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  1. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-Thur.-01-23-20 Humble Pie!

    Very unusual for you guys to have a slow day,shows your human,I’m sure you’ll be back all over them soon! Cya Tuna Vic
  2. Tuna Vic

    Fisherman in the 1920's

    Cool pic,thanks! Cya Tuna Vic
  3. Tuna Vic

    Who was the idiot that broke his trailer?

    Wow,coulda been worse for sure,glad you got home safe and got issue squared away! Cya Tuna Vic
  4. Tuna Vic

    Big, angry bass at Izors 1/21

    Good going on the sandies,thanks for report!
  5. Tuna Vic

    For Sale Boston Whaler 15 foot 2016 Merc Bay Boat

    That’s a bueaty for sure!
  6. Tuna Vic

    Baja Fishing Report – Yellows Explode In San Quintin

    Nice thanks for info.
  7. Tuna Vic

    For Sale Boat was stolen and found stripped

    So sorry bro,thats a bummer for sure,sorry you had to go through that!
  8. Tuna Vic

    FREE Boston Whaler 17 Montauk Hatch and Seat Back - Fresno

    Wow,awesome offer for the right person,wtg!
  9. Tuna Vic

    1-11 Long Beach Bassing. As good as it gets

    Sweet,that’s how you do it,thanks for the read,and pics!
  10. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-Sat. 01-11-20 Bass, slow then goes Ballistic!

    Very nice read,man that sounded very exciting (the triples on the drop) I could almost hear the hooting and hollering! And the high fives,way to go guys!
  11. Tuna Vic

    1-4 “Sportking” local bass action.

    6 people on that platform,awesome,I would have happily chipped in,considering they were cool enough to even go out with just 6,very cool indeed!
  12. Tuna Vic

    1-4 Long Beach and PV New Years Bass

    Thanks for report,looks a little chilly on the water,but pulling on 50 + fish will keep you warm!
  13. Tuna Vic

    1992 Calibogie Skiff

    Sweet Skiff! Enjoy
  14. Tuna Vic

    For Sale Gloomis Rod Curado Reel

    Selling a Gloomis Mossy Back Green Senko Rod,with Shimano Curado 200 E7 Reel,both in great condition, $275 for both.Rod is 7’5” fast action. Vic 562-201-8503 Whittier Ca
  15. Tuna Vic

    12-31-19 A.M. + P.M. half day

    Watch those toes around those scullies!
  16. Tuna Vic

    Honey Hole for reds! Near MLPA and Dana Point

    Very cool,that’s a great spot for sure!
  17. Tuna Vic

    RPT-Thur.-12-19-19 Chilly WFO Winter Bass'n!

    Sounds very cold,but also very cool! Ha,wtg guys,great report as always!
  18. Tuna Vic

    FREE Portabote (folding boat)

    A lot of conditions for something your giving away free,hope you find the right person .
  19. Tuna Vic

    Mom fell again

    Sooo Sorry for your Mom,falling becomes one of our worst enemies as we age,we will definitely keep a good thought for her,she looks like a sweetheart!
  20. Tuna Vic

    SD Bass Assassin has 2 Cows!!!

    Well done,actually AMAZING!
  21. Tuna Vic

    Gettin' BUGGY again, SMB lobster 12/5/2019.

    Very nice John,that’s a great evenings work/harvest,wtg!
  22. Tuna Vic

    SOLD Igloo cooler and party buckets

    Wish you were closer,great deal!
  23. Tuna Vic

    Buggin out

    That’s great results!
  24. Tuna Vic

    Rpt-12-08-19 Quality Winter Bass'n!

    Nice looking winter bass,thanks for the report Cory!
  25. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 2006 SeaPro WA2200

    Sweet Rig for sure,price?
  26. Tuna Vic

    12/1/19 WO YT Bite on pattys

    Those are the kinda days that make all the hunting worth it!
  27. Tuna Vic

    Ice chest / fish box

    Amazing work there,brother!
  28. Tuna Vic

    Carp fishing among the boats

    Nice goldfish! WTG
  29. Tuna Vic

    Parker - is the bad reputation justified?

    They look awesome in the water, but performance and ride are obviously what’s most important,I like the comment “you could always sell it” as they seem to have great resale value.
  30. Tuna Vic

    Loving the time change

    Good times right there,and bugs too! Nice.
  31. Tuna Vic

    Catalina Tuna Report 11-19-19

    That had to be pretty exciting,thanks for report!
  32. Tuna Vic

    Check Out my Trophy Tail

    Nice tail!
  33. Tuna Vic

    What's your "Fisherman Name"

    “Salty Crankbait”
  34. Tuna Vic

    We Put Our Dog Down Today

    Awesome looking pup, very sorry!
  35. Tuna Vic

    11/2 Shoe Bassing and Rain?

    Might of been slow, but seems like you got a pretty good whack at them,WTG.
  36. Tuna Vic

    Boat Docking Close Call

    Wow,I had to watch that one twice!
  37. Tuna Vic

    Double rigs an Sandbass Junction 11/2/2019

    Nice one! That SBJ area holds some nice fatties at times, WTG!
  38. Tuna Vic

    Two Minute Tuna ( Video )

    Time sure seems to pass slowly when your watching the clock, pretty cool stuff Corey thanks!
  39. Tuna Vic

    Cambria Kayak Fishing For Lings and Rock Fish

    Great video. I’ve enjoyed lunch many times on that cliff behind you Actually will be there next week 10-14, awesome place and treacherous place, I’ve seen a few wipeouts in the surf, not to mention the GW in that area, looks like you had a great trip with nice Rockies as bonus! WTG
  40. Tuna Vic

    Huge skipjacks East End Catalina

    Sweet Sled, thanks for report!
  41. Tuna Vic

    Crowley Lake 10/14-10/15

    It’s been along time since I fished there,thanks for the memories,great job!
  42. Tuna Vic

    Yellowfin on the skiff

    That’s the way to do it,wtg!!
  43. Tuna Vic

    Salty Dream does it again!!

    That picture should go on the wall for sure!!
  44. Tuna Vic

    Megamouth video plus another report

    Very cool sighting, you never know what your gonna see on the salt,thanks for the video!
  45. Tuna Vic

    Ho hum, just a bass report 10-20

    I love Ho Hum day’s like that for sure! Thanks
  46. Tuna Vic

    Young boy catches huge bass...

    He belongs on the”A” team!
  47. Tuna Vic

    Free gaffing an airborne wahoo

    That dude came in HOT,for sure,pretty cool!
  48. Tuna Vic

    Long Beach short Halibut and schools of yellow cruise and jump

    I’ve seen yellows in the harbor swimming around the boats that were docked,they do come in shallow at times.
  49. Tuna Vic

    Bugs still crawling in long Beach. 10/16

    That’s pretty cool,not to much pulling home early,with the prize,wtg!
  50. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-10-16-19 A Ducky of a Tail!

    Nice ending to a ruff start,you guys always get em,very nice!
  51. Tuna Vic

    Lobster Hooping - 10/13/2019

    Nothing better,fishing/hooping with family,that’s pretty sweet,wtg!
  52. Tuna Vic

    Why I’m so happy to fish my own boat

    Yup,I sure miss my skiff,SlayDay Sportfishing is one option I’ve used!
  53. Tuna Vic

    I might have a problem!!! 10/12/19

    Nice problem to have! Congrats
  54. Tuna Vic

    Masked Lobster Bandits

    Hate them,it’s a constant battle between me and them as their always trying to get at my koi,when they dig their usually looking for grams,worms,ect. Their fortunate I don’t believe in hurting them! Does anyone know any good deterrents?
  55. Tuna Vic

    Chaffee 10-12-19

    Yeah those sculies can ruin a day if your not careful,but they sure are tasty! Thanks
  56. Tuna Vic

    Boston Whaler 13 Pilothouse Build Pic Heavy

    What they said,awesome Bro!
  57. Tuna Vic

    2 Fish, 1 Hook... and a Gaff Gaffe 10/11

    Cool stuff,you never know what to expect when you’re on the salt,thanks!
  58. Tuna Vic

    9yr old VS lobster report

    Wow, that’s impressive,wtg young man!
  59. Tuna Vic

    Drone Video of Tuna Following Guadalupe Great White

    As long as their behind the pointy end I guess they feel safe!
  60. Tuna Vic

    Surface Iron 3/4 day

  61. Tuna Vic

    10/8 WFO

    That’s one to remember,awesome “skiff load”right there!wtg guys
  62. Tuna Vic

    Lobster Opener Video -Full Limits

    Awesome guys just plain awesome! Thanks
  63. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 20' Bertram Bahia Mar $9,500 Volvo Duo Prop

    Wow,that’s a sweet Bertram! If I was only 25 yrs younger!
  64. Tuna Vic

    10-6 Long Beach Bigish Calico Slugfest.

    Nice report,love those Calicos,love the bite,especially on the fall!
  65. Tuna Vic

    Pacifica Sportfishing

    Nice read,glad you got some! Thanks
  66. Tuna Vic

    Early Christmas for someone, found 3 hoop nets, lobster report, opening 2 nights.

    Nice going John,glad to see your still enjoying the salt,you’ve always been a generous guy with fishing/hooping info,hope to see you at the ramp soon!
  67. Tuna Vic

    For Sale Parker 1800 center console with Yamaha 115 fourstroke

    That’s a beauty! Someone is gonna be thrilled!
  68. Tuna Vic

    Why, That’s a Whydah!

    I’ll keep my eyes peeled!
  69. Tuna Vic

    Yellowtails At The Horseshoe

    Wow,their hooked for sure! A trip like that will keep them coming back no doubt Wtg Dan.
  70. Tuna Vic

    Pierpoint Landing 1/2 Day Charter Boat, Long Beach, CA - Video

    Looks like you guys had a great time,plenty of fish for dinner,and laughs with friends,thanks for the video,nice editing and music!
  71. Tuna Vic

    SOLD Camping Trailer

    Would like to see the new pics.
  72. Tuna Vic

    Bass and halibut fishing at night, with some tricks we've learned

    That sure looked like a relaxing way to spend an evening,thanks for the video!
  73. Tuna Vic

    Pappy takes a Plunge

    Awesome seeing kids enjoying the bait tank,and the salt,nice reflexes there Corey!
  74. Tuna Vic

    9/18 Excalibur Fishing Report

    Nice going Dan,awesome pics,great times!
  75. Tuna Vic

    Late report, sorry. 9/17 125/499

    At least you got on the water,saw a couple of Bills,and got home safe,thanks for the report!
  76. Tuna Vic

    Easy Giant Bluefin fishing

    That’s pretty wild!
  77. Tuna Vic

    Here we go again.........

