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  1. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Islands Catalina - 5/30/21

    That does not suck... way to put the young men on some fish and take a real world adventure not on a digital screen!! 🤙
  2. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore PB Trophy Fish with Seaforth Tribute Thursday night

    Awesome write up! Thx for all the info on the how's and what time👍. Really kicked up my stoke for my trip on the tribute this coming Sunday! I'll be sure to give a report once I'm at the dock. I'm tired of chasing these pesky fish on my own boat it's way tougher than I'd anticipated 😅 time to...
  3. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Corner-43-pyramid cove 8/5-8/8 weather advice

    Thx man yeah I was kinda leaning that way to give it a try and play by ear. I've had this particular boat out in socal bout 4 times for 3 day trips each time. She does great at hull speed. Usually low and slow because I don't like knocking my teeth out LOL. havent stuffed the nose or taken a...
  4. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Corner-43-pyramid cove 8/5-8/8 weather advice

    hey fellow BD'ers have a trip planned with a couple good friends to chase the elusive tuna. A bit bummed out about the wind patterns prevailing. What are your thoughts on a 26' sea ray sundancer cabin cruiser and safety with expected conditions. Considering maybe calling this one off if its...
  5. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Offshore Yellowwfin

    Hell yes!! Great report:720icon:, I thought me and the guys were the only ones that hoot and holler like maniacs when we finally get hooked up LOL, love the excitement in your story
  6. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Into the Depths 6/16

    :imdumb: He was on a charter maybe its not his place to fire off their fishing location...
  7. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore 6/11 Bluefin Report + Lessons Learned

    :gaygroup: well done great write up!!
  8. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Sickwide poll ramsnducks vs hookup562

    He must be new to the site, he doesn't seem to know how BD'ers entertain themselves at work:smoking33:
  9. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore 5/31/2020 Super Cow

    Holy crap you dont see that every day!! Congrats on a catch of a lifetime:720icon:
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    OTW Whitew Catalina

    Uhhhh Fishing Duhhh!!
  11. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Catalina 5/24/20 with Dad and INSANE Yellowtail Bite

    Freaking awesome day!! With dad makes it even more special!!
  12. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Sunday 5/24 Report

    Rock on folks keep up the good times catching and number sharing as a kicker!!!
  13. Crankbaitmaster52387

    5-22-20 bird school

    He'll yeah thats a fun morning!!
  14. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore BLUEFINN 5/21/20 Blue water

    Well that does not suck!! Looks like a fun day and thanks for sharing the #s it seems like a new trend around BD I hope this season is the best yet!!
  15. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore 5-21-2020 BFT REPORT

    Nicely done!! and kudos for sharing #'s
  16. Crankbaitmaster52387

    West End Cat 5/8

    Frame that pic for the books he's Stoked!!
  17. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Quick Catalina Report with Pop 5-9-20

    Great job gettin out with dad!! Looks like a beautiful day.
  18. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore a little birdie told me......

    Easy if you have a boat with a few thousand mile nautical range.... and very deep pockets 😉
  19. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Shelter Island ramp closed. Who can we call? Will it help?

    Jesus man let it go... do you like bashing Corey to try to bring your own self worth up. We are all who we are.... let Corey have his pride of who he is in this world, many many people could die with this horrible virus sorry it interrupts your day
  20. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Yellowfin Tuna Bloody Limits ( oediv )

    You are 100% Hardcor !! Looks like a blast hooking into them w a few friends out there!! Beautiful new Sled too... may you have Bloody Decks for years to come on it!! Always enjoy your video's thanks for taking the time to put them together!
  21. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Clemente/Cat 7/25-7/28

    Finally got out this year to fish the salt with two close friends. Headed all the way down to Clemente in Hope's of tuna, found 5 Seiners working the area just NE of pyramid head water was 72.5. Spotter plane working overhead for them and tuna coming up in the baskets. No go for us couldnt...
  22. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Searching for Bluefin 43 182 SCI

