is there somewhere where I might be able to buy a used/refurbished one? It looks like a new one is going to cost more...
  426. "all-in"


    465 - That thing is a beast
  427. "all-in"

    Black Seeker Rods for sales

    I have 2 used Black Seeker rods for sale. I have had them both for about 5 years. They have the usual wear and tear. They are both G196 - 8 ft. Looking for $100 each or best offer. Reel does not come with the rod. Located in Westminster for pickup.
  428. "all-in"

    Hoping to find a new home for a troubled Lab

    When I had him I got to the point were I was pretty extreme and I was not happy about it at all. I tried feeding by hand, choker and shock collar. Nothing seem to work for me which is why we rehomed him hoping the change in environment would help.
  429. "all-in"

    Hoping to find a new home for a troubled Lab

    I'll try not to get to winded with this post but here is goes. Almost 2 years ago my wife and I purchased a choc Lab from a fellow BD member. While raising him we quickly began noticing aggression issues while eating and sleeping/laying down. We could not fix the issue. We even hired a...
  430. "all-in"

    10 keeps - one hoop

    Well done. Beats my night total by 1.
  431. "all-in"

    Offshore fuel surcharge

    What about the bunk fee? Doesn't that seem odd to anyone? I've never heard of a boat doing that.
  432. "all-in"

    14 to the 277 and back

    Started at the south end of the 14. Worked that area for a while. We then hit the 277 and still did not see a paddy. Took a different angle and headed back to the 14. Still did not find a single paddy. We traveled around 80-90 miles total and did not see a single paddy. Water temp ranged...
  433. "all-in"

    Throwing Irons with Spectra

    use a few feet of mono in case you get stuck in the rocks.
  434. "all-in"

    gotta vent (SD parking "violation")

    I would fight it just on principle. Good luck.
  435. "all-in"

    Caption Contest Presented by Bubba Blades - Ending August 7th, 2012

    1. Bubba Blade - bleeds sex appeal 2. Best of both worlds 3. Some decisions just aren't that obvious
  436. "all-in"

    Show me your Dog - Win a PENN Carnage Rod from Rotations Pet Food

    Here is my pup Hali (short for Halibut) and her sidekick Klinger. She is currently 7 mos.
  437. "all-in"

    possible new Avet warranty, thoughts?

    I like the idea of authorized service centers. Keep the cost at $39 and pay the $10 to the service center + whatever other fee is needed to make both parties happy. I hate having to pay for shipping cost even it is just one way.
  438. "all-in"

    Most of you remember the 80's...

    Wow....I'm speechless. I still love my music from the 80's but I never heard that song before.
  439. "all-in"

    Stupid Dog

    2 scoops looks like 4 scoops. Put the boy on a diet. Funny story. Thanks for sharing.
  440. "all-in"

    Wide Open Crappie Bite

    I used to fish there around 25 years ago and we used to kill the crappie and they were big. Nice to see they are still there. Do they still have a good bite on cats and bass?
  441. "all-in"

    lbc breakwall/hali drifts

    I was fishing last Saturday and saw a whale in the LB harbor as well.
  442. "all-in"

    Hoopin SD bay Revenge style

    They are not rusted enough.
  443. "all-in"

    SCI trips?

    No MLPA closures. Rock Cod season ends 12/31.
  444. "all-in"

    SCI trips?

    No, San Clemente Island
  445. "all-in"

    SCI trips?

    Anyone heading out to SCI for rockcod before the closure and need an extra to help with costs? I'm off work until the end of the year and need to get out. Send me a PM if you have an extra spot.
  446. "all-in"

    Starlight Kennel opinions

    Like I said the time is there just don't know how quantitative it actually is. I'm definitely going to check into the dvd you suggested. Thanks you
  447. "all-in"

    Starlight Kennel opinions

    Chuck I work with my dog everyday usually 2 - 15/20 minutes just basic commands. I usually take him to the park 3-4 days a week and play fetch. I know I spend enough time with him, I'm just not sure it is quality time. I am really not knowledgeable on dog training. I've read books, looked...
  448. "all-in"

    Starlight Kennel opinions

    He is almost 8 months. I have had a personal trainer for a while for basic stuff but I have a food aggression issue that I can't get resolved. Had a long talk with Paul about it and he was very honest about expectations which is why I want to give him a shot at fixing it. I'm hoping a change...
  449. "all-in"

    Starlight Kennel opinions

    I'm going to bring my dog down after the first of the year and will more than likely leave him at boot camp for the 2 months. He is in need of a good ass kicking.
  450. "all-in"

    Starlight Kennel opinions

    Thinking of taking my dog to Starlight Kennels. Anyone ever use them and what was your experience? Thanks Chris
  451. "all-in"

    2007 28' PARKER - REDUCED!