    Can’t wait to see the finished project,that’s one sweet skiff!
  78. Tuna Vic

    Boat Overturned at Nacho's

    For many of us,we get on the water and we are very excited,full of anticipation,focusing on good times,big fish,lots of laughs ect. But being on the salt running a skiff/boat is a very serious thing,we have to always be on guard,eyes,ears,every sense we have must be peaked,especially if we have...
  79. Tuna Vic

    Interesting video

    VERY interesting,thanks for the info!
  80. Tuna Vic

    9/7 Bluefin on the Troll

    Cool vid,thanks Brothers!
  81. Tuna Vic

    Bluefin are Beautiful

  82. Tuna Vic

    Awsome morning 9/5

    Wtg guys that’s sounds and looked awesome,nice job “Hardcore”! Calling them in.
  83. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 1936 Ford Hotrod

    Awesome Rod! Nice work.
  84. Tuna Vic

    FREE Boat Buying Scam

    Glad you didn’t fall for it,thanks for heads up info!
  85. Tuna Vic

    Sad news, boat fire.

    Watching the news on this tragic event this morning,so sorry for all involved,and certainly for families of the folks on board. I’ve always kinda slept with one eye open on overnight trips,fishing or diving,it doesn’t sound like they had enough warning to escape the vessel. Very,very,sorry.
  86. Tuna Vic

    10-10-19 10 years on Bloodydecks What has changed

    Don’t know how long ago I joined,really doesn’t matter to me,I’ve enjoyed my time here,have gained some knowledge,sold a few items here,including a skiff or two. I’m 66 yrsold,I enjoy the info,reports,and the Classifieds,I’m old school and really don’t enjoy the arguments,and foul language...
  87. Tuna Vic

    Good Time Tuna Fishing

    That’s the way you get it done! Congrats!
  88. Tuna Vic

    A chunky Calico and his younger brother

    Nice Cali,his brother looks pretty good too!
  89. Tuna Vic

    8-14 rookie report. Fishing solo.

    Glad you won the tug of war,usually goes the other way,enjoy!
  90. Tuna Vic

    Coastal bass, sharks, sand dabs

    Slow start,great ending,your meal oops excellent!
  91. Tuna Vic

    Another "What's this" thread -- clear gelatinous tubes with red dots - Horseshoe Kelp

    They were pretty thick on the Shoe last Tuesday.
  92. Tuna Vic

    Newbies on a Half-Day

    Sculpin taste great,glad you got some!
  93. Tuna Vic

    Left rods and reels outside of H&M landing

    Awesome conclusion,same thing happened to me after an epic WSB trip on “The Queen of The Sea” out of 22nd street when they operated out of a trailer. I was so excited of catching 5 Slug WSB after taking pictures and weighing fish I stroll off and leave my quiver of 4 rods and reels,fortunately...
  94. Tuna Vic

    Love him or not. Tred Barta is gone

    I dug his show,kinda rough and straight forward,but knew how to sell it,sorry to hear of his passing.
  95. Tuna Vic

    Caught a ......salmon? Off of buoy number 3 in Point Loma.

    Not unbelievable,my buddy caught one outside the LA harbor lighthouse,I was with him.
  96. Tuna Vic

    Long Beach 8/6 ugh...

    Cool report,looks like the pups love the checkers,very cool! Thanks
  97. Tuna Vic

    Forgot I had these

    That’s cool,I know the feeling!
  98. Tuna Vic

    Forgot I had these

    Ha,you gonna list them?
  99. Tuna Vic

    For Sale "Project" 1980 Skipjack Sport Cruiser

    Wow,seems like a cool project for a knowledgeable guy,I’ve seen some amazing results from some of the members on this site,hope you don’t have to part it out!
  100. Tuna Vic

    The meal from the Catch

    That’s the way,aha aha I like it!!
  101. Tuna Vic

    Enterprise 7-20 - My son’s first 3/4 day

    Wtg Pop,your son is a handsome young man,fishing with your son is always something special!
  102. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 20ft team Baja panga Yamaha 150hp

    If I was a younger man,nice skiff!
  103. Tuna Vic

    Stepping up in class (6 pack?)

    SlayDay Sport Fishing. You skipper the skiff Yourself,they deliver it to the Launch ramp and pick it up when you come back in.
  104. Tuna Vic

    Fishing shirt wrinkled, please help

    Drag it on 40lb test behind the boat 1/2 mile should do it!
  105. Tuna Vic

    Easy Limits and Bonus Butts - 7.16.19

    Wow that’s a nice Butt for sure,yellowtail and halibut,you guys scored some good eats there! Wtg.
  106. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-07-11-19 SCI C-Bass and Tails!

    Great outing,nice tails with a biscuit chaser,can’t beat that,watch that lifting Brother! Cya Cory.
  107. Tuna Vic

    PAC Queen 7/3

    Nice one for sure,congrats!
  108. Tuna Vic

    7-2-19 A.M. half day

    Nice getting on the water,the fish are just a bonus!
  109. Tuna Vic

    1982 20' Shamrock Pilot House

    Very nice rig,Shamrocks are at the top of my favorite rigs list,congrats!
  110. Tuna Vic

    Albino Tuna!

  111. Tuna Vic

    WFO yellowfin, a bluefin, and a yellow 6/28

    Epic,especially the only boat there part! Wtg
  112. Tuna Vic

    Bluefin Tuna Heart Break ( Video )

    Nice vid Corey,bueatiful dog also,he looks like a very loyal pup!
  113. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-Wed-06-26-19 Cleared to play on the Ducky!

    Fish look great,Ducky looks awesome,but most inspiring were the pics of you smiling,very nice congrats Brother! You the Man.
  114. Tuna Vic

    6/14 Local Long Beach Report

    That was a great local day trip,I’m sure you had a happy group there!
  115. Tuna Vic

    PB Barn Door....about time !!

    Very nice,congrats!
  116. Tuna Vic


    I’ll take WSB anytime,anyplace,wtg Dave!
  117. Tuna Vic

    Lost a tanker fish but gained a Long Beach Lingcod 6/9/19

    Nice going guys,we all know that feeling,the worst is not seeing what it was,nice Ling though,redemption!
  118. Tuna Vic

    June 7 Catalina- Went for yellows but instead..

    Very nice slug,hope he’s still swimming!
  119. Tuna Vic

    Happy Customer(Boat shipping)

    Bueatiful Rig,congrats on that platform,Shamrocks are one of my favorites!
  120. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 16' Delta Aluminum Skiff

    He should be one happy dude with that skiff!
  121. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 16' Delta Aluminum Skiff

    Wow,I too wish I was younger,brought back a lot of memories for me,I’ve owned 3 aluminum skiffs,I’d be all over that!
  122. Tuna Vic

    22nd street pursuit

    Many times high expectations go unanswered,they rarely are able to match our imaginations,with that said just go consider the fish you do catch a bonus and getting home safe a blessing. If you don’t expect the maximum experience and you get it you’ll be more appreciative,I for one hope your...
  123. Tuna Vic

    Anyone want to go Fishing????

    Wow,wish I was there,very generous,Mahalo!
  124. Tuna Vic

    Catching Butts and Fishing Gear...

    Wow,two awesome events,big Hali and getting your rig back,I once lost a quiver of rods and reels,I tried for along time to retrieve finally had to pay a diver to go down and get em!
  125. Tuna Vic

    Catalina 3/4 day 6/5 Victory

    Decent trip and count,35 guys not bad considering the good fishing! Thanks
  126. Tuna Vic

    Bassin on the Shoe 6-4

    Ha,don’t think the fish could hear the music 90’ below,but probably thought they were headed for the “pearly gates”as they got reeled towards the surface!
  127. Tuna Vic

    SOLD 2 Sheds

    Wish I had a crane,those really look nice!
  128. Tuna Vic

    What do you think it weighs???

    He can just say he did,since he didn’t weigh it,who’s guess is he gonna go with? The heaviest?
  129. Tuna Vic

    Crazy Ass Charter Capt

    Geeeeze Louise!
  130. Tuna Vic

    San Clemente 6-2 big butt

    One beautiful Hali,congrats!
  131. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 1984 Westcoaster Aluminum

    Great skIffs,owned the same one myself,awesome for salt and freshwater fishing,someone will be pleased!
  132. Tuna Vic

    5/31 Double 1/2 Day

    Wtg,sculpin is great eating in my humble opinion!
  133. Tuna Vic

    Dead Baby Whale, Long Beach juvi White Seabass, and Mylar balloons

    Thanks for the report,bummer on the whale,been hearing a lot of that lately,wonder what’s causing their deaths?
  134. Tuna Vic

    Morro Bay 6/2 Rock Cod

    Very cool,awesome Rockies there,I’ll actually be there in two weeks,looking forward to some big bbq oysters at Dockside,thanks for the report!
  135. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-05-30-19 New member Brotherhood of the Zipper!

    Well Cory you certainly didn’t lose any of your reporting skills,the info was very detailed and clearly felt and understood. I’ve done a few hospital stents myself although not as severe and serious as yours,I certainly understand what goes on,including the lack of dignity (catheter ect) so...
  136. Tuna Vic

    Catalina Private Boater Report for May 25th

    Good going Dan,kid looks stoked with his trigger!
  137. Tuna Vic

    Catching Crawfish to Eat

    I know it’s not near SD but for anyone else,we used to slay them in Cachuma Lake,would fill and ice chest pretty quick!
  138. Tuna Vic

    May 20th San Clemente Island Report

    Nice going Dan,way to make what seemed like it was gonna be a blow out trip into great memories and photos for the guys!
  139. Tuna Vic

    Cory update Thursday

    Keeping a good thought for you Cory,keep that positive attitude,looking forward to your recovery post,totally confident you’ll be fine,take care Brother!
  140. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 15' Arima EZ ldr trailer Honda 50hp Four stroke

    That should go quick,awesome little skiff!
  141. Tuna Vic

    Whale breaches near skiff

  142. Tuna Vic

    89 and counting...

    Yeah,there’s nothing like your own skiff,I sure miss mine!
  143. Tuna Vic

    From deckhands to Dorado on the pursuit!