    Figures they'd be adding a bunch of missions.. I think we also are supposed to ck website for if it says Surface or just altitudes they may just have aerial equipment up or something. Please PM me if you find out more from your friend! I'm going to be out of cell range starting Wed late we are...
  23. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Searching for Bluefin 43 182 SCI

    Someone who might know better than me please chime in if I'm that guy... I saw it as last procedure in safety zone D ends 2200 and first one begins at 845AM on July 26th. So hopefully move into pyramid after 10 and leave by 8am plenty of time to get shut eye maybe even catch a C Bass ! Does...
  24. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Searching for Bluefin 43 182 SCI

    I've been looking at that temp break and hoping that if tuna were present they would be on the chew. It just seems there's not a lot of volume of fish east of Clemente right now and when they are found they are on lockjaw...
  25. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Searching for Bluefin 43 182 SCI

    Yeah for sure I'd be totally down for ensenada area but I dont have a TIP or passports for my passengers etc. What's necessary to fish offshore down there other than Mexican fishing license?
  26. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Searching for Bluefin 43 182 SCI

    Good grief... what happened to all of our US tuna , I'm headed out that way on Thursday this week I sure hope I can report something different to you all. I'll be overnighting at pyramid and pit stopping back at Cat. I wont be back until Sunday AM I'll post a report on the drive home hopefully...
  27. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore 7/12 3 strikes I'm out

    Good effort your due to slay in august!!thx for the report drive safe back to the oven of AZ!
  28. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Rpt.-07-11-19 SCI C-Bass and Tails!

    Wow those are some nice bass, a little bigger than you guys usually pull on at the shoe! Awesome report as always cory and glad your feeling great and it shows! You got me seriously jazzed for my trip to pyramid in a couple weeks!
  29. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Dana Point To SCI... PB

    Well here's your Tesla tractor trailer boats have gotta be next LOL!!
  30. Crankbaitmaster52387

    San Clemente advice 1st time

    For sure I'll take a look at that, it's a nice thing to have around like you said fishing hunting camping etc.
  31. Crankbaitmaster52387

    San Clemente advice 1st time

    Thanks a lot I'm starting to get a good vibe too! I'm sitting in my garage lining poles and putting on hooks and poppers with my two fishing partners!! definately keeping an eye on NOAA it's a little rolly out there this weekend LOL. Hopefully it lays down and the pelagics want to play!! Will...
  32. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna Heart Break ( Video )

    Nice effort you will soon be rewarded HC! Thanks for the videos as always gets me stoked as I hide from the 110 degree day outside at work! I'll be there in 3 weeks
  33. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Rpt.-Wed-06-26-19 Cleared to play on the Ducky!

    Back in action already that's awesome!!
  34. Crankbaitmaster52387

    San Clemente advice 1st time

    I dont have an anchor app, didn't know about that ! Cool that is definately something I will add to my set of tools for this adventure!!
  35. Crankbaitmaster52387

    San Clemente advice 1st time

    Sweet guys appreciate all the good words encouraging actually! I'm finding I have thought a lot of same things you all are offering as well! I've got BoatUS Gold Saltwater Towing out to 100mi. Also a definite on the 2 anchors I have a main 25lb lead weighted w 15' of 5/8" chain and 500' of...
  36. Crankbaitmaster52387

    San Clemente advice 1st time

    You guys are awesome! I've been there on the Toronado. It's actually kind of why I bought my sea ray and fitted it for saltwater fishing! I wasn't crazy about the cattle boat thing, we only landed like 3 bluefin that trip the whole boat... I just really wanted the challenge to go out with two or...
  37. Crankbaitmaster52387

    San Clemente advice 1st time

    I hold 100 gallons in the tank, I also stash 70 gal in 5 gallon fuel cans non vented type. Inside the cabin under the front v berth and I have an electric pump to get it into my main tank easier. I get about 1 1/4 to max 1 1/2 mi to gallon. Twin 5.7l v8. I believe its about 67 mi from la harbor...
  38. Crankbaitmaster52387

    San Clemente advice 1st time

    Yep, they only go 2 weeks out though so I'll just cross my fingers for now! Sucks living 6hrs from Pacific gotta try to plan as best as you can and drop plans if necessary . Even if it has closures we will just motor south for a while until the zone's re open to the public...
  39. Crankbaitmaster52387