    Get a new doctor. Beautiful boat and free bump.
  452. "all-in"


    I have a blem and love it. No issues.
  453. "all-in"

    Dog Bite

    buy a couple camera's and mount them where you can see your neighbors but they can't see the camera's. Ooops didn't see the above posts.
  454. "all-in"

    Lobster possession

    At the launch ramp I asked the DFG person these questions. 1. Lobsters must be kept hole until eating 2. Possession limit at home is 7. You can gift but max in household is 21 (ie the multi day permit max). If you buy a multi day permit keep proof with you until the lobsters are gone.
  455. "all-in"


    Always hover over the link before clicking it. the address will show up and it will not be what you expect is to be. Anytime you are not sure call your establishment. I have received the same type of emails for Paypal, Ebay, Chase and bank I don't even have accounts with.
  456. "all-in"

    Channel Islands Opener Oct. 1-5

    What's the cost for a trip like that?
  457. "all-in"


    I always used debit to help the seller, but with the banks soon charging monthly fees to use debit I will begin using credit instead.
  458. "all-in"

    LA Times + Sand Bass Decline Report = Their .02 Cents

    Captain clearly did not read the article just the title.
  459. "all-in"

    10/2/2011 Local hooping

    If you ask my wife, we were in the middle of a cat 5 hurricane :)
  460. "all-in"

    2 Legal and a bunch of crabs

    Check the regs but I think crabs (brown/Yellow) are open all season. Dung crab opener is November 6th. If I can find the reg I will post.
  461. "all-in"

    10/2/2011 Local hooping

    The seas were angry last night heavy winds and 4-5ft swells but the bugs were crawlin. I could swear the boat was surfing the waves at times. Meg and I went out for our first lobster trip of the year last night (Sunday). The wind was blowing and the swells were high. By the time we got our nets...
  462. "all-in"

    Spectra line

    As it gets older you can take it down to your local tackle shop and have them pull off the spectra and them put it back on in reverse order. Then it is like having new line put on.
  463. "all-in"

    Lake Mohave

    Going on a houseboat at the end of the week (Katherine Landing). Anyone fish there lately that can give me a report on cats and stripers? Thanks in advanced.
  464. "all-in"

    BOUNCEBALLING: Using something other than a hoochie

    Travis, I've my share of success fishing LB for halibuts. My normal setup is trolling the hooch with live bait, but I have also caught them on dead squid and rapalas. I like to run my balls heavier and longer than normal. You want your scope as straight down as possible. This will help...
  465. "all-in"

    spectra on 1.5 day trips?

    I was on the BMS and was told I could not fish straight spectra. That was a first for me. Of course they wanted me to buy it mono from them and I refused. I had 5 reels and another angler gave me some of his. My 2 cents; you need to post any rules of your boat before you leave the dock...
  466. "all-in"


    Freeze until trash day or hit your local park after dark :)
  467. "all-in"


    Next time the fish Gods will look down on us :).
  468. "all-in"


    Hey Matty, I was on the boat with you. I think you laid things out pretty well. We hit 2 paddy in the morning and that was it. I expected the regular captain to be on board and not the 30 something crew. Did you notice they all had captain titles except for the cook? Maybe that's why he...
  469. "all-in"

    Just felt like sharing my catches.......

    I guess 7lbs. What lake are you at? Those are some nice bass.
  470. "all-in"

    PACIFIC STAR 2 DAY 8-23 - 8-25

    Those are my thoughts as well. Maybe a boat operator can tell us all how a fuel surcharge is calculated roughly. The boat was hit with a $30 surcharge and they didn't even make the long run. I just don't get it.
  471. "all-in"

    How are fuel surcharges decided

    I think you missed the point of my question. I don't care about the cost but how they go about it. In other words I just want to know what it will cost before I get on the boat. In the past, 3+ years ago, I was never charged for a fuel surcharge even when the trip went the extra distance...
  472. "all-in"

    How are fuel surcharges decided

    It's all relative. Yes dock prices are higher. So when I was paying $4.50 a gallon, they were paying more and then they added a fuel surcharge. Well they are still charging a fuel surcharge and gas is around $3.60. So yes I'm still asking the question.
  473. "all-in"

    How are fuel surcharges decided

    I feel like fuel charges are just becoming the norm. I can understand the idea of a surcharge with the price of gas was over $4 a gallon but should the cost of the ticket cover your gas once the cost of gas came back down? I have a feeling that fuel surcharges are going to be like going to...
  474. "all-in"

    Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead or

    Take a look at Lake Gregory. Small lake with boat rentals (I think only electric motors allowed). I've always caught trout there. The biggest being 11 pounds. They also have water toys and a water slide that goes into the lake. Lake Gregory is below Blue Jay and about 15-20 minutes from...
  475. "all-in"

    HEY HOMEOWNERS.........