    Ha,I saw John Dipley yank a Tady 45 outta a scalp one time,after he paraded the victim around the deck yelling at everyone.”this is what happens when you don’t pay attention to what you’re doing! He was livid! Pretty wild!
  144. Tuna Vic

    Local Moo-moo Rockfish Trip 12 / 08 w/pics

    Aww,I remember seeing reports like these in the past,pretty cool,thanks!
  145. Tuna Vic

    Local Rockies with a Side of Linger 5/8

    Wtg guys,missed your great food pics though,sushi ect......
  146. Tuna Vic

    5/6 Great Local Fishing

    Very nice for a 1/2 day trip,wtg!
  147. Tuna Vic

    Cory update Thursday

    Hey Cory best wishes,and we’ll keep a good thought for ya,can’t wait to see you’re first report after recovery!
  148. Tuna Vic

    LBC 5/2

    Thanks Brother!
  149. Tuna Vic

    Couple Large mouth to make it a good week ..LOL

    Nice to see the Pudd produce,used to be my go to f/w lake!
  150. Tuna Vic

    LBC 5/2

    Nice going guys,awesome local stuff right there!
  151. Tuna Vic

    Blue Dorado

  152. Tuna Vic

    4/30 Local Yellow Bite

    Turned out to be a great day,taco meat,And Hamachi,not bad at all!
  153. Tuna Vic

    When fishing is slow go find the local Ling cod. LB area Sunday 4/28/19

    That’s the way to get it done,one a piece quickly,very nice!
  154. Tuna Vic

    What are some tips and tricks for catching yellowtail on the surface iron?

    The more you throw the more you’ll know,nothing teaches better than experience!
  155. Tuna Vic

    4/28 Barracuda at Angles Gate

    Love to see and hear when the slime sticks show up,good times for sure!
  156. Tuna Vic


    Love the galley and grub on that boat,almost as good as the fishing results you got! Wtg
  157. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 24 skipjack fb

    Very clean Skippy!
  158. Tuna Vic

    What do you do when Snapper wont bite?

    I accept it,and come back another day,that’s fishing!
  159. Tuna Vic

    4-23-19 A.M. half day

    We’re you alone on the boat? Nice ling,wtg!
  160. Tuna Vic

    Inshore LB/LA Waters and Catalina Report for the Week of 4/13-18

    Nice,working on getting 3 buddies together soon!
  161. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-04-19-19 A 1.5 day Relentless Bluefin Tuna Slam!

    Always a pleasure and treat to read and view your posts,wtg Cory!
  162. Tuna Vic

    Got my first Tanker, how big is she?

    Wow,wow,wow,congrats Brother that is a dream fish for sure!
  163. Tuna Vic

    Long Beach Break Wall Question

    Not suggesting it for the inexperienced but fishing the wall at night is the best! Big Checkers!
  164. Tuna Vic

    Sport King becomes a 6-Pack for a day

    Wow,six guys what a treat,don’t count on that happening again. That depth is a little to deep for me,but it looks like you made it pay off,wtg!
  165. Tuna Vic

    Rockpile and Islands 4/14

    Nice trip there,congrats!
  166. Tuna Vic

    4/9 LBC Wall

    When the wall is on,it can’t be beat! Nice going.
  167. Tuna Vic

    We're Not in Cali Anymore

    Looks like some good times ahead (fishing) enjoy!
  168. Tuna Vic

    Picking up my new 2004 Glacier Bay 2240 Renegade tomorrow

    Congrats Bro,that looks Sweet!
  169. Tuna Vic

    SD Bay Biters Yesterday...

    Nice going guys,looks like good times for sure! Thanks
  170. Tuna Vic

    Halibut PLK

    Nice decision!
  171. Tuna Vic

    LB- Outside The Oil Rigs

    Thanks for report,you’ll get em next time!
  172. Tuna Vic

    Anybody want to fish the bay?

    You can’t beat that,wish you fished LB area!
  173. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 1976 Boston whaler 13

    Nice skiff,I’m sure there’s a few guys looking for one just like that,should go quickly.
  174. Tuna Vic

    She’s little and cute but she’s mine! Here goes nothing!

    That’s sweet,I’ve owned a few boats/skiffs and I’ve learned bigger is not always better! That looks perfect to me. Cya Tuna Vic
  175. Tuna Vic

    Bass Stacked up on the Shoe 4/6

    Love gettin bit on the fall/drop,the best!
  176. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-Wed. 04-03-19 Thunderbird Cod Fest.

    I actually knew a guy who had the same idea,he had a barge inside the LB breakwall,he sold Burgers and Chile ect,went well for awhile but now that barge is at the bottom of the bay there,his name was Calico Ed,good times there,actually spent a couple of nights fishing on that barge.
  177. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-Wed. 04-03-19 Thunderbird Cod Fest.

    Thanks Cory,I have to say that burger looks as good as the reds! I guess they look better in the grease/oil or on the grill! Thanks for report and pics. Cya Tuna Vic
  178. Tuna Vic

    3-31-19 A.M. half day

    Barely legal,Ha,that’s one nice first legal flatty,congrats Bro!
  179. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 21ft/22ft boat trailer

    As trailers go,that’s a great price,someone should jump on this! Tandem even.
  180. Tuna Vic

    3/30 1/2 Day at the 150

    I won’t comment on the limits issue,I’ll just say that was some nice looking taco meat,thanks!
  181. Tuna Vic

    Florida Peacock Bass and more

    Cool pics,thanks for sharing!
  182. Tuna Vic

    Bird's Nest

    That’s “one bad hat Harry”! Very cool!
  183. Tuna Vic

    Local Pond Turned On Today...

    Yeah it seems local lakes,parks aren’t what they used to be,but still nice to get a few now and again, thanks!
  184. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-Sun.-03-24-19 Fun day at RP, PV and the Shoe!

    Nice report and pics guys,72 and living the dream pretty cool,glad to hear ”The Ducky’s”getting an upgrade,that’s been one faithful fishy sled for sure!
  185. Tuna Vic

    No Yellows - Limits of Reds

    Nothing wrong with the color “red”! Wtg
  186. Tuna Vic

    Long Beach mammals Sunday 3/17

    Nice rig,it will get better each trip out,looking forward to more reports!
  187. Tuna Vic

    Pismo Beach Surf Fishing Report

    Awesome fishing/camping rig you got there,your living the surf fishing dream for sure,nice looking grub also,thanks!
  188. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 1984 Wellcraft Sportsman price drop $5500!!!!

    Cabin pics,I’m. Sending link to my buddy who’s lookin!
  189. Tuna Vic

    Box o’ Rocks

    Nice reds,beautiful rig!
  190. Tuna Vic

    PB big butt

    Yup,that’s a pig! Congrats!
  191. Tuna Vic

    3-15-19 a.m. half day

    Nice,looks like you had the boat all to yourself!
  192. Tuna Vic

    Del Mar 13

    Nice,can’t wait to see the completion!
  193. Tuna Vic

    Horseshoe 3-10 Seeing Red

    Very nice,I love seeing red! Wtg
  194. Tuna Vic

    Local Quality Reds

    Cool info report and pics, thanks!
  195. Tuna Vic

    150 rockfish 3/11

    Way to get get the grub! Thanks
  196. Tuna Vic

    New drone

    Not bad,looking forward to some fishing vids!
  197. Tuna Vic

    LBC Federal Break Wall 3/9

    Nice Cali! That wall sure produces well when the conditions are right,always interesting how a wide open bite can shut off in the blink of an eye!
  198. Tuna Vic

    local LB bugging & Fish ID

    Wow very cool,bueatiful fish,as far as strange catches I actually caught a “Snowy Grouper” locally Horseshoe area,a guy from Scripts identified it,about 5lbs.
  199. Tuna Vic

    1977 28' Ricky Scarborough

    You had me with the color and paint job,SWEET RIG!, Congrats!
  200. Tuna Vic

    Local Walmart clearance

    Nice score!
  201. Tuna Vic

    Horseshoe Bass wide open Friday 2/22/2019

    Wtg guys,gotta love when that happens!
  202. Tuna Vic

    For Sale Blackman 20 pilothouse

    Awesome looking skiff right there!
  203. Tuna Vic

    Rpt-Sat.-02-23-19 Limits of Frozen Bass!

    Way to tuff it out guys,the cold probably subsided a little while pulling on those fish,wtg,enjoyed the report and pics as usual!
  204. Tuna Vic

    Reviving old cork handles

    Cool info for sure,trying the eraser today,thanks!
  205. Tuna Vic

    Fileting Yellowtail - Japanese style

    That fish was shown some “respect”for sure!
  206. Tuna Vic

    Oldie but Goodie Revisited

    Amazing stuff right there amazing stuff right there!
  207. Tuna Vic

    Finding a kayak in open water

    Another nice vid,hope the guy who lost the kayak is ok,hopefully it just drifted away from shore,you said your buddies private charter boat,does he run charters,if so can you pm me his info? Sold my last skiff recently,always looking for opportunities to get on the water,not to crazy about...
  208. Tuna Vic

    My first sculpin! San Diego bay

    Nice vid,never saw anyone that excited over a sandbass,very cool,nice fishing platform also! Thanks
  209. Tuna Vic

    Catalina Lobsters 8,9,and 10

    Amazing,congrats gents! Thanks
  210. Tuna Vic

    Pre-fish bycatch

    “Hamachi” rules! Nice!
  211. Tuna Vic

    Rockfish Time is Near

    Ha great intro,got me to look further,thanks Dave!
  212. Tuna Vic

    Local YT

    Saaaweeeet! That’s one nice tail,congrats Bro,well done!
  213. Tuna Vic

    Just trying to park the new sport-fisher

    15 mins left in “happy hour”!
  214. Tuna Vic

    1 ling limit in 2019

    In my opinion,one nice sized Ling is enough,for me anyways.
  215. Tuna Vic

    SOLD 1994 18' Wellcraft Fish

    Hey Nickn,yeah the 90hp was plenty for two guys all gear and gas,I usually only fished with two max,anymore I’m sure would have slowed her down.
  216. Tuna Vic

    SOLD 1994 18' Wellcraft Fish

    Nice rig,I owned the same skiff with a 90hp evenrude, very dependable skiff,lake or ocean,gave me a lot of years pleasure,yours is really set up nice!
  217. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 1976 24 skipjack flybridge

    Nice rig for the price,should sell quick,a lot of boat for that price!
  218. Tuna Vic

    Your first quality fishing rod ?

  219. Tuna Vic

    Lobster Catalina 1-30-19 Pretty solid limits

    A stainless sink never looked soo good! Wtg
  220. Tuna Vic

    LB local spots 1-27-19

    Sounds like a full day,decent bite on most spots,cool, thanks for the pics and report!
  221. Tuna Vic

    Is it me?

