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  1. amorea5

    Inshore and Offshore!

    I smell some shark bait, redneck
  2. amorea5

    Reef Donkeys and Goliaths! 5/22/10

    that sucks but you do not wanna mess around with the FWC laws
  3. amorea5

    BOOOYAAA!! Video added 5/25

    Oh its no biggie in just not hip into that cali. talk. I was born and raised here in south florida.
  4. amorea5

    BOOOYAAA!! Video added 5/25

    I missed something dude why is it retarded
  5. amorea5

    BOOOYAAA!! Video added 5/25

    sweet tarpon
  6. amorea5

    Blacktip Challenge Television Promo Video

    It looks like the 2011 tournamemt should be great I had alot of fun this winter fishing off of juno pier with the blacktips
  7. amorea5

    Amazing catch by 11yr old Josh!

    Thats a big tarpon
  8. amorea5

    white king fish blanks

    yea its probably a blackfin blank
  9. amorea5

    why learn to fly fish???

    thanks for the info one those tackel shops
  10. amorea5

    GF760M w/ teal marble

    really amazing
  11. amorea5

    Key West

    nice haul
  12. amorea5

    what snookin is supposed to be

    yea I havent really fished for them cause of the close on the season but the 12 fish that I caught were in slot its ironic how in season I can barely catch any snook when the season is open but when they close it thats all I catch
  13. amorea5

    what snookin is supposed to be

    it does look delicious to bad we had no spring season and now there getting ready to spawn
  14. amorea5

    what snookin is supposed to be

    nice snook on fly the snook in my area are starting to stack up under the pier and on the beach following the bait that comes in every summer
  15. amorea5

    Coventional or Spiral Wrap (Acid)

    spiral wraps are definetly gay
  16. amorea5

    penn senator 4/0

    I was checking my 4/0 today on my rod and I noticed that when I put the reel on free spool it it felt like it was still in gear just wiht very light drag but that was with the drag tight but when I would lossen my drag and put the reel In free spool it had liek ticks when I would pull line out
  17. amorea5

    How's it been in Lauderdale

    From what im being told by the guys who fish the piers down south that deerfield pier is getting quite a few good size kings also check out this website Boatless Fishing Forum, Reports, Info • Index page
  18. amorea5


    Im from south florida and almost every year I go up north to see my family In MASS. they all call me the redneck of the family. but every year I head up to new bedford and mattapoisett and never go fishing, I was wondering If theres any spots other than the dike in fairhaven to go fishing from...
  19. amorea5

    Cobia Jig supplies?

    Watch Im gonna get a 40 pounder before you.
  20. amorea5

    Moving to Panama City

    great cobia fishery there
  21. amorea5

    Gator blanks worth a damn?

    they are definetly gator glass blanks are great almost every beach and pier shark rods are made from gator blanks many of the guys who fish the pier around here use gator glass blanks for there 8 to 10 foot bottom rods and they work great and if you can find the older gator glass blanks there...
  22. amorea5

    a nice after school before the game session

    I believe ya jack hey guys its spring break in florida like a regular who fishes the pier said yesterday if your in high school and not getting some this time of year theres gotta be something wrong with you you can ask jack spring break in florida is fun cause you my only get a week off but the...
  23. amorea5

    Hammer time on cobia

    nice cobes I was told by a very reliable source that juno pier got some today to
  24. amorea5

    what to expect

    Damn your lucky all my school supports Is the football team, the basketball team and the track team
  25. amorea5

    Cobia Jig supplies?

    our cobe season's winding down
  26. amorea5

    Lox river rocks

  27. amorea5

    News about AVET spinner

    that would be amazing if they would do that
  28. amorea5

    Accurate BX-600w

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I like this
  29. amorea5

    Lox river rocks

    you guys getting them on live bait or artificials
  30. amorea5

    News about AVET spinner

    Avet listen It should be bailess or have some type of conversion kit
  31. amorea5

    is this rod good?

    yeah I say that chris wanted to buy it on boatless fishing
  32. amorea5

    March Avet Reel Contest

    I really love that shorebound sharkings on this site now
  33. amorea5

    is this rod good?

    its a nice looking rod looks like it has a heavy action, if so it could probably be used to sight cast cobia. I would also use it pitch crabs to permit with it which I think this rod was made for pitching crabs
  34. amorea5

    South FL Trips-- A Wishlist/Bucketlist...

    definetly sight fishing for cobia, and also bridge/pier fishing for slob snook thats always really fun
  35. amorea5

    for the young BD's, black Penn 6/0 or Penn super mariner 49?