    Also Mike, If you refied last year check your loan docs and see how much they put in reserves to start the impound account. Sometimes they don't collect enough and you find out a year later of the screw up.
  476. "all-in"

    HEY HOMEOWNERS.........

    Mike It has happened to me but it was because the property taxes went up. When it came time to pay the taxes the escow company was short and came to me for the balance. Then my escrow account increased so the same thing would not happen again. So to answer you question it does happen. It...
  477. "all-in"

    HEY HOMEOWNERS.........

    Find out if you are paying to much for your taxes. What I mean by that is your home is worth less than the assessed value. If so petition to have the county lower your taxes. That will save you money.
  478. "all-in"

    Clipboard girls, do they wait for you to trailer?

    Quit bitchin about the washdown. Yes we have them in Dana, Huntington, etc but it comes at a price of $10-$12 to launch. I'll take the free entry you guys have anyday.
  479. "all-in"

    HEY HOMEOWNERS.........

    Mike you should be able to call your insurance company directly and find out if your premium was increased. Then go to your county website and you can view your property taxes there. You can see what your taxes are and when they were paid. Add these two together divide by 12, that is approx...
  480. "all-in"

    WOW Man Puts Hand In Table Saw!

    Wow absoutely amazing.
  481. "all-in"

    10 Week Old Chocolate Lab Pup

    Thanks again for the puppy Richard. He will get lots of love. I think we decided to name him Klinger.
  482. "all-in"

    10 Week Old Chocolate Lab Pup

    Richard I sent you a pm to see if you still have the pup.
  483. "all-in"

    Questions on Newport Landing???

    I almost always park on the side streets. Just check the street sweeper signs. Each side of the street will be a different day.
  484. "all-in"

    fish dope

    Fishdope is about catching fish and nothing else. You will not find a single bucket of popcorn on their site. When the tuna come in I use their map features (SST, Temp, weather, etc) to map out my trips. I gives me a very good understanding of what I can expect in terms of costs before i even...
  485. "all-in"

    WTF!!! DFG ???

    I call bullshit without pics. That's a hell of lot of voilations happening at one time.
  486. "all-in"


    Congrats on the catch. Were you free diving?
  487. "all-in"

    Bee Removal?

    if you have a nozzle that holds soap. just use soap and water. The soap will kill them. Again wait until dusk when they are all grouped together and asleep.
  488. "all-in"

    May Avet reel contest

    It will be under contests. Looks like it has not been posted yet.
  489. "all-in"

    Fished with Ronnie Kovach.....

    Can't wait to see his next post.
  490. "all-in"


    I hate you Tommy. Or should I say, I hate that you do not have a location in Orange County. :)
  491. "all-in"

    Where and who to fish with in St. Lucia

    yes we are doing Sandals.
  492. "all-in"

    Frustrated 1 year boat owner looking for advise.

    I'm a boat owner and know the drill. When I go on another boat, I asked what my share is roughly going to be and kick in an extra $20 or so for maint. I consider myself a guest on your boat and am basically your boat bitch. I will always stay to help clean. Ok my sells pitch is over. Give me a...
  493. "all-in"

    Where and who to fish with in St. Lucia

    My future wife and I will be in St. Lucia for my honeymoon starting on May 18th. We would like to get a day of fishing in. Anyone ever fish there? Any advise and/or recommendations would be great. What fish are around, how much should we expect to pay. Thanks in advance Chris
  494. "all-in"

    No reds taken

    Ok so here is my question. Why would you go Rock fishing at San Nich if you can't keep reds? Are you not targeting reds when rock fishing? Lings are not in season until April 1st.
  495. "all-in"

    Exploratory Squid Trip

    to the best of my knowledge they did not catch anything.
  496. "all-in"

    lead for making weights/jigs

    Is there a place in OC where I can buy clean lead? I would like to stay away from tire weights which is what I've been using thus far. I really don't like the end results. I'm hoping/expecting cleaner lead to come out nicer. Thanks Chris
  497. "all-in"

    Raymarine unit---No signal from transducer

    I had a similar issue with my GPS and it turned out to be the connector to the unit. I replaced the connector and all was better.
  498. "all-in"

    Sushi Feast.....Thanks Tommy!!!!