    At least you got a few,also I’d say that rubber boat has a little more experience than you do,just keep at it,and as time goes by you’ll see your numbers continue to climb! Wtg
  222. Tuna Vic

    Favor for you Fishing Chicks out there.

    Subbed,I will definitely give it a fair go!
  223. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 19’ Wellcraft center console

    Nice skiff,with a new motor awesome,like you said there’s plenty of years of fun right there!
  224. Tuna Vic

    Epic Horseshoe Day 1/23/19 - Plastics Comparison

    Sounds great,those days sure make up for the slow ones,wtg!
  225. Tuna Vic

    Back at it again.

    Nice going getting some taco meat!
  226. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-Wed.-01-23-19 PV and Shoe go off!

    Ha,I knew it was gonna be good when I saw the post title. First of all very sorry for that scary start to the morning,at 66yrs old now,falling is kind of a big concern,so glad you were injured even more severely. It’s always when we never expect it,when someone falls and says,man I knew that was...
  227. Tuna Vic

    Getting a Seagull Tangled in Your Line - Why do You Hurt the Bird?

    I can certainly see where whatcing that could ruin an otherwise great day on the water,sorry for that!
  228. Tuna Vic

    Box Canyon Sculpin

    Beauty,great grub right there!
  229. Tuna Vic

    Long Beach Breakwater Bass

    Great effort,nice getting your line stretched!
  230. Tuna Vic

    SOLD Shamrock 20

    Sorry Shamrock 20 my bad on loa question.
  231. Tuna Vic

    Pierpoint or berth 55

  232. Tuna Vic

    Rad wife! New boat given the go ahead.

    Wife wouldn’t agree if you couldn’t afford it,congrats!
  233. Tuna Vic

    SOLD Shamrock 20

    Sending link to a buddy who’s been looking! I may have missed it,loa?
  234. Tuna Vic

    Deep Blue sighting

    Geeeze Louise!
  235. Tuna Vic

    Dipping Shad ( Video )

    Hey Corey awesome video,and your exactly right,that shad is like squid in the salt,when we’ve been able to dip shad there,we’ve caught LMB,big crappie,and even catfish on them,wtg thanks cool vid!
  236. Tuna Vic

    Now that is a huge. Yellowtail

    That’s a whole lotta Hamachi!
  237. Tuna Vic


    Ha,the sardines were to big for them,that’s why they wouldn’t bite them!
  238. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-Wed.-01-09-19 PV, RP and the Shoe!

    Kinda unusual to hear about a slow day on the Ducky,but I guess everyone has them once in a while. Regardless 30+bass is good by any standards,especially predominantly the checkered variety,thanks for the report,always enjoyed! Cya Tuna Vic
  239. Tuna Vic

    SOLD 1975 Pacemaker 26' $12,000 OBO

    Nice boat for Catalina for sure,you kept her in great condition,wish you with the sale!
  240. Tuna Vic

    Great day at the Horseshoe 1/2

    Nice going,sounds like a great day!
  241. Tuna Vic

    12/28 DP PB Halibut

    That’s one nice Hali congrats!
  242. Tuna Vic

    gettin' my moneys worth...

    Nice way to get after it right away!
  243. Tuna Vic

    I had a great inshore fishing year

    Yup,that looks like nothing but good times for sure,congrats!
  244. Tuna Vic

    12-30-18 a.m. half day

    Nice results for half day,nice Hali!
  245. Tuna Vic

    Targeting Reds plus report

    Nice ice chest load there!
  246. Tuna Vic

    12/27/2018 Reds

    Yup,mission accomplished! Wtg
  247. Tuna Vic


    Pretty Doggone Sweet!!!
  248. Tuna Vic

    12-24-18 p.m. half day

    Nice,was the load as light as it looks? Anglers?
  249. Tuna Vic

    Long Beach rock fish and need FISH ID PLEASE

    Cool looking species,how did he taste? Sounds like a good day on the water and nice slug of reds,nice!
  250. Tuna Vic

    10 lb Huddleston Bass!!

    Very impressed! WTG
  251. Tuna Vic

    1968 Bertram 20 HT with an outboard bracket.

    Wow,$2000 is a long way from the $20000 and $19500 in the first posted prices?
  252. Tuna Vic

    Rockfish 12/21

    Those are bueties!
  253. Tuna Vic

    12-22-18 Hooping LA Harbor

    Been there,never pulled a legal in my very short bugging career.
  254. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-Thur.-12-20-18 Izor's and the Shoe.

    Nice going guys,50 mixed,flat grease like water,fishing with your best fishing buddy,home early can’t ask for much more than that.,wtg
  255. Tuna Vic

    What is your fishing obsession?

    The bite!
  256. Tuna Vic

    Monster Crappie

    Nice,looks like at least 3lbs!
  257. Tuna Vic

    PQ canceled. Lobsters instead

    17 divided by 3=5+ ea,SWEET!
  258. Tuna Vic

    Lobstering fishing with the family

    Winner winner for sure,nice!
  259. Tuna Vic

    I know I'd been scared

    Wow,I think their might have been something else trailing behind ME!
  260. Tuna Vic

    Chargers vs Cheifs.....

    Wow,what a game,and whatta ending!
  261. Tuna Vic

    San Pedro Washing Machine 12/12/18

    Of all the conditions I don’t like the washing machine effect is one of the worst,nice going on still getting a few!
  262. Tuna Vic

    Ideal boat for me....does it exist? Advice please

    In my experience,you’ll need 3 boats!
  263. Tuna Vic

    Free Kids Fishing Event This Sat. 12/08 at Legg Lake

    Have a great time Dan,look forward to the pics of all the happy kids faces,might try and go pick off some left overs Sunday,gotta dentist appointment Saturday.
  264. Tuna Vic

    SOLD Boat hull

    Wow,wish I had the trailer to pick that up!
  265. Tuna Vic

    On the Chew at the Shoe 12/3/18

    Always nice to see plenty of life out there,thanks for the report!
  266. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-Tues.12-04-18 BRRRRR, but decent Bass'n!

    Thanks Cory great report as usual, I always enjoy the reports,seems like I was on the trip,makes me glad also to see the frequent catches of nice local Bonies again.
  267. Tuna Vic

    EZ weights are BACK!!!

    Thanks,have to try for sure!
  268. Tuna Vic

    EZ weights are BACK!!!

    Very cool,I’d like to try those,do they slide freely up and down the line,or do stay where you put them on with the friction of the rubber? Thanks
  269. Tuna Vic

    This is why I love this..

  270. Tuna Vic

    New @ Costco Coho Soft Cooler

    Awesome,I’ll be shopping Costco tomorrow!
  271. Tuna Vic

    11-27-18 p.m. half day

    Sweet sunrise,nice fish,thanks!
  272. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 14’ Livingston

    Wow,that skiff is awesome,obviously fishy too,wish you well on the sale!
  273. Tuna Vic

    Halibut Classic 11/24/18 - The wrong kind White Sea Bass

    Can’t complain about that,turned out to be a pretty sweet day of fishing,especially with that bueatiful biscuit! Wtg
  274. Tuna Vic

    The next fish fry 12–15-18

    Nice,generous invite,very cool!
  275. Tuna Vic

    Saturday Santa Monica bay

    Tough day,but at least you gotta a couple of nice Rockies,nice to see the local quality!
  276. Tuna Vic

    11-25-18 a.m. half day

    Nice weather,some fresh taco meat,not bad!
  277. Tuna Vic

    Giving Thanks ( video )

    Nice compilation of releases,thanks Corey!
  278. Tuna Vic

    Appreciation for 22nd St. Landing

    I fished with John a lot,and agree with your statement,always a great trip fishing with him!
  279. Tuna Vic

    For Sale Small Boat my friends wife says $450.00 come get it

    Pretty cool,to bad I’m 6’3 and muncho over 200lbs,otherwise.
  280. Tuna Vic

    Holy War

    Ouch! Hope all goes well!
  281. Tuna Vic

    Hooping long Beach 11/20

    Glad you got a couple,I always say superstitions only effect the superstitious!
  282. Tuna Vic

    Appreciation for 22nd St. Landing

    Class act there,many years ago, I went fishing on the Queen of the Sea with John Dipley,we whacked the WSB best WSB bite I’ve ever had,I don’t remember how many anglers we had but we ended up with 61 big ones. We were all taking pictures,weighing fish and giving high fives at the landing,I was...
  283. Tuna Vic

    Rocky point 11-20

    Wide open Calicos not a bad thing unless thier shorts,thanks for the report.
  284. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-11-18-18, Sun. Lake Pacifica, Decent fishing!

    Nice to see decent sized local reds,”water too clear”sounds funny but I know what you mean,even in freshwater that can be the case at times,thanks for the report always enjoyed!
  285. Tuna Vic

    Local LB fishing 11-18-18

    Thanks guys,at least you pulled on a few and got home safe,win win!
  286. Tuna Vic

    Spotted Bay Bass Session light line (video )

    That looked like a bueatiful day to be on the water and stretch some lite line,wtg guys,thanks for the vid!
  287. Tuna Vic


    Beautiful work there,your quite the artist!
  288. Tuna Vic

    I found rare Dolphins when out fishing!

    Wow,that’s quite the fisherie you got there! I could feel those waves pounding my back on the way out,sounded like you got air a few times,those fish sure looked hot coming on board your jet ski,very cool vid, thanks!
  289. Tuna Vic

    I wish I would have stayed in bed. DP 11.17.18

    Bummer,nice looking skiff too,wonder if it was a roller bunk type trailer?
  290. Tuna Vic

    A basket of lobster

    I hear ya,I’m 65 and know how you feel,but at least you’re still at it,very nice haul there,enjoy!
  291. Tuna Vic

    Baby xtratufs

    Ha,those are very cool,I certainly understand the “I had to buy them” comment!
  292. Tuna Vic

    How long do you keep fish in freezer - what does your freezer look like?