    San Clemente advice 1st time

    Hello fellow BD angler's, I'm truly grateful for all the knowledge shared on these forums! I'm a bit of a saltwater rookie been out to Catalina several times now and done ok bonita's barracuda rockfish whitefish etc. Even farmed a couple yellowfin at the Farnsworth one year . I'm hoping to head...
  40. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Cory update Thursday

    Praying for a speedy recovery for you Cory, always enjoy reading your bass slayfest reports! I'll be looking forward to many more stories, in the mean time rest up and heal well
  41. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Pursuit-Catalina 9/25

    Awesome I'll be headed out to LA tommorow to spend the rest of the week out there thanks for the timely post! Looks like a bonita bonanza in store! I'll try and post some on water reports if I can get cell service at the moorings at night!!
  42. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Afternoon trip thanks to Fish Dope info

    Cool what did you get them on bait, trolling plugs? I'm gonna be @ isthmus w family for a few days next week I may take a shot at them!
  43. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Shelter Island Launch Ramp 9-13-2018 (video)

    LOL I always am saying Holy Mackerel too! Looks good Corey thanks for some positive input on the subject! Looking forward to launching there next season holefully!!
  44. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Catalina Offshore - Limits of Dorado and some Yellowfin

    Its gonna be z good 15-20 miles from avalon area to the backside near farnsworth and if you go looking around the slide and offshore even more. Just make sure you got plenty of fuel to play with!!
  45. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Best day of bluefin fishing I'll ever see / Catalina Sunday 8/26

    That photography really made a whole mess of people stoked to go out! Kudos to you two for taking the time to share such an amazing experience through photography and typewritten fish stories!! Absolutely awe inspiring day I'll be out there late Sept hope there's still some excitement hanging...
  46. Crankbaitmaster52387

    7-14 Horseshoe with interesting twist

    Your motor is more than likely fine bad gas will chalk things up a bit. Dont worry about pushing throttle to full and neutral that only works for carburetor it sprays a little fuel. Use good marine fuel stabilizer and some fuel injector cleaner every couple tanks follow schedule maint and shell...
  47. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Tuna Fishing Baby- 7/13

    Nice boat might be an understatement:D!
  48. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Winner Report of the Month is Up (BoatUS)

    HELL YEAH! AMERICA Happy 4th to you Corey keep up the awesome videos many people enjoy them!
  49. Crankbaitmaster52387

    It takes alot

    Yeah I may just check it out. I jumped on you a little too quick... just remember it's a free forum and I know you help make it free for all of us! Try to sound more like a casual friendly fisherman and less businessman throwing out plugs I think it would be beneficial to you.
  50. Crankbaitmaster52387

    It takes alot

    Dave don't use ones rough day to promote your website.... that's the wrong way to go about it. Maybe you could have said were on a pretty good ...bite, the way you stated that is almost insulting.
  51. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Remember why you are free

    My bad I got the dumb idea in my head you were referring to the posts made by Hardcor... hmmm I wasn't even intoxicated LOL! guess I should've read thru a little better but long story short Corey your posts are still awesome THANKS AGAIN TO ALL OUR VETERANS AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!
  52. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Remember why you are free

    Well for one I personally have enjoyed many of corey's post my thumbs are a little lazy and I don't like everything I view, maybe there should be a dislike button for negative people on a free forum....
  53. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Heads Up San Diego Theives

    I have various random holes dug in the AZ desert I've been itching to put to good use!! just bring them over and lets go see the grand canyon it's a mighty site to see
  54. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Catalina Island Hard Bait Calico Report Saturday 5/5

    Just find a window of decent weather and go for it! Usually it gets nasty in the afternoon so leave early and make short stay or plan on a rough wet ride back best thing is to slow her the hell down if the chop is up.....
  55. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore 5-4-18 Fishing with Colby

    So can you pass by the Coronado w/out fmm visas and tip permits so long as you don't stop... I thought you have to be 12mi out? you still need a passport though huh. I've always been a bit unsure of those laws and try to steer clear! Nice job on the tail!
  56. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Blue Ling Cod and a Brown Ling Cod catch and release (video)