    I love having sushi nights at home. I suck at it but it makes for an entertaining night. Good job.
  499. "all-in"

    Ensenada fish Reports (Updated Daily)

    Looks great. My 2 cents. in the summary section add the number of anglers. In the detail sections add contact information so we can call to book a trip. How far back do you display data? You may want to think about making is a calendar pick list of some type instead of just a sort option...
  500. "all-in"

    My next boat - Pretty cool idea

    Not sure if you guys have seen this one or not. Love love, Julien Berthier
  501. "all-in"

    ST 2.5 day San Martin 2/19-20 Pacific Star

    If anyone wants to carpool down south let me know. I'm in Westminster.
  502. "all-in"

    Old Computer crap must go :)

    I have a ton of old computer parts that I'm getting rid of. Let me know in the next couple days if you want it, otherwise it will go to the junk yard which is probably where it belongs :rofl: . I have sound cards, modems, adapters, mother boards, memory chips and who knows what else. It's all in...
  503. "all-in"

    Corona lake

    I haven't been there this year but if you are in a boat there are 2 areas I always catch fish. The first area is across the lake. If you look at the brush line there is a boat across from the boat rentals a little to the left. The second area is by the dam. From the boat rentals head...
  504. "all-in"

    Pasta Sauce Company Name

    I think she will start at the flea markets and hopefully get into the bigger markets.
  505. "all-in"

    Pasta Sauce Company Name

    My fiancee, Meg is starting up a company to produce and sell her pasta sauce. She has a few company names but wants help with her final decision. If you guys have a minute could you please go to the link below and let us know your thoughts. It will only take a minute. If you have any other...
  506. "all-in"

    Hoopnet Tragedy at Santa Monica

    I got a rope stuck in the prop last time out and almost got rocked. It was pretty scary. I was the first boat out there. The rope was from a previous night which probably lost it's bouy. First thing I did was drop the anchor. I was about 70-75 feet from the rocks when my engines shut down.
  507. "all-in"

    irvine opener!

    I would love to go. Does anyone need an extra to help with boat cost? Friday or Monday works for me.
  508. "all-in"

    Going to NY want to fish for Stripers

    Heading out to NY Tues 10/19 - 10/26 and want to fish for Stripers. Will be in Long Island but can travel as far as Montauk. I figured I would rent a rod but bring some tackle. What should I bring? If anyone wants to take me out I have cash to pay for fuel.
  509. "all-in"

    canceled trips....

    Sorry I have to disagree. I have many friends that have been unemployed for over a year. Some others like myself have had their hours cut in half. It's sucks and I have yet to see things get better. Just my 2 cents.
  510. "all-in"

    10/14/2010 - 3rd lobster trip and almost rocked my boat

    3rd trip of the year results in 9 lobster for All-In. I was not solo on this trip. I was joined by fellow FD'r Andy and his friend Paul. This was our first time fishing together. Andy and Paul are a couple of great guys and are definitely welcome back on my boat anytime. Our trip started...
  511. "all-in"

    Local lobster limits - Solo

    Just bought one though I can't use it until a get my plate for the rod holders. Thanks for asking.
  512. "all-in"

    Local lobster limits - Solo

    2nd trip of the year nets limits for All-In. Needed a night to myself so took the boat out for some peace and quite. Weather was awesome. Drops my 5 nets at 5 and made my first pull at 7:05. First set produced 4 legals and 3 shorts. One male was 5-6 pounds. Not quite bugzilla but I wasn't...
  513. "all-in"

    Cat Lobster rpt 10/8/2010

    Hooped the Island last night. 4 guys 10 nets 5 legal bugs. Things started out pretty good we had 8 shorts and 5 legals in the 1st two sets. Then the lights went out. Didn't see anything in our nets again until around midnight when a spider crab entered our nets. All bugs were caught between...
  514. "all-in"

    san clemente island

    Here is the website San Clemente Island
  515. "all-in"


    Yes tonight at midnight.
  516. "all-in"

    The ABC's of boobs.

    Humongous :chestram2
  517. "all-in"

    Irvine Lake CAtfish

    If you are going to be on a boat. Fly line your bait for a slow sink. Also the dam is a good area to fish.
  518. "all-in"

    September 2010 Avet Reels Photo Contest!!

    The pic was taken at night on the way in. You can see the rail at the bottom of the pic. Here is a couple more just in case you think I altered.
  519. "all-in"

    September 2010 Avet Reels Photo Contest!!

    Picture/Pictures Name: Chris Minogue Location of fish caught: Around 302 area Gear used: MXJ 6/4 MC Date: 9/13/2010 My boat was in the shop and the tuna finally showed up so I jumped on the Aztec for a 1.5 dayer. As the boats were coming in there were lots of unhappy customers. The great bite...
  520. "all-in"

    When can you put hoops in?