    If your making tacos with it,frozen for a long time doesn’t matter,as salsa,cabbage,onions,Mexican cream,lime,and maybe even some guacamole removes all freezer taste! JS
  293. Tuna Vic

    Sunset Aquatic Marine hit and run

    That will ruin the day for sure,very sorry,it’s happened to us and I’ve seen it happen to others,both times it’s been people who don’t know how to navigate a trailer,hope you find the dishonest person.
  294. Tuna Vic

    I'm new to fishing but not new to filming

    Cool vid,thanks guys!
  295. Tuna Vic

    Cat shitfish report

    I guess black,I think a yellow would have taken off line quicker,the black probably didn’t even realize he was hooked at first,I hate those bites also,I think I’d rather see the fish and then lose him,that way there’s no wasted wondering time! Nice going on the Rockies,thanks for the report and...
  296. Tuna Vic

    Jessica Haydahl Richardson – BD Artist Spotlight

    Truly amazing awesome photography,shes quite the talent for sure!
  297. Tuna Vic

    For Sale SOLD! 1989 Gregor Seahawk

    I knew that one was gonna go quick,congrats!
  298. Tuna Vic

    11-6-18 a.m. half day

    Nice half day results,wtg!
  299. Tuna Vic

    1963 Glasspar Sunliner reborn into a pocket Lobster boat

    Always liked that design of boat,looks like a big project and looks like your doing it right,can’t wait to see updates.
  300. Tuna Vic

    Keeping Lobsters alive

    Wish I had a reason to use all those great tips!
  301. Tuna Vic

    For Sale I love craigslist...

    Right in my budget range! Still leaves me some change for bait!
  302. Tuna Vic

    Been Way Too Long...SCI 11/5/18

    Very nice,doesn’t look like you forgot any skills,great results,I guess as a chef you’ll put those to some great meals,enjoy!
  303. Tuna Vic

    FINALLY for Pops 11/3

    Just awesome,congrats bro!
  304. Tuna Vic

    My new gregor hoopster

    Nice skiff!
  305. Tuna Vic

    Horseshoe and Izor on Sunday (11/4)

    Nice going,good looking goat,wtg!
  306. Tuna Vic

    SOLD Pool Table SOLD THX BD!

    Beautiful table,should go quick,wish I had the room!
  307. Tuna Vic

    Wide open Skipjack Light line (video)

    Man,that looks like pure fun! Wtg
  308. Tuna Vic

    Skipjack the movie Limits Released ( video )

    Very cool,love that kind of day,no time to drink a beer,water,soda,or even eat,wtg guys,sweet video!
  309. Tuna Vic

    P B YT @ point loma + Lobster!

    That’s what I call “a great day” congrats brother!
  310. Tuna Vic

    Morro Bay Yellowtail

    I was in Morro Bay the last few days,I did see a private boater come in to sell The Dockside restaurant some fresh fish,he proceeded to unload 3 WSB,they put them in those plastic barrels I think that are about 40-50 Gal size and the tails were sticking out above the edge! They were tanks. The...
  311. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-Thur.-11-01-18 A beautiful Day, PLenty of Bass!

    Nice,nice nice guys,”bit on the fall” my favorite kinda bass bite fresh or saltwater very exciting,and I concur with the time flying by statement,I’m 66yrs old and was saying that to my wife yesterday on our way home from Cambria and Morro Bay. Stopped at Port San Luis for some fresh oysters and...
  312. Tuna Vic

    FishID//species of sculpin?

    “Ugly” Sculpin!
  313. Tuna Vic

    For Sale If you launch at Newport Dunes a lot this is for you $50

    I actually kept a restroom key after giving a $50 deposit for a marina,that was about 8yrs ago,still using the same key,best $50 I’ve spent in some time!
  314. Tuna Vic

    2003 Parker 2520 DVSC Purchase

    Congratulations on my dream boat,it’s obvious it went to the right guys,looking forward to seeing a lot of fish pics!
  315. Tuna Vic

    Halibut 10/27

    Bueatiful Hali,that’ll make the day for sure! Wtg
  316. Tuna Vic


    Been there!
  317. Tuna Vic

    Prowler involved in collision

    That vid was very concerning,hope those fishermen were ok,will be happy to hear some positive updates on their recovery.
  318. Tuna Vic

    Rpt-Thur.-10-25-18 Local Bass'n!

    Back to the dock at 12:30 and stretched some line very nice,Mako vs Rubber Ducky don’t blame you for cutting the line!
  319. Tuna Vic

    I caught an Octopus on a jig

    Ha,I believe it,I’ve caught them dragging a swim bait along the bottom,more than once!
  320. Tuna Vic

    Long Beach harbor overnight trailer parking?

    Davies should be okay,just make sure you leave your vehicle attached,I was there once and had my boat on an end tie for a couple of days,wanted to go home one of the days to pick up wife ect,locked down the trailer and when I got back I had a ticket for unattached trailer,I took pictures of the...
  321. Tuna Vic

    How people get "hooked" on sportfishing :)

    Started for me at city parks like,Hollenback,Echo Park,Belvedere,ect using pieces of bologna or as we called it bolony for anything that would bite!! Man I miss my youth!
  322. Tuna Vic

    10-23-18 a.m. half day

    Nice results,I keep fighting the urge to jump on a party boat since I sold my last skiff,I’m thinking shallow water rockfishing is probably gonna be the least stressful outing,crowds,ect,will definitely go this winter,thanks.
  323. Tuna Vic

    Horseshoe bonito on the troll 10/22

    Bonies are good eating for sure,first time I had them was on “City of Redondo” boat,when Rick Ofinger was a deckhand,he would take some freshly caught bones into the galley and come out with a big tray of fried/sautéed bones in butter,garlic and salt and pepper and pass it around to all the...
  324. Tuna Vic

    Redondo Bones

    Nice,agreed on the great tasting sashimi on the bones!
  325. Tuna Vic

    White Marlin and Mahi action

    Cool vid,thanks!
  326. Tuna Vic

    10/12 San Pedro to PV and Personal Best Homeguard Yellows

    Thanks for that,those are some of the most beautiful yellow pics I’ve seen!
  327. Tuna Vic

    10-16-18 a.m. half day

    Nice,looks like a great day to be on the water and a few fish also,thanks for the pics!
  328. Tuna Vic

    10/16 Horse shit!

    I enjoyed it,and we’ve all been there,boat ran great,great weather,got home safe,and I’m sure there was grub in the refer,all good! I know it’s always nice to get the line stretched but just being on the salt is pretty cool too! Oh yeah on my skIffs always from the outside.
  329. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 23’ cuddy with flybridge 20,000

    That’s the whole package right there,nice!
  330. Tuna Vic

    City fishing

    I’ve sewered fished in my dreams,also gutter fished,and have caught many fish in cracks in the sidewalk,yes I’ve actually dreamt all those scenarios.
  331. Tuna Vic

    Kids sunk their boat right at the end of the Los Al jetty

    Glad everyone is okay,on my last 18’ skiff 2 was the limit for going out to fish.
  332. Tuna Vic

    Local hooping 10/13

    Amazing doesn’t seem like a good enough response,that one pull woulda had me hootin and hollerin very nice brother!
  333. Tuna Vic

    Rpt-Thur.-10-11-18 Local Tails, Bones, Cuda!

    Nice day of work there gentleman! Wtg
  334. Tuna Vic

    SD Bay lobster 10-12....wet,crazy sob

    Glad you and your boy got home safe,5 legals ain’t bad!wtg
  335. Tuna Vic

    Rockfish with dropper loop -- when to set the hook

    I like to let the rod load up before I set the hook on Rockies.
  336. Tuna Vic

    Skippies Galore

    Nice,glad to hear you got to take care of them and eat them,a lot of folks think they and bonito are no good,properly taken care of and prepared they are both good!
  337. Tuna Vic

    Sea trial/fishing trip with 3 WSB. 3 reds, Ling and bunch of mixed rock cods

    Wow all that was great,awesome weather,excellent fishing,and then tow home a nice rig like that “fantastic” talk about a fishy boat,congrats!
  338. Tuna Vic

    SOLD 17 heavy jigs $75

    Flat rate box makes shipping jigs,lead heads,sinkers very easy!
  339. Tuna Vic

    LBC 10/2 bugs

    Wow,those bugs look sooo good! Wtg
  340. Tuna Vic

    Now that is a big Bluefin Tuna

    Fish weight? Dead or alive? I can’t judge,but is a nice picture!
  341. Tuna Vic

    Skippies and a surprise

    That’ll make anyone’s day,sweet! Thanks
  342. Tuna Vic

    9/23 Catalina Report

    Nice,at least you were able to pull on a few,and got home safe,always a plus.
  343. Tuna Vic

    Bait issue, but not fish issues 9/23

    Well that certainly turned out to be a great day,wtg Guys!
  344. Tuna Vic

    9/22 Horseshoe

    Very nice half day tail,you gotta be out there to get em,wtg!
  345. Tuna Vic

    Love it When a Plan Comes Together - Solo Sesh 9/19

    That’s the way to do it! Nice to have a superhero to clean your rig!
  346. Tuna Vic

    New, to me, money pit!! 94 Hydra Sports 2000cc

    Very nice looking rig,enjoy!
  347. Tuna Vic

    Lal's big Biscuit picture!

    Awesome catch Lal,especially on 15lb line,BIG props!
  348. Tuna Vic

    Bisquit without the Gravy !!

    Let me clarify, I totally trust Tailmans report,I would just love to see that slugs picture! Those guys catch so many quality fish,I know it happened.
  349. Tuna Vic

    Bisquit without the Gravy !!

    Wow 60lb local WSB,that’s pretty cool,congrats,love to see the pics!
  350. Tuna Vic

    2 miles off Torrey pines (late report)

    Nice when everyone gets along,and great results all around! Wtg
  351. Tuna Vic

    I ate butt last night

    Nice butt! Great eating!
  352. Tuna Vic

    Vintage Pics

    Cool stuff,memories!
  353. Tuna Vic

    Plugged 9/14/18

    No words needed with that pic!
  354. Tuna Vic

    SOLD 96 Crestliner Eagle “Welded Aluminum Hull”

    One awesome rig,your care and attention with that vessel is evident,very nice!
  355. Tuna Vic

    Ever have a battery explode?

    Saw it once in a parking lot,auto battery,one guy was giving another guy a jump,while hooking up the cables kapow!!! One guy goes to the hospital form battery acid in the face.
  356. Tuna Vic

    Scallops with little crabs inside

    Eating them raw would probably mean those pea crabs would still be alive,since their being described as parasites I’d refrain,but that’s just me!
  357. Tuna Vic

    9-7 Good Long Beach Bassing With a Noob

    Nice job there,great results for a windy day,nice slugs!
  358. Tuna Vic

    For Sale Fishing Backpack

    Where are you located Joshua?
  359. Tuna Vic

    Slaybor Day

    Yes,yes,yes,mine is named “Bubba” and fits your description to a T,he’s all I could think of while you were describing your buddy,hilarious,thanks for report and pics!
  360. Tuna Vic

    Garibaldi Bucket Heads

    I’d say so! Awesome
  361. Tuna Vic

    Got Rats? Meet the Mink Man

    Yeah his dog is pretty efficient too!
  362. Tuna Vic

    Long Beach 8/28

    Wtg,on the iron,nice!
  363. Tuna Vic

    Short Billed Spearfish?