    6/0 for deep drop and troll and marnier for casting
  36. amorea5

    What Happened to the TLD 10?

    because the speedmasters came out
  37. amorea5


  38. amorea5

    Calcutta 400B VS. 400TE

    hey dude do you have the mudhole catalog and if so can you bring it to school tomorrow
  39. amorea5

    Calcutta 400B VS. 400TE

    that sucks
  40. amorea5

    Finor 9500 Off Shore

    good reels a local guy I know uses them for sharks and hasnt had problem yet
  41. amorea5

    Jigging For Snook

    alex listen to nick he knows what hes doing
  42. amorea5

    Coral and Canes

    love it
  43. amorea5

    realtree camo avets

    that is nice nick
  44. amorea5

    Avet Help

    go with an lx or mxl Ihave friends that use the lx and I would go high speed If your main target Is kingfish I would go high speed
  45. amorea5

    I was digging through my old

    glad to know theres some guys who listen to as I like to call it the "The good stuff"
  46. amorea5

    used penn 4/0 wide

    sorry man but im omly looking for a wide but thanks for the offer
  47. amorea5

    used penn 4/0 wide

    looking to buy a 4/0 wide for a rod im attempting to build
  48. amorea5

    Penn International 12 T 2 speed

    penn reels are great please dont go accurate if I had more money I would buy more internationals but im always on a tighter budget so I go with avets
  49. amorea5

    This is the road map

    great job but as sad above the colors are a little fruity for me though
  50. amorea5

    Snook in the mangs

    love it
  51. amorea5

    Am Tack Viper SW1089 Build

    was out on the pier for like a half hour today from 6:30 to 7 and saw nothing two little like sabiki size runners come up nothing else
  52. amorea5

    Am Tack Viper SW1089 Build

    oh you do nick is out there a lot more than i am but if your there that often ive probably seen you out there myself
  53. amorea5

    What's the logic - Blank choice

    like seanfish said by the way ive seen quite a few of your rods and love them but anyway here in southern florida i do alot of pier/bridge fishing for snook and you really want a 8 foot rod at minimum so you dont have to worry about line runbbing up against structure plus at times if we hook a...
  54. amorea5

    Calstar BT90j

    thats a nice rod im going to use that blank on my next bridge rod for snook
  55. amorea5

    Am Tack Viper SW1089 Build

    nick, stan told me that john gets like that when george gets pissed and he said its just a domino effect when george goes off
  56. amorea5

    Am Tack Viper SW1089 Build

    i will dont worry
  57. amorea5

    Am Tack Viper SW1089 Build

    so nick when are you teaching me
  58. amorea5

    Rod wrapping

    Lott bros. north palm beach
  59. amorea5


    Im with nick make a bail less in all sizes or have kit to convert them
  60. amorea5

    I love my SX 2 speed

    yes people in florida are on bloodydecks
  61. amorea5

    who is

    no pic's so I guess its more of a fish tale now on the avet mxl's on it 50 pound PP to 80# momoi the 300# momoi to 8 feet of 480 pound hard wire with a 9/0 owner live bait as for bait we usuyally only use live for blacktips and spinners so it was live spanish mackral live bluefish and if we...
  62. amorea5

    who is

    Yes I caught a ton of tips and spinners I also got dumped by a big bull on my avet mxl for blacktips
  63. amorea5

    looking for

    the thing is i dont have a lot of money to spend on a custom
  64. amorea5

    looking for

    a 9 foot star rod 40-50 ther model is a dlx35h it a 8 foot rod that a lot of the guys put a 10 inch extension to make the butt 24 inches anyone have any or just the an older model cause i know they made 40-50 rod that was 9 foot but thats discountinued
  65. amorea5

    More Cobe Jigs

    todd just got some more custom jigs in at juno
  66. amorea5

    More Cobe Jigs

  67. amorea5

    a good Baitcaster

    very very true
  68. amorea5

    a good Baitcaster

    hells to the yeahs alex youve seen skip pull 40+ snook out of structure with his 3/0 and jigmaster
  69. amorea5

    No Bail??????

    how do u cut the bail, all my tools won't cut it i already broke a pare of scisscors trying to cut it, and a barely chipped the metal
  70. amorea5