    I agree with the replies. However the last 2 years everyone had their nets in the water before 12:00. I was told by many people that you just can't pull your nets before 12:00. The catch 22 is if you don't drop your nets before 12:00 then someone else will drop them on your spot. I'll wait until...
  521. "all-in"

    Lake Mohave (Katherines Landing)

    Going out on a house boat 9/23 - 9/28. I will have access to wave runners as well. I have never fished the lake and was hoping you guys could give me advise on what to fish for this time of year and maybe some areas. Thanks in advance Chris
  522. "all-in"

    The Season is upon us...

    BajaNewbe My main advise is be safe. Always be aware of your surrounding especially when hooping next to rocks. You would be surprised how fast/far you can drift during a pull. Team work is essential. When droping nets you should keep contact with the nets until they reach the bottom...
  523. "all-in"

    Course up or North up on GPS?

    I prefer course up. It's like driving a car to your destination. If I want someone else to drive it's easier to explain how to stay on course.
  524. "all-in"

    brew your own beer?

    Here are some additional pics: The 15gal keg is used as a hot liquor tank and also used to raise the temperature in the mash. Notice the single gas line. I only use 1 10 gallon propane tank. This pic shows the wort being transfered back into itself. This is to settle the bed grain to...
  525. "all-in"

    brew your own beer?

    I'm using copper coils to cool the wort. The coils are designed for 10 gallon batch so cooling takes a while.
  526. "all-in"

    brew your own beer?

    My first batch was a complete disaster. I had bottles blowing up in my closet and it tasted like crap. Now my buddy and I have brewed over 100 batches. With a help of another friend I built a brew station and I am brewing 20 gallons at a time. Maybe some day I will be able to sell my brew. I...
  527. "all-in"

    Anchor Rope/Chain and other shit for sale

    145'Anchor Rope 3/8" - $30 G4 anchor chain 10ft 1/4" - $20 6 Gage cable - Not Marine grade - $20 19 feet Black and Red 4.5 feet Black 1 foot Red Black & Decker Hedge Hog HS2400 - $40 All items are located in Westminster Trades are also welcomed.
  528. "all-in"

    O'nite yellowtail counts....?

    The San Diego boats are going to SCI. The Navy has been kicking all the boats out of the area first thing in the morning. Not sure why everyone is being a bunch a dick heads about the info. This site is for sharing info. He is only asking about a location and not exact numbers.
  529. "all-in"

    YAMAHA Outboard service SPECIAL....Cheeeeap!

    you dam San Diego people get all the deals.
  530. "all-in"

    Hot opportunity on the Islander

    How much is the trip?
  531. "all-in"

    Placostimus (Sucker Fish)

    if you don't take care of the tank, he has all the food in the world to eat. I would take him if you lived closer. I have two one is about 3 inches and the other which I have had for about 3 years is about 9 inches. Looks like a dinosaur.
  532. "all-in"

    Windlass chain/rope rode

    I recently installed a lewmar 1000 (Horizontal). I set mine up with 5/16 proof coil chain (40 ft) and 5/8 rope (200 ft). My boat is 25 ft and my total cable run was right at 33ft (used 6AWG cable). Here are some problems I am experiencing: On retrieve I don't always seem to have enough power...
  533. "all-in"

    Albacore in range now! 2 Day Smokin Deal. The Freedom Departing Monday 8pm

    When will the boat be back? Do you have freezer holds for the fish?
  534. "all-in"

    lake Gregory

    My parents use to have a cabin in Gregory. I love fishing that lake. I use to kill the trout. My personal best came from that lake at 9 3/4 lbs.
  535. "all-in"

    My Biggest Homeguard on the "SWEET TERESA"

    Outstanding gentlemen....Outstanding
  536. "all-in"

    6/10 - Coronado Islands report

    The picture is not at the Island but inside the bay
  537. "all-in"

    6/10 - Coronado Islands report

    Fished the Coronado's today with fellow BDr Derrick. Started at the whistle buoy. Tons of diving terns but couldn't get any yellows to bite. Metered big fish at the bottom. Gave up and went to the middle grounds with the fleet. The key to getting bit was to use 15-20lb floro. We ended up going...
  538. "all-in"

    Looking for a home for a 2 year old pit

    I'm posting for a friend of a friend which makes us absolutely nothing :puff: She had to move back to her folks house and now can not keep her dog. This is what I have been told about the dog: Free to good home 2 year old Female named Magnolia. Pit Bull. Good with other animals. Kid...
  539. "all-in"

    5/31/2010 - SCI report on the Amigo Huge Reds

    12 inches. They were measured. They look small because the Reds are big.
  540. "all-in"

    5/31/2010 - SCI report on the Amigo Huge Reds

    Just frozen squid. They said they tried the prev 2 nights and couldn't make any.
  541. "all-in"

    5/31/2010 - SCI report on the Amigo Huge Reds

    Huge Reds invaded the Amigo Monday at SCI. We caught some of the biggest Reds and Lings I have ever seen for Southern California. All the Reds were between 5-8 lbs and the Lings were between 12-18 lbs. Here is the counts for the day: <TABLE border=1 cellSpacing=1 borderColor=#ffffff...
  542. "all-in"

    Things to do in San Diego

    My girlfriend and I will be spending the day/evening Saturday (5/29) in San Diego. Can you locals help me some ideas on what we can do? I'm not real interested in Sea World or the Zoo. We more or less just want to walk around by the water and have a good time. Maybe rent some kayaks. Does...
  543. "all-in"

    Another dumbass (and her lawyer) contributing to raising my property taxes...