    Awesome catch,thanks for sharing!
  364. Tuna Vic

    Dorado with video off 209

    Nice vid,great fish,cool music!
  365. Tuna Vic

    Calico: Release or Keep?

    I’d rather eat a big sculpin!
  366. Tuna Vic

    The 150 8/29

    Nice local tail!
  367. Tuna Vic

    Old aluminum lake boat

    Very interesting and unique,must stay pretty dry!
  368. Tuna Vic

    8-28-18 am half day

    That’s how half days used to be! Especially out of Redondo,and I’m sure many other landings,my trips were on the “City of Redondo” good times!
  369. Tuna Vic

    Myth debunked, Pride 8/24/18

    I was looking for a banana sticking out of your back pocket!
  370. Tuna Vic

    1989 Bayrunner 22 transom rebuild

    Amazing work and craftsmanship!
  371. Tuna Vic

    Every Bait was a fish

    Nice Calis,always nice when the bite is ON!
  372. Tuna Vic

    SOLD My junk is your junk

    Good deal for someone!
  373. Tuna Vic

    Best Fish Eats

    White Sea Bass for me,brushed with a garlic butter sauce while grilling! <“)))>{~~~
  374. Tuna Vic

    FREE C h e a p cushion renew

    Wow that actually looks pretty good! Thanks for the tip!
  375. Tuna Vic

    Thinking About Quitting

    I understand totally what you’re saying,but there’s nothing like being on your own skiff!
  376. Tuna Vic

    Morro Bay with my son finally.

    Very nice,my favorite place MB,good job Pop,your son looks all tuckererd out!
  377. Tuna Vic

    SOLD 17’ Gregor SOLD

    Nice,I’m looking for another skiff right now,just not ready to pull the trigger yet,I had a 17’bayrunner,your rig would be at the top of the list!
  378. Tuna Vic

    8/18 LJ Dodo

    Wtg,that’s one happy and stoked kid right there,that’s the way to do it Dad!
  379. Tuna Vic

    She thought she was a marlin... 8/19

    Nice surprise!
  380. Tuna Vic

    SOLD 2000 Crestliner Sportfish 1850

    Nice rig,love that kicker set up,really looks clean! Hope she sells quick for you!
  381. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 14 foot Prism Kayak

    Looks nice,oar driven or pedal?
  382. Tuna Vic

    Robalo R180 Gets Custom Bait Tank

    Yeah that tank really compliments your skiff,clean lines!
  383. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 1983 Aguilar 50' loa fiberglass diesel charter boat

    If only I was a young man! I could of imagined a whole different life course with that rig.
  384. Tuna Vic

    8/11 Butts... late report

    Very nice guys,looks like that tank is paying dividends right away,I think you guys are pretty efficient at catching fatties too,just a good tank won’t do it for most!
  385. Tuna Vic

    Catalina yellow on the bass jig

    Nice tail,he must of got mad watching the bass have a good time,it cost him though!
  386. Tuna Vic

    One good patty and one lame patty share!

    Bueatiful pics,bummer on the guys who ruined the bite,at least you got a few!
  387. Tuna Vic

    First time fishing today

    Nice,I’d say he’s hooked!
  388. Tuna Vic

    A shout out to those that helped my son today.

    Antibiotics are our friends,trust me I know,glad he’s ok,nice halibut by the way!
  389. Tuna Vic

    I'm off the DL late report (video)

    Nice footage there Corey,glad to see your back at it,Hard!
  390. Tuna Vic

    Rpt-Sat.-08-11-18 A local Bass Frenzy!

    Wow,what a day guys,my favorite way to get bit,on the fall/drop almost as exciting as a top water bite! Glad you guys had a great time,much better than I, I was at the dentist that morning,lol.
  391. Tuna Vic

    Big girls showing up

    Wow,what a strike,nice on catching that one on video,thanks!
  392. Tuna Vic

    First mako for fabian

    Nice toothy critter,enjoy!
  393. Tuna Vic

    Little Video from the Other Day

    Nice vid,short and sweet!
  394. Tuna Vic

    Almost Done - New Boat - 31' Cabo Express

    That’s totally awesome,can’t wait to see some great fish catches on that bueatiful rig,and some amazing meals! Congrats Bro
  395. Tuna Vic

    Fishing PV and the Shoe with the Kids 8-5

    Good times with the family and a SIL “bass thumb” wtg!
  396. Tuna Vic

    Golden Tile all 31.40 pounds of her!!

    Wow,that is a bueatiful fish,and I did appreciate it, thanks!
  397. Tuna Vic

    Morrow Bay 8/4/18

    My favorite place,nice rig,nice reds,nice pics! Thanks
  398. Tuna Vic

    Brought a sharp knife to a gunfight and won

    Awesome,you’ll need a good knife for that hamachi!
  399. Tuna Vic

    8-4 aboard the Malihini - First Dodo!

    Congrats bro,dodos fun to catch and great to eat,wtg!
  400. Tuna Vic

    8/4 devirginized × 2 species and trailor limped home

    Very cool,that was a productive day,sorry about the wheel,glad you didn’t have to get towed!
  401. Tuna Vic

    Gail Force, Smoked by the Big Yellows

    Bummer and pleasure,those we’re some nice grade tails,but I’m sure a lot of guys learned some good lessons for next time!
  402. Tuna Vic

    Zero to Hero in one drift

    Yup,that’ll make up for a not so great start,I’ll take one like that any day! Congrats
  403. Tuna Vic

    Off the bottom

    Can’t beat that!
  404. Tuna Vic

    For Sale Boat is going to junkyard- parts for sale

    I owned that same rig myself for years,loved it but hated the very low transom and the battery location,but other than that was one my favorites,and I’ve owned a few rigs!
  405. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 17’ Boston whaler montauk

    Awesome rig,someone’s gonna score!
  406. Tuna Vic

    Who carries these on their boat?

    Yup,those projectiles can be deadly!
  407. Tuna Vic

    Calico City - Cat 7/28/18

    Bummer,it was exciting for a lil while, that’s fishing! Thanks
  408. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-07-26-18 Cat. The 3 B's and a Tail!

    Thanks Cory,cool and detailed report!
  409. Tuna Vic

    7/26 LB Wall to Catalina

    Nice rig,nice Calicos,great mate!
  410. Tuna Vic

    Bodega 7/21

    Love that area,some of the best bbq oysters I’ve ever had,also the raw ones were great too,gettin back there soon,nice catch and variety there,wtg. Thanks
  411. Tuna Vic

    Mako gets stabbed by Marlin

    Wow,I wonder if the billfish survived?
  412. Tuna Vic

    ISLAND IN THE SUN -Independence 7 Day 2018

    Awesome trip,awesome pics! Thanks
  413. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 26' Skipjack Factory Pilot House Volvo Penta Diesel.

    One of the best looking Skippys I’ve seen on the water!
  414. Tuna Vic

    JUL 21 - Skiff Life

    Very nice guys,very nice!
  415. Tuna Vic

    7-16 PV and Shoe Bass and a Butt. Things are Coming Together.

    Great day,that Hali in the pan looks killer! Wtg
  416. Tuna Vic


    I’ve owned 16 boats/skIffs always felt each one was an upgrade from the first 12’game fisher aluminum, now boatless but still looking,again!
  417. Tuna Vic

    Lost Prop - Crossing back to LB tomorrow

    Hope the best for you,get home safe!
  418. Tuna Vic

    7/16 prowler

    Sweet! Awesome pics, thanks.
  419. Tuna Vic

    7/16/18 Nados fest

    Very cool,reminds of a couple of my friends first yellows on my skiff,they couldn’t believe how hard a 15-20lb fish could pull! Wtg
  420. Tuna Vic

    7/17 La Jolla Jello

    No more “rookie”for you anymore or your son,he’s a fisherman now,wtg Pop,I’d say you hooked two that day,the yellow,and your son! Nice
  421. Tuna Vic

    Opah SW of 302

    Amazing catch!
  422. Tuna Vic

    My Son's First Yellowtail. And second. And third... Catalina 7-15-18

    Well I’ll say he did pretty good,that’s awesome,my son was 12 for his first y/t 12lbs,those are some great pictures and I’m sure some pretty cool memories,way to go Pop!
  423. Tuna Vic

    7-14 Horseshoe with interesting twist

    Thanks for report,glad to your your friend got home safe!
  424. Tuna Vic

    Fished local 7-13

    Nice Calicos indeed!
  425. Tuna Vic

    Tuna Fishing Baby- 7/13

    Even without the vids the pics tell an awesome story of the day,that’s the way to do it right there!
  426. Tuna Vic

    Cool underwater vids from 7/8 off of SanO.

    Very cool vids,it’s interesting to see them swim up quickly and then turn off and away so fast,i wonder what turns them off after coming that close? Thanks
  427. Tuna Vic

    Pops went to be with Jesus,(Tough week)

    Wow,your Pop must of been one cool dude and Dad,lost my Dad many years ago,never got to hear the lessons and lectures I’m sure he would have blessed me with,I know your grateful for those from your Dad. That video is truly a gem to be cherished in the days come,so sorry for your loss.
  428. Tuna Vic

    Fished with Tommy Saturday.

    Nice going,would of loved to see some pics of those big bones! Thanks
  429. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-Sun-07-08-18 Bass'n the Good Ole Days!

    Great day guys,and I agree with the size limit also,and have noticed the difference in quality myself!
  430. Tuna Vic

    WTB Fish/Marine Stencils

    I have a 80’ wood fence in a side yard I own,would really like to have some fish on it for decor,also any other kind of marine decor,lighthouses,boats,ect anyone know where I could buy some large stencils as I don’t have the artistic talent myself. Thanks
  431. Tuna Vic

    YFT close

    Nice bonus on the way home,always gotta be ready!
  432. Tuna Vic

    Gail Force 7/3 Big Bass-Big Yellas !