    Your videos are awesome.. thx for taking the time to make and edit them for us all! I get psyched for the next trip I'm going on every time I watch one
  57. Crankbaitmaster52387

    4/15 pv kelp beds

    If it's any consolation first time I fished salt on my OP ed n bow i thought i had several small yellowtail.... A guy at the boat ramp chuckled and told me they were Mack's
  58. Crankbaitmaster52387

    How to fish the Yummy

    Dave, I have to side on the error of criticism on your posts. I'm impartially addicted to reading BD and have been so for a couple years now I don't get to saltwater fish as much as I'd like as my home is in az... I find fishing extremely challenging and that's what I like. I'd be persuaded to...
  59. Crankbaitmaster52387

    PV trolling 10/11 - pretending the YT are still around

    Catalina wasn't a bonanza jus got back a few days ago it's was tough fishing earn every bite... got a bunch of Bonita ughhh seems to be yellowtail at Farnsworth with tight lips even pursuit sport boat was into bonita
  60. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Tuna all over 10/4-10/8

    what do you mean tuna came in next couple days people dropping off their catch?? i was at cat 10/3 to 10/5 left i couldnt track em down checked farnsworth the slide the 277 lausen knoll and 279 and 14 mile bank nothing but bonita
  61. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore 8/25 Kelp Hunt

    Love the dodo photo w the gaff classic!
  62. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Day Of The Dorado 8/20

    Nicely put together looks like fun
  63. Crankbaitmaster52387


    Wow negative nancy are we..... I live in phoenix,az and i still make it out 2 to 3 times a year in my private boat, i havent got a blue fin in my first year of trying but i sure get some fresh air and enjoy the outdoors! Its expensive its difficult and you have to love the sport! If you dont...
  64. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore 7-2-2017 fish report.....

    Sounds like a relaxing day on the water
  65. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Can't win them all but did see a surprise .... (video included)

    Very nice video like the extended version really portrays the chase! I enjoyed it keep up the hard work and im sure it will fill the boat next time!!
  66. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Two days on the pond in my aluminum can - day 2

    Anchor ball i pull 500 ft of rope w 15ft 3/8 chain and 18lb anchor the 6000lb rig likes to drag anchor.... lol but i just gentl lift w motors at idle when im sure its up throttle up til chain fall through ring and your anchor floats on surface
  67. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Clemente buddy boat 5/27-5/30

    Thinking bout heading into mexico for the day either sat or sun around 302 371 to have a look around and than heading up to puramid cove and fish yellows for a day or two. Anyone interested in buddy boat trip pass info back and forth about fishing on 72... ill be in a 26ft sea ray cabin cruiser...
  68. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Wsb and lots of them

    Congrats disregard the opposition they are upset the have to burn fuel and time and still not as knowledgable as you haha!! Im a newb to the ocean and ill keep comin back til my days are up! Maybe ill get good at it soon....
  69. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Rpt.-Wed.-05-03-17 SCI Tails, Lings, Reds and Coppers!

    Great write up and photos really enjoyed the read, now im excited even more to get out and wet a line in a couple weeks!
  70. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Catalina and Izors 5/3/17

    Sounds like some beautiful fresh air and a few tugs on the line! Shame about the motor hope it is something silly simple and cheap, i been wrenching on my twins all off season in hopes to stave off such a situation. Again though you made it home safe thats all that matters!!
  71. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore SCI. May 2 Thunderbird

    Yellows were on the chew thats fun!! Any sign of early tuna in the area, its prob too early though.....
  72. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Swordfish video 4/30/2017

    Never know what you might see with your eyes peeled out there!
  73. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Overnight trip to San Clemente Island, buddy boat?

    I dont know where the rite place to ask this is so im gonna run it by you all does anyone know the likelihood of the tanner banks holding tuna at the end of may? The sst charts show it a little cold right now but ill have to see again 4 weeks from now... is there any pelagics around desperation...
  74. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Overnight trip to San Clemente Island, buddy boat?