    This explains so much :) When I was younger I had a few friends fall off swings, bridges and other shit at the park. No one ever filed law suites. It's our generation that is always looking to blame others. It is a total crock of shit.
  544. "all-in"

    Does your dog like the Jacuzzi?

    That's some funny shit.
  545. "all-in"

    My dog had surgery 5/17

    He is 1/2 Pit 1/2 Lab and too smart for his own good.
  546. "all-in"

    Caddis Stalker II float tube

    I have had this float tube for about 25 years and it's been in a box for about 20 years. I have no idea what condition it's in. If you want it please PM me. I live in Westminster. Here a link to what it looks like Sport Fishing British Columbia Canada, Stalker Float Tube I think I also have...
  547. "all-in"

    My dog had surgery 5/17

    We had plans to have a house party Saturday night for my buddies 40th B-Day. We wanted to keep our dog occupied so we purchased a Lamb bone. We have purchased bones for him for many years without issues. Late, late Saturday night Quest puked all over the floor. Didn't think much of. Cleaned it...
  548. "all-in"

    Sea expectaions

    If you decide to fish San Diego, tow your boat down there. You will be waisting a ton of time and money riding the boat from Dana. The weather this weekend is going to be nice regardless of where you decide to fish. Have a good time and good luck
  549. "all-in"

    So how long do you guys fish in one spot?

    Travis only catches fish that wash up on shore.
  550. "all-in"

    Is pre season hooping legal?

    What if you are targeting crabs? Do people catch crabs this time of year?
  551. "all-in"

    Anchor Locker Hatch

    I am purchasing a new windlass for my boat. I will be changing from a vertical to horizontal to give me more room in the locker. In this process I will probably have to replace the locker hatch. Is this something that can be picked up at the store? Is there someone here that can make the...
  552. "all-in"

    Anyone have the #'s of the high spot of the 9?

    I've been a member for almost a year and have yet to get my reach around. Jason???
  553. "all-in"

    Any opinions on LEWMAR CONCEPT 1 WINDLASS

    I am using 3 strand braided to chain.
  554. "all-in"

    Any opinions on LEWMAR CONCEPT 1 WINDLASS

    Thanks for the response. I believe the chain I have is 5/16" BBB. It's the cheaper of the 2 types of chain. I don't believe the V700 will support the 5/16" chain.
  555. "all-in"

    Any opinions on LEWMAR CONCEPT 1 WINDLASS

    I need to replace my windlass and I am looking for something economical. I have 5/16" chain and don't want to buy a different size chain. Does anyone have this windlass? I would like to hear about your experience with it. If anyone has other recomendations, they would also be welcomed...
  556. "all-in"

    Free Mastiff Puppy!

    If the pup is still available I will absolutely love to take him. I'll send you a pm with my contact info
  557. "all-in"

    How come no giant BFT on left coast?

    I was fishing for BFT in NY back in September. I was shocked to find out the limit was 1 per boat. Not per person but per boat. The captain told me they don't fish BFT very ofter just for that reason. I think that has a lot to do with the size of East Coast tuna vs West Coast tuna. Of...
  558. "all-in"

    Serious Question - Pit Bulls

    I've asked quite few questions on this board over the last few years, and have appreciated the responses and help I've received, but my questions have all been about pretty unimportant stuff (reels, recipes,electronics, etc.) in the scheme of things. This question has long term implications...
  559. "all-in"

    Mac help

    Well I used to have RAID 5 now RAID 3 (would like to pick up another Hd to run RAID 5). Also I'm looking to upgrade from 2003 server to 2008 server. I was part owner of a company and when we folded I got this server when we split assetts. I want to start using it to develop on but I have...
  560. "all-in"

    Mac help

    FishStalker Are you trying to make us feel stupid? RAID 5 with a hotspare.:zelfmoord You are going to send this guy over the edge. By the way do you know much about Servers? Mine needs some work :imdumb:
  561. "all-in"

    Underfilled Reels, How to fix

    Here is what I would do which may be wrong but it makes since to me: 1. Remove top shot 2. Unwind spectra to an empty secondary reel 3. Add spectra to a secondary reel. You need enough to cover the missing amount on the original reel. (requires spectra to spectra tie) 4. Put spectra back on...
  562. "all-in"