    Great pictures and report,I love yellows and of course “hamachi”but those Calicos were really cool,quality for sure!
  433. Tuna Vic

    Catalina Calicos...National Geographic Style 7/3/18

    Nice,I would have loved to chuck a swimmie right in the middle of that,a few times!
  434. Tuna Vic

    Halibut report 07/02

    That’s one sweet butt,those shrimp look very cool,definitely not mantis shrimp!
  435. Tuna Vic

    Pumping Ghost Shrimp ( video )

    Looks and sounds like a nice calm morning in the bay,never tried that but I’ve been doing some shore fishing lately using store bought shrimp,I’m sure those work much better,thanks!
  436. Tuna Vic

    Mirage 2-day laid the wood on WSB

    My favorite meal right there,many times over! Wtg
  437. Tuna Vic

    Be Careful When Throwing Irons

    Ok I’ll throw mine in,while fishing The Queen of the Sea with Capt Dipley, I hear a loud snap or crack,I turn around and there’s a guy holding the top of his head,embedded in it is a tady 45. When John realizes what happened he comes down out of the wheelhouse and he ain’t happy. He grabs the...
  438. Tuna Vic

    Monte Carlo 1/2 Day PM 6/24/2018

    Sounds like a lot of action all day,that obviously makes for a great day,thanks for the report!
  439. Tuna Vic

    Long Beach 6-24-18

    Well at least you got home safe and had one for the tacos,one of my worst weather condition days was crossing the harbor from LA light to Alamitos entrance,every wave went over my 18’ skiff,in the harbor!
  440. Tuna Vic

    Thought I wast just going fishing...

    Pretty cool,congrats!
  441. Tuna Vic

    Grande -3/4- day offshore.

    Congrats,quality Tuna right there!
  442. Tuna Vic

    PV Coastline 6-21

    35 bass still not a bad day! Seems like it’s gonna be a good season!
  443. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-Two Day Blue Horizon ending 06-19-18 SCI & Cat.

    Very nice ,quality report and grade of yellows,thanks!
  444. Tuna Vic

    Cool gift from son, by local artist

    Yup,that’s pretty sweet,cool son also!
  445. Tuna Vic

    Wall + shoe 6/20

    Those were some nice checkers,and those Barrie’s are always a blast to catch,especially on the iron,thanks for the report!
  446. Tuna Vic

    1979 Skipjack 24 open outboard conversion

    Thats one sweet rig,not only looking,but very impressive mpg stats! Wtg
  447. Tuna Vic

    Fathers Day Fishing

    That looks like great times with the family,can’t beat that,nice rig there also,take care!
  448. Tuna Vic

    Late report: Monte Carlo Twilight 6/15

    At least you have the right attitude,realizing the skip did all he could to get you on fish. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen,at least you weren’t on a boat with a bunch of people complaining about the slow conditions were,you’ll get em next time!
  449. Tuna Vic

    Had a stroke..back home....luckiest man alive..please read

    My son had a stroke also last year,he’s 42yrs old,thank god he’s recovered about 95% which is pretty good considering he was on breathing tube for 7days,no movement on one side of his body for about 12days,and had a brain drain tube in for about 13days. His issue was neglected high blood...
  450. Tuna Vic

    Late Report: Green Bouy 6/16

    Bummer about your buddies rod,good going on the catch!
  451. Tuna Vic

    SoCal Barracudas!!

    Prepared correctly there’s nothing wrong with Barrie’s,first they should be bled and thrown on ice,hard to keep fresh on a party boat,anyway when you get them home,fillet and cut out the red meat(blood line). Then cut into strips or small chunks,bread with corn meal,then deep fry,they taste...
  452. Tuna Vic

    Tow With Tahoe Or Yukon Denali?

    I’ve towed multiple boats with my 2005 GMC Yukon 1500XL 2WD,from my 18’c/c to a 24’ Robalo c/c, never had any problems.
  453. Tuna Vic

    Lamborghini vs Farm Truck

    When I saw the hood on the truck looking a little suspect before the start,I knew the Lam was gonna get smoked!
  454. Tuna Vic

    6/15 Cuddas at the shoe

    Very cool,love when the Barrie’s show up!
  455. Tuna Vic

    Meet Sticky Business V my new to me 2320

    My “drool”rig for sure,congrats brother! Thanks
  456. Tuna Vic

    Horseshoe/Izors Sunday June 10

    That’s the way to do it,keep moving and keep your eyes open,many folks don’t like Barrie’s,I’m one that does,prepared well their great,fun to catch too!
  457. Tuna Vic

    Funny Clip of a Thresher

    Pretty cool vid!
  458. Tuna Vic

    took the crew out for a little rappelling today

    Hmm,no thanks,good for you though!
  459. Tuna Vic

    10JUN18 Breakwall Bassin

    Very nice for the wall during the day,we usually only do really well in the dark,wtg!
  460. Tuna Vic

    calicos are hitting

    That sounds great! Thanks
  461. Tuna Vic

    Blind luck seabass

    That’s one fat biscuit,congrats!
  462. Tuna Vic

    Horseshoe, Izors and around. 6/10/18 either i suck at fishing or the local fishing sucks!

    The more you go the more you’ll know,every trip is a learning experience,even when we have a bad day we just keep thinking what we could have done different to increase our odds. And then we apply that to the next trip,after many trips you have a lot of options no matter the conditions,although...
  463. Tuna Vic

    Seabass surprise

    Wow,can’t beat that! Awesome
  464. Tuna Vic

    6-4-18 LB seabass!!

    That’s good stuff right there,nice biscuits!
  465. Tuna Vic

    Late Video Pond Fishin

    Nice vid,always nice to enjoy a passion with your family!
  466. Tuna Vic

    Bing ling

    Great eats there! Wtg
  467. Tuna Vic

    star wars fireball!!!

  468. Tuna Vic

    Now that's something you don't see everyday...

    One fortunate guy,sounds like it could of snapped his leg,that’s the picture I get in my head! With his boot caught on the rod holder and him in the water.
  469. Tuna Vic

    Just when I thought I was over it. Here it comes again: seasickness.

    Always make sure to have something in your stomach in the morning before you hit the water,even something like a bran muffin or ginger snaps ect with your coffee,I find that stomach acids bouncing around with nothing to absorb them causes nausea. I’m fortunate not to get Mal Del Mar,but when I...
  470. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-05-28-18 Monday Good Bass'n!

    Not alot of toads but certainly alot of action,sometimes I enjoy catching a lot of fish rather than just a few big ones,it’s just nice to have some action without hours a nothing happening,thanks for the report! Wtg
  471. Tuna Vic

    La Jolla 5-27. At least o caught somethin' to eat

    I’ve more than once taken a baggie full of live squid after a day of fishing with the candy,when I get home,clean,bread and fry,accompanied by a cold brew,fresh as it gets,calamari!
  472. Tuna Vic

    Badass Bass

    I’m sure he fought the good fight!
  473. Tuna Vic

    SOLD 20’ Chaparral WA

    Should go quick!
  474. Tuna Vic

    Going Hard 5/23

    Great looking Checkers right there,thanks!
  475. Tuna Vic

    5:25 Back Bay new boat!

    That’s some good stuff there! Your right,nice to hear a heartfelt comment like that from a happy lad,good job,and your sons getting his fishing buddies all lined up,very nice! Oh yeah,that’s one sweet sled,congrats!
  476. Tuna Vic

    Wanted to share my experience with 1st Halibut!

    Nice slides,very cool song too!
  477. Tuna Vic

    Swimbait Striper (video)

    Yup,that’ll bring a smile to your face,nice going,great tasting fish those stripers. Thanks for the vid.
  478. Tuna Vic


    Wow,very cool fish,thanks!
  479. Tuna Vic

    Rpt-2 Day Salsapuedes Reds, Coppers, Cali's, Sandies.

    Very nice Corey,those are some bueatiful reds,I like the way you guys bleed the fish,we always do that before they hit the cooler,sure makes a big difference getting those pearl white fillets,thanks for the always entertaining report!
  480. Tuna Vic

    Home Depot Fishing Cart?

    Wow,who knew?
  481. Tuna Vic

    Curado 200XG K = Calicos on the Coast

    Cali looks good,Reel sounds good,thanks.
  482. Tuna Vic

    Another launch ramp.................

    Bad start to the day!
  483. Tuna Vic

    Ranger Dave

    I remember doing that many times at Gaviota pier,we had to do everything ourselves,even pull the boat and trailer down the dock to the hoist,no Ranger Dave!
  484. Tuna Vic

    Nice grade yellows at Channel Islands

    Beautiful pic,awesome guys just awesome!
  485. Tuna Vic

    Slow pick at Izor's - 5/19

    Nice effort,looks like you went bendo at least once,I’m sure the influx of red crabs could effect the bite,thanks for info!
  486. Tuna Vic

    Modified 1995 Montauk 17

    Nice work there,looks like easy maintenance,wtg!
  487. Tuna Vic

    Epic bite at the secret spot

    Bueatiful specimens,congrats!
  488. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 13' Calibogie skiff

    Awesome little skiff there,I’ve learned over the years biggers not always better,so many advantages to a small skiff,but as you know we’re never satisfied,bump for a nice rig!
  489. Tuna Vic

    Rpt-05-19-18 The good Old Days 100+ Bass Today!

    Ahhh,that’s more like it,that’s sounds a little more like bass fishing on the “Rubber Ducky” very nice,always cool to know those kind of days are still possible for those in the know,enjoyed the report,and nice vacation shots,also a nice biscuit you got there!
  490. Tuna Vic

    SOLD 22’ Livesay price drop 7000

    That’s a lot of rig for a very decent price,looks really clean,someone’s gonna have a blast on that one!
  491. Tuna Vic

    Coconut Oil Fish Fry

    Yeah,I usually fry mine that way also,coconut oil is supposed to be better for that than olive oil,they say it can handle the heat heat better,I’ve been using avocado oil lately,haven’t done any fish in it yet,but I have a few sculpin filets that will be swimming in Ava oil this weekend!
  492. Tuna Vic

    Wednesday, anatomy of a half day trip on the Premiere.

    Just nice to get on the salt,especially with a light load,thanks for the report!
  493. Tuna Vic

    Trolling Motors on Big Boats

    I fish with a guy who has a 24’skiff,it has a trolling motor which is remote control and can keep us on one spot,the very same spot,while fishing an area,while fishing the break wall on the outside it’s amazing,it can keep us just outside the kelp line and never drift,pretty cool,it’s 36volt,and...
  494. Tuna Vic

    Can't Stop Thinking of Fishing

    I laugh when someone who knows how much I fish says “they love fishing” and I ask them,oh really when’s the last time you went? The usual answer goes like this, let’s see,it was about 2yrs ago,I went with my uncle on a 3/4 day trip,it was great! Then they ask me,when’s the last time I went...
  495. Tuna Vic

    First offshore trip on my new boat 5/12/18

    Wow,that’s one nice sled,congrats!
  496. Tuna Vic

    Both sides of the "Butt"...