    Suggestions on good all around Baitcaster

    penn jigmaster its not exactly an inshore reel but its one of the best reels out there
  71. amorea5

    what blank

    do you think i should use for a pier/bridge rod for an avet mxl ill be using the rod for big snook big jacks some tarpon here and there and kingfish and bonita in the summ er and i would lik the rod to be at least 7'6
  72. amorea5

    just bought an mxl

    and wanted to know what the dial at the end of the lever was:idiot:
  73. amorea5

    50th Birthday Reel?

    go penn or avet
  74. amorea5

    Juno Pier Cobes

    you should start putting a regular report on here
  75. amorea5

    Treasure Coast in February?

    yes go for some cobes
  76. amorea5

    Best 3000 Size spinning reel for flats fishing?

    yea my brother just bought a 5000 sargus and it is pretty heavy
  77. amorea5

    Just got an avet lx mc but will the mc system prevent me from droping the jig down?

    thats why I love the lx and like the guy above me said you can use it for almost anything and it is a perfect reel for one you come to florida you can use it inshore and offshore
  78. amorea5

    How did you get your start?

    I wanna Learn to wrap my own rod but the only problem is i have absoultly no tools to do it with
  79. amorea5

    Need some Help!

    dude if you have rods and are in the keys just fish off a bridge with some pinfish or cutbait and i gurantee youll catch something
  80. amorea5

    What should I get??

    go with the jiggy
  81. amorea5

    Best 3000 Size spinning reel for flats fishing?

    dude affinitys are on sale on tackle direct for 99.99
  82. amorea5

    How is this for a BloodyDecks picture???????

    the rod and the fish is sick
  83. amorea5

    What to use for a

    yea nicks right
  84. amorea5

    What to use for a

    go with a penn sargus i believe they go for under 100 and its a penn so it last forever
  85. amorea5


    the colts are undefeated because there a great team with players and im not saying that because im a colts fan i say the because they have the best quarteback in the nfl for the past 5 years and a great teami n general but my goys the g-men gotta step it up against sandiego and the vikings
  86. amorea5

    Old Skool ..

    i did the same thing as you bought a 4/0 on ebay for 50 dollars put 200 yards of 50 pound ande on a used penn 7ft. 30-50 pound rod that i bought at my local tackle shop for 30 dollars
  87. amorea5

    casting an lx

    i like the feel of an lx better and i dont need a narrow spool reel
  88. amorea5

    casting an lx

    i would like to know if throwing an lx is easier then throwing a penn senator 4/0 cause i have 2 4/0's that i use at my the pier and bridges i fish at and i can actually throw a 4/0 really good
  89. amorea5

    FS Refugees?

    i had one but like you said fs was set up terribly so i tried BD i and liked it a lot better
  90. amorea5

    Avet Raptor of Accurate Extreme

  91. amorea5

    what is a penn graphite senator

  92. amorea5

    what is a penn graphite senator

    no i think your right just looked up what you said they were what is was reading said they were penn senator 45 gls, but anyway are these one of penns best reels cause almost all reels penns ever made were amazing
  93. amorea5

    what is a penn graphite senator

    what is a penn graphite senator 45
  94. amorea5


    im not a big shimano user more of a penn and avet guy but have nothing against shimano its just i always used penns and i like the new avets but i was just wondering about the shimano torsa is it worth the money
  95. amorea5

    looking to buy a used avet lx and mxl

    would like to buy an mxl or lx for big snook,tarpon and offshore
  96. amorea5

    Anyone seen the new Penn 112H2 or 113H2?

    thats a damn shame that there made in china now i know they were making them i just didnt know when they were coming out
  97. amorea5

    avet sx

    thanks nick
  98. amorea5

    avet sx

    yea i think im gonna go with an mxl
  99. amorea5

    avet sx

    do you think an sxwould be to little for pulling up to thirty pound snook out from under a dock or pier
  100. amorea5

    Avet MXL 5.8 Black - very nice

    is this reel still for sale
  101. amorea5

    Rods and Reels for sale.

    is there any avets left
  102. amorea5


    how old is the lx and can i see pictures
  103. amorea5

    3 Avet Reels for Sale

    how much do you want for the lx
  104. amorea5

    Black Avet MXL 5.8 165.00

    still no out of town shipping
  105. amorea5

    Brand New Rods

    how much for the avet rod
  106. amorea5

    3 Avet Reels for Sale

    how much do you want for the lx alone