    Lobster bait

    Looks like you spilt oil on those lobsters. Still a nice haul.
  563. "all-in"

    best pliers

    I bought mine for around $5 at Home Depot. Don't even know brand they are. They rust when I forget to oil them. When they rust I put them in my bait at the beginning off the next trip. After about an hour or 2 I pull them out and they work great again. I'm not a scientist but the running...
  564. "all-in"

    Issue cooking crabs

    Thanks Crash. Your information was very helpfull. I thought they would live out of water for at least a day. I hated to waste all that crab meat. At least I know for future catches.
  565. "all-in"

    Issue cooking crabs

    I was out last Saturday night (MDR) and caught a bunch of crabs. We didn't cooked them until Sunday evening. To the best of my knowledge they were still alive when cooked. After cooking we placed them in a pot in the frig to be cleaned on Monday. On Monday I noticed a black liquid at the...
  566. "all-in"

    lobster killing fields

    We are getting bugs at 8:00 AM? How deep were you?
  567. "all-in"

    Hoop Lights?

    Just to add my 2 cents. It's just as important that other boaters can see where your gear is so they don't run over your ropes, drop ontop of yours or just disturb potential lobsters crawling below. This is where a lot of damage can be done. A boater won't know he's tangled until it's too...
  568. "all-in"

    Local limits - 01/10/10

    That's great to hear Glen and alone to boot. I may have to take a trip after this storm.
  569. "all-in"

    comfortable savings?

    Jimmy A good rule of thumb is 6 months savings at all times. As far as paying off debt, always pay off the higher interest cards first then work your way down. When or if things get really tight make sure you take care of your family first. (ie food, clothing and mortgage) Everyone else...
  570. "all-in"

    The Fishermans Fellt in LAPAZ

    Went there in June 2005. No tuna were caught by our group. Weather was great a little windy at times. We caught Dorado, Pargo, Wahoo and other misc fish. Local food is outstanding. Dave and his team are very friendly. Here's a few pics of the trip
  571. PA210042


  572. P7230010


  573. PA210039


  574. Boat Pics

    Boat Pics

  575. "all-in"

    11/7 - Catalina lobstering

    Hooped the Island last night for easy limits. We had limits for 2 by 7:00. Total pulls was 19 nets. Bait was easy to make. Weather was great.
  576. "all-in"

    Email Campaign for MAP 2!!

    Done. Should we send emails from our different email accounts? ie Work, Home etc
  577. "all-in"

    Local Bugs

    Hey Glen How was the boat traffic out there?
  578. "all-in"

    10/12 North of 181

    Left Dana Point around 4:15 and headed out to an area between the 181 and 209. Fished the porps with everyone else today. Fishing was pretty scratchy with all the boat traffic. We managed to catch 2 YFT and lost one. My buddy is a rookie to offshore fishing and put his thumb and the spool...
  579. "all-in"

    Here's the first net's tally

    Opening night we got 9 keepers for 3 peeps. Sounded like we were the big winners of the night. Overall things were slow.
  580. "all-in"

    You wanna catch some?

    Travis I'm almost always looking for peeps to go out lobstering with me. Hit me up especially if mid week is good for you. I know a few spots at Catalina as well but I'm always looking to increase my knowledge. Chris
  581. "all-in"

    9/23 BFT report - WFO

    Yes it is. It was the first time I've ever been on one and it was awesome. The weather was 2-3 foot swells but it felt like glass conditions in his boat. It would like to see how it handles in really crappy conditions.
  582. "all-in"

    9/23 BFT report - WFO

    totally agree. Can you imagine being a 15-20 person boat. The first 2 in the boat get to keep their fish and everyone else has to release theirs. That sucks.
  583. "all-in"

    9/23 BFT report - WFO

    released them. The captain was using his striper net to get them in the boat, remove the hook, then back into the water.
  584. "all-in"

    9/23 NY vacation trip WFO on BFT

    Just wanted to share my report from NY with my fellow west coast boys. Chris
  585. "all-in"

    9/23 BFT report - WFO

    I'm a west coast guy on vacation so I hope this is the correct forum. Went out fishing with my girlfriend and her father out of Hapton Bays. Plan was to fish for Makos but the captain heard of rumors of BFT out at the Rabit Back (about 35 miles out), so we went there first. Well the rumors were...
  586. "all-in"

    Lobster Hoop Nets DFG meeting

    Not if you just replaced all you flats with conicals.
  587. "all-in"

    Trinidad 30 Cofe upgraded- REDUCED

    do you still have the reel? If so send me a paypal invoice and I'll take it. [email protected]
  588. "all-in"