    Can’t beat a fishing day that includes a legal flattie,wtg!
  497. Tuna Vic

    Weekend at the ranch

    Beautiful area there,we’ve had a lot of nice trips there,we used to launch off the pier with the hoist,it was pretty exciting since you had to do everything yourself,pretty crazy,but excellent fishing,hope you get em next time!
  498. Tuna Vic

    eBay auction not as advertised - negotiate or return?

    I’ve only had a couple of buyer disputes on eBay, I must admit eBay has always backed the buyer (me) up with full refund.
  499. Tuna Vic

    SM - Bass, Reds W/ Side Of Plastic Ling

    Some nice bass there,with a Ling kicker,can’t beat that kinda day,that nap looks as good as the fish,man I miss a skiff with a cabin!
  500. Tuna Vic

    Doorbell security camera

    I have the Ring device,it works great,wherever your at,vacation fishing,out of town you can see who’s at your door or in front of your house. Also you can go back and check motion alerts that were activated when no one rang the bell and see who was at your door or just walked up and left.
  501. Tuna Vic

    Fishing License Plate

    Actually my liscence plate is “TUNAVIC” I’ve had it 20yrs+. Maybe they think it’s one word?
  502. Tuna Vic

    Late Report: Combat fishing on the Liberty 5/4/18

    You certainly had some nice gear prepared for the battle,those rigs looked sweet,hopefully you’ll put to good use next time,thanks for the report and vid!
  503. Tuna Vic

    Carp the other gold fish

    Yup,those guys can pull for sure,wtg!
  504. Tuna Vic

    SOLD 20' Skipjack Flybridge Outboard

    Man that’s one nice rig,and that cabin,clean!
  505. Tuna Vic

    5-4-18 Fishing with Colby

    Nice putting a buddy on his first YT,cool memories there,thanks!
  506. Tuna Vic

    Here's the full story on my bass! Dream come true!

    Nice going,cool read,and very impressive catch!
  507. Tuna Vic

    Pursuit at Catalina 5/3/18

    Thanks for the report,good to know what’s happening at the island!
  508. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 1981 Tiara Pursuit 2000 20 foot Cuddy cabin sportfisher

    I like the way you put the clear splash guards on the transom,I did the same on my Wellcraft c/c,made quite a difference,awesome rig,I owned a 25’ Tiara and can attest to quality built rigs! Wish you well with the sale.
  509. Tuna Vic

    Old Rain Check

    Kinda cool when you find stuff like that,and the memories they envoke,pretty cool!
  510. Tuna Vic

    My lake record smallmouth!!

    Indeed,Congrats Brother!
  511. Tuna Vic

    My lake record smallmouth!!

    Wow,that’s the biggest smallie I’ve seen,must of been a great fight! Wtg
  512. Tuna Vic

    Is this mean ( video )

    Oh,that hurts!
  513. Tuna Vic

    Horseshoe 4/27 - no blow but slooowww

    Nice effort,thanks for the report!
  514. Tuna Vic

    Dana Point 4/21 - lots of Sheephead

    That goat looks pretty stocky,I’m sure you love that “Shammie” one of my favorites! And I only have to favorite rigs,that’s one.
  515. Tuna Vic

    slow fishing BUTT rewarded!

    That’s some accomplishment,you’ve got some good eats for quite a while,nice!
  516. Tuna Vic

    Soupfin or ?

    Wtg on going back and solving the mystery,nothing more frustrating than hooking a beast and never getting to see it!
  517. Tuna Vic

    For Sale Proline 2401 1999 Walkaround

    Awesome rig,that’s a go anywhere sled!
  518. Tuna Vic

    Basking sharks in the channel?

    That’s really cool,you never know what your gonna see on the salt! Thanks
  519. Tuna Vic

    Suzuki (Japanese seabass) using 10' Black Hole Suzuki rod in Korea

    Nice fishing,and good eats,can’t be beat,thanks!
  520. Tuna Vic

    All it needs is a tower......

    I need some air!
  521. Tuna Vic

    Rare California Giant Red Seabass

    Amazing,those are as nice as they get!
  522. Tuna Vic

    Follow up on my first splash of the year starting in Morro Bay..

    Nice lings there,awww nothing better than a quick nap in the cabin after a few hours on the water,man I miss that,next skiff must have a Cuddy!
  523. Tuna Vic

    Local Lings 04-21-18

    That’s local treasue right there! You guys must get really excited when your headed to that fishing hole,it really produces some awesome results!
  524. Tuna Vic

    Catalina report 4/22 and found my own rockfish

    Yeah that’s always a great felling when you find a new hot area,I’m sure those stones are in your waypoints now!
  525. Tuna Vic

    Gday fellas

    Good day!
  526. Tuna Vic

    Tuesday morning 1/2 day

    Awesome 1/2 day catch!
  527. Tuna Vic

    Fished Redondo King Harbor Bonito No Launch Ramp (video)

    Pretty cool idea,let the family enjoy breakfast while you ran up and got bait,I thought it was interesting when you said one of the best days ever! That certainly says a lot about enjoying great times with your family,especially with the epic days of fishing you’ve had,best day ever fishing...
  528. Tuna Vic

    Horseshoe Kelp 4/14

    53 wow,don’t remember ever seeing that low of water temp on the Shoe but anything’s possible,yeah I’d say that might shut the bite down,and send the bait scurrying thanks for the heads up!
  529. Tuna Vic

    Leopard Sharks with my son 4-14-18

    Good going Pops,that one leopard looked like it was twisting like a snake!
  530. Tuna Vic

    Shamrock Pilot House CC, what do you think?

    That’s pretty sweet!
  531. Tuna Vic

    22'/23' foot backyard build V Hull Dory

    Great looking skiff,love the high gunnels!
  532. Tuna Vic

    For Sale SOLD-Starcraft 14ft Aluminum Boat 9.9 4-Stroke Mercury

    Nice looking little skiff,very clean should go quick!
  533. Tuna Vic

    Izors 4/10

    Nice going,yeah sometimes our local spots are just scratching all day,at least you pulled out a few!
  534. Tuna Vic

    4/8/18 horseshoe

    Nice flattie,it’s that time of year!
  535. Tuna Vic

    I feel trapped...

    Nice tip!
  536. Tuna Vic

    For Sale 1982 Skipjack 24 Flybridge ***SOLD!!!***

    Very nice rig,should go fast,solid boat for sure!
  537. Tuna Vic

    The Wall - Fun Bassin’

    Looks like a fun day of fishing the bass,last time we fished inside the harbor we fished all over with no problem until we got around Terminal island and the prison,coast guard came by and just reminded us of the off limits area,they were pretty cool about it!
  538. Tuna Vic

    Maiden Voyage Parker 1801

    Awesome skiff,can’t beat doing what you love with your entire family! Congrats
  539. Tuna Vic

    4-7 Palos Verdes and the trench

    Totally agree with your last sentence,there’s always food in the fridge! Good going.
  540. Tuna Vic

    A good Spring morning at the Horseshoe 4/4

    Nice going,hope it continues to improve,looking forward to good local fishing!
  541. Tuna Vic

    2 trips, 3 fish. Horseshoe and Izors

    Persistence usually pays off,keep it up!
  542. Tuna Vic

    Orcas kill their own!

    A lot of fish also do this,I have tropical fish called Blue Acaras,when their eggs hatch you sometimes you’ll have to remove the fry or the male will eat them so he can get the female to spawn again.
  543. Tuna Vic


    Very nice to see Popotla doing well,one of my favorite places to visit while staying at Los Rocas hotel. Price sounds great,how deep were you guys fishing? Thanks for the report and pics!
  544. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-04-05-18 Quality Sand Bass at Izor's Reef.

    Nice way to get the line stretched,those grumps 4lb plus pull hard,nice Cali there also,nice going,glad weather stayed fishable for you guys,”Catch Em”! Thanks
  545. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-03-31-18 1.5 Day Relentless trip to SCI.

    Nice trip Cory,those reds are killer,haven’t caught that quality for a while myself,glad someone’s gettin em! Those galley meals sound great too,thanks for the report and pics!
  546. Tuna Vic

    Big whitefish and monster sheepshead

    Quality goats and whitefish for sure,those toads can fight, I hope your ride out there was better than my last trip to Nic,it was one rough ride,thanks!
  547. Tuna Vic

    Fishing the 'Lion' of March

    Nice group of species!
  548. Tuna Vic

    3/30 - Mixed Limits & Mylar Too

    Nice to see big Bonita again!
  549. Tuna Vic

    Custom T-Top Pacific Yacht Towers- Cabo 216

    Like getting a new boat,right!? Very nice,enjoy!
  550. Tuna Vic

    When It's On It's Really On!

    Cool,those are the ones that keep you coming back! Wtg
  551. Tuna Vic

    Crab Snares?

    Illegal in SoCal.
  552. Tuna Vic

    3/24 Fisherman lll After the Rain

    Sounds like good times! Nice pics.
  553. Tuna Vic

    Cool Shots...

    Gettin some fresh air,nice!
  554. Tuna Vic

    1957 Glasspar Del Mar Restoration

    Very cool,I really dig that transom,no following seas coming over that,can’t wait to see the finished product.
  555. Tuna Vic

    To get a t top or not.

    Had one on my 18’ c/c skiff,always had to remove canvas before towing,the frame and mounting arrangement would not handle going 50+ on fwy with canvas on. Always seemed to flimsy to me,and eventually I removed it,also a far as shade goes basically your boat has to sitting in just the right...
  556. Tuna Vic

    Boat name for my new Mako

    “Knot For Sail”
  557. Tuna Vic

    If You had to catch a meal???

    LB outer side of the wall,Calicos and sculpin got some last week!
  558. Tuna Vic

    Lobsters crawl Mission Bay 3-20-18

    I agree,spiders are a little harder to reap the good stuff but taste great also! Nice results there.
  559. Tuna Vic

    Catalina / Izors 3/18-20

    Wow those are some slugs right there! Wtg.
  560. Tuna Vic

    Rpt.-03-20-18 SCI Rockfish Bonanza!

    Beautiful sunrise pics and beautiful Rockies,those are some of the biggest Johnnies I’ve seen! Very nice,thanks for the report,wtg guys!
  561. Tuna Vic

    I'm sure You can relate

    Do you have a fever?
  562. Tuna Vic

    Does anyone identify this?

    I say it’s HILARIOUS!