    You all have some marvelous vessels i am starting to drool! Im feeling a bit like the new kid on the block LOL! Except my block is 300 miles from yours... ill be there to play soon enough [emoji16] Sent from my SM-G930P using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  75. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Easter Sunday at San Clemente Is.

    Looks like a beautiful day to be out there!
  76. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Overnight trip to San Clemente Island, buddy boat?

    Bingo! U nailed it! From what i understand they will ask you to leave too! and not nicely LOL.., I just plan my dates and watch the website like a hawk because it can change daily. Sometimes if tou read times it means you only have to leave for 8hrs or so in am or pm. I think it only extends...
  77. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Overnight trip to San Clemente Island, buddy boat?

    Ill message you when its closer tunasniffer im looking to head out may 26th and stay until monday heading back in mon daytime. I also would like to use dana point. Im hoping to hold about 25-30mph in the crossings as thats where the heavy sea ray planes well Sent from my SM-G930P using...
  78. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Overnight trip to San Clemente Island, buddy boat?

    Rite kinda what i was thinkin, im a bit hesitant to take my 26ft vessel out there. Ive done catalina but this is another step up for sure. Im just waiting to see if it gets fishy out there or it may not be worth the trek Sent from my SM-G930P using BDOutdoors mobile app powered by Tapatalk
  79. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Overnight trip to San Clemente Island, buddy boat?

    Its a little tricky goin from one boat to another. Ill have 3 others on board w me only 2 beds on my vessel its pretty tight inside the deck is open but it gets cold at night. Cattledog1 may be better equipped.
  80. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Overnight trip to San Clemente Island, buddy boat?

    Ill probably be going out of dana point its closest to sc island most fuel savings. Plus 24hr bait in case im late. But i will be heading out fri 5/26 late or early sat and returning monday early or late sun return. Cant make it the week before
  81. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Dana Pt 4/1/2017

    Im sure he was smiling to see you haul that over the rail! Always reflect on the great times you shared money cant buy memories or time those are priceless. Keep up those great fishing skills
  82. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Overnight trip to San Clemente Island, buddy boat?

    Im hoping to head out for about 3 days memorial day weekend sat sun mon going back into harbor by mon nite spending eve in harbor and driving home tuesday as im in phoenix az. Id love to buddy boat and bs over the radio helping cover more area to find fish. Only waiting to see swell conditions...
  83. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore 3/29/17 long Soaked the 302

    Thanks for the update soon enough theyll get fired up and eat the hooks.
  84. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Channel Islands Saturday March 19

    Some very raspy looking sheephead looks like fun!!
  85. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Delayed Report: My first Bluefin last summer!

    Great write up really expresses your thoughts at the battle im after my first tuna hopefully this year. Getting my watercraft all set up for it! I wont quit only got 2 trips under my belt but hooked up last trip on the rite kind and got broken off on the stern drive!
  86. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Offshore Ready for some Bluefin? My 2016 highlight video

    Wow thats inspiring hope 2017 can hold up to its previous years reputation i cant wait to see whats coming up soon, a little more work on my boat and ill be chompin at the bit to get out there
  87. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Dana point hansolo Halibut... yup they're there

    Its always nice to read a modest story gives me that edge to never give up appatently there are other fisherman who miss a gaff shot or even two im not the only one yay! congratulations on the catch!!!
  88. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Rpt.-Tue.-01-31-17 Unreal Bass'n and a big ole Butt!

    Very detailed report sounds like a fantastic day congrats on a banner day on the water!
  89. Crankbaitmaster52387

    1-14-17 - No Halibut, New Boat Report

    Looks like a beatiful fishing machine and a balmy winter day congrats and enjoy!
  90. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Pre- work solo strike 1/10/17

    Makes me wish i could run out before work 6hr drive from phx i am doin repairs on the old sea ray ill be out there soon enough!!
  91. Crankbaitmaster52387

    Buddy boat san clemente 10/7

    Anyone up for a ride to San Clemente desperation Reef Friday night October 7th leaving from The Long Beach area I'm looking for a buddy boat perhaps for comfort of safety in numbers hoping for tuna and yellowtail!