    Need help planning a fishing trip in mid September

    My girlfriend and I will be in NY for a couple of weeks starting in mid september. While we are there I want to go out on a trip for some Tuna. I heard this is a great time of year to get into the fish. We will be in Montauk area but I will drive if needed. I'm looking for a smaller type of...
  589. "all-in"


    I'll pay you 1 Katrillion dollars
  590. "all-in"

    Looking 2 fish Tuna/Tails/etc Weds if you have an extra spot

    Are you looking for a Ho? Then I'm your man. Want to get out Tomorrow and fish if you've got an extra spot. Chris 714-396-8686
  591. "all-in"

    Wed 7/22 to 230

    Anyone have room for an extra. I free and have $$. Give me a call. 714-396-8686.
  592. "all-in"

    Heading for SCI tomorrow-couple of questions

    TGEE How did you find out it will be open on Friday? His there a number you can call?
  593. "all-in"


    I just got mine online. Had no issues at all. Cost was $531 Peso which should translate to about $40 USD. Only issue I had was that some of the pages did not translate to english.
  594. "all-in"

    HB flats Sat June 6th very slow

    Not much to report. Fishing was very slow at the flats. Started off by the HB pier with a couple of party boats and about 5 private boats. Didn't see anyone hooked up at all. Lots of bait in the water but no WSB. Water temp was about 61. Hit up Izors for a little bit as well but the...
  595. "all-in"

    Looking for 2 to fish HB Sat morning $35 per

    staying local. ie fishing huntington beach flats. They have been catching 30+ WSB.
  596. "all-in"

    Looking for 2 to fish HB Sat morning $35 per

    Going out looking for WSB on the HB flats. If you want to come $35 a head (Gas and Bait). There will only be 3 max on the boat. PM me if you interested. Leaving out of Los Alamitos bay around 4:30. Plan on being out on the water until at least 2 PM. I have a 24' Angler.
  597. "all-in"

    Mex fishing license online - update

    How much was the license?
  598. "all-in"

    Is Turners Next?

    The one in Orange is very low on all inventory as well.
  599. "all-in"

    Which Calstar Grafighter rod for the Avet MXL???

    I have the 800ML and wish I bought the 800M. The tip is just a little too whippy.
  600. "all-in"

    3/1 SCI cod opener, Giant Squid and 3 new friends

    This was my first experience fishing the rock cod opener and it was awesome. Instead of taking my own boat out I decided to bum a ride with Gary on his 28ft Farallon. I've always been concerned about jumping on a strangers boat but the experience was great. There was 4 of us total on the boat...
  601. "all-in"

    102 lobsters in 25 pulls!

    Good to see you back on the water Ross. How was the fishing?
  602. "all-in"


    You need to install the following plugin to view the video. - Item Details
  603. "all-in"

    2 day trip planned for 2/6 - 2/8 Should I go

    Thanks guys I was thinking the same thing. I want to make sure she has a good experience. We can always reschedule for a couple of weeks. If the weather is that bad I don't even want to be out there.
  604. "all-in"

    2 day trip planned for 2/6 - 2/8 Should I go

    I'm planning on taking my girlfriend out on a 2 day trip this weekend but I'm concerned about the weather. She will be miserable if its raining. We are suppose to go out to the Colnett. Anyone know what the weather is like down south?
  605. "all-in"

    black pearl 2 day

    My girlfriend and I will be on the Black Perl 2/6-2/8. I'll let you know as well of my experience.
  606. "all-in"

    Lobster Buoy LED lights

    I use the same light sticks from wallmart. They last me about 15 trips.
  607. "all-in"

    My X-Mas present has arrived

    I was definitely shocked. Had no idea she was that talented. I see it everyday as soon as I walk out of my bedroom. The light coming through it is just awesome.
  608. "all-in"

    My X-Mas present has arrived

    My girlfriend has been working for months on my x-mas present and she finally finished it. It was well worth the wait. It measures about 4ft x 3.5ft. Night photo's Inside photo's
  609. "all-in"

    What was your first ever fishing experience?

    Age 5 El Casco Lake with my pocket fisherman in hand.
  610. "all-in"

    Do you think it's legit....

    With the economy in the shitter you will start seeing these email resurfacing. I got a similar one last week. People get desparate and will try anything to make a buck.
  611. "all-in"

    Happy First Time Hooper

    If you don't mind answering....Do you add weight to your hoops when fishing that deep? If so how much weight?
  612. "all-in"

    late report 11/08 lobstering marina del rey.

    I was out there as well. We got 1 crawdad in 3 sets. We moved offshore which produced 1 legal before the winds came up and chased us off the water. Sometimes they just don't crawl. This was by far my worst trip